“Wonderful products with a purpose. This is what I love to share with my followers”

Lauren Hall - New Trent Influencer


Join our team to receive new products

With the New Trent influencer program, you not just only get to receive new products when we launch, but you'll get a chance to experience thoughtfully created products made to perform and last. 

We love to work with influencers that have a good variety of engagements. Social Media is not just about posting photos and getting likes. Having engagement and unique conversations with your fans is important.

If you feel that you can be a good fit with us, join us! Once you are approved and signed up, you'll be provided with a discount for your fans to save on purchases. Anyone can be an influencer. As long as you create good content and curate great images to go with your content, you'll be able to tell your friends about New Trent. 

Always tell others your honest opinion of our products and we stand behind them 100%. We love stories. Help us tell ours and we'll help you stay up to date with the latest mobile accessories