Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR

Compatible with 9.7-inch Model iPad Air and Later

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  • MODEL - NT611GR

  • RECOMMEND - Education, Hospital, Office Presentation, Outdoor research, Restaurant, Gamer...

  • FEATURES - One hand use, rugged protection, built-in screen protector, leather strap, kickstand, and 360 degree rotation

This version is compatible with the 9.7-inch iPad tablets listed below only:

iPad Model Version Number
iPad Air A1474, A1475, A1476
iPad Air 2 A1566, A1567
iPad Pro 9.7" A1673, A1674, A1675
iPad 5th Gen (2017) A1822, A1823
iPad 6th Gen (2018) A1893, A1954

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Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR
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Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR Gladius Air Rugged iPad Case NT611GR



Gladius Air Case: NT611GR
RUGGED GLADIUS CASE FOR IPAD AIR, IPAD AIR 2, IPAD 5th Gen (2017), IPAD 6th Gen (2018) Rugged and shock proof

Rugged Evolution

If you are looking for another level of using your NEW iPad then look no more. Introducing the Gladius Air, the next step in the Gladius evolution. The Gladius Air will provide you with a peace of mind offering protection from water, dirt or even drops.



Genuinely Leather

Made out of hand-crafted soft yet durable leather. An earthly tone brown color offers a subtle luxury contrast of organic and inorganic with a truly comfortable grip once the Gladius Air is strapped on.

Designing function

The Gladius Air is the perfect balance between protection and functionality: allowing you to bind your iPad securely to your palm, you can start browsing while on-the-go or use the built in stand to prop the iPad Air up for landscape or portrait mode.




- Hard Shell polycarbonate case, TPU cover.
- Built-in rotational mechanism offer 360 degree use.
- All iPad ports are accessible.

Package Content:

- Gladius Air case
- Leather Strap  
- User Manual  


Gladius Air
9.8 x 7.1 x 0.8 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
12.8oz | 1lb 5.4oz
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Clinical Use for Portable iPAD Review by Michigan
So far seems like a good case and pick for our office! The case seems to be sturdy enough and the swivel feature works well to switch from landscape/portrait views (Posted on 1/9/17)
I love it! Review by Joseph M.
I'd like to point out that I had purchased my iPad Air for my mobile business. We are making a move towards becoming more environment-friendly by relying less on paper. I am constantly looking for new products and apps that will enable us to conduct business on-the-go without any hindrance to our daily operations - New Trent's Gladius Air iPad Air Case (I'm assuming it's 2.0, because it this one does support iPad Air 2) is just one of those products that provides just what we are looking for.

Features -

The Gladius Air features a full 360 degree rotation, full body and port protection, a built in screen protector, a stand, and a hand strap. The hand strap, which is made out of leather and looks pretty charming, fulfills my needs in both comfort and style. If your hands are not as big as mine, the strap can be adjusted to your size (from inside of the case) and does seem to hold sturdily. However, I did have trouble adjusting the strap with this product - the holes seems to be a little bit smaller than the prongs so I could not get the prongs to come through. Behind the hand strap is the case's arm stand which can be pulled out very easily (thanks to the "Finger Friendly Latch").

Usability -

When out with clients (or perhaps you're out with your friends), you will feel more at ease when thinking about your iPad slipping from out of your hand. Even if you do store your iPad in your messenger bag or what not, this case will give you the comfort and peace-of-mind you may want when handling and exposing your iPad to outside elements (People, Weather, Accidental Bumps). Personally, if I'm looking to have my clients sign a document outside, I do not have to let them hold the tablet and attempt to sign on their own. I also do not have to have my hands blocking their way because I'm trying to hold it. The strap itself allows me to feel safe about the way the iPad is being handled.

Craftsmanship -

The Gladius Air is not only stylish, but also provides great protection. There are two parts to the case - the inner hard case (which encloses the iPad Air) and the external elastic rubber case which surrounds the sides and backing of the hard case. According to the instructions that came with the Gladius Air, the hard case is a Thermoplastic Hard-shell Body and the elastic is a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Although, I am not entirely sure about the arm stand - I believe the stand is made up of hard plastic as well - it does have a brushed metal look though - which I find very stylish, and is equipped with a small magnet to keep the arm from swinging out when unneeded.

The case also features a built in screen protector and also provides port plugs to protect your iPad from small amounts of splashed water. Take caution though, the case does not make your device water-proof. There are several openings in the case that are not entirely enclosed - top and back microphone and bottom speakers. Other than that, water may have a hard time getting into other the important parts.


Pros: It's stylish, comfortable, and provides a nice amount of protection - I will definitely recommend this to those who like to show-and-tell, are out-and-about, or are on-the-fly mobile business people. I did receive a few compliments on how I looked with it and what was it exactly.

In addition, it works with any bluetooth enabled keyboard, and also features a stand and protective screen cover. I really like the fact that they removed the plastic protector from the rear-camera, I had to cut the plastic out on the first generation Gladius Air because it degraded photo/video quality - so that's a huge improvement for me.

Cons: My credit card reader does not reach the 3.5mm phone jack because of the thickness of the case. Although, I am able to process credit cards without swiping, doing that costs us an extra 1% in transaction fees.

The stand is an upgrade from the previous Gladius Air (For just the iPad Air) which broke on me after a few months of use (Spring popped out, stand faltered). The Gladius Air 2.0's (for iPad Air & Air 2) does have a rubber foot that allows for more stability, but it did come off after a few use - easy to put back in though.


Additional Comments:

Because of the strap, I was able to input contact information of potential clients on my iPad without worrying about dropping the iPad. Also, I was able to work quickly and effortlessly without the need of a table.The Gladius Air's stand also proved to be useful as I was able to set up the iPad with its keyboard so that clients could input information on their own.

My co-partner was able to make a presentation with the confidence that the iPad was not going to fall out of her hands - not only was she able to make her presentation with ease, but because of the stylish look of the Gladius Air, it made her retain that professional look. Post-presentation, other professionals of the same industry were very interested in the product. Again, 
I would definitely recommend this product for on-the-go professionals, or anyone who uses their iPad for showing things to friends/family. (Posted on 12/18/16)
My Favorite Case Ever & Looking Forward To New One For iPad Pro! Review by Tina
I absolutely have nothing but good things to say about this case I use for my iPad Air. It's rugged, but has style. I get complements on the design nearly every time I bring it out with me. I was very very happy to learn that I'll be able to enjoy a new case for my new iPad Pro!! I just retuned from the office store & am so glad I decided to checkout this site, not really expecting to find my favorite case ever. Thanks! :) (Posted on 10/2/16)
Great Case, Great Durablity Review by Jr
I was provided a sample by Newtrent but this will in no way change my views on the case. I have had the airbender case also, while the keyboard is excellent, the case overall could not handle my father. This case has a semi-hard outer layer which seems to protect from drops much better. I have seen complaints about the stand being hard to do, but i personally like it. The leather band feels extremely nice and quality. Overall extremely good case (Posted on 9/10/16)
Handy and secure iPad case Review by Alex
You're looking at your new iPad Air for which you've spent $600 or maybe $800 and realize that you should have a case to protect your investment. There are several categories of cases so before getting one, you should thinking about how you're going to use your iPad and what features you might want in the case. If you are doing a lot of typing, you will want those with integral keyboards which might protect the back as well as the face. If you're just using the iPad for general use like email, internet searches and games, there are the ones that protect the back and have some form of cover for the face. If you are wanting to carry the iPad around and have easy access to the cameras there are those like the Gladius Air that protect the back and edges as well as some protection for the face.

The Gladius Air consists of three components, a rigid plastic back with integral hand leather strap, a rigid plastic bezel with clear screen cover, and a silicone sleeve that covers part of the back, the edges, and secures to the screen bezel.

The unit comes well packaged with a small instruction booklet. You have to disassemble the pieces of the case first. As in all things, be careful and gentle. To remove the silicone sleeve, use a thumbnail in the groove between the sleeve and the hard plastic bezel. Once you get the sleeve separating, it goes quickly. Now comes the tricky part, the front bezel secures to the back with 9 plastic tabs. The instructions say to apply slight pressure inside the small gaps. The picture can lead you astray since it looks like you're inserting your nail into the slot. Believe me, that doesn't work. What you're actually doing is gently lifting on the tab with your thumb nail. GENTLY.
Remember, if you have to use a lot of force, you're doing something wrong and apt to break something.

Installation of the iPad is straightforward but remember, it only goes one way since there are openings in the case of the speakers, camera, etc. And since the case comes with a screen protector, take a few minutes to really clean your screen. A microfiber cloth is really great.

Insert the iPad into the rear case, pressing down all around. Now the bezel. The plastic screen is protected by two peel off protective sheets. The one facing forward is pretty easy to peel, but the one on the inside (there is a label to warn you) is a bit harder. You have to look around a bit to find the edge of that sheet. It's best to do this when the furry pets aren't around since you don't want to put your case together with clumps of Fido between the iPad screen and the screen protector, though you can always take it apart and clean.

Finally, attach the silicone sleeve. You'll note that it has covers for all the controls and ports except for the speakers. Again, only goes on one way though you can feel a bit silly having it half on only to realize it's on wrong.

Ok, you're done. The hand strap is connected to piece that rotates so that you can use the iPad in landscape or portrait mode. And if you look under that strap, you'll see a sturdy metal arm that pulls out and acts as an easel if you want to set up the iPad to watch a movie or perhaps have rotating pictures. And of course allows you to set up the iPad as a monitor to use with a blue tooth keypad.

The strap is the integral feature of this cover. It allows you to securely have the iPad in your hand while you walk around. Did you ever feel safe holding the iPad with thumb and fingers. Slip your hand into the strap and you can wave the iPad around (don't do this at home) with no fear that it will fall off. But why?
Well, now you can use the camera without having to manipulate a cover to keep it out of way of the lens. You have no idea how annoying that is if you take a lot of pictures but removing the case takes away that protection should something slip. Or let's say that you have an inventory app and you're writing or checking boxes. Again. trying to hang on to the iPad without a strap is asking for trouble.

The silicone case and the bezel with protective screen also protect your iPad from those accidental slops and spills. No, the case is in no way waterproof, but it looks like it will protect against the spatter of rain, blowing dust, and yes a drop of ketchup from the fries.

I've been carrying this case around for some days and it's comfortable to hold. The image through the screen protector is great though of course anything on the screen will degrade the image a bit.

If you want to easily use your iPad's cameras, have a secure hold, and still have protection, take a good look at the Gladius Air. I would deduct maybe 1/10th of a point because of instructions but otherwise, it scores a positive 4.9. (Posted on 7/13/14)
Protective case for iPad Air Review by jessica
I've had the case a week and I like how well it protects. Reminds me of an letterbox for the iPad Air! It's very similar to the case that attaches to the keyboard of the Airbender Pro and the rugged iPhone 5s case. The home button is hard to press and the metal bracket that allows for a propped position came off a few times and now it seems I cannot put it back on. The pin is too short. Maybe I can make it work but hopefully this isn't common because it's otherwise a great case and I'd recommend it. The covers for all the openings fit perfect and line up properly. The built in screen protector works great too and I don't see any bubbles. Just the green pink halo affect where it touches the screen but only when it in sunlight turned off. Once screen is on you don't see it. It's the same way with the other built in screen protectors so it likely has to do with the technology of the touchscreen. (Posted on 6/26/14)
A quality case Review by Mark
The Gladius Air –

It’s hard to find anything negative….

When a person pays up to 900.00 on an Ipad Air there is always a concern that the wrong fall, or a mishandled unit will end up with massively expensive repairs and may never work again like it was supposed to. I’ve searched and tried several different cases ranging from the partial protective to the fully ruggedized. The Gladius Air fits into the fully ruggedized category.

At $39.99 this unit is a steal. The construction and the fit and finish are wonderful and fits my Ipad well. The main protective portion is a two piece plastic clam shell. The clam shell comes apart and goes together nicely. The Silicon outer bumper shell fits snugly and even though it will take some time to put on the fit it offers makes up for the time spent. The doors for the headphone, muting, and lightning connection are flap type and are constructed very well. The flaps are easy to open and they close securely. The flaps do not look like they will wear and break like the otter box tends to.

The screen is responsive and provides a clear clean viewing of the screen. The bottom swipe commands are also easily accessible.

New Trent’s products seem to take the extra step and install quality in their products. The hand hold is made from what appears to be real leather embossed with their name on it. Under the handle lies the prettiest stand I have seen on a case. The stand is spring loaded and operates freely, the stand allows for the use of the Ipad as a freestanding unit. The stand is made from metal and is not cheaply made, someone said you could open a beer bottle with it, but I am not going to try it.

Finding negatives in the Gladius Air is hard to do, like complaining of a red shiny convertible that shines too bright in the sun… Anyway here are my suggestions. First, the home button is hard to find in the dark, maybe if it was recessed a little. Lastly the case seems to muffle sound, but I would be mistaken.

Okay to TL\DR version: Great Case, Great Protection, Great Design, Great Appointments, and a Great Price…

Get this case you won’t regret it. (Posted on 6/6/14)
A Great Case! Review by Chris
This is a great, lightweight case. There is a nice feel to handstrap and I was glad to see it was adjustable. The strap provides a very secure grip. The raised home button was easy to find and press without looking, but occasionally activates Siri when I was carrying it in my backpack. You just need to deactivate Siri on the homescreen as an easy fix. The kickstand stand is also a useful feature. It's easily overlooked, hidden behind the strap, but a must for media viewing. The case seems very durable and would likely survive a tumble without damage! (Posted on 6/6/14)
much better than those "case cover" Review by Kenneth
This case comes with build-in screen protector (plastic), it' really nice. I'm surprised that the screen protector didnt affect the screen sensitivities.
This case is much better than those "case cover" that doesnt protect the Ipad screen when you using it. This case is perfect if you let your small kid(s) play with your Ipad Air, no need to worry about scratching the ipad screen or spill liquid on it. The case is heavy duty, so no need to worry about dropping your ipad air. The arm stand can rotate for portrait or landscape mode viewing. The case comes with build-in leather strap (look like real leather to me) for easy carrying. (Posted on 6/5/14)
The Best Case to protect and play with Review by Zaib
I have used several cases in the past and this one by far impressed me the most. Its lightweight, easy to hold with a leather strap and the screen protector doesn't add extra glare like most screen protectors do. If you are using it at home or at work, it will impress anyone around you and your iPad Air will be fully protected regardless of the situation your life may put you into.
Hands down best value for the money! (Posted on 6/1/14)
Excellent protective case Review by Lantean
I have always wondered if there is a slick looking iPad case that would also provide great protection for the pricey device. My previous cases were nice but didn’t provide protection especially against water spills. Glaudius Air promised to do just that… and it delivered.

This case, while sturdy and very well built, is surprisingly light-weight… not really much heavier than a regular case. The clever design makes it really tuff for water to get thru… obviously you can’t submerge the case in water (because there are holes for speakers etc), but it protects very well against an occasional drink spill or even rain as the phone jack and the buttons are fully covered. Also the rubber casing runs along the whole edge of the case to protect from bumps… this should be great for someone with small kinds in case they get their hands on the iPad. The screen is protected by a clear plastic layer, I found it to be very comfortable to use, never noticed any significant lag or a sensitivity problem with the touch screen, it works just as well as if the plastic wasn’t there, just feels a little different. Unfortunately the screen protector also shows fingerprint marks just like the regular screen… but I found them somewhat harder to remove. The finger grease deposits stick to the plastic a little more than just the plain iPad glass. I had to wipe them really hard to get them off but I guess since the case protects against water light soapy water could be used as well. On the back of the case there is an adjustable leather strap. This works amazingly well because not only it rotates but it also clicks into certain positions at certain angles (I think there are 4 positions it clicks in) so it provides stability while being flexible as well. This is good because depending on the situation, one doesn’t always hold the iPad in landscape or portrait position… sometimes it’s more comfortable to hold it at an angle. I found the leather strap to be comfortable but too long even on the shortest setting. I am a fairly big guy with pretty big hands… it just felt a little loose. The leather strap should have more holes to make it tighter, it would feel more secure in my opinion. Also, there should be a “vegetarian” option of a nylon or polyester strap. The rotating base also has a small flip-stand which is great for resting the iPad on the table for reading or playing games. It would probably work better if it was slightly wider (more stability) but this is not a big deal. Overall the case looks pretty slick even though I believe if they made it in steel gray color instead of black it would look even better.

I like this case very much and I would definitely recommend it. At first I thought I would only use it while traveling or doing outdoors activities but now I find myself using it at home as well, to protect in case of accidental drops and also because it takes a while to put it on and off. iPad is an item with a great resale price even after a few years… this case helps keep it looking like new to preserve the value. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Rugger and Functional, My New Travel Case! Review by Brad
Previously an owner of very slim cases such as the official ipad smartcovers and invisible shields, I decided it was time to look for a case that provided a little more protection when using my ipad "In the wild" so I turned to this NewTrent Gladius case for my air, with the promise of better back and screen protection, as well as an easy way to grip the tablet. I was not disappointed.

*Build Quality:*

NewTrent seems to have mastered this 3-stage approach to holding their devices. Similar to a previous case I used for my iPhone 5 to great success, this case has a harder inside clamshell with an attached screen protector, followed by a softer rubber wraparound case on the outside.

Quality of everything is quite excellent, and the case feels solid yet light and doesn't add any unexpected extra heft or weight to the item. I buy an ipad partially because of the weight, but I also want to protect it in case of anything accidental. Inside this case, I feel like if that GASP moment of a drop would happen, I would be protected.

Cutouts and buttons on the case are great. Everything is protected. Hard buttons which have coverings (volume, home, power) were perfectly responsive with the casing overtop. Ports were extremely well protected via flip out flaps which were easy to open and even easier to close back up. This is even better than a previous iphone case I have use. They seem to have perfected the way to use these flaps to protect the open ports yet still make them easily accessible. Very biug plus here. Camera cutouts are fantastic and did not interfere with the video in any way.


Packaging is great with plastic protection on both sides of the case which shows that there is great quality control. The user manual is brief but also wisely included a link to watch a video for anyone who needed help getting the ipad securely into the 3-piece case. Instructions included were enough for me. Everything arrived in a very solid-feeling cardboard box with an attractive graphic on the front.


The key component to a case for me is that you forget it's on there. Almost instantly after putting the case on, I did just that. It just
became a natural part of my iPad Air.

The leather strap on the back is of high quality and very comfortable. I worked out in the garage with the ipad taking an inventory of items using the device, and the strap was very comfortable around my hand. The rear swivel was a bit hard to rotate at first, until I realized that pulling out the metal kickstand made this easier. This was not in the manual and would have been a nice tip to have in there (how to use the rotation effectively). Full 360 degree rotation is a very nice feature, no confusion about which way to turn it - Any way you want.

Two small nitpicks I noticed using the case - First of all, the protective screen is slightly wavy and bubbles up in a spot or two. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn't a big deal, but this could have been slightly tighter and not had any of these gaps which occasionally prevented my ability from touching the screen in a responsive way. Second, the metal clip on the back that folds out to act as a kickstand had the pin come out one time when I was using it. This didn't prevent it from functioning, but it caused the ipad to be ever so slightly lopsided when propped up. I noticed this when typing on it while propped. If propping it up to keep it stationary (to watch a video for example) you can't even tell. I think I popped the pin out when using the kickstand to turn the rotation mechanism, so this may have been my fault. But I think this would be something easy for them to sure-up in future revisions to the case.


Overall I give the Gladius Air a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love that New Trent continues to make products that are affordable, but still give you that feeling of a solid quality product. Even better, they protect my very expensive devices without adding unnecessary extra weight or profile to them. I always feel like it's the least amount of weight and size for the most protection possible, and that's what I was looking for in a case. I haven't taken this case off the ipad since I put it on, and I don't even remember what my device used to feel like in the flimsier budget leather case I had previously. I just feel so much better with the device encased in something this solid now, and it hasn't impeded my productivity at all. (Posted on 5/30/14)
This Is The Most Sleek iPad Air Heavy Duty Case! Review by Scott
The New Trent Gladius Air is the best combination of convenience and
protection. I use this case on my iPad air and it feels very safe. The case
itself is a little bulky but it is still more sleek than many of the other
heavy duty cases on the market. It is hard to tell that there is a built in
screen protector. I thought the screen protector would make it more
difficult to touch the screen but after installation I could barely tell it
was there. The hand strap is nice but I personally don't find it
particularly useful because I generally hold my iPad with both hands or on
the corners. It does however rotate 360 degrees so it would be useful for
someone who would rather hold the iPad with a strap. One of my favorite
components of the case is the stand; since it is attached to the rotating
panel on the back, the stand works for both landscape and portrait viewing.
It is very sturdy and has a magnet to lock it in place.

This would be the perfect case for an iPad owner with kids or one who
generally wants to protect the iPad. The case would also be very useful for
modern business owners; the strap is perfect to maintain grip while showing
the screen to a potential customer (or friend). (Posted on 5/27/14)
great case Review by cheers1
love this case.

case looks and felt amazing.

the cover is hardly noticeable and does not affect the screen's sensitivity or clarity. love ittt

only two issues: can get heavy after holding it a while and some reflection/glare issues

but definitely recommend this case. i love it (Posted on 5/24/14)
This is a great product Review by WKD
I loved this product and here are the reasons why.

It was easy to put onto my Ipad Air. It was easy enough that my 14 and 15
year old's were the ones who put it on and they did it quickly and with out
any problems. Once my Ipad was in the Gladius Air it felt very protected.
I have several children and they love to use my Ipad and with this on it I
have much less concern with them packing it around and using it. The first
day I got it put on I went to my preschoolers graduation and it got set on
the ground where my baby crawled over to it and slobbered all over it. It
did not affect it any. I just wiped it off and went on my way with it.

I am in sales and I am in and out of a lot of places with it and I do not
have to worry about dropping it.

I believe with would be very useful in the construction industry. As a
General Contractor in the past I would have loved to have used an Ipad in
tracking cost and other associated items and it would have made it much
more comfortable due to the Shock absorption of the Gladius Air. You do
not have to worry about it getting dirty or having the dirt ruin it.

As a father I love this case. I mentioned earlier that I have very little
fear of letting my children use my Ipad when it is protected by the Gladius
Air. If my 3 year old gets way with it and happens to drop it. I feel
confident it would be well protected. We all know that in families
accidents happen.

Another industry I would find this helpful is in any industry in which
there is a guest sign in registry this is a great product for them. It is
well protected and with the ease of use the guest can easily sign in and as
the owner of the Ipad you have very little concern if it gets bumped off
the table because of the shock resistance it has.

Another place that it would be useful is in Schools with all the kids using
them it would be well protected. As things go you never know when a
student will accidentally spill a soda on it or leave it were it could get
water spilled but the case is very well constructed and would be well
protected for these kid of circumstances. If the Ipad is being carried in
a bag, back pack, purse or other caring case it is well protected from
damage of most kind because it is so well constructed. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Great Case! Review by JD
What a great case. The install of the iPad into the case was smooth. I was a bit nervous with the case disassembly, but the case latches proved solid and not fragile. The instruction card was easy to follow.

Good: The protection offered by the case is great. I couldn’t be happier with the durability and impact protection. The “splash proof” water resistance it good, but I feel a bit overstated. The speaker ports and rear handle assembly would easily allow water penetration to the iPad. Given that water is not a concern of mine, I’m still happy. The rear hand strap is great. My first impression was that it was a bulky item on the rear that I wouldn’t like. That changed the second I used it. The ability to easily hold the iPad comfortably was great. Its hard to describe the comfort of not holding the iPad from the side when reading or using it. Strap feature=great. The swivel function was a bit stiff it first, but loosened up with use to a good amount of resistance. It seems that this will stay at the current level and not become a loose in the future. The expandable support for table or desk use is great. Good construction and easy to extend/stow. No complaints on this feature. The case looks like it might be heavy, but it’s not. Its very durable and very light. No complaints at all on the weight.

OK: The screen cover is protective, but does grime up from touch use a lot. I know the natural iPad screen has grease resistance built in to some extent, but it became very noticeable that the case screen is just a cover screen and also a grease trap. Fortunately it is easy to clean.

Changes: Make the rear strap adjustable to a tighter setting. I went to the tightest holes, but my wife and kids would still prefer a tighter setting. The hole in the strap are done nicely and further adjustment holes would be visually acceptable if the largest setting was used and hold were visible. Maybe make it so the strap can more easy be pressed in for stowage to allow the case to sit flat on a table. If the user desires only durability protection and not water protection it would be nice to make the charge cable and headset cover flaps removable. I think that the ability to tear or cut the flaps on the fold seam would be great. Frequent use of these areas gets annoying if you don’t want the water protection. This was my wives biggest request, “please cut off these two protective flaps”.

Value: Very easy to recommend for the price. Great case, great price. I’m a pilot and this is a great case for cockpit use. Durable and the strap to easily hold with one hand while using the other hand to operate the aircraft. I use it for my personal iPad in the aircraft and during travel. Any outside professions such as construction supervisor or surveyor would love this case. Anything that involves walking around or outdoor use. Airport shuttle services use iPads to checkin customers. This would be a great case for them as well.

Best Bonus Feature: Bottle opener in support brace!! (Posted on 5/21/14)
Excellent work New Trent Review by Jacob
Instruction Pamphlet:
- Direct and easy to follow (good)
- Step by step guidance (good)

- Comes in one piece, ready to go (good)
- Solid, sturdy (good)
- Soft and Hard cover for varying degrees of protection (good)
- Somewhat difficult to get the soft case off (bad and good)
- Arrows for guidance on opening the case (good)
- After opening the case for the first time, it is easy and fast to assemble/disassemble (good)
- Leather strap is comfortable (good)
- 360 rotator locks tight for good stability (good)
- fells like a high quality case (good)

- Leather strap could use more stability/security with wider tabs or more of them (bad)

Overall Rating: (5/5)

This product is very useful for people on the go. A family friend of mine is a Jehovah Witness and stated that they can heavily benefit from this product. This product enables one to use one hand to hold the iPad Air instead of two, and that in itself makes this product worthwhile. Along with the ability to rotate the strap for increased viewability variations and a stand for hands-free viewing, this high-quality product is well worth its cost. Excellent work New Trent. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Great, durable protection for iPad Air Review by Thane
Works very well. I like the support it gives and the sturdiness of the case. It fits well and was not impossible to put on or take off. It is very well built and heavy duty. The stand is a nice feature and I like that you use the stand to prop the iPad in landscape view as well. I also liked that it did not seem to pick up fingerprints, but did show greasiness more than the regular screen would have. The only feature that I do not like is the leather strap. It it were to be detachable it would be better but it is kind of in the way unless you are specifically caring your iPad by it. I gave it a 5 out of 5, but would really have liked to see the leather strap part as detachable.
(Posted on 5/20/14)
Well protected, but still very handy! Review by West Bay G-Man
My new iPad Air is very thin and light, really nice features to look at and hold; however, I find that I often use it walking around, showing something to someone else, or using it to reference service manuals in a shop environment. When I think of the cost of my iPad while using it this way, thin and light concern me. I don't want thick and heavy, just something I won't drop easily and that has a more durable feel.

The New Trent Gladius Air case removed my fears. It provides full protection to the Air on all surfaces plus it has a leather strap on back to slip your hand into. You're not going to drop it and it is armored against spillage and most other accidents.

It's apparent to me that there was a lot of attention to detail in the design of the Gladius Air. There is a full encompassing hard inner shell that the iPad fits securely into. The screen protector is an integral part of this shell; nothing to try to fit on smoothly without dust, fingerprints and air bubbles. The leather strap is also part of this. It has a solid hold on what holds the iPad. Before you put the iPad in you can adjust the strap for your hand size. It has a double row of holes on either end that hook over a set of pins. It will adjust for three different size hands. Also, this part has a built-in stand that can be extended with you finger. The stand is metal with a latching brace that slides automatically into place as it extends. When not in use, the stand fits into a recess just its size with a click. This inner shell drops into a softer outer shell that provides bumper protection all around. The outer shell covers the sound switch, earphone and charging ports with nice rigidly molded flaps. The flaps have small molded tabs that allow them to be easily flipped open with a fingertip. All of the pseudo-switches feel good and operate crisply.

Another level of detail I found interesting was that the shells have arrow symbols molded onto them that indicate where to press for disassembly, should you want to remove your iPad. When I discover small details like this, the buckle arrangement for the leather strap and the stand latch it makes me believe all of the materials and production received this attention too.

The leather strap's mount rotates all the way around with detents every 45 degrees. The detents are another plus. I don't believe I would want the iPad to just swivel around on its own. Unfortunately, there is one thing negative I must say: the rotating mount was unnecessarily difficult to turn when it was new. It appears though to be mating in as I use it. I am extremely pleased with it and recommend it highly. Without a doubt, this is a five star product! (Posted on 5/19/14)
Great case! Super sturdy!! Review by Riki
I purchased this case for my iPad Air and so far I really do like it. I think the case adds a little extra weight, so I have rated it 4 stars as oppose to 5 stars.

I primarily use my ipad for leisure purposes. The sturdiness of the case is excellent. I like the fact that it includes a screen cover to protect your glass. It's more a plastic cover, so it's not a flimsy cheap screen protector.

I really do feel assured that if I dropped my ipad on my hardwood floors, this case will protect it.

The stand on the back is really nice. The handle is adjustable if you have smaller hands. The handle also comes off if you don't really care for it.

Putting the iPad together takes some time to avoid any dust between the case and the iPad.

I put mine together with using a dust can blower to ensure nothing gets stuck in between.

For the future, I would want to see a case that is lighter, however something that does not compromise protection either. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Great iPad Air Case. Buy it! Review by Fred
First impressions:
Upon unpacking the Gladius Air iPad Case, I was impressed with the looks. I liked the design of the rubberized cover and it appeared to be of very good quality.

Opening and closing the case:
Removing the cover was extremely easy and completed in short order. Opening the case was another thing all together. I attempted to open per the included instruction, which I have to say are sparse. I was initially unable to get any of the clips to release. Not that the product is fragile, but I was afraid that applying too much pressure would break the case before I ever got it open. I eventually discovered that the best way to open the case was to start with the screen cover facing me, volume button opening up. By applying pressure separating he case halves at the volume button opening and prying up slightly on the clip to the right the case released. Then working clockwise, releasing the next three clips. Then moving back to the top, releasing those clips and finally releasing clips on either end of the other side and finally the middle clip opposite the volume button side of the case. I have tried several times since the first attempt to open the case and the final clip is always reluctant to release. When removing the iPad the first time after using the cover for a period of time, I was unable to get that final clip to release and had to hold the case open on the side that I could get open and slide the iPad out.

Closing the case was as simple as removing the film from the inside of the screen protector, placing it on the cover base over the iPad and snapping it in to place. Very easy. Replacing the rubberized cover back on the the case was fairly straight forward, though I have found that starting on the bottom of the iPad and working your way around from there seams to work the best.

A couple of notes about the screen cover incorporated in the cover. First, it introduces absolutely no interference in the touch process of working with the iPad. Everything works perfectly. However, the screen cover is a finger print magnet and keeping it clean is an ongoing chore. A trade off for the protection of the case.

Use and features:
Though I liked the looks of the case at first look, I was concerned that it would add too much bulk to the iPad and be a bit unwieldy. That turned out not to be the case. Without using the strap on the back, holding the case either in landscape or portrait positions was very comfortable and felt very good with the rubberized cover adding some extra grip.

I found the strap to be very enjoyable to use to hold the iPad with a single hand either in landscape or portrait orientation. Here, however, is where one or my two complaints about this case rears its head. This is partially a product of the poor documentation. It took a little while to figure out how to rotate the strap mechanism. Again, over concern of breaking the case, I was afraid of applying too much force as initially I could not get the case to rotate. I finally got it to move and have learned that it will only rotate counter clockwise with the back of the case facing you. A simple statement indicating such in the instructions would be extremely helpful. The other complaint that I have regarding the rotation is that the "stops" in the rotation are limited to the 12, 1:30, 3, 4:30, 6, 7:30, 9 and 10:30 positions.I personally would like it if there were more stops along the way to provide more fine tuning to the positioning of the strap.

The incorporated kick stand for use in landscape mode is flawless and it just works. Very nice feature.

So, would I recommend this case? You bet. In fact, now that I've figured out some of it's quirks, I really like this case. With some practice and figuring it out, it's fairly easy to get the iPad in and out of the case as necessary. Strap works great, though I'd prefer a few more "stops" around the 360 degree rotation. Kickstand feature is great and having a screen cover, although a finger print magnet, adds some piece of mind when it comes to screen protection.

Keep these things in mind:
1. Documentation is lacking.
2. Opening the case can be a challenge until you get the hang of it.
3. The case rotates on the strap mechanism in one direction only.

Keeping those things in mind, go buy a New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case. It is a very nice case. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Good Rugged Case! Review by Kim
This product is well made but obviously a specialty product.
The process of putting the case itself on is relatively straightforward, if
hazardous to nail breaks. The casing is a hard plastic shell surrounded by
a rubber skin which is quite protective. Within the plastic case itself
there are bumpers, which is a nice thought in protection of the iPad again
the hard shell. The face of shell includes a plastic cover. Although this
is entirely necessary for a "protective" case, it is somewhat annoying to
deal with as fingertips stick more easily to this surface and the space
between the screen and the iPad can create a decent amount of noise when
pressed. It does add a little more glare than the normal screen and will
reflect a warped image back at the user, but there is only a small window
during which the glare would be visible before the light source would be
too difficult to use an iPad with in any case.
Another fault that this product has is that its display pictures include
images with water - this is NOT waterproof. It does include rubber covers
to things like the charging port and earbud port which can be closed or
opened, but more importantly there are openings where the bottom speakers
are. I suppose this is unavoidable to impede sound and perhaps even
ventilation, but it also means the protective case is not quite as
impervious to water and dirt as one would originally assume. The front and
back camera have a plastic covering, but there are additional open holes
besides the speakers at the handle in the back and the top
speakers/microphones (?).
The back strap (which is adjustable) are a good though in terms of being
able to hold an otherwise bulky case. The stand in the back is also
incredibly helpful and it the perfect angle at both horizontal
and vertical stance to use. The 360 portion of the stand requires the
smallest amount of effort to turn at time, but it is considerably better
than the alternative of having the stand slip when you wouldn't want it to.
For a college student, this case is a little too difficult to remove to be
an acceptable alternative to the keyboard case I usually use to take notes.
But this would be a great case for any individual who had to work outside;
a foreman, a field environmental researcher, etc. If I need to go camping
and bring an iPad - I'll toss this case on! It is also sufficiently heavy
duty that I would be comfortable putting the iPad in a piece of very hard
luggage if this case were on it - but not in a duffle or something
similarly soft. This is also the perfect product for an retail/merchant who
uses an iPad to conduct transactions! The screen protector and case would
protect form the ware and tear of new individuals constantly handling it,
and the handle placement lends itself well to signing a signature or
inputting a PIN. Overall: score 4/5 for the fact that it mostly does what
you would want in a protective case, but isn't fantastic for everyday
personal use. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Great technology for the price point Review by Demian
We are taking off to Australia for a vacation in just a few weeks and wanted to leverage our iPad Air as our primary means for internet access. After researching a number of units, we decided to go with the Airbender as it was very reasonably priced. The combo-unit arrived in a simple, but well packaged boxed. The case is all black, with an aluminum support and New Trent logo, providing a tastefully modern look. The cut-outs are right-sized and the speakers are completely open. It only took me minutes to extract and securely snap our iPad into the case.

Setting up to type requires that you slide out the twin metal supports from the back and then rest the edge of the screen into a groove. The Airbender also allows easy switching from horizontal to vertical viewing. The keyboard itself was simple to pair with the iPad and needed minimal reference to the included manual. I was typing emails in no time on the fully functional keyboard, which include volume and brightness controls.

The polycarbonate shell is solid and velvety-smooth to the touch. It is not meant for "extreme" protection, but should certainly handle moderate use. Charging the unit is also straight forward using the included micro-USB cable and obvious charging lights tell you when charging is complete.

For the price point, this is 4/5 stars. I knocked 1 star off for the relatively small "Enter" key, which proved a mild annoyance. My recommendation would be to reduce the size of the left side Tab/Caps-Lock/Shift keys and add more real-estate to the "Enter" key.

Overall, New Trent Airbender Air case/keyboard combo should be a solid contender for anyone looking for quality without paying a fortune.

Highly recommend. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Great product! Review by DB from NC
Let me just start off by saying what a surpise the Gladius Air turned out to be. We bought this because my wife has mild arthritis and thought that the unique leather band on the back would help her hold it (for her bouts with Candy Crush). I decided to try it because the price was very reasonable, though with some healthy skepticism. Turns out we have all been surprised at how much we like this!
The case comes in a simple, but well packaged box and is very easy to extract. For anyone with an Otterbox or other highly durable case, you will recognize the three-piece design...the inner shall, the screen frame, and the "wrap". It took me about five minutes from extracting out of the box to having our iPad Air installed within.

What we loved was that it was easily held, due to the grippiness and the leather hand-loop. The covered buttons also worked great, and in some cases, even made it easier to operate the iPad (i.e. the Home button is slightly raised, rather than indented).

-Perfect grip...not to tacky and not too slippery.
-The cutouts for power, headphones, speakers are right-sized and everything is covered except the camera, mics, and speakers.
-Very durable and should survive considerable abuse (and maybe even my kids)
-The adjustable back hand-loop rotates 360 and is unexpectedly useful. The leather provides a classy look.
-The kick-stand is metal, sturdy and works on horizontal and vertical settings.

-The protective plastic screen may get scratchy in the future
While the case is good for home use, the hand loop should makes the Gladius rock for any environment where sales people are carrying them for extended periods of time.

Definitely 5/5 stars. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Nice product Review by Puneet
I got the ipad case within 2 days of ordering so i loved the way the seller has shipped it. It was nice to try the case with my ipad air. The case fits perfectly fine and is very safe and strong. Initially I had some issues with the leather band but later after reading the instructions figured out everything perfectly. The screen protector is great as I didn’t find any difficulty in using my ipad after installing the case on. Its easy to use with the leather band since I don’t have to hold it anymore giving my thumb a lot of pain. I liked the stand which holds the ipad on the table pretty nicely.

Though I did not like the 360 degree rotation in this case. I found it a little hard to use as to turn the ipad as you need to press the leather band side circular portion and it is a little hard as u have to hold the ipad with the other hand to rotate it. But apart from this the good part about the rotation is that it provides a little lock kind of thing to hold it in position relaxing the hands a lot.

But since it is just been two days that i have been using it so, though i found it as a very nice case for my iPad Air as its a very nice
water resistant case, i would have to see how reliable it is in future and how long will it go without chipping from sides as i have seen in my older ipad plastic cases.

But overall i would definitely recommend this product to everyone who love their ipad and wants to save their fingers from lot of pain due to holding of iPad for long time. (Posted on 5/17/14)
Kickstands are cool Review by Sean
This case is great for my iPad Air. It is sturdy and keeps the small form factor of the ipad. The hand strap is high quality leather and the "kickstand" is better than folding the Smart Cover. The only cons I can see is the home button will activate Siri when placed on the table screen side down and the screen protector fits a little loose. I would rate this case a 4 out of 5. (Posted on 5/17/14)
super sturdy case Review by Kristina Love
Very strong and sturdy case! Waterproof. Great for outdoor use. Excellent if you are videotaping something outside and want your ipad protected. My son even took it out in the pouring rain to test it (made me nervous, but it held up to the test!) Has stand to use when inside. Great product! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Great product Review by Todd
The product that I am reviewing today is the Gladius Air Case for the iPad Air.

It looks rugged and tough. The case is well built. It comes with the built-in screen protector which is great and hassle-free to use. I have bought and tried to put on those do-in-yourself screen protectors before, and it was very troublesome and frustrating to get it right without the air bubbles. The rubber cover of this case feels good and provides the friction to prevent slip. The strap is a very nice feature, especially when you read and use your iPad in bed. The strap provides a very good grip. Since it is in the center, it gives you the balance to make it easy on your hand and arm. I had held my iPad on my bed before having gotten this case, and it had caused me shoulder pain after use. The strap is actually what makes this case different from the other cases. This case has a solid, metal stand which can be pulled out and collapsed in. The stand is very nice. The stand can rotate 360 degrees with its base.

It may just be this particular case that I got, but I find it hard to unhinge the case to put the iPad in. There is one particular hinge that refuses to detach. I have small hands, and even though the strap can be adjusted to two different sizes, it still isn’t small enough to fit my hand comfortably. In my case, it would work better if there was another size smaller. The strap has holes to lock onto the anchor screws. I don’t feel 100% secured when I hold my iPad dangling down by the strap. Even though it may be secured, I still feel that the strap may slip out of the anchor screws. The base of the stand can rotate 360 degrees, but it’s hard to rotate. When I rotate and put too much force on the strap, I’m afraid that I may damage the strap.

Overall, this case is very nice. It is solidly built with good materials. It is tough. Besides the cons aforementioned, everything else works perfectly. I give it 5 stars! I would highly recommend this case to anyone who wants to hold his/her iPad on one hand. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Sturdy Case With Nice Innovative Touches, iPad Air Very Well Protected Review by Enrique
Installed the Gladius Air case on a 2013 iPad Air

· Excellent sturdy design that is well thought out and well sealed from the elements
· It is a very well crafted case, and the fit and finish is superbly executed
· Easy assembly and disassembly as needed, thanks to some well placed arrows
· Great design for the strap adjustments and the rotating capability provides great flexibility
· Really like the pull out kickstand, which I use regularly as I tend to place my iPad Air on the desk most of the time. It also worked well sitting directly on my car’s steering wheel at the parking lot while waiting for my train to work
· The built-in screen protector doesn't get in the way of the screen touch operation, nor does it distort the screen contents
· I see great use of this type of ruggedized case in the field or even while commuting on public transportation. I use mine while on the train, but mostly I use it at home and at work on a desk, safe from external environmental elements.

· Home button gets accidentally activated everytime the iPad is placed screen down, and can be easily activated as it sticks out a bit too much
· When the kickstand is used, the kickstand itself holds position well, but the unit in front may need some additional rubberized areas to stop it from sliding around when using the screen
· The case is heavy and adds a significant amount of weight to the iPad Air, but that is the nature of a ruggedized case in order to protect its contents (Posted on 5/16/14)
Nice product, grows on you! Review by Rex
Initial impressions: Initially I wasn't really sure if I would use the product more often than the Airbender I got. It looked very rugged and seem to have good protection against any fall or water damage. However there are some things I've notice while trying to install the product. There are two:

1) the way it install the straps to the back does not match the manual. The manual has a lift and catch mechanism where you lift a flap to adjust the hand strap and push it back down to set in place. The unit I received had two notches in the shell and you set the notches to the holes in the leather depending on the length you want. I think it would be good to update the manual to match the product.
2) I found the hand strap loose for my hand. Two remedies: more holes in the leather or revert back to the mechanism described in the manual.

After several days of use, the Gladius air has become my default case. The reason seems to stem from the use of the hand strap. It allows me to read books while laying in bed. It basically makes it much easier to hold my ipad for longer periods of time.

The stand behind the hand strap is a nice touch as it allows me to watch shows without needing another stand.

Another observation is that the cover for the glad isn't really flushed against the ipad screen. It might cause typing errors from time to time.

In the end, I was surprised I preferred this case over the other New Treant product I brought. I think it was mainly due to the hand strap allow an easier hold on the ipad. Once again, my only complaints are the loose hand strap and the "air bubble" feeling when typing on the ipad. (Posted on 5/16/14)
AMAZING Review by imdad
This product was so cool, I am an artists and everything about this case was perfect for me, I loved using it and I will definitely buy more New Trent products because this case was amazing, I loved how it was rugged and how it spun and how it had a built in screen protector. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Excellent Ipad Air Case Review by Parag
I used my ipad air with this sample case (New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case compatible: iPad Air). The case was a perfect fit for my ipad air. The case is well built and the tablet fits perfectly on this case. The case feels good on the hand. I find the case most useful and suitable for my needs when I am outdoors using the ipad air. The case helps protect the ipad in case it falls out of my hand. The occupation that would benefit from this case is outdoor photography. This case is an excellent product and gets a 5 rating on a rating scale of 1 - 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent).
(Posted on 5/15/14)
Decent full coverage case, but not for me Review by Rich
Got this case because it seemed useful to have a case that could provide full protection for the iPad Air, and the weatherproofing and leather hand strap in the back seemed like useful features. And they are. But for some reason, the case just didn't feel right on the iPad Air. While it does provide full coverage, I wouldn't exactly call it "weatherproof." The case basically has two main parts to it. An inner plastic case that covers the front and back, which also includes a plastic screen cover, as well as clear plastic covers for the front and rear cameras. Surrounding this is a rubbery TPU cover that holds everything together, providing extra protection and also has rubber port covers for the Lightning connector and headphone jack. I'd say it could protect the iPad from some light rain or even some sand in a beach bag, but not really much more than that. Also, I found the clear plastic screen cover to have a rainbow haze to it and reduce touchscreen sensitivity. Overall, not bad for the price though! (Posted on 5/15/14)
The Gladius Air is an Amazing accessory for anyone looking for something sturdy and on the go! Review by Juan
As of now I am absolutely amazed at the Gladius Air case for my iPad Air. Below I will point out all of the pros and cons that I have found in with the case.
♦ Pros:
• Feels sturdy and durable.
• The 360 Swivel feature is extremely useful for placing the iPad in any sort of orientation.
• The stand in the back is amazing and well constructed. The perfect accessory for using with a Bluetooth keyboard.

♦A con would be maybe a more tight fitting strap for people with smaller hands.

Even though the strap could use some work in terms of accommodating for people with different hand sizes, I believe that this purchase was a good investment and I can honestly say that the Gladius Air is my preferred case! (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great case Review by Bruce
This is a very reliable and protective case. I feel it's similar to the lifeproof cases but without the over inflated price. It has multiple layers of protection. Screen protector, water plugs on all ports and buttons, and robber casing to absorb shock if it falls I work door to door and don't worry anymore if my ipad will get damaged. It's also nice that it's weather proof. I don't worry about water damage at all. The strap takes a lot of the weight off of my wrists and helps with presentations. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Solid case to handle almost anything Review by Andrew
Just received from Amazon the New Trent Gladius Air.
The installation of the three part case was a breeze. The iPad Air fits snugly inside the plastic case that protects the both the iPad as well as its screen and then you slip it in to the rubber protective case.
The leather strap on the back can be adjusted to match your desired tightness around your hand when holding the iPad but you should do this adjustment prior to placing the iPad into the case.
I found the build in stand to be very sturdy and rotates to 8 positions, though I could not find a use the the four diagonal positions....
Using the iPad on the side gave the best viewing angle while the upright position laid the iPad at about a 45 degree angle. See picture included with the review.
The case feels sturdy and did not add too much weight to the iPad. I have not had the chance to use this case with my grandchildren yet but it feels like my iPad would be safe in their hands.
This case is well designed and should be at home in the office or outdoors.

(Posted on 5/14/14)
New Trent Gladius Air Review by Dom

The Gladius air provides excellent protection for the iPad Air. It is rugged and well made. The Gladius Air has an adjustable leather strap that allows a user more freedom when holding the iPad Air versus no case. Also the case out performs other cases in maneuverability due to its 360 degree rotation along the strap. Furthermore the case is easy to remove and put on. The inner case is made of quality plastic and the outer case is as well. The only reservation I have about this case is the space between the screen protector and the actual iPad Air Screen, however, the screen remains very responsive and doesn’t require many double touches. I would give the Gladius Air an overall rating of 4.5. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Just what I want. Protection and good looking in the same product. Review by Luis Pedro
This case is very slim and very protective. Has a good design and usefull functions. It’s water resistant, dirt and shock proof. I feel safe to bring my iPad to my kids to play (3 and 7 years old boys). The leather hand strap make it to look very professional and I don´t find any problem using this case when I assist to meetings with my people or customers. It’s the first rugged case I find very, very good looking for professional people that need protection and presentation.
With the 360 degree swiveling mechanism is very easy to put your iPad in any position you need when working or use it to make presentations with different angles if you needed.
This case keep all the ports, controls and camera clear to easy access and use.
• Hi protective case (water, dirt and shock proof) with built in screen protector and flaps to protect the ports
• Good shock protection and good price
• Very nice look and design
• 360 degree turning strap, with adjustment to fit your hand
• Built in stand
• Rubber protection pro the Home button
• Good protection without too much bulk
This is the kind of case you need if you want presentation and protection at the same time.
(Posted on 5/12/14)
STURDY Case Review by Tai
Pros: Love the durability and strength of the case. I like that the case can be taken completely apart for cleaning. The plastic feels very sturdy and the connections seems snug.
Cons: Wish the kickstand could handle standing the ipad vertically. The rotation of the strap feels rough. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Overall very high quality case! Review by Heather
New Trent Gladius Air for iPad Air is an excellent choice if you want protection for your iPad Air combined with a functional leather hand strap for added security.

Pros for New Trent Gladius Air:
- Provides excellent protection – comparable to an Otterbox Defender
- Protective case – shock-proof and dust-proof
- Built-in high quality screen protector – this is a must have!
- 360-degree rotating leather hand strap – offers added security as well as functionality
- Collapsible arm stand very useful for watching movies
- Ports are easily accessible and have protective cover
- Home button and Power button are very responsive
- Camera cut-out is optimal size with appropriate placement
- Very easy to install/uninstall
- Overall very high quality case!

Cons for New Trent Gladius Air:
- Hand strap is adjustable, however still does not appropriately fit small hands

Overall very high quality case! On a scale of 1 to 5, the New Trent Gladius Air definitely deserves the highest 5 star rating! I highly recommend the New Trent Gladius Air! (Posted on 5/12/14)
Great for dirty or wet situations Review by Eric
This case is very good for those occasions when you will be in a dirty or wet environment. The strap provides security when using the iPad while carrying it around while the soft exterior cover protects against bumps and drops. No problem to swap to another case when do not need the protection this one offers. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Great iPad Air case Review by Michael
Used this case with my iPad Air for approximately two weeks now. For the most part I love this case, it is well built. Case fits snugly around my ipad and feels good in the hand. Rotating kickstand on the back of this case is a little flimsy but does the job, I really dig the fact that it is adjustable to either portrait or landscape view. The leather hand strap is okay, I don't use it much, but it does come in handy from time to time. My only complaint about the hand strap is that is prevents the user from laying the ipad flat on a table top which van be a little irritating at times. One other minor complaint is that the clear screen cover is not totally snug and has a few places that are not tight to the screen which makes the touch screen not work as well in places. One more minor complain regarding the clear screen protector is that it picks up finger prints too easily and detracts from the beauty of the retina display.

I use my ipad both at work and at home and find this case to be a nice protector for my ipad as I am carrying it around at work from one place to another. The case doesn't detract in any way from pairing a Bluetooth keyboard to the ipad and having the kickstand makes adding a keyboard a breeze.

Overall I would rate this product a 4, and would give it a five if the one or two minor complaints I have we're addressed. I will continue to use this case on my ipad for the foreseeable future (Posted on 5/10/14)
Everyday case protection Review by David
This case is being used in connection with my 32 GB Ipad Air, after several days of use this has been my favorite case thus far. I was previously using a Poetic Slimline rotating case which I liked for everyday use, however the Gladius Air offers the same features plus more. Like the Poetic case the Gladius Air has a rotation feature and is more user friendly as it can be held in one hand in any portrait or landscape view due to the leather handle. I might add the leather handle is very comfortable, especially after I was able to adjust/fit it to my liking. The Gladius Air also has a built in stand which was perfect for the times I watched ESPN and other videos on my Ipad. In addition to all of this, the Gladius offers "super" protection, ease of mind as I could lay down my Ipad almost anywhere without worrying about spills, dust, bumps, or even drops. Highly recommend this case for everyday use. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Great Case with Handy Leather Hand Strap and Brushed Metal Stand Review by Kyle
This is my 3rd New Trent product (1st was New Trent Airbender Pro for iPad Air & 2nd was New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5s Case) After opening the box I immediately liked the look of the leather hand strap on the back. One of the first things you'll notice about New Trent cases is the great smell of the cases (like a new car smell) versus the stench of rubber that come from other cases.

I enjoy new gadgets and electronics and seeing this was another treat. The foldable brush metal stand that comes out from beneath the hand strap looks very nice and stylish. I pulled the stand out with ease and it held the case with installed iPad Air (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Grey) very well. Adjusting the hand strap was very easy and simple to do. Turning the hand strap to alter how I held it was a bit difficult at first and seems to only rotate counter-clockwise. I later came to appreciate that it doesn't too easily rotate as it could lose position and cause problems. The case fits very well similar to how my New Trent Airbender Pro fits my iPad Air. When drawing using a stylus I really like how I can hold it in the position I want and it almost feels like an extension of myself. I would definitely recommend this for artists and those using POS type systems/apps as well as those working in a warehouse tracking their work. All of the port/button covers fit well. The area around the speaker at the bottom allows the sound to come out just as easily as if there was no cover on. I like the case.

A few things I think could be better is having the protective plastic that covers the main touch area fit a little tighter and a slight relocation of the Power Button as it feels just a bit too far back. Overall this is a really good case that feels like a quality product and I would highly recommend to anyone. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Awesome Case Why haven't you bought one yet Review by Cory
I have to say that this thing is solid. The craftsmanship holds solid to New Trent's quality control standards. The ease of use makes this one of my main cases anymore because I can rotate the ipad to any direction needed plus the fold out stand has been wonderful. The only reason I didn't give five stars is if you have Siri turned on and you lay the ipad face down on a hard surface, it will activate Siri because the home button sticks out from the case, but it is only a minor inconvenience for such a wonderful case. I don't worry about my five year old using my ipad anymore on trips lol. Bottom line, solid case, great construction, excellent company, and a price point that can't be beat. Get one. (Posted on 5/8/14)
If you do not need a Bluetooth keyboard I would highly recommend this case. Review by Glenn
The Gladius Air is a fairly rugged water-resistant case for the iPad Air. The inner case is a 2 piece plastic hardshell that snaps together once you’ve inserted your iPad Air. The solid back piece has accurately placed port cutouts and the face piece has a built-in clear screen protector that still allows you to view and touch the screen (Note: I already had a stick-on screen protector on my iPad and the screen is still touch sensitive). The inner case is then inserted into the rubberized outer shell that has movable rubber seals to cover the ports.

The Gladius Air has an adjustable leather strap that gives you a comfortable grip while holding the iPad. The leather strap has 2 sets of holes on both ends so that you can customize your grip (Note: Adjust the strap to your grip before you insert your iPad Air). I tend to carry my iPad around a lot and have found the strap to be comfortable. I would suggest that New Trent consider adding a third set of adjustment holes on the strap to afford those with smaller hands a tighter grip.

I appreciate the ability to rotate the strap 360° so that you can adjust the screen to a comfortable angle while holding the iPad. I also like the flip-out metal stand that allows you to view the iPad in either portrait or landscape format. A suggestion would be to add a rubberized cover or coating for the entire end of the metal stand as the 2 corners of the stand are bare metal and could scratch the surface on which you’re standing the iPad.

Over the course of a week I’ve used the Gladius Air enclosed iPad in the garage while working on a project, referred to recipes on it while cooking, and used it outdoors while working around the yard. I found no dust, flour (from cooking), or moisture inside the case when I opened it up to check on it. While I wouldn’t submerge the case since the speaker grill, and the microphone and camera holes are not covered, the case should protect the iPad from dirt and light rain.

Rating: If you do not need a Bluetooth keyboard I would highly recommend this case. I rate this case as a 4 plus at this point. With a few minor improvements as mentioned above as well as making it truly waterproof, I would easily give the Gladius Air a 5.
(Posted on 5/3/14)
perfect for field use! Review by gregory
This case is Newtrent’s rugged offering for iPad Air.
Let me start of by saying that I work professionally in an industrial setting. I am always on the lookout for a better solution. I have tried and compared offerings from all the players in the rugged case arena. I found the Gladius to be a winner. Taking expensive electronic gadgets into an industrial environment is always worrisome. Having a good safe solution to protect your equipment is priceless.
Pros: One of the features that I really like about this case is the outer plastic cover. Other manufacturers use a softer more rubbery cover that attracts dust and dirt. Newtrent’s choice is in my opinion a superior one. In my past experiences with other brands the softer rubber always eventually becomes tacky and stretched out. This should not be a problem with this case. The internal structure is well designed and will clearly protect your iPad. I found the ports and port covers to be well designed out and quite functional. The mute/rotation switch is a little difficult, but that is a factor of the protection quality of the case. If the case were thinner it would be easier to access the switch, but less protective overall. I prefer protective. I also like the fact that it has a clear plastic cover over the display. The will greatly reduce dust and moisture getting on the display. The front edge sticks out and will help to protect the display in the event of a face down drop. The leather strap makes holding the iPad almost second thought. It is adjustable and works well. I have not done any real drop tests with the unit, but I am certain it would survive a reasonable fall. Overall there is a premium feel to this case. You should be aware that taking this case off and on regularly may not make sense, but then again with access to all the ports why would you want to? Lastly there is a nice metal leg that pops out of the back to allow you to prop your iPad up. It works very well. I can’t say this for certain, but it appears as if the cutout in the leg that allows for opening and closing would also double as a bottle opener! I will have to investigate this further and update my review.
Cons: Not really any issues per se. You should be aware that it will add some weight and bulk to your iPad, but that comes with protection.
Conclusion and other comments: If you have a real need to use your iPad in a tough industrial environment, regularly allow small children or drop prone adults, then this case if for you. I found the price point on this case to be exceptional, as other similar cases are close to twice the price. Once again Newtrent has a great product at a great price.
(Posted on 5/2/14)
A Very Good Case Review by Wookieman
Review of the Gladius Case:

I purchased this case for my wife's iPad Air, which has wifi only because she loves to talk to her girl friends and family on Skype. I tried it out for a day before I surprised her with it for her birthday. The main reason I bought was because of the rotating hand strap on the back. She used to use my old iPad 1st Gen and would hold it by the edge of case while walking around the house and going out to the porch to sit and talk. I was always afraid she was going to drop it.

With the iPad Air being some much lighter and with the Leather hand strap it gives me a secure feeling when I'm holding it, especially since it can rotate 360º. This makes it easy to see the screen whether standing or sitting. The included plastic screen is a nice touch along with the removable stand and the user replaceable and adjustable hand strap.

The case provides great protection to the tablet and the microphone port cover is a good idea since the tablet is sometimes used in dusty and wet environments. I would give the case 5 out 5 stars for the following reasons.


1: Case is rugged and fits snugly around the iPad Air

2: The stand supports the case in portrait and landscape modes without collapsing

3: The switches and microphone port are well protected


1: The instructions could be written clearer

2: I would like nylon for the strap instead of leather

3: The hinged rubber protective piece over the Home Button will ware out faster than the case

I would definitely recommend this case to others.

Wookieman (Posted on 5/2/14)
love it Review by michael
It does pretty much everything you think it should. The outer case is nice and sturdy. Its really easy to grab and hold on to. Installing my ipad air was very simple as per the instructions. I really live the pop out stand on the back that is built in, its great for when my 3 yr old is watching it at a table. I also don't have to worry about her spilling anything on it while she is watching her shows. I wish they could change the strap on the back so it can some how retract more easily. It is a little heaver than a regular case but you get much more protection which is what you order it for. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Awesome iPad Air case Review by Reza
I'm very picky when it comes to basically enveloping a great Apple product, who doesn't !
BUT i am 100% thrilled with this case and packing. This is an exceptional case made from quality components. I've used it for the last 3 days and as hard as I have tried, I can't seem to come up with big suggestions as to ways to improve it as a Mechanical Designer and an Apple iPad Air user!

Here's why:
- Fits the iPad Air perfectly with no movement of the iPad in the case
- Has a protective sheet over the glass which is perfectly clear and responds to touch in the same manner as the iPad Air screen, which is great!
- The leather strap is easy to adjust for different hand sizes.
- The 360 degree rotating swivel back allows the case to be positioned in any angle
- Dirt proof
- Shock proof
- Splash proof
- Great value
- Last but not least, all ports easily accessible and buttons work well

- The rotating swivel can be stiff to move when it is brand new but this gets much easier after is been used, no big deal at all.
- The case is splash resistant not water proof. The ports for the speakers are not sealed around the case.
- Strap material can be in different colors. (Posted on 5/1/14)
This CASE IS AWESOME! Highly Recommend! Review by Debbie
I am truly very impressed with this case! I have to say I did not think I would even find it comparable to the ZooGue case which has been my favorite case through all the generation ipads I have owned... however, this case is a very nice change, its lighter and has even more protection! I am very happy with the case and I have been using it for 2 solid weeks and I have not switched back to my ZooGue...

Trent really delivered a great quality case and uses quality materials in this case. It feels very durable and instantly made me feel confident that my Ipad Air was safe and secure... very well protected!

I read through some of the reviews on here and I was very surprised to see people complaining and saying that it was hard to figure out how to get it apart and install it on an ipad. I had no issues at all. The rubber outer back cover comes off first and there is a arrow that is clearly embossed in the rubber that indicates where you should start to remove it. Once you get that off you look at the top where the earplug jack is or even on the opposite end where the charging outlet is and you will see two tabs you need to pull them back and then it snaps apart... it is truly very easy!


1) Rubbery outer shell... that covers your power, home and volume buttons, PLUS it even has little flip covers that go over the charging port and earplug jack hole. This is great for anyone who may work in dusty or damp environments - It truly is water, dust, dirt and shock resistant! A huge plus! All thsi protection and the case does not feel like it adds “Bulk” it still feels slim!

2) It has a built in kickstand great for standing your ipad up horizontally or vertically.

3) I love the quality leather holding strap... this is a huge plus for me.. because it makes it so much easier to hold an ipad with one hand for long periods of time! Like when I play candy crush... or other games ;).

4) I like the built in screen protector... I noticed someone said it was hard to rearrange icons with this case and screen protector... but I have had not issues ... I can move things around and to different pages whether I am holding my ipad vertically or horizontally, so this did not give me any issues at all.

Recommended things which would make this case a 10 stars out of 5 for me...

1) Make the 360 degree strap easier to turn...I had a difficult time getting it to turn when it was brand new out of package... at first I was starting to think it did not turn. It does turn a little easier now... after a short break in period... but I wish it was even slightly a little easier. I feel like I am going to rip the leather strap off when I try to turn it.

2) I wish the kickstand had more positions so I could stand my ipad at just the right angle. 

3) Maybe make the built in screen protector in a matte finish so there is less glare.

4) Offer this in COLORS / styles - maybe even duo-tones! You have a winning case here... I think it will be a huge hit... people love choices!
(Posted on 5/1/14)
Very good case! Review by Descala
After opening the cellophane wrapper, I was greeted by a sturdy feeling case (feels like plastic and some rubberized plastic), with a very attractive leather strap. Now I hope all that style is backed up by substance! The case weighed approximately 12.25 oz. (with the cello on), and 28.10 ounces with the iPad Air.
Taking the case apart so I could put the iPad was not very easy the first time, which was expected. Taking off the TPU sleeve needs fingernails, which I do not have, especially at the corners. During taking the case apart, I was always concerned that I was going to break it, but thankfully that never happened. After opening, I cleaned off my iPad, put it in the case, closed it up (much easier to do!), and started to play around with it. Well…I had to stop. Unfortunately, I didn't see the part about how to adjust the strap until after I had my iPad all settled into the case. So, I had to take it apart again. If you go by the
numbers in the instructions, taking the case apart, putting the iPad in and
closing up, it’s then you read on to see how to adjust the strap, when you
realize, “hey, I have to take it apart again!!”. As I read the instructions about how to adjust the straps, I read that “flap covers” were involved, but there were no flap covers in my case, just the strap and the pins to fit the strap over.
The strap works well, and my iPad feels very secure as I hold it with the strap. I can see where the strap may come in handy for some, especially for those doing work in warehouses, outside investigation type work, but for me, not so much. Now, that whole 360 degree thing is a different matter; for a while, I thought it only turned counter-clockwise, as I felt a strong resistance turning it the other way, to the point I hear the case creaking, a lot, so I felt I should stop. Turning it any direction takes a bit too much force for my liking. I felt the pressure of the strap as I tried to turn the case, and I’m not weak by any means, and that was just too much, to the point that I didn't want to turn it unless absolutely necessary. Now, on to the latch which is used
as a stand for the case. Although it conspicuously looks like a bottle opener (I
will try it out soon, lol!), the way it comes out is pretty cool, but if you
have bigger fingers, it’s a bit difficult to enact it, and feels sharp after a
while of trying it. When the case is horizontal, the latch/stand holds up nicely, though it only has one position setting. When the stand is vertical, the stand holds up ok, just that my desk is very smooth, and the rubber on the latch/stand doesn't set right on the desk, so it moves around very easily when I touch the screen, much more than when in horizontal mode. I end up having to hold the case so I can press the buttons on the iPad. I haven’t dropped it or splashed
anything on it as of yet, so I can’t speak about those aspects, but the case
still feels good, and it looks like it would be able to handle it well. It feels lighter than the Otterbox, and overall doesn't weigh the iPad Air down and appears to do a great job protecting it, which is the reason you would be purchasing this in the first place!! (Posted on 5/1/14)
If you are looking for protection, this is your case! Review by Jeremy
The name of this product,
"Gladius", is very fitting! Shortly after fitting my ipad into the case, I
accidentally dropped it onto a hardwood floor. The iPad did not have a
scratch and was fully protected. I think the screen protector feature is a
must and makes me feel much better about protection, though there is a
large glare with certain angles. I have not tested the "waterproof"
feature, but I'm sure over the next few months this will accidentally be
tested. If I were rating this product on protection alone, I would give it
5 stars. I do not have the Otterbox Defender case for my iPad, but I do
have the product for my iPhone 5 and feel that it is very similar in
construction and quality. The I really like the hand strap and stand
features. My wife is an elementary teacher and used the product at
her school. This product was perfect for her as she was able to hold the
entire case in one hand while keeping her other hand free. The ability to
swivel the case is also very helpful. She did state that she wished there
was an easier way to adjust the hand strap. Also, a uniform color (black
leather) would be more aesthetically pleasing. The strap, however, is very
comfortable. I am not sure if that is supposed to be a bottle cap opener
hole at the back of the stand, but it works and I think it's a great idea!
Overall, this is a great product, especially for those wanting full
protection for their iPad. This will be the go to case for when the iPad is
"sitting" around at home as we will not have to worry about it accidentally
getting dropped. Educators or anyone that needs to lecture would benefit
greatly from this case. Also, this case will certainly be used during
cooking, as it will protect the iPad but will still allow for us to look at
recipes. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Sturdy case, not for everyone Review by Traci
The NewTrent Gladius Air is a hardshell case with a leather strap on the back for easy holding. The case has a solid back piece that protects the iPad rather well, and a clear snap-on face for easy viewing and touching of the screen. The whole thing is encased in a rubberized shell offering more complete protection. Overall, the case feels very sturdy and secure, similar to other cases that are designed to be protective. There are rubber seals over the ports that are easy to remove, and the covered volume buttons are easy to adjust. The case is a little difficult to take apart because the clips hold on pretty tight to the back piece, but with some careful-but-firm manipulation the case does come apart without breaking. The wrist strap is made of a thick, good-feeling leather that does not come off as cheap. It is easily adjustable, which is good for my smaller-sized hands.

The only thing I did not like about holding the case using the strap is that for me to see the screen my hand had to be bent at an uncomfortable angle. If I wanted to turn the iPad to show the screen to someone else, that would have been fine. This case would really shine in an environment where people are working and collaborating, like a job site or presentation. t's less useful for people like me that sit at a desk most of the time.

Another great design feature is that the strap rotates 360 degrees to allow for both comfort as well as portrait/landscape modes. There is a stand that pulls out from behind the strap, and the stand works in both portrait and landscape modes. Overall, I really liked this case for its sturdiness and the feeling that my iPad is well protected, but I personally found the strap too uncomfortable for long periods of time, which might be more a factor of my smaller hand size than design.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
A Coach's dream case for iPad Air Review by Jeff
The Gladius Air is simply a water resistant (not Waterproof) and rugged case for the iPad Air. I took it out of the box and quickly was able to take it apart and fit the iPad into the case and reseal it. I watched the installation video after I had already installed it and it was easy enough to do without but it is good for those who may need a little help to watch the video.

The case worked as advertised. I am a VP of engineering for a software company by day but I am also a Track and Field coach for a local high school and I like to use Coach’s eye to film the athletes to work on technique and form by night. We are always dealing with the change in weather and we have had many practices in the rain and with the wind and dust it can really do a number on your iPad.

I really liked how the Gladius Air gives you a good grip on the iPad with the adjustable strap. I like how the strap can rotate 360º to get the correct angle while you are holding the iPad. The case has a good non slick surface to help keep it in your hand. all of the buttons and switches are available but also protected.

I could see this case being used by anyone who needs to use the iPad outdoors whether working on a landscape bid or coaching your kids soccer, or baseball or other sports team. I wish our local high school baseball team had this case before the assistant coach dropped the iPad and cracked the screen at a game. I would however be careful as water can still get into the iPad through the speaker vents and the microphone and light sensors holes that are not covered. But overall the product will help in a light rain or snow.

I like that the Gladius Air had a stand that can be flipped out to stand portrait or Landscape to allow you to watch film or use a keyboard with the iPad. One nice feature that would push this over the top would be to put a universal 1/4" tripod mount into the stand so the case can be connected to a tripod for filming.

I would rate this at a 5. It does what it is supposed to, It is a good value for the price and it is a good case for the uses listed above. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Gladius Air case Review by A
The Gladius case gives my iPad a rugged feel and is a very sturdy case. I especially like the strap which make this case like no other on the market. I rate this case 5 stars and recommend it for someone working in an outdoor environment. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great case Review by scott
I just received the New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case and was a little skeptical having tried the other cases. I am very impressed about the construction of the case. When I took the case out of the box I was shocked that the screen protector had protection on it already. Following the instructions it was very easy to install the iPad Air. The leather strap is secure and seems like high quality leather. All of the buttons on the iPad work flawlessly. The only concern is when you lay the case face down it has a tendency to activate Siri. Other than that I highly recommend this product if you plan on using it in not so ideal locations. The rustproof and water splash works great. I was outside working with a client and it started raining. I was able to use the iPad during the rain and when inside I took the iPad out of the case and no water penetrated the case. I would not suggest submersing the case in water or any liquid because there are slits above the speakers if holding at a 90 degree angle water could run past without entering those slits.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Great at resisting, just not proof. Review by O_B_E
The case is great at resisting dust and dirt. It isn't proof like some might think. I had this case keeping my iPad Air clean while I was making a shelf. It kept all the sawdust out of my iPad. Now, the resistant. Once I removed my iPad from the Gladiator case I could see where the dust had fallen into the space under the plastic surround and the plastic screen protector. The stand that folds out of the back was sturdy and maintained balance as I was making circular saw cuts and arranging wood on my table.
The leather handle on the back is a sweet addition and it has three adjustments in size. "small" and "large". Then a "medium" with one of the sides on the smaller holes and the other on the large size. I like it. There aren't any other cases out there with a leather strap. It fits smaller hands well and is able to be turned so that you can view it at any direction you want.
If you work outside or some where the environment isn't the cleanest, this case would be a great recommendation or one to put your iPad in. I will always use this case when I'm working in the garage.
Improvement to the Gladiator would include sealing the plastic protector the the edge of the top plastic piece. There is sawdust already building up in that gap on mine. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Incredible iPad Air Case - Rock Solid and TOUGH Review by Jay
Overall, I really enjoy this incredible case for all conditions - it is absolutely built to last. It is pretty straightforward to put the iPad into the case, and it has very secure clips to ensure it is safely locked in the case. The build and materials are excellent and feel they are going to endure in various conditions. The screen is spotless and the feel of the case is sturdy and yet not heavy, the leather touch in the back makes it stand out and can be easily adjusted for young kids or small hands. The full protection is very appealing when rough kids are using the iPad, and it gives me a peace of mind. The metal piece in the back appears to be quite strong to hold the iPad and I like the feel of it. In terms of functions such as buttons, they work as expected, very responsive in my testing without much force to turn on or off, way better than many other cases. It is also easy to take the iPad out, and designed nicely from outside to inside, very consistently. I can imagine for those folks working outside or people next to the pool or on the beach, this case is definitely a must to keep iPad dry and clean. Overall, this is an excellent product - maybe a good idea to add color options, or color combinations if possible. (Posted on 4/30/14)
New Trent Gladius Air - Protective Case for iPad Air (NT611GR) Review by Spenfox9
New Trent
 Gladius Air - Protective Case for iPad Air (NT611GR).

I tested this unit with a 128GB iPad Air. I give it an overall positive review. I want to start by mentioning how I find this devices ability to rotate between landscape and portrait mode excellently as I find this ideal in a case. Also the stand integrated on the back is excellent support for the device and very sturdy. The leather strap gives a sense of security that it definitely backs up well. I tried this device out at school, home, work, and out and about and felt completely comfortable with the case. I found this product useful in pretty much everywhere in my day to day activities. It offers great full coverage of the iPad Air while still maintaining and sleek and light feel. It gives me complete and total access to all of the necessary buttons, features, and camera without messing with any responsiveness. Strap can slightly interfere if not in use. Stand placement behind strap while good does sometime interfere with pulling it out. Everything is very responsive the case does its job well I even dropped my iPad accidently once while using this case and it was completely fine when I checked on it. I feel as if this case would be great for computer engineers, IT workers, and really anybody who works in a setting where having a tablet with them is key to their job as this provides a reliable and outstanding solution. I would give this product overall a 5 due to all of the pros that greatly outweigh the small list of cons.

Pros: Great design, 360 rotation, leathers strap, full enclosure, easy access to buttons, camera, and ports, etc., great sturdy stand, sleek yet strong build, doesn’t add much weight, dirt and scratch resistant, easy one hand use.

Cons: Inability to remove strap, rotating can be sticky, stand sometimes hard to get out past the strap. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Perfection is the word best describes Gladius Air Review by Salah
You have bought iPad Air worth of $500, and now you want to protect it. You would like to protect it from all sorts of mishaps that can happen to it. May be you drop things, may be the edge gets brushed against table, or may be coffee/water gets spilled. If there is probability of these things happening and you want full protection, look no further; Gladius Air is the case for you.

Gladius Air case is made of two different materials (hard polycarbonate plastic and soft rubber). The combination of hard and soft materials gives the case impact resistance, and from the looks of it, I got the impression that it will survive few drops without damaging the iPad a little bit.

The case is neatly made to cover all the ports with flap style cover. That way the vulnerable parts of the iPad are protected against dust and moisture. The front side of the case has a protector too.

If you are thinking that aforementioned features of the case are common in other cases. So, why would someone buy Gladius Air, and what makes it so special? Yeah, I am coming to that compelling point. The feature that makes this case standout from competition is the leather strap on the backside of the case. This strap gives the user a sense of complete control of the iPad. As full sized iPad is difficult to hold with one hand, I have been longing to have something like this from a long time and New Trent delivered it with flawless precision. It is possible to adjust the size of the strap according to the hand size following the accompanied manual.

New Trent also provided a rather sturdy metal stand on the back of the case. This stand can be pulled out without difficulty from the case, and works really well while watching video. The whole leather strap and back stand setup can move 360 degrees. So, the iPad can be set in both horizontal and vertical position. The angular movement of the setup felt little rigid on my hand at first, however, it is making way more sense with every passing day.

Overall, this is a great case for iPad Air. Maybe it’s a little on the heavier side. But complete protection comes with a little bulk. The sweetest part of this case is the price point. It’s a lot like Otterbox defender case from the functionality. However, with the addition of leather strap there is no competition. I will recommend this case to people like me who need the best kind of protection out there. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Durable case Review by Francine
Love the overlook of unit. Case is very durable and protects your iPad well. Really like the idea of having a hand strap. It makes it easy to hold and the feeling of security that you won't drop your iPad. The screen protector is clear with really no interference of the clarity. The collapsible arm stand is convenient that you can rotate it to landscape or portrait, however it is very difficult to turn the strap and collapsible arm. Instructions to adjust strap says to close flap covers when finished, however there was no covers covering the leather strap pins. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Love this case! Review by Shane
This case came in as expected with a solid frame and quick setup. The case fully envelops the iPad Air with a proven shock, drop and scratchproof screen cover. The highlights of this case would definitely be the low profile cover, well-engineered rounded corners, and of course the soft and strong leather hand handle.

Starting with the exterior, the face piece is hard plastic and the edges really provide a good “rubbery” bounce when dropped (off my roof). On the back, the hand swivel locks in different positions and makes holding it in your hand really easy. Also hidden from sight underneath the leather handle are the bottle opener and the metal stand. Honestly, it comes out of nowhere but actually proved to be just right for my needs.

The case fits a lot of different customers from elderly (easy and light to hold) and any average commuter since it can swivel in any which way direction to watch movies or read a book in an airport.

The hidden aluminum stand really outdid itself in terms of handiness and its accessibility compared to large and cumbersome iPad cases. The aluminum stand allows the iPad to set up landscape or portrait view quickly and features a nifty bottle opener on the bottom.

The only real drawback is the water resistance. The case’s port for the mic and speakers are NOT airtight since they are blatant holes, but in my opinion, something as expensive as an Apple iPad Air shouldn’t be used underwater anyways.

Overall, the case very well serves its purpose of protecting the iPad and provides a lot of unique features other cases would not have for the same price. Currently at half the price, this case is a steal. I give a 4.5/5. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Awesome rugged case for iPad Air ! Review by Greg
Pros :

1. Double layer of protection, actual hard case with touch sensitive window and TPU soft layer case with tight flaps to cover all ports;
2. All cutout for camera, mic, speakers and charging port are precise;
3. After installation I’ve checked home and power buttons and they are working great;
4. 360 degrees rotation is actually very good not just to read or operate iPad Air but also for demonstration purposes(I’m a clinical instructor for the students in local hospital and it was just awesome to demonstrate to my students the anatomy atlas with Gladius iPad Air case);
5. The leather strap with easy adjustable grip is so useful and pleasant to feel;
6. I’ve dropped my iPad Air in this case for couple times from approximately 5 feet hight on hard floor in the hospital and it was functioning great, I couldn’t find any impact damages;
7. Built in metal stand angle is very comfortable to watch videos or read the book( I’ve demonstrated couple teaching videos to my students and they liked it a lot);
8. I’ve check this Gladius Air case with Targus iPad Air Rugged Max Pro case(which you can buy in Staples for $62.99) and Hard Candy ShockDrop Rugged case for iPad Air for $59.95 and there is no comparison as far as design, built and price - Gladius Air case for iPad Air is definitely the winner by far among these cases;

Cons :

1. It was a little bit difficult to install NT611GR(I’ve had to read manual and look on the photos twice), although note: how many times do you have to install it, really- just a few times;
2. Leather strap should have more adjustment holes for medium or little hands;
3. There should be some video on new trent website to show actually step by step how to install this case without any problems;

Conclusion: Awesome rugged case for iPad Air -durable, well built, excellent design, good choice of materials used. I did recommend this case to some of my colleagues in the hospital. I think this case is very good for professionals who work outside(constructors, drivers, geologists,criminal justice pros, etc) and inside like I’m medical professionals. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Great protective case! Review by Jenell
What a great protective case! The new Trent Gladius Air Protective Case for iPad Air provides wonderful protection against the elements, as well as easy hands-free use. The sleek design of this case is both attractive and functional. The leather strap is adjustable and very comfortable. The 360° rotation allows you to use the built-in stand for horizontal and vertical viewing. As you rotate the stand, it locks in place so you do not have to worry about slippage or stability. The stand comes out very easily, but is secure when extended. I was impressed with the screen protection, as well as the rubberized outer shell that provides additional water protection. I accidentally dropped my iPad Air and the case definitely kept my iPad from harm and did not separate or crack – very sturdy. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone that travels frequently with their iPad, and runs the risk of accidental water exposure. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Great for Protecting and Using your iPad on the Go Review by Big O
I am very pleased to review the gladius air unit. It is an excellent device for using the iPad in a all environment type of way. My greatest concern when using my iPad any given time is protecting it. The Gladius air. Allows me to know that my device is protected whether I give it a little bit of a push off the couch, or whether I have to walk outside in the rain. That is the kind of heavy duty protection that I need for some of the work that I do. I am a student, and while studying, I like to walk around. The Gladius air provides me with the opportunity to protect my device while walking outside without fearing what will happen if I trip or bump something. I also really enjoy the hand strap that allows me to carry my device more easily. I use the iPad Air, and this is a perfect complement.

It took me a little bit to get the hang of how to get the case on and off, but in the end it demonstrated the Injun earring around protection, which I appreciate. This does limit my used to some degree because I use a keyboard with my iPad fairly often. The keyboard functionality is an important part of taking notes in my classes. Well it doesn't work for me, many people will find that this concern can be averted by using a Bluetooth keyboard and the built in stand for the iPad. The problem I have specifically is the desks at our educational institution are small enough that I need the keyboard to be integrated with the iPad in order for it to sit on the desk. However, I have been to many other schools that have larger desks and more available deskspace. In that case the built-in stand would provide an excellent alternative to taking your iPad in and out of the case. And the fact that the rotating strap on the back has the standard built-in allows me to easily use this case in either landscape or portrait mode. That means I am a little more selective of when I use the Gladius air because it takes a little bit of effort to get it in and out of the case. That said, when I need protection I know I can count on the Gladius air. The hand strap is well fashioned from leather. I find that to be excellent. That said, at times it can become a little heated, especially in the Arizona sun. Also, I love the built-in screen protector. It gives me great comfort knowing that my screen is protected even if my two-year-old comes out it with a pen. The waterproofing is also good because I like to read in the restroom while my children take baths. This protects my iPad from the occasional splash.

I raced the Gladius air very highly five stars. This device is great for someone who needs protection for their iPad, while not losing the functionality of the iOS operating system. I highly recommend this device for people in construction medicine waiting tables or taking orders on electronic system people taking surveys political events event management, there are so many fields of application here.

I will be pleased to provide photos of the product in use when posting to Amazon. I need to get my wife's camera from her in order to take the photos. (Posted on 4/25/14)
Very practical, unique concept Review by Matt
The New Trent Gladius Air is very practical benefit for everyday use, and true to its advertising (with the exception of the Amazon listing, discussed below). The instructions for installation are clear, and getting good at taking the case on and off is intuitive. As has been the case with my other New Trent purchases, I didn't need Google's help to put it together. That increases the value, in my eyes, especially considering the affordable price for a product with this set of features. Time and frustration savings, for me, equals money savings. So far, my experience with New Trent has been that the instructions and installation are geared toward each specific model (as opposed to generic instructions that are thrown in the box, no matter what model). Having experienced generic instructions with another, high-quality manufacturer of technology protection products, New Trent's packaging and instructions were a breath of fresh air. I want to enjoy my purchase as soon as I get it, and good, simple instructions help make that possible.

A few important notes:

1. This is NOT water or dirt PROOF. It is clearly a "rugged" case, which is dirt, water, and shock RESISTANT, but not proof. This can be quickly observed when you look at the case right after removing it from the box. Push down gently on the "home button" cover, and you'll see that that is not going to be a water-proof seal. Additionally, water and some dust will make it into the speaker slots. Do not submerge it or ask for trouble by intentional and excessive water and dirt exposure. You might be unlucky. However, it's still a good guard. I am impressed by how New Trent was able to cover so many sensitive areas with a case that remains easy to remove, especially in the days of sim card removal and replacement, since we're not as committed to data carriers with non-phone cellular data devices. Take your time the first time. It won't take long, and then it will go even faster the second time.

2. This is also NOT a scratch-proof or "self-healing" screen protector (nor is it advertised to be). I expect that, if we have this iPad for a period of years, the screen protector will eventually show its age, but I don't expect I will need to replace it. We shall see.


-Excellent, easy-to-follow instructions
-Easy, intuitive assembly and removal when necessary. It would be difficult to accidentally put it on wrong.
-Minimal profile. This is an impressively slender case for being water, dirt, and shock-resistant.
-Leather strap is comfortable, and relives "grip stress" in several circumstances.
-Kick-stand is very easy to open and close, and seems solid.
-Rotating the iPad into all four orientations is easy. It "snaps" into each position. Seems impossible to accidentally rotate, which opens up a unique usage option: hanging the iPad by the strap...on whatever is available. :)


-The screen is not as smooth to the touch as other screen protectors (such as the Zagg HD screen protector). It does not appear to interfere with use, but just isn't as smooth. I would not expect it to be perfect, since it does not "stick" to the screen (it's part of the case, and doesn't become part of the device), but I'm guessing New Trent could manufacture a better feel.

-Shock protection for speaker ports, but no dust/water protection.

-Little or no glare reduction as compared other screen protectors. But again, I'm guessing this wouldn't be easy to do for a removable case.

-"Rainbow" glare occurs at some of the points of contact between the screen and screen protector. This isn't a big deal, and I experience the same thing with my iPhone case (made by Lifeproof), but it would be nice to minimize this somehow.


Overall, this case gets a 5. For the price, I think New Trent has invented a high-value, unique case with unique features. I would be interested in getting all the best (and most expensive) features in a case (such as self-healing screen protectors, and water-proof protection, while being able to easily remove the entire case, etc), BUT I expect that kind of product would be very expensive. At this point, I think I will keep this case on the iPad for good (or until New Trent comes up with a new generation :).

I use my iPad Air for business (I'm a Plumber), which means it goes everywhere with me, and some atmospheres would otherwise expose my iPad to possible damage. But I'm much more comfortable having my iPad out with me on the job, using it for interaction with customers, since it is now protected by the Gladius Air.
I look forward to seeing what improvements come out of New Trent's products as they build on their unique and helpful product concepts.
(Posted on 4/25/14)
Great Case for all around protection, Great Quality Review by Daniel
The iPad case is very we'll build. The iPad is covered 100% from all types of damage. Water, drops, and scratches. At first I was skeptical about the strap in the back, but it actually ended up being very useful, it's great for playing games to give your hand a rest. This case gives me the confidence to allow my little nephew to play with my iPad, as I know it is protected. This case is a 3 piece case, a hard bottom and top piece that he iPad snaps into, and a hard rubber piece that cover the entire iPad, which gives it a secure feeling. This case also has a kickstand. The kickstand is made out of metal and it's very sturdy and holds the iPad at a good angle. All the ports on this case are very well covered to protect from dust or water. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Small Hands Review by Tim
The New Trent Gladius Air is a handy and durable ipad case that takes ipad
portability to a new level. With this iteration of the New Trent line, the
Gladius adds a sleek leather strap to the rear of the unit opening up a
slew of possibilities for ultra-convenient iPad use.

First, the rear leather strap does not sacrifice desktop use because there
is a sturdy, collapsable kick stand that tucks neatly inside of the
signature New Trent swivel mechanism. While the angle of viewing is not
fully customizable, readability is not sacrificed unless you are out in the
direct sunlight. I doubt you would ever use a kick stand case in direct
sunlight outdoors, especially if you hand a hand strap to maneuver the ipad
to the perfect viewing angle.

While a handheld strap is not for everyone, it has a distinct advantage
over any other ipad air case on the market for: realtors, physicians,
engineers, and mechanics. The leather hand strap is a comfortable width,
but a bit too high for my taste. With that said, I have an undersized hand
that is not a good standard to go by.

For my own personal use, I noticed that this case turned me into a "spatula
hand." (see picture) My hand was replaced by a large black ipad! The hand
strap is so comfortable I forgot that I was wearing it. I got a few awkward
stares in the office. Mainly, my observers wondered how my ipad air really
"got air," and defined gravity if I wasn't cradling it? When they noticed
the tan leather strap attached to the rear of the unit, they were intrigued
and a few inquired regarding its origin.

For those of us with ADD, this is a no-brainer. This case allows me to stay
mobile while multitasking without the fear of dropping my iPad six feet to
the floor. Further, the responsiveness of the protective screen panel is
sleek enough to be non-intrusive. I really appreciate the finer details of
the aesthetics on the Gladius. There are flat and textured black areas on
both the front and rear of the casing. A bonus is that the leather strap
smells nice.

My overall rating of this product is a 4.5 of 5. I reduced it half a point
because the hand strap is a bit loose for me and not adjustable...or I
haven't figured that out yet? I highly recommend this case to anyone
looking for a lightweight traveler case that gives you that extra sense of
security in the palm of your hand.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Smart, Practical and Affordable Review by Joe
I used the Gladius Air case for my 128GB Verizon silver iPad Air. The product came in a sturdy box and packaging. The product's instructions were very easy to follow. The weight seems a little bit heavier than usual but reasonable given that it's a "heavy duty case." The removing of the outer rubber layer can be tough if treated too fragile. Just tug at it with a little more force and it'll come off. Getting the next layer off requires patience also as there are many clips to undo but it's all worth it to protect my $1000 investment. All of the buttons align perfectly and are easily accessible. Just for kicks, I did sprinkle some water on the front and the iPad was fine upon inspection afterwards. Nothing got through. The leather strap is awesome and well thought out. Bonus points for aesthetics. The kickstand was stable for both viewing positions. Definitely not made out of flimsy materials. The film protecting the screen, though just a little loose, is easy to wipe and also provides for a real screen touching experience. Camera and Facetime openings were spot on. The sound vents were also effective yet protective. The home button and charging outlet were securely guarded when needed and easy to access at other times. Gladius Air was the most useful to me when I needed to show my medical customers a video, eCatalog or eBrochure of our various products. The strap as well as the sturdy pull-out stand were essential. In the past, my arms did feel like they were going to fall off from holding the iPad too long. I used the case at hospitals and clinics as well as at a conference booth. Apart from the medical field and especially the ER and operating rooms of hospitals where things can get messy, I think this case would also be beneficial for construction sites, labs, environments with children, traveling in the rugged outdoors, extended travels abroad, the beach, office environments requiring a lot of moving around with the iPad, etc. Rated 5 for excellent. Again, great bang for your buck. The quality is reassuring and the look is pleasing to the eye. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Tough case Review by Michael
This case pretty much does the job its supposed to. The description pretty much sums up what the case is capable of doing. If you are looking for a slim, sleek case, this is not the one for you. It pretty much multiple layers of protection and takes a little effort to put on and take off. All ports does have covers so no water can leak through. Despite the multiple layers, the screen is still touch sensitive and works fine. I haven't dropped it yet but i'm sure it will save my iPad. My only complaint is that the leather swivel in the back takes a little effort to rotate. It isn't easy and fluid like it should be. The stand in the back does work well too. Other than that, the case is meat to be tough and sturdy. If you are looking for something outdoors or you are just clumsy, I recommend this case. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Awesome case for half the price of others Review by Courtney
This is my first ipad case that is dirt proof, water proof, and shock
proof. Initially I was worried it would be think and bulky but I was glad
to be proven wrong. The case is lightweight and sleek. The covers to the
ringer switch, headphone jack, charger, and speakers are easy to open and
close. The leather strap is a very nice feature and I could see it being
very useful for someone that stands on their feet a lot and uses the ipad
to do their job. The auto tech guys at my mom’s work place use ipads all
the time and they all wanted to know where to get the case when I showed it
to them! Under the strap there is a stand that pulls out which works great
when you want to set it down and prop the case up. It works great for
standing the ipad upright while cooking so I don’t have to look straight
down to see my recipe. The only downsides I found to the case is when you
put the ipad into the case you can not leave any screen protectors on. If
you leave one on it causes odd bubbles between your screen protector and
the protector of the phone. Once you take your old screen protector off
this solves the issue. Not a huge deal but just an fyi. (Posted on 4/23/14)
A Well Designed, Very Durable iPad Air Case Review by Claudia
I am very impressed with this case so far. It is very well designed and holds the iPad Air perfectly. When you fit your iPad Air into the case, everything snaps together easily and all of the openings are perfectly placed, unlike some other cases I have owned, which have been known to have slippage over key ports. Especially notable are the covers over the Home button and the On/Off-Sleep/Wake buttons. I also love that the charger port is completely protected.

I'm usually not a big fan of screen protectors, but this one does not interfere with the function of the iPad at all. The best features, in my opinion, are:
1. The adjustable, 360 degree rotatable leather strap, which makes you feel very confident holding the iPad with one hand very comfortably
2. The kickstand, which even includes a very handy bottle opener
3. The outer rubberized case, which undoubtedly provides shock absorption

I am an amateur photographer and I love to take my iPad Air out with me while taking photos. I just received this case, but took it out in the neighborhood to photograph some birds, as I enjoy sitting outside afterward, downloading my photos from my camera to view on my iPad screen. It happened to start raining very lightly while I was transferring photos. With any other case, I'd have headed home but I felt my iPad was so well protected that I continued to sit outside and view my photos in the field, which was very enjoyable as opposed to having to return home before seeing my day's work. I can also see this case being very practical for use at the beach, come summertime!

I am extremely pleased with this item. It is very difficult to think of anything that would improve the product, but I do think that over time, the (very nice) leather strap might stretch a bit, so a tighter setting might come in handy for people with smaller hands. Other than that, I think this case is just perfect and I am looking forward to using it for a very long time!
(Posted on 4/22/14)
Versatile, Durable, Professional Review by Joseph
I'd like to point out that I had purchased my iPad Air for my mobile business. We are making a move towards becoming more environment-friendly by relying less on paper. I am constantly looking for new products and apps that will enable us to conduct business on-the-go without any hindrance to our daily operations due to the lack of permanent office - New Trent's Gladius Air is just one of those products that provides just what we are looking for.

Features -

The Gladius Air features a full 360 degree rotation, full body and port protection, a built in screen protector, a stand, and a hand strap. The hand strap, which is made out of leather and looks pretty charming, fulfills my needs in both comfort and style. If your hands are not as big as mine, the strap can be easily adjusted to your size (from inside of the case) and does seem to hold sturdily. Behind the hand strap is the case's arm stand which can be pulled out very easily (thanks to the "Finger Friendly Latch").

Usability -

When out with clients (or perhaps you're out with your friends), you will feel more at ease when thinking about your iPad slipping
from out of your hand. Even if you do store your iPad in your messenger bag or what not, this case will give you the comfort and peace-of-mind you may want when handling and exposing your iPad to outside elements (People, Weather, Accidental Bumps). Personally, if I'm looking to have my clients sign a document outside, I do not have to let them hold the tablet and attempt to sign on their own. I also do not have to have my hands blocking their way because I'm trying to hold it. The strap itself allows me to feel safe about the way the iPad is being handled.

Craftsmanship -

The Gladius Air is not only stylish, but also provides great protection. There are two parts to the case - the inner hard case (which encloses the iPad Air) and the external elastic rubber case which surrounds the sides and backing of the hard case. According to the instructions that came with the Gladius Air, the hard case is a Thermoplastic Hard-shell Body and the elastic is a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Although, I am not entirely sure about the arm stand - I believe the stand is made up of hard plastic as well - it does have a brushed metal look though - which I find very stylish, and is equipped with a small magnet to keep the arm from swinging out when unneeded.

The case also features a built in screen protector and also provides port plugs to protect your iPad from small amounts of splashed water. Take caution though, the case does not make your device water-proof. There are several openings in the case that are not entirely enclosed - top and back microphone and bottom speakers. Other than that, water may have a hard time getting into other the important parts.


Pros: It's stylish, comfortable, and provides a nice amount of protection - I will definitely recommend this to those who like to show-and-tell, are out-and-about, or are on-the-fly mobile business people. Works with any bluetooth enabled keyboard, and also features a stand.

Cons: My credit card reader does not reach the 3.5mm phone jack because of the thickness of the case. Although, I am able to process credit cards without swiping, doing that costs us an extra 1% in transaction fees.


Additional Comments:

Because of the strap, I was able to input contact information of potential clients on my iPad without worrying about dropping the iPad. Also, I was able to work quickly and effortlessly without the need of a table.The Gladius Air's stand also proved to be useful as I was able to set up the iPad with its keyboard so that clients could input information on their own.

My co-partner was able to make a presentation with the confidence that the iPad was not going to fall out of her hands - not only was she able to make her presentation with ease, but because of the stylish look of the Gladius Air, it made her retain that professional look. Post-presentation, other professionals of the same industry were very interested in the product. Again, 
I would definitely recommend this product for on-the-go professionals. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Good outdoor field case Review by Chris
Overall the case works well with my Apple iPad air. I like the design and the hand strap on the back is genius. I felt as though the product was most useful in the outside/field environment. I could easily go outside and feel safe that my iPad is protected from the elements. Part of my work environment has me inspect contractors for heavy highway construction projects. I can slide my hand into the leather strap and feel that I have complete control at all times.

- The appearance reminds me of an Otterbox case.
- The case fits like a glove, all holes and spaces line up perfectly with the iPads buttons, switches, ports, etc.
- The case protects my tablet from light weather
- The case lets you turn/rotate the iPad while in the case. The case has adjustable "rotating settings". You can essentially perform a 180 degree turn
- The leather strap has two adjustable positions based on the sixe of your hand
- It's easy to get the iPad in and out of the case if needed
- The mini stand beneath the hand strap is great and can be used in portrait and landscape mode. This is very convenient and folds away when not in use

- When in landscape mode it is very difficult to access the "notification & control panel" shortcuts. Located at the top and bottom of the screen.
- However, these are easy to access in the portrait mode
- The screen protector isn't very good at all. The case leaves a gap in between the iPad screen and the case screen. This is very annoying as you get "rainbow swirls" (See picture attached). Also it makes it difficult to see the screen as the plastic looks "wavy"

As you can see, the Pros definitely outweighs the Cons. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an alternative to the Otterbox case. I would rate the product as an overall 4 out 5. (Posted on 4/22/14)
I rate the New Trent Gladius Air case for iPad Air a 5! Review by Gregory
New Trent Gladius Air for iPad Air (NT611GR)
I rate the New Trent Gladius Air case for iPad Air a 5!
This case is really cool! It comes in a nice protective box and is wrapped in protective plastic. Inside the box are detailed instructions on how to install your iPad Air.
The rugged design is very durable and all of the covers to protect from dirt and debris are very durable as well. Using the stand, the angle of the iPad Air sitting on a table could be sloped further down as it seems a little too upright or if it were adjustable that would be even better. It is usable in both portrait and landscape mode which is great. When the stand is open you need to be careful not to rotate the stand or twist it to rotate it or the stand comes free from its pivot point. I suggest rotating the stand from the leather strap carefully. I am in the construction industry and this case is hands-down the best protection that can be provided while I am out in the field working.
Overall, this is an excellent product that will last many, many years to come. And I again I give it a high 5 rating!
(Posted on 4/21/14)
Rugged Case - flexible and useful Review by Bharpur
This is a solid rugged case. My Ipad Air feels very secure in the case. It
comes with a screen protector as well. It has a built-in stand that's
perfect for viewing various media content (Netflix, Youtube, etc). The
leather strap is a great alternative when the stand cannot be utilized. Now
when I'm sitting on the train on the way to work or waiting somewhere I
have the option of utilizing the leather strap (it feels very secure in

The physical buttons on the Ipad Air are protected yet fully functional in
the case. Utilizing the buttons, they feel very solid. The ports are easily
accessible but covered by the case.

The only downside is that getting the stand open is a little tricky, but I
feel like it's a result of being a pretty solid stand. You can type and
game with it, but don't have to worry about the stand collapsing.

I would suggest adjusting the strap prior to putting the whole case back
together, it can only be adjusted internally, and otherwise you will be
going through extra steps in reopening/adjusting it. I suppose this could
have been made adjustable on the outside, but honestly, it looks great and
feels more secure this way.

I've been using it for a couple of days and it's great for getting some
quick sketches done. I've used it to do some presentations and demos which
has led to more than a few questions about the case. I can't recommend it
enough to people.

If you use your Ipad Air to watch videos, draw, gaming, work and/or presos,
I don't think there is a better case out there. (Posted on 4/21/14)
Good protection and functionality Review by gary
It’s a well-built case with seemingly good protection and extremely useful grip, particularly for surfing or playing games which only require one-handed touch.

The cons were the slightly warped protective film which didn't completely sit flat on the glass, the poor design of the kickstand which was wobbly in the vertical position, the difficult-to-rotate strap, and the illogical method to adjust the strap—having to disassemble the case in order to do so. The case would be ideal for an iPad that is used by one person due to the difficulty of adjusting the strap. The strap could benefit from one more notch to make it one step tighter for smaller hands. (Posted on 4/21/14)
Great investment! A much needed protective iPad Air case for any owner. Review by TJ
Impact/splash durable elastic protectant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) sleeve layer,
Integrated high quality screen protector keeps iPad screen free from scratches/damage,
360o rotatable rear hand strap with 0o, 45o, and 90o locking positions increases functionality,
Ergonomic design makes for comfortable one-handed grasp,
Slim, lightweight and compact design enhances storage capabilities,
Collapsible metal arm-stand with finger friendly latch allows for both portrait and landscape viewing options,
Adjustable leather hand strap contributes to product longevity,
Terrific value of product,
Easy latch-clip assembly.
Speaker perforations allow for interior foreign material contamination,
Leather hand strap adjustment requires disassembly of case and is only held in place by plastic pinholes,
Plastic “clip-latch” assembly case may allow for damage after prolonged use,
Rotatable rear hand strap housing is plastic and difficult to rotate.
Add fine interwoven net to speaker perforations to limit interior foreign material contamination,
Design easy to adjust hand strap housing and over-locking pinhole latch,
Incorporate metal/reinforced “clip-latch” assembly case to enhance longevity,
Incorporate metal ball-bearing rotation mechanism for hand strap housing.
Great investment! A much needed protective iPad Air case for any owner.
4 stars (Posted on 4/20/14)
Great for protection Review by Steven
I often use my iPad Air while walking around watching videos or reading while sitting down. I found the strap on the back to be uncomfortable to hold for more than a couple minutes. The kickstand is nice for use on a table.

When I was doing carpentry I often felt odd if my iPhone wasn’t in an OtterBox. If I was still in carpentry and wanted to use my iPad while at work, I would definitely get a case like this.

- The ports for the silent switch, lock button, and lightning connector are secure, yet easy to open.
- The ability to rotate the stand/strap is appreciated (though it is a bit awkward to rotate).
- The design of the case is stylish.
- Overall the case is very secure, and great at protecting the iPad.

- The protector screen is too loose. This makes goofy reflections on the screen and is a little awkward when touching since there is an extra layer between one’s finger and the iPad. My biggest issue with the screen is that it is hard to clean off. I used to just wipe my iPad screen with a cloth or rapidly with my hand, but that doesn’t seem to work with the protector screen.
- The strap on the back doesn’t feel secure. After a while I think it may start to tear, especially if rotated often.
- Taking this case off an iPad is difficult. If you are would like to use the iPad without the case, I wouldn’t recommend getting it, as it could take a couple minutes every time.

I really enjoy using the case, yet I see some room for needed improvement. (Posted on 4/20/14)
Finally a case that can live my lifestyle! Review by Jon
I suppose there are people who use electronic gadgets without ever breaking anything. Then there are people such as I, who trash, mangle, drop and drench everything from laptops to Kindles. For the latter group: if you have an I-pad Air, this is one item you can't live without.

The case is simple and ingenious. The front and back,of the cover snap together, creating a water-resistant seal, somewhat like the seal on a ziplock bag. All the switches and buttons are covered, yet remain accessible and functional. There is a leather strap in the back to hold the pad, as well as a handy stand.

Logically, this case would be a terrific idea for children and teenagers, as well as klutzy adults (aren't we all?) I haven't put it to hard service yet, but I do feel much more confident when I take my I-pad into the bathtub to read with the Kindle app.

One hint: clean your screen before putting it in the case. The screen overlay is easy to clean (I use a microfiber cloth). Overall, this is an amazingly functional case at a great price.
Rating 5

J E Mankowski (Posted on 4/20/14)
Excellent All Around iPad Protection and Convenience Review by John
The Gladius is a solid, good looking case for the iPad Air. The iPad is well protected in the case and when holding it by the leather strap it feels very secure. I have used other cases with straps, but they were not as substantial as this one and the strap would tend to slip. The screen is also covered with a clear screen protector. There is a built in stand that is a nice addition and makes it convenient for watching videos. The iPad fit very well within the case and all the openings (camera, speaker, headphone, etc.) lined up accurately.

The only complaint I had was that the 360 degree swivel mechanism was very stiff and difficult to turn. The first time I tried it out, one end of the leather strap came loose and I had to open the case and reattach it.

The Gladius is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to hold onto their iPad while speaking or performing some other activity (teachers, lecturers, inspectors, etc.). It definitely deserves 4 out of 5 - 5/5 if the swivel was easier to turn.
(Posted on 4/19/14)
Amazing! Review by Carlos
I've tried some other hand held type cases like this, but the comfortably and convenience as well as look that this one gives is unmatched. Just light enough for comfort and protects my device from everything. The only thing i was unsure about was the build in screen protector, but I forget it's even there. The AUX and charger port are super easy to get to and the volume as well as lock button can be activated from outside the case which is great. The angle that the stand gives is perfect for relaxing and watching things on. I've filmed with it on and I see no difference in quality either. Definitely one of my favorite cases for my device. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Don't hesitate getting this for your Ipad Air!! Review by Robert
Like a little house for your Ipad air! Once you put your Ipad air inside
here, you feel better about using it out and about while running errands,
going to the store, doctor’s office, letting your kids use it, just about
anything in our everyday life. One of the most useful features of this
device is simple, yet very important - the handy little leather strap on
the back which you put your hand through to hold while using and will keep
unit from accidentally dropping out of hands.

The first thing you will have to do though, is adjust the leather strap
because when it does come and you get it out of the box, you wonder which
huge wrestler assembled this product!! I don’t understand why manufacturers
can’t see that most users do not have giant hands! LOL.

Overall, I really like this case - the exterior is a bit dull but I didn't
get this for the look, I got it for the functionality and reassurance if
something does happen to my device, it doesn't get wet or breaks if
dropped! I didn't have any issues using the camera or any touch features
we are all accustomed to when using Apple products.

Those looking for something that goes a great job in protecting your
device, the ability to hold your device in many different settings without
getting cramped or tired, odorless, feeling of quality, the device has
landed right in my lap! Absolutely exceeded my expectation, I would
recommend it. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Awesome case Review by jessy
I am writing a review on the New Trent Gladius Air. The case was very easy to put on the IPad Air, literally took me less than 5mins from opening the box to fully putting it on. I adjusted the backstrap to fit my hand size and it made it really easy to type on my IPad Air. It really came into use when I was face timing as I could move around and always keep the IPad steady in my hand. I Wish the stand would rotate to all sides but overall the Gladius Air still gets a 5/5 not only because how comfortable it feels in my hand but for providing an excellent protective case to my IPad Air (Posted on 4/18/14)
Best Daily Usuage iPad Case Review by Randy
This case makes the need for a smart case/cover almost redundant since the
Cladius Air case is more durable and also offers a lot more protection than
a smart case (bounding down a flight of stairs with an iPad in it shows
it's durable).

The ease of use of getting the iPad into the case was super easy compared with several other heavy duty cases. One of the best features of this case is the built in screen protector which is a feature that I have not seen on any other iPad case anywhere offering one more layer of protection to a delicate screen.

The feel of the case when being carried is solid and doesn't add a lot of weight to the iPad when in use or being carried. On the back of the case is a stand option that can be rotated to either portrait or landscape with a simple motion and locks into place.

All the ports (earphone, charging and volume buttons) are covered by the case and allows easy access to them at the same time preventing dirt (sand) and other kinds of substances from getting into them. The covers on the
charging port and earphone port are easily lifted up and when items are
plugged in and automatically close when the item (plug) is removed.

Overall the case is one of the best I have seen on the market but
the stand on the back is extremely sensitive when handling and will pop out
if trying to put it into a bag or backpack; being able to secure or lock in
place to prevent it from popping out would be nice but not a deal killer.

I'd rate the case as a solid 5 out of 5 and highly recommend it to anyone using an iPad for business or for traveling or even in a classroom setting. It worked beautifully in a gym, outdoors and office. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Sturdy, tough. Perfect for Outdoor/Kitchen/Construction site Review by Michael
When I received the case, I noticed how sturdy/tough it looked, yet felt
quite comfortable with its soft, rubberized shell. The case is touted as
water, dust, and shock resistant, and as with any product of this class,
one can expect rubber covering all ports, including the speakers, volume
buttons, and power button. However, they are all easy to access.

What's notable is that it also comes with screen protection, and so once
the iPad Air was installed, I took it outside to my backyard, turned on the
sprinklers, and was able to use the iPad (most of the time). Only when
there were too many droplets on the screen, it made it difficult to use the
iPad, but that's not the fault of the case. That's how capacitive touch
screens work. In other words, the iPad Air survived the water test.
Further, the screen protector required me to push a bit harder onto the
screen for the tablet to recognize my touches, and so, don't expect to be
able to play quick-reaction type games. I see this case more useful in a
kitchen/construction site/outdoor scenario for business/reading purposes.

How about a drop test? I dropped the case and iPad from knee level,
simulating it being inside my backpack and dropping it on the floor (I
often forget that I have an iPad in my backpack!) There was no damage. I
did not want to test drop it from the hip, however. Hopefully, I'll never
have to see my tablet dropping from that height or more.

The case has a soft handle to help you carry the tablet around, though I'd
prefer to have a more simplistic case without the handle. While holding the
handle, the tablet can be rotated, allowing for any horizontal or vertical

It also comes with a built-in stand to help prop up the tablet, which is a
nice touch. However, the magnet that held it in place popped out after a
while. I superglued it back in, and it has stayed there since.

This case is solidly built, protected very well against shock (knee-high
drop) and water (sprinkler test). Its construction gives me confidence that
the tablet would survive in the kitchen, at a construction site, and to
some extent, my little nephews and nieces. I'd take my tablet inside this
case, without hesitation, on my next trip to the Amazon rainforest in Peru. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Another Great Product From New Trent Review by Christopher
I am extremely satisfied with this product since it is convenient for all functions of the iPad. This case is good for people who travel and are active and need protection for their iPad. Moisture, sand and dust are three issues that can spell the end to your iPad, but this case is the best protection within this price range that you will find. The lightweight nature of this case makes it hard to imagine that you are getting all of the protection that the case provides, thus this is an outstanding value.

The iPad is fully functional with the case on, with no loss of touch or functionality even if you already have a screen protector on your iPad. I have the Skinomi screen protector on my iPad, and even with the “double” screen protection, the function and screen sensitivity remain extremely good.


Dust proof
Swiveling handstrap
Built-in Screen Protector
Great protection for iPad Air
Great Value
All ports easily accessible and buttons work well
Leather strap
Stand can be rotated 360 degrees


Stand difficult to pull out
Case difficult to take off and put on

Overall this case was a good quality case that adds a layer of protection from moisture. I am preparing to give this case another big test when I take it to the beach with both sand and water. So far, this was been an excellent, durable case. I highly recommend this case to everyone.
(Posted on 4/17/14)
Good product for having the iPad on hand (literally) Review by Lil
** Note: I was provided this product for a nominal cost in exchange for an unbiased and fair review **

The Gladius Air is a good product for someone who uses their iPad to review information quite a bit while on the go, either by themselves (inventory counting/analysis, filling out surveys) or with other people (sales reps with customers). I took the Gladius with me to work and around town for a day and got great feedback from many people:

· Marketing/sales reps at work – good while visiting a customer for displaying new products, reviewing customer orders and walking through technical difficulties; also good for use in our trade show booths for personal interaction

· Shipping/inventory associates at work – easy to hold the iPad in one hand and perform manual inspections while keeping notes or monitoring inventory levels

· All levels – good for reference in meetings or conferences, as many of us walk around while talking and easier to hold on to the Gladius versus a potentially slippery iPad case

· Reading e-books to children – kids can’t pull the iPad away as easily but can follow along and look at pictures; easier on your wrists for sustained holding (straight arm versus a bent wrist)

· Light cooking – screen prevents small bits from getting on the iPad while stirring, but not sure if I’d recommend this for anything more heavy duty; good to watch food prep videos while getting groceries laid out of the counter; liked that I could carry around the iPad and then set it down when I needed to chop or otherwise use both hands

· Farmers markets - easy for vendor to hold on to the iPad while showing customers additional stock that wasn’t on their stand

Right off the bat I’ll say that the one thing that I didn’t care for was the leather strap, and would be nice to see New Trent release a product using another manmade material. Personally I don’t like to use animal products wherever a manmade product can be substituted, and most leather also has a problem of picking up stains and slightly warping over time. The flip down stand is great for those times when it’s better to set the iPad down; the Gladius case is very versatile and provides a greater amount of protection than most I’ve owned or seen. Some people may want a front flap like the Smart Cover or Smart Case to keep the screen clean or shielded, but many other users find a lot of benefit from having instant access to the screen and need only a thick plastic protector like the Gladius offers.

As a traveling project manager that does a lot of typing and data entry, I find that New Trent’s Airbender 2.0 is much more useful for my daily needs than the Gladius, however I had several people ask where they could get a Gladius for themselves after getting to try it out. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Excellent for harsh environments (wet, dirt and shock), highly recommended Review by Patiwet
New Trent Gladius for iPad Air is an excellent choice if you are looking for a max protection iPad Air case for working in harsh environments (wet, dirt and shock). After spending some time testing the product, I found so many pros as following: (1) extremely protective (Shock/drop proof, dustproof, water resistant), (2) all ports are easily access and have a flap that protects them, (3) camera cutouts and mic cutouts are good, (4) thick protective piece (I’m not sure about material) that goes around the whole iPad Air is high quality and protective, (5) It provides protection like an Otterbox at a much cheaper price, (6) it has a built in screen protector to protect the screen from getting scratched, it works with screen protectors (2 layer of screen protectors), (7) neat looking design on the back that looks great, (8) leather hand strap with built-in stand provides great benefits when working outdoor, (9) Home button is very responsive, (10) Power button is very responsive, and (11) Excellent price as compared to competitors.

However there are some cons I found. (1) It is little difficult to install, (2) screen protector should be an option (not built in). It creates another layer and makes the touching insensitive. User will need to touch harder and this is not good for the ipad, (3) the screen protector make the screen look like there is grease all over the screen (rainbow effect), and (4) it is little difficult to access control center. Sometimes, I needed to swipe up multiple time until the control center was up. I think this is due to the bottom frame of the case is very close to the frame of the screen. Note that in order to bring the control center up, you need to swipe from the very bottom of the screen up.
This is one of the most protective iPad Air cases I have and I highly recommend this one. Since the cons I found are not really significant, you can use it even not in the harsh environment. I will give 5 stars out 5. It is an excellent product and highly recommended.
(Posted on 4/16/14)
Great light and rugged iPad case for indoors and out! Review by Debbie
The New Trent Gladius case for the iPad Air is both versatile and stylish.

Out of the Package

Like just about everything else, New Trent packages this case in a sturdy box, sure to protector case. It also has film on not just the outside of the front screen protector, but also on the inside as well. There's a piece of foam inside, making sure that if the box somehow got smashed in shipping, there'd be less of a chance of your screen protector being pushed in and ruined.

iPad Protection

One of the first things that I noticed was the TPU covering around the case. This is great, because it's a shock absorbing material, which also helps to keep water and dust out. Never confuse water resistant with waterproof, because water resistant is not waterproof.

As I mentioned before, this also has a built-in screen protector, which goes over the front of your iPad screen, but does not inhibit your ability to use the iPad in any way.

The TPU also has covers that block any sand or dust from getting into the ports of your iPad and covers the Home button, which is great if you're using it outdoors.


On the back of the case, you will notice two things. One is a strap, which can go around your hand to keep you from dropping your iPad when using it. This is especially useful when falling asleep while using your iPad, especially if you're prone to dropping it on your face. Unless you let your hand hit your face, your hand will hold the iPad up, where with luck, it should fall harmlessly onto your chest. This also should keep it from falling off of the bed onto the floor as long as your hand is still securely placed in the strap. The strap has different size settings, I think meant for two settings, but if you only adjust one side or the other, you could actually make those two settings into three size settings to fit your hand. It's more adjustable than people give it credit for.

You do have to take the iPad out of the case, which means you need to take the case apart to adjust the strap, but I think that makes it a lot more secure.

The second thing that you will notice on the back is a stand. It folds neatly into the place where your hand goes, and when you want to use it, you can use it in both landscape and portrait mode by simply pulling out on the bottom and it will fold down. The part where the stand and the strap attached can be turned so that you can change the position of the iPad from portrait to landscape and back again as well.

The only negative thing that I have to say about this case is, it can be rather difficult to take the screen protector off when either taking the iPad out, or putting it in. To me, this just means that it will not come undone when I'm using my iPad. Putting the TPU on and taking it off is very easy however!

Over all, I give this case five stars! (Posted on 4/16/14)
A Great iPad Air Case!! Review by Michael
I want to start off by saying I’m very reluctant to put any kind of case on my iPad Air. These iPads are made to be ultralite and adding anything to it to make it heavier just seems silly. With that said, I love this case. It does add a little bulk to my iPad, but it is bearable. Just like anything else there are trade offs, add a little bulk…..get some really nice features. No question, this case will protect your iPad, it has nice rubbery plastic exterior that gives it some grip and some shock protection.

The best part of this case in my opinion is the large leather strap on the back. It allow you to hold/carry your iPad in a comfortable safe manner (speaking from a person that has replaced an iPad screen because of their kid getting rambunctious and knocking it out of my hand), as this is very important to me. The leather strap is mounted on that round rotating disk that you can move into position that best suits the way you like to hold your iPad. Also, under the leather strap is a pop out support easel to lean your iPad on to prop it up for watching a movie or such.

I love my iPad case, and I think you will too. (Posted on 4/16/14)
This is a versatile, strong case Review by Fernando
This is a versatile, strong case. I am not a person to usually put cases on my devices, but with a 2 year old asking for the tablet I decided I needed something strong in case he decides to trow it. So far this case has delivered and surpassed my desires.

The case is extra strong being built of both a hard plastic case that hugs your iPad but has an additional rubber case around the first. This gives it a protection from falls while adding a nice surface for fingers to gripe and hold onto. The case has just the right difficulty to take off, easy enough for an adult near impossible for a kid.
You may think all this rubber and plastic will just get in the way, but you would be mistaken all buttons are extended to the edge of the case so everything is as easily accessible as before.
And the case has a built in screen protector that does not cause missed or inaccurate taps on the screen.

The leather strap on the back of the case is great, it allows for a more comfortable use with only one hand, big or small as it is adjustable. With the strap the iPad will not slip out of your hands even if you place it upside down. Behind the strap is a metal latch, when you place your finger in the opening and pull it reveals a great kick stand for the iPad built right in. It works for both portrait and landscape, and has rubber feet so as not to scratch the surface it is standing on. In portrait it was comfortable to read it at that angle while my hands were busy with the baby.

This is the best bang for the buck case if you are going for rugged. Some competitors provide similar protection but have less features, like missing the kickstand for example or making you buy it separate. Yet this case has a very high quality finish and materials. (Posted on 4/16/14)
This is a must-have accessory… Awesome case!! Review by Lori
I love this case! It's extremely durable, lightweight and functional. It's perfect for holding and maneuvering my iPad Air when doing presentations. It's also great for everyday use. New Trent has definitely become my go-to brand for all of my Apple devices. I've purchased several gadgets and they're all top of the line. Functional, durable and lightweight. Using New Trent products for my devices has really increased my productivity level for work, and they're also great for everyday use. Amazing products from a quality brand. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Worth every penny Review by Walter
I've been using this new Gladius case for a few days now. I like it so far. Has a solid feeling to it. Not too bulky. Pretty easy to put on. I'm an IT Project Manager. A current project involves putting iPads in the hands of Sales Reps across the country. I needed a case with very specific requirements. This was one of the very few that met them. I need a case that could protect an iPad, both body and screen. had a stand AND a strap to help the user hold the iPad. Very few had both a stand and a strap.

What I like:
Solid feel
Built in Screen protector
Not bulky
very light
Metal Stand and had plastic contact points
Strap and stand rotates
Feels very comfortable in the hand
Sound is not muted coming from speakers

Don't like:
I with the strap material was a little thicker.

I may be interested in this for a sales force, but that easily transfers to the everyday user. As an added bonus I get an iPad so I'll be keeping mine in the case as well. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Super Ipad Protection plus screen saver Review by Manyblackbears
What a Great Case!!! I love it! There is no way that my New Air Ipad will ever get damaged if I keep it in this case that's for certain.The back is made of tough rubber and extremely protective.
I love the soft leather strap on the back of this case. I can now watch my movies holding the ipad in one hand. How cool! You can adjust the strap to fit a large or medium hand. It also gives the case a bit of class. One thing,word to the wise, be certain you adjust the strap first thing, and not at the end, or you will have to take the case apart again to do it.
The case itself, is strong enough to keep your ipad from any damage,and it has it's own screen protector too. No need to go out and buy those extremely high priced ones. If you already have one on, you can still leave it on and use the case. They Don't recommend it , but I tried it and it worked great!!The screen protector that comes with the case does leave a whole lot of fingerprints , not to happy about that!
The case turns so you can hold it Horizontally or Vertically which of course is a great feature.It also has clips on the side that make it easy to snap together. One the back there is a really nice stand made of medal and fits nicely on my lap desk.
The case comes with port openings for access to all the connections on the IPAD it has a rubber cover over the HOME button as well.
I really think this case is perfect for people who go outdoors and carry the Ipad with them. You know how easily it is to have an accident when your outdoors like dropping on the cement, or falling out of your back pack .
I can see my daughter using it while standing in front of her class .She could hold it up with one hand and point to the smart board with the other.
The one other thing that bothered me a bit, was that this case will add a little weight to your iPad Air.I'm not certain I like that fact, because one of the reasons I bought the IPad Air was because it was so slim and lite.I don't like carrying some thing heavy. But, that's just me. If you don't mind it weighing just a wee bit more then you will Love this very well made case. I promise. Great Trent product and well worth the price. (Posted on 4/14/14)
Great all-around case Review by Russell
This case is easily one of the best when it comes to iPad cases with both durability and style. This case is thin and still relatively light, which keeps two of the iPad Air's key strengths. This case is also pretty strong; I tested it with and without my iPad in it-the outer TPU absorbs most of the shock, and keeps the iPad safe. Beneath the TPU is a hard shell which doesn't do much for protection, but it helps keep the shape and provides a place for the port covers to lock into. Under the hard shell is even more padding that goes right up against the iPad. The case is also water-resistant with its port covers, and I would trust it if dropped in the pool, but I wouldn't use this case (or any case for that matter) to take my $700 device into the water. On the back of the case there's also a handle to help hold the iPad with one hand which also rotates, which makes using the iPad a lot easier. There is also a kickstand which is great for when I watch movies on my iPad. (Posted on 4/14/14)
Great rugged case Review by Steven
I have a 128 gb iPad Air and have a Zagg screen protector that I left on as I was not sure if I was going to keep the Gladius case on or keep using my keyboard case. This case is pretty hard core. Advertised to be water resistant as well as dirt and shockproof. I don't have a habit of testing my iPad out in the water but it seems like it will handle the job. It might have tested a drop of a few feet from one of the kiddos and it survived without a scratch though. And this thing looks like it isn't going to let anything through including dirt. The screen does accumulate oil from the fingers like everything else but it is easy to clean. Getting the case apart was not too much of a task and once I had the iPad in it was easy to put back together. Unfortunately my screen froze up and I disassembled it to see if the plastic covering was the issue but it turned out the iPad was malfunctioning and a quick reboot showed the screen worked great with using both my finger as well as a stylus. I did notice that when disassembling it the inner plastic snaps were a bit tricky but I was able to get them off after just a little bit of effort. After using it all I day I really appreciated the leather strap on the back - it made it super easy to hold and use. I can see that coming in handy for people who are out in the field including for military use (former naval medical officer). The only thing I would wonder about is how the leather strap would withstand the conditions. As a physician I can see this coming in handy for the medical profession as well since it can protect from accidental falls and would allow physicians or other professionals to work on the iPad while using the strap to hold it in one hand. You can do that without this case as well but the case definitely makes it easier. The rotating disc on the back where the strap is made it nice to reposition the strap and metal stand. I noticed some initial stiffness to rotating the disc but after once or twice it was a lot easier to spin. The stand is great as well and makes this stand out from some of the competitor tough cases.

Pros: Sturdy although does not add a ton of weight to the iPad (yes it makes it heavier but that is the price you pay for protecting your really expensive iDevice. Able to withstand drops. Built to keep out liquids/dirt from ports. 360 degree rotating disc with strap and stand to allow a variety of holding or standing positions. Built in screen protector. Buttons remain super responsive. High quality build/material. Good price point. Stand doubles as a bottle opener.

Cons: Disc was a little stiff at the outset but after one or two times was fine. Adds some weight to the iPad Air (see above) Case blocked my headphone jack from fully inserting (although this is more due to the way my jack is configured, a straight jack or extender shouldn't have a problem). The stand only has one position. Noticed a dot grid while using the iPad. Also the stand can be tricky to get out. (Posted on 4/12/14)
Another Great Case Review by Cheryl
Trent has come up with another winner. I love this case! This is the second Trent case I have owned. I am very impressed with products from Trent. I am often doing presentations and this case works well. I can easily hold onto my iPad and be able to use the it. The case is sturdy and comes with a protective clear cover to protect the screen. The leather hand grip is nice leather and is adjustable to fit your hand. I also love that it will rotate so you can work in landscape or portrait mode. A sturdy metal stand pops out so your iPad can sit at an angle in both landscape and portrait mode.

This case is super easy to install on the iPad. It is also really easy to take off when needed. The case is a hard plastic and protects my iPad even in a classroom of special education students. It gets dropped and banged around during the day. (Posted on 4/12/14)
Had some initial worries, they have all faded now! Review by Basil
I had some initial questions of whether or not I would like a case that added so much thickness to my iPad Air. After some time with this case, this has been my case of choice with one change.

I love New Trent packaging, it reminds me a lot of how Apple packages their products, really well and with attention to detail. After opening the box, you see a case that it similar looking to an Otter Box case but for your iPad Air. The case is really well made and also feels great to the touch, This is a three part case, there is an outer rubber shell that surrounds an inner hard plastic case that comes apart at a middle seam that separates the top half from the bottom. There is a screen protector that is built is as well, and you wont have to worry about those bubbles that you seem to alway get with the other screen protectors that have to adhere to your device. There is also a leather strap on the back but more on that later.

I initially thought that I would have a limited use for this case and I would use it when I taught because of the strap on the back, this was not the case. What had instead happened is that I can now let my kids use the iPad whenever they want and not worry about what might happen to it. I have two kids a 6 year old and a 2 year old. They always want to play on the iPad and until this point, I was not able to really trust them with the device. What I did to make this device even easier to use with the kids is to remove the leather strap which is easy to do, and once you do that this just becomes a great, sturdy case that even my two year old can play with and I really do not have to worry.

What is also neat is that the screen protector on the front is sealed all along the edges, why is that important? Well we had a spill happen when the kids were playing with the device and water got all over the front of the case, and usually with cell phone cases this means a rush to take the case off completely and dry off the device, not so here. Because the edges are sealed, I was amazed when I opened the case that there was no water inside and that the device was dry. This is not a waterproof case, but it is definitely water resistant.

With the removal of the hand strap this has become the case that wraps my iPad Air and I love it.

Great Product 5 Star rating. (Posted on 4/11/14)
I Love It. Review by Chris
Review of the NT611GR (Protective case for iPad Air)

Before I purchased this case I read several reviews. Most reviews were very good. A constant theme throughout most reviews was that users seemed to like the case, but had some difficulty assembling it around the iPad Air.
I will start with that issue. One reviewer wrote "Read the instructions prior to attempting to use this case" That was the trick. It really is just that simple. After reading the easy to read instructions, It took me less that 3 minutes to open, insert and seal up my iPad Air in this case. I am no genius and I did not find it hard at all to use this case. In fact, I am such a non-genius that I had to do it a couple of times. That is because I did not thoroughly clean My iPad Air screen before sealing it up. Then I realized I needed to clean the inside surface of the screen cover. So I put this case on and off a few times. Each time it was very simple.
Now, about the case itself....I love it.
First. I feel very confident that my iPad Air is very well protected . The hard plastic shell is covered by a soft rubber outer lining. The screen has a thin plastic cover. It all fits together very tightly and seals the iPad Air thoroughly. The back has a very comfortable, adjustable hand strap, and a rotating fold-out stand which works perfectly. I am amazed and pleased that there is NO difference between the touch sensitivity in touching the iPad screen directly or touching the protector that now covers my screen. It works just as well as it did uncovered.
It does not feel like this case added much weight to the iPad Air, which is great, because most of us bought this machine in part for it's lighter weight.
I am very happy with this case. I had to try hard to come up with a down side to this case. I guess the only thing I might change is that the rotating bezel stand on the back of the case is somewhat hard to move. Really not a big deal.
In price, quality, and usability this case gets 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this case to anyone who takes their iPad anywhere. I feel much better letting the kids log time on it.

Chris Spirrison (Posted on 4/11/14)
Good Value for Students and People Often on the Go Review by GadgetFreak
After unboxing, its pretty apparent this is not your average cheap tablet keyboard. This is relatively hefty, weighing about 1.2 pounds, which is slightly more than the iPad Air. I am sure a lot of this is battery weight. I don’t think this can charge your iPad but if it added battery life that’d be a pleasant surprise. The beauty of a hybrid solution like this is you can bring it out when you need the added functionality and tuck it back in your bag when you don’t.

Docking your iPad is straightforward. After you click it into the top cover you will immediately notice the iPad is quite vertical but after a quick look to the back you will see a latch the allows the base to pull out and lock into one of a dozen or so incremental positions while the bottom of the iPad rests comfortably in a recessed channel. You can even choose to rotate the iPad into portrait mode or take the iPad out altogether and it remains in the channel on the keyboard. I guess this could be handy if you want to type in portrait orientation like but personally I’m just used to landscape so that will likely never get used for me. I don't understand why we're so used to writing in portrait (like basically most business letters) and all monitors are landscape - whatever.

Syncing my iPad with the Bluetooth keyboard was very simple and took about 10-15 seconds. Simply toggle the On/ Off Switch, press the Connect button and enter a few keys and Enter on the keyboard and we we're good to go.

The compact chicklet keyboard is solid. I keep finding myself wanting to move my hand towards a trackpad, which is obviously non-existent. Like with all of the iPad keyboards the keys are noticeably smaller (about 9” wide vs about 10.5” wide for a MacBook), on par with a netbook, which makes any significant work a chore, but knocking out emails is definitely better with the keyboard, than without. That’s the tradeoff with wanting a portable keyboard that does not stick out well past the length of the iPad.

I guess in a perfect world this could have backlit keys and a large trackpad, but then we'd basically be at a touchscreen MacBook Air with a detachable keyboard - completely a different form factor and price point altogether. I guess I’m thinking like a supercharged revised version of the keyboards for the Microsoft Surface has with their Touch Cover and Type Covers.

The keyboard wakes the iPad up from sleep. If you have an unlock pin you can enter your pin from the keyboard. I appreciate the second home button on the top left (mirroring the button on the iPad itself) so I don’t have to push on the iPad (and in turn knock the charging cable) every so often.

It’s not the lightest but adds a lot of usability and functionality if one doesn’t have a laptop. I will certainly keep this in my bag so when the need arises (which I anticipate being more and more frequent). I typically carry both a tablet and MacBook Air with me. But with the Airbender 2 keyboard I think I may leave my MacBook on my desk at home more and more. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Thumbs Up on a Rugged Case that Likes to Travel and Opens Beer When in a Bind Review by GadgetFreak
I am always looking for new accessories for my gadgets and was in the market for a new cover, something more rugged something that goes along with my Hummer in our garage. After a little research I decided on the Gladius Air iPad Case by New Trent. It has an $80 MSRP and $50 street price with Amazon Prime.

After unboxing it was pretty apparent this was a pretty significant case but without really ridiculous heft. The case weighed just over 1.5 pounds with the iPad Air. The cover comes in 3 pieces - the hard case base, the top of the case with integrated screen protector and a nice rubberized sleeve. Assembly is easy and takes only a minute or two. You can adjust the leather strap from 2 positions on each side - I guess giving 3 different combinations. The snuggest fit my hand great. My wife has small hands and it was still loose on her. I am sure it'd be pretty to punch a couple holes.

Put together this makes me feel I can take the case with me in the great outdoors without much concern for the safety of the tablet within.

I like the way the integrated arm stand can rotate (either direction) so the iPad can confidently stand in either portrait or landscape orientation. I guess the cut out of the metal arm is made for ease of opening the arm but I found another use - a bottle opener. I am 100% positive you should not try this at home and will certainly void your warranty but it worked flawlessly on the several bottles I tried.

There's openings strategically placed for all needed ports (speakers, camera, charging cable, buttons).

I've given many covers a run for their money and this one has well earned it's place as my current favorite - rugged, not ugly and functional - the trifecta. My only issue is the integrated screen protector. I understand this is what helps keep the elements at bay but I can see this scratching at some point and there's the time it'll eventually need a new screen protector. I guess I'll try and put a screen protector on top of the screen protector for now.

I like the leather strap as it helps mitigate me dropping my tablet on my face when I'm falling asleep and the expletives that follow.

If you are in the market for a heavy duty case I urge you to give this one a look. It's not the lightest but it can take travel like a champ. Thumbs up in my book. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Maximum Protection at a Great Price Review by Kirk
New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case compatible: iPad Air. Rugged: Water, Dirt and Shock Proof, 360 rotatable, leather hand strap with built-in stand.
Another great product here from New Trent. Upon first glance out of the box, it resembled the Otter Box Defender Case. It is super simple to take apart and put back together. First you unwrap the rubber all around the edges. Then it has simple snaps back together, it also has a screen protector. When you are ready to remove it, it comes out so very simply. My favorite feature of this case it the wrist iPad holder. It snaps in to place either vertically or horizontally. This piece just like every other piece from New Trent is very nicely constructed with high quality pieces that are very sturdy. I will give this a 5 out of 5 a excellent product. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Great product and tool Review by Ben
The New Trent Gladius Air protective case for the iPad Air has been a tremendous tool for me over the past couple of weeks. I have used the Gladius Air case daily while teaching to track attendance, fitness scores, exam scores, and other assignments the students in my Physical Education classes have been doing. The Gladius Air case is a great tool for anyone who plans to use their iPad primarily away from the desk but with the integrated stand the Gladius Air has found a spot next to my MacBook Pro on my desk as well. I would highly recommend the Gladius Air case to any professional who needs or wants the protection of a rugged case and the convenience of a case with a hand strap for one handed secure operation while having a free hand if needed to do anything else. On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest, I would rate the Gladius Air case a 5. I will continue to use this case throughout my teaching and coaching career on a daily basis and will recommend this case to other teachers and coaches alike. (Posted on 4/8/14)
Nice case but strap a little big for small hands Review by Kelly
Proposed Use:
Heavy duty case for the iPad Air.

Who would benefit by using this product?
Anyone who wishes to have extra protection for their iPad. It has a screen cover, strap and stand so it can be adapted to the way you work/play. The case offers more protection than your average case. If you are accident prone or just want to protect your investment in your iPad, this case might be for you.

Impact resistant - I think it will handle your average bumps and reasonable drops but don't go throwing it off a building. Remember it is a heavy duty case, not a armored ruggedized case. Splash resistant - it is splash resistant so if you spill a little soda or get caught in a shower, you should be ok.
Covered ports - almost all the ports are covered with rubber flaps that fit snuggly. Several ports are not covered and if they were you would have limited use of your iPad (speaker, camera, microphone). You need to be careful not to get liquid in those areas.
A front hardened removable cover would be nice for that little bit of extra protection. You wouldn't have to worry about anything pressing against your screen when it was in a backpack or brief case. The leather strap is a bit big for small hands so it makes it awkward. If it could be made with the ability to adjust it a tad it would be perfect..
Device tested on : iPad Air

Looks - 5
Weight - 4
Ease of use - 4
Directions - 5
Overall rating - 4
Recommend to a friend - Yes

This is a nice case. More protective than your average case. Nice screen protector. If you want a case that is more heavy duty than your average iPad case, this is a good bet for the price. It is heavy duty but not indestructible. So if you iPad gets knocked around a bit or thrown in a book bag this case would be a good fit. (Posted on 4/8/14)
Great Protection! Using it with confidence! Review by JP
I am finding that quite useful as it is the perfect option for when I am leaving the house and need protection for my iPad Air without having to carry it in a backpack or briefcase. For example today, I was taking my car in for an oil change and wash. I wanted to follow the NCAA tournament while I waited for the car so I put the iPad in the Gladius Air case and took it with me. I was able to carry the iPad without fear of dropping it in the auto repair shop. While I do not always like the handle because sometimes I prefer laying the iPad flat on surfaces, I do find it quite useful for when I am out and about or simply walking around the house. I have found that it comes in quite handy in the kitchen and bathroom as I can use the iPad without fear of it coming in contact with moisture. I know that it can not count on it to be one hundred percent water proof but it provides just the right amount of protection that I can feel confident that any splashes will not end up damaging the precious iPad. The only negatives from my perspective is the difficulty in removing and putting it into the case and the integrated screen protector. I truly do understand why it is difficult to get the iPad Air in and out of the case as this is quite necessary given the amount of protection afforded by the case. I do wish though that the there was an option to remove the screen protector as I find that sometimes it interferes with the clarity of the screen as I do quite a bit of reading on my iPad. These two things are minor quibbles, however, as the benefits of the Gladius Air greatly outweigh them. I'd probably consider them more minor inconveniences than anything else. I think that this case would be great in the a retail, sales or real estate setting where one needs portability, ease of handling and protection from potential damage from the elements, excessive handling. etc. I really like the leather handle and the fact that it can be removed and/or adjusted. One other issue I did notice was that the kickstand tends to come out rather easily and usually when I do not want it to. If it had some kind of locking mechanism to keep it in place until needed that would be great. An added removable plastic cover for the screen would be great to for added protection when the iPad needs to be placed in a backpack or briefcase would be a welcome addition to this product as well. Overall, I do enjoy using the Gladius Air case for the iPad Air. It makes for convenient and confident use of the delicate iPad Air. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Best New Trent Case So Far Review by Mookr
Upon opening the box for the Gladius Air I wasn't sure if I would like it. I opened the case and placed my iPad inside and found that I really liked it.

Things I liked:
*The hand strap is surprisingly useful especially when I was using my iPad in bed. It made one handed operation effortless. This is actually my favorite feature of this case.
*The build in screen protector is great! It had no issues with bubbling and was crystal clear upon placement. I also noticed that the protector was resistant to fingerprints which is nice.
*The front and rear facing cameras are protected with clear plastic protector. I didn't notice a difference in my picture quality.
*The case has an interior plastic frame that snaps securely around the iPad which I really appreciated. The rubberized exterior then slips around the plastic frame. Installation was so easy and even worked over my existing screen protector on my iPad. I got an OtterBox for my iPad 1 and it was really hard to get the plastic frame on and I don't know if I will ever be able to get it off. It was easy to get my iPad Air into and out of the Gladius case.
*The case has covers for all the ports on the iPad.
*The case feels very protective and that is a must in my house where my kids often get a hold of my stuff.

Things I didn't like:
*My wife commented that the strap was too large for her hand. It would be nice if the strap could be adjusted in size, but this is a minor issue.

I give this case a 5 out of 5 for its designed purpose. It is great for anyone that does not need a keyboard for their iPad. I wish New Trent had a keyboard that was compatible with this case as it currently stands. Maybe the keyboard could snap over the screen of the iPad and could be detached as needed. This could be purchased as an add on accessory for anyone that needs it. Maybe another option is to offer the hand strap as an attachment for the New Trent Airbender Air. This would give the best of both worlds which I would love. I could detach the iPad from the keyboard and snap the hand strap into the back of the iPad case when the keyboard isn't needed.

All in all the Gladius Air is an awesome case when a keyboard is not needed. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Good, protective case Review by Lise
Case is sturdy, and pretty easy to put on using the instructions. This is good, because I'll be switching it out with a bluetooth keyboard case, depending on circumstances.

The Gladius case has three parts: the upper and lower hard case, and the rubber outer case. The upper case has the clear plastic that goes over the screen. The instructions recommend removing any other screen protection, but I didn't do that and didn't notice that it affected screen sensitivity. You do have to be careful to make sure both the screen of the iPad and the inside of the clear plastic screen that's part of the case are clean of dust. I wasn't careful the first time I put the case on, and there were a couple of pieces of dust on the inside of the Gladius. I took the case off, cleaned the inside of the case better, and it was fine. It was pretty easy to clean, unlike the screen of the iPad itself.

The outer rubber part of the case holds everything together and adds a rubber cushion. To help the case survive water damage, the cutouts for the home button and others have tabs that can be pushed flush into the case. It's not, of course, completely water-proof, but it seems to me the iPad would be protected very well against rain and the like, as long as it didn't get soaked.

I like the holding strap, it's easy to hold the iPad securely. You can pretty easily adjust the size of the strap, though I don't know that it would be small enough for really small hands. You could probably make new holes in the strap, though. I also like that the case can rotate 360 degrees. There is a stand that folds out to hold the iPad up, and it's pretty sturdy. The only trouble I really have with the whole case is pulling this stand out without shredding my fingernails. I've taken to using a paper clip or pen or something else that's handy.

The case doesn't add too much weight, but I wouldn't want to carry the iPad in any case around in my purse on a regular basis, just too heavy.

I will use this case when I'm camping, and any other time when I'm not sure about environmental conditions, or when I think it might be bumped around a bit. It's a good protection for the substantial investment of an iPad.

Really nice case, well-designed and very useful. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Great value and product Review by Scott
I was able to get this product in the field for a few days and work with it in an indoor and outdoor environment. Although, I was able to not put it through the extreme paces of my work environment I was able to evaluate it beyond a normal user.

On my old iPad I used the Nuud waterproof case that was awesome but they don't make one for the iPad Air so I was happy to test this product.

I have to say I was a little reluctant to have the leather strap on the back as I thought it would get in the way and I wouldn't use it. I was completely mistaken. I used it all the time as I showed clients a drawing, photos, or a proposal and was able to hold it up without my fingers or hands in the way. The case is solidly built and went together with little effort. I would like to see a protective film over the back of the clear plastic that touches the iPad screen. I put mine on but had a bunch of fingerprints/smudges on it and had to take it off and clean it. The protective film would keep that from happening while manipulating the cover into place or handling the cover out of packaging. An option to look at for a clear screen cover is the one that is a privacy screen (ones that you have to look at straight on so people next to you can't view you screen). I find prying eyes on my flights all the time.

The strap and swivel are awesome. I can't say enough good things about that setup. The little metal stand that pops out is perfect but a little hard to pull out. My wife broke her nail trying to get it out so it might be a small issue. Maybe putting a little flip tab to pop out and grab to pull open would help.

All the buttons line up perfect and the case seals great. It gives it great protection even from a 3' drop on the dirt ground which I did.

I did notice a difference in my photos as they seemed a bit "foggy" or grainy (slightly). I noticed it more on indoor photos. I believe it could be due to the plastic cover over the lens. A double AR coated real glass lens where the camera is would be great but take a little engineering to incorporate.

All in all I would rate this product a 5 as excellent. Great product!!! (Posted on 4/1/14)
Nice Rugged Case Review by Derek
I placed my iPadAir in the case and used it daily at work and would throw it into my bag. The installation was easy and the built in screen protector made it very convenient unlike some solo screen protectors that I have used in the past. The screen protector was a little strange that it had these barely noticeable grid of fine dots to it. I think they are there to improve the protective screens touch response. I do use a stylus from time to time and I didn't notice any depreciation in the response of the screen to my stylus.
The case was pretty light. The plastic seemed pretty secure. I did not drop it to test out the shock proof feature. The rubber grip had a good feel to it. The power button , volume buttons, and central button had no lose in functionality. The earphone plug, power plug, and silence switch were a little tricky to get access to. I'm not sure if that will improve with use.
I did not test the splash proof feature as well. I was worried that water would get in. As well as I imagine the dust would sneak its way inside the case over time. The leather strap was a little hard on my hand after awhile holding it with the strap. I'm hoping that it will break in over time. The stand was a little tricky to get to pop out. It definitely had a steeper learning curve to it. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Love it! Review by Bill
I wanted a low profile case that would offer my new Air some protection so I decided to try out the Gladius. After using it for about a week I'm quite happy with it. Lately I've been using my iPad for reading in bed quite frequently and thanks to the leather strap on the back I haven't dropped my device on my face once since!

But on a serious note, the case is very low-profile for the amount of protection it appears to offer. Buttons are easy to access, ports and screen are well protected and it went on quite easily. I didn't expect to like the rear handle as much as I do. (Posted on 3/30/14)
Gladius Air Review Review by Gary
The New Trent Gladius Air Pad Case

The New Trent Gladius Air for iPad Air is a great protective case. I have used the Gumdrop cases for my iPads and the Otterbox cases for my iPad minis. This case is right up there in quality with those more common name cases. However, I really do like the Gladius better than the others. There are two main reasons. The first is that it has a leather hand strap. I work in education so I can see how a teacher can easily hold this in a classroom setting while working with their students. It also has a built in stand and it can swivel so it makes it really easy to set it down and have it stand up in either portrait or landscape mode. Again, in a teaching environment, this can be valuable. Even using a case around the house is nice…especially in a kitchen while preparing meals. It can stand on its own and it does have a protective cover so nothing can damage the real iPad screen.

-Shock, drop, and dustproof ( I really did throw it down our stairs as I have done with my Otterbox and Gumdrop cases. Nothing broke)
-All the ports have easily accessible cutouts.
-Built in screen protector to keep the real iPad screen in good health
-Built in leather handle and stand that swivels
-All the buttons feel responsive
- It is value priced

-The plastic case was hard to separate to get the iPad in. To be fair, after I figured out how many tabs there were, everything was fine. I was too used to the Otterbox and the Gumdrop cases
-The silent switch is a little hard to get at but I don’t silence mine that often so it wasn’t a big deal for me.
-The stand does require some force to pull out

Overall Feedback: 5
(Posted on 3/30/14)
Almost Bulletproof!!! Review by Al
The New Trent Gladius Air protective case for iPad Air offers excellent protection for the entire iPad and has the feel of being well built and sturdy. It protects the body as well as the screen. Anyone that has used an Otterbox Defender case on their smartphone knows what I mean. The protection does come at a price as the case adds bulk to the iPad. The case would not be for someone looking to keep the slim and light nature of the iPad air. The fold out stand works well as does the built in screen protector. The only negative I found was how difficult it is to install on the iPad. It does however fit perfectly. Overall the case is excellent and I could not find any flaws with it if you are looking for something that provides top notch protection. Excellent for people that work in the field, users prone to accidents or someone just wanting to protect their investment to the max!
(Posted on 3/29/14)
Very "Handy" Case w/ Lots of Protection Review by Craig
The New Trent Gladius Air is a case for the iPad Air with the mobile presenter in mind. I am a band director who spends most of my fall outside running around a football field with 200 students. I keep all my material on my iPad and is my primary teaching tool. But again, I am outside which leaves my device exposed to the elements such as dirt and rain, not to mention the chance that it could get scratched very easily. The Gladius Air is a case that seems like it was made for a job like mine.

This is not simply a case that you pop the iPad into (or out of). The exterior is a hard protective plastic that is then encompassed in rubber. There is also a built in screen protector for that added layer of protection. This screen doesn't diminish the sensitivity of the screen, even when using a stylus. On the inside of the case the is a rubber backing that protects the back of your iPad from the rotating center (more on that later). There are all the appropriate cutouts for things like the camera, lightening cable, with some having protective coverings. Once you build the case around your iPad it gives a feeling of superior protection, just like an Otterbox case does. Except this case is thinner. I found that the case didn't add too much bulk. And the texture allowed for a secure grip when carrying the iPad around.

But thanks to the unique design to this case you don't have to rely on the texture to feel secure. There is an adjustable leather strap built into the rear of the case that is great for securing the tablet with one hand. (Make sure you adjust the strap BEFORE putting the iPad in the case). The leather looks sharp and feels great on my hand. You can find the best viewing angle you are able to by rotating the case 360 degrees. Another great feature of this case is the built in stand that hides behind the hand strap. The stand pops out and allows you to set the iPad up in movie view. I found that if you start putting the stand away but stop just short, it catches the strap and allows you to lay the iPad down and have a slight typing angle. This is great for if the iPad is sitting on a table. I am not sure if this is by design or simply a side effect, but regardless, it is very handy.

This case is perfect if you use your iPad for work while being mobile. The only downside that I found is that if you like using a keyboard for your typing you will only be able to use a stand alone keyboard. You won't be able to use any type of keyboard case of cover. I wish that the strap was able to pop off so you could then take the iPad, still in the awesome case, and attach to one of New Trent's keyboard cases that enjoy the same 360 viewing philosophy of this case.

Overall this is a superior 5 star product for a very affordable price. It fits the need for anyone who needs full protection and needs to be able to securely hold their tablet while on the move. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Child proof, waterproof, walletproof! Review by Alex
I bought this as a gift for my fiancé along with and iPad Air. She is horrible keeping her devices scratch/water free, especially since she gives it to our toddler to play with. The delivery was quick, I got it the same day I received my Airbender. The Gladius was set to the test yesterday, as my fiancé gave our little one her new iPad as she bathed him, and guess what? To my surprised it worked, the iPad was completely dry when we took it out of the case.

1). Not bulky
2). The leather strap gives it a nice touch + adds protection (i find it that when i drop my iPad it's because I couldn't grab it properly
3). It works! (forget insurance plans that don't work most of the time, are costly, and have fine prints - just take care of the device)

1). The leather strap is tricky to adjust
2). It's a bit tough to twist (it rotates, when you have it strapped to your hand)
3). Not available in color

1). Other colors
2). Smoother 360 rotation (the amount of pressure needed to twist shouldn't be as hard as it is now, makes it uncomfortable to accommodate - you strap the iPad down, but you still hold it with your fingers)
3). Maybe some design options to go with the sleek look of New Trent products
(Posted on 3/27/14)
Great sturdy case! Review by jake
I have now been using the gladius air for about a week with my iPad air and have actually really enjoyed my experience thus far. I found the initial installation to be slightly difficult the first time before I knew where all of the hooks were but subsequent times have been much easier. The instructions were good but I would probably reorder them or include a note saying not to put the iPad in the case and shut it before adjusting the hand strap first. I ended up installing the iPad and sealing it before seeing that you could adjust the strap, which meant I had to take it back apart, adjust the strap, and then close it back up. I think the other improvement to the packaging could be to include a small microfiber cloth to clean off the back of the screen cover. There are currently a few pieces of dust caught behind the cover which is slightly annoying but not Trent's fault of course.

I have found the gladius air's strap to be very useful especially when typing with one hand or watching something. It lets you have a firm hold of the iPad instead of just holding it from the edge of the screen. Considering the bezel is very thin the strap is a welcome addition. The case itself feels solid but does add considerable weight to the iPad this definitely makes me confident that if it were to drop from a reasonable distance the iPad would survive. When I received the gladius I wasn't sure if I was going to like the fact that it has a built in screen protector. But after using it it really has not caused any usage problems. The screen seems just as responsive as before. It does not seal perfectly onto the screen though so there is a slight gap on at least one corner, but as I said the protector has not caused any issues. I also was actually pleasantly surprised with the stand in the back. It seems solid enough to last. Unfortunately it is slightly difficult to pull open but this might get easier as the case loosens up a bit after use.

Overall I think this would be a good case for someone that might be a bit hard on their iPads and/or need to present things to others with their iPad on the go. It gives you another option when holding or carrying it which is nice considering it is just a slab of glass and metal. I think that the case gets a 4.5-5 because it's actually pretty close to perfect if you want a case like this. I can definitely see myself using this into the future, especially when traveling. (Posted on 3/27/14)
great case Review by Robert
From the moment i took the case out of the package i loved the look and the design of the case. i tested the old version and found i did not like that one so much. this looks and feels premium. i really liked the glossy black to the case instead of just the plain flat black. the kickstand is now out of metal not not a cheap plastic. i like the kick stand a lot more being that it collapses into the back of the case instead of having to snap it in and out. the touch screen worked flawless. i had no issues using it while playing games or searching on the internet. all the buttons worked without any issues. i liked the space around the lightning connector so i could easily charge it. the hand strap seems to be very good. i dont see any issues in the way this case fits and functions. i feel as if this case is very protective of my ipad. this would be a great case for anyone. there is no one type of person that couldn't benefit from this case its perfect for anyone. (Posted on 3/27/14)
New Trent Gladius Air a Keeper!!! Review by Jeannine
First, it is a heavy duty case for the iPad Air which fit perfectly. I took a bottle of
water spray just to test if it really was weatherproof and it was. So now I no longer need to worry about taking pictures in the rain or snow. Secondly, even though the case is heavy duty it is not heavy to carry or hold. The leather strap is great but I wish I was able to adjust it to fit me more snugly. Finally, the rotation and kick stand are a perfect addition this case as it was easy to rotate and the stand was sturdy to hold the iPad Air while watching movies or reading a book. Really love this product and my only suggestion would be to make the strap more adjustable. Great job!!!! (Posted on 3/27/14)
Beach Proof Review by Linda
This case offers full water, dirt, and shock proof and seems like it lives up to that claim. With all the ports covered and sealed, the iPad can take a beating and still be fine. The charging port is covered with a rubber tab so it can be opened to charge the iPad. Also, the 3.5mm headphone jack is also covered with a rubber tab for easy accessibility.

All of the buttons are easy to press and are responsive so they only have to be pressed once to activate them.

It does take some work to put the case together and take it apart but this is expected as it offers a lot of protection. There is a built-in front screen protector, which allows access to the iPad, but feels plastic like and does not live up to the quality the rest of the case offers.

As expected, the case does add some bulk to the to the iPad, but the trade-off is protection.

The stand feature is metal with rubber feet on the bottom so it is well built and stabilizes the iPad well when in use. The tab to pull the stand into position can be difficult to use because the finger tab is small and can be frustrating to access.

The leather strap is a nice addition to the case because the case can be slippery when only holding it without using the strap. The strap can be adjusted to fit one’s hand inside of the case. The strap is also how one turns the stand because it is hidden behind the strap. The stand takes some force to turn and makes a clicking noise as it locks into each position.

I would not mind taking my iPad to the beach in this Gladius Air case. This case is not one I would not use for everyday activities, but I would use this case while on vacation or other extreme activities because of the extra bulk and one-dimensional stand angle. (Posted on 3/27/14)
AN excellent case for the mobile worker, and rugged too Review by John
First I have to give a quick caveat for my feedback: I do not believe that I am the target user for this case. What I mean is while the case is excellent and the quality is very high, it appears to me that the case was designed for a mobile worker. We (my wife and I) used the case around the house as a casual private user would: reading email, catching up on Facebook, playing games, etc. The case didn't preclude any of these casual activities but it did make them slightly more difficult. While I think the case would be a very good choice for someone who needs access to apps while moving around an office, sales floor, shop, or delivery vehicle it was not ideal for a home environment. I have tried to remove any of this bias from my feedback, but please be aware that my feedback may be colored by this work -vs- casual use impression.

I do not want this to come across as a negative review. Overall I am impressed by this case. It is well designed, is made of high quality materials, has great build quality, fits the iPad Air perfectly, and is highly rugged. I believe that it would be an excellent choice for a wide range of iPad users.

My experience with the case began with opening it so that I could place the iPad Air (2013 model) inside. While doing so it became obvious that the case is rugged an has been designed to maximize protection while not hindering use of the device inside. The case has a rubber ring/bumper that surrounds the back of the case, comes up and over all sides of the case, and then fits into a channel molded into the top of the case. This bumper fits quite firmly into this channel and requires some work to pry off (which you must do to open the case. Once the bumper is removed you have to ease open several tabs spaced around the 4 sides of the case while prying open the ever-widening opening that occurs between the top and bottom half of the case. This is not a difficult process, but it does take a bit of coordination to simultaneously gently pull the tab away from the case while prying the two halves apart. I found it most efficient to use fingernails for these tasks.

Once the case is open you have the option to adjust the leather strap that is part of the 360 degree rotating mechanism. To do this you lift two small metal "doors" which reveal the ends of the strap and metal pins over which the strap fits. You use these pins and the coordinating holes in the strap to lengthen or shorten the strap for large or small hands. It is a simple procedure and took all of about 3 minutes to accomplish. Once done I slid the iPad Air into the case and it fit perfectly. On went the top of the case with its integrated transparent, protective screen cover. To fasten the top you just press down around the 4 edges of the case, over the previously mentioned tabs, making sure that each one clicks into place. Next re-install the rubber bumper (fitting it into the channel in the top of the case) and you are ready to go. All in all it took me about 10 minutes to install the iPad Air into the case.

As I said earlier, the case is rugged. The combination of the strong plastic of the case, the rubber bumper, the tough screen cover, and the leather strap make the case feel as if it could really stand up to some abuse. The leather strap makes it easy to carry and easy to type or tap on the screen without having to set the case down. It also looks as if the case is very spill resistant and highly shock resistant too (frankly, we didn't try either of these for fear of destroying our iPad). These attributes would, in my opinion, make the case an excellent choice for anyone on a work environment, or anyone that would be taking the case outdoors frequently. While my wife and I appreciated the protective nature of the case it was a bit of overkill for us using it in our living and bed rooms. The strap and 360 degree rotation feature was nice in the beginning but became a bit of a nuisance over time. For whatever reason it always felt as if the strap, our hand, and the angle of the iPad were just a BIT off for what we were doing. Playing games was especially troublesome as doing so requires you to hold the iPad in a fixed position for fairly long periods of time which causes muscles to tire and it becomes uncomfortable. We tried just holding the case as you would a book, but the protective features make the case thick and slightly unwieldy. The strap and its rotating assembly make it impossible to lay the case down without being "tippy". New Trent has a very thoughtfully included a "kick stand" under the strap that you can deploy and which securely holds the iPad (in portrait or landscape direction) at an angle so that you can rest it on a table or desk. This is very nice but that angle was just a little wrong for us. My wife is about 5'3" and I am 6'5" tall and the case held the iPad at too aggressive an angle for her, and not an aggressive enough angle for me. Lastly the protective screen cover, because it has been designed for tougher environments than our living room is rather thick. For most browsing, typing, clicking on videos, etc this works beautifully but when playing games it isn't ideal. Because the cover is thicker than a traditional screen protector it requires more pressure and slower movements to position and move the cursor. These are not qualities that you want while playing games. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Best Case I've Ever Used...2 Small Changes = Perfection! Review by Lamar
The Gladius Air is, hands down, the most useful case I have ever had for any of my iPads. From the rugged design to the lightweight composition to the adjustable leather strap, the Gladius makes reading on an iPad a pleasure. The flexibility to use it in many different angles was an unexpected bonus. Quite simply, it does what it says. I enjoyed the relief it took off my arthritic hands. It is most useful when relaxing in an easy chair, on a sofa, or reading in bed. Additionally, it is a nice way to hold your iPad if you are doing public speaking (although I would prefer the strap to be black not brown so as to not draw attention.

The one downside to the case is the cover for the home button actually protrudes out, which leads the unit to be accidentally turned on when carrying it under your arm with a notepad, book, etc.

I would rate it 4 stars - change the color of the strap to black and improve the design of the home button cover to where it doesn’t turn the unit on when turned on it’s face, and this gets a five-star rating. (Posted on 3/26/14)
Nice rugged case for iPad Air Review by Lenin
## Hardware Design

This rugged case provides adequate protection to corners and the back of the iPad Air. it should be enough to protect your beloved device from accidental drops and scratches to the aluminum case.

The case comes with a pull out stand in the back, which comes in handy when watching movies or reading. There is also a strap in the back for "one handed operation". At first I thought it was a gimmick, but after expending some hours with it, I can see people using it in presentations. There are also nice little flaps that open to access headphones, volume and the lightning port.

However, the case does not provide "rugged" protection to the most susceptible part of the iPad: the screen. Although it comes with a plastic shield that sits on top of the screen, **effectively protecting it from scratches**, it won't protect it from direct impact. Other non-rugged cases such as the [CaseCrown Omni Case]( and Apple's Smart Cover provide this basic form of protection which I think is a "must" feature, especially for a case that is supposed to be rugged.

## Hardware Quality

New Trent has made huge strides on this area in the last couple of years. Materials are high quality and adequate for the type of product. The use of aluminum for the stand and leather for the strap is a nice addition and adds to the case's general look.

## General Performance

The Gladius works and performs as intended. I (obviously) didn't do any "drop tests", but other than the screen protection issue mentioned above, the case does a nice job protecting the iPad Air.

Something to keep in mind is that when using the iPad in landscape mode, you can't move the App icons between screens because of the way the case covers the top and bottom edges. Not a big problem, as you can do it on portrait mode, but it's a kind of a nuisance.

## Price

The New Trent Gladius runs for about [$40 in Amazon][gladius_lnk] at the time of this writing. It is an adequate price for such a sturdy and protective case and it's worth the piece of mind of knowing your precious device will be just fine if you throw it in your bag, drop it on the table or if your 1.5 year old toddler grabs it for a spin (true story).

## Ease of Use

Given the degree of protection this case provides, it takes some time to install, and getting the case open to insert the iPad in, may require some effort on your part. However, it is worth it and once installed it's good to go.

The installation instructions could be better laid out, in my opinion. The hand strap can only be adjusted while the case is open and the instructions to do so are located right after the initial installation instructions. So, you'll have to remove the iPad from the case to adjust the strap (if you happened to follow the instructions in the order they are presented in the booklet). Not a terrible drawback, but worth keeping it in mind.
(Posted on 3/25/14)
Excellent rugged case for iPad Air Review by LERS
## Hardware Design

This rugged case provides adequate protection to corners and the back of
the iPad Air. it should be enough to protect your beloved device from
accidental drops and scratches to the aluminum case.

The case comes with a pull out stand in the back, which comes in handy when
watching movies or reading. There is also a strap in the back for "one
handed operation". At first I thought it was a gimmick, but after expending
some hours with it, I can see people using it in presentations. There are
also nice little flaps that open to access headphones, volume and the
lightning port.

However, the case does not provide "rugged" protection to the most
susceptible part of the iPad: the screen. Although it comes with a plastic
shield that sits on top of the screen, **effectively protecting it from
scratches**, it won't protect it from direct impact. Other non-rugged cases
such as the [CaseCrown Omni Case]( and
Apple's Smart Cover provide this basic form of protection which I think is
a "must" feature, especially for a case that is supposed to be rugged.

## Hardware Quality

New Trent has made huge strides on this area in the last couple of years.
Materials are high quality and adequate for the type of product. The use of
aluminum for the stand and leather for the strap is a nice addition and
adds to the case's general look.

## General Performance

The Gladius works and performs as intended. I (obviously) didn't do any
"drop tests", but other than the screen protection issue mentioned above,
the case does a nice job protecting the iPad Air.

Something to keep in mind is that when using the iPad in landscape mode,
you can't move the App icons between screens because of the way the case
covers the top and bottom edges. Not a big problem, as you can do it on
portrait mode, but it's a kind of a nuisance.

## Price

The New Trent Gladius runs for about [$40 in Amazon][gladius_lnk] at the
time of this writing. It is an adequate price for such a sturdy and
protective case and it's worth the piece of mind of knowing your precious
device will be just fine if you throw it in your bag, drop it on the table
or if your 1.5 year old toddler grabs it for a spin (true story).

## Ease of Use

Given the degree of protection this case provides, it takes some time to
install, and getting the case open to insert the iPad in, may require some
effort on your part. However, it is worth it and once installed it's good
to go.

The installation instructions could be better laid out, in my opinion. The
hand strap can only be adjusted while the case is open and the instructions
to do so are located right after the initial installation instructions. So,
you'll have to remove the iPad from the case to adjust the strap (if you
happened to follow the instructions in the order they are presented in the
booklet). Not a terrible drawback, but worth keeping it in mind. (Posted on 3/23/14)
If it came in colors, I'd buy several! Review by Laurie
I love this case!

This case is unique in that it is used to securely hold your iPad with a
handstrap on the back, rather than holding on the edges. It's very easy
to hold the comfortably iPad in my left hand, and use it while I'm
standing or walking, or even holding something else with my right. Since
I use my iPad in my work at the veterinary hospital, I am often showing
owners pictures or videos, and this case makes that very easy. It also
makes shooting video or pictures easy, helping my hand stay steady. The
pop out stand sets the iPad at a good angle for viewing, in both
orientations, and is held by a solid magnet to the back of the case when
not in use.

The case is extremely secure in fitting the iPad, and covers edges and
screen nicely. (After cracking a previous iPad in a folio case, I am
very demanding when it comes to corner protection). The screen protector
is barely noticeable, in touch sensitivity or image quality. I feel very
comfortable that my iPad is well protected, even around the animals,
liquids, and other workplace challenges. I can see this case being ideal
in any workplace where you walk around, and hand hold your iPad
frequently -- hospitals, sales professionals, realtors, those who work
outdoors, etc. Not to mention professional photographers who need an
easy way to proof images in the field.

I would rate this case a solid 5 on the 1-5 scale. The only improvement
I could suggest is to offer it in a variety of colors. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Full protection and weather proof. Review by Arnie

The Gladius Air by New Trent is made for the iPad Air, it has a rubberized weatherproof outer shell which protects the device from dust, shock and drops. It also includes a screen protector that is built in the front part of the case. With this case protection and ease of use was a priority.
>Built in screen protector
>Full protection (covers the whole iPad)
>Appealing design
>Ports are easily accessible
>Adds good grip with the leather strap at the back
>Home button still responsive
>Does not cover the camera and microphone
>360 degree turns for landscape and portrait viewing along with a stand
>Added feature: bottle cap opener (built with the stand)
>High quality for an affordable price
>Does not degrade screen quality
>Installation may take some time. Patience is the key for a protective case.
>Adds some bulk but worth it
>Doubles weight but not noticeable after a couple uses
I highly recommend this product.
(Posted on 3/22/14)
Fantastic case!!! Bravo Newtrent!!! Review by John
If you are looking for a case to protect your iPad Air while giving you
a way to hold it in one hand then look no further, you have found it!!!!
As an owner of the original Gladius case for my iPad2 I have to say this
new iPad Air version is head and shoulders above the original!
Functionally, as far as how you hold the Gladius, is the same in this
new version as the original. Which is perfect in my opinion and when
something works just leave it alone. This definitely works! It allows
you to hold your iPad Air in one hand and use it with the other, perfectly!
Now on to the improvements. I was never crazy about the pop-off cover
on the original Gladius because I was always worried I would lose it or
forget it somewhere and I didn't really think it offered a great amount
of protection. Now the new Gladius is enclosed in shockproof rubber
and has a screen cover incorporated into it to give great protection all
the time with no need to remove anything to use it! Awesome improvement!
The other huge improvement in my opinion is the stand. The original
Gladius had a plastic clip on stand that was not very useful.
The new stand is built in, made of metal and simply put FANTASTIC! I
actually cannot stress enough how much of an improvement the stand is.
Way to go Newtrent!
Add to the things I mentioned the fact that this case is water, dust and
shock resistant and I think we have a winner!!!

Overall I would say that I feel this case provides a tremendous amount
of protection for my iPad Air and gives me great functionality as well.
I would definitely recommend this case to any iPad Air users out there! (Posted on 3/22/14)
Good protection / great price value Review by Terry
First of all - I am hard on my equipment. I am often in harsh conditions and like to have my iPad with me because I keep almost everything I need during the day on it. While I take very good care of my equipment, I need to be confident that I am not going to damage my expensive electronics.

What this case is not — it is not waterproof, it is water resistant. I have had a number of so called waterproof cases, and they all have failed at some point. I prefer the water resistant cases as they do not give you a false sense that you are protected. The front of this case is pretty well sealed, but the back does have some open places water can enter. I feel confident it will protect against light rain and spray, which will account for 99% of the environment where one would try to use an iPad.

What this case is - expendable. When you think about the money invested in an iPad, you want to ensure it lasts. This case will eventually wear out, get dropped, have the face significant scratched, etc - and that is exactly what you want to happen. Given this case costs less than 5% of my iPad, let it takes the falls and protect your precious investment.

Now on the the good and not as good —

Good - The case seems well protected and durable. The outer rubber shell is stiff and feels very durable. It is a smoother type rubber, not the “sticky” rubber that attracts lint and dirt. The home button is well protected and has a very solid feel underneath the protective case. All of the ports are still accessible, including the charge port - which is often too small for some aftermarket charge cords, but not in this case. The protective screen is solid and clear, it shows no signs of bubbling underneath. I like the case stand - it is metal and is very sturdy to hold up the device.

Not as good - two concerns with the leather strap. First of all, it is difficult to adjust to a smaller size. Second, as I got the leather strap wet it held water for quite some time. While it looks very nice and feels rugged, I am not sure it would not be better with some other type of syntactic material.

Neither good nor bad - just part of having a case. This is not a case you will want to take your iPad in and out of often. Once it goes in, you will want to leave it is not easy removing and will weaken the case over time. You also have to get used to the protective screen surface. it is slightly less “smooth” when using, but typical of all screen protectors and still very usable.

Overall I would recommend.
(Posted on 3/21/14)
Bulletproof iPad Case Review by Davido
When I received the Gladius Air iPad Case (NT611GR), I was immediately both surprised and impressed by the sheer ruggedness of the case. I felt like I could take it with me to the beach and not have to worry about sand or water damaging my investment. Getting the iPad Air into the case is a bit of a chore, but as this is a one time job, not a big deal at all, only takes about a minute. Once the iPad is in though, boy is it secure. The case has an inner rubber lining that provides quite a bit of shock absorption, and a hard plastic shell on the outside for extra ruggedness. All the ports and buttons are nicely covered up and protected, yet still easy to push and access. The only thing that isn't covered up is the speakers, for obvious reasons. The screen has a plastic film that covers it for protection, and doesn't affect the touch screen experience very much. I prefer the feel of the raw glass on my finger, but the difference is only minor. I'm an engineer and like the hand hold on the back as often, I am carrying a stack of things to my car when I leave work. The handle allows me to stop worrying about dropping my iPad while trying to juggle an armful. Great feature for those who have office type jobs or are using it out in the field while carrying other things. The handle also can rotate 360 degrees, which is nice. It also has a built in stand that is very handy. For those who are constantly parched while using your iPad, it has a built in bottle opener as well. Haven't had a chance to try that one out yet though. Overall, great deal for an excellent iPad case. (Posted on 3/21/14)
New Trent Rocks Review by Paul
I purchased the New Trent Gladius Air iPad case as I was looking for something a little more rugged. I am an elementary school teacher and my iPad is subjected to a lot of bumping and not so gentle hands. I love this product. The strap on the back makes this so darn secure. It allows me to hold on to my iPad with little difficulty and not fear I am going to drop it. The swivel on the back allows me to position the iPad in the most optimal viewing position. The extra protection afforded by the screen protector is awesome. I truly was afraid that I would lose some of the sensitivity of the touch pad and have not had any problems with it. My expensive iPad is secured and I feel safe with it. After looking at a lot of other products I am glad I went with a product that was cheaper in cost, but not in structure. It give me what I need in a case. I do wish it had a keyboard attached, my big fingers have difficulty typing on the touch pad. I am still able to use the bluetooth keyboard that came with the first case I purchased from New Trent. I will continue to look to New Trent for products to support my computing needs. They certainly got it right and at a price that will not break the bank!!!! (Posted on 3/21/14)
Secure and Functional Case Review by grannyamoose
The case itself contains a bottom portion that the iPad fits into. You then install the protective top portion of the case which is a screen protector. This is placed on top of the bottom case and snapped on all sides. The final piece is the protective sleeve that slips on the bottom and connects to both parts of the case. It is a rubberized sleeve and makes the case secure, as well as a case that is easy to hold onto. It is not slippery because of the rubber of the case. Very secure!

The strap on the back of the case is adjustable so it fits small hands as well as large hands. I really like this rubberized sleeve! Adjusting the strap should be done PRIOR to assembling this case as the adjustment of the strap is done on the inside of the bottom case.

The strap is attached on a circular platform that can be rotated to allow the stand to hold the iPad in a landscape or portrait position. This stand is directly under the hand strap. My complaint here is that it hurts my fingers getting the stand out. (minor complaint)

I found this case to be excellent in providing me with a secure case. Although it does not have a keyboard, I have found Bluetooth keyboards that you can purchase online. The only drawback I see in this case is the stand. It hurts my fingers to get it out; however, I love that the stand is metal and not cloth or plastic like other cases. (Posted on 3/20/14)
Great quality, heavy duty case, cheaper than Otterbox! Review by brian
Upon opening the box, the quality and build of this case reminded me of an Otterbox style case, but much cheaper in price. I like the quality of Otterbox cases, but that cutout for the Apple on the back I have always found fairly ugly. This case looks great, it feels great and it has a hand strap! I have never had a hand strap built into the case before but I was more than willing to give it a shot.

The instructions recommended that you have no screen protector on because the case will be tight. I have an Invisibleshield installed on the front and back of my iPad case and I was able to squeeze it in without issue. The case itself comes in two pieces, a rubberized cover that goes around the iPad and a much harder case that surrounds it. This case is extremely heavy duty. The two layers allow it absorb shocks when dropped. I had the instructions out with me and it took a little bit of playing with it to get it in properly. The hard part for me was actually dismantling the case. After you have the rubber part installed, you have to slowly insert it into the hard plastic part section by section.

The iPad itself is quite bulky with the case on. Initially I was actually kind of bummed that it didn’t have a stand or something where I can set the iPad down and still have it viewable. After several hours I had finally found the metal stand. DUH! It also allows the iPad to be viewable in portrait AND landscape mode. A very nice touch!

The case is supposed to be water resistant, but I do not have the heart to actually test it. The iPad itself is relatively secure and tight in the case, with the exception of the holes at the bottom for the microphone and speaker.

The only issue I can see is that it doesn’t play nicely with screen protectors. This case features its own built-in screen (which works surprisingly well) and when used in conjunction with a screen protector (which most people probably have) can create ugly bubbles. See the above picture for an example.

Overall I think that this is a great case and an even greater value. I have been using this case for a week now and I couldn’t be happier. This case is extremely heavy duty, so if you have an active job that requires extra protection or have kids that are prone to dropping and damaging things, this case would work really well. As for myself, it works quite well since it tends to get banged around in my school backpack with textbooks. (Posted on 3/20/14)
This case will set your mind at ease Review by Jack
I have been using my New Trent Gladius Air Heavy Case for my iPad Air for almost a week now and this is by far the best case on the market if you use your iPad Air for working in construction like I do or any other field where you have dust and or light rain. I completely feel at ease using my iPad Air while visiting any job sites I deal with because this case gives me a sense of comfort knowing that with all the sawdust, dirt and anything else flying through the air that my iPad Air won’t be effected at all. The Gladius Air, model NT611GR, is built for exactly what I do. This case completely covers my iPad Air with a well made plastic case that snaps together securely with a clear plastic cover that keeps the screen safe and a really great fitting molded rubber piece that holds it all together. It keeps my iPad safer than I ever thought anything would. The clear plastic that covers the screen does not even seem like it’s there, I mean that the iPad Air reacts to my touch as though there is nothing between it and my finger. New Trent with their Gladius Air case could have just stop right there and I would have given it 5 stars but they didn’t do that. New Trent also has a thick soft leather hand strap across the back to give me the security of having a free hand to point out things to my men, answer the phone or drink a cup of coffee while still being able to view my iPad Air. The Gladius Air case even turns on a spindle so while holding it with one hand in the strap I can simply give it a smooth turn to go from portrait mode to landscape mode very simply. The rubber that surrounds the case on the New Trent Gladius Air covers the home button, earbud hole and power hole to keep elements out of those areas but with the ability to be pulled back a small portion for easy access when you want to listen to something with your earbuds or need a quick charge. And if all this wasn’t enough the New Trent Gladius Air also has a pop out stand so you can have your iPad Air stand up to watch a video or read emails. New Trent just always seems to stay one step ahead of the competition by thinking outside the box. I have been using their product since first being turned on to the great battery packs the sell. I can’t say enough great things about the New Trent Gladius Air model NT611GR iPad Air case. If you are reading this it must mean you are thinking about purchasing a case for your iPad Air, STOP READING and buy this case now. I promise you won’t regret it for a second. As for the reviews from people that say they had trouble figuring out how to install it, I had my iPad Air in the case complete without reading the directions in no time flat. GO BUY IT!!!!!!! (Posted on 3/20/14)
Gives you what you need Review by Justin
Durable and lightweight, it’s nice having the comfort of knowing that it is waterproof, shockproof, and dirt proof. I don’t have to worry about the iPad getting damaged.

I like the rotating clip on the back, makes it very easy to carry in any situation and allows me to prop it up horizontally or vertically. The stand is durable, won’t break easy.

I want to protect my iPad without feeling like I’m carrying around a briefcase. It is quickly accessible (no flip screens or other covers). I’ve used the Otterbox Defender for iPad and I would prefer this case any day over that. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great case for the iPad Air if you don't need an attached keyboard Review by Sheri
I installed my iPad Air into the Gladius Air case with ease after glancing at the instruction pamphlet that was included in the box. One issue I came across could have been addressed by reordering the steps so that the leather strap adjustment was read before the steps to install the iPad Air into the case. Once I realized that I had to take the case apart to be able to open the latches for the strap, I was able to make the adjustment but was a little bit annoyed. I found that it needed quite a bit of my strength to unfasten the strap from the pegs. That is a one time setup, though, so it was not a big deal.

I was ready at that point to begin using the case. I must be very weak because I have a difficult time opening the kickstand which is located under the strap. It just needs strength again. It is quite possible that it will get easier to open after repeated use. I found the same with the rotation. I can click to multiple positions, but it takes some effort on my part to do this. I usually only need to click in portrait or landscape mode and only if I am going to be using the kickstand. These are very nice features to have, and both the strap and the kickstand appear to be very durable and sturdy.

I am able to get to all of the ports with ease, and they are all protected with a flexible flap so that you can get to them when you need them, but they are not subject to abuse when you don't. The built in screen protector is a bonus because you don't have to buy yet another item for your already expensive device to protect the screen. I play Draw Something a lot, and the screen protector layer does not interfere with the sensitivity of the screen at all.

The Home Button is covered, and it works just fine with the protection in place in that it works the same as if there wasn't an extra layer on top of it. I have practiced walking around using the strap, and I feel that I have a good grip on the device. I feel very confident when I am walking around, placing the case on the table, fetching it, grabbing it with the strap again and moving it from place to place as I go about my day. It's not slippery, so I never feel as though it is going to fall out of my hands.

I am pretty sure that my optometrist was sporting this same case when I went for my appointment this week. He was holding it using the strap and completing a form on it in his office while I watched. He also walked around with it from appointment to appointment and to the receptionist desk while I was there. I can see this case being useful for any occupation where you don't need an actual keyboard that is attached to the case. If you have a wireless keyboard that pairs with an iPad, that resolves that issue should it come up from time to time. If it happens very frequently, I would recommend the Airbender cases from New Trent. I have had great success with the one for the iPad 2 and then the iPad Air more recently.

I would give this case 5 stars for excellent. The installation issues are just a minor stumbling block. Once you are past that, it's all good. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great for protecting iPad Air Review by Clint
First Impression: Again the packaging and the product look and feel very high quality. I did get a little frustrated when trying to take it apart to get the iPad in it until I read the directions. :) Once you learn the trick to take it apart, its actually quite simple. I don't hesitate at all to let my kids use my iPad with it in this case. It truly feels protected.

- iPad is completely protected including the screen
- iPad is not response issues though the screen protector
- Leather strap on the back is awesome
- Ports are easy to access and all the buttons are covered and very responsive through the case
- Stand in the back is a great feature

- Very difficulty to pull out the stand on the back
- Although the screen protector is necessary for full protection, it does add a little glare and smudges don't clean as well as other screen protectors I've used
- Difficult to use the swipe up to the settings and swipe down to the notifications as the bezel is nearly completely covered

This was a great purchase and I'm wishing I'd had these on my iPad minis that the kids use as one of them was dropped and has a cracked screen. That will have to be my next purchase. While the case does add bulk to the iPad it doesn't feel overly bulky given the extra protection. Even though it says in the title that this is water proof, I'd still avoid getting it wet. This provides great protection for the iPad and extra functionality with the leather strap and the stand. I would recommend this product as a great option to keep your iPad protected. (Posted on 3/19/14)
great life case! Review by ALEX
Great new waterproof “life” case. I got this right before going to the beach, and was nervous, but it held up 100% on the sand and in the pool. Definitely hard to get on, but means its almost impossible to get off. Leather strap in the back is great, and very grippy. Even took pictures while wet! highly recommend this to whoever needs a very rugged/waterproof case! (Posted on 3/19/14)
What a functional and attractive and durable case! Review by Eric
I opened the box and first impressions it doesn't look much different than
many other cases. But then you take it out of the box and wow, this thing
is really well built.

Basically a basic bodyglove type case wrapped around and even better inner

Tack on a very comfortable leather strap and a collapsible stand and you
have the Gladius Air.

Getting the inner case out of the sleeve is quick and painless, but
separating the inner waterproof case apart to insert your iPad, this is
where you have to take your time.

I thought I was going to break 2 of the clips off, both of the middle ones
lengthwise. But they finally both came apart.

Nice thing is your iPad is not going to fall out of this case anytime soon.
Slip inside the outer sleeve and now you are protected.

I was never a big fan of this type of case, and then I tried it, the strap
and the weight of this case feel very well balanced. It makes holding the
device and using it much more comfortable.

Gone are the days of feeling like your iPad is going to fall out of your
hands while using it.

The rotatable strap on the back is a little tough to turn at first, but I
worked it a little in both directions and now it spins nice and smoothly,
but still firmly locking into each of the 8 positions.

The stand is probably not something I will ever use, but people who travel
frequently are like to watch movies on their iPad will find the included
stand to be very nice and high quality.

A nice brushed aluminum look that folds in on itself and does not interfere
with any of the other functions.

The false "waterproof" covers over the connections on the sides of the iPad
are a little tough to get out at first. I was glad I went through and
worked them all a few times before I installed my iPad.

I could see the power or lock button ones getting stuck if you didn't open
and close them a few times before inserting your device, but after that
they seemed to be much smoother, and they will protect your device fairly

People on the move, people that travel a lot or technicians working in the
field will find many uses for this type of case, I know I will be using it
at work more than anywhere else. Being able to walk and stand while still
having easy access to your iPad without fear of dropping it is great.

The strap feels night and snug on your hand, but also is very comfortable.

For use with the iPad Air 64GB LTE I would have to give this case 5 stars! (Posted on 3/19/14)
Strong and feels sturdy! Review by Natalie
This thing feels sturdy! Upon entering the case, I made sure to read the instructions as other users had noted. I didn't think I needed to adjust the leather strap because it fit fine on my hand, but if you want to adjust it, make sure you do it before assembling it all back together as you can only do it when you disassemble it. It may be a bit snug to pull the leather strap out of the notches which makes sense since you want a sturdy strap. You can remove the strap as well if need be.

Peeling the TPU sleeve was easy and very simple. Took a few seconds to do. I struggled a bit with removing the hard case but realize that I was pushing the small gaps the wrong way. My fault! There are arrows along the hard case and so basically, you want to push those tabs towards the screen (for some reason, I was pushing downward within the small gaps within the tabs, which is not was meant!). I attached a picture with an arrow to help others as I was a tad confused.

Otherwise, putting the iPad air was super easy and the rest of it was easy to put back together. The stand was initially in the vertical position and I was trying to see how to rotate it. Actually, it requires a bit of a tug and turn using the leather strap to rotate it. It's very sturdy, so it takes a bit more pressure but then I was able to rotate it to use the stand in a horizontal position. I've had no problems with the sensitivity of the screen, everything is very functional. This is perfect when moving around, when you have to take your laptop to several places and you'll be sure it's super secure.

It is a bit on the heavier side, but it's made with great material that feels pretty solid. I'm not worried about my iPad getting scratched or water on it (sometimes those unexpected rainstorms can get crazy!). I've been bringing this to class and to cafes and usually I have other cases too, but they don't really protect the screen. This is just easy to pull out of my backpack or purse and just use the iPad directly.

The stand is functional too when watching movies or just having my iPad next to my laptop. Sometimes I do dual work where I'm reading an article on my iPad and typing notes on my laptop, so it's helpful to have a stand that is strong. Other stands I've had have been made of a softer material and aren't as stable.

Overall, great product! Strong and reliable. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Ultra Protective iPad Air Case Review by Daniel
The Gladius Air iPad case is first and foremost a protective case. My iPad has already survived a few falls from my couch with no sign of wear at all. The build quality of this case is very good. Usually I am cautious about cases with built in screen protectors but I have had no trouble with screen sensitivity. Each port is covered and sealed. If you covered the speakers, this case would be water proof. That alone makes this case worth it. Because even a water spill on the screen would not phase this case. With most protective cases, weight will be added. Despite the weight added to my iPad, the Gladius is easy to hold because of the leather strap included on the back. I have to point out that this leather strap is much nicer than expected, it really is a premium soft leather. Also, a nice feature is the stand. The only real issue I had with this case is how hard it was to get the stand out. Nothing else is bad. Overall, I am very impressed with the Gladius IPad Air case.
Extremely Protective and Sturdy
Convenient Stand and Strap
Does not take away from clarity and sensitivity of screen

Difficult to get stand out (Posted on 3/19/14)
heavy duty, protective case with hints of awesomeness Review by van
This case was a perfect fit, that is - once you got it on. All around, this case requires a bit of elbow grease. I've broken a couple of nails attempting to open up the supposedly "easy to open" kickstand. Although, I will admit that it has one of the best kickstands that I have seen on a tablet case, provided that I can actually get it open.

I'm currently working on a project where we are determining whether to go with a toughpad, which has gorilla glass installed and has a higher price point, or a tablet and a protective case, which gives us more choices and may save some capitol. While I can see this case in use for our freight clerks as they load vessels and other cargo operations later this year on tablets via touch screen or styluses, I am concerned about the the screen protector getting scratched and the case becoming unusable in the bright outdoor sun. Having to buy new cases every so often might just eat up any savings in capitol that I would be saving by going with this option instead of the toughpad.

My favorite things about the case - 1. the adjustable leather strap (style points to boot!), 2. the sturdiness and look of the kickstand, and 3. easy access to the sealed key ports. My wishlist - 1. a better screen protector, screen protector, replacement options, or no screen protector involved at all, 2. a stand option that didn't feel like I was sticking my finger in an alligator's mouth, and 3. colors options, neon girl and neon orange really stand out in the yard and are necessary for cargo handling. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Super protective air case Review by Evan
This case has been great. As an owner of an Otterbox defender I was curious to see how this New Trent case would stack up. I have to say that I love this case and I feel like it provides plenty of protection for my iPad Air. I have made a lot of use of the kickstand on the back for watching movies and I also use it when I use my wireless keyboard to type. As I write this on my flight today the kickstand has provided a great viewing angle for watching movies while not taking up a ton of space on the tray table like my Otterbox case with a huge base on the stand. The TPU outer skin does provide enough grip if not using the leather strap on the back which has been helpful when I have been walking around at work with my iPad. The built in screen protector on the case has provided plenty of protection while not showing many fingerprints. The leather strap on the back is able to be adjusted before you put the case on. Putting the case on the iPad is not a problem at all and is the same process as every other high protection case I have owned. Overall this case is an easy 5 star case and I have loved using it over the last several weeks. (Posted on 3/18/14)
I searched hi and lo and finally found this awesome case- I Love It! Review by Andrew
The New Trent Gladius Air NT611GR is built well and is designed especially for someone who keeps their iPad air with them all day. The handle allows for security, preventing accidental drops and also provides a sturdy hold at various angles. I would highly recommend the New Trent Gladius Air for those who teach or lecture regularly as it is perfect for this type of use. The strap is made of sturdy brown leather—it even includes that wonderful leather smell.

The pop-out kickstand pulls out with a little effort, which tells me it is built well. It’s metal, with a sturdy hinge and strong magnet to hold it in place when it’s shut, and then it clicks into place when it’s open. It can be rotated, on the same swivel as the leather handle, which allows the iPad to sit at two different angled heights in either landscape or portrait mode.

The New Trent Gladius Air is very sturdy. The iPad is wrapped in a harder rubber/plastic protecting it (and the buttons, charging port, and headpohone jack, etc.) from spills, dust, and bumps and drops. The button covers on the case are not as difficult to press as buttons in some tablet cases tend to be. The New Trent Gladius Air includes a screen protector that is part of the case, and works very well—doesn’t reduce the functions of the touch screen in any way.

I searched for days for the right case for my iPad Air. I found many that had a kickstand or a handle. Or I found some that offered protection and a kickstand but no handle. I wanted all three and New Trent Gladius Air offers all of the above, and it even looks cool and is built well, not cheaply.

I am a high school teacher and at times I need to hand my iPad to a student as part of different learning activities, but I’m completely comfortable doing this because this case fully protects the iPad from bumps and bruises.

I noticed in the one YouTube review that the reviewer didn’t make it obvious how many ways the iPad can sit using the kickstand. That was an important feature to me and it took further research to confirm all the kickstand features. This is one of the most important selling points of the New Trent Gladius Air, I’ve discovered 5 or more different ways it can sit. I ordered one for me and one for another teacher with an iPad Air.

The kickstand needs to click into place a little more strongly. There is a faint click but sometime when the iPad is set down resting on the kickstand, it collapses.

Way to go New Trent!!
(Posted on 3/18/14)
Good tough case Review by Johnson
The Gladius Air is a very practical case made for those who prioritize protection and function. The case has a soft bumper for added protection around a hard case which also covers the the ipad screen entirely. It is water-resistant but NOT waterproof as there are holes for the cameras, microphones, and speakers. The 360 swivel is a nice quality feature and feels comfortable. It ratchets into different positions which allows you to hold the ipad firm at whatever angle you set it out. The leather strip is thick and sturdy and can handle me swinging the ipad around without any give or feeling of instability. The underlying metal stand is of equal strong quality and flips smoothly into position. You can feel the quality in the multitude of parts in this case. Because this case is all about protection, it is by no means thin nor is it the easiest case to put on. That being said, there is no wasted space. The case sits very snug to the exact dimensions to the ipad which means it may not fit with a 0.4mm thick glass protector, although it should fit with film protectors without difficulty. Fortunately the case has its own screen built-in so you really don't need to spend the time or money getting additional screen protectors. What you lose in portability and style, you gain in durability and protection. Great gift idea for outdoor types, kids, or careless adults! 4/5 (Posted on 3/17/14)
Portable, Functional, Stylish, and Versatile Case Review by iPad Air Owner
<<[Installation Experience]>>

Opened the packaging easily and removed the case from its box and plastic wrapping.
After quickly glancing over the simple, easy to follow instruction guide, the malleable, rubber sleeve was removed without any issues. Separating the front and back case components took some more energy than expected. There was one tab on the right side of the case (when facing the ipad screen in portrait orientation) that would not open. I didn't want to exert too much strength in fear of breaking or bending the case. After some fidgeting, I was able to open the case completely. Saw cushions on the back cover that mostly is to function as a shock absorber. Ipad was inserted into the back cover. Front cover was laid on top and the enclosure tabs were snapped shut one by one. The case was definitely created PERFECTLY for the Ipad Air. The openings for the camera, speaker, earplug, etc. were just the right size in just the right location. My Ipad had a full body screen protector adhered which may have added some millimeters of extra thickness. This made the last couple of tabs to require some extra pressure to snap shut. Without a full body screen protector, I believe the case would have snapped shut without any problems. The rubber sleeve was then placed back on. Installation completed in about 5 minutes.

<<[Resizing the Leather Strap]>>

After installing the Gladiator, i read the instruction manual on resizing the leather strap. OH!! I have to remove the case to resize the strap. After letting out one tiny sigh, I diligently proceeded to remove the rubber sleeve, separate the front and back cover, and remove the ipad. Straps can be adjusted to 3 sizes. It arrives fully extended to its maximum size. After shortening the strap to the smallest size, I inserted my hand to test the feel. It still felt loose, but better than the default size. It would have felt more secure and comfortable if the strap was shortened some more.

**For females or people, in general, with small hands, it would be nicer if the straps could be adjusted to a smaller circumference. If the case design allots for only two hole locations per side, it would be nice if the case comes with two different strap lengths that can be interchanged to allow for more variations in sizing to accomodate both the extremes in the large and small hand categories.

**Another suggestion to improve upon the case design is to allow the straps to be adjustable without removing the case. If it can be adjusted with the gladiator still intact and covering the tablet inside. This would be greatly beneficial if a husband and wife who share the tablet have super large and super small hands, respectively, such as my family. This way, the straps can be easily adjusted without uninstalling the case between the different users.

<<[360 Rotation and Stand]>>

At first, I didn't know how much force I needed to use to rotate the case in fear of breaking something so I wasn't able to rotate it during my first 2 attempts. I thought I was applying the right amount of pressure, but the case would not budge. After trusting the quality and build of the product, I added more strength and it rotated well without any issue. When holding the tablet, having it in the 45 degree angle made it the most ergonomically comfortable position. The stand is metallic and feels strong. Make sure the tablet is in the orientation you want it to be in before pulling out the stand.

<<[Finished Look]>>

The case did not add that much weight to the tablet. While maintaining the lightness, the case still looks and feels and IS a high quality, rugged product that I can really see it effectively protecting my ipad should I accidentally drop it or splatter coffee.

The clear plastic screen cover sticks to my screen protector here and there, so I see "spots". I do not know if this would not be an issue if I did not have a screen protector already stickered onto my ipad. The touch sensor still works great through the clear plastic cover. The clear plastic cover doesn't lie perfectly on top of the ipad screen. It is slightly lifted up from the ipad screen at the periphery. For this reason, when I touch that area I hear the sound of the plastic cover moving, similar to a popping sound. It also reflects some minimal amount of light. Because I have only had this case for 4 days, I do not know how long the clear plastic screen cover will last. ** It would be extremely nice if the clear plastic cover can be replaced.

I especially like the ease of locating and pressing the volume and home buttons. Switching the mute/rotate button was not difficult. The rubber flaps covering and protecting the charging area and earjack was the right size and depth.
This is a highly protective case that balances functionality and aesthetics with a modern and stylish design.


It is used primarily at school to take notes. After lugging around my 17" alienware for a year, I decided to get something more portable. Since the ipad will be carried around and used in various settings, the Gladiator proved to be the perfect solution. I can use it sitting at a desk or standing up. I can even use it while walking or even jogging.

I even received many interests and compliments regarding this case from colleagues.
(Posted on 3/14/14)
Great product Review by Lannie
So I have been using the New Trent Gladius IPAD Air Case for several days now and I have to say I like it. First off the packaging was done very well and easy to get into. Taking a minute and read the instructions will save yourself some time in the long run when it comes to actually putting your IPAD in the case. There is a nice rubber cover/bumper system that fits around the case offering protection that removes easily to allow access to the case.
The case is a hard plastic with clips on the sides and tops that allow for the top and bottom to clip together and do so quite securely. The top cover has a clear plastic touch cover that will cover your IPAD to help protect the face. The IPAD fits nicely in the back cover and the top again securely clips over the laptop to the bottom cover. Putting your rubber protective cover back on is pretty simple and you are done. BUT…you may want to check the tension in the leather strap first before putting the case together because the strap adjustments are in the inside of the back cover. And while I am talking about that the strap adjustment was very easy to use and again feels very secure.
Now that the case is together the unit as a whole feels very secure and solid. Nothing feels cheap about this case. The case offers port openings for access to all the connections on the IPAD and has a rubber cover over the HOME button. Turning the cover over shows the leather strap and a brushed alloy stand that is mounted in the cover. The leather strap is a nice addition and gives your hand something to slide into to help secure your IPAD during usage. The built in stand can be a little tough to get to come out the first few times but once you do it again seems very secure and firm. The leather strap and stand are in a swivel section that allow you to use them in either landscape or portrait mode. Again this is a really nice feature. I am a musician and use my IPAD on gigs to access a mixer to be able to set levels for instruments and vocals. This case suits this purpose extremely well as you can see from the included pictures. Again, the cover holds the IPAD securely even while I touch the screen repeatedly to change settings.
Overall I give the unit a 5 out of 5. It does exactly what it is designed to do.
(Posted on 3/13/14)
User friendly protection Review by Rob
This review is for the New Trent Gladius Air heavy duty protective case for the iPad Air. As stated in the product description, this is for water and dust resistance, not water/dust proof. It is shipped in an attractive box with simple, but effective instructions. The accompanying illustrations are very helpful.

The unit arrives in its completed configuration, with instructions for disassembly. Take your time, read the instructions and be patient. It isn't difficult, but hurrying through could lead to possible damage. The advantage to taking it apart to install the iPad lies in having an idea how to reassemble the unit. Care and attention to detail will result in a very nice protective case.

There are three parts to the unit- the thermoplastic case in which the iPad resides, the clear film cover sheet in its frame, and the flexible TPU outer shell that covers the iPad/frame section. Once fully installed I found the completed unit secure, the port covers snug in their places and not an unusual amount of increased size and weight. As stated before, this case is for everyday protection from the hazards of daily life such as splashes, wind blown dust, etc. The earphone, power switch and USB ports have covers that open for access; the volume switch is fully covered and the camera lenses and speakers are open at all times. Hence, this is not a water/dust proof case, but will give much more protection than a silicon or hard plastic case alone.

I have an after market screen protector on my iPad, so I was interested in the sensitivity of the clear film layer. To my delight there was no loss of any touch sensitivity to the screen. All motions performed as expected. All buttons and switches were easily accessible and functioned normally.

On the back of the unit is a leather strap through which you can place your hand to aid in holding the Gladius. This strap also allows you to rotate the iPad in your hand to portrait or movie orientations. The strap is adjustable before assembling the unit. Again, read the instructions fully, first, to avoid unnecessarily needing to take it apart. I did find I needed to use a small screwdriver to lift the strap from its anchor, so be careful. And press firmly all around the strap pegs to seat the strap end. That done, it was very secure. And, conversely, you could totally remove the strap if you wish.

Under the strap is a fold out stand that allows the Gladius to sit in portrait or movie mode on a desktop. The first time I deployed it I needed to gently use a screwdriver to raise it, but every attempt after that was done using a finger/thumbnail. Using the stand would allow the use of a standalone keyboard for writing that novel you've been putting off.

With the ease of installing/removing the Gladius I will be using it whenever I take my iPad outdoors, knowing it's protected from bumps, drops, getting caught in a shower, etc. My current silicon case has just be relegated to the back of the closet. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Amazing durable case, and the perfect protection for your Ipad. Review by Vikas
To begin with, New Trent Gladius Air for Ipad, I loved the packaging of the Ipad Case, its sleek and neat.
The first impression is, if anybody has used the Otterbox case for iphones, this is just the same for Ipad.

The cover is very nicely laid out, and something different and uncommon is the leather holder behind the case is very cleverly placed and it brings out a very different look to the whole ipad case. Which in my opinion and my friends opinion is very handy to use, and as advertised, it comes with 360 degree swivel.

So, this case comes with double layered protection - inner hard shell cover, and outside with a soft rubberized cover, which sits very elegantly on the edges of the ipad on top, and at one look its difficult to say that this case is double packed. Because the case assembles very clean and as one.
And not to forget this case comes with a built in screen protector, which is like you get a complete package.

Again, this overall case is so protective, and another good choice of cover especially if you are clumsy, and have kids at home, like me. I like to surf and work when I am having dinner, or breakfast, and my sticky fingers mess the ipad screen which my wife never liked, but given the flexibility i have no choice. But with this, its protective case, is so easy to clean and wipe with no marks what so ever.
And this is what my friend loved the most, he has a 3 yr old and could give the ipad to the 3 yrs old without worrying about the scratches or drop. - The best.

The ipad air is fully functional with the case on, and absolutely no loss of touch sensitivity on the ipad air with the screen protector. Excellent finish and perfect fit.

Pros of this cover -
Great protection for iPad Air, just like otterbox case for iphones.
All ports are easily access and have a flap that protects them
Good Screen protector, and touch responsiveness not hindered.
Leather strap to carry the case around
Back metallic stand, can be used to position in Landscape or Portrait modes.
Tried the mic and the camera, works perfectly with the cover on – no loss of sound or reception of voice at the other end.
Had a screen protector on Ipad and then put on this case, and it works perfectly (The recommendation is to remove the screen case if any, but I think its not necessary).
All buttons are responsive and no issues of any sort, and the best its all neatly hidden with flaps.
Overall great design and perfectly fits the Ipad Air.

& Cons -

The stand is difficult to pull out, and is very hard.
The case is difficult to put on, but I wouldn’t mind it much, unless you change the case often.
Leather strap to carry the case around should have been adjustable from outside, right now you can only adjust it before putting the case on the ipad. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Good solid case especially for those that hold their iPads alot Review by Jeremy
The case feels solid, but thankfully not overly "heavy". For me one of
the pluses with the new iPad Air is the light wait so I am always
hesitant to put it in anything that takes that away too much. Getting
the iPad into the case takes a little more time the first time when you
aren't 100% sure how easy it should open so I was careful with opening
the case, but after the first go round you could get in out and in the
case in just a couple of minutes. This case is water resistant so it
wraps around and covers the various openings of the iPad Air.

I was happy to see the screen cover wasn't too "loose" so when you
touched the screen you felt like the cover wasn't there and it responded
like normal. It did seem like the screen would attract dust faster then
without a cover on the screen, but it wipes off easy enough.

The case comes with a pull out stand in the back. For folks with fatter
fingers or short nails it takes some getting used to being able to pull
out the stand without much effort, but my kids didn't have any problem,
just my fat fingers didn't get into the opening as easily to pull it
out. I also would have like two heights/angles for the stand because
sometimes I wanted the screen back a little more. Having tried a
variety of cases though I thought this stand felt the most sturdy. So
when it was up and on a table and I was actively pressing the screen the
iPad never felt like it was going to fall down and often that is my
complaint with cases with stands - they are great to set it up and watch
something, but you would constantly be setting it back up if if you
pressed the screen as it would fall down and this case did not have that
issue for me. I liked the case with a stand but not a keyboard attached
as I like to have my keyboard not right up against the case so this has
worked well for me with my stand alone bluetooth keyboards.

The other big feature for this case is the leather strap along the back,
The good is that the strap is very nice and sturdy and looks like it
could take a beating. I found holding the iPad with my hand through the
strap to be VERY comfortable and I never felt like I was going to drop
it. This was more comfortable for me when I used my iPad standing up or
just sitting on the couch then holding it by hand(and also keeps your
hand from getting in the way of the screen as well) The negative to me
is that with the strap the case won't lay on a desk well - this
shouldn't be a surprise given the case comes with a strap, but I think
you need to figure out how you like to use your iPad to see if that
works for you or not. For friends of mine in their jobs this would be
perfect, for me I often like having it flat on my desk so it wasn't
ideal, but that isn't a flaw with the case, just a feature that you
either want or don't(note you can take the strap off the case, but you
can't quickly put it on and off so you need to decide if you want it on
or not.)

Overall this case was a good quality case that adds a layer of
protection from water(aka coffee spills) that is nice and especially if
you are the type of person who works in a way where the back strap would
be useful(or at least not get in the way) a case someone should
consider (Posted on 3/7/14)
Protective and Functional Case for Outdoor and On-the-Go Use of the iPad Air Review by Todd
I ordered the New Trent Gladius Air iPad case for my iPad Air. All components of the case were present in the packaging, and instructions were included for how to install the iPad in the case. After taking some time to figure out how to pull the case apart from itself per the instructions (hint: fold back the rubber on the edges of the case), installing the iPad Air in the case was simple. It fits snugly and feels secure. All buttons are covered with open spots for the camera, microphone, and speakers. The headphone port and charging port are both covered by rubber flaps that remain in place well but are also easily pulled back. The screen is covered with a thin piece of plastic that sits close to the screen.

Because of the design of the case, use of the iPad Air remains easy, though there is a little bit of "mushiness" due to the way the protective plastic sits on the screen. The case obviously adds to the weight of the iPad, but the tradeoff in weight is made up for in protection. I haven't felt like dropping the iPad to test it out, but it looks and feels like the case would protect the iPad if it's dropped. The hand strap on the back is helpful for holding the iPad with one hand free to use it. Underneath the hand strap is a stand, which is part of a swiveling piece of the case that can rotate 360º and lock in at every 45º. This is helpful for the hand strap but only helpful for the stand at every 90º. The stand is very secure and folds tightly out of the way, though it can be a little difficult to pull out.

This case best suits those who use their iPad in environments where total coverage and sturdy protection is important, including situations in which the iPad is being carried and used frequently outside or while standing. It can function well in an office or coffee shop environment, though other cases probably would suit those uses better by limiting the weight of the case, leaving the ports accessible, and, perhaps, providing a keyboard. For its purpose, I give this case a rating of 4 stars with the loss of a star due to the minor "mushiness" of the screen protector and the slight difficulty in pulling out the stand. Otherwise, the functionality of the case is very good and it's protectiveness is great. (Posted on 3/6/14)
Great, rugged case. Review by Katie
The New Trent Gladius Air case compares favorably to Otterbox defender series cases. It has a similar design with dual hard plastic shell with built in screen protector which snaps together over the iPad, followed by a soft, rubbery outer case for extra shock absorption. For those of us who are a bit klutzy in daily life, this is a must. The plastic bezel is raised above the screen, so the iPad falling on its face is less likely to result in a screen crack - although I wouldn't try too hard to test this. The built in screen protector is crystal clear and doesn't detract from the retina display or dull the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

I like that the camera openings have screen protectors, unlike my Otterbox phone case, preventing inadvertent lens scratches and grime buildup. I also like that the case has a rubber flap covering the home button in addition to the charger port and microphone buttons, preventing moisture and dirt from entering most of the openings in the iPad shell. This makes it convenient for use outdoors in rainy conditions and for use in the kitchen or bathroom where splashes are hard to avoid (also great for keeping kids from grinding food or dirt into any of the delicate parts of the device.) I like to use while cooking, and have splattered egg and oil on it once or twice, which wouldn't be a problem with this case at all.

The speaker and microphone cut outs are well designed, although I haven't tested too much in the way of mic quality as I don't make many calls or recordings from the iPad, and when I do I usually use Bluetooth headphones. The speaker retains it's volume and quality without sounding muffled or distorted.

The stand holds the iPad in both horizontal and vertical directions without feeling wobbly or tipping over on a table, and works fine horizontally on a soft surface like a bed or lap, but vertically not so well.

Downsides: Heavy, but that is the price of heavy duty protection, and the well made leather strap is excellent but doesn't tighten enough for small hands to feel secure. Could use one more set of holes on at least one side. The machining on the backside of the stand is a little rough but nothing worth being upset over.

Bonus: the finger lift portion of the metal stand makes a perfect bottle opener.

All in all, for a secure, portable and kid friendly case this is a bargain and every bit as high quality as the Otterbox. For uses that don't require a keyboard for extra typing I definitely recommend it.
(Posted on 3/5/14)
Durable and protective case that is very functional in a retail and home environment Review by Ralph
I recently got this case for my IPad Air to use in my store and for personal use. Most of my usage involves showing employees and customers applications on my IPad. This case is very protective and the strap really helps when I am using it to showcase a product or website out on the sales floor. For home use, the strap comes in handy when I do Facetime with friend and family. I am also thrilled that I didn't have to spend extra money on a screen protector because the Gladius comes with one built in. The case is very durable and was easy to put on my IPad. I am also glad that it has a metal stand that can display the screen in a portrait or landscape. The only con I have found is that I wish the strap was a bit tighter or maybe even adjustable. I am glad though that it's made out of leather and not canvas or a cheaper material.

Durability~ 5
Protectiveness of the IPad~ 5
Usability and Productiveness~ 5
Design~ 5
Cost ~ 5
Weight~ 5 (Posted on 3/4/14)
Convenient Case Review by Jon
This case, although not waterproof, is quite convenient. I like the leather handle. I use the kick stand feature with clients in a business setting. The unit seems sturdy and protects the IPD. I can connect a blue tooth keyboard when necessary. Somehow some dust particles got between the IPad screen and the clear plastic cover, but with a quick disassembly I was able to clean both items. The original instructions could have been clearer for a non geek. (Posted on 3/1/14)
Great Product.. 2 thumbs up! Review by Sean

From the moment I opened the box, I knew this product was well built. It has an elegant design, that doesn’t even tell you the amount of damage it can take. It is very exclusive in its design, and it looks very professional. The leather strap on the back of the swivel is real leather! Not something cheep and it’s great to the touch.


This product is built to last, and to protect your iPad against drops. When reviewing lectures, I like to hold my iPad and walk around. Numerous times I have dropped my iPad, with tis product on, but it has protected it every time. It looks like an otter box, only better. In my opinion the otter box has great durability but isn’t aesthetically appealing. This product on the other hand, is aesthetically appealing and VERY durable.


I have used this product for some time. The screen protector is such a great advantage. It doesn’t take away from your ability to take notes on PDF’s and is perfect to the touch. I didn’t have to push any harder through the plastic screen protector to select or write notes on my iPad. It is durable; it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, you can swivel this thing 360 degrees, giving you the flexibility that you might want. Other products are generally either at a 90-degree or a 180-degree with no rotation, this case I could rotate to any position I wanted.


I would rate this product 10/10. As a student, I needed something like this and I am very happy with my purchase. It does exactly what I want from a case, and its flexibility is bar none. Thanks to the designers and the company for putting up such a good product. Their hard work is truly transparent with this product. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Does the job very well Review by Glenn
I have quite a few covers for my iPad Air, but the Gladius is the first I've used so far that provides a safe and secure feeling for me and the protection for my tablet that I've wanted for what was a very important purchase. And it manages to achieve both without adding very much weight or bulkiness to the Air. The combination of a total inner hard-shell cover (including built-in screen protector) and a soft rubberized outer cover encases my Air with a couple layers of coverage. And it works. What also works is the added leather hand loop and its rotating attachment which makes holding and using my iPad for long periods of time a lot more comfortable. It's a great plus, as is the metal pop-out stand which makes using my Air with a wireless keyboard a nice, compact writing setup. All in all, the Gladius case is a good choice for a useful accessory for the Air. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Good protection and very useful! Review by Elizabeth
I found the Gladius Air iPad Case to be very well made. I didn't test how waterproof/resistant it is but other than that I'm quite pleased with the level of protection.
The strap is quite a useful addition, allowing one to use the iPad while walking around doing such things as taking notes, giving presentations or checking information. All without concern for the possibility of dropping it. The strap's position can be changed by rotating the stand.
Since it can be rotated, the stand can be used in various configurations allowing for maximum freedom of use. However, the magnet holding the stand flat against the unit when not being used, is very powerful making it a bit difficult to pull the stand out. Using two fingers instead of just one helped make it easier to release but I ran a ribbon through the loop making it easier still to release the stand.
Overall, I feel the case to be a very worthwhile purchase. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Excellent case with protection Review by Eddie
This case is great. It is really easy to take apart and put the parts of the case together to protect your iPad air. I really feel my iPad feels really protected. The padding inside the case assures me that my iPad won’t get scratched while inside the case. It does real well with the dust. I really love the strap. It fits perfect right out of the case. I wanted it more snug and t is great that it can be adjusted. I love that you can rotate it and use it in portrait or landscape mode. Literally fits like a glove and feels safe in your hands. It is perfect when I am trying to show someone something on my iPad. My hand doesn’t get in the screens way anymore. I am comfortable letting my son use it knowing it is protected. He dropped it one time and expected the worse. Only thing I am having trouble with is the stand. It doesn’t latch back on to stay put. It just stays popped out. No big deal but that is the only problem I encountered with it. I can use all the buttons with no problem and access the earphone port as well. Highly recommend this case! (Posted on 2/27/14)
Industrial Strength Case with Convenient Stand Review by Ryan
This iPad case goes a different route then the so called clamshell ones with keyboards. A case that offers an adjustable strap for easy hand holding, with an even better stand built in. Splash proof, dust proof, and durable, the iPad will be safe inside this case. Warning, once the iPad is inside the case, life is great. But that initial process can be difficult, and unless the screen is perfectly clean you won't be able to easily clean the inside of it.

Strong, protective case
Splash proof, dust proof
Feels better than an OtterBox
Touch sensitivity is fantastic through the screen protector.

Difficult first step-up

Overall, once the iPad is inside the case, everything is perfect. But make sure you set the strap, clean both screens, and are have everything perfect before sealing. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Protective and Elegant iPad Air Case Review by Becky
Excellent protection for iPad Air (comparable to Otterbox)
Screen protector doesn't affect functionality of screen
All ports easily accessible and buttons work well
Leather strap convenient when carrying iPad
Leather strap adjustable for people with smaller hands
Stand can be rotated 360 degrees (Can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode)

Stand difficult to pull out
Case difficult to take off and put on

This case is good for people who travel, teachers, and clumsy people who want something secure to keep their iPad Air in. I found the case to be most useful when using with or near children. Another good use is when watching videos as the stand provides an optimum viewing angle. I would recommend this product to others. (Posted on 2/26/14)
The Gladius Air is an Excellent Case Review by shelley
I used my iPad Air to test the Gladius Air Protective Case. I had my iPad in the Airbender Pro and transferred it to the Gladius. The clips on the Air Bender's hard plastic case feel slightly flimsy, like they will break if you remove the iPad too many times. This is not the case with the Gladius. The clips on the hard protective case on the Gladius seem much sturdier and also come apart much easier and go back together much easier. The port covers on the rubber outer shell are much sturdier and don't feel like the will fall off after several uses. The rubber outer shell has places on its edge that make it extra non slip and easier to hold. This case does not come with a blue tooth keyboard. When you disconnect the Airbender's bluetooth keyboard from the iPad case and compare its weight to the Gladius, the Gladius seems a little lighter, yet just as protective. The covering over the iPad's speakers on the Gladius allows more sound through than the Airbender. The Gladius has an adjustable high quality leather strap that easily rotates 360 degrees and allows the iPad to be held effortlessly and easily. It also has a metal stand that folds out so the iPad can be stood up horizontally or vertically. The metal stand is very sturdy and doesn't accidentally fold up on its own when you type something on the iPad. The Gladius comes with a built in screen protector. The screen protector on the Gladius makes the iPad more responsive to touch than the Airbender. Overall, this case is an improvement to the Airbender since it seems sturdier and more protective. I would like to see a completely water tight case. It has rained and snowed a lot lately. I perform Human Resources and Payroll functions for a company that operates 24/7. I am constantly working off the clock on my days off and I use my iPad. I also use it when I'm waiting outside for a ride home from work. It would be helpful to be able to use my iPad outside in inclement weather while I wait. It also would be really neat to be able to put an adapter on the back of the Gladius and attach the Airbender's bluetooth keyboard to the Gladius. Also, since the built in screen protector is very thin, it would be really nice if the Gladius had a protective covering that could be snapped on when putting the tablet in a bag or just simply carrying the tablet. Or the screen protector could be made thicker and more impact resistant, and yet still maintain the iPad's responsiveness to touch. The Gladius' hard plastic shell and rubber outer shell come on and off very easily. I didn't break any nails. This case is perfect for any office environment. It won't slip on your desk and will protect the iPad from liquids that are spilled. It would also be good for construction companies that provide their employees with tablets. It would provide just the proper amount of protection. I would give the Gladius a rating of 4 out of 5 since no product is absolutely perfect. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Great case to have your hands on Review by Houtan
This is the review for the New Trent Air: NT611GR
The New Trent Gladius Air is a
great case if you want to hold your iPad Air in your hand while you read, play
games, watch something, etc. The strap
on the back is strong and does not feel like it will tear anytime soon. The case is dust proof, so you will not have
small particles go in between your iPad’s screen and the built in screen
protector. The only thing that I noticed
on this case that was a problem for me was the strap on the back. The strap on the back is a little big
(loose). I am a 25 year old man and have
average size hands and I found a way to keep my hand from going all the way
through. Rest the strap on your knuckles
and grab onto the circular portion on the back of the case. That will prevent the case from
For many people who claim that this
case is hard to put on and take off, I have the New Trent Airbender Pro and it
is pretty much the same method. On the
right side of the case, you will notice two arrows. That will slide right off and with a little
work, the rest can come off too (make sure you take the little tabs out (silent
option, microphone spot, and the power spot)).

- Protective case - Keeps your iPad clear of dust
and is drop proof (don’t go dropping it down on purpose though).
- Built in screen protector.
- 360 degree turn radius on the back.
- Kickstand on the back to have the iPad stand up
while working on it.
- Also on the kickstand, it looks like there is a
bottle opener, which is a nifty feature to include on this case.
- The leather strap on the back is a little big,
but with a little use, you will get used to using this product.

I am extremely satisfied with this product and will rate it
a 5/5. It is a great case to have if you
choose to read a book, check emails, or watch a movie.
***This case will only work for the iPad Air, not any
previous generations*** (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great iPad case offering complete protection Review by Howard
To whom it may concern - this is my official review of the New Trent Gladius Air - Protective Case for iPad Air (NT611GR).

Package arrived quickly and I inspected the item to make sure it was all in working order and not damaged during shipping. Case looked very sturdy and well made and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a well constructed item.

I took the case apart to place my iPad Air and this proved very simple to do. There is a rubber shell on the outside and a plastic shell inside to house the iPad. Once situated in place and rubber cover attached the iPad is completely enclosed and protected from outside elements. The case is very light and protects the iPad from accidental drops. All ports are easily accessible and case provides protective covers for ports while not in use.

The case has a leather strap on the back to allow the user to hold iPad while on the move. This item proves especially useful in my line of work, allowing me the freedom of moving around and multitasking while I am able to use my iPad to take notes, write reports, etc...

The only thing I would like to mention on the strap is that it is made for larger hands, an individual with a smaller hand might find it challenging to use the strap to allow for a secure grip of the unit.

Finally, the case has a metal stand that can be used to station the iPad on a table or desk allowing for viewing of movies, surfing the web, or video conferencing via FaceTime. One thing I would like to mention on the stand is, when in the closed position it sometimes opens on its own. The locking mechanism does not seem to clasp 100% and this causes the stand to pop out on occasion. This is a minor issue and does diminish my experience with the product in the least. Just felt I needed to point out for future development.

Overall the unit is very nice and functional, and highly recommended for individuals who use their iPad over 50% of their day.

Lightweight design.
Rugged protection against dirt, water, and accidental drops or bumps.
Leather strap for using on the go and multitasking.
Metal stand for table top use.
Overall iPad complete protection in a useful functional case.

Leather strap made for larger hands, might be an issue for individual with smaller size.
Metal Stand latch does not clasp 100% when closed, occasionally opens while in use (minor).

On a grading scale I feel the case is 5 out of 5, providing exceptional protection to the iPad and allowing mobile users a great experience on the go...

Howard (Posted on 2/21/14)
Best Keyboardless Case Review by Dan
This case is excellent for someone who travels a lot and uses their iPad Air on the
go. It’s very lightweight and keeps your device safe. When you’re looking at
cases without keyboards, you want to stay minimal with the proper protection, and
New Trent delivers on this. I was able to test this case with my Ipad Air for
over a week. Since we had some wild weather I brought it out with me. First,
light rain will trickle off the screen and not penetrate the Air. This is good because that’s usually what I
run into when commuting. Of course drowning the Air in water would ruin it even
with the case on. It has port seals, but not submersible. The leather strap and kick stand are
excellent and necessary features to utilize the air. You may find some difficulty removing the Air
from the case and pulling the kick Stand, but these are certainly not deal
breakers. This case is solid and durable enough for all the obstacles you run into. (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great Quality Product Review by Doug
Right from the box you can tell that this product is well designed and of
high quality. Having a team working for me that works in a warehouse
setting, I like the fact that the outer body of the case is water
resistant, dirt and shock proof. I wanted to use this case in conjunction
with an iPad Air to do cycle counting and sales orders in our warehouse.
The leather handle on the back of this case was what intrigued me about
this product. I needed a case that would offer full protection for the
iPad Air as well as offer the ability to hold it securely with one hand
while typing in the order with the other hand. This case fits that need
for me perfectly. After only minutes of use, we knew this case would work
for us.

I also found this case to be very helpful for me as a volleyball coach. I
keep stats on my iPad Air and now with this case I can hold it securely
with one hand, type in the stats, and still be very active coaching on the
sidelines. With the 360 degree swivel on the strap, it is easy to find a
comfortable hand position for viewing and typing.

The stand for the case was an unexpected bonus. Because it swivels, you
can prop up your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode, making it very
useful to use with a blue tooth keyboard, read a book, or watch a movie.

Even though this case offers complete protection and all the ports and
camera are covered, they are easily accessible for quick use.

I would recommend this case to anyone who uses their iPad 'on the move'.
It gives great protection and the ability to hold it securely.

I would rate this product 5 out of 5. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Definitely The Best Case I've Ever Owned! Review by John
The New Trent Gladius Air (NT611GR) iPad Case is definitely worth purchasing. I usually use my iPad Air on the go and I would worry that I'd drop it. Not with the New Trent Gladius Air! I am somewhat of a case junkie - I've been through a lot of them. I was looking for a case that could be held securely on the back during presentations at work. The major advantage that this case has is the awesome leather strap. Besides looking really nice and professional, it makes it possible to hold on to the iPad without the fear of dropping it. Just slide your hand into the adjustable strap and you're ready to go. Several other cases have loops or grips, but the handle on this case can swivel 360 degrees so I can always keep the iPad in the most comfortable and convenient position. The combination of thermoplastic hardshell body and elastic TPU ensures a secure fit for your iPad air to provide maximum protection. All ports and buttons remain accessible. The New Trent Gladius Air (NT611GR) has an integrated high-quality screen protector that keeps your screen protected from scratches. There's also a collapsible arm stand which allow you to stand the iPad up for viewing or to watch a movie. Perfect for use with the Bluetooth keyboard.

All in all, I'd say that the New Trent Gladius Air (NT611GR) iPad Case case is very sturdy and easy to use. It's better quality than a similar case put out by a different brand. I'd recommend it for anyone who needs to use their iPad Air on the go and is afraid of dropping it.
(Posted on 2/20/14)
Perfect case for the IT pro or anyone on the go. Love it for work in network closets Review by Andre
The New Trent Gladius Air - Protective Case for iPad Air (NT611GR) is a great way for any user to carry their case and have it easily available to work on. I work daily in network closets and the ability to work on my iPad is a must. The ability to hold my iPad in one hand and easily type on it without the fear of dropping it is paramount. The strap on the Gladius holds the iPad securely in both landscape and portriate mode. I have found that the ability to turn the handgrip and additional 45 degree to give a more “natural” hand hold is great for long use.

I can easily hold the iPad with one hand for long periods vs holding it “clamped” between the thumb and fingers where over a few minutes becomes unconformable. The leather can be easily be adjusted to 1 of 3 “lengths” for all sizes of hands. The case securely holds the iPad and protects against drops with both protective covering as well as a protective screen cover which does not hamper the touch screen sensitivity of the iPad.
I like that the case has covers over the charging and headphone ports as well as protections of the home button and volume buttons. Working in network closets as well as biohazard areas of my work this is very important to me. I can quickly wipe down the case with no fear that anything has reached the iPad itself. Any network engineer would quickly find this case with the intragrated handhold a must for work in network closets as well as any person that need to be able to move about while holding their iPad without fear of dropping it during normal use.

An additional feature of the Gladius case is that it contains a built-in stand for using the iPad on an desk or table, watching a movie or normal daily use when laying the ipad flat is not a “normal” use position.

Over all I rate the case a 5 in overall use, 4 in adding and removing the case from an iPad (only because of the multiple parts that go together to form a protective shell and rubber shock cover), 5 in ease of use in everyday enviorment where holding an iPad is essential and 4.5 on the stand as I find it slight hard to “activate”. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Amazing Case Review by Chris
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the box for the New Trent Gladius Air. This product is indeed heavy duty! The case has 3 different parts to it; a tough outer shell made of rubber, a top inner shell made out of hard plastic that has a built in screen protector, and a bottom inner shell that houses the iPad Air. It takes a moment to take it all apart and put it back together, but once the iPad is in the case, it is very well protected.

Here are a few things I really enjoy about this case. It is incredibly well made for a very reasonable price, feels like a $100-150 case for a fraction of that price. The built-in screen protector is something new to me, I have never seen this done before and I really like it! No issues with touch sensitivity or distortion of screen clarity and it also covers the front and back camera lenses. The leather strap on the back of the case feels high quality, it's adjustable, and it adds a style that makes me want to use this over any of my keyboard cases when I am on the go. There is a stand that comes out from the back of the case that is adjustable as well so you can prop the iPad up in landscape or portrait view while you use it. If you have a blue tooth keyboard, you can still use it with this case at a table or another flat surface.

The biggest complaint I have with this case is that it is missing a cloth to whip down the built-in screen protector with. The screen protector is kind of a dust magnet, so I would suggest that when you put the iPad in this case you should be in an area that is clear of dust. Other than that, the only other complaint I have is that the case can take some time to take apart and put back together. These issues are minimal if you plan on keeping your iPad in this case for long periods of time.

Overall I am impressed with this case, I tend to use keyboard cases more than regular cases, but this has definitely changed my mind. If you would like a well built case that is stylish and can protect your iPad without breaking your wallet; Look at this case, you will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5 (Posted on 2/20/14)
A must have for those who don't want a keyboard case. Review by Shawn
This review is for the NewTrent Gladius Air (NT611GR) heavy duty case for the Apple iPad Air (will not fit any other versions). As usually, the NT611GR comes packaged in a thin and light NewTrent box. The product dimensions are 26cm long, 19cm wide, and about 1cm high. I’ve used this on my Apple iPad Air 64gb WiFi + Cellular (AT&T).

It’s so hard to find a SINGLE iPad case that does EVERYTHING you need it to do. I own a NewTrent Airbender Air keyboard case that has been great because when I don’t need the keyboard there is an iPad backing that pops off that will still protect the back of my iPad. I was still looking for a case that would protect my whole iPad, while allowing me to use a kickstand for landscape and portrait viewing. I came across the NT611GR and figured I would give it a try since I love my other NewTrent products. Boy am I glad I purchased this.

This case is advertised as a durable and spill-proof case and that is exactly what it is. The case combines hard plastic with a flexible rubber backing/sides, in addition to a built-in screen protector! My iPad is literally protected in every way. It is important to note that this is not 100% waterproof like other iPad cases. Although all of the ports are sealed for protection (but accessible), the speaker ports are opened so if you fully submerged your iPad in water (not sure why you would) it would still be damaged. This case is good at protecting if you spilled a soda on the screen, for instance. It also reduces the amount, if any, damage that can occur from dropping it.

Getting your iPad in and out of the two layers I actually found to be slightly challenging. First, you have to peel away the outer rubber shell that is locked into grooves. This part is actually fairly easy. Doing this allows you to expose the hard inner plastic that the iPad is encased in. This hard outer case is held together by 10 male/female clips. These clips are pretty tight and hard to get going. Once you get one side un-clipped then the process gets easier. Snapping it back together is a synch, but then putting the outer rubber grip back on and aligning all of the port seals also takes some finagiling. All in all, it’s not that hard and it’s certainly not a deal breaker – you know this thing is durable with the effort it takes!

On the back of the case there is a hand strap that rotates 360*. The strap is made out of leather and allows you to adjust the size of the strap. I like the strap to be tight fitting, so I adjusted it from the factory setting (loosest) to my preferred dimensions. Adjusting the strap is pretty easy to do once you remove the outer rubber shell and then get inside the two pieces of the inner hard shell. The instructions that come with the NT611GR are very easy to follow. Also on the back just under the strap there is the kick-stand that is tucked away inside the contraption that rotates 360*. The NewTrent manual says to “gently lift the stand out with the finger latch.” I’m not sure if I have a defective case or I am not doing it properly, but this stand is actually very difficult to open! In fact, it leaves an indent in my finger because I am pressing so hard and it takes a few minutes for the indent to go away. I found the culprit to be a small magnet in the center that holds the stand down. Hopefully over time this magnet will wear out and become easier to open. This is really one of my only real complaints with the case.

On the front, NewTrent has included a plastic cover that is fused to the front of the case shell. It is fused all the way around so if you spill fluid on the front of the screen it won’t penetrate the case (I tested this and it worked flawlessly). It is important to note that if you already have a screen protector (I had an InvisibleShield) on your iPad, it won’t work very well if you leave it inside. Your iPad will still fit, however the NewTrent plastic will actually stick to the screen protector and caused a funky distortion of the screen. It almost looks like there is water trapped between the iPad and the plastic cover. Needless to say, I removed my InvisibleShield which was a bummer because when I take it out of the NT611GR to put into my keyboard case, I won’t have a screen protector. Another item I would like to see changed with the screen is a way to reduce the finger prints. I loved the InvisibleShield because I pretty much could never see fingerprints. With this case, fingerprints are obvious. Additionally, the plastic cover is very shiny and has horrible light glare with sunlight. I was almost blinded the other day on the couch when the sun was setting and went through the windows. It hit my iPad just right to go into my eyes. I never had that problem with the InvisibleShield case. I would either like to see these improvements with the plastic cover, or for NewTrent to make an identical case, just without the plastic cover so I can use my own screen protector.

Aside from that, I absolutely love this case. I foresee a long and happy life with this case. Because of the kick stand (minor) and the plastic screen cover issues, I would give this case a 4 out of 5. Fix the screen issues at a minimum and I give it a 5!
(Posted on 2/20/14)
A must have case to protect your iPad investment Review by kevin
The Gladius Air affords a great deal of protection without adding a GREAT deal of weight. It does add heft, but I cannot see a protective case that won't add that weight to the object. I love the "smartcase" my wife bought me with it, but it really affords no protection at all and I was very reticent to bring my ipad to the beach or pool I will NOT be so reticent with the new Gladius case,

The sleeve fits perfectly and covers all the openings though I do wish there was some soft of protective flap over the speakers. I know that could be an issue of annoyance to some, but if you're buying the case as protection, that does remain the Achilles Heel as water could get in there but even that is a minor issue given the solid protection the case provides.

The sound, however, seems to be enhanced by the case very nicely.

The camera slots are fine, the home button is easily pressed and the screen protector only took two or three presses to get used to the slight additional pressure necessary with it. I've even played some games now and the pressure necessary is fine and not a downside.

I love the stand, it is great for watching things, reading a recipe from, and for using with a bluetooth keyboard, the strap adds security when carrying and makes taking panoramic shots and video much easier

Overall thoughts, a real winner, the best case I've seen for my iPad Air. (Posted on 2/20/14)
This product makes the grade for a high-quality iPad Air Case Review by Don
Having the opportunity to try this case out I have found this to be of a pretty solid design. It lives up to expectations with the rugged, grip-friendly feel to the case, the cut-outs and protective rubberized covers for the headphone jack, lightning bolt port, and lock control switch. The built-in screen protector shines with its exceptional touch-sensitive response and interaction with the iPad Air's touch screen. I was worried at first with the touch-sensitivity as I already had installed a screen protector on my iPad Air's screen surface. I was pleasantly amazed to find that made no difference at all and this case did not diminish the ability to respond to user-to-screen interaction. The built-in home button extension interacts flawlessly with the underlying home button on the device. The same holds true for the power and volume controls. You will also find clear protection screens for both front and rear cameras. Based on the design of this case, it appears to live up to its touted capability to protect your device from intrusion of dust, moderate liquid splashes/spills and moderate drops or falls. The construction seems solid and comprehensive in terms of providing adequate, reasonable protection to your iPad Air.

A couple of things to be aware of is that when opening the arm stand, you need to follow the enclosed instructions to a "T" or you might find your finger getting a bit sore attempting to unlatch it due to the magnet holding it in place. The direction you pull it when unlatching it and where you put your finger on it while doing so is critical. Also, don't do like me and wait until you disassemble the case, put your iPad Air in it and reassemble it before checking the adjustable leather strap to see if it favorably fits your hand. If you wait until then, and the strap doesn't fit to your liking, you will find you have to completely disassemble the case and remove your iPad Air to readjust to strap. Do yourself a big favor: check the leather strap's fit to your hand after Step 2 in the instructions and you will save yourself a re-run of Steps 1-5 (the step-by-step process of taking the case apart and putting it back together again with your iPad Air in it).
(Posted on 2/19/14)
Really sweet iPad case lightweight Review by Carmen
I really like the case because it is great protection for the iPad and it's super lightweight. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because I feel the kickstand is a little hard to get to open because do the magnet they use to hold it from moving freely but I don't seem to us the stand enough for it to be a major problem and I like the fact that you can rotate it while it's in you're hand if there is something you need to show someone instead of them creeping over your shoulder. I would totally recommend this to a friend. All and all I'm very pleased with the case. (Posted on 2/19/14)
I Like it Review by Samantha
I tested the I Pad Air, 32 GB with this product.

Q.What were the results?
A. At First when opening the product the tabs on the outer edge to open the device were difficult to open. I was afraid I was going to break it. Once I opened it, it was easy to apply and snap onto the I Pad Air. After applying the product to my I Pad Air there was some air pockets in between the screen and the screen protector on the product. I thought after a while the air would get pushed out and go away but after waking up the next morning the air pockets have gathered in the middle and became more noticeable then before. I could still use my I pad air and everything seemed to be working, it was more annoying than anything. I even tried opening the case and reapplying it but that seemed to make it worse. It makes it appear as though there are bubbles on the screen. I did not see this problem going away and it really was annoying. I tested the metal kick stand in the back of the case and seeing that there was a small tab to pull I tried pulling it. When I pulled it, it was stiff and difficult to open at first. I then realized that the reason why it was hard to get open was because there was a magnet strip holding the kickstand in place. This magnet made the kickstand strong and I knew it was not going to slide around or open on its own. When testing the swivel I tried turning the swivel with the kickstand and that was very difficult to do. I pushed the kickstand in and I then tried turning it with the strap and that was much easier to turn than trying to swivel it with the kickstand.

Q.When/where did you find the product(s) to be the most useful and suitable to your own needs?
A. This product is very useful for travel. I travel a lot and I need something that is very durable and going to fit where I put it and not break on me. The leather strap on the back is quality made and I enjoy carrying my I Pad Air around like that. I like the swivel so that you can turn the leather strap any way you want. I also like the kickstand so that it can sit on the desk or in a classroom and be hands free.

Q. What field of occupation would benefit the most from this product? Compared to your own?
A. Right now I am a student traveling and taking a lot of notes and working at a desk. I think this product is great to sit at a desk or in a library or coffee shop. I actually think that this product is great for any one who is on the go. Many occupations can benefit from this case. The I Pad Air is not a cheap device and when you think about protecting the device, you want something that is going to protect the I Pad. You want to make sure it will stay safe inside your luggage, purse, suitcase and even if your kids get a hold of it. Even though I have not spilled any liquids on it I am pretty sure that the case would not aloud any liquids to get into or onto the I PAD Air.

Q. How would I rate this product? (on a scale 1-5)
A. I would rate this product a 4 out of 5. I give this product a 4 not a 5 because I do not like the bubbles on the screen. I am not a picky person but I can see those bubble driving me a little crazy. I also think I give it a 4 because yes the kickstand is strong because of the magnet strip on the back but it is really difficult to open. Maybe I am weak but it did make my thumb hurt.

The product is quality material and easy to use, it does not make the I pad air feel heavy or cheap. When purchasing an I pad case you want something that is going to fit your needs and I think this case does the job, no matter if your a busy mom on the go or a college student ready to learn, or even if you just sit at home and let the kids play with it, the case will hold up to any case on the market today. (Posted on 2/18/14)

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