Airbender Star Keyboard Case, NT55B

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Compatible with 9.7-inch Model iPad Air and Later

iPad Model Version Number
iPad Air A1474, A1475, A1476
iPad Air 2 A1566, A1567
iPad Pro 9.7" A1673, A1674, A1675
iPad 5th Gen (2017) A1822, A1823
iPad 6th Gen (2018) A1893, A1954
  • Will not fit iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 or iPad first generation.
  • High quality hard clamshell case with matte finish.
  • iPad Air orientations and 90 to 150-degree stable tilting angles with 360 degree revolution

Input: 5V@1A
Bluetooth connection: Range of 30ft or 10m
Item weight: 1.2 pound
Dimensions: 9.6 x 7.6 x 0.9 inches


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Mostly a good keyboard

I have had this keyboard for almost a year and it is still going strong. Overall, I like the functionality of the keyboard. It makes it so I can basically use my iPad as a laptop. The battery also seems to last forever, even when I use it on a regular basis. I used it everyday for 4 months, and I only charged the battery once at about 3.5 months into using it. There are a few things that are annoying. Occasionally, there is a bit of lag. So sometimes I will be typing something, and it will look like it’s not working. Other times, it will add keystrokes that I am confident I didn’t hit. For example, I will by typing a word with letters on the left side of the keyboard, and then all of a sudden, it will add a period. I will go back and fix the error, and then type more slowly to make sure I don’t accidentally bump the period button, and it will insert a period again. This causes me to spend extra time fixing mistakes, which I did not cause. There are also times when I will hit the backspace and it will delete more than I intended. I will hit the backspace once, and it will delete 5 keystrokes. When this keyboard works how it’s supposed to, which is most of the time, I love it. The occasional times it has issues, I want to throw it against the wall.


I would recommend.

I had a Clamcase prior and this one has quicker Bluetooth response with the keyboard. The battery life between charging is super long.The overall quality is a thumbs up. I have a few things that New Trent could do as product improvement is to mold a tab into the top of the case. I have trouble opening the case due to no tab or finger slot. Also a backlit keyboard would be awesome.

J. Smith

A must have if you plan to power use your iPad like a laptop. This is the keyboard to get.

I’ve had this case now for several months, and very much like it. It has opened up MANY more features and functions for my iPad that I really wouldn’t have had without it. It’s convenient, flexible, durable, and multi-functional. I evaluated several other options before settling on this one, and I am very glad I did. Pros: size and weight - I’ve never found it to be heavy or bulky. And the positions into which you can fold it makes it somewhat “sleek’ while you’re using it. Multi-functional: I can rotate the iPad part into several different positions to fit perfectly how I’m using it. The iPad part also comes apart from the keyboard for even lighter use, but I’ve found I never do that. If I am using the iPad as a tablet holding with one hand, the keyboard half folded behind the iPad actually gives the iPad more “heft” and more confidence in holding it. Battery life - I’ve never run out of battery life. I charge it maybe once a week, and I use it VERY often (to type this review, in fact). The bottom metal “support” is definitely needed when using it in open typing “laptop” mode. The keyboard is so lite that it can tip backward - but it is fast and easy to expand, and to put back into place. A great design. I thought I’d miss the backlit keyboard, but I don’t. Even using it on a plane, the light from the iPad is enough for me to see, but honestly, I don’t type looking at the keyboard anyway. The one “flaw” most people have commented about this, being the “double typing, or skipping letters” I have found is easy enough to fix. I have noticed the skipping behavior if I left the keyboard on and iPad Bluetooth on when closing the iPad. It goes into sleep mode. And from coming out of sleep mode, after connecting, it can skip or double key. However, I simply turn off the keyboard and Bluetooth and then back on again, giving it a new connection, and it picks right back up again without skipping. I’m a VERY fast typist, and not once during this whole review did it skip or double key a word. That is the only reason it gets a 4 instead of a 5 star, as it requires my “behavioral intervention.” Otherwise, everything else is a 5 star, without a doubt. But let’s be honest, turning it off and turning it on again is NOT a challenge for me and really doesn’t bother me one bit. The key design, shape, and size is very easy to adapt to, and I can now type as quickly on this as I can my laptop. The function keys and character keys are almost identical to my MacBook Pro and iMac, so switching between the two is easy. This keyboard basically turns my iPad into a touch screen laptop. I’m not sure if I can sing the praise of a related but unassociated app in this review - Documents - on the apple store. This app has allowed me access to my home networked servers and other machines with files on them. So now I’m literally able to work on any document I have whether stored on my iPad or not. Getting into and opening my Word, PPT, and Excel documents, or even Apple Notes documents is a breeze, and I get SO MUCH MORE USE out of this keyboard. If you bought your iPad to be a workhorse and in most cases replace your laptop, this keyboard is a must have.

jim skorput

Great Deal on a great product!

Gotta say, this case is much better than the one i paid $110 for from Staples 8mo. ago! And a heck of a lot less money! Very pleased!


Versatile and Useful

Perfect way to turn ipad into a mini laptop. Great to use with client facing presentations

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