Limir Stylus Pen (Golden/silver) (1pc)

For Smartphones and Tablets (Model #: IMP62B)

Quick Overview

  • Stylus works on all capacitive touch surfaces
  • Use to take notes, draw or turn a page
  • Soft, durable fiber tip, much better writing experience than regular rubber/sponge tip

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Limir Stylus Pen (Golden/silver)  (1pc)

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Limir Stylus pen for Apple the new iPad makes it very easy to take notes, draw and turn a page.

Advanced micro knit fiber tip is very sensitive to capactive touch screen, it works for all the smartphones and Tablet PCs. It won't scratch the iPad's surface, slide much smoother than you regular rubber sponge tip pen. The Phobio Stylus allows the user to type accurately and comfortably. 

The tip of the Limir stylus engages directly with your iPad touch-screen device, requires no software to operate. It instantly works right out of the box.

If you need to take notes during a meeting, the other end of the stylus pen can also function as a pen.

The Champa Stylus is designed to work on all capacitive touch screens - iPad, iPad 2nd Generation, iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3G 3Gs, iPhone 4 iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, HTC EVO View 4G, Dell Streak 7, Viewsonic G-Tablet, Archos 101 Gen 9 70, ViewPad 7, ASUS Eee Slate, Motorola Droid X, myTouch 4G, Palm Pre Plus, Samsung Captivate, BlackBerry Storm, Google Android Tablets and every capacitive touch panel device.

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The features for Limir Stylus Pen

  • Stylus works on all capacitive touch surfaces; use with iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and other touchscreen devices
  • Use to take notes, draw or turn a page
  • Soft, durable fiber tip, much better writing experience than regular rubber/sponge tip
  • Other end as a twist-open ballpoint pen for traditional note taking
  • Allows users to type accurately and comfortably


Product specifications

  • Stylus touch pen for ipad 2 and the new ipad
  • High Quality Micro fiber tip
  • Color: Silver/Brown
  • Weight:10G
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Best stylus I have used to date... Review by Howard
Have been using New Trent Limir Dual Purpose Stylus for a few weeks now....Has not disappointed at all. Feels much smoother when working on my ipad air than rubber tip stylus pens and the added feature of the pen is a bonus....great product from New Trent (Posted on 2/21/14)
Good product, fat tip Review by Mark
I like this item with one suggestion for improvement. The tip is quite large which makes use on a handheld phone keyboard a bit challenging.

That aside, I find it is very responsive and glides very smoothly over the glass. Good product. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Quick typing and comfortable Review by KateM
It's very precise, easy to pinpoint points in text or on web pages. More than I'd expect. I think the stylus is less strain on your hands (RSI-wise).

Overall, compared with other stylus products it's very good, the pen addition makes it very convenient and more likely to be used. It is very very good for typing quickly using the swipe keyboard on my Google Nexus 7. Once you form the habit you'll want out with you always for speed and comfort (Posted on 11/17/13)
Great pen for techie and traditional Review by Bianca
I love the convenience of going back and forth from iPad to paper. I go to a lot of meetings and this little handy dandy tool allows me to take notes electronically and on paper when we get all those handouts that we have to fill out and turn in. I have had several people ask me about this when I'm in workshops and have even asked to use them on my iPad. The soft tip is amazing and makes it feel as though I'm writing with a pen on paper when I'm using my iPad. This is a great quality pen, and I pray my pen never runs out. I would recommend this to anyone who has to go from tech to paper frequently. (Posted on 11/16/13)
Very Cool! Review by M
I found the New Trent Limir Dual Purpose Stylus/Styli for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets to be a great tool. The knit tip is perfect for users who use applications that require signatures or document editing. It’s perfect for keeping your screen free of finger prints and germs! I also found this to be very useful for the kids and their coloring and art apps. The pen on the opposite side is a great idea as well. I found there to be no operational issues with either side of the pen and has functioned without error.

The pen is stylish and feels good in you hand. However my personal preference would be for the pen to be a little longer to match the feel of a traditional pen.

Overall, I would rate this device a 5. Aside from my personal preference, this pen performed flawlessly.
(Posted on 11/8/13)
New Trent Limir Dual Purpose Stylus/Styli for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets. 2-in-1: Stylus (Micro-Knit Tip) and Fine Ball Pen (Wireless Phone Accessory) Review by LAS
The stylus is compact, lightweight and easily stored. It has a convenient
clip on the pen to attach it to a notebook or inside a purse, tote or
briefcase as it doubles as a ballpoint (fillable) pen as well, which is very
convenient! The casing can be a little slippery it would be great to have a
small rubber grip in the middle of the pen; to grip no matter which end one
is using. The mesh end has perfect sensitivity on the iPad/iPhone and is
very precise; it does not sag like many others. I have a screen protector
and other stylus pens had a tendency to stick to the screen this has a very
smooth transition. I would love to see a ball point pen that has the
capability to switch from a ball point to a pen for screens as well as if
you sign with the mesh end as the lines aren’t always smooth making a
freehand signature look somewhat pixilated. All in all it's a great
product, if the two recommendations were added it would receive 5 stars. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Solid performing stylus Review by Austin

I have used quite a few stylus before picking up the Limir and I was very
surprised at how well the stylus preformed. I mainly use the Wacom Bamboo stylus,
and for me it is the standard others are compared to. Any stylus can be broken up into two parts, the tip and the body. A good stylus needs a good pairing of the two to offer a good experience.

The Limir tip is a special metal woven material that I had seen but never used before. I was not sure about it at first, but it has certain characteristics that I am starting to like. The tip is easy to slide around on the screen. You do not have to push down very hard before the screen detects the tip. To be more specific, the pressure needed to make the Limir work was the same for the Bamboo. My previous experiences with other cheap styluses were not as positive. They seemed to lack response, were sticky on the screen, or you had to squish the tip into the screen before it detected anything. The Limir stands out for a low budget performer and has a good tip. I do not think the metal mesh tip is replaceable like the Bamboo, but since its not rubber I imagine it will last a very long time. The only thing you have to worry about is if something cuts or rips the tip, then you would have to buy a whole new stylus

The body of the Limir is not as much of a shining star as the tip.
To start off I will say I do like that it has a hidden pen that will extend or retract with a twist of the black grip. This is more or a bonus feature than a game changer for me. The pin mechanism does feel solid and strong, and the pen writes smoothly in black ink. The construction of the body is pretty solid and you don’t have to worry about being delicate with it. The length of the pen is a little too short for my liking. I have bigger hands it is awkward for me to write with something that is short. The Limir is just long enough to avoid feeling uncomfortable, but not as long as the Bamboo which is ideal in my opinion. I also like heavy styluses and the Limir is a bit lighter than the Bamboo. If you are wanting something that you can carry around easily the shorter length and lighter weight may be appealing, but for me I welcome extra length and weight. The diameter of the body is perfect. It is easy to hold and feels natural between the fingers.

The Limir has proven to be a very comparable stylus and for half the price of the bamboo you get a solid experience while only giving up minimal performance and the fancy styling that comes with Wacom products. I would recommend the Limir to anyone who needs a good stylus and doesn’t want to pay for it.

Metal mesh tip works very well
Glides across screen nicely
Has an extendable black ink pin

May be a little short
Light weight

Make mesh tip smaller
Make it longer
Make it heavier (Posted on 10/24/13)
Excellent stylus Review by Quentin
I have found using the Trent Limir Dual Purpose Stylus a very pleasing experience. Unlike the stylus I had been using the Limir has an excellent touch and does not require a lot of pressure to use. Its tip touch not stick when you are sliding it across the screen. The touch of the tip is very sensitive and does not take that much pressure to use. The fine tip pen on the other end is excellent for taking notes as one works on the iPad. Very good item and well worth the purchase. (Posted on 10/24/13)
Fantastic Stylus!!! Review by Rory
I'm in love with this stylus. I have tried several different kinds and none
have a better feel then New Trent's. I've use generic ones as well as
wacom's but they all feel the same. However this one has the best feel of
all. All the others use a rubber tip which leads to it sticking to the
tablet surface this one appears to be made from some kind of metallic mesh.
It makes all the difference in the world. It's incredibly smooth. I have
only one minor complaint. I wish it were just a bit longer. I give this 5/5. (Posted on 10/23/13)
great stylus Review by Robert
i like this stylus more than others i have used. its very smooth on the screen which makes switching between screens and moving on a browser a whole lot easier. the pen is an added bonus, its great to be able to just flip the stylus over and be able to write something down. i would highly reccomend this stylus if you are looking for one. (Posted on 10/23/13)
A fantastic stylus Review by jeremy
The IMP62B New Trent Limir stylus is a small and convenient stylus for us on
touch screen devices.
I use it on my Apad 2 and Iphone 4s with no problem and was pleasantly
surprised by the little device.
The tip of the stylus is non scratch and glided effortlessly along the screen of my
devices and I found it was better than using my fingers and more accurate at
things like typing instead of my large fingers getting in the way. The stylus is smaller than a standard pen but ok for all uses and is well
made and can clip onto you shirt or jacket pocket out the way.
The stylus has a pen in the other end which is easy to access and use by
twisting the stylus barrel.
I think the stylus looks good and is certainly good value for money.
I would certainly recommend this stylus for your touch screen needs and is worthy of 5 stars (Posted on 10/16/13)
Magnifico Review by Chad
Works great!! have been using as the only writing instrument for the last 2 weeks...

The stylus end is much more accurate and smooth in my note taking apps on the ipad and iphone.

the added twist out pen makes it even more useful, as I don't need another item in my pocket. Just carry the MP62B stylus pen!! Only thing I wish is that it was a little longer (for more ink in the pen) (Posted on 10/14/13)
pretty good item Review by brian
I enjoyed this item a lot. New Trent also has great customer service. The stylus also includes a pen at the tip, which was very useful. (Posted on 10/10/13)
smooth experience with New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus Review by Anthony
The New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus works very well on a smartphone and on a tablet. The micro knot fibre tip works well for typing on a keyboard, for scrolling pages, and for drawing freehand.

Compared to a rubber tip stylus, the New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus works much better. The New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus does not stick like rubber tip styli often do.

The New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus feels nice in your hand. It has a nice weight - not too heavy and not too light. The length is just enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Any shorter would not be good, but it could be a little longer.

The pen on the opposite end from the micro fibre tip writes well and has a nice looking design.

I definitely would recommend the New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus over a rubber tipped stylus. (Posted on 10/7/13)
Precision on a smaller screen Review by Tyler
I was impressed with the build quality and perceived durability of the device with future extended use. The pen is on the thinner side, which could be a pro or con depending on each individual user and their preference for functionality vs. portability. I personally would have preferred the stylus to be thicker, but not a deal breaker by any means. The added benefit of a functioning pen on the opposite end of the device is a nice touch; however replacing the ink for this part may become cumbersome down the line.

I used the NT IMP62B exclusively on my IPhone 4. From the outset I noticed a dramatic improvement in precision when navigating through my phone. (apps, safari browser etc.) The stylus's fibre tip was very responsive and made navigation a breeze. Where this device really shines is browsing the internet within the Safari browser, where navigation with a finger on the touch screen is less precise leading to miss clicks, the stylus was noticeably more precise, making browsing more efficient and easy. Where the stylus was unable to supplant the usage of my fingers on the Iphone 4 was text messaging/emails. Time to compose a message was dramatically increased when using the stylus. I would not use this device to send messages/emails because although more precise than the fingertip, the length of time to compose these messages was not practical.

Overall I really enjoy the NT62B. For my purpose I will continue to use the device for browsing the internet because of its precision on the smaller IPhone screen. The only suggestion I would make would be to include a carrying case or sleeve with the stylus to protect the fibre tip when not in use. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Great Stylus and Pen Review by Bernie
I have several of these. I gave them to my daughter and a couple of friends. The microknit tip is perfect for use on the glass screens of the iPads and smartphones. It glides across the screen effortlessly whereas the rubber tipped styli drag.

Always having a pen handy for making notes is a real plus. The short pen refills are available at most office supply stores. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Great stylus Review by Samuel
This product has a listed MSRP of $40.00 USD on but sells for between $9-$11.

It feels and looks cheap upon a close inspection. I would never purchase this for near MSRP but @ $9 it's fantastic.

The copper/tan, silver and black colors are appealing.

I love Trent’s knit stylus tips – they glide, frictionless, across the screen making it much easier to play games, paint/write or use apps such as Swiftkey. I expect knit tips to last much longer than rubber tips which, from many reviews I’ve read, will crack and break after a certain period – that’s the nature of many rubbers types. Cloth will not have that problem.

Out of their packages, I like how the NT62B’s tip is firmer and thicker than the tips of the Trent combo pack IMP63T/NT63T tips. It feels more solid/responsive and does not drag like the thinner, springier tip. I guess I would say, it’s more ‘comfortable’ to use. In relations, the 62B’s firmer tip makes less squeaky noises caused by quick movements on an oily screen. They both seem to offer the same experience otherwise – same precision so I prefer the 62B’s combo pen stylus/tip more.

The pen works pretty well – feels good to use.

Removing/replacing the ink is simple but I wish that it had a funnel-like piece on the interior tip area to easily seat the cartridge – I find myself having to jabbed the cartridge up and down 2-10 times to get the ballpoint end to align with the hole that it must slide through to seat.

I like the plastic guard on the 63T which guards the screen from the metal tip but it seems highly unlikely that the metal on the 62B could ever make contact with the screen having a firmer, non-retractable tip.

Knit tip – durable frictionless material
Firmer and thicker knit tip
Balanced Weight
Convenient pen/stylus combination

Materials look and feel cheap / cheaply constructed
Refills can be annoying to seat
Stiff shirt clip
Refill cost (@MSRP) – Amazon cost is average.
Pen cost (@MSRP) – Amazon cost is great.

I prefer Trent’s styli to any others because of their unique knit tips. I give this product 4 stars for function.
(Posted on 10/4/13)
Best stylus ever Review by Cathy
This stylus is everything to perfection. Let me start with smooth, stylish, perfect weight. Great to have 2 writing tools and the pen works great also. There is no reason to carry anything else. This has it all and at a great price also. Great gift idea also. (Posted on 10/2/13)
PRODUCT REVIEW/FEEDBACK - The Limir Stylus (IMP62B) Review by hai_bor0101

Ever since I got the Limir Stylus (IMP62B), I've used this stylus many times for note-taking in class on my iPad
Mini and other touchscreen devices -- using the apps "Pages", "OneNote" and "GoodNotes". In addition, the Limir
Stylus is not like any other stylus, this stylus has a micro-knit mesh tip (not rubber) which does not create a
squeaky sound when used on the touchscreen, which is why it is my #1 favourite stylus. The Limir Stylus is
versatile, durable and compact. As well, serves both functions of a stylus and a pen. More information on this

- Lightweight and fits into the hand comfortably
- The micro-knit mesh glides onto the screen effortlessly and is responsive
- Dual functionalities as a stylus and a pen
- Pen ink writes smoothly and glides onto the paper well
- Pen ink does not create any smudges or bleed into the paper
- Has a professional look, compact and feels sturdy/good quality
- Not bulky; like other styluses I've owned/used before

- Clip portion is a bit tight, needs to be loosened/adjusted
- A bit too short

- Colour choices for the stylus
- Ink colour choices such as blue and red
- Stylus needs to be a little bit longer by 1.5 cm

Nevertheless, the Limir Stylus (IMP62B) is a GREAT product "must-have" for those
who uses their touch-screen devices frequently. And I would highly recommend to
university students, especially, because of it's dual function abilities. Full ratings! 5/5~

Check out!

Thank You.
(Posted on 9/26/13)
Not a bad product Review by Matthew
• Soft nib reassures you that the stylus is not doing any damage to the device screen.
• Very stylish and sleek design. Colours are similar to that used on the new iPhone 5S.
• The stylus appears to be as heavy as a good quality pen but is in fact very lightweight and easy to use as a result.
• The stylus feels and looks like a very good quality item.
• The stylus has a tendency to squeak when used on devices with screen protectors.
• The stylus is quite thick and thus it is more difficult to be accurate when tapping device.
• Because the stylus is soft, it can be difficult to press the iPhone home button using the stylus. (Posted on 9/23/13)
Top Quality Product Review by ricky
First impressions are the pen looks stylish and of a high quality. After holding the pen and using it your realise its nice and light, not to big and not to small. The contact nib is smooth to use and allot better than the rubber nibbed ones, also better material as I have had a rubber one fall of in the past. I get the impression this one will last. A great feature is the actual pen in the top because when you on the internet and need to write something down you already got a pen in your hand. The only problem I have found with it is that the pen clip is to tight to clip onto the tablet case. Other than that its perfect. A pleasure to use.
Thanks Ricky (Posted on 9/21/13)
Great Stylus for Note Taking Review by VinoVeritas
I purchased this stylus for my wife as she just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab2. She needs it primary for business meetings where she wanted to replace her traditional notebook with digital notes.

The stylus needed to able to provide a pen-like experience to make this transition as seamless as possible. The fit and comfort of the design is excellent. The weight and feel mimics that of a good ballpoint pen. The responsiveness of the stylus is excellent and the tablet captures the pen strokes accurately. The other aspect that I had read about regarding capacitive styli is that some can scratch the surface of the tablet. After a week, of using the New Trent IMP62B, that problem has not occurred. She uses it with her Google Nexus smartphone as well to avoid the normal fingerprint mess.

The ballpoint pen at the other end of the stylus is quite handy as well. While the colour and design makes it appealing to use without feeling like you are sacrificing the style of a nice ballpoint.

Although the stylus end is accurate, it would be nice if it could be smaller as it feels like you are writing with a cotton swab and not a ball point. Aside from this issue, it has allowed my wife to use her tablet to take notes and has reduced the challenge of organizing notes from a traditional note pad.

All in all, I would recommend this tool to friends and colleagues that need this functionality.

(Posted on 9/19/13)
Works like a dream. Review by Channel
I can swipe, tap and write with this styli and I love it. :) Had to get use to the bulkiness but now I don't use my tablet without it. The best styli I've ever used. My tablet is a Nextbook 8 and I've had no problems using the styli. When and if it wears out I will buy another one. A must have in my book. (Posted on 9/18/13)
A very good stylus Review by Perki_ALP
I've recently had the pleasure of using this stylus and I think it's one of the best around. For me it is the perfect size and weight. Absolutely love it. (Posted on 9/16/13)
Looks and feels well built! Review by Joseph
I love this stylus because it not only looks great, but it has great functionality as well. It has a decent heft to it, so it doesn't feel like a cheap product. The stylus point works perfectly, with the woven springy surface it feels nice as you use it to sign your name or swipe your screen. Here's a list of the pros about this stylus/pen combo.

It isn't too long
The stylus end is high quality and feel great on a screen
The pen writes well
The construction of the unit feels very durable and of high quality
The stylus/pen looks professional

The cons in my mind are as follows.

The clip is a little too stiff and tends to cut or gouge any soft material you put it over
The rounded tip of the pen end of the stylus gets in the way sometimes if you don't hold the pen perfectly

Overall I enjoy using this pen for my business, and its fulfilled the tasks I need it for very well. The only real drawback I see with the pen is I have a leather case for my iPad and the loop for the stylus tends to get gouged and scratches by the clip on the stylus. The only other improvement I can think of would be to make the pen end a little less rounded and more pointed like a regular pen, to make writing with it a little more natural. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a nice stylus/pen combo. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Great stylus with Pen feature Review by phil
Use Background
I have a number of devices and have tested the stylus on all of them; the
main device in use has been the apple iPad 4th Generation, with
supplemental use on an android phone.
Construction of the Stylus
The Stylus is well constructed and feels like a quality item, the pointer
side of the stylus appears to be made of a soft metal mesh that mimics the
finger. The other end of the stylus has a retractable ballpoint used for
occasional note taking.
Good experiences of the Stylus.
Using the Stylus on the iPad has been a good experience in a number of
aspects. Due to the construction of the stylus it is very easy to draw,
select and accurately point with, on rubber ended stylus devices drawing is
an issue as the rubber grips the screen, The iPad does not require too much
accuracy on the screen so the benefit is limited on that devices, however
when using on my android phone the ability to quickly and accurately hit
areas of the screen, has been very useful.
I have also been surprised at how many times I have used the ballpoint
feature and this has become one of the best plus points of the stylus.
Improvements to the Stylus
I would like the stylus length to be longer I have quite large hands and
the stylus length was a bit short for prolonged use. I would also like the
ballpoint quality to be improved the ballpoint was a bit scratchy and did
not flow as well as I would hope. I would also like the choice of
additional finishes to the stylus colour. (Posted on 9/10/13)
Excellent, low-cost stylus Review by CJ
I purchased this stylus off of Amazon after seeing the positive reviews. I was unhappy with the rubber-tipped stylus that I was using before and wanted to upgrade to something a little better. This stylus more than exceeded my expectations.

-Hideaway pen is convenient in a pinch
-Metal construction
-Leaves no marks on screen (unlike rubber stylus)
-Tracks very well on screen (unlike rubber stylus)
-Metal construction

-The other side of being unobtrusive is that it is somewhat small to hold
-It appears somewhat cheap
-The tip too broad to do precise work

Overall: for the price, it is hard to beat. If my cons were addressed, I would gladly pay much more for this stylus. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Great Quality Great Accuracy Review by Lynn
I have been using this Trent Stylus for over a month and it ranks high on my list of micro fiber tip stylus's. The price is perfect the quality is substantial. I use a stylus on my phone and iPad everyday. I have had other microfiber stylus's that were good but the price's were to high and they do not last long as the Trent. I am very satisfied and happy with my purchase. I will and have recommended this stylus to friends and family. (Posted on 8/14/13)
Great Dual Purpose stylus Review by Michael
Replaced my Adinot Jot stylus and I am very happy with it so far.

I like reviews that list clear pros and cons, so here is what I think so far.

Very smooth writing on my iPad. I use Notability daily and I can write as fast with this as I do on paper.
It writes easily without having to use too much pressure.
I like that I don't have to take a cap on and off of it. That was a pain with the Jot.
Very quiet. No clicking on the glass when writing.
I like that you twist to get the pen out instead of a click.
Having the pen and stylus in one means less I have to put in my pocket.

I know they supposedly just made this stylus longer, but to me it would be perfect if it were about 1/2 inch longer. It feels especially short when using the pen side.
The only color that I saw offered when I ordered would not be my first choice. I like darker colors. Either black or dark brown would be my preference. (Posted on 8/11/13)
Excellent stylus tip, you'll wonder how you lived without it Review by vmom
This was an immediate hit with me and the kids, and it's constantly getting passed around as they play on the kindle or ipod, or when I use my iphone. I may have to get one for everyone.

The reason we like it so much is that the stylus has a superior tip surface glides easily on touch screens and is much more accurate for selecting small buttons than a finger. The rounded tip, which is made of a metallic looking micro-fiber, has a cushy "give" to it that also let's you press for a "click" feel. It is miles away better than the small stylus my daughter used to have for her Pantech phone. The stylus looks and feels well made and works very well.

The other side of the stylus is a pen with a tip that comes out when you turn the middle. I am not a fan of the pen. The length of the product (approximately 11 inches) make the pen too short for an adult to use comfortably for writing. Also, since both ends look similar in shape, it's easy to accidentally use the pen end on your touch screen. I've done this twice; luckily the pen was retracted so I did not get ink on my screen.

The clip on the stylus is a good idea, but it's a bit tight and hard to clip on to anything thicker than a sheet of paper or a cotton cloth pocket.

Overall I give the IMP62B/NT62B Limir Stylus 4 out of 5 stars. Great little accessory for any touch screen. (Posted on 7/26/13)
Stylish and functional Review by nbjr
This stylus works well when doing work on your device(s) combined with a keyboard when using iPad. Make sure to check/test the pen to find out if it's blotting. Better if it will come with a spare pen ink cartridge/replacement. Stylish and easy to use. (Posted on 7/19/13)
Great Stylus! Review by diana
Wonderful product! This stylus glides easily and doesn't drag, much better than a rubber tip stylus. The tip is mad of a material that is specially designed to work on capacitive screens. Works on Ipod with touch screen, tablets, cell phones and even my touch screen computer monitor! Easy to play games, type, draw or surf the net with. The pen twists up and writes smoothly then twists away again. This stylus/pen is well balanced and long enough to do what it needs to do, and is easy to carry in my pocket. It clips on with a standard pen clip. I am able to clip it onto my tablet case with ease. I wish it came in more colors and I'd love a longer and thinner version too. I own several of these and have given them as gifts also. It is the best stylus I have ever used on all of my devices. I have purchased many different ones, but none of them can compare. Everyone that sees it or borrows it wants one! The pen refills are
also easy to get from the manufacturer, New Trent on (Posted on 7/17/13)
Fantastic Buy! Review by Carol
I currently own a New Trent touchscreen stylus + ball pen and an very happy with my purchase. The stylus glides smoothly across my phone screen without “catching” the way some rubber tipped stylus’ do, and the ball pen is a very handy feature that I have come to really enjoy. I would recommend this product for anyone with a touchscreen device! (Posted on 6/20/13)
FINALLY! A Smart Phone Stylus that works right!! Review by Chad M
I've had several stylus pen's recently. First, let me say...I started with the mind set that I shouldn't need a stylus and should have changed my position on that far sooner than I did.

Once I caved and realized that when using my iPad, testing the Android phones and tablets in addition to intricate work on my iPhone I found the stylus was something I missed when it wasn't with me. It makes using any of the touchscreen devices on the Smart Phones I've had the pleasure of testing far more accurate with touches and clicks.

Specific to this New Trent stylus, most other Stylus pens I used had a rubberish tip which worked. But, soon after using them a layer would wear off and the pens would start to squeak on the display. I looked for other options and found these New Trent solutions. They are absolutely wonderful, never squeak and prove to be even more accurate on screen.

I've used one for several months now and must say there is no signs of wear and I would consider myself a heavy user. I find myself rarely using the pen now as I'm faster and more confident on using my iPad with the stylus, but it's nice to have and not carry around 2 writing tools. If you are like me, my Padfolio and now my iPad case only had a single spot for a pen/stylus. This gives you the best of both world...sign paper documents when needed and have your smart device stylus all in one place.

This is a must have for anybody that uses a device with a touch screen! I hope this helps and thanks for the time read. (Posted on 6/16/13)
Fantastic product! Review by Carol
This was a great find for me! I love that it glides so smoothly across my touchscreen. And the ball pen is a very handy feature that I really enjoy! Thanks NewTrent for the best stylus I've ever owned! (Posted on 6/3/13)
Best Stylus Out There!!! Review by Shelby
The New Trent Stylus Model Number IMP62B that I have been using over the last month is the best stylus I have ever used. It has an incredibly smooth micro knit tip that allows the stylus to draw, write or type on the screen without leaving any smudge marks whatsoever. I have a screen protector for my iPad and I was nervous that the screen protector would inhibit the use of the styli but I have had zero problems with it. I am constantly hand writing notes in Notability and other note taking apps and to be honest the stylus makes it feel like I'm writing directly on a white board without any resistance. The stylus has a great feel in your hand and is built really sturdy. Its exterior is probably made out of a solid aluminum and its extra 10mm in length makes a huge difference, especially because i have huge hands. With my old stylus i found my hand cramping frequently, but with this stylus My hand is very comfortable. The stylus also includes a twist pen that I have found more than satisfactory. The only issue is it grinds just a little when you twist the pen tip out but its more of a tiny inconvenience than a crucial issue. I would rate this as a 5 out of 5, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are cheaper stylus out there, but the quality of this one gives you more than enough bang for your buck. (Posted on 5/22/13)
Good Stylus but Overpriced Review by CEagan
- Comfortable to hold
- Pen works well and writes smoothly
- Easy twisting mechanism brings out the pen tip
- Short pen fits comfortably into my hand
- Has a clip which allows me to hang it on the side of my iPad case
- Work well with both my iPad and my iPhone
- Helps keep my iPad screen clean since I no longer use my fingers

- The first one that I bought broke (although I have 4 others that work well and New Trent refunded my $ and paid for return shipping on the broken item).
- If you have large hands, the pen is only about 4-5" long so it may feel too small to write with.
- The $29.95 price tag is steep for what you get. The ball point pen isn't a high enough quality to justify that price. They sell it on Amazon for only $8.95 and free shipping with Amazon Prime which is what it is worth for the overall quality. (Posted on 5/13/13)
Good quality stylus Review by Ali
Received the stylus a couple of days ago and have been using it for keyboard input, drawing, games etc on my tablet. It works really well, and does not require a great deal of pressure to register. It's accurate and operates smoothly. The balance is good, and it's very lightweight which works for me. Other styli I've used have been much heavier, and have used a rubber tip which is not as responsive as the NewTrent one.
I've also used it on my Nexus phone and it works on this too - other styli have failed to register with this unless a lot of pressure is applied.
I've also used it as a pen, and while it's not the most ergonomic design in this moede of operation, it's usable and would serve well in an emergency.
All in all I'm impressed, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it (Posted on 5/10/13)
Superior to Rubber Stlyi Review by Stetson
I got this stylus because I recently started using Springpad on my tablet
and I wanted something that I use to "write" notes on the screen with. This
product works ok for taking notes. It is not as pin-pointed as a normal
writing instrument but we need to keep in mind the fact that this is a new
area and pencils, pen, and paper have been around for ages. I'm sure these
products will be redefined eventually. This product is already ahead of the
competition with the rubber tips. This doesn't have the normal rubber tips
that catch on a touch screen but it has a metal fiber type of material and
literally glides across the screen. When pushing it down it also provides a
nice little "give" to it.

The fact that there is a pen on the other side is great! I use this in
meetings so I can keep electronic notes; however, not everything can be
taken down electronically, so when I need to jot something down quick, this
is perfect. It isn't the best pen in the world, but I didn't expect it to
be and it still gets the job done! The metal clip on the side is also a
nifty feature so you can clip it into a shirt pocket and not lose it.

The only thing that I would change would be to make the pen refillable. I'm
not quite sure if it is already, I would need to look into it, but other
than that it is great! It is much better than those rubber tipped ones you
can buy anywhere. (Posted on 5/3/13)
Great Stylus and Pen Review by Jody
I've been quite pleased with this product since I got it. The stylus end has a small, soft, metal mesh ball on the end and it runs very smoothly over the screen of both my iPad and my iPhone. The best part abou this for me is that I now no longer have fingerprints on my screen! The pen end works quite smoothly, as well on several surface types. The clip fits nicely on my iPad cover for easy storage. If I had to complain about something, I'd have to say I wish the clip end was more of an aluminium color, rather than the light taupe. I would definitely recommend this product to others. (Posted on 4/30/13)
IMP62B Stylus Pen Combo Review by Doug
I have tried other rubber tipped stylus's and never really cared for them as they seemed to wear out and scratch the surface of touch screen devices in short order. I was a little skeptical at first, but this one has changed my thinking as the micro-knit screen glides easily over the surface with good sensitivity and no damage to expensive devices. The only thing that took some getting used to is the pocket clip on the pen side that needs to point up to be comfortable, but it's not anything that detracts from the quality of this product.

New Trent (Posted on 4/30/13)
It gets the job done Review by Alex
1) The stylus works flawlessly
2) Ink pen option comes in handy
3) Reasonable price
4) Dual function(i.e. pen and stylus)

1) No cap for the stylus end of the pen to protect it when it's not being used
2) Wish the pen end of the stylus was more pointed and less oval shaped
3) The stylus itself is slightly shorter than the length of a standard pen so it
psychologically feels a bit odd(e.g. like you are holding a crayon) while writing in pen mode (Posted on 4/30/13)
Excellent iPhone/iPad tool! Review by Claudia
I’m very pleased with the performance of the Limir Stylus IMP62B. I’ve tried it with my iPhone 5 and 3rd generation iPad, and for all purposes for which I’ve used it, it is an excellent tool. Here are my observations:

— It’s sensitive and precise.
— It’s quiet. I use a protective film on the screen of my iPad, and the iPhone is in an OtterBox case with a built-in screen protector. In both cases, the Limir Stylus works efficiently. I’d noted a bit of squeaking when used with my iPad before changing the film which was old and probably had some body oil residue on it. After applying a new protective film, no issues— sensitive, precise, and quiet!
—The retractable pen is a nice extra feature.
— The size works well for the size of my hands. It might be slightly small for someone with larger hands; it felt a bit small to my husband’s larger hands. (Posted on 4/25/13)
Super Stylus Review by Diane
I have used a number of styli and this one is the best for several reasons. The micro-knit tip is very responsive and smooth. I love how the pen disappears, plus the pen really writes well. Finally, the brushed gold color is very stylish and classy. A great stylus. (Posted on 4/24/13)
Very Convenient Combo! Review by Alan
Overall, I found the product very handy. I used it with my Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and on both devices the stylus moved smoothly over the screen and the cursor followed accurately. The only negative complaint would be if there were some instructions included on how to access the pen, it might be helpful. I didn't immediately realize that the sharp tip was actually the pen. (Posted on 4/24/13)
Comfortable stylus Review by Jane
I like it! The stylus is nicely balanced and comfortable to use. It is a very neat size and just long enough, although I do have quite small hands.

The touch tip works consistently well and is easy to point accurately. It is very good to draw and paint with and truly excellent for candy crush saga! I am faster at typing with my fingers, but the stylus is better for pointing and selecting eg on web sites.
It has a clip in case you want to carry it in a breast pocket or hand bag. The twist reveal pen is also a useful feature.
The dull gold and black colour scheme, with chrome touches is handsome and the surface textures are very pleasing and give good grip. The little ridges near the tip let you know by feel that you have it correctly gripped. (Posted on 4/22/13)
Best Stylus out there! Review by Kirk

1. I like the modern look of the pen. It appears a bit of thought was put into the look of the pen. The colors work well in a professional environment. 
2. I would like the size of the pen to be a bit longer. It is not "too" small though. It works.

1. As i travel quite a bit, this pen has taken a good beating and still functions perfectly.
2. Replacing the ink cartridge can be done with ease. I had a bit of difficulty putting the cartridge back into the pen, but no big issue. I do use the pen function quite a bit.
3. The clip on the side of the pen has almost no clearance. It is near impossible to clip to a shirt pocket. With a bit of struggle, I did manage to make it work. I attempted to slide the clip over a sheet of paper and it was difficult. Due to this, I never really used the clip. Recommend making the clip usable or removing it altogether.
4. The stylus tip is phenomenal. Great design and holds up well. The only recommendation i would make is to allow for replacement. A possible solution would be to make the tip retainer a threaded device. If the tip were to get damaged, a user could order replacement tip and screw on the new one.

1. Pen: As stated above, I do use the pen. I love the dual function. Writing can be done with ease. I normally only write in meetings taking notes. 90% of the time, I am typing on computer or IPAD.
2. Stylus: The sytlus is the best I have ever tested. I use it on my iPAD and Iphone. We even purchased another and my wife uses it on her Nook. There is no drag as compared to all other sytluses we have used. When trying to draw or sign documents on my ipad, it closely duplicated the feel of writing on a sheet of paper with a pen.

Bottom Line:
Cannot say enough about this Stylus! Great product. I will keep buying these as i need them. Thanks for a great product.

(Posted on 4/20/13)
Good Quality And Works Great! Review by Joseph
I really like having a pen on one end and a stylus on the other because I use this for my business and its great to be able to take notes on both your iPad and your notebook. This is a really well made pen too because its got a high quality pen, and the mesh for the stylus is durable and works perfectly. Overall I am very pleased with this product! (Posted on 4/17/13)
Feels great! Review by James
Received the stylus/pen yesterday and have been using it on both my iPhone 4S and iPad Generation 3. Very impressed with the feel of the stylus and the receptivity of both screens. I have used a vinyl/rubber type stylus in the past, and this is much better by far. Not sure I will use the pen very often (other than to jot something down quickly or sign something quickly while in hand), but the pen worked fine and did not feel awkward at all. The only thing to figure out now: how to attach it to either device so I can use it all the time and not lose it. (Posted on 4/17/13)
Overall Great Stylus! Review by Tami
So far this stylus seems to work pretty good. For me, it took awhile to get used to the amount of pressure it takes to make it work. I am an artist and I am used to drawing with traditional sharpie pens so I think it would be better if the spongy tip could be harder and even more pointed like a true pen or pencil.
The pen body did come apart fairly easily when I pulled it out of it's holder on my tablet case. So maybe there could be some sort of catch on there to keep it from separating so easily.

Overall, what I got for the price was pretty good. I would buy one for a friend. (Posted on 4/12/13)
Touchscreen Stylus Pen works in Many Conditions while Looking Great! Review by Eugene
Even though there are many touchscreen styli out there, the New Trent NT62B Limir Stylus and Pen is way above the rest. This pen is not only a Capacitive Stylus for many of the mobile devices such as tablets and phones but it is also a fine writing ball point pen. With the weather changing so much here in the spring I was able to test my pen in some mid 80s down to the low 40's and it worked like a champ. I've had other stylus that did not perform well at all. The micro-knit/mesh end seems to just glide over the screens of all my devices (with or without screen guards). The pen has a replaceable cartridge that is simple to swap out, I know it will be hard to find that smooth of a cartridge, only because it writes real nice with black ink. The Stylus with it's multi-color and chrome accents has a stylish and professional looking appeal. I just wonder how these things work since a normal pen does not work at all. I'll leave that mystery to others while I enjoy my stylus. Thanks New Trent for a great product. (Posted on 4/11/13)
Surprisingly Handy Review by Jason
I was initially dubious about using a stylus; after all, most touch screen devices have steered away from needing them. However, I found that there are indeed practical uses, one of them being the ability to use my touch screen device while wearing gloves. Another is the increased visibility of what I'm poking at as the stylus is thinner than a finger. And, finally, the lack of finger smudges on my screen is an absolute bonus I hadn't considered previously.

Additionally, I found my devices respond more quickly and accurately to touches from this stylus with a fabric tip than from my finger. Other reviews I've read indicated other people have had issues with the rubber- and plastic-tipped styli out there that this one does not have.

Despite my overall lack of need of a pen in this digital world, it is handy that one is hidden away inside for those times when you would gladly commit murder to get your hands on one. Also, the pen seems better than a cheap dollar store generic in that it writes smoothly and consistently.

The weight and size are reasonable. (Posted on 4/10/13)
Sturdy Pen and Stylus Review by srsp0
The New Trent Stylus is a unique two-in-one stylus/pen. I liked the versatility that that it has as a writing utensil You can easily go from drawing on your tablet or other touchscreen to filling out a paper document, with just a twist. It's very small which can be a pro or a con depending on how big your hands are. I found that it was pretty much the minimum I could still use comfortably, though a couple extra centimeters would be nice. In terms of portability though its great, being both short and light it sacrifices no build quality. It feels very sturdy while still being pretty light.
The stylus was something I haven't seen before on other similar products. Its made of a metal mesh oppose to a rubber point which gives it a higher quality feel. It did also seem to glide across surfaces more than competitors although sometimes a high pitched squeak was made. The noise seemed to be most prevalent when amt pressure was being applied. Not a huge problem but can get kind of annoying.
Overall It's a great product that works well, looks nice, and feels very sturdy and reliable both as a pen and a stylus. (Posted on 4/10/13)
very smooth Review by Cassandra
I ordered this so I could draw on my phone more naturally. After purchasing my husband borrowed it and tried to claim it as his, because it moves much smoother than his rubberish one he got from WalMart. I love that it has a pen, because pens are hard to find and easily misplaced in my house, and a stylus is used often enough it doesn't get misplaced.the only disadvantage I found is it occasionally will squeak with the screen protector that comes with Microsoft's Surface. (Posted on 4/5/13)
2 in one stylus Review by Chim
I received the Limir IMP62B Stylus and put it to work immediately. I used it on my iPhone to see how it performed typing on the small keyboard. It reduced my mistakes more than I could have asked for. It is difficult for me to type on the small keyboard and this stulus was the answer. My wife used it on her iPad and was amazed at how it glided across the screen so effortlessly. Both devices have screen protectors and we had no problem with it.

I like the added length and the thickness of the barrel which makes it comfortable to use. I also liked the bonus feature of the ballpoint pen. Just flip it, twist it and you now have 2 products in one. Great idea. (Posted on 4/4/13)
Handy Little Pen Review by Megan
The stylus tip of the pen is not rubber like so many others but has what almost looks like a fine mesh screen over it. Of course, it does not scratch your screen at all but that is what it makes me think of. It works very well when it is in a straight up and down position but not as well if it is held to the side.

That said, I do very much enjoy the fact that this is 2 pens in one. In some situations I far prefer using the pen with my iPad than my finger; signing documents (being in real estate I do this somewhat often), using drawing programs and some games where items to be manipulated are rather close together. I am also in the habit of jotting down a lot of quick notes to myself...reminders of things that need to be done as well as notes when reading or studying documents. With this pen I don't have to get up and go searching for a pen to write with.

This pen did not come with instructions although being what it is you'd pretty much think they are not needed. However, it was not immediately obvious how the ballpoint pen feature is to be activated. I pulled the pen apart before realizing it should be twisted. It went back together easily so no harm done. The 2nd reason I would've liked instructions was so as to be able to learn if and where ink refills are available.
(Posted on 4/4/13)
Limir Stylus/Pen Review by Janice
I find this stylus to be a cut above, the rubber tip stylus I've been using. It's smoother glides across my iPad/iPhone with ease. The length us good for me, I had my husband try it and he also said he liked the length and weight. The pen feature is a plus. (Posted on 4/3/13)
It's all in the Tip! Review by Neil
OK, I was really looking forward to this product as I use my iPad every day and even for sketching. Most styluses I've used in the past were rubber tipped. This one, being a mesh design, piqued my interest. I think I've come to realize why all stylus tips are the diameter in which they are and it must be that the capacitive surface requires it to be a certain diameter in order to respond to actions. I was hoping that wasn't the case and that this stylus would have a much smaller diameter tip. Not anyone's fault, just a constraint manufacturers must have to deal with.

So, as far as the device itself:

Weight: Feels nice and balanced and speaks of it being a quality product.

Grip: The 3 grooves toward the tip where you hold with your fingers is sufficient to not allow even very clean hands without oils on them not have the stylus slip. At first glance after opening the package from the mail, I thought the black portion might actually be made of a soft rubber, like material on other devices.

Clip: The clip is nice and sturdy. A pleasant surprise and actually useful as a result as you don't fear it coming un-clipped from your pocket and falling out.

Tip: Definitely the best feature of the stylus as what I never enjoyed with the rubber tipped styluses was the fact that they caused increased friction on the tablet surface which is not conducive to sketching. Yes, you learn to deal with it but, with the mesh of this stylus, that sticking drag is simply not there and very smooth. A really nice feature.

Pen: Clearly a convenience feature there and not too bad as such either. Refills offered on their website.

Size: I have what I would consider smaller hands than average and imagine they took that the average human hand size into consideration when designing this stylus and determining the length, perhaps. I would wonder if someone with larger hands would find it as easy to use as I do.

This is a simple device which does exactly what it is meant to do and does it well. (Posted on 4/3/13)
Best Stylus Review by Ryan
I had one of those rubber tipped ones and it wasn't the best thing for handwriting on a tablet. Now that I have this one with the metal mesh, it conducts a lot better and is really sensitive. I also like the pen when you have the occasional need to write on paper. (Posted on 3/30/13)
Useful Stylus Review by Tommy
i like the this stylus/pen for touch screen smartphones and tablets. It has a unique feature that i don't see in many other stylus,it is a pen on the other side, so after you use the all ink,you can still buy refills. The is fantastic because i don't need to carry as much pens/stylus/pencils around when it is needed. It has a nice grip to it but i thought there could of be a little more features added to it, other than that the pen is great and a must buy for someone that uses a touch screen device. (Posted on 3/23/13)
Great value and solid product Review by Andy
I bought a Bamboo stylus for over $20 and then lost it a few days later. I bought these because they were so affordable and had great reviews and man I"m glad I did. I can get three of these for the price of one Bamboo stylus and that doesn't even have a pen on it like these do. I'd like a few different color options but that's minor. I was sort of leery of New Trent as a brand but frankly their product has exceeded my expectations. I have an Amazon Basics stylus too and it was WAY too light. This actually has a nice weight to it and has good detection on the iPad without having to apply too much pressure. Good value and great product. I've bought more for friends since I bought mine. (Posted on 3/19/13)
Excellent Dual-Purpose Item Review by Edward
Bought this a few weeks ago, excellent little piece. The stylus part works great on my Droid Razr and Nexus 7 tablet, as well as friends' iPhones and iPads. The length is nice, more pen-like than some on the market that are very small. The Pen part is also excellent, nice to have it dual-purpose.Also great that it's a generic re-fill for it, easy to replace when needed. My only word of advice is be careful with the pen end, the ball-point is just at the tip when retracted, so don't brush it against shirts, etc as it will leave a mark. Also great that it's a generic re-fill for it, easy to replace when needed. Otherwise a great product! (Posted on 3/19/13)
Love my NewTrent Stylus IMP62B Review by Sherri
I have been looking for a good fine point stylus to use with my iPad Mini. This pen fills the bill perfectly. I use my iPad in meeting frequently. The pen has the toucvh and feel that works well for me, as well as a nice attractive professional look to it. The fact that I can use it as a pen as well is nice. The clip is still a little stiff - tough to slide over a pocket. Hopefully this will loosen a little with time. It would also be nice if it had a thread for attaching tot he 3mm port ont he iPad, but that was not a critical factor for me when searching for my pen. (Posted on 3/18/13)
A new idea on the touch screen stylus Review by Bogdan
The stylus uses a spring under the fabric. This will likely have a longer life than the usual rubber end.
I like the fabric used for the stylus because it glides better than a regular rubber end stylus, especially on screens protected by a plastic sheet such as Zagg invisibleShield. The fabric stylus also needs less pressure than a rubber stylus for certain applications.
I would like to know the type of ball pen refill that can be used to replace the original one. It would be nice if a stylus end/fabric replacement is available for when it gets damaged or worn out. (Posted on 3/17/13)
Definitely a serious stylus-pen combo! Review by Ahmed
I've owned a number of stylii from which to draw my experience - 7 and counting...I like to try things =) I gotta say, this is a great one. I've had the stylus for about a month now and I've been using it on an iPad 4 (no screen protector) and iPhone 5 (with Ghost Armor screen protector).

First of all, I'm a fan of the capacitive fabric tip. I've owned rubber tips before, and I don't hate them, but I like fabric tips because of the smoother glide factor. To me, it feels more like natural writing. Another thing I like about the tip is that it's a bit wider than most tips (about 8mm - about the diameter of a Bic pen). Normally, this wouldn't be a happy thing (because of the greater surface area - less accuracy). However, New Trent pulled this design off well; even though it's wider, it has the perfect radius and so it feels really sturdy against a glass surface. In other words you can get pretty accurate but not feel like you're worried about damaging a small/frail tip

The pen is another surprise I had. In my experience, this has been difficult to do well. My hopes were especially low because this is a twist pen and it didn't have that narrowing tip. What surprised me was actually how commonly I used it and how comfortable it feels. I think this is true mostly for two reasons: (1) the weight of the pen is really well distributed and (2) the roller-ball pen type is a great quality (no streaks or blank spots).

A couple of critiques, one is the clip is a little tight, although it's still better than one that's too loose but I worry about how long it'll last if I'm too rough with it. As of now, it's been a month and still going strong! Another critique comes back to the twist-pen. I'm not a fan of that twist motion, mostly because it's so easy to go past the end point and lose the friction you need to activate the twist mechanics over time.

Overall, I rated this stylus 5 stars because of one last but important characteristic. The price! If the stylus broke $20-$30, I would've rated it 4 stars at most but it gets 5 because it's a great product under a great price point ($10).

Enjoy! (Posted on 3/12/13)
More Accurate than Expected Review by Alex
I searched high and low trying to find a stylus with a narrow tip. My intention was to be able to take detailed digital notes in class over just drawing simple lines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any that worked on apple devices. I decided to give the New Trent one a try because it seemed like the best deal and it was the micro-knit instead of a cheap rubber tip.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how accurate I was able to be, once you touch the tip to the screen it flows smoothly and effortlessly (my anti-glare/fingerprint screen protector may also be making a difference in that). Regardless I am quite satisfied with its performance. I should also note that the installed ball point pen writes very nice, much better than any old BIC, no skips or clogs yet. (Posted on 3/12/13)
Interesting take on a touchscreen stylus Review by Brendan
I've used the IMP62B on both my Nexus 7 and my Droid Razr Maxx. The stylus
is not what I would expect normally from a "stylus" although this is good
in this case. The stylus has a soft "cotton-like" tip which is roughly the
diameter of a finger which works surprisingly well on a touchscreen. This
soft feel makes the stylus less jarring to use. The stylus is much smaller
than I expected, but again this isn't a pen and shouldn't be treated as
such (more on that in a minute). The size and weight are appropriate for
prolonged usage.

As for the pen, I would say that it works well as a pen, seems to write
nicely. The only negatives are that being so short it feels somewhat
strange in my hand to write with. Additionally, the "pen-clip" is located
on the end which houses the pen and could be distracting - although this is
a pretty minor gripe.

Lastly, the only negative I can point to with the stylus itself is just a
concern about the ruggedness of the soft tip. I believe it is a good
design, and appears high quality, but I'm not sure how it stands up to a
sharp object. Certainly it shouldn't encounter sharp objects regularly,
but I could see throwing this item in a briefcase and it bouncing around
with other items which could damage the tip.

One oddity I noticed on my Droid Razr was that the stylus "squeaks" when
moving on my screen. I think perhaps this is because I have a rubber like
screen protector on my phone (Zagg). I don't recall this noise when using
it with my Nexus 7 (which also has a Zagg product on it). It's not really
distracting and may go away as the product is "worn-in". However, I could
see it being an annoyance over time (not sure what could be done to change
it though).

Again, the unique design should be applauded and I would rate this 4+
stars. I'd have to think long and hard if I take away 1 star for the pen
feature as I think it would cause hand cramps to use, but I also wouldn't
find a pen necessary to include (it's a bonus!). (Posted on 3/8/13)
Great stylus, cool tip, handy! Review by Alex
I've had two other styluses for my iPad but I like this one the most. The tip is cool and it seems more useful than a rubber tip when I use it. The pen on the other hand is handy when I don't have a pen around, so it's a nice added bonus on this great stylus. It has a nice slight grip that feels comfortable.
Overall, a very useful tool for touch screens and is better than other styluses I've tried. (Posted on 3/1/13)
Great Product! Well Worth Getting! Review by Adam
I have been using the IMP62B Stylus & Pen for a few days now and I love it.
It is a perfect, compact size which both looks good and works well. The stylus end is of a high quality and works really well with both my tablet & smartphone being used to touch and swipe. This responds perfectly on both devices. The pen part of the product Is very neatly hidden away but again, also easy to “reveal” and use, it even worked first time, unlike other biros!
Overall, this is a great, high quality product that it clearly built to last and please a lot of people. Well worth buying!
(Posted on 2/28/13)
Good quality, excellent value Review by Anthony
Needed to replace another microfiber-tipped stylus from a different manufacturer. Because of how quickly my last stylus fell apart, I was leery to spend more than $10 on a replacement. I found an exceptional deal on the New Trent IMP62B, so I took the plunge. This stylus is sturdy, with a microfiber tip that seems much more durable than my last experience. I love how smoothly this writes on the iPad screen. I use this heavily with Notability for business purposes, and I've been very satisfied overall.

Having the pen tip on the back of it saves me from having to bring a separate pen -- there is nothing worse than being at a meeting where they pass around a sign-in sheet and I have to borrow a pen because I only have my stylus. The only downside I see is that I fidget a bit, and I've occasionally left the pen tip out, so I wrote on myself a couple times. I should probably try to attend fewer boring meetings! All in all, a great product and fantastic value for the money! Thanks New Trent! (Posted on 2/27/13)
Well-made, Exceptional Value Review by Anthony
Needed to replace another microfiber-tipped stylus from a different manufacturer. Because of how quickly my last stylus fell apart, I was leery to spend more than $10 on a replacement. I found an exceptional deal on the New Trent IMP62B, so I took the plunge. This stylus is sturdy, with a microfiber tip that seems much more durable than my last experience. I love how smoothly this writes on the iPad screen. I use this heavily with Notability for business purposes, and I've been very satisfied overall.

Having the pen tip on the back of it saves me from having to bring a separate pen -- there is nothing worse than being at a meeting where they pass around a sign-in sheet and I have to borrow a pen because I only have my stylus. The only downside I see is that I fidget a bit, and I've occasionally left the pen tip out, so I wrote on myself a couple times. I should probably try to attend fewer boring meetings! All in all, a great product and fantastic value for the money! Thanks New Trent! (Posted on 2/26/13)
Nice little Stylus! Review by Doreen
Review of the New Trent IMP38B Airbender
Packaging was very nice
Charges easily in my computer USB port
Syncing the IPAD was very easy - just hit the connect button and it found my IPAD - punch in a number that is shown on screen and the sync is complete.
The keyboard is definitely small and will take time to get use to. Still I feel that once you get use to the touch you will also get use to the smallness of the keyboard. I can't type as quick as I can on a regular keyboard but I am definitely typing quicker then if I was just using the keypad on the IPAD
The NT38B is very well constructed & the IPAD is well protected. I had the Smart Cover before I got this product to protect my IPAD & the 38B protects the IPAD & keyboard quite nicely.
It is very comfortable to work on sitting on my lap. I have a little lapdesk that I use so it is nice & flat while typing on the keyboard. I can easily watch TV & be answering emails all at the same time.
I believe the Amazon price was $53 for this product. The quality of the NT 38B is well worth the price. I have read reviews of some other keyboards that are more money but the NT38B is great for the price.
The space bar is short so you seem to hit the bottom part of the keyboard case quite a few times while typing so words get put together.
The only other issue I have with the product is how it opens & closes. It doesn't seem to slide easily. Again not a big deal.
I have used the keyboard for about 2 weeks now doing emails and making notes and I have had to recharge the keyboard only once since my initial charge when I received it.
All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would like a keyboard for their IPAD.
Review of the IMP62B Stylus
When I received the product I thought it was just one pen type stylus but it was actually two (2) small black & white styluses packaged in a clear plastic case. Operation is just like a pen using a clicking motion. They are small in size & have a clip so that they fit securely in a shirt pocket or stored easily in a portfolio or pocketbook. The tips have a felt feel & work well on the IPAD & IPhone5. I noticed that while playing a game on the IPAD, the stylus sometimes doesn't grab that well so you have to go over it a second time. This product does not include a pen on the other end but in reality I probably wouldn't use the pen even if it was there. Product is sleek & slim & I would recommend the product to my friends.
(Posted on 2/26/13)
Great pen Review by Mark
This is a great stylus I have been using for my iPad.

Some likes:
1. The felt tip gives the stylus a much smoother movement on the screen unlike rubber tips.
2. The pen on the back helps a lot in class from switching between my iPad and my notebook.
3. It is slightly heavier which I like because I feel like the weight and look are luxurious for not a high price.

Some dislikes:
1. Short pen. The size of the pen makes it difficult to write on the iPad because my palm touches the screen. It would work better with the iPad mini or touchscreen phone.
2. Little clicking noise when the room is quiet and you touch the screen.

Overall, I do enjoy using this product and if it does break I would consider purchasing another. Buy one and try it because they price is not ridiculous for what you get.
(Posted on 2/25/13)
Best stylus on the market Review by Nancy
The pros
1. As a stylus, it glides across the screen well. The mesh is so much better than the rubber ones I have tried before.
2. It is really the best stylus I have owned as you can write as if using a pen and it keeps up and is accurate.
3. The pen is cute and I like how it retracts when not in use. I like that the tip of the pen is small and one can write precisely.
4. I like the size of the whole stylus. It is small and light, easy to carry and dual purpose.

The cons
1. The clip should go. I don't like the feel of using the pen and trying to grip around the clip; it is awkward. And few people use a clip these days. Ladies don't keep pens in pockets.
2. The ink is blotchy in the pen and has already bled onto my right hand as I write. There has to be better ink available that lays the ink smoothly on the paper without smudging and leaving big extra blotches. A roller ball would be ideal.
3. It would be nice to have more color choices for those who buy.
4. There were no directions and while easy to use, the only question is where to buy ink refills. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Great Stylus Review by Sam
This is a great stylus. It is very responsive and easy to use. The tip is much better than the rubber tipped ones. I found that notetaking and hand-written notes were much easier to do on a variety of devices (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, etc). Overall, this stylus just works and is definitely worth every penny.

The pen is a simple ballpoint pen but it's convenient to have.

My only 'cons' to this stylus would be the length and weight. It isn't very heavy, which is a personal preference. Secondly, it is a little small if you have larger hands. But it's still fully functional and very easy to use. These would simply be suggested improvements to the stylus.

Great stylus to have and I highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/22/13)
New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus and Pen Truly Amazing Review by Roger
New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus

This stylus / pen combo is truly amazing.

I compared it against my, now previous, favorite stylus and the first thing I noticed was the conductive writing portion.

One common complaint I have with my existing stylus is that it's too soft and grabs the screen at times instead of gliding smoothly. It was a nice stylus but the writing feel was never really natural.

The New Trent IMP62B has a writing material that is slight not only slightly firmer but also has a texture to it that prevents the rubber on glass feel as you're writing. As amazed as I was with the writing quality, I was even more impressed when I used it as a drawing stylus to do some artwork. None of my previous stylus's have had the finesse and ease of flow that this one has.

The fact that it has a retractable, replaceable ballpoint pen built into the other hand is just pure bonus.

It has firmly earned it's place as my stylus I take with me everywhere,

My only wish is that it also came in a model about 2-3cm longer for home use as a drawing / artist stylus as that extra length would make it feel perfect for working on artwork at home. (Posted on 2/20/13)
great little stylus Review by Vanessa
lightweight and just the right size. stylus tip on one end and an actual ballpoint pen on the other. love that i can combine two functions in one. very convenient if you're like me who carry a pen with me anyway. i primarily use the stylus tip for writing chinese character on my iphone and ipad, works super well! my kids tried it for doodling and they loved it. my husband is a designer and he uses it to draw sketches. his comment is it would be a nice bonus if it is pressure sensitive. the only con i would point out is asthetic wise, the champagne gold and black two-tone color scheme is not my favorite. if it is in a minimal black or white or silver, that will align with apple designs that this is designed to complement much better. (Posted on 2/18/13)
Nice stylus, functional pen Review by Eugene
Pros: Nice small touchscreen stylus. I've never used one before but
definitely makes touching the screen a lot more precise. Fits well in my
hand (I have relatively small hands however). Pen is useful but only if
you forgot your real pen.

Cons: I've found it a big awkward to grip it when using it as a pen (too
short and no grip are the likely culprits). So I wouldn't recommend using
it as your go to pen! (Not a big deal considering the pen function is
secondary). Was squeaking when running it along my screen initially,
thought this seems to have been diminishing as I have been using it.

Overall: Nice stylus, and functional emergency pen. (Posted on 2/16/13)
Love it Review by Tirta
I bought this from Amazon. Interesting design to use micro knit. This is the first stylus I tried with micro knit and have a built-in pen.
My last three capacitive stylus were using rubber tip (without built-in pen).
The stylus definitely glides very smoothly on the tablet/phone.

I have tested using ios devices (iphone 4/ipod/iPad3) and Android devices (Touchpad, Nexus4).

1. The device works very well on both ios and Android devices
2. Built-In pen is nice even though I do not expect it will replace your normal pen.
3. Price is affordable
4. Good design
5. Weight is right, not too heavy and not too light.

1. I wish it could come with more colors
2. It does not work well with screen protector otherwise it works flawlessly.
Phone -> The one that have screen protector have some gliding problem.
Tablets -> none have screen protected so it works flawlessly

If you would like to replace the ink, based on one customer feedback (in amazon) it would be: D1 Mini 2 5/8"

Highly recommended if you have tables/phones without screen protector. (Posted on 2/16/13)
Good, not great. Review by Trent
The IMP62B stylus gets a 3 out of 5. The stylus functionality is perfect and it never misses a stroke. The micro weave head doesn't "grip" the screen like other styli and is very smooth stroking. However, the metal pocket clip is not ergonomic whatsoever and doesn't fit in the hand well. The ball point portion of the stylus is also poor quality and I would like to see a higher quality of writability if it is meant to a dual function device. (Posted on 2/12/13)
A Fantastic Product Review by Anthony
This stylus exceeded my initial expectations. I had previously purchased a Bamboo stylus that I was very happy with, but the Limit is now the stylus I choose most often. At first glance, the tip looked like it would make writing clunky and uncomfortable, but I found it to be very natural. I like how the tip curves over the edge of the metal body. With the bamboo stylus, the tip is smaller and the edge of the metal body often comes in contact with the screen of the iPad, risking scratches. That does not happen with the Limir. The feel is nice, and the design looks great. The pen is a nice addition. I don't find myself using it much, but there have been times when it's come in handy. The stylus could be more accurate, but I found it to work very well for writing with Penultimate and drawing with Paper. This is a great product. Highly recommended.
(Posted on 2/11/13)
Fantastic Stylus Review by Riley
The other styli I have tried in the past have tended to stick to the screen and skip while writing . I am a graduate student and it is very bothersome when my stylus underperforms while I am taking notes in class. The Limit Stylus pen has out performed all other styli I have tried in the past. The mesh weave on the stylus provides a smooth writing experience and doesn't skip while taking notes (even with a screen protector on my tablet). The addition of a retractable pen is very convenient. My only complaint about the stylus is that it can be difficult to replace the ink cartridge for the pen. This problem is overcome with a little patience and tinkering with the stylus until the pen cartridge is placed properly. (Posted on 2/10/13)
I'm in love with the Micro-Knit Technology Capacitive Review by Andre

- The Micro-Knit Technology Capacitive is awesome! I have a rubber tip stylus and Micro-knit technology is years ahead of that! This is what took me to buy it and I am amazed with it..
- The stylus writes smoothly on the iPad (even having a screen protector on it) which is something the rubber tip one is not great at. Also it is very precise so great to take notes both on my Post-graduation classes and at work (to-dos, meetings, etc.)
- The look and feel of the stylus is really nice. Initially I was a bit sceptical about the gold&black combination but I think it looks very nice.
- The weight is well distributed, i.e. it feels comfortable to write both on paper and on the iPad
- the pen writes very well
- the price is very competitive
- the package was very good. the plastic tube is not fancy but protects the stylus very well.
- the pen is not protected with a cap that you can loose.


- I just got the stylus a couple of days ago and so far I couldn't find major flaws.
- I think it is a bit too short, it would be nice to have it a bit longer (maybe 1 or 2 cms longer?). More a nice to have rather than a disadvantage really.
- There is no option of choosing a pen with blue ink


- I needed an thin object (in my case a pen) to take the stylus out of the plastic tube. It helps to protect it whilst travelling but it is not practical if you want to use the tube as case to carry the stylus
- add other stylus colour to the portfolio
- add more options re ink colour
- advertise it more on Amazon. I just found it by chance and amazingly is the one with more and best reviews.

Overall rate for this stylus: 4 (Posted on 2/7/13)
Excellent Stylus Review by bob
Within the first minute of using the the New Trent Clickpen I was sold. It has made typing and navigating on my Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3 a true breeze. Where before I was frustrated trying to type or swype because of my large fingers, I can now move through emails and web browsers with real speed. The stylus has enough weight to make it feel substantial but not so heavy you won't want to carry it around. The cushioned mesh tip of the Clickpen is soft enough to give it a nice tactile feel, but stiff enough to make copying and pasting single words or letters easy. The body of the stylus is plastic with a smooth surface, I find it can be a bit slippery when using. This could be remedied by making the body with a rubberized grip section or for the whole stylus. The retractable tip is a great way to keep the tip clean and prevent the tip getting distorted in a pocket or purse. The plastic protection guard at the tip of the stylus works well in protecting the screen of the device from getting scratched. I use the stylus constantly with my Nexus and S3 and find it clumsy to now use my fingers.I am very happy with these styluses needless to say. (Posted on 2/7/13)
Great Stylus! Review by Mike
This is - clearly - the best stylus I have ever owned (out of 6 or so). The "point" glides smoothly over my iPad and iPhone, and my wife's Kindle. I use the pen more than I thought I would, and even the magnet comes in handy. When you add in the great price, it is certainly 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 2/7/13)
Really good stylus/pen combo Review by Russ
The IMP62B is a Very solid product...5* in many ways, but also 3* in a couple of key ways. 4* overall.

The micro fabric stylus functions great. This is much, much smoother than any rubber tipped stylus I have used. It does not jump or catch on the screen and the responsiveness is fantastic. Significant improvement for note-taking on iPad. Also really good is the ballpoint pen. The ink flows well.

The pen/stylus is too short and not hefty enough. It is very solidly built, but it feels too small to hold comfortably, at least for me. Still very usable, just could be much better if it felt more like a real, substantial pen. Aside from size/feel, the only other negative is that the clip on the pen is way too the point that it is hard to clip into a shirt pocket. If you'd prefer a smaller pen or have smaller hands, this may be the perfect solution. (Posted on 2/6/13)
Bought this on Amazon, it performs great. Review by Simon
This is a stylus, its what you expect it to be, don't look for special integration in this product because that's not what its supposed to do.

This is an awesome combination pen/stylus however and feels pretty good in the hand.

My purpose for purchasing this is to use it as an awesome all-in-one physical, digital tool.. write on paper when I need it for real life use and write digitally when working with notes and content creation.

I've personally used this for drawing within the Sketchbook Mobile/Express apps as well as Flipaclip and it works wonderfully, it is pretty responsive (if you use the sides it'll be less responsive.. but still working).

I've tested this on my Surface RT, my Nexus 4, and my Galaxy S3 - safe to say it performs admirably on my Android devices.
- on my Surface RT there's a small issue with touch response, more related to the RT having some delayed response more than the stylus, but it will work (you can see the responsiveness difference in Sketchbook Mobile on RT).

Neat things: the fiber feels great to touch and it hasn't worn down too much (little bit of wear visible but still fine) and it feels like there's a spring inside.. its not a rubber little nub like most styluses but more realistically a non-catching finger like tool, and it offers better precision than your finger for those necessary needs.

--> I drew a ~700 clip animation with this stylus, something I definitely can't with my finger.

Also: it works with matte screen protectors on my devices. (Posted on 2/3/13)
Awesome! Review by Myles G
I have had my stylus now for just over a week and for me it is fantastic!

I use a pen still extensively for work and have found the weight, shape and accuracy to be perfect.

Due to the fact i am addicred to technology i have high expecations from the stylus, I am pleased to say all my expectations have been exceeded, the stlyus is accurate accross a number of platforms (android, iPad etc...) and has a great feel accross the screen
The accuracy is great and i have never had any problems with contact no matter where i held the stylus

For me its a no brainer after using many other stylus/pen combos this is the one you want!! (Posted on 2/2/13)
Small, efficiently designed, effective stylus Review by Robin
Pros: It looks nice; it can fit in my wallet; it has a real pen on one end and stylus on the other. If it can clip to a smart phone case, it would not extend beyond the body of the case and phone itself.

The stylus works well, it's responsive and it saves your screen from grease streaks if you use it instead of your fingers. The pen side writes smoothly. The stylus end works as well as can be expected with the round-tip design that all styli have these days. I've used it for doodling/drawing and for writing (in iPad apps, Paper by 54 and Moleskine). For both of these things it is better to have a stylus. However, with the rounded tip, I can't take notes as I would on a notepad, but of course it comes with a pen as well. The pen/stylus functions are efficiently combined, being on opposite ends from each other. The body of the stylus/pen combo seems sturdy, it is not cheap plastic, and it has a clip for attaching to a sleeve. It is feather-light. The product comes with a disposable clear plastic case to protect it during shipping.

Cons: The size might not work for someone with bigger hands. The pen (for paper) is alright for a backup - the small size and the unusual shape on the pen side work against using it on a permanent basis. The stylus tip feels very delicate, but it seems to be the same composition as every other stylus tip on the market at this time. Until something better comes out, with any stylus you have to be careful.

The plastic case it comes with doesn't hold over well for daily use, as it fits a little too tightly to tuck the stylus in on the go. Removing it from said plastic casing requires literally sticking something else inside the casing to push the pen out.

This New Trent IMP62B stylus is effective for writing, drawing, and for general use on touchscreens. It makes me nervous that there is nothing to protect the delicate fiber tip of the stylus. The build quality is solid, and it looks nice. (Posted on 1/31/13)
Great Stylus - Well worth the price Review by Ed
I bought the Limir Stylus after being burned time and again when buying cheap styluses from Hong Kong. Cheap styluses don't last long and don't always work very well. So I decided to give the Limir a try. I was not disappointed.

The stylus is very well constructed and the microfiber tip is durable, The tip is firm enough to provide just the right amount of pressure form my Android tablet. I use my tablet to take handwritten notes and this stylus works the best of any stylus I have used.

The added pen feature has been a life saver. I also like that you can buy pen refills and make the change yourself.

I would recommend that Android users give this product a try. (Posted on 1/31/13)
Does what it should Review by AK
Love having a stylus. We use it mainly for educational games to practice
writing on an ipod touch. The stylus feels good in your hand and works
well. The only thing I would change is maybe not having a pen on the other
end - we have the stylus primarily for little people to practice their
writing on educational games and I'm afraid that one day the pen side of
the stylus may be used instead of the stylus end on the ipod touch. I'd
purchase again. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Very convenient Review by Brenda
This stylus is awesome! There are many times that I am working n something online and I have to make some notes. In the past I would have to get up and look for a pen. Not any more! Yay! The other feature I like is the size. I like that its a bit fatter than some other stylus'. I have RA and some days it's hard for me to use my fingers. This stylus is the one i love having on those days. I like the packaging because I have a cat that likes to chew on my stylus and this one I can put back in the tube and my kitty can't get it. Thanks for a great product. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Very Comvenient Review by Brenda
I am so happy that I have this stylus. There are many times that I need to make notes about something online and having the pen makes that very convenient. I really like the plastic tube that it came in because it makes it easy to store where I can see it. I have a cat that loves to chew on my stylus so being able to keep it in the tube helps a lot. This is another stylus from New Trent that I will purchase again in the future. My one and only issue is that you can't click the stylus end to hide it.otherwise this stylus gets a five from me. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Pen Is not needed Review by Austin
love the tip on here as well. I do think that the pen was an afterthought, and I think that it could be done without. I use these everyday and they are great. I love the weight. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Great little device Review by Anweathe
1. A varying colour range ...I can see these being popular in our house and specific colours may solve some arguments !
2. Not sure how often the ink pen will get used. It may be worth considering a pen without that would bring the price down and compete more readily with the many budget stylus pens out there
3. Some consideration to the way the pen clip works. I have a leather case on my Kindle Fire and the clip is so tight that I cannot get the pen to clip onto the case

1. Without doubt the best feature of the pen is the micro knit tip. It glides over all devices tested on. Only had it a week, so cant comment on durability.
2. Design ...its the smartest stylus I have used as opposed to many of the cheap looking pens
3. Grip – the grooves definitely help with the gripping of the pen ...especially when playing some games

Overall, I have been really impressed with this stylus. I use it daily on my Kindle Fire and it glides across my new screen protector ( I mainly read books on the Kindle but do use email and Facebook apps ...and have also tested on a few games (Angry Birds and Solitaire). The tip is so much easier to use than the rubber ones (which also tend to be very inconsistent in the level of drag they have). Also tested on the raw screen of an iPad 2 kids loved the pens and looks like I will be forking out for new ones for them too (a boy and a girl - hence the idea of different colours). They have used them for game play and also tested on the Draw app ...the stylus is very responsive – it draws what you want and when trying to write it was so much easy than a rubber tip. Overall, even with the pen and the current price, I would definitely buy another.
(Posted on 1/24/13)
Great for small hands. Very compact. Review by Bart
The New Trent IMP62B Stylus is unlike any stylus I have used in the past.
All styli up to this point have had rubber tips which catch and drag on
the capacitive surfaces of "iThings". This stylus utilizes a micro-knit
technology. In other words, the tip of the stylus is not rubber, but
rather a fabric. I found the stylus to glide across my iPad much more
smoothly. Apps for artistic purposes were far easier to work with due to
this new technology. I did find that I had to apply more pressure to the
stylus than that of a rubber tip, but once I became comfortable with the
adjustment, this was not an issue. The opposite end of the stylus contains
a small pen for writing purposes. There is no removable cap, rather the
pen jacket is rotated and the pen extends from the end of the stylus. The
pen writes comfortably and is of adequate quality. My hands are large and
I found this stylus a little uncomfortable to use due to the smaller form
factor. It is an inch shorter than than the other brands I have laying
around. My wife, however, thought it was quite nice in her much smaller
hands. I appreciate the addition of the pocket clip as many styli on the
market are simple round tubes that roll around and are challenging to
transport. While I will not be using this stylus/pen due to size, it will
find a place in my wife's purse for use on her iPad and iPhone. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Smooth and accurate Review by Chris
This is a very smooth and accurate stylus. I have found myself becoming more and more dependent on it the longer I own it.


Micro Knit fabric tip
Glides smoothly over the screen with or with out a screen guard
No fear of scratching
Pen writes smoothly


A little short
Pen tip is slightly awkward

I would definetly recommend this product to anyone that uses a stylus rather than your finger. If the pen were a little more refined I would have given it 5 stars. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Overall good product Review by Connie
The stylus works well for highlighting and underlining text
Is not fine enough point for precision or for writing instrument

Sleek design, which is light and small enough to clip on tablet cover
Could be too small for large hands

Love the pen on opposite end; a dual purpose instrument
Concerned about the quality because twice during my first 6 hours of usage the unit separated apart into two pieces

I was able to compare this stylus to a previous purchased item. I was impressed with the Limir in many ways: the pen and stylus usage, the soft material which is gentle on my tablet screen, the sleek petite design as well as the sophisticated look/color. This stylus looks is functional in both a pen and tablet stylus which I was looking for. I do wish it was more precise as I am looking for a dual purpose stylus that I too am able to write on my Tablet notepad with. (Posted on 1/22/13)
My new favorite Review by Chelsea
Right off the bat I did not like the packaging for this stylus. It is way to small and hard to get out. After I did though, I haven't put it down. I bought a smaller tip stylus before and was worried about using a larger one. But this larger tip is so much more sturdy and accurate. It glides effortlessly with microknit tip, which is now my favorite type. I got this because I was so sick of switching back and forth between my stylus and pen, now I have the best of both worlds. This makes life easier. To access the pen you swivel the body. This motion is smooth and easy. On a lesser note I opened the pen up and saw that the cartridge only takes up half of the stylus, even though the whole thing is hollow. I wish the cartridge would use up this space. The pen is a nice quality also. I overall really like this stylus, especially for the price. (Posted on 1/21/13)
Solid quality, nice tight twister, stylus works in ways a rubber tip can't Review by Ben
The microfiber tip on this is a real plus, because of the tall dome. That means you can make it work with the screen using a really shallow angle (i.e., it doesn't have to be so vertical to find the "sweet spot.") Can't do that with a rubber tip! This tip has just the right amount of firmness to it in my opinion--a firm foam that snaps back.

The ballpoint writes smoothly, doesn't skip too much. another thing I like is that although it activates by twist, it stays out during writing. (Ever use those loose twist pens that retract as you write? This isn't one of those.)

The pocket clip makes a nice grip, thumb on one side, index on the other. You fountain pen fans who know the Namiki (Pilot) Vanishing Point pen will recognize this immediately.

This is a SOLID feeling pen. Not cheap at all. I took off one star only because I am starting to see some fibers on the tip from putting it in my pocket. But I am trading that for durability; i know that rubber tips disintegrate and then--there goes my dual function stylus! (Posted on 1/18/13)
Looks nice and works great. Review by Mylinh
My iPad gives excellent response to this stylus. It writes very smoothly & easily. It does not wear down easily like other stylus do. It seems to be high quality. I like the clip and the pen on the other side is a bonus. This is the best stylus I've used so far. It would be perfect if it was a bit longer so it feels more like a pen.
(Posted on 1/16/13)
new favorite stylus Review by daniel
In the past I have used multiple styles and brands of stylus' I have gone with ones as cheap as a couple bucks and have spent as much as $30 and haven't found a stylus that is as accurate as this one. I do wish that the pen was a little heavier and slightly longer for comfortable extended writing but other than that I have been very pleased. I do highly recommend this stylus! (Posted on 1/14/13)
This Stylus is awsome! Review by Damon
This stylus is awesome. The tip glides much smoother than the tip on my previous stylus. The pen is in a great spot and I've been using it as much as I use the stylus. I would have rated this stylus a 10 if it was heavier and a longer, but for the price this was a steal! (Posted on 1/11/13)
Perfect addition to any touchscreen device Review by Ron
The stylus works well with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. It works well with a clean screen, or a screen with a thin screen protector. I have a special privacy screen protector on my iPhone which is 2-3 times thicker than most screen protectors and the stylus doesn't always work as it should on that device. On my iPad 2 which has a regular screen protector, the Stylus works great. The size is decent and feels fine in your hand. I've tried styluses before, but none glide as smooth across the screen as this one. The micro-knit material does not stick to the screen or leave marks like some rubber tipped styluses. So now the question is what are styluses good for? They are great for web surfing, taking freehand notes, drawing, using photo editing apps, playing games, almost anything where you need to interact with your device, except when you need to use the on-screen keyboard to enter characters or numbers. The stylus does not obstruct your view of the screen like hands and fingers do, and also doesn't leave fingerprints. I also find that the stylus is more precise than my pointer finger when using drawing or note taking apps. Its handy that the stylus also include a built-in pen, but I'd recommend it even if it didn't because it excels at its primary purpose. The only problem I have with this stylus is that it squeaks while using it but think this is because of it's newness and expect it to go away with use. The only improvement I see is to add some length to the product. Even with that recommendation I would still rate it a 5. (Posted on 1/9/13)
This microfiber stylus/ballpoint pen is a great deal Review by Mollie
I found the IMP62B stylus/pen to be an amazing value for its price. I mainly use my iPhone outside for locating a venue when I am walking in a big city and for texting or calling. The IMP62B is great to use cold weather when I wear gloves – no longer do I have to choose between freezing my hands and not answering my phone – and no more worrying about dropping one glove when I realize I really really need to answer that call.

The stylus is well balanced and well-weighted. It looks just like an expensive pen, only a bit shorter, right down to the shirt pocket clip on the pen cap. The woven microfiber tip slides smoothly over the surface of the iPhone and iPad. At first, I wanted a normal length pen, but then I realized it was the same length as the iPhone – perfect, if you keep it clipped to the side of the iPhone case. The stylus works very well on the iPhone. I also tried it on my iPad mini -- I found I had to push a bit harder when typing on the keypad, but swiping was the same – smooth.

The ball point pen, which – unexpectedly -- screws out the top of the pen cap is very useful for times when I needed to sign in actual ink. No digging around for an ink pen when you’re holding the stylus and iPhone -- also no more juggling two pens. The ballpoint pen probably is better for quickie tasks than long term writing. I have only one minor issue -- I thought the shirt pocket clip was just a bit too tight. Like I said - that's really minor. The stylus/pen is great! (Posted on 1/8/13)
Love It!!! Review by Dmitriy
Using this particular stylus the past few days have been great. First off, I have purchased other types of stylus before and this one is, by far, the best one on the market and the best product for the price that it is being offered for. Last time, I got a couple cheap ones and all broke and now I decided to get something for a little bit more and so far it outlasted all of the other three that I had and I am sure it will continue to dominate any other ones if I get. The design of this stylus is also great. I really love the fact that it is two sided meaning that both sides of the stylus is useful in one way or another. One side is the stylus itself but the other side is a pen with which you can actually write with which is great especially for a college person like myself. One thing that I didn't really like about this is the plastic case that it comes in because I had to use a paper clip to get it out but I guess that's not a really big deal since once you take it out you do not need to put it back in. On the other hand, the size of the stylus itself is perfect for my hand, which is about the average size for a college student. All in all, I really like this product and will continue buying from this seller. I also will recommend this product to friends and family. (Posted on 1/8/13)
Great function, great style Review by VG
The Stylus and Pen is a great looking writing instrument that looks professional and is an attractive accessory to have at a business meeting or for general use. The bronze color of the pen section also makes for a subtle, simple look that adds to its style.

The pen feature is excellent and a great addition to the convenience of having a stylus. The pen is comfortable to use and writes well. The mesh tip is also easy and comfortable to use when writing or navigating.

As I used the stylus for navigating on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4, I found that this was much easier than using my index finger to go from page to page and to make selections of text. Writing freestyle was easy when using a doodling application on the iPad 2. I enjoyed the convenience of having a pen nearby for practical items that I wanted to jot quickly, so this Stylus and Pen combo has become an integral part of my organizing station which holds my iPad and iPhone. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Small and smooth Review by Robert
I love the feel of this stylus. A very “painterly” effect. It sports a decent weight and the great addition of a ink pen. A really enjoyable experience.
I’ve used this to jot down notes on the fly and it was perfect for the job. Great for doodling in a paint app. (Posted on 1/2/13)
Awesome Review by Tarik
Let me just start off by saying that the New Trent Limir Stylus is a
beauty! I have owned this product for a couple days now and since then I
have used it on an Ipad 2, Iphone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung
Galaxy Exhibit
4G and Amazon Kindle Fire/HD. It worked on all of them. The main thing I
like about the stylus is the the Micro-Knit fiber point, it's soft, it
moves smoothly on a touch screen surface. Honestly when i use the Limir
stylus I am faster on a touch screen with it than I am with my own
fingers. By the way don't forget about the retractable pen on the other
end, writes very smooth, Great Addition! For the design and color, the
whole stylus is just sleek and eloquent, colors match up nicely. In all the
New Trent Limir Stylus is fantastic product. What I would like to see in
the next stage of the Limir stylus is maybe a light inside the stylus,
behind the micro-knit fiber, that would be nice!!! (Posted on 12/31/12)
ditch the rubber tips! Review by Rae
con - the ink is slightly splotchy (a pet peeve of mine)
pro - size
pro - function
pro - materials used
pro - mesh tip

this stylus has a quality feel because of the materials used, as well as having a nice, quality visual appeal.

the mesh tip is unbeaten by any rubber tipped stylus. it glides freely over your touchscreen device, making tasks much quicker and easier.

i am almost impossible to please when it comes to ink pens. this pen isn't bad, but does apply a bit too thick which makes it prone to splotching.

other than that, the mechanism (twist) to make the pen tip available is quality and the pen tip retracts fully back into the top end of the stylus.

the length is 4 3/8" (closed) and 4 1/2" (with pen tip exposed), which is a perfect length for my small hands.

i fully recommend New Trent's stylus for anyone who enjoys using them or has a need for one. New Trent's stylus can be used on any touch screen device, and helps eliminate fingerprints!

i personally could never go back to a plain rubber tip stylus!! (Posted on 12/28/12)
4.5 stars out of 5 Review by ApanMan
Using the stylus has been great! Honestly the only downside (and thus the loss of half a star), for me, to the stylus has been the quality of the pen. But I am somewhat of a pen snob, so for normal people this isn't an issue probably. I was at my mothers for Christmas and she kept stealing it to use it with her iPad, and she had no problem with the pen. Both of us liked the knit touch surface of the stylus, unlike with some other stylus' I have encountered this stylus tip made me feel like my tablet surface was not being dug into.

Aluminum body is a plus, makes it feel very durable! (Posted on 12/27/12)
Good Stylus Review by Peter
This stylus is good for what you will ask it to do, and if it fits what you
need it is ideal. Here is the good and the bad
I like that it is very responsive, have very minimal skip and is very
reliable. The tip however does not have a fine tip, so if you are using it
for anything other than blunt selection, it can be difficult to use. It is
small and compact and fits in most any case. I personally would like to
have had it a little larger, so i can feel the weight and size while i'm
working. There is a pen attached which is retractable and at first I
thought it was added as an afterthought, however it is actually a pretty
decent pen. I'm not expecting it to last forever, but it writes smoothly
and cleanly and gets the job done.
Overall I do enjoy my stylus. It is a good product and it is great for
those of us who use our tablets on the job (works wells on phones too) and
do not wish to constantly be cleaning up finger prints and smudges. It is
great for blunt selection, but if you are looking for something to draw
with or give a good signature, unfortunately this is not your product. I
use my regularly if used for the how i described, it will not disappoint.
Overall: Good Product (Posted on 12/27/12)
Cool Stylus and Pen Review by Sálongo
New Trent IMP62B Stylus with Pen:

I had read a lot of reviews for styluses since I do a lot of note taking on the iPad and the finger was not a viable option. I have New Trent Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus and I micro fiber tip. My wife has an iPad 2 and after she tried my stylus she wanted one but she also believes in having paper and pencil as and also wants to travel light. I went looking and found the Limir Stylus, which has a micro knit tip one on end and a replaceable retractable ballpoint pen on the other end. It arrived in a few days ago and it glides effortlessly across the screen of the iPad, iPhone and the Android phone she uses. We both like it because we can use on the touch screens of our phone and iPad and if we need to write a quick note on a paper pad we don’t have to put down the stylus and hunt around for a pen.

The retractable ballpoint pen and the micro knit tip was the key selling point for me and it is very responsive and feels natural. What I would like to see is a twist to retract stylus tip so it does not get damaged or dirty while carrying it in a pocket or bag.

This was a great gift for my wife and I’ve order one for myself as a back to my other retractable stylus by New Trent.

(Posted on 12/26/12)
Overall Great Product Review by John
The stylus is smooth on the screen as it is on paper. With its small
size it is easy to attach to your suite or shirt pocket and not feel
weighted down. There are several features that also stand out. The small
ridges on the handle for the stylus make it easier to hold onto then the
old stylus’s that used to come from the top of older tablets. With its ball
point pen option from the top the styles allows for quick screen to paper
movement. The ball point pen has exceptional writing quality also allowing
for smooth signature or note taking. On a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being
the best. I would rate this stylus a 5 for its appearance and simplicity.
Great product! (Posted on 12/22/12)
Great stylus~ Review by Karen
I am quite pleased with the dual purpose stylus. It is a great size and
fits well in my hand. The micro-knit tip is quite responsive and the
built-in pen writes very well. One thing I would like to see is perhaps a
thinner sized tip to write/draw finer details. Otherwise, the size of the
stylus is great and feels great in my hands. I would recommend this stylus
to anyone who wants to spare themselves having to carry an extra pen around
when they already have a stylus. (Posted on 12/21/12)
Best stylus i've used! Review by Nick
IMP62B stylus pen positives

- Great feel

- Doubles as an ink pen

- Evenly balanced

- Accurate when using as a stylus as slides great across the screen because of the capacitive mesh.

IMP62B stylus pen improvements

- I’d like to see it a little heavier

-Length, it would be nice to see it longer as I have big hands and long fingers.

The IMP62B stylus pen is a great product. I’ve had other stylus pens but they do not match up to this stylus pen. The first and biggest thing I fell in love with is the capacitive mesh. It slides and responds a lot easier than the rubber or metal tip that you find with other stylus pens. The only improvement I can possibly think of is if it was a little bit longer and a little heavier. I’m a bigger guy and so the smaller stylus feels a little uncomfortable in my hand however, the performance highly out weighs this con. I would recommend this pen to anyone who uses a stylus!
(Posted on 12/21/12)
Great stylus! Review by Karen
Having purchased more than four differing types of stylus, this one by New Trent the (IMP62B (1 PC) Limir Stylus/Styli Touch Screen Cell phone Tablet Pen Champa Dual-Purpose with Micro-Knit Technology Capacitive Stylus + Fine Ball Pen for iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPod touch iPad (improved version 10mm longer) is definitely the best one I’ve owned. The mesh tip of this pen is superior to other rubber type tips, and makes signing a signature and or writing notes on my iPhone and iPad screen easy. The other styluses I own compress when used to write or sign.
This stylus is short and stout. I have small hands and find the stylus to be a bit too thick, and would prefer it thinner. With that said, my father whom is 83 years old and has mild arthritis in his hands finds it very handy, and really easy to use. For my use, the pen clip is definitely in the way when using as a writing instrument and would prefer it without the clip. Again though, I think this is just a matter of personal preference and use. I will primarily use mine as a stylus and do find it to be of superior quality. The design and color are attractive and the pen is an added bonus. This is an excellent value for the price. It is small enough to put in your shirt pocket or handbag and have it ready when needed for your touch device or signature.
Truly another great product by New Trent. The only reason I don't give the New Trent IMP62B (1 PC) Limir Stylus/Styli Touch Screen Cell phone Tablet Pen Champa Dual-Purpose with Micro-Knit Technology Capacitive Stylus + Fine Ball Pen for iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPod touch iPad (improved version 10mm longer) 5 stars is because the "perfect" stylus for me would be thinner.
Overall, I definitely recommend this stylus by New Trent! (Posted on 12/21/12)
Don't think twice - get this stylus and enjoy! Review by EMP
I've had the New Trent IMP62B stylus now for over a month. I like to use the item for a while so I give it a fair review. I love this stylus. I've owned about a dozen styluses from many of the major manufacturers and this one is by far the smoothest one I've owned. The micro mesh tip is not like the rubber ones that sometimes grab the screen. It glides effortlessly over my iPad (which by the way has a protective screen cover) and works well with many of my drawing apps. If I had one complaint it would be that it is slightly shorter than the average size pen. But this is not a big deal and you get used to the size very quickly. The pen is also a very nice feature. How many times have you found something on the web that you want to make a note of and had to get up to get a pen. This solve that problem. Don't think twice about purchasing this stylus - get it and enjoy. (Posted on 12/19/12)
Very nice IPAD Stylus Review by charles
I break Stylus tips about once every 3 months if they are lucky, this is my first non rubber stylus and am ever surprised. The stylus glides very smoothly and no glitching across the screen.

As far as other tablets and Phones, I tried the stylus on my wife's Iphone 5, My LG Optimus and my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and here is my feedback

While the Stylus is a outstanding Apple Stylus and performed nicely on my LG Phone the screen was to small to get a good feel for anything over normal Stylus. I used a paint app on all of these platforms and the Stylus did not miss on the Ipad Iphone or LG, the LG had issues on the side of the screen for some reason and I believe it was a Phone issue but I would be aware of this.

As far as the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 there is something with the processing of the screen on the tablet that the paint app only registered 90% of the touches from the stylus, my screen was clean and the stylus missed spots when coloring in the screen.

Overall I would not recommend this for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 because of this just because the glitching get frustrating. The IPAD, IPHONE 5, and LG Optimus I would recommend it. My primary use for the Stylus is for the IPAD and I am very Satisfied with this purchase as response, feel, and comfort are excellent. (Posted on 12/19/12)
Best stylus out there Review by Mo Pierce
It seems to be all PRO with the Limir stulus pen. The micro knit tip makes a world of difference compared to most other brands on the market today. It also has a nice weight, compared to others that are just a hollow aluminum tube. And to top it off it has a ball point pen so you don't even have to put it down. This has definitely been the best stylus I've purchased to date. I'd rate it at a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 12/18/12)
Great stylus pen Review by Usman
Small cheap and very useful. This is a neat little device and very handy to carry in your pocket.

The meshed tip works very well on my iPad and i do not have to worry about the tip making any scratched to the screen. (Posted on 12/17/12)
Nice gadget Review by Rochelle
This is my first time trying a stylus pen. When I first opened the package, I thought it looked a lot like a fancy pen. This is a good thing. I tried it out on my iPhone 5, and my iPad 2. This is my first time using a stylus. It did come in handy when I visited an “ICE!” exhibit this past weekend. It was way too cold to when I wanted to text my friends. Since I did not have some of those “special” gloves, the stylus was nice to have without taking my gloves off. I would like to see the mesh tip is a little wide as I would like to see a little thinner. Other than that, I really liked it. (Posted on 12/17/12)
Nice Multi-Use Stylus! Review by Nicole
Although it is a little smaller, it did not seem to affect my use of the product. I could see it being a good size stylus for women with smaller hands, but men may not like the smaller size. The pen also writes smoothly and I like the twist to retract feature. It's nice to have that feature if you have to write something down in a hurry on paper.

The mesh tip gives it an advantage over other types of stylus' with rubber or metal tips because it can glide smoothly across the front of your device, even if you are using a screen protector. It is also nice to have the clip, great feature for those on the go or in business settings. It is easy to clip inside the pocket and since the pen feature is at the top you don't' have to worry about any ink seeping out into your pocket or getting on your shirt.

A few minor improvements could be having it be a little longer like normal pen length and also have more of a grip where you hold the stylus to write.

Overall I feel this is a quality and affordable product and would highly recommend to anyone with a touch screen device. (Posted on 12/17/12)
Good stylus / pen combination Review by V'rasana
I recently purchased the New Trent IMP62B stylus & pen combination for
use with touch screen devices. This is the first stylus I have
purchased and I must say I am on the whole quite pleased. The stylus is
comfortable to hold and light weight; making it an easy choice for those
on the go or minding their carry-on weight. I found the stylus very
easy to use with my iPhone 4. As a matter of fact, I prefer using it
over scrolling around with my fingers. One thing that I think might be
improved was in the area of writing. I downloaded an app called My
Script to test out the handwriting capabilities so I could try out the
stylus and found that it was difficult to make a period or dot. As far
as the pen, it was comfortable enough and convenient to have the
two-in-one functionality. (Posted on 12/15/12)
A great stylus! Review by Jesus
The IMPB62B is a great stylus. The “felt” like tip makes for a very
smooth transition when writing at different angles. The weight of the
stylus is very comfortable. Not too heavy to fatigue my hand, but not so
light that it makes it difficult to write with.

The pen side of it is very nice as well. Most pens of that size tend to
dry up or the points are so sharp that they cut through the paper. Even
worse, most don’t write unless you press very hard. This one doesn’t have
that issue. It writes very nicely. So much so that I replaced my $20 pen
with it!

Compared to the Adjonit Pro or the Targus Stylus, this stylus would best be
used for drawing or doodling. It provides a smooth enough feeling that an
artistic hand can work with it, but not precise enough that it could be
used for writing notes with precision. I’m not saying that it can’t be used
for writing, but its not as precise as the others previously listed. Like
I said, it would be quite a great stylus for one with an artistic hand.

The stylus also feels very sturdy. I can’t get a feel on what material it
is, but part of it does in fact feel metallic. Regardless, it feels well

If you are in the process of determining a stylus to buy, this stylus
should be on your list of choices. Especially if you are an artist, but
still so if you are looking for an all-around good stylus to use. (Posted on 12/13/12)
Great Stylus Pen Review by Lori
I have used many Stylus pens and some were so squishy that it wdragged too much. This stylus is compact yet feels like a pen in the hand.. one end is a pen and the other is the stylus end. It is a very useful tool to have. Small enough to keep with the tablet ot be used with the ohone.

Great product. (Posted on 12/10/12)
Great stylus Review by Frances

IMP62B, a stylus pen for Ipad2 & iPhone

Pros: Easy to use.
Handy pen on the opposite end.
Good length
Cons : A little shaky if you are a heavy handed person

All in all this is a good stylus pen for iPad. I struggled on an iPhone as the screen just isn't big enough. I used this on various note taking apps on the iPad 3. It works well and my handwriting looks normal. My husband tried it as well and he found it a bit shaky. But he is heavy handed with things. I didn't have that issue over my use. Handy pen on opposite end as well should you need to quickly jot something on paper. Overall a good stylus but more for iPad than iPhone in my (Posted on 12/10/12)
good build quality. good for what it is designed for. Review by Dan
I can't believe most stylus do not have a built-in ball pen. This one is well built and is reasonably compact without sacrificing usability. It's great for pointing/typing on-screen keyboard. OK for sporadic hand written note. The only thing not perfect is that it tends to write large fonts, making prolonged note taking sub-optimal. Overall, it's a good product, particularly given the price.
(Posted on 12/8/12)
Small, but it works well Review by David
What is there to say? It's a simple stylus which can also be used as a pen if you ever need to write something down quickly on a piece of paper. It does the job well. There is one gripe I had with this stylus though. It needed to be a bit longer for me, probably just an inch longer would have been perfect. This stylus is on the small side for me, so if you have big hands, it might be uncomfortable for you. Although, if you want this stylus, then go for it. It works and I don't have any more negative things to say about this. I tried it on my GS3, GTab 10.1, and iPad 3. (Posted on 12/6/12)
Great Stylus Review by Douglas
The Limir Stylus IMP62B is great for writing and using for navigation through the OS. I like how the stylus also functions as a pen with a quick twist you can take notes on paper. I also like how compared to other stylus's it is a little longer that way its more comfortable to write with. It also glides more smoothly on the screen compared to other stylus's that use rubber tips. I noticed I was writing more quickly with this stylus. The clip on the stylus is very strong. It does not fall off when clipped to most objects. I would recommend this stylus to family and friends (Posted on 12/6/12)
Awesome desk stylus/pen Review by Mike
Pros: Great touch responsiveness on screen. Good build quality, and executive looking finish. The tip is firmer than the IMP63T stylus that I'm used to, which is a plus in my book. The firmer tip gives a more tactile feedback when you use it and gives it a more precise feel. Even with its larger size and pen it still feels nearly as light as the smaller IMP63T. The pen itself writes very well(much better than the BIC's I have on my desk, and seems easy enough to replace. The belt/shirt clip was stiff at first, but loosened up only after a couple uses to an acceptable stiffness which makes it easy to clip on my jeans pocket.

Cons: Seeing the pictures I expected the black area of the pen to be more of a soft touch rubber of some sort, but its just plastic. Also the fact that the tip isn't retractable worries me that it will wear down faster during transport. I'm not sure if it's been made more durable which is why it's firmer, but that is my hope. Since I'm mainly going to leave this on my desk I'm not worried about it. (Posted on 12/4/12)
Great Stylus Review by Brad
This is a very good stylus and I love how the ink pen writes. There is one drawback. Out of the two that I bought, one had a loose housing which allowed slippage when I tried to eject the pen. (Posted on 12/4/12)
Great Stylus/Pen and Great Price Review by TheresaL
I have purchased at least 50 different styli in the last few years. They wear out or are just not what I wanted. I love this stylus and the pen that is built into it. Most of time I find that you get one or the other when buying a dual purpose device: quality styli or quality pen. In this case, I am happy to say I got two good quality items in the same product.
The tip on the stylus is not rubber like most styli. It is a smooth fabric-like tip but somewhat stiffer than the usual styli fare. Because the tip does not smash down when you use it, it is great for drawing or for writing on note-type apps. It glides smoothly over the glass without skipping or stopping.

The pen is attractive and is just less than 4.5 inches from tip to tip with pen retracted. It’s small enough to fit in a pants pocket and cool enough for any shirt pocket. I myself have found it to be of sufficient length to use comfortably for either of its intended purposes.
The pen is of a good quality and writes smoothly like a real pen, again, not the lame version often found in dual purpose devices. All in all this is a terrific bargain. The styli found in electronic stores go for up to $30.00 each and cannot come close to this one in quality. (Posted on 11/28/12)
Great Looking, needs a few refinements Review by Josh
Number 1: This pen looks great, like a gift pen you'd give to a graduating college student. Number 2: The ink pen works great (smooth and clean writing) and the stylus is also great (conductive fiber that cushions against the screen and won't scratch at all). Unfortunately, it needs a few tweaks. I can't help but think it's a bit unnatural for the pen to come out of the fake cap end (where the pocket clip is at). I know it's probably so nobody accidentally uses the pen side on a screen, but it's still a little off putting. Another thing to fix? The pen comes apart too easy with a light tug. They should make it a screw-on pen instead of a push-together one. I hope they make these changes but it's still a good product. (Posted on 11/26/12)
Best I've tried to date Review by drabauer
The Limir stylus pen differs from most touch-screen styli by relying on a
metal screen ("mircoknit") to contact the surface as opposed to the typical 
rubber tip. I find the microknit screen a marked improvement over rubber
tips when it comes to both handling ("feel") and accuracy. The tensile 
drag on the stylus is less than that of rubber, but it retains the former's 
lightness and "bouncy" feel (think of doubleknit, rather than a window

I used the stylus for typical navigation tasks as well as for
writing and drawing in various ipad/smartphone apps, and was able to
 easily control the flow of the pen as well as the speed of navigation. Some reviews have mentioned the sound produced - it takes getting use to, but is certainly not a handicap. The pen
 is very comfortable to hold, and helpfully incorporates both a traditional
 ballpoint tip and a clip.

I find the Limir superior to the three existing styli I've tried, but I still wish that someone would produce a pen with a sharper point specifically for note-taking and drawing. The Limir would be improved if the ballpoint end were a bit narrower so that it handled more like a traditional ballpoint pen. One review suggested a push button, but I like the twist feature, as there is little chance of accidentally ejecting the tip (and the pen does not need one more protuberance). (Posted on 11/26/12)
Multi use!! Review by Olly
Brilliant stylus, really accurate the pen is a brilliant addition! Not quite as we'll built as the plain stylus's. but is still a brilliant accessory for an iPad or iPhone.

Really useful for drawing apps. Especially if you have larger fingers than the average person.

The nib itself is really well designed using the microfibres makes it really nice to use and won't damage the screen on your device! (Posted on 11/20/12)
So Close to Greatness Review by KC
I was excited when I heard that this model was a little longer than the previous version. This stylus has everything that you could want in a capacitive stylus. The micro-knit tip which lasts longer and is more accurate than a similarly sized rubber tip, a pen for when you are in a pinch. Obviously this isn't a pen that you would want to be writing much with, but when you need to make a quick signature or note this gets the job done. All in all I would call this one of the better styluses, or is it styli, that I have ever used, and I am a bit of a stylus junkie so this is really saying something.

Now to get into the details:

The shirt clip is nice because the metal attaches well to the Apple SmartCover, and keeps me from losing or having to carry around the stylus. Although it looks nice, I have found the gold body/casing to scratch rather easily, although it doesn't appear to be cheaply made. The tip is fantastic, I am able to take notes seamlessly and it holds up well to a few weeks of use, which at this price is great. The stylus is well weighted and the pen top doesn't make it feel heavy, but as a left-hander the twist pens really never work well for me.

All in all I would say that this stylus is great, but if it was longer both the pen functionality and feel would be better.

Good buy for the price! (Posted on 11/15/12)
My Doctor Approves and So Do I! Review by 1stBuy
I'm giving this a 4.5 out of 5. The only reason it gets dinged half a point is because I have (very) long hands so I'd like it to feel more like a pen with some grip/heaviness to it. That's just me being picky though, and the average user won't even feel this way, so it does deserve a 5.

- Does not move or drag the screen when signing on the iPad
- Very durable, not like sponge tips, this is made of a higher grade
- Professional look and feel
- Retractable pen on opposite end for writing use as well

Cons: (Overall, it's the best stylus I've personally ever used, but I don't
like to say any product is truly "perfect" and without cons. I've come up
with some minor things which I've noticed, the majority may not feel these
are a real concern.)

- For those of us with bigger hands, a rubberized grip or larger diameter
may be an improvement...although I'm not sure until I actually try it out.
- Since it is made of metal, it does 'feels' colder to the touch in the
winter. However, this is the trade-off for a having such a great
professional look.

I had a doctor friend of mine comment on how the screen does not
move or shake when they sign documents using this stylus. I guess they had
experiences where the screen would drag a bit when signing using another
stylus. I thought that was a great feature and should certainly be
emphasized. I used this stylus to write, and even play iPad games, and it
worked flawlessly. It's the best stylus I've used. It will be the best
stylus you use as well. No reason to look further if function and quality
is what you are seeking. (Posted on 11/8/12)
Excellent stylus Review by b-adams
Pros: The nib has the perfect friction factor when writing on the iPad and the tip is not too squishy, unlike other styli which generally have too much drag, and the tip is too squishy. I like that the stylus is fairly small / short and light, making it easy to carry.
Cons / Recommendation: It would be nice to have a standard ink pen refill option.
I have tried a number of different styli, and this one is my favorite. (Posted on 10/27/12)
Great if you have fat fingers! Review by Deedee
My husband has a mobile car detailing company and he accepts credit cards, which is incredibly rare. Customers were always looking for some sort of pen to be able to sign their credit card charge with. This stylus is the perfect answer! It's light weight and easy to use. He finds himself using it to send texts, write emails and play games on his apps.

The draw back is the clip is in the way of using the pen comfortably. He really wants it to be on the other side or not there altogether. He also wishes there was some way to be able to attach it to the phone itself. He was thinking of putting velcro on his case and the stylus. He also suggested to magnetize the stylus so it will attach itself to the metal on the edges of the iPhone. I don't know how that would work for all of the other phones or units out there but it was a suggestion for iPhone users.

All in all, it was a great investment and he is using it everyday. The customers also like having a pen to hold on to when signing for their car washes. (Posted on 10/23/12)
Excellent product Review by Greg
I never thought I would use a stylus with my phone or tablet, but thought I would try this out. I think I'm slowly being coverted. It is just as responsive as using my finger, but without the fingerprints. It works well even when using the Swype keyboard.

With my job I have my hands inside machines, covered with toner dust, covered with grease, oil, etc. So no matter how much washing, there is always residue on the fingers that ends up transferring to the phone. The ability to use this stylus will eliminate that, and I will be able to quit investing in screen wipes as often.

I wish it was a little heavier, but it works great. The ink pen is a nice touch and I will use that almost as much as the stylus side. It is very easy to switch between the two. (Posted on 10/20/12)
just the right size Review by wayne
With all the touch devices today there are two issues for men big fingers for woman it is fingernails the Limir pen solves the problem by providing a small "pen" that works on touch screens and for that it works well. My wife saw it this morning and tried it on her iphone and said thanks....

So I probably should have ordered the 2 pack.

The only suggestion I have is that i wish it was a bit thinner around (Posted on 10/19/12)
Very Ccmfortable, High quality. Review by Willy
The New Trent IMP62B Is a remarkable pen with a dual function that serves as a handy pen. Overall, I do recommend this pen, it is defiantly one of the best ones in the market.

-When typing with this pencil, it makes an annoying sound when the tip is pressed.
-The other side of the pen has a pen, remarkable pen that is smooth and crisp.
-The grip on the pen is not that attractive. It can slide off if you're hands may be wet.
-You must twist the pen to use the the pen to write. When you are not writing, the pen twists slightly. I would recommend instead of twisting it, maybe a button to use the pen.

-Very comfortable weight and size
-Very solid and durable feel, overall the pen has a very high quality feeling.
-The clip on the pen side is very durable and strong. You can not break it unless you're trying.
-Great precision and great response time.
(Posted on 10/11/12)
Great little stylus! Review by Ryan
it is easy to clip on to my soft case so I have actually used it a
lot. The best thing about it is that it eliminates all the fingerprint
smudges on the screen. I like that the pen is on the opposite end so I can
just flip it over to make a note on paper, then go back to my tablet. I
wish the tip of the stylus was a bit smaller, it is not that easy to draw
thin lines with it or select small text. I like the color scheme, however
I would prefer a gunmetal grey and black look. Gold is not really my
style. Overall I am happy with it and would give it a 4 out of 5. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Microfiber is the real deal! Review by Sizun
I was looking for a good, precise stylus to use with my IPad 2 for my lectures in graduate school. Naturally, being a good 'researcher', I browsed dozens of review sites, ebay and amazon to find a pen that would fit the bill: Cheap, Looks good, Durable and Precise!

I initially stumbled upon the Adonit Jot, but didn't purchase it as it was really expensive, and didn't look so durable. I previously had a cheapo rubber tipped one from ebay which felt cheap, and tore after 1 month's use. It was a pain to draw figures with it too, the rubber was too wobbly!

Amazon had Limir really highly rate, and I was skeptical about the metallic looking tip. But the reviews were all really amazing, so I thought, what the heck, lets give it a try, the price seems right. The tip is AMAZING. Its definitely smooth to touch and won't scratch my IPad screen protector (I have a matte one). Best thing is how precise it is! The weight of it made it feel really expensive and good too (I like heavy pens).

Only downside? The stylus is a little shorter than I would have liked and the pen is on the opposite end. A little awkward, but I don't use it anyways and its good to have. I would definitely recommend this awesome product!

(Posted on 10/1/12)
Great product Review by Anthony
A problem for many Iphone and Android phone users is the touchscreen keyboard.
A dainty finger, or at least one with dexterity is needed to navigate the keyboard.
This problem is very much alleviated by using the NewTrent IMP62 stylus.
It is a very well made, and small so it handily fits in a pocket or purse.
It has a fiber end for the touchscreen which works very well. It has a pen on the other end
for jotting down a quick note. This two in one feature comes in very handy.
The only drawback I found was an inability to figure out how the pen could be replaced
when it runs out of ink.
The stylus is very moderately priced, and well worth the investment. Considering what I have seen in stores, even Wal-Mart,
to buy this item on line will save money, and hassle. I recommend (Posted on 9/28/12)
Great Stylus Review by Matthew
Stylus works great even through the protective screen of my lifeproof case. moves smoothly across the screen and does not scratch or anything. Also works much better than your finger for many apps especially DrawSomething. Very Precise and accurate. Seems to be durable and well made as well. (Posted on 9/28/12)
Very happy with this stylus! Review by lolli
When I received the pen, there was clinking noises as the pen part had come loose. But it's easy to remedy as I was able to easily screw the pen back in. I have a few stylus pens with rubber ends and IMP62B is my first one with mesh. I can honestly say I'm never going back to rubber stylus. Unlike rubber stylus that can feel 'sticky' on the iPad surface, the mesh makes the stylus movement feel more natural. The fact that it is pretty solid also helps as it gives a smaller surface for the stylus, especially helpful when drawing on the iPad.

I hope New Trent would re-consider the design of the pen, however. The mesh end is pretty delicate and will get fluffy easily unless stored properly. This would be the most ideal stylus pen for me if the mesh end is retractable to protect it.

But overall, great stylus pen. Bring on those 'Draw Some' games!

PS. Any chance of a smaller/pointy stylus end to cater for iPhones? (Posted on 9/24/12)
Good durable stylus Review by Madeline
Ordered this stylus to use with my ASUS Transformer Prime and I have to say it's a must have accessory for any tablet user. I use it mainly to draw or hand write notes down since using your finger for these tasks is very hard. The tip of the stylus has this meshy sponge look to it but it's actually woven micro fiber. It is much better compared to other styluses that have the cheap rubber tip on them. The micro fiber seems to glide on the screen easier and I have no worries about the tip breaking off. Only issue I have with this stylus is that with my Xtreme Guard screen protector it makes a slight squeaking noise every time I use it. It's not a fault of the stylus but an issue caused by the orange peel sticky screen protector that I have. Have used the stylus on my iPod Touch with just the bare screen and haven't had any issues of noise there so guessing the thicker screen protectors like ghosts Armor and Invisible Shield would do the same as the Xtreme Guard. Overall a great product as it's a budget friendly stylus with great build quality. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the handy pen on the other side! Pen is black ink and has smooth writing. (Posted on 9/3/12)
Precise is Nice Review by James
This stylus pen is great as the only accessory you need for daily business. The pen is great for business use, especially while travelling. The stylus is perfect for data entry in my iPhone. The tip is precise and allows fast and accurate entry of text and notes.
My brother in law saw the stylus and borrowed it for his iPad. He said it speeds up his emails and is perfect as a pointer on the iPad screen to show his customers specific details on the display.
My wife wants one also for her smart phone. (Posted on 6/24/12)
Great Quality Product!!! Review by Al
When ordering the Limir Stylus Pen at first I was a bit skeptical about quality. After opening the package for the first time I was amazed by the workmanship and the feel of this stylus. I bought this stylus pen for my kindle fire but it also works on my iPhone. It even works through my wife's Otter box shield on her phone. I recommend this for all smart phone and tablet users! (Posted on 5/15/12)

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