Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS)

For Smartphones and Tablets

Quick Overview

  • Twin pack Stylus works on all capacitive touch surfaces
  • Retractable Pen maximize the lifetime
  • Soft, durable fiber tip, much better writing experience than regular rubber/sponge tip
  • Package includes ONE black Stylus and ONE white Stylus

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Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS)
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Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS) Clickpen Stylus/Styli with [Micro-Knit Tip] [Retractable] for All Capacitive Touchscreen Smartphones and Tablets (2PCS)


New Trent Arcadia Stylus pen IMP63T.

Twinmir Stylus pen (2 packs black and white) for Apple the new iPad makes it very easy to draw and turn a page.

Advanced micro knit fiber tip is very sensitive to capactive touch screen, it works for all the smartphones and Tablet PCs. It won't scratch the iPad's surface, slide much smoother than you regular rubber sponge tip pen. The Phobio Stylus allows the user to type accurately and comfortably. 

The tip of the stylus engages directly with your iPad touch-screen device, requires no software to operate. It instantly works right out of the box.

The Stylus is designed to work on all capacitive touch screens - iPad, iPad 2nd Generation, iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3G 3Gs, iPhone 4 iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, HTC EVO View 4G, Dell Streak 7, Viewsonic G-Tablet, Archos 101 Gen 9 70, ViewPad 7, ASUS Eee Slate, Motorola Droid X, myTouch 4G, Palm Pre Plus, Samsung Captivate, BlackBerry Storm, Google Android Tablets and every capacitive touch panel device.

Note: Arcadia is the new product line from New Trent Inc. Arcadia is a registered trademark of New Trent. You will see New Trent or Arcadia logo on product and retailed package
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The features for Limir Stylus Pen

  • Stylus works on all capacitive touch surfaces; use with iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and other touchscreen devices
  • Use to take notes, draw or turn a page
  • Soft, durable fiber tip, much better writing experience than regular rubber/sponge tip
  • Other end as a twist-open ballpoint pen for traditional note taking
  • Allows users to type accurately and comfortably


Product specifications

  • Twin Pack Stylus touch pens for ipad 2 and the new ipad
  • High Quality Micro fiber tip
  • Two packs, Black Color and White Color
  • Weight:10G
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My all-time favorite stylus!! Review by Sara
These are by far the best stylus I've ever used. I bought all the cheap ones, the more expensive ones at the cell phone stores, Walmart, Radio Shack, Target, etc. I ended up getting rid of all those and never looked back. I've had these for a year now. I lost the white one when we moved a few months ago, but I used them regularly on my Ipad2, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC Incredible, IPhone 4 and 5, and a Knook color. It worked flawlessly the whole time. I love that they are a bit heavier than the other hollow stylus that I tried, and the microfiber tips are extremely durable. My toddler who just turned 2 has gotten ahold of it dozens of times and "drew" on the walls, floor, her LeapPad, etc. It's even been chewed on and it seems fine. I've started noticing in the black one at the very tip there's what looks like a tiny hair sticking out, it must be a small fiber that's fraying. Again, this is after tons of use on several different screens, being roughly handled by a small child and being a year old. The retractable feature is wonderful so you can put it in your pocket and not worry that its rubbing up against something or the fiber material will get snagged on something and it keeps it clean. This is by far the best price I've ever seen for a stylus of this quality. The plastic guards that are shown at the tips in the photo do come off. I'm not sure if people just didn't know or if they never tried it, but they are removable and their removal causes no impact to the use or look of the stylus. I prefer it not on them just because it looks a bit prettier. I'm actually thinking I'm going to buy a few more of these sets and give a couple as Christmas presents to friends and family who love mine. Honestly the size, shape, weight, color, materials, durability, etc... It's all top-notch. If you're looking for a wonderful daily use stylus for a great price, look no further. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Superb Movement and Click Action Review by Tommie
Overall, I have been pleasantly pleased with the product. I did not have the same issues of the size. The stylus felt comfortable in my hands with a decent weight to it. The clicking apparatus was smooth and did not interfere with the overall quality of the mesh. The mesh wiring held solid and was smooth in use. I currently use this stylus with my iPad 2 as well as my various Android phones with zero issues. As a teacher, this is used in my classroom during lessons. My students also appreciated the smooth strokes of the mesh tip compared to other rubber tip styli. Overall, I would rate this stylus a 5/5. The quality far surpassed the price and had zero issues with the capacitive touch. (Posted on 7/29/14)
Great stylus! Way better than rubber-tipped ones!! Review by Dustin Ranem
These worked great, much better than most styluses I've tried. I really like the mesh tip, as opposed to the more common black rubber that just flops over every time you apply pressure (I would still prefer a hard-tip stylus for more precise accuracy.) The clickable effect didn't really seem all that necessary; I'm not too concerned with the tip getting damaged. Perhaps over time I'll notice degradation, but it seems unlikely as I typically keep them in my backpack or a drawer. Overall, I highly recommend these!! (Posted on 7/29/14)
Great capacitative stylus with a new retractable tip! Review by Keaton
A convenient little pen with a capacitative point for your tablets and phones. The capacitative end is a mesh fiber instead of a rubber one. I think the mesh tips are better. It's great for navigating or hunt-and-peck typingon your tablet.

The selling point for these pens (I haven't seen it elsewhere) is the tips are retractable protecting the tips from dirt and damage. My only complaint is the clips are really tight but would still give it 5 stars. (Posted on 7/18/14)
Terrific Stylus Review by Pamela
I love this stylus with its soft micro-knit tip. In the picture it looked like it might be rough, but it’s not, it is quite soft and very responsive. I like that it retracts into pen and I don’t have to worry about messing up the tip in my purse or wherever I am keeping it. This is a great feature for protecting the tip. The 2-pack is a great value and lets me keep one in my purse and one at my desk and I even like that it comes in two colors, one black and one white.

This is my first stylus and I didn’t know what I was missing before getting it. No more fumbling with my fingers and hitting wrong letter/number, the stylus lets me be accurate and quick, it just glides over touchscreen. It works great on both my iPhone and my iPad Mini and even works on my Kindle. The screen is very responsive with this stylus. The stylus feels high quality, not flimsy, just the perfect weight in feel when holding it. Now no more yucky fingerprints on my devices.

I would definitely recommend this 2 pack click pen stylus for its value and its performance.
(Posted on 7/18/14)
Better than Conductive Rubber Stylii Review by RandyCPU
I was happy to find these.
We use a lot of styli at work for our touch screen platforms and mobile devices under test.
At work we mostly use the conductive rubber versions that are basically pens with a rubber bulb on the non-inking end. But those are floppy and non-precise. They also don't last more than a few weeks.
This one has a retractable meshed stainless steel tip that so far has lasted 3 months with no signs of wear. And you get 2 of them for less than the rubber ones at Fry's.
The pointing precision that you can get with these is much better than the rubber ones. The precision here is similar to what you can do with a laser mouse.

Overall I recommend these highly. (Posted on 7/17/14)
Great Product Review by Daniel
I use one of these myself, and also have one for my two year old to play games on a tablet. She and I both love them. They work great. Especially if you need to write or do anything more precise than your finger can handle. (Posted on 6/6/14)
great pens Review by Mark
I absolutely love the New Trent Twinpack stylus pen (NT63T) it is a lot
better then expected. It fits in your hand nice and is just the right
size for me. The tip that makes contact is soft but firm so its like
using a pen or a pencil. If you ever used a nintendo DS stylus its a lot
better then that and pretty dang accurate. It also has a firm click when
you press down so you can tell when you are pressing hard enough. The
tip is a cloth like material thats really soft so no worry of scratching
up your phone or tablet. Id rate this overall a 5 all day long. (Posted on 6/6/14)
Best Styluses EVER Review by Sherry
The Trent Arcadia Stylus Pen is definitely the best stylus I've used. The fabric tip is so much easier to use than the typical rubberized type and smoothly glides across the surface of both my iPhone and iPad.

Whether I'm using it to play games on my devices or type a quick text (which I usually just use my fingers as it's faster for me), The stylus doesn't skip, mark up the screen or miss characters.

Definitely a winner for me! (Posted on 6/6/14)
pleasantly surprised Review by Michael
When I received the NT63T I was pleasantly surprised by how well the product was made. At first I wasn’t sure the reason to have the “pen-like” feature for a stylus, but after using it for a day so far and realizing how the pad could get messed up just tossing the stylus in my pocket, I realized how great of an idea it was. The product works very nicely with my Samsung S5 as well as my Microsoft Surface and my Ipad. I have been able to go between devices without a problem and the stylus allows me to interact with my touchscreens easier and faster. As far as a stylus goes I would give this a 5/5. It is truly the best made, most usable stylus I have ever used. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to use multiple devices that have different types of touchscreens. My son (4 years old) was able to use the stylus pretty easily as well to play his educational games on my wife’s ipad. It made it easier for him and we didn’t have to worry about his hands being dirty and then clean off the screen later. We also have screen protectors on all of our devices and the stylus worked without a problem with them. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Even better than their Limir! Review by Blewzdood
I tested this product with my iPad 4 doing everyday tasks as well as graphic arts type apps. To me, there isn’t a better material to use than the mesh tips you develop. They are so smooth.

Definitely any touch sensitive graphic arts app. Provided the flexibility, smoothness and control absent from rubber tipped styluses.

What field of occupation would benefit the most from this product? Compared to my own?

Graphic artist come to mind again. I suppose one could argue that a more germ phobic or clean freak may prefer a stylus over greasy fingers.

I rate this product a 5 for the quality, comfort, weight, balance, simple styling, usability and durability.

The smaller sized tip makes their Limir stylus obsolete in my book. That was the only negative I found in the Limir stylus.
(Posted on 6/1/14)
Good for Taking Notes and Drawing Review by Marcia
I'm so glad i've started using the NewTrent Click-pen Stylus because its made my work a lot easier. In the past, I've used several different styluses from ball point, mini, and ones that look like pencils. All of them have the rubber/sponge tip which you have to apply a lot of pressure to use. Since I complete a lot of notes, drawings and editing, I need a stylus thats precise and easy to use. The NewTrent Arcadia 2 pcs Click-pen has a lot to offer.

- Feels balanced in my hands
- It's a useful and precise instrument when drawing
- The Micro-Knit tip is 100% better than the standard rubber/sponge tip
- The Click-pen design is sleek
- Tip doesn't get damaged because its retractable
- Works on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Galaxy SIII, S4 and the Kindle

My bottom line includes the following changes and additions;,
- The stylus would be better if it was the length of a pen
- A rubber nub that'll fit into the 3.5mm headphone jack would make it easier to carry
- I wish you had the option of purchasing additional colors: (Black,Gold), and (Gold,White)
- Option to purchase additional tips

I recommend these indispensable tools because they get the job done. So, I'm giving them 5 stars out of 5. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great things come in pairs Review by Michael
I have to secretly admit that I bought these styli to play Puzzle and Dragons with. While these may not be the ideal styli for it, as it is a soft tip rather than a hard tip, the pens work well for everything else.

Soft tip - assuring that you won't be damaging your screen
Good sensitivity - iPhone and iPad has no problems with detection
Small and easy to carry (I think it looks shorter than in the picture, but the measurements are correct so check those out)

Not for precision - I'm pretty sure my shaky hands and the wide tip ended up making me pick up the wrong orb in Puzzle and Dragons... (Posted on 5/27/14)
NT63T Arcadia Stylus Pen Set <3 Review by Mollie
I bought this stylus pen set because I wanted to use something that would write more precisely and legibly than my finger when signing an iPhone screen for electronic payments. I also found the pens were very useful for drawing in sketch apps on my iPad, as well as using when keying in lots of letters or numbers -- it was much easier using the pen

The pen tips are microfiber, not rubber, and have just the right screen touch for smart phones or tablets. The tips are retractable, like a slightly shorter ballpoint pen, and are just the right length for a stylus. I will be using the pens in the winter too, when I wear gloves. Gloved fingers don't work on screens, so several times, I had to choose between "do I wait until I am inside to use my phone" or "do I take off my glove, try not to drop it, and let the cold freeze my fingers while I try to unlock my phone."

Best of all, this pen set is a great deal. There are two pens -- a black and a white pen. I keep one at my desk and the other in my iPad case.
(Posted on 5/22/14)
good stylus good price Review by Steve
The package comes with two stylus pens. A black one and a white one. I
like the size of the pen, as it fits my hand well. The material on the tip
of the stylus looks sturdy and is not "rubbery" like other styluses. I've
tried writing very small on my iPad and it came out perfectly. Other
styluses that I have owned are close to impossible to write neatly as
everything always comes out big. This one is a keeper. I would rate this
product a 5/5. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Higher quality stylus than the norm Review by Andrew
These Styili are higher quality than your average touch screen stylus. It has a smooth glossy finish that feels nice in your hands. The tip of the stylus is not your typical conductive rubber tip. It's almost like iron wool woven into a round tip that collapses to adjust to the pressure being applied to it. It slides incredibly smoothly across the screen of the device like a paint brush. It is 100% harmless to your device. Since it slides so nicely across the device you don't need a grip for the stylus. The design is nice and you can click the tip in and out so it gives you a pen kind of feel. This would be very useful for tablets in business. It would work well in an office or hospital situation that has a high tech workplace. Or it's nice for the digital artist. I'd give this 5 out 5. (Posted on 5/21/14)
A very well built stylus pen, comfortable, and tested well with all my products. Review by Charles Lindenmuth
Sometimes our fingers are too large and inaccurate to do tasks on our mobile devices, for times like this New Trent has made the New Trent Arcadia Clickpen Stylus.

▶ Package Contents
2 x New Trent Arcadia Clickpen Stylus

▶ Specifications
• Microfiber tip (retractable)
• Twin pack (black and white)
• Dimension: 4.5" (extended) 4.3" (retracted) (L)x 0.3" (Dia) inch

▶ Hardware
As stated in the specifications, the Stylus is 4.5” extended, 4.3” retracted, and 0.3” diameter. This stylus comes in two colors, black and white, which are both included in the package. The top of the stylus is the clicker, which moves the microfiber in or out. This is a really good feature, as you are able to keep your tip protected from damage. Under the clicker is the pocket protector holder, and at the end is the Microfiber tip. Unlike the New Trent Limir, the pocket protector for this product doesn’t detract to any feature of the stylus, and the body is one piece instead of two. This creates a better feel as a stylus. The biggest draw to buy this product is the microfiber tip, which is supposed to be compatible with any capacitive touch surface. Capacitive touch surfaces are a newer technology, which replaces resistive touch, a technology used by first generation touch screens and sub $50 mobile devices. Now, you may be thinking, “Don’t all styluses have this functionality?” The simple answer is, “No.” There are several companies that create cheaper styluses, with rubber tips, which are less responsive and not compatible with every capacitive touch screen. Overall, I like the construction of this stylus, and the microfiber tip.

▶ Testing
I tested the stylus with my Nexus 7 (2013), Samsung Galaxy Rush, Nintendo 3DS, and Zune HD. As expected, the stylus worked on every screen I attempted to use it with, unlike the rubber tip styluses I’ve used in the past. When I opened a drawing app on each device, the stylus was very comfortable and accurate to the touch. I actually prefer the feel of this stylus over the New Trent Limir, which is a stylus pen, because of it being one piece. I was satisfied by the results of this stylus.

▶ Final Thoughts
I overall like the functions of this device, as the tip is retractable to avoid damage. I was able to successfully use this stylus with every device, which matches the claims. Because of the functionality of the stylus, I recommend this product to anyone who needs a stylus and give this product a 5 star rating.

+ A very well built stylus pen, comfortable, and tested well with all my products.
+ Compatible with all capacitive touch screens.

I have no cons for this device.

Sensitivity: 5/5
Drag ability: 5/5
Flexibility: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
(Posted on 5/21/14)
High Quality, Reasonable Price Review by Caleb

These touch screen styluses aren't
the cheapest on the market. However, they are well worth the high price tag due to their amazingly high build quality, and great features like the "click" feature that most high grade modern day pens have. These styluses are also very precise, and help out with many daily tasks, and offer more precision than most people’s fingers. I found these styluses to be a great addition for games such as ken ken, Some of the reasons not to buy these styluses, are their high price (especially when compared to other models of styluses), their limited colour options, and the tendency to be slightly slippery around the base (because no grip is present).


-High Build quality
-Nice click feature
-Works decently with screen
-Doesn't damage the screen at all


-More expensive than other models
-Limited colour options
-May sometimes feel slippery when
being used
(Posted on 5/20/14)
Choices for a Cacative Stylus Review by Craig
Before I received the NT63T Stylus I was consistently using the NewTrent LIMIR Stylus on my capacitive screen devices including my Apple IPad III, Apple iPhone 4s, Kindle Fire, HTC EVO, HTC Touch Plus and an Asus 200E Laptop. When I started using the NT63T Stylus I was not sure how much I would miss the built-in ink pen in the top of the LIMIR Stylus. Although I did find myself occasionally trying to twist the Stylus to extend the ink pen this occurred only a few times. What I did discovered thought is that rather than missing the ink pen on the Stylus I appreciated more two of the features on the NT63T that were different from the LIMIR. The Capacitive Mesh Tip on the LIMIR Stylus is slightly larger than the Mesh Tip on the NT63T Stylus and the LIMIR Mesh Tip does not retract into the body of the Stylus as it does on the NT63T Stylus.
While these differences are relatively minor they may be a plus in certain settings and/or for certain users.
• The smaller mesh tip on the NT63T Stylus may make it slightly easier for users with large hands and/or fingers to choose smaller keys and/or options on the capacitive screen (especially the smaller smart phone screens).
• The retractable mesh should make it easier to keep the capacitive mesh cleaner and drier when you are using the Stylus in harsher environments where dirt and/or moisture may be a concern.
As with the NewTrent LIMIR Stylus, extensive use of the NT63T Stylus significantly reduces the need to clean the streaks and smudges that fingers invariably leave on our touch screen devices.
With NewTrent the user is able to select the features and styles that work best for their individual needs. Either the NT63T Stylus with a smaller retractable mesh head or the LIMIR Stylus with a slightly larger mess stylus head that does not retract but instead includes an ink pen in the head of the Stylus. Regardless of their choice, the user will receive an excellent Capacitive Screen Stylus that is easy to use on all of their Capacitive Touch Screen Devices that will significantly reduce the finger prints and smudges common on all Capacitive Screens.
(Posted on 5/20/14)
I love this stylus!!! Review by Leanne
If this stylus were a person, I'd ask it out on a date I love it so much. I
tried it on every single touch-screen thing I could find: our new Windows 8
laptop, my iPhone, my son's iPhone, my other son's tablet, my fiance's
Razr--even the ATM at the bank. I find a stylus on a phone is just a waste
of time, unless you're doing something like drawing or using handwriting on
the screen, but if I had to choose between a normal rubber-tipped stylus
and this one, I would choose this one every time. Switching from the rubber
tips to this type does take a little getting used to, but once you've got
it in your blood, you don't want to give it back! I was a little concerned
about it being microfiber--I was worried that it might catch and snag on
things; however, it proved to not be a problem whatsoever. The retractable
tip is partially responsible for that, but the good construction of the tip
carries most of that job. It fits easily into my bag or pocket or clips
onto my badge at work. The hard plastic tip around the opening prevents you
from smacking metal against your delicate glass screens in case you forget
to extract the tip (like I do); it also protects that tip. For as many
times as I've dropped it, it's held up remarkably well--great construction
and durability. And, what I thought was the coolest, was that if there was
a smudge on my screen, instead of smearing it around like a normal stylus,
the microfiber actually cleans the screen! I know that's not its intent,
but hey--if it works, it works. You hang up on a call using your thumb and
you leave a fingerprint--no need to worry, because it will be gone the next
time the stylus passes over. I love these things and I will probably never
go back to a "normal" stylus again! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Perfect Stylus Review by Jonathan
This stylus felt great in my hand and has a sleek design. The stylus has enough weight to it that it won't get lost among every other pen in my bag or pack. The stylus has a stong click which I like (it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart when using it). The tip of the stylus is a soft capacitive material that gives when pushed on the screen. Other styluses can be rubber, plastic, or metal and I enjoy having the softer touch on my electronic screens. The stylus is shorter than others on the market. However, this doesn't really take away from the product in my opinion because it needs to be small enough for me to want to carry everywhere with my devices.

This particular stylus works great for capacitive touchscreens devices such as the iPad Air, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. The stylus's soft touch makes me feel better about using on my electronic devices. The screens responded well when using the stylus. I can't say I have too many complaints with this stylus. It simply works. (Posted on 5/14/14)
great stylus Review by Katelyn
This is my review on the New Trent clickpen stylus (IMP63T). This review is based on the use of an apple iPad air with a screen protector.
The Pros: I really like the quality of the stylus overall. I really like the micro-knit tip. It moves so much smoother and without as much effort as the standard rubber/sponge tip. Another bonus of this stylus is the retractable tip!! There is a plastic ring around the end of the stylus, which I didn't care for, so I simply took it off with no issue and no damage was done. I like how easy it was to remove,and having the option of having it on or off. Oh, the price was nice. I purchased from Amazon.
The cons: I wish the the style was the length of a regular pen, I find them a bit to short. The other thing I find is that they are fairly heavy considering what it is. Those would be the only two things I suggest for improvements.
Overall I would rate the stylus' 5 out of 5. I would definitely recommend these stylus' to anyone looking (Posted on 5/14/14)
Coolest stylus EVER Review by Alex
Let me just start by saying, I love the material these styluses have - it's made of a fiber that is durable and works flawlessly on touch screens. I was sick of the rubber styluses sticking to my iPad's screen and after 3 days cracking and eventually just ripping off. I searched online and found that the "Micro-Knit" worked best. My very first NewTrent product was the Limir dual purpose Pen/Stylus, and it is still in flawless conditions; I wanted another stylus that would look a bit more "fancy" for my sales job which requires me to carry an iPad around with me. I hated when I had to multitask and then I accidentally closed the browser window I was working on because of the thickness of my fingers - with this stylus, this is no longer an issue.

1). Stylish, looks great in suit/shirt pockets
2). You get two with your purchase
3). When you are not using it, you click the touch portion of the stylus inside for protection
4). There is a smooth plastic right around the edges, just in case you press the stylus too hard, you won't scratch the surface of your device

1). Can't really find any flaws, but I would like color/design options and a bit more smooth "clicking" mechanism so that there is not a "scratching" feeling while clicking it in and out. I have noticed that NewTrent products are tailored for functionality and price, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more for a bit of customization.
(Posted on 5/12/14)
Excellent stylus Review by Art
Good and quick, works better than finger with no oil/sweat or fingerprints on the screen.
Retractable ball point works well and reliably (Posted on 5/10/14)
very smooth, excellent stylus Review by Robert
I have been using my New Trent Arcadia Clickpen Stylus with Micro-Knit tip and it is the best stylus I have used so far. It works perfectly on my iPad3, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 devices. I have tried many other styli with rubber tips, however the coating seems to crack off quickly and the rubber keeps catching on the screen. The microknit stylus just glides across the screen effortlessly and smoothly. The retractable clicking action of the tip also helps protect it when it is in your pocket. I've recommended this to several of my friends who have already purchased it and they are all very happy. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Awesome Stylus! Review by Rubi
The New Trent stylus pen (NT63T) is well made and works great! The pen is comfortable to hold--has a nice solid feel to it. The micro fiber tip glides across the surface of my tablet, iPad, Samsung phone, and Kindle. It works better than my finger! I like that it's retractable, so that it's protected when I toss it into my purse.

I'm glad it's a twin pack, because my 3 year old decided he wanted one for himself to use on the tablet to play games and navigate YouTube. He has no problems using it--and being that he's hard on things, it's doing great! I'm also grateful for the plastic collar that protects the tablet--should he attempt to use it while the tip is retracted. It protects the screen from the metal edge.

I definitely recommend this stylus! (Posted on 5/9/14)
Great styli Review by Cliff
As someone who is new to stylus pens, I didn't know what to expect with the New Trent Arcadia pens. But I love them! They come in a 2-pack, black and white colors. The tip is very soft (it will never hurt your device's screen) and works very well. The stylus fit in my big hands well, despite being somewhat short -- I think they would work for just about anyone. They are very solidly built and feel like they'll last for years. And for the price, and considering you get two, I don't think you can go wrong. (Posted on 5/6/14)
Best stylus yet Review by Rocky
I've tried many other styli before this, mostly the rubber tipped ones, and was never fully satisfied. I recently purchased this stylus hoping the micro-knit tip would provide a more precise response. I have been thoroughly impressed with how well I've been able to write notes on my Ipad Air. I use this in class to take notes and whereas the other styli would be frustrating to use while requiring multiple tries, this one hasn't failed me yet and I can write notes at a very fast pace. I would recommend it to other users. (Posted on 5/5/14)
This is a must buy! Review by Micah
This is a must buy! Number one is the price point. For the price you
receive two stylus which is a fantastic deal! Number two they are
appropriately sized for use and storage. Third the tip is retractable which
is great to keep the stylus in good working condition as other stylus tips
are damage during periods of non-use. Lastly the stylus tips is very smooth
and accurate to use. The microfiber material used makes this exceptionally
easy to use. The only thing that would be nice is if it included some type
of accessory or additional piece to attach it to other New Trent products
such as cases or notebooks for iPad. Other than that this is a must have! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Another Great Product! Review by Jeff
Best stylus I’ve used thus far. The IMP63T is extremely precise, accurate, and very sensitive. The stylus’s I had before had issues with contact on my iPhone 5s and iPad. This stylus is the answer and resolution to my problems. The slightest touch of this stylus on my phone/iPad registers perfectly on every screen i’ve tried. This stylus has some weight to it also to ensure a good solid feel when drawing and writing. It being retractable is a huge bonus. Protects the tip from any accidents/snags and damage. I would highly recommend it for anyone in need of a good stylus. I’m completely satisfied with this product. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Stylus Review by Gautam
I tried these stylus' on a variety of items. I tried them on my dads Dell touchscreen laptop, my Asus Infinity Transformer tablet, as well as my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. The stylus' had no issue in being used to pick items, drag across screens, and even draw a little bit in paint. I gave one to my mom to put through its paces and she loved it more than any other stylus that I have bought or brought home from work to this day.

I cant really say there are much downsides to the stylus other than that given its size its sometimes a bit easy to misplace. Granted that they have a clip to allow to to attached to your clothing or cases, they still sometimes can go missing but not as often as one would think.

The other benefit is that given the price you get two stylus' whereas other companies would only give one at that price.

Out of 5 I would definitely give this product a 5/5 and highly recommend it to my friends and family. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Excellent stylus for phone or pad Review by Joe
Rating is definitely a 5 for both design and usefulness. My only regret is that it lacks an ink pen option. This is the most responsive stylus I have used to date. I like that the tip retracts to be protected from damage in the pocket. The tip is so much more precise than a finger tip, and easier to control. I used the stylus on my iPad retinal display and on my Samsung S4Active with equally satisfying results. (Posted on 5/4/14)
Great Stylus!! Love It Review by Kirk
So this was a nice surprise and a great stylus. Over the years I've owned several styluses. This one by far is my favorite. Right out of the box I noticed the nice design and retractable point of the stylus at the end. What a great idea to make it like a regular pen. So many of my old styluses have either been worn out or lost. This one the tip goes inside to keep it from getting ruined so it looks just like a pen. The one change to this that would make it absolutely epic perfect would be one click on the pen shows the stylus and the next click shows a pen that actually writes on paper. Other than all that this is a wonderful stylus and ive enjoyed using it. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Great Stylus- Convenient and Functioning Review by Kirk
So this was a nice surprise and a great stylus. Over the years I've owned several styluses. This one by far is my favorite. Right out of the box I noticed the nice design and retractable point of the stylus at the end. What a great idea to make it like a regular pen. So many of my old styluses have either been worn out or lost. This one the tip goes inside to keep it from getting ruined so it looks just like a pen. The one change to this that would make it absolutely epic perfect would be one click on the pen shows the stylus and the next click shows a pen that actually writes on paper. Other than all that this is a wonderful stylus and ive enjoyed using it. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Light weight but high quality Review by Samuel
As someone who has always wanted a stylus for my mobile devices but have just never pulled the trigger I am very pleased to have my first experience be with the NewTrent stylus. On first impression I was very impressed with the simplicity of design and functionality. I tested the product on both an iPhone 5 and an iPad 2, one with a screen protector on and one without. On the iPhone I easily manipulated the user face and was able to complete a number of tasks like playing games, writing texts, and web browsing very easily using the stylus. It feels very light in your hand but doesn't feel cheap or fragile.

Over all the quality of this product leads me to believe I will receive many hours of happy use out of it. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Amazing Stylules and Excellent Quality Review by Dane
These styluses have been amazing. After placing a screen protector on my iPad Air, I noticed that the stylus I was using took more pressure to use and sometime wouldn't work at all. After trying a number of different styluses and having little success, my friend let me use her New Trent micro-knit tip stylus. It was AWESOME! Since it has the knit-tip, it is able to glide across the screen smoothly and without drag. The Arcadia model is retractable, tracks flawlessly across the screen and screen protector, and came in a two pack. I ordered mine within minutes of using hers. I have yet to try or use another stylus that can match this one. (Posted on 5/2/14)
This is a high quality stylus Review by Colby
I used the stylus with my Verizon Droid Razr, Nook HD and my wife used it with her Verizon LG G2 and her Kindle Fire. The stylus is very nice. The clip is tight and sturdy and the push button for the stylus tip has good tension on it. It fits nice in my hand and works very well with my Nook HD and my wife's Kindle fire. I like how you don't have to apply a lot of pressure for the stylus to work. The point of the stylus is thin enough that when you are using it it doesn't hit other letters or items. I did notice that the stylus took a little more effort to use with both cells phones. Plus it kept wanting to select other items that I didn't want selected. However I haven't really found a stylus that works perfect with the cell phones. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Very responsive and well-constructed Stylus Review by Joseph
NT63T Stylus Pens (1 Black, 1 White)

Both Pens' spring-loaded button atop the stylus to lower the mesh wire tip work very smoothly, and I like that the Mesh tip can be retracted to protect the structural integrity and longevity of the stylus thru repeated use during travel, storage in Briefcases, pad-folios, iPad cases.

I have used the stylus's on:

1) iPhone 5s, 5 and 4s - iPhones respond very sensitively to the stylus's, with the iPhone 4s having a tech armor screen protector, the iPhone 5 having a Belkin screen protector, and the iPhone 5s having a Tech Armor screen protector AND the NewTrent Rugged iPhone 5 case.
Regardless, the screen sensitively to the stylus was very resemblant of using my finger - Great responsiveness!

2) iPad Air, iPad 2nd and 3rd Generation - all iPad's screens also demonstrated superb sensitivity to the NewTrent Stylus, with the iPad 2nd and 3rd Gen having Tech Armor Screen Protectors and Griffin Military Protective Cases (no diminished sensitivity, a positive to both you and Griffin!). The iPad Air has a Tech Armor Protective Screen cover and the NewTrent Rugged Keyboard Case, and was equally responsive to the Stylus. Nice!


Both the Black and the White stylus are very cleanly and sleekly designed, I was asked while working with it a Starbucks this past weekend who made/designed it and where did I buy it - I know it is only one instance, but you are on the money with the design!

Construction appears to be very sturdy, and the spring loaded button atop the stylus feels very stout - great for durability.

Overall, I rate the stylus a "5" out of "5". My only constructive criticism is that having a pen function adjoined to the current design would make it for one less need for a pen - though I could argue that by virtue of running a virtually paperless business and of having a stylus (and presumably an iPhone/iPad on me in tandem), I would not have any regular need for a pen! (Note - approx. 2yrs ago, I bought your stylus/Pen combo, and love it too - thought it is noticeably smaller and lighter than this stylus model). (Posted on 5/1/14)
Excellent stylus Review by Quentin
This stylus gives you soft touch to use on any of your touch screen devices. The micro-knit head of the stylus is much better than any rubber tipped head stylus. It is also unique because the tip of the stylus is retractable so it is less likely to get anything sticky or gooey on it. To me it feels like it gives a softer touch than I would use with my finger and we all know that our fingers are oily and leaves prints on the screen. As “Red” said on the Blacklist “Don’t those fingerprints bother you on the screen? They do me.” This is a tool that will help you get rid of those annoying fingerprints. I have used the New Trent Stylus on my iPad 4, Kindle Fire, Nook, and HTC phone. I believe it will be an excellent addition to your devices. I keep one in my shirt pocket and one with my reader. (Posted on 5/1/14)
You did it again Review by Trisha
I really liked the stylus, it has a very narrow tip and if you have ever deal with remoting into a PC on a tablet you know you need a fine tip stylus. It glides softly and smoothly across the screen, so much better than any other stylus I have had before. And for the price you cannot get any better and I could not believe you gave me two! The tip is very durable and the stylus feels good and a great weight not like it is going to fall apart like others I have had. I only wish it was a bit longer like a pen. (Posted on 5/1/14)
New Trent Arcadia 2pcs Stylus Review by V
First off, love the retractable feature! Almost makes me feel like it is a real pen! Enjoy that it comes in 2 color choices so you may color coordinate with your device. The fit is very comfortable. Great length for me. First time using a stylus that was not rubber at the end and so far it is working out well! Wish the pen had some sort of comfort grip or a rubberized texture to them would be cool! Or as an additional option? Enjoy the fact that they are pretty heavy and not cheap plastic empty feeling! (Posted on 4/30/14)
Good Solid Build Review by Daylene
I received a 2 pack of the New Trent Stylus for the purpose of evaluation. I have used them with my iPhone 5c and iPad Air during the testing process. The stylus arrived with no other packaging other than a plastic sleeve with a New Trent sticker. The stylus themselves feel solid & sturdy. They are a bit short for a person with larger hands, but I find them a quality build. They have a metal clip to aid in attaching them to a tablet case, bag or whatever you are using to transport your electronics. The tip of the stylus is a mesh material that is soft to the touch. I find that I am not concerned with the mesh damaging the screen in any way. However, because the mesh is soft, I find myself needing to press down harder with the stylus than my natural inclination. Because of this, I do worry that I may damage the screen with the outer body of the stylus.
I find the accuracy of the stylus to be hit or miss. I believe this is because of the soft nature. I need to press what I'm attempting to select more than once before I've pressed hard enough for the ipad to detect which in turn can become a damage problem if, when pressing hard, the outer stylus casing makes contact with the screen.

Over all, I find that this stylus would be useful for those in a profession where written note taking or calculations are necessary. Those working in medical offices who carry ipads in & out of patient rooms would be a great fit. Contractors, handy men, those businesses needing to create estimates & work calculations on site would be a great fit. In addition, anyone who needs to collect customer signatures electronically would be a great fit for this product. Also, artists who chose to work electronically would benefit from the ability to freehand with this stylus. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Close to perfect Review by Marty
First “micro-knit” stylus I used and I noticed a lot better performance than the rubber/plastic tip styli.

Kind of short but it’s good enough for everyday use. I’m used to the regular pen length ones but I’ll get through it.

Metal casing gives it some weight which actually feels like I’m holding something. Others that I used were lightweight plastic ones. These seem more durable and probably could take a beating over time.

Spring mechanism works smoothly and there are no snags.

Perfect for work and everyday home use.

One thing I noticed is that it seems like the micro-knit tip on the white stylus “wore out” after a week as it is not as efficient as the Black one which I have used only a handful of times. Granted I used the white one the whole day these last 6 days or so.

Overall score 4.5 (Posted on 4/30/14)
Good for business users of touch devices Review by Shawn
This review is for the New Trent Arcadia 2 piece stylus "pens".

The devices I own are a personal iPhone 5s, a personal iPad Air, and a Corporate iPhone 5. I have never had a stylus and saw these so I figured I would give them a try.

The package comes with two stylus pens: black and white; otherwise identical. These are pretty small and compact at about 2" long and the thickness of a regular pen. They both have a pocket clip and feel strong because they are made of metal. The tip retracts like a normal pen.

Because I have never used a stylus, I am not sure what is normal or not. I am used to barely tapping the iScreens with my finger especially when dragging and with this stylus you have to press with a decent amount if force for the screen to detect the pen. I found this to be annoying and frequently had to redo whatever movement I was trying. Maybe this will get better the more I use it? Again, not sure if this is a design flaw or just how styluses work. I found that the stylus was too big for portrait on the iPhone keyboard - I kept pressing multiple keys at once. It worked perfectly fine on the iPad keyboard and of course scrolling on both devices was fine.

I would really like it if these were dual purpose - a pen on one side and the stylus on the other. I can't really see myself carrying this around unless it was functional with a pen also. This would be most beneficial for people who use a tablet for a business - especially when you take payment from customers and require them to sign on the screen.

It's hard to give this a rating because I don't know if the issues I had are typical with stylus pens or a design flaw. Because I trust New Trent products, I am going to give New Trent the benefit of the doubt and give this 4 stars.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Works great even on iPad with Invisible Shield screen protection! Review by Evan
The stylus is pretty basic, a clickable back button that brings out or hides the capacitive cloth tip if the stylus. Initially, I thought, "What is the point of the clickable button in-out feature?" However, my old stylus was having issues writing at the top of my iPad for some reason, I thought it was my iPad, but this new stylus was able to write in the formerly dark areas (I could write with my finger just not my old stylus -- tried a few different kinds). I had not used the cloth capacitive one for a while and this stylus did the trick. My guess is that oils or dirt can get on the tip of a stylus and mess up its connection or ability to work with touch screens, and this the click button feature. I am a fan. It is small (but not too small), fits easily into my backpack, and works well with an iPad (I have an Invisible Shield screen cover on and works through that easily). The clickable feature lets me know it is safe from dust...I think. Strong and sturdy build. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great, inexpensive stylus Review by brian
I have tried many different styluses for my Apple devices. Originally, had bought one for $15 at Best Buy, which also doubles as a pen. The quality was great, but the price is a little high considering it is just a pen with a rubber tip on the other side. Since then I have tried many other “economy” styluses, but they always seemed unresponsive. You would have to press significantly harder to get a response from my iPhone or iPad.

New Trent is a company that has proven to me that their devices are well made and priced fairly. So once I saw that they had a 2-pack for about $10, I decided to take the plunge.

The stylus itself feels pretty well made. I love the fact that they are retractable. It keeps the knitted tip from getting frayed or dirty while not in use. It’s response is better than many other “economy” styluses I have tried. A knitted top versus a rubber one may seem a little strange at first, but after some use I can see why they went with it. You do not get that rubbery noise when moving the stylus across the screen and It moves quite smoothly. That in itself makes this a great purchase.

My only gripe with it is that I wish it were also a pen. While not necessarily a deal breaker, it’s a convenient feature.

If you’re in the market for a relatively inexpensive stylus, definitely give this one a try. It’s a tremendous value at $5 per stylus. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Helpful stylus for the classroom! Review by Amy
I am a teacher and need to be able to use my iPad with my class or let a
small group use it. I know they can’t use a touch screen to type and
was looking for something that would help them put pen to paper with
today’s technology. I like the pen and found it has a lot of great uses
for my classroom. I was able to show the students my writers workshop
writing on the ipad and the kids enjoyed seeing me write it using my own
handwriting. I did find at times, it did not always write the complete
letter, but it mainly did its job. I think with more practice, this may
become easier. I then tried it out as I was swiping the screens and
entering math fact answers. This worked perfectly for my students. I did
enjoy not having to use my fingers. (That also makes it a little less
germy for my screen, but not my pen!) I like the retractable tip, although
my kids thought it was a pen and attempted to write with it on paper. (Posted on 4/30/14)
great pens Review by Joel
These pens can in a two pack, one black and one white.
They work just fine on my iphone, ipad and kindle devices. Using on my different devices was very easy. I like the fact the tip retracts into the pen protecting the tip although I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary. E.g. I’ve never had a problem with styli that didn’t have a retractable tip.
The only criticism I have is the pen feels a tad light to me. It would be nice it were just a slight bit heavier, but that’s minor.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Great Stylus!! Review by Jared
Great stylus. I have used many cheap styluses and there is no comparison to the the New Trent Arcadia Retractable Stylus. The Micro-Knit allows it to easily glide over your screen smoothly, which allows for smooth and accurate writing. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great product! Great Price! Review by David
ew Trent Twinpack stylus pen (NT63T)

These are great little pens. I use them with my iPad and my iPhone 5S. Both have a screen protector, but the pen works fine. The retraction mechanism is a great idea. I like being able to retract the tip when not in use to decrease damage. Best of all, the tip slides very nicely over the screen. This is much better than the rubber tips that do not flow as well over the surface. The pen is just about the right length. The only problem is the tip sticks too far out of the pen when in use. There is a plastic guard you can add to the pen that slightly lengthens the pen and decreases how much the tip sticks out, but it would have been nice to have the incorporated in the design of the pen. The plastic guard appears to be an afterthought.


1. Retractable tip.
2. Works well on iPhone and iPad screens even with screen protectors.
3. Great price


1. Tip sticks out too far.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
A Hefty, Pleasant to Use Stylus Review by Marek
I wasn't much of a stylus user, preferring to use my finger. Have tried a light, plastic model for a short time, but it just didn't have the right feel.

The New Trent model looks good, has a nice tip and a pleasant heft to it. I find myself using it with my tablet practically all the time. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Fantastic Stylus 2-pack! Review by Tommie
Overall, I have been pleasantly pleased with the product. I did not have the same issues of the size. The stylus felt comfortable in my hands with a decent weight to it. The clicking apparatus was smooth and did not interfere with the overall quality of the mesh. The mesh wiring held solid and was smooth in use. I currently use this stylus with my iPad 2 as well as my various Android phones with zero issues. As a teacher, this is used in my classroom during lessons. My students also appreciated the smooth strokes of the mesh tip compared to other rubber tip styli. Overall, I would rate this stylus a 5/5. The quality far surpassed the price and had zero issues with the capacitive touch. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great Stylus for any phone or tablet Review by Kayne
I really like that these styluses are retractable. The size fits perfectly in my hand and is comfortable to use on my Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad mini and iPad 10". It has a bit of weight to it and it really feels well built. The tip is not a fine point which depending on the use will make a difference. For my purposes it works great. You do need to use the stylus in a more upright position for it to recognize correctly on the iPads but on my Galaxy S4 phone it works better. Once you get used to it, it works great. This is very common for these type of styluses and out of the ones in the same price range this one actually works better than the other ones I have purchased. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great stylus - 2 for 1 Review by Hayley
The pen has a very wide tip, making it ideal for actions that would replace your finger - tapping actions. This stylus is not ideal for fine detail like illustrations or hang writing words onto apps, illustration applications or photo editing.
Many times the iPhone/iPad screen didn't register the stylus and additional pressure or repeated strokes were needed to perform the desired action. This pen is not ideal for typing on an iPhone keyboard.

This product comes in pairs, so you can have a stylus at work and one at home. The color options are great and match black and white iPhones/iPads. The clickable feature is good to keep the pad clean and the own is nicely sized where it can comfortably fit in your pocket, briefcase bag, and be weighted enough to be comfortable to use. The pens are most useful to replace repeated index finger actions (especially for game applications like words with friends and dice with buddies).

Using the stylus instead of your hand for actions on your phone is a great way to keep dirt and smudges off of your screen. The stylus would be great for any casual smartphone or tablet user, and for any professional who uses applications daily in their work to select and toggle through apps on touchscreen devices.
(Posted on 4/29/14)
Good stylus for writing and note-taking Review by Lu
I’ve been using these pens for about a week now and I must say I’m impressed all in all. I also own an Maglus stylus and I must say this outperforms it in quite a few ways but has it’s own set of drawbacks

In the package you get a stylus pouch for keeping them safe but I find they are better kept like a normal pen.

I must say it’s a pleasure to write on a tablet with it because it’s not too resistive to movement (like the Maglus) or too ‘slidey’ on the tablets smooth surfaces.

- Very sensitive (which is great for using if you have a screen protector)
Fairly accurate.
Very light
Protecting ring to prevent scratching screen if the tip is retracted
Very smooth

Quite short in comparison to the Maglus
Would prefer a more firm nib
No magnetic attachment to clip it to the tablet (iPad in my case)

Overall, a good buy and would recommend over other cheaper styluses in the mid-price tier because of the sensitivity and accuracy. I will be using this to write with on a daily basis for my notes app (Penultimate) while use my Maglus for more drawing because of the friction on the nib. (Posted on 4/29/14)
the Rolls Royce of styluses Review by Scott
My previous stylus was one of those cheap rubber-tipped ones that cost maybe $2. It only kind of worked (did not always notice that I moved it or touched it), and it smudged my phone screen when used. The NT63T beats anything I have used before hands down. It has a click system like a pen, to retract or extend the stylus. I like that, as I leave it in my pocket most of the time. It's convenient to know it is always there. The material is a kind of super-fine metal (I think) mesh, which is very sturdy, yet does not scratch my phone screen at all. It works well; when I touch the screen or move this, I get response just like with my finger.

I have an Android and an iPhone. For Android, I use Swype for most typing or letters, so in that case, the stylus is not as good as my finger (I can Swype one handed using my thumb). But, for number entry or serial numbers and the like (where auto-correction is not needed), the stylus is great. It is very precise on the input, much better than using my finger.

For the iPhone, this unit is preferred all the time. I often have issues texting or sending emails with the iPhone, as I tend to "fat-finger" my messages, and frequently have to correct my typing. With this stylus, this is not an issue. It is very precise, and using it to create emails or messages is really easy.

At $10.95 for a 2-pack, the price is a little higher than the rubber-tipped ones, but for the quality of this item, it is well worth it and a great price for the Rolls Royce of styluses. I'd give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars, just because I do not use it 100% of the time with Android. If you have an iPhone, this will save you a lot of typing issues on that tiny keypad area. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Good Stylus Review by Sam
(Some of my comparisons will be made to the IMP62B stylus, which I also own).

I really like this type of stylus. The woven tip is so much more responsive than standard rubber tips. I also love that it's retractable. This means that if I carry it in my pocket I don't have to worry about it getting damaged at all.

One major improvement I noticed with this stylus over the IMP62B is the weight of it. It has quite a bit more and this makes it easier to use on tablets.

One thing I did notice, in terms of product feedback, would be that the tip didn't feel quite as firm as the IMP62B. It felt like I had to push pretty hard on a few occasions for the apps to recognize the stylus. I tried in a few different apps to make sure it wasn't just the one app and had similar results. Maybe making it more firm like the other would help with over responsiveness.

This stylus could also be a bit longer. Those of us with larger hands find smaller stylus not fitting well in our hands. I'm not saying an inch longer or anything, but maybe 1/4" - 1/2" longer. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Rolls Royce of the Stylus Industry Review by Michael
Cosmetically well designed. What I like about the stylus pen, is the clip and the ability to retract it. Keeps the head clean so that you are not smudging dirt all over the screen. I would say the design is very presentable in a business setting. Students can take it to school and look very presentable.

In addition, love the fact it comes with two. Usually nice looking stylus are in a single pack. I can share one with another family member or even give it to my friends.


Actually, for the first time, I don’t have one.


Overall Score: 4.75 Wonderful made product.

I am actually amazed. I am not inclined to use stylus pens as my experience goes back to the palm days with hard plastic stylus. These stylus really are easy to use and if you have a pocket or if you're a student you can put it in your pencil bag.


Below is a summary of my review:

Look: 4.75
Reason: The stylus pen is about the screen size of an iPhone5/5S. I really like the fact that the stylus head is retractable. If you place this in a bag or on the table, you might lost it, as it is very compact in size. The size does make it useful, but also makes it losable.

Material: 5
Reason: The material used is smooth to the touch. Has a nice sleek polish design. The material used feels durable if dropped.

Weight: 5
Reason: Light weight, easy to carry around to be used anytime.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Posted on 4/29/14)
Awesome Quality Review by Albert
Let me tell you this is by far the best stylus pen I have ever used. It works extremely well with my iPhone 5s and Galaxy S3. I really like the clicking feature and when you hold it in your hand it feels like your holding a actual pen. I like the fact that you can clip it onto your shirt it’s a great feature. One thing you can add is more variety of colors maybe a gold one. Other then that this is the best stylus for touchscreen devices. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great stylus Review by Seth
This stylus set is just the right size for using with my iPad Air and the metal casing feels solid in the hand. I can also say that the micro-fiber tip works great with my Invisible Shield HD. Feels virtually frictionless which is more than I can say for all those rubber tipped versions. Those always seemed to grab the screen cover. Plus these have a thoughtful plastic ring on the bottom that protects the microfiber tip from bottoming out and the metal case scratching the screen. I never had a problem with the tip bottoming out, but I could immediately see what they were going for an it's a great addition.

I like that these tips retract when not in use to keep them clean. I tend to have them thrown about in places I probably shouldn't and they are always read to go when I need them. The price on these is great and with a two-pack, I was always able to find one when I needed to. So far, I've had no visible wear issues with these micro-fiber tips. More manufacturers need to start using these tips - they are superior to the rubber in every way I've found so far.

Give these a try, you won't be sorry. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Retractable stylus tip stays protected Review by David
I’ve tried out some other styluses, and never quite was able to stick with one. This one is unique because the stylus tip is retractable, like a pen. You can click the top button to retract or extend the stylus’ metallic pad. This definitely keeps it protected while it’s thrown in my bag, and things won’t get caught on the tip or wear it down unnecessarily while I’m not even using it.

The tip of the stylus also has a clear plastic sleeve/cap that prevents the stylus body from scratching or contacting the touchscreen.

So far I’ve used it with my iPhone as well as my MacBook’s trackpad. It’s great when you don’t have a Wacom tablet handy, and you need to do some quick Photoshop edits. It suffices for some minor pen/tablet work.

5 stars: it has a quality feel, comes in a 2 pack, and has a carrying case, and pen clip to keep it handy. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Good product, Solid Review by Ryan
New Trent Arcadia 2pcs Clickpen Stylus/Styli with Micro-Knit Tip for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets. (TwinPack: Black + White)

What device(s) were used to test the sample unit? What were the results? (be specific about make and model of device)

Devices used to test this product were: iPhone 5, iPad 2. My review for this product is as follows:

- The product feels solid and good quality.
- You are provided with TWO stylus’s and are provided a variation in color.
- The clip on the side of the pen allows for clipping to pockets and is durable so it will not break.
- Fair priced along with the fact that you get two styluses in the purchase price.

- Product does not allow for a light touch, you must press down into it for it to work.
- The ball of the pen is squishy.
- The material that the tip is made out of got caught on something in my jeans and caused the tip to fray a little. This is not a big deal however, it did happen after only a day and led me to think how long will the tip last after a couple of weeks or months of use.

When/where did you find the product(s) to be the most useful and suitable to your own needs?

Drawing, taking notes and navigating an iPad as it assists on the larger screen

What field of occupation would benefit the most from this product? Compared to your own?

Someone who would work on a large screen, or someone who would require signatures or hand written content that would otherwise require a finger.

Finally, rate the test product(s) when submitting your feedback: Rating scale of 1 - 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent)

My rating for this product is a 4 because there is always room for improvement. However it is very fair priced for the quantity and quality that you receive. New Trent has the ability to become the leader in multiple markets if they take their reviews and consumers opinions seriously.
(Posted on 4/28/14)
One of the best out there Review by TechnologyAddict
The search for the perfect stylus is finally over. The New Trent IMP63T? model is the best of any stylus I have used, and believe me, I have tried many. Its unique micro knit tip glides effortlessly across your device's screen, making for one of the most seamless and responsive writing experiences of any stylus on the market. Taking notes on my tablet in class has never been so easy! The retractable design is a wonderful way to protect the integrity of the tip, making this a cost-friendly and long-lasting durable product. The only drawback is its short length, which may make use difficult for individuals with very large hands. However, it should be a perfect fit for the average person. It seems very well-constructed, and combined with its fair price, paints a picture of New Trent as a customer satisfaction-driven company. If this is the quality of product is the standard, I look forward to using more of New Trent's products in the future.
(Posted on 4/26/14)
Click onces for yes.. Review by Jamie
So the thing that stands out on this is the tip. When I first got it, I thought it was a metal tipped stylus. Was concerned for the surface of my Ipad and didnt want to scratch it. But to my surprise, and pleasant one at that. Its actually a conductive cloth. And using this was nice and smooth on my tablet. I love how it clicks like a ball point pen. This hides the tip inside the shaft to protect it. Definitely worth checking out. (Posted on 4/25/14)
great stylus Review by Robert
I have used the stylus both my ipad and my moto x. It is a great stylus and works flawlessly. It is definitely better than any rubber tipped stylus that will end up ripping or drying out and not working anymore. Its perfect for anyone that does not like putting finger prints on there screen. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Great stylus for all uses. Review by Chad
Used this stylus with my 2013 Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4, and a Dell Venue
8. The Nexus 7 has its own touchscreen issues where it doesnt always
recognize my finger. The stylus is always recognized and make the N7 so
easy to use now. Worked well going from tablet to phone. Very easy to grip
and hold on to for any amount of time. The retractable tip is great to keep
it protected. I let my two year old use it with her tablet and she was able
to press the button easily and use it with no problem. The plastic tip
when the actual tip is retracted, does not harm the screens. Its very nice
to have in place when you forget to push the tip out. Works well in the
cold with gloves on as well. I would recommend this to anyone with a
touchscreen device. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Awesome! Review by chris
The New Trent Twin-pack stylus pens are great! They are super portable and the capacitive tip is small enough that it can be used on a variety of devices not only tablets. I used it on my iPhone 4S, iPad 3G, and my iPad Mini and it worked great! The pen has a really nice clip for notebooks or for shirt pockets for you to use to clip it onto which is great so you don’t misplace them…and if you do that’s the perk of ordering a twin-pack! The stylus is great for reading, typing, signing things, and even just browsing the Internet, as it doesn’t smudge the screen like your finger would which is really nice. I highly recommend these styluses for anyone who wants to speed up their productivity when on tablets or on their phone or who have chubby fingers and can’t use the apple on-screen keyboards as effectively. These are truly very handy to have and can even make great gifts for any gadget savvy friend. I give these styluses a 5 out of 5 on their effectiveness, as they are remarkable.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
High Quality, Retractable Tip Stylus for all your Touch Screen Devices Review by John
I use these stylus pens with my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. I have never really had much interest in using a stylus, personally, but I recently purchased a kitchen stand for my wife to use with her iPad Mini, and a stylus seemed like a perfect accompaniment to use for browsing recipes on the iPad while trying to cook with wet and/or messy hands. My wife was thrilled. From what she has told me, the stylus worked great and very functionally. She enjoyed the feel of the soft-tipped end, and appreciated the fact that the tip was retractable, as she believes this will protect the tip during storage and prolong the life of the stylus. The only slight drawback that she mentioned was that she felt like she had to apply a bit more pressure with the stylus than she normally would with her finger, which is probably the result of the soft-tip end compacting as it makes contact with the screen. From her perspective this was not a big deal, and she still found the benefits of using this in the kitchen to far outweigh this particular issue.
I, too, noticed the need to apply an extra bit of pressure while testing with my iPhone 5. But again, it was only slightly more than with my finger, and not so uncomfortable that I would hesitate to use it because of that issue. The only other thing I would like to comment on is the use of the stylus to press the "home" button on these iOS devices. Both devices are housed in rugged cases, but while the iPad Mini's home button is covered by the rubberized material that makes up the cases outer shell, the iPhone 5's home button is covered by a thin plastic film. Using the stylus to press the home button on the iPad Mini (while in the case) was much more comfortable than trying to use the stylus to press the home button through the plastic covering on the home button of the iPhone 5. To be fair, this wouldn't be an issue for someone who is going to use the stylus without cases, or while staying primarily within one application. But, I could see this becoming a nuisance to someone who is trying to use the stylus while multitasking frequently between multiple apps on an iPhone in this kind of case. Although, for what it's worth, I imagine the stylus would be used with an iPad much more often than with an iPhone, and as I mentioned the stylus appears to work nicely with the rubberized covering on the iPad Mini's home button.
I would recommend this stylus to anyone looking for a high-quality, easy to use stylus with the convenience of a retractable tip. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Love the retractable tip Review by Scott
In my search for a stylus that would work with the wide range of devices that I use, I came across the Arcadia by New Trent. Although the stylus is very slander – almost too slender for my hands, I was very pleased with how responsive it was across the different devices that I use. I tried this stylus on the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the Dell XPS 12. On all devices, I had no problem writing, drawing and selecting the options that I wanted. The stylus glides across the screen with no hesitation, as you will find in most rubber tipped styli. The one thing about the Arcadia that stands out is that the stylus is retractable to protect the tip while in my pocket. I rate the Arcadia with a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 only because of the slender size that makes it a little awkward feeling in my hands. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Great Product!! Review by Hunter
At first, I was afraid that the stylus, being knit, would scratch my phone screen, but it didn't. This stylus feels nice to hold and it also feels well made. It moves very smoothly across the screen. Another great feature is that the tip is retractable so it doesn't get dirty. NewTrent products are great!! (Posted on 4/15/14)
Perfect Stylus, nice touch and feel Review by Dinos
I received the stylus in a small envelope, the packaging was minimal but adequate.

The stylus come in a little transparent bag, with 2 separate pockets and the New Trent logo.

Taking the Stylus out of the case is a breeze. There is a white and a black stylus, and they are identical other than the color.

Holding the Stylus felt balanced in my hand. There is a plastic over at the end of the stylus that i removed and made the stylus more attractive looking and easier to operate.

I hate fingerprints showing up on my devices screen so a stylus is necessary for me. The New Trend stylus works perfect. it takes the right amount of pressure for the screen to respond, it glides easy if you are playing a game and overall I like the feel and touch of this stylus.

I do like the retractable feature of this model since when not in use and is in your pocket you retract the tip and that protects it.
I have used the stylus with my Iphone 5s, Ipad 3rd Gen, dell venue 8 pro, kindle, zoom, surface, Sony Vaio and it responded well with all devices.

This is overall a great pair of stylus for a great price. I took one start off, 4 stars because of the length of the stylus, I would have loved for the stylus to be a bit longer. I have average size hands and it feels fine but if it was a bit longer it would have definitely be a 5 star product. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Durable and Precise Review by Allan
I purchased this product of Feb, 2013. For the past 14 months I have used both of them on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android tablets and a MS Surface. They have performed flawlessly! No other stylus that I have used even comes close! I especially like the fact that the tip is protected when not in use. I believe the retractable tip along with the micro-knit material is a big reason why the durability is so good. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who uses a stylus on almost any device with a capacitive screen! (Posted on 4/3/14)
1000% perfect stylus Review by Logan Tomas
If you buy this stylus you will never find another one that is this functional. I had been looking for a stylus and tried at least 5 different types none measured the effectiveness to this one. I can't say enough about this product.
Thanks for reading my post. (Posted on 1/30/14)
Durable, Affordable, Capable: New Trent Delivers Review by Skip
When I was scouting around for a stylus to use, I only had a few basic requirements. The product would have to be easy to use and it would have to be relatively durable -- I'm more than a little clumsy. I wanted versatility, a stylus that would be able to work on my tablet, my iPhone... and my Nintendo 3DS-XL. This New Trent Arcadia Clickpen Stylus set not only matched my expectations; it exceeded them. The microfiber tip moves smoothly over any screen, unlike some rubber-tipped pens that can 'stutter' and skip due to friction. It works exceptionally on all of my devices... all of which have screen-protectors. Moreover, the way the micro-knit is assembled, it's soft and yields -- but does not break -- when I happen to press down too hard. Its durability extends to the 'clickpen' design and the rubber cuff that keeps the pen from being dinged or for scratching any sensitive surfaces when the microfiber tip is retracted. The clips on the pens are nice but more or less unnecessary for me, though I can see where other people would like that feature to keep their stylus secured. The price is comparable to similar products I saw when I was searching... though with the New Trent Arcadia set shown here, you're getting two: a great deal. If I had any criticisms of the stylus, it would be that it /is/ a little shorter than a normal pen would be. Though this allows for a better angle and more accuracy, people with larger hands may find it slightly awkward. Overall, I was more than pleased with this purchase and urge other consumers to try this or similar products from this company. I waited over a month to post my review because I wanted to see if it would hold up to my constantly dropping it and if the microfiber tip would withstand my general clumsiness. Both the barrel of the pen and the stylus tip itself are still in excellent condition. Thank you, New Trent! (Posted on 11/23/13)
Slick little stylus twin pack Review by Woody
Just got my New Trent Arcadia 2pcs Clickpen Stylus/Styli with Micro-Knit Tip for Capacitive Touch Screen Smartphones and Tablets (TwinPack: Black + White) and they are very nice. I like the micro-knit tip which is very different than the rubber tip of the other stylus I use. The tip also retracts which I imagine will keep it cleaner in the long run. Only drawback I find is the length which is a bit short for my taste but this will definitely fit in my pocket better than my long one and the clip will keep it in place. Big plus is there are 2 for when you lose one and at the price a definite bargain. I give it a 4.5/5 stars. (Posted on 11/7/13)
LOVE IT !! Review by Nassirix
The New Trent stylus are perfect for my iPad. I like the way they slide on my tablet. I also like the fact that the fibers can be retract it so less chance to get dirty and that we can take them anywhere without being worry. (Posted on 10/29/13)
LOVE IT !! Review by Nassirix
The New Trent stylus are perfect for my iPad. I like the way they slide on my tablet. I also like the fact that the fibers can be retract it so less chance to get dirty and that we can take them anywhere without being worry. (Posted on 10/29/13)
Very Nice Stylus Review by Bernie
I have a couple of these styli. The microknit tip glides across the glass screen effortlessly whereas the rubber tipped ones tend to drag, especially when you swipe the screen. The retract feature allows you to keep the tip clean when you are not using it. Quality product. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Great! Review by Justin
So I was excited to try the New Trent twin stylus. Stylus is something somewhat dated, but can still hold purpose in today's world.

Small sleek design that's that fits pretty much anywhere. I was amazed at the quality, this thing does not feel cheap at all. Small little plastic grommet at the end is a nice touch to prevent accidental scratches. The materIal the tip is made of is nice and soft to prevent the annoying tapping sounds you can get from other stylus'.
One of the pros I mentioned being small. I also think that this is a shortcoming as well. I myself have pretty big hands and found these things awkward to hold as it seems they were just a tad too short.

Overall good product, I look forward to my next new Trent test (Posted on 9/20/13)
New Trent Arcadia 2PCS Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus (TwinPack, Black + White) Review by Liz
The product is packaged in a plastic sleeve with both Styli separated which
prevented them from moving around during shipment, preventing damage. It
was a pleasant surprise that this product is accompanied by a warranty as

The Stylus is the perfect balance with the added bonus of it being
retractable thus preventing damage to the ball of the Stylus, this coupled
with the sturdy metallic casing, makes it aesthetic and professional. The
click action of the pen is smooth and there were no noticeable drag or
writing issues during testing.

The Stylus was tested on various hardware with my observations below.

Nintendo DSi - Stylus works flawlessly with little pressure applied while
playing games. Games tested were, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Crosswords DS,
Zuma's Revenge and 5 in 1 Mahjong.

PSVita - Although with a screen protector, I was able to navigate the menu
and unlock function with out any touch sensitive problems.

Samsung Galaxy S2 - With the Swiftkey keyboard was able to test with the
swipe function and the QWERTY keyboard. Both work accurately and there was
no sensitivity issues.

HP Touchpad - With Draw Something the experience was better as the Stylus
increased accuracy. With Chu Chu Rocket, it made the game play better than
using your fingers.

Pros - Sturdy, Professional Look, Works well with multiple touch devices,
The retraction aids in keeping it safe

Con - The ball can be smaller as it will hamper with smaller phones and

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone as will improve usage
with touch devices
(Posted on 9/20/13)
Very good product Review by Laurence
I was afraid to use the rubber tip stylus due to drag and leaving marks on the screen. This stylus is very smooth leaving no marks. It also is picked up by the Kindle on the first try with very low pressure. I am impressed. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Excellent take on an overlooked product Review by arty
Some pretty nice innovation for such a simple product. Love the fact that it's retractable. My other stylus (styli?) would get all gunked up in my bag. Also love the microknit material. So much better than my foam rubber ones. Feels great on the surface and I'm going to guess it wears a heckuva lot better. Kudos to New Trent for such a well executed little (Posted on 9/11/13)
Great stylus Review by Anna
The retractable stylus has all the advantages of the mesh type styli with a smooth and facile contact with the screen. There is much less resistance than your classic rubber tip styli which at first results in a slippery feeling. Accommodation is quick and simple. The tip does seem to have more auditory feedback than other mesh tip styli, which can contribute to a perception of normal writing or simply be annoying depending upon your perspective.

The retractable tip is cool at first allowing for those with nervous habits to click happily away. However, upon reflection the tip is neither delicate nor prone to dirtying so the retraction feature though smooth and dependable seems a bit pointless.

The construction of the stylus is excellent. Drops and normal toss in bag abuse seem to phase it not a twit. One aspect of the construction which gives pause is it's mass. The stylus is very light, so even though construction was first rate, the lightness (which could be a plus to some) makes the stylus come off as a bit cheap.

All in all the stylus is well made and dependable. The presence of the retraction feature is fun but not terribly useful. The cost of the stylus clearly accounts for the engineering needed for retraction but the product is not appreciably better than most mesh tip styli in this or even lower price ranges. A good product, which is well made and not a terrible purchase,but not a must purchase. (Posted on 9/4/13)
Excellent performing stylus! Review by Wayne
I have been using the IMP63T Micro-Knit "click-pen" Stylus from New Trent for a week now and I have to say that this stylus is a winner for me! The micro-knit tip allows for a very smooth flow on my mini iPad and iPhone 5. I do not have to apply much pressure at all when writing or drawing and it does not skip. The effort when writing notes is very similar to writing with an actual pen on a note pad. I used the IMP63T side by side with my Bamboo stylus and there is no comparison-hands down, the IMP63T was a much better writing experience. I found myself having to apply much more pressure with the Bamboo than the IMP63T and I still was experiencing skips with the Bamboo but none with the IMP63T. I even asked my wife to try both and she said the IMP63T was much better and she liked the natural writing feel of the IMP63T.
Lastly, I really liked the click feature and all around build of the stylus. It has a very professional look about it and I have received several positive comments from my co-workers.
If you are in the market for a stylus, I highly recommend trying this product out as it is a fraction of the cost of Bamboo and like products but easily outperforms them. (Posted on 9/1/13)
Excellent performing stylus! Review by Wayne
I have been using the IMP63T Micro-Knit "click-pen" Stylus from New Trent for a week now and I have to say that this stylus is a winner for me! The micro-knit tip allows for a very smooth flow on my mini iPad and iPhone 5. I do not have to apply much pressure at all when writing or drawing and it does not skip. The effort when writing notes is very similar to writing with an actual pen on a note pad. I used the IMP63T side by side with my Bamboo stylus and there is no comparison-hands down, the IMP63T was a much better writing experience. I found myself having to apply much more pressure with the Bamboo than the IMP63T and I still was experiencing skips with the Bamboo but none with the IMP63T. I even asked my wife to try both and she said the IMP63T was much better and she liked the natural writing feel of the IMP63T.
Lastly, I really liked the click feature and all around build of the stylus. It has a very professional look about it and I have received several positive comments from my co-workers.
If you are in the market for a stylus, I highly recommend trying this product out as it is a fraction of the cost of Bamboo and like products but easily outperforms them. (Posted on 9/1/13)
excellent stylus Review by Frank
After using the NT63T for a week, the tip feels stronger than other rubber eraser looking stylus tips. The pen itself looks sophisticated and I found it better when having to select smaller, on-screen buttons that my fingers were probably just to fat for. The wider more ergonomic and sturdy feel, gives it the feel and look of an expensive pen as opposed to cheap long plastic ones. At the end of the day it still becomes a pen that I forget at my desk. Maybe I should put find a way to stick it to the back of my case in order to not forget it. I would rate the product as a 5 since I cant take into consideration that I will forget it since that is my fault not the products. (Posted on 8/30/13)
excellent stylus Review by Frank
After using the NT63T for a week, the tip feels stronger than other rubber eraser looking stylus tips. The pen itself looks sophisticated and I found it better when having to select smaller, on-screen buttons that my fingers were probably just to fat for. The wider more ergonomic and sturdy feel, gives it the feel and look of an expensive pen as opposed to cheap long plastic ones. At the end of the day it still becomes a pen that I forget at my desk. Maybe I should put find a way to stick it to the back of my case in order to not forget it. I would rate the product as a 5 since I cant take into consideration that I will forget it since that is my fault not the products. (Posted on 8/30/13)
Great product! Review by Lauren
I really like this product! The stylus pens are very sturdy and i really like the microfiber tip. I feel it allows me to use my ipad much easier and it keeps my screen clean! Great product! (Posted on 8/30/13)
Slim & Durable Review by Adam
I love this stylus. I had a rubber-tipped stylus that cost twice as much as this two-pack did and it didn't perform as well. Well-built, and feels good in the hand. (Posted on 8/29/13)
Retractable with effortless glide!! Review by Patrick
Probably the best stylus I've found. It retracts with a click to keep the Microknit Technology Ball up and away from anything in my pocket, yet with a simple click comes out to provide an effortless glide and excellent response on my Ipad. Unlike rubber styluses I've use this one glides over the surface rather than grabbing and pausing like a rubber stylus does. It also provides excellent response without wanting to grab my screenguard like some other designed styluses. Whether you use this for sketching, signing, or simply inputting anything in your touch responsive device, you'll be extremely pleased with this stylus and find it's the only one you'll use, all I can say is simply excellent!!!! (Posted on 8/29/13)
best stylus ever! Review by widarto
I'll make it simple.
I sketch a-lot, tried other stylus, that included nomad brush and jot touch, arcadia beat them all, in term of practicality and smoothness, It glide so smooth without too many pressure. The click pen made It so solid as a pen, click, and put it on the pocket, done! simple, easy, smooth! (Posted on 8/28/13)
Smooth Stylus! Review by Craig
I have gotten several different stylus for use with my iPad and have usually ended up not utilizing them as much as I thought. So when New Trent sent me two of their Arcadia Micro-Knit Clickpens, I wasn't expecting anything special. However, I quickly found that the micro-knit tip was by far the best material that I have used. Most stylus and their rubber tip seem to grip the screen too much. The Arcadia with the Micro-knit glides across the screen with no resistance, making it much easier to write and draw with. Rubber tips also seem to be too squishy while the material of the New Trent stylus has a more stiff feel to it, again making it easier to use.

I didn't see the real need for a retractable tip, mainly because I have never had issues with the tips of my other stylus. I guess making the unit clickable is a proactive way of keeping the tip clean and protected. And it does give it even more of the feel of a real writing instrument, which is important when using a stylus.

While the Arcadia is easily the smoothest stylus I have used, even compared to much more expensive versions, I hope that it evolves to incorporate some other features that some of my other stylus have. Such as a magnet so that it can attach to the iPad when needed and perhaps a rollerball option. Both of those features simply make any stylus a better companion to the iPad in the workplace.

The Arcadia has made a good enough impression that it has earned a place in my bag and I have already started giving up some of my other stylus to my friends. Combine the quality with the price and you have a winner in this particular writing tool. (Posted on 8/28/13)
2 is better than 1 Review by Georgi Antonio
What I like about it and don't like about it:
- Very responsive on a naked iPad/iPone/Samsung GS4. But felt a bit of lag or a need to push a bit harder when your device is using a protective case film.
- Retractable tip will help protect the tip from accidental scratches. Talk about scratches, at first I was afraid to use this stylus because it looks like the tip is made of metal and might scratch the screen of my naked iPad/iPhone. But it turns out it's smooth as baby's bottom. In fact I think that's what makes it more responsive than other stylus I tried.
- I got the black, and my wife got the white. It's lightweight, not very small nor not very big... just the right size.It's easy to fit anywhere. ;) (Posted on 8/27/13)
Great stylus, costs a little more but you get what you pay for in this case. Review by Eric
NT63T Stylus review
In a world of cheap stylus is it still worth it to spend the money and get a “quality” product?
In a word YES!
I ordered this 2 pack wondering to myself it there would really be that much of a difference between these and the cheap ones you can get in a 5 pack, and THIS is what a stylus should feel like when you use one.
First impressions, these are built like a nice heavy solid type pen. No corner cutting here.
I am really surprised by the sheer amount of metals that are involved in this product right down to the heavy-duty pocket clip that I don’t have to worry about bending or popping off when I use it.
This feels like a very solid stylus, it has a nice weight to it so you actually can feel it in your hand but not too heavy that it’s cumbersome or adds a lot of weight.
The tip looks like it’s metal which is kind of scary when you first see it, but it’s actually a very soft micro-knit which seems very pliable and pretty responsive to your inputs. It has just the right amount of give so you don’t miss what you are trying to click on, but it is a soft touch on your device.
I have tested these on smartphones, iPads, a Microsoft Surface and an itouch without issue, it works well on all devices, not that I didn’t think it would.
My only real issue is the length, I wish it was a little longer for when you are relaxing or laying down, it feel s a little short then, for normal use it’s ok but I would prefer a little longer than shorter for lengthy use.
1. Quality built product
2. Nice weight too it
3. Quality materials used in construction
4. Comes in a 2 pack so you can have one at home and one for the office or road
1. Price, a little expensive compared to the market, they should offer a single pack as well, (not the most expensive model out there either.)
2. A little short, good length for when the device such as an iPad is in your hands, but it you have it on a dock or in a standing case, the length it a little short. In a 2 pack one standard length and one a little longer would be a better package I think.
Overall a great product that will get a lot of use from me, I have one stuck to my iPad case with Velcro and another in my office for my surface.
(Posted on 8/26/13)
Almost perfect stylus, x2 Review by Michael
I really like that they come as a 2 pack. I usually have a stylus in my pocket, but I like the idea of being able to put a 2nd in my car in case I forget or lose it.

I have the IMP62B model stylus already. The tip is very similar, but I like the slightly smaller tip on the Arcadia. I also like the fact that the tip retracts. I fear the tip on the IMP62B will get damaged over time in my pocket, but that is not a concern with the Arcadia.

The tip writes very smoothly on my iPad. No sticking. It is also very quiet when touching it to the screen. I had no problems using it for writing or making selections. It is very responsive.

I like the colors. The glossy black and white with the chrome plunger is very classy looking.

I don't really like that they have a pocket clip on them. I will probably never put one in a shirt pocket, so for me it is not useful, and since the stylus is shorter than a regular pen, the clip gets in the way when I hold it. I have to rotate the stylus to get the clip away from my fingers when writing. I realize the clip also keeps the stylus from rolling off a table when it is put down, but I think a small flat spot on the clicker end of the stylus would serve the same purpose.

Overall, I like the stylus very much and will use them and recommend them.
(Posted on 8/25/13)
Very Nice Stylus! Review by Patrick
These Styli appear very solid and well thought out in their design; the shaft is made of metal, the clicker is solid, weighted for increased control in writing, and a plastic end piece to protect the device screen you are writing on. The writing nib is well rounded to allow for writing at an acute angle and the nib itself glides very smoothly across a touchscreen unlike a traditional stylus. Overall I rate this stylus a 5, great. (Posted on 8/25/13)
Love them! Review by Christy
I've never used another stylus on my iPad, but I really like these! They seem very high quality. The body and clip are made of metal, and the stylus gives off a good "click" when you're putting it out or in. The springs seems to work well, and I'm guessing the styluses will hold up for a long time.

I'm an average size woman, and I found the shorter length to be great. No need to have a super long stylus. Especially when using with a smaller device, like an iPad Mini or an iPod, the smaller size is a plus. If it were longer, it actually wouldn't work with the loop on the side of my iPad Mini case.

The writing end of the stylus, although probably technically a metal of some sort (it's kind of shiny like metal) is actually really smooth. I've got a Tech Armor screen protector on my iPad, and I haven't seen a single scratch show up on my screen protector. The iPad is quite responsive to the stylus. No problems with the stylus getting stuck (a problem I've read for those with rubber tips), and the iPad seems to always respond to it.

I've been using the stylus largely in a note-taking app. Specifically, I've been drawing and lettering. Let me tell you, a stylus, and this stylus in particular, is SOOOO much better than trying to draw with your hand. If you do any drawing or note taking at all, buy these immediately. You'll be so glad you have them.

Since I've been using them for drawing, though, I did notice what might be the one drawback. The writing end of the stylus is rounded off, as shown in most of the pictures. The problem is, when you're doing small detail work while drawing, it's sometimes hard to position it in the exact right spot to make your next stroke. Without a fine pointed tip, your view of the area you're drawing is blocked by the somewhat large end of the stylus. So, when you're doing tiny stuff, you might have to erase a few times to get things just right. Not a big deal, and certainly wouldn't be applicable to most people, but just something to mention for those who do plan to draw with it.

My kids love these, and have started stealing mine to use on their iPods, so I guess I'll be purchasing more. I won't go looking for others, I'll buy more of these, as they do the job well. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Perfect size stylus! Review by Cathy

The size of this stylus is very convenient, very pocket sized. It’s smaller than the standard size of a pen, but still very comfortable in your hands. As for the use of it, I found that it was harder to use on the NT31B case possibly because of the double layer screen, but on any other screens it was smooth. This product comes in a packet of two, so you can share this nice quality stylus with a friend. The stylus is perfect for a time when you don’t want to touch your screen directly. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes I would.
(Posted on 8/23/13)
Flawless Product Review by James
I'd like to say first of all that this is one of the best stylus's that
have ever used. I love the micro-fiber tip with the rubber beneath it. I
tried this on the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 2 & 3. I also used this on
my Pioneer AppRadio car stereo and it worked much better than my finger. I
love the fact that its a clicker so it doesn't accumulate a lot of dust and
the micro-fiber tip will not wear off faster. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Great Purchase!! Review by erica
This stylus pen was a great buy. It works just fine for me. I like the micro knit tip, it is much more durable than the rubber tipped stylus pen I had previously. It also reacts very well to swiping and drawing motions on my iPad, as well as writing and highlighting, which I do very often. Great product, I give it a 5. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Comfortable and stylish Review by Andrew
The Micro-Knit “click pen” Stylus is packaged in a duo-pack vinyl sleeve and contains a black and a white stylus. The packaging is nice and well-protects the two pieces. The styluses themselves are lightweight and look professional when clipped on a shirt pocket. The knit tips look like wire mesh, but are made from a softer material and work very well. I used them on an iPad 2, and two different smartphones and worked very well, just as if a finger touch. The advantage of the click pen style is that when not in use, the case protects the tip from being damaged. These fit comfortably in your hand and could be used for hours on end without strain. (Posted on 8/21/13)
worth the price for let alone 2 Review by John
5 stars! This stylus is great and has made all other so called stylus with rubber tips seem terrible! Before using this product I would use my fingers or a rubber tip stylus that would stick and drag.This is simply a joy to use, the knit tip glides across the screen like a figure skater on ice. The "click" feature is very well thought out and functions great, this ensures no worry pocket storage. It has a nice quality feel and seems like it will last. Well worth it, a very smart buy. (Posted on 8/17/13)
high class Review by Nathan
I really enjoyed the slim design of the click stylus. The black and white options are very nice as well. The stylus is very light weight, and well made. The all metal design combined with the light weight of the stylus makes it durable and easy to carry around. The tip of the stylus looks like metal wool, but is really soft. I have used the stylus on a screen with and without a screen protector, and the stylus works great on both. I also have tried out the stylus with different writing apps. Using the stylus makes writing on the tablet screen much easier as well as neat. For taking notes on a tablet screen without a keyboard, a stylus is a must. Even with a keyboard, the stylus is a great accessory. If there is a down side to the stylus at all, it would only be that clipping the stylus on something can be a little hard. I was able to clip it on my shirt, but had trouble clipping onto my church coat pocket. Small price to pay for a wonderful product. I would recommend this stylus to anyone one. (Posted on 8/17/13)
The perfect 'FIT' in my search for a Stylus Review by Robert
I think I have found the perfect tablet stylus. I have tried everything from the cheap $1.80 versions to the more expensive one looking for one that not only ‘fits’ my tablet but also meets my needs. The stylus feels good in my hand, and my tablet screen (2013 Nexus 7) is very responsive to every touch of the stylus.
The soft tip ‘glides’ over my screen protector that I use on my device and does not skip like rubber tipped styluses that I have tried. Because the stylus is shorter than some of the standard pen length styluses, it fits perfectly in my Nexus 7 case and does not cover up my volume and power buttons.
Over all, this really is the best stylus I have come across, and will stop filling up my junk drawers with ones that don’t fit my need.
(Posted on 8/17/13)
This Stylus is Great Review by Collin
I purchased this item from Amazon and the stylus is great. I have ridiculously big hands and the stylus is a tiny bit too small but it is great for the use of my phone, iPad and it fits well in the case so I don't lose it. The tip looks cool and I like clicking the pen although my coworkers have told me to stop with the clicking. (Posted on 8/15/13)
Great Product Review by Ginny
These Arcadia "Clickpen" stylus's work extremely well on my Samsung tablet. The microfiber tip on the stylus works far better than the rubber tip on a typical stylus. Little pressure is needed to impact the tablet screen. The retractable tip keeps the tip quite clean. The stylus has a solidly built body with a strong clip. At an excellent price, this is a very wise purchase. I can confidently give the New Trent Arcadia Stylus a rating of 5. (Posted on 8/13/13)
Best option! Review by Scott
Best stylus I have ever used. Tell everyone I know about it. I have two friends who have bought it for themselves. Love it love it love it. 5 stars! (Posted on 8/9/13)
Excellent. Very satisfied Review by Harishankar
I have been using the stylus for about 3 weeks now.

The greatest advantage of this stylus over other products is that it's micro fiber tip allows the stylus top glide smoothly across the screen. This allows me to use text input applications like Swype and TouchPal which require you to glide across the keyboard instead of tapping letters. This was almost impossible with rubber tipped styluses. I tried using many unbranded rubber tipped styluses, a targus stylus and the bamboo stylus - none of them are as good as this.
Another use in which the smoothness of the stylus scores is for sketching, painting or photo editing apps that require brush strokes. I did some sketches using Autodesk Sketcbook Pro and found that the smoothness considerably reduced the effort and time taken.

The smoothness of the stylus is also very useful while highlighting text in documents.

The stylus performed very well while taking notes using a handwriting app. On a couple of occasions the stroke broke even though I had not lifted the stylus from the screen, though this was so rare as to not be an issue.

While the tip is slightly squishy I did not find it to be a problem.The squishiness of the tip was also an issue in rubber tipped styluses.

The stylus is equally usable from most angles without any reduction in performance when going from holding the pen perfectly perpendicular to the screen, where the tip of the stylus touches the screen, to highly inclined where the edges of the stylus touch the screen. When using the stylus at such angles it is very comforting to know that the silicon casing at the bottom will prevent the edges of the pen from scratching the screen.

The ability to retract the tip when not in use is a very nice feature. It will protect the tip from handling damage when not in use. It will also prevent dirty from getting on the tip when left in backpacks etc

However there are some minor issues. While using handwriting apps I was not able to make a dot using the stylus most times even though I had been comfortably doing the same using rubber styluses in the same app. I had to limit myself to dotting my i s and question marks with small lines. This would also become a problem in intricate sketching. However I did manage to do some photo editing that required very small strokes to smart select very small parts of the photo.

Similarly while reading documents the stylus is not very effective for tapping to turn pages. Many times a tap is not recognised by the device. This function was never a problem with rubber styluses. (Posted on 7/6/13)
Attractive, stylish, heavy-duty, smooth - EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Review by Nina
Watching my grandson destroy my rubber-tipped stylus while playing games on my tablet sent me on the hunt for something more durable - and I'm glad I did! This New Trent product is GREAT! Wish I had started with this type of stylus. It's well-made, sleek & professional looking, retractable, extremely smooth on all of my devices (Samsung phone, Nook HD tablet). Comes with a 10-month warranty (of course the rubber-tipped one has no warranty). Service was fast, packaging is good and the twin pack is a great idea. The only drawback might be for those who need a longer pen or prefer more color choices. I highly recommend the IMP63T stylus! (Posted on 6/29/13)
High quality bargin Review by Matt
What attracted me to New Trent Arcadia was not only the reasonable pricing, but the engineering behind it. I haven't seen another stylus designed quite the way you created the Arcadia. The micro knit tip seems to be far superior to any regular foam tipped stylus', as I've ripped a rubber head stylus fairly easy, and the control of the Arcadia is great; I love that it glides over the screen. I thought I would test the durability of the stylus head out by playing a few rounds of ZOMBIE EVIL on my Nexus 4, as this game has put a few of my rubber headed stylus to rest. Feedback/control was great as there is no (for lack of a better word) 'lag', as what you get with rubber heads when they "stick" and do not glide over the screens smoothly. What sets Arcadia apart from all the others is the unique 'pen style' that protects the integrity of the micro knit tip. Very cool idea, indeed. I do believe some have complained to the length of the stylus, but I have found that it is of perfect length for me. No troubles here. One thing I do not like is the pocket clip on the side of the stylus; although, I know some will like it as it comes in handy with a case for tablets. I find myself picking at it subconsciously, I don't know why; however, aesthetically, the stylus is very pleasing, as that is also what drew me towards the Arcadia over the other competitors. I cannot fault this stylus simply because of the pocket clip, but I had to pick out something I didn't quite like.

Of a scale of 1-5, I would definitely give this stylus a 5. For the price, you can't beat it, and the quality is second to none. Aesthetics are very pleasing, and most of all, the micro knit tip seems to be very durable and feedback is far superior to anything else I have used up to this point. Would I recommend this product to friends and family? Of course, I even gave the 'white' stylus to my mum. :) Great product! A+
(Posted on 6/29/13)
BlackBerry Playbook Review by Jordan
I purchased the Arcadia Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus my BlackBerry Playbook because I was frustrated with the regular stylus (rubber tip) as it didn't work very well for me. Before I ordered my New Trent stylus with the micro-knit tip I read reviews online and found other users were impressed with the product.

After using the product I was happy with the result and feel the price was well worth it for getting two styluses and they even worked well with a screen protector and I really like how the micro-knit tip can be retracted like a pen to keep it clean when not in use.

The overall size of the product is around the same size as all the other styluses I've used and seen before. (Posted on 6/14/13)
iTorch IMP52D - Excellent Product Review by AZAM
I waited eagerly and anxiously to receive my new iTorch IMP52D and once received, it was well worth the wait. It came already half-charged and I charged it fully overnight. The following morning, I used it to re-charge my iPhone5 whose battery was only 50% charged and within one and a half hours it was fully charged after connecting to the iTorch IMP52D. The process was simple and extremely easy to execute and after the half-charge, the remaining power in the iTorch was still showing as high (three lit LED indicator lights). The additional red laser pointer and flashlight are both useful and very convenient additional features, and once the instructions on their use were read and understood, were both fairly easy to use. The storage pouch was also a nice addition and helped with storing and transporting the iTorch. I would give this product a 4.5 rating, with the 0.5 deduction from being a perfect 5.0 score being due to having to provide my own iPhone charging cable since one was not included due to a license issue, although two were included (one for Android smartphones and the other for a Samsung Galaxy). (Posted on 6/12/13)
High Quality Mesh Tip Stylus Review by Joe
The New Trent Arcadia "click pen" is a light weight stylus pen designed with a soft hybrid mesh tip that is very responsive on my touch screen tablets (Ipad 4 and Nexus 10) and mobile phone. The stylus has a convenient pen clamp on the side that allows for easy attachment to my tablet case. The "click pen" allows me to hide the mesh tip when not in use to extend the life of the stylus pen. The stylus allows me to accurately type on my tablet while significantly reducing finger prints on my tablet as well. Adding a key ring attachment would decrease the chances of losing the stylus when traveling. I would recommend this for anyone using the regular touch screen approach to using your tablet device. (Posted on 6/4/13)
Product: Micro-Knit Tip Stylus Pens Review by AZAM
This product has lived up to all of my expectations and adeqately fulfills my needs for an instrument to facilitate navigating in my iPad 4th generation with retina display and iPhone5.

The two colors, black and white, are both bright and sharp, and the pen is silky-smooth to the touch. The clip is firm and secure and anchors the pen resolutely in my top pocket, thus negating my fear of it falling out if or when I may have to bend down.

The body of the pen is solidly constructed and of good quality, giving the impression that it is worth far more than its purchase price.

Overall I would give it a 4.5 rating, with the 0.5 deduction from a perfect 5.0 score due to a) the barrel of the pen could be longer by another 1.5 inches to make it 6 ins. long to accommodate users with bigger hands and/or longer fingers and b) the retractable tip could be a bit more pointed rather than rounded so that it can pin-point even more precicely when being used.
(Posted on 5/18/13)
Love this stylus! Review by Angie
I ordered this stylus to use with my iPad and Kindle Fire and I love it! It is much better than the rubber-tipped ones I have used in the past, which wear out after a few weeks of use. The tip is covered in a fine mesh and it really helps it work well. And the pack of 2 was great so I can have a spare one for my other device. (Posted on 5/15/13)
Love them! Will buy more for back-ups! Review by Debbie
I have to say we truly love this "NEW" micro-fiber tip stylus compared to
the old rubber tip stylus - they are so smooth, its very responsive and
there is no skipping when you are dragging across the screen (like those
old rubber ones). The Trent Arcadia is simply smooth and glides
effortlessly across the screen! The newly designed tips are simply put ---
AMAZING! I would also like to note that I think the price point on these
stylus are really a great deal!

The shirt clip on the stylus seems a bit too stiff... its really
difficult to clip it onto a shirt or other things. Not a huge deal for me,
but for some it may be an issue.

I really love the Trent Stylus w/ the Mico-Fiber tip and will NOT be going back to the standard rubber-tipped stylus - ever!

Thank you Trent! (Posted on 5/15/13)
Amazing Review by Callum
Never used a stylus Like this. i have owned many stylus's but this defiently tops them all. the delicate mesg tip creates an accurate response on the screen. i always used my fingers and gave up using the rubber ended stylus's i ised to own but found this product was a necessity that i used every day.

-the retractable point is a great touch because it protects the delicate mesh end .
-looks slick and i would happily get it out in public
- the plastic round the end of the pen is a good touch to stop it from scratching the screen if u forget to retract the point.

improvements/cons which need improvig
-could come in different sizes as i found it a bit fiddley to hold because i have big hands.
-you could bring out a adaption with a small end for accurate drawing. as i found it very hard with this stylus.
-the actual nib could be stronger as i found as i used it more often it started to fray

Recomend buying this product! (Posted on 5/7/13)
One of the best styli I've tried yet Review by Jake
I bought this 2-pack after trying some of the lower end styli from Best Buy and I think it is a great improvement. With my other stylus, after a couple of weeks, the tip became very flimsy which made precise writing difficult. The new trent stylus solves this by having a sturdier mesh tip.

I also like that it is retractable. It is short and light, so if you're looking for a stylus with some weight to it, this may not be the way to go, but for everyone else, this is a great choice.

Overall, this is a very affordable, quality set that has so far stood up to several weeks of heavy note taking with Noteability. (Posted on 4/26/13)
Great Stylus for Nexus 7 Review by Todd
This is a great stylus for the Nexus 7. It is a good deal since you get two for about $10. The micro-fiber tip works great, and I like the fact that its retractable for storing. It is short, which makes it great for stowing in your bag or pocket, but those with larger hands may find it too small for them. The only negative I've found is that it does squeak sometimes when going across the grain of the microfiber tip, but this is probably due to the particular screen protector that I have. (Posted on 4/18/13)
High Quality/Low Cost Review by John
Let me start out by stating that I first made this purchase for the sole purpose of keeping my screen clean. What I shortly found out was that this pen made using my Ipad that more easy and enjoyable. The stylus pen has not failed me. When I tap on the screen, the screen responds. Works well with my apps to hold down and rearrange my apps locations. A lot of bang for the bucks. I like the combo since I've already left one at my mom's house and was able to continue my work with the other one - until I can get it back :-). Definitely a great purchase. (Posted on 4/14/13)
I found a great product... Review by LosKevanos
Utilizing a stylus for touch applications is a must and New Trent's IMP63T Micro Knit clickable does a very fine job. The size is perfect for portability as well as utilization and the Micro-Knit system is precise in selecting as well as fluent in across screen movement. It literally becomes part of you and makes on-screen typing and selecting more efficient and effective. I appreciate the click-ability to retract the Micro-Knit tip so that it can be preserved from damage, dirt, and grime which in turn protects my touchscreen and prolongs the life of my stylus. The clip ensures it can safely rest in my pocket with the rest of my writing utensils. I'm very grateful for the soft plastic protective casing on the tip of the stylus which prevents damage to the touchscreen if by chance you forget to click out the Micro-Knit. The low price includes a black and white stylus and the quality and effectiveness made me instantly buy two more and to stop looking for "the perfect stylus". I have finally found it. You owe it to yourself to give it a try and see for yourself, it makes utilizing a touch device more enjoyable. (Posted on 4/14/13)
Best iPad Stylus Review by Ben
I bought the twinpack from Amazon. Great product. It's the best stylus on the market today for the iPad. I especially like retractable feature since I throw it in my laptop bag and don't ever have to worry about the tip being damaged. Highly recommend! (Posted on 4/8/13)
IMP63T twin pack stylus pen: An Artists Perspective Review by Andrew
IMP63T twin pack stylus pen: An Artists Perspective

I was extremely happy with this product for the first week I had it, the price is right and two come in the pack and the micro-knit tip is very friendly to my devices screen. It's solidly designed out of quality material though a little short for digital painting. I do a lot of painting and work with my device though, and while the excellent click feature does protect the tip, it does collect dust causing it to not be read by the device and potentially scratching the glass. Cleaning it off with a damp towel seems to give it back the connectivity though.
Overall: I'm happy with the product, the price is fair and the design is solid. You just have to be careful to remember the micro-knit does collect dust even though it is retractable.

(Posted on 4/3/13)
Retractable w/o the cheap rubber tip Review by Ann
I liked the idea of a retractable stylus but was sold when tip wasn't rubber. Since it comes in a twin pack, it made for great gifts for the family. My daughter likes it for her phone on cold days. Comfortable to use and works great with my iPad 2.
Price is well worth it.
Con: would like the option of a longer unit
would like the option of a finer point

I would definitely recommend to friends. (Posted on 4/2/13)
Excellent Product Review by MBenn
After trying out a number of different styluses, I was thoroughly impressed with the New Trent Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus. I use the stylus with my Ipad (3rd Gen) and I could not ask for a better response. The stylus is excellent for notetaking (handwriting apps) and the micro-knit tip glides easily and does not develop that "tacky" feeling that you get with other styluses.

I would appreciate the same product in a larger size as I have misplaced one already, but I like the product so much that I immediately purchased two more.

If you are looking for a great stylus for every occasion, look no further! (Posted on 3/28/13)
My search is over Review by Franco
I recently was looking for a stylus to buy that would be both high quality and that would last me a long time. I came across the IMP63T and my search was no more. This product is both high quality and definitely will lasta long time. I wanted a stylus that had the "micro knit" material because of recent experiences with the regular king. The tip on this stylus makes every stroke and every gesture a fluid and smooth experience. You don't get that squeaky sound when using the stylus. The fact that this comes with not one, but two styluses is also a great plus. Search no more and get this stylus, you won't regret it. (Posted on 3/27/13)
High quality product, easily the best available Review by Dean
I’ve been using the IMP63T since 11/3/2013, so far I have tested it thoroughly on my iPad & iPhone, my children have been fighting over the other stylus in order that they can use it with their iPods and I have let my wife try it out on her Samsung tablet.
During the course of using the IMP63T I have found the following:
• I was very pleased with the feel of this stylus, I have had a few in the past that definitely felt “cheap”, I did not get that impression using the IMP63T. It sits well in the hand and is weighted similar to a good quality pen.
• The “clicky top” is a novel feature (whilst protecting the tip).
• Control of the apple devices is a lot easier than using fingers. My wife reports it was an adequate replacement if she lost or broke her Samsung tablet stylus.
• Eliminates smearing and smudges on the screen.
• Zooming and shrinking on apple screens cannot be done with the IMP63T.
• If you rest your hand on the surface (as you would with a pen) the IMP63T doesn’t work with the Samsung tablet.
• When left on the touch pad of the iPad (1st Generation), it causes the screen to flicker.
I would certainly recommend the IMP63T to anyone wishing to either use it instead of fingers (apple devices) or a replacement for lost/broken stylus for other devices. I have in the past used and discarded other stylus’ for my iPad, the IMP63T now sits nicely in my iPad case and I use it daily. My only recommendation would be that (now I have seen the benefits to using the IMP63T ) the twin pack has 2 “thicknesses”, normal (currently supplied) and fine. This would allow for precision control when using smaller apple devise (for gaming on an iPod for example). I’m not sure if this is feasible, but it would then justify buying a twin pack.
(Posted on 3/21/13)
Good product, great value Review by Drake
The tip is durable and writes well. I love the fact that the stylus is retractable. And it's hard to beat the current price--$10.95.

It's a solid product that feels good in your hand, too.
(Posted on 3/20/13)
Best Stylus I've Used Review by Han Brolo
Before buying these styluses, I was using an Acer stylus with a rubber tip. The rubber tipped styluses don't hold a candle to this Arcadia model. I'm a med student and I take all of my notes by handwriting via stylus on my iPad. As you can imagine, I have to write a lot and I have to write it quickly. The rubber tipped stylus I used to use slowed my writing down and my iPad often lost contact with it so that part of some of my words would be missing. I can't even begin to describe how much easier note-taking has become with this Arcadia stylus. The micro-knit tip makes writing much easier, much smoother, and my devices seem to be more receptive to it. I'd break it down like this:

Micro-knit tip is great for smooth writing/drawing
Click-top feature means the stylus doesn't get damaged when not in use
Made with quality material, has a good weight to it without being heavy
You can't beat the price

After a month of daily use, I haven't found any.

The fact that this was a two-pack for that price was an added bonus. The Arcadia stylus seems really durable and I'm eager to see if I'll ever even need the second one. Heck, I may just use it for somebody's birthday gift.
(Posted on 3/18/13)
My Favorite Stylus Review by Harry
I have tried several different types of stylus and this is by far my favorite for two main reasons. 1) The tip provides by far the smoothest writing experience. It's so good I even use it for gaming since it's faster than my finger. 2) The tip retracts so it's protected.
My one suggestion would be to extend the length a bit. The New Trent Arcadia is 4 3/8" long and the average pen is 5 1/2 to 6" long. If it were normal pen length it would be a bit more comfortable to use, especially for people with large hands. (Posted on 3/14/13)
nothing better on the market at ANY price Review by markyb
smooth and consistent, the stylus is the perfect size for regular use. I don't use a screen protector on my new iPad, so I am concerned about damaging it. the Micro Knit stylus works great, and if I accidentally forget to extend the tip, the plastic guard on the writing end won't harm the glass. (Posted on 3/13/13)
Excellent product Review by Laurie
I have tried other styluses before and I did a little research into what I wanted and needed in terms of durability, function and cost and I chose this product. I really like that it is retractable; this helps protect the tip from damage when not in use. I like the micro knit tip as oppose to the really cheap rubberized ones that do not last very long at all. The size for me is fine and fits well into my hand. It works quite well with my iPad where I am able to make nursing note and sign them electronically and just forward them to the case workers and my supervisor. It has revolutionized my capabilities when I am out in the field. The one thing I think would be an improvement would be to have a hole into the top so that one could tether the stylus with the device to prevent loss. I am very happy with this product. (Posted on 3/11/13)
One Minor Esthetic Flaw from being Perfect Review by Josh
These styluses (styli?) are the best I've had so far. I really like the style of them (plus they come in black and white to match your iPad). A little on the small side (my hands are large) but for a stylus, better to be on the small side. The minor flaw I have with the stylus has to do with the protective plastic tip. It's probably there to prevent people from scratching their screens when they forget to click out the conductive tip, but it honestly looks like extra packaging I forgot to take off. If NewTrent could make it less conspicuous (maybe a thin black rubber tip instead?) the stylus would be perfect. Take it or leave it, but for me, these were great. I just hope I don't lose them. (Posted on 3/4/13)
Best Stylus Out there Review by Matthew
This is by far the best stylus I have ever used. It has a fiber like pad instead of rubber or plastic which smudges your screen. It is very sturdy and just the right size. It has great response on my Galaxy S3 and iPhones. I would recommend this stylus to anyone because it is the only one you will ever need to buy! (Posted on 3/4/13)
Very nice. Review by Tai
I have used the stylus product IMP63T with my Samsung Galaxy S3.
- I liked the weighty and sturdy feel of the product as well as the near
all metal construction.
- I love the retractable design.
- The soft material on the tip provided for a scratch free experience and
wrote well when using the S Memo app on my phone which is a drawing app.
The wide tip allowed for no missed touches however it made it a little
tricky to make fine drawings of letters or lines if using for drawing art
because of the chunky tip. Surprisingly the fat tip is still OK to use on a
4.8 inch screen size but a thinner tip would definitely be better for under
5 inch screens while the bigger tip can work better on a large tablet.
- The metal shirt clip is a bit too tight for clipping onto a shirt or
anything thicker than a sturdy piece of thin card stock; any paper thinner
than that and it would probably tear. It seems like the clip can be bent
out enough to loosen the clamp without breaking the stylus but I have not
attempted to do so. I'd rather have the clip too tight than too loose but a
happy medium would be better.

Over all it's a 4/5 stars. Good product with a minor issue. I could see
this product working very well with a tablet and a school environment for
quick note taking, but even with a 4.8 screen as on my S3 it works great
for writing notes. My suggestion is make the clip a little looser and thick
about making an interchangeable tip that can be traded for thinner and
thicker sizes. If that cant be done think about maybe selling a stylus with
a smaller tip or one of each size in a pack. (Posted on 2/26/13)
Great Value, Great Product Review by Greg
I've tried multiple stylus brands and the New Trent stylus are not only the best value, they are the most durable. The ability to retract the tip is a smart feature, preventing unnecessary wear and tear which results in a longer product life. The mesh tip is certain to last longer than a rubber tip which degrades over time. And the sensitivity is perfect. (Posted on 2/26/13)
Up there with my way-high-end styli! Review by Patti
I am a stylus aficionado. I know what’s out there today, I know what they do, what they don’t do, and which I want to use for what purpose. That said, I’m so pleased with this purchase. New Trent’s Arcadia answered problems I didn’t realize I had. The Arcadia stylus has two features that will surely end up on any stylus made in the future:

Micro-Knit Tip:
I didn’t realize just what “micro-knit” would give me. In fact, I didn’t realize the one thing I didn’t like about any of my styli: all of them drag, and that includes the “smart” styli costing $80 +.

This little guy glides across my smudgy screens and doesn’t even notice the accumulation of dirt, smudges and fast food smeared across the screen. NO SKIPS! I draw on my screens all day. Since I’ve not found a way to keep a touch screen clean, THIS IS THE ANSWER.

Retractable Tip:
Arcadia’s retractable stylus means that the tip won’t be shredded in my pocket or my purse. I could own a big pile of Arcadia styli for the money I’ve squandered on cheap-to-replace foam tip styli.

Both of these super features result in Durability:
I’ve been writing/drawing with the Arcadia stylus (the white one) for two weeks. I draw on my screens every day for much of the day. The black stylus is still in the bag. By now I would have gone through a minimum of five foam-tipped styli. The tip of this one still looks exactly like the one waiting in its little bag.
(Posted on 2/23/13)
Great Stylus Review by Jodi
Purchased these for my Ipad mini becacuse I was getting so tired of having to clean the screen all the time. Friends told me that i needed to get a stylus and after looking around and reading reviews, I decided to purchase these.
Two weeks in and I love them!! They are the perfect size for me since I have very small hands and no more having to clean my screen all the time. The stlus is smooth accross the screen and leaves no marks like some of the other rubber ones do. only suggestion i have fro improvement might be to just make the head a tiny bit smaller for more detailed contro,. Other than that, I highly recommend these. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Great stylus for everyday use! Review by Ravi
I got my new stylus to use on my phone, actually a phablet, Samsung Galaxy
Note 2. The stylus that comes with the phone is thin tip and nice, but it
does not click the capacitive buttons (back/menu).

So I figured I would get another stylus, which I can keep in my jacket for
the winter months when using the phone with gloves on. I’ve used the
stylus for few days now and it has proven to be a great companion for my
phone. I’ve been able to use the stylus on all various angles, without any
issues. The mesh tip is nice, and smooth. The build quality is great with
nice metal housing. I’ve used it outside, in the car, office and at home
without any issues. This stylus has filled the gap that Samsung styles

The stylus is great for everyday use in all apps. I didn't have a single
touch failed so far. I've used it on banking apps, web browsers, drawing
apps without any issues.

One of the big pros on this stylus is the retractable mesh. I don’t have
to worry about dust getting in there when in the pocket, or having to clean
lint from it. The mish tip stows away nicely.

I do think a few things could be improved. I have a bit big hands, and the
stylus is a bit short in overall length. Just wish it was another inch and
half longer, which would give it a pen like feel. Also wish it had a soft
rubber grip so when held with gloves on, it wouldn’t slip.

Overall, I would give it 4/5, only taking the 1 point off for it being a
bit short for folks with big hands. (Posted on 2/21/13)
So who needs a stylus... well me actually! Review by UK Mike
So who needs a stylus? I am blessed with five natural prodding devices on
each hand and had been quite happy using these for my iPhone and iPad.
However, I had been thinking about getting a stylus, to both help me type
on my iPhone (as the virtual keyboard is tiny), and to try to keep my iPad
screen a little bit cleaner. This product definitely delivers both of these
things and is inexpensive to boot.

If I have one minor criticism, it is that the clip that secures it to my
bag is a little it on the tight side, but I suspect this may loosen over

So whether you are typing out long emails or simply want to beat your
high-score on that app everyone is playing, I can definitely recommend this
– it didn’t drastically change my life, but it does make my typing quicker
and my touch-screens are certainly less greasy! (Posted on 2/20/13)
Convenient Pens Review by Debbie
These pens are really nice…the mesh type point is soft and doesn’t scratch the screen at all, but gives me the impression that it will last a lifetime. It works on all of the screens I have tried, my phone, my ipod and my tablet….I like that the tip retracts and that it has a pocket clip…it clips onto my device nicely (Posted on 2/20/13)
Love this stylus Review by JoAnn
I just got a Nexus 7 and wanted a stylus that would be able to handle even the smallest of links. This works perfectly. The retractable micro-knit tip is great for using when I am wearing gloves, although I have to admit, I don't even use my fingers anymore because I love this so much. I read numerous reviews about others and decided to go with this one and I am glad I did. Super smooth, fits perfectly in my hand (sort of small) and since there are two of them, I keep one in my purse and the other with my tablet. I am completely satisfied. (Posted on 2/20/13)
Good stylus for an excellent price! Review by vanRijn
I'll first start off by saying that prior to trying the New Trent IMP63T stylus, I have already tried a whole bunch of styli  from the Boxwave to the Wacom Bamboo Stylus to the HAND stylus and even others that I can't remember the names of. I've been on a quest to find the perfect stylus and go paperless for my notes and todos for a while now. 

Also, I used my iPad3 for my testing, and I should note that I use one of ZAGG's Invisible Shield screen protectors for my iPad screen, so some of my observations may be different from users who don't use one.

I'll start off with the notes that I made, using my New trent Arcadia Stylus, with the excellent Noteshelf application on my iPad.

Areas for improvement:

▪ It felt like I had to push harder against he screen to get a response than I would with my finger tip. I don't know if there's a way to provide more feedback in the tip of the stylus without requiring more pressure, but if it's possible, this would be a big improvement.
▪ I think that having a stylus that doesn't have a writing pen also is much less compelling. It becomes just one more single-use thing to have to carry around and potentially get lost. Fortunately, it looks like the New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus has solved this problem.
▪ This may only be an issue for those of us who use screen protectors on their tablets and phones, but the tip on this stylus makes a really loud and funny squeaking noise when it rubs against screen protectors. I'm guessing that if you're using it on the glass surface of tablets and phones directly, that might not be an issue, but I would not be able to use this stylus in any business meetings because of this. I don't know if it is possible to improve on this, or if screen protector users are a niche market and not worth trying to solve this problem for, but for me it was a problem.
▪ It would be really nice if this stylus had some way of attaching itself to the tablet or phone so that it was easier to carry it around. I kept forgetting my stylus on my night stand and then when I went to use it, I didn't have it. I've seen some styluses solve this problem with a plastic clip to plug into the headphone jack of devices. I've also seen some styluses use magnets to attach themselves to tablets. But I think it's something to improve on because the more integrated the stylus is with the device it's being used on, the more valuable and likely to be used it will be.
▪ Another thing I noticed that is common to styluses in general is that with a large tip, especially one that is mushy, it is really hard to be precise. It's more like trying to write with an oversized crayon than it is writing with a precise instrument. Is it possible to reduce the size of the tip or surface area and rigidity? I think that would be a huge improvement.

Positives about this stylus:

▪ The retractable tip is an excellent idea! The HAND stylus also uses this and I like it a lot. It's not just that it prevents wear and tear on the tip, but also that it helps to keep it from getting stuck or snagged on things. I like the retractable tip a lot. It is SO much nicer than having to remove a separate cap that then can become lost.
▪ I also like the plastic tip at the end of the pen, near the stylus tip. More than a few times, I've gone to write on my screen with my stylus and had forgotten to extend the stylus tip, and had the end of the stylus been metal, I could have scratched my screen. Nice touch!
▪ The new material used on the tip slides way better and interacts much nicer with my phone and tablet screens than the old rubber tips. It was much easier to use this stylus because of the improved material, I feel.
▪ I like the weight and balance of this stylus. It's not too light, like the Boxwave, nor is it too heavy. It feels like an appropriate weight for a stylus. It could maybe be a little heavier, but you don't want to be adding to the weight of what you're already carrying around either. I think this stylus finds a good balance here.
▪ I really like that this stylus comes as a two-pack. I let my wife use one for a while and she liked it too. But better than that, the perception is that we're getting a really good deal for a really good price. If one stylus gets lost or damaged, we have a backup already. If we feel like switching colors and carrying black instead of white for a while, we can do that too. Good idea!

As I stated earlier, I've been looking for stylus and paperless nirvana for a while now. I think that this stylus is a good tool for the job. Unfortunately, my personal conclusion, after having been on this search for a while, is that the technology still isn't there for me to go completely paperless. For people who are looking for precision and as close-to-using-paper-and-pen experience as possible, I don't think this stylus will satisfy, for the reasons I mentioned above. To be fair, I haven't yet seen any stylus on the market that satisfies me for true paper-and-pen experience, so this is no fault of this stylus. But for people who are looking for a stylus to draw and design on their tablet or phone, or for interacting with their devices while wearing gloves (yay, winter!), or just for an improved experience with their phones and tablets, I think this is a good answer, a good solution, and a great deal. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Smooth Sytlus, love the tip! Review by Kirk
I normally do not use a stylus, because it is an extra accessory I have to keep track of, but with a 7" tablet, my fat finger will inadvertently hit the wrong key. My 10 year old daughter claimed the white and I kept the black. We have owned pens before to try out and at first brush, it appears no different than all other China made cheap stylus. However, once you click it, you will noticed right away that the tip is not rubber! it is a silver mesh material that "Glides" across the screen smoothly, NOT DRAG. Wow, that was HUGE, much bigger impact than I would have thought. Well worth the money for the tip technology. The contacts are solid, when tapping but as you angle it more, it becomes less responsive. Still, not a huge negative. Daughter absolutely loves it and is a perfect companion for her iPad mini.

I would have liked to see them get rid of the metal pocket clip. I am not sure how many people actually "clip" this, but it would be more useful if they tehter this to a little plug to the headphone adapter would suffice. I am leary of the metal clip laying on the screen, possibly scratching the screen. If you stay with the clip, then I recommend making it out of a different material and style it so looks cool and not like a give away $.05 promotional pen. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Great value for the price Review by WLC
Pros: Glides across devices without dragging

Cons: Seems to be a bit smaller in size

I have to admit, from the pictures I was a little bit concerned about the tip of this stylus. It looked almost like it was metal. However when I received the stylus, I was pleasantly surprised. The tips were very soft and glided so smoothly across all of my devices. I typically don't use a stylus on my Android phone but I thought I'd give it a try. It worked like a dream. I like the added feature that the ends retract just like a pen. I can drop these in my bag and not worry that they will get messed up like other rubber stylus' I've had. They even passed the "kid" test, as I let my 12 and 15 year olds borrow them for a weekend. They loved them and are now begging for their own. This was definitely a great purchase. (Posted on 2/13/13)
Good design Review by Robin
This stylus has a pleasant, smooth design that matches my iPad nicely, a retractable tip, and a sturdy clip. While it doesn't have an ink pen on one side, it seems a better deal than the New Trent stylus/pen combo in its current form. The tip is smaller, so it should make it easier to make precision marks. The tip is protected, as it can retract, unlike the stylus/pen combo.

I did have a glitch when first using these, out of the box, though. When I first received these stylii, both of them seemed to have the same problem, not being sensitive enough. A few days later they seem to be working fine. I suspect that if you press down on the tip too hard, the part of the tip inside the cloth padding seems to recede temporarily, making it almost impossible to write on the screen. I haven't tested this with the other stylus I have, I don't want to risk damage. If you draw or write at an angle there doesn't seem to be any problem. Most people will not have a problem using it.

Even without a screen protector Stylii aren't as good as using your finger where sensitivity is concerned. They do prevent the cramping of the hand and smudges on the screen that go with using your finger, and stylii like this one glide across the screen in a way your fingers weren't designed to - drawing and writing is easier accordingly, although it certainly takes getting used to. (Posted on 2/13/13)
Not your "average" stylus Review by Marilyn
If you are looking for a typical stylus. This is NOT what you want. If you are sick of the "average" ones you see on the market then this is the stylus for you. First off it is a retractable stylus. It's convenient to have this because in my case, my stylus is usually thrown in my backpack or purse and usually the tip breaks within a few days. That's not the case with this stylus.

Also the end of the stylus is not the typical black rubber end. It has a soft durable fiber tip. I have no issues whatsoever using this stylus. I'm usually very hesitant to allow my four year old to get ahold of my stylus because she tends to break it, but I'm not worried with this stylus at all. There are not sharp edges and I even like the fact that there is plastic wrapped around the base between the tip and the pen itself. (Posted on 2/11/13)
Best Option Out There Review by Aaron
This stylus fulfilled all of my needs and then the extra mile. When I had ordered this stylus I wasn't sure about the knit tip. It performs way better than I had expected! It glides across the screen with minimal effort and not grabbing or skipping.

Then when you are finished writing, simply retract the tip using the click pen styled mechanism. When it is retracted the knit tip is protected from the harsh conditions of your pocket, purses, book bags, ect.

My only small gripe with this product is how short the barrel is. It makes it easier to store but I had a little trouble getting used to it at first. Now that I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me one bit.

Don't waste your money on any others, buy this stylus! (Posted on 2/9/13)
Great Stylus Review by bob
Within the first minute of using the the New Trent Clickpen I was sold. It has made typing and navigating on my Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3 a true breeze. Where before I was frustrated trying to type or swype because of my large fingers, I can now move through emails and web browsers with real speed. The stylus has enough weight to make it feel substantial but not so heavy you won't want to carry it around. The cushioned mesh tip of the Clickpen is soft enough to give it a nice tactile feel, but stiff enough to make copying and pasting single words or letters easy. The body of the stylus is plastic with a smooth surface, I find it can be a bit slippery when using. This could be remedied by making the body with a rubberized grip section or for the whole stylus. The retractable tip is a great way to keep the tip clean and prevent the tip getting distorted in a pocket or purse. The plastic protection guard at the tip of the stylus works well in protecting the screen of the device from getting scratched. I use the stylus constantly with my Nexus and S3 and find it clumsy to now use my fingers.I am very happy with these styluses needless to say. (Posted on 2/9/13)
Great Tool for Notes and Drawing on Tablets! Review by Brandon
I mostly used the stylus on my Galaxy Nexus and the iPad. I used it for general navigation on the devices, as well as drawing and note taking. I found that the stylus is not super useful on the phone. The screen is really just too small to take notes, which is a strong point of the stylus. Also, I don't envision anyone carrying around the stylus in their pocket, so I found myself simply not using it much. The iPad, however, was much different. The screen is more than large enough to warrant the use of a stylus and to take advantage of the higher precision it offers. My iPad case also had a handy pen slot where the stylus can live while on the road. Note taking was much more convienent with the iPad and stylus combo. Overall a must-have with any tablet.

Positive Features:
-Great design - size and feel are very good
-Very responsive
-Higher precision than touch, epecially for note taking

Improvement Suggestions:
-For some reason the black looks much more elegant than the white
-The tip of the stylus could be a little more "pointed" - I do feel that it might increase precision even more. While I realize that tablets are designed to accommodate clumsy fingers, the drawing is perfectly suited for higher precision, and I found that my notes were simply of higher quality and fidelity with the stylus.
(Posted on 2/7/13)
Does the job, wish finer tips were available though? Review by Alex
These work great for me. I use them on both my Nexus 7 and Xoom, but my only real complaint is that its not a finer tip for more realistic handwriting. I do not believe this is the fault of New Trent, but of the technology used behind most capacitive styli. Otherwise this is a great stylus and you get two in a pack which is nice so you don't have to keep track of one stylus. (Posted on 2/7/13)
Great Stylus Review by Ben
This pen is great, I use it to take notes for business with a handwriting app on my tablet. After trying many other styli I appreciate this one because of the fabric tip, it makes note taking far easier and more legible as there are no "sticks" as I've experienced with Rubber tipped styli. Further, the retracting tip keeps it safe from wearing down and being damaged when not in use, a big plus.

I do think 2 improvements could be made, first, it is too large for a pocket size to always carry but also a bit too short to fit comfortably in my hand like a normal, standard pen. Second, it is a bit light, I like to feel the weight of a nice pen. With a little more length and weight I feel this stylus will be like a fine writing instrument that matches it's great feel on the tablet with a great feel in the hand.

Regardless, I am, or feel, far more respectable in business meetings with this stylus than my prior one. The prior one, a rubber tip, started sticking in an important meeting, making me switch to "finger writing!" I've never had, and don't expect to have, that problem again. So far, all my notes have been smooth and legible. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Fantastic Stylus Review by Lisa
This is a great stylus. I wanted something that would allow me to write with precision rather than sketch or draw. I had recently purchased an iFaraday stylus which performed well but the cap kept falling off. The selling point for me was the fact that the New Trent stylus is retractable and has a clip on it which is great when storing in the loop of my iPad case. The only drawback (in my opinion) is that it should be a bit longer and maybe a bit more weight. It was also far more reasonably priced compared to the iFaraday stylus with the loose cap. This is my #1 stylus by far. (Posted on 2/1/13)
Best Stylus I've Used Review by Tom
The Arcadia Micro-Knit Clickpen Stylus is fantastic. I participate in several meetings each day and use an iPad as my primary note taking device. This stylus is by far the best that I tried. It moves across the screen much easier, does not skip and its tip does not breakdown or tear like many others I tried. When not in use, the clickpen mechanism offers even more protection from my pen, wallet and coins in my pocket.

Most importantly for me, the stylus has a good weight and balance. It just feels like I am using paper and pen and makes extensive note taking an easier task. (Posted on 2/1/13)
Very Nice Review by Pamela
I love the fact that this Stylus is retractable. I carry them in my pocket or purse and the tip is protected. With the other ones I have used, the tip would get messed up and ruin the Stylus. Not with this one. I also love the Micro-knit material, glides on the iPad nicely. Much better than the rubber tipped Stylus. (Posted on 1/31/13)
Great stylus. Review by Carol
Works great with my iPad. I use it for photo editing, for games and for general use. Very convenient and consistent. The 2 pack is a bonus! I've used other stylus before and didn't like the plastic/rubberized tip. This tip is different and works. I also really like how it's retractable. It's worth purchasing. (Posted on 1/31/13)
Great product! Review by GLENN
I am loving the New Trent IMP63T stylus pen! It's designed just like a retractable pen. One click on the top and the soft round stylus pops out the bottom. Click it again and it retracts into
the case. This is a great little product for anyone like me who lives in an area where the weather gets cold. Instead of having your fingers freeze while trying to use your iPhone on a cold day, just keep your gloves on and use this nifty little device. Not only does it work perfectly, but it's a really nice design and it's very well made. The stylus portion seems like it might be made out of some sort of soft mesh material. I can tell they put a lot of thought into designing this product. This is a perfect product to keep in your coat pocket so you'll have it with you the next time you're using your device on a cold winter day. (Posted on 1/30/13)
Solid Review by Andrew
Already had a different stylus and never used it much. Surprised me that the retractable tip made using it more likely. I was less worried about damaging the tip and carried it with me everywhere. The clip is ferris so I just stuck it on my iPad smart case. Always worked the way I wanted it to. (Posted on 1/30/13)
Good Quality Product Review by Andrew
Getting 2 stylus for such a low price is excellent value for money.
The design is very good with the retractable stylus nibs making carrying
them in your pocket very easy and convenient, only taking up the same room
as a normal pen. The micro-knit ends took me a while to get used to as I
have used several of the 'rubber' tipped stylus and these give a different
feel. However after using the IMP63T for a while I actually preferred the
feel as there is less 'drag' across the screen making writing an easy and
more natural experience. Overall I am very impressed with these. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Great Stylus Review by Nikki
I have purchased several STYLUSES for my IPAD and Kindle Fire HD. This stylus is by far the best one yet. I love the size and the micro-knit tip of this stylus. The small tip allows you to click on links and not miss them due to the tip size. I love the fact that that the tip retracts into the barrel of the stylus. This helps to keep the stylus tip clean and glide across the screen unlike the rubber ones that do not glide. The only bad thing I could come up with about this stylus is the length of it. It feels like the size of a crayon and if it were just a couple of inches longer it would be perfect. I can keep going on about this STYLUS and all the good things about it but I will just say, it is a great and well built stylus. I would definitely recommend this stylus to both friends and family. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Happy customer Review by Brenda
I really like this stylus for a few reasons. The tip is not just rubber, I am able to click it closed so that my cat can't chew on the tip, the clip makes it easy to carry with my IPad and the rubber area at the tip keeps the metal from hitting the screen of my IPad. I certainly will be purchasing more of this stylus in the future because I have a tendency to lose them. Thanks for a great item! (Posted on 1/28/13)
Retractable stylus that works! Review by Carol
Works great with my iPad. I use it for photo editing, for games and for general use. Very sensitive, convenient and consistent. The 2 pack is a bonus! I've used other stylus before and didn't like the plastic/rubberized tip. This tip is different and works. I also really like how it's retractable. It's worth purchasing. (Posted on 1/28/13)
I love this stylus Review by LinW
I wanted a stylus to use with my iPad. This was my first choice because of the price and because it had good reviews, and there are two of them. I ordered it one day and actually had it the next day. Not sure how they did that but it was great. I started to use it as soon as I got it with an app called Paper by 53. You can doodle and draw and I found my finger not conductive to good drawings. The stylus worked great. I started using it with my iPhone as well, and it made typing much easier for certain things. What to do with it when my iPad is in its Zagg case. Not a problem because I just clipped it on so its always there. I really like that I can click the tip and it protects it. I like the way it feels in my hand, and it works well. I think they could make one with a smaller tip as well for those of us who doodle. (Posted on 1/25/13)
Great stylus Review by Kevin
I really liked this stylus, and the best part is I got two in the pack - one black, and one white. This matches my old iPad (black case) and my new iPad Mini White, just perfectly. The best part is, if you only need one, you can give the other as a gift and this little accessory will truly be appreciated.

The stylus is really well designed. It's not too big, and just the right size for portability and handling. It's almost the same size as most smartphones and smaller (5-7") tablets, making it just as mobile as the mobile devices it works on. The retractable tip is well thought out, and the mechanism seems very robust. You can easily disassemble it for cleaning or replacement of the spring and it is very sleek and not bulky at all.

Since the tip is retractable, it seems easy to accidentally touch the device's screen with the tip retracted. The good part is New Trent put a soft rubber tip on the stylus, so even if you forget to extend the tip, it doesn't damage your screen/glass - a nice touch for sure, as most others don't have anything like that. The tip itself is capacitance-screen friendly, and so it works on newer phones and tablets which have capacitative touch screens. This is a critical element as many other styli will not work with the newer touch screens leaving users thoroughly disappointed. The New Trent stylus does not let down even the most advanced users.

The stylus works great, as designed, and is really useful, especially for handwriting apps or otherwise use cases which require more precise control of the touch screen. I can see it being quite useful in situations where a signature is required, or for users who like to hand write their own tablet notes. Being capacitative also means cold condition users, wearing gloves, won't have to take off their gloves - making this truly useful in all conditions for all types of users.
(Posted on 1/25/13)
The best out there! Review by Austin
I love the click stylus! I really like the knit tip. I use them everyday to take notes in my classes. I do wish they were 10-15mm longer, because I have large hands. It is because of this stylus that I have gotten rid of paper. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Nice... Review by CALVIN
Works great. Sensitivity is fine. Didnt have to press hard to type on my Droid RAZR HD. Its a tad bit small because I have big hands but other than that. Fine product. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Great stylus! Review by Angel
I've used other, cheap styluses before, but it seemed like they never lasted long, or they just weren't comfortable to use. This click pen styluses from New Trent are AWESOME! I love that they come in a two pack, and in two different colors, I have one for my white iPod and one for my black iPad. The click pen feature is great, it protects the tip when they are not in use. The micro-knit feature is also great, it doesn't seem as if it's going to deteriorate like the rubber tips do on other styluses I've used. It slides smoothly over the screens, and doesn't cause any stutters. The clip on them make it easy to attach it to my cases. The only tiny issues I have is that it squeaks on my iPad screen protector (ZAGG invisible shield), but not on my other screen protectors. Also, they could be just a tad longer, like a regular pen length. Other than that, I think this is a great bargain for a great product! (Posted on 1/23/13)
These are my new favorite! Review by Crosby
In a few short years, I've accumulated quite a few styli. From the inexpensive to "Oh my God, why did I pay so much?" type. All seem to have one thing in common, rubber tips that drag when you use them making them more of an effort than a pleasure to use.

After using the NewTrent IMP63T stylus I have to say I'm impressed. They don't drag, the effortlessly glide across the tablets. They're "as smooth as butter" when writing or drawing. There's no fatigue whatsoever in using them for extended periods of time. I love that these pens are clickable so you can stick them in your shirt pocket and not worry about something getting snagged - if that's possible, or messing up the tip while the stylus bounces around against other items in a case.

I really like the smaller tip size than some others as it makes it easier to see where you left off when you're drawing so you can connect lines, etc. The smoothness of using it with very little pressure makes handwriting and drawing easy. Haven't noticed any lag in drawing or writing like I have with other styli. These are my new favorite!


5 - Longer body, increase to 5-1/2".
4 - Weight it more so it requires almost no pressure to use, especially good for doing a lot of drawing and writing.
2 -Tapered and textured grip area for long use sessions. (Posted on 1/22/13)
Solid and durable. Review by Ben
This was as I expected and a little more.
The clip and barrell are more solid than rubber tippers I've used from Targus.
The push-mechanism is tight and solid feeling.
The retractible tip keeps the fibers from snagging so much.
The rubber collar keeps the barrell from tapping the screen. I use it with confidence.
The tip is smooth and responsive. I only take off one star because it is not as responsive unless the screen is free of smudges. A rubber stylus picks up a little faster in that situation. But hey, the idea of the stylus is to keep some of the grease off the screen, so once I wipe it down, away it goes! (Besides, it is the oils getting on the rubber tips that wear them out--that shouldn't happen to these fiber tips.) (Posted on 1/18/13)
Great Inexpensive pen Review by jschoes1994
I've used this stylus for the past couple of days and I love it. As a web designer I do a lot of sketches and mock ups on my ipad and iphone using paper 53 and it works great. I'd recommend this product for anyone for it's look, feel, and usability.

- Click function works great
- Makes it really easy to draw on ipad screen

Improvement ideas
- would be nice if it was a bit longer but other than that I have no complaints (Posted on 1/18/13)
Great stylus and price point! Review by mikess03
I have many stylus pens. One of a kind click pen, is my favorite part about it. I have had the pogo and bamboo which are much more expen$ive. Save the money do not look any further, you will be satisfied. There is one defect on my white pen where the micro fiber is coming out the sides. Otherwise, my black pen is perfect! (Posted on 1/17/13)
Best stylus on the market I've used. Review by 1stBuy
easy to use, no jamming
accurate operation, no dragging of screen
retractable tip protects stylus very well
professional appearance
has a pocket clip
two color options (white / black)

- would like to see a stylus with a grip
- could be slightly longer
- more accuracy of tip would be good for certain tasks (i.e. writing, texting)

Overall, another great product from New Trent and already a significant improvement from the original New Trent stylus I was using previously. I used this on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini extensively, in all aspects. Texting, browsing, emailing, games and various apps. It does very well for the large gestures. I'd say it is above average for finer touch moments, close to perfect. I'd like to see if a more fine-tip stylus can fill that final void (it may not, I'm not really sure). That being said, it is probably one the best stylus on the market out right now, so don't hesitate on this purchase.

Rating 4.5/5 (Posted on 1/16/13)
Solid Stylus Review by Adam
The Good:
This stylus has good sensitivity and a very practical design (retractable). Attention to details is good (plastic guard around retracted end), as is the build quality. As other reviewers have mentioned, the micro-knit tip glides across the surface nicely.

What Could Be Better:
My only recommendation to the manufacturer is to add some sort of material inside the micro-knit tip to stiffen it a little bit. The way the tip squishes so much right now, it sometimes loses accuracy. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Great stylus, could almost be perfect Review by Michael
Just as this is titled, this comes soooooooo close to being the perfect stylus. I've been wanting a stylus to try out, just because for some games it's just a little more comfortable for me. This stylus is a great deal for the product you get, and you get 2!

This stylus is constructed very well, and feels very durable to me. It's modeled to be just like a pen, although a couple inches shorter in length. It's a click style, so the pad can retract in and pop right out. The pad is wonderfully constructed, and looks like it will last a very long time. It's round in shape, and this is really my only negative. Don't get me wrong, I feel I'm being picky here, but if it was more triangular, this would be the perfect stylus. Regardless, it's still such a good stylus. The round tip just made it feel a little bit bigger, and if it had more of a point, it would feel like a pen. But I'm sure the round shape helps would durability. All a game of trades.

It glides well across different surfaces. I do have a skinomi screen protector on one of our screens, and it works good 97% of the time. The other 3% it kind of drags a smidge. But for all glass surfaces and more of a slicker screen protector, it works great. I really think it's just the skinomi ones, but still works great :) I've used it on a lot of other different surfaces, and haven't had any problems.

Overall, this is a quality product, durable, feels great in the hand, easily portable, shaped just like a pen and is a great bargain for what you get. If it came in colors, that would be awesome :) but that's just me. Definitely recommend. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Great Stylus, works well with Screen Protectors Review by Ernesto
Over the past week I have really enjoyed using this new stylus by New Trent. I have to say that it is an amazing improvement over the rubber or foam tipped stylus. Here is the quick run down.

Smoothly glides over my iPad's surface (with screen protector)
Much more responsive than my previous stylus (rubber tip)
Long lasting (explain further on)
Love the clicking featureFeels solid

Overall I this stylus set is great, works flawlessly with my iPad, I even tried it out with my iPod touch and the touch pad in my laptop, all with amazing results. I tried both my previous stylus and the Arcadia stylus side by side and knew right away that the micro knit tip is the way to go. In comparison to the rubber tip pen I am not sure what happened but after a good bit of use with games and such it lost its accuracy and was not as responsive to the point I just has to trow it away. I put one of the Arcadia stylus pens to the test with my siblings and so far it is still going strong. The click pen feature is very nice especially because it keeps the tip protected from other wear and tear when it is not in used. And lastly, the stylus overall feels really solid not hollow like other stylus pens out there. Like any product there is always room for improvement here are just a couple points that I noticed. The clicking mechanism seemed not to be
as "clean" in its clicks and unfortunately in one of the stylus that I had the mechanism became locked and left the tip out, I tried several methods but was unable to get it back in, which overall the stylus still works perfectly. Last which it that sometimes the tip would be a bit squeaky, but this just kind of comes and goes so it is not a big issue. Overall, this stylus is much better than any rubber tipped stylus I have tried, it is smooth, responsive, and small enough to carry with you everywhere. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Great stylus Review by Ryan
I would suggest the stylus be an inch or 2 longer. I like how the material of the tip (felt like) and not rubber that gets stuck like other I have used.
The clip is very hard to clip into something because it is so stiff. The retractable feature is a big plus, very sturdy and is protected when in your pocket or bag when not in use. I suggest the to be more color options we can pick from. The plastic guard on it is good so it does not scratch the screen.

I got a Kindle HD 8.9 for the holidays and use this stylus with it every day. Is glides over the screen with ease. I do not have to press down on the screen. With any pressure to make it work. I like playing game it because your hand are not in the way and you can see the screen better. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Best Stylus to Date Review by Dan
Right out of the package you know the stylus is quality compared to other cheap plastic ones. I will say, I'm not much of a stylus user except when using an application like Evernote or another note taking application for work. I'm trying to get into it for web browsing as well. I own two other types of Stylus. One is Bamboo, which has a rubber tip, and another is a company generic stylus/pen with a rubber tip. The Imp63T beats them both by a long shot. It is longer, wider, and more stable. I believe that the micro knit tip is better than the rubber. I compared the two on my ipad and iphone. The mirco tip can glide easier, while the rubber has a slight advantage on pressing accuracy. Given that, the knit tip is my preferred stylus because I could adapt my technique as a new user. Applications I tested were Evernote, My Singing monsters, note pad, snailbob, web browsing, Urban pad, tasks, email, General setting options, and Angry Birds. I didn't have a problem with those applications and the stylus. (Posted on 1/14/13)
Super Nice Review by Sis
Super the thought of the stylus acting as a pen with the push button to open and close the stylus. The clip is nice to you can clip it inside your purse or pocket so you don't lose it in your purse. I have had other stylus' before but never one that had a mesh like bottom...much nicer than the rubber one that breaks easy...looks like it can hold up well. (Posted on 1/14/13)
Fantastic! Review by Gisele
Love it! This is by far the best stylus I have tried so far. The tip is extremely soft, and glides smoothly across the surface of both my iPad and iPhone 5. It is much softer than it appears in pictures. I have tried others that snag/stop when dragged across the screen or that are so hard I am afraid they will scratch the glass. The clip is handy - I use it to attach it to the pocket inside my purse. The click pen style is also smooth and handy. It's a great price for two (Posted on 1/12/13)
Versatile, Simple, Effective, Well Made Review by Michael
I used the stylus with my Ipad 2, Nexus 7, various ipods and android phones. I found they both worked smoothly and eloquently. It was nice having a black and white one as all my devices looked good with either one or the other and it was nice using some devices with one, and others with the other so I always had one with me. The devices were very responsive with the styli and I found that it was very nice when I needed to select something very specific and my finger was too big. I found it a great convenience to use and easy to get used to. With hundreds of clicks of usage, I found the mechanism still going strong and they appear solidly built and work great. I would highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for a great stylus for either their hand held device or their tablets. They are not too big and very easy to stow away or clip onto a case or shirt pocket and are very easy to carry. It is nice when a simple device like a stylus is elegant, well made and impressive looking and frankly, just works! That is what this New Trent 2 pack of stylus do. Much better than competing stylus I have bought and found to be inferior. I would buy these again. (Posted on 1/11/13)
Best in Class Review by Chris
The New Trent Micro-Knit is a very nice looking stylus, and is an added bonus because it comes with two. The retractable tip is a nice feature, because it protects the ‘’knit tip’’ when not in use. I really do like the tip, because it slides over the screen much easier than a hard, or rubber, tipped stylus. This is truly a micro stylus though, because it feels very small in my hand. I would say that I have above average hands. I wear a size large glove, so all people might not have this issue. I did find that if you try to touch the screen at an angle with the stylus, you will not always get the screen to recognize your touch.
Overall, I still prefer to use my fingers over a stylus, but I would not consider myself the type of user that would benefit drastically one way or another from a stylus, no matter how good one is. However, this one seems to be one of the better on the market right now.
I would rate this stylus set a 4/5, because it doesn’t make me think it’s a better solution than my fingers.

(Posted on 1/10/13)
Simple and works great Review by Brandon
The two styluses come in a pretty simple clear vinyl case. They're both very simple as well, just click to use. There is a plastic casing on the tip, I assume to protect from the sides of the stylus from scratching the device. It work well, and is relatively precise. There really isn't anything I'd change. I use it on my iPad 2 and Droid Razr and it works just fine. (Posted on 1/10/13)
Love it! Review by Sue
Used on an Ipad2 - no screen protector

Much smoother than a rubber tip stylus.
Do not need to apply a lot of pressure.
Much easier to write with (for note taking)
Retractable - so the tip doesn't get dirty
The two pack is a great value -- I only wish one of them had a head phone jack attachment instead of a clip.

Would I refer this to a friend? Definitely!!
(Posted on 1/9/13)
Really like these...small tip great for smartphones Review by Theresa
I like these click pens because they have a smaller tip than the standard stylus. The smaller tip is useful on the small screen of my iPhone.

The tip is maybe half the size of the New Trent IMP62B Limir Stylus which I love because it also has an ink pen in it, and it offers many of the things I really liked with the Limir.

The Micro-knit tip glides smoothly over the screen with no skips or stutters and it doesn’t mush down as much as the standard rubber tip so it works better for drawing or writing on the touch screen.

Since the tip retracts into the pen it is less likely to get bungled up or dirty. The stylus has a metal body and the clip is strong. The build quality is good and the stylus click mechanism seems solid. The top part of the pen that you use to click the stylus in and out could be a little shorter as it seems to stick out a little more than necessary, but it might have to be that long to extend the stylus tip, not sure.

The package came with a black pen and a white one which is nice.
It’s a good stylus for the money and I would have no problem recommending it to friends.
(Posted on 1/8/13)
Great product Review by Angel
I bought this product for myself and my girlfriend since we have an iPad each and we love these stylus... It also works really great with our iPhone 4s... I also like the fact that its retractable so that the tip does not get ruined. (Posted on 1/4/13)
A thoughtful stylus Review by Alec
This stylus is really well thought out. It not only retracts the tip to protect it when not in use, but the opening is lined in a soft plastic so if you begin to use the stylus by accident before clicking it, the screen below will not get scratched. Great value for two well made styli. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Solid value, nice styluseses Review by Marcus
The IMP63 marks my first experience with styli and I'm very happy with the product. The exterior has a solid feel to it, much like a well-crafted pen--not too light, not too heavy. The clicker has a nice, tight spring feel to it. Sometimes, cheaper pens have a bit of slack that you feel in the gap between the button and the engagement of the spring as you depress the clicker button. Not so on the IMP63. The fiber tip is soft, but solid feeling due to its metallic make up. I've heard that other styluses have rubber tips and that their reduced durability can be problematic. I suspect that that's not an issue with the IMP63. The tip provided a solid interaction with my iPad and iPhone. The IMP63 offers more precise control than my fingers when tapping about on my touch screens. I particularly enjoy the compact nature of the IMP63. I love that it is short and that it is retractable. We live in a world of compact devices, so it makes sense that a stylus is short, but not too short. Good product. And a great value when you consider that New Trent offers it as a 2 pack. (Posted on 12/31/12)
Nifty little stylus Review by Suzanne
I do not normally like or use a stylus but with a smaller tablet I found I needed one. This is just what the doctor ordered. Small and best of all retractable. Meets my needs exactly. A little expensive but worth the price. (Posted on 12/22/12)
Great stylus! Review by Wendy
I think this is a great stylus. I use it on my Kindle Fire HD 7. I love that this is a clickpen. It keeps the stylus clean and protected. The plastic cap around the bottom of the pen keeps it from scratching the screen if I forget that I have the stylus clicked off. The micro knit is much better than the rubber stylus I have had. The micro knit slides very nicely on the screen and is sensitive enough for tiny links. The only con I can think of is that the stylus might be a little short for some people. It works Great for me. (Posted on 12/19/12)
One of a kind stylus Review by Waseem
I recently purchased a Nexus 7 tablet and was on the lookout for a good stylus. In the past I've used the hard pen-like tip ones and haven't had great experience with them. They just never seemed to be that responsive, and I would need to check that my device was taking the input correctly after every word. I'm pleased to say that this stylus is completely different than from those previous ones, since it has a unique soft mesh tip in the shape of a ball. This may take some time to get used to, since it is larger than a small pen-like tip and also soft so the amount of pressure applied makes a difference.

Positive Qualities:
-It works for general uses very well on the Nexus 7 tablet and even Samsung Galaxy S3 cell.
-Well-constructed, based on looks it can compete with the best.
-This price for two stylus pens is much better than for one lesser quality stylus from other companies (like Targus).
-Accurate for writing on tablets. I use an app called Pen Supremacy (similar to One Note), and it worked well, though I don't know how often I would do this practically.
-The length is ideal for a stylus, and many others are too long.

Areas for Improvement:
-Since the mesh is rather large, and it is a little difficult to use on very small screens. This became a problem for me when using an app to remotely access my laptop from my Nexus 7 (a 15 inch screen is shrunk down to 7 inches).
-Unclear how the black/white finish will hold up with rough use or whether it will scratch easily.
-The soft mesh is not as durable as hard plastic (like other stylus tips). I will update the review if the mesh rips. (Posted on 11/26/12)
great stylus for small hands too Review by caro
Love the size, small but not so small it gets lost.
Fibre tip on this stylus is right sized for iPhone 4 and 5 as well as iPad
The tip has some give to be comfortable is not so squishy that you lose accuracy.
Very pleasing design and feel - like the twin pack black and white.
Retractable is great so fibre pad stays clean when stylus in my handbag..
Unlike rubber tip it glides smoothly over screen. (Posted on 11/16/12)
Great quality and style! Review by Andres
So I bought a Nexus 7 about a week ago and had been in the search for the perfect stylus to go with it since its screen is very susceptible to finger smudging. After doing a lot of research and review readings I came across the New Trent IMP63T stylus.

Just by looking at the images of it, I was already in love with its stylish looks. Even better, it came as a two-pack (black and white) which was perfect since my wife had also been looking for a stylus for her iPad 3. Well, I decided to buy them and have to say I'm in LOVE with this product. I tested it out first on the screen itself, and it glided perfectly on it. I still decided to buy an anti-glare screen protector for my tablet because sometimes I use my fingers for gaming and the stylus performs even better!! It is super smooth.

I write a lot of emails on my tablet and this stylus, paired with MyTouch Pal swiping keyboard, makes me love writing emails. My wife takes a lot of hand-written notes with her Notability app for the iPad and she said "babes THAAANK YOU!! This app just became much more awesome with this clicking thing". Which brings me to another feature I really love about the product, it is a retractable pen-like stylus which helps keep the tip protected and it just makes it fun to use it!

I HIGHLY recommend it. You won't regret it!! (Posted on 11/16/12)
So happy to have found these great stylus Review by Judith
I am a heavy stylus user and do a great deal of drawing on my iPad. I have purchased many different stylus over the past year and find they wear out quickly and become difficult to control or totally useless. I purchased the NewTrent Arcadia Twin-pack about 3 months ago and am so glad that I have just purchased 3 more Twin-Packs as gifts to my other drawing friends and to hold in reserve (I don't ever want to be without).
Although I use a screen protector there is absolutely no scratching or drag with these stylus. Control when drawing or handwriting is key and the Arcadia iStylus is as effortless as a pencil or gel pen.
As other reviewers have mentioned, I too would like to have one with a smaller tip for very fine line drawing.
Overall, I could hardly be more satisfied...and the price is a real bargain too! (Posted on 11/14/12)
Good-looking and well-built Review by Luke
These are handsome, compact and well-build styli, one black and one white. The tip is retractable like a ball-point pen, by pressing a plunger on the opposite end. There's a satisfying click when extended or retracted. And, for that geeky look, there's a pocket clip too. The material appears to be aluminum and chrome, and the tip meant to contact the screen of your device looks like a woven metallic mesh but is very soft to the touch. The responsiveness on capacitive screens I tested (Nexus 7 and ipod touch) was excellent. That said, I find a finger to do just fine under most circumstances. However, if you dislike fingerprints on your slate or have especially chunky digits this set of styli might be for you. (Posted on 11/13/12)
Nice little stylus Review by Patricia
I've used those hard plastic styluses before that scratch up your screen protector and others that don't connect so well with the device. This one is by far the best I've had, but there is definitely room for improvement. I wish the click mechanism was better, as sometimes it doesn't click all the way and it takes me a couple attempts to get it to stay clicked down. Also, I find them a tad on the short side - just an extra half inch would make them the size of a real pen. I have big hands so needed to wrap around something smaller makes my hand cramp up after a while. All in all, a pretty good buy considering the price.

Nice micro-knit design
Simple yet effective
Glides nicely on "naked" screens and smooth screen protectors (works GREAT with my iPad)
Good capacitive touch

It kept catching on my wet application screen protectors (you know the "stickier" types - Zagg, ExtremeGuard, etc.) It's impossible to use these with those types of screen protectors. It kept jumping off the protector and took WAY longer to type up a text than by hand because of all the mistakes
If you have a big hand, you'll probably do better with a longer stylus than this one

All in all, great little stylus for "naked" screens, especially for the price. (Posted on 11/13/12)
Excellent Stylus at a reasonable price! Review by Olly
The design of the stylus’s themselves is next to none. The device feels solid yet not too heavy, it fits perfectly in a top pocket and the retractable feature protects the nib of the stylus. I like that you get 2 Stylus’s, I have been using one on the iPad and one on the iPhone. You can also select either white or black dependent on the colour of your IOS device.

Also, At first I thought it was necessary to leave the plastic around the bottom of the styluses but I am not sure. There is no instruction explaining if it is allowed to be taken off, upon further investigation I realised that it can be pulled off. This makes a huge difference to the aesthetics of the device. So you can pull that bottom off!

In comparison to cheaper stylus’s I have used this one far supersedes them. I have used the Wacom/bamboo iPad stylus’s too and I would say this easily matches the accuracy of their device. This is a much better stylus for the money!

In conclusion, this is a great stylus and I would certainly recommend it to anyone requiring a stylus for an IOS device. It is well designed, professional, it feels durable and most importantly it is accurate. (Posted on 11/12/12)
Great tool for larger hands Review by Ron
I had never used a Stylus before, but my wife convinced me to buy these. Only after I received them did I realize how convenient they really are. I have very large hands,(13 to 14 ring size) and sometimes hitting the right button while texting or surfing on my Samsung Galaxy s3 can be a challenge.This 2 pack was perfect, one for her and one for me.My wife plays games on her Driod phone, and she has found it easier to navigate the screen with this verses her finger. Much easier to see around.

These little tools were a perfect solution for us, they are easy to use on the screen of the phone, and I was amazed at how agile the screen mesh really is.
I was afraid the metal mesh tip would scratch the screen,but it is amazingly soft, and I have seen no abnormal signs of wear on the screen protector.

The light weight stylus is also retractable like a pen, and is short enough that is easily fits into any pocket with none of that annoying poking.

If you have larger hands, this is definitely the way to go. (Posted on 11/7/12)
Really hits the spot! Review by Robert
With the advent of capacitive touch screens I thought I would
never need a stylus again. And a lot of the time I don't. However when
using applications that are little more intricate and are perhaps not
designed for touch screen use these pen type stylus come in to their own.
Fully retractable the soft formed nib is protected when not in use and can
sit in your pocket ready to go. Because the nib is soft you don't get the
annoying tapping noise and the bounce aids typing in a much more fluent
manner. I used it with my ipad, iphone and Google Nexus 7 and it worked
great with them all. (Posted on 11/5/12)
Knitted the differance Review by ADE
Over the years I have tried several types of stylus from rubber to brush, I was therefore amazed to try this knitted tip, wow what a material so sensitive, I think this knitted tip is far better than any previously used. So you may wonder why only 4* the only reason for this is I feel it needed something more either a pen or pencil in the other end and possibly a cord to clip it to tablet or phone. (Posted on 11/5/12)
Great but too small for my hands Review by Steven
Micro-Knit - It definitely feels smoother than a regular stylus. It also doesn't feel like I'm peccing at the screen because the tip is much softer than a regular plastic stylus. I used it to play games like DrawMyThing.

It's too small for people with big hands. It also does not work as well with devices with a thick screen protector.

I don't think I can use this stylus all the time. I am probably going to give it to my girl friend or a child as a gift. (Posted on 11/3/12)
Handy & Compact Stylus Review by CMUstudent
The soft Micro-Knit retractable stylus worked much better than the rubber tipped stylus I had previously purchased from a different company. I also like how it retracts so it does not get damaged while not in use. The stylus seems well made and it's small size makes it useful but convenient at the same time. The only thing is that I was hoping the mesh end would be more solid rather than able to squish down when trying to write or draw intricate things. Overall, I do think it writes smoothly when held at the right angle. Sometimes I had issues with it not recognizing the stylus when it wasn't directly pointed at the iPad screen. Overall great deal for a 2 pack, I would definitely recommend for anyone with a touch device. (Posted on 11/2/12)
Works as intended Review by Mel
The micro-knit fiber works smoothly on my phone, which has a minor scratch on it. Though the compact IMP68B Extendable Stylus is nice because it fits in my pocket easily, I prefer the Arcadia retractable stylus clicker mechanism over the IMP68B because it is as familiar to me as using a pen and it's easier to use. I like that both are able to protect the micro fiber from damage, and I like that this is a two pack.

I would like for the Arcadia stylus to have a thinner tip so that I could see what I'm writing more clearly, but the tip is the same size and works just as well or better than some of my other stylus pens that have a rubber tip. (Posted on 11/1/12)
I bought this product to replace a stylus that I felt did not meet my expectations. This stylus has far surpassed my expectations. I read reviews on before I purchased and decided to give this product a try. The product works great, no screen drag, very accurate. I bought the 2-pk and gave one to a colleague to try and he has been pleasantly happy too. This is a great product with a price to match. (Posted on 10/31/12)
Practical/functional stylus Review by J
I haven't used a stylus in a very long time, but seeing how my Nexus 7
tablet was getting dirty with oil from the fingers, I decided to try this

I don't see myself using it on my phone - because I don't want another
thing to carry around with me, but at home, on my tablet, this is really

I was initially worried about the tip (not sure what it is made of)
scratching the screen, but so far, I don't see how that would happen
(unless somebody pressed down really hard). I actually used it with the
screen protector on my tablet, and it works just fine with that on as well.
Using this to sign documents or write (freeform) is much better than
somebody having to use their finger to sign/write freeform. Of course this
is not a replacement for a keyboard - different purpose.

It is pretty lightweight too.
Net net, this is a really good stylus!
(Posted on 10/31/12)
Great innovation! Review by Sizun
Great microfiber tip, better than everything else I have tried so far!

1. Compact design
2. Great tip! Soft and non-scratch
3. Firmer tip than conventional rubber ones
4. Great idea of a retractable design

Would be great if it were longer like a normal pen, but compact has its advantages too :) (Posted on 10/31/12)
amazing product which is a necessity Review by Callum
Never used a stylus Like this. i have owned many stylus's but this defiently tops them all. the delicate mesh tip creates an accurate response on the screen. i always used my fingers and gave up using the rubber ended stylus's i ised to own but found this product was a necessity that i used every day.

-the retractable point is a great touch because it protects the delicate mesh end .
-looks slick and i would happily get it out in public
-the plastic round the end of the pen is a good touch to stop it from scratching the screen if u forget to retract the point.

improvements/cons which need improving
-could come in different sizes as i found it a bit fiddly to hold because i have big hands.
-you could bring out a adaption with a small end for accurate drawing. as i found it very hard with this stylus.
-the actual nib could be stronger as i found as i used it more often it started to fray

Recommend buying this product! (Posted on 10/29/12)
Great stylus pens Review by Alex
These stylus pens are great. They do exactly what is advertised and they work flawlessly. I enjoy the fact that you can 'click' the pen to retract the micro-knit tip so it doesn't get ruined. Also the plastic tip protects your devices from getting scratched. They run across the screen smoothly as well. (Posted on 10/24/12)
Best stylus I've ever used on the iPad Review by Douglas
Other stylus types I have used have had rubber tips. They always stick on the screen making it difficult to draw anything. This one has a very smooth drawing capability. The screen is also very responsive to this stylus. By far, the New Trent Stylus is superior as compared to any other stylus I have tried. The only thing that would make this stylus better would be if it could be a double end stylus - capacitive touch screen stylus on one end and normal pen on the other. Then, I could carry this around as my only pen and always have it with me. Overall, I highly recommend this stylus. (Posted on 10/24/12)
Great Stylus - Very usable Review by Chris
I have gone through several different stylus's and now I've finally struck gold. I have read just about every review for a stylus you can think of, there's rubber tipped, and brush tipped, and pointed tips with a little plastic circle on the bottom, and on and on. The one thing all these have in common, they cost more than I'm willing to pay and be disappointed.
Now onto the Arcadia "Clickpen", love it. The tip works great, theres no squeaking while I'm going across the screen and it doesn't feel like I'm pulling an eraser across my iPad. I know, a lot of people have the opinion that its an iPad your suppose to use your fingers. Well that works great until you want to take notes, I don't want to carry around a notebook to write in and my iPad. That's why I bought an iPad so I only had to carry it, with this stylus I can do just that. It works great in my note taking apps, my handwriting is horrible anyway so the fact I can read it on the screen with this stylus says a lot.
It's easy to hold and is just long enough that it fits in my hand while writing. It has a small plastic cover at the bottom to protect your iPad from the casing, and the micro-knit goes completely inside when you click to close it. It is a very nice design.
My only want, and it doesn't detract from this stylus, is I would like it to be a little longer and thinner.
Regardless, this is a great stylus, cheaper/better than the others, and you get 2 of them, you can't go wrong. (Posted on 10/22/12)
Better Technology Stylus Review by Taylor
Over the last 3 months I have used a number of stylus's for my iPad 3. While they have all been good, the mesh tip on New Trent's is a much appreciated improvement over the old rubber ones. Over time the rubber ones can wear out and start to "grip" the screen, which makes it difficult to use. The metal mesh on New Trent's does not have this issue at all. I was a bit concerned that the metal would scratch my screen, but it is soft enough and has not been an issue.

I also appreciate the fact that it clicks and retracts like a normal pen, and is put together quite well. My only concern is that it is fairly small, and I have gotten used to a wider stylus. Even my everyday pen (Pilot G2) is thicker and has a bit more weight. I would like to see a larger stylus in the future. I would also like to see the mesh tip shrink down in the next version.

But these issues are small, and will not keep me from using the new stylus in the future. I highly recommend this to anyone with an iPad, plus you get two instead of one. (Posted on 10/19/12)
Best stylus I used! Review by JB
A quality built retractable compact stylus which works tremendously well on the iPhone. I've previously tried a rubber tipped stylus without success but this mesh tipped device glides effortlessly across the iPhone with great accuracy and is superb for writing emails and SMS messages. I'm now a stylus convert and highly recommended this product! (Posted on 10/19/12)
Best stylus out there! Review by Ed
I often use my iPad for taking notes in class and meetings and I have been through a handful of the different styluses out there, from "cheaper" ones to the "premium". Despite the prices, I found the performance to be pretty the same with all others I have tried and the price difference really just got you a nicer looking piece.

The problem with the standard, rubber-tip styluses is that they tend to stick as you are writing. This makes it quite difficult to do anything (such as taking notes or drawing) with accuracy and at a reasonable speed. I tried a number of tricks I have read for putting things on the stylus tip to make writing more smooth but everything I tried still wore off quickly or left marks on the screen.

The main reason why this stylus is the first one I have purchased that I *really* like is the micro-knit tip. The tip is still about a quarter of an inch thick (about the same as most rubber-tip styluses) so it really doesn't result in finer or more accurate lines but the material used is what makes all the difference. The tip is still rubbery-feeling but is covered with a cloth-like material that makes writing very smooth and even cleans finger prints off the screen as you write.

Along with the material used for the tip, I also really like the design of the stylus. The retractable tip is a nice way to protect the micro-knit tip and the clip is nice for keeping track of it in my backpack. As far as the size, I have tried others that are very small (had to pinch to write), heavy and fat (size of a big crayola marker), and longer (length of a pencil) but this stylus, in my opinion, is the perfect size- about 4" (10cm) (minus the tip and button). The material is nice too- I believe it is aluminum so it is sturdy yet light.

Bonus: This is a 2-pack of styluses. After using this stylus I would pay the same price for a single one so getting two at this price is a great purchase.

Btw, I tried this stylus out on my iPad, a Dell Streak 7, and an ASUS Transformer and it worked great on all of them. (Posted on 10/17/12)
Just Works Review by Sarit
It just works. There's nothing to fool around with to get it to work. The retractable feature makes it better because the touchscreen tip is not exposed to the environment when traveling with the stylus. The tip is really soft even though it looks rough. The tip has plenty of padding and give so the screen is never impacted with a hard press. Had no issues with these stylus pens. Great product (Posted on 10/15/12)
Good product Review by Lou
Positive features-simplistic design, solid construction, compact size,
significantly increases ease of use for some applications.

Area for improvement-the design of the tip of the stylus is wide and as
such does not offer as much control as would a conical design.

The stylus is easy to use and simple in design. It appears to be well put
together. I used this product on my Samsung GS2 to interact with general
UI, web browsing, Swype, Draw Something, and a writing application. It
makes using Swype much much easier. Also, any drawing applications are
easier to use with this item (such as Draw Something). The stylus did not
do well with handwriting applications, although it did do somewhat better
than my finger. (Posted on 10/15/12)
Great Stylus Review by Omar
I just has been used this stylus on my new iPad for a couple of days. I bought a couple stylus before but never works as i like it so i stop to use it and with this Arcadia stylus i think don’t would be happened the same.

My prior stylus had a rubber tip and that not runs perfect over the screen with this Arcadia stylus works just perfect its not feel sticky over the screen because the Micro-Knit tip works perfect.

The size its perfect for my hands i don't have big hands. So the stylus are not small but not are large i think its like medium size maybe for some big hands could be a little difficult but with the time would be be nice use it

The tip runs so nice, i use my iPad for take a several notes and i have a couple of apps to do it with stylus and helps a lot because i can write fast as i can and don’t have problems to clear some mistake

The retractable tip its so great with this the tip can be protected all time when i'm not using it

i could recommend
if this stylus could be a get a small tip like a regular ball pen will be so wonderful i will never doubt to bought
(Posted on 10/15/12)
A Stylus That Feels Natural and Works As Advertized! Review by Sálongo
This was my second stylus purchase after using a Kuel with the rubber tip for the past 3 months. I was not very happy with that stylus after I downloaded an app for note taking on my iPad, which has a screen protector. I had expected to be able to take notes like I was using pencil or pen. Instead it was better to use my finger or even a dead AA battery.

I had read a lot of reviews for the top 10 tablet styluses and I assumed I was going to be stuck with this Kuel or another more expensive stylus that would not be any better except I could replace the rubber tips when they wore out after a few months of heavy use. I do a lot of note taking on the iPad and the finger was not a viable option and neither was the dead battery.

I discovered a review of the New Trent Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus and did more reading about the micro fiber being used for stylus tips. I was a little reluctant after my experience with the reviews of the rubber tip styluses. After reading reviews of several different micro fiber or micro knit styluses and comparing features and price I decide to get the New Trent Arcadia 2PCS Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus (Twin Pack, Black + White). It arrived in a few days and I was very surprised at how well it glided across the screen of my iPad that is often used in my studio, on location and in lecture/workshop situations. It is also used y customers to sign for their credit card purchases when I use Square. I have no regrets about my purchase and will by another set to have in my go bag as back up when I do arts festivals.

Pros: The retractable tip was the key selling point for me. Also the price for the twin pack is good which gives me a back up. It writes like a good pen with no sticking or skips. It is very responsive and feels natural.

Cons: It needs to be at least 6 or 7 inches long. I also use it with a painting/drawing app besides the note taking app. on my iPad.

(Posted on 10/15/12)
Best Stylus EVER!!! Review by carl
This is by far the best stylus i have ever purchased. I love that the tip is retractable ( and rectractable quite far to protect the tip unlike some other stylus's i have purchased) and that even with it haveing a wide "pen" tip that is still allows me to write in small areas. The stylus is a great size that eaisly fit in my pocket or suit jacket. I have one every where I could need one now... my office, home, car and partners house. (Posted on 10/13/12)
Finally, a stylus that works like a pen! Review by Angela
I am one of those people who did not learn how to type in high school. As
an adult, I have learned to type well enough to write papers, create
documents, use email, and etc. I am not able to keep up with meetings and
take notes or scribe. I found the perfect app for note taking but finding a
stylus has been difficult. I have tried many types of styluses and most of
them are only good for selecting apps and links since the rubber/sponge tip
does not glide on the screen. I had found one that was acceptable. It had a
felt like tip, but the lifespan was very short because the tip would warp
and become unusable. You also had to hold it in an almost vertical position
to write.
The Arcadia Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus is the best stylus that I have
ever used. The soft fiber tip glides across the iPad screen. You can hold
the stylus just like you would hold a pen and write smoothly. With the
improvements in the writing apps, you can lay your hand on the screen and
write just like you would on a piece of paper. Being able to retract the
tip, I think< will greatly expand the life of the stylus especially when it
gets thrown in the bottom of my bags! My only wish is that it were a little
longer. I don’t know why all of the styluses are about 4 inches. Just
another inch would make it feel so mush more natural. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Over all a really nice product and much nicer than a previous stylus I had bought with a rubber tip Review by Kalam
I definitely preferred the look of the black version over the white. Most white products I own have found their own way to get marks of dust, ink and other various colours and indentations on them. So almost always favour black over white on most things. Having said that, if you look after your equipment then there's no reason why you would stain the white one.

First impressions of the stylus were thats is was nice and evenly weighted, a touch on the light side but that's not a bad thing. The clicker felt nice and stable even when I start there clicking away as I tend to do with click top pens when I'm day dreaming.

There's a translucent tip on the stylus which I don't know if it's meant to be kept on, the stylus definitely looks a lot smarter without it but I decided to keep mine on so as not to damage the screen of whatever i was using in case I didn't clock out the nib and pressed the screen. The metal trim on the nib end of the stylus looks like it could do some damage to an unprotected screen so maybe this could be changed to a rubber or suede trim to protect screens. One thing that I did notice after a few days is the nip which as far as I can tell is made from some kind of capacitive thread did start to fray, could have been caught on the edge of my iPhone or S3 case but should probably be looked into.

The nib itself is a really nice to the touch, very soft and very responsive. Fortuitously, very handy for me as I'm currently learning Japanese and writing Hiragana characters with the stylus was an absolute joy on the iPad. Also used it with an iPhone and an S3 and in both instances found the stylus to be really responsive and easy to switch between typing with thumbs and back to navigation with the stylus. Only hitch is that is can be a little cumbersome if you're trying to do slightly finer more detailed work as the size of the nib can sometimes hinder where your stroke is going. An option for a precision attachment would be nice or even a precision nib built in.. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Best stylus I've used to date. Review by Steve
This is the 4th or 5th different Stylus I have owned. First 2 or 3 were rubber tipped and the rubber quickly failed. Next one was a foam deal that was just awful.

Saw these on Amazon and bought them on a whim. Was a little concerned that with 2 of them for the price, that there may be quality issues.

However, was pleasantly surprised. Love the retractable tip. If you should touch the screen while the tip is retracted there's a rubber coating there to avoid damaging the screen.

The cloth tip glides smoothly over my tablet and draws clearly and rarely causes a stroke to be missed.

It's a little shorter in length than I'd like (another half inch to an inch would have made it better for me) but that is a minor annoyance. (Posted on 10/5/12)
Perfect for us Review by Kevin
Stumbled upon these on Amazon. Figured for the price of 2, what do I have to lose? They work perfect on the ipad, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, and iPhone. Love that they are retractable. I think it would be cool if they had some kind of magnetic mechanism or something else to be able to attach them to a device. I have no complaints. (Posted on 10/5/12)
Allows tablets do even more Review by Patrick

First I must say I loved my tablets and have tried other stylus before, not
one of them can hold a candle to the New Trent stylus I have. First the
head of the stylus is not pointy like most, its made of a soft material
which at first I admit, I did not think would work well. I was wrong.
Having used the it for a few weeks now I seldom use my tablet without it.
Its extremely accurate and allows you to write just like you would do with
a pen.
The stylus it self is light weight and really well made. I figured out the
reason it has a push button (like a pen) is to protect the head of the
stylus. It even has a clip that I use to hold it in my pants pocket for
easy access.

The only con that comes to mind is I don't have a case that has a spot to
clip my stylus on. I do for the one Ipad but not for the other nor the ASUS
tablet I have.

Great product can't live without it now.. ( I could but don't want too)

(Posted on 10/4/12)
most comfortable one I've used Review by Jamie
I have used other stylus pens for my iPad 2, e.g., Griffin, but I have not
found a satisfactory tool until the Arcadia.

First impression, the stylus is short but not uncomfortably so, feels well
made, and looks nice. It's a bonus the package comes with two so you can
keep one at work, and one home (or in case you lose one). Immediately I
noticed the tip of this stylus is softer than other ones I have used
before. Plus, the tip looks like tightly woven steel mesh, and I was
concerned about scratching the screen, but after using a while I think the
tip is soft enough that it would be impossible. I do a lot of reading on my
iPad, and using this stylus to flip pages was responsive, and highlighting
was a breeze. Just from this basic activity I felt the pen was an
improvement over my finger. The soft tip provides just enough resistance
that it actually moves like a pen, and not like you're using the eraser end
of a pencil.

Writing was also better than my old Griffin stylus, and when using
Noterize, the delay was hardly noticeable. I found the thicker lines were
easier to make and looked more like my natural handwriting than thinner
lines. Using this stylus with Skitch was also much easier as well. Writing
with my fingers always felt weird, and having this stylus really helped me
out, while some of the other stylus pens I've tried before were more of
a hindrance. (Posted on 10/3/12)
Convenient stylus pair Review by Nick
This stylus pair is convenient and works well on all of my electronics from ipod, to Razr Maxx to my Galaxy Tab. The length is good for carrying around in my pocket and it's just long enough to not be clumsy while in use. The retractable tip keeps the knit pad from picking up dirt and dust while traveling. I find that as long as I have the stylus near it's better to use than my finger.

The only thing keeping this from a 5 star is that the pad is too large for my liking, I would rather the pad be about 1/8" in diameter instead of closer to 1/4". (Posted on 10/3/12)
Great purchase Review by Jay
I thought I'd take a chance on purchasing another stylus pen. The price for two stylus pens was about the same as I paid for one stylus pen for my iPod touch.

To my surprise the stylus pens have a very fine mesh tip and are retractable. I used an older stylist that had a sponge like material tip and did not work properly. The twin pack stylus pens with the mesh material tip work great on any touch pad devices. When I felt the tip it seemed like it would scratch the glass like material cover of my iPad, however, it generates enough heat that tricks the touch pad device into believing it's your finger. While at the same time not scratching or marring the touch pad device.

The stylus pens color's are black and white. White for my new iPhone 5 and black one for my iPad 3.

These stylists work great and are an excellent purchase. (Posted on 10/2/12)
Works great on the Galaxy S3 Review by ERIC
I mostly use these for having customers sign for their credit card on my phone. I really like the mesh fabric tip over my old foam rubber one. I use this on a Samsung Galaxy S 3. It is a little smaller than a full size pen too. (Posted on 10/2/12)
Awesome stylus Review by Max
This is my first stylus and I am having no issues.
To start the tip glides across the screen of my iPad and my iPod Touch with screen protectors which seem to be a problem with some sytli (reviews). That's one of the reasons I choose this one.
The size is a bit small but you need to get used to it but the weight of the stylus is perfect for me.
Overall, I think this is a very good value stylus and I am satisfied for this being my first stylus. (Posted on 9/29/12)
Now I can really use my iPad Review by Mike
The Micro-Knit makes the old "rubber" stylus obsolete. (Posted on 9/26/12)
First stylus Review by James
I bought this pair on a whim. My loves using her "stick" with her iPad. I found it great with my iPhone 4S. I Really like the retractable feature. (Posted on 8/6/12)

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