New Trent / Arcadia Car Charger - 15W (NT85T)

Dual High-Speed USB Car Charger with FREE Micro USB cable

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  • Dual USB port Car Charger Bundle
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and lightning cable
  • Compatible with Android Smartphones
  • Compatible with most standard 5V Android tablets
  • Apple Lightning charge cable not included

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Price: $8.49
New Trent / Arcadia Car Charger - 15W (NT85T)
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New Trent / Arcadia Car Charger - 15W (NT85T) New Trent / Arcadia Car Charger - 15W (NT85T)




- Dual USB ports on each individual units

- Dedicated 2A and 1A ports on the NT85T

Package Content:

- Car Chargers: One Black and One White    
- micro-USB charge cable replace part : IMP47B



- Dual USB ports on each individual units

- Dedicated 2A and 1A ports on the NT85T

Package Content:

- Car Chargers: One Black and One White    
- micro-USB charge cable replace part : IMP47B


INPUT (type/spec) car cigarette/12V
DIMENSIONS (in/mm) (w/arm)
length =
COLOR Black and White
WEIGHT (unit/package)
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Best of Breed - NewTrent has done it again Review by Shane
The NewTrent NT85T is the best of it's kind. I have had similar car chargers which have actually blown fuses in my new car. Some say they work with iPads but do not. Some work, but make it difficult to know which port to use for which device.
The NT85T is clearly labeled "1A" (for your phone) and "2.1A" (for your tablet). I have had no issues charging both my iPhone and iPad at the same time. In fact, I have two lighter/charge ports in my car and I can charge an iPhone and an iPad on this device while charging another iPhone from the other port, and I still have no issues with overloading the circuit or slow charging.
An added bonus of this design is that you can use your own cables. I have had ones with a cable instead of a USB port, and the cables always get destroyed, then I have to buy a whole new charger. The NT85T allows you to use your own cables so you can easily swap them out or charge different devices (like a bluetooth) when you need to.
In summary: it charges fast with no power overload issues; works with every device I have tried; it well constructed and looks nice. At this price it's a steal. (Posted on 9/2/14)
This is a good versatile charger Review by West Bay G-Man
Most two-port USB car chargers I see only have the standard 1 amp of power output on their ports. They can charge two phones at the same time, but not a phone and a tablet. Others promote being able to provide 2 amps to charge a tablet, but their fine print discloses that only one of the two ports can be used while doing so. New Trent's NT85T has one of its ports labeled 1A and the other 2.1A. It can charge both an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. It is actually convenient! Also, it is priced no higher than many of the others. The NT85T is a very sleek, smooth design. When powered the small band around the face and the ones around the ports have an atractive blue glow. The spring loaded contacts on the side are very strong and will hold the unit very securely while providing good electrical contact. This is definitely a 5-Star product!
(Posted on 9/1/14)
way better than others we've owned! Review by Sara
The charger charges extremely quickly, much faster than the other dual car charger we own that we purchased from the local drug store. I like that it lights up so its easier to find in the dark car at night, but the orange light isn't too bright to be a distraction to the driver. It is a longer charger so it will fit into cigarette lighter holes that some of the shorter ones don't. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Love this dual port car charger ! Review by Pamela
This compact car charger works great! Sturdy and perfect size, not too big yet not too small. I’ve been having the problem of charging one device or the other and now I can charge two at the same time using just one port. With a LED power indicator with short circuit and overcharge protection you don’t have to worry about over charging your devices.

I used the iPhone/iPad cables that came with my phone and tablet and plugged both into the dual car charger and both started charging with no issues. The charger also comes with a micro-USB charge cable for other devices. My daughter could plug in her Kindle when it started getting a low charge. All the devices charged faster than I thought they would and it was so convenient to do it while using just one car port. Loved the blue lighting around charger, it just looks nice.

I would definitely recommend this dual-port car charger for all your charging needs while in your vehicle.
(Posted on 7/18/14)
Fantastic car charger! Review by sean
This is the best car charger I have ever had the pleasure of using. (Posted on 7/17/14)
Power on the go Review by Alex
With each new portable device that we buy, we are faced with another battery to charge. Instead of searching for the seemingly never available wall outlet, I make productive use of my driving time to charge my devices in my car. Recently, this was complicated by a new class of devices that require higher charging amps. You would think that charging at lower amps would simply increase the charge time but not so. Many new devices have circuits that prevent any charging below a certain amperage.

The New Trent dual port car charger has a number of features that have been thoughtfully engineered to solve a number of issues, some of which aren't obvious until you stumble on them and end up with a dead device.

I tested the dual port car charger with an iPod Touch and i Pad Air. The charger comes with a mini USB cord but I don't have a device with that type of connector.

1. As its name indicates the Trent charger is dual port. One is rated at 1 amp and the other at 2.1 amp. The former is good for charging many phones and iPods. The higher rated port is what is required for an iPad. The charger had no problem charging both the iPad and iPod at the same time.

2. Great, you say, but how do you know which port is which? Simple, the NT85T has both ports clearly labeled. Not a big deal? Oh yes it is. I have another brand dual charger where the ports are not labeled nor was there anything in the packaging or instructions telling you which was which. I had to use trial and error by plugging in the iPad, driving awhile, and seeing if there was any change in the charge level. Many chargers, single and dual, simply don't tell you what their output is but imply that they will charge all devices.

3. The NT85T has indicator lights on its face. Mine is blue. One review referred to it as a nice feature. I think it's essential. The lights aren't on if the charger isn't fully inserted. When I remove the charging cable, I often do it with one hand and that can partially pull out the charger from the "cigarette lighter" or power outlet. With another brand charger, I got to a meeting only to discover that my iPad hadn't charged because the charger wasn't fully inserted. The NT85T solves that; if the lights aren't on, the unit won't charge.

A simple but thoughtfully designed device that is a lifesaver when you have multiple battery driven devices and spend time in your car. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it 5. (Posted on 7/13/14)
Handy Product!!! Review by Chad
I really like this charger, because I can charge my iPad via the 12 volt charging port in my car. I don't always remember to charge it, but this has come in handy. I can also charge my iPhone at the same time. At night, the end is lit up in blue and makes it easy to see and looks cool. It keeps me from having to use one of those power inverters, which takes up a lot of space. This is a great product for people who are in the car most of the time and need a charging port for their iPad or some other tablet that charges via USB. This product also gets FIVE stars!!! (Posted on 6/30/14)
Another Great New Trent Product! Review by Jay
It's still a very sleek looking charger; the blue light is really cool looking at night, though it isn't very visible during the daytime.

The first time I plugged this into the outlet in my 2002 Honda Accord, I was a little worried it wouldn't fit. But with a little effort, it popped in and has worked great so far. I use a USB powered e-cigarette in my car; I really appreciate not having to deal with the hassle of plugging/ unplugging (especially while driving), and having the option to charge both my phone and my passenger's at the same time.

My daily commute is short and I drive infrequently (a luxury in LA), but I on average would get about an average of 8% charge out of both ports on my iPhone 5 in ten minutes.

Once again, New Trent has totally nailed it. Another great product I am absolutely delighted to own! (Posted on 6/19/14)
Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger - NT85T Review by Matt
I received the car charger and I immediately noticed that it was not one of those cheap chargers that you buy at your local auto part store. It is a solid piece of equipment. It came with a micro USB cord which I do not have any use for, but would seem to be an added bonus for someone whose device would use it. I recently had to go out of town and I got to use it with my iPhone 5s and my iPad mini. I am not sure why but my devices seemed to charge faster than normal using it. I love that it has dual ports (1amp & 2.1amp) for charging. It also has a nice interior blue light that helps you see the ports when it is dark in your car.
I give this car charger a 5 our of 5. I am so glad I have this. It is a quality product. (Posted on 6/18/14)
Don't leave home without it Review by Mike
Charges my phone so much faster than any other Charger I have previously owned a solid 10 out of 10 (Posted on 6/9/14)
Great charger! Review by Debbie
This is a great charger!! I love having two ports and it charges my devices super fast!! I highly recommend it! (Posted on 6/9/14)
Great Charger Review by Kim
This charger does exactly what you want it to - it charges your devices at
a reasonable speed and is able to accommodate two devices as long as you
have a USB for both - the product even came with a USB cord, which was an
added bonus. This is fantastic for road trips and such where multiple
individuals who will inevitably want to charge their phones all at once.
The product I received was white and orange as opposed to the black and
blue pictured, but if anything I was happier to receive that color as all
my devices are white.
Another note is many cheap versions of this type of product are sold - and
they feel cheap. This charger feels well made even for the price. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Very Useful Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger Review by Sherwin
How many times do you need to charge your phone in the car? I do on almost every road trip.

This charger is really useful in the car, particularly when the driver and passenger each need to charge a device. It is really well constructed, and looks quite rugged, yet is small enough to leave in the outlet. The charger also comes with a micro USB charging cable. A great device to keep in the car, for those days you forget to charge the phone , or other device, at home or the office. (Posted on 6/4/14)
This is the best case I have ever had for my phone Review by Terry
5 Stars: Why did i choose 5 stars? Because this case is the very case i have been looking for, for my phone. It is very sturdy, grippy, tough and protects my phone from the elements, esp water and dust. The product is professional packed and arrived with three differetn colored back plates. I choose black to match my phone. I love how the rubber keeps my phone from slidding down any surface i put the phone on too.
What did i like or dislike? I love the feel of the case, its grippy, smooth to the touch, and classy looking. it looks professional. the case is also thin so it fits awesome on my car phone holder. This is the best product i have yet to try for my iphone 5. The one thing i did do was remove the rubber cover from the iphone lightning bolt cable port so that it fit onto my phone car holder. But i love how the case totally envelopes my phone. The cover is clear but polarized too I think for viewing in the sun light (dont use polarized sunglasses to try to view screen though ... it will be difficult to see in that situation).

Who would i recommend this case to? I would strongly recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect there phone and have all the good things in a case as mentioned above.

Keep up the good work Trent!
(Posted on 6/3/14)
You Can't Go Wrong with this Charger Review by Kyle
I think I've had the same Verizon car charger for 4 or 5 years. Still works great (I'm sure I paid $30+ for it) but I needed an extra port to charge a tablet. This is a great little charger. Visually it's actually pretty attractive. Bright white, with a modern grey face on it. And I really like that the light isn't crazy bright. Just bright enough to let you know where it is. My Verizon charger just about blinds you while driving at night. At first I wasn't very happy about the short cable it came with. I'm guessing it's less than 3 feet, which isn't enough to be able to talk on the phone while charging (I drive an 09 F-150). I swapped it out for a slightly longer cable and am very happy with it. Plus, I've added a 10 ft cable so I can now charge my Kindle Fire HD in the back seat from the same charger. I also had to search online to figure out which port to use (1 vs 2A) on each of my devices.

BYOC (bring your own cable).
Dim light

No instructions/tips on 1A vs 2.1A
Included cable is way too short. (Posted on 6/2/14)
Never without a charge Review by Angela
The New Trent Dual High Speed USB Port Car Charger works as advertised. The dual ports are very useful. I use the GPS function on my devices for all of my hobbies including kayaking, hiking and geocaching. The GPS really runs down the batteries on my iPhone 5 and iPad 4. After I finish an outing, I can plug both devices into this charger and have enough charge to use the rest of the evening by the time I get home or back to my camp site. I have used the charger in the truck as well as my Mini-Cooper which has limited space for chargers. The charger barely sticks up above the 12 volt accessory port.

The charger come with a mini- USB cord which I have not used since I own Apple mobile devices. I think it will fit my bluetooth headphones, but I haven’t had to charge them in the car. The device is definitely worth the money. (Posted on 6/2/14)
Actually charges things! Review by Gregory
This is the best car charger I've ever used. Able to charge my HTC One (M8-wlv) as well as my iPad 3 (Verizon LTE 64 GB) at full speed. Build quality is solid, fits into the jack snugly but not overly so. Quite compact for its power - I do have one that's smaller, but it cannot charge an iPad. This has a permanent home in my Buick, even though my car has a built in USB port - this adapter charges much faster. (Posted on 6/1/14)
nice little charger Review by Chris
After using the car charger for a few days, it has fully replaced my existing car charger.  It's nice because it's small and compact, but also feels sturdy and looks sleek to the eye.  The main benefit of this charger is that it allows for two devices to be charged simultaneously, which is a huge help for my fiance and I as we were constantly switching our devices to be charged while driving.  Now we can do both and not worry about looking at whose battery needs it the most, we have the convenience and peace of mind of being able to take care of both of our devices.  I would rate this a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Extremely satisfied - used on roadtrip Review by ballerindian
Received the charger relatively quickly about 3-4 days. I was not impressed with the packaging, as it was just in a ziplock bag. The bag contained the 9v usb adapter along with one USB wire.

I took the car charger on a Memorial Day road trip from Los Angeles to Vegas and used it heavily.
We had 2 smartphones and a tablet that needed to be charged during the road trip as they were constantly being used.
one of the phones was running spotify and Google maps constantly, the second smartphone was being used for texting and the tablet was being used to watch a movie.
Fortunately the charger had dual USB ports, although i wish the charger came with 2 USB wires for convenience.

This charger is amazing!
The smartphone that was running Spotify and Google Maps was charging on port with a 2amp output, while the second smartphone and the tablet shared the 1amp output port.
I was hoping that the smartphone running Spotify would get enough juice to mitigate the battery drain or atleast minimize battery drain from running 2 battery/data hogs,
but i was honestly surprised, because the charger was putting out enough power not only to mitigate the drain, but charge the device.
Now you might think that all the power was being drawn by the 2amp port and the other smartphone and tablet would not get enough juice to charge, but you would be wrong.
The second smartphone charged faster than the first, as it was not running any battery hogs. When we were charging the tablet alongside the main smartphone, the tablet stayed even on its battery %, it did not gain nor did it lose any battery.

All in all i was extremely pleased with this charger and its usefulness on road trips and family holidays. it is really convenient to be able to charge multiple devices from one 9v port.
although some newer cars have multiple 9v ports, most dont, and therefore can benefit from this device. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great dual car charger! Review by Scott
This car charger is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to charge two
devices at once. Before purchasing the NT85T, I had a Verizon USB car
charger which I used to charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a LG G2. I had
nothing but problems with it as it struggled to charge both smart phones at
once. After a few days with the NT85T those issues are a thing of the
past. Both phones charged faster than they did even when the Verizon
charger was semi useful. I also give New Trent props with the blue light
at the top which shows it is inserted and powered up. For the price of
this car charger you simply cannot go wrong if you ever need to charge one
or more USB devices while in your car. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Sleek dual port USB charger for phones and tablets Review by Cybazaar
I received the New Trent Twin-pack high-speed dual USB port car charger (NT85T) as part of a preview/test program.

The charger is very sleek and compact. It has two ports, one for phones and the other for tablets. In my testing over several days, I noticed a clear difference in charging speed for an iPhone 5S, as compared to the chargers I have used previously. It has a neon glowing ring when plugged into a car adapter which is a nice little touch. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting a car charger. (Posted on 5/31/14)
New Trent: Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger (NT85T) Review by K. Siu
First Impression: Simplistic, elegant dual USB charger that’s the size of
lipstick. The charger lights up its LED upon insertion into the cigarette
lighter. The package also includes a universal microUSB cable that’s
probably around 2 ft long. This cable will not charge an iPhone or an iPad
and you will need to purchase an additional cable, because of Apple’s
propriety technology. The charger itself hangs like less than 1’’ inch out
of the cigarette lighter, which is nice because not all cigarette lighters
are conveniently located. I initially purchase this device to replace my
wife’s car charger because it wasn’t supplying her smartphone with enough
AMP to charge her device while using the GPS navigation. With the New Trent
car charger, it works beautifully with the 2.1A USB port.

Price Point: You can defiantly go cheap and purchase one of those cheap USB
chargers on for like $2-3, but from my experience those usually
breakdown after a year because of poor casing or cheap craftsmanship. But
Newtrent ‘s name defiantly carries its weight in reliability. Especially
with a price point of $8-10, it makes easier to splurge a couple of extra
bucks for a proper charger that'll last.

Comments: Even though it’s a dual USB charger, the 3.1A is split. What does
that mean for you? One of the USB port is 2.1A and the other 1A, which adds
up to 3.1A. What is A (AMP)? It’s a standardized unit of measurement for
the amount of current going into each USB. So the more AMPs you have, the
faster your device will charge. You may be crazy and search online to see
whether they sell chargers that output more than 2.1A and you might find
some. But don’t be misled. 2.1A is the most you want to get out of “single”
USB port. 2.1A for a USB port has been pretty much standardized among all
the smartphone devices. Any more AMPs and you may cause significant damage

to your device, so be warn. From my experience with this car charger, it
pretty charges on par with any of my home 2.1A USB chargers. With these car
chargers, it’s a pretty much easy choice. It charges your device or not.
Highly recommended to any commuters. (Posted on 5/30/14)
Must for multiple charging need on the go Review by Karen
The Dual Car charger is great for me since I am always on the go and needing to charge my phone, iPad, camera or keyboard. Having 2 outlets in one saves space and lets both go at the same time. The added charging availability in my car is great, since we have so many devices in my car being used and needing to be charged. the 2.1A output is for my iPhone which is a newer device and I use the 1A for my camera and keyboard for iPad. Anyone who is in their car charging often needs this. Charger comes with micro USB cord which is standard for most devices, which is great so I don’t have to take my house chargers into the car.

5Stars- no issues and great charging capability. (Posted on 5/30/14)
NT85T portable car charger Review by Michael_R
This is my third NewTrent (NT85T) portable car charger. First off, having SUV and large family you just have to have at least two of these. One for front outlet
 and second for back seat outlet. Going on family day trips you can’t leave home without these portable chargers. Each one has two USB slots, a 1amp slot and a 2.1amp slot. The 2.1amp slot is great for charging your tablet and the 1amp slot is great for charging your phone, Bluetooth headphones and other small
electronic items. Or you can plug your phone into the 2.1amp slot for a faster charge. Thanks to these portable chargers my kids can play on their iPad Mini tablets or listen to music on their iPhone 5S with their Bluetooth headphones for hours and my wife
can talk on her iPhone 5 and that leaves me to enjoy the ride.
New Trent portable car charger charges much faster than any other regular charger I have used in the past. Living on the East Coast through many regular blackouts, it takes me about 30 minutes to get four iPhones from 20% to 70% using two car chargers. Wish everything worked as well.
New Trent car charger does not come with cable for iPhone/iPad (unfortunately), but it does come with a high quality mini USB cable that I use to charge my Samsung Galaxy 7” Tab and my old trusted BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
New Trent portable car charger is also something very useful to take with you on vacation if you’ll be renting a car, as I’ll be doing this summer.
How else to have all your phones and tablets with you in a rented car.
So, this third car charger I actually bought for my son’s new car. I am sure he’ll have as much use of it as I have. (Posted on 5/30/14)
Great product at a great price Review by Tony
don't be fooled by some of the cheaper kind of dual port car chargers i purchased three cheaper chargers from amazon before a trip this last Christmas none of them worked with my devices. But I bought this new trent car charger and it has charged every device i have plugged into it. If you want a great charger at an awesome price this is the charger you are looking for (Posted on 5/30/14)
VERY handy and usable deive Review by Jane
After using the New Trent car charger (15W dual USB port car charger - NT85T) I must say I really like it. It slides into the charger port easily and with a tight fit - no worries about loose fit or disconnection. The cord length is perfect for me and the blue lights that shine when it is in use is great and makes it easy to find, especially at night.
Having the two ports is really a life saver. I use it for my iPhone and iPad or Kindle and they charge up relatively quickly. Also, if I have someone else in the car that needs to charge their device it makes it nice that we can both charge at the same time.
The ports each have different amps; one is 1amp and the other is 2.1amp. I'm not real sure why this is important, since I use either one for charging any device and they both work great.
Overall this is a very nice device and quite handy and durable. I think anyone with portable devices would be happy with this charger. I definitely rate this a 5 on a scale of 1 - 5. (Posted on 5/30/14)
Very Handy! Review by Scott
Five out of five stars!​

I have been using the New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger (NT85T) for the past week now and I have to say that it has been fantastic. The unit is not bulky like other car charging units and doesn't protrude very far from the dash even when a USB cable is plugged into it. It also feels sturdy and fits so snugly into the car charger that it hasn't once come loose, even while I was moving the USB cabe between the 2.1amp and 1amp outputs to test them out. While plugged into the 2.1amp output, not only did the unit keep my phone juiced while I was using GPS, it continued to increase its charge! When two devices are plugged into the charger's USB ports, both outputs default to 1amp. This was sufficient to charge both devices, but was obviously a slow process and had nothing to do with the product itself, but rather with the limitations of the car charger.

In addition to being clearly marked so that you know which USB port you're plugging your device into, the unit is also lit around the perimeter which makes it very easy to locate in a dark vehicle. This is a very well thought out extra that I haven't seen on other chargers in the same price range. Another addition to the intelligent design of the product is that the 2.1amp USB port is the bottom one. Since this is where you're likely to keep your own cable plugged in at all times, it makes it easy for a guest to gain access to to top port.

I drive close to 500 miles a week and rely on GPS to keep me on schedule. From my experience during the time that I've been using this product, I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of whether they have only one device they like to keep plugged in or two. I primarily use it for one, but having that second port for a friend is quite handy at times, especially when you're relying on your own device's GPS and don't want to unplug. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Great USB car charger! Review by Carlos
I continue to be amazed with the quality of the Newtrend's products. I have recently had a need to purchase an USB car charger. I had to consider Newtrend 15W high-speed dual USB port car charger (NT85T). I already owned a Belkin 2-port charger which works good. The Belkin comes with micro USB cable which in theory should work with my Blackberry, but in reality the cable does not work.

I ordered the Newtrend NT85T. As soon as it arrived I took it to my car and tested it. Again, Newtrend delivered a great product. The car charger came with a micro USB cable and to my surprised it works with my Blackberry (not all of the cables work in my Blackberry Bold). So, this was a great benefit. Now for the charger itself, it is a nice look with a blue light when plugged to the lighter. It clearly shows where the 1A (charges my blackberry and iPhone) and 2.1A (charges well my iPad) are located.

Again, I used the Belkin before, but I highly recommend the Newtrend NT85T. It is better looking, a cable that actually works, and great labels. You won't go wrong here.

I definitely will give 5-stasr for the product quality and 5+stars for the cable! (Posted on 5/29/14)
good charger Review by Michael
This charger works great. The only thing I would say against it is it will not charge an iPad and an iPhone at the same time. Separately yes, together no. Other than that it does everything as advertised. One other thing I like about it is it doesn’t hang out of the cigarette lighter a lot. Some that do, will sometimes unplug themselves while driving, this one is good about staying in the power plug and not wiggling loose, while still leaving enough sticking out to grab ahold of it and unplug it. I think I’m going to buy another one for my wife to have in her car :) (Posted on 5/29/14)
No more fights over the car power outlet! Review by Carol
For years my husband and I had to take turns charging our phones in the car on long trips. This dual USB car charger is the answer to that problem! It's not only a convenient must-have in your car for charging one device, it can charge both your phone and your back-up battery simultaneously. Inexpensive but well-made, this is definitely a handy item. If you drive a car with only one outlet, I high recommend this little car charger. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Awesome Charger Review by kka
Totally replaced my other brand car charger with the New Trent Dual High Speed USB port car charger, say that 5 times fast. The one unfortunate part is I couldn't use the charger plug that came with it, so I am using my Iphone4s cord.
I love that there are 2 USB ports I can use, no more switching mine and hubby's phones to charge or my son's Ipad. I do wish there was an option of choosing the USB cord when ordering the car charger, so I gave it 4 stars. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Nice charger Review by Catherine I
I got this charger a couple of weeks ago. I've been using it in my car, to charge my New Trent Airbender keyboard case and my Iphone 5. It is easy to do this, as the charger has two USB outlets, and also comes with a micro-USB cable which attaches neatly to my New Trent Airbender keyboard and many other electronic devices. For example, I'm also sure it will work fine with my Kindle. The charger lights up with a rather hip looking blue light when plugged in, and charges fast and reliably. I am taking one star off because it doesn't seem to turn off when the car does, so I think it is a potential car battery drain unless you pull it out of the car outlet every time you turn off the car. But otherwise the charger does what it says on the package, and allows charging of two devices at once, and really, what more can one ask from a car charger? (Posted on 5/28/14)
Excellent Dual-USB Car Charger Review by Sam
I've used a few different dual-port USB chargers. They've all worked fine
and all do pretty much the same thing, but the NewTrent car charger is a
much better option than the others. Here's why:

*Build Quality*
The build quality of the NewTrent car charger is second to none. While it
is made of plastic, it's a solid body, doesn't feel flimsy, and definitely
won't break. The other's I've used have felt extremely cheap and a few have
broken. I love the quality of this product.

Cramming 2 USB ports into a single charger can be a challenge. Many other
dual-port chargers are quite bulky, which is understandable, but a
nuisance. The NewTrent car charger is minimal. It hardly sticks out of the
dash at all. This means it's never in the way and I don't have to worry
about knocking it with my hands or drink or whatever.

Overall I love this device. The one thing I would suggest would be the
labels on the USB ports. They are very light in color and hard to read,
especially in certain lighting. If they were a bit darker it would be a lot
easier to get a USB cable in the correct port without having to pull the
charger out and check.

Otherwise, this is a great product and I am very pleased with it. It
functions exactly as intended and is another great product from NewTrent. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great charge Review by Topher
This is a great car USB charger. It lights up so you know that you have power to it and the light is not to bright so when driving at night it will not distract you or be blinding inside. This charger has worked great for charging my iPad, iPhone, external extra battery pack and my new LG HSB750 Bluetooth headphones. It is also nice to have 2 seep rate charge ports for when you have more then one person in your car needing to charge something. I have only had it a week with no complaints at all. I would recommend this to anyone that would use a USB charger. Great product and I will be buying another for my wife and kids cars. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great charger Review by Stephanie
I used it to charge both my ipod touch 4 and pantech renue phone at the same time. It was a nice surprise that it came with the cord that just happened to fit my phone. At first I was not sure that the charger would fit into my cigarette lighter- it was a tight squeeze. I soon found out that this was a good thing. I have had chargers in the past that came loose and would stop charging. This one worked great and I was even able to charge 2 things at once without having to worry about it losing connection.

This product would benefit anyone that spends a great deal of time in their car. I drive an hour back and forth each way to work and often find that I need to charge my phone/ipod on the go. This is a great tool. I also love that it is quite small and that it glows blue when plugged in. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Fantastic Car Charger Review by Ryan
The USB Charger from Trent meets and exceeds all expectations. The unit is rather small, provides plenty of amperage from the USB jacks to quickly charge my iPhone 5s and has a handsome design. I’ve had some other USB chargers in the past that had LED indicator lights that nearly would blind me. This USB charger has LED indicator lights as well but they are tastefully designed and not too bright. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is looking for a USB charger for their car. (Posted on 5/27/14)
Works exactly as described! Review by Mitul
Works exactly as described! My wife and I both have Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads. This works perfectly to charge multiple devices on the go as we only have one input in our car. Extremely handy and useful device for anyone on the go! The only possible drawback is that you have to remember to bring a USB cable for each device as they are not included. I would rate this device a 5 out of 5! (Posted on 5/27/14)
Must-have USB charging device for people on the go Review by Brian
I work as a medical professional in the ER. As we work close to the imaging/XRay department it is very difficult to get a decent phone signal. As a result, my phone battery is consumed very rapidly. My 3500mAh battery in my Samsung Galaxy S3 can easily last only 4 hours. As a result, when I leave work many days my phone is dead.

After trying out the New Trent 15W Dual USB Car Charger (NT85T) for 2 weeks I must say that this device is a life-saver and a must-have for your car. I have been caught often in traffic only to find that my phone dies WHILE charging with my car's USB port. I have also tried generic USB car chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter and despite that my battery life DEPLETES while I charge simply because my phone power consumption exceeds the charging.

The aesthetics of this device is great for such an inexpensive product. It is built sturdily - I do not think it will fall apart in half a year. It's got a nice matte look to it and offers a 1A and 2.1A output USB ports. When plugged in it has a nice cobalt blue glow to it, but not too bright that it poses as a distraction/blinder during night-time driving.

I was able to go from 1% to 50% on 1A with my Galaxy S3 during a 60 minute drive with the phone on. During a 35 minute drive while talking on the phone it charged 20%. In 72 minutes I was able to go from 66% to 93% with my phone on + GPS google maps navigation. These numbers were replicated reliably and equate to the speed I charge with the factory Samsung charger I use at home that came with my phone.

The device also comes with a very sturdy microUSB cord. I have gone through my fair share of USB cords that usually breakdown near the microUSB end. This is just icing on the cake.

Overall I would rate this product 5/5 stars. I did not realize that my car could even charge my devices that fast. I am no longer using my car's USB port. I am also throwing out my other cheap USB car chargers and replacing it with this one. When you're in a squeeze for time and you need to rely on your phone or tablet like I do, this USB charger is a must-have. (Posted on 5/24/14)
Great Charger At A Great Price! Review by David
Great Charger At A Great Price!

This is a great charger! It has a 2.1amp and a 1.amp USB, which are nicely labeled. The charger also lights up orange around the edge and has blue lights where the USB ports are. It is very easy to charge your phone at night with everything lit up. The cable that came with the charger was perfect for my wife’s S3 and fits her phone perfect, nice and snug with no wiggle and charges her phone no problem. The 2.1 amp also charges my IPhone 5s quickly. We recently took a road trip and had both our phones charging at the same time. Grant it the 1amp was a little bit longer to get a full charge on (that’s with all 1amp charger), the charger never got hot. The quality of this charger is a outstanding. I would rate it a 10, on a scale of 0-being the worst and 10 being the best! I drive a 2014 Kia Sorrento and it fits the outlet perfectly. I am extremely pleased with this charger and would buy it again and recommend it. Hope this helps. Thanks (Posted on 5/24/14)
good charger Review by Beth
This charger arrived about 4 days after my order. I was surprised since the estimated delivery date was about 5-7 days. The charger is white with dual input jacks. The charging cable was black. It works fine together but I thought it was odd to have two different color schemes. The charging cable seemed a little short but I can easily use another cord that I own instead, if I need to. I like that the input has a blue light . I commute about 15 minutes to work and it increased my charge by about 10 -12 % each time. I have only had it about 4 days, but so far it gets the job done.
(Posted on 5/24/14)
Great product - Great Quality Review by Ben
This product is great. The only issue I had was the included USB cord, which was defective. After I replaced it with one that worked, it charged my phone quickly. I'll be using it to replace my phone's car charger because it will be perfect for road trips, as i can charge multiple devices at once. The construction quality of this product is great as well, I'm sure it will take a beating and last a long time. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Tasteful and works well. Review by Jeff
The unit I was provided worked flawlessly. It is subtle (white with chrome trim) and the two USB ports are lighted with a blue LED. While this might prove helpful for plugging something in when it is dark, I don't get much use out of this feature, as I tend to leave a 30-pin charge cable for my iPhone 4S and micro USB cable for my Jawbone Era connected. Both charge quickly and without fuss. I appreciate the design from an aesthetic perspective, but I really appreciate the fact that it just works and I don't have to worry about whether or not it will work. Definitely a five-star product. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Does its job well. Review by Todd
I've used this charger to charge either two phones (a Nexus 5 and a Moto X) simultaneously and it charges both faster than the "name brand" dualUSB car charger I had previously. It's easy to use in the dark, feels very sturdy, and didn't seem at all finicky about staying connected (some of my other chargers need a wiggle now and then after I discover they haven't been charging). Unfortunately, I don't have a high-current device to test with (e.g. tablet), but the high-current port charges my Moto X with lightning speed :)

The included cable is a bit short for practicality and quite stiff, too. I'm picky about cables so this "freebie" doesn't detract for me. It's good to have a spare, and I have my preferred cables already. The charger is what counts, and this delivers (Note: mine came white, too... not my preference but it looks nice nonetheless). (Posted on 5/23/14)
Finally one that works Review by Cedric
Pros: Dual Ports Feels durable
Cons: Orange light when charging (personal preference, color doesn't match any other lights in my car) Somewhat large

First let me say that even though I had a couple of issues with this charger, I LOVE IT! Here's why, this is the first car charger I've used that will charge my device while it's plugged in to the vehicle mount that I bought for it.
I have a Samsung Note 3 as my phone. I bought an iBolt car mount for it which has a built in charging set up. The dock has a cord that plugs into the phone, then a USB cable that plugs into that cord. Up until I tried this charger, I could only charge my phone by plugging it into the USB port on my radio. This is the FIRST charger that has allowed me to use the cigarette lighter charging setup that I wanted. I don't know why this one works when the 3 others I tried didn't, and I don't care, I'm just happy it works.
I've tried this charger with my normal USB3 power cable for my phone as well, and it charges it just like any wall charger; super fast!
This is also great for when I have someone else riding with me on a road trip, this way both of us will have fully charged phones when we get where we're going.
There were a couple of things I would change on this charger however; first would be to make the light that turns on when it's plugged in to something other than orange. This is a personal preference as I have the entire interior of my vehicle in white or green light. The orange is soft on the eyes, but it doesn't blend in for me so it's something that draws my eye every so often.
The second thing I would like to see changed, would be the size of it. It is a bit larger than the other chargers I've tried, but I've also bought the compact charger on purpose. This being said, the other chargers I bought didn't work as I wanted them to so I can't complain too much.
Overall I'm very happy with this. It finally let me charge my phone when it's mounted in my vehicle dock, and that is the main use I needed it for. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Great charger for both phones and tablets! Review by Trish
Item: New Trent Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger w/ Free Full Speed Micro-USB Charging Cable (NT85T)

Pros: Light weight, easy to use, ports lit when unit is active (makes it easier to see if plugged in fully), sturdy, charges unit fast (from less than 15% power to 60% in 30 mins)

Cons: must have micro USB cable available to work, takes up slightly more space than a standard car charger (since has a the micro USB cable attached), must remember to plug into correct port (1A=phone vs 2.1A=tablet)

Devices charged: Samsung S4 & Note 10.1, iPad & iPhone 5

Uses: Great item if you have two or more devices that need constant charging and on the road a lot.

Who might use this: people who travel a lot via car. Parents w/ kids may want/need something like this. Eg: if your phone is used as Navigation and you have kids using a tablet (iPad, etc) and both are low on power, this is great way to charge both while keeping both units online.

Overall rating: 5 (Posted on 5/22/14)
Best car charger, EVER!!! Review by Hsuperman
I would consider myself a heavy power-user of smartphones, any smartphones. Smartphones have advanced so much in a relatively short amount of time but the one thing that has yet to catch up with similar advancements is the battery. Needless to say my device gets drained pretty quickly so I have to constantly recharge. This is something I usually do while at work or at home through a charger that plugs into the wall; it charges much faster this way than anything else. Because of the speed in which charging is completed via wall outlet, I hardly ever charge or even attempt to charge my phone in my car.

What I had before purchasing this New Trent car charger was a single piece charging cable. Boy oh boy did it charge at a snails pace. If I were to use my phone while charging in the car, it would barely maintain the current charge. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first bought this charger because I didn't think it would be able to charge the way it is described to but I was pleasantly surprised that it did, in fact, charge the way it says it will.

I tested this thing out the first week I had it and I am very impressed with its capabilities. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 uses a 3200 mAh battery. During one weekend trip I had my phone plugged in when it was at 1% and 45 minutes later the phone was at 50%. This is including taking a few calls while streaming music to my cars stereo system via Bluetooth. If I had not taken those calls or used my phone as a music streamer, I may have had an even higher charge.

So, to sum it up I really do like this car charger and I already use it more than I have with any of my other previous car chargers.

Another thing I should point out is that New Trent also includes a high quality USB cable so that you're able to charge at a higher rate. Most of those cheap USB cables you find on those deal sites or eBay don't have the capacity to charge fast. So when buying anything charging related make sure you buy quality blocks and cables. A block that can handle higher amperages and a cable that can deliver said amperage to your device. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Fantastic car charger Review by Samuel
I've had several car chargers before, but most of them have had problems - either because of flimsy construction, or bad power output, or a combination of the two. This charger is in a completely different league.

The first thing I noticed about this unit was the light it produced. Most car chargers I've used have a blazingly bright blue LED to show that they are operational. This is horrible, as it can ruin your night vision or become a distraction while driving at night. This charger, however, has a dim amber and blue glow - not distracting at all, just bright enough to know that its working. The unit fit snugly in the power socket and didn't wiggle or feel loose at all. The plastic doesn't feel cheap, this feels like a premium product.

My daily commute takes about 20 minutes. When charging my Nexus 5 with the included Micro USB cable, I consistently get 15-18% recharge during this time - almost twice as much as I've gotten using other chargers. When using GPS and keeping the screen on constantly, the charge rate is drastically reduced, but it DOES continue to charge - other chargers I've used just can't keep up.

The unit has two USB ports, and I've successfully charged both my Nexus 5 and my Nexus 7 simultaneously. The unit gets only very slightly warm to the touch under this heavy load.

If I cared much about the color of the product, this would lose a star because the unit I received was white and not black, as pictured. However, this obviously doesn't effect the operation of the product.

I'm just about to order another one of these for my wife's car. We'll see how it lasts long term, but I don't think I'll ever have to buy another car charger again. (Posted on 5/22/14)
a great cellphone accessory Review by Marc
I purchased a great iPhone accessory from It's the New Trent Dual High Speed USB Port Car Charger. My older car doesn't have a USB port and my iPhone 5 never makes it through the entire day, so I needed some sort of car charger. The Charger has two USB ports letting me and my son charge our phones simultaneously using the standard Apple cables. This would work perfectly for other electronic devices including iPads. When plugged in, a cobalt blue light is emitted easily showing where to plug in your cord even in the dark. Comes with a handy Micro-USB charging cable. A great product for a great price. (Posted on 5/22/14)
The New Trent NT85T Car Charger is Amazingly Versatile!!! Review by Susie
The dual car charger, model NT85T, was able to charge all of my devices: a Galaxy S4 smart phone, a Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch, and my iPad 3. I was able to charge the Kindle and the Galaxy S4 at the same time, but the iPad 3 had to be charged by itself. The iPad 3 is usually very difficult to charge because it usually needs a 10 watt charger and most chargers are only 5 watts, so they do not usually work or take forever to get any kind of a charge. However, this charger is so powerful I was able to bring my iPad 3 from a 50 percent charge up to a full 100 percent charge in two hours which is about how much time it takes to charge normally. This makes it so much more convenient to travel with my iPad. The New Trent charger NT85T is the best car charger I have ever tried! (Posted on 5/22/14)
Not your typical car charger Review by Christopher
This is not your typical USB port car charger that you can get at Walgreens or pick up at the gas station. This is a quality product that will last. The two USB ports provide charging capabilities for not only my phone, but also an iPad if I wanted. If I really want to, I can use the same unit to charge both my phone and my wife's phone. I use an iPhone 5, so the only downfall was that it came with a micro-USB cord, which I have no use for. It would be nice to have the option of paying a little more for a lightning cord. However, they are easy enough to find on Amazon, so it is well worth it, and nice to have a micro-USB cord for if friends need to charge their phones. This charger charges FAST, and it is a QUALITY product. It is well made, and aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a dual port USB. Spend the couple extra dollars and get a good product like this NewTrent USB port charger. (Posted on 5/22/14)
New Trent Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger Review by Robert A.
This is a handy little item to have in the car with you, The option of being able to charge both your phone and tablet is great! I was sent only one (1pc) Black USB charger. I give this item 5 out of 5 stars! From its nice gloss black finish to the soft glow of the blue LED when power is introduced, this USB charger is something that will never leave my car. Also included was a USB micro charging cable and a Black velvet pull string bag for storage. The USB micro charging cable works well with my Air Bender key board case also from New Trent. All and all I have to say this is a great item that fits snugly in the charging port of your car and works well as to be expected. The only concerns I would have with the USB charger as far as I could tell is there isn't a fuse to
replace, if ever there was a power serge it could possibly damage the equipment and the USB charger itself. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Nice car charger works great with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. Review by Marc
I tested the NT85T car charger in two different cars. I charged an iPhone 5s, an iPad 2 and a iPod Touch 5th generation. At times I charged two devices at the same time while at other times I charged only one device. I was very pleased at how quickly my iPhone charged when it was plugged into the 2.1 USB slot and the other slot was empty. Of course the speed of the charge slowed down substantially whenever I plugged in a second device. But it was still efficient. I believe this is a must-have device for anyone who does a lot of driving. The NT85T is a home away from home for any smartphone or tablet. Other things I liked about the NT85T is that it lit up when plugged into the car. It was easy to find it at night. I also liked the way the NT85T plugged into the cigarette lighter. It was a tight fit in both my cars, but not too tight a fit. I've tried other car chargers that seemed to move back and fourth when plugged in. The NT85T feels well constructed like it will be around for quite a while and won't need to be replaced prematurely. I give it a 5 star rating. It's another great product from New Trent. (Posted on 5/21/14)
A Must-Have Car Accessory Review by Walter F.
Whenever I pick out a new phone, tablet, or other device, one of the first things I do is buy a case and peripherals that'll travel well and keep everything organized because I do a lot of traveling. Whether I'd flying cross-country for an audition or catching the subway across town or train across state lines to get to a meeting, I need everything to be compact and reliable because I don't get to spend much time at home or in my own office.

Recently, I started working with a new partner company whose headquarters were nowhere near a train station and I had to drive down every day to get to them. (In Jersey traffic, that's a pain and a nice uptick in stress level.) So I decided to pick up a car charger for my phone, since I'd be using my GPS to get down there and that tends to drain the phone battery pretty quickly. Since I've used and loved a couple of other New Trent products (their dual USB wall charger and their iCarrier 12,000mAh battery) I've come to rely on them as far as quality and convenience. I bought the 15W dual USB port car charger and hit the highway down to work.

I realized that, with my Samsung Galaxy S4 plugged into the one port, I could also bring my tablet along and listen to some books on tape with it, so I plugged my 2012 Nexus 7 into the second port. My phone and tablet were fully charged after the hour and a half ride down, despite both of them having started at about a half charge from me using them earlier in the day.

I know car chargers have been around for years and that the technology isn't cutting edge, but it's really nice to have two USB slots in one charger because it gives me options, like setting up my tablet so that my niece can watch Sesame Street episodes in the back seat with it while my phone charges in the front seat.

The other thing I really loved about the charger is the look - it's this really smooth, sleek, sophisticated black device with chrome highlights and it just looks really nice plugged into the dashboard. Useful product that looks good and gets the job done! (Posted on 5/21/14)
Solid charger Review by Chris
This charger is great, charges 2 devices at a time;very quickly I might add. 2.1 amp port actually delivers accurate results, provided a quality cable is used. Note that the included USB cable is trash, as many "included free" cables are. It will charge your device but I several times caught it only providing a USB trickle charge. I don't hold anything against the product score wise for the lackluster cable, as most non-oem included cables are low output and better served as data cables. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Works as advertised Review by LV
First off, I like how well built the charger looks and feels. The brushed
metal look on the face and labeled ports are a nice touch. The included
micro usb cable is a nice added value.
I have the 1a port hooked up to a bluetooth receiver for my radio and the
2.1a port charges my Samsung S5 or iPad Air. It is nice to have the 2.1a
port as it can actually charge my iPad when needed. I love having the dual
usb ports. I use to have a single and would have to disconnect my
bluetooth to charge my phone. Also, it wouldn't charge my iPad. The New
Trent charger does it all. I used it on a road trip this weekend where I
had the bluetooth receiver on and my phone charging while using it to
navigate and play music through the bluetooth receiver. My old car charger
would not even put out enough juice to keep the phone battery from
dropping. The New Trent kept my phone a 100% battery. Very nice. The
only complaint I would have is that the blue LED light that surrounds the
face is a little too bright at night. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Excellent! Review by Melissa
Wonderful charger. I just returned from vacation with a lengthy drive and the New Trent charger charged my phone and tablet there and back. Will recommend to friends and will definitely buy from New Trent again. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Works great with Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Review by Dave
I've been using this auto charger with a Nexus 5 phone and a Nexus 7 black (2013 version). Tried it so far with a 2014 Chevy Spark EV and it worked perfectly. With the included micro USB cable, both the Nexus 5 and the finicky Nexus 7 individually reported "AC" charge mode while plugged into the 2 Amp USB jack. The Nexus 5 also reported "AC" charge mode while using the 1 Amp USB jack.

I attempted to charge both devices at the same time and the Nexus 5 changed to the slower (<500mA) "USB" charge mode. Turns out that the extra micro USB charge cable that I was using from a different charger was at fault. Once I swapped it out for a high quality Monoprice micro USB cable, both Nexus devices were able to charge at the same time while reporting "AC" charge mode.
Make sure that you use a good high quality USB cable with this charger if you'd like to take advantage of the faster high current charging.

A 30-40 minute long end of day commute charge on my Nexus 5 while running Waze and streaming audio (DI or SOMA) gets the charge level back into the 90% range with this charger. I'm very pleased and will be recommending this charger to my iOS loving friends as they frequently seem to have a dead battery after applying the iOS v7 update.

Normally I dislike blue lights in the car as they are typically too bright and distracting. I had some concerns about this charger, but the lighting on it is subdued and I'm not finding it distracting.

I paid twice this price 6 months ago for an automobile 2 Amp (single) USB charger. This one is better constructed, plus has an extra charge port for a tablet or the significant other's phone. I highly recommend it along with an extra good quality USB charge cable. (Posted on 5/20/14)
GREAT Charger!!!! Review by Calvin
This product is great! I used it with my iPhone and iPad. The iPad needs the higher current charging port to actually work and this charger gives you both options. No need to carry around a low and high current adapter. In my profession I am always on the phone and end up needing to charge my phone a couple times a day. With the higher current port I can accomplish that much faster. It has a dim blue light in it that makes it easy to see in the car at night. I have had others that the light was so bright it was distracting - this one is perfect.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a car charger. Rating for this product would be a 5 of 5 (Posted on 5/20/14)
You will need no other!! Review by jacques
Just received this on the 1st of May and i am thrilled!!!
I got the black one and it looks really cool, almost futuristic.
Used it on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 and i was shocked by the performance of the charger!! Got into my car with battery around %75 level and i was shocked when about 35 minutes later when my phone was fully charged!! and that was while using Bluetooth, Waze(gps was on) and making multiple calls (previous car charger could not even maintain battery power).
The fit in the cigarette lighter port is perfect, nice & snug that it doesn't pop out on bumpy roads, so if you work out of your car or spend a lot of time driving this is the perfect charging device.
The soft blue light is a nice touch as it can help you find the port in the dark (and it looks cool)
I have nothing bad to say about this product but i would really like to see 2 high power output instead of 1 high and 1 low.
Overall this is a win win as i don't need a 2 in 1 socket adapter i can charge my galaxy S5 and my samsung 10.1 tablet at the same time, I give this item a 5 out of 5!! (Posted on 5/19/14)
solid piece of equipment Review by JLo
I have had single usb plugs for my car before, but I've never had one built with such quality. The fit alone is super solid, it never dislodges, even in off-road. The 2x usb plugs on this are great for charging 2 phones (mine & the wife's) at once. Once again, quality fit. No wiggling or inadvertent unplugging of these. I've always bought the cheap, almost-disposable version of these, but no more. The Orange LED is just atouch bright for night driving. I'd give this a 5 out of 5, even with the fact that I'd prefer it black with the rest of my dash. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Does what it's supposed to do with flying colors! Review by Blake
This thing is great! Along with my iPhone 5 charging cable (not included), this makes the perfect car charging accessory. It’s light and easy to carry, and comes with a nice, felt-ish bag to carry it in. Seems very luxurious. Also, the two USB ports can be used simultaneously, one for the driver and one for the passenger. There isn’t anything I can find wrong with the product. All pros, no cons.
The look is nice and it does the job. No complaints. (Posted on 5/17/14)
I love it Review by Dave
Its great having the two usb plugs for my phone and tablet. Solid piece of tech here, great design, great quality, and overall amazing price.

You should get one for each vehicle that you own. Keep up the great work guys, love your products. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Hands down best car charger ever Review by Benjamin
The New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger is by far my new favorite car charger. To date, I had been using Anker's dual port car chargers, and had been reasonably satisfied, for the sole fact that I didn't realize there was a better alternative on the market.

Shockingly, the New Trent dual USB charger is infinitely better than Anker - most notably, it works in several car ports I tried that I had previously thought were non-functional as the Anker charger simple refused to work in them.

It's also incredible that the New Trent charger is able to draw so much power in such a small form factor - it gives me great satisfaction to use a car charger that completely maximizes the charging potential of a car port (most standard car ports are capped at 15 W), and provides the ability to simultaneously charge both a tablet at 2.1 amps and a phone more than amply at 1 amp.

I drive all the time and travel in an RV, and so having my phone on using GPS is a must. Unfortunately, GPS also happens to drain battery like nothing else - the New Trent is my new official life saver. In short, it's dependable, extremely powerful, and shockingly small for the amount of functionality. And for less than $10? It's a no-brainer. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Excellent car charger! I can't believe the bar was raised so high from New Trent on a car charger! Review by Albert
I am reviewing the New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger (NT85T).
On a scale from 1 to 5, I give this car charger a 5 (excellent).

The first thing I noticed was the package came with a free micro usb cable. It was a very high quality, yet very flexible cable without being too thick or thin. Many cables I ordered from other sites are very thick and cumbersome. After plugging the car charger into my car, I immediately noticed that the 1.0A and 2.1A usb ports have a blue light! This was so cool and will be very useful because I will remember that I have the car charger plugged in. I never want to leave my car charger plugged in overnight since it might drain my car battery, but that's a personal thing. I have an Anker car charger that doesn't have this light, so I immediately noticed the difference.

Next, was my charging test. My Nexus 5 was at 48% before I plugged it into the car charger on the 2.1A port. I drove for 23 minutes, timing it exactly, and it was already at 78%. This is faster than my Nexus 5 charger which only charges about 1% per minute. I then felt the bottom of the Nexus 5, and it wasn't even warm at all. I was wondering if charging at a fast rate might heat up my phone, but this didn't happen. This New Trent car charger (NT85T) is simply amazing! My Anker car charger definitely does not charge as fast as this. It's close, but I do notice a slight difference. I then drove my car for a 2 hour trip while using GPS. As you know, this drains a lot of battery especially with the screen constantly on. At the end of my trip, the phone was still "Charged" at 100%, meaning it's charging faster than it's draining despite using GPS with screen brightness on maximum. The phone also wasn't warm at all. These are all
real life situations that can't be measured, and it passed all these tests.

Overall, I think this is a great product from New Trent. I love the blue lights on the usb ports when you plug them in, I love the micro usb cable it comes with, I like the charging speed. The car charger was also very easy to pull in and out of my car charger port. When I go on the road for vacation, or even on weekend trips to the mall, I don't have to be concerned any longer about my phone's battery life. Even a quick 15 minute drive will juice up my phone a lot! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Great charger Review by Brian
I really love this charger we need of it I like the feel of it I like to look at the two lights that have different colors much better than all the party store chargers. You can feel the weight difference between this product and the cheap ones. (Posted on 5/16/14)
A very nice solid charger that works flawlessly..... Review by Doug
I travel a lot and keeping all of my electronics charged was always a challenge. And with only one charging port in my vehicle I previously used a two socket expansion socket to plug all of the cigarette type lighter plugs into it. This was not kind to my charging port as it started to become lose because all of the weight plugged into the socket adapter.
After ordering my New Trent 15W Dual USB Car Charger (NT85T) from it arrived quickly and in good condition and solved several issues. It also had one standard USB to micro USB cable included. The New Trent charger uses standard USB cables connected to my devices as opposed to the bulky,
heavy lighter socket plugs. The New Trent unit was solid and compact in it's design.

I tested this out on several items, Since this unit has two USB sockets, one labled as 1A and the other at 2.1A I decided to check out the 2.1A socket with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and was amazed at just how fast this little charger could charge my phone. I started out with a 53% charge on the phone battery and after driving about 20 minutes, the phone indicated that it was 100% charged. At the same time, I utilized the 1A socket for my dash cam video recorder, both the video device and phone operated flawlessly.

After the phone was charged I changed the USB cable to my Magellan Road Mate 9212 and put that to use and encountered no problems at all, still while simualtaniously charging/using two devices.I also tested my Amazon Kindle Fire HD and could use it while it was plugged into the USB charger. I detected no heating up of the devices or the USB charger or charging port. The New Trent 15W Dual USB Car charger also has a nice blue glow around the top edge of the unit and the individual porst themselves to indicate that it is receiving power from the cars charging port.

I would recommend this charger to anyone looking for a good quality charger, especially if you are like me and travel with various electronic gadgets.A very nice solid charger that worked flawlessly for me..... (Posted on 5/16/14)
great dual charger Review by phillip
I also own New Trent’s Arcadia dual USB car charger, and the build quality on the NT85T is much better. It feels sturdy and solid. On my old Arcadia, the 2 USB ports have shifted a bit and made it difficult plugging in a USB charging cable. Also, if I wanted to make sure it was plugged in, I would have to turn it so the “top” side of the charger was facing me so I could see the tiny blue power light. The NT85T’s whole front side glows when plugged in. I am able to charge both my Nokia Windows phone and my wife’s iphone 5s simultaneously, or I can charge my Nexus 7 FHD tablet and a phone at the same time while we travel.
This is a great item to have, especially if you have multiple devices that you need to power at the same time.
(Posted on 5/15/14)
New Trent USB Charger is great value for the money. Review by Fast Eddy
I have had this charger for about 2 days and can report the following:

The relatively small size of this charger makes it particularly useful for the cigarette lighter socket in my car that is hidden in the armrest.
The two USB ports are a plus for simultaneous charging my cellphone and iPad on a long trip.
The two USB ports are clearly identified as to the individual charging rates ( 1 and 2.1 amps)
The charger can be inserted and withdrawn from the socket somewhat easier than others that I have used.
The charger did a good job of charging my cellphone.
The light showing that the charger is plugged in is useful.
None so far.
The charger I have is white but otherwise identical to that shown in the picture. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Awesome product Review by Arvin
I just received the car lighter charger and I must say that I am quite
impressed. I like the white color and the orange kind of bezel. This
product feels very durable and sturdy compared to some other ones I've
used. I actually used this with my I phone 5 and my Zen Micro mp3 player
and it charges very well for both. This product is useful for anyone
who is going on road trips or just regular daily errands. New Trent
never disappoints with their products. On a scale of 1-5, I give this a
5 but I would of liked it in Black :-) . Overall I would
recommend this product to everyone that I know. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Double the charge in your vehicle Review by Donna
Awesome way to keep my iPad & iPhone charged at the same time. It also helps when both me & my partner are traveling and we are both in need of a charge between stops.This USB charger helps me to charge my Bluetooth keyboard & iPad at the same time as well, that is so important since I'm always on the go. (Posted on 5/15/14)
Great car Charger Review by Brian
I absolutely love the Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger. I have used many different car chargers in the past and all of the chargers with dual ports have failed after trying to use them one time. If it wasn’t the device, it was a fuse in my car. The New Trent dual car charger hasn’t failed me yet and it offers great ease when trying to plug cords into it at night. The chargers I have used in the past have not been lit up except for the outer rim of the device. This device allows me to find the charging ports with ease because of the inside LED light. The devices I have used it for are my 16GB iPhone 4S and GB 16 GB iPhone 5s. I thought that the charger would charge my devices slowly like some in the past, but the car charger charged my iPhone with normal speed. I have used some in the past that were too bulky and did not fit, but the slim design of the New Trent device fit perfectly. I think this device would work anywhere there is a 12V outlet because of the amazing design. I would rate this car charger a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Nice design and it works! Review by Bobbi
We used it to charge all our devices. Since we have 3 phones, a tablet, a Kindle Fire and a iPod Touch the dual charger is a big help. It is a nice size and doesn't stick out very far. It is sturdy and seems well made. It stays seated correctly; I did not have to constantly push it back in as some car chargers I have had.

It was able to charge my android phone with it showing as AC and not USB. I have had that problem in the past. If the charge is coming in as USB it is limited and cant' keep up with the GPS or if I have the screen on for other reasons. I used it with both the cable that came with it and with one I already had. Worked great with both cables. (Posted on 5/14/14)
car charger works great! Review by Sandman
This car charger does exactly what you would expect. It has two USB slots that hold the cord nicely. This charger has the added feature of nice blue illumination of the plug which nicely outlines the USB slots. I have had other such chargers that were cheaply made and actually burned up giving off a sickly smell. This charger is solidly built and so far working great.
(Posted on 5/14/14)
An affordable, sleek and versatile Review by Mike
I was given the opportunity to review several NewTrent products with intention of giving a clear, unbiased and informative review on each of them. And I must say, for the cost of this product at $9 and for what you get, this is something anybody who's in the market for purchasing a car charger should consider. It offers a quick charging rate @ 2.1amps through one of it's dedicated 5V USB port or a standard charging rate @ 1amp through the other 5V USB port. It also features over-voltage, short-circuit and over-current protection to increase the life of your product from so-called dirty, fluctuating power. It's non proprietary charging design allows any USB input from most mobile devices, tablets, even portable battery chargers giving the user freedom and versatility to connect to in contrast to traditional car chargers that you buy at your wireless carrier which are tethered and compatible to only certain smartphone devices. Another plus along with this non proprietary design is that some car chargers, which have a sealed cable connected directly to the device can fatigue from bend and flexing causing a short circuit: the result is a replacement cost of the entire unit. But here, if your USB to mini USB cable fatigues and breaks the internal wires, a $5 cable is all you need to replace. As far as cosmetics are concerned, the colors are beautiful looking and when it's plugged into your 12V port, an emanating blue LED light lets you know if it's receiving power. Also, included in the package comes a micro USB charge cable that fits most Samsung smartphone connectors. Lastly, it's so small that when it's plugged in only a forth of the device is shown so its very slim. A definite good buy. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Awesome Product! Review by Gerardo
The car charger New Trent car charger (NT85T) is a very good product. I really (really) liked the fact that it illuminates in the dark. The light blue light around it is both cool and helpful to find it. I would strongly recommend it. A friend of mine even complimented it and said it looks very sophisticated. (Posted on 5/12/14)
I like this charger Review by Royce
This car charger is similar in shape to another that I've been using. I'm using the charger with the iPhone 5. My car has a center console and inside that is the power outlet that I'm using with this charger. The space is somewhat limited and the device fits very well into the available space. The charger seems well built and solid. I like the fact that both the charging slots, the 1ma and the 2 ma both work with the iPhone. My other charger has two slots, but only one of them works with the iPhone. The retail price of the charger is very reasonable, particularly considering that the retail package comes with two chargers. Because this is a USB based charger, I've tried other devices with it including and iPad and a Kindle Paperwhite. Both these seem to be fine with the charger.
(Posted on 5/12/14)
Amazing Charger Review by Derekthefry
This product has performed wonderfully. It charges my moto x quite fast. I really like the blue LED on the front and also that it came with a charging cable. The dual charging ports are great too. Being able to charge my phone and my tablet on my way to school is very convenient for me. Its doesn't take up a lot of room and has a great design. From my experience with it so far i can't find anything negative about this car charger. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Simple, Effective, Worth the Price Review by Mark
It is seldom on any website, the current included, when a product ordered simply delivers exactly what it sets out to - in this case perfect power supply using USB ports and a lighter port in a vehicle. The item I recieved is white with orange-ish light when powered - I like this - it is subtle and not obnoxious. The car charger came with one USB to Micro USB cord (36 inches long). This review is short because there isn't much here - it simply operates effectively, feels well-made and arrived on time. The only drawback I can identify is that the packaging was somewhat minimalistic including only a clear zipper bag inside a manilla envelope. I suppose this was all that was necessary since it functions correclty after what seems like some rough handling by the postal carrier, but I would have appreciated the item having been shipped wrapped in bubble wrap or in a more protected mailing envelope. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Great Device Review by Steven
General Over View of the device

The New Trent 15W high-speed dual usb port car charger is a very nice with
the dual power ports, in the package it came with a micro usb cord. All of
my android devices have been able to utilize both the 1.0 amp and 2.1 amp
ports without any issues.

Constructions of the device

The construction of the device is very solid. Comparing it to a cheaper
dual usb charger that I have purchased at a store I would recommend the
construction quality of the new trent device over the cheaper one. The size
of the New Trent USB Charger is smaller in in length. There is a blue light
so you can tell when it is plugged into the cigarette port.

Pros of the device

The device is smaller, and great construction. The blue light is nice to
see when it is plugged in and receiving power from the outlet. You can see
the blue light on the back side of the device so you don't have to spin it
around like other devices to see if it connected correctly. I love having
both 1.0 amp and a 2.1 amp on the same usb charger, it eliminates the need
of having to find other chargers that will work with different devices.

Cons of the device

My only complaint about the device is the blue light itself. Even though
you can see the light when it is plugged in, for me it is not bright
enough. If in direct sun light it can be hard to see if the light is on, a
brighter blue light or a different color might help with that.

Overall Opinion

My overall thought even though the blue light to me isn't bright enough for me, I would still recommend this product. I love the fact that it has dual
power ports so it can support multiple devices. Charging 2 devices at 1
time on this car charger has not been a issue for me. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Charges quick Review by Jefferson
This charger is great. I was able to charge my phone and IPAD simultaneously with no problems.This charger does the job and would recommend to anyone. I found the product most useful in my wife’s car because the 12V outlet is in a small dark area of the car and the back lit features made it easy to find the ports. We have used some in the past that were too bulky and did not fit, but the slim design of the New Trent device fit perfectly. I think this device would work anywhere there is a 12V outlet because of the amazing design. I would rate this car charger a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Awesome product! Review by Mark
I use this charger for ALL my devices, including my book reader that I have been unable to find ANY usb adapter, wall or car, to work with. It charges my phone on the 2.1 amp side faster than the wall charger that came with it. The blue light is great looking, as well as a great reminder it is plugged in compared to all the other devices I've used that have a single bulb indicator that frequently you can't see if the charger gets turned over if flat. or under the cord if round. What's great is being able to charge 2 devices simultaneously as it seems my wife and my phones invariably go dead at the same time!
(Posted on 5/10/14)
Nice compact charger Review by William
The dual ports without floppy extension wires are exactly what I wanted. This device seems well built and had strong tongs that kept it in my vehicle electrical port without any issue. My previous (cheaper) unit would pop out whenever I hit a mild bump in the road (and’s not my shocks/struts/etc.) The only issue I've had with this, along with other similar USB car chargers, is that when I have my phone charging from the device, and simultaneously pull audio from my phones headphone port, I get a lot of electrical feedback from the system. However, when I pull audio directly into headphones (as opposed to my vehicles auxiliary port) I don't have that issue. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Great car charger! Review by Rubi
I received the New Trent car charger (NT85T) in the shiny white color and my first impression was that it was really pretty! I love the dual ports that can charge two devices at the same time, so that I can charge both my phone and my tablet. When I plugged it into my car charger, it had a perfect fit--nice & snug. The USB cable that came with the charger is one of the thicker ones that has a sturdy feel to it, not one of the flimsy ones that stops working after a week in the car. It's also a good length, so that a passenger can use the phone comfortably while it is charging. The tip fits snugly into the phone, so that you don't have to worry about it coming lose. It charges my Samsung Galaxy S3 fully even with all the power hungry apps I use. The orange light makes the charger easy to see when plugged in. I'm very happy with it! (Posted on 5/9/14)
great product Review by DR
This charger has a great form factor and doesn't take up a lot of room for a double charger. It works great and allows charging of 2 devices at once. Very convenient (Posted on 5/9/14)
Very nice, versatile car charger Review by Richard
I rate this product a 5 star. Packaging 2 is nice since many families have two cars. The price is very good. I have tested the unit on my families cell phones, Apple iPads, Kindle Fire, Kindle and Acer laptop. Having both the 1A and 2.1A allows you to slow charge the iPhone so the battery isn't pushed too hard (thus reducing its the overall battery life cycle) while also being able to charge the iPad, Kindles and laptops in a reasonable time with the 2.1A port. Build quality is excellent with a good tight fit in the car "cigarette" lighter slot. The supplied USB cable was also well built unlike others who supply below par accessory cables. Another fine product from New Trent. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Great Charger, Better Price Review by Manuel
If you're looking for a great multi-function charger and do not want to pay Apple prices this is a great choice.

The kit includes a dual USB port high speed car charger for Smartphones and 5V Tablets. This charger inputs 12V and one port provides 5V@2.1A output the other port provides 5V@1A of output. Both ports can be used at the same time so you could charge two phones as in my case, work and personal. Also includes is a USB to Micro B charging cable cable

Overall this is a great quality kit. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great Dual Charger Review by Jim

I recently purchased the New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger model
number NT85T. This is the first dual port car charger I have ever had for
my vehicle and I am not sure why I waited so long to purchase one. I carry
two phones and IPhone 5s and a Samsung Galaxy S4. It was most convenient to
charge both of my phones in the vehicle without taking up both of my
charging ports. With the dual charger I was able to charge both phones in
one outlet and still keep my GPS device plugged in with the other outlet in
my vehicle. The charging time is excellent. My IPhone went from completely
dead to almost a full charge in about 40 minutes. That is very valuable to
me as it is convenient to get a good charge in a short period of time.
Overall I would give this charge a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Excellent charger for the price Review by Jimmy
This charger is an excellent charger for the price. Charges a Note 3 quickly and has two ports. It works just as well as a charger I paid significantly more for. It looks great too! I would highly recommend this charger. (Posted on 5/7/14)
This product is super fast to charge Review by Walter
It charged both my ipad in the 2.1v and my phone in 1v charging slot at the same time without any problems. Fits nicely in my car. Wish it was slightly lower profile. Though it feels very sturdy unlike other plugs which feel flimsy and cheap in my hands. Based on my use thus far, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. The look is also sleek in black along with the lighting around the top being quite nice to look at. Though it says you get both a black and white version, I only received a black version of the charger. Would be a perfect rating if both were received (though could be because this is a beta test and not actual product). (Posted on 5/6/14)
Quick Charge Review by Steven
This charger works well, is completely silent (as some cheaper chargers are not), and gives out a good power output allowing my device to charge quickly (Nexus 4/7). It has a nice solid blue glow. The included USB cable works well. Finally it is good quality fitting snug into the car outlet. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Nice design, simple Review by Chary
Nice and beautiful design for a car charger. It fits and stays in the 2010 Toyota corolla and 2009 Toyota Camry. I like the seperate output for the iDevices and non iDevices with 1A and 2A outputs. It would be better to include a little instruction about these outputs like which is for which, but it is very common thing that idevices use 2 amper. One more thing, my old charger has replaceable fuse lamp as well. I do not think eliminating this option may affect the functionality of a charger, but without it the product looks much simpler, and it is good. I have never replaced one of those fuses, maybe I am not using it with heavy load. on the charger there is a brown outline which glows nicely and maches the color of my corolla s's interior lights (brown), but if I look at the inside of the usb ports, I can see blue led light, it is not matching but it represents there is some energy. good and interesting design. It would be nice to match those lights color though. but it is not that important. I tested it with my iphone and it worked and charged my phone without any issue, this is what we all want. and the charger is staying in its place always tight. (Posted on 5/5/14)
High Speed Dual USB Car Charger Review by Donnie
The New Trent USB charger is a great little device, providing 1V and 2.1V charging.

I used the charger to simultaneously charge my iPhone 5C and my iPad 2. Both devices were completely drained of power. Once plugged in, both devices powered on within about 2 minutes. Within 30 minutes, the iPad had a 49% battery level. The iPhone was at 38% using the 1V port.

The charger is a solid unit with a nice unobtrusive orange glow around the edge, and blue lit USB ports. Some chargers power lights are way too bright - not this one! Also, all USB plugs I tried fit securely into the charger - no wobbly connections here!

I would give the USB car charger a rating of 5, as I could find no flaws with this item.
(Posted on 5/4/14)
convenient and very useful! Review by Lindsay
1. car charger was slim and came with a micro USB cord.
2. No problems with charging my iphone 5 with the charger - and it has two
different amounts of amps to each port - I was able to charge my ipad mini
as well.
3. this charger is great when traveling with a car full of people who all
have smartphones. Dual charging while in the car for a few hours is a
great feature especially when everyone has at least 1-2 devices now.
4. I throw the charger in my bag when I get out the car in case I hop in
anyone else's car to go to lunch or shopping - I know I have a charger with
me at all times.
(Posted on 5/4/14)
I'm impressed Review by Kim
> New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger was easy to use in my minivan. I like the blue illumination and the dual charging availability. I have at least 4 electronics in the car on a road trip and it's great to have the ability to charge 2 at once. I didn't find a use for the cord that came with the charger, since my electronics are all Apple products or are not compatible with that cord. If it came with a Apple IPhone/IPod cord I feel this product would be appreciated.
> All in all I give this product a 4 out of 5 only because the cord is not useful to me while I am traveling in my car. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Best Car Charger To Date! Review by Robert
I absolutely love the Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger. I have used many different car chargers in the past and all of the chargers with dual ports have failed after trying to use them one time. If it wasn’t the device, it was a fuse in my car. The New Trent dual car charger hasn’t failed me yet and it offers great ease when trying to plug cords into it at night. The chargers I have used in the past have not been lit up except for the outer rim of the device. This device allows me to find the charging ports with ease because of the inside LED light. The devices I have used it for are my 64GB iPhone 4S and 64GB 3rd generation iPad. I thought that the charger would charge my devices slowly like some in the past, but the car charger charged my iPhone and iPad with normal speed. I found the product most useful in my wife’s car because the 12V outlet is in a small dark area of the car and the backlit features made it easy to find the ports. We have used some in the past that were too bulky and did not fit, but the slim design of the New Trent device fit perfectly. I think this device would work anywhere there is a 12V outlet because of the amazing design. I would rate this car charger a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Works well Review by Jared
This car charger worked with my iPhone 5s. I like that the front lights up to show it is actually on and that it is long enough to easily remove from the lighter. Anyone wanting a way to charge their phone on their commute or provide a quick backup while out and about would benefit from this car charger. Compared to one I already own, it worked functionally the same with the additional positives already noted. Again, for the type of charger it is comparable to, I would give it a “5." (Posted on 5/3/14)
Very fast charger! Review by Ryan
This little charger works! I was looking for another car charger when my old one went out and found this. The two USB ports are convenient and I could not believe how fast it charges. During a test on my iPhone 5, it charged it from 12% to 58% within a half hour- while using the GPS for navigation! There is also a light inside the charger to indicate that it is on. It’s a cool subtle blue that looks really nice in the car. The package also included a Micro USB Cable, which works well.This is definitely one of the best car accessories I have, am very happy to have found it. (Posted on 5/3/14)
My "Go To" Car Charger Review by David
This charger is a perfect addition to my car. I use it to charge my phone as well as my Blue Tooth headset, GPS and iPad(s). There is a marked difference in charging rate with the two different outputs of 5V@2.1A and 5V@1A . If my batteries are low, I use the 2.1A output for a rapid charge of approximately 1%/minute. If I want to keep my battery charged but talk at the same time I used the 1A output to keep the charge up while I talk. The charger fits perfectly in my power port with no slop and the added micro-USB Charging Cable is a real plus. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Two in one is the way to go! Review by Stephanie
The New Trent car charger is a great gadget to have while in the car. In the times where technology is so widely used this came in very handy! I used this charger to charge both my cell phone and my husband's simultaneously while I used my other car charger outlet to run my gps. It was compatible with both my Iphone and Galaxy 3s. This would come in handy for anyone with a car that needs a charge on the go. It works if both ports are in use or a single one. So excited to own this! (Posted on 5/2/14)
Really nice 15W dual port USB car charger Review by Peter
have used the to use the Dual High-Speed USB car charger on two 2 hour long drives. Although I only charged one device, I was very happy with the performance of the unit. It kept up with an iPhone 5 running GPS, topping it off and then keeping it fully charged.
Mechanically, it is well made, the physical finish is very nice. There is just the right amount retention force when it is inserted into the accessory-port (cigarette lighter) to keep it firmly engaged while driving, and the friction on the USB ports gives the right amount of positive feedback when the USB cable is inserted. I especially like the blue LED illumination around the top of the unit and around the USB ports. It is bright enough to see in moderate daylight, but not at all distracting at night in a dark car. The illumination is very attractive and gives the unit a high end aesthetic.
The NT85T also comes with a microUSB cable which is very useful if you’re using an Android phone or any other device that charges over microUSB.
There only two small downsides to this car charger. First, it only provides 15W (1x 1A, 1x 2A; compared to some units that provide 2x 2A = 20W). And related to the previous point, the second downside is that you have to pay attention to which port you are using for charging larger devices such as iPads or other tablets. These are relatively small issues, though, and does not impact my overall impression of this charger. The NT85T has fully met my expectations and performed flawlessly. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Car charger works good and looks great Review by Dan
Overall, the charger looks nice, especially the brushed metal face. The face only has text indicating the amperage of each port. The text is clear and easily visible. It has a blue light when plugged into the socket, but it is a little hard to see during the day. At night, you can see it clearly. This is true of the various other charger brands that I have used, so I didn’t deduct for this. I have tried using it on two cars, and it fits snugly into the cigarette lighter port on both cars.

I have used this charger for several hours and had no problems. Using “Battery Monitor Widget” from the Google Play Store, I was able to confirm that it was indeed able to charge at 2.0A on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the cable provided with the car charger. Please note that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a microUSB 3.0 port, but the provided cable is a microUSB 2.0 cable. This works perfectly fine and charges at the same speed as the stock cable, however, just beware that on certain newer phones with microUSB 3.0, the cable would only occupy half of the charging port. When I was using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Navigation capabilities, the charging rate decreased due to the screen and GPS being on all the time, however, I was still able to get a positive charge. This is true of other 2a car chargers that I have used. I tried to charge my Samsung Galaxy SIII and it worked fine albeit at 1 amp, which is the maximum for that device.

Final Thoughts:
The charger works great, and having a two pack is nice so you can use it in two cars. Only minor complaint is that the blue indicator light is hard to see during the day. The added microUSB cable is a nice bonus. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Awesome! Review by Moses
I received the white New Trent High Speed USB Port for my car. What I will say right from first glance is that this unit looks beautiful. I'm a stylish person, so looks mean a lot to me. The white with the gold trim looks cool, but when it's lit up in the car, it turns orange. I know you wouldn't purchase this product for the looks, but hey, it certainly helps.

As for the charging, I noticed that it charged my phone as quickly as plugging my phone in to the wall unit or my computer. I was happy about the speed that it charged the phone.

There's nothing that I'd recommend you improve upon with this product. It does what it's supposed to do. I give this a 5 out of 5, with extra cool points for the look of it. Great job on whoever recommended it come in white. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Very well made product. Compact and works very well. Review by Colby
I really like the USB Car charger. It is very sturdy and I like how the USB contacts are snug. It also fits securely in my car's power source. I have had others that if you hit a bump they loose contact or if you touch them wrong. So this is one thing that I like a lot. I have used the charger to charge my ipod "the original version", Verizon LG G2, Garmin GPS and my itaste ecig. I am very pleased with how quick it charges these items. It charged my cell phone just as quick or not quicker than the wall charger that it came with. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Excellent charger Review by Steve
The devices that I used to test the charger were my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (Gen 1) tablet and my Samsung Galaxy S-4 smart phone. The design and physical size of the charger are very good. The built-in illumination that lights up when it is properly connected to the car is a very good feature. It provides a good indication that it is charging without being bright enough to be a distraction in the car. This charger will not charge my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet, but this is not a complaint or a failing of the charger. It's because of Samsung's tablet design. This charger is capable of charging the tablet with the addition of the "Specialized Tieline for Samsung Galaxy Tab" that came with my New Trent IMP99D Super External Battery. This is exactly what I expected. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Excellent for car trips Review by Robin
This car charger is a great thing to have in this day and age. No more fighting for the lighter in the car. Now you can charge more than one device. I like the LED so at least it's not totally dark. It has enough power to charge my phone while it's streaming video and both my Galaxy Note 3 and and my son's iPhone's 4s charge at the same time with comprimising charge time for either of them.

I would rate this a 5.

(Posted on 5/2/14)
Excellent Car Charger!! Review by Devin
I had a usb car adapter but it wouldn’t charge my phone very fast and would not keep my phone charged when using the GPS function. With this 15W high-speed dual usb port charger, both of these issues are gone. My phone charged from 35% to 100% in about 30 minutes while using the GPS and talking on the phone simultaneously. Impressive. The charger itself is fairly low profile as well which is nice as my other one stick out quite a ways causing things to catch on it. Another feature I like about this one is the light ring around the usb ports. It’s not blinding at all and it makes it really easy to see the ports in the dark. Overall, I have no complaints about this and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a USB car charger.
(Posted on 5/2/14)
Great product! Review by Erik
The versatility with having 2 ports and with each being available at
different amperage allows is great. I used it a number of times since I've
been traveling a lot over the past couple of weeks. The charger charges my
phone quickly, and seems like it charges faster than my home charger.
Definitely a great product to have! (Posted on 5/1/14)
durable, well constructed car charger Review by Joseph
NT85T New Trent Car Charger

New Trent Car Charger (Dual USB Ports) has worked perfectly as expected. I have used plug in USB chords for the following devices:

1) iPhone 5s, 5 and 4s - Charges efficiently and perfectly
2) iPad Air, iPad 2nd and 3rd Generation - Charges rather efficiently (iPad's take long than iPhones, but that is to be expected), consistently
3) charged Novatel Wireless 4G/LTE MiFi AT&T hotspot, with no issues

received the white charger, very clean and sleek appearance. fits perfectly into my Infiniti's center console adapter. Lighted indicators display when the adapter is plugged in/ready for use

the charger appears to be constructed with very durable plastic, and can withstand a consistent plugging and unplugging into/out of a/c power source. Charger feels durable enough to take consistent incident contact with USB plugs, car keys, various items likely to come in contact with a car charger/adapter

I would rate the product a "5" out of 5, as it has consistently worked with all my devices I use on the go, and in the past week, I have traveled with the charger, and used in a Ford Expedition and Toyota Tundra (in addition to my Infiniti M), and has worked as expected in each vehicle, with each device that I have attempted to charge.
(Posted on 5/1/14)
My new go-to mobile charger! Review by Steve
The NT85T charger impressed me. I figured it would be just like any other charger, nothing much to stand out. But there were two things I appreciated -- first, as advertised it will actually charge a 2.1 Amp device and a 1 Amp device simultaneously without problem. I tested it with an iPad 2 and a Bluetooth receiver dongle for the car, at the same time. They both charged at a very reasonable rate, and neither seemed to have intermittent drops in current like I've seen before with other chargers. I used to wonder why everyone doesn't offer two 2.1 Amp slots, but I've learned why -- some devices don't like being charged at the higher rate. This way you can charge two different kinds of devices without concern over damage from overcharging.
Second, and this might seem trivial, the LED lighting wasn't blinding when used at night. I've used 9V car chargers before that were just too bright and I either had to turn them away from me or stop using them because they were a distraction for night driving. This one just has a blue glow to it around the bezel of the front and the USB ports. Perfect.
The only thing that bugs me about most 9V chargers (this one included) is they are too long for the socket. I'd rather they sit flush with the dashboard of the car where I use it. Maybe there's an engineering reason why they have to stick out, but I'd rather they didn't. Otherwise I've adopted this as the charger I leave plugged-in all the time, and the previous one is just a backup in storage. (Posted on 5/1/14)
NT85T Review by Francis
I received the package with the NT85T car charger in it and was a little
> disappointed because I thought I was receiving 2 chargers a black one and a
> white one there was only a white one in the package that I received. I
> plugged the charger in and used it to charge my Nexus 7 and Motorola Ultra
> at the same time. The charging time was faster than expected and the
> charger remained cool to the touch. I have used it to charge my phone,
> tablet and bluetooth headphones multiple times with no problems. I like the
> sleek design of the NT85T car charger and on a scale of 1-5 would give this
> product a solid 5. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great charging port for your car Review by Scott
Products used in testing: iPhone 5S, iPad Mini

Quality (5/5):
The charger fit very snuggly into the cigarette port and felt very well made. The plastic was solid and did not feel brittle. The charging cable fit snuggly into the USB ports without any issues.

Performance (5/5):
This thing is awesome. It does exactly what it says. I used it to charge both my iPhone 5S and my iPad Mini. I had no issues at all with it charging. The only thing I would like to see is 2 2.1A ports instead of a 1A and a 2.1A. However, for its intended purpose it is great. I would also like the ability to just turn off the LED light. It can be a little bit distracting at night. I used this product all the time while I was driving in my car (2005 Ford Explorer).

Price (5/5):
This product is a fantastic value. Especially the twin pack. It is priced even lower than the cheap gas station chargers and is much better quality.

Overall (5/5):
I loved this charging port. It works exactly as it’s intended and I had no issues. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family. Anyone that wants to add USB charging to their vehicle should definitely consider this product. I don’t see why you would purchase a different product for any more money than this one. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great for charging multiple items at once! Review by Dave
I used the charger to charge my iPhone5S and Nexus 5 simultaneously while commuting. This charger did a much better job of keeping up with charging my Nexus 5 while actively using it for navigation. Previous chargers I've used have struggled to charge, much less keep the phone from continuing to lose charge. It is particularly awesome to be charging both phones at the same time, and only use a single adapter. I'd have to switch off between them or otherwise make a tough decision on unplugging my other car devices. If you spend a lot of time in your car, or have a lot of power hungry devices, this is the car charger you need! (Posted on 5/1/14)
perfect fit! Review by van
The car charger was a perfect fit, and unlike its predecessor, the NT88C, it stayed put. I love that the NT85T came in red and white too. The LED indicator is subtle and elegant but perfect for finding your device in the middle of the night. The micro USB cable that came with it was perfect fit to charge my two most used devices - Mophie phone case and wireless hotspot. This device saves me daily since the iPhone 5s is notorious for its battery charge, and I carry my iPad Air everywhere. Being able to charge multiple devices is handy for the commuter. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great charger! Review by Tu
This is a nice car charger. Has a nice finish. I like the bush metal finish on the top of the charger. I didn’t know that it lights up blue until I plugged in the charger. Doesn’t match with my cars interior colors. The blue light is not overwhelming, it's just a trim of blue. As far as the charging capabilities, it does a great job of charging. The top USB slot is rated at 1A the bottom is rated at 2.1A. Charged my Samsung Note 3 on the bottom slot, since the battery is a bit larger then my girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy 4. I give this product a 4 of 5, 5 being excellent. -1 point for the blue LED, only because it doesn’t match with my cars interior colors. Photos attached It’s nicer when not lit. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great dual port car charger! Review by Michael
I recently got a New Trent Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger. The item looks great and comes with a micro-usb to USB cable. About 2.5' long. Product works as advertised, charges my phones and is fairly compact too. I like this idea of just having universal USB ports as opposed to a hard-wired connector. This allows me to charge other things that don't use micro-usb. The charger has two USB ports, a 1A and a 2.1A. I really enjoy having two ports. The additional amperage helps with charging more power intensive items like tablets. So far I've used it on a few Samsung Galaxy S4's and a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Can't say I use tablets that often in the car, but someone might. It's handy to have 2 ports as well.

Due to this being a car charger, there aren't many other locations that it can plug into. I guess it could also work in a battery backup if it has a connection, but I haven't tried that. Mostly, it's great just to keep in the car and plug in your devices.

This would apply to any occupation honestly, but those who are smartphone intensive would be helped the most. whether that's a normal consumer who just uses devices a lot, or if it's a business person who uses their mobile devices often. Batteries are a major weakness in electronics these days and having a lack of battery life is a huge problem.

Overall, I'd rate the product a 5. It works extremely well as intended and looks great too. If i were to be nitpicky (can't take off points for this), I wish the device had a better way to manage cables. Some method to wrap and hold cords would be great, but could be difficult to think up. I do love the blue color that lights up when plugged in and active. Alternate colors would be great, but not necessary. Product looks very sleek and definitely works as intended. The charger is very snug into the charging port and is not loose or does not feel cheap. The price point on this charger is also fantastic. A 2nd USB cable would be helpful as well.

(Posted on 4/30/14)
Handy car charger! Review by Adrian
I like this car charger quite a bit. It comes with a MicroUSB cable, which is nice, and also has two charging options (2.1A and 1.0 A). The device itself works as expected, which was used to charge my Galaxy S3. I like that there's no glaring LED on the outside that lights up, and that the light indicating power is on the inside of the device. It's much easier on the eyes at night. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great Charger! Review by Sandra
1.5W dual USB port car charger (NT85T). This has worked wonderfully. I have used this in my car to charge my IPhone, IPad, and even charged my external battery that I purchased from New Trent. This charger came with a USB cord that fit my external battery. I already had cords for the IPhone and IPad, which fits nicely in this car charger. I have not had any problems with this charger and will continue to keep it in my car. I rank this a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Works as intended! Review by Saruthay
This usb car charger works great. Gives me power when I really need it. The second USB port is convenient and being a 2 amp port, gives me a little extra power when I only have a quick trip to get some charge. I like that it lights up around the edge when plugged in, but it could be a little brighter, it’s sort of hard to see in the daytime. Overall it does exactly what I need. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great charger Review by Raniero
Charging my iPhone 5s is quick and easy! I love the LED lights as it makes it easy to find the USB ports in the dark and it looks great. I used it to charge my Microsoft Surface and I felt it charged both quickly and did not over heat.

The extra cable is great to have, I personally have my own cables but having this included was a plus. I own this charger in white and it looks sleek and clean in my SUV. I would recommend this charger to anyone who has more then one electronic device or a great way to share a charge with passengers. Road trips, or just a long commute I know I'll have all the power I need for my all gadgets. (Posted on 4/30/14)
The Perfect Solution to Your Power Needs Review by irisonthego
The NT85T is a nicely crafted USB car charger for mobile devices. Many of us have something stored in the glove compartment, just in case. So what makes this unit stand out above the rest? To begin with, it has dual ports. It converts the power from your auto’s 12 volt DC power port, previously known as the cigarette lighter thingy, to 5v at 1A or 2.1A. So, you may plug in both a smart phone and a tablet and charge both as you go. This car charger also comes with a micro USB charging cable. I just leave both in the car. When the unit is plugged in, it has LED lights framing the outside of the area for attaching the USB cable, as well as lights in the ports themselves. My car’s front power port is sort of under the dash, so in shadow. The light makes it easy to see where to attach the cable. The days of needing a flashlight for this are over! Perhaps most important is the built-in short circuit and overcharge protection. I don’t often think of the necessity for this aspect until I hear of someone’s phone frying or igniting due to using equipment without this protection.

For those who constantly use their smart phones and tablets, a backup battery pack may not have enough juice to get you through the day. If you are constantly on the go in your vehicle, and a wall outlet is not handy or practical, the New Trent dual high-speed USB port car charger is the perfect solution to your power needs. The two-pack includes one charger in black, one in white, and a micro USB cable. For convenience and sturdy construction, definitely a five star recommendation. (Posted on 4/30/14)
looks good, works GREAT! Review by kassie
New Trent (2PCS) Twin-Pack: Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Chargers w/ Free Full Speed Micro-USB Charging Cable - 1pc 15W black and 1pc 15W white (NT85T)

I had ordered New Trent USB chargers (NT89T) before and loved it! My sister saw it in my car and "loved it" away, so I needed a replacement...

The NT85T twin-pack USB port car chargers are very similar to what I had, thought it be a perfect replacement, and I was right! These chargers are well designed, small in size, pretty shiny exteriors (one black, one white), each has 2 USB inputs, so you can charge 2 devices at the same time, very convenient, it also lights up when in use (blue light/black charger, orangey light/white charger), an added bling!

My favorite part about the design of the New Trent USB car chargers is it's height, it stands at 3 inches, but only a little over an inch is exposed after it's plugged into the lighter socket, love the low profile.

Must admit, I didn't notice the 2 output ports are different (2.1A & 1A), I just inserted the New Trent USB charger into the socket, plugged in my iPhone and Garmin GPS and they charged fine. Really haven't noticed any difference now that I'm using the correct charging ports.

These are wonderful chargers and the price is super. I will definitely reorder if a replacement is needed.

Five stars all the way!
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Good dual port/amp charger that actually works! Review by kah00na
The dual port USB charger, NT85T, is probably the best thought out car charger I’ve used. The 1 and 2.1 amp slots allow for charging a larger array of devices. The internal LEDs are my favorite part. They allow for the user to easily see the charger and know that it is indeed receiving power from the car. I tested it with a Nabi 2 children’s tablet, an iPad 1, and a Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m also very glad to see that it was indeed able to use both ports at the same time. On some chargers I’ve used, only one port can be used at a time which I think defeats the purpose of a dual port charger. The included mini USB cable is an added bonus as I never seem to be able to find one when I need it – this one is staying in my car!! I like the idea of using the 2.1 amp port to get a quick charge for a phone. Some times I only have a short amount of time to charge and the higher amperage port is able to accommodate this. Because this can charge a wide selection of devices, I think anyone with a cell phone or tablet would benefit from this – even parents with young kids with tablets, assuming they can find an appropriate USB cable, would be able to use it. I’ll have to order another one for my wife’s car now too. Compared to all the other car chargers I’ve used, I’d definitely give this one a rating of 5 out of 5! I don’t know how this charger could be any better! (Posted on 4/30/14)
Every car should have one of these Review by Howard
This car charger is working out well, I like that it has both usb ports available. My wife uses the 1amp port for her iPhone 4S and I use the 2.1amp port for my Samsung and Kindle Fire HD. We love it on car trips! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Works Great Review by Daniel
The charger I received has worked great. It is nice since I have an older
car with only one cigarette lighter. I am able to charge my Nexus 5 as well
as my Nexus 7 at the same time. Most car chargers do not out out enough
amperage to charge the nexus 7 and other tablets, but his ones does so
excellently. It is nice to know that when I am on the go, I have the
capability of charging all of my devices. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Nice design, durable and functions great Review by Amzad
The Newtrent 85T Car Charger is a simple car charger but it does exactly what it is advertised to do.It doesn't feel or look cheap and works quite nicely.There are 2 USB port. One is 1A and other is 2.1A, both running at 5 volts so you can charge a variety of devices. The rim lights up when in use so you can see when it's active. I use it with my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 and it works great. I love the fact that it comes with free micro usb cables so I didn't have to buy an additional ones for my car. For the price for 2 of these with the cable, it's amazingly cheap for a great product that works great. Out of 5, I'd give it a 5. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great Charger Review by Tim
This charger had no issues powering any of the devices I connected. The labeling is clearly placed on the front of the unit, indicating 1A and 2.1A charging ports. Both worked fine with the devices I connected. The profile is nice and short and the lighting isn't intrusive.

If you want a unit that has dual 2.1A, check out the NT81T instead (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great Review by Christy
This charger arrived quickly, yay! The gist is, this car charger gets the job done. It comes in a velvet-ey bag so that you can store it and the included mini-usb plug together, if you need to take them out of your car or whatever. It's got one port for regular items like phones, ipods, etc. The other port can be used for items that need 2.1 amps, like iPads. I used the bottom port to charge an iPad 2, and it did great. I used the top port for an iPhone 5, as well as for a couple of iPods. They all charged well. You are able to use both ports at the same time, for charging two devices at once; perfect! I plan to plug it into the back port in my minivan, so that the kids on the back row can both charge their devices even though we have only one charging port. Perfect for long roadtrips with multiple kids!

The frame of the charger, around the USB ports, does glow blue, regardless of use. My one and only suggestion is to perhaps implement a light that changes colors according to the device's charging status. I have a radio transmitter with a USB port (made by another company) in my car, and on that device, the glowing frame turns yellow when the device is charging, and green when it's done. Having a light that changes like that on this device would be a great addition!

Overall, great, as it does exactly what it's supposed to do. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great Improvement Review by Alexander
The car charger is a major improvement over the previous dual charger. The older charger had ports on the sides, which made for plugging things in awkward. This one, with the ports in front works much smoother. I like the higher amp charge that even works on my iPad. It fits much tighter into the car port and doesn't fall out like the other one did. Great improvements. No qualms at all. The design even looks better. 5 out of 5. (Posted on 4/29/14)
awesome car charger Review by Daniel
I have nothing but praise for this car charger. Not only does it look beautiful with the blue accents, but also its small size and dual ports make it a must-have for anyone on the go. Many car chargers will jut out of the slot a good distance and potentially get in the way of cup holders or general storage compartments, so to see one that is only as big as it has to be is refreshing.

This dual port charger will fit in any standard car and charge any 2.1amp or less devices with ease. This, for me, meant that I was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 to keep the GPS running without a hitch, while simultaneously charging my iPad in my cars center console. It is a great feeling to arrive at your destination with your devices fully charged for whatever lays ahead of you.

On top of the great car charger, this came with a free USB to Micro USB cord! That is just icing on the dual port car charger cake. I will be using this one for a long time. Definitely 5/5! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Handy Little Car Charger Review by Linda
Two in one! This compact device has two USB ports so allows one to charge two appliances at the same time - very handy when two are riding in the car! No more fighting over who gets to charge their phone.... TIP: It does not come with Apple charger cords so be sure you have yours. I keep a set of short charger cords with this so I can charge all my devices. ANOTHER TIP: One in each car. They are not expensive and that way you don't have to remember to move it from one car to the other. All in all - a great little addition to my car! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great charger with a handy carry bag Review by Theresa
When I got my new IPhone 5s I found myself with a bunch of chargers that no longer had the proper voltage to charge my new phone. This handy little car charger was the answer to the problem of many devices all needing different current.

The charger comes with two standard USB ports, one is a 1A (Ipad 2 and earlier) and one is a 2A (IPhone 5s and newer IPads) . It also comes with one USB to Micro USB cable plus a neat little felt drawstring bag to keep them in. The cable is standard so any USB to Micro USB cable can be used if you need a longer cable or want to charge two things at once. It will also fit any of the USB to lightning charge cables that come with new Apple products.

The car charger works as fast as the house charger and I was also able to connect both my IPhone 5s and my IPad 2 to it at the same time. Since I have an “always on” 12v outlet in my truck, it was nice to have the overcharge protection feature to help me out if I forgot and left my devices hooked up too long.

It’s a silly thing, but I really like the addition of the small bag to keep the pieces clean and together while riding around in my truck. I usually end up losing one or more parts of any anything that has more than one piece to it and it usually ends up getting something in the holes from dashboard dining. So the bag is a win-win.
This is the only charger I have to carry in my truck now, and it’s well worth the price. (Posted on 4/29/14)
It's Great! NT85T USB Dual Port Car Charger Review by Mollie
I got this compact, dual port charger because I spend a lot of time commuting by car in heavy traffic and I need to have a working phone, not one with a low battery. The charger is well made, compact, and in a bright color, so easy to keep up with. If you drive by yourself, you can get by with one car charger with one port. However, if you ride with other people, especially if you are traveling a distance, it helps to have a spare charger -- and a spare outlet -- to keep the mobile devices charged. With this charger, you can skip the extra charger and spare outlet -- it has two outlets, so it can charge two devices at the same time. One of the outlets (1 amp) is good for charging a phone and the other works (2 amp) for charging a second phone or a tablet. This charger if fast! I charged my iPhone from low to fully charged in the time it took me to drive during rush hour from work to the city center. My colleague, who was riding with me, charged his iPad Mini at the same time. I have nothing negative to say about this charger -- it's great. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Pleasantly Surprised Review by Deborah
This review is on the New Trent Car charger NT85T, I have purchased many many car chargers some have dual ports 1 is 1A the other is 2.1A. I stream video and listen to Pandora all day everyday , most chargers will keep my phone charged but when I unplug my phone from the car charger there is no power or very little left. Since I've been using the New Trent NT85T my phone comes out of the charger fully charged even after I have been streaming video or music all day , The bonus is I use the second port to charge my blue tooth headset at the same time and it doesn't effect how my phone is charged , I thought a charger was a charger , I have learned my lesson , this is definitely worth buying. I almost forgot the charger fits nice and snug in the outlet . So many times before with the other chargers I thought my phone was charging only to find out it had come loose in the outlet and was not making contact in the outlet. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Love this!! Wonderful! Review by Gianna
I love this charger! I like the 2.1A output and the look of it. It is sleek and looks great in my car. Charges my iPad and iPhone very fast!! No complaints! (Posted on 4/29/14)
The Only Car Charger I Will Use Review by Vincent
First and foremost these are the best car chargers I have had the pleasure of using. I am use to purchasing the cheap, non-generic chargers for a couple bucks. The only problem with these generic chargers is that they need to be replaced monthly due to problems such as overheating and when they do work, they charge the device very slowly. The New Trent charger didn’t seem to have any of those problems when being tested for several days.
It has been used for about a week with no problems at all. It actuallycharges my Iphone much more rapidly than that generic brand.With its ergonomical design and the extremely useful blue light it displays when plugged in, I am able to find the dual USB ports at night time much more easily.
I also had no problems charging two devices simultaneously with this charger as well. All in all I give this charger a 5 out of 5 based on its performance, attractiveness and compactness compared to the other car chargers on the market. New Trent is a brand that has earned my trust and loyalty due to the fact that this charger has not failed at all when charging up my devices. I would recommend spending a few extra bucks to get a product that truly will do what it says, because in a time of need the right product (New Trent) will be needed. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Excellent Dual Purpose Car Charger Review by Richard
I rate this product a 5 star. Packaging 2 is nice since many families have two cars. The price is very good. I have tested the unit on my families cell phones, Apple iPads, Kindle Fire, Kindle and Acer laptop. Having both the 1A and 2.1A allows you to slow charge the iPhone so the battery isn't pushed too hard (thus reducing its the overall battery life cycle) while also being able to charge the iPad, Kindles and laptops in a reasonable time with the 2.1A port. Build quality is excellent with a good tight fit in the car "cigarette" lighter slot. The supplied USB cable was also well built unlike others who supply below par accessory cables. Another fine product from New Trent. (Posted on 4/28/14)
A Great Charger for Both Vehicles Review by Greg
I used the New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual USB port car chargers (NT85T) to charge my Iphone 5, an Iphone 4s, a Samsung Brightside, a Garmin Nuvi 1300, and a Sandisk Sansa Fuse MP3 player. The USB chargers had no issues interfacing with the power supplies in our Chevy Silverado and Toyota Sienna Van. The NT85Ts were very helpful on our trip this last month out of town. These chargers would be ideal for anyone traveling for work or pleasure on a regular basis. Overall they performed great. (Posted on 4/26/14)
NT85T charger highly recommended for anyone with the need to charge one or multiple devices in a vehicle. Review by Pete T
· Dual ports allow charging of two devices simultaneously

· Excellent design and build quality

· Illuminated to indicate it’s powered on and locate ports

· More than adequate power to charge any device

· None

I received the New Trent NT85T car charger for testing purposes and have been using it for a week. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am an IT executive for a company of 3000 people. My job provides me the opportunity to evaluate many products so as a result, I am pretty critical of a product features being able to suit a variety of needs as well as being durable and cost effective. I also have a pretty active lifestyle outside of work with my 8 year old twin girls. Like most people, my devices, particularly my phone, are attached to me 24/7, and I am pretty rough on them. I have a personal iPhone 5, A Nokia Lumia 1520 for work, a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch laptop, A 4th gen iPAD. Between my wife and girls add another iPhone 5, two 5th gen iPod touches, and 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.0’s. I have several New Trent products, an AirBender iPad case and several battery packs (to keep everything charged).

The construction of the charger is impressive. It’s definitely a high quality build. The contacts on the side are not the cheap thin metal bent to make contact but solid ovals which are larger than average. The middle spring loaded post is larger in diameter, the spring is strong, and it moves smoothly. The unit has a blue led light which illuminates the ports and an orange translucent ring of plastic which illuminates with an orange glow. The lights not only indicate the unit is powered but also helps you locate the ports when dark. I did not have any problem plugging the charger into any cigarette lighter port. With cheaper units I always have to fiddle with it to make contact. I did not have this problem with the NT85T. There are two USB ports on the top, one supplies 1A of power and the other 2.1A of power. I plugged several USB cables into the ports and all fit tightly. I used the device to charge my and my wife’s iPhone 5’s, my iPad (4th generation), my Nokia Lumia 1520, and both my daughters 5th generation iPod touches and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0’s. I used either an Apple branded lightning cable for the Apple devices or a generic USB to micro USB cable for the Nokia and Samsung devices. I also used the device to charge the batteries for my electronic cigarette batteries. The NT85T handled all flawlessly. I have no reason to doubt the unit’s power output as it charged all the devices with sufficient speed. This product is an excellent value for the price on Amazon. Overall I would highly recommend the NT85T charger for anyone with the need to charge one or multiple devices in a vehicle. (Posted on 4/26/14)
great charger Review by Robert
I used the car charger on my iPad mini and nexus 7 and my moto x. The charger had no issues charging any of the devices while separate. It also charged a tablet and my phone just fine. It did seem to take longer to charge my phone but tt me thats not a big deal being that I was charging a tablet at the same time. It is perfect for anyone that needs to charge 2 devices at once. (Posted on 4/24/14)
New Trent Dual Port Car Charger (NT85T) Review by Gary
I have used many, many car chargers in the past, including the older New Trent Car Charger. My last charger was a dual port 2.1/1.0 Amp charger I bought at WalGreens. It worked well until I tried to remove it from the cigarette lighter and it fell apart. My last New Trent Charger is still in use, however, it runs hot. This new adapter does not run hot at all.

Ports labelled well
Can charge both a tablet and phone at the same time
Tablet port charges the phone very fast
Fits well into lighter receptacle
Blue led glow is a nice touch in the car
Micro USB cable is included

I have yet to find anything wrong with this adapter. I hope the next version has dual 2.1 ports to quickly charge two phones or to charge a tablet and quickly charge a phone at the same time.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Dual Ports and Durable Review by Ken
- The Dual Ports make this charger extremely efficient and easy to use. Plus the fact that it came with an additional cord puts it way ahead of other chargers that I have used in the past. Many chargers are flimsy and will break or jam after a few weeks of abuse – let’s face it, everyone from the wife to the grandkid wants to charge something while driving and none of them will be gentle when inserting their cable into the charger. This one took all the abuse we could throw at it and still works perfectly. I also like the blue glow (I have the white one) which makes it easy to locate in the dark. Five out of five stars. (Posted on 4/24/14)
High Quality, Reliable Car Charger for your iOS devices Review by John
I use this device with my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Up until this point, I have been hesitant to use a car charger with my mobile devices, after having a bad experience in the past with a third party car charger blowing a fuse in my automobile. After seeing the reviews for this particular model, and knowing New Trent's reputation for quality products, I was willing to give it a try. I used this charger in a 2009 Honda Civic and a 2012 Honda Odyssey with my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, and a genuine Apple brand lightning to USB cable (not included) in conjunction with the New Trent car charger. Both devices recognized the charge immediately and appeared to be charging quickly. I wasn't brave enough to try charging both devices simultaneously, but while charging both devices individually, everything seemed to work perfectly. No blown fuses so far! The charger itself is compact, stylish, and easy to use. It fits just snug enough in the charging port so that it's not loose, but not so tight that you have to fight to get it into place. I would highly recommend this car charger to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable mobile device charger for when they are on the go. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Can handle the Samsung Note 3! Review by Eric
I have been using the New Trent 15w dual USB port car charger for about 4 days, and it appears to be performing as designed. On a Rating scale of 1 - 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent), I would give it a 4.

I have been using it to charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as I use the Waze GPS app to find the fastest way to work. The charger is able to keep this power hungry app going while actually increasing the charge percentage around 5 points in 10-20 minutes.

Size wise it is a little smaller than my Power Gen 4.2 Amp / 20W Dual USB Car Charger, and appears to be just as efficient as charging one phone at a time. I would like to see the full 2.1Amps for android devices on both ports given we are a Samsung family.

The lighting is convenient. I prefer the red led lighting to the combination of orange and blue of the white plastic unit I received.

Overall it performed as it's specs suggest. Some small changes would make it perfect. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Great device! Review by John
I've been looking for a good dual USB port car charger and this one seems
to fit the bill. There have been several times when I've had 2 passengers
in the car who needed to charge their phones. I, unfortunately, only had 1
charger available. Now, they can both charge their devices at once. This
is great for those long trips to visit family or travel for vacation.
Because it has both 1 amp and 2 amp ports, it will charge both smartphones
and tablets. So, there will be no problems charging our electronic devices
(Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, or
HTC Evo 4G.)

Very versatile device...I highly recommend it! (Posted on 4/23/14)
Great road trip companion Review by Ryan
If you ever embark on long road trips, a USB car charger is a must. If you ever embark on long road trips with friends or family, then a DUAL USB car charger is a must!

Upon receiving the New Trent car charger, I was surprised by how small and compact it is despite incorporating two USB ports. It appears to be very well built and it fits nice and snug in my car’s cigarette lighter. The blue LED status light compliments the black charger well and is very useful for connecting USB cables at night. I tested it with several of my gadgets including an iPhone 5S, iPad 2, 1st generation Kindle Fire, HP TouchPad, and a BlackBerry Bold. They all worked fine and I didn’t receive any incompatibility or “not charging” messages on my devices.

I could see this charger coming in handy if you need to top up your phone’s battery while the kids are trying to watch a movie on an almost dead iPad in the back seats. It would also be perfect for powering a GPS unit while also allowing you to charge up your phone. With the New Trent Dual USB Car Charger, you can charge two devices at the same time. However, an iPad or tablet will only charge at full speed if it is the only device plugged into the charger. Otherwise, it only receives about 1A of power which is still enough for tablets to charge, it will just take longer.

+ Two USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time from one car’s cigarette lighter.
+ The device is sleek and doesn’t protrude much from the cigarette lighter.
+ The built-in LED light makes it easy to see the two USB ports in the dark and seems to blend in well with the other dashboard lights of the car
+ Works great with my iPhone 5S, iPad 2, original Kindle Fire, and HP TouchPad

- When two devices are plugged into the charger, both ports are reduced to 1A each. To charge an iPad at 2.1A (full speed), it would need to be the only device connected. However, the iPad will still charge at 1A, it will just be slower. (Posted on 4/23/14)
awesome car charger Review by LYNN
I love New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger(NT85T)! It's compact, yet able to charge 2 phones at once which makes it awesome. I've had 2 cheap car chargers that were a waste of money, so how refreshing it is to find a charger that actually works! We just went on a road trip, and I'm happy to report we were able to listen to pandora while charging. I was impressed with how quick my Android charged. Excellent car charger, I'd recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 4/23/14)
New Trent Rapiduo Plus Car Chargers (NT85T): Review by Mark
Product is well made, has nice finished touch. The chargers is white with orange trim. Include with this charger is a USB cable; it is well made and solid. It has two charger ports, one has 1A, and the other has 2.1A. I have charged my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 2 simultaneously without any issue. I also tried with two of my kids Google Nexus 7 (2nd generation) without any issue. I would highly recommend this charger to my friends, relative or anyone. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Great value, 2 different USB output port car chargers Review by Wayland
By Wayland C.
This review is from: New Trent (2PCS) Twin-Pack: Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Chargers w/ Free Full Speed Micro-USB Charging Cable - 1pc 15W black and 1pc 15W white (NT85T) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

The NewTrent NT85T car charger is an extremely economical and flexible charger. The product is fairly priced with two chargers per box, as well as two micro USB cables. The chargers are flexible with two USB ports per charger, each with different out puts, for a total of 3.1 amps. The ports are clearly labeled as 1 amp and 2.1 amp ports. The two ports allows for charging both smart phones and tablet computers, along with other USB peripherals.

Features for each charger include the following:
- 2 ports: two different USB outputs (2.1 amp, 1 amp)
- simultaneous charging for two devices
- color coded with accent lights: white with orange light; black with blue light
- 2 micro USB cables

Tested devices: Samsung Galaxy S4, IPad 4, BlueAnt (wireless Bluetooth), NewTrent 38b wireless keyboard, IPod Touch; also used yet not tested on IPhone 5 and IPad mini.
Each charger has flexibility with the two different USB ports (3.1 amp total). The micro USB charger was used for smart phone; an Apple USB cord (not included) was used to charge IPad 4. Charge was faster with devices turned off, yet still charged devices when in use. This was extremely convenient while using the IPad in energy draining applications.

- allows for convenient and efficient use of car charging outlets
- dual ports allows for charging and use of two devices at the same time
- different output ports allows for charging of low amp and higher energy need devices

Cons: none to date.

Conclusion: this portable device provides a flexible solution to efficiently use and charge phones, tablets and USB devices. As with other NewTrent products, it is extremely well made (i.e. durable) and includes additional features (accent lights, different output ports) not readily available in other car charging units. It is essential for those using spending a great deal of time in their cars; it is essential for long car trips. Certainly the price makes this item extremely attractive!

Rating: 5 Star
(Posted on 4/22/14)
Simple and it works! Review by David
This product is very simple, and achieves its goals with no problem.

I love that there are two USB ports on this charger- with all the devices we have these days, we need as many options as possible!

I think the size is a great feature- it seems to be about as small as it can be while remaining functional in a crowded car setting. And getting two, one black and one white, makes it easy to coordinate with the car, the iPhone cable, or both. It's also a great deal for those that have two ac adapters in their cars

I would think that this product would be great for anyone that has multiple devices in their cars- commuters in particular, but really anyone that spends more than a few minutes driving each day.

My only complaint here is that the two ports are so close together- it can be difficult to manage connecting or disconnecting two cables. But I would happily trade that for the compact size of the unit, so it's a minor complaint at best. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Quality chargers that don't break the bank Review by Josh
Seriously, these chargers are great and for about $7 a piece, you can't go wrong. Now a days, everyone has a smartphone so people always need to charge their devices. Two ports make it possible to satisfy everyone's needs (and even someone's tablet on the 2.1A port).

I really like the color schemes and the general design of these things. They fit snug in the car port and even have a subtle light to tell you if it's powered on. Never had any problems concerning durability either. 5 out of 5, easily. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Super-Charger Review by Marc
I received my New Trent 15W dual USB port car charger(NT85T) in black this
weekend and was very excited to use it, since it can charge up my iPhone 5
much quicker with the 2.1A port than most conventional chargers and I can
still use the 1.0A port to charge my Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth
Headset for maximum handsfree action while driving. The charger is so
small and light weight that it fits into any pocket, when needing it in
several vehicles. The blue LED while plugged in is really nice and it
matches my blue lighting system throughout my vehicle also. I am so excited
with this purchase and look forward to purchasing another for my other
vehicles. (Posted on 4/22/14)
excellence and high quality product Review by Tony Do
I gave this product 5 stars, yes straight 5, because of the quality of the product. Plugged it into my Toyota Rav4, no loose, no struggle with fitting in, it just went right in and stay there. I have used this to charge my mp3 player, cellphone, gps, tablet and it is all fine. There is an LED ring (red color- but wishes it was blue), the brightness is little dim compare to the other i have, but i preferred the New Trent one, because it won't lid of whole cockpit, or suddenly blind if i accidentally looked at it while driving. It supported both 1 and 2 Amps, but i plugged in the 1Amps and charged my S4 phone fine with no problem (i used the other brand charger and it won't let me charge the S4 if i plugged in the 1 Amp port). Price of 1 charger compared to other brand, you have 2 New Trent chargers, with higher quality and it comes with a micro-USB cables too, that's what i called bargain. Thumb up to the New Trent team, keep the good work up guys. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great Charger for multiple devices Review by Kelley
The car charger works very well. We like that it has 2 inputs for different devices. We used it with the iPad, iPad mini, Motorola Razr Maxx, iPhone 5s, and our Windows phone. It charged nicely and the cable stayed in place. It feels well-made. It is a good size and doesn’t interfere with other controls or knobs in the car. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Review of NewTrent Car Charger Review by Leslie
I am giving this NewTrent car charger 5 stars for quality & because it does everything I expected it to do.
I got the charger in order to be able to charge both my iPod 5 and iPad 3 on trips we have to take every week. The charger plugs into the car cigarette lighter.

We have used the charger in our 2010 truck twice in the last 5 days. I am very happy that I can plug my devices into the charger and they can be charging on the go. (I am addicted to my Idevices) Before I would have to make sure I had my devices charged before we went on any kind of trip. The charging did not get done more times than not.

I do use the original charging cords from my iPod and ipad when using the charger with no problems
Having this charger has made for more stress free trips.
I highly recommend the NewTrent car chargers

(Posted on 4/20/14)
Excellent Dual Port USB Car Charger Review by Peg
This car charger is very functional. It works as promised
It fits nicely in the cigarette lighter and when connected, it is lit up so you can see where to plug in your devices. This is handy, as it is deep in my console and the connector slots would be difficult to see if not for this lighting
It can be used with anything that can be charged using a usb cord. I use it with my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini
Only one drawback: The cord that was shipped with it was a micro-usb cord. I have no devices with that connection that I need to charge in the car. If you are going to include a cord with it, you should ask the customer what types of devices they will be using with it. (Posted on 4/20/14)
I'd like to charge it sir! Review by MICHAEL
New Trent car charger (NT85T) with the following link:

I bought this for my Samsung Note 3. I use this in my Lexus GS400 and it
works like a charm. You can charge two devices (I also charge my Jawbone
Era) at the same time.


1. Stylish look

2. Comes in black and white

3. Blue led glows when in use

4. Made of quality materials

5. Two ports so you can charge two items at once

6. Comes with a usb cable (Posted on 4/20/14)
High quality car charger Review by xiao
Let me first start off by saying the usb ports on this are really high quality. With other usb ports, even my NXZT desktop case, the usb cable is pretty loose; with this charger, the cable sits very snug. There is a brushed aluminium face to the charger that gives a really nice look inside my car and there is also a blue LED that turns on. My favorite part is that it has a 2.1A port to charge my iPad in my car.

Here is my youtube review: (Posted on 4/19/14)
Very good product, just didn't get what I expected however. Review by Alexander
This product is only missing a star because of when I got it I did not receive two chargers for a car as it says in its title. The only one I received was the white charger, never saw the black charger. But this does not diminish how well the product works, it provides a consistent charge and isn't slow to charge. I would recommend this to anyone who is on the move a lot in a vehicle; it won't let you down when you need to charge your devices. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Great charger, love the design Review by Thomas
Well, it’s a USB car charger. You really just want it to do two things: charge your stuff effectively and stand up to repeated use. On both points it passes with flying colors. I tried it with multiple devices (Android phones [HTC One and GS3] and iPhones, Nexus 7 tablet, iPad Mini) and everything charged just fine. Even two tablets at once worked.

I can’t say much about the long-term durability after a few days, but the build quality looks to be excellent. It fit snugly but not too tightly in the charging port in my BMW and my wife’s Sienna. The USB ports accepted a variety of cables without issue.

What I didn’t expect was liking so much how this thing looks. It’s clear from the little details that a lot of thought went into the industrial design. I really like how the blue LED lights up the faceplate. I also appreciate the clear “1A” and “2.1A” labels in place of the ambiguous “Apple” or “tablet” labels I’ve seen on other chargers. (One I have actually just has “A” and “NA” [I think it means “Apple" and "Not Apple"], which is about as clear as mud.)

I normally don’t like leaving anything in the charger port in my car, but I can actually see leaving this thing there because it’s so attractive. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Love It Review by john
I car pooled to work today with a co-worker. As a test of this neat little product, I had him not charge is Android phone last night. I didnt charge my iPhone 5 either. The car ride was only 30 minutes, but both phones charged an adequate amount. I didnt time/track the % of either phone, but I can verify that the charger did work as intended. As added bonus, it looks sleek and outputs 5V@2.1A and 5V@1A. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Great product though original listing stated 2 sets but only 1 was received Review by Megan
While, according to the listing there would be both a white and black charger and cords, I received one white charger and one black cord. So I put away the cord and continued to use the white one that came with the phone....which was something of a bummer since I'd hoped this would eliminate the need of having to remember to take the charger cord with me for long days out.
Previously, I had been using a car charger that is shaped like a large styrofoam coffee cup which had to sit in a cupholder; this charger is a vast improvement! Not only due to the fact that it takes up much less space and can charge 2 devices at once, but also because the edges of the unit light up and so do the edges around the ports so that you can easily plug in even in the dark. Great concept! (Posted on 4/18/14)
Car Charger that WORKS Review by Kelly
I have been using a cheap car charger that doesn't seem to charge my phone but simply holds the charge it has. I was thrilled when I plugged the New Trent NT85T into the phone and it was actually charging! I have 2 teenagers and one spot to charge so it was a huge bonus that we can charge two devices at the same time. The charger came with a cable which made this an even better item for the price. We have used the car charger to charge my Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy, S3, and iphone 4. It isn't as quick as charging the phone in the house but works faster then other car chargers I have used.

This product is great just about anyone- teens, young adults and business professionals. Anyone that travels with electronics has a need for one and it is so much cheaper then buying the ones from the manufacturer. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Great little car great! Review by Natalie
The car chargers that they sell at the cell phone companies are so expensive! I think they wanted me to pay $30 for my Samsung Galaxy car charger. The fact that this has two USB ports is really useful because sometimes I want to charge my iPod and phone at the same time but don't have enough outlets. Last time I went on a road trip with a friend, she also wanted to charger her phone but I needed my phone for the GPS so we chose to just charge one phone. This pretty much eliminates the problem (so I wish I got this sooner!) and now it's pretty spiffy having this. The fact that a tablet can also be charged is a win because it's hard to sometimes find a place to charge your tablet when on the road. I pretty much found that it also charged my phone really efficiently and I liked the LED light around it (it looked elegant) and it worked very well! (Posted on 4/16/14)
Nice!! Review by Hunter
There's not really anything at all that I didn't like about this product. It is stylish and works well. The thing that i like most, is that it fit's snug in my car's outlet, and it doesn't come out easily like other kinds. The free micro usb cable that is included also works very well. I recommend that you buy this New Trent charger over other brands!! (Posted on 4/15/14)
Good value, compact car charger Review by J
First impressions do make a difference! This comes packed in a nice drawstring bag. Yes, that is irrelevant to the actual product itself, but dang, it does make a lasting impression!

It does have all the important features – 2.1A port (in addition to a regular 1A port), compact, and includes the microUSB cable. While microUSB cables are relatively cheap, it is good to see that the manufacturer included a good cable (one that permits charging at full speed like AC wall charging, unlike some that permit only USB charging)

The light trim is a nice touch. Not too bright, but just enough to see even in daytime to know that it is charging.
I tried it with my Nexus 5 phone (that can draw over 1 Amp, and it charged with AC level charging on both ports of this charger. I then tried my Dell Venue Pro and my Nexus 7 tablets, both of which can draw close to 2Amps, and they both showed AC level charging on the 2.1A port. On the 1Amp port, the Dell showed trickle charging only (and that was expected due to the low power rating on that port)
(Posted on 4/13/14)
Nice little guys, excellent for traveling Review by LERS
# Hardware Design

USB port car charges abound in internet retailers. However, this Newtrent's model stands out because of its small profile and 2-port configuration. I have taken it with me on a couple of travels to be used in rental cars and it has performed quite well.

When plugged, the edges of the device's front face and the port contours light up with a blue light. This is a nice indication that is feeding power to the connected devices.

## Hardware Quality

The charger quality rates *Fair*, I would say is adequate for the kind of device at the price range. Although a harder and more sturdy plastic would have been preferable.

## General Performance

The charger may fit a little tight in the car inlet, so be prepared to put some pressure. This however, doesn't affect performance in any way.

Having two ports is very convenient and I can confirm you can charge both an iPad Air and an iPhone 5 at the same time. I did notice the device gets quite warm, but I guess that's just normal when two devices are connected.

## Price

A "twin pack" currently retains for less than $14 in Amazon which is really a bargain. I can also attest to Newtrent's customer service, it's really top notch. (Posted on 4/13/14)
great charger Review by Michael
We use car chargers to keep our phones and tablets charged while on the go. We had a different charger for a few days that we picked up at the local store but it didn't seem to charge our devices fully (Droid Razr Maxx, LG Revolution, Samsung Tab 3) so we went looking for alternatives and found this one. We received it a few days ago and have since used it for 4 days without issues. The charger seems to charge our devices fairly quickly and fully charge them vs "90%" and stop... Very happy with the product and recommend it to any one looking for a car charger that actually works. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great Addition Review by Sher
This arrived in a great little black pouch and with a USB cord. Test run was performed while heading to my sons basketball practice. We connected a Galaxy S3 and a Motorola X, they were at about 50% battery life each. Within a 30 minute drive, they were at about 90% each device.

It lights up, in orange and blue. Nothing that's distracting, it's just letting you know it's connected.

Removed the phones and connected my USB for my iPad, same great results. Connected with no problems. It charged the iPad relatively quick, the iPad was only at 70%.

Charger is sturdy, no problems plugging it in my vehicle. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Great Dual Charger Review by Dinos
Received the charger in a neat storage bag, in the bag it’s was the car charger with 2 ports, one with 1 Amp and one with 2.1 Amp and one micro USB cable.

The charger feels and looks like a high quality piece of electronics, it’s pretty solid and looks nice is my black leather interior car. The charger fits the bill by been able to charge both my Bluetooth headset and my phone. The blue light accent looks great, especially at night.

Both of my devices charge just fine, I did not notice any overheating or slow charging like another car charger I used. The fit in the car charger is perfect, not too loose, not to firm, just the right amount of pressure.

Overall a great quality product that does the job that is intended to do and is of great quality.

Highly recommended, 5 stars.
(Posted on 4/10/14)
Exactly as described Review by James
Although I've only been able to use the New Trent Dual Rapiduo Plus USB car charger for a couple of days, I've found them to be exactly as described by New Trent.

1. They are stylishly made, not being too bulky that they become obnoxious to put up with. Despite the two USB outputs the mechanism itself is no bigger than a wide variety of similar converters.

2. The dual USB ports are incredibly useful in the car for charging multiple devices at once. I've been using them to charge my second generation Ipod Touch and Iphone 4 and they've worked without fault. The charge time is impressive, I can usually get around 10% charge during my 5-10 minute trip to school while the device is playing music.

3. They are exactly as described and marketed, the only aspect I wasn't expecting was the blue light to signify it had been plugged in, a useful feature.

I'd have to give them five starts because you get no surprises, everything works, and they do what they are made to do. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Reliable, stylish and affordable - power at your fingertips Review by Peter

As new devices are released with more features and bigger screens, they are demanding more power and personally I have found some accessories rather dull and unimaginative in this technological era.

I have been using a standard car charger for years, which usually do the trick for phones, but not my tablet which still depletes over charge not to mention using multiple chargers and wires which can look like spaghetti junction, but in steps New Trent NT85T dual car chargers which brings style and functionality in the mix.

Functionality and style
The devices come as a pair, black or white, which let you match your car interior or preference, and what is evident is the elegant design and how well made these items are. If you have multiple sockets in your car, you can have immediately 4 usb charging ports which I have left in place and look great in my car. You get x2 usb cables supplied, which are just as good quality (this is a plus for me as most supplied cables with electronics are usually poor and break early in my experience).

The Detail

Each device gives a total output of 3.1a, 1a at the top port and 2.1a at the bottom. The 1a port is a good option for phones or smaller devices but charge a lot faster in the 2.1a port. The 2.1a
port charging my iPad Air gave great results charging fairly quick even during use. I tested this device using both ports charging my iphone 5 and iPad Air at the same time and both deices were charging fine.


I cant recommend this product more highly, if you want a stylish device from a trustworthy company that makes quality products at a very low cost then this product is for you. Great quality, multi charging and you get 2 for the price of 1. Buy it!

Rating: 5 out of 5. (Posted on 3/31/14)
compact, stylish, and simple. plus - it works great! Review by tim
my first impression of the charger was that it is designed with simplicity in mind. it has no odd, swiveling heads or awkward angles that you find with most usb car chargers. the look is sleek and polished, with no bells and whistles whatsoever.

i found that the charger fits standard cigarette lighter plugs very well. it's not so snug that you have to force it in there, but it's also not going to fall out if it receives a bit of a tug. the charging cord that comes with the charger feels well-built, not unlike something you would spend several dollars on if buying it alone. the cord also fits the usb plugs just right, if not a bit tightly.

when charging devices, i find that i get similar or slightly faster charging speeds than i get with 110v wall adapters that boast the same charging capacity. also, the charger doesn't heat up very much when charging, which was surprising considering my past experiences with 12v car chargers.

i used the 12v charger in my 1994 buick park avenue ultra (i know, time to upgrade my ride) and also my wife's 2004 jeep liberty. i've never really been a fan of car chargers in the past, because they have had a tendency to "bake" phone batteries with high voltage or too large a current. this charger does not appear to perform like that, so it may very well change my opinion of car chargers going forward. it hasn't left my car since i first started using it (except to take a ride in the wife's), and it also hasn't drained off my car battery like i've seen happen with other chargers. i would definitely rate this charger 5/5 on design, ease of use, and quality. my only reservation comes from durability, but time will tell if that concern is warranted. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Durable and Reliable Dual Car Charger Review by Khalid
This dual car charger is great!

Pros: It has 2 USB ports, so u can charge more than one thing at a time. It doesn't over heat and I have never had a problem with it stop working for a period of time. The blue light indicator is really helpful to see if the charger is plugged in correctly. The wires fit snugly and done interfere with each other.

Cons: None really. It's to great to have any!

Overall: 5/5 (Posted on 3/7/14)
Great two socket dual charger! Review by Joe
This charger works rather well. I like the white color and it fits snugly in the cigarette lighter socket in my vehicle. My previous dual car charger did not fit well and therefore did not make a good contact for charging and kept slipping out. This new unit fits very well and does not come out. It seems to charge rather quickly too, especially on the 2A socket.

My car is a Toyota Highlander. And my phone is a Samsung galaxy 4 active. I would rate this charger a 5 of 5.

I also like the lights that show that there's power and that the unit is charging my phone.
(Posted on 3/4/14)
Love the design Review by Sergio
I received the dual USB car charger and straight out of the box I loved the way it looked. It has a black glossy body a dark blue clear trim that lights up and a nice mat black face that is labeled so you know where to plug in your smart phone and your tablet. I really like how it lights up on the trim and around the 2 USB plugs making it easy to see in the dark. I am using the charger in my 2014 Chevy Silverado to charge my iphone 5s and a NT120R. Both of these devices charged every time with out overheating the adaptor and with out any other issues. At first it seemed a bit light a thought it might not hold up well but I have been connecting and disconnecting it and it's holding up well with no issues. Over all this USB charger is great I give it a 5 out of 5 for its size, looks, and practicality, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a car USB charger. (Posted on 3/1/14)
Does its job. Review by Linda
The USB charger is compact and travel-friendly. It worked as described and I was content with its performance.

The USB charger was used in a 2007 Toyota Camry LE. It was used to charge a Samsung Galaxy S2 and an iPod Touch 3g. The charger was able to charge the phone 10% in 10 minutes, which was great because that extra battery power helped the phone last the rest of the night. The included micro USB charging cable was a nice added bonus that allowed me to keep my phone charger at home so it was convenient.

The charger is great for use when I forget to charge my phone before leaving the house because I can quickly get some power on my phone and get to the next location to charge it in the wall. Also, it is great for charging when using a phone for GPS because it drains a lot of battery life so having the USB car charger to keep the phone charged is key.

The design of the charger was compact and small enough to take on the go or store in the car for the next time it was needed. The two ports were great for charging my two devices at the same time, and it had plenty of power to charge both efficiently.

A small problem may be that the two ports are close together so some of the larger USB chargers may not be able to fit in the ports at the same time. Perhaps spreading the ports apart some would fix that problem at the expense of compactness (but not much).

It would be nice to have a LED light on near the ports so I can plug in the charging cables if they have fallen out or I need to charge while driving.

Otherwise, I think the design of the product is well build, sturdy (not cheaply made), the accents on the product add a nice unique touch and look to the product, and it works well at charging quickly and efficiently.
(Posted on 3/1/14)
Affordable and Fast Car Charger Review by Mike
So far the product works as expected. I like that I have the option to choose between 1A or 2.1A when I'm charging. The 2.1A port is GREAT for the short distance drives where I need my iPhone to charge up quickly. I also like the styling of the product and the very competitive pricing. I'm satisfied with the product and would recommend it. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Great Car Charger Review by Debby
I really liked the product, both its design and function. I liked the color design and that it lights up, which is a plus at night. The black one is my favorite color design of the two, but I like the white one also. It charges quickly and is very durable. I like that you can charge 2 things at the same time, so if you have a passenger, you don't have to take turns charging. It fits very snugly into the power port and the cables also stay connected while driving. Definitely would recommend buying if you are looking for this kind of product. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Recharged - There when you need it! Review by Jonathan
I was able to charge several different devices in several different situations. We had a pretty big snowstorm recently and my Verizon iPhone 5 died right as I was getting into the snow from work. I had a cable with me and remembered that I had the NewTrent USB charger in my console. I pulled it out and plugged my phone in. Within a minute my phone was back on and ready to make any necessary calls (I did actually make a few too). Why did I have to use the NewTrent charger? I recently bought a new case for my iPhone and the car charger that I have did not fit into the charging port. NewTrent saved me on this one!

I used this product more on days where I was using my phone for work. After a long day of making calls and doing research in the field, my phone battery is drained on the ride home. I have been able to successfully charge my phone without any issues every day this week on my 45-minute drive home.

I was able to charge a Verizon iPhone 4 and a Verizon iPhone 5 from the same charger with no problems. Other companies only allow you to charge one device at a time.

On another note, the price of these units is amazing compared to other companies. This product is definitely worth every penny one and it seems to be a lasting product.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do (and does it well). The two USB ports are far enough apart that they don't interfere with devices being plugged in or being unplugged. Cables have a snug fit and they don't seem as if they are going to come out of the charger.

The charger has a clean and effective look. It's small enough to fit in my pocket and take with me yet large enough that I won't lose it around the car or house. I also love the fact that I can charge two devices at once (one being a phone and the other a tablet/phone). (Posted on 2/26/14)
Nice addition to my car -- Much better than out of the box chargers Review by Chris
I’ve been using the car charger for the past 10 days and I have to say I love it. After purchasing multiple AT&T car chargers at 50% off, I will never go back to one of their chargers again. During a car trip, I used two different adapters. I compared the New Trent Dual USB car charger to the standard adapter from AT&T which I have bought over 5-6 of them in the last year. Both adapters were used to charge my new Nokia Lumia 1520 Phablet (phone/tablet). I used the adapter in a Ford Explorer (longer strip) and in the Dodge Charger (shorter trips). The longest testing was done in the Ford Explorer during a long trip and the multiple shorter tests were done during quicker short trips in the Dodge Charger. I plugged my phone in whenever I got in the car.

First, both adapters performed well when the phone was sitting idle. During use the AT&T adapter (2.1A) charged anywhere from 7% to 35% per hour and the New Trent adapter charged (2.1A) from 18% - 40% per hour. The reason for the change in the charging power is I was running the GPS and sometimes other power hungry applications at the same time. When using the GPS with the New Trent adapter, it charged on average of 38% per hour. If I stopped and loaded one of my power hungry applications, it charged around 32% per hour (sometimes lower). Here’s the catch… the power meter I used was measuring the power, but with the AT&T adapter, if I ran both the GPS and power hungry apps, the phone actually LOST POWER. It said it was charging about 7% per hour, but the usage was much higher and causing the battery to slowly drain. With the New Trent adapter, I was able to charge the phone and still use the power with a slow charge.

The New Trent adapter has two ports, 1A and 2.1A. During normal charging, I didn’t see much difference between the two ports. I normally used the stronger one for my phone as it is a power workhorse. When the 2.1A port was needed, it was during high usage of the phone. For a quick charge, both ports supplied plenty of power when not using the phone heavily. I would highly recommend the stronger USB port if the phone is being used while being charged.

I would rate the overall charger 5 stars. I don’t think there is too much of a different in multiple car chargers, but it never failed to charge the phone unlike the other product I normally use. The size of the adapter is average (4 out of 5). I’ve used smaller and I’ve used much bigger. The adapter stays in the car charging port well and never had any connection problems. I would actually like to see a car charger with a built in cable and maybe even a battery reserve. I loved the well-made feel of the adapter and especially the lighted adapter & labeled ports.

I will definitely buy another adapter! (Posted on 2/25/14)
Great simple car charger! Review by Brian
This has been a great little charger with a very simple design. It performs its intended function very well. I was able to use the charger on a couple recent road trips in our 2012 Dodge Durango. Between my wife and myself we typically have 4 devices with us in the car. We each carry a Samsung Galaxy S3, along with and iPad 2 and a basic Kindle. The Durango does have 2 USB connections built into the car which work great for phones and other devices requiring a low output charge, however they are not powerful enough to keep the iPad going especially when I forget to charge it before leaving. The New Trent charger worked great for this. We were able to have all of our devices charging at the same time including the iPad on the high output charger port. This is a high quality product that is basic without all bells and whistle. This is one of the main reasons I like the charger so much. I just need to keep my devices charged, so I don't immediately need to find an outlet when I arrive and a nice, inexpensive, simple device like this charger is perfect for the job. (Posted on 2/25/14)
Perfect companion to anyone with a car and a rechargeable device! Review by Aurvin S.
There is nothing much to say here, if you are in the market for a car charger than this is the one that you want to go with. The product feels high end and its sleek and shiny.

The product is a double pack and comes with two USB port car charger, so one for yourself and one for your significant other, family member, child, friend, etc. Or maybe you just want to keep it for yourself when the life cycle of the charger you are using dies. But if that’s the case, you are going to be waiting for a while. The product feels very solid and you can tell that the product is made to work and last long.

The charger has two USB port, one to charge your phone and one to charge your tablets/iPads. This is good because the higher amps (2.1) on the second USB port is made for products that have bigger batteries and take longer to charge.

Here’s another little treat, the product comes with a micro-USB port wire to quickly charge most products. It will charge your Android phone and tablets no problem. The chargers themselves have a little light that makes it look “classy” when you’re driving at night and lets you know when the charger is in the 12V socket properly.

My only concern with the charger was with the included wire and if it would charge my phone as fast as my regular HTC charger. I find that when I use other chargers with my phone, it charges up agonizingly slow. Well it’s safe to say that this wasn’t a problem with this charger and included wire.

Overall, I would highly recommend this charger to any person with a car and any type of product with a rechargeable battery. You wont be disappointed with the craftsmanship or quality of the product.
(Posted on 2/24/14)
Great product!! Review by Bhavik
I am able to charge two device all at once. Compatible with both Iphone and Android phones. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Good design and construction quality Review by Paul
These adapters look great and the dual outputs on each one are a nice convenience. The USB cables included are also of good quality and the adapters do a good job of filtering out electrical noise, allowing charge while play functionality. The soft light from the internal LED's make them easy to find at night. Great value at this price. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Nailed it! Review by Marc
This is a great product. With iPhones and iPods and kids and copilots there is always a mad dash for the USB charger. This product comes with 2 chargers which is fantastic . My SUV has two plugs to use a car charger for the front cabin and the rear. This allowed everyone in the car to charge their devices without missing a beat. Additionally, the power is great. This is important because it allows your devices to charge as quickly as they do when using a wall charger.

The 2.1 amp slot offers more kick so you can charge your tablet. I was able to charge up my iPad 2 with ease. The charger is nice and compact yet solid and doesn’t have that cheap plastic feel that other chargers have. A must have for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car. This is this is the sonly way to go if you have multiple people in the car.

I highly recommend this and the price offers great value for the product. New Trent nailed it with this charger. (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great New Trent dual USB car charger! Review by M
I would rate the New Trent car charger 5.0 stars out of 5 stars.

*It has dual USB outputs one for a phone and one for a tablet. So, it is nice that I can charge both my phone and Kindle Fire at the same time.
*It was a nice bonus that it came with it's own usb cord. The cord worked fast and I was pleased with the length and quality of it.
*It is much more convenient to use the New Trent car charger in my car (Honda Fit) versus the usb that comes built into the glove box. The New Trent charger was much  easier. A lot of times in the Honda when I plug a device into the usb in the glove box (especially the Kindle Fire) it will say “ item not supported.”
*My phone was about 30% charged when I tested the New Trent car charger and my Kindle Fire about 70%. After a short drive (about 25 min.), my phone (iphone 4s) was at about 83% charged and my Kindle Fire almost 100% charged. On the return trip home, I continued to charge the devices and they ended up at 100% by the time I reached home in just a few minutes time.
*I can see myself using this often over time for the convenience factor. Many times my husband or son will forget to charge their phone/tablet, so this will be nice to keep in the car for those times.
*Overall, this is a fantastic car charger. I personally see no cons at all for this car charger. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great Charger at a Great Price Review by Andrew
Car: 2004 Toyota Highlander
Device: iPhone 4
Device: Jabra Bluetooth ear piece
-It has a very secure fit. My previous charger would every so often pop out just slightly but enough for the unit to not charge.
-Has two USB plugs. VERY helpful to charge my headset, or when we travel to charge another device.
-The light up plugs was useful for attaching the USB cable in the dark, and also makes it look kind of cool.
Including a cable was a plus but it would have been amazing if there was an adapter to to use for a lighting connecter iPhone.
-The charger does stick out a bit (Posted on 2/21/14)
Twin Turbo! Review by Chad
This little twin pack is perfect for today's families that own two cars like mine. In the past, I would have to buy two devices for two cars. That was then compounded by having to charge two devices in the same car. This twin pack took care of both of those issues. I had to replace my old device because it would no longer charge my new iPad mini. This not only charged my iPad mini without a problem, but also charged my new bluetooth keyboard at the same time.
The other good point I have to say about this device is that the built in light that shows that it is powered and providing power is not so bright that is distracts the driver at night. I have taken back several devices before that had LED lights that were too bright at night that it distracted the driver at night because they were brighter than the dashboard lights. This device gives just enough glow to indicate to both the driver and a passenger that it is working properly.
Overall, I recommend this to any user who has a need to charge a USB powered device in their auto at any time. It is amazing!

I use this product regularly with an iPod mini and New Trent Airbender Mini - Rugged: Water Resistant, Dirt and Shockproof Wireless Bluetooth iPad Mini Keyboard case (integrated screen protector) and my iPhone. (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great charger! Review by Eric
I've been using the NewTrent NT85W for a couple weeks now. With it I have been charging five different devices, an iPhone 4s, a Sony Xperia Ion, an iPad 2, and original iPad and a Google Nexus 7, not at the same time, of course. Although that would be cool if there was such a charger! I've also used the NT85W in two different vehicles, a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan and a 2001 Nissan Sentra. It performed flawlessly in all situations. The selected devices charged quickly using my original manufacturer cables, as well as replacement cables ranging from a generic store brand to a cable made by Belkin. My drive to work is about 30 minutes long, which was enough time for my Sony Xperia Ion to go from about 20% charged to nearly 90%. The iPhone 4s performed very similarly, while both iPads and the Nexus charged well, but not to the same capacity. I assume it is because those devices have a larger battery capacity, so it would take them longer to fully charge. The NT85W fit snugly in my power outlet of both vehicles, and the cables I used likewise fit well into the port on the charger. I did note only one negative factor to the NT85W. It is about 2.25 inches long, so when it is plugged into the power outlet of a car, about 1.25 inches stick out, which when combined with some cables, means the device sticks out about 2 inches from the dashboard. In my Caravan this was not an issue, but in my Nissan, it meant I had to position my mobile phone in a manner where it might easily fall to the floor or have to sit on the passenger seat. It would be great if the next generation of this charger could be more compact. I highly recommend the NT85W to anyone in need of a mobile charger. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Durable, Efficient, Elegant Charger. Review by Michael
My experience with this product has been very positive. My micro usb car charger’s wire recently split exposing the wires and I thought it best to replace it sooner rather than after having a short. I got this product as a replacement and figured the extra port would be beneficial for additional charging of my higher powered devices such as my ipad or Nexus 7 while I charged my phone or ipod. I used this charger in a variety of vehicles flawlessly: Acura TL, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Hyundai Santa Fe. The charger is very sturdy, sleek looking and is the right size for my car and has a cool blue light that glows to let you know when it is powered. The light is strong enough that it is visible during the day which is great so you can be sure it is plugged in and charged. It also is sturdy and compact if you want to move it between cars. I was very impressed how well this compact and sturdy device performed. It was able to charge my Android Samsung Galaxy IV phone(with an extended battery connected) with the 1 as well as the 2 amp port much more quickly than my old micro usb charger and was able to also charge either my Nexus 7 or IPAD tablets simultaneously with my phone using the 2 amp port at a very fast rate. I didn’t realize just how much being able to charge two devices simultaneously would be appreciated and I find myself charging ipods and tablets as I drive along with my phone all the time now. I also like having the option of charging my device at 1 A or quicker using the 2A port provided. The included micro usb cable is also a great bonus as is knowing that I can replace the wire at any time if necessary and won’t have to replace the whole unit if the cable damages, unlike my old one piece charging unit. I am very impressed with this sleek, efficient and powerful little device’s charging capabilities while driving and am very glad to have replaced my older less functional device. I would definitely recommend using this device for all of the features above. I would also recommend it for anyone wanting a compact, durable and well designed car charger especially if they want a high speed port to charge. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Most helpful Review by Loveta
I used the New Trent Dual USB Car Charger to recharge my iPhone 4S and my Kindle Fire DX simultaneously while on my way to work. My drive is not a long one but my devices were sufficiently charged to be used for the duration of my work day. As this is a car charger, the most practical application is use in your car. I believe that someone who spends extended time traveling by vehicle would find this device most useful. I found the second port to be a plus over most available car chargers. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Perfect Car Charger for both long and short trips Review by Metallman
This New Trent Dual USB Port Car Charger is just what I needed. After using it for the better part of 2 weeks, I can now give a solid review. I love that it lights up when plugged into the car port and I love that the each USB port is labeled so that you can use the "high powered" USB slot for devices that demand more power, such as tablets. I used the charger in my Kia Sedona while taking an 80 mile trip over the past few weekends. I figured that it would be best to take it when traveling long distances since I believed that it may take some time to charge up my cell phone and tablet. I had my phone charging at the same time as my wife's Kindle Fire HD 9" tablet and even while using the tablet, the New Trent car charger provided a steady charge. I am pleasantly surprised by the speed of which the car charger can charge my Android Phone and tablet. Even though I believed it would be best suited for long car rides, it's fast charging times makes it suitable for any length of drive and pretty much good for everyday use. The fact that you can use any USB cable is a huge plus. This reduces any limitations and makes this truely a universal car charger. The design is slick and modern. The black gloss and blue LED light around the unit when plugged into the car is extremely pleasant on the eyes. And the pouch that comes with the unit is a nice touch. It's great to have a something to place your device in and having that New Trent pouch for the car charger is really nice to have.

A solid New Trent product and the perfect car charger for any driver who has passengers that need to be plugged in. (Posted on 2/19/14)
A simple design that can remove so many headaches Review by Nigel
Review for New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual USB port car chargers (NT85T)

For those long car journeys this is the perfect accessory. No longer do you have to rely on your devices being fully charged to keep the kids entertained as the sat nav tells you where to go.

Many of us will be in the same situation no doubt. The only 12v port in the car is used for the sat nav whilst the kids argue over the iPad in the back and then it goes flat. Not any more with this handy gadget. The twin ports mean you can now keep everyone happy and still get to where you're going.

This has allowed us to charge several devices from my daughters iPod 3rd gen, my iPad mini, an iPad air (both at the same time I'll add) and two iPhones, a 4s and 5s. Granted these were charged in rotation but was made a whole lot easier with less fuss.

The twin pack would help if the vehicle has two 12v ports but this is about convenience and there is nothing simpler than plug and go which puts this top of the pile. It will come in handy for those long car journeys to come. Whilst I may not use this on a day to day basis I can imagine for those commuting long distances on a regular basis would find this extremely handy even if just to charge their phone for when they arrive.

Ease of use 5
Convenience 5
Design 5
Overall 5 (Posted on 2/19/14)
Handy Little Gizmos Review by Kristen
I love that I can charge my iPhone 5, while providing power to my TomTom One (because I still prefer my TomTom’s directions to any of the map apps I have found for my phone). I like that the ports come with the cable to connect from the mini USB to the full USB port, so I didn’t have to get a new cord to hook my TomTom up to it. Another plus is that there are 2 Charger Ports in the package, which means I have one that can stay in my car and one that can stay in my purse in case I need it in anyone else’s car.
Thus far, I do not have not found anything that I don’t like about this handy device.

I would ultimately give this product a 5, because it does everything I would want it to and then some. (Posted on 2/19/14)
I love these chargers!! Review by Carmen
I had gotten these charger i had not realized it came with both the white and black chargers. I thought that was a awesome deal. There are nice and small and I like the light they have set up on them because you can tell they are lite or plugged in. All I need was my iPhone cord and I was on my way. It also works great with the Amazon iPhone lightening cord. I'd totally recommend these to anyone looking for a charger it's a great deal. (Posted on 2/19/14)
Works well with iPhone Review by Arthur
I've been looking for an inexpensive car charger for my wife's iPhone and this model works great. As added bonuses, you get two USB ports and it looks fantastic. (Posted on 2/18/14)
Best one on the market Review by Albert
Design: I really like the design of the black and the added blue. The feeling of holding this charger is great because i really like the plastic glossy feel. the dual usb is a great feature but i feel like most car chargers have this so maybe if you added another usb port that would separate it from other car chargers. The colors are great but maybe adding different color variety would be a great option to.

Packaging: I didn't expect it but the added addition of the case and usb cable is a great feature. The case is really great i love the black felt feel. The cable is really high quality and better then some that i have purchased. A option to consider is instead of giving this cable give the option to choose a apple lightning cable instead as a lot of people have iPhones.

Performance: It preformed really great I have tested this with a 2009 Toyota Camry and a 2007 Toyota Sienna I have tested this with a iPhone 5s and galaxy s3 and they both charged like any other charger would but i did realize a slightly faster charging time. I have used it on my way to school and the grocery store but this would be really useful on a long trip and with the 2 usb ports is great.

Overall 5 stars as what makes this better then any other dual usb charger is the added cable and case. (Posted on 2/18/14)
Great car charger! Review by Nam
Works great and charges both my phone and my passengers. The output from this charger is good enough to charge while the phone is is use unlike my previous charger. (Posted on 2/17/14)
Lightweight, Convenient, Good Value Review by Skip
Total score between 1-5: 5

First impression of product: Two chargers and two cords in a neat, trim box. The inner packaging was very nicely done, everything displayed well. So my first impression of the product was literally this thought: “Oh, shiny!” Hey, sometimes you get a tech gadget that looks cool and is useful and well put together and you think: shiny. I like this. That was the case here.

Price Point: Phenomenal. This more than any other feature made the product deserving of the five star rating. I bought this to replace my old Apple charger and the two things that sold me were the dual ports and how much it cost. I feel it’s a more than fair price for two chargers and two micro-USB charging cables. True, I don’t have really any devices that utilize the micro-USB, so that particular perk is lost on me, though my family reaped the benefits there to made up for it. And the chargers work with my iPhone cord so it's all good.

Visual: There's a white charger with an orange light and a black charger with a blue light. The LED light function was both aesthetically pleasing and terribly useful. The blue light on the black charger was perhaps a little better than the orange light on the white charger -- it was easier to see the orange light at night as opposed to the daytime -- but both were a nice touch to this product. As I said before, my visual impression of the devices themselves along with the inner packaging was a highly favorable one. Having the accent colors as orange and blue was a grand slam, especially as my phone case is blue and my iPhone is black. It matched! This might be a silly thing to include but it was a nice perk and made me like the product that much more.

Functionality: After a few weeks of usage, I felt that that both NT85T units performed very well. There was no lessening of power if there were two devices plugged in at the same time, at least none that I could see. It was most useful for a phone that was 20% battery or below. It’d be a helpful tool for even a commuter that only has a short distance to drive, something to give their phone a little juice instead of letting the battery run out and simply charging it when they reached their destination. I couldn't really tell if using the 1A port was any slower of a charge than the 2.1A level; it worked either way and when you get right down to it, that's what matters. For me, it was great to have it in the car when I’d be running errands, especially with a family member so we could both use the charger at the same time. My phone battery is losing its charging duration as it gets older so having time to charge while we’re in the car is very useful. Because we all have different devices in the family, we can put the USB cable for our electronics in the car and then select which cord we need for whatever we need to charge.

Biggest pro(s): The value of the twin pack can’t be ignored when pointing out the various good points of this product. Moreover, it’s not merely quantity but quality. The sleek design in two different colors is also a big draw. And it did a good job charging my phone whenever I was in the car. So it did basically everything it’s supposed to do, complete with the dual USB sockets for charging two devices at once. The LED light edging it was a great indication of power and a useful addition to the device.

Important con(s): Other than the fact that I need a new iPhone-compatible cord to use this charger, since my devices aren’t micro-USB? There’s not really anything wrong with this product… and that bit about the cord is my problem, not New Trent's. I would have liked there to be a booklet inside the box with a little more information but all of that stuff seems to be online anyway.

In short: A lot of bang for your buck, as they say. Two chargers with dual ports, each charger capable of charging two devices at the same time. Lightweight and compact, it travels well. Durable and cool-looking. Great value. If you do a lot of driving -- have a bit of a commute to work, say -- then this would be a handy tool to have. (Posted on 2/16/14)
Great charger when used with Waze or other satnav software! Review by Alexander
NOTE: This product was provided by the manufacturer by testing. However, my testing results shall remain neutral.

This charger is absolutely fantastic in my opinion, it's fairly cheap (around $13) and comes in two pack, great for when you have two cars or are a bit clumsy!

Now recently I started using the Waze app for navigation. The problem that any GPS navigation software in combination with a standard smartphone or tablet will eat up its battery for breakfast! My old charger only delivered 1A, and therefore the battery was slowly discharging while in use, which wasn't great. However, this charger was able to provide the full 2.1A required for AC charging, and kept my phone (Nexus 5, 32GB) charged and happy all day long!

The included cable is perfect length from my console 12V port to my phone sticking on the windshield. However, since this is a 2000 Toyota Camry, it might be too short for other cars and consoles. The included cables work well as advertised.

Even though I tried to find any issues with these chargers, I was surprised that I didn't find any. Then again, this IS a charger, and it's either doing its job or not. (Posted on 2/15/14)
A Great Product Review by Matthew
When I placed my order for my New Trent Twin-Pack 15W
high-speed dual USB port car chargers, I had expected to receive a simple dual
port charger similar to my wife’s Walgreens version. I expected two USB ports
in the charger and not much in the way of variation from the simplistic details
that normally follow car chargers.
Therefore, I was blissfully surprised with my Twin-Pack
arrived. Starting with just the designs, these aren’t your usual bent clip and
poorly manufactured car chargers. The design is that of a streamlined bullet
train with (instead of bent clips) conducive nodules on the sides of the
charger that are functional while still pleasing to the eye. Years of using the
same charger styles had left me with an impression that little could be done to
improve the looks of car port chargers, but New Trent has gone above and beyond
and designed a beautiful, yet functional device. I keep referencing that while
attractive it is functionally, because so often when buying technology it is
more likely to find a product that is one but rarely the other.
The beauty doesn’t stop at the stream lined car jack. As you
trace the curves of the device back toward the “Business End,” you’ll find a
highlighted LED ring that enshrines the USB ports. This, while aesthetically
pleasing, is more function than form. The lighted LED ring actually allows for
easy plugging in while driving at night and gives you a better idea of where
your charger is than the simple single LED on my wife’s poor Walgreens charger.
Continuing toward the USB ports we come across one of my
favorite features of the New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual USB port car
chargers, the labels. The devices come with two USB ports and each is labeled
with the output expected from each USB port. This means you can choose the
devices that need to actually charge versus the devices that just need to stay
charged. It’s a great feature that crams even more functionality into the small
and incredibly elegant design.
I’ll explain how important this device (in only the week
that I’ve had it) has become to my life by sharing a traveling experience I was
on the day after I received my New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual USB port
car chargers.
My wife and a friend of ours were interested in a drive up
to Minneapolis, which was an at least 4 hour drive from our residences. During
the drive, we were still conducting phone calls, playing games, listening to
music, and reading books on each of our respective devices. Our driver had her
Samsung S4 playing Pandora the entire way while my wife was reading on her Nook
HD and I was busy playing games on my Nexus 7 (2012 Edition). Each of these
devices, as well as my wife’s iPhone 4 and my own Samsung Galaxy S4 were put
through the rotation during our 8 hour round trip and each of the devices was
easily filled to full charge from various degrees of near-death in relatively
short periods of time (my S4 went from about 30% to full charge in less than an
On a more personal note, my business finds me on the road
much of the time, and since that trip to Minneapolis, I’ve easily clock almost
thirty or more hours in the last week just in my car and the USB charge ports
have been more than useful.
Anything from Family trips to Sales Positions (anything fundamentally
car-oriented) could benefit from the New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual
USB port car chargers.
In a 1-5 scale in which 5 would be excellent and 1 would be
horrible, I readily recommend a 5 rating for the New Trent chargers. They do
what a charger should, they do it well, and they do it with style. (Posted on 2/15/14)
BEST CAR CHARGER I HAVE EVER USED!!!!! Review by Kesslerj24
I have used many car chargers over the years and these are the best ones I have ever used. They fit into the socket with a tight fit....that will not fall out when you hit a bump. You can charge 2 devices at the same time with no issue....even an iPad and iPhone. I keep one in my car and one in my briefcase for when I travel and have to drive a rental car. (Posted on 2/13/14)
More than pleased!!!! Review by Juan
-Packaging: Neatly packed, very nice presentation, well protected. print on carton of high quality.
-Material: Sturdy, nice finish, cables fit very nice, only issue is that my Ipad USB conector gets in too tight on the 2.1A slot, when unplugging it I need to detach the whole conector and the 1.0 A cable.
- Use: Amazing, I can have my Blackberry 9800 and my Ipad mini retina charging at the same time while driving from one place to another. The blue light looks really nice.
Attached are pictures while in use.
I will rate this 5. When compared to other products the quality is 10 times better. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Excellent Review by Chris
Very smooth operation, very quick charges, no complaints. The dual USB feeds are great for multiple devices.

Overall score: 5 out 5. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Sturdy, quality car charger Review by Adrian
Pros -
The first thing I noticed was the solid feel of the unit. It appears that it will hold up to numerous push/pull cycles.
Aesthetically it is very pleasing to the eye, the lines are smooth and clean. The square face is simple but elegant.
The orange trim lights and the blue USB location lights are bright enough to locate the unit at night but not so bright as to be a distraction in the car.
The unit itself fit very well into the console 12V socket in my 1995 Toyota 4Runner. It slid in easily but was snug enough that there was no play once in.
The dual charge USB ports makes it very convenient to charge our 2 iphones at the same time. I haven’t used it to charge my iPad yet but I don’t expect any issues. It comes with a 1A and a 2.1A port (fairly standard in dual chargers nowadays).

Cons -
There was only 1 con that I came across and that was with the fit of the USB port. Perhaps due to the newness of the unit, it required a little more force than normal to push the USB connector into the unit, and when removing the USB cord it required you to hold the unit to prevent the entire unit from being pulled from the 12V socket.

I would rate this 4 out of 5 stars. If the USB port wasn’t so tight I’d have given it a 5 out of 5 right off the bat. (Posted on 2/12/14)
Great charger that packs a punch! Review by Justin
The New Trent Dual USB car charger is one of the million car chargers on the market.
It boasts a powerful 3.1A output, split between two ports making one port a 2.1A (fast charging or tablets)
The other port, a simple 1.0A output port.

The unit itself is surprisingly small, fitting perfectly in your palm and easy to remove and transfer to other vehicles if so needed.

The 2.1A port does just what it's supposed to, outputs a strong 2.1A current which charges my iPhone 5s twice as fast as a single amperage port, but can also charge my iPad at it's regulated current.

Together, the dual usb car charger can charge the iPad mini under it's 2.1A port, and my iPhone 5s under the 1.0A port, and still charge just as fast as usual.

The unit is properly constructed and feels nice and solid in the hand.
This is not a cheaply made unit that will fall apart after a few installations, but will stay intact just like it came from Day 1.

The LED indication of whether or not power is detected is a great feature that I feel many other chargers lack.
Troubleshooting a device that is not charging can be a headache if features aren't available that can help diagnose where the problem lies.

Overall, the New Trent Dual USB Car Charger is a great overall unit, boasting two fast ports.

The only downside I forsee with this device is that the two ports are not both 2.1A ports, charging multiple devices with it's fast current.

Rating between a 1 and 5, this unit definitely earned a 5 for for it's overall construction and performance! (Posted on 2/12/14)
An awesome, sexy, must have device for your vehicle! Review by Shawn
I use this car charger primarily in my 2012 Toyota 4Runner. I have a family of three and we most often use the 4Runner to drive around. At home, I have three iPhone's (two 5s and one 5), and an iPad Air. My wife especially uses her phone like crazy, so she is always draining the battery and running on low. I have a corporate iPhone that gets used often, and my personal iPhone that is also used a lot throughout the day. On a day to day basis, I use the car charger for traveling to/from work and other places (grocery store, mall, gym, etc.). So far, the longest I have used this charger was for a day trip to Flagstaff Arizona. Total time used was approximately 6 hours with either iPhones or iPhones and iPads plugged in. During this time, I was concerned that the charger would get very hot, especially while pumping so much juice through it to charge multiple devices. Amazingly, it never got hot to the touch! I was very shocked and amazed because every charger I have used gets pretty hot to the touch.

I can't quite explain it, but it seems that I get faster charging out of my devices when plugged into this car charger. Recently, it took me about 8 minutes to charge from 77%-100% on my iPhone 5s. My iPad charges pretty fast on the 2.1a plug as well.

What I really love about this charger (besides having two outlets and charging a iPad) is that it has a blue light that goes around the whole front of the charger. When the charger is on, the light shines bright blue - not too bright to hurt your eyes at night though. I think the light really adds a sleek look to it and really like it.

This is a pretty simple little device and there is not much I can ask for to change on it. It's not so much a problem for me, but I could see this causing eye strain/distraction for late night, long distance driving for some users (if it's positioned in a wierd place in your car, or its really dark inside your car). Honestly, the light is not very bright at all, but the only thing I could think of to make this perfect is to have a way to turn off the light. Again, not a deal breaker at all for me and I highly doubt it would both people - but there are some sensitive eyes out there (and please people, don't construe this as a design flaw!). (Posted on 2/10/14)
Great for Power on the Road Review by Marc
The NT85T Car Charger is a great device to keep in your car at all times. The product comes in two colors, White or Black, with matching USB cord. The Standard USB to Micro USB makes the product ready-to-use out of the box for my Blackberry Bold or Kindle Fire HD. The 15W 2.1A charger allows for enough power to charge the Kindle Fire HD even while its in use. The best part is the illuminated end that lets you know the charger is on and helps you find the USB ports especially when the charger is located in a not-so-visible area. Definitely a product that will get much use while on the road. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Just what I needed Review by screwie
This charger is just what I needed. It has two charging ports which allows me and my passenger to charge our devices. The bonus is that we received two of these chargers at a very reasonable price, so that both me and my hubby can have one of these in each of our cars. The product works as advertised with a nice indicator light to let me know that I've charged it in property. Very satisfied. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Super fast Review by Jeannine
I bought this for the times we travel over 2 hours in our car and this little device has been a lifesaver. It charges super fast both the iPads and smartphones. I have recommended to family members who have bought it and love it. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Great car chargers Review by Brian
The product works great overall. Both car chargers were tested with an iPhone 5c, and no major issues were found. The USB plug seemed to not fit in the car charger at first, but a little more force got the cable in just fine. A tight fit for the plug is perfectly fine as long as it doesn't create any issues such as breaking because of applying too much force to plug in the cable. The charge rate is about 1% per minute which is the average for charging an iPhone. The phone was also fully usable while charging which I believe is not always the case with charging units. Being able to charge my iPhone on the go whenever I'm in the car is very useful, especially if I forget to charge my phone before leaving the house. It is a great product. (Posted on 2/6/14)
Good product. Nice Price! Review by Cameron
The New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual USB port car charger are nice products. I like how you receive two chargers, a white and a black. The two light up in very nice colors and the included micro-USB cable is a nice addition.
One of the key points with these products is the two USB ports providing different amperage. I can charge my iPad in the 2-amp port and charge my iPhone 5s in the 1-amp port at the same time and both will charge a decent amount over a certain period of time. OR, if I needed to, I could charge my iPhone at "Super-Speed" in the 2-amp port. The USB ports offering different amperage are good for phones that may not support 2-amp, but do support the 1-amp port.
I find these products (keep one in my car and one in my truck) very useful. The 2-amp port is very convenient for when I need to charge my iPad or when my phone is running low and I really need it, it can be charged quickly with the 2-amp port. I think these chargers would be great for anyone who is constantly on the go and needs charging throughout the day, or someone who just often forgets to charge their devices over night. A great point with the products is the price, I mean $14 for 2 15W 3.1-amp car chargers? That's a steal! (Posted on 2/5/14)
Great USB charger for those on the go Review by John
Great product that I use to charge my iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPad air while on the go. This product provides two ports to charge my devices at 5V per port. The NT85T charges my phones and iPads just as fast as my house charger do. I charge my phone and my iPad in the car every day during my daily commute to work. Two things stood out to me with the New Trent chargers versus my other charger. First, the included USB cords with the New Trent chargers are much thicker than your standard charger cord or phone USB cords. I've had a few charger cords split over time, and I think the New Trent cords will hold up much better. It's also much thicker than the Apple iPad USB cord. Second, the soft glow of the charger is much easier on my eyes than my other charger. When it's dark out and I glance down at my console, the bright blue light has always been so harsh, so the New Trent light is a welcome

There are a lot of after-market car chargers on the market, but very few offer such a sturdy product for such a good value. If you spend a lot of time on the road and need to make sure your phone, tablet and other USB devices need to stay charged, the New Trent chargers are something you need to have in your car. (Posted on 2/4/14)
always stylish, always handy, always mine! Review by Bridey
Always fighting for this one! Thank goodness I have two! Since it comes in two colors at least I know which one is in my husband's or son's cars and which ones in mine. Handy; With my Samsung Nexus battery hog I've gotta charge my battery at least 4-5 times a day. So if I'm on the road a good car charger is a must. With the 1 amp port I can get a quick charge and be on to my next customer. I really appreciate the low glow around the charger letting you know it's plugged in and working. Instead of the usual intense, in your face, eeerie, out of this world, bizarre glow in your right eye bouncing off any shiny or mirrored surfaces at night while your driving down the highway. Causing you to wonder if there's an escaped ufo from area 51 following you. Another aspect I really appreciate it is the second 2.1 amp port suitable for my Kindle. For those dreaded days I take off out of town, headed to a customer, only to learn when I turn my tablet on I see the dreaded red 'Z'! This charger has a strong enough charge to let you use it while charging your tablet at the same time. Good enough in my book! I give this set of charger's 4 out of 5 stars. Only thing that could make then better would be retractable cords. :-) (Posted on 1/31/14)
Great Product Review by Yvette
I also received New Trent Dual USB Car Charger and I have used both of them. As a police officer, I keep one in my cruiser and one in my personal car. I like that there are two usb slots in order to charge multiple devices (iPad mini and bluetooth headset for hands-free) and its a bonus that there were two micro usb cables in the box. The car chargers also came with amp choices (1A and 2.1A) for the various devices to be charged.

Definitely would recommend my friends purchasing this item, best bang for your buck.
(Posted on 1/31/14)
Excellent product, well made, low priced. Review by figaro331
I’ve got also New Trent Twin-Pack Car chargers with microUSB cables model NT85T. I didn’t use actually these microUSB cables since I don’t have any devices with microUSB, but I’ve used to charge my iPhone 5S and my iPad Air separately and together with Apple Lightning cables(my car MINI Clubman JCW 2008).
2.1A USB input charged my iPhone 5s same fast as my Apple 12W USB Power USB Adapter at home, same was with iPad Air(approximately 50 min for the full charge). I do like orange glow for the white charger and soft blue for glow for the black one.
When I’ve connected iPad Air to 2.1A USB and iPhone5s to 1A USB -iPhone 5s charge time was practically the same( from about 20% to 100% for both devices), no overheating was noted.
Before I was using just single car charger from scoshe strikeDRIVE 12W with price tag $29.95 plus shipping. So even you pay extra $19.00 for one Apple Lightning to USB - you’ve got better deal with New Trent double USB car chargers for $ 14.00.
I live in north area of Cincinnati and this year we are experience very low temperature here -15, -18 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides I was leaving NT85T in my car outside for the whole night and morning, it was working just perfect.
I think NT85T is an excellent car chargers for the the great price ! I did recommend it to all of my friends. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Great Chargers! Review by Bob
I really like these 3.1 amp 15W chargers. The package comes with two chargers – one white and one black. This is nice for me because I keep one in my travel bag and one in my car. Both have two USB ports available. One port is a 1 amp port and the other is a 2.1 amp port. They are clearly labeled which one is which. The 2.1 amp port is a fast acting charger for my phone even when I have the GPS on. My previous charger barely kept up while I was running the GPS. The 1 amp port will charge my phone as quickly even when running the GPS – just not quite as fast as the 2 amp port. Also, the adapters are capable of charging both my iPad and my Galaxy S3 phone at the same time. Another nice thing about the chargers is that the front illuminates when it is plugged in. This is a nice feature just so you know that they are working. I rate these with 5 stars! (Posted on 1/28/14)
Reliable, Easy to use, and Attractive Design Review by Raj
The dual USB chargers have a very simple and beautiful design. The kit comes with a white and a black dual USB charger. The white charger has a orange trim and the black charger has a blue trim. When using he chargers at night, a lighted ring around them allows for the driver to easily locate the device. There are also two micro USB cables included that are compatible with most android devices. If the user has an apple product, they will have to use their own cables. The cables are a good length, fit snugly into the device and are very durable.

2. Usability:

The cables are fairly easy to use. However, there are no instructions on which of the dual USB ports are to be used with specific products. The top USB is a 1 amp charging port and the bottom USB is a 2.1 charging port. These ports have specific uses based on the amps they provide. It would be more convenient to have two 2.1 charging ports because this would be compatible with phones as well as more advanced products such as tablets. Both the iphone and the ipad devices charge fairly fast. However, it should be noted that if charging a tablet such as the ipad you must use the higher 2.1 amp port for accurate charging time. The 1 amp port would be too weak and thus would take much longer for it to charge the iPad. I have tested the usb chargers with a multitude of devices including: iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad mini (non-retina), iPhone 5, iPhone 5S & iPhone 4S.

3. Packaging:

The packing is simple and well organized. The box has the two USB chargers and the two charging cables neatly placed in a plastic cutout container. The products are neatly placed in a fairly small box. It is also convenient that two chargers are included in the kit allowing the user to place devices in different cars if needed.

Overall, I would rate this product 5/5. (Posted on 1/26/14)
Great Chargers Review by Marc
These fit both vehicles snuggly and I especially like the shorter length. Charging is quick on the 2.1 amp and the orange color is a nice touch. (Posted on 1/25/14)
Fast chargers! Review by Brandon
I was surprised at how quickly these chargers charged my iPhone 5s and my iPad 2. So you can tell that these chargers can charge a variety of USB devices. And the auto off when your device is fully charged is a huge plus. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Easy, breezy, beautiful! New Trent Review by jared
This product is very unique. It combines a sleek smooth body with soft LED lights and two ports to make it the best car charger out there! It charges two device very quickly and let you know its plugged din without a harsh white light that we are so accustomed too. Instead of having to hide my charger in my glovebox because it looks like it is the spawn of satan, this charger is definitely cool and anyone with the hope of getting a girlfriend should definitely have one in their car! Also, for all the girls out there! if you want guys to notice you, don't focus on all that cover girl makeup nonsense! Just plug one of these into your car and not only receive a high speed USB charge for TWO devices but also you might have to fight off all the guys trying to get in your car! (Posted on 1/23/14)
Fast chargers! Do the trick Review by chris
The dual USB car chargers are a must have for anyone with a 4 person plus family. Whenever we go on car trips we always have the problem of peoples phones or iPad’s running low on battery and then fighting over the one single USB car charger we had. The other issue we had was that the USB car charger we currently use, a nice $2 one from our local gas station, did not provide enough amps to charge our iPad’s fast enough. It would take an hour or two to charge the iPad to full or almost full battery. With each person in our family having an iPhone ranging from the iPhone 4, 2 iPhone 4S’s, and a iPhone 5S in addition to an iPad Mini, and two iPad 3rd generation you could only imagine how long it would take to charge each of these individually. I was super excited when I saw that it was a twin back which means one for the front of the car and one for the back. Now, not only can we charge 4 devices in the car at once, but the USB car chargers can provide enough amperage to charge the iPad’s in almost the same time it would take to charge an iPhone (when put in the higher amp USB port). When I put these in my car for the first time and told everyone to try them out I was amazed. I was skeptical at first that the iPad’s were going to charge fast but it was almost as if they were plugged into our house. I recommend this product for any family of 4 or over or anyone who has a vehicle in which people need to constantly charge devices or you yourself have multiple USB powered devices (GPS) that need to charge (i.e.: construction workers, truck drivers, sports team vans, soccer mom’s van, etc.). I give this product a 5 out of 5. It worked above and beyond and can’t wait to use it more.
(Posted on 1/21/14)
Pro-graded chargers Review by Pablo
The New Trent dual car chargers NT85T is a little powerful device. It is capable of an output of 3.1Amp (max). It has two USB outlets, one with 5v/1amp and other with 5v/2.1amp which quietly and efficiently can recharge your devices at high speeds. The iPad air comes with a stock AC charger which is larger than the ipad mini’s and the 2.1amp USB outlet is capable of recharging it real quick. Its compact size is practical and saves a lot of space. The NT85T is a must if you are a multi-device, highly mobile pro!
(Posted on 1/16/14)
A very good charger Review by FrankH
This unit has many good points

· Charges very fast

· The short body minimizes intrusion into the cab and less likely to hit with something

· This unit , unlike the NT81T, has a very solid contact with the 12v receptacle (feels like 2 or 3 times more resistance)

· The enclosed cords engage solidly and can easily be removed without disengaging the charger

On the downside:

· The orange glow border is only visible in the night (unlike the blue that is visible all the time)

· The enclosed cord is about 6-10 inches short if you want to use your phone while charging

Overall will give this 4.5 out of 5 (Posted on 1/16/14)
Great chargers at a great price! Review by Houtan
The New Trent dual high speed USB port car chargers are one of the best for the price they are being sold at. At about $14, you receive two car chargers that come in different colors (white one with an orange glow and a black one with a blue glow). The lights help indicate when the products have electricity going through them. The best feature of this product is that it has two USB slots, a 1amp slot and a 2.1amp slot. The 2.1amp slot is great for charging your tablet and the 1amp slot is great for charging your phone. This means that you can plug your phone into the 2.1amp slot for a faster charge. Overall, the chargers charge my products pretty fast and they came with two free mini-usb cords.

I would rate this product a 5/5 in its category. I would highly recommend this product to others who are trying to charge their electronic devices in their cars. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great car charger Review by Jordan
Charges my Galaxy S4 very quickly! (Posted on 1/10/14)
Nice Product! Review by Sno_Oman
The New Trent NT85T includes 2 dual USB port chargers and 2 Micro-USB cables. Although there were no instructions included with the charger I found it to be very intuitive...basically just plug it in and you're on your way. I would have liked to see some info on which port to use for which device but I was able to track that info down on Amazon.

For the first part of my test I plugged my iPhone 5 into the 1A port on the charger. The phone was at a 53% charge and after a twenty five minute drive to work the phone had jumped to 63%. Not too bad!

For the second part of my test I plugged my new iPad Air into the 2.1A port on the charger. After a forty five minute drive home the iPad went from 40% to 62% charge. Very nice!

To clarify, both tests were done with the device in standby by mode. I'm not sure what results you'd see if you left the device on while charging.

I have to say that if you're looking for a car charger for your smart phone or tablet, this one more than answers the bell. It works great and the two pack comes at a very reasonable price!

I give this a rating of 4 out of 5 but it would have been slightly higher if some sort of instructions or device compatibility was included in the package.
(Posted on 1/9/14)
Solid Chargers- but at a Price Review by Kelvin
I recently acquired a set of New Trent's Rapiduo Plus car chargers, and they are pretty high quality.

However, the cost is quite high as well. Despite this, the item is as good as advertised. To me, the most outstanding trait that this product, like all New Trent products, is the form factor and design. The item itself FEELS like it is made of a quality material. Unlike many other car adapters, the form is long and elegant and feels smooth to the touch. When I see comparable chargers like Powergen's dual USB charger, they just look bulkier. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the charger's ability, but the product's physical appeal is something to consider.

It works like any charger, The greatest asset would be the existence of 2 ports for simultaneous charging.

The downsides of the chargers are as follows: They come in a 2 pack. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but with such a high price tag, it is a bit disappointing to be coerced into buying both. If sold individually, then this wouldn't be as big of a problem. You would need to split cost with a friend or something in order to justify the purchase. Unless you have more than 1 vehicle to use, then this is a downside.

Overall, a great product from New Trent. The quantity and pricing can be an issue, however. But if looking for a reliable, quality car charger, and if you are willing to pay a premium, then look no further. (Posted on 1/1/14)
New Trent's Car Charger Is Great Quality- But for a Price Review by Kelvin
I recently acquired a set of New Trent's Rapiduo Plus car chargers, and they are pretty high quality.

However, the cost is quite high as well. Despite this, the item is as good as advertised. To me, the most outstanding trait that this product, like all New Trent products, is the form factor and design. The item itself FEELS like it is made of a quality material. Unlike many other car adapters, the form is long and elegant and feels smooth to the touch. When I see comparable chargers like Powergen's dual USB charger, they just look bulkier. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the charger's ability, but the product's physical appeal is something to consider.

It works like any charger, The greatest asset would be the existence of 2 ports for simultaneous charging.

The downsides of the chargers are as follows: They come in a 2 pack. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but with such a high price tag, it is a bit disappointing to be coerced into buying both. If sold individually, then this wouldn't be as big of a problem. You would need to split cost with a friend or something in order to justify the purchase. Unless you have more than 1 vehicle to use, then this is a downside.

Overall, a great product from New Trent. The quantity and pricing can be an issue, however. But if looking for a reliable, quality car charger, and if you are willing to pay a premium, then look no further. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Work as Expected Review by Mark
New Trent Twin-Pack 15W high-speed dual,USB port car chargers work as advertised.
They charge anything i throw at them from my galaxy s4 to my ipad mini and they look good too.
The white one in the picture above glows blue and orange and the black one glows a dark blue.
They both come with micro usb chargers that work well with my galaxy s4.
The light emitted from these are just right so they aren't blinding you
but not so dim that you cant see them. They feel sturdy an well made
unlike a lot of similar products Ive used. Id recommend theses to anyone
who needs a sturdy, reliable charger in their car. (Posted on 12/28/13)
great, sturdy charger that will actually stay in your cigarette lighter Review by christy
The packaging that the chargers came in was very nice. Bonus points for the
fact that I got a black charger and also a white charger in the box, so I
was able to pick out which one worked best with my car console's interior.

Also, the charger came with 2 micro usb cables, which was very nice, since
I have mainly iPhone chargers (the old ones) and don't have enough micro
usb charging cables. This allows me to keep a charger with the micro usb
chord in my car for easy access and charging.

The charger body itself seemed to be very well contructed and fit very
snugly into my car's cigarette lighter. If stayed very well - in fact, I
was very impressed by how snugly it fit. Even with the additional weight of
the charging cable, the charger body did not budge and stayed in the socket
even when it got bumped a few times. It's a nice added bonus that there
seems to be a blue light indicating when the body is properly plugged in
and ready to charge your device.

I really liked that the charger body is separate from the chord so that you
can just have an extra usb chord in your car and change the device that is
charging with ease without having to take the charger body in and out.

Very nice product and I am very pleased with it. (Posted on 12/28/13)
Great with one exception Review by Kristi
First the good. This works. I like the dual outputs. I can charge two phones at the same time or a tablet with a phone. The white one has an orange light around the outside, while the black charger has a nice blue light. While it's not absolutely necessary, it's nice to know it's fully seated and passing power. As an added bonus, these come with two USB cables, which you don't normally receive with chargers. I found that the charger does a great job of quickly charging my android phone.
Now for the reasoning behind the 4-star rating. The cables deter from the otherwise awesome charger set. My passenger was unable to use the cell phone for navigation while it was plugged in because the cable is too short. When traveling for a greater distance, I put my cell phone in a winshield mount and keep it charging. It's impossible with the cables supplied. The cables are very stiff, too. Granted, I'm in North Dakota and temps right now stay below zero for a while. But, it's life here and if the cable is going to be unwieldy for 6 months out of the year, it's unacceptable.
Overall, these are great if you get rid of the cables. I started using other cables that are longer and more flexible. The fast charging I get from even the 1A output is too great to not keep using these on a regular basis.
(Posted on 12/27/13)
Great car chargers for the price Review by Tony
NT85T Dual USB Car Charger (2PCS)
Rating: 4/5

I used both chargers in my car. With the 2.1A ports I charged both my ASUS MemoPad and my Samsung Note 2. Both charged quick enough where I could run Bluetooth and Wifi Hotspot in my car and still come out with extra juice on the machines. The 1A port I let my girlfriend connect here iPhone5 and my mom charge her HTC One S.

Living in Hawaii, my daily commutes are very short (15 - 20 mins each way) yet this product was able to charge my devices quite well. On average I would say my Note 2 would get about 10% charge in the 15-20 mins I am actually in the car which is quite really good because I have an extended 6200maH battery in it (~20% charge on the stock 3100maH battery). It is nice that this product comes with 2 car chargers so you can have a choice in color you prefer. The 2 provided MicroUSB was a definite plus and also came in both colors. (Posted on 12/24/13)

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