Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case

Compatible: Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus with 5.5 inch screen

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT636CR-L Trentium 6L

  • PROTECTION - Dual-layer Protection - Flexible TPU Shell with Hard Polycarbonate Cover and Glass Screen Protector

  • FEATURES - Rugged Full Body Protection

  • INTERCHANGEABLE - Black, Silver, Gold Back Plate

  • We recommend removing previously installed screen protectors before installation or it may impact case usage.

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MSRP: $59.95

Price: $18.95

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Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case
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Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case Trentium 6L Rugged iPhone Case



Trentium Case: NT636CR-L
Rugged phone case for the iPhone 6 PLUS with 5.5 screen

All new iPhone 6 PLUS mate

Introducing the Trentium 6L second gen case for your iPhone 6 PLUS. A two piece, TPU shell and polycarbonate cover that wraps snugly around your iPhone 6 PLUS for the ultimate protection.



Easy ON, Easy OFF

With it's sophisticated look and design, you will be at ease knowing that both installation and removal are very simple processes. Built like a tank, yet easy to take off and put on like a coat.

Ultra low-Profile Case

With all the offer protection: water, dust and drops. The case only adds an extra 3mm to the iPhone 6 PLUS. Breaking the barrier and redefining the stigma of rugged equals bulky.



Trentium 6L


COLOR Black case with Black, Silver, Gold back plate
WEIGHT (unit/package) _____ oz  / ____ oz
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Greatest iphone case for protection! Review by Rick
The case arrived fast, in a clean designed white box with all included printed product information on it. Inside the interchangeable back plates were neatly placed on top with the Rugged case beneath. The case seems pretty solid with a quality design look to it. I like that it has a built-in screen protector. I already have installed the Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector (White) for iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5" Screen (ACD27LW). This just make it even safer! Overall this will be a great benefit when using my phone outside at work and if I am camping, etc. (Posted on 8/15/15)
No more annoying bubbles under my screen protector Review by Melinda A.
New Trent Trentium 6L is stylishly well-designed durable protection for my IPhone 6 Plus. It’s water resistant and shock resistant. Yet it is lightweight – most rugged cases are heavy and bulky.

The most important feature for me was the full body protection with integrated screen protector. (Note: I no longer have to worry about placing a stick-on screen protector perfectly or try to remove those annoying bubbles that would get under my screen protector).

I had no difficulty putting my IPhone 6 Plus in the Trentium 6L case. And the fingerprint recognition sensor worked perfectly.

Nice touch (that women will appreciate) is that the case comes with three switchable back plates - Black, Silver, and Gold. Now your IPhone 6 Plus case is a fashion accessory based on your style.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.
(Posted on 6/9/15)
Indestructible Review by Joseph
Left my iPhone 6 Plus on the roof of my car and drove off, about a block later I heard it bounce off the car, stops and walked back and picked up fully functional with only a little damage to the switchable cover, boy was I relieved, just need to change the cover and good for another day. (Posted on 4/4/15)
First time user Review by Shirl
Received this as a gift in December, had always had Otterbox cases in the past. This case does all the description says, and I especially like the light weight. I had a user issue, me, I had a bubble in the screen saver, and ended up wearing a hole in the saver. I contacted NewTrent direct, by email, the customer service response time very quick. They were able to resolve my problem and a new saver is on its way to me. I highly recommend this case and this company. P.S. I do not do reviews but this service deeded a 5 star rating. Thank you! (Posted on 3/31/15)
Love this case Review by jodi
I was excited to receive the Trentium because I love my airbender pro rugged case I have on my iPad Air and I wanted the same type of case on my iPhone 6 Plus. Installation of the case was a breeze and took only a minute to do including reading the instructions. At first, the case appeared a little flimsy but once it was on the phone it was solid! Pros and cons of this case are as follows:

1. easy installation
2. slim for the amount of protection it provides
3. it looks good and looks rugged
4. all ports are covered keeping out dust and accidental splashes
5. the home button still functions as a print reader with the case on! (big plus for me!)
6. the case adds heft to the phone and somehow makes the phone feel more secure in my hand
7. you can customize the look with the extra back plates and they stay on nice and snug
8. the touch screen still works flawlessly like there is no cover over the screen
9. all the buttons work flawlessly with the case on
10. the port covers close securely and leave no doubt that the ports are protected
11. the price!!!!!

1. if you're looking for a super slim, light case, this is not the case for you. This is not really a con because this is supposed to be rugged!
2. The screen cover collects fingerprints but they are easily wiped away. again, not really a con because any phone case with a screen cover is going to get smudged so I don't think there is anyway to improve this except to not have a screen cover at all.
3. The case is a little slippery.
4. it only comes in black. I have a white and gold iPhone and some of the white shows through on the front of the case and the home button is white so it looks a little odd.
5. the gold backplate is not quite the same color as the gold on my phone. not a big deal but it may bother some people.
6. Women may think its too manly looking.
7.The port openings are small so aftermarket accessories may not fit. i have skullcandy fix earbuds and they plug in just fine, but they have a slim plug. My husband's much more expensive earbuds have a plug that doesn't fit.

Overall this is a very nice rugged case. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone with a 6 plus that wants to add some heft and protection to their phone. The Trentium's weight feels really good in the hand and protects against splashes and dust. I would definitely choose to put this case on my phone before I head to the beach or go hiking. People who work in construction or out in the field in nature should absolutely have this case on their phone. Also factory workers, carpenters, and any other profession where dust could be an issue could benefit from the secure port covers that will keep the dust out. And finally, moms like me with young kids should definitely have this case on their phone!!! Fingerprints wipe right off and so does yogurt, yes yogurt which i learned today courtesy of my children. (Posted on 2/6/15)
First time buyer Review by Dave
Live on the coast so I needed the case it was Dustys will salt air looks like it's gonna work fine went together without a problem bold directions would buy another one for the wife's phone give it a five star rating (Posted on 11/26/14)
Great case Review by Steven
I got the iPhone 6 Plus Case, New Trent Trentium 6L a week ago. It was easy to put on my phone and feels really great. Access to all of the controls are well placed and work great except for the touch ID membrane, It works sometimes and other times it doesn’t and I have to put in my pass code. This can easily be fixed by removing the membrane that covers the touch ID but then you lose some protection form the phone. The access port for charging and the headphone are easy to use and secure back in place.

The only other con to this case is switching the phone to silent and then switching it back to normal can be tough to use.

Other than those two issues this case is great and feels like it will protect the phone from drops and bumps.
(Posted on 11/19/14)

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