iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case

Compatible: iPhone SE iPhone 5s and iPhone 5

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  • MODEL - NT630CR

  • RECOMMEND - Protection

  • FEATURES - Rugged

  • INTERCHANGEABLE - Black, Silver, Gold back plate

  • CONNECTION - Bluetooth

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iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case
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iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case iPhone SE Case Trentium Rugged Protective Durable iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5 Case



Trentium Case: NT630CR

iPhone 5/5S/SE mate

Introducing  the case for your iPhone SE/5/5S. A two piece, TPU shell and polycarbonate cover  that wraps snugly around your iPhone SE/5/5S for the ultimate protection.



Easy ON, Easy OFF

With it's sophisticated looks and design you be at ease to know installation and removal is a very simple process. Built like a tank, yet easy to take off and put on like a coat.

Ultra low-Profile Case

With all the offer protection: water, dust and drops. The case only adds an extra 5mm to the iPhone SE/5/5S. Breaking the barrier and redefining the stigma of rugged equal bulky.




5.2 x 2.6 x 0.6

COLOR Black case with Black, Silver, Gold back plate
WEIGHT (unit/package) 1.8 oz  / 2.7 oz
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Thin case. Review by Ruth
So far so good. I feel like this case is like new shoes, at first they are really stiff but a couple days of use and they start to break in a little. The volume buttons wanted to turn themselves down becuSe the open/close flap was really stiff but it worked itself out really quick. Very thin. The speaker is slightly less loud than I hoped with this case on. (Posted on 8/15/16)
Awesome Review by Brianna
This is an awesome case. This case feels great in your hands fits perfectly even with a glass screen protector! I recommend purchasing. (Posted on 6/29/16)
Highly Recommended Review by Parabaz
It has only been a short while since my Trentium Duable Case arrived but, having mastered the technique to install my phone, I have been greatly impressed. The item provides great protection and I'm looking forward to a long and happy time with it! (Posted on 6/8/16)
Rugged case Review by peggy
bought this for both my iphones. saved me from drops. not too thick - and i like rubberized feel that keeps phone from slipping off dash when driving. (Posted on 6/5/16)
Case is good, but... Review by Adam
Would have given it 5 stars, but I have an iPhone 5s and the thin piece of protector material that fit over the hole for the thumb scanner did not fit well and bubbled. Could not get an accurate thumb scan if at all.

Finally removed the material. It is no longer water resistant, but is still a good case. Would question before purchasing if you have a 5s, especially if the reason for looking is its water resistant capabilities.

The other positive item is the price. This is a reasonably priced case (Posted on 11/13/14)
Nice Review by Jesse
The product is nice. I could care less about having interchangeable backplates, but the protection it offers is everything it says it is. It isn't waterproof, but getting water splashed on it or walking in the rain doesn't bother me one bit. Peace of mind is nice with this case. I wouldn't mind having the case for the 6 when i upgrade. Nice product and NewTrent put together another nice product. (Posted on 11/11/14)
Best case for the 5S under $30. Review by Joshua
Not bad at all! I like this much better than Otterbox's Defender case because of the thickness. Also the holes is much cleaner, and there is a thin layer of plastic that protects the TouchID on my 5S. Case feels solid in my hand, I love the interchangeable backplates since I can still say "hey I have a champagne iPhone 5s." More of a gimmick, but hey most of the time that's what most features on cases are. All in all great design, doesn't feel like a Defender clone, and feels like it should last longer than previous cases I've owned. (Posted on 11/2/14)
This is the Best Rugged Case I've ever owned.... Review by Philip
First Impressions:
1. Box – Well laid out and easy to read
2. Instructions – Easy to follow
3. Case – Looks to be constructed well.

I expected this case to be considerably bulkier then my current case but it was only slightly larger. The iPhone fit snuggly into the Trentium Ultra-thin case. The case snaps together nicely and all ports and buttons are covered to protect the phone from those everyday mishaps. All of the buttons are easy to press and the fingerprint reader does not skip a beat.

When I first received the case, I was concerned that the plastic screen would scratch but so far so good. Overall the case is well padded and I expected it to absorb any everyday mishaps.

The case includes three interchangeable color (black, silver, and gold) back plates. They fit Snugly to the back of the case and so far have not become loose.

This case also claims to be shock and water-resistant and from what I have seen I would say it is.

This is an exceptional case and I recommend the Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged case to everyone, but especially if you need that extra phone protection.
(Posted on 10/10/14)
Great CASE! Review by Christie
Anyone that knows me well knows that I have broken every iphone screen of every iphone I have ever owned because I dropped my phone (FYI I have had 6 total iphones so far)! To say that I was really excited to check out this new Iphone case from trent would be an understatement!
I loved that it comes with a screen protector and that the plastic pieces for the buttons fit inside all of the holes seamlessly to keep dust and dirt out. I love that the case protects everything while not being “too bulky” at the same time” It’s still slim, sleek, and even better fashionable. I also love that they included 3 interchangeable plates that can be easily changed without ripping the entire case off of the phone. I’m not stuck to one color! I can change the back plate in about two seconds time when the mood strikes me.There were only 2 things that I did not like about this case. The screen protector quickly became worn with an indent where the home screen button is. Only because the home screen button is the button most frequently used on the iphone. The other thing I did not like is that this case is only “water-resistant” while other cases of the same caliber are completely water proof! I quickly realized that the way that you had the buttons plastic on the case would make it impossible to test without an Iphone inside the case because the buttons plastic is free moving and actually fits into the Iphone slots. (Posted on 10/4/14)
So Amazing! Review by Nick
I love the ports for everything even the logo. Trentium is the master case! I recommended this to all of my friends and to anyone who looks at this! Get it ASAP! (Posted on 9/18/14)
Awesome Iphone 5S Case Review by Shaun
The Trentius Ultra-Thin Case for the Apple Iphone 5S is the best case you can find on the market at such an amazing affordable price. The Trentius offers incredible protection without any additional bulkiness or extra weight making your phone Shock Resistant as well as Water Resistant witch most other cases do not offer. The case does come with an integrated screen protector that offers additional superior protection for your phone from getting scratched. The case is also made from very durable materials and is soft to touch giving you a sold long lasting case. The case does also offer 3 switchable covers included witch are easy to install giving your phone a high class style. All in all If you are looking for a reliable case that offers superior protection above the competition without adding bulkiness to your phone then the New Trent Trentius Ultra-Thin Case for the Apple Iphone 5S is the right case for you. This is the phone case you will not regret buying!! (Posted on 9/14/14)
What a Great Case! Review by mrspamt
I just purchased this case for my iPhone 5s. I previously brought a case but found it to be too bulky. This Trentium case was the best choice I could have made. It provides great protection in a slim case, it's water resistant and it looks good. I love the interchangeable covers, great concept. Already had a couple of drops so I know how it stands up. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/6/14)
Really nice case! Review by Rick
I wasn't actually looking for a case for my iPhone 5s because I think the Apple design is beautiful and I'm pretty careful. But accidents happen and I thought it might be nice to have a good case available. I really like the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for the iPhone 5S. I've been using New Trent power backups for quite some time and was very pleased with the company's design and superb function.

In this case (no pun intended) I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and design. My son recently purchased an Otterbox Defender case for his iPhone and it's obviously bulkier and heavier. To be fair, the two case are designed with slightly different purposes in mind. The Otterbox is waterproof and built to take much more abuse. The New Trent Trentium case is somewhat of a "normal daily use" approach that will work for most people. It's not overly bulky, clunky or "industrial" looking - it is rather thin overall - but the attractive side surfaces have a slightly rubbery feel to them that ensure a secure grip and the case is definitely abuse-resistant. Overall, the case does not add significant bulk to the phone and it just looks good on the 5S.

Handling the materials, you can see how the Trentium case could easily withstand a drop from around 4 feet or maybe more and prevent damage to the phone. I haven't tried it with my phone to be honest, but you can tell immediately that the case is capable of fumble-finger drops and bumps. I don't believe the case integrity would be compromised either. The construction and fit are very high quality and durable and are unlikely to pop apart as a result of most normal drops.

The New Trent case also claims to be water resistant - not actually waterproof - and would easily survive spilled liquids and, quite likely, a brief drop into water or, umm, worse as long as the port covers are closed and the gasket is sealed correctly.

To test the case I submerged it (sans iPhone!) in a bucket of water but after about 5 seconds I could see some water had infiltrated through the speaker grills. They're not large holes but they are open nonetheless and water will get in eventually. As I said, however, I believe the case could survive a brief drop in water if immediately retrieved. If dunked, you'd most likely need to quickly disassemble the case to be certain no, or very little, water had passed through in a submersion but it's unlikely enough water could have gotten in to cause any damage to the iPhone. The case's rubber gasket seals well and creates a snug fit, leading to the Trentium's security, but the front and back are very easy to separate and reassemble if necessary.

The jacks for earphones and power cable are easily accessible and function normally by opening the appropriate rubber covers to reveal the ports.

The case came neatly packaged in a sturdy box containing several pieces (including a nicely protective white nylon sleeve for the different colored rear trim pieces). The phone installation and case assembly was straightforward. All you need to do is follow the illustrated instructions on the back of the box and you're quickly in business. The only suggestion I have is that you should install one of the three desired polycarbonate color plates (black, gold or space grey) before you put the unit together since it's easier to manipulate the outer case for snug installation of the pieces.

One problem I've had with other cases is glare from the flash reflecting off the case and causing ghosting on images. There was no problem with the Trentium in this regard. As long as you are careful to not get fingerprints or smudges on the lens and flash covers of the case, the camera optics remain crystal clear. Also, the fingerprint sensor works normally (it's covered by a thin piece of soft plastic). You should be careful when installing the iPhone or cleaning the inside of the case to not damage or puncture this particular piece.

I'm very pleasantly satisfied by the quality and design of New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin rugged case and will keep it on my iPhone for daily use. It's definitely worth a look.
(Posted on 9/1/14)
Love this Product Review by Raislak
Great protection, still looks like my iPhone including logo on Back and silver plate! Love that for a little more space than a back only case this provides Otterbox or lifeproof case like coverage. My only complaint is cosmetic in nature as the screen cover leaves an air pocket down by the home button. Still functions perfectly but the desire to have no screen distraction is a one star off on my unit. (Posted on 8/23/14)
Great case, but kind of blah looking Review by Dustin Ranem
This was used for my wife's iPhone 5S, and the functionality of it was great. It was very secure, protected the phone form the kids' drool, and I definitely felt it was safe from most types of damage.

The only thing I would say could be improved is the look. It's not exactly the 'prettiest' looking case. It's definitely a 'manly' case. Maybe throw out some pattern options or something. My wife isn't going to use it all the time, maybe just when needed more (during outside activities, camping, etc.) (Posted on 7/29/14)
Great protection for an iPhone 5S Review by Eric
The case is well-built and has a good design. Reminiscent of the Otterbox case I had for my old Motorola Xoom tablet, except this case was much easier to install and the fit was excellent. The 3 pieces fit perfectly and the built-in screen protector is a welcome addition. The TPU outer case adds on protection while allowing a non-slip surface.

Upon installing, I'll honestly have to say I thought the built-in screen protector would kill some of the touchscreen responsiveness, but it did not! Overall, everything works as it should. This case is protecting a work phone so it will definitely get tested for use and possible bumps and drops, so far...so good. (Posted on 7/22/14)
Very Protective Case Review by RandyCPU
I have used this case for about three months now.
Before this case I was using the iPhone 5S without a case. I never dropped it but there were a lot of close calls. The worst thing was that the thing is so slippery, all glass and shiny stainless steel.
With this case there is no slipping. Everything is well protected, as evidenced by my dropping the phone twice from my hands while standing. No damage.
And there is a high degree of water proofing. I doubt it would save my phone from the time I dropped my iPhone 3S into a pool, but occasional splashes and spills aren't going to be a problem.
The phone is also well protected from scratches.
There is a downside to all this protection. The case adds a few millimeters to your iPhone in each dimension. But that is how the protection works.
I recommend this case for your iPhone 5!! (Posted on 7/17/14)
Exceeded my expectations!! Review by Hunter
The case it very well built, I have not dropped my phone with the case on yet, but it seems to be durable. I used the case with an iPhone 5s and i did not have any major issues with any of the buttons such as the home button/fingerprint scanner. The only thing that i worry about is if the button covers will wear out over time and become too easy to press. Also the screen protector seemed a little to thin, that may not be anything to worry about but, I thought it might be easier to scratch than other brands. My favorite part about the case is the interchangeable back plates, that way i can change the look of the case without buying a completely new case. (Posted on 7/8/14)
Best Case I Ever Had!!! Review by Ken
Being able to protect my mobile devices is just as important to me as the actual functionality of the devices. If I invest hundreds of dollars in a device, I definitely want to make sure it's protected. In my past experiences, and word of mouth, I've always gone with Otterbox cases to protect my phones. Lately, I purchased an Otterbox Commuter case due to its slime body and ability to provide a good level of protection. What I didn't like was that the case did NOT provide screen protection. I had to buy my own screen protector and install it. After having that for a few weeks I opted into buying the Defender series case because the built in screen protection was important to me. Unfortunately, the new case is very bulky in my opinion but I couldn't find a case that was comparable to the durability. When I received this new case from NewTrent, I was pleasantly surprised as to how slim the case was. It was as slim as the Commuter but with the Water Resistance and Screen Protection. I have not dropped my phone off of a building or dunked it in water yet, but the fact that the case is super durable, super slim, sleek, and very attractive makes me not want to use any other case for my phone. I have not switched out the back colored plates yet on account of I like the black on black, but the vibrancy of the colors is also very attractive. The overall smooth feel of the case is just the icing on the cake. (Posted on 7/2/14)
Hard Working Case for a Hard Working Phone Review by Marc aka Network XXIII
For those who need a solid case to protect your iPhone 5, then this is the product for you. The sturdy case comes complete with a full back and clear frame front to help prevent from scratches, falls, and even the weather. Precision cuts allow room for the camera lens, flash, and of course Apple logo on the back. Overlays on the outside cover features like the USB port and volume buttons for extra protection. To add a bit of style the there is a plate on the back that simply snaps on and is available in classic black, bold bronze, or subdued gray. The only issue is to ensure that the phone is mounted firmly within the case so the lens and flash on the backside are as close to the cover as possible to prevent any type of reflection or bounce back when taking photos. Otherwise an excellent case to have for those who want or need great protection for their iPhone 5. (Posted on 6/30/14)
Easy application Slim Rugged Case with Integrated Screen Cver Review by Ashleigh
Upon opening the product, I was very satisfied with the thinness. Although it's not the thinnest case for the iPhone 5s, it is in terms of protection. This case is by far slimmer than the Otterbox Commuter Series cases.

The case itself is made up of three pieces, a hard inner case, the softer outer TPU case, and a colored polycarbonate back cover (comes with grey, black, and gold).

The hard inner case has a built in scratch resistant screen protector which is actually really clear and quite responsive. There is also a thin protector for the home button specifically built to also work with Touch ID. I was skeptical about it, but I was pleasantly surprised that the film worked seamlessly with Touch ID.

The outer softer case feels and appears to made of a matte material similar to most other cases but better in a sense the material is thicker and better cut. There are tight covers for all of the ports that seal the openings nicely from water and or dust. My only gripe would be that sometimes its hard to open the port covers for access to the silent button and takes a bit of work for the lightning work at times. Also, when using the external speakers, there is a bit of sound muffling due to the thickness of the TPU case. This is minor but it was something I wanted to point out when listening to any audio without head/earphones.

The backcover in my opinion was very clever and adds a sense of customization. The case comes with three colors from black, graphite/grey, and gold. In order to put on this part, you have to take out the soft TPU case and place it in when away and not on the phone. Then you can place the TPU+polycarbonate back case onto the phone+hard inner case.

Also, I want to point out that this case is NOT waterproof, it is just water resistant meaning it protects from water drop, dust, and other elements. In any case, I have been very satisfied with the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case and recommend it as the better and thinner alternative to the more bulky rugged case out there.
(Posted on 6/22/14)
New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) case Review by Anand
This is a review of the new New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) case. The package arrived within two days of order from Amazon, and was in excellent condition. The case was well protected and had all its contents neatly arranged when I received it.

It was easy to install the case on my iPhone5. The case is constructed of very good material, consisting of a clear plastic casing on the inside and a sturdy rubber exterior that fits on top of the internal case. Both parts come together perfectly to cover the iPhone on all sides, providing excellent protection. Importantly, the case fit snugly on the iPhone, and the whole unit felt as one.

The clear plastic touchscreen provided excellent feedback and was very responsive to touch. The rubber casing on the outside provided sufficient access to all the buttons on the iPhone. However, I felt that they could have done better on the access enclosure for the silencing button. It was difficult to access the button due to the relative non-pliability of the covering on top of it. It is possible that a person with slimmer fingers might have had better luck with opening it.

Overall, the case seems to have gotten the most important thing right, which is safety of the iPhone. I am very satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it to any buyers. It also offers very good value for the price. (Posted on 6/21/14)
"Ultra-Thin" and "Rugged" really can happen! Review by Tom L
I needed a case for my iPhone 5S, but something better than a bumper and I
didn't like the bulk of the popular rugged cases. I tried this "Ultra-Thin
Rugged" case from New Trent, and will never go back to another case.
Although "Ultra-Thin Rugged" might sound like an oxymoron, New Trent pulls
it off.

The case came in black that was rubberized, and it completely covered my
iPhone 5S. All the ports had rubber protectors, and the only exposure to
the phone are holes for the speaker along the bottom. Thus, I would call
the case "water resistant" and not "water proof." Two weeks into owning it,
I am happy to report that it is definitely "beer proof" as well, having
survived a spill right on the screen (true story). Yes, the case includes a
cover for the screen, and the iPhone main button on the front is covered.
Even though the screen protection is built in, I didn't notice any changes
to the iPhone's responsiveness to touch or stylus use.

The back of the phone is completely covered as well, with a round window for
the Apple logo to still be seen (still protected though). New Trent
includes three optional snap covers for the back in black, silver and gold,
to add some style if you so desire. The snap covers stay in place well and
I haven't experienced any wear or looseness after several weeks. I even
decided to start changing the color once in a while to keep it interesting.

The case itself is only two pieces (not including the decorative snap
covers).... a top and a bottom. They snap together easily and the case is
also very easy to remove. The ease of putting on and taking off a rugged
case has been a complaint of mine with other products, so I was very happy
to find out how simple and well-engineered the design is that New Trent uses

Functionality with the touch screen, home button, camera, speaker
quality/loudness, charging port, volume & mute controls, and sleep button
were all uninhibited. No complaints at all. Plus I had the added comfort
of having all those ports protected when not being used.

Total review = 5 out of 5. Normally I would offer suggestions for little
tweaks, but in this case I don't have any. This case is perfect the way it
is, and keeps the iPhone well protected while adding minimum bulk.
(Posted on 6/20/14)
AMAZING! Review by Max
Wow! What a case! Let me first say I have been through several cases for my iPhone 5s. Otterbox, Bodyglove, LifeProof…you name it, I’ve tried it. None of them have been as versatile as NewTrent’s. It fits like a glove, covers all ports, and provides excellent protection without the bulkiness of OtterBox or limitations and frustrations of LifeProof. For example, the side buttons are easy to work and respond as if the case were not even on the phone. With LifeProof and Otterbox (defender), you have to jiggle the toggle switches on and off several times.

The fact that is has a removed section for the Touch ID gives it a leg up as does the small form factor and lightweight nature. I have dropped the phone several times (clumsy me!), but the case has exceeded my expectations!

Overall, I would highly recommend this case to anyone who is in the market for a new one.
Comment (Posted on 6/11/14)
A must have for great protection Review by Blewzdood
Packaging: This was in keeping with that which apple products users are accustomed and I would assume something they have come to expect so, well done there.

Looks/Styling: A nice looking sparse, yet elegant, design. Having 3 color options was a nice touch. I'd lean toward the style options being more of a masculine market - perhaps what you were targeting. I'd question that taking your phone in an out of it is as easy as a coat. ;)

Slim: I'd place this into the category of slimmer than many other cases of this type, though still increasing the overall thickness to about 2 times that of a bare iPhone 5. Obviously, there are slimmer, but I'd suspect them to not be as shock proof nor advertised as such.

Assembly: Interesting design. The hard case front allows you to skip the screen protector application normally required and fits the iPhone 5 nice and snug without any movement, as desired. The home button clear film protector on the hard front does experience some stretching over time which does not affect functionality, however, does make the overall attractiveness suffer some due to the wrinkling effect that is very visible. The clear screen protector may not lay perfectly on the iPhone glass as nicely as hoped but, seems to function almost as well. Direct sunlight does reveal the cross hatched pattern (assuming that to help with capacitance) embedded within the screen protector and affects visibility a bit negatively at such time.

Feature access: The Off, Home and Volume buttons are all easily accessed. The Power, Headphone and Silent features have a lid you have to peel open. While I'm sure they provide the protection you require in a case of this nature, I personally struggle to open the Silent Switch lid every time. I can get it to "unsnap" but seem to still struggle actually having enough sticking out to easily open it.

Speaker, Ear Piece, Cameras and Microphone: I noticed no degradation in quality of any of these features. I had no complaints from people at the other end of phone calls either. Nice.

Overall: I am an historic ultra slim iPhone case user as I pocket my phone and want the slimmest look possible. Admittedly, I almost never drop my phone as a result for fear of damage though having some form of protection. I only dropped my phone once with this case and it is cosmetically unscathed. I never tested dropping in in water or even spilling any fluids on it for similar fears, however, I feel much more at ease with this type of case than any previous. There must be a reason that there is the amount of distance from the top of the screen to the top of the outside frame but still question whether that much depth would be necessary and could very well decrease the overall thickness more. This is a very good quality product and am very satisfied with the look, feel, performance and peace of mind this type of protection provides.
(Posted on 6/11/14)
Great Little Case Review by Rogelio
This case is awesome. It's thinness is the best part because it doesn't take away from the sleekness that makes the iPhone what it is. It's also water resistant, dirt and shockproof, it's designed to make the fingerprint reader completely accessible and has interchangeable backplates, which is just a plus for style. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who has a love for the iPhone's design and simply will not sacrifice beauty for protection. This case provides both! (Posted on 6/10/14)
Great protection without the bulk and expense Review by Brian
My major concerns for any cell phone or any type of electronics protective case are as follows: (1) price; (2) protection value; (3) looks and (4) utility.

In terms of price, the New Trent Trentium is spot on. The case should never cost as much as the protective cover. Additionally, the case should cost less than insurance for the electronic item. First off, I do not purchase insurance for any cell phone or any of my electronic gadgets because I feel it is not economical . Even if you purchase the insurance, there are many exclusions which will prevent you from getting a new product if the product breaks. I would much rather spend the money on a quality protective case.

In terms of protection value, the New Trent Trentium is very sturdy. There is a rubber casing which fits snugly over the hard plastic shell. The front of the iPhone slides inside of this inner plastic casing which has an attached clear plastic screen protector. Additionally, there is an additional metal casing that fits over the back of the rubber casing. That's two layers of protection for your iPhone. The iPhone fits snugly within this two-layered cocoon. Although I did not drop my encased iPhone to test the case's durability, it seems to be able to protect against a fall from either your front shirt pocket or pants pocket, i.e. 3 to 5 feet.

In terms of looks, the New Trent Trentium is sleek and does not appear bulky. Although it offers two levels of protection (see above), the case does not add much in terms of weight or thickness to the iPhone itself. If you can fit the iPhone in your shirt or pants pocket before the case, you can still do so afterwards. Compared to other bulkier and pricier cases, this is an added plus. Also, this case comes with three interchangeable back covers (Silver, Bold, and Black matte).

In terms of utility, the New Trent Trentium allows you to use all of the features of the iPhone. The rear case cutouts for the camera and the flash are spacious enough for the camera and the flash to operate effectively. The front case camera cutout and home button cutout for the phone are sufficient as well. There are rubber tabs that you can pull up to access the power input, mute button, and earphone jack. Otherwise these tabs lock flush with the rubber casing. Finally, the on/off and volume buttons are permanently encased in rubber and are easy to use.

Overall, on a scale of 1-5 with five being the the best, I give the New Trent Trentium Case for the iPhone 5s/5 a 5. (Posted on 6/10/14)
Nice case - Nice feel Review by Adrien
First impression of the case was it had a great feel to it. The texture was very nice, smooth and felt very comfortable to the touch.

The ability to change the backing is an added bonus of the product and I'm sure some will appreciate the option, I personally didn't care for the silver or gold. I would intend to use only the black. I would like to see a greater variety of color choices... Orange :)

I did find I had difficulty figuring out how to install the case until I noticed the instructions which where easy enough to understand. When I first began separating the case I worried that I might break it, uncertain of its durability but after opening I felt more confident the case was more rugged than it seemed.

The case fits the phone very nicely, though I did struggle a bit getting the case on completely. All parts of the phone feel very well protected though I do find the case to be a bit bulky.

The plastic facing doesn't appear to hinder the use of the touch screen at all however I noticed the home button is considerably more difficult to press and often the finder print reader doesn't seem to respond well through the case.

The power and volume buttons worked perfectly. Excellent feedback thorough the case. Great design there!

I am not a fan of the port covers. I feel like the are too stiff and put unwanted pressure on the charger cable. I feel like over time the port covers will eventually wear from being opened and closed repeatedly and eventually break off.

All in all I think the case is pretty nice and will likely protect the phone from damage; however I would not purchase this particular case mostly because of the size. I prefer a much slimmer profile. (Posted on 6/10/14)
Love it Review by Mike
Love it, it protects my phone well and isn't overly large. And it looks good to boot. My only gripes would be the plastic over the fingerprint sensor made it hard to use the fingerprint sensor and maybe more color backs but beyond that it's awesome. (Posted on 6/9/14)
Great enclosed case, better screen than Ive seen before! Review by SlvrScoobie
This is a pretty great case for those of us that are less than delicate to our iphones. The case is pretty well desgined, the outer part of the case is a rubberized material that then snaps over the inner portion that holds the screen and home key connector. The case is very strong and definitely would not hesitate to use it on a beach or other 'dangerous' to normal cases. However, since its not waterproof, or I dont think I would take it on a boat. But near a pool that might get a good 'wetting' its great. The case is nice because my wife has used it a bit, and even she was not bothered by the size! So its much smaller than other options available. The biggest drawback for both of us was the screen protector has some 'dots' that are apparent in broad daylight. But comparing the screen of the Newtrent to say an otterbox which my father and brother in law use, its so superior that the dots dont even come close to being outwighted by the competition. I have not gotten any dust or dirt under the screen like my father in law did on his otterbox. plus its about 1/2 the size. The only other complain I can really make is the seals for the headphones/charger are pretty tight and can be a pain to open occasionally, as there isnt much to grab only being so small.
Over all Im really happy with the case, and surprised to find that coming from a naked Iphone I dont notice much of a size difference in my jeans. Even better, my wife likes it so much I might need to buy a second one and I think shes commandeered mine! (Posted on 6/9/14)
Very Thin, Lightweight Case! Review by Chris
This case was much sturdier than I expected! Its a nice alternative to most bulky rugged cases while still providing great protection. The case is so thin and light that I barely noticed a difference with the case on or off. The interchangeable plates maintain much of the original aesthetic of the iPhone 5s. The covers/flaps protect the ports, keeping out the dust and dirt. The mute switch was a bit difficult to access, but the other buttons were easily activated. The case does not block any of the functions of the device and gives you a solid grip. In the end, I felt like I could drop my phone from a reasonable height without damage... and that's the main reason I use a case! (Posted on 6/6/14)
good case Review by Mark
The New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) is ok. Keeps dust
and dirt away as you would expect. Not really that water proof. Tested
with just running water from the faucet and it keeps it dry for the most
part, some very light dampness out the inside. So for rain, small
puddles, shower(wouldn't expose for a long time), and dampness it works
just fine at keeping it dry. Should never be submerged there are not any
seals or O-rings to help prevent water from comming in thats why the box
says "Water Resistant" not "Water Proof" there's a very big difference.
Anything deeper then 1-2inches you would probably get some leaking so i
would not advise trying it. The sound quality is pretty decent compared
to other similar products I've tried and is near the top of my list for
that.It is not bulky and feels nice in hand. Overall i would rate a 4,
it's not super great but it's up there in my top favorites. (Posted on 6/6/14)
Best case ever! Review by Shoshana
What a great case!! It is so rugged, but not bulky! It makes a really tight
seal around the phone, ensuring that nothing can get in - no water, dirt,
or scratches. If you need full protection, this does the trick. I also
appreciate that this case includes two different colored "shells" to snap
onto the case, if you'd like to change up the color. As always, I love
color options, and of course would be thrilled if even more color options
were available. I have also had no issues with the screen cover - the touch
screen is still just as effective and precise with the cover. Overall, I
highly recommend this case if you're worried about damaging your iphone at
all. (Posted on 6/6/14)
AWESOME NEW CASE! Review by Sherry
Overall rating- 5 Excellent!

As soon as I opened the box, I liked my new Trent case. When I put it on my iphone 5, I immediately fell in love.

The case encompasses all of the protection and none of the ugliness that my prior Otterbox did. It is slimmer, more stylish and more comfortable to hold. The colored panels allow me to change the look of the case without the need to switch cases.

I wholeheartedly recommend the case to anyone. Those who work outside will appreciate having an attractive case that is not bulky and does not sacrifice protection. Those who work in an office environment will appreciate having a beautiful case which does not detract from the looks of their device and which provides superb protection.

Personally, liking the idea of being able to carry the case on my belt, I do wish that it had a holster included, but that can be easily remedied through the use of an aftermarket pouch that it readily available anywhere for a modest cost.

All in all I rate the case a 5- Excellence in beauty, form and protection. My phone has found a new home and it is not leaving it anytime soon! (Posted on 6/6/14)
Love the case Review by Brian
I've bought many cases for
My iPhones in the years and this is my favorite by far. It feels solid without adding too much bulk. Has great protection without needing adapters to port. (Posted on 6/5/14)
great protective case Review by Rob
I put this case on my iPhone 5s and I really like the protection built into the case. It feels like it would protect th phone well and is very comparable to an otter box case in that comparison. But the thing I like more about it is that its not as bulky as an otter box in comparison. I like the port protectors. Its a great looking case also. The ability to change the back plate is a nice touch so you can customize the look of the case to match or to be a little different than your phone. I found it fairly easy to change the back plate. The case is great for anyone looking for a protective case and not wanting a huge case in the process. (Posted on 6/3/14)
This is the best case I have ever had for my phone Review by Terry
Why did i choose 5 stars? Because this case is the very case i have been looking for, for my phone. It is very sturdy, grippy, tough and protects my phone from the elements, esp water and dust. The product is professional packed and arrived with three differetn colored back plates. I choose black to match my phone. I love how the rubber keeps my phone from slidding down any surface i put the phone on too.
What did i like or dislike? I love the feel of the case, its grippy, smooth to the touch, and classy looking. it looks professional. the case is also thin so it fits awesome on my car phone holder. This is the best product i have yet to try for my iphone 5. The one thing i did do was remove the rubber cover from the iphone lightning bolt cable port so that it fit onto my phone car holder. But i love how the case totally envelopes my phone. The cover is clear but polarized too I think for viewing in the sun light (dont use polarized sunglasses to try to view screen though ... it will be difficult to see in that situation).

Who would i recommend this case to? I would strongly recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect there phone and have all the good things in a case as mentioned above.

Keep up the good work Trent!
(Posted on 6/3/14)
Slim design with only complaint... Review by Kyle
This is my second case for my Iphone and I will say it surprised me. I assumed it would be much more bulky for being a "rugged" case. It's actually the same size as my last case, but is 10 times more protective. Of course, there are still some things you sacrifice for that ruggedness. First, the clear screen that covers the entire touchscreen isn't perfectly clear and I wonder how long it will really last. I envision that wearing down (getting scratched) within a few months, but time will tell. The charger cover is annoying too, but is to be expected.

The most disappointing thing was the replaceable plates. After 3 days of normal wear, the gold plate started peeling off. I've attached a picture for reference. It's actually the same color underneath the peel, so it might actually be ok once it sheds that layer???? I'm going to switch to a different color and see if I get the same results. But for now, I'd say that's a huge flaw.

Surprisingly slim case for being so rugged.
Very protective. I haven't dropped it yet, but I'm not very worried if I do drop it.

The gold plate is shedding it's coat.
Expensive (Posted on 6/2/14)
Slim and protective, as promised. Review by Gregory
I don't myself own an iPhone 5S, so I gave the case to my friend. We're both students at SFSU. She gave me feedback so I could write this review. The case is quite good looking for something that's designed to protect the phone from the elements. The colored backplanes are a nice touch, bringing out the color of the phone even though it gets covered up by the case. I'm impressed with the build quality - similar to something like the Speck Candyshell, the soft inside that comes in contact with the phone couldn't possibly scratch it, though the hard outer shell still protects the elements and feels good in the hand. It'd be quite difficult to drop unintentionally, because the materials are fairly grippy, not at all slippery. However, just as a test, I did drop the phone a couple times onto a tile floor from front pants pocket height - a few feet. No damage was done to the phone or case. Quite unintentionally, I also managed to spill a glass of Pellegrino on my desk, much of which ended up on the phone. No water got inside the case or damaged the phone in any way. Excellent. It's incredibly thin too, compared to Otterbox or Lifeproof cases. The materials don't attract lint, which I always hate, and it easily slides into my pocket without grabbing onto the fabric. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great for the Outdoor Enthusiast, Not Necessarily for the Urbanite Review by Steve
"I typically do not use a case for my iPhone 5 because I like the sleek design, light weight, and general aesthetics of the phone. However, there are times when my iPhone needs to be protected during outdoor activities such as boating and hiking. In these instances, the New Trent case comes in handy to protect my phone from the elements while the slender design still preserves what I like about the iPhone sans case. The case adds some unwanted weight to the phone itself which is why it does not necessarily work for my everyday lifestyle; I almost always keep my phone in my front pocket. Moreover, the plastic screen is somewhat flimsy and does not appear to provide too much protection for the phone's screen; however, when the phone is actually inserted into the case, it seems to do the trick. The rubber case seems to be protective and I have little concern that the phone will be damaged if it falls on the floor.

Inserting the phone into the case was relatively simple as is removal from the case. It took some time to figure out the process of both, but after I figured it out, inserting and removing the phone was simple. Once the phone is in the case, using the buttons (home, volume, power) was pretty responsive with minimal latency. The screen was surprising smooth which arguably provided more responsiveness to the touch screen (an obvious plus for me who does not even use a screen protector). The cover for silent mode is a bit suspicious as it is only connected to the case on one side. Not only does this strip seem to fail in protecting my phone from liquids but also seems that the piece will snap off over time. The ports on the bottom are a bit rigid, affording some difficulty in opening and closing the earphone jack and power cord covers, but the functionality works fine for the most part. The changeable colored plates on the back seem pointless aside from the fact that they add extra protection to the back of the phone; I personally don't care about the different colors--I just like black to match the rest of the case.

Overall, the case seems great for people who work or spend a lot of time outdoors. I would definitely recommend to those who do. I would rate it a 4 (+ useful outdoors, - does not fit with my day-to-day lifestyle)." (Posted on 6/1/14)
Nice thin rugged case Review by Richard
Let me start off by saying that my wife was the one who utilized the case, as she uses an iPhone 5. And, as such, my wife is very particular about her phone cases... she changes them like you and I change socks. That being said, she was very specific about her likes and dislikes, and after examining the case myself over the past week, I tend to agree.
First off the pros... the case is remarkably thin and stylish for being a "rugged" case. I have used Otterbox brand cases in the past and found them much too bulky. My wife would not even try one, as she would prefer no case at all to one that she perceived as clunky. Not an issue with your product. For the amount of protection it offered it was quite thin and sleek. The removable back panel was a great touch, allowing for a little splash of color to change things up. The port covers took a little getting used to, but they functioned properly, fit tightly and caused no problems. The way the case fit the iPhone was great. A nice snug fit with no wiggle room, and no hint that it would stretch or wear or. Other cases, including the one she had used previously, stretched over time, some allowing the phone to slide right out. No worries with the Trentium. The built in screen protector did its job and protected the screen. Although my wife complained of issues texting with the screen protector at first, by the end of the first day, she had adjusted and said that it was no issue at all. Overall the case was a good solid product. A good value, and offered great protection.
There were some cons though... None of these would be deal breakers, but should be pointed out none the less. The interchangeable back panels were a great idea, however, more colors would have been great. My wife likes her phone cases a little "flashy", mainly so she can find her phone, so some brighter colors could be in order. Also on the subject of the back panels, the finish seems to be wearing off on the edges. Whatever clearcoat agent was used on the plastic was peeling off. I will enclose a few pictures of the wear. Not a huge deal, but should be addressed in future releases. Also on the durability note, the cutout for the home button below the screen warps after repeated use. This has not become a physical problem, but like the wearing back panels is a cosmetic one. And one final cosmetic issue is the screen protector. While it does do its job and protect the screen, it picks up scratches itself, very easily. My wife is the type to throw her phone in her purse on the go, and the moving around inside has caused some rather large gouges in a pretty short amount of time. Hasn't become an actual, physical issue with the use of the screen, but it doesn't look very pretty. I have enclosed pics of the home button and screen protector as well.
Like I said, none of the cons would be deal breakers, and all are cosmetic issues. There were no issues with the functionality of the case. It worked exactly as it was supposed to. It's very thin for a rugged case, and can even fit into pockets without any problem. Now, since my wife is already on her second iPhone, because he first one went swimming in a puddle, I'm going to recommend she continue to use the Trentium. And, as she hasn't complained that any of the issues I pointed out were dire, I believe she will. The case itself is a great product. Easy to put on, nice tight fit, great protection. It's overall construction is quality, you can feel it in your hand when you hold it, there are no movements, no creaks or squeaks. It's just some cosmetic issues that should be addressed. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great Case with great Protection Review by Blewzdood
Packaging: This was in keeping with that which apple products users are accustomed and I would assume something they have come to expect so, well done there.

Looks/Styling: A nice looking sparse, yet elegant, design. Having 3 color options was a nice touch. I'd lean toward the style options being more of a masculine market - perhaps what you were targeting. I'd question that taking your phone in an out of it is as easy as a coat, as advertised. ;)

Slim: I'd place this into the category of slimmer than many other cases of this type, though still increasing the overall thickness to about 2 times that of a bare iPhone 5. Obviously, there are slimmer, but I'd suspect them to not be as shock proof nor advertised as such.

Assembly: Interesting design. The hard case front allows you to skip the screen protector application normally required and fits the iPhone 5 nice and snug without any movement, as desired. The home button clear film protector on the hard front does experience some stretching over time which does not affect functionality, however, does make the overall attractiveness suffer some due to the wrinkling effect that is very visible. The clear screen protector may not lay perfectly on the iPhone glass as nicely as hoped but, seems to function almost as well. Direct sunlight does reveal the cross hatched pattern (assuming that to help with capacitance) embedded within the screen protector and affects visibility a bit negatively at such time.

Feature access: The Off, Home and Volume buttons are all easily accessed. The Power, Headphone and Silent features have a lid you have to peel open. While I'm sure they provide the protection you require in a case of this nature, I personally struggle to open the Silent Switch lid every time. I can get it to "unsnap" but seem to still struggle actually having enough sticking out to easily open it.

Speaker, Ear Piece, Cameras and Microphone: I noticed no degradation in quality of any of these features. I had no complaints from people at the other end of phone calls either. Nice.

Overall: I am an historic ultra slim iPhone case user as I pocket my phone and want the slimmest look possible. Admittedly, I almost never drop my phone as a result for fear of damage though having some form of protection. I only dropped my phone once with this case and it is cosmetically unscathed. I never tested dropping in in water or even spilling any fluids on it for similar fears, however, I feel much more at ease with this type of case than any previous. There must be a reason that there is the amount of distance from the top of the screen to the top of the outside frame but still question whether that much depth would be necessary and could very well decrease the overall thickness more. This is a very good quality product and am very satisfied with the look, feel, performance and peace of mind this type of protection provides.

5 stars! (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great case for the price Review by JHA
After using an Otterbox case for my iPhone 5 I wanted a case that offered protection for the phone as well as having screen protection. The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt&Shockproof Apple iPhone Case fit the bill perfectly.
Pros: Easy installation
All buttons and lenses aligned perfectly
Thin and easy to hold
Different looks with the interchangeable backplate
Easily slips in and out of pants pocket
Con: The plastic film over the home button feels a bit flimsy and I expect it to rip over time. Not a big deal but that would impact some of the water resistant capability of the case.
Overall the case is an excellent choice for a reasonable price. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great Case Review by Jack
The New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case is a great item. I would rate it on a scale from 0-5, with 5 being excellent, a 4 i would not rate it as a five since there were some minor problems with it. One of the minor problems was that the changeable cover on the back is a little hard to figure out how to put on and there were no directions for it. After a minute or two i figured it out but i wanted to mention that. Another thing was the back of the case is a little slippery and is hard to hold on to. Also the final thing is that the plastic cover that keeps the case water-resistant is pretty easy to scratch and scuff up. Those are the only things that i found wrong with it. Now some of the good things, I love how its water resistant shock-proof. Also i like how you can change the color on the back if you don't like the one that comes with it. Finally it is really easy to out the case on and to take it off if you need to to. So overall i would recommend this item to anyone that uses their IPhone a lot or drops their IPhone a lot. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Awesome iPhone Case!! Review by Tyler
I originally purchased this case for a trip to Africa that I am going on this summer. I am going on several safaris and everything I've read is the dust can be terrible in places. Obviously dust and electronics do not mix, so I needed a case that would protect my iPhone 5S from dust, dirt, and the odd bump. I really dislike bulky cases, but would have settled on one for the trip if it meant protecting my phone. I stumbled upon the New Trent Trentium case and was sold immediately. The case only adds 5mm to the phone, which makes it feel like a non-rugged case. It's fully shock and dust proof and is water resistant. It's sleeker than any other phone case in the "rugged" category that I've seen so far, which basically means they've set a new standard. It's also considerably cheaper; coming in at under $32 it's an absolute steal of a deal! The fingerprint scanner still works through the clear cover on the front of the phone, which makes it even better in my books. It's lightweight, easy to put-on and take-off, and can even be customized to fit your own personal style with the three interchangeable covers that are included (black, silver, and gold). The only downfall to this case, and the reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5, is that it's only water resistant instead of waterproof. For my purposes that is a fairly minor thing, but would give the user that much more peace of mind knowing that an accidental submersion would mean the phone is completely protected. Other than that New Trent hit a home-run with this case and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's traveling, needs that extra level of protection, or spends time outdoors. It'll get the job done and then some!! (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great Case Review by Chris
I really like the construction, heft and feel of this case. This is not a super thin case but adds just enough to your phone to make it easier to hold and gives it a great protected feel. It has a great screen protector that resists smudges and is easy to see through without impacting the resolution of the iPhone like some other cases or screen protectors. The buttons and ports are covered well with the exception of the access to mute/vibrate switch. You have to flip open a cover, which continues to try to flip closed while you are trying to access it that becomes more annoying that I would have thought it could be. The covers over the headphone and charge port are easier to use with one hand as well as not flipping shut without you meaning to do it. I use my phone on my mountain bike a lot (GPS, music, cycle computer) which includes creek crossings and even riding in the rain. I am not comfortable that water resistant is enough to protect my phone in some of the more. The case gives me confidence that it could really take an impact without damaging the phone but not being waterproof and the issue with the cover over the mute switch keep this from being the perfect case. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Excellent Rugged Case that doesn't make your phone look like a heavy brick Review by Cybazaar
I received the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S case (NT630CR-B), a rugged iPhone 5/5S case, as part of a preview/test program. I used it on an iPhone 5S. Previously I have used slim cases and rugged cases from other manufacturers.

The case arrived in a nice package. It needs to be dis-assembled before it can be put on a phone. The instructions to install the case were simple and easy to follow, although removing the top shell does take a little bit of effort. Once disassembled, there is an inner part of the case which fits the phone snugly. This part protects the front of the phone, and includes a screen cover. There was a small crease in the screen cover on the case I received, however, nothing that would interfere with screen view-ability or touch operation. The home button is also covered in a slightly thinner material. The rugged part of the case goes on top of the inner cover. It protects the back of the phone, as well as provides double protection to the front. The fit and finish of the case is very nice, and the edges are beveled to somewhat match the iPhone 5/5S chamfer design. All openings are protected with rubberized, water resistant covers. The lightning port for charging was a little hard to access but the cover seemed to protect it well. Overall, the size of the case is pretty compact for a rugged case, and it may be one of the thinnest rugged cases, however, I would not call it Ultra-thin.

The case provides full protection, including the screen, and I was pretty surprised that it didn't hinder touchscreen in any way. The case would work very well for those who want significant protection for their iPhones, and want it to be less bulky than other available cases. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Good, solid case at a better price than Lifeproof Review by Brian
I’ve used this case for about a week and I like it quite a bit. It replaced a LifeProof case and has similar dimensions, but feels a little better. I have purchased two LifeProof cases and both have been poor quality and didn’t last a year. While those cases claim to be waterproof, they quickly fail. I believe this case will do much better and is significantly easier to use on a day to day basis… not to mention cheaper. It’s splash proof (not waterproof), which I think is more than enough for most people. Installation was a breeze, with the simple instructions printed right on the box. The case comes with three interchangeable back panels to change the color of approximately 2/3 of the back of the case. The panels are gold, silver and black. I prefer the black one the best. The case is thick enough to be able to take a decent spill onto concrete, but I don’t want to test that with my phone. I did, however drop it from about waist high onto my hardwood floor, and the case and phone were just fine. It has a silicon like feel to it, so it slides in and out of jeans pockets pretty easily. It has little doors over all the necessary buttons, which again, provide protection against a splash of water, but they don’t form a water tight seal when closed. The headphones and charging cable fit nicely into the slots behind the doors. However, the door that exposes the silent/vibrate switch is a bit deep… my finger nails are currently long enough to get to the switch, but would be hard after a fresh cut… or if you have bigger fingers. The volume buttons are completely covered with rubberized buttons and they work well. Finally, the plastic that covers the front glass and TouchID sensor (iPhone 5s) does not cause any issues with the sensitivity of either the screen or the TouchID sensor. Overall, I feel the case is a good case and would recommend it as a solid (and cheaper!) replacement for the lifeproof case as long as splashproof meets your requirements. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Nice case..feels rugged Review by Scott
Rating = 4

I had the chance to review this case recently for my iPhone 5s. Overall these is a pretty nice case. This is case is made up of two pieces, the hard plastic shell and the external rubber / TPC exterior shell. It was fairly easy to assemble the case and get my iPhone in it, but I kept getting hair / dust trapped in between the phone & the case, so it took quit some time to get all of the dust / debris off of the case. Once I got it sufficiently cleaned, it looked like nothing was between you and the phone. The touch screen is still fully function and so is the Touch ID sensor (I even left my static cling screen protector on the iPhone screen anyway and it still worked just fine). The plastic “ring” that was used to cover the iPhone Touch ID sensor felt to me a little “flimsy” (like a very thin piece of plastic) and felt like it may not take much abuse. The sleep / wake button & volume controls were very easily accessible. The finish on the case felt “satin-ey” but still wouldn’t slip out of your hand easily. After making a few test phone calls, a couple of people said that I sounded a little muffled, but still was easily heard. The speaker sounded about the same as it is without a case. I didn’t have any issues with the light sensor either...This case touts water resistant (not water proof) and felt like that wouldn’t be an issue. There is sufficient port coverage to preventing any moisture from getting inside…again water resistant NOT water proof. The lightening port on the bottom is easily accessible (although I wish it had support to use a generic USB cable), but takes a little “finagling” to move the port covering out of the way so you can plug in your power cable. Overall nice case…too bad it only comes in black :-( (Posted on 5/31/14)
Excellent Case, one very minor downside Review by MICHAEL
I have owned this case and have used it on my iPhone 5 for a few weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. The first few days I was hesitant because of the unusual stiffness of the access openings (vibrate/ring switch, lightning adapter port and 3.5mm plug). After a break in period with the case, the access doors are easier to open. Despite the flexibility of the rubber, it doesn't appear to jeopardize the seal at all. I have used this case during outdoor construction work and it has been exposed to tremendous amounts of dust and even light drizzle and the case has kept the phone clean and dry.

Having the multiple back plates for this phone is also a nice feature. It affords you the opportunity to change it out after you have grown tired of the look or if the plate itself becomes excessively scratched. In addition, I have ordered cases before where (when I received it) it didn't quite look like the same shade/color as the picture. This allows for options.

I've owned an Otterbox Defender and this case has the same protective/sturdy feel, without the bulk of the Defender.

The only downside I have found on the case is the size of the access door openings (lightning adapter port and 3.5mm plug). I am big user of non-OEM headphones, USB chargers, etc. Both the lightning port and the 3.5mm port openings are just a bit too small for many of these non Apple accessories. I have used this case in an iOttie Bike mount on my motorcycle and because of the poor 3.5mm fit, the wire has popped out while riding.

Overall, I am satisfied with the case and would recommend it. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Best case ever!!! Review by Eric
I have gotten the slim case for the iPhone 5s and I love it. I have had so many cases for my phones in the past, and this one by far is my favorite, super slim, yet very rugged. Even covers the home button yet still allows you to use the fingerprint scanner, genius! I give it a 5 out of 5
(Posted on 5/31/14)
Iphone 5s Ultra-Thin Rugged Case Review by Neal
First of all, I'd like to say that this product is designed pretty well overall. From durability to flexibility and versatility, the NewTrent case has it all. The case itself is actually pretty tough and I wouldn't be afraid to drop my phone outside (of course if it were an accident). The extra lip above the screen itself makes me feel even safer and not have to worry about dropping my phone screen down onto the ground. I know it's wont crack unless it's deliberately thrown at a jagged rock or something else. The switchable plates area great addition for those who get tired of looking at one color on their phone. I personally don't mind having one color, but that extra package just makes it that much better of a product. All of the ports are sealed tightly and I don't think there will be dust building up in these ports, unless I don't touch my phone for a couple of years. The extra cover over the speaker on the front of the phone is also an extra added feature that I liked very much. The two main problems I had that brought this product to a 4 star were the plastic screen attaches to my screen cover underneath leaving bubbles here and there and the port that covers the vibrate function. The case is actually a little bit thicker on the side so it's hard to reach the vibrate function if you don't have longs nails or a skinny finger. Overall, this product is pretty much everything that is written on the box. No false advertising here, and I definitely would use this case when I go hiking or just am outdoors in general. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Amazing Review by Hunter
Fun and cool item (Posted on 5/31/14)
Well-made and worth the money Review by David
The case was well packaged with clear application instructions on the box.
It fits the phone well and was pretty easy to install. Instructions could
use a little bit of enhancement with regards to changing the back. The
case is thin enough to not overly bulk the phone, while still being thick
enough to provide some protection. (Posted on 5/30/14)
Simple and stylish Review by Phox
Great case. Slim, stylish, and well worth the protection it has to offer. Water resistance and shock impact that leaves the case with very little sign of use in post exposure. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Rugged without being too bulky Review by Thomas
This is a good, well-designed product. I found it easy to install and remove the case.

The option to switch back plates is a good one. You may not necessarily want to match the 5S back, or with the iPhone 5 it provides a nice accent to the plain back. These were easy to take off and put on.

The build quality is up to the usual standards. Everything fit together nicely where it should.

It does add somewhat to the bulk of the iPhone, though not excessively compared to other heavy-duty cases (my son has an Otterbox and this is definitely less bulky). My impression is that this is ideal for someone who regularly uses their iPhone in hostile environments or who is a habitual phone dropper. Regular users may want to swap this for a lighter case in normal use and save the Trentium for trips to the pool, beach, or whatever.

The protection is solid though not tank-like (that requires a much heavier case). I didn’t test it by dropping the phone, but it should stand up to normal falls without a problem.
(Posted on 5/29/14)
I like it more than my old Otterbox Review by Andrew
PROS: This case is well isolated, built and very accurately designed to fit the iPhone 5s (what I have). The screen protector is great, I actually like it more than the feel of the actual screen. The additional colors for the back are nice as well.
CONS: The opening door for the charger is a bit small. It works with my Apple OEM lightning cable but not my others (Kensington and Amazon Basic cables). Also the film over the home button/ fingerprint reader is hard to push and does not feel natural. This part is tough though since they want to make the phone water resistant.
Summary: I have owned many cases, Belkin, Otterbox, Incipio, lifeproof, etc. If you are looking for something that is not fully waterproof but water resistant (usable in the rain), as tough as an otterbox, and use an OEM lightning cable, this is the case for you. (Posted on 5/29/14)
A lightweight case that performs as described with a fun color factor. Review by D
An enjoyable case to use. And here is why:

1. Slim profile, lightweight
2. Encases phone for protection
3. Water resistant/splash resistant...NOT waterproof.
4. Interchangeable back plates in 3 colors.
5. NO interference with touch screen...no lag
6. Great feel to the case AND non slip
7. "dust covers" for open ports.

The only down side is that the screen protector smears easily ( not unusual) , and shows scratches pretty quickly. Being totally waterproof would make it perfect.

First thing, and important....read the directions. Unless you are familiar with these types of cases, you won't necessarily know how to put it together without a little damage.

You will notice plugs/covers for the open ports, charging port and headjack. Great idea and necessary to make this water resistant and protect from splashes.

The case has a smooth feel and good grip against slips. It is sleek and lightweight so doesn't add bulk to your phone's profile.

The plate choices are black, gold and silver. The colors are muted, like a brushed or matte look and unisex as far as usage. Stylish and fun, but also comes off professional. It also seems like it would take impacts and drops well while protecting your phone.

The phone encased. The top portion is case and screen protector all in one. Amazingly, the screen protector doesn't interfere at all with the responsiveness of the screen. And you don't have to worry about those awful bubbles in other screen protectors.

And not the least, it will protect from water splashes. Keep those port plugs in and do not submerge....this is not waterproof. (Posted on 5/29/14)
Finally - An iPhone 5/5s Case for Grown-ups! Review by Carol
Most business people (like my husband and myself)don't want flashy colors, bling or trendy monograms or pictures protecting their phone. We want a case that is highly protective, yet sleek enough to answer a call in a business setting. We want more than a rugged and bulky case that doesn't slide in and out of a pocket or purse without grabbing the fabric or bringing a tissue with it. Wemwant a little style and individuality.

This case meets all of the above. It is sleek with a smooth and pleasing-to-touch finish with three options for style, all of which are classy and coordinate with the phone. Compared side-by-side with an Otterbox, this case is thinner but has the same protective features. Where it beats the Otterbox is the response of the power and volume buttons. It comes in two pieces that are easy to assemble, including two optional panels for the back in gold and silver.

Hands down, this case is the one for you if you, like me, have moved beyond a case featuring your favorite anime' character, superhero or designer logo. Likewise if your phone has spent a night in rice after dripping your Starbucks coffee on it! In other words, if you've joined the grown-up, professional world and use your phone in the Real World, you will love this case.
(Posted on 5/29/14)
Great alternative to Otterbox case for iPhone 5/5s Review by Kayne
I have tried previously the otterbox cases on my iPhone 5 and this is very similar if not the same. After installing the case I was able to use the phone just the same as if the case was not installed. All touches of the screen worked perfectly. It fit very snugly and I feel it would protect the phone from a drop. I personally did not try dropping the phone to see how it would hold up but I can safely say it would withstand a drop without a problem. It was not difficult to install and remove. Otterbox's on the other hand are sometimes difficult to remove. It did not add much bulk to the phone with the case installed. I would suggest this as a great protective case for your iPhone 5. (Posted on 5/28/14)
ON the Case! Review by MICHAEL
Tentium iPhone 5/5s case review

I got this case to use with my iPhone 5. Fantastic case.

Quality materials used. Feels good in my hand.
Black/Grey color is really nice. Goes with anything.
Comes with 3 switchable covers so you can make it look good with anything
Helps prevent shock to the phone. Have not dropped mine, but have tested
falls from short distances and it protects well.
All surfaces of the phone are covered
Water resistant. Not proof, but will save you in the event of rainstorms,
spillage, etc....
All ports are accesible so you dont have to take off your case for any



Buy this full body case with confidence. I love New Trent products and
this is no exception. (Posted on 5/28/14)
wonderful case!! Review by Sara
I really like how protective it is. I had some issues with the plug covers at first, but then realized they were just not aligned right with the hard case. I don't tend to like the plastic screen covers but this one didn't bother me much like the Otterbox ones do. The fact that you can change the back plates is an awesome addition to this case for people like me who enjoy switching cases frequently. I let my 2 year old play a game on my phone while this case was on and even though she dropped it, there was no damage to the phone. Truly a great thing since these Iphones tend to break easily. I would rate this case a 9/10. I think it would be great if you sold some alternative color plates. Even if sold separately, if you had blues or pinks or greens I feel that'd sell well. This case is great for just about anyone, everyone at some point has dropped their phone and wished they had a better case. I love that the price is better than Otterbox and it has the option to change the colors on the back without having to buy and change your cases. Definitely my new favorite case! (Posted on 5/27/14)
A good balance between form, style and function! Review by otty
Review: New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt & Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s /5 Case (Includes 3 changeable cover : black/silver/gold)

I have to admit I am a case junkie. From my first Cassiopeia handheld personal assistant to the latest Iphone 5S, I am always in search of the best and nicest case. I have had, I'm embarrassed to say, four cases for my 5S. I was given the opportunity to review the Trentium Water Resistant case and felt "qualified" to render an opinion. The case is a two part case that completely encloses the phone and has a very clear plastic window for the screen, camera lens and apple logo. The headphone, charging port and ringer on/off switch have rubber like attached covers that stay on securely. Installation is easy, inserting the phone and snapping the front and back of the case together. Since the plastic windows are a part of the case, their is no additional screen protector needed.

A very nice feature is a snap on back cover that comes in black, gold and silver. This allows the all black case to have your choice of color on the back. I chose to install the gold back cover and it looks quite elegant. If I get tired of the gold I would switch to the very nice looking gray color.

It should be noted that this is not advertised as a "waterproof case" but as a "water resistant" case. I will not be putting my iphone in the toilet (at least not intentionally) to test it. As a water resistant case it seems like it will be quite good. I do disaster and crisis work and am also a kayaker. I can find myself outside in bad weather. I think the phone would be protected in heavy rain or a fall into a sink if the phone were retrieved immediately. When I kayak I use a waterproof pouch with a tether to keep the phone dry. It will be nice, when I take it out of the case on the water to not have to worry about splashing (I just have to worry about dropping it overboard).

The case does add some bulk to the phone, but not an unreasonable amount. It still fits well in my pocket, and I feel more confident of the protection it affords from the other stuff I carry in the pocket.

One concern I had was whether the touch screen and fingerprint scanner would work as well as without the case. I have found that there is no difference in performance with or without the case. I had another case that made it difficult to use the fingerprint scanner, but it works well with this case. The plastic is high gloss, so there is a bit of glare, but it can be used outdoors.

All buttons work well with this case. My only criticism is the attached switch cover over the switch that turns the ringer on/off. This is a cover that has to be pulled out in order to access the switch. I do a lot of public speaking, so I often would reach in my pocket to slide the ringer switch to off. With this case it is difficult to do it in the pocket because I first have to move the switch cover out of the way. Some kind of waterproof switch cover that doesn't have to be removed would be better. This is not something that would cause me not to use the case. When the case is out of my pocket, it is relatively easy to access the switch.

Overall I give this product 5 stars. It is reasonably priced, offers extra protection for the Iphone and has an innovative feature allowing the user to match the back to the color of their phone. It adds some bulk to the phone, but not as much as other highly protective cases. The material seems high quality and everything works as designed.

Offers extra protection over the usual case.
Reasonable compromise between size weight and function.
Very well priced for such a protective case.
The screen, buttons and fingerprint scanner work well with the case installed.
Nice snap on colored back panel that adds a touch of elegance to the case.
Materials seem to be of high quality.

Ringer on/off switch is covered by an attached cover that has to be pulled out to access the switch. It works fine, but is slightly inconvenient for someone who is often turning the ringer on and off.
The case is larger and heavier than a less protective case (but not prohibitively so).

Summary: This case offers a balance between protection and compactness. It is not totally waterproof, but offers a lot more protection than a standard case. Unless you need a case that can be completely submerged, this case is a good choice. I intend to use it as my everyday case.
(Posted on 5/27/14)
Perfect Case for Outdoors Activities Review by Michael
I recently purchased the New Trent iPhone case, and I have to say that it is extremely handy for outdoor activities! I took it on a recent retreat / camping and hiking trip, and I love the protection the case offers. After seeing my case, all my sister could ask was... "Does it come in white?"

Appearance: New Trent, as always, kills it on the appearance aspect. It looks great, and I love the ability to swap out the back to match your phone
Protection: It includes a screen protector, and it keeps the openings sealed to prevent dust from entering. It still keeps the camera's functions though!
Buttons: It covers the buttons well, but keeps them easy to press. It's amazing that they even got the iPhone circular button to be covered by using a softer plastic.

The screen protector, at certain angles, will show streaks making it a tad more difficult to view
It doesn't come in white... (yet!) (Posted on 5/27/14)
Excellent Review by Clay
I rate tis product a 5 I have tried many cases over the past year and for a rugged case I find this size case very practical and it is not so big that it becomes cumbersome. I work as a wildland fire chief and in a harsh environment this case protects my iphone very well. Installation was very easy and the interchangable covers allow me to keep my other phone easily distinguishable. I would highly recommend this case to any profession that is outside or in an environment that is susceptible to having the phone dropped. Very well made. (Posted on 5/25/14)
Highly Reccomend! Review by Mark
This is my review of the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S case (NT630CR-B). I would rate this case as a 4. It is a very well designed and solidly constructed product. It was extremely easy to attached to my iPhone and fit perfectly without that bulky feeling you can get with some other cases. It comes with three colored plates (black, silver, and gold) for the back of the case that can be switched out to give the case a different look depending on your preference. These plates have a snug fit and are easy to switch out, but this needs to be done when your phone is not in the case. This case is also supposed to be waterproof...though I did not test this personally if you look at how the case is constructed its easy to see how that claim can be made. There are a couple things I was not fond with regards to this case. Firstly, the polycarbonate cover has a smooth feeling I was not fond of. I would have preferred a more rubberized grip feel. This is what kept it from being a 5 star product for me. Secondly, and this is a minor point because it doesn't affect the functionality of the case, the switchable plates don't give much lead way for personalization since you are just switching out a section on the back of the case. If your phone is in your hand or sitting on a table that section is not even visible. I would have preferred additional color options for the polycarbonate cover or the TPU shell. Hopefully that will be an option in the future. Over all I would definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for a well constructed case to protect their iPhone 5/5S. (Posted on 5/24/14)
Better than OtterBox Review by Gregory
NewTrent Iphone 5 case review.
Stylish look. The phone fits very well in the case. Easy to install.
Case has a nice feel to it. Slips easily in and out of my pocket.
Buttons are easily accessed and work well.
I like the different color panels but I would add a clear one and a print template to allow for custom panels.
The port covers are well designed and close properly
The screen cover is OK and works to the touch, but depending upon the angle, can have too much of a glare, especially outdoors.
I did not like the plastic over the home button. It felt cheap and like it was going to rip. It made a crinkle sound when you pressed the home button. I did remove that plastic cover from the phone case. I do realize that it affects the waterproofing.
All in all, an excellent product.
(Posted on 5/23/14)
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin iPhone 5 case Review by 1nine7six
I’ve only had the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin iPhone 5 case for a few days, so please consider that as you read on. My first impressions of the case as I took it out of the packaging were good - it is very lightweight, sturdy and totally seals the phone inside (which I require). It is much smaller than the Lifeproof or Pelican cases I have used before. It is easier to hold because of the size as well as the texture of the materials, and that is a big plus. It's also very easy to get the case on and off as needed, and this is an advantage over the competition. The fact that you can change the colored plate on the back from black to silver or gold is also really cool & is unique among the iPhone cases that I have owned in the past. My wife especially likes that (for this reason I will be buying one for her). Another great feature is the touch screen. It is 100% sealed, but the level of sensitivity is just as good as if you were touching the actual iphone screen itself. This is something I have not experienced with other, more expensive cases (previously mentioned). I use this iPhone for work as well as personal, so it gets a lot of use in different environments and the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin iPhone 5 case has done great so far. I rate it a 5 out of 5, because I just can't find anything wrong with it up to this point.
Thanks! (Posted on 5/22/14)
Awesome Case! Review by David
This is a very nice case for the money. It provides protection for your iPhone and has 3 different colors for the back cover guard to choose from. It has a 2 step process for attaching the case to your phone vs other cases of it similarity. There are a couple of other nice features abut the case that I like.

1. The case is lite compared to my prior case that I had of similarity.
2. The design of the volume and home button is very easy to use
3. The case has less openings for debris to enter the inside of the phone case.

I would recommend this case to someone looking for an affordable case, that provides good protection for your phone without paying double the cost. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Great Case For Iphone Review by Carlos
This case is awesome very well built and water resistant (not water proof), protects the phone better than other brands out there. Drop my phone a couple of times and nothing happened to the phone only a small scratch on the case, the best part of all is that the finger digital sensor works perfect with this case. I highly recommend this product. A must have for people lime me that works in wet environments and get water sprayed occasionally. (Posted on 5/22/14)
a great case for your iPhone 5 Review by Marc
I've been looking for a new case for my iPhone 5 and I ordered the New Trent Trentium. Features that were important to me were shock absorption and water resistance and this case has both. There's an inner shell that keeps the phone itself insulated from dings and dents and the outer case helps make the water resistant shield. The case comes with three rear covers in black, silver and gold. Basic black suits my style perfectly. I'm so happy to have removed my well-used screen protector….no longer necessary because this has a built-in scratch-resistant protector built in to the case. Overall, I'm very pleased with the feel of this case and it's beautiful to look at……form and function. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Pleasant surprise! Review by Mimi
The New Trent Trentium IPhone 5 case NT630CR-B was a very pleasant surprise! I was hesitant to use something so thin, thinking my iPhone wouldn't be as protected as it needed to be. I have always used otter box products in the past. But with this very cool looking case I get both security and sleek design. It is far less bulky than other protective cases and I love that I can change out the colors with ease. So far, it is fabulous! So much lighter and easier to slip into my pocket and looks great too. (Posted on 5/22/14)
**UPDATE** Review by Pamela
After using this iPhone case for more than a week I can now happily give it 5 stars! It fell out if my purse into the concrete and my phone survived without a scratch. Also, all sensitivity issues seem to have worked themselves out as the covering over the function button wore in. Love this case! (Posted on 5/22/14)
Solid iPhone case Review by Pamela
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin, Water Resistant, Dirt and Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s/5 Case comes in an easy to open package. I always appreciate a product that does not take 20 minutes to open. There are no included instructions but the directions on the back of the box are detailed enough for easy set up. it is important to note that the black changeable back is already on the case. It is simple to remove and change. The iPhone fits nicely in the hard plastic shell and the rubber outer shell covers entirely and snuggly. You will lose a little sensitivity on the home key and if you have touch recognition you will notice that too will be less sensitive. As you continue to use the case the covering of the home key seems to wear in a bit and the home key becomes a little more responsive. I have dropped the phone numerous times and the case has done it's job; phone is safe and secure. The gold back I chose matches my gold phone and looks very sharp. This product definitely delivers on it's promises. It is water resistant and shockproof and would be work for anyone who values their phone enough to secure it's protection at a fair price. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate this product a 4. (Posted on 5/22/14)
good protection Review by Steve
The iPhone 5/5S Ultra-thin Rugged case* provides a lot of protection if
that is what you are looking for. This protection does come at a cost
however, as it adds some bulk to the phone. The case is pretty light so
added weight is not an issue. To put on the case, you need to attach your
phone to a harder case. Then insert the hard case into an outer jacket.
All of the ports have rubber flaps protecting them. It provides protection
but it also adds an bit of an annoyance when you want to charge your phone,
or plug in earphones. It was also very difficult to flip the mute switch.
The additional two cases and flap make it difficult to switch easily.
Overall, I would give this product a 4/5. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Finally found the ONE! Review by SirMovies
First a little background. Since I got my gold 5s a few month ago, I've been looking for a good minimalistic case that would protect my investment while still showing off its design and beauty. I started with a couple regular TPU bumpers with no back cover and used a protective shield for the back but that got real ugly too fast. So I continued to look for clear TPU cases with back cover, after researching for days and days and trying several of them I finally got a soft crystal clear TPU case with back cover which was OK as far as the show-off part goes but still didn't provide the protection I had in mind. So I researched more and more until I finally decided to order another hybrid case with hard crystal clear back and soft clear frame but with air cushioned edges. As luck had it, I received my new shiny crystal clear hard back case and this New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case both at the same time! It was more like a Sophie's Choice to decide which one to open first. Of course I opened and put my own shiny case on first! And then while still playing with my phone in its new cover, I opened the New Trent Trentium.

Just after the first look, it was clear to me that how wrong I've been all along! Those TPU cases offer no protection compare to this one and the rugged but yet professionally designed and elegant look that the New Trent Trentium case brings to the table is just in a different league. Long story short, my beloved TPU case lasted less than 5 minutes before going back to its box to sit in its gift-ready status! And this New Trent Trentium case has become my case of choice for the past few days. Even my wife who's been looking for flimsy artsy cases for her phone and didn't care much about the protections I've been looking for changed her mind when saw my new Trentium case. She wants one too!

Design and material:
There is a hard plastic case with a softer but durable cushioning cover that protects the phone all around. there is also an accent back cover that comes in three colors and gives you the option to pretend what color is underneath! All sensors and camera openings are covered with clear films that are really hard to see! I had to remove my phone and touch the hole again to make sure they are there. The clear film that covers the flash and camera hole is one piece BUT it has a slot in the middle that is filled with the dark plastic from the back cover and it blocks the flash light from leaking to the camera lens cover which usually causes a white halo other cases suffer from in the pictures taking with them. Very smart design and the quality of workman ship and material is top notch.

Functionality and ease of use:
I could put the whole thing together in lass than a couple minutes. The phone fits very snugly and fills good when holding it in your hand. the tactile buttons work perfectly as well. I wasn't sure about hoe the covered earpiece and mic and speaker grills affect the sound quality so I started to make a few test phone calls and everything was surprisingly loud and clear.

The covers for headphone and charging port might take a little bit of practice before you get used to operating them easily. What I found is plugging the phone with one hand while driving is lot harder if not impossible now! But we are not supposed to do that, right?!

The other thing that's a lot harder now is the rocker switch. You have to figure out how to open and hold the cover up while you reach deep inside with your nail to toggle to switch! But I think I've gotten better at that, I can even do I with one hand now!

So what's not so grate?!

My main #1 concern is the cover for the home button. It's amazing how they could protect it with a thin film without loosing the Touch ID functionality. But did I mentioned the film is very thin! You can't even say if it's there or not, and since the home button is the one I use mostly, it's already been dented and I'm not sure how long it's going to hold up to my use.

#2 is the protective screen. I'm not sure how to explain this and couldn't even catch it in pictures so I can show it here but it has a rainbowie reflection is certain angles, like the dark red and green reflections you see when oil is spilled on water! And also in bright lights, you can see a grid of gray dots a couple millimeters from each other which I think serve as transferring and bring the touch sensitivity of the screen to the surface of the protective cover.

#3 the cut holes for the camera and sensors do not align perfectly with the phone. Of course they are a bit larger so everything is still sit well in the range and nothing that shouldn't be covered is covered but still if you are picky, you can see that they are not centered accurately.

I'm a perfectionist and can't help it, so I feel obliged to ding a half star for the cut outs and the home button cover. I wouldn't do this if it had come with extra home button covers to give me a peace of mind! But Amazon only allows a 4 or 5! And I think this case really deserve a 5 stars rating rather than a 4. (Posted on 5/21/14)
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s (review) Review by Robert A.
This sleek case come with (3) three switchable back covers, black, gold and silver/grey that snap on the fly and make it easy to quickly change the looks of the iPhone case. I have tested this item with the iPhone 5 and found it is a good case, not great but still a nice case to have and use. I love the feel of this case. From the day I purchased my iPhone 5 its been in a Otterbox Defender so I will compare the Trentium to the Defender. As far as size the Trentium is about a millimeter slimmer to the Defender case and is not as wide giving you more of the original feel to the true size of the iPhone 5/5s. Both have a built in screen protector but the Trentium takes it a few steps further. The Trentium also has screen protection for the forward facing camera, light sensor as well as the back camera, LED flash, home button and a cutout that displays the Apple logo making it even more resistant to dust and debris and possibility some water
splashes but it does not make it waterproof. All the ports are covered along with the lock, silence and volume keys. The outside buttons have a good feel to then when depressed and respond well. The covered ports are very easy to access. My only issue is the home button. As I do not have a iPhone 5s there is no need for the clear cover over the home button for the finger print scanner for me and I found it was more difficult to press the home key as opposed to the Otterbox which had a button like cover over the home key like the other keys on the iPhone, but that wouldn't work for the 5s and the use of the finger print scanner so I suggest to make (2) two separate cases for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. That still wouldn't fix the issue for the 5s as it would still be aggravating to push the home key. All and all I give the Trentium iPhone 5/5s case a 5 out of 5 stars, a good case for the money and better protection then the Otterbox Defender. I'm
keeping it on my iPhone 5 for awhile longer!! (Posted on 5/21/14)
Incredible Build Quality and Very Protective Review by Brian
When I got this case, I was hoping for a change in the
chunkiness of these protective cases and I got that for certain.
This case is remarkably lighter compared to the Otterbox Defender.

When I think of New Trent, I think Quality and innovation b/c
they really think about the user when it comes to their products.

This case has a tight fit on the device. Even with my skin/protective
film I applied last year, this fits perfectly. its TWO pieces,
not 3 like some other cases like this. The plastic HD clear as a
crystal screen protector that is attached to the device layer frame
is super crisp. It doesn't impede on the sensitivity either when it
comes to touching the iPhone screen.

All the holes and cover flaps align perfectly giving it a perfect
outline of the iPhone camera, flashes, sensors, home buttons, apply logo
and the volume up/down toggle.

I especially like that volume button design b/c there are prominent
pieces underneath that press directly on the volume buttons giving each
press the desired action as if pressing directly on the naked device

Regarding the interchangeable color plates on the back; they are also
the same soft/yet rigid, plastic coating that the bottom layer is made of
making the feel of the back equal all through the device. In other words
even though it has a metallic shine, its still the same material making
it durable, grippy and not slippery but metallic in appearance thus
highlighting your devices sheen glam appearance.

If you work outdoors, or in an active job perhaps, or even just prone to
dropping your expensive device, I'd say this is the case for you.
It beats paying monthly on an insurance plan or even taking out the
plan from some other cellphone insurer. (minus the losing it coverage you
get with insurance of course sometimes)

Its water RESISTANT and dust RESISTANT so its not by any means PROOF'ed
so do not expect that.

I'd give this 5 stars for certain as think about other highly protective cases I've used with my
iPhones over the years. This is by far the best one I've used. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Tough & Stylish Review by Lisa
My New Trent 5s case arrived quickly & in good condition. The installation instructions were easy to follow & it fits my iPhone 5s like a glove.

Right off the bat, I noticed how easily & seamlessly the screen protector & fingerprint covers worked with the iPhones sensors. New Trent's Trentium NT630 case is rugged & visibly stylish. I like having a choice of colors & I like that changing the colored panel doesn't require completely removing the New Trent case.

The touch screen feedback sensitivity of my New Trent Trentium case is much better than that of my husband's Lifeproof case which has a sloppy feel & I even plan to purchase my husband a New Trent case to replace his Lifeproof case!

After having the case on for a while I accidentally dropped my phone & the case performed like a champ. There was no damage, no cracked screen. Thank goodness I had this case on! (Posted on 5/21/14)
Great iPhone Case Review by Richard
This is a review for New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt & Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s /5 Case. I am using this case with my iPhone 5 and have only had it for two days. But here is my initial review. When I received the package, I opened the case quickly and was very happy with what I saw. The first thing I noticed is the clean looks and design. The logo is discrete, unlike many other cases. The case is very thin, or “ultra” thin as name suggests and very light weight. I’ve had thinner cases before, but not with the protective qualities of this one. But this is case is not bulky at all, like the Otterbox or other cases. I usually keep my phone in my pocket, and so I don’t like bulky cases.

The case consists of three pieces: a clear hard inner case, a rigid and durable, but soft outer case, and a polycarbonate back piece. There are actually three interchangeable back pieces, depending on which color you prefer (black, silver, and gold). It’s very easy to assemble the pieces of the Trentium case and I have no concern that it will slip or come apart.

The hard inner case consists of a scratch resistant screen protector. Because it’s basically hard plastic, you just place the iPhone into it. I’ve had other screen protectors (Zagg) before where you have to apply the protective shield onto the screen. With the Zagg screen protector, applying the shield onto the screen was difficult, took several tries, and maybe 30-45 minutes. And that was just for the screen projector. With the Trentium, it took about 5 seconds to put the entire case together. After putting the iPhone into the inner case, it’s slipped into the outer case. All very easy. The third piece, the polycarbonate back plate, is already on the outer case. But it can easily be replaced with one of the other outer plates if you prefer a different color.

The Trentium case provides protection for the iPhone. Besides the hard inner case that protects the screen, the outer case is case is rugged (similar to hard rubber), and the back plate also provides protection. While the case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, it feels solid enough to protect it from dropping. This makes the phone much easier to grip than without the case. This case is not bulky, easily fits into the front pocket of my jeans, and easily slips out despite the added “gripability”.

The inner case covers and protects the screen. Other screen protectors affect the responsiveness of the touch. I am pleasantly surprised that the Trentium case has no negative effect to the touch responsiveness. It feels the same as the actual iPhone screen and reacts perfectly. However it protects the screen from scratching etc. The “home” button is also covered, but by a more flexible material so that the button can be pressed. It also works well, but not perfectly. Pressing the home button feels slightly different and needs to be pressed harder than when the phone is not in the case. Not a major issue, but it is noticeable and is a slight negative to my review. . I did not notice any “finger print problems” more than the iPhone screen without the Trentium. The outer case covers the volume buttons and the “sleep/wake” buttons and does not affect their operation negatively; they were very easy to press. The screen protection, shock protection, and aid in grip assistance were the main features that I was looking for in an iPhone case.

This case is also water resistant. I have no doubt that if the phone got splashed with water or was out in the rain for a moment, it would be protected by the Trentium case. The power outlet, audio jack, and silence button are all covered by moveable flap of the outer case. This protects them from water, dirt, etc. I wouldn’t want to drop the phone into a bucket of water. It’s not water proof, but it does seem very water resistant. But the way these are covered is a critique too. The opening for the silence button is very small making it difficult to get a finger in to switch it. You have to use one finger to hold the flap open and then try to get another finger into flip the switch. It’s doable, but difficult and takes practice. There’s a similar issue with the flap over the power outlet and audio jack. I’m considering just cutting these flaps off with a scissors. This would eliminate the protection from water, dirt, etc., but that isn’t really why I got the case anyway. Or maybe after a longer time and with practice these won’t be a big deal.

I was concerned that the sound and microphone quality would suffer with this case. I was wrong. There was no negative effect on either or on the volume

Overall I am extremely happy and satisfied with the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case and I feel confident that my iPhone 5 is very well protected. I highly recommend this case to anyone that is looking for 1) simple installation and use 2) excellent protection and durability 3) less bulkiness and 4) light weight. This is an excellent iPhone case!
(Posted on 5/21/14)
Excellent cover Review by Vipul
It's a perfectly designed case that is easy to put on. The fit is just excellent and the case will protect the phone from all sorts of falls. The screen is as responsive as the phone without the screen. I can now remove the film on the phone that I don't like. The size of the case is just right too. I have fallen in love with the case and will be buying another one for my wife who seems to now get rid of her Otterbox. She likes changing the color and this is the only case that allows her to do that without buying 3 different cases. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Great case for a reasonable price Review by Cam
I am a college student who used this case on my iPhone 5S. This case exceeded my expectations because of its reasonable price compared to other rugged cases while offering similar protection. My previous case had almost the same thickness but not nearly as much protection (specifically from water). This case is useful for anyone working around water or anyone that wants protection from an occasional spill or drop.

- Although I won't be testing this aspect, the case would appear to be water resistant because of the tight fit between the two pieces which really seals up the phone
- Fingerprint sensor works almost perfectly compared to not having a case
- Screen brightness and sensitivity plus the camera are all unaffected by the clear plastic which encases the phone
- Sound quality from both the speaker and earpiece is also unaffected by the enclosure
- I have dropped my phone a couple times and the phone and case have remained unscathed
- The enclosures on the ports allow for relatively easy access when you charge your phone or listen to music
- Interchangeable covers on the back allow for a nice change of color to your phone
- Putting the case on was very easy when you followed the directions
- All buttons still function perfectly and feel like they should without being too difficult to press
- The material this case is made from allows your phone to easily slide in and out of your pocket

- There is a slight crease in the plastic that covers the fingerprint sensor which is a little annoying looking and which I hope won't affect the functionality of the sensor in the future
- Could be completely waterproof so that submerging the phone wouldn't be an issue
- The case causes the phone to heat up a lot when you are charging it, although this is a problem for all super-protective cases

Rating of product: 5/5

Recommended for: anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5S. Students, adults, business people, and those working around water or in the rain because of the water resistance (lifeguards) could benefit the most from this case. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Trrentium case Review by Kath
First thing is first...I'm thrilled to finally have a non-plastic case that doesn't look like a lint magnet after being in my pocket!!! This was also very easy to put onto my 5s.

Bulkier but not as "brick-like" as other cases I've tried.
The mute switch harder to access with this case.
The home button has to be pressed with a bit more pressure. I did get used to this in less than day though.

The attached clear cover is perfect to the touch. I haven't had any issues with touchscreen responsive.
The camera lens isn't obstructed.
I really like the three backplate covers. I'm not a fan of all three colors BUT having the option to change it on a whim is great. It's also nice to not have to buy another case just to get a little pop of color.
ALL the ports are covered. It's not as quick to plug into your charger BUT I prefer knowing that most of my phone isn't exposed to dirt and dust! And with the wear and tear that most people put their phones through this is important. Most people regardless of what their daily schedule is or what type of work they do would be fit from the security this case offers.

Although I have listed cons...keep n mind that you can not have full coverage/sturdiness without adding SOME bulk to your device. These are my observations but again the bottom line is if you want your phone well-protected while retaining a sleek look...this is the case to use. (Posted on 5/20/14)
A Great Case For Your Kid! Review by Bridget626
I have never used a ‘rugged’ case before—I always thought they would be too bulky and clunky—but I ended up really liking this one!

I love the interchangeable covers—its like 3 cases in 1. The gold and silver are especially eye-catching, a perfect balance between shiny and matte.

This case also has a screen protector built in, which is another feature I have not used. I even put it on over my current stick-on screen protector and everything still worked fine.

This case is a must-have for kids. It is one tough case and perfect for teens who may be a bit rougher on their phones. It is shock and water resistant and offers full body protection—even the volume knobs are covered. I initially thought it may be difficult to adjust them but they responded fine.
I feel its the ideal case for additional peace of mind if your kids use your iPhone or have their own.

It has a nice, soft shell that doesn’t slip out of your hand and is actually very comfortable to hold—my son actually said he loves how it feels in his hand compared to his other cases.

I always thought it was a trade off with cases—do you want aesthetics or do you want durability and this case delivers both.

I received a sample from the manufacturer, however all opinions expressed here are my own. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Great for Iphone 5s Review by Thane
Works very well. I like how easy it was to put on. I like that you are still able to use fingerprint recognition, but that area bubbled up and that is kind of irritating. For the most part, I like that the screen is protected, but in the sunlight it gives a weird water like effect to the picture. I like that the plates are changeable to match your iPhone, but the plastic liner on the plate started to peel off right away and has not stopped. Also, my headphones do not plug all the way in without an adapter because of the thickness of the case. I also don’t like that the apple logo part of the phone is completely unprotected. It is already getting dirty and has a scratch because it is exposed. All of the wire and sound areas being covered are nice and easy to open and close. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because I think it has a lot of potential to be a great thing, but just needs some refining to get it there. (Posted on 5/20/14)
This case is excellent for anyone Review by Kayla
The Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone5/5s was definitely more than I was expecting. The first case I bought for my 5s was a waterproof case from incipio for $15 (my mother-in-law bought the same one for $80 in the store) and there are several issues with it. It is very difficult to access the control center since the thickness of the plastic and the edge of the case are both on the edge of the screen. There is also a problem taking photos because the opening for the camera is exactly the same size as the camera lens, when the phone shifts inside the case the pictures have a white glare on the edge. The same is also true for the flash, it reflects off the edge of the case opening and the flash is essentially useless. With this Trentium case, none of these issues are evident. Also, with most cases, the touch ID option with the 5c is not even an option since the buttons cover the lens but with the Trentium case, it is clear and allows me to finally utilize this feature. I bought a new waterproof case for $8 from China, but when I removed the plastic screw to use the earphone jack, it was inadvertently thrown in the trash. Altogether, comparatively with my other experiences, this case is far superior and the cost is just a little more than I had spent on both previous cases combined. The last feature that is completely different than any other product I have owned before is the interchangeable covers in black, silver, and gold. The black definitely looks professional, the silver matches the grey on the back of my iPhone, and the gold will definitely be used on a night out. They all look nice and the case feels very secure and sturdy. This case gets a 5 rating for an excellent accessory. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Awesome case at a great price! Review by Mimi
I recently got an iPhone 5s from Verizon to replace my prior work phone. Making a decision on the right case was probably more time-consuming than selecting the phone! Verizon sent me home with a very pricey Lifeproof case, which was a huge disappointment for the $90 investment. The touch functionality was impaired by air space between the phone face and the case, making it a very frustrating experience to use the phone or fingerprint recognition sensor. The quality of the integrated plastic screen shield was also a big disappointment. I was ready for a change after the first day!

I was excited to try out the New Trent Trentium after seeing great reviews on Amazon. It seemed hard to believe that a case that was less than half the cost of its competitors would offer the quality I needed as a sales executive who is regularly on the road. I need a case that can put up with abuse while looking professional and stylish. I also tend to drop my phone a lot, so no case is no option! After my poor experience with my other case, I figured the Trentium was worth a try.


First impression: I liked the content and usefulness of the info on the box. It answered all my questions about what this case could do - including the key piece of info for the iPhone 5s, that my fingerprint recognition would work with this case. I especially liked the "stacked" drawing of the case components and how they worked with the phone. The case was easy to install. There were no complicated directions or warnings. Three simple steps with pictures, right on the back of the box, told me everything I needed to know. This was much better than having an instructional brochure inside the box.

Attributes: I liked that installing my phone included nothing permanent to attach or glue to my phone. I refuse to use any type of case or screen protector that includes permanent installation of any sort. With the Trentium, I simply install my phone into the case with the option of easily removing at any time. Although the case is black, there are interchangeable polycarbonate covers to dress up the phone if you choose - I installed the gold one to match my phone.I like the cut-out in the back too, so that the Apple logo is visible. The case has a solid feel to it and a look of quality that's equal or higher than other brands I've seen that are far more costly.

Functionality: This was the big test. As I was installing the phone into the case, I could see that the plug covers and molded buttons were snug and well-placed. The charging and headphone port covers are easy to open and close, and both my charging cord and headset plugged in easily. The screen protector is flush to my phone screen - no air pockets to mar appearance or interfere with functionality. I was delighted that all the problems I experienced with the pricey Lifeproof were non-existent with this case. All my swipes and sensor detection were functional on the first try, every time. Since this is my only work phone, I can't afford the delays caused by no response when I need to answer my phone or access data for clients. I also can play "Words with Friends" without having my letter tiles stay stationary or move to the wrong square!

Water resistance: I haven't tested the water resistance, but based on the case construction, I would be comfortable bringing my phone out in bad weather without worry. I like to hike and backpack and use GPS and mapping apps, and I would not be hesitant to use my phone in this manner on an outdoor outing if it was in this case.


Charging & headphone port covers: The covers are part of the case and bend out of the way as opposed to being hinged or screwed in. My only question is whether repeated use will weaken the material and cause the covers to tear?

Polycarbonate cover: The gold cover, the one I am using, had some small imperfections in the paint (4-5 bubbles or tiny pieces of debris in the paint job). The silver and black covers didn't have this issue.
(Posted on 5/20/14)
thin protective case Review by aubrey0407
This is a great case for those people that are a little extra hard on their phones. I purchased this case to use with my iPhone 5S. In the past I have used the Otterbox Defender case, and I find the New Trent case to be much slimmer and more practical for daily use.

Pros: The case is not bulky despite offering sufficient protection. I have dropped my phone several times on the wood floor using this case and have had no damage to my phone.

Cons: The case looks very masculine, regardless of what color backing you select (the case comes with gold, silver, and black options to put on the back). As a woman, I would prefer more color options to make up for the larger size. (Posted on 5/20/14)
BEATS A LIFEPOOF Review by Chris
This case is amazing. The case provide beatufl protection and is able to be used in the rain! It is not 100% water proof but it protects the [hone from water! I love how audio quality is not affected by the case.
Audio quality
Screen quality
Build quality
Color options

not Waterproof 100% (Posted on 5/20/14)
Best Iphone 5 case on the market Review by Michael
The Trentium iPhone 5s case is awesome. I love the construction compared to the Otterbox that I've been using. The first layer, the hard shell, is easy to attach and remove yet secure. The rubber outer shell is durable and simple enough to get on without destroying the case. I think the back cover is a great addition to add some color. I work from home but I'm always out in the yard mowing, chopping wood, washing cars, etc. My phone fell out of my pocket and landed in a bucket or water. I immediately grabbed it and dried it off. I took the case off and my phone was dry. Compared to the Otterbox it is slimmer and easier to handle. I give it a 5/5 star rating. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Overall Great Case for iPhone 5/5s Review by Calvin
Ordered this case for my iPhone 5. Had been looking for something that would protect better than my previous case. I am a broadcast engineer and always using my phone in transmitter/tower sites and have dropped it more than once! This case lists as its perks - shock resistant, durable material, water resistant and switchable covers. Since I put the case on I have dropped my phone a couple times without damage to the phone. The material I questioned as I opened the box for the first time. To me the hard inner case seemed a bit "weak" to me but after putting the phone in it and putting that in the soft outer case it all felt very sturdy and protective. I was not planning to drop my phone in water or run it under the faucet to test the water resistance portion of the claims; however, I got caught out at a site in a major downpour. The case did "okay" at keeping the water out - the one place that it did get in was the receiver/microphone opening. Now I know they don't say this case is water proof so I have no complaints about water getting in in a major rain and would think in a light rain or small amount of water this would do fine. I started out with the gold cover on the back of the case and had been carrying the phone in my back pocket as it doesn't come with a belt clip. After a few days of being in my pocket the edges of the gold cover started peeling - looks like a clear coat that is coming off (see picture below). The other thing that happened while in my back pocket - as I work on equipment I usually end up with a screwdriver or something in my back pocket. One of those tools ended up scratching the "scratch-resistant" clear screen protector. Now the case did its job by not allowing my phone screen to get scratched and the area isn't that noticeable when the screen is on but can be seen when the phone isn't displaying anything (see picture below).

Over all I would recommend this case to others. It is well built! Rating of this product would be a 4 out of 5.
(Posted on 5/20/14)
OtterBox who? This case rocks! Review by Robin
This is quite the case. It’s strong, durable and tough. It has a small plastic inner shell that covers the front of the phone, along with a screen protector attached to the case itself and then a hard rubber outer case. The outer case prevents shock and absorbs any damage from a drop. I unfortunately did drop my phone RIGHT AFTER I put on the case. I guess it was a good thing I got the case on. It really did protect the phone. There’s no damage and it landed on the corner and then fell face down. The case got a little dirt on it but other than that, no damage or issues.

I love that it’s not overly bulky. Usually cases that offer this level of protection are huge and bulky so they can absorb the brunt of the force. This is not too skinny but it’s not overly bulky and the fact that most of it is the rubber exterior, is what makes it so protective.

The camera still functions properly. The case does not cover the camera or cause a glare like many other iPhone cases. It allows pictures to still be taken with both cameras. The sound quality is also excellent. There’s no covering or hovering over the speaker and people can still hear me loud and clear when I speak.

When I first opened the packaging and noticed how easily I could remove the switchable covers I was disappointed thinking lack in protection, but it’s not. The entire cover is rubber and the changeable plastic covers simply sit down into the case so while they do pop out easily, they do not take away from the protection level of the case.

Each port is also covered with a piece of rubber. Every button and every hole (charging port, ear bud port, etc.) has a piece of rubber covering that either functions with the button or can easily be pulled back to plug something in. I dislike this because it’s inconvenient, however, I can overlook that because it offers protection in the instance or dropping. It keeps dirt from getting in anywhere. This will be great since it’s almost Summer and there will be trips to the beach. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Great case with an initial issue that went away with time. Review by Thomas
At first the iPhone 5 case was loose on the bottom right corner. The loose corner on the case has gone away with time, but it was very annoying initially. The screen protector does not take away from the screen very much as far as image quality like some otter box and life protector cases I have used. I also have full responsiveness from the entire screen. I have used cases in the past where near the edges I had a hard time getting the screen to respond. I really like that the side of the case does not stick out much above the screen. The case itself feels very sturdy, although I did not drop my phone too much while using it. I found the buttons to be very responsive, on the previous case I had been using, an otterbox, I had issues with the power and volume buttons being difficult to press, but with this case they are as easy to use as the iphone buttons without a case. I use the case with a Verizon iPhone 5 so I can't comment on how well the fingerprint sensor would work with a newer iPhone. All of the ports, speakers, and cameras all align perfectly and I had no issues using the phone. I have had cases that covered the power and headphone ports and they were very hard to remove. The extra little nob on the cover makes it much easier to open for access to the headphone port or lightning port. The case is also very light and felt like it didn't add too much weight to the phone. I would give this case a very good review with the caveat that the loose rubber is an issue that can cause problems.

I've been using the case now for over a month and definitely give it 5 stars and would buy it again.
(Posted on 5/19/14)
does the job with very little bulk Review by Jim
My wife uses an Otter box on her iPhone 5 and
my iPhone 5S has been naked. Mainly because I think the Otter box is way
to large (& ugly) for what it does. Granted, this case "may" not be able
to take a long, hard fall an Otter box could but if you are anywhere near
what I would call normal, this case can handle it. Easy to install, snaps
right in. The case is trim and adds just the right amount of protection;
plus is water resistant for the possibility of getting wet from normal day
to day use. I'm not a big fan of (any)plastic screen protection. I would much rather see a glass or glass type of screen cover. The plastic does the job but over time those pesky tiny scratches take away from the nice screen. Still, Trent has done an excellent job of finding that sweet spot between bulk and protection. (Posted on 5/19/14)
What a great case! Review by West Bay G-Man
Desiring to make my iPhone 5 less vulnerable to the day to day world, I aquired a New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5s Case. It really couldn't be better! This well thought out design demonstrates that a case is not just a case.

The iPhone fits securely into the hard inner shell face down. The screen protector is part of this shell, not some stick on that is difficult to place while it's unavoidably getting air bubbles and your fingerprints on its underside, holding them there forever. Interestingly, the iPhone's screen seems to be brighter and have more contrast now.

The softer outer shell feels like silicon, but it is not tacky and slips easily into and out of pockets. Although soft, it has attractive rigid contours. This shell snaps securely around the inner shell providing a nice bumper around the phone on all sides. This part received a lot of attention to detail too. All of the pseudo-switches feel good and operate crisply. The ringer switch, earphone and charging ports are sealed from the elements with nice rigidly molded flaps. The flaps have small molded tabs that allow them to be easily flipped open with a fingertip. Should you want to remove the case for some reason, there is an arrow molded on an edge pointing at just the place to apply pressure to begin releasing the seal of the outer shell. Removing it is easy, but it would have to be intentional. It is not something that would happen from a drop of any kind.

There are three interchangeable colored panels included that snap right onto the back of the outer shell: black, silver and gold. At this time, I chose to use the silver.

This case is attractive and should provide reasonable protection to an iPhone 5/5S from drops, inadvertant spills and wet weather. The phone remains easy to operate and and did not change too much dimensionally, considering it is now wearing such a protective case. I am extremely pleased with it and recommend it highly. Without a doubt, this is a five star product! (Posted on 5/19/14)
Great for the family that enjoys the outdoors Review by steven
First off shipping was great I had the case in 3 days when the original estimate was a week (I did not chose second or next day shipping)
One of the features was w switchable back cover. This was not a big selling point to me but I really like it! Now, we have 4 cases so it is easy to keep them separate.
I like the case it fits the phone really well and does not add to much bulk. The screen is great very sensitive so it is easy to use the touch screen, I have dropped my phone twice already and no damage or any marks on the case.
It looks to have a really good seal and I am comfortable having my phone out in the weather.
I mentioned it was great for the family. We are outside with the school activities and this case covers the whole phone and keeps the rain and the dirt out.
Rating Scale:1 -5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent)
Looks: 5
Ease of use:
· Touch Screen 5
· Installation 4
I would use this case for anyone who spends time outside and School/work/fun… (Posted on 5/19/14)
Otterbox quality, cheaper price Review by Riki
This is definitely an excellent case. In my opinion, this case is very similar to an otterbox case, however for much less the price. They provide 3 different colors of the back cover.

Not necessary to provide the back colors, as I personally didn't care for them.

The glass on the front of the unit provides awesome protection. The case does not feel as bulky as an otterbox, however the protection does not seem compromised.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have to pull open the cover to charge the phone. I do not like the flaps because it makes it harder or takes more time to plug in the charger.
(Posted on 5/18/14)
Otterbox has been topped Review by Matt
Rating: 4.9 / 5

My first immediate reaction to this case was just another Otterbox, however this case wins the battle. The biggest complaint I had with the otter box was the protective screen cover hindered the touchscreen sensitivity greatly. Thankfully, this is not the case with the New Trent Trentium.

The durability of this case is very similar to that of the Otterbox. The protective coverings of the lightning port, mute switch and headphone are all well designed and easy to open. The buttons for volume and power are snappy and click with ease. The case is very easy to slide on, not as tricky as an Otterbox.

The case features a nifty design of being able to switch out the back plate. This is very easy to do and a really neat feature to give your phone a different look occasionally. iPhone 5S users will have no problem with the covering of the finger print sensor. Through numerous tests, it recognized my print just fine.

The case itself feels better in the hand and is thinner than the Otterbox. I had been using a Lifeproof case before this case, which often slipped out of my hands. The Trentium is water resistant. While it is not completely water-proof, the coverings on the case should get you through a heavy soaking with no problem.

-Durable, strong design
-Easy to put on and remove
-Screen is responsive to touch
-Buttons feel nice, easy to press

-Not fully water proof

OVERALL: If you aren’t planning on swimming with your phone in your pocket, you’ve found your new case. The solid, sleek design of the Trentium is ahead of its competition. You’ll be able to handle all the elements and drops with this case, yet still be slim and stylish. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Excellent iPhone 5/5s Case From New Trent Review by Jim
The case is very thin and the integrated scratch resistant screen protector provides a perfect balance between protection and screen responsiveness. The power button and volume buttons are excellent. Easy to find and very responsive. The Flaps for the power and headphone ports fit snugly in place, providing excellent protection from the elements. While the flap for the sound button also fit snugly, which provides very good protection, I found the narrow opening made it a little difficult to flip the silence button. There is also a thin protector for the fingerprint ID/home button and Apple logo in the back. Along with "Water-Resistance" film over the microphone/receiver, which does not seem to affect the sound clarity. In addition there are clear protectors for the camera, which do not affect pictures with or without flash.

All in all I am very pleased and satisfied with this New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt & Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s/5 Case. I am confident that my iPhone 5 is nicely protected against drops and the elements. However, I just have to remember this is NOT a waterproof case, but is only water-resistant.

This is an excellent product and I give this product a rating of 5 stars.
(Posted on 5/17/14)
Great product! Review by Tom
SHipping time was as expected. When I opened the product I noticed that it
looked like it had been opened before and then taped back closed so that
wasn't a bright spot. But then upon looking at the keyboard I could
see nothing wrong with it and it was in perfect condition.

The keyboard works great, it takes a little time to get used to since it is
smaller than a regular keyboard. It is rugged and seems drop proof
although I don't want to test that. ;) Bluetooth pairing was no
problem. The snap that holds it closed is good. And it's great being
able to detach the keyboard from the case although that also means you
have to be careful not to let them fall apart but it has
non-slick rubber and that makes it pretty easy. Overall I give it a
4.5 stars. Might have to get one for my ipad now. (Posted on 5/17/14)
Great case even if you have accessories Review by Cidu07
I’ve been using the Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged case for iPhone 5/5s with my iPhone 5 for about a week. I took it on my little stay-cation to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It is thinner than most of the rugged cases I’ve tried at the local best buy and other little shops so it doesn’t feel like a brick in your pocket. It has a good feel to it and I did drop it, not on purpose but by accident and both the case and the iPhone showed no damage. During my little stay-cation with the family I had it poolside and got it a little wet from both the pool and passing showers and wiped it clean with no problems. The switchable back cover helped when I left it in the wives purse easy to pick out the silver, probably even easier with the gold. The covers make it customizable and stylish which I thought a lot of people would like. I took some photos and showed no degredation in picture quality that I can see. Charging cable and headphones fit easily pass the rubber covers. The silent/vibrate switch cover takes a little getting used to as you have to flip it operand hold it then switch it on/off. It has a good feel, sturdy in my hand and it is really easy to take the phone in and out of the case if need to use other accesories. I used it on the wife’s 5S and finger print works after numerous tries.

The only issues I have with the case is that the home button plastic cover feels a bit flimsy and looks like saran wrap but I guess that was needed to utilize the finger print with the 5S. It has a little wrinkle in it but has broken and still works after numerous uses. The other issue my wife and daughter have said that there is a glare from the screen but it doesn’t really bother me.

All in all I like this case and feel its a great daily case for anon that is active. It is easy to take out if you need to use other accessories. I would recommend it for people with an active lifestyle and like to use other accessories like camera lenses etc. (Posted on 5/17/14)
Best iPhone Case I've Owned Review by yahrite
This case just replaced my Otterbox. If you are looking for a case that is not super bulky and protects your phone, you need to buy this. The case feels great and I personally feel it protects my phone much better than my Otterbox did. The covers for the Headphone Jack, Charger Port and Silence switch fit tight which is great. Also, I was able to use my car charger which has a thicker cable than the one that came with my iPhone. All in all, I would 100% recommend this case. (Posted on 5/16/14)
An almost perfect case Review by Ron
New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G6WDYPO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=iphone+5+5S+case

Disclaimer: I received the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) as a review item at a greatly reduced price.

Rating scale of 1 - 5 (R-1 = bad, R-5 = excellent)

I am using the case with an iPhone 5S. Before getting this case, I installed a slim glass screen protector. I am testing this case with the slim glass screen protector still on. If I continue to use this case, I will remove the slim glass screen protector since the case has an integral screen protector. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BL5FDFK/ref=oh_details_o09_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

R-4 The screen seems to accumulate more fingerprints more readily than the the iPhone’s screen or the slim glass screen protector. They also seem to be more evident on the Trentium screen protector. But since the purpose of the screen protector is to protect the screen, the fingerprints are tolerable.

R-5 Because the case is marketed as “water resistant, dirt and shock proof” I was concerned the sound quality would suffer. The sound coming from the speakers is still good. There appears to be no loss of quality or volume.

R-5 The case comes with 3 different colored back pieces which I assume match the iPhone 5S colors. I appreciate being able to use whatever color I want.

R-2 With only limited use, it looks like the back piece color finish is not real durable. There are several pin prick sized holes in the color. There is some scuffing on the edge. I keep the phone in a “cargo” pocket on my shorts with nothing else in the pocket so I am surprised at the slight damage.

R-3 The side volume buttons are harder to press than without the case. Although the case is “water resistant” I am concerned about how hard the buttons have to be pressed.

R-5 In general the installation was simple with good instructions on the back of the box. It was easy to install the case as well as to remove the case. Once on, the case is secure and will not come apart accidentally. The instructions should include: When installing the case on the phone, open all protective doors for the buttons on the phone. These include the covers for the Lightning port, headphone jack, and side mute switch. This makes installation easier.

R-4 The case fits well and has a nice feel. The sides are smooth and slightly slippery. I think a light cross ribbed pattern would provide a little better grip.

R-5 The case has a “NEWTRENT” logo on the back. It is sufficient to identify the case brand without being obnoxious.

R-4 The case adds to the thickness of the phone. The iPhone 5S is fairly thin, so this added thickness is noticeable. However, I appreciate some of the extra thickness which allows my fingers to grasp it more easily.

R-4 The Lightning port cover is slightly hard to open, which needs to be done every time the phone is charged. Hopefully the cover will stand up to being flexed open and shut daily.

R-? The covering over the FingerPrint sensor is not snug. This is a minor aesthetic issue, but on an otherwise perfect iPhone, there should be no issues. The real problem is the FingerPrint sensor no longer works reliably. I tried to rescan my fingerprint, but I cannot get the sensor to read my fingerprints. I cannot use the fingerprint sensor. This could be a result of the slim glass screen protector. As a result, I will not rate this item.

R-5 Even with the case’s screen protector and the slim glass screen protector, the screen responsiveness is still great.

R-4.5 plus Overall I would rate this case highly. The only critical issue is the fingerprint sensor failure which could be the result of the added thickness of both the slim glass screen protector and the case’s screen protector’s thickness.
(Posted on 5/16/14)
Amazing Case Review by Joshua
I wanted this case because I wanted a fully protective case for my wife. I chose this one because it said it was thinner and not as bulky than most fully protective cases (like Otterboxes...yuck). And this product was awesome! Very thin design and has a great stylish look and feel! Best kind of these cases I have found yet! The inner portion of the case has plastic that does not quite fit flush with the screen, but not bad enough to bother me at all. I would recommend this case! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Great case to protect phone from drops, spills, and scratches. Review by Jason
Today i am going to review the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged iPhone
5/5S Case (NT630CR-B). I am using this case with my iPhone 5.
The Trentium is very easy to assemble with two main pieces. The case is
well designed, and with its clean looks, it could be a factory case from
apple. Since this case is extremely water resistant and durable, it's
perfect for when my son is playing games on my phone. I would recommend
this case to anyone that is prone to dropping their phone and/or getting
splashed with water.

Water resistant
Durable materials
Shock proof
Clear screen
Sounds/Music get though case with no issues
Clean looks
rubber flaps on case seal holes nicely
Good grip when holding phone

Water resistant cover over home button gets indented if pressed with nail
due to iPhone 5 button being convex. however, the iPhone 5s button is more
flat which may prevent this issue.
Non-official iPhone 5 charger plug didn't fit through case charger port.
Apple charger cable fits perfectly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who lets their
kids play with their phone. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Worth every penny Review by Betsy
Sleek, refined, and rugged. Those are the words that come to mind when looking at this product. There is no doubt that your phone is going to be kept safe in this New Trent Trentium iPhone case. Built with the same high-quality craftsmanship that is standard for New Trent products, all access ports and buttons are well-protected, either through a rubber plug or durable clear plastic, keeping your phone resistant to water and dust and dirt free! Unlike some cases, the buttons on the phone feel very natural and responsive, just as if there were no case on at all. The built in screen protector is a great alternative to the usual stick-on protectors, and you don’t have to worry about any messy, difficult application with unsightly bubbles and flecks of dust getting trapped underneath. The screen protector doesn’t interfere with your touchscreen’s responsiveness either! This case adds an incredible amount of protection with a minimal amount of bulk. Your phone can still slide in and out of your pocket with ease. One of the most distinguishing features of this product that sets it apart from the competition is the interchangeable plates on the back of the case. As someone who gets bored and constantly changes her phone case, this is a bonus that I really appreciate! If you are looking for a slender, attractive product to keep your phone safe, the New Trent Trentium iPhone case for the iPhone 5/5S is a must buy. I highly recommend it! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Wicked Awesome Bro Review by Russell
The New Trent iPhone 5 case is a small price to pay for an amazing amount of insurance. I, just like most these days, do not have a home phone. I utilize my smart phone for almost everything. Contacts, schedules, emails, and irreplaceable photos of my children (a.k.a Phonezillas) are all kept on my device and the loss of my phone would be catastrophic. With the New Trent case wrapped around it, I can be rest assured that my phone will be safe from harm.

The case is a two piece construction that secures the device in a dense, yet forgiving, rubber which helps absorb any shock that the phone might be exposed to. And protect it does. In the short period that I’ve had the case my phone has been dropped from a height of about 4 feet several times, as well as hurled across the room like a hand grenade (thanks Phonezillas).

While I’ve yet to test the water protection (please don’t try it Phonezillas) I can imagine with the snap in place plugs, that protect the speaker jack and charging port, the phone would be safe from brief periods of water exposure.

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with my phone case, and am greatly pleased with my purchase. I give the New Trent “Trentium” iPhone case 5 out of 5 stars. This phone case is an amazing piece of equipment that is affordable and reliable. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Great case. Better than Otterbox Review by Richard
Overall I will rate the case a 5 out of 5. My phone is an Iphone 5. I had an Otterbox that I took off to test this case. The case was very easy to put on once I read the instructions. It seems to fit well and my phone does not slip around. It seems like it will survive a drop even though I did not do a drop test. The screen protector is more responsive than my Otterbox was. It would be perfect for anyone that needs to keep their phone safe. It seems to be made out of tough material that will last a long time. It is not an overly thick case which I really like. I switched the interchangeable panels to test them. They were easy to change. I really like the case. I would not hesitate to buy another case from New Trent for my other electronics. Like I mentioned, I would rate this case a 5 out of 5 for strength, durability, and ease of use. I have only 1 complaint about the aspects of the case. I would of like more choices for the interchangeable panels sent with the phone. They are all drab colors and don't really change the looks of the phone when they are changed. I didn't mind but my wife thought there could of been better colors. But as I said I will continue to purchase New Trent cases in the future. Thanks for a great product. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Great Case Review by Daniel
"Fantastic case so far. Easy to put on and solid construction. Love the way it looks as well. The interchangeable back plates give it character. Even with a zag and the clear waterproof cover touchscreen is still easy to use. I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a bargain high quality case." (Posted on 5/15/14)
Excellent case, good price. Not my first New Trend product, I’m really happy with the brand. Review by Luis Pedro
This is not my first New Trend product, and I decide to buy this case for my iPhone because I’m really happy with the other products I own. This is really what I need, I have two little boys and I want a good looking case with rugged protection.
• Easy to install
• Very slim case compared to another rugged cases
• Water proof
• Very light weight
• Screen protector included
• Sensitive touch
• Precise cutouts
• Covered ports
• Your phone
• Rugged
• Switchable back pieces
• The home button cover works with finger print function
• Good price
• You can personalize your case with three different colors
Overall, a great case with almost everything I need.
(Posted on 5/14/14)
Great Iphone case Review by Brian
It's thin but sturdy. It's not bulky in my pants pocket. If you never saw the case off the phone, you wouldn't have known it has one. Same thing goes for the finger print scanner-home button. I use the finger print recognition and it works flawlessly with the protector on (again, if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't think it had one). The cons to the case hard to see screen in sun. I like the covers to the jack and outlet opening, they lift up with ease. The button protectors for the top power button and volume work perfectly. This case does exactly what you want it to do: protects the phone, while allowing it to be operated as it was intended with no case at all. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great Protective Case Review by Zach
I am not one that likes to have bulky cases on my phone. As far as the case goes, I think it is very well made and does a good job for it's intended purpose. The back interchangeable piece didn't want to stay on at first but after a bit of squeezing I realized that it has grooves that lock it into place. Most of the buttons work well while in the case, except I had some issues pressing the home button. I felt no snap or click while pressing the button and sometimes I hadn't pressed it when I thought I had.
I can see this case working very well for those that work it dirty or dusty areas. I know for sure that this is the case I will always use when I go camping or on any vacations because I know it will protect it from the dusty trails and the splashing waters. (Posted on 5/13/14)
A good case for it's category Review by Kathryn
I have been using the Otterbox Commuter case on my iPhone 5 for about a year now with a full body screen protector. I have been pleased with my Commuter but when I saw the reviews that stated that the Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case was even thinner and provided more protection, I really wanted to try it out.
The first things I noticed were the switchable pieces on the back of the case. There are 3: black, gold, and gunmetal color. Switching the back piece was easy and I liked the options. Another thing that I noticed was the non-descript logo, I had, for some reason, thought it was printed on and brighter than it is. I don’t like huge or obvious logos and this logo is just right.
The case is two pieces in addition to the switchable back piece. The plastic top piece wraps VERY snuggly around the front and sides of the phone. The rubber back piece covers the back and wraps around and snaps onto the top of the front piece. The rubber piece provides a lip on the front so when you lay your phone facedown it won’t touch the surface.
There is a screen protector over the screen, camera, flash, and apple logo. All the ports are covered with rubber plug-covers.
Now for my review.
Screen- The screen is good touch sensitive-wise. The viewing quality however suffers vastly. I am used to my gorgeous retina display, I mean, that’s why I have the 5! This screen protector is probably the biggest problem I have with this case. I could see a grid-like pattern that severely degraded my viewing experience. Also, the film over the home button wrinkled after about 3 presses. I can’t comment on the fingerprint recognition ability because I only have the iPhone 5.
Port covers-The port covers are great, all except one. One either has to have tiny fingers or long fingernails to access the silent switch. Really. I had one of my guy friends try to switch it and he really had trouble.
Cutouts- All of the cutouts are precise. Flash, camera, speakers, all of them.
The speaker cutout- Unfortunately, the speaker cutout really hampers sound quality. The volume is good, but when quality is compared without the case, there is definitely a difference.
Size- Compared to the Otterbox Commuter, the Trentium is actually slightly larger in all aspects.
Drop test- Yes, I dropped my phone on purpose. I dropped it from 3 feet high onto the bottom corner of the case. No problems there! I definitely trust the ruggedness of this case. I also wouldn’t have any reserves jogging in the rain with it. It is a solid little case.
Overall feel- This case just feels nice.
+ Sensitive touch
+ Precise cutouts
+ Covered ports
+ Rugged
+ Switchable back pieces
- Screen viewing quality
- Small silent switch cover
- Impaired sound projection
- Wrinkled home button film
My bottom line? I removed the case after 2 days because I couldn’t stand the screen and the small port covers. I decided to revert to my previous case. This case, while it is a very good case for its category, did not meet my expectations. I rate this case 4/5. I would rate it one star lower but I feel that it is my personal preference that having a screen protector that is applied directly to the phone provides a better representation of the retina display. This case does what it is designed to do. It protects.
(Posted on 5/13/14)
LOVE this iPhone case! Review by danielle
The case is thin, NOT bulky like a lot of iPhone cases on the market (cough cough otter box), but it seems equally protective (no scratches or damage to my iPhone thus far). I like that you can switch the color of the outside of the case, so you can rotate colors when you are wanting a change in case appearance. It fits to the phone and is easy to put on and remove from phone. I 100% recommend this product to anyone looking for (or sick of their old and bulky) iPhone case. (Posted on 5/13/14)
New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5s case Review by Dom
The New Trent Trentium was used with an iPhone 5. The case is very well made in comparison to other water resistant and waterproof cases. This case has a rugged inner case and outer case. The logo on the back of the phone is still visible as well as the interchangeable backs allow for a little style along with protection. The screen is very close to the iPhone 5 screen and allows for very responsive touch sensitivity. This case also provides water resistance with is overall protection versus gapped protection offered by other products. The only reservation I have is that this case is not compatible with the amazon, apple certified, charger as the male end of the charger is too wide for the opening for the charger port. Overall I will give this case a rating of 5. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Awesome however Review by eric
iphone 5 case review

Here is my impressions of the New Trent case:
1. The cases clear plastic front that covers the screen is outstanding. Definitely better than most. It's thin AND durable. I've dropped it several times on its face.... zero scratches on the plastic.
2. The material is very light weight.
3. The VERY thin plastic of the home button allows for the continued use of the fingerprint technology used on iPhone 5s.
The negatives:
1. No belt clip ( this states the obvious without going into detail)
2. The VERY thin plastic covering the home key is suspect.
Overall impression is this case is great for Dads and/or guys ( or gals ) who are not the most careful with there phone BUT do not want the bulk or weight of an Otter-box. Is this thing Water RESISTANT? Yes, however keep in mind the speakers are exposed. Cup of coffee ok, puddle of water.... Pull out the rice. Shock RESISTANT? Yes, I have young children, I and they have definitely put that to the test.
I would give it 5/5 IF it had a belt clip. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Great case! Review by DesertFox620
Device used on: iPhone 5s / Space grey

-Protects phone very well-no open spots at all, so everything is protected.
A nice added feature to the protection is you do not have to worry about
accidentally hitting the mute button (or vice versa-accidentally un-muting
the phone). The screen, camera lenses, home button, even the apple logo,
are protected by clear plastic.
-Wouldn't say the phone is totally water resistant now, but I'd suspect
being caught in a freak rain storm would be much better with this case on
than without.
-For what added bulk the case brings, I had no problem using the phone the
way I always have. It fits in my running arm band (Sporteer armband by
PDO)-although I am not able to zip it up entirely any longer but there is
no way phone is moving around or out of the armband. Another added benefit
is the case essentially eliminates all condensation from reaching the phone
from sweat, etc. I also can carry the phone in my front pockets like I
always had prior to using the case.
-Has a nice "lip" around the phone-you do not have worry so much about
laying the phone face down and damage ensuing.
-Case has nice rubbery texture-doesn't slide around in your hand like some
cases (or bare phone) do. I won't say it is so rubbery that it will stay
put on a car dashboard-but I'm sure this is by design. Having too rubbery
of a surface would make it tough to get out of your pockets.
-Does impede use of home button, power buttons, lightning port (see below
however), headphone jack, or volume buttons. In fact, I believe it even
improves the power and volume buttons. The headphone jack and lightning
port covers even actually "lock in" to the ports as well, providing a
resistance to dust, moisture, etc, from entering.

-One cosmetic issue, and maybe this is unique to the one I am using-the
bottom of case "lip" is not as flush to the phone as it is everywhere
else-please note the last picture. This doesn't impede protection or
function, but I know this may bother some people.
-The Apple provided lightning usb cord works flawlessly-no problems.
However, the Amazon Basics lightning cord, which I have felt to be of
similar quality to the Apple branded cords, doesn't seem to fit the opening
in the case. Widening the opening a bit may improve the compatibility with
lightning cords. Although, I have three Amazon Basics lightning cords-2
don't fit, but one does-so it could be higher tolerances allowed in
manufacturing on Amazon Basics end.
-In using the case for about a week now, I am noticing that the home button
clear plastic cover is showing some signs of use. I don't use the
fingerprint sensor, but I'd wonder if over time this would conflict with
the sensor?

Overall, I'd give this product a 5. The cons do not bother me even remotely
enough to give up the benefits. (Posted on 5/13/14)
A very very nice case for the iPhone 5s Review by Steve
I got this in the mail and immediately put it on my iPhone. It lacks the bulk of similar cases. The interchangeable backs are a nice touch as is the protective screen on the front, which somehow does not interfere with the touch screen. Overall, an excellent product. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Water resistant, not waterproof - very durable Review by Alex
I got my case on the 7th of April and its April 30th now and I have to say it's way better then my OtterBox Defender. It comes with a screen / home button protector, nicely fitted port covers, and 3 removable colored clip covers for the back of the phone (gold, silver, and black). My problem with protective cases is that they are bulky and I get bored quickly. This case from NewTrent covers my two biggest issues; it's substantially thinner than other defensive cases, without compromising protection and the color clips make it so I never get bored all for practically 1/3rd the price of OtterBox products. I warn you though, don't try dropping the iPhone in a bathtub to test if it's water proof, read carefully. This case is actually water resistant, this means that if it's raining and you get wet, it will protect your phone; this does NOT mean you can go inside a pool with it since parts of the phone are not fully sealed.

1). Durable
2). Stylish / customizable
3). Thinner then all other protective cases I have used
4). Works great in Florida if it rains and you get wet (I drive a Honda CBR motorcycle, and I got caught in pretty heavy rain for 25 minutes - my phone barely got wet)
5). Easy assembly
6). Price!

1). Wish it was fully water proof, but I guess it's designed to be used for outdoor activities
2). More color / designed clips available for purchase
3). The clear plastic cover that goes over the home screen button gets a bit warped over time with use. Perhaps a different material should be used, but you can barely tell, unless you really pay attention to it. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Good Case Review by Gerardo
The New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) gave me some interesting moments. First of all it the exchange covers - I discover that it was a hassle to change them with the phone inside the case. I had to take out the phone, and then I was able to change the cover. At some point while trying to figure it out, I thought "this is pointless, why have a cover if is plastic?"

Second - the aux port. I had discovered that I could not use some of my headphones due to the thickness of the case around the aux/earphone port. I would have to take out the phone so that I can use my headphones. Whenever I would travel and I wanted to put my phone for music, I would have to do the same. Other than that, the case does an excellent job at keeping the phone secured. I liked the fact that it comes with a screen protector and that its enough for it to recognize my fingerprint. Moreover, I also liked the fact the sound/mic quality was pretty good. Some cases distort them, but in this case they were pretty awesome. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Good Case, Good Value Review by Royce
This case is really sturdy and seems to fit very well. I am using an iPhone 5 to test this case, so I don't have the fingerprint ID capability of the 5S. I really like the ability to change the colored plates on the back of the case to customize the look. I wasn't able to change these plates, however, unless I took the case off the phone and then changed the plates. There are a few things that I've noticed.

1. The screen cover in the case has a tendency to hold air bubbles. This doesn't seem to affect the operation, it's just an aesthetics issue.

2. The water resistant cover over the home button has a slight wrinkle in it at the top. Again, this is probably not a functional issue, just an aesthetic one.

3. The cover over the switch above the volume controls is pretty deep and makes the operation of the switch a little difficult unless you have really small fingers.

All in all, this case is well built and functional. It appears to be fairly water-resistant and I think that, short of submerging the phone, it should protect the phone from accidental contact with water. The retail price of the case seems reasonable for this type and quality of case. I've used other similar cases in the past and have had trouble with the flexible outer case stretching out and not fitting properly. It doesn't appear that this should be a problem with the way this case is designed.
(Posted on 5/12/14)
A sleek and stylish case. Review by Nate
The New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case is a great case for my iPhone 5s. This product is made out of quality materials with a stylish appearance. One problem I have when shopping for a protective case is the look and feel of the product. Most protective cases are too bulky, but this case maintains a sleek form with a high level of protection. I managed to accidentally drop my phone from a 5 foot drop. My iPhone screen did not crack and it performed perfectly after the drop. I love the detachable back for the case. Having the option to switch the colors is a nice added bonus. The case does not obstruct the use of the buttons, touchscreen, receiver, or camera. I am able to use a stylus if i without the worry of any obstruction from the screen protecter. I recommend this case for anyone. This case performs extremely well in environments where accidents are bound to happen. A busy mom will not have to worry about her toddler playing with her phone. A person working in a fast pace environment will not have to worry about occasional drops or liquid spills on the phone. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Remarkably compact for a fully protective case Review by Charles
Using this Trentium Ultra-Thin case was a big change for me. I have an iPhone 5S and have been using a close fitting leather case from Apple along with a Zagg HD screen on the front. To try out the Trentium, I took off the Zagg screen (it had taken some licks and I was going to replace it soon anyway) and was able to put the phone in the case without much difficulty. I was impressed by how snugly it fit in the case with the back rubber edge fitting tightly over the front section.

I like the feel, despite never before using a case that totally encloses the phone. I am pretty careful with my phones and have favored minimal cases along with Zagg screens for the front. But I found the Trentium to have a good feel to it, despite being larger and a bit heavier than I am used to with my phones. It felt solid and not TOO heavy. I like to carry my phone in my shirt pocket often, and this was not too bulky or heavy to do that. It grips well also, meaning that it doesn’t slide or slip, either of which would be a deal-breaker for me. Nice soft but firm feel on the sides. Hard plastic cases are too slippery.

On to the use:

The screen has excellent touch. I was a bit surprised at how natural the screen felt and how well it worked. There is some sacrifice is visibility—putting an extra layer over the iPhone screen does cost some clarity, but it surprised me by not being noticeable most of the time. I do find it harder to keep clean. Smudges do not come off as readily as they do on the Zagg screen I usually use, plus the case itself makes it more difficult to get to the edges of the screen to clean it. Still, given the protection it provides, I think it is a more than equal trade-off.

The buttons:
The volume buttons are excellent. Easy to find and very responsive. Actually much better than on the leather Apple case which smooths them down too much so they are harder to find without looking. The power button on top also works perfectly in that it is responsive and is raised a good height to be readily found without looking with a touch.

The power and headphone ports:
They provide excellent protection from the elements as the flaps fit snugly in place. They are however not easy to use. It usually takes one hand to hold the device and one to insert the plug, using a finger to lift up the flap, which can be a bit awkward.

The Sound button:
This one is the most problematic. While the flap provides protection, someone ham-fisted like myself can struggle to flip the silence button in that narrow opening. My finger is almost too big to reach down to the silence button.

I have grown to like this quite a bit. I didn’t think I would like a “protective” case that encloses the phone because it would be too bulky. This one certainly is not. It’s lighter than anticipated and feels good in the hand. The only issue I am still struggling with right now, besides the sound switch, is that is does not fit in my ProClip car mount, and I would need to buy another mount as I can’t adjust the one I have outwards any more to hold this case: it holds a bare iPhone5 or one with a very thin case. Still, I think this case is a winner and I would recommend it to any iPhone user, particularly one who is hard on the phone.

(Posted on 5/11/14)
Great Case! Review by Eric
When I first received the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5s case (NT630CR-B), it felt a little flimsy at first, but once I put my iPhone 5s into the front case portion and installed it into the rear portion of the case, I found it to be very solid. It is very simple to install. It comes in 2 pieces, a front cover and rear cover. Put the front cover on over the screen and sides of the phone and then insert into the rear of the case and pull the sides over into the grooves on the front case. The finish of the case is very clean and nice. I really like the Interchangeable back plates, I am using the Space gray to match my phone. The port covers are very easy to access and open due to the design of them. I was a little concerned with how the case would work with the Touch ID portion of the phone, but it works great with the piece that covers it. Mine did come with a small crease in the plastic that covers the Home button/ Touch ID, but does not affect the functionality. I did relearn all of my fingerprints to get them aligned with the new case, but not before testing it thoroughly without relearning them. The camera openings do not cause any issues with the camera and my iPhone still takes amazing photos. The screen covering works very well, but does get a lot of grease buildup and is a little difficult to clean due to the raised edges of the case. I have several Lightning adaptors for HDMI, VGA and Charging and the opening for them is great, no problems fitting aftermarket cables or adaptors in the opening. The headphone jack is suitable for the Apple headphones, but any other regular sized 3.5mm Headphone Jack will not fit, I had to trim the Jacket of my 3.5mm jacks down to get them into the headphone port. This is pretty common with a lot of other cases on the market though.

All in all, I’m very Impressed with the case. It works well and does a great Job protecting my phone. Great Job!!

Pros- Lightweight, Easy access to ports on the phone, rugged, Durable, easy to put together.

Cons- Small Headphone opening. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Good Case - Good Price Review by Mark
My score is a 4.5 of 5

Review of the New Trent Ultra-thin IPhone 5s Case

I have been a user of the Otterbox defender cases all the way back from my IPhone 4 days. I have stopped using cases altogether due to the thickness of the case. I decided to give this one a try and even though it is not spectacular it does have some redeemable qualities.

1. The form factor:
a. The size and shape of the case is far thinner
that my old otterbox. This case may remain on my phone just because of the

2. Durability:
a. The case looks like it can handle the day to day
drops without any worry about harming your phone. Also, compared to the otterbox the tabs that
protect some of the outlets and switches seem to have a little more strength to

3. Usability
a. Right away I found the protective screen allows
more responsiveness than my previous case, I have an IPhone 5 and do not have
the finger scanner, but it is nice that New Trent has made allowances for the
use of the scanner.

4. It should work anyway:
a. My first otterbox defender had a huge problem
with the case blocking the sensor to determine when your face was away from the
screen, this made ending the call via the screen difficult. The New Trent case
does not seem to have this problem.

5. Price:
a. Let’s face is this case is around the price a
new case should be. Paying 50-60 dollars
for a case is a little outrageous.

Where it misses:

1. Come on New Trent how bout some colors?
2. The back plate seems like it serves no real
purpose other than aesthetics, would it be sexy though if it was aluminum?


Good case, good price, does the job, and thumbs up for me. As an emergency services
worker I don’t always have the ability to protect my phone, this case will do
the job. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Sleek and Protective Review by Tara
I previously had the Lifeproof case for my iPhone 5S and it would not read my fingerprint. THIS case does, however.

I also like the screen protector on this one. It does not show any bubbles. I can hardly tell it is there.

I like the non-slip grip. It feels sturdy in my hand, but not too bulky.

The cable openings are easy to shut and open. If you've had any other cases, you realize that this can be very annoying if they don't open easily.

Directions were easy to understand. However, when I first opened the box, I did not realize how to switch the interchangeable covers. The black one that came on it looked permanent so I didn't realize right away that you can take the black one off to put the silver or gold on. It's VERY easy though after I realized.

I really like the switching back cover idea. I can mix and match with my jewelry between silver and gold. As a woman, that is kind of nice!

Overall, I definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Excellent rugged and light case Review by Art
Really like the option of having 3 different color backs for the case
built-in screen protector is great at keeping dirty fingers and scratches away and keep the phone looking new.
Excellent for outdoors (I use this case when I go hiking/backpacking or any other outdoor activities)
(Posted on 5/10/14)
Great case Review by William
I have had both the LifeProof (which was a joke) and the OtterBox cases.. This one by far beats both.. I love the slime design, but yet built tough to survive the falls.. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Works Great Review by Alex
I use this phone case as my daily phone case, and has kept my phone nice and secure. I love how this phone case is slim, yet very functional. I have used phone cases that were slim and felt unsafe, and hard/secure while making my phone hardly usable. I feel like New Trent has done a great job with this case, and would definitely recommend it. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Excellent case Review by Thomas
Case has a nice feel to it, solid and feels like the quality is good
The camera, flash holes align well
Volume buttons have a nice feel
The screen protector has an excellent feel to it and is very responsive
Is thin for what type of case it is (heavy protection)
Removing the phone is easy
Packaging is well done
I'd easily recommend this case over Otterbox (Posted on 5/10/14)
Great Case and it Allows Fingerprint Sensor to Work Well Review by Kyle
I was excited to try out this case on my iPhone 5s (16MB, Cricket Wireless, Space Grey) and replace the cheap case I purchased to temporarily protect my investment. So far all New Trent cases seem to smell really good (like a new car) versus the stink of some materials used for cases. Next was how light and thin the Trentium case looks and feels. Several cases I have come across for iPhone 5/5s tend to not be able to allow the Fingerprint Recognition Sensor to work but this one definitely does. The thin film that protects the fingerprint sensor feels kind of cheap, on a few occasions sticks briefly to my finger for a second...but I don't think it ruins anything.

Assembled the case feels pretty good and I've come to really like using it. The exterior TPU case fits very well except for a small amount of give that is barely noticeable on the sides near the center. My wife has an Otterbox case (Pink) for her iPhone 5c and the exterior material on it is horrible as far as keeping its shape. She has had to exchange the case twice already and it started to lose shape on the current case within a few days. We are both very disappointed in that case and with Otterbox.

It might be my imagination but the Trentium case seems to make the buttons easier to use (volume & power). I really really like how the case protects against dust and various crud that can get in other cases requiring you to open them up and clean them out. I was a little worried that the case might restrict the sound of the iPhone's speaker but I haven't noticed any drop in sound. I like the simple, quick and easy customization of the 3 different color polycarbonate covers that come with the phone...a nice touch. I haven't noticed any kind of discoloration or weird display effects like a rainbow or dot effect so that is another plus to this great case. So all around this case seems to be very nice and in many ways I feel it surpasses the competition. The biggest weakness in my opinion is the cellophane like material over the home/fingerprint sensor. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Awesome case! Review by Kim
This is a fabulous case! I love having interchangeable covers, for one. The case is very attractive and professional looking. It is extremely protective and fits very nicely. I especially love that it has a protective screen cover built in!

As far as comfort, the case feels very nice and secure in my hand. It also slides easily into any pocket, and isn't too bulky.

Overall, I highly recommend this case! (Posted on 5/9/14)
Sleek and Rugged! Review by Mike
As I have recently acquired a new iPhone,
I needed to find a good case for it. I was offered to sample the New Trent
Trentium case and I decided to do so. In my time using it, I can say this case
gives Otterbox cases a run for their money. It is sleek, ergonomic and offers
great protection to your phone against drops and spills. I was very surprised, as
this case was incredibly thin compared to my previous Otterbox. One of the only
complaints I have about this case is the home button, as it already creased
within a few days of usage. Other than that issue, I have to say this is definitely
a wonderful case if you want to protect your phone without adding any bulkiness
to it. If you want a sleek and rugged case, look no further, the New Trent
Trentium has you covered! (Posted on 5/9/14)
A great case overall. Review by David
I've been using this case for my iphone5 for few weeks and here are my experiences with it.

* Easy to install
* Less bulky than Otterbox case
* It works with the anti-scratch screen cover I already installed
* The sound quality of the speaker is still good with this case
* Although I did not get to experience or test the water resistant feature, it seems it will resist water because there are no open holes

* Finger print smudges
* Takes away the beauty of iPhone5
* Changes my white iphone5 to a black phone (except for the home button). If it comes with white color, that'll be great.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this cover to my friends and family. (Posted on 5/9/14)
I love this case Review by Pasqualino
I currently use an iPhone 5S and I've had an issue with a cracked screen before so I wanted to make sure when I got the iPhone 5 that my phone was protected. I bought a case when I got the phone and really liked it but it was hard to hit certain letters when I texted because the edges of the case came out too far. The NewTrent rugged case arrived today and it already looked better then my old case. For starters the NewTrent has a hard inner case which has a protective cover that shields the screen from scratches. It also has a soft outer case that gives great protection to my iPhone. It comes with 2 interchangeable covers as well. It took me about a minute to apply the case to the phone. I love how it feels in my hand it's not bulky it's nice and thin and all the buttons work with no problem. It's also water resistant which comes in handy because I work outside, so now I won't have to worry about it getting wet in the rain. The NewTrent case is the best case I have ever owned. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Great! Review by Corey
This thing is awesome, sturdy, and reliable. I am a new life customer! (Posted on 5/8/14)
My current favorite iPhone 5 case! Review by ROWEL
I am using an iPhone 5
Ultra-thin rugged case that doesn't add much to the width of the iPhone 5
despite the case having two parts: a hard inner case and a soft outer TPU
(thermoplastic polyurethane) case. Very comforting considering that this
material is also used in motorcycle helmets. If the material can protect your
brains in an accident or fall it can protect your iPhone from serious damage.
I like the grip the soft exterior case provides. All iPhone ports are
adequately protected by a cover. There was no audible sound when I intentionally
dropped my iPhone on a flat stone flooring from a height of 3 feet several times.
The iPhone was dropped glass face down, back face, and from its side. The hard
inner case survived the impact as my precious iPhone 5. I also like that the
case does not cover the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

The protection around the iPhone ports does not completely prevent dust of water
from getting in. Frequent removal of the hard inner case resulted in scratches on
the sides of the iPhone. Unline the other ports, there is no opening for the
SIM card tray. It is completely covered. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Very nice lightweight, protective iPhone 5 & 5s case Review by Richard
I would rate the NT630C 5/5s iPhone ultra-thin rugged case a 5 stars winner. It is well designed and was easy to install with a hard inner shell, with a scratch resistant screen protector, a soft outer case and a polycarbonate back in 3 colors. It has a screen protector that is responsive. It also has clear protective camera covers that I did not notice any degradation in picture quality. The protective case is thinner than most other protective cases and seems to do the job. I appreciated its thinness. It is water resistant, not waterproof, but it is adequate for my use and would probably meet most user needs with this lighter and thinner case. The various iPhone buttons all worked. It came in a well-designed package with good assembly directions. Unlike some, I had no problem with the sound nor did the people I called complain about sound quality. Overall, it is a well built case that adds the protection I need and that I enjoy using. It also comes at a very reasonable price for it's quality and performance. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Excellent thin water resistance case that can take a beating Review by Huy
This is my review for the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5 case (NT630CR-B). This is my first waterproof case and after one month of usage, I am quite happy with it. I am quite active (camping, beach, swimming…) and this case complements my lifestyle. This case provides the shock protection similar to my previous Otterbox Defender case but substantially thinner. In addition, the New Trent Trentium case is water resistant. I have not had any water poured on my iphone 5 but examining the way the case is built (all holes like speakers are covered with a rubber/plastic material), I think the case should not have any problem against water splashes.

Cons: There is a little bit of lint gathered around the edge of the phone (the front). There seems to be a little fingerprint smear on the plastic surface. Both lint and smear can easily be wiped off. The Plug covering the charging hole is a little tight and took a little bit of time to pry off. The three color backings are great addition, and it would be nice to have color options for the case itself also.

Pros: Very thin for the shockproof functionality. A big plus for being water resistance. The plastic material covering the touchscreen to make it waterproof did not affect the touchscreen a bit.

Summary: This case is amazingly thin and yet functional case. If you want a rugged alternative to those thick Otterbox cases, the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5 case would be the one to buy. Get it if you lead an active lifestyle and want a thin functional case with shock, dust and water protections.

My rating for this case is 4.8. If this was waterproof (survives a drop in the pool), it would be a perfect 5! (Posted on 5/8/14)
great low profile case Review by ALEX
great durable low profile iPhone case. i love this thing, doesn’t add much bulk at all, but actually protects the phone unlike cheap plastic/rubber cases. keeps the screen away from the ground, and protects great when dropped. highly recommended. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Nice Case, But.... Review by Mark
I am torn on this case. First with the pros. The case is very sleek and low profile which I like. I can’t stand a big bulky case on my phone that makes my phone seem anything like a phone. It is smooth and does not collect lint…big plus when constantly in and out of my pocket. The built in screen protector is great and works flawlessly…not too much glare and zero loss of touch sensitivity. My Iphone 5 fits securely and tightly in the case no gaps or looseness. Now the cons. I have noticed several times that when talking on the phone I get a weird little vibration…I original thought it was my phone getting a text or email..but it wasn’t. I can’t figure out what it is…the only thing I can think of is that it is my ear rubbing on the plastic ear piece…super annoying when talking on the phone. The other con is that when you play music or watch videos with the case on that the sound quality when in the case is real “tinny.” Like being played from inside a tin can. I suppose this is because of the water tight and dirt tight fit to protect the case. It does a great job protecting the phone from those elements, but perhaps at the expense of sound. (Posted on 5/7/14)
iPhone 5/5s Case (NT630CR-B) Review by Ken
I ordered this case for my wife because she has had two cracked screens as a result of drops. We tried lifeproof cases but they were far too cumbersome and difficult to deal with. Her first comment was that it was easy to remove from the packaging. It is a two part case. The instructions on the outside of the box were clear and easy to follow. We liked the fact that a somewhat rigid case is complemented by a softer outer shell that makes it easier to hold on to and keeps it from sliding on countertops or on the console of the car. We also liked the fact that it is very thin for a two part case--it did not make the phone look bulky at all. It also came with three interchangeable case covers for the back. One is gold, one is silver and the other is black. They are semi-rigid. We had a little difficulty changing these out once the cover was in place but managed okay. She picked the gold and it was nice to have some color on the back of a black case. We had no difficulty with any port or plug access. All in all a very nice case that is quite protective without being too bulky. We gave it 4 stars only because of the difficulty changing out the back color plates. Thanks New Trent for another excellent product.
(Posted on 5/7/14)
Great Case! Review by Manuel
First off the color and look definitely have a premium case feel - I tend to switch out iPhone cases every year, this one delivers great form and function. The built in protective touch screen is a bonus.

Feels excellent and it snaps on really tight, so no dirt can get in. I've had cases in the past that small particles will get in and the case will hold them in and scratch the body. This does not happen. Plus it has a good grip. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Best case I have ever owned Review by Jim
I recently received the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged iPhone 5/5S
Case Model # NT630CR-B. I put this case on my IPhone 5s immediately after
I received it. I was using a different brand rugged case and was happy to
initially notice that although the New Trent case is rugged it was not
nearly as bulky as the old case I was using. It fit better in my pocket and
still was able to keep the slick look of the iPhone by have a slick looking
case. The back plate of the case switches out to different colors which is
a nice feature just to change things up once and awhile. The volume buttons
on the case work perfect for adjusting the volume up or down. The fittings
of the case that cover the charging port, headphone jack and volume on or
off are nice and snug helping to keep dust and other debris out of the case
and getting onto your phone. The protective screen that is part of the case
does not effect the way the phone responds to your touch. I work in
construction and I felt totally comfortable having my IPhone on the job
site with this case. I have dropped my phone 3 times with this case on and
have had no damage. Also unlike my other case it is not bulky in my pocket
so it did not bother me to have my phone in this case in my pocket. I would
highly recommend this case to anyone looking to protect their investment of
an IPhone. (Posted on 5/7/14)
sturdy case, good protection Review by Brian
-Durable case. Fits nicely in the hand. You can tell it’s well made because it doesn’t bend or give like cheaper cases I’ve tried.
-The switchable plates are a nice idea. They fit securely on the case, however I was a little concerned it might fall off at first (it didn’t).
-The case protected my phone well when I dropped it on hardwood floor and carpeting. I didn’t try getting it wet though!

-The color choices for the switchable plates felt a little random. Why gold? I would like a choice of more fun colors like blue, green, or pink (especially appealing for women). The ones that were included are a little boring
-The packaging was very confusing. The back of the package with the instructions makes it appear much more complicated than it is.
-The case adds a bit of bulk to my phone, but I’m not sure there’s a way around this given how sturdy it is. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great case Review by Cliff
This is a solid, great case that will take almost anything thrown at it. It is very durable and stylish, coming with interchangeable back colors to suit your needs. There are a lot of other durable iPhone cases out there that I've tried, but this one's my personal favorite because the screen protector has no glare (it doesn't even feel like it's there), and it just has a nice solid feel in the hand. I've dropped and broken my screen before, and I know that'll never happen with this case. (Posted on 5/6/14)
Thinnest waterproof iPhone case found Review by susan
I like the idea that I can have a water resistant iPhone case and be thin at the same time. This case is much thinner than an Otterbox. The Otterbox has the rugged look and feel but slipping it into your pocket isn't always easy especially if the pants are a tighter fit. I had my doubts about the New Trent iPhone case being water resistant so I did a test before I put my phone in it. I closed up the case, made sure all the little "doors" on the side of the case were closed and then submerged it under water. I had to place a weight on it to make sure it was really under water because I wanted to test it before I put my phone in it. After 15 minutes, I took it out and the only thing that I saw was a few drops of mist and I wasn't sure if this was left over from when I submerged it the first time without closing the flap on the side of the case or from the 15 minutes I kept it under water. I figured if my iPhone is going to drop into water, I will fetch it out before 15 minutes so this convinced me that this was actually as advertised.

The screen protection is very responsive to touch and the volume buttons line up and work great. The only thing I have difficulty is with the mute button on the side. I think this is the trade off for having a case that is water and dirt resistant. It is placed exactly where is should be on the case but trying to quickly switch the button off when I am in a place where I should have turned my phone off and didn't, is difficult. I can't just push the switch to mute, I have to reach my finger nail and slide it. If there is somehow that this could be equipped with a waterproof external sliding button, that would make this case perfect. (Posted on 5/6/14)
I am IN LOVE with this case! Review by Jessi
I love how strong it feels, and on the other side how much smaller it is then
my OtterBox!! I really like how the ports cover snugly, and it feels so much
nicer then my OtterBox. The ONLY issue I can think of for this case it I like
bright colors. But, I like it so much better I am completely okay with the
color!! We will be buying another one of these for my husband as well!! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great product Review by Nathan
I have had this case for a little over a week now. I have enjoyed this case and it seems to meet all my needs sufficiently. It's main purpose is to provide a rugged ultra protection for your iPhone 5s. I was pleasantly surprised to find the fingerprint scanner worked exactly the same as if there were no case on it at all.

The durableness of the material surpasses those of some of the other cases I've had. It has a real durable plastic/rubber combination which does not tear or wear very easily. Other cases have a super absorbent rubber but because of its absorbency it has lost its basic wear-and-tear resistance. But not this case.

It feels really good in hand. I'm not sure why it boasts that it is thinner. I compared them to my friend's otter box case and it is exactly the same size. But what else would you expect from a rugged case.

Once you get the case on it is a little difficult to get off. If you have to place your phone in a separate case when heading off for a run or dock it when you get to work, this case will drive you nuts. But if you want a case that stays on once you put it on, this is the best case I've seen for that purpose.

The headphone jack has a good space opening to fit just about any headphone jack in it.

The buttons all work smoothly without very much added pressure to achieve button depression.

A little thing is that on the edges of the screen there is a small 90 degree angle which your screen cloth won't really be able to pick up unless you use your fingernail or another thin object. This may drive you up the wall if you are OCD about keeping the screen crystal clean.

Overall I would give this case 5 out of 5 stars. Great case and I would recommend it to any person who just wants to keep their phone protected (Posted on 5/5/14)
Tough as nails case that works! Review by ColoCroat
I used the Trentium case snowboarding at Keystone Resort in Keystone, CO on Wednesday April 16th. Temperatures at the top of the mountain were around 30 degrees F with sunny conditions in the morning and light snow conditions in the afternoon. I used an app called Ski Tracks to track my day via GPS and was also listening to a music mix while I was riding. I took my phone out view both the Ski Tracks data and also to listen to specific songs. I also took a couple of pics from the top of the mountain of some near by mountains.

Overall I really liked the feel and weight of the case. The interface between the inner hard case and the soft outer case was strong and a tight fit. I wasn't worried about dropping my phone into the snow (which I did just to test it the water resistance). I found that it was easy to use the volume up/down buttons, the sleep buttons and the home buttons on my iPhone 5. I didn't have to press too hard on the buttons (which I thought I might have to). I really liked the seal for the head phone jack. The head phone jack port is where water/moisture can easily get into the phone.

At first I thought the cover over the home button seemed flimsy but once I installed the case and started using the home button I felt the cover was great. Like I mentioned earlier I tested the water resistance by dropping my phone into some snow on two occasions. Both occasions I pulled the case apart to check for water and didn't find any on the interior or the case or on the phone. Passed with flying colors!

As the temperatures dropped a bit and snow started to fall I kept taking my phone out of my pocket to test how the case felt and worked in the cold/snowy conditions. The touch/feel of the case still felt good (even though my hands were cold) and snow melting on the screen & case wasn't an issue. I pulled the case apart again (while taking a break inside a warming lodge) to check for water/moisture. Again no issues.

The last test (though not planned) when my phone fell out of my snowboard jacket pocket (about 3 feet) and onto the ground in the parking lot. After checking the case and wiping it off I checked my phone and worked normally. No issues at all!

I think the Trentium case would be great for dry dusty conditions as well. I look forward to taking it mountain biking, hiking and camping. I'd say that the case would be great for just about everyone but mainly good for construction workers, factory workers, coaches/teachers and landscapers. Recreation wise I'd say great for snow, at the beach and in the mountains.

I work in an industry where I visit construction job sites so I think the Trentium case would be useful for my occupation as well.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I'd rate the case as a 5. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Review of the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) Review by Jason
This rugged case is awesome! I tested it out on my girlfriend's iPhone 5s, and everything worked wonderfully. The case itself fots very snugly, and really feels like it protects the phone completely (which is good since I have been known to drop them in the past). Once the outer rubber sleeve is firmly sealed over the rigid plastic core, it really feels like the phone is indestructible.

The port covers really make the difference. I've tried phone cases in the past and not been happy with the fact that they protect from bumps and bruises, but don't really keep the phone safe from everyday accidents like spills. With all the covers sealed, I had no worries using the phone to read a recipe in the kitchen, something I would have hesitated to do before for fear of getting the phone itself wet or full of grit. The integrated screen cover was great too, as it not only helps seal everything out, it also is easy to clean. The only problem I had was making sure I didn't get any fingerprints on the inside of the screen cover during installation.

About the only drawback I found had to do with the cover over the iPhone's fingerprint scanner. I think it's a great feature to have a case that still fully seals while still allowing the scanner to be used, but the piece of plastic that makes up the scanner cover seemed a little flimsy. After a few days use, the plastic seemed to bubble a little over the iPhone button. I would worry about something getting under there, or possibly the seal around that area not being fully watertight anymore.

All in all, a great accessory. I would highly recommend this case to anyone who uses their phone a lot in the outdoors, or any other place where there's a chance of not only moisture and dust but also traditional bumps and bruises. 4.5 out of 5 stars, and that extra half star would come from reinforcing the cover over the fingerprint scanner. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Case! Review by Daniel
The New Trent Trentium has really impressed me overall. I like how New Trent is branching out from their usual products and trying newer ideas. This case is very similar to the Gladius Air iPad case that New Trent makes but for the iPhone. The pros of this case far outweigh the cons. This may be the perfect protective case that people have been looking for because of how comprehensive it is without too much bulk. I personally like the ability to change the backplate to compliment the phone better. The case is built very well. All of the ports are covered but readily accessible. I was not able to test how water resistant the case is but I would like to try to bring my phone in the shower and keep it off to the side and try that. I think it would be fine. The built in screen protector looks and feels nice, no complaints there. The way this case is designed, there is no reason to worry about an average drop messing up the phone at all. Overall, I give this case a 5/5 stars because of how comprehensive it is. New Trent’s attention to detail continues with the triennium iPhone 5/5S case! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Case! Review by Shop2Much
The packaging was nice on this case. It was easy to open and remove from box and holders. It is a nice change in feeling of having the softer shell on the outside than on the inside like my Otterbox. Inserting the iPhone 5 into the case was a very good fit. I generally do not like integrated screen protectors. However, the interactive response though this integrated screen protector on this case was surprising in that it felt very close to not having a screen protector at all. Responses to my finger touches were not delayed and it did not feel like I was dragging across rubber. The only down side is the protector over the home button. The button is curved but the area on the screen protector is not. After one day, the protector above the button already started to bubble from stretching pushing in the button. Buttons also responded well through the case and port covers are easy to open and access. If you're using a lightening adapter, it may not fit. The hole cutout is made with only the Apple lightening connector in mind. The case has not affected the camera, sound, or viewing of the screen. A waist level drop to the floor and going through the rain did not hurt the phone at all. There is a light lip around the phone increasing a little thickness but it have scratches to the screen and integrated screen protector when landing on the phone's screen. It was also a very nice touch to be able to switch the back plating to maintain iPhone 5sish kind of look. The back fits into grooves and have not had any issues of it coming off. This is a very good case for people who go to the beach a lot. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Sleek and functional Review by Irene
I used the phone case on my white/gold iPhone 5s. Installing the case took a little more effort than I anticipated; the TPU outer case was more rigid than other plastic coverings that I've used in the past. I had to use my nails a bit to pull the TPU over the inner plastic and any other time I try to access any of the covered ports for that matter. However, I know that feature is necessary to ensure a durable case and hinder tearing of the TPU. In fact, the hardened TPU seems like it will last me a long time compared to silicone coverings that I've used that stretch out quickly. I liked the different color options for the metal plating and those were easy to snap on. One issue I noted with the metal plating however, is that the plastic coating over the plate is already peeling on either side after only a few weeks use, but it does not impede from the protectiveness of the case.

I have yet to drop my phone so I can't comment on the protection of the case, but it does feel very secure. Not to mention it's not as bulky as other all inclusive protection cases that I've used before. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be a fan of the thin plastic over the home button, but I've come to appreciate it's extra protection and it did not obstruct my fingerprint id to unlock my phone. I would recommend this case to just about anyone especially because I know accidents happen and people drop their phones a lot. I only hope that more color combinations are available in the future and that the plating is more resilient. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Rugged Case Except For One Thing... Review by Jerry
Devices used for this product: iPhone 5S


Clean design. I really like how the switchable cover (before I removed it and couldn’t put it back on) sit flush with the case and the lines are seamless.

It feels really nice.

I like how the case keeps the tactile feeling of the volume buttons and the lock/unlock button, although I feel the lock/unlock button is ever so slightly mushy, but it’s good enough.

While the case is large and rugged, I didn’t feel it is too heavy.

Case installation is easy.


The switchable covers are extremely difficult to install, at least for me; up to now, I still am unable to install it.

Like any plastic, I am somewhat concerned with the durability of the charging port plug covers, since I charge my phone on a daily basis and need to keep opening and closing the flap.

As of writing this, the case only comes in black, but I would like to see other colors, such as white, to match the color of the other iPhones.


The home button plastic cover isn’t very durable. When I first unlocked the screen, I have already creased the plastic, making a permanent mark on it. The crease ruins the uniform, clean look of the device.

UPDATE May 4, 2014: The plastic home button cover is full of creases and looks quite bad. I find this is a bad implementation. For those who want to maintain a clean look of the iPhone on the frontside in a rugged case, this isn’t the case.


4, a really good, rugged case while still being light, though the only major thing that irked me about the case is the plastic home cover protector. (Posted on 5/4/14)
New Favorite iPhone 5 Case Review by Goodbye Otterbox
I used this case on my iPhone 5. I was surprised with the results after
comparing with my Otterbox Defender for iPhone case.

*Size of Case*
I love my Otterbox case but noticed a few advantages with the New Trent
case. For example, I have a really old car so I still use the cassette
tape audio adapter for my iPhone 5. I could not use the adapter with my
Otterbox case because the audio plug would not fit with the case. I am
very excited that the audio plug fits the New Trent case just fine. I
listen to audiobooks 95% of the time in my car and I lost my iPod Nano so
it was a drag listening to the radio. Since time I have purchased a new
iPod but it's nice to have options.
I like to change my iPhone 5 case to fit my wardrobe. I get bored with the
same case and color so having three colors (silver, gold, and black) is
really convenient. I could use the same case and switch colors depending
on my mood or wardrobe for the day. The noticed a strong odor the first
day but after day four I have not noticed the strong smell. I had not
noticed the odor after the first day. The New Trent case is well made, a
nice quality, and thinner than my Otterbox.
It takes an "Act of Congress" to remove my Otterbox Defender case from my
iPhone 5. I have weak nails so I need a sharp object to remove the case.
I really love the New Trent case is *extremely easy* to remove and I have
not broken a nail yet.
If you are a person on the go and need to change your case fast, this is a
good fit for you. It would be well used by male or female. It's light and
has a unique style. Yes I noticed people staring at it during my office
meetings. I'm diva enough to notice and appreciate the envy of my
co-workers. I have a new favorite case and would highly recommend to my
(Posted on 5/4/14)
Sleek Case, Big Protection, Full Function! Review by Carrie
I love this case! It's thin but sturdy. It's not bulky in my pants pocket, and I'm female, so that says a lot. I cannot rave enough about the screen protector, which I had to take off the phone again just to make sure it was there. If you never saw the case off the phone, you wouldn't have known it has one. Same thing goes for the finger print scanner-home button. I use the finger print recognition and it works flawlessly with the protector on (again, if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't think it had one). There are no cons to the case. I love the covers to the jack and outlet opening, they lift up with ease. The button protectors for the top power button and volume work perfectly. I've dropped my phone numerous times with zero damage. This case does exactly what you want it to do: protects the phone, while allowing it to be operated as it was intended with no case at all. (Posted on 5/4/14)
Great case if you want that much protection Review by Joel
If someone is looking for an alternative to an Otter Box case this one would be great for them. It's very strong and durable and offers great protection every where along the case. The changeable colors on the back are also a nice touch, not needed for me personally but nice. The case for me is too bulky and hard to deal with in my pocket and just feels to big in my hand. I personally don't like cases that are that big and thick but if I were to go and break a phone or two this would definitely be a case I would consider purchasing and also looking at the price when I checked out from Amazon it is much more reasonable than for example an Otter Box. I gave it a 4 because I don't think I would personally buy it now but I do think if it is what someone is looking for it would be a great buy. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Both protective and visually appealing, has just the right amount of everything I was looking for. Review by Skyler
This case has a very sleek design and is much thinner than other cases but still gives the right amount of protection. The phone is easy to get in and out and sits nicely when in, there are no air bubbles anywhere. The screen scratch resistant and easy to clean but is still very responsive, it doesn't even feel like anything is there. It also does a fairly good job at hiding finger prints The ports are covered but are all still easily accessible, as are the buttons which are still easy to press. The camera and flash are also covered but just as the screen, you cannot even notice they are there and your photos are not hindered in the slightest. The switchable polycarbonate covers are easy to switch but are not loose enough that you would worry about them falling off when dropped.

The only con to this case is the film over the home button is very thin an flimsy, and gets creases very quickly especially if you have long nails. However it still seems to be holding up after a few days of use. Also be aware that it is just water resistant and not water proof. It doesn't rally matter if you're just trying to protect from accidental drops into a small amount of water and splashes but you can't take it in the pool with you or anything.

Overall I am very happy with this case and how it offers just the right amounts of design, protection, and functionality, it has everything I was looking for. You can't really go wrong with it, especially for the price. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Good Case Review by Jared
The iPhone case worked very well. I used it with my iPhone 5s. The case fit well and worked well with the fingerprint reader. The touch surface was fairly responsive although it was definitely not a “naked” feel. Having said that, the case provided tremendous protection for the phone, completely surrounding it and allowing for full functionality of all buttons. The case is made in such a way that I was unable to use it with my iHome radio due to the bottom of the case being too large. Compared to a comparable Otterbox commuter case my wife has, I much prefer this model and will likely replace her case with this one. Finally the case was able to fit in my pocket easily and was overall not too bulky for the protection it provides. I would rate this as a “5” for the type of case it is. (Posted on 5/3/14)
Perfect Case! Review by Ryan
When I’m looking for a new case, I have a few requirements or deal breakers that if aren't hit, I won’t want to use the case. The first one, and probably most important is protection. I want it to be able to protect the phone from a drop of a few feet by accident. The next one is style and I want the case to stand out from others and have a unique look that’s fitting with the design of the iPhone. Lastly, it needs to be thin enough and made with the right material to not get stuck in my pocket and not get stuck against my jeans when I am sliding it out.
This is the first case I've ever used to actually accomplish all of these.

From taking it out of the box, I was surprised by how small it was in it’s packaging. After I looked at it further, I realized the entire phone is sealed shut and truly is water resistant. There are flaps for the headphone and charging plug as well as a flap for the silent/sound switch on the side. Everything else is fully covered. There is a clear layer over the screen to protect it which is also on the rear camera, flash and the hole leaving the Apple logo. I wasn't expecting to be so confident in the case’s ability to protect the phone, but after using it and getting hands-on, I am really happy with how prepared this case is to protect my phone. It is completely sealed to be water resistant and I feel comfortable using this in the rain or in a wet environment.

The design is simple yet has enough to allow it to stand out. The three different colored backings allow customization in a case that I haven’t seen anywhere else. While the gold isn’t a color I see myself frequently using, it is great that the three backings ( also silver and black) come with the case and isn’t an add-on. All the buttons are easily accessible, and almost seemed easier to press while in the case. One change that I was not anticipating was the change in how the home button clicks. With the case on it, you can’t feel the click that it would make without anything on it. One of the best parts of this case is the thinness. It is MUCH thinner than the Otterbox that I bought and offers more protection with the built in screen protector and flaps to seal it from water.

I strongly recommend this case. It’s great for everyday use and protects from drops, spills or contact with water. It is affordably priced and when compared to other cases with the same protection level, it really offers a great value. I’m happy to have finally found the perfect case for my iPhone!
(Posted on 5/3/14)
Outstanding Case Review by Corey
I am very impressed with this item. It arrived in very high class packaging. I found the case to be a bit difficult at first to get on my phone. After I finally did so, however, I found the case to be very impressive. I was never a fan of these rugged cases until I started using this one. The reason being is that I found them too heavy and bulky. At first, I thought I would use this case for a short period of time due to my preconceived notion of the bulkiness of these type of cases. To the contrary, however, I have continued to use this case. Its not overly bulky or any more heavy than my non rugged case. The screen protector is very impressive too. I've lost no touch control of the screen and it has the same reaction time as it did without the case. All ports, charging, on/off switch, volume control are also very easily accessible. Overall, I really like this case and will continue to use it.. (Posted on 5/2/14)
great case, very durable Review by Lindsay
1. Out of the box - very easy to put on the phone
2. I've compared this case right up against the otter box and this case is
much thinner and more appealing. And provides a lot of the same protection.
3. I work in a warehouse and I'm never afraid that my phone is going to get
damaged if I drop it on the floor.
4. The interchangeable back plates are a nice touch, they give the case a
nice finished feel on the back.

I'd had this case on my phone for at least a month now, and I couldn't be happier with it. I recommend this case to anyone who asks to see what type of case it is - and they are shocked to find out that it is not an otter box! (Posted on 5/2/14)
Best case on the market that provides water & dust resistance, shockproof and for less $$ than competitors Review by Bill
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s is an extremely well made product. It's amazing how New Trent keeps punching out top of the line products. Some companies make something just to sell it but New Trent makes theirs to perform flawlessly. I have yet to have anything from New Trent which does not live up to my high expectations.

I've had a couple days to test out the NT630CR-B and these are my thoughts. I especially like the feel of the case in your hand. A smooth grip but not so much that it's hard to get out of pockets. It does feel rugged with not a millimeter of movement anywhere in the case when gripping it in your hand. It's thinner than the Otterbox Commuter and Defender cases and just slightly thicker than the NuGuard KX case. The NT is made exactly the opposite of the Otterbox cases so maybe this is why it is rigid and movement is non-existent. The NuGuard is a one piece only construction which fits very nicely on your phone limiting movement. The NT has a hard inner case with the built in screen protector which snaps onto your iPhone. Then this portion is inserted into a TPU outer case which with a clear screen protected opening showing the Apple logo. All openings for power, earphones, volume etc. have flaps which wrap or insert themselves into the opening to prevent dust or moisture from getting into the phone. The same type of material that covers the phone screen also is used to cover both front and back camera's. Even the home button is covered in some type of plastic polymer that gives some flex allowing you to still use the fingerprint reader functions. There is even some type of covering on the inside of the hard case used to prevent the elements from entering thru the receiver/front microphone opening area. The end result is a dust and water resistant case that can be used when outside in the elements. When I go to water parks I usually keep my phone on me and bring along several zip lock baggies to try and prevent water damage. I would feel confident using this case alone if I forgot my baggies with the only exception of when being submerged in the pool areas as the case is water resistant not waterproof.

The integrated screen cover has not developed any bubbles between it and the phone screen after several days. The screen is taut with absolutely no gap allowing it to move between the phone face. I have seen the rainbow effect only once while at the library under fluorescent lights but only while the phone was locked. No rainbow effect is seen during use so who cares if you see it while in lock mode. The screen is so clear you forget it's built into the case. I also feel that my fingers slide more fluidly using the built in screen vs. just the iPhone glass. There is no lag in responsiveness vs. using without the case. The home button also has some type of covering but I don't believe it is the same material as the phone screen & camera openings. The home button covering has some flex built into it allowing it to depress into the concave shape needed to still use the fingerprint reader in the Home button. You do get a slight wrinkle in it after first use that does not go away but in no way is this a deal breaker. This is the price you must pay to have a water & dust resistant case. I did take my phone out the case after some use and examine this covering from the inside to see if I was supposed to remove it before use but ultimately decided it is part of the case enabling the water & dust resistant protetion qualities. The only instructions for using the case are on the outside of the product box and there is no mention to leave the home button covering in place so I'm glad I didn't take it off by accident. I also have no problems swiping up, down or sideways with the case installed.

There are flaps covering the headset jack, lightning connector/charging port and ring/silent switch which all have a functional built in piece of TPU on the inside of the flaps to designed to cover each separate area in totality and prevent any moisture or dust from entering the phone. The headset jack flap has a circular stub with what I call a convex shape & cross on the end to prevent it from being stuck in the phone when you do want to open it. The lightning connector flap has rectangular stub which inserts into the phone when closed and the ring/silent switch had a rectangular box with enough space in the box to cover this switch in either ring or silent mode. The Otterbox commuter and defender cases use simply external flaps and provide no additional internal protection. The volume and sleep/wake button coverings are unbelievably responsive, fluid and accurate requiring very little pressure to engage them. I had previously purchased a NuGuard KX Kinetic Energy X-Orbing case and if I hit volume up it may go down instead and vice versa for the volume down. I have to use a fingernail only to try and get it right and exert extreme pressure as well. And the sleep/wake button requires once again extreme force to get it to activate. It's completely the opposite using the New Trent case for these function buttons.

The area covering for the microphone & speaker is comprised of two rows of extremely small holes with 6 total for the microphone and 16 total for the speaker which does not appear to impede function. In fact my speaker seemed to have a louder volume perhaps because it is slightly "boxed" like a real speaker would be. The receiver/front microphone at the top is open but has some type of internal covering to prevent dust and moisture. These two areas in my opinion represents the only part of this case which may allow dust or liquid to enter but cannot be avoided with compromising the functionality of the phone.

The case which is designed to be shock resistant. I can honestly say I have already dropped my phone at the library onto that thin ultra wear type carpet and not even a scratch on the case exterior and of course no damage to the phone. And for you fashion nuts is the interchangeable poly-carbonate black, gold and silver back plate covering about 70% of rear middle of case. It takes a little bit of effort from your fingernail on one side to remove the back so women may want to try something else for fear of breaking a nail. I applied my fingernail to the top part of the back to facilitate removal. To reapply you insert one side of the back under the lip and snap it onto the TPU portion. If you want to remove your phone from the case entirely say to dock your phone it does require a little bit of effort using a fingernail again. I had best results by first removing the back plate, opening the two bottom flaps and then inserting my fingernail on to the center right portion of the TPU and working in a counter clockwise direction. To remove the hard case best results were by inserting two fingernails about an inch or so apart on the volume button side and reverse snap off. To put back into the hard case I use the volume button side 1st and then snap into the other side. It's very easy to insert the hard case into the TPU case and go around the exterior of the case to get the TPU into the channel designed to hold it in place. After only a couple times I am able to remove the case and put back together in a few minutes. I'm sure I could do it under a minute if I practice more often. After several days of use I do not see any surface scratches one either the TPU or
poly-carbonate back plate.

Overall it's hard to believe the functionality of the New Trent case costing only $29.95 on Amazon especially comparing it to other cases in the same category. The LifeProof fre waterproof $80 retail, Otterbox Commuter $40 to $50, Otterbox Defender with screen protector $50 to $60, Otterbox Armor waterproof $100 and the NuGuard KX with no screen protector $25 to $39. I would only need to use a waterproof case about 0.1% of the time so it's the New Trent I'll use every day.

This case merits a 10 star rating but since 5 is the highest possible I'll give it 5 stars.

Try the New Trent, you'll like it! (Posted on 5/2/14)
Great Protection at a Fraction of the Price Review by Kirk
This is a very good case, I feel that its very comparable to the otter box cases just as durable but much lighter. Some of the nice features, smooth on the outside of the case to easily slip in and out of the pocket, the screen protector is more sturdy. So far the outside protection hasnt rubbed off or come off like the otter box seems to do after a week and has no scratches even though its been dropped a few times. My favorite feature is the interchangeable plates on the back and the different color options and how easy it is to change around. Overall a excellent case and highly recommended. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Nice Case Review by Moses
Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5.

I like the fact that the case feels very rugged and secure. I felt like my phone was protected and the case is made of a really nice sturdy quality. It felt a little bulky but not enough to really worry about. It fit nicely in my pocket.

I like the three backings that came with it. It allows you to dress up the phone so to speak. I like to think that I'm on the stylish side, so that was a pretty cool bonus to this case. I think that if you are on your phone constantly, this would be a great case because you have a little style and you have some protection. If you don't use your phone for everything, then there may be other cases that are slightly more stylish.

While I like that the phone feels protected, I'm not a huge fan of the plastic screen. It's creating a bubble effect and has that look of me trying to put on a screen protector myself. It cheapens the look of the phone. Having said that, the screen is extremely responsive to touch, so that's an extra bonus.

One of my biggest problems doesn't necessarily concern the case, more so my bedside alarm clock. I have an older iHome alarm clock with the docking station for the iPhone. Because of the bulkiness of the case, I have to remove it in order to put my phone on the alarm clock charger and I wake up to a playlist on my iPhone. I don't think that I want to have to struggle with taking off and putting on the case every day. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Nice Case! Review by Bob
If you have been looking for a nice rugged case for your
iPhone, then this is the case that you are looking for. The case fits
perfectly to the iPhone. The ports all line up perfectly. The case is
relatively thin for a rugged style case. The case has a hard plastic
shell and a rubber outside that makes the case easier to hold and will
offer good protection. The rubber covering is nice and seems to hide
fingerprints well.It also has a nice feel to it that is not sticky like
some cases.It provides a nice grip but still allows for easy removal
from your pocket. The case also has a built in screen protector. The
screen protector is clear and doesn’t seem to detract from the
screen.The case also has three different colored backers that can easily
be changed. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Solid Choice for Solid Protection Review by Devin
This iPhone case is lightweight, thin, and easy to use. My iPhone 5 fit perfectly and was nice and snug in the case. The case keeps the iPhone thin in comparison to some of the other full protective cases. It’s still not as thin as some of the other cases, but given that this is a full coverage case that protects from water, scratches, and shock from falls, it’s definitely tolerable. In fact, it’s still thinner (and lighter) than my old GS3 with the extended battery. I can’t comment on how waterproof this case really is as I tend to avoid dropping it in puddles/lakes/oceans/toilets/etc. I can say it’s definitely good enough to not have to worry about the phone getting wet in the rain though.

What I like about the case: 3 different color back plate options to choose from, light, thin compared to other cases of this style, rubberized parts don’t stick in my pockets or pick up lint, and the full coverage protection. Screen lock and volume buttons work great. Plenty of room for pretty much any headphone cable.

What I don’t like about the case: First: The screen cover. It’s an oil magnet. I guess I was spoiled by the oleophobic screen protector I had previously. Although I understand why it has to be this way, I didn’t like how it took away the tactile feel of the home button. It felt like I was pressing it harder and I wasn’t ever able to feel/hear a solid click. With that said, it doesn’t really affect how it works though. Also, when the screen is in daylight or florescent light, there is a noticeable dot pattern which is VERY distracting. It is not noticeable indoors though. Second: again, this is by design, but it’s difficult to easily get to the silent switch, headphone jack, and lightning adapter.

Overall, I would say this is a good case that offers solid protection from the elements. For me, though, I won’t use it as my main case as it doesn’t allow for easy access to the silent switch and lightning adapter. I do a lot of biking and hiking, so I will definitely use it during those times as I like the protection is offers and it is easy to put on the phone. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Decent case, with some room for improvement Review by Brian
As someone who has never had an easy time finding the perfect case for my iPhone, I thought I’d give the New Trent Trentium case a try. I was intrigued by the rugged protection factors built into a case that didn’t make my phone the size of a masonry brick.
I also like the switchable covers… I’m not usually one for blinging up my phone, but the interchangeable covers allow me to change the look and not have to settle for basic black.
Packaging was straightforward. It’s a basic cardboard box with pictures of the product and graphics illustrating the features. Product was in a plastic tray with the black cover attached and the gold mist and silver gray covers in a separate pack. I was confused on how to install the case at first… I’m a guy and reading directions is a foreign concept. Once I referred to the easy directions on the back, no problem. Phone looks neat and tidy, all the jacks have protective covers and the case includes a clear screen protector. As a rule, I’m usually rather meh on screen protectors, as I see them taking away from the sharpness and saturation of the Retina display. This one hasn’t been too bad.
My major disappointment is with the durability of the decorative backs. After four days of regular use and being put in and out of various pockets, the silver back panel is showing some wear and tear. It doesn’t impact the protection, but it looks pretty bad. I’m hopeful that the black back will be less prone to damage.
Some of the highlights for me include the covers to the jacks and switches. They fit very snugly and do not seem to be at risk for being torn off with frequent usage. I especially like the cover over the iPhone 5 ringer switch. That’s an area that is often overlooked and it is very easy to get dirt in that area. The downside is that the headphone jack cover makes it difficult to readily use my ArmPocket when I’m working out.
The drop protection seems adequate. I did manage to accidentally drop my phone down a flight of bare wood steps and it suffered no ill effects. I did not test the water resistance, well, because I am paranoid about any moisture damage to my phone.
In summation, I’d give the case a solid 4 out of 5. It’s not perfect, but it offers a good degree of all around protection, decent style and does it at a fraction of the size and cost of the Otterbox. It's a solid 4-4.5 star product
(Posted on 5/2/14)
awesome case Review by Garrett
this review is for the New Trent trentium ultra thin rugged iPhone 5 / 5 s. In my opinion this is a fantastic case for my iPhone 5s! It was shipped and delivered in a very timely manner.  It arrived in perfect condition.  It fits my phone perfectly. it's not too tight so I can get my phone in and out of it easily nor is it loose so my phone doesn't move or slide around in the case. I also absolutely love the fact that I can use the fingerprint scanner with the case on.  It is also verylightweight and that is a big plus. The 3 interchangeable covers are a nice touch.  I can change them whenever I please. This case is water resistant. That is a must for me when choosing a phone case.  But it is also dust proof and shock resistant. I think this case would be perfect for anyone who cares about their iPhone. That's why on a scale from 1-5 I would give this this case a perfect 5! (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great Case - Otterbox user converted, Review by Garrick
Overall I would say that this product is very very good, 4.5 out of 5. I was very impressed when I received it by the lightweight, but durable nature of the product. One of the things I liked the most was how closely the iPhone 5 fit into the case. There is not much room for air and because of that I noticed no air bubbles under the screen, a problem I have with my current Otterbox case. Having been an Otterbox user for the past 4 years I will admit I see this case as a very good competitor and honestly would prefer it over the Otterbox. It is very sleek and fits in your front pants pocket well without any bit of uncomfort or sagging because of weight. Along this accord, I work in the financial services industry and ofter wear suits, this case fits very nicely into an inner suit coat pocket without giving clients the appearance of something extremely heavy in your pocket pulling on the jacket. I would say that you would have a very good market with financial services professionals, attorneys, CPAs, Doctors, and other professionals because of this particular feature. We all strive to keep a professional look without becoming disconnected with the office and his case I feel provides a great amount of protection with little weight. Add to that the professional look of the case and you have a major hit. I also liked that the phone ports were so well protected from dust, link, water, etc. The case appears very durable with the hard close plastic to the phone and the softer exterior. I didn't drop the phone, so I can't attest to how well it protects the phone if an impact occurs, but my guess is it would do well. Additionally, I really found that the screen protector was excellent. It appears to be very touch sensitive, more so than the Otterbox, to the sense that each action semed to pickup substantially better than what I was used to with other cases. With that, I also didn't notice significant oil buildup on the screen after heavy use, again something that is different from what I have been dealing with on the Otterbox. (Posted on 5/1/14)
As good as a case can be, because none are perfect. Review by Andrew
This phone is a 4 because 5 is perfection, which is hard for a case to be, but 4 because it's about as close as you can get. It's a great all around tough case, and aesthetically it is slimming and blends in well.

Very easy to install, especially compared to other "full protective cases"
Sound quality remains high - most full protective cases disrupt the sound quality or muffle the microphones. Haven't experienced that yet with this case.
Button Quality - a lot of cases cause the side button or top button to feel jammed or sticky, not with this case.
Fingerprint Scanner Quality - the fingerprint scanner still works seamlessly with the case on it, which is a great thing! Other wise it'd be a huge annoyance.

Access to the mute button - the only button that is hard to access is the mute button. This appears to be an issue for me on all large cases, so it's not a make or break, but just a usual inconvenience that comes with the territory.
Screen smudge - the screen protector built in isn't quite like normal screen protectors and it gets a little greasy over time, but it still functions perfectly fine. Just a preference.

It is a good case, and worth the investment. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Protects the phone and the screen Review by Marc
I got one for me and one for my wife for our new iPhone 5s. They are terrific. They give us a sense of security about our phones. We're not worried about dropping them as we might be with other cases. I especially liked the fact that the top piece includes a plastic screen that covers the face of the phone. Yet you'd never know it's there. It's very sensitive to the touch. New Trent should do a better job promoting this plastic screen. It saved me the money of having to buy a Zagg screen. Thus one won't peel away like Zagg's sometimes do. Go New Trent? Negatives. None that I can see.
(Posted on 5/1/14)
Great Case! Review by Anna
iPhone caseThe New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s is wonderful. This case is extremely sturdy. I've dropped it on multiple occasions and my iPhone comes out just fine every time. The screen protector is built into the case which provides extra coverage and a waterproof seal. Unlike other full protection cases, this case doesn't cause muffled voices on either end of the call. It's stylish, lightweight, and versatile what more can you ask for! I give this product a five. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Very rugged phone case Review by Dave
I've used this case on my iPhone5S, and it was a great fit! I have typically been unimpressed with the other cases that intend to be water resistant and otherwise super durable. They tend to be very bulky and larger than I want to have in my pocket. The NT630CR is much thinner than the other cases I've seen, but appears to be just as durable. It is a pretty creative design to keep water and dust off the phone. There are certainly some areas that are still exposed, since the mic, speaker, camera, etc need to still be accessible. You won't want to submerge your phone in water, but it would seem to be plenty protected from most use cases. If you are someone who tends to drop your phone or seems to get it scratched up a lot, you should consider using this case! (Posted on 5/1/14)
Very Nice Rugged iPhone Case Review by Wil
My first thoughts about the case was that even though it is the "ultra-thin" case it made the phone larger. That being said, the case didn't really affect my use of the phone. Initially, I thought I wouldn't like that the case had a screen cover built in but as it turns out that didn't bother me at all once I started using the phone. I was also nervous about how the covers over the power and headphone jacks would interfere with plugging in headphones or the power cord. I was very pleased to find that the covers fold out of the way quite easily and don't get stuck in the plug holes. The three different back plates are also a very nice touch.
There are also a few things that I don't particularly like about the phone case. The first thing is the way the "silence" switch is covered (see the attached picture.) I find that it is very cumbersome to get to the switch and it is impossible to flip the switch with only one hand. Instead of having the flap over the switch I would just leave that switch exposed for ease of access. The second issue I have with the phone case is more of a concern at this point. I can already start to see some wear on the screen cover especially around the front button. I think that this might be the wear item that eventually would cause me to need to replace the case. The last thing is that the case seems to tend to gather dust in the various creases and recesses.
Overall, I actually like the case much more then I expected to. It would not be the type of case I would buy just because it makes the phone much larger in my pocket. For a rugged phone case I think the design is quite elegant and I feel like it would really protect the phone. I give the iPhone Case a 4.5 out of 5 (since I'm not allowed to give half points i'll give it a 5 out of 5). (Posted on 4/30/14)
Bulletproof case Review by Bryan
Over all, this case really suits it's name; Trentium.
The case is a solid all in one protection for any new iPhone user and provides a great price to protection ratio.
It's nice that is gives you the option to change the covers for the back of the case, but like everything with multiple moving parts; the more parts, the easier it breaks. I've been heavily using the case because I hike around Santa Cruz and have dropped the case multiple times. I actually lost just one of the cover, but luckily, I had 2 more replacements. In comparison to the Otterbox Defender, this case is thinner and more slim. In conclusion, I would give this case a solid 4.5/5.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Really Good Case Review by Sandra
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Case for IPhone 5:
I started using this case as soon as I received it. I was a great admirer of the Otter-Box Defender case. This New Trent Trentium case not only does everything the Otter-Box Defender case does, but it's dust proof and water resistant too! What I like really like about this case is that it does not add additional 'bulk' to the IPhone. Unlike the Otter-box (which is also a great case), that case adds additional bulkiness to your phone. The Trentium Ultra-thin case is exactly like it states: Ultra-thin. It easily fits into my pocket. I also like the 3 back switchable covers (gold, silver, and black). So, unlike the Otter-box which comes in multiple colors, the Ultra-thin case only comes in black, but you can change the back covers to switch up your phone colors. Also, the black rubber case that fits around the phone is fantastic. Very durable and very tight (which helps with the water resistant claim). I've had to purchase multiple rubber cases from Otter box because they wear out with time. The rubber case on this Ultra-thin Case is very high quality and fits the phone
to the exact specifications.

Just one 'con': The plastic cover of the case around the "home" button of the phone is showing some usage wear. It's
not bad, but the fingerprint recognition sensor with the 5s can still be read. Just one other suggestion: I love the 3 back cover changes, but
eventually, maybe the black plastic can be made into color ones as well.

In summary. The case does what it claims to do. It's ultra-thin, rugged, elegant and stylish, durable material, water-resistant, dust-proof, and shock-resistant. It's a full-body protection case. No installation needed. Just put your phone in the case and drop it in the rubber backing. It seals the phone in the case.Charging with the case on is no problem. Headphone jacks and other ports can easily be obtained.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Sleek and functional Review by Timothy
If you've ever dropped your iPhone, you will appreciate the New Trent Trentium iPhone case. I've tried the simple rubberized covers, but you also need a screen protector with these and they are not water resistant. Other case that are water resistant are bulky and defeat the purpose of having a sleek and small device. The Trentium case provides built in screen protection and protection from moisture, without all the bulkiness. The custom back panels allow you to change the look of the phone with black, silver and gold accents. Product ranking 5 out of 5. (Posted on 4/30/14)
My absolute favorite phone case to date! Review by Michael
I have given very few 5-star ratings in my life on anything! I absolutely love this phone case. The design is great, most of the cons I've read on here are user error and or not an actual issue with the case at all. The case is simple yet very we'll designed and very sleek. The fitment is perfect, not a single issue with installing the phone and/or removing it. The phone is fully functional and all ports, buttons, and also the speakers/microphone work great and as intended. The fingerprint scanner works just the same as with no case! I like the grip feel to the case and it feels really solid and protective. I have honestly not found a single flaw, which is killing my OCD. I can always find something I don't like! All in all, the only thing left to check is durability and day to day use, so far it's perfect! (Posted on 4/30/14)
Best iPhone 5S case I've come across! Review by Michael
I've had a lot of phones through the years and have tried many cases. I've tried various big name brands and generic no-name brands and have had a wide variety of results. I must honestly say this is my favorite case to date! Very we'll designed, light yet strong, thin enough not to add too much weight and bulk, yet leaves the phone fully functional. No problems accessing ports, buttons, and the sound & microphone seem practically unaffected! I am 100% satisfied. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great Case! Review by Saruthay
Overall this is a really good case. It offers good protection and doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to the phone. The volume and lock/power buttons give good tactile feedback. The charging and headphone jacks are easily accessed. The silencing switch is a little tough to get to, you need a little bit of a longer fingernail to flip it. The case doesn’t affect sound quality, calls are clear and my voice comes across well. And it doesn’t muffle ringing or other tones as some other cases can. The screen looks great, there is a bit of a waviness introduced by the screen cover but in normal use you really don’t see it, and it is still very responsive. My biggest concern is the film over the home button. It seems a little flimsy and when I got it there was a wrinkle at the top and doesn’t seem to be attached flat. After a few days there are already a couple more small wrinkles in it. As far as it being water resistant, I think it works well for being able to use the phone while it’s raining out, or protecting it from splashes near the sink, or maybe a quick drop in a puddle for instance. But I don’t think I would rely on it too much for water protection. I did an unscientific test where I put a napkin in it instead of my phone and ran it under a faucet some. The napkin was damp inside. Now with the phone in the case some of the little spaces where water may have gotten in would probably be blocked, but I’m certainly not going to risk it by taking this underwater. Once again overall it’s a really good case, it’s become my go to day to day case. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Good protection on a budget Review by nobius
I got the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) as an alternative to an Otterbox Defender case that I have for my iPhone 5. I like the Otterbox, but sometimes it's a little too big. The Trentium is not as obtrusive, and has now become my everyday case for my iPhone 5.

The Trentium comes in two pieces. Put the iPhone face first into the the front piece of the Trentium, which has a built-in screen protector, then snap that into the rubber protective piece. The rubber protection doesn't protrude much from the front of the iPhone, so it's very easy to slide the iPhone in and out of a front pocket. The case allows easy access to all the important iPhone functions like camera (both sides), flash, etc. There are + and - symbols on the rubber part covering the iPhone's volume controls, which is a nice touch. There are rubber lids on the mute switch, headphone jack, and Lightning port that you fold back when needing to access those functions.

One thing that's unique about the Trentium is that it comes with removable back panels for the back of the case. These thin panels are in different colors, so if you missed out on the gold iPhone, your case can still look like you have one. I use the gold panel to make it easier to find my phone when I set it face down.

I also like that the home button is covered with the same clear screen that is used for screen protection, so if you have a white iPhone like I do, the home button stands out and is easier to find in dimly lit situations.

The only "negative", and I use negative in quotes because it really isn't an issue, is that when wearing polarized sunglasses you can see little dots on the Trentium's screen when outside. The iPhone is still fully useable, as the dots are very small.

If you want decent protection for your iPhone but don't want a humongous case, the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) is a great way to do it. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Overall great product Review by Raniero
I have been using this case for a few days now with my iPhone 5s and I think it's great. Other rugged cases I have used are generally thick and uncomfortable to use. This case is sleeker and gives you enough grip around the phone to use it as you normally would. The finger print scanner works perfectly with this case as well.

The interchangeable back panels are good to have, allows me to keep the same color scheme that my phone has underneath the case. Not a huge fan of the apple logo being exposed, but it doesn't compromise the overall security of the case.

I have not had any serious accidents with my phone yet but I feel safe keeping it in this case and being waterproof makes taking my phone out in the rain no problem at all. I would recommend this to anyone who works outside or has an active lifestyle.

I couldn't find anything wrong with this case so if you like the design then it's worth owning. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Heavy duty case! Review by brian
Ideally, I wish my iPhone could go case-less, as Apple intended, but unfortunately iPhones are quite fragile as well, so more often than not, a case is necessary. I wanted a case specifically to go to the beach with. I am always quite paranoid when it comes to my phone around the beach because that pesky sand gets everywhere.

The case itself is definitely inspired by an Otterbox design. I never found myself a fan of Otterbox cases, but I wanted a heavy duty and New Trent has such a great reputation, I decided to give this case a chance. Not to mention, this case is much cheaper than an Otterbox equivalent. The case itself is built well and more than protects my phone from everyday use.

It comes with these extra changeable covers, which is a nice touch. It comes in black, gold and silver so you can change at will depending on your mood. While definitely not a deal breaker, it is a nice touch.

Just a warning, this case is not waterproof, just water resistant. It repels water that splashes on the case, but will not survive if submerged and just a warning for those that spend a lot of time around water. Also, I have an InvisibleShield installed on my phone and since this case has a built-in, scratch resistant screen protector, the two do not work well in tandem. Because there is no space, it creates these annoying bubbles. There is also a thin film over the home button, which still allows for the use of the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S.

If you’re in the market for a heavy duty case, you cant go wrong with this inexpensive, heavy duty case. I will definitely keep it in my bag for those outdoor days. (Posted on 4/30/14)
So long Otterbox! Review by Amy
I had the Otterbox which everyone said was a must have for a mom with
little kids. My kids dropped the phone and the case cracked within a few
months. I tried this new case and LOVE it! The kids have accidentally
dropped it and it is still like new. It makes me think that this really is
baby and toddler proof! That is a hard claim to make, but this product has
made that possible. The scratch resistant screen protector makes the
screen clear. The phone outlets are very well protected and it makes me
feel better than nothing can get into the ports (i.e. food or liquid).
This case is a must have for anyone who needs extra protection for their
iPhone 5s. As a mother of three young children who play with my phone
often this gives me hope that my phone will last a little longer! (Posted on 4/30/14)
Great case! Review by kassie
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt & Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s /5 Case

Even though this wasn't ordered through Prime, I still received the order within 2 days, a wonderful surprise.

As I opened the package, the fist impression of the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5 case was "very nice"! The case was a lot thinner than I had expected, but not flimsy, it wasn't bulky like my other protective cases. There are 2 additional cover plates for the Trentium phone case, so you can have it all black or switch it to gold or silver, very stylish.

This case was easy to install, doesn't add much weight to the iPhone; the built in screen protector didn't interfere with screen usage by fingertips or stylus pen, very easy to clean. I have not test it to see if it's water resistant yet, so can't speak to that. All the buttons are accessible, had no issues using any.

One thing though, the charge port works very well with the Apple charging cable, but the opening on the case is not wide enough for the 10 ft jumbo defender lightning charge cable I've been using, it's a tad thicker and just won't fit.

Just an FYI... This case also fits iPod 5. My nephew saw this case on the counter and tried it on his iPod, loved it, now he wants one too!

I will definitely give the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt & Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s /5 Case 5 stars!
(Posted on 4/30/14)
This is the best iPhone case I've owned Review by Cris
The iPhone 5 was the first phone I had ever pre-ordered and received in the
mail on the day of release. Two days later, I dropped my phone on a rock
and shattered the screen. Since that day, I've been a firm believer in
phone cases, and have hunted for the perfect case.

For a long while, I used an Otterbox Defender. Despite the several times I
dropped my phone on the pavement without a scratch, I couldn't get past the
heft added by the case, and the protective screen covering often made
touching and dragging difficult. After trying many cases, I moved to an
Incipio Duo Pro case. I liked the lightweight construction of the case,
but I didn't like the lack of a screen protector and the unprotected ports.
Once again, I hunted for the perfect case, and found the New Trent
Trentium case.

The New Trent case uses a familiar dual construction, consisting of a hard
case and a soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cover sleeve. The hard
case has a screen protector built into the case. Assembly is easy - slip
the phone into the hard inner case, then wrap the outer TPU sleeve around
the case and you're done. The TPU outer sleeve fits tight against the hard
inner case, and provides small plugs to protect the phone from water. The
lightning port, headphone jack and mute toggle are all protected by small
plugs that are attached to the case. The plugs are snug enough to require
holding one away from the phone with one hand while attaching the cable
with the other hand - slightly annoying, but well worth the benefit of
being water resistant. Volume control and power buttons all work well
using the case's raised buttons.

The screen protector is the best I've used. I have no problems using the
swipe-from-bottom and swipe-from-top features, two things that are often
difficult with cases like this. Even better, I have no issues dragging an
icon from one page to another, an impossible task with all the cases I've
owned before. The home button is covered by the same material as the
screen protector - I own an iPhone 5, so I can only assume the thumbprint
scanning is as pleasant an experience as tapping and swiping the screen
itself. I did notice for the first couple of days after assembling the
case, I couldn't feel the home button "click" when I pushed it; however,
after a couple of days, this went away.

The case also comes with a changeable plate on the back of the case. Out
of the box, the entire case is all black. The two additional plates seem
to match the "space gray" and "gold" colors for the iPhone 5s. I removed
the black plate easily, prying it away from the case. Snapping the gray
plate into place was a little harder, as it doesn't exactly snap into
place. I figured out sliding my thumbs from one side to the other across
the bottom of the plate, then the top of the plate helps snap it in place.

I can't stand a case that is so grippy it snags on the inside of my pants
pocket. This New Trent case is perfect - it's grippy enough that the phone
doesn't slip out of my hands easily, but not grippy enough to snag on my
pocket. Cutouts perfectly align with the Apple logo, cameras, flashes, etc.

The case claims to be water resistant, not water proof. I'm not about to
intentionally test this claim with a phone in the case. I did put a piece
of paper in the case and splash it with water - no water on the paper. I
imagine this case would be safe in the rain or splashed with an accidental
spill, but I wouldn't count on it saving the phone if it's dropped in a

I love this case. It doesn't add much weight or thickness to the phone,
and the screen feels just like naked glass. Case construction strikes a
perfect balance between grippy and smooth. I've already dropped the phone
several times, and see zero scratches on the phone or case. The New Trent
Trentium case is by far the best case I've ever used, and I honestly don't
know how it could get any better. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Well-Built Case Review by Dennis
This case is beautifully constructed yet extremely durable. It fits snugly around my iPhone 5 but is not difficult to put on or to remove. I initially thought that it would be as bulky as other water-resistant cases like the Otterbox but I was pleasantly surprised. It's amazing how this thin and light case offers a very reliable protection. I am a very busy doctor and many times I have had to put my phone down on uneven or moist surfaces due to emergencies. The New Trent case was able to provide the needed protection for my phone. Many times I have needed to quickly stash my phone into my overflowing pockets with keys, penlights, pens, and other stuff that can scratch my phone, this case was able to protect my phone again. Because of this case I can go about my busy lifestyle without having to worry about damaging my phone. It has helped remove another stress from my daily activities.

The buttons all respond extremely well even with this case. The built in screen protector also does not in any way limit the touchscreen sensitivity of my iPhone. The sounds are also not affected. Overall it offers very good protection and usability with the New Trent Trentium Case. This is ideal for iPhone owners who have busy lifestyles in a variety of environments like office, hospital, in the field, or those who have travel to and from these locations.

This is an excellent product and great value for money.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Great rugged case Review by Justin
Really like this case. I feels just like an Otterbox with all of it's protection, breaks down and assembles very quickly.

Water resistant, dirt and shockproof since the iPhone is contained within a silicone case, inside of a harder outer case.

It DOES add bulk, however it's not as bulky as a normal Otterbox or equivalent.
Easy to slide in and out of jeans quickly.

However, I do have a ZAGG Invisible Shield (which is very sticky and thick, not the typical protector) on my particular iPhone, and the outer plastic screen that lays over the iPhone for frontal screen protection presses up against my InvisibleShield, causing a grid-like pattern. It's VERY noticeable and SUPER annoying when the phone is off. However, if the display brightness is anywhere above half, then the grid pattern is not noticeable during operation.

However, the plastic overlay is one of the few cons.

In addition, if you have anything but thin barrel headphone jacks (such as 90degree angle jacks), it will not work since the barrel to the headphone jack is very narrow. The stock EarPods will fit perfectly. This is a slight design flaw since it doesn't allow third party headphones, but it's a trade off.

Backplates are literal pieces of plastic that you can swap out. Kind of cool, but very gimmicky as you'll likely just use one plate and call it a day..

Overall: I'd give it a solid 4 since not everybody will have the screen protector issue.

-Very rugged design, I feel safe dropping my phone (not that I want to)
-Durable, reliable
-Quick to get out of my jeans pocket [tight], not too sticky
-Dirt/Shock/Water Resistant
-Backplates are exchangeable

-Plastic overlay protective screen plastic is a little too close to the case, would like it if it didn't PRESS onto my iPhone shield.
-Headphone barrel connection is a bit difficult (Posted on 4/30/14)
good strong case, even better color options Review by Paul
At first I was afraid that the case may be too bulky for my liking, however I knew I needed something rugged while working in a woodshop so I decided to use it and it works perfectly. Shock absorption works very well and it also kept all the dust particles from coming in contact with the phone and the ports. My only concern is the plastic film that sits on the home button. It feels a bit flimsy and has some signs of wear (fold/crease areas). It is also a bummer that my headphone jack doesn't fit in the open area. The headphones issue isn't a deal breaker at all as I assume that the stock iPhone earbuds should plug in just fine. Overall, very great product although I wish I was able to dock or use my ear phones with out taking the case off.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
good case to keep Review by chaowei
The case is the full protection for the phone. I use it on iphone5, and it fits very well. The case wraps every open port on the phone with no noticeable effect on the phone's responsiveness. The rugged case body feels comfortable and firm in hand though it may appear a bit bulky like all other rugged ones. (Posted on 4/30/14)
New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case all I needed and more Review by Jordan
I used the case on my 64gb iPhone 5s. I was thoroughly surprised at the craftsmanship of the case. I have always been one to use otterbox and lifeproof cases for my phones because I'm in law enforcement and need the most rugged cases available. I must say, I'm keeping this case and ditching the others. Although it is a little thick to put in my uniform pocket (my uniform pants are tight compared to jeans) so I keep it in a pouch on my vest. So far I've worked with it in the snow and the rain, and it has been dropped a handful of times. The case protected the phone 100%. I would say this case is meant for all consumers, not only those in professions that require rugged cases. It is thin enough for office personnel to use, yet protect their expensive phone. And it is also rugged enough for the most demanding consumer. I would rate this case a 4.5 out of 5. Only because it is not completely waterproof, but then again it does not claim to be. This is the case thats staying on my phone. Fits my needs, and its more than half the price of the competition. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Preferred over lifeproof and otterbox Review by Alayna
This has been my favorite phone case! It allows me to access my drop down and pull up quick screens. No issues so far! Love the protection it gives me and the interchangeable back to match the phone. It won't stick in your pocket and is super slim and not bulky! I have purchased 2 of these. 1 for me and 1 for my husband. He loves it as well. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Nice phone case Review by R
This is an excellent case that feels solid and well made. I like how this is more stylish and less bulkier than an otterbox. It has a water resistant film on the front and back so it fully encloses my iphone 5s. All the ports and buttons of the iphone are covered making the entire phone water and dust resistant. I feel safe knowing it's protected from drops and spills. I like how you can chose among the grey, black, or gold back plates. Other companies only give you one color plate. It is very easy to install the case.
Now I have no fear when the kids play with my phone. The kids and I now have a better grip on the phone. The kids usually drop the phone at restaurants or on the sidewalk or it gets wet from spills on restaurant tables.
This is a great stylish product and I would get again. (Posted on 4/29/14)
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case Review by Tommy
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case
The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5s Case looks great, feels great and is not bulky at all, not like the otterbox Case which make the phone very bulky and heavy. I have drop my phone a lot and most of the time the case will bounce off or break, with this case it didn’t even have a scratch on . This case also have 3 layer and also come with 3 different color of polycarbonate interchangeable cover.
- Sleek design
-high quality case and great price
-fit nicely in your pocket, not like the Otterbox case that is very bulky
-Shock resistant and water resistant

This is a great case which I highly recommend to anyone who needs a little extra protection. New Trent is an excellent company. They always have great accessory and gadget for your phones and tablet
(Posted on 4/29/14)
I like it Review by Christy
I used this case with my iPhone 5. The case arrived quickly, always a good thing when you're shopping online. :) The case consists of three parts, which, when put together, forms a case that's water-resistant, and pretty protective from drops, in my opinion. The first layer is hard plastic that extends around the phone edges, and onto the front face of the iPhone. It's got a clear protector for your screen that's built in to the first layer. The screen protector is clear and bright, and doesn't muddy the iPhone screen at all. There's also clear screens for the home button, camera lenses, etc. The ear speaker is covered with something (not sure what exactly) that I presume will help keep water and dust out. At this point, the volume buttons, mute switch, power button, charging port, etc. are not covered. The second layer is a silicone layer that goes over and around the first layer, fastening to it really securely via a groove in the first layer, around the front edge of the phone. The silicone is not that super flexible silicone you find in cheap silicone-only cases; it's a more rigid silicone. The silicone covers all of the buttons and ports that were previously left open. It also covers (via clear plastic) the rear camera and flash, etc.). There are flaps that plug into the headphone jack, power port, and mute switch area. The other buttons are completely covered. So, at this point, the phone is pretty much entirely protected. The third layer is just a rigid plastic sleeve on part of the back for looks. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with three colors (black, gold, and a gunmetal gray), as I misread and thought I was just getting black. :) For those of you who like to show off your Apple logo, there is a window in the back of the case.

Overall, I think it's a pretty great case. Quite honestly, I'm a bit clumsy. In the week or so that I've owned this case, I've probably dropped the phone at least once a day. I've dropped it on carpet, tile, and cement, all while standing (I'm 5'7"), and the case has taken the drops like a champ. I also have four little boys, so I'm sure they provide their fair share of mistreatment. No damage to the phone whatsoever. I think I'm going to get one of these cases for my husband. He coaches a lot of baseball, and always comes home with red baseball dirt that's somehow managed to wedge itself into the crevices of his phone and case. Since this case covers the phone 100%, I think it's a great option for him to keep the baseball dirt off of the phone. And if someone throws a cooler full of water over his head after a game, his phone won't get wrecked from the short shower! If you're a mom or dad with kids in sports, this case could be a great choice for you. Protects it from the kids, as well as the harsh elements that you can find at some sporting events.

The case is a little on the bulky side, but less so than others like Otter Box. Simply put, if you're in the market for a protective case, you're well aware that you're going to have to give up some of the slimness of the phone to get it, so this should be no surprise.

Just a couple of things that I might fix. Nit-picky, but in the interest of full disclosure:

1. First, you can see rainbows across the front of it when the phone is off. They don't really show up when it's on (at least I haven't seen them yet), but when it's off, the whole screen looks rainbow-ey. I assume maybe that's oil? Anyway, it's slightly annoying, but I guess not that big of a deal. I did keep wiping at it, to no avail. You can also see tiny little dots on the screen protector, but also only when off.

2. I'm wondering how long this screen protector is going to last before it scratches. At that point, you can't replace it, nor can you repair it. I keep my phone in my pocket, and prior to this case, would change out my screen protector every few months because of scratches. It's too soon for me to say, but if this screen proctor does scratch, I wonder if that's going to essentially render the whole case useless, since it's not replaceable? Or perhaps you can buy just a new inner layer by contacting New Trent?

3. The clear layer over the home button is just a touch annoying. The home button is slightly bowl-shaped. It's covered by clear plastic, but the plastic isn't bowl-shaped. The result is that every time you touch the home button, there's just this little click of the plastic clear layer, as it changes shape ever so slightly so you can press the home button. It's certainly not a deal-breaker, but I do find it a little annoying.

4. The buttons are all totally covered by silicone. You can still feel them click when you press them, which I like. The only exception is the volume down button. I cannot feel that one click when I touch it. It still does adjust the volume, but I'd prefer if I could feel it, so then I don't have to look at the screen to see if the button pushing is working.

Overall, I think this case is excellent, and I'm happy to have it on my phone! (Posted on 4/29/14)
If you want a rugged case Review by Kartik
I used this case with a Grey iPhone 5S. I normally don’t use cases but I wanted something rugged to use during extreme activities (hiking, skiing, etc.) It seems comparable to an Otter Box although I’ve never owned one of those it seems to be in the same category. It comes with 3 color backs to match the back of either 5S or 5 (Grey, Gold, Black). Its no really slim by any means but it gets the job done and is extremely rugged. One thing to note is that when you open it the first time don’t press on the plastic home button film because it will peel off if the phone isn’t already inside the case. Speaking of that film, you can still use TouchID which is great and I don’t think that is the case with the Otter Box. If you’re looking for a thick rugged case you will be satisfied. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Trentium iPhone 5/5S Ultra-thin Rugged case (NT630CR) Review by Matt
I have to say that I was very surprised at this case. This case is very solidly built. I love the way it feels, it is lightweight and it is not too rubbery and not too slick. It easily slides in and out of my pants pocket.
The overall look is pretty cool. It has 3 different colored plates that can be attached to the back of the case (black, silver, gold).
The case protects the entire phone including a screen protector and a home button protector. The iPhone buttons are completely covered and are somewhat easy to access. I was a little skeptical of the home button protector being too flimsy, but so far it has held up pretty good. I was very surprised at how well my iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition worked with it on. It was like there was not a protector at all over it, that is how well it works. The same goes with the screen protector. It is very responsive and just as sensitive as if I did not have a protector on at all.
Overall I would give the Trentium case a 5 out of 5. This is an awesome case. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Thin design will keep your phone protected Review by Ryan

If you are in need a built tough case, NewTrent's Trentium case is worth checking out. Designed for the iPhone 5 or 5s, this case is built to keep your phone safe from most everyday activities. Until Apple comes up with a tougher phone these features are necessary in a case.
This case supports a shock resistant design. Of course I dropped my phone within the first 2 days of owning this case, which I never usually do, and it did the job. A screen cover is built into the design of the case to keep the finger prints and scratches off of the actual phone glass. This also helps with the second best feature which is the water resistant design. Now of course its not waterproof, but it'll keep most everyday spills and splashes from damaging your phone.
If black isn't your color, don't worry. This comes with two switchable cover plates for the back of the case. Included was silver and gold, which probably won't win over any teen girls, but they cover the basics. I'd probably just stick with the black, but nice to have options.
One of the nice features of this case, also proved to be slightly annoying. I am an active runner, and use an armband case during these runs. This case keeps your phone so safe, that removing from the case takes time. My old case, which didn't protect as well, was easily removed. This is the give and take, which must be considered when picking out which case will work best for you.
If you need a case to protect the phone from yourself, or worse - your kids, then you'll need to consider this case. It protects your phone from most of the everyday disasters that could impact whether or not your phone survives the length of your contract. (Posted on 4/29/14)
A great value for a nice protective case Review by Chad
Got the trentium case and unboxed it and was surprised to find the
additional color backs where included. Black, Gunmetal and Gold. A really
nice touch. The Case has a rubber liner that slips over the phone that
includes rubber covers to cover up the charging port, and buttons and then
has a hard plastic shell that the phone and gel case slips into. Coming
from an otter box I was really surprised that it does not add much bulk to
the phone compared to the otter box. Still providing shock and water
protection. That was a very welcome addition and gives more room in my
pocket. The colored backs easily slip on and off and adds a nice touch. A
nice feature just like the otter box it has a built in screen protector
built into the case. The only drawback that I noticed is that this plastic
screen covers the home button and only after a few days of usage looks kind
of worn out and bubbled. The otter box cases cover the home button with
rubber which would have been a nice addition to see. Otherwise the benefit
of additional colors, smaller size and great protection I would still rate
this case 5 out of 5. My only change would be the built in screen cover for
the home button. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great classy case Review by Brian
This is a well made case. It feels solid without adding much weight. I love the fact that you can choose the three colors that Apple made for the iPhone 5s originally. The only thing I might have done differently is have a matte finish on the screen protector. That being said I like the screen protector and the phone still responds great. great design New Trent! (Posted on 4/29/14)
iPhone Protection to another level Review by Michael
The iPhone case is as advertised: shock, water resistant and made of durable material. Cosmetically a very sturdy looking case, which could also be taking to a business meeting and it would not look out of place or out to a camping trip. Construction workers will probably really enjoy this durable case, as it doesn’t add any considerable weight to the phone.

Installing the iPhone into the case was relatively easy to do.
Unlike other iPhone 5S screen protectors, the home button, is usually not cover or protected due to the fingerprint sensor, however, the Trentium does cover the fingerprint sensor. This cover does not inhibit or cause any problems with the fingerprint recognition.


Despite the ease of installing the iPhone into case, installing the cosmetic cover to the outside of the case proved to be an issue. In addition, it might make the sides feel a bit bubbly.


Once the iPhone is installed, I noticed air bubbles. I believe this is because my iPhone already has a screen protector.
I have been using the Trentium for about a week now and noticed that air bubbles may occasionally interfere with typing or other touch related actions. Fix, reinstalling and pushing as much air out does help, however, removing existing screen protector as you the case provides one may be a better solution.
Overall Score: 4.75
Reason: I find the design to nice and presentable in a business setting. I do appreciate the ease of opening the tab cover for both charging port and headphones port. The cameras are not obstructed nor is the image quality hampered. In addition, unlike other screen protectors, the finger print sensor is also covered and protected. An excellently made product.


Below is a summary of my review:

Look: 4.75
Reason: The case has a nice smooth look. The plastic tabs that cover up the power port, the headphone jack and the mute/rotation lock switch tightly fit to make sure it’s waterproof. The only issue I have with this is that the mute/rotation tab cover may eventually wear out from continues use and then become ineffective.

Material: 4.5
Reason: The plastic material and the metal components are sturdy and smooth, yet it retains its sturdiness without making it unpresentable in a business meeting. One issue is that the cosmetic cover will warp the cover causing the side parts to feel a bit bubbly. However, this doesn’t affect the water resistance as the cover fits in the groove tightly.

Installation Review
Ease: 4.75
Reason: Inserting the iPhone into the case is easy once you have the case open. Based on the way its design, the case snaps into the groove and makes a tight snug fit.

Weight: 5
Reason: With the Trentium the weight addition is not really noticeable. It’s a little bit more bulky then one maybe used to, however compare to other similar cases, this is actually a lot smaller and lighter. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Protects like a tank, drives like a sports car. Review by Seth
I have had great experiences with New Trent chargers and decided to give their rugged Trentium iPhone 5s case a try. I'm very glad I did. I have had several iPhone cases that tended to be more of the slim play-through type cases but this is my first all-protection case. I was currently using a Spigen Slim Armor S and the very first thing I noticed when putting on this New Trent case was how much more protection it had and surprisingly not much thicker. It doesn't FEEL like a huge case, but it is clearly built tough.

I love that the Trentium comes with 3 different color backs to match the current iPhone backs plus a black version (so space gray, champagne and black). I have had this case on for a couple of weeks and I can tell you one huge difference from my Spigen is that even though the back plates are the same color (I like the space gray), the Trentium has not a single scratch! My Spigen was riddled with tons of scratches and even developed large circular wear patterns. Major kudos to whatever material they made the back plate out of because it's a surface I see all the time with the phone face down and it drove me to distraction having my Spigen so scratched up. Plus the Trentium has a cool windowed back for the Apple logo that is thoughtfully protected with a plastic screen.

The protection on this case is awesome - every single port is secured with a self-sealing tab that fits perfectly. The mute switch, headphone jack, and lightning port all have soft closing tabs that open with just the right amount of pressure. The volume and power buttons have perfectly formed buttons that operate just as well with the case off.

The case itself is a hard interior shell with a grippy TPU outer case and the 3 different color back plates. They really nailed the TPU material as it feels great in the hand. Just the right amount of give to feel comfortable in the hand, but solid as a rock. The screen protection is fantastic as well - it actually feels BETTER than the Zagg Invisible Shield I had on previously. I haven't had any issues with touchscreen input. Plus they also got the cover over the fingerprint reader to somehow read better than it does naked! I still have no idea how that happened but it works better than with the case off.

The covers over the other parts such as camera, flash and sensors work great with no interference. I have always been turned off by the huge bulky protective cases like Otterbox, but this Trentium has really pulled off the impossible by having a case that is built like a tank, but drives like a sports car, sleek and trim.

I wouldn't have believed it until I tried it, but I think I've found a new daily driver in the Trentium. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great case to rival the otterbox Review by David
When I saw this case’s features at this price-point, I was really excited to get it on my iPhone 5s. This case has an integrated screen protector, as well as protectors covering the rear apple logo, and camera lens. It also has rubber covers for the headphone jack and side mute switch. The cover even goes over the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner, but it didn’t cause any issues, and I was able to unlock my phone just the same.

The back plate is also interchangeable between a gold color, black, and silver. It was a little challenging to switch these out at first, but I figured out that it’s easier if you switch the back plate while the case is still OFF the phone, then install the case once you’ve chosen your color. It was nice of them to include all three colors in one purchase. My previous case required you to purchase alternate back plates individually.

One helpful tip as well: if you already have an invisible shield or similar type screen protector, you’ll want to remove it if you’re using this case with its integrated screen protector. The two layers of plastic protectors don’t sit against each other well, and cause optically swirly patterns all over the screen.

This is a great case comparable to otterbox, with a slimmer feel, and more protection. It packs in the hard inner “skeleton” case with a softer rubber outer case, but it’s not as bulky as my coworker’s otterbox case.

4.5 stars only because the rear plate is plastic. I think the plastic may start to feel a little cheap, but it’s definitely contributing to its light weight. (Posted on 4/29/14)
New Trent - Trentium Review by Lawrence
I found the product to be very sturdy and tough and provided quite adequate protection for the iphone 5 and was also happy with the ease that the product had to interchange the back covers. The overall product was easy to use and simple to understand. I would also say that the instructions provided to install the unit on to my phone were clear and concise. (Posted on 4/29/14)
This case is a keeper! Review by iamwally
I have purchased many cases for my iPhone collection through the years. Some bad, some good, and some god awful! This case has it's own category. It's a keeper! I have gone through many cases for my iPhone 5. Some far more expensive than this one and I have to say I have not liked any of them as much as I like this case! First and foremost this is the first protective (shockproof, dust proof, water resistant, etc.) case that I have had that people have not complained that I sound muffled when speaking to them. So point is it does not affect sound quality, which is paramount. The protective covering over the screen does not affect touch screen use at all. It is like it is not even there. (One note however is that if you are using the phone in sunlight I did happen to notice a dot matrix pattern in the screen protector and though only visible in bright sunlight it was not really too distracting. So it wasn't a problem)
For the protection this case affords it does not add tremendously to the size of the iPhone 5. I have had other protective case that added to the size of my phone so much that it would now longer fit in the belt pouch I carry it in. Not so with this case, it does not add much to the size of the phone at all. All openings are covered by rubber plugs but still easily accessible. The three colored back plates are a nice touch. Especially if you have more than one iPhone 5 in your household so at least you can easily tell them apart.

If you are looking for a protective case for your iPhone 5 then this is the one I would recommend to my friends and already have! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Better Than The Commuter Review by Vincent
The New Trent Ultra Thin IPhone 5s is the best! After having an OB commuter on my phone for months and thinking nothing was better, I was proved wrong. The New Trent is slimmer, which may be a cause for concern for those wanting to protect your IPhone. However the case I believe protects better then the OB for the simple fact that I accidentally dropped my iPhone from about 4 feet from my back pocket and there was not a scratch on the phone , let alone the case as well , hence the shockproof wording which is displayed on the box.
All of the outputs on the phone were very responsive as well , compared to a Lifeproof case I owned for a short period of time where the volume keys and the vibrate mode toggle switch were impossible to get working. The screen protector on this case is very impressive as well, I actually saw a much clearer picture from that protector than the one on my commuter. The installation was also a lot easier then putting on my commuter series case as well. Last but not least, is the 3 changeable color cases which is a nice concept when wanting to change the case up a bit without purchasing a different color and/or case. I know to a lot of people that is not your main concern however I believe that is an excellent touch in todays market, where people have different taste. Not to my surprise, but it seems that New Trent thought this case out very well before releasing it that's why I am going to give it a 5 out of 5 because it surpasses every aspect on comparable brands I have used/purchased. I am unable to find any flaw with it and I will not be going back to my commuter case ever again. I cant wait to see what new products New Trent will be releasing in the future. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great case that gives Otterbox a run for their money. Review by Gregory
The NT630CR Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is an awesome case. It definitely seems like NewTrent is trying to compete with the Otterbox Defender which my wife has on her current iPhone 5s and I have to say this case is up to challenge. It’s a sleek and attractive design that comes with 3 switchable polycarbonate back-plates (Gold, Silver and Black.) I used Silver just to give my phone a little definition. There’s a built-in scratch-resistant screen protector that will save you some Zagg money as well as no chance of air bubbles. Installing the phone into the case was a simple 3 step process. It took no more than 2 minutes from start to finish. The soft TPU case seals up nicely around the hard inner case and all the ports are easy to get to. The volume buttons click perfectly and accessing the charging port and phone silence switch don’t require digging your nails in to open. The fingerprint recognition sensor works perfectly but there’s sort of a crease or bubble on the sensor that slightly detracts from the sleekness and beauty of the case. Not a deal breaker, but perhaps an improvement they can work on in the future. The case is very comfortable to grip and less bulky then the previously mentioned Otterbox. When they say ultra-thin….they mean ultra thin. The case states to be water resistant and shock resistant but I didn’t want to check the validity of their claims. I give the product 5 stars for durability, comfort and design. But I would give the case 4 ½ stars just because of the bubble on the fingerprint sensor and the amount of smudges the screen protector collects. I would still recommend this case to all my friends and family. (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great product! Review by Caleb
- Easy to take on and off
- It really is thin (much thinner than the otter box and other comparable cases)
- Light weight
- It feels secure
- You can see the apple logo on the back
- The screen protector is connected to the inner case so that I do not have to worry about applying it separately
- All of the side buttons and openings are protected

- Difficult to see the screen outside
- The screen protector is contacted to the inner case so it cannot be removed
- The home button does not work 100% with the screen protector over it, and is a bit annoying to press
- The protective coverings over the side buttons and openings are difficult to open
- It takes longer than it should to silence a phone
- It takes longer than it should to plug in a charger (you have to hold open the flap with one or two fingers)

Overall, the packaging is nice and clean, and the look and usability of the case is top notch. I will continue to use this case, and although I have not dropped my phone on purpose to test it out, I am trusting that it will keep my phone safe from routine drops! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Well constructed case Review by Spmartin
For starters let me say I normally carry my iPhone in a leather sleeve because I love the sleekness and style of it. However, I am an avid outdoorsman so when adventure calls I need something that will protect my phone whil on a hike or camping trip.

The New Trent case is very well constructed and once the iPhone is inside it I had no problems with screen responsiveness. I was slightly worried about the case hampering the cameras capabilities but let me assure you all is fine on that department.

Over all I am very pleased with this case and for the times I am on the trail and need that extra layer of protection this will fit the bill perfectly. (Posted on 4/29/14)
almost perfect Review by moise
i used the waterproof case on my gold iPhone 5S. it fit snugly and felt secure enough that i was comfortable enough to drop test it. i felt that the case stood up very well to impacts. i have yet to test out the waterproofing but i feel confident the case will do its job. i will give this product a 4 out 5 stars only because of the thickness and weight it added to my phone other then that its a great case! (Posted on 4/28/14)
Awesome case for an awesome price Review by Ryan
Review for:

New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case. Compatible: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 only. (black/black)

What device(s) were used to test the unit? What were the results? (be specific about make and model of device)

Devices used to test the New Trent Trentium was an iPhone 5 and a friends’ iPhone 5s. My review of the product is as follows:

- I like the design and feel of the case.
- It is flexible yet rigid when you put the removable back on.
- The screen protector is great and is flush with the phone.
- Multiple color choices allows for customization which allows the user to feel more personalized with their device.
- Overall quality is impressive and upholds to New Trent’s attention to detail and quality.

- On a 5s, the feature to which you can unlock our phone with your finger does not work.
- The home button’s plastic coating came bend or creased a little and seems flimsy or fragile.
- The Volume/Mute switch on the side is very inconvenient to use. A recommendation would be to turn it into a switch that is integrated with the case (point in case: Life proof cases have a switch on the side that is built into the case. This is a big benefit as you can single handedly mute your phone.
- The sound/Mute Switch/Charging port flaps require both hands to hold open and operate. (not a big deal but it is a point that stands out)
- The sound from the phones speaker vibrates the case causing a tinny and crackly sound quality.

When/where did you find the product(s) to be the most useful and suitable to your own needs?

Everyday and daily use. It is a product that I would take with me to extreme sports, however I would be cautious as it does not deem as water resistant as one would hope. (it would be nice to have a water proof option)

What field of occupation would benefit the most from this product? Compared to your own?

Any field of occupation would benefit from this product because it is an everyday use type of phone case.
Rating scale of 1 - 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent)

My rating for this case is a 4 because there is always room for improvement however it is a solid product that I would recommend to others. (In fact one of my co-workers bought the same case the day after I brought it into work) ;-) (Posted on 4/28/14)
Great Case, perfect for everyday use Review by Ian
There were no problems getting it onto my iPhone 5s. I didn't even look at the directions, just to see how easy installations was. Everything fit nicely together, with all of the ports being closed off. I also had no trouble removing it.

In use, it was as if there was no case on it at all. The added thickness was negligible. I normally buy Magpul cases for my iPhones, due to the size. This case was not much thicker. The screen cover was allowed great respnse with either a finger or stylus.

Some people complained about visibility issues, but I had no problems. The built in screen cover did seem to show fingerprints a little more than my old screen cover. This is easy enough to fix by cleaning the screen. I was impressed that the fingerprint reader still worked through the film.

All of the ports accepted Apple sized plugs and chargers. A couple of aftermarket accessories will fit into the ports, which is something I liked. The port covers are easy to remove and replace. I was concerned about how the covers would stay in after using them, but I had no issues with them.

The biggest test, for me, was seeing how the phone features worked. I had no problems with volume and no one complained that I was hard to hear. SIRI worked just as well as she did without this cover.

It is a well built case that is thin enough to comfortably carry. I think his could be direct competition for OtterBox cases, even though it's not waterproof. Most people aren't going to be taking their phones swimming or driving over them with a car. I wish I had this case during my last trip to Hawaii. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Great water resistant case! Review by Jeanine
My review of New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case
This case is an great item. I used it on my iPhone 5. I work at a job where I have to be in and out of my car, and in and out of all sorts of weather, and also exposed to lots of children. My phone case has to be secure. I have tried many, many cases, and many of them just increase the profile of the phone too much to make it easily usable. I spent a good deal of money previously on a “waterproof/shockproof” case, and while it was quite effective, it took a Phd to understand the instructions, and a few broken fingernails to remove the case when I wanted to. The New Trent case is simple to use, increases the profile a manageable amount, and is very simple to put on and remove. I was not willing to throw my phone onto the concrete or drop it in a puddle, but I did use it in the rain with no issues. I actually got caught in a downpour! I especially like the grip on it, because it keeps the phone from slipping too easily out of my hands during use. However, that same rubberized case also makes it tough to slide it in and out of the slip case I have to put it on my belt.
It was a very nice feature to have interchangeable (and easy to do, too) back plates, for some variety.
Suggestion for improvement: It would be great to have some type of attachable clip or hook for those of us who need to have the phone at our belt rather than in a pocket. I’m not sure it’s possible, because this case is very slim profile, but even thinner profile would be great. This case is a keeper! Dropping my phone doesn't scare me as much any more with this case on. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Quality Protection in a Slim Case Review by Ernesto
Once again New Trent delivers a great product that combines the elegance of design and practicality of everyday use into their products. I own an iPhone 5 and strongly believe in protecting my devices, especially those that are with me from the time I wake up to the time I place it back in my night stand. Right from the store I bought an Otter Box, which I had heard were pretty great at protecting your devices, I loved it at first but the protection came at the cost of making my slim iPhone 5 into a brick that became more of a hassle to be carrying over time. I also found that over time the rubber glove started to sag and no longer fit well in addition to getting caught with everything due to its easy grip design. Nonetheless, I had been shopping around for a slim and protective case and was pleasantly surprised that New Trent had a product that fit the description. Here are some highlights:

Great hassle free packaging with simple illustrated instructions on the back
Very easy to put together
Fits like a glove.
The rubber coating on the outside provides a soft exterior with good grip.
It is just what it says it is Protective and Slim.
Comes with interchangeable back covers (Gold, Silver, and Black)
The different tabs covering the openings in the iPhone, provide a great seal keeping dust and water where it belongs, not in your phone.

Overall I was very happy with my purchase finally being able to find a decent cover that was elegant, slim, and overall protective. The only place that I had one issue with is that the opening for the lightning charge and data cable was made just for the original cord, so my Amazon Basics cord just did not fit. Nonetheless the original slim cord fits with absolutely no issues and works great. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Best iPhone case I've ever used Review by Dave
I have had an iPhone 5 since the original release date, and in that time I've tried many case types: everything from bumpers to bulky hard shells. I generally prefer lightweight cases, so when I saw that the New Trent Trentium case provided a completely sealed, water-resistant and shockproof design, I thought that I wouldn't find the case light enough or thin enough to be usable. But I was pleasantly surprised.


The setup of the case was extremely simple, requiring just three steps: removing the soft outer skin, placing the iPhone into the hard inner case, and reapplying the outer soft case. I was definitely surprised that the weight wasn't as much as I had expected. The case shell feels like it's decent quality & not some cheap plastic, and is both light & rugged. The most interesting feature is a built-in, sealed screen protector that is so thin & sensitive I barely noticed it. This is the first time I've seen such an idea implemented this well. Very cool design!


Probably the only criticism I had of the unit was the slight juggling act I had to do in order to hold the small rubber port covers open while inserting connectors. The covers seem durable, but have to be held back in a manner that makes me worry if they'll eventually break off. This may be unwarranted concern though & probably just reflects the need for the covers to made a tight seal.


Overall, I am extremely happy with the Trentium iPhone case, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for lightweight yet rugged protection for their iPhone 5 or 5s. I just hope New Trent decides to make a Trentium for iPad next! :) (Posted on 4/27/14)
Not Too Bulky Review by Ben
This product was very easy to put together and didn't
add too much bulk to the phone - two issues that I typically have with
cases. It's nice that it has multiple switchable covers that will fit with
any of the new iPhone 5S color choices. It's nice to change them up every
once in a while - they make it feel like you have an all-new phone! It
feels like it's made out of good material... not just icky plastic. Though
I haven't subjected it to water yet, it seems like it's up to the job. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Great Case for my iPhone Review by Greg
I used the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) to protect my Iphone 5. The NT630CR-B is a well built case with a compact construction. Making it easy to slide in and out of my pocket. Overall it performed great. The interchangeable covers are nice and I think they should look into teaming up with NCAA or professional sports leagues to add team logos. These could be swapped out as one season goes into the next. It was easy to install and appears to protect the phone from an accidental drops or water splashes. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Great protection without the bulkiness Review by peter

New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B):review:This case was used on my iphone 5. The fit is near perfect. Its not extremely bulky. The case is composed of a hard inner shell with a built in screen protector which so far works flawlessly. It fits nicely in my pocket and it looks good. So far i dropped it once onto a concrete floor, it was about a 4 foot drop and everything was fine. This product is a best bang for your buck type of deal. 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Trentium is a highly recommended rugged and stylish case Review by Pete T
· Good 360 degree protection
· Nice looking and well designed
· Built in screen film
· Built in main button film that is fingerprint recognition sensor accessible
· Covers all ports
· Film to cover Apple logo on back
· Camera, flash, buttons, and ports are unhindered
· One of the thinnest protective cases
· Includes 3 (gun metal/silver, gold, and black) interchangeable covers
· Case is easy to insert and remove from pockets
· Volume buttons are easier to press than ‘stock’
· If you use the ports often you need to flip the covers open.
· The lightning port cover is a little difficult to close
· Lack of ‘sticky’ backing can case phone to slide on slippery surfaces (i.e. dashboard)

I received the Trentium for free for testing purposes and have been using it for a week. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am an IT executive for a company of 3000 people, so I’m pretty critical of products. I also have a pretty active lifestyle outside of work with my 8 year old twin girls. Like most people, my devices, particularly my phone, is attached to me 24/7 and I am pretty rough on them. I have a personal iPhone 5, A Nokia Lumia 1520 for work, a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch laptop, A 4th gen iPAD. Between my wife and girls add another iPhone 5, two 5th gen iPod touches, and 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0’s. I have several New Trent products, an AirBender iPad case and several battery packs (to keep everything charged). Enough about me and lets get to the review of the Trentium case.

The product came nicely packed in a very descriptive case. Inside was the case which consists of a hard polycarbonate inner shell and a soft outer YPU case. Also included are three interchangeable back panel covers in black, gold, and a gun metal/silver. This was interesting and despite owning dozens of cases over the years, the first one I experienced with interchangeable covers. This is a nice feature allowing you to customize the case to your individual liking. The case was very well built. Installing the iPhone 5 into the case was straightforward. Detailed instructions are on the back of the box but I did not need them. You insert the front of the phone into the hard inner shell. Please note that it’s easier to insert the long button side of the phone first and then snap the non-button side in to avoid catching the buttons. The fit was perfect. Then you insert the entire assembly into the outer TPU cover. The TPU cover was easy to install and fit extremely well. There was absolutely no play or wiggle once the phone was in the case. I do not see protection with this case as being an issue. The entire case is covered and protected including every port and button. There is a little lip that is raised off the surface of the screen. I consider this a must in a case so I can place the phone face down on a surface without scratching the screen or screen protector. The bevel is also not as pronounced or wide as some other ultra-rugged cases. The reason I mention this is that I has problems accessing some of the iPhone features with some cases. Particularly the slide down quick access menu from the top or moving icons from one screen to the next where you need to move an icon halfway off the screen. A wide bevel makes both of these tasked difficult to impossible. Both of these tasks were not an issue with the Trentium. The screen protector, which is an integral part of the case, fits on the iPhone screen perfectly and without any bubbles. I am a heavy user of my iPhone and frequently kill the battery in 4-6 hours. I never felt that the screen was less responsive to touch than the bare screen. The lightning cable port is large enough to accommodate aftermarket lightning cables that are a little larger. I liked the performance of the volume buttons. They were easy to press and responded well. I was not as happy with the ringer on/off cover. It takes a little getting used to as you need to life the cover up a bit and then reach in to slide the switch. It’s no more difficult than similar cases that cover this switch. The bottom covers for the headphone jack and lighting cable were easier to open. However the lighting cable cover has a rectangular piece of plastic that fits inside the lightning port. I assume this is to completely seal the port preventing water and dust from entering the port. While this is a good feature it’s a little difficult to line up the tab with the port. It may loosen up over time. The headphone jack is a little easier because it’s a round insert that goes into the headphone port and naturally the round insert is easier to locate and insert into the empty jack.

It's a tough little case in a nice looking package. It has a very nice feel in the hand and isn't at all heavy, considering its protection. It seems to provide pretty good protection from most average drops/spills. Though not waterproof, it covers most of the phone and would provide good protection from most things short of full water submersion. Overall I would highly recommend the Trentium. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Great light weight and sturdy case Review by Derek
The installation was a breeze. It didn't add too much bulk to my phone overall. It was better than the previous otterbox defender that definitely made my phone big and bulky with a considerable amount of extra weight. I felt that is wasn't quite as light as my wife's lifeproof case but seemed a little more solidly constructed. The screen protector like all New Trent products did have the grid dot pattern to it but it was only when you tilted it in the sun that you really noticed it. I felt there was no depreciation in WiFi signal, 4G signal, or hearing or speech quality with the case. I didn't intend to test the shock proof feature but I did accidentally drop it from standing height around 4 feet onto concrete without any severe ramifications. I know that it isn't truly waterproof and the dustproof seems that it may not be the best but time will only tell on how good it keeps dust out. The buttons all translate well and are still functional. The access to the silent, power port, and headphones jack were a little tricky to get open at first but after some regular use they opened up a little better. The home button allows for finger scanning, which is a nice feature to unlock your phone. It seems pretty durable. I feel comfortable taking my phone out biking in this case and use it all around town. Overall, I feel that it is a very solid case for a good price. Only time will tell how it all pans out. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Strong and Thin Review by Johnson
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin case is a welcome addition to my burgeoning collection of iPhone 5 cases. I have a python skin case for luxury, a cheapo $3 TPU case for basic use, a giant banana case for fun, and now the Trentium case for heavy-duty protection. I was having a hard time deciding between this and the other popular heavy-duty cases like otter box, but I am glad I got my hands on this case first. It is a great combination of value, protection, and style. This is the perfect case for those who want the strength of an otterbox without the bulk and rough appearance. The soft TPU case feels nice for grip, but the underlying hard inner case gives it the extra protection. It reminds me of my old Incipio case for my iPhone 3GS a few years ago. Even though it comes with a screen protector built-in, I still kept my current screen protector on and it still fits! I could probably just take off my old screen protector now. The touch screen is equally sensitive and I don't notice any difference. I have previously read some reviews that the smooth finish of the case leaves too many fingerprints, but I actually like the finish. I think it gives it that stylish edge that most have duty protective cases lack. I also tend not to touch my screen that often and use my New Trent Arcadia stylus so that's probably why I don't have that big of a fingerprint problem. It also comes with different color choices for that added bonus. Finally, it fits in my pockets without giving that embarrassing bulk, particularly with more fitted clothing. The only thing I didn't try out was the water-resistant feature. This case is NOT WATERPROOF. It is water-RESISTANT but it seems pretty snug and secure.

Overall I give this case a 5/5. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Great Case Review by MarkN
In the interests of full disclosure I should say that New Trent provided me one of their Trentium Ultra-Thin Rugged Cases for the iPhone 5/5s in order me to review it That being said I have to say that Im very impressed with this case. It comes in 2 parts - and inner hard case with a built in screen protector and a soft back that fits around the inner case - the screen protector is built-in so it doesn't need any installation and considering that screen protectors for reputable companies for the iPhone 5/5s can cost more than the price of this case and can be difficult to install - this is a good deal.

The case is stylish and well made - it comes with 3 interchangeable back plates in black silver and gold that fit onto the back part of the case so it fits well with any of the 5/5s colors. It has a solid feel to it and seems to provide good protection. In fact all of the ports on the iPhone( lightning port, earphone jack, volume up down buttons, mute switch and power switch have protective coverings with the case of the charging port and earphone jack snap closed to protect the ports but can be opened easily to gain access to the port. The only thing I noticed that was a bit of a problem is the cover over the mute switch causes the switch to become so recessed that it is hard to get access to - I had to use some implement to reach it

The other thing I have to say is at first it looked like the touch ID on the 5s (which I have) didn't work with the case on. Upon further investigation I realized that there was some sort of protective covering over that portion of the inner hard case that needed to be removed. Once I did that touch ID started working fine - Unfortunately the installation instructions on the box fail to mention this so it could cause people to believe the case interferes with the functioning of the fingerprint sensor. As I said once i removed that protective cover over the home button on the case the problem with the touch id cleared up completely

The outer case has a cutout so the Apple on the iPhone is visible - a nice addition would have been to add some protective covering over that cutout so that portion of the back of the iPhone was not exposed

Not only is sound from the speaker not affected by the case it actually seems like the case enhances the sound so playing music seems sharper and clearer

The other thing worth mentioning is that the case for all of the nice features and protection it provides is very slim and adds little to the thickness of the iPhone while providing good protection and having a good solid feel when holding the iPhone in the case

The case is useful for any occupation but probably most useful for one where the user needs good protection for the iPhone

(Posted on 4/25/14)
Slim case offering great protection Review by allen
Case is nice and compact and does not add much weight or bulkiness to the phone. I liked that the charging port and headphone port where both covered and the covers snapped and made a nice seal, I didn't have to worry about water getting in the ports if I was caught in the rain. I loved how the back panel is able to be swapped out with the provided different colors. Case is smooth and is easily slid in and out of my pocket. (Posted on 4/25/14)
Sleek and Protective iPhone Case Review by Becky
This New Trent Trentium Ultra-Thin iPhone 5s lives up to its name with its sleek and elegant design. I found this case surprisingly easy and quick to install, as the instructions and pictures were clear and helpful. It is well built, made from a strong, water resistant material. It is quite light weight and does not add much bulk to my iPhone 5s. Also, the back plate can be customized from three options, black, silver and gold, allowing the case to match all the iPhone colors. This case offers a high level of protection without inhibiting any functions of the phone. A thin plastic piece is placed above the home button (likely to ensure water resistance) that allows full functionality of the fingerprint sensor. The screen protector does not affect the use of the touch screen nor does it affect the clarity of the screen. I found this case offers similar, if not better protection than competitors, but has a far more elegant design. For example, it is much lighter and thinner than Otterboxes, yet both cases offer approximately equal levels of protection. This case is excellent for anyone, especially those who work outdoors or in areas where water exposure and/or drops are likely. Overall, this case has proven to be essential to the protection of my device. (Posted on 4/24/14)
nice alternative to other rugged cases Review by jeff
-Nice thin case
-Was thinner than the Otterbox that was on it before.
-The outer coating was more slippery than I wanted it to feel. I prefer the silicone feel of the otterbox.
-My daughter liked the fact that it came with swapable back plates. She says to have it in more "female friendly" colors and she'd be sold on it.
-The case was easy to put on.-The case fit my iPhone 5S snuggly and the holes in the case lined up perfectly with the charging hole and other holes.
-The open ports that had rubber closures were snug so it seems like it would be water resistant. I didn't try to dunk it in water.
-The outer screen wasn't 100% responsive. It only happened a couple of times where when you touched the screen it didn't open the app I was pressing. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Tough as nails! Review by Randal
I just received the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5s case that I ordered from Amazon. It’s full description is “Ultra-thin, Rugged, Water resistant, Dirt-proof, and Shockproof”. This is a very accurate description. I like the fact that it combines the ruggedness of a hard case with the “grippiness” of a soft rubber case. This two-piece design is precision-made and engineered in such a way that it fits the phone very snugly. It takes a little effort to put everything together, but this is a good thing actually, because the result is a very tight fit.

There are two rubber overlays over the volume switch and the power button at the top of the phone. While both sets of buttons may be slightly harder to press, it is not bothersome at all. There are also rubber flaps over the mute button, headphone jack, and Lightning charging jack. They are stiff enough to give confidence that they will last for a long time, but still pliable enough to flip out of the way when needed. I use an Apple OEM charging cord and it had no problem fitting through the case edge to reach the charging port.

I already had a scratch resistant laminate on the front of my phone and I elected to keep it. This case has a thin, clear cover over the front of the phone which adds another layer of protection. The buttons on the face of the phone are still accessible. Even the fingerprint reading button at the bottom of the phone (which has the same clear cover) works fine.

I wouldn’t want to dunk the case in water since there are still small openings over the speakers and microphone, but I would have no problem using the phone in the rain or similar conditions. Similarly, I don’t want to test the ruggedness by throwing it to the pavement, but I am confident that if the phone fell out of my pocket or off a tabletop it would survive without a scratch.

The case feels good in my hand and due to good engineering, it is not much bigger than my phone. I don’t think you can find a better case for the money. I give it a 5 out of 5! (Posted on 4/24/14)
Phone Safety 101 :) Review by Sherise
I have had this phone a week and though I have not been able to test it all conditions, I feel I have covered a lot…

The Trentium case is compatible with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 only, will not fit the iPhone 5C
- I have only the iPhone 5 & 5s and it fits perfectly. It's also very easy to assemble :) Once the front piece is snapped into place, the outer piece settles into the groove along the edge of it, completely enclosing the phone.

A rigid and durable outer case makes the Ultra-thin case water resistant, dirt and shock proof. The ultimate iPhone 5/S case for those extreme outdoor activities.
- All openings cut for the screen, camera (front & back), apple logo, etc. are covered with a sturdy, plastic sheet, which is what makes those locations water and dirt resistant. The home button is covered with a sturdy, but less durable plastic than the rest and after a week of using it often, it is slightly detaching from the front protective sheet, but can be pressed back down from the inside (one area that may not. The other openings such as the mute switch, charging port and headphone jack are all confined behind a “hinged lid” sort of cover. They are easily popped open with your fingernail and pressed back in. They sort of snap back into place as there is an inside protruding piece that is inserted in the openings when closed.

Now, keep in mind that this case is water-resistant, NOT waterproof. There two very tiny oval holes in the front where the ear speaker is. They are covered with a tight mesh-type fabric to repel water, but I did test just the case without the phone and put a drop of water on that area and the water did seep through it, which could damage the speaker, I assume, but unless you’re throwing it in a bucket of water or you are jumping into a pool with your clothes on and your phone in your pocket, I’d think it fine. I don’t know how they would make that any more water resistant. Using common sense goes a long way J

The Trentium case offers an all-round protection while adding an extra 5mm to the already slim iPhone 5/S
- I would not necessarily call this slim, but the smooth, non-sticky feel makes it seem less slim than the thicker soft silicone cases.

Constructed from the high grade materials while ensuring a soft, comfortable feel
- It does feel very comfortable with a hard, yet flexible shell.

It is a very durable case and I would feel comfortable taking it anywhere without worrying the safety of my phone J (Posted on 4/24/14)
Sturdy and light iPhone 5S case Review by Sanford
I am a minimalist when it comes to iPhone cases, and believe less is more, especially in size & weight. On the other hand, these cases don't provide much protection if bumped or dropped, hence the purchase of the highly rated New Trent case. I chose this case for the design and slight weight compared to the overly protective cases available. The case is in 2 pieces, snapping my iPhone 5S into the front piece, then the front piece with the phone snaps into the back with a firmness to it. All the buttons have equivalent sealed button overlays and there are trap door plugs for the headphone and charger openings. While the case is deemed water resistant, the speaker holes portions of the case are perforated as well, allowing moisture through if not careful. The top cover has a built in clear cover that is very responsive to touch but shows minor scratches and must be cleaned inside prior to fitting with the phone. It is not anti glare and is slightly reflective in bright light. The opening for the Touch ID is uncovered and works well.

As for my impressions after 10 days of use, I give it a 4/5. It is a comfortable, attractive and protective case ( I dropped it twice, once on a wood floor, the second on carpet without a problem), and the access to the lock switch and charger/headphone ports are nice. I'm not as fond of the plastic shield and expect that over time it may need replacement or removal. It is not too heavy but does add bulk throughout which is unavoidable and acceptable based on the design. This phone case is definitely worth a look and I plan on continuing to use it daily. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Sleek and Elegant case with supreme protection. Review by Daniel
This iPhone case is great. It fits the phone very snug, there is no moving around that might cause the phone to scratch from inside. The case is a two part case. A inner hard plastic (where the phone sits) and a tough outer rubber piece. The phone feels very secure and protected in this case. There are covers for all the buttons and holes on this case to make it water resistant. This will be a great case to have at the pool and not worry about minor water from my hands. The design of this case is amazing it looks sleek and elegant, and I like the idea that I can change out the back of the case to 3 different colors. Also you do not get any lose in sound or mic performance from the cover protecting the speakers and mics. (Posted on 4/24/14)
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Water Resist, Dirt&Shockproof Apple iPhone 5s /5 Case (NT630CR-B) Review by Gary
I have tried several cases for my iPhone 5s. My old Otterbox Defender didn’t have the option to let me use the fingerprint scanner so that sent me searching for a case. The Spigen cases got good reviews so I bought one of those. While it made my phone slim, there was no protection for the glass. I went searching again and found this case. It is almost as slim as my Spigen but has a front cover. The touch is just like it was without the cover and I had no issues with me hearing folks or them hearing me.

The case itself is similar to the Otterbox Defender in design. It has the three pieces…a plastic inner shell (which is comprised of a back plastic piece and a front piece with a builtin screen protector and a rubber gasket shell that covers the sides and back body. The home button has a thinner protective film on it along with the front facing camera and the flash and back main camera. The home button on my case has a little crease on it, but it functions fine. I haven’t had an issue yet with scanning my finger prints. I also have not had any issues taking pictures. The only drawback I see is that I can see a “grid” on my phone of sorts now from the plastic screen cover, but I have gotten used to that.

I was on the phone today when it was snowing outside…yes…snow in April! I am not daring enough to submerge my phone in water…not even when I had a true water proof case! The documentation says the New Trent Trentium case is water resistant which is not the same as water proof so do not submerge in water!

The case also features three different back plates for style.The colors included in the box were slate, black and gold. The back plates are metal and they snap on and off when you want to switch them up. I like the look of the silver best.

Thinner than the Otterbox Defender
Screen protector works well
Home button protector works well
Audio works well
The outside rubber that surrounds the case seems durable
Value priced
All button flaps work well
The power port snap is easy to open and close

The home screen button has a crease in it
The screen protector has a “grid” on it
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Afordable protection for your Smart Phone Review by Craig
Historically there have usually been three classes of Covers available for Smart Phones 1-Decorative only (virtually no protection) 2-Minimal Protection (Edge and Rear Protection Only) 3–Rugged (Clam-Shell Design protecting sides, back and front cover). Before I saw the NewTrent Trentium Case it seemed like the expense of the Rugged Cases limited most users to the Decorative or Minimal Protection Options. Frequently I heard individuals say that the cost of a Rugged Case plus Insurance would exceed the cost of even the most expensive Smart Phones. That all changed with the introduction of the Trentium Rugged Case from NewTrent a ‘Clam-Shell’ Style Case which is available for a very reasonable cost. Over the years I have heard many people laugh at friends or co-workers who enclose their expensive Smart Phones inside a two piece ‘Clam-Shell’ Style Case. It is amazing how all of that changes when one of these individuals is waving around their unprotected shiny new phone for everyone to see and it slips out of their hands and crashes to the table or floor below. Suddenly everyone wants a Case and the more Rugged the better. That brings me to my experience with the NewTrent Trentium Rugged Case. When I installed the iPhone 5s in the Trentium Case I was impressed with how the two pieces fit the phone like a custom fit fine Italian Leather Glove. All of the openings, hinged covers over the various connections and soft covers over the on/off and volume buttons lined up perfectly. Although the cover is not designed to be water proof it clearly will protect the phone from dirt, dust, liquid spills and even heavy rain. The clear cover over the display has been very easy to clean, does not appear to interfere with selecting buttons on the display and has so far resisted being scratched. The outer cover has a soft rubber non-slip texture that in addition to being very durable should provide the phone with considerable protection in the event the phone is ever dropped, however with the non-slip texture dropping should be a very rare occurrence. There are three interchangeable polycarbonate rear covers that in addition to providing some additional protection from damage allow for several variations in the color of the case. The NewTrent Trentium Rugged Case is an excellent option for anyone considering a Rugged Fully Enclosed Clam Shell Style Case. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Great protection Review by Gulsah
This is a very tough and sturdy case for iPhone 5. The case was very easy to disassemble and put on the iPhone. It was a nice snug fit. Every part of the phone is covered, including the home button and screen so this is a good cover for people who constantly get their phones wet or drop them. I liked the film cover on the screen. I had some cases that had a thick cover which was not sensitive enough for smooth use but this film is very thin and feels natural like the screen. I also liked that you can customize the back cover with three interchangeable colors. My favorite was the gold and it looks great on black.

The only reservation I have about the cover is that it is a bit bulky. However, for the kind of strong and sturdy coverage this case provides, this case still is considered "slim". I would recommend this cover for those who need maximum coverage and protection for their phone because this is what this cover does.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Great protection and grip, adds bulk, but it will take an impact. Review by Randy
New Trent Trentium - The case adds a little bulk to aid in the overall grip
of the device, buttons are a little difficult to reach at because of the
extra protection. Camera and speaker ports are not block. The case is very
easy to put on and the addition of the color face plate is a nice addition
to customize the look. The clear face plate a little deceiving in that its
not as rugged as the case, it seems it may scratch easy. My phone was
dropped multiple times with the case on and I can say that everything is
still intact and functional. This is a good otterbox alternative. I would
rate this case a 4 out of 5. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Awesome Case Review by SahilTheGreat
he case was a good case for the iPhone 5. There were many positives, but few negatives as well. It had good protection on the phone. I haven't dropped it, but because it is two layers with a built-in screen protector, it should be good when dropped. Also, I love the interchangeable backs. I chose the gold (more of a brass) than I did the gray or black. I liked it more. The negatives were that the backs sometimes would not go on. It would take me 10-20 mins to put one on. Another down was that the home button was a little harder to press. Overall, this case would get a 5/5. The home button will eventually loosen up I believe. The back pieces could be because of me/the user. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Cute! I like it! Review by Rochelle
Ok. The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin rugged case was cute at first glance. However, upon review I realized this case could use some color. It was a bit plain in color. It does include the 3 switchable covers. The silver and gold covers were the best looking. I actually stuck with the gold cover to give it some-type of color. It was cute.

It was easy to install my iPhone into the case. Actually it was easier to install than my Otterbox. I will admit, my Otterbox is cute, but the one I tend to stick too has a thicker shell. This is the difference. I loved the fact the Trentium was thinner in size and I was able to put the phone in my back pocket without it looking too thick. I actually dropped in while taking it out of my back pocket, and I was very surprised/happy to see it did not break. YAY! And the cover was intact and in great shape.

I would love to see this more colors. Not just the covers but for the case itself. It would love it if the colors were interchangeable as, well.

It says it is waterproof. I was going to try but decided to against and figured I will take their word for it. It is bound to happen one day soon! HA! HA!

Overall, I really like the cover and would like to see more colors.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Sturdy slim case Review by JEFF
This case is slim yet sturdy. I really like the feel of it. Protects well yet is not too bulky. Covers allow customization. Allows phone to fit easily into front pocket. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Attractive and Reassuring Review by Joe
I used the Trentium ultra-thin rugged case for my iPhone 5s. As the box advertises, the case is ultra-thin and light. For being made for rugged use, it's much lighter and sleeker than the Otterbox case I've used in the past. It feels really good in my jeans and pant pocket. I was also previously using a Speck case (thinner and more soft version) which holds up to three credit cards on the back side but wasn't as protective and reassuring. Please note that it's not so easy to initially separate the hard inner case with the soft outer TPU case when taken out of its packaging so a little force will be necessary to separate the two but be rest assured that the case can withstand the force. But putting the case together once the phone is slipped inside is no problem at all. The water resistant film on the front and back covers are quite reassuring in the event my phone comes in contact with water or other liquid substances. Accessing the different buttons and ports are secured by the rugged case so a little extra effort (as well as patience) is required to open the protective layer but it does the job nicely of securing against water and dust. All of the openings line up right where they should be. The fingerprint sensor worked just fine after resetting previous settings. The three options of back covers really makes this case versatile and long-lasting in terms of aesthetics and usefulness. There is no need to buy an extra front glass protective lens for the iPhone either b/c of the film. This case is most useful to me when I'm on the go. It helps me to transition from home to work to being on the go meeting with customers as well as when I engage in sports/recreation. There is that extra sense of insurance and backup reassuring me in case the worst were to happen. Better than having to buy a replacement phone (which I've had to do before)! Everyday life certainly but also in much demanding and harsher environments as well as when I might be on extended travel in the US or abroad. Once the phone is in this case, I can stop thinking about it's delicate nature. Rated 5 for the quality, features and looks while the price is rather competitive. (Posted on 4/23/14)
best case for the money Review by Courtney
Having used cases like these in the past I have to say I am thoroughly
impressed with the build of the case. It is not bulky and hard to take
apart/put together like the otterbox cases I have had in the past. It is
also a lot thinner and lighter than the otterbox cases as well. The back of
the case where you can switch plates to choose your color is easy peasy:
just grab a corner and tug it back then press the new one on and tada a new
color. I find myself partial to the gold plate. Getting access to your
ringer switch, headphone jack, and power port is very easy as well compared
to what I have used in the past. Lifeproof you have to screw in a jack and
this case makes it so you don’t have to do that!! Two things I did
notice people might wish to consider:
First: When you put the phone into the case you cannot leave any screen
protectors on. If you leave one on it causes odd bubbles between your
screen protector and the protector of the phone. Once you take your old
screen protector off this solves the issue. Not a huge deal but just an fyi.
Second: One of the great things about this case is the fact you can use the
finger print reader! It has worked great. If at first your home button make
a bit of a crinkly sound trust me it goes away after a day of use. It was a
concern to me at first but once it settled in it is quiet now. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Great Product for the price! Review by Jonathan
I will start with the packaging of this case.

As with everything that I have received from NewTrent, the packaging for the case was flawless. The packing is always simple yet very effective in the use of materials.

I use the grey case with a Black Verizon iPhone 5.


The case is the perfect size for the iPhone. As you all have stated the extra 5mm the case adds to the phone does not take away from the phone's style or feel. There is more phone than there is case (which is good in my opinion) since the case does protect the phone.

Shockproof/Water resistant/Dirt Proof

I did accidentally drop my phone several times during this test and the case seemed to absorb some of the shock due to the rubbery outer layer of the case. The case also didn't show signs that it had been dropped (which is a plus). The case was exposed to water several times whether being in the rain, canoe, or near the shower, I never had any problems with water getting inside the case and damaging the phone. The case really didn't protect from dirt and dust though. I understand that over time dust may get into a case. Dust seemed to form around the top and bottom of the phone (probably from charger covers and vibrate switch). There were some dust particles on the front of my screen as well. The protection was not bad though compared to other models of "dust/dirt proof" cases.


The case has a nice design to it. I wish that the entire back casing was in the rubbery material though. I only found one thing that I would change about the front casing. I did not like the home button. The clear plastic really didn't do anything for me. It would have been nice to see and actual button (rubber or heavier plastic) in place of the clear plastic one included. The case is also hard to get on and off (but this helps with making the phone water resistant and dirt proof)


I did not have any problems with dirt or grime sticking to the screen from use. The screen was very easy to clean. Under the screen, I did notice that there were places where the screen looked like it was sticking to the phone. It almost looked like water was under the screen even though it wasn't.


Overall this case was great. A few more tweaks and the case would be excellent. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Thin & Light, but Mighty Review by Danny
After my last slim fitting iPhone case broke I decided to try something different in the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5 case - which is a fully protective case. While the full price is close to the main competitors out there (Otterbox), at Amazon's price of $29.95 you can't go wrong. When I got the case the first thing I noticed was how clean it looks - while still providing full coverage. Further, I was pleased by how light weight it is for the size of it and for the protection it offers. It goes on easily, in just a few snaps, and still looks very clean. It is not as heavy or bulk as some of the other brands that offer this much protection. I used the Trentium Case with my iPhone 5 and had no issues - although if you are used to full, unencumbered access to all of your controls, you will be slowed down by the protective covers; the covers are there to keep dust, moisture, and debris out, but they do take an extra second to flip open (to plug in the charger or get to the mute switch for example). This is par for the course for fully protective cases though. While the protectiveness of this case may be overkill for most office-warriors, it does offer peace of mind. I would highly recommend this case for active types who find themselves outdoors or with wet, dirty hands. This is the perfect mix of thin and light, but fully protected for the biker, hiker, or boater out there. Note that the case is NOT fully water proof (not submersible), but is protected from splashes and spills. The screen itself is fully covered with a second protective skin connected to the case itself; while you will need to take care to clean everything before putting on the case, once on the phone functions normally and after a while I forgot the extra protection was even there. The feel of the screen protection is smooth and feels much like the iPhone itself - it is not sticky or tacky like some other protectors I have felt. Oh, and for those that are worried, the iPhone Apple logo still shows through on the back, but is protected. All buttons are accessible (while covered with plastic gaskets) and the camera and flash work without being obstructed. This product came as described and has been great to use all along the way. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Awesome case, great protection, great price Review by Justin
I am very picky about my phone case. I want to have a low profile, but I don't want to sacrifice protection. This case has it all. It is very slim considering it's protection. All of the buttons are covered, yet functional. There is a screen protector that is included as well for full protection. The screen protector should be optional in my opinion. I don't have much need for a screen protector. This is a great product.

overall rating - 5

Sleek Look
Full protection
Fully functional buttons
Slim profile

Possible need for removable screen protection
Top of screen protector is a little close for use of the "tap to go to top" function. Still functional, but limited due to my larger fingers. (Posted on 4/23/14)
As good as it gets... Review by Kevin
Feedback for New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case:

I have installed this case on an iPhone 5 and am extremely satisfied with it's functionality, performance, and design.

Simple installation takes less than 3 minutes and involves only 3 pieces (hard internal plastic cover, rubberized skin, and back cover shield). Sleek, slim, but quite sturdy. The metal-faux backing on the case gives it a nice feel. The texture is desirable, the look is clean, and the simplicity of the design and functionality makes it superior to all of my previous cases (Incase, Otterbox, and Mophie). The plastic screen cover seals well with a nice, tight fit. The case also has superior button control and alignment.

Bottom Line: The New Trent Ultra-Thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case is a high quality case without the high quality price. I'll be purchasing another one for my envious wife.

New Trent is setting a new standard in the industry, and I look forward to seeing what the produce in the future.

RATING SCALE: 5 (Posted on 4/22/14)
Really changed my opinion of iPhone cases! Review by David
I will admit that I am not a fan of cases for my iPhone- I haven't used a case for the majority of the 5+ years that I have owned one. They are always too bulky, too sticky, or don't offer enough protection.

That said, this case has really changed my opinion on iPhone cases! I live that the outer, softer material doesn't attract dirt, and that it isn't sticky so it slides into my pocket easily. And the protection it offers is phenomenal for the minimal bulk it adds- while i don't think it's exactly waterproof, I still wouldn't worry about being caught in a rainstorm, for instance.

The installation was really easy as well- I did need to read the instructions (it wasn't that self-explanatory) but I figured it out quickly after that and it took less than a minute. Most cases that have screen protectors are a major pain to install- I love that this one is integrated into the hard portion and so required no extra effort.

This case would be good in just about any situation, but particularly for active users- I'd feel comfortable taking it outside anytime, running, biking, you name it.

I only have two relatively minor complaints- due to the screen protector, there is additional glare when in daylight- takes a little more work to find a screen angle that works when in that situation. Second, the loose plastic that protects the home button always makes me think there is some plastic shipping protective material that still needs to be removed. But once I remember what it's there for, it's okay- it's a great solution, but it's just that the crinkly plastic can be disconcerting.

But overall I am very, very impressed with this product, and I am glad to have finally found a case that I will happily keep my iPhone in. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Almost bulletproof Review by Marc
I received the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B) and after
fast delivery, I can only say, what a great product. It is sleek, slim,
light weight and for my iPhone 5 a perfect match. Installation is a breeze
and very secure rubber portion too. I previously had used similar type
cases that help keep my phone safe but sacrificed the thickness of the
device in the case and the rubber parts compared to this case were crap.
This rubber portion of the case is very soft and smooth to the touch and
not too “rubbery” meaning it collects dust or fine hair, i.e. dog hair. I
noticed that the port covers are solid and very good to open and close
without the compromise of possible leaving it cracked for liquid to
penetrate. I really enjoy the interchangeable back pieces where I can still
have all the functionality and protection of the case with style included.
The materials all around are indeed high grade and my iPhone functions as
it would without the case …but PROTECTED! Thank you for making such an
amazing product. I have added a few snapshots showing the device in action
and the case too. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great Protective Case with a Great Design Review by Josh
This case is a two piece design. There's an inner rubber shell that you put over your phone and from there you install the hard outer shell over it. It's not waterproof but it definitely shrugs off simple exposure to dirt, water (snow in my case) and general drops and dings. All the ports are covered too (lightning, headphone jack, silent switch) which helps keep out anything that would clog them (or make them not work). A lot of companies try to pass off iPhone 5 cases as 5S cases but this one is the only one that I've seen that still allows use of the home fingerprint scanner.

The case comes with interchangeable backs in the same color that iPhone 5S's come in (black, silver and champagne). The overall look of the case is pretty slim too. It definitely adds bulk to the phone but what do you expect? In my opinion, the case still keeps the phone slim (and less like a "brick").

The price isn't cheap but it's definitely comparable to the other high-quality cases you can get out there. I have another rugged case from another company but nobody I've seen has released a dedicated 5S case so the fingerprint sensor isn't useable when the case is installed. This New Trent case is the only one I've found that is definitely made for the new iPhone 5S's. A solid 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great new case! Review by Sabi
This is a great cover for an iPhone 5s. It is light weight and thin, but has a solid feel. Less bulkier than my current Otterbox. Very comfortable to grip/hold with the non-slip surface. Does not obscure access to any buttons, unlike some other covers i have seen. The screen is protected, but still very responsive to touch. Being water resistant and dirt/shockproof certainly are great features without sacrificing the looks and feel of the case. I am very pleased with it and would highly recommend it. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great protective case that won't fill up your whole pocket Review by Adam
I needed to replace my Iphone 5 Otterbox Case that was falling apart, but didn't want to pay the premium for another Otterbox case. This case seemed like a good alternative. So far I am very pleased with my purchase. What immediately jumps out at me is how small this case is in comparion to the Otterbox. It is a comfortable fit in my pocket. In addition, I personally find it more comfortable to use one handed. I always found it difficult to use my phone with only one hand using my Otterbox due to its bulk.
When I first looked at the case, I was a bit concerned about inner shell being durable enough, but it was more rigid than I thought. Adding the sleeve helps protect the phone during drops (which happens a lot).
My only complaint is that I find it hard to toggle into vibrate only mode. There are 2 little plastic "protectors" that extend on the inner shell that just makes it difficult to get my finger in to switch to vibrate.
All in all, great low price alternative that won't take up your whole pocket (Posted on 4/21/14)
Great Value Review by jake
I've been using New Trent products for about a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about their products. I decided to give this case a try and I'm sure glad I did. I've been using a Lifeproof case for a while now but after scratching the screen on my last one I was looking for a similar case at lower cost. The New Trent seemed to offer what I was looking for in a case so for $30 I figured it was worth it. When I opened the packaging I immediately knew I had a quality product in my hand. Installation on the phone was a breeze and I really like how you can change the colors on the back. The case has a nice rubber feel that isn't as slippery as my Lifeproof case and it's certainly got a cool factor to it. This case is a great value I don't think you could possibly be disappointed with it. I give it a solid 5 out of 5 rating. (Posted on 4/20/14)
Amazing Review by Ryan
Upon opening the package i was able to see that the case was extremely thin compared to an Otterbox case which I also use. It fits the phone good and everything is easily accessible - I like the fact that all ports are covered and sealed. Especially like that I can see the apple logo on the back - that is a plus considering other cases may block that out.As far as durability it is good. I tried rubbing keys up against the screen and the built in screen protector did its job - and as far as I can tell no scratches are on it. Also the screen protector does not interfere with the use of the display. I find it to be un noticeable . Drop test - Did great - I admit I have an extra iPhone on hand just to test things out. Dropped it from my height and nothing happened, Case remained in tact and had no imperfections it. Took the ​iPhone out and nothing was wring with it. Water resistance..... I do believe the case would do its job hoverer I did not test that part out - However from examining the case all main ports are sealed unless you open them so I wouldn't see why it wouldn't resist most if not all water. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an iPhone - Especially the price! You can't beat it and I like it much better than my Otterbox case
(Posted on 4/20/14)
Great Case Review by John
The Trentium iPhone 5 case was easy to install and looks great. I have been using an Otterbox Defender and the Trentium appears to provide the same level of protection with the advantages of being much easier to install, water resistant, and with a clearer screen protector. All the external access ports, buttons, etc. were aligned properly and the headphones, charging port, and mute button were covered with a flexible flap to maintain its water resistance.

It would be nice to have a belt clip to go with the case - maybe as an optional accessory.

The interchangeable back covers were a good idea, although there weren't many options. If you could offer a clear back cover so I could insert my own picture/design it would be a great addition.

I would highly recommend this case to anyone who wants extra protection for their iPhone without adding too much extra bulk.
(Posted on 4/19/14)
best rugged case!! Review by Greg
This case is by far my favorite rugged iPhone case on the market,
especially for the price. All of the ports are covered, and although not
100% water PROOF, it is extremely water RESISTANT (my kid threw it in the
toilet, and it survived!). The case is light, small, and fits in the hand
really well. They also have cutouts for the fingerprint reader, which
works really well. There is really nothing bad to say about this case, its
great! (Posted on 4/19/14)
Makes the iPad mini productive Review by Sandman
I am writing this review using the New Trent Airbender Mini (NT31B).
Once I placed my iPad Mini within the case, the first impression was that the keyboard case is very solid and provides a great deal of protection for the iPad. The rubberized texture on the surface gives a confident grip. There are nice rubber port covers to help protect them from the elements.
Bluetooth pairing was a simple task. The keyboard is small, expected for iPad Mini use. Typing is a bit slower than on a full sized keyboard, but much much faster than on the virtual onscreen keyboard. The keys are feel fine, but there is no "click."
The case allows you to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape easily, as well as adjust the viewing angle. The screen can also be pulled out a bit to improve the viewing angle. Pulling the screen out also helps to steady and balance the entire case/keyboard.
This would be a great case for someone who needs to be more productive with their iPad Mini and would also like to protect the iPad itself from harm.
A couple drawbacks: I found it quite difficult to get the iPad into the case. After a couple times, I got much better at it. Practice makes perfect. The other slight drawback is that this case/keyboard does add a bit of bulk to the overall package. I would think that both the difficult insertion and the added bulk contributes to the overall protection of the iPad,
Overall, I give this product 4 stars. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Good protection for your iPhone 5! Review by Sandman
This review is for the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S case (NT630CR-B).
This case offers lots of protection without too much added bulk. I usually get "covers" for my phone, just to protect from scratches and dents. This case is easy to put onto the phone. There is a protective cover for the screen as well. As an added bonus, there are three different colored back garnishes to suit your mood. The switches and ports are covered but easily accessible. The phone still slips easily into my pocket without difficulty.
If you are looking for durable protection for your iPhone 5, this is a great choice.

Overall I give it 5 stars (Posted on 4/19/14)
Great, slim iPhone case Review by Itai
This iPhone case fits perfectly on my iphone 5 and makes me confident that nothing can hurt it. Sure it is not the most beautiful case I have seen, but it is extremely sturdy, relatively low-profile, and does not hamper any of the phone's capabilities. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Premium case for a reasonable price Review by Tom
This is an excellent iPhone 5/5s case which is designed well and finely made. I’ve used the case for two days and have the following observations:
- Case fits the iPhone like a glove
- The screen cover is clear and responds to touch as accurately as the iPhone’s screen without the cover
- All of the buttons are placed in the proper location overlaying the iPhone’s buttons correctly
- The iPhone 5s comes in three colors. Most manufacturers’ cases cover the back of the phone with black plastic which hides the back cover’s color (except for a small window to see the Apple icon on the back). This case has a selection of the three colors by changing the back metal plate so you can still have the back cover color shown. Finally, someone got this right! (And what may be an extra benefit for those who wish they had bought another colored iPhone- you can change the iPhone color by changing the back metal plate on the case).
- The Home button cover on the case allows the fingerprint scanner on the 5s to easily read the user’s fingerprint to utilize the security feature on the phone.
- The holes in the case align perfectly on the bottom of the iPhone so the sound coming from the speakers is not limited nor is the use of the microphone hindered.
- The pull down and pull up menus that control the iPhone’s features work perfectly such that they perform the same as if the iPhone didn’t have a case at all (this is huge since several manufacturers’ case design block these important features).
- The ultra-thin design of the case is a plus since it adds very little to the size of the actual iPhone.
- I use a belt holster type carrying case to carry my iPhone and it appears sliding it in and out may begin to wear on the color of the back metal plate. It would be nice if the plate was coated in a fine plastic to protect the plate’s color.
- The case is water resistant and may not be water proof like some other cases so while it protects against liquids spilt on the iPhone, it may not be sealed enough if the iPhone gets immersed in liquid.
I have great appreciation for New Trent products and have several of them. This case is a great value, in my opinion, based on its relatively low price as compared to other similar products and the quality and uniqueness of its design and materials. I recommend it to others without hesitation.
(Posted on 4/19/14)
Solid Case for iPhone 5/5s Review by Marcia
There are (4) components I take in consideration when selecting a case to protect and cover my gold iPhone 5s. I look for a case that offers:
- protection from falls, bumps and scratches.
- easy access to ports and controls
- screen protection
- customization

Upon opening the box, you'll find a hard inner case, soft outer TPU case and three polycarbonate interchangeable covers in polished black, silver and gold. These pieces snugly fit together to provide a secure and protective case for your investment. I took the case through several tests to discover a long list of pros and only a few cons in the design.
Pro's include:
- Sleek and Slim design
- Easily slips into shirt and jean pockets
- The two layers absorb drops (My son dropped tested the case in the mall at 5ft with no damage to the iPhone).
- The port plugs do keep dust and micro particles at bay
- The screen protector doesn't prevent the keyboard from recognizing commands.
I have two minor issues with the case. First, I found the quality of sound questionable when playing music, watching videos or listening to audiobooks without ear buds. I think this happens due to the material that the hard inner case is made with. I suggest using Bluetooth speaker(s). Secondly, the finger print recognition sensor sometimes takes longer in recognizing your finger print which I think is due to the thick clear protector over the home button.
If you're looking for an exceptionally designed phone case that provides you with great features with a sleek appeal, don't look any further. The Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged case for iPhone 5/5s is an impressive case to have in your collection. I give this case 5 stars over all!

(Posted on 4/19/14)
Great otterbox replacement! Review by john
When I received my new New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin case, I was pleasantly surprised. I previously used an OtterBox case to protect my iPhone 5. When I switched to this case the first thing I noticed was how much smaller it was than the OtterBox. While I didnt measure to get exact dimensions, it is SMALLER. The second thing I noticed is that this case to easily slip into/out of pockets of pants without sticking to clothing. The third thing I noticed is the neat little plugs of the case that fit into the battery port, head phone jack, and the vibrate/silent switch. All of these are great, except the vibrate one. I frequently switch my the vibrate to not vibrate and the plug over this is not as convenient as it could be. The interchangeable back to the case gives a slick way to change the look of the device with minimal effort. The only feature I see that could be added to this case would be some sort of a belt clip, which I am sure New Trent will have in the near future.

All in all, I would give this case a 5 star rating. Its design, feel, and functionality provide superior protection to my iPhone 5. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Great iPhone case! Review by Steve
Looked to get this case as a gift for my partner's iPhone 5, and we are glad we got it! The case fits very well and seems to protect the iPhone very well by using both an inner case and an outer case. There is some bulk added to the iPhone but overall the look and feel is very good and not super bulky like some armored cases can be. Most importantly the screen is still very responsive despite being well protected behind a clear layer of protection. All ports and button are accessible and the case comes with three different colored plates to customize the look. I love the look of the case and am very glad our iPhone is protected so well. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Love the case! Review by Tami
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged iPhone 5 Case

I am using the New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged iPhone Case on my iPhone 5. The case goes on really easy by snapping it into position. This case would be nice for anyone because of it's stylish looks, but would also work really good for people who enjoy the outdoors or that work in harsh environments.

-Very stylish design (love the grey and black)
-The material feels very durable
-The texture feels very nice and doesn't slip out of your hands
-Finish on the case doesn't leave finger prints
-Phone is still very responsive with the screen protector
-Sound from phone receiver does not change - Great quality in sound
-All ports are easily accessible

-Screen looks smeary from prints and dust
-My screen gets pocket lint on one side from the sticky strip that holds the screen to the case
-The plastic over the home button feels odd and makes a crinkle sound when pushed

I rate this a 4.5. I really like the case. I feel like it protects my phone and its looks really nice. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Nice rugged case for iPhone 5S Review by Chris
I have been testing the product this week with my iPhone 5S and it is
lighter than the cases from Otterbox and look to provide the same level of
protection. This would be a good case for anyone out in the field or prone
to dropping their phone. I didn't try immersing it in water, but the
rubber covers look like they would do a good job of protecting the phone.
The clear plastic cover on the screen works and I had no issues with the
touchscreen recognizing my inputs through it. Understandably I wasn't able
to plug the phone into my clock/radio at night without removing the case.
The case is fairly easy to remove so while a hassle it's part of the trade
off for the additional protection this case provides. While the case is
lighter than others that offer similar protection, I prefer a smaller case
so I plan to use this one mostly when I'm outdoors or in a place where the
phone may get beat up. On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd rate it a 4. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Stylish and protective Review by Jay
After receiving this case and opening it up for the first time, I was impressed with its quality and optional covers (more about that in a minute) that were included. It works like many other cases that provide a high level of protection, it has an inner hard case section which allows the case to fit snuggly and securely on the phone and then the outer portion is a rubber/silicon like material that provides good fall/crack protection. This case includes a screen cover that is built in which will help prevent scratches or spills from reaching the screen (great out in a rain shower if you need to pull your phone out and use it to prevent water drops from reaching the actual phone itself).

The unit fits both the iPhone 5S and 5 very well and is actually fairly easy to take on and off for this style of case which is a plus if you change your cases or like to have a “caseless” phone when you are at home or somewhere you don’t need one. It also comes with 3 interchangeable back covers (3 colors: gold, dark silver, and black) which allow you to have some choice in how the phone looks and bring out the color you may have chosen for your phone. Many people complain that these cases cover up the color of the iPhone and this case allows you to represent some of that color on the outside. It also allows for some change so it will help prevent you from becoming tired of the case by being able to change its look slightly. A big plus in my book!

Finally, the ports have pop-open flanges that seal the phone but also allow for easy access when needed. All the buttons on the case seem to fit and align well with the phone’s button layout. While this case does add some bulk to the iPhone, it is a necessary in this style of case to provide the protection that it does. The only addition I would add to this package is a white themed case or at least one of the back covers could have come in white as well. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Stylishly thin iPhone case Review by Mollie
I just purchased the New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case in grey to use with my new iPhone 5S -- and wow -- is this case a looker! I wasn't expecting such a stylish design -- it matches the Space Grey iPhone 5S perfectly. The case is not at all bulky -- it lives up to its ultra-thin description -- and was easy to put on the iPhone. The screen cover is so geared to sensitive touch that you don't even notice you have a screen cover. I think having a water and shock resistant case is just very smart self preservation -- who knows when someone will spill coffee over your iPhone or when it might be knocked out of your hands onto a very hard surface, like the sidewalk or your garage floor? While I have rarely dropped any of my of iPhones, I did accidentally knock this one off my desk onto a hardwood floor. There was no damage at all, but that's about my limit for scary drops. I might be curious, but I'm not curious enough to deliberately try to drop my iPhone. This case has covers over the controls that are very well designed. I was able to take photos, raise and lower the volume, mute the sound, and plug my iPhone in for recharging with no problems at all. I think this case would be great for all iPhone owners, however you use your iPhone. One thing I would like -- on my wish list would be a champagne gold color, to match the gold iPhone 5. But apart from the color (yeah, I know, girl geek), it was perfect.
(Posted on 4/17/14)
Great for harsh environments (wet, dirt and shock); but touch screen is less sensitive Review by Patiwet
This iphone case is designed for someone who work in difficult environments, and frequently have to contend with extreme conditions. As compared to all of the major cases, this one provides the best combination of form factor (small footprint), durable protection, accessibility with minimal to no compromise of iPhone features, and overall aesthetic. The standout features are the resistance to water, dirt and shock. After spending some time on testing, I really impressed with the product. The case fitted my iPhone 5s very well. I tested pushing all buttons of my iphone 5s, they worked great as before. Screen touching, camera shooting, sound playing worked pretty well.

However there are some compromises that I noticed when I used the product. The first one is the access to the home button (with finger scan). It a little harder to put my finger on the home button since there is a ridge at the bottom. It could scan my fingerprint perfectly but it did not sound click (and I did not feel it clicked) when I pushed.
Next, the plastic layer that covers the phone makes the touching little insensitive. Since it was not close enough to the phone touch screen, it created an air gap between the phone and the plastic outer layer. I had to touch it screen harder that I am not sure it is a good for the phone.
I fully understand that it is a protective case for extreme situations (such as wet, shock, dirt) but as for people using the phone in a normal life, one should take the cons into consideration. For this review, I will give 4 stars of out 5 because it works exactly as described. (Posted on 4/16/14)
This Replaces My Old Case, and My kids Want One Now! Review by Debbie
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is my new favorite case for my iPhone 5S.


When I opened the packaging, I found the part with the screen protector, the TPU covering, and a back cover already assembled. In a separate plastic bag, I also found two more back covers of different colors.


There are three hard plastic back covers that come with the iPhone case. These allow you to change the color of your case, but also add extra protection to the back part of the phone. There is a round hole in each cover that allows the Apple on the iPhone to show through.


As I mentioned before, this case has a built-in screen protector, which also covers the home button. For those who have an iPhone 5s, don't worry, it's clear and allows touch ID to work with no problem!

The TPU covering around it has port covers which help to keep water, dirt, and dust out, while the TPU cushions your iPhone. TPU is a shock absorbing material, and is great for phone cases!

Don't confuse water resistant with waterproof, because they are not the same! Water resistent can still allow water in, where water proof does not. The description of this case clearly states that it is water resistant, not waterproof.


Unlike other more expensive protective cases, this is just as protective, but does not increase the size and weight of your phone bye very much at all.

I have nothing negative to say about this case.

I give this case five stars! (Posted on 4/16/14)
This has Replaced My Other Phone Case, and My Kids Each Want One Now Review by Debbie
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is my new favorite case for my iPhone 5S.


When I opened the packaging, I found the part with the screen protector, the TPU covering, and a back cover already assembled. In a separate plastic bag, I also found two more back covers of different colors.


There are three hard plastic back covers that come with the iPhone case. These allow you to change the color of your case, but also add extra protection to the back part of the phone. There is a round hole in each cover that allows the Apple on the iPhone to show through.


As I mentioned before, this case has a built-in screen protector, which also covers the home button. For those who have an iPhone 5s, don't worry, it's clear and allows touch ID to work with no problem!

The TPU covering around it has port covers which help to keep water, dirt, and dust out, while the TPU cushions your iPhone. TPU is a shock absorbing material, and is great for phone cases!

Don't confuse water resistant with waterproof, because they are not the same! Water resistent can still allow water in, where water proof does not. The description of this case clearly states that it is water resistant, not waterproof.


Unlike other more expensive protective cases, this is just as protective, but does not increase the size and weight of your phone bye very much at all.

I have nothing negative to say about this case.

I give this case five stars! (Posted on 4/16/14)
Better than Otterbox Review by Christopher

This is probably the lightest case I have ever had that has given me full protection. I was skeptical at first because it was some much smaller than my OtterBox, but after dropping it from about desk height I was satisfied. The case left no scratches on the phone, and the colored back panel managed to stay on.

The design of the case is interesting. The back panel of the case is removable, and comes with 3 different colors that mimic the iPhone 5/5s. Most rigid cases completely ignore styling, but this case is at least pleasant to look at.

This case appeals to people who want both style and protection. I have my phone out a lot, and it seems like it falls off my desk, or slips out of my jacket pocket at least once day. This gives me the protection I need without having to feel like I am lugging around a brick. (Posted on 4/16/14)
a great iPhone 5/5S case Review by Michael
I’m not a big fan of adding a bulky case to the slim iPhone 5S. Luckily this case doesn’t do that!! It does add a little bulk, but not nearly as much as some of its competitors. The outer material has a good grip on it. Not tacky where its hard to get in and out of your pocket. The screen protector on it is fantastic, it picks up your finger swipes and touches flawlessly, the best part it doesn’t get those annoying air bubbles between the screen and the screen protector like those other cases.

Another nice touch are the included phone color matching back panels. I am very proud to have one of the gold iPhones, and enjoy have the gold colored plate on the back to show it off.

As to the toughness of this case and how it protects my iPhone, it did take a pretty nasty fall out of my truck and dropped about 4ft without a scratch on it, and the iPhone was in perfect shape.

It’s a keeper!! I think you will believe so too. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Excellent case- Touch ID works great! Highly Recommended Review by Brandon
This is my review of the New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case. I was provided this case by New Trent for review purposes. I tested the unit with my AT&T iPhone 5s, white, 64gb. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The case comes inside a very nice cardboard box with instructions and product images printed on the outside. Upon opening the package, you are greeted by a very solid case as well as a small plastic sleeve containing the user replaceable back plates. The back plates are switchable to match the phone back or for personalizing the look of the case. The installed plate is basic black- a perfect match for the iPhone 5 in black. The optional other backs are a gunmetal grey and a champagne(ish) plate to match the 5s casebacks better. As I noted earlier, the instructions for installation are on the back of the box, so don’t go looking for anything else within the box, as it isn’t there. The installation is rather straightforward- you start at a corner and peel the case apart- it’s a bit like peeling an orange. The case itself is a two-piece affair with a rubber back and a hard plastic frame with an installed screen protector for the front piece. The front “frame” part fits inside the rubber back. You simply insert the iPhone into the front piece, and then press that unified part into the back. You’ll want to make sure that you secure the rubber lip into the tiny ridge along the edge of the frame piece to ensure a solid, slop-free fit. One the case is on, its not going to work itself loos or come off unless you want it to. All ports are plugged via little rubber flaps that are fairly easy to open. The front of the phone is completely covered by a thin plastic screen. All speaker/camera holes are also covered. Sound is only slightly muffled- its actually barely noticeable compared to some of the competing brands. The mic also sounds clearer than in most other cases. This is a huge plus as the Otter and LifeProof equivalent cases can significantly degrade the sound. With regard to the screen protector, I found there to be no “air pocket” between the case and screen like some other options have. The screen was highly responsive and I noticed zero sensitivity loss. The Touch ID sensor is also covered and I did notice a tiny lag in its “reading” but it still worked fine through the film. Another area of concern is the camera cutouts- they are covered and the flash cutouts are very close but I noticed no degradation of image quality with or without use of the flash. A big plus for this case is the buttons. All of the buttons retain a crisp tactile feel and suffer non of the mushiness that can be found in other designs. One small complaint- the flap covering the ringer switch is tiny and unless you have either childlike fingers or fingernails, switching it can be difficult. To be fair though, there isn’t much else you can do about it as the iPhone is so thin. And speaking of thin, this case delivers. It only slightly increases the phones dimensions on all sides but it never feels bulky or unwieldy. Forget the “brick” shape/size of some of its forebears- this case is surprisingly svelte. This case is advertised as shock, dust and water resistant. It seems like it offers a medium to medium plus level of protection. It is probably not going to protect your iPhone if it falls in the pool or if you try to use it in a rainforest or sandstorm but it doesn’t promise to. If you want excellent everyday protection from the elements meaning the occasional raindrop splash or accidental fall into the dirt, you’ll be fine. If you’re seeking extreme protection, you’ll want to consider one of the vastly more expensive and bulky alternatives, but if you’re looking for an excellent, slimmer everyday case, this is an excellent option. Appearance: 4/5 Size: 5/5 Ease Of Use: 5/5 Fit/Finish: 5/5 Protection: 4/5 Value: 5/5 Pros: size, price, usability Cons: not everyone wants a black case? (it’s the only gripe I have!) Overall Rating: 5/5 (excellent, highly recommended) (Posted on 4/16/14)
I like the case so far, but concerned about durability... Review by Roberto
I’ve received the case in a box that included three parts: hard inner case, soft outer case, interchangeable cover (gray/metallic color). I also received an additional cover (black) (see pictures with both covers). I was impressed by the look of the case. It is thin and light but still you can notice the heavy-duty rubberized material, which gives you the feeling that the phone is protected.

Getting the IPhone (I have an IPhone 5S) in the case was not difficult, however one needs to make sure the hard case fits well in the soft case. There are some pros and cons about this case:

Thin and light, fits well in the phone and have a nice look, it is well designed.
Access to microphone jack –I’ve had other cases that require a plug adaptor
Screen fits well and flat, I’ve had the LifeProof case, which has some issues about the way the screen sits on the iPhone screen.
Outgoing voice is better compared to LifeProof case, however there is still a little of
The feeling I’m in a box, or the voice is not clear.
It’s much cheaper than other cases (waterproof, shock resistant)

The main issue I noticed with this case, after a few hours of use is that the protective film over the fingerprint/home button is too fragile –looks very cheap- and it seems it has already unglued (see picture). Sometimes I have to press harder or twice to make it respond.
The most annoying thing about this case is the access to the ringer/mute switch. It is extremely difficult to reach. I use this switch a lot, being at work/meetings and fighting with the rubber flap and trying to reach the switch is just annoying.
The screen seems to be a fingerprint pad, and it attracts a lot of dirt. However, I must say that within couple days of use, I’m getting use to it, but have to clean it frequently. In addition, the screen has some ‘almost invisible’ gridded lines, but you could see them when the phone is facing certain positions and there is sun. Not a big issue though.
The main concerns I have with this case are the rubber flaps (charging, headphone/microphone and ringer flap). My experience with these in the past is that they get worn out quickly, in particular the charging compartment flap). The same issue happens with the soft (rubberized) case. They tend to loss its shape and fit to the hard case. I’ll update on this later.
Finally I haven’t seen any information about warranty in the box. There is only information about the website and support.

Conclusion and Rating: So far I like this case and I will give a rate of 4, because: it has improved my experience compared to the other case I had, but still have some concerns about how long it will last and warranty issues. (Posted on 4/16/14)
An Ultra-thin Rugged Case with both Full Protection and Full Functionality Review by Max
This rugged case (NT630CR) for iPhone 5/5S is another premium product from New Trent. It has two layers: front/inner hard case with built-in screen protector, outside/back soft TPU case with flaps to cover phone jack, charging port, and mute vibration switch. The border of the front/inner case is raised about 3mm above the screen. So a flat drop of your phone will not have the screen contact ground. There is a polycarbonate cover attached in the back that is removable and you may change it to another one with a different color - it is similar to iPhone's two-tone back design. I would say it is purely decorative.

- It is rugged and provides a lot of protections
- Built-in front screen protector along with covered power button and volume buttons in addition to flaps that cover mute/vibration switch, phone jack, and charging port make it dust and water resistant
- Soft TPU case can absorb shocks and withstand accidental drops
- All ports, switches including finger print sensor are all fully functional
- The screen protector is decent, the retina display is not impacted much. I have already had Zagg's screen protector on my phone, it did not cause any issues (i.e bubbles or impediment to touch actions)
-The finger print sensor is covered as well but it still works reasonably well
- With so much protection, it only adds a little bulk

- Since the speakers are not covered, it is not waterproof. But then again, it is by design
- It looks OK given it provides so much protection and still managed to preserve all functionality. But with this case on your phone, all the beauty of your iPhone (mine is a gold iPhone 5s) is no longer visible. The case I got is black, other lighter color would be nice if not totally transparent.

However, this case is really designed to provide ample protection while preserve all functionality and still keep it thin. New Trent has again provides us with a premium product achieving these goals. I give it a five star. If it has more color choices, it would be extra icing on a fantastic cake. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Great case, little things to get used to, but completely worth it Review by Jonathan
So out of the box you have your hardshell case and tpu cover. Overall the
case on its own feels nice and sturdy and not too bulky as compared to
otterbox and ballistic cases. I chose not to test the water resistant
feature as I only want to know this in an emergency situation, so better
safe than sorry... Kind of. I have this case on my iPhone 5s, and the phone
is a very slim one to begin with, and the case adds a bit of bulk, bit
nothing so much that you can't still pocket it. I have to say, on the
phone, this is an exceptional case. I'm a big advocate of rugged cases, and
the bulk is a trade off, but this is a rigged case and doesn't turn your
phone into a brick. My favorite case so far has been the D30 case I use in
my HTC One S. Very good shock absorption, I was actually confident enough
to throw at a wall. Granted I was partially buzzed at the time, but I won't
do that again, period. One thing to touch on though. For some reason, when
I tried to finger unlock the phone, it didn't work, despite other reviews
saying it did. I finally just set up a new print, and this worked out
perfectly. Also with the home button, you have to press a little harder,
but again, worthy trade off. Any job or situation that demands the phone
out and multitasking, would be perfect for this case. And because it's not
super bulky, it runs perfectly as an everyday case as well. My daily driver
phone is a Nexus 5 with a spigen case and it's a little lighter, but has no
where near the amount of protection afforded by the Trentium. If New Trent
made one for my Nexus I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. To conclude, I'd
rate this product a 5/5, just make sure to press a little harder or set up
a new print for the unlock and you'll be fine. Way to go again new Trent! (Posted on 4/15/14)
Why in the world would you get anything else. Review by Jonathan
This case fit my phone so tight and snug on my iPhone 5s I didn't even have to carry it around to know I would love it. The feel of the case even makes it feel less like there is a case on the phone at all. Add in the obscene amount of protection for the device and ridiculously low price and I couldn't recommend any other case. So that being said I promptly informed my family to purchase one for themselves as well!

The case is easy to apply and very well built. The edges feel similar to the natural feel of the iPhone and the interchangeable back piece just adds to the effect. The case is really light and fits right in my belt holster. And even after dropping it multiple times there aren't any marks on it much less damage.

My one and only con with the case is I had to get used to how the Home button feels. But that didn't take long at all. (Posted on 4/15/14)
great case Review by Joshua
Packaging for the Ultra-Thin Rugged Case for the iPhone 5S is very nice and
easy to open. The case comes wrapped up in cellophane and adequately
protected for shipping. My only concern is that there is no protective film
on the built in screen protector. I did notice that there was a bit of dust
on the inside that I had to clean before installing the iPhone 5s.

The installation process for my iPhone 5s was smooth and as the
instructions described.

The case has a good grip feel in the hand, and is comfortable to handle.
All ports match up to the cut outs, and the camera is not obstructed at
all. I also noticed that the cover over the button does change the feel
(you loose the metal ring feel on the outer edge), and it is also is a
different feel when pushing the button. Finally, the screen, it looks very
good through the included protector, and does not change the feel of the
touch screen.

The protection feels strong, and competitive to other heavy duty cases. I
have done a small splash test and the inside did stay completely dry. I
would not submerge the phone, but a spilled glass of water would not be a
big deal.

Last, the static! Oh man, this thing is a dirt magnet. The touch screen
gets static build up and will attract dust like a monster! It is all on the
outside, and it does wipe quickly but the dust attraction is higher than
expected. (Posted on 4/14/14)
Nice rugged case for iPhone 5 Review by LERS
## Hardware Design

When taking this case out of the box you can immediately tell Newtrent has gone "all in" to really protect your iPhone. It is a 2-piece case, the iPhone is actually sandwiched between the top part and the bottom part. It provides excellent rugged protection without adding considerable bulk.

The iPhone's screen is covered by a transparent plastic film which is part of the upper case cover. The film is fairly thick, so it provides more than adequate protection against scratches without hindering the iPhone operation. When the screen is off, you may be able to see the sections of the glass that are not in complete contact with the plastic film. Not a big deal though, and hardly noticeable when the screen is on.

All buttons are covered, including the *silence/vibrate* button located to the side of the iPhone and the *Home* button. This is one of the few cases that provide this level of protection, and best of all: all buttons are perfectly usable.

The Apple logo in the back is also protected with a transparent plastic film.

## Hardware Quality

Hardware quality is very good. The case is made of a combination of rubber, and both soft and hard plastic. The transparent film does not hinder screen quality or operation at all. I would say that quality is on par - if not slightly above - with other competitors such as Otterbox cases.

## General Performance

The case performs quite well. Newtrent states it is both dirt and shockproof. Although I didn't perform any scientific tests, you can easily tell this case can take a punch or two.

Regarding button operation, I must say it is surprisingly pleasant to use the phone's buttons through this case, you get complete tactile feedback, which is not an easy task to accomplish in this case category. Access to the iPhone ports is quite easy as well.

I do have a small pet peeve, though: getting the iPhone in and out of this case can be a bit daunting. I guess is an inherit cost of having a rugged case, so I'm not knocking any stars because of it.

## Price

The NewTrent Trentium sells for a little less than $30 in Amazon at the moment of this writing, which is truly a bargain for the quality and protection level this case provides. (Posted on 4/13/14)
Excellent case for the price Review by Firedog7881
This was my first experience with a full shock-proof case and it took a while to get used to the additional size this type of case adds. While I did not fully test how water resistant this case is the construction is top notch and I would trust it next to a waterfall with all the mist. Every possible switch or port is covered nicely with a rubber latch that springs closed. Unfotunately I was able to test the shockproof of the case by dropping it from about 4 feet with it landing on the side and the phone didn't miss a beat and there wasn't a scratch on the phone or the case. The case construction is really good. I was looking at a friend's case before I got this one and I was trying to figure out how to take the case off and I couldn't figure it out. I think this is good because the case will not fall off, it fits on very nicely. The addition of the back plate works great to make sure the rubber bumper stays on as well as a great accent.
I have been mostly happy with case. I am giving it 5 stars with these two caveats: 1) The screen cover is extremely reflective and caused me to have to turn my screen brightness up a little bit to see it outside, I try to keep it as low as possible to save on battery. This isn't a huge deal as I'm used to turning my screen brightness up outside anyway. 2) Taking a picture with the flash causes a bright blue hue to the pictures due to the flash reflecting back onto the lens from the protective cover over the camera. I really don't take any pictures with flash so it isn't a big deal for me, hasn't caused any problems in my day-to-day use of my case. These two concerns are worth it for the extra protection that this case offers.
All in all this is a great case. The construction is great, the feel is great, the responsiveness through the protective screen cover is great. (Posted on 4/12/14)
Great protective case for iPhone 5s!! Review by Clint

First Impressions: This case feels great and is very light weight. I thought it might be difficult to put on the device but there was a little guide on the back of the box and it was a piece of cake to put on. The phone feels great and is definitely more protected in this case.
- Feels and looks good in your hand
- Protects the entire iPhone including the screen (works with existing screen protectors as well)
- Buttons are covered yet easy to access
- 3 color options for the back (Black, Space Grey & Gold)
- Light weight
- Works with fingerprint reader on iPhone 5s
- Screen is very responsive

- Home button/Fingerprint reader protection looks cheap and flimsy
- Can be difficult to drag icons from one screen to the next because the bezel on both sides is completely covered
- Screen protector isn't perfectly clear at some angles
- Does add significant bulk to the iPhone

Overall: I've been using this case for several days now and so far I really like it. It is more bulky than the previous case I had, but this
case provides significantly more protection than my previous case. I'm wishing my wife had this case on hers when her iPhone 5s took a swim in the bath tub. I was really impressed to see that the fingerprint reader still worked even though it is covered by a little piece of plastic but like I said above, the plastic that covers it looks cheap and flimsy like the plastic of a sandwich bag. Even with the Cons above, I think the product is great for anyone looking for FULL protection on their iPhone 5/5s. (Posted on 4/11/14)
All the protection, none of the bulk, slides in and out of pocket perfectly Review by Bryan
This phone case exceeds my expectation. I am very picky about my phone cases and would have taken this off my phone right away if i didn't like it. The case is composed of a hard inner shell on the front with a built in screen protector, a very thin film(for water resistance) over the fingerprint scanner/home key. I only have an iPhone 5, but I put my co-workers 5s in this case answer were both surprised how well the scanner worked through the protective film, a hard rubber outer shell to reduce shock and add overall protection, and lastly the back plate which is made of something hard( I don't know the material) . The case comes with three different back plates to choose from. A gold one, a silver one, and a black one. I read some reviews before buying this case that said there were issues with some of the materials leaving fingerprint smudges, but New Trent must have read those reviews and improved their product because all the material, other than the built in screen protector have a matte finish. Very slick product. No bubbles under the screen protector. I will be going on a year long deployment with the army soon and i feel much better about the protection of my phone with this case than i did with my last one. I don't want to brake my iPhone in another country and have to wait weeks for a replacement and that is something i am less worried about now. This case is the best bang for your buck when it comes to the small amount of bulk added and the piece of mine from the protection that you get. I would take this over an otterbox or anything else any day. I would like to see some more accessories from this company some day because I am thoroughly impressed with this product. (Posted on 4/11/14)
A Solid Case Review by Don
Results: The case fit exactly as it should. I was surprised that the built-in screen protector worked as well as it did. Because I have the 5S, I was skeptical that this case would be useful because I use the fingerprint sensor. I had no problems whatsoever with the sensor - it worked like a charm. This case definitley puts some heft to the iPhone -- it makes the user feel like he is holding a substantial product. The case is easy enough to attach and remove. I had only two complaints: 1) the integrated screen protector smudges quite a bit - much more than the plain screen; 2) I use a clock with a docking port to charge my phone and have to take the phone out of the case in order to charge it because of the thickness of the case.

When/where most useful: Everywhere! Most of us are afraid of getting our phones wet or dropping them. It's expensive to replace today's phones. I like the water resistant nature of the case and it's substantial enough that it will protect my phone in the event I drop it.

What field would benefit most: Any field, actually. Because it's a phone case, anyone who has a phone should use one to protect their investment.

Rating: 5 Even with my two complaints, this is an excellent product. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great Case Review by Keegan
This is a great product and is right up there with the OtterBox. Although
the case is made out of a durable plastic that has some people worried when
compared to the OtterBox rubberized cases, I can say that while I have been
using this case, I have dropped it two or three times and it has been well
protected. I also LOVE the fully covered front. Another case I had before
was fully covered, but had a hole for the fingerprint scanner. Dust and
junk got through that hole and up under the screen. This case has a clear
film over the home button and finger print scanner, keeping all gunk out
from under the front cover. I was skeptical about this plastic at first
because I thought it would either get too ripped up or not scan my
fingerprint well, but that is not the case. It scans just fine and has
stayed in good condition. Even if this case did break after a year (which I
don't think it will), I would spend the money to get another. 5/5 stars! (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great protective case Review by Stacie
I used this case on an iphone 5. It is thinner than many of the other cases that are advertised as rugged cases. I had an Otterbox for another phone, and that case significantly added bulk. The New Trent case did not add as much bulk.

Installation was fairly easy. The instructions were clear, and the pictures helped a great deal.

I didn't notice any loss of signal with the phone cover on. Also I didn't notice an impact on the touch sensitivity of the screen. The clarity of the phone's screen was still there, and the iphone was still responsive to my touch commands even with the case on. I have to apply just a little more pressure to press the home button through the case, but it's not a huge deal.

The covering over the screen did show a lot of fingerprints though. It'd be nice if the cover also came with a screen wipe, or was able to show fingerprints less.

The case being waterproof is a big plus.

Although the case comes with customizable back plates, I would have liked for there to be other colors of the case besides black. I'm not sure if there already are other color options available.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the case so far so I'd give it a rating of a 5. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Beautiful, thin, tough and elegant case for Iphone 5/5S Review by CatherineI
A couple of days ago my Iphone 5/5S case (NT630-CRB) arrived -- so it has now seen about half a business week of use. I liked the packaging, which was sleek and easy to open. The decision to put the instructions about how to insert my Iphone 5 into the case right on the cover of the packaging not only made the packaging appealing but also made putting the case into use very easy. What was inside the package was the case -- a hard portion which snaps readily over the front, glass part of my Iphone 5, a soft rubber portion which fits securely around the back of my Iphone 5 and the hard part of the case, and finally 3 choices for backing the back of the soft case, in black, gold, and silver. Very nice. I attach pictures of my Iphone with the components of its case (using the silver backing) and of what it looked like as it was inserted.

In use, this is one beautiful case. It is lightweight, adding very little bulk to this beautiful slim phone. But it is also thoroughly protective, and I feel confident it will preserve the phone from any falls or scratches. The whole thing feels and looks like quality, too -- each opening fits perfectly, so that volume control, on and off, home key, earphone jack and charging jack all work beautifully with the case on. The screen remains perfectly responsive to touch. One of my staff people has an Iphone 5 and tried it with the case -- the fingerprint recognition also continued to work perfectly for his phone after the case was on.

I have just one tiny criticism. The phone sits in this case so securely that it is a bit of a thing to get it out and put it into my desktop charger, which holds the phone upright, and will not accommodate it with the case on.

I really love this case, and I've tried a few, including some attractive and well made sleeves, as well as snap on cases. This is by far the most beautiful and functional and protective, and I think it does all those jobs best of all the cases I've sampled. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Amazing Case at a amazing price! Review by Kevin
First off, I’d like to begin by saying what an amazing and well built case this is. It is a super durable 3 layer case consisting of a from phone plate, and solid rubber surrounding and a strong metal back plate. I’d like to go over a few things that I love about this case.

For starters, the price of this case is unbelievable. Similar cases retail for $80 and up for the same amount of protection. New Trent has found a way to make an case, that will save your iPhone 5/5s in daily drops for only $29.95. That is just incredible!

Second, this case is super easy to put together and take apart. Many cases that are built for protection make it so difficult to take apart the cases once they are put together. This amazing case made by New Trent has changed that. New Trent has found a great way to make a case thats easy to take on and off, but still provides great protection and if you happen to drop your phone, the phone is not going to pop out of the case.

Finally, protection. How well does this case protect your precious iPhone? Well, pretty amazingly well. For starters there is a built in screen protector on the case, so you never have to worry about scratching your screen or your existing screen protector bubbling or anything like that. Also it has protections around the home button, apple logo, flash and camera. This case is built so well. With the three layers of protection that this case is packed with, this case is going to handle daily drops with no problems. Also, it will be able to survive the elements, such as rain and snow. This case is water resistant, so you’ll be able to pull your phone out in the elements and not have to worry about it being damaged. With that said, remember, its water RESISTANT, not water PROOF. So don’t go jumping into a pool with it!

There is so much I love about this case. There is not much not to like. However I only found one thing i’m not happy with. Since there is a layer of screen protection over the flash and camera, every time you take a flash picture, the light reflects off of the protection and right into the lens and white the photo out a lot. It will also kill a lot of the quality of your photos. So if you are a big picture taker with your phone, I would either tell you to look else where for a case, or suggest that you cut the layer of protection that covers the camera off of the phone case. Besides that, its the only thing I don’t like about the case!

With all that said, I would give the case 4 stars. Only losing a start because of the camera issue. Other than that, this case is amazing! I highly suggest!!!

If you would like to see a video review of this case check out my youtube video of it! You can check the video out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da_8bIarYTQ


-Kevin Reardon (Posted on 4/10/14)
I love the iPhone case I wish I know before I would have gotten it in gold Review by Carmen
I love the iphone case I think it's nice and slim easy to put onto the phone . It's not overly heavy I love how all the ports are covering it's not fully water proof but it's great for everyday use. Plus not even the waterproof case are very waterproof ive seen them fail. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I just wish they would add some more colors to it or replacement back covers in different colors (Posted on 4/10/14)
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case Review by Pete
The New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone Case does exactly what New Trent claims in its title. Compact and lightweight, it does not add much more weight or bulk than your ordinary case, yet it offers so much more and at a price greatly less than other famous brand cases with similar features.

I received this via USPS in a very thin mailing envelope and my first thought was "oh oh, is it intact"?. I was immediately put at ease when I opened it up and found a very sturdy and well constructed box, along the lines that Apple uses for its products, and the case was undamaged.

I was really surprised that a case with this many features was so light and attractive. The case was easy to install on my iPhone 5, and although it has a thin clear membrane over the screen and home button, this does not affect the touch functions of the phone. I was worried that it might affect the touch function, but I have not have any problems so far. The button covers snap into place and do not hinder the use of the buttons. The camera opening also has a thin membrane covering it, yet photos are very clear and crisp.

The design is attractive with its 3 piece shell and installing it was simple. I like the fact that the rear piece is a different color (silver/graphite) which adds a nice touch to the entire case and has an opening for the Apple logo. I have not tested the drop protection yet (don't want to tempt fate) but given the thickness of the outer TPU case, I'm can rest confident that my iPhone would be well protected in case of a fall. Given that all openings are will covered, including all the switches, screen, home button and camera opening, I'm sure it would protect from occasional spills or rain (remember, it is water resistant, not waterproof).

This replaces my previous case which in many ways was similar except for the membranes and the inner rubber case was very thin and I worried that in case of a fall from greater heights, it might not do the job. Although it was slightly slimmer, it had been an easy transition to this case.

If you are looking to protect your iPhone at a very reasonable price and an attractive case, look no further than New Trent's offering. I give this case 5 stars and kudos to New Trent for coming out with innovative solutions at a very reasonable price while not sacrificing quality. I can definitely recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect their investment. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Favorite case so far! Review by Susan
I have used both OtterBox and LifeProof cases for my iPhone, and found that the OtterBox added too much bulk and the Lifeproof messed with the touchscreen and speakers. This New Trent case does neither of those! It's easily slipped into my pocket, has a nice texture, and protected my phone from rain in a storm. I also found the fingerprint sensor to be fully functional with this case. What more could you ask for?! (Posted on 4/10/14)
Very rugged! Perfect for when I'm doing yardwork in the back too! Review by Michael
My iPhone 5 rugged case (NT630CR) is one of many cases I own. It's also the one that actually stays on my phone. The rest are in my junk drawer...well, except my battery case, I still use that one from time to time - only until NewTrent finally releases their awesome version of a battery case, because I know they have to have that coming soon, it only makes sense.

So yeah, this case feels great. As I've learned to expect from all NewTrent products, it feels high quality, durable, and long lasting. Like the Airbender case for my iPad mini, the volume and power buttons have that AMAZING clicky feel. I love it. All the ports are sealed water-tight.

I go hiking, camping, and lots of outdoors so this is the perfect case to have to feel secure and protected. I'm not afraid to toss my phone around or drop it. It's a nice feeling not being so precious with it...very freeing.

All in all it's a solid case that deserves 5 stars. If there was anything I wish were different, I wish the home button also had a similar cover as the Airbender or volume/power switches do. It just feels so great. But I understand that for iPhone 5s users who have the fingerprint scanner they'd need it to be open (which I dont have...so as an iPhone 5 user I'd love to have that solid clicky feel instead of the plastic covering ) (Posted on 4/9/14)
Nice Case Review by Kelly
Proposed Use:
It is a rugged
case for iPhone 5/5S

Who would benefit by using this product?
Anyone that is afraid that dropping their phone or getting caught in the rain will ruin their iPhone.

Solid build
Screen protector
Port coverage
Price point

None at this time

tested on : iphone 5

Looks –5
Weight- 5
Easeof use - 5
Directions- 5
Overallrating - 5
Recommend to a friend - yes

This is an attractive case that provides protection from everyday bumps and scratches a well-used iPhone would get. The price point is excellent. You get nice protection for very little money. Keep in mind it is rugged not indestructible. I like not having to worry about my phone if I happen to drop it and this would give piece
of mind. You also have basic protection from water should your phone get
splashed. Keep in mind it is not waterproof and the speaker holes are open to
liquid. All in all this is a really nice cover. The only thing they might want
to look at is a color choice for the case because folks like individuality.
(Posted on 4/8/14)
great "use" proof case! Review by Karen
I bought the New Trent Ultra-thin rugged iPhone5/5s case and been very happy with it and New Trent as a whole, this is my 5th product by them. The case is very thin, black- reducing dirt showing- and easy to assemble. It has 3 pieces to it giving great protection between the hard inner, softer TPU outer shell and then back cover. For those concerned of hiding the color of their phone around the Apple symbol int he back you can still see the Silver or Gold. I put my 5S Gold iPhone inside.
I have dropped my phone a few times now, its going to happen to us all, and it held up, nothing broken on phone or case. It is WATER RESISTANT not water proof. It has covers for the holes (charger port/AUX). My husband then tried he is more active between his jobs of construction and a fire department. He was impressed, with the sleek design, fitting in his pockets and not falling out like some cases can with them being to silky/smooth. So it fits the everyday user and the more active/work prone occupations. Have teens/kids and need protection its good for them too! (Posted on 4/8/14)
Nice thin well designed case... no more bulk Review by Ron
The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5 Case(NT630CR) Is a nicely designed and built all around case for my Apple IPhone 5. The 3 piece design is very easy to install and in just seconds you'll have your phone completely covered and protected. Unlike the otterbox defender this case, this case covers the entire phone without openings for dirt and water to get in. This Ultra-thin case has a rubber outer shell which protects against internal damage and screen cracks if you drop it. I highly recommend this case
The only thing that I would suggest is to provide a belt clip holster. (Posted on 4/5/14)
Perfect Solution For Protection with Low Form Factor - This is the one! Review by Brad
I have to tell you what a pleasure it has been to be using this case. I
had a vacation scheduled the day after I received it, and what a perfect
opportunity to take my iphone 5 and put it into a case where I knew it
would be safe from drops and other things that can happen when you are on
the go.

The first thing I noticed when removing the case from the package was the
sturdiness. Given how thin the case is, I wasn't sure how well it would
protect, but my fears immediately went away when I saw the genius of the
design. First, the phone fits into a more rigid inner shell for
protection. Then, on top of this, a more pliable, softer shell. Finally
on the back, a hard plastic piece that I can interchange. So, 3 pieces in
all, which I thought was a brilliant design idea. Getting the phone
clipped into the inside piece was a breeze. The inner piece's built in
plastic protective cover doesn't interfere at all with the screen's
visibility or responsiveness. I assume this also is where the
waterproofing protection comes in. At this point, I felt the phone was
VERY well protected on front. All the buttons lined up perfectly with the
cutouts and speakers and cable ports were free to access.

I then placed the phone into the larger shell overtop. It took a moment to
realize that I could bend the corners back to allow the phone to ease into
the case. I found that I had to drag a fingernail or finger edge to get
the lip of this softer case all the way over, but once I did, the phone was
securely in place. The first thing I noticed is just how perfect the ports
lined up, including the extremely durable cover flaps on the bottom which
flip open or lock closed to protect the lightning and headphone ports.
While the headphone port worked great with my straight style jack, I'm not
sure how well it will fit a right-angle headphone jack. Also, the
lightning connector cable that comes standard fit fine in the case, but the
monster cable I had in my car, due to it's larger base below the lightning
connector itself, would not allow the cable to fit into the port unless I
removed the phone from BOTH cases. So, a bit of a disappointment there,
but that is the cable's fault, not the case's. Just something to consider
if the case is being used with any 3rd party cables. Make sure the cable
is no fatter than the standard lightning cable below the connector.

Boy, does this case protect the phone well. While I didn't voluntarily
want to drop my phone, I certainly felt secure that any accidents were not
going to harm my phone. Best of all, it's small. Any case will add a
little bulk to your iphone but for the level of protection this one gives,
I can't see a case getting any thinner or lighter than this one. Plus, I
have never used a phone case that handles the buttons better than this.
The hard buttons they put on top of the volume and power are amazingly
easy to press and responsive. Some cases I've used the buttons on I've had
to muscle through the case to get to the button with a lot of pressure.
This case actually feels like it IMPROVES the buttons and makes them even
easier to push. The silent/vibrate rocker switch is a little trickier due
to the recession, I needed a fingernail to get in there, without one, that
rocker would be tough to reach.

Final note - My iphone 5 had an invisible shield on the front of it, and I
found that did not play well with the shield on this case. It fits and
works just fine, but the shield material, which is different than the
material on this case, seems to stick and cause air bubbles to show between
the two. My assumption here is that the case was build to be put onto a
bare iphone screen, not one with a sticker shield already on it. The GOOD
news here is that I had no issues fitting the phone into this case at all,
even though it had a full body sticker shield all around it.

Overall, this is the best case I have used on my iPhone 5 with the
combination of strength, lightness, size and value. If you want a case on
your phone that protects it without adding a lot of bulk or weight, you'd
be hard pressed to do better than what NewTrent has here. With a few small
tweaks, perhaps a larger flap around the lightning ports and rocker
switches, and assuming your phone doesn't have a shield sticker you want to
keep on it, this might be the last case I'd ever buy for this phone. You
really can't do much better.
(Posted on 4/5/14)
Well constructed water resistant case Review by Dan
I think that this case is a good balance between cost, style, protection, and size.

Water resistance:
This is a main advertising point of this case, so I thought that I would address this first. I had an older style Otterbox Defender case on my iPhone 5S which didn’t support the fingerprint scanner, and the bottom of the case has large openings for the speaker and microphone. I leave the phone in the kitchen and sometimes, a small amount water would get splashed onto the phone. I had some scares when water was splashed in the speaker/microphone area of the iPhone. Luckily, no damage was caused so far. However, I wanted to try a case that offered more protection to water splashes, and the New Trent case hits the mark. Note that this case is not water proof. There are waterproof cases, but they are either more bulky or cost a lot more than this case.

In my opinion, this case is very stylish. My wife likes it a lot too. This case is not overly bulky but still provides dual layer protection. The Otterbox Defender case is more bulky, and perhaps may provide a little more protection, however, I have dropped the iPhone in this case a few times without any damage. I am actually surprised that they were able to make a dual layer case so thin. And this is a true dual layer case that has two layer protection on the corners. I have a Spigen Slim armor case on another device, and although it is dual layer, the corners are not covered. I am happy that New Trent opted for a true dual layer design covering the corners as well. The back is a matte finish which does not attract fingerprints unlike the glossy finish on my Spigen Slim armor case, which was a major fingerprint magnet. The screen protector is plastic and does attract some fingerprints, but not overly so. My Otterbox Defender case
also attracted a similar amount of fingerprints. New Trent perhaps could have put a matte finish to the screen protector, but then that would take away from the smooth feel of the glossy screen protector. Personally, I prefer the smooth feel that the screen protector on the New Trent case provides.

I have only had this case for a few days, but this case does seem more scratch resistant than the Otterbox Defender. I tried to scratch both cases with my nail and noticed that the Otterbox Defender case shows the scratch whereas the New Trent case was undamaged. This may be due to the soft silicone outer shell of the Otterbox Defender. Also, the home button on the Otterbox Defender case looks very worn, even after only two months of usage. And there are other scratches on the case itself. It makes it look like the case is very old. Based on the material in the New Trent case, it seems like it would remain looking new for a much longer time.

The iPhone charged fine with the stock iPhone cable, however, an aftermarket Kensington lighting cable would not fit, because it was much wider than the stock cable. I was able to use a Dremel to file down the charging port area on the case and it still works fine.

I am not fond of built in screen protectors, but this one works just fine. Sensitivity is very good. Also, the fingerprint scanner works perfectly through the provided membrane. The power button and volume buttons work well. The vibrate lever has a flap covering it to make it water resistant, which is typical of these types of cases. The iPhone fits snugly inside the case, unlike my Otterbox Defender case, which has some slack allowing for some movement of the phone inside the case. I have a white iPhone inside a black/black case, and noticed that the home button looked slightly off center in the provided opening. This does not affect function at all, and would be much less noticeable if I had a dark colored phone.

This case was easy to install. Simply snap the front onto the iPhone then snap the assembly into the back cover. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Beautifully Designed Rugged Case! Review by Micah
This was anexcellent product that I would definitely suggest. Just a few modification and it will achieve the 5 star rating. Please let me know if you need
anything else. Thanks.

Pros - This is a very sturdy rugged case. By appearance alone it relieves
any stress or worries about dropping or damaging the phone. The design is
not clunky but very sleek while providing the excellent product my device
needs.This is ideal for a active individual, blue collar worker, athlete,
etc that is looking for style and comfort but also to protect their device.

Cons - There was difficulty at first to figure out how to place over my
phone. The instructions provided for application seemed a bit confusing.
The 5s as you know has the fingerprint scan option. It appears aggressive
pressure has to be applied in order for it to recognize the finger scan.
This may be due to the screen protector as it sits a bit high up away from
the phone. Some of the features of the phone are harder to access with all
of this protection. Like silencing my phone, or attaching the power cord,
earphones but this is probably due to the fact that the case is waterproof
and that needed protection has to be there. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Best iPhone case I've used so far Review by Stephen
As it is, before any modifications are made from feedback, this is by far the best case I've used.

The packaging is well done and instructions easy to find and follow. The protection over the fingerprint sensor is quite tight which requires me to push harder to turn on & unlock my iPhone 5S. Other sensors when not on the iPhone feel flimsy which is not the case here and I'm less nervous about it tearing. Installation was easy and all control are as responsive when there is no case.

The case itself adds little to no bulk to the iPhone which is great, most cases add more bulk than I like. My main complaint with every iPhone, and I've owned them all, has been the slick feel that makes me nervous that i'm going to drop it while using it one hand. My solution has been to attach the FlyGrip to each case, and I have quite a few, which adds the security and I'll probably get one for this case too. Unless, there's a way to build something similar into the case. The drop test on carpet went without a hitch. The protective screen doesn't diminish the touch screen at all and almost feels like your touching the screen. The casing had little to no affect on rearranging icons or accessing the control panel and notification center. Which is a big plus, most cases like this make it quite the task to do this.

I've found that many cases like this one diminish the sound quality while talking on the phone. This case had less "tunnel or tin can" for the person I was talking to and didn't appear to affect the quality on what I heard. I'll update after making a call outside and in a noisy environment.

My initial rating on this product is 3.5. I like the color scheme, it looks pretty much like my iPhone without a case. However, I think more color options should be offered.

Access to all ports is great however, the mute switch could be a little bigger. Someone with larger fingers and/or short finger nails would find it difficult to toggle the switch on/off. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Great case for iPhone 5s Review by Douglas
I used this case on my iPhone 5s. I am a heavy iPhone user that works in the tech industry. I tend to be very hard on most of my electronic devices. This case provided perfect protection without taking away functionality. Compared to most cases that come with a separate screen cover, the fact that this case has a built in screen protector is a huge benefit. You don't have to worry about the screen protector bubbling or coming off. I also like how the finger print sensor is absolutely not hindered by the case itself or the screen protector. I had no issues with the finger print sensor. The front and back cameras were also not bothered by the case or screen protector. The photos and videos were not affected what's so ever. I was able to use the speaker phone without any interference and could clearly hear the person on the other end. Voice quality to the person on the other end of the phone call was not affected at all. I love how all the ports were easily accessible and the flaps that allowed access to the different ports on the phone have a nice tab that allows for the user to easily just flick the tab and get instant access to the port. The port tab covers were very stable and not flimsy. The packaging for the case was very sturdy and professional. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. The installation only took a minute or so.

Overall I would recommend this case to friends and family.
(Posted on 4/2/14)
Great Case Review by Matthew
Review of
New Trent Trentium Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone
5 Case. Compatible: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 only. (black/black)

I decided to try the Trent iPhone 5 case after using another of their
products. This is a very impressive iPhone case. I have an iPhone 5S and
generally have used hard rubber cases like the Magpul. The case consists
of three pieces, a hard inner case, a soft outer TPU case, and a
polycarbonate back cover. The case does have a built in screen protector

Once all put together, which is very easy, the case and phone just feel
really good in my hand. The case does not make your phone bulky like some
ridiculous cases out there. It is extremely solid, no loose pieces, no
dirt getting into the screen. It is stylish and looks good and people have
asked me what kind of case it is. The thumbprint button is not impeded by
the design of the case.

I've yet to drop my iPhone, I try to not do that, so I cannot comment on if
the phone is protected. But considering how solid the Trent case is I'm
confident that my iPhone is safe and sound.

Best case hands down I have ever used. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Great case! Review by John
I am writing this review of the New Trent Ultra-Thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s. When the case arrived the first thing that was nice was that it was packaged in a small box (picture attached) which allowed it to be put in my mailbox so no worries about it being left on the porch in bad weather. For comparison’s sake I was an OtterBox case user and originally purchased that case because my family had so many dropped phones and cracked screens. I never was a fan of the bulkiness of the OtterBox however I will say that it protected my phone very well. In looking for a case that provided similar protection for my phone while getting away from the bulkiness I purchased the New Trent case. When the case arrived it was very simple to put it on my phone and I was amazed at how thin it was compared to the OtterBox. I also quickly noticed that the home button was much easier to use as with the OtterBox it wasn’t as responsive. One thing I LOVE about this case is the fact that the face cover is almost unnoticeable and much more responsive than the OtterBox. With my last case I sometimes had to push buttons several times for the phone to respond and with the New Trent case it is super responsive…almost like there isn’t a cover on the face! The volume + and - buttons also respond well and accessing the charging port, headphone jack and vibrate on/off buttons is also simple. I don’t plan on dropping the case on concrete or splashing water on it to make sure the case is shock resistant or water resistant but it is easy right out of the package to tell that this case will perform well when I drop it. One thing I would suggest to New Trent is to make a belt clip available…I’m personally not a “belt clip” guy but I know a lot of people who work in construction who do use belt clips and are always looking for protective cases such as this one. I absolutely love this case and maybe the best compliment of all is my 11 year-old keeps telling me…"that case is really cool!!” Great job New Trent!
(Posted on 4/2/14)
Great Protection Without Unnecessary Bulk Review by Joanne
After dropping my iPhone 5s numerous times recently, I realized I should investigate a more durable case. However, I didn't want to look like a construction worker on a job site. The Trentium seemed to fit the bill with its durable yet slim construction.

This case is really two cases in one. First, you install the phone into a hard plastic case. Then, you put the entire thing into a thick rubber outer case. Immediately, I felt so much more relaxed about handling my phone. The case is very well made and well finished. It doesn't feel cheap like some cases. All the openings such as the earphone jack, charging slot and mute button are covered with rubber covers that bend outward. I personally don't need that much protection but imagine that this is helpful for those construction workers i mentioned previously who might drop their phones into dirt and such.

The inner plastic case comes with a screen protector that still allows effortless functionality. I had been concerned that the buttons wouldn't respond well to my fingers through the cover but I needn't have worried. Everything else works about the same as a standard case. The only differences was that with a thicker case, it is more difficult to depress the Home button (the round button at the bottom of the screen). If you have any sort of long fingernail, this will be an adjustment for you. My thumbnail is less than 1/4" long, but even i had to learn to press the button with a flatter finger, using more of the fleshy part of my finger and less of the tip. I didn't have any issues charging my phone because I have recently switched to using the charging cable rather than a dock such as an iHome. If you feel strongly about a docking charger, then this is not the case for you unless you want to extract your phone each night.

I showed it to two friends who are swim instructors and they thought it would be great to keep around the pool since it's water resistant. I wouldn't recommend dropping it in the pool, but a good splashing should be just fine. All in all, I love my new case. I can't imagine finding a better durable case at this price point.
(Posted on 4/1/14)
Amazing Case - Great Value Review by Brad
Review of the New Trent Ulitra-Thin iPhone 5/5s case.

Qualifier: While I use my iPhone 5 for work, I don’t really have a specific task that I perform on it relating to work. So, you find any

Unpacking - Simplistic packaging.

This is a three piece suit of body armor for the iPhone 5/5s.

1. A hard inner case with a plastic window that is a precise fit over the iPhone screen.

2. A soft, easy to grip body case. That has cut outs and flaps for the iPhone’s ports and buttons.

3. A polycarbonate sleeve designed to match the aesthetic of the your iPhone.

Until now, I’ve been using a Body Glove case made of flexible but hard plastic. It has been useful, but I live near the beach and I find myself having to place it in a protective case when I’m at the beach. Salt Water and Beach Air and Moisture can damage a phone quickly.

So, I’m trying out the New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case.

Assembly was easy. You place the face of the iPhone in the hard case facing forward towards the clear screen casing. Do not touch the inside of the plastic screen or you’ll go mad from the finger prints that are not easy to clean or easy to conceal on the inside of the hard shell protective casing.

Once all three pieces are in place, the iPhone feels fully protected. The interlocking case feels rugged and thin as the name suggests. It’s easy to grip. Slide out of the pocket easily and the screen is accessible. No portion of your iPhone is left unprotected.

With my Body Glove case, the face was exposed. This is no longer an issue with the New Trent Ultra-Thin Case. The buttons engaged quickly and accurately. The design feels natural and intuitive. Headphones fit easily and securely. Both cameras, flash, speakers, ear and mouthpiece ports are form-fitting and executed nicely from a design standpoint.

The greatest detractor for this design is on the soft outer case. Instead of openings to access the lightening cable port, mute button, and headphone jack, there are three flaps of rubber that cover these areas and prevent moisture, debris, sand whatever from getting in. These flaps are hard rubber and it feels like they’re spring-loaded like bear-traps. They are not easy to manipulate with one hand, that greatly impacts your ability to access those ports in a timely manner. I’m hoping that as time goes by, the flap will wear but after 4 days, it’s still difficult to access headphones and put the lightening cable in place. This part of the design feels ham-fisted. It’s not elegant, easy to use or really practical. I’m sure this is meant to seal the iPhone from any exposure to rain, water, snow. Your three moisture groups. This is the one flaw in the design that I found with the NT Rugged Case. When I’m driving and I need to plug in, I don’t want to use two hands to fumble with the immoveable flap and then try to land the lightening cable in the slot. It’s like threading a needle.

As someone who is not a big fan of glossy screen covers, the glare from the NT case is overwhelming at first…especially trying to view something. Email and texts are easy. But the reflection when watching a clip is a little to much for me. I wish it came in a non-glare option.

There is thin plastic diaphragm covering the home button…I’m not certain if it’s part of the packaging or it’s intentional. Either way it looks like a mistake.

I have owned three different cases for my iPhone 5. The New Trent Ultra-Thin Case for iPhone 5/5s is the most comprehensively protective of the three. The aesthetic design, is sleek and form fitting. It looks great! I’m willing to give the rubber flaps time to get “worked-in” but if they don’t work out, I’ll probably just take an x-acto knife to them and trim them off. (Sorry, about that). The only detractor I have against the NT iPhone 5 case vs. my former cases, is the weight. It is considerably heavier than the Body Glove case. Having said that the trade off is full protection.

Overall, I think this is a winning design. It’s rugged (as suggested) sleek, and tactile enough to set it apart from the cases I’ve owned previously.

The price-point on Amazon (suggested retail) is $50.00. This is ridiculous. The sale price is $30.00 which still seems a little heavy considering where we at the life-span of the iPhone 5. Having said that, I bought my daughter a similar case to the NT iPhone 5 case for her iPhone 5c. It has the exact form fitting design as the NT, rubber flaps and all. But is more hard plastic than soft outer shell. It protects the 5c really well and she loves it. But the price point $15.00. The point I’m driving at here is the msr. price-point. Unless you’re living a rugged lifestyle in the wild…your case shouldn’t cost 1/3 of the price of the phone. (I know you didn’t ask for a price-point review but I think it’s important, especially in light of choices)

Finally, New Trent makes great, affordable, well-designed, intuitive products. This case is a winner through and through!

Rating 4.5 stars. Would’ve been 5 except for spring-loaded rubber flaps over the ports.

Pros - rugged, durable, clean, well designed, nice tactile feel, solid.
Cons - the rubber flaps that protect the mute button, headphone jack, and lightening cable port. High glare screen. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Great case for your iPhone5! Review by Keaton
I really like this case for my iPhone 5 – easily a 5-star product. It provides great protection without adding a lot of weight.

It comes in two pieces – a inner case with a screen protector and a rubber outer case. Getting it into the case isn't as easy as some of the other cases I've used but it’s a one-time event so it’s not a big deal. The rubber casing does a great job absorbing bumps and shocks. I was initially concerned the rubber edge would create too much friction to slide it into my jeans but that didn't turn out to be the case at all. The plastic screen cover does a great job without affecting the touch screen. There is some inconsistency within the plastic that cause a rainbow coloring in certain light – kind of like oil floating on a puddle of rain.

One thing I really liked was how the controls protected were and the Lightning port had an attached plug that easily flips in and out which certainly helps protect it from dust and water intrusion. There is an opening in the back that shows off the Apple logo that I could do without but it’s probably specified by Apple.

The only complaint – my wife’s really – is that it’s very masculine looking and she’s right. It hints of something someone in the military would use or even like it’s a Transformer. She’d like some version to be more feminine like a softer color like a white instead of the black/dark grey.
(Posted on 4/1/14)
Looks like the tumbler from the Batman movies and may be just as indestructible Review by ezeitgeist
I took a video of the unboxing (not sure how to upload video, may try later), it is a pretty basic and easy unboxing of the product. A recommendation on installing is to take the back plastic piece off before trying to remove the rubber outside edge, then put together exactly like the instructions on the back of the box show. Was easy to fit on and I am using it with an Invisible Shield protective screen cover on as well (as I did not want to remove that awesome cover). Initially, the protective front screen that comes with this beast of a case stuck a little in places to my screen protection already on, but as I used it, it settled a bit. It still remains a little, but far less than any other full protection cases I have used in the past. I used to have one similar to the Otterbox, but I do like this one better. The case is thinner than other super protective cases I have seen in the past, and the covering of holes (vibrate mode, power plug, headphone plug, etc.) are very well done, and the volume cover is super smooth and the best seamless integration I have had of any case (not just rugged ones). The hole covers are little flaps that seem very sturdy and don't click into place, but definitely secure snuggly. Admittedly, I have not tested the full ruggedness of the case (I'm not throwing my iPhone 5S on the ground, sorry), but I have used it on runs and it holds well in the hand (the not too big factor) and I did drop it once -- the cover by the headphone jack allowed me to catch my phone before it hit the ground by grabbing the headphone cord. The connection was actually a little safer, I think, because the case gave the headphone connection spot a little additional support so it was not in danger of bending or jumping out, which was nice to know. I also did not test the "waterproof" feature yet but it looks hardcore and like it could easily handle rain. I'm not sure how the speakers are covered so would not thus far recommend taking it underwater. Have not had any issues with being heard or hearing music through mic/built-in speakers. The only thing that initially worried me is the thin film over the home button (so finger recognition access is possible). Two thoughts on it: (1) though it looks thin, so far it has fully held up without any issues, and (2) the thin film is better at avoiding grease or oils than just the home button by itself so I have not had to wipe off the button to keep finger recognition working since putting on the case. Thumbs up for that! Seriously though, it looks like Batman's iPhone case. Christian Bale Batman, not Michael Keaton, and definitely not Val Kilmer or George Clooney. (Posted on 3/31/14)
One of the Best cases I have ever had! Review by Robin
Overall, I love the feel of the case and would give the product a 4 out of 5.

Pros: Lightweight, sleek, easy to assemble/disassemble, definitely water-resistant, button covers are easy to remove but have a definitely tight and water-resistant fit, love the reduced glare on the screen

1. The device arrived with lint stuck between the screen cover and the face-plate - I have never been able to get this removed and over the last week even more lint/dirt has been added to the original piece :(
2. The device is very hard to keep clean even when wiping down with a microfiber cloth. Both the front and back seem to collect finger/face oils very easily and thus also hold onto lint and dirt that cannot easily be removed from the screen.
3. The "home" button material is awful. It crinkles and occasionally makes noise during use, holds dirt that it won't release and just generally doesn't feel right. Perhaps if there was a "button sticker" under this material to raise it instead of allowing for the sunken in Apple button feel this would improve this feature.

I have had MANY compliments (like more than 20) on the look and feel of this case. Everyone likes how sleek and minimal yet fully functional it is. I have had quite a few of those people ask where they can pick one up and I have pointed them to Amazon. They also like the price point much better than most similarly billed case (i.e., the OtterBox). I think this will be a great seller as this case does everything you set out to have it do and really only has a few drawbacks that are mostly due to my OCD tendencies. (Posted on 3/31/14)
4.5 Stars - Great Case! Review by Daylene
I received this case for a limited time for the purpose of evaluation.

Out of the box:
There seems to be no information inside the packaging regarding worded directions, warranty, customer service information. The back of the box has limited directions on installation. While easy to follow, I was a little confused on whether the membrane over the home button was packaging or part of the case because of the quality of that piece of plastic. More information either on the box or inside would have been beneficial.

The three pieces (hard internal plastic cover, rubberized skin & back cover shield) come together easily for a quick install.

The overall design is slim, yet sturdy. The metal backing on the case gives it a nice feel. The texture is great, and the look is cleaner & classier than the Otterbox previously in use on this phone.

The one design issue that I feel may be a problem is the membrane that covers home button is flimsy. Either it's not actually supposed to remain on when the case is in use, or it needs to be refined. It is loose & bubbles.
Many other cases leave space between the built in screen protector & the screen that makes accuracy more difficult. However, the plastic for the screen cover itself is nice, tight and seems sturdy.

The power button at the top is sensitive and does not require that pressure necessary with the previous case as well.

Overall, the case is considerably thinner than other "durable" cases. While thin, this case feels solid.

The port covers add an extra bit of protection when needing your phone out in the rain or in the kitchen where spills are frequent. The water resistant design is only flawed by the thin membrane over the home button. As it's only glued in, it has the possibility of not truly sealing out the home button from moisture.

Final thoughts:
I would recommend this case to anyone who wants the protection of one of the higher priced "rugged" cases without the higher price point. It's a comfortable fit in the hand of men & women alike. While the membrane over the home button is different, it isn't a deal breaker. Definitely a purchase we would make around this house again if we needed one for another phone.

Rated 4.5 stars (Posted on 3/31/14)
Best case I own yet! Review by VDub512
(+) Very Rugged , Easy access to ports, Touch display works perfect, Not
too bulky or heavy, Very durable, Easy to put on and remove

(=) collects a lot of dust / dirt around the front camera, speaker, sensor.
A little difficult to access the silent / ringer switch.

(-) Glare when using outdoor in the sunlight, the headphone port does not
allow me to use my "L" shaped headphones plug (i.e. Beats by Dre). :( (Posted on 3/31/14)
great!!! Review by Jose
I used my appe iphone 5 to test this case.(NT630CR-B)
so far i really like it. i like how it covers the phone all around and that it covers the chargier input opening and also the volume controls as well as the silence control.this case is great for a everyday user who dosent do anything extreme on a daily basis, i say this because the front ofthe case that covers the screen is reallly fragile specially where the home button is located. in the case i have you can already see dents on it from where i placed my fingers. other than the front plastic the case really is a good one. i dropped my phone getting out of my brothers chevy silverado a couple of times in to cement with the case on it and it protected the phone perfect. i would rate this product a 4.5 due to that plastic in the front i feel it could be stornger. (Posted on 3/31/14)
Great product overall Review by Jose
This case really covered my phone completely and it protected it when it fell perfectly!! I would recommend it to anyone!!
(Posted on 3/31/14)
The Perfect Case Review by Hassan
I bought the NT630CR-B for my iPhone 5S, and I loved it. The case was a perfect fit, as it should be. The Touch ID still functioned perfectly and was completely uninhibited, which was amazing because I was unsure that I would ever be able to have a water resistant case that wouldn’t compromise the touch ID. However, the best part of all was the size of the case, or truly the lack of bulk. I have had lifeproof cases and otterboxes in the past, and none of them have ever managed to find a common ground between protection and functionality like this case did. This case provides all the shock, dust, and water resistance that you would want in a case for your iPhone and at the same time maintains a relatively slim profile. Another great aspect of the case is the way it looks, it truly is a good looking case and when combined with all its other functions (including how nice it feels in the hand) it is without a doubt the case I have been looking for but have been unable to find, until now. (Posted on 3/31/14)
A true protective case Review by Darryl
The iPhone 5/5S case felt very beefy, a little too beefy. I have a belt buckle case and this case was just a little too big for the iPhone 5 to fit in the belt buckle which also makes it difficult to keep in the pocket. It's cool that it offered water and dust resistance although I didn't dare try to drop it in water or just drop it at all. The sides were very thick as well and the mute switch was a hassle to get to. I felt like it would keep my phone very safe however the added bulk made it a little less practical. The screen protector quality was decent however deformed after multiple presses over the home button. I can see that this case can be useful to others but not for me. Perhaps if the case were somewhat thinner but offered the same protection it would be more practical or have a "lite" version with a minimal case? I would rate it a 4 out of 5, It felt like a great case just too big. (Posted on 3/31/14)
water resistant Review by javalatte
The reason I bought this case is because of its water resistant feature and it does a very good job in covering the touch screen, mic, all the buttons, and have soft caps to close up the audio jack and lighting port. With all the features comes with the case, it doesn't make my iPhone bulky at all and that's the good thing I like about this case. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Very solid case, rugged, but not TOO bulky Review by Tifa
I evaluated the Rugged iPhone 5/5s case mostly in terms of aesthestics and functionality, since I think that both matter when you're putting it on a sleek device like an iPhone!

For a "rugged" case, it doesn't feel as clunky as some other "rugged" case lines/makers such as Otterbox. For me, that's a good thing, because I don't want to have a heavy, bulky thing in my pocket; I want a relatively sleek, but protective case for my phone. I don't think there's anything exceptional about the case design, but it is nice that there is the option to get different colored back plates to switch things up a bit.

The case is marketed as being water-resistant; I haven't tried dunking it in water or spilling anything on my phone, but based on how tightly the port covers are...I'd say they probably do a fairly decent job preventing water from getting into your phone as long as it doesn't go for a swim. That being said, because the port covers are tight, they are a bit hard to pry open when you want to charge your phone, use the headphone jack, or switch your phone into silent/ring. The parts of the silicone/tough rubber case that protect the buttons (volume and sleep/wake) are very responsive, and I've had no issues with adjusting volume or sleeping/waking my iPhone.

In terms of swiping around the screen while using this case, the integrated screen protector is on the glossy side, which means that when there's a lot of light, I can't see the screen at all. I think it'd be awesome if they offered matte and glossy versions or something, since I personally will always opt for a matte screen protector/cover. The top part of the hard frame has this protruding piece that gets in the way of my finger when I swipe down to see my notifications, which can be a bit annoying. I also am not a fan of how I can feel the space between the screen cover and the actual home button of my iPhone. Personally, I would prefer if that was actually a cut hole, so that I can feel my home button and not have this weird empty sensation when I put my thumb there. However, that would make it possible for dirt and other unwanted stuff to get in between the case's screen cover and the iPhone screen, which is also not ideal. I do think that the screen cover is still very responsive, both to finger-touch as well as to styli (tested w/ my New Trent Click-pen stylus)

With other cases that have a built-in screen cover, I've noticed that the picture quality on any of the covered cameras is usually worse, but the screen cover on this case doesn't seem to affect the picture quality on my front-facing camera.

Use case:
I personally am a relatively careful person with my mobile devices, but I tried dropping the phone while using the case a few times and my phone has been fine. I have many friends and coworkers who aren't so coordinated, and I think that regardless of occupation, if someone thinks that they might drop their iPhone a lot, this would be a good case for them. It feels nice, isn't too bulky, but still does a good job protecting the phone. The types of occupation where this case might not be suitable would be areas such as construction, where you'd probably want something even more rugged that might include a belt clip or something. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Great Case Review by William P
A few weeks ago I purchased the New Trent iPhone 5/5s case and so far I am
very impressed. Prior to this case I had a wraparound/bumper style cover
which I preferred given it's small size. Until now I avoided these
larger-type covers because I didn't want to add bulk to my iPhone. Well,
this one is perfect! It provides the protection of a larger case like an
Otterbox but without adding unnecessary bulk.

In addition to the small size, what I love about this case is the feel in
my hand and the overall protection. I don't drop my phone often, but I feel
confident this will save it from all but the nastiest of falls. And while I
wouldn't necessarily drop the encased phone into a pool, I know that light
rain or small drops of water splashing onto the phone won't cause any harm.
At first I was worried that the integrated screen cover would interfere
with the touch screen, but it doesn't at all!

There are only two things I don't really like about the case, and both are
problems I have with these types of cases in general, not specific to this
model: 1) The headphone and charging jacks are covered with flip-up tabs
that I struggle to open when I need to use them. All cases like this have
the same issue, but I worry about the tabs eventually falling off from use.
So far, though, these seem very strong and durable. 2) The mute/silence
button on the left side of the phone is also covered with a flip-tab, but I
struggle every time I try to open it and slide the button up or down. My
first struggle is to open the tab and hold it open, but then I struggle
getting my finger inside to slide the button (silence/un-silence).

That being said, I will continue using this case because of the way it
feels and the protection it provides without being overly burdensome. I
give it 4 stars out of 5 mainly because I wish there was an easier way to
adjust the silent/mute slider up and down. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Nice Case With Lots To Like Review by Brian
Disclaimer: I was asked by New Trent to perform an in-depth review of the Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone case. In return for the review, I was allow to keep the case for $1.00.

I have used the case for 5 days in both casual and heavy use. On three of those days, I used the case extensively outdoors for geocaching during which it was exposed to dirt, the cold, and a lot of shuffling around. The phone was plugged into an external battery pack during much of the geocaching.

The packaging had a clean look without excess packaging and waste. All of the parts were clearly labeled on the box and assembly was very easy. The packaging should note that the Apple logo hole and the camera hole are actually covered with a clear film for water resistance. When I first looked at the package, I was concerned that water might get into these holes, until I opened the package and realized that there was protection there.

*Design and Styling*
After opening the package, my wife noted how attractive the case was. It has a nice clean look that compliments the clean design of the iPhone. I also like the small, thin size of the case. It fits nicely into you pocket without a lot of extra bulk. I was a little concerned that the interchangeable cover would easy come off based upon how loose it was on the TPU Case when the phone was not installed. However, with the phone installed, the cover had a nice tight clean fit. I liked the look of the the flat black and grey cover. The pieces of the case were precisely machined for a nice fit around the iPhone. The screen on the hard inner case sits perfectly flush against the iPhone for clear glass-like finish. Very nice.

*Use - Screen*
The clear touch screen on the hard inner case has hundreds of little tiny dots on it. At first, I thought that they were manufacturing residue and tried to clean them off with a cloth. After realizing that they were a part of the screen, I figured that they must have something to do with the touch screen interface. In actual use, the tiny dots were only very slightly visible in the most direct sunlight and were not distracting to the eye. In almost all other viewing situations, the dots were not visible. It would be nice if the packaging made a note of this. The screen smudges like glass but is easy to clean. After 5 days of heavy use, the screen has only one tiny scratch about 1/4" long. The rest of the screen is perfect. The touch screen responds very well to my finger. I can tell no difference between touching the iPhone glass or using the protective screen. The protective screen also responds well to a stylus. Pictures and video taken with the case installed are clear and show no noteworthy effects of being taking through the clear screen.

*Use - Home Button*
When I saw that the Home Button was covered with a plastic film, I was a little concerned about the Home Button's responsiveness to touch. Much to my relief, it responds beautifully with the lightest of tough. Very nice. I do not own an iPhone 5S and could not test the finger print recognition.

*Use - Sound*
All sounds from the phone were loud and clear. Both the speaker and microphone responded well.

*Use - Vibration*
The New Trent case transfers the iPhone vibration well. I had no trouble "feeling" all of my incoming texts.

*Use - Ports*
The ports are accessed though the soft outer TPU case. The mute switch is easy to access, but I'm not too convinced of the water resistance of this area of the case. It appears to just lay there without providing any kind of seal against moisture. The volume buttons operate normally. The headphone and charging ports allow easy access for the cables and seem to be water resistant due to the nib on the inside of the flap. I am concerned how long the headphone and charging port flaps will last. The rubber is so stiff that I suspect it would be subject to cracking over time. The nib on the charging flap is starting to show abrasion wear on the outside after just 5 days of use. See attached picture.

*Use - Soft Outer TPU Case*
The outer case is smooth to the touch, resists dirt and is easy to clean. It is a bit slippery though. I always had the feeling that the phone might slip out of my hands. If the sides of the interchangeable cover had a bit of texture to it (ie: raise bumps, ridges, etc.), it would give your hand a more secure feeling when holding the phone.

The package says "shock resistant, durable material, water resistant". Obviously, I'm not going to "test" these claims with my own iPhone but here are my general impressions. Water resistant: the case would be fine for protection against light rain, snow, and general cleaning. I don't think the phone would survived being submerged (due to the unsealed mute port). Durable material: the inner and outer cases and touch screen film all seem to hold up very well after 5 days of heavy use. The touch screen film still looks new (except for the tiny scratch). I suspect the rubber outer case around the headphone and charging ports will be the first things to break on the unit due to the stiffness and it being bent back when opened. Shock resistant: this is the one area that I'm not too convinced on. For a case to provide shock resistance, it has to absorb the force of the impact and not transfer it to the phone. The rubber on the soft outer case is so stiff and relatively thin, I think that it's shock absorbing abilities would be minimal.

At $29.95, the price is a bit high. But, I feel that most phone cases are overpriced. If it sold for $19.95, it would be quite a bargain. The case would provide plenty of protection for everyday use and light outside use. Would I have been satisfied if I would have bought it? - Yes, (depending on how long the port flaps last). I love the thin design, look, and easy of use.

*I would rate this product a 4 out of 5. *

It should noted that my previous iPhone case was a Griffin iPhone 5 Survivor Case which claims to meet military standards. If I were to compare the two.

New Trent Case is better in these areas:
Packaging (Griffin packaging was wasteful)
Design and Styling (Griffin has a military look which is a bit of a turn off for some)
Use - Screen (Griffin screen doesn't lay perfectly flat and frequently gets dirt under it)
Use - Home Button (Griffin is not as responsive)
Use - Sound (Griffin muffles the sound)
Use - Vibration (Griffin rubber case absorbs much of the iPhone vibration)

Griffin Survivor Case is better in these areas:
Use - Soft Outer Case (New Trent is too slippery - BUT I don't like the tackiness of the Griffin very well either)
Claims - (Griffin has video on their web site that support it's claims [durability, shock resistance, water resistance] - something New Trent should consider doing)

New Trent / Griffin draw:
Value (New Trent is cheaper but the Griffin has a lifetime warranty - something New Trent should consider doing) (Posted on 3/28/14)
Great case and a great value Review by Alan
New Trent NT630CR Ultra-thin Rugged Water resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5s Case

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

At first glance, size is good. It only adds a little height (thickness) to the phone, yet the phone looks protected.

- The case is easy to put on and take off
- TouchID works through protective film
- Phone is protected from dirt, dust, shock and water (note: water resistant; not water proof)
- Lock and volume buttons press very easily
- Apple logos is visible on the back of the case; let's face it - we all love to show off our Apple!!

- Polycarbonate interchangeable cover seems to add a little weight and complexity for no reason. I assume it is to switch out colors and/or designs, but I just don't see the value. Mine was black, and I see it also comes in grey.
- You must open a flap/cover to get to the volume/silent switch. It would be preferable to have a button or toggle work directly through the case as I use this a lot. This is what cost a rating star.

For my day to day usage (office setting), I am not sure I need the added bulk or the need to open/close covers to charge, etc. However, the ease of putting it on and off means I will certainly make it part of my regular weekend and vacation routine. For only $30, however, it is a great add-on to my phone and an easy purchasing decision.
(Posted on 3/28/14)
Great Protector of the iPhone 5 Review by Phox
I removed the skins on my iPhone 5 to place my phone inside the case. The case fits very snug and and well around my iPhone with easy access to all to nearly all features. The only feature I find myself missing is the ability to swipe forward and back in my browser, a feature I became accustomed to after the update to iOS 7. Additionally, I sometimes find my touch screen unresponsive around the edges near the case, primarily obstructed by the case and not some much the screen protector itself. A feature to replace the back of the case, or attach an additional armband strap would be ideal.

A white case would be great as well to replicate the style on my original white device as my phone now looks more close to the black model.

This type of case would feel appropriate in the hands of most any occupation, with the minimalistic design, the case doesn't feel overtly bulky or obtrusive. I've hand no issues with pocketing my device or pulling it out. The slick rubber casing feels natural in the transitioning of hand placement over the phone.

The screen protector is a bit more smooth than my former screen protector. The case being a bit more bulky than my prior case I no longer can for the case in tighter pockets or armbands.

Overall, I give this product a 4.5 out of 5. The sleek minimal design is classic and does a wonderful job at protecting my device with a comfortable feel. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Giving Lifeproof and Otterbox a run for their money! Review by chris
This Ultra Thin case has been really easy to adjust to as I have been a long time Otterbox customer as they have saved my iPhone on many occasions from drops that I would never expect to be survivable. Even though, I thankfully didn’t have any drops with this case while testing it so far, I strongly feel that it will hold up just as well from how well it is built as it is tough but not overly bulky. I quickly adjusted to the case as it was not much different in size from my Otterbox Commuter. My iPhone 5S fit it very snugly and it wasn’t loose in the case or allowing any dust into the case compared to the Otterbox with its many openings that causes for frequent cleaning. This is a definite plus for the case. The other thing I really like about the case was that it had a built in screen protector that even covered the home button. This is awesome as it adds that extra layer of protection to the case. There were unfortunately a few things I did not like so much. The case, at first was very difficult to get around my iPhone as it was hard to slip around the plastic part. Another was, and I know that for the capacitance to work it needs to be this way, but the plastic over the home button is very flimsy and I felt like when I was installing it that I was going to poke a hole through it. Another piece of plastic that was too flimsy is the one over the back camera. Lastly, the screen protector smudges very easily so as I was installing the case I ended up getting my finger prints all over the inside of it and had to unfortunately redo it after cleaning it and being more careful. Overall a very good and tough case, but I would just recommend a stronger glued in plastic over the back camera, a less smudging plastic for the screen protector and maybe some warning stickers on the case for the user to be aware of the capacitance allowing plastic on the cover as it is very thin. I would feel good giving this case a 4.5 out of 5 just because of the screen protector smudging and the ease of accidentally poking the plastic off over the back camera. It is a definite 5 if these things can be fixed though.
(Posted on 3/28/14)
Unique case, great protection Review by Ryan
I have tested the case on my iPhone 5s, and have been using it for ~4 days. I have found the case to be ideal for what I have looked for in a protective case. The case effectively protects the entire phone and all of its ports, completely encasing the phone in its protective shell.

The design is very attractive. The black case looks good even on my gold iPhone. The glossy portions of the case have maintained their gloss, and don’t appear to scratch very easily.

The case provides very good drop and impact protection while adding very little bulk. I switched from a spigen slim armor case which was even slimmer, but this New Trent case offers more complete protection with the built-in screen protector and port covers.

Additionally, the case still gives access to the TouchID on the home button even though it is protected. The unit I tested seemed to have a slight manufacturing flaw in this part, but it did not impact usability.

I have greater peace of mind with this case on my iPhone than I have had with any other case that I have used. Anyone who is looking for a case that has just the right ratio of protection to minimal bulk, this is the absolute best case I have found.

Overall, I would give this product 5 stars. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Good Overall Protection Review by Scott
Installation notes: The case was very easy to install with this Phone. I made sure to wipe down the Phone with a lint free cloth and some monitor cleaning spray before installing. No issues at all getting it all snapped together.

Initial Impressions after installation:
The case is very durable and I have no doubt that it will protect the phone from the majority of drops or occasional spills. I think the covers may get annoying after a while, but I can see they are necessary to protect the ports of the device. I'm not sure how the screen protector is going to work out, as it covers the iPhone TouchID sensor. I am also curious about any distortion that may happen when viewing the device through the screen protector, as this has been an issue in the past with some screen protectors that I have used.

Impressions after 1 week of use:
General Protection: My phone has remained safe in this case. The covers are a bit of a pain having to open them every time I want to charge or plug in headphones. The vibration switch is particularly tough to get to because the cover is very stiff and the switched is recessed quite a ways.

Screen Protector: The screen protector seems to work well. A Hot Wheels car was accidentally dropped onto the screen of my phone while playing with my son from about 3.5 feet high and there is no damage to the phone's screen. There is a tiny nick in the protector, but it appears to have done its job in protecting the phone's screen. I have not noticed any distortion while using the protector. I have had one issue with the TouchID not being as accurate with this cover on. It works for 3 out of the 4 fingers that I have registered with the phone, but it struggles to recognize the fingerprint of my index finger on my left hand. This could be a fluke, but it is fine without the case on. There also seems to be one small little bubble in the top of the finger print cover where it's glued down.

Cameras: The front and back camera appear to work fine with this case on. I have had no issues taking pictures. All of the light and proximity sensors appear to be working fine as well.

Miscellaneous: One of the biggest issues that I have so far with case is that debris can builds up on the screen protector and then it gets stuck on the outside lips of the case when you try to clean it off. Sometimes, it can even slip under the lip and becomes wedged inbetween the protector and the case, which makes it every tough to get out if impossible. The back plastic case smudges and shows a lot of finger prints very easily. If there was a matte option for that piece, I would have opted for that instead.

For use with an iPhone 5S, I would give this case 4 out of 5 stars. Mainly due to the TouchID issue. For use on an iPhone 5, I would bump that up to 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a great value at $30 especially compared to other rugged cases by various manufacturers.
(Posted on 3/27/14)
Excellent Case, minimal case, maximum protection Review by Dinos
Case arrived well packaged, in a bubble envelope and it was adequately protected.
Upon opening the package you could see the New Trent box with a picture of the front and the back of the case and highlighting that the case is shock resistant, durable material and water resistant.
Opening the box reveals the case which comes assembled. Taking the case apart is a breeze, it consists of three pieces, a
hard inner case, a soft outer case, and a back cover. The hard inner case has a build in screen protector which is very clear so you do not need a separate screen protector on the phone.
I immediately put my Iphone 5s in the case, again assembling the case is very easy, I did not have to wrestle with it to get it in the case like some other brands.
The screen was very clear, it even made my iphone screen look better and was very responsive.
All the ports are covered and can be easily opened and closet.
There is some kind of film over the fingerprint reader/home button, camera and microphone, I am assuming to enhance the protection and keep water/dirt out of the case.
I do like that the case has the apple emblem showing at the back through a hole on the case.
Holding the iphone in the case does not add much bulk and does not feel heavy. It provides a good balance between protection and size.
Overall I am very satisfied with the case. It is much better than other rugged cases that I have used and it provides good protection without adding lots of bulk, Highly recommended !!!
Rating of 5 Stars.

[URL=http://s89.photobucket.com/user/damavr/media/IMG_1145_zps6c55b6c7.jpg.html][IMG]http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k225/damavr/IMG_1145_zps6c55b6c7.jpg[/IMG][/URL] (Posted on 3/27/14)
wow just wow Review by Juan

The product was easy to install on the iPhone 5. Covers the phone nicely and the whole screen is visible. Pros of the cover are that it protects the phone nicely after having dropped it several times, no scratches or dents on either the phone or case and is not bulky at all. I used to have a outer box phone case that was always bulky hated the look and feel with this case love how slim and easy fitting it goes in my pocket with no bulk. Cons are the plastic that covers the Home button sometimes makes the home button difficult to push and having all the tab closures can sometimes be difficult to open. Overall the case is great I think is a perfect case for outdoor use and kids who constantly drops there phones I will be having my son try this case cause he's 11 and has broken 2 iphones already overall I very happy and will be buying another one keep up the good work (Posted on 3/27/14)
Nice Case Review by Marc
· Rugged – confident if the phone were dropped, it and the screen would survive with little to no damage
· Relatively lightweight
· Styling – Has a good look to it without being on the bling side or the rugged side
· Functional – side and top buttons worked great
· Installation – fairly easy with only challenge separating the inner and outer shells
· Smooth back plate was slippery and caused me feel as though I might drop the phone when held in my palm
· Screen cover – created a watery appearance between screen and cover (maybe because I didn’t remove my skin protector first), required more effort to push the home button
· Connector covers – stiff and in the way, made connections cumbersome and even a worse fit for my can headphones (personally don’t like covers here). (Posted on 3/27/14)
Perfect for Commuter or weekend activities Review by Rajit
My current setup : NewTrent NT630CR-B, Apple iPhone 5 32 GB.

The two best features I like about this case is that its very slim and the quickness that the cover can be removed(less than 10 seconds) or add(less than 20 seconds).

1) Very similar to Otterbox Commuter but offers integrated screen protector & camera lens protector

2) Volume buttons perfectly aligned and easy to use

3) I really likes the slim form factor of the case.

4) Headphone jack recessed but don't need extender for most headphones(depends upon shape of headphone jack).

5) Little to no gap between integrated screen protector and actual screen. Touch input registers instantly. Love it!

6) Easy to install - instructions on back of box so you can see what steps are needed prior to opening.

7) It is extremely protective to shock/drop, dust and water resistant (not waterproof).

8) Apple logo visible on back

9) New Trent logo doesn't call attention to itself

10) Easy to take in and out of pocket.

11) All ports are easily access and have a flap that protects them

12) Camera cutouts are good and are covered with a clear film

13) Soft piece that goes around the whole iPhone 5 is high quality and protective

14) Works with screen protectors (2 layer of screen protection)

1) Charging port whole is smaller in size, my AmazonBasics lightning cable doesn't work with this case. My original apple cable does work with this case.

2) Home button need hard push sometimes.

3) Volume/silent switch a bit hard to access.

4) Port covers serve the purpose but add an extra step to charging, plugging in headphones and toggling volume / silent switch

5) I feel hand grip is little less, however case is shockproof.

Area's of improvement
1) Additional of belt clip

2) Screen protector should be an option

3) Dot grid on the built in screen protector and noticed few times in a reflection of light.

4) Noticed finger prints on back cover.

Final Thought:
I would rate this case 4.5 out of 5 as it protects the phone without adding much of extra weight or thickness.
(Posted on 3/27/14)
Classy and Durable Review by Angela
I was so excited to receive my New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case! I have been on the lookout for a new case that would really protect my phone, but is still classy enough to use at work. As a building level school administrator, I carry around my iPad, a two way radio, my iPhone, and whatever files I need for my various meetings. I am a little clumsy, so things get dropped from time to time. Since the phone is the smallest thing I carry, it is often the item that gets dropped.

I have tried many cases. This case does not come with a clip. I do not like to clip my phone to my waist band, so it was not a problem for me. I used the Otterbox for a long time, but I had two major issues: it is very bulky and does not keep out the dirt. I am a very active person and enjoy camping, hiking and kayaking. The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case is completely contained and does not allow dirt to get into the phone if it is dropped in the dirt. The case is also water resistant since there are rubber plugs for all of the ports.

The New Trent case in the middle is much slimmer than the Otterbox and gives even more protection since it is completely enclosed. (The Otterbox has two openings that allow dirt in and the phone can be scratched.) The New Trent case is not much bigger than a silicone case/sleeve, so it will actually fit into a woman's small pocket.

Overall, I am very pleased with the case. It is sleek and slim enough to use at work. It protects my phone very well from the daily drops to the floor, and it protects the phone from the dirt and moisture that it come in contact with when I am hiking and kayaking. I give the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 3/26/14)
This Is the Case I've Been Looking For Review by Nick
New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B)

I was very impressed with the New Trent Trentium case for iPhone 5/5s (NT630CR-B). Its ease of assembly, comfortable feel in my hand, slim lines, light weight non-bulky heft, designer looks, and obvious solid construction had me immediately wishing I had purchased this item first instead of dropping over $30 for an Otterbox when I bought my iPhone 5S back in September 2013. I will enjoy explaining why.

Packaging 5.0
The case came packaged in a very simple, easy to open box, inside of which was a plastic tray that firmly held the case in place. The case came out of the tray easily and was quickly ready to go.

Instructions and Assembly 5.0
The back of the box showed easy-to-follow verbal and pictorial instructions about how to separate the components of the case and how to quickly mount the iPhone securely inside. It could not have been easier.

Aesthetics 5.0
Wow, my iPhone looks really great and classy in this case. The solid rubber outer shell provides a wonderful tactile feel as it is being held, without worry that it will slip from the hand. It is not bulky like an Otterbox Defender and even feels lighter in my hand than the Otterbox Commuter which this is definitely replacing. The real value of this case lies with its superb functionality. There are many pretender cases out there that miss the mark on how a real protective case should function. The New Trent case hits a home run.

Power On/Off Button 5.0
First and foremost, a power on/off button should be easy to depress and be immediately responsive. This one is perfect. It is one of the reasons that I am happily saying good-bye to my Otterbox Commuter case, which makes me feel like I just had a workout with every on/off/screen capture. Well done, New Trent.

Volume Buttons 3.5
The buttons are clearly marked with a “+” or a “-“ and feel no different than the original iPhone buttons when activating them; however, the design and proximity of the mute button cover fooled my fingers into thinking that I was pressing the down volume button when I was really pressing the up volume button. Either extend the height of these two buttons so it is clear to the fingers that they are volume buttons or move the nipple on the mute button flap to the top or side, effectively changing the direction in which the mute button opens. Functionally fine, but annoying.

Mute Button Cover 2.5
Regardless of its impact on the ease-of-use of the volume buttons, the opening direction of the mute button flap is not optimal. It cannot be easily opened to flick the mute button with just one thumb, which ideally should be the case. I recommend moving the opening direction of the flap to open from the front of the phone toward the back of the phone (rather than its current method of opening the flap from the bottom of the phone toward the top of the phone), with the nipple relocated to the top of phone position on the flap. This would allow the thumb to engage the flap via the nipple, push it open toward the back of the phone, wedge it open and engage the mute button.

Audio Out Cover and Charger Port Cover 5.0
On the bottom of the case are two port covers that are easy to open and close and very solidly built. The most important feature of these two port covers are the appropriately shaped nipples that extend INTO the port opening when the covers are put in the closed position. These are important for two reasons: to securely attach the cover to the port so that it stays closed and to more fully protect the port opening from dust, dirt and liquid intrusion. Well done, New Trent.


Camera Cutout – Rear 5.0
This single oval cutout is large enough to permit unimpeded photography and flash photography. Sample pictures that I took showed no evidence of either color or shadow intrusion on the photograph that would be caused by a poorly designed case. The cutout
perfectly centers the lens and flash.


Camera Cutout – Front 5.0
All of the cutouts on the front of the phone are also perfectly centered and do not intrude with the functionality of the camera.

Speaker Opening 5.0
Running along the bottom of the case, directly above the iPhone 5S speakers, are two rows of perfectly situated holes which allow the full volume of the speakers to be heard as if there were nothing covering the speakers. I played several songs from my playlist and enjoyed them at full volume. No problems or issues. The speaker holes blend in so well that one does not even notice that they are there unless inspecting the bottom of the case for them.

Front Protective Membrane and the Home Button 4.8
New Trent provides a protective membrane to cover the screen and completely seal the front of the case. This membrane extends all the way to the bottom of the case and covers the cutout for the home button. This is a tricky part to get right.

Some case manufactures abandoned the protective membrane when the iPhone 5S was introduced so as to offer no interference with the biometric reader built into the home button, thereby rendering the front of the case more vulnerable. Other case manufacturers added a membrane and left a circular opening over the home button to preserve the functionality of the biometric reader. Again, rendering the front of the case more vulnerable.

This case from New Trent covers the home button completely. No vulnerability. But how about functionality? Not only does the biometric reader work as well as if the membrane were not there, but also the membrane is so thin and so well engineered that there is absolutely no gap between the membrane and the iPhone screen. I returned several cases that had awful gaps that interfered with many of the screen functions, including the swipe down notification screen and the swipe up settings screen. Not so with this case. Everything works perfectly except for one minor annoyance.

Since the home button sits recessed on the front of the iPhone with its silver band that encircles it for the biometric reader sitting flush with the screen, the membrane cannot possibly sit flush on the home button. There is a little gap. The only negative effect is that it forces the user to apply a bit more pressure to depress the home button. The extra pressure is noticeably different and a bit annoying but it is an acceptable tradeoff for the value brought by the design of the membrane. Well done, New Trent!

Protective Front Lip 5.0
The lip of the case that surrounds the front of the iPhone screen is important to safeguard the screen in the event of a fall that lands screen side down. This New Trent case provides a combination of rigid inner case lip enhanced by a beveled soft outer case lip that is, in my opinion, the perfect height from the screen. High enough to protect the iPhone glass yet low enough to not be intrusive to the user.

Protective Corners 5.0
One word. THICK. These corners are strong enough to withstand any fall. They blend pleasingly with the case (no ugly fat protrusions to spoil the lines of the case) and, unless one looks closely, blend seamlessly into the case design.

Designer Metallic Inlay 5.0
One of the nicest designer touches of this case is the metallic inlay that adorns the middle two-thirds of the sides and back of the case. The inlay remains attached to the rubber outer shell during installation so that only two components need to be assembled. From what I understand, the metallic inlay is interchangeable with other inlays sold separately. This case really looks professional.

Summary and Overall Rating 4.7
This is the case for which I have been searching for a long time. My go-to case has always been an OtterBox, big, clunky OtterBox. The Commuter was an improvement over the Defender, but the Commuter iPhone 5S has several faults that do not exist with this New Trent case. OtterBox cases are also very expensive. New Trent seems to be pricing this case a bit more reasonably.

LifeProof cases are exceedingly expensive and I do not particularly care to have to unscrew port coverings and keep them from being lost or misplaced, just to safeguard me from accidentally dropping my phone in the toilet.

I bought and returned many cases for both my iPhone 5S and my wife’s iPhone 5C. I was determined to find the perfect case. I just found it. Now New Trent just needs to build one for the iPhone 5C as well.
(Posted on 3/26/14)
Superior Protection, Better Price Review by MEandYouPhoto
This is my review of the New Trent Ultra-Thin iPhone 5 case. Before I do my review let me give you a little background. I had been looking for a new case for quite some time. I had traditionally used the Speck Candyshell Grip for my iPhone but after a while the thinner pieces would break and the rubber would start to come apart. I started to look at a more durable option and considered the LifeProof and Otterbox cases. But each were so expensive I just couldn't justify the purchase. After doing some online research I came across the New Trent web site and really was drawn to the Ultra-Thin iPhone case. I liked that the reviews that I saw often compared it to the Otterbox case for durability. After obtaining the case I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and durability of the case.

The case comes in three separate pieces. The interior polycarbonate case which has the screen protector built in. The silicone outer case which goes around the plastic case and a polycarbonate outer shell. The inner case is very well molded and fits the iPhone very snugly. There is no movement of the phone inside the case and all ports and openings ling up evenly. The silicone shell then goes around the bottom of the phone and the edges of the silicone mold around the front of the case to give it a very tight seal. Not a waterproof seal but splash and spill resistant. The third piece is a outer frame piece which give the outside a nice look that imitates the iPhone's natural design.

Upon instillation I noticed immediately that there were tabs that covered the volume switch, the audio port and the power port. Each tab covered their respective openings to prevent dirt and water from gaining entry. The only concern I had with these tabs actually was over the volume switch. It is a pretty narrow opening and very deeply recessed. Larger fingers may have difficulty accessing the volume switch. The volume buttons however were molded right into the side of the phone and responded very quickly when pressed upon. On the top the power button was also very responsive and I didn't feel like I had to apply any more pressure than I did without the case.

On the bottom the audio and power ports were easy to access. I am always plugging and unplugging my phone into a charger or my headphones and I had no difficulty using either of these.

Initially my only concern with the design was the home button. Its covered by a clear plastic piece that I was worried would tear over time, compromising the protection of the case. I am glad I was wrong on this however. The plastic is actually very pliable and gave enough to both protect the home button and allow it to be used without having to apply extra pressure for response.

After a few days of use I decided to test out the picture quality with the case on and was able to take crystal clear pictures. Sometimes with cases that cover the camera lens you get distortion or blurriness. This was not the case here. Clean, clear pictures.

For the speakerphone and microphones I made several calls using these features over a few days and every time the calls were clear and no distortion

Here is the breakdown using the following rating scale of 1 - 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent)

Case Design - 4

Although the case is really well designed I couldn't give a perfect score because of the volume switch opening. Users with larger fingers may have difficulty reaching into that small opening to turn on or off the switch.

Phone Protection - 5 (I would give higher if I could)

About an hour before writing up this review. I spilled a completely full 32oz soda all over the table and subsequently drowned the case in sticky wet pop. This is where I was most impressed. Not only did the case keep the phone completely protected (not a single drop got into the phone) But it cleaned up really easily! A wet wash cloth to go over it and it was good as new!

Audio - 5

I have had some cases in the past where once you put on the case you sacrifice audio. Either you can't hear as well or you have to be careful how close you are to the phone or some trade off for protection. With this case I got the best of both worlds. Great audio and great protection!

Pictures and Visuals - 4

For the picture quality I give a stand-alone 5. The pictures were crystal clear and there was no color-shifting or distortion. The optically clear coverings allow full access to your camera and flash and do a great job of taking the pictures.

On the Screen Protector however I give a 4. Although the screen protector has a great native feel to it and responds just as well as the phone does without a case, There is a good amount of visual distortion to the screen cover and looks a little like an oil slick on water. I don't know if this was my case specifically or just the design but in my opinion being able to view your crystal clear pictures is just as important as being able to take them.

Would I recommend this product to someone else? - 5

Absolutely! The price, the audio quality and the protection, the protection, THE PROTECTION makes this case an easy choice over its higher prices competitors. (Posted on 3/26/14)
sleek and protective Review by sp
This review is for the New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case for the iphone 5/5S. Upon delivery I was surprised to see how compact the packaging was, this is good because I typically do not like bulky cases for my gadgets. I do protect them, but I also like the original design and lightness of the Apple products. The box has very specific and easy to follow directions printed on the back. It was easy to assemble and when done, the phone is FULLY protected from dust, drops, water and pretty much any misfortune your phone could have. It has a 3 layer protection of an inner hard case, soft outer TPU shell and a Polycarbonate “shield” that is interchangeable. The inner hard case has a front plastic cover that completely encloses the front and screen of the phone protecting it from scratches and seals it from external elements. For those who have the 5s with the fingerprint recognition-this will not affect it in any way. The outer TPU comes from the back and enclosed the sides and back of the phone and connects almost seamlessly with the front cover. This protects all the ports, cameras, etc. All ports now have little “trap door” access or external buttons to protect the actual ports and buttons. They all tuck away nicely when not in use. Finally, the polycarbonate cover (shield) gives the whole system an additional layer of protection and definition. So in terms of protection, you really cannot get any better than this New Trent system. The design is clean and smart. It is more streamline than the Otter cases and given all the protection it provides, it looks pretty slim. However, if you like the Apple concept of lightness and design this case completely covers all that up. I find there are two types of Apple people. Those who use the Apple products for the function and are willing to do anything to protect them and there are those that put more value in the design concept of the Apple products and think it is a waste and shame to cover it up. If you are from the latter group, you will not like this product. If you are from the first category, you will absolutely love this product! And if you are in the middle-as I am, I respect and value the protection, but I find it a bit bulky and boring. I immediately put sticker on the back and it does not fit in my pockets as easily as before. I will probably interchange it with other covers I have according to what I am currently doing. For example, if I will be traveling- I will use this cover, but if I am just going to the office and not doing any activities, I will change it to the more stylish coves. I do love the fact that with the New Trent cover, you can be somewhat careless with the phone. Throw it in the gym bag, purse, etc. with my other purely style driven covers, I tend to be very careful with my phone, putting in in particular pockets and sheltering it too much. I would recommend this case to anybody who is careless with their phone; drops it every so often and has broken the screen before and those who value and cannot afford to get the screen changed or a new phone altogether. This case will save you a lot of money in protecting it! My only recommendation is to make the interchangeable shields into bright colors and patterns to liven up the cover a bit; it would be easy to change it according to your needs. Overall I highly recommend this product as with any other New Trent Product I have, it is made with intelligent design concepts merged with quality materials to make a functional protecting gear!

(Posted on 3/25/14)
Nice cover Review by Leila
The cover comes in 3 parts, a plastic frame with a plastic screen protector, the backing that wraps around the sides and a silver piece that locks everything.

I had a hard time figuring out how to open the rubber part and honestly thought I had destroyed the plastic cover. After fighting with the device for around 5min I was able to open the plastic case and after that everything went well.

The device is well built and everything stays put once you place the phone inside the case.

I thought the plastic protector would look cheap but actually gives you a crystal clear appearance and you don't even notice that is there. You can also use all the functions without a problem.

A good thing about this case is that all connectors of the phone are hidden behind a plastic cover that can be easily open and won’t interfere with the headset or the charger.

There is no CON other than the instructions to open it are not very clear.

A suggestion would be that New Trent develops a case just like this one but that charges the phone, I don't think Im ready to give up on my mophie for a simple case, I really need the extra battery .

I rate this product a 4 stars :)
(Posted on 3/25/14)
Full-featured, highly protective case that combines class and functionality with a relatively small form factor Review by John
Up until now, I have been using my iPhone 5 with a combination of an ultra slim case along with a belt holster for storage and protection of this device. I have previously owned the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 4 . . . and had used some form of belt holster for all of these devices. The iPhone 5 was the first device that I used any form of additional case with, and I have never used any form of screen protection on any of my devices (mainly because I have always been leery of the appearance and performance of screen protectors). In addition, I've never really felt comfortable carrying my cell phone in my pocket. With all of that being said, I was ready to try something new, and given my previously great experiences with New Trent products, I was ready for them to make a believer out of me.

I'd like to break down my comments into a few sections:

Form - This case is beautifully designed. I really think New Trent hit the sweet spot with taking the case as thin as it could go, while still offering excellent overall protection. You get the benefits of a rough and rugged tumbler in the appearance of a sleek and elegant unit that feels strong and comfortable in your hand.
Function - I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity and responsiveness of the screen through the built in screen protection. All of the stick-on screen protectors I've ever seen always leave devices looking like a mess, but the built in screen protection on the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case is virtually unnoticeable, and has minimal effect on the responsiveness of the touch screen. In other words, it still looks and feels like you are touching an iPhone, rather than the cheap plastic effect I've seen elsewhere. The case as a whole seems to be extremely well made - a perfect combination of materials that produce a look and feel of both durability and usability. It is worth noting that the protective cover over the "silent" on/off switch does make the toggling of the switch a bit difficult, but I can hardly fault the case for this. The construction of the flap itself seems like it's built to last, and it's hard for me to imagine a perfect solution that would keep out the elements while at the same time allowing access to this small switch. In the end, I chalk this up to a small trade off and learning curve, that will be well worth it for most people.

Pros - My overall impression is that this is a well-built case that was a pleasure to use. I enjoyed the look and feel of the case, and will definitely make this my go-to case when I need that "next level" of protection.
Cons - There is only one significant drawback that I observed while using this case, which is the only reason for the half point reduction in the overall rating. Because of the size and shape of the case relative to the headphone minijack, I was unable to connect a standard speaker plug to my device. The cable I was trying to connect was from a set of standard computer speakers, and was fairly standard in size and shape. There were no unusual bends in the connector, but I was still unable to fit it through the opening in the case. This may, or may not, be a drawback for some people.

Recommended use - I would highly recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a full-featured, highly protective case that still maintains a relatively small form factor combined with class and functionality.
Overall Rating = 4.5 out of 5 (Posted on 3/25/14)
One of the best cases for the iPhone 5S Review by Jeff
I have an iPhone 5s and need a case to protect it very well. I have used the Otterbox Defender Series case for my iPhone 5s. While it protects my phone, it is very bulky. I have a number of New Trent products and have always regarded them as high quality and innovative. So, I wanted to get the New Trent Ultra-Thin iPhone 5/5S case. I wanted a different alternative to find something both rugged and very thin.
I was impressed by the product when I received it. It is much thinner than my Otterbox. It is highly protective with 3 pieces, an outer soft TPU case, hard inner case and a polycarbonate interchangeable back cover.
The screen protector is integrated into the hard case and is scratch resistant and extremely clear. It is very responsive to my touch. I have used other cases that were not responsive.
One unique feature is that it has a thin protector for the fingerprint home button. The Otterbox does not have that. It provides extra protection, yet is still sensitive.
Another unique feature is a film over the microphone. Again, other cases do not have that feature. The film does not interfere with the microphone at all. I like that protection.
Finally, another unique feature is a protective film over the camera and flash. I have taken pictures with and without the flash in the case. The pictures are not affected by the film. I like that protection.
This case provides water resistance, which is important for a protective case. I especially want it for the iPhone 5s. My Otterbox Defender is not water resistant. When I go out in the rain, I worry about that. Also, when I take my iPhone 5s on a boat, I need that water resistance around any splashing.
I have used this New Trent case and it seems to be durable. The screen protector may get fingerprints on it over time, especially if your fingers are dirty or greasy, but that has occurred with every case that I have every owned. It is no problem. All you do is wipe it occasionally with a cloth and it is fine. It seems to be more fingerprint resistant that many cases that I have owned.

This case is very thin and rugged. Because of the water resistance and extra protection, as well as the thin form factor, I would rate this case as a 5 out of 5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being bad.
The only negative is that there is no belt clip. I do like the option of a clip to carry it on my belt, although I often just put it in a pocket.
I find that this product is especially suitable and helpful when I travel. I need a protective and rugged case. The occupations that would benefit the most from this case are people who travel, like sales people and consultants. It would also be best for people around construction sites, like architects or contractors or people in the trades. It would be good for real estate agents who have to go to different properties. Although, I am a corporate finance professional, I find it useful for my travels as well as just going around town. It is one of the best cases that I have discovered and I recommend this for anyone who wants to protect their iPhone.

(Posted on 3/25/14)
Great Phone Cover Review by Bhavik
Best Iphone cover I've ever had for my phone. Durable and trust worthy like an otter box but cheaper. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Durable case. Very responsive to touch Review by Jeff
Case was very easy to install with very tight tolerances to the phone. The protective cover includes a cover for the home/sensor button on the 5S. More importantly the sensor still works. I'm very happy to see the AmazonBasics USB A to Lightning compatible Cable ASIN B00FA4Y66U fits in the opening for the case . Most of the buttons are easy to operate and the case offers no hinderance; except for the volume on/off (see point #1)

1. The cover over the silent/vibrate button is difficult to operate with my large fingers and requires an awkward two handed procedure to turn the sound on/off. All the of the other buttons are one handed except.
2. The back plastic cover over the TPU casing is a little too slick. I would prefer a texture with a little more friction. I do like the fact it's replaceable and therefore could be sold as an additional accessory in more colors. My spouse prefers high visibility colors so she can easily locate the phone in her purse. (Posted on 3/24/14)
Great Protection with minimal bulk Review by Jeff
I used this case for my Iphone 5 and I found this case very good to get a large amount of protection for my phone with minimal bulk. Right away this case felt solid in my hand and was very easy to install. The thin screen protector was perfect to allow the phone to react and respond to my finger touches for navigation. I would definitely recommend this to those that want max protection for their phone but does not like the bulk of the other rugged cases on the market. This would be great for anyone that is outdoors or in a profession where they are on the go a lot and risk of dropping your phone is high. The water resistance aspect was a great plus as well. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Thin iPad case Review by Wendy
Review for New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-B). I used this on my iPhone 5. I had previously been using an Otterbox Defender. I am a stay at home mom with a four year old. He loves to play with my iPhone. I need something that will protect my phone from drops, spills, throws, and just rough use. I am thrilled at how thin and sleek this case is! My other case was very bulky and would not fit in most standard phone slots in bags and purses. Installing the case was very easy and quick. The case fits very snug to ensure no dust or moisture can get in. All off the charging port covers snap in very well. I am confident they will keep the dust out. The screen cover does not hinder the touch screen at all. Operation of the touch screen is very smooth. I don't know how water proof it is, as (fortunately) I have not dropped it into any water. The only thing I am not sure about is the removable TPU shell. It is very smooth, almost slippery. Since it is interchangeable, I hope they come out with some that are a little textured. That will help for those of us with butter fingers! Overall I would give this case a 5/5. I think this is a great alternative to the very bulky protective cases out there. (Posted on 3/22/14)
Thin! Review by Linda
This case is one of the more thin protective cases I’ve seen as the name suggests. But, you can tell that there is some added bulk to the iPhone. The shock and water resistant features are nice to have because they offer some comfort for taking one’s phone on vacation.

All of the buttons are responsive and work on the first push. Also, the covered ports are accessible via the tabs that cover them.

The include screen protector on the front of the case feels plastic-like and not as high quality as the rest of the case. But, it still allows for the fingerprint feature to work. It would be nice to see a better quality screen protector added to this case.

The case is made of a tough material with a matte finish but a part of the back is a plastic piece with a glossy finish. The matte finish does not attract fingerprints or scratches easily. The plastic part does attract a lot of fingerprints. The case can feel slippery in the hands and it would be nice to see some added grip so the case would feel secure when in use.

The case can be used with everyday activities but I prefer a thinner case for daily use because it fits in my pocket better and I do not need that much extra protection. But, when I am going to the beach or on a hike, I can see myself using this case because I have the added protection in case I drop my iPhone 5s in the sand or in the dirt.
(Posted on 3/21/14)
Great Case for the iPhone 5/5S Review by Brad
The New Trent Ultra-thin rugged case is a great case for the iPhone 5/5S. All ports and buttons are covered, providing extra protection that some cases don't. The design of the back is awesome, mimicking that of the iPhone 5/5S with the two toned look. The Apple logo is visible, but it is covered by a piece of plastic, that helps to protect it from everyday use. At first, the home button can be difficult to press with the screen protector over it, but with some use and adjustment, it becomes less difficult. This is a great case that will replace the other cases that I've used in the past! (Posted on 3/21/14)
Great Case at a Great Price! Review by Gabe
- Seems to be approximately same size as the Otterbox Commuter but offers integrated screen protector & camera lens protector

- Fingerprint sensor works with case

- Volume rockers perfectly aligned, easy to find and use

- Headphone jack recessed but not so much to need an extender for most headphones

- Little to no gap between integrated screen protector and actual screen. Touch input registers instantly. Love this feature!

- Looks great!

- Easy to install - instructions on back of box so you can see what steps are needed prior to opening.

- Water & dust resistant

- Apple logo visible on back

- New Trent logo on the back very understated. Doesn't call attention to itself and take away from the look of the case

- Easy to take in and out of pocket. TPU case with outer polycarb cover work well.

- Home button does not give much feedback when pushed

- Volume / silent switch a bit hard to access. I like the ones on the Mophie Juice Pak Plus more.

- Port covers serve important purpose but add an extra step to charging, plugging in headphones and toggling volume / silent switch

- Polycarb back cover is fingerprint magnet, should have slight texture to keep fingerprints away.

- TPU might stretch with use. This has yet to be tested but has been an issue with other cases. Only time will tell.

- Cover over the home button is very susceptible to denting from fingernails or other items in pocket. Material does not rebound, meaning the dent will stay. Makes the otherwise very attractive case look a little shabby.

- I travel with a Mophie JuicePak Plus. My previous case was very quick and easy to remove. This one takes considerably longer. However, previous case offered little to no protection while this one is very protective.
It's a trade-off. If you are a frequent case switcher this will make a difference.

- No belt clip

- Multiple colors would be a nice option. I would purchase one for my wife if there were more colors.

Used the case with the iPhone 5S. Previous case was the leather Apple iPhone 5S case. (Posted on 3/21/14)
Great new iPhone Case - Best Value Review by Trevor
I suppose that the first thing that I notice about the New Trent ultra-thin case for iPhone when I opened that box was that it was much more stylish than the case that I had been already using. The exterior shell was pleasant to the touch and had a look that was not reminiscent of a tire tread.

My favorite features are the dust and water resistant plug covers. These aligned perfectly with the iPhone ports and have a nice "click" feel when you close them so that you know that a seal has taken place. This feature alone is worth the price of the case.

I have not yet and I hope to never drop the phone in a bucket of water to test it water resistant nature, but by the look and construction of it, it would appear that it will protect the phone if this were to occur.

I hesitate to provide a 5th star only because I was hoping that the case would be somewhat thinner than the case I was already using. Technically it is thinner, but only extremely marginally. This is not a big deal because it is pretty thin and easily fits in a shirt pocket. Also, I'm still getting used to the film which protects the face of the iPhone. There are no issues in terms of touch screen sensitivity, but I find that I do need to push the Home button a little bit firmer.

All in all, it is a very sleek cover that I anticipate will be used for a very long time. (Posted on 3/20/14)
Great rugged case to protect your phone from the elements! Review by Kelley
I used this with my iPhone 5s. I was impressed with the overall construction. It fit closely and was easy to install. All of the ports were still easy to access. It provided a lot of protection without adding much bulk. I really like that it has a cover for the screen so dust and moisture would be kept from the phone.

I used the case for over a week for daily use, and dropped it once onto tile floor (not on purpose!) and it held up fine. I would love to have that security on a daily basis, but had 2 relatively minor issues that mean I won't be using it daily. The main issue is that the raised edges on the front, while perfect for keeping the screen protected during falls, makes it difficult to do anything near the edge of the screen, especially swipe-in movements. Also, the small amount of extra bulk makes the phone not quite fit in the pockets of one pair of my work slacks.

Although I don't plan to continue using the case daily, I will definitely use the case when I need more rugged protection. Any active outdoors events, camping, hiking, etc. will be a perfect time for this case.

I would rate this case a 5 for occasional rugged use, or a 4.5 for daily everyday use. (Posted on 3/20/14)
Ultra Thin Rugged Case Lives up to name Review by Trisha
The box with the case came in wonderful shape and was easy to open. The instructions were also very clear and easy to understand. It wasn’t that hard to get my phone in the case at all, and the case looks awesome, very professional. The buttons are easy to access and use, a lot easier than other cases I have owned, oh and finally have a case that you can use the finger print scanner with Hallelujah and thank you very much. All the buttons and ports are covered and protected, which is more than I can say for my otter box defender that leaves my charging and ear phone port exposed to dust and moisture. I really like that it fits in my pocket much easier, with its slim style. Probably the only thing I wish it had was a little more grip to it (by the way I wasn’t the only one to comment on that, most of the people who picked up my phone said the same thing, must be us over 40 crowd), I have hand issues and wish it had a bit more rubber for grip. I also wish I got the black and grey model as I kept losing it on the black counters at work, LOL. But that is it, everything else worked great it is an awesome case for such a little price. Another winner for New Trent. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great Product Solid (4/5) Review by Travis
I received this case about a week ago and so far have found it to be a very nice case for the money. One of my favorite features on this case is the cover over the fingerprint reader. Having used other cases on my 5S I have found that some completely cover the reader and others do not put anything to cover the reader virtually leaving a gaping hole in the screen protector that lets water and debris in. This makes for a very dirty phone and case over time. New Trent solved this problem by using a thin film to cover the fingerprint sensor that leaves it usable and protects the phone from un-needed water and debris.

The two equally big other features are the size of the case, and the quickness that the cover can be removed. The case is very thin.. I mean it is very thin, but yet very protective. This case can be removed in seconds.. Yes I said seconds or 9 to be exact. This phone case is thinner than some competitors cases, which makes it easier to put in your pocket and other areas you would carry the phone.


1. Very lightweight and sturdy case
2. Covered fingerprint reader while still retaining the usability of the fingerprint reader
3. Smooth feeling against your ear while using the phone. Some cases are great for protection, but lack a comfort level against your ear, this case is comfortable and protective.
4. Responsive screen protector and great picture with case on
5. The port covers are nice, a little rigid to use at first, but after time they get worn in and easier to manipulate
6. Easy to put the case on and take it off
7. Cost.. this product is not a Otterbox or lifeproof and its not trying to be. It is a quality case for the money I highly recommend it.
8. It is very thin

Cons - Note some of the cons are related to the lack of information, not the quality of the product

1. Lack of information (Documentation inside the box, or warranty or replacement information)
2. Some difficulty removing the case, but after figuring out the best method it is really simple (when i take my case off, I remove the back part first taking the rubber casing off then holding my phone in my hand vertically, and push on the side of the case without the toggle switch then pull the phone out at an angle) what this is doing it making it easier to get the case off around the toggle switch.
3. Some Third party lightening connectors will not fit with the case on (for example the amazon basics cable is to big for the opening)
4. This being from New Trent I was hoping they would make a case with a battery in it. I know for 29.99 it would not but they are known for having excellent batteries for phones and I really hope they make a case with a battery pack inside. I would defiantly buy that.

Final Thoughts

This case all in all is a bargain for 29.95 It is very solid and reliable. After a week of using I have not seen much wear or tear on the item, and believe me I use my phone a lot and constantly drop it while in the performance of my job, and this case has taken it like a champ. I would recommend this case to those people who do not want to pay a lot of money for a phone case, but still want a reliable case that will actually protect your phone unlike some cases that are merely there for looks and very little protection. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Sturdy protection for entire phone Review by Gisele
I like that this case covers both the front and back of the phone, which is unique. A thin plastic covers the screen, preventing scratches while both metal and rubber surround the body. I feel like this case will protect my phone better than any other cases I have tried so far, without adding too much extra weight. (Posted on 3/18/14)
Great product Review by Steve S
I am always concerned about dropping my phone and causing damage, so the first thing I purchase is a protection device. For my 5s, I have had an Otterbox (too bulky), inCase (no screen protection built it) and now the NewTrent Ultra-thin.
I found the product very easy to install my 5S into. The instructions were clear, and easy to follow. I was pleased with the feel of the case. Some similar products become too bulky to use efficiently. Example is, I do not keep my phone on the belt clip, but instead keep it in my pocket. This unit is perfect for that. It is slim, but offers excellent protection. I really like the fact that the screen protector is built in, not needing a separate protector and that it offers some measure of water protection. I do a lot of outside activity, getting caught frequently in the rain, and am always concerned about damaging the phone.
I have found that when the flash is used, it tends to turn the photos bluish. This is the only flaw I have found, and I rarely use the flash, so for me it is not a deal breaker.
As for improvement, I would like better access to the switch above the volume control to mute the ringer. Other than that I do not see any further room for improvement.
On a scale of 1-5, I rate this a 4.5 (Posted on 3/17/14)
Cannot be beat for the price...used for iPhone 5 Review by Ken
This is a top quality case with a great fit and finish. It is both rugged and classy at the same time. Rubber covers protects all of the ports extremely well. The only thing I would change is the cover for the mute switch. I would prefer it opened side to side so I can toggle the switch with one hand. Not a major problem at all especially if you barely use the switch. I use the switch a lot and this is the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars. Highly recommend this case. The quality far exceeds the price. (Posted on 3/14/14)
Exceptional case for the iPhone 5s Review by Jeff S.
I just received the new case (3/12), for use on my iPhone 5s. The packaging the case came in was mint and intact. The directions on the box had all the necessary product/installation information you needed. The installation of this case was extremely simple. I am quite impressed with the fit and the protection this case provided my phone. All of the external buttons and openings work/protect very well. I’m coming from a Otterbox Defender case and now have found a true replacement for it. The design of the case is superb, slim and my phone feels well protected inside it. I have accidentally dropped the phone a couple of times, with no issues and even scratches on the case. Another bonus is that the earphone/aux opening is big enough to fit my Dr. Dre Beats headphones jack. The plug is “L” shaped and thicker in design from a standard iPhone headphones jack. It plugs in this New Trent case with no issues. Right out of the box, this case fit every requirement that I had. What I would like to see though is an optional belt/clip holster for this. I personally do not like putting my cell phone in my pockets. I greatly suggest that a holster could hopefully become an option in the near future. Other than that, this is superb product that I have happily forwarded to friends/family, as a must have. (Posted on 3/14/14)
Exceeds Expectations Review by Mike
Initial Impression:
When I first received the case, I was quite excited to see how thin this case was for being a more rugged design. I’ve had an Otterbox on other phones in the past and have seen current models on iPhones today… they add a lot of bulk to the phone. The glossy piece on the back looks quite sharp. I also liked there was a built in screen protector, but then immediately saw the plastic protector for the home button and thought my iPhone 5S’ Touch ID would be rendered useless.

Installing the case was incredibly simple. I just lightly peeled back the rubberized material on the edge of the case, and was able to easily separate the front and back pieces. The installation directions provided on the back of the packaging were very clear and easy to follow.

My initial reaction to the case on the phone was one of surprise. I really liked how the case looked on the phone, and again, really liked how thin the case is being a rugged design. The weight of the phone slightly increased, but not by much. After admiring the look, I pressed my home button, and briefly forgot about the plastic protector over the Touch ID button. I left my finger on the fingerprint scanner to unlock… and much to my surprise… it still worked!! I was very impressed that this feature was not hindered by the protector.

Daily Use Feedback:
Using the phone with the new case has been an overall good experience. One thing I typically worry with cases are how easy is it to press the lock and volume buttons. I’m very pleased they are still just as easy to press as if the phone were naked. I also like that this case slides easily in and out of pants/jeans pockets, and doesn’t collect lint that bad. I will say, I find the rubber protective flaps to be slightly difficult to open. The material for the rubberized part of the case is a harder rubber than I’m used to on rugged cases. I do find it a little difficult to press the home button because of the protective plastic, however, not a deal breaker.

Overall: This case is very well made, and I'm satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommended! (Posted on 3/14/14)
The “New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s is as rugged as the name says. Review by James
There are two layers to the case. The outer shell is made of soft rubber that still has a bit of stiffness to it. The shell is the perfect tackiness to safely not slip out of your hand (unlike to notoriously slick iPhone) yet still slip easily in your jeans pocket. There is a hard black plastic (polycarbonate) shell attachment on the back (designed to look similar to the shiny panel on the back of the actual iPhone) that I assume they switch for a space grey piece of plastic on their space grey model of this case. I would rather that this hard plastic was not there as I like to prop my phone up and watch media. This hard shell makes the edge too slick for it to stay put at an angle on a surface like a table.
The soft out shell has “portals”, like on a submarine, to the flash, camera and Apple symbol.

For water resistance those portals have a hard clear plastic sheet covering the opening. This is a trade-off. You get water and dust resistance, but the plastic sheet is not as durable as the sapphire lens on the camera. In time this plastic will likely get micro-scratches which will affect your pictures. It does look like you could peel off that piece of protective plastic when that day comes. While the portal to the Apple symbol is a cut idea, you want to show off the Apple symbol as a comment on your style. This portal is most certainly not stylish. It does look just like the shot from the box and the Amazon pictures, so if you find this stylish, then this is not an issue. I have a space grey iPhone and is the black model case, so the style issues may be exacerbated (I would be interest to see a gold iPhone in a black case).
There are ports to the Thunderbolt plug and earphone jack.

I really like the design of these ports. This is where dust would be a real problem and these ports are invaluable. They are cutout flaps on the outer shell rubber and look like they will not break off for many years of use. They also have little nibs that push slightly into the ports on the iPhone so that they stay snug under most condition. The only problem I warn you about is that the porthole for the earphone jack only works for earphones with the smaller plug. At the same time, I have seen other rugged cases where you have to unscrew a plug from these ports to access; this is far too inconvenient, these flaps are a reasonable compromise.

It is so close to working with the bigger plug (the could make it work for these plugs with just a small increase to the hole size).

There is a similar flap covering the ring silencer switch on the side of the iPhone. I like that switch on my iPhone because I can silence my iPhone without taking it out of my pocket. It would be considerably hard to do this with the design of this case (not that I have found a rugged case where this has been solved).

There are volume controls built into the outer shell of the case that, when presses, push the volume controls on the iPhone itself. These are the best external volume control buttons I have ever used. It is as easy, maybe easier, to control the volume using the buttons in the outer shell (which is surprising considering the layers between those buttons and the iPhone itself).
Not that anyone would ever see it, but the inside of the rubber outer shell has a nice looking design, reminiscent of the old Atari games (I would love to have that on the outside of the shell instead of the hard plastic panel.
There is also an inner hard plastic shell that becomes the front panel when the case is put together. It is clear that a lot of work has gone into protecting the front sensors of the iPhone while still keeping the sensors completely functional. To allow all these sensors to work through the case, the same hard clear plastic was used to keep the phone safe and functional.

This plastic does not have the smudge fighting/scratch resisting technology of the Gorilla Glass like screen on the iPhone, but would certainly keep your screen safe from wear and tear. Also, to protect all those sensors above the screen, they had to extend the plastic covering a little into the top of the screen. This makes pulling down the notification menu hard. You can pull it down from the left or right side of the top of the screen, but the center top is unavailable.
The fingerprint reader is protected using a much thinner clear plastic. I understand the engineering challenge for making this still work and I give New Trent kudos for succeeding in keeping the fingerprint reader functional, but the plastic does not look good. When you press the button, the film wrinkles. After just two uses it now has a permanent wrinkle/blister.

I foresee pulling this plastic film off in the very near future. Not sure of the technology behind the reader, but I assume there is a reason the reader is made of sapphire. Perhaps scratches would make the reader non-functional. This film would quickly become scratched.
As for dimensions, when put the case together it is still much slimmer than most other rugged cases, dust resistant. It is actually smaller than most non-rugged cases. If you are looking for a rugged/dust resistant/water resistant case, this one is definitely worth looking at. It looks like it would survive a drop from around 6 feet to hard pavement or gravel with no damage to your phone. It does not look like it would survive being run over by a truck, but the thinness is worth this compromise.
If you work in a dusty environment, like wood shop or outside, this case is definitely worth your consideration. Even if you are just klutzy, this case is way better that the $200+ dollars it would take to fix your broken screen after a drop.
(Posted on 3/14/14)
Top Notch Ruggedized Case Review by Adrian
Initial impressions:
I was pleasantly surprised by the slim form factor of the case. Even though it’s ruggedized it’s not bulky by any means.

Pros/Positive impressions:
- The hard inner liner fits the iPhone 5 well. The cutouts for the front facing camera, sensor and earphone are accurately placed and do not block any of them.
- The clear plastic screen is firm and fits well, it doesn’t create “bubbles” on the display. Also, there isn’t any loss of sensitivity and my touchscreen works as well as it did without any screen on it.
- The soft outer TPU shell locks onto the hard inner shell via a groove which holds it securely. I can see how it prevents moisture and dust from entering the unit.
- The outer shell is firm enough to provide protection from bumps and scratches, but soft enough to absorb the impact from a fall. The polycarbonate interchangeable back provides additional support and allows for some customization.
- The charging port, earphone jack and ringer mute switch covers fit perfectly into/over each port/swtich and form enough of a seal to keep out the elements.
- The volume buttons and the power button covers are soft and responsive. They allow operation of the buttons with very little to no additional effort required over the bare buttons.

- One of my main concerns is about the Home button, it’s only covered by a thin plastic film. On my iPhone 5 I have to apply a little more pressure than with the bare button. I’m worried that it may rupture due to the repeated use it gets. This may or may not be a problem, only time will tell if this membrane can stand up to daily use.
- Another concern is the speaker holes on the bottom of the phone. It appears that they are open to the environment, providing an avenue for dust/moisture to enter.
- My last concern is more aesthetic than functional. The polycarbonate interchangeable back cover and the front plastic attracts a lot of oil and residue from your hand. If you’re picky you may be constantly wiping it down. If not, it may not bother you at all.

Final impressions:
- I am very pleased with this case. The overall design is well thought out and fits comfortably in my hand. I also like the rear cutout showing the apple logo (which by the way has a plastic film over the opening to keep it sealed).
- There is definitely additional weight added to the unit because of the case, however it isn’t as much as other ruggedized cases I’ve encountered. In my personal opinion, I’m fine with the additional weight. In fact I like the additional heft as the bare iPhone 5 feels too light in my hands.

This has become my daily driver.

If I could I would give this case 4.5 / 5 stars. Were it not for the issues noted above I'd have given it 5 stars. (Posted on 3/14/14)
For those who are used to "rugged" cases! Review by Cody
This review is for the NT630CR-B by NewTrent I used this product with an Apple iPhone 5.
1) Installation: Installation was easy, and I did not feel like I was damaging my phone by putting it into the case which is nice compared to some of the other “rugged” cases.
2) Weight: Very lightweight and sleek
3) Durability: So far my phone has survived drops of about 5 feet with no damage to the case or phone, my wife spilled a bit of soda on the case and none leaked into the phone, the screen protector that comes in the case is nice and responds well with another screen protector on your phone.
4) Material: The phone is made of two cases, one a hard typical plastic, the second a soft rubber material for the outside. I am a huge fan of the rubber outside. It comes also with a plastic backing that can be changed out for different colors.
5) Price: When compared to other cases of its class, this case is just as good as an Otterbox, yet 20 dollars cheaper in some cases. This case is totally worth the price.

1) Gap at the home button, for some reason there is a gap between the home button, not sure if this was an oversight, but it feels awkward pressing the home button with the case on.
2) The plastic backing is terrible with finger prints and you will often find yourself wiping it off.

This iPhone case will suit typical durability needs in a phone case without being too bulky. I highly recommend this case to anyone who needs a bit of added protection with their phone.
4.5 Stars – The awkwardness of the gap in the home button takes a bit away from this product, but other than that it is a good one!

(Posted on 3/13/14)
Rugged but Slim Review by Amzad
The Trentium case is a slim case that offers protection but with little bulk added. The 3 Piece setup (front. rubber, back) reminded me of my otterbox defender but much easier to put on and much slimmer. The first piece has a screen protector install for the screen and home button. The home button part can be taken off as I did since I have a button added. Not sure if it was designed for it but it works for me. Also useful if you have a 5S for the fingerprint sensor.

The rubber feels sturdy and durable. The plastic back is smooth and glossy. Doesn't make your phone look boring if it's put down. Button feedback is pretty good!

Overall, the case is slim, durable, and stylish for half the price of similar rugged cases. Out of 5, I'd rate it a 5.
(Posted on 3/13/14)
I love the case it's really solid Review by Carmen
I really like this case it's a lot lighter and slimmer then most cases but still as durable. They could make a few miner changes and it would be fully waterproof. But the only thing I wish it had some other colors for the back plate other then black and silver. But it's still a amazing case I'd definitely recommend it to a freind. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Best Rugged Case Review by Adam
I ordered the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case (NT630CR-B) for my iPhone 5. I have a bad track record with dropping my iPhone, so this was a much needed purchase. The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case boasts that it is "shock resistant" and "water resistant." I was curious to see whether or not this was true. I filled up my kitchen sink with water and dipped the case in the water. I pulled the case out right away and was pleased to see that there were no leaks to the inside of the case. Here is the proof. http://s131.photobucket.com/user/BoBop123/media/image-1.jpeg.html

I am wary of dropping my phone on the ground to test the "shock resistance" of the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case. With the good track record that New Trent has, I'm sure my phone will be safe from most drops.

I use my phone as a GPS while I am at work every day, so being able to take the phone quickly and easily out of my pocket is a MUST. Unlike most other so called "rugged" phone cases, the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case is very thin and fits in my pocket easily. The material the New Trent case is made out of also allows for quick sliding in and out of my pocket.

Anyone who uses their iPhone often and is prone to dropping it, should get the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case. I rate it a 5 out of 5! (Posted on 3/13/14)
Awesome iPhone case Review by Deanna
Five stars for this lightweight, attractive, inexpensive case. The bulk added is almost unnoticeable. The case provides soft sides providing a comfortable feel making for ease of use. The case is sturdy and provides high level of protection against water, dust and drops. A good buy! (Posted on 3/13/14)
A True Believer in the case and never disappointed with New Trent!!! Review by John
The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-G) is a durable, and rugged iPhone case that protects your iPhone 5 by wrapping it in a dual layer case. This means that the NT630CR-G iPhone case can keep your iPhone out of harm's way. This case has a no-slip grip construction, and is especially sturdy on the corners, where the most damage can be done. Dropping your phone on one of its corners can seriously damage your screen as well as the components inside your phone, so it's good to see that New Trent reinforced the weakest point on your phone.

The NT630CR-G comes with a sturdy rubber outer casing that is hard on the corners and sides and has a smoother backing that is comfortable on your hand. Each button and port is covered but accessible, making it easy to plug in your earbuds or power cord. The speakers are exposed on the bottom and are mostly unobstructed, letting the sound flow free. Fortunately, the camera is also unobstructed, letting you get clear shots with no interference. In addition to this case being very effective in protecting your iPhone from scratches, impacts and droppings, it is also water resistant, so you are provided a bonus reassurance around liquids.

The inner casing is a thin, shock resistant plastic shell that fits snugly and securely inside the outer casing. This gives your iPhone 5s 360 degrees of protection. There is a built in screen protector on the inner casing so you don't have to install a separate screen protector. The screen protector is very responsive. You can swipe, tap and use your iPhone 5s screen just as if the screen wasn't there.

The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-G) is a stylish and rugged looking, but the best design feature is that it retains the slim, thin profile the iPhone is known for. Other rugged cases can add a lot of bulk and weight to your phone, but thanks to the lightweight, innovative, and modern case design, your phone still fits in your pocket without it feeling like you are smuggling a brick.

While I would like to see more colors for this great iPhone 5s case, you can choose between two color schemes. Choose either a black outer case with a charcoal grey side/back casing or an all-black version casing. I have been loyal to New Trent products and accessory for their durability, easy use, and stylish design. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Great thin water resistant/dirt/shockproof iPhone 5/5s case Review by Ken
Great thin water resistant/dirt/shockproof iPhone 5/5s case.

The case was reviewed on an iPhone 5s.

Looking for a rugged iPhone 5 case, your search is over. This attractive
case offers protection from dirt, shock, and water (resistant not
waterproof). This case should offer adequate protection if you are an
active iPhone user, especially the outdoor type.

The case is easy to install and remove and adds only 5mm to the iPhones
size. It is thinner (and less costly) than the comparable Otterbox
Commuter case. The case has protection for all the buttons and ports
(ie- headphones). Further it does not interfere with any of the phones
functioning (including the camera). Although as part of its protection
the case has plastic that covers the home button(fingerprint scanner), I
had no trouble with the iPhone reading my fingerprint.

The case in several parts. One part includes a screen protector. Some
individuals will not use a phone unless there is a screen protector,
others find it a nuisance. It would be nice if there was a easy way to
be able to remove/replace the screen protector if not desired. It may be
possible to remove it (sacrificing some weather resistance) but
directions for that are not included. In any event, the screen protector
does not seem to interfere with screen operation in any way. A screen
protector already installed on the iPhone would be redundant and I would
recommend removing it. The material makes holding the phone without
slippage easy, yet slides into one’s pocket without difficulty.

A potential difficulty is the port for the lightning connector. It seems
limited in size. So whereas Apple’s connector inserts without
difficulty, some third party connectors might have some difficulty doing so.

I often ride motorscooters/motorcycles and this case will provide extra
protection for my rides.

In short, this case feels great in your hands, is elegant looking and
offers great protection at a very reasonable price. Recommended without
reservations. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Fantastic Case! Review by B

I have used a few different cases for my iPhone, an Otter Box and a case from Seidio. A lot of them have similar elements of design, but this case is the thinnest, especially for the protection it provides. It is much better than the Otterbox, which is way too thick and bulky for my taste.

I like the thin foam in the back of the soft case which helps protect the finish of the phone. I also really like the polycarbonate shell, the two tone look is great and it provides an added layer of protection.

All of the covers for the buttons and holes are designed very well. I love the fact that they all have little tabs for helping get a grip to open them. I have had some cases that did not have this, and they were much more difficult to work with.

Overall I am very happy with the design of this case. I have been using it in a business setting and others have actually asked me about the case because it looks so nice.


After installing it and using it for a little while, I must say that this case exceeds expectations. With day to day use, I love how thin it is compared to my other cases. The cutouts align perfectly and I have not had any issues with any aspect of this case. Calls are clear and nothing interferes with the use of the phone.

At one point I actually dropped the phone in this case and it did not damage the case or the phone at all. This case is very rigid and sturdy and I feel secure in using it.
(Posted on 3/12/14)
As a medium duty splash, dust and bump case that walks that line between protection and bulk New Trent has hit the mark. Review by Rob
Most of us spend a fair amount of time (and money) looking for the perfect case for our phones. I think this New Trent Rugged case is very close. It's no Otterbox, for sure, but then, not everyone needs that kind of protection. This case is a well-made, easy to attach, medium duty unit.

There are three pieces to it: the rigid piece that contains the screen protector, the semi-soft back and sides and a small rigid back section. The accompanying photos show the pieces and sequence for assembly. And that assembly is very easy. All the parts fit the iPhone and each other very well. All controls work as usual; the charging port and ringer switch have lift-up covers.

After several days of use, I found that the sound quality is excellent for the ear piece, the external speaker and for those on the other end to hear/understand me. I have an aftermarket screen protector on my screen and purposely left it one to check sensitivity with the New Trent case over it. To my delight there is no loss of touch. All motions are just as exact and quick as before. There are a couple places where the case screen protector appears to be adhering to the screen, but this in no way affects the use or viewing. Others have mentioned that the plastic used for the screen protector attracts dust, which it does; but, this may be a function of the drier air of winter.

Finally, I'm not sure of the purpose of the rigid partial back piece, but I have to admit that I'm glad it’s there- it makes for a great attachment point for my iMagnet car mount plate!

Bottom line- I find this New Trent product to be exactly as advertised. As a medium duty splash, dust and bump case that walks that line between protection and bulk New Trent has hit the mark. Definitely 5 stars.
(Posted on 3/12/14)
Great protection from the elements Review by Ryan
Our iPhones go with us everywhere, but there are times we have to leave our pricey gadgets behind to avoid cracked screens or possible water damage. New Trent helps diminish those fears with this rugged case that helps protect your iPhone 5 or 5S from dirt, sand, splashes, and drops.

My phone usually comes with me hiking, running, biking, and to concerts, but I never know when I might get stuck in the rain or if an angry mosh pit will leave me with a busted phone. New Trent's case has a hard, protective inner shell that helps prevent screen cracks caused by bending, while a softer exterior TPU cover helps the phone absorb bumps and drops. A final hard cover snaps on the back of the phone to not only help reinforce the protection, but also makes this case slide in and out of your pocket easily.

+ Built-in screen protector: Some cases provide a clear cover over the screen, but New Trent’s case also covers the fingerprint scanner (home button), the camera, and the Apple logo on the back. The cover does not seem to interfere with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner as I had no issues unlocking my phone with this case on.
+ Speaker and microphone protection: This helps keep dirt out without muffling the sound quality.
+ Buttons are still easy to press: Not many cases leave the Power and Volume buttons easy to press, but New Trent's case does not have this issue!
+ Lightweight: This case provides a great deal of protection with minimal bulk and weight. Compared to other cases, I am surprised how light my phone is with this case on.

- Vibrate switch: While the case provides great protection to keep dirt out, the vibrate switch is somewhat more difficult to access from under the protective flap. If you don’t need to access the switch often, then this may not be an issue for you.

Other Thoughts
- This case is not waterproof: It will provide protection from most splashes and spills, but it is not 100% waterproof (nor does New Trent claim that it is). So while it will likely keep you protected in the rain, don’t plan on using it to video your next snorkeling trip.

Overall, New Trent provides a huge amount of protection without the huge price tag or bulk of some of those other cases named after otters. (Posted on 3/12/14)
Glad I found this Product Review by Patricia
This review is for the New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s in
Black which has been in use for the past four days. I received the product
Monday, March 3. Thank you for the opportunity to test this product. I
really like it so far and don't find any significant issues with it for my
needs. I work in an office and use my phone a lot during the day for calls,
email, texting and calendars, and internet. The case is really easier than
the previous case I was using. I love that I can use the finger print lock
now for privacy and protection.

My overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 with five being the highest: My
Rating is a 5 for design and also easy to use.

The product itself is intuitive in design following Apple's concept.
However, there are simple, easy to follow directions printed on the back
side of the packaging box. The case is light weight and made of durable
materials I believe are silicone and polycarbonate to provide protection
from dropping, scratches, accidental liquid spills, and dirt that could
potentially damage the phone. The case is thin and sleek in design. It is
however styled more for men rather women.

The design is more rugged. That might not be appealing to women who might
be looking for something more stylish that provides the same protection.
That perhaps could be something to improve upon in the future. Overall, I
am satisfied with the New Trent case and its performance. I am thrilled to
be able to use the finger print recognition which is not a capable feature
when using other rugged phone cases.

The case itself consists of three pieces. It is easy to assemble. There are
three pictures attached to see the assembly of the case.

1. Molded and hard framed shell with a clear, scratch resistant screen
protector built-in.
2. Soft Silicone outer TPU shell that fits tight over both the framed shell
and iPhone.
3. Lastly, a polycarbonate hard case that clips over the middle of the
entire case to secure it and add extra protection to the phone if dropped.
4. A circular cutout reveals the Apple logo.

Bonus Features:

- Slim in thickness; Sleek in design
- Slips easily into pant pockets and purse linings
- Screen cover allows for Fingerprint recognition (something that
Invisi-Shield does not)
- The screen displays a clear, anti-glare view without bubbles smudges
- Water Resistant with all ports covered securely and have easy access
- Speaker port is not covered allowing for better sound quality
- Protection screen film over the home button and camera do not interfere
with function or integrity of responsiveness for texting
-Cost is affordable as compared to others at $69+

Concerns: Which are not very big!

- Grip: The biggest concern is getting used to the polycarbonate case as
compared to a silicone case (Incipio). This case has more "slip" in your
- Back part of case smudges or "finger-prints" a lot. I like to keep
things clean. It is enough that it bothers me.


- Grip: Perhaps strategically placed silicone finger grips on outer case-
preventing accidental slips or drops out of hand

-Back case: The clip on part could potentially be the accessory part of
the case. Patterns, colors, themes, logos could all glam it up to be more
appealing other than just a black case.

(Posted on 3/11/14)
The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Case for iPhone 5/5s is as rugged as the name says. Review by James
There are two layers to the case. The outer shell is made of soft rubber that still has a bit of stiffness to it. The shell is the perfect tackiness to safely not slip out of your hand (unlike to notoriously slick iPhone) yet still slip easily in your jeans pocket. There is a hard black plastic (polycarbonate) shell attachment on the back (designed to look similar to the shiny panel on the back of the actual iPhone) that I assume they switch for a space grey piece of plastic on their space grey model of this case. I would rather that this hard plastic was not there as I like to prop my phone up and watch media. This hard shell makes the edge too slick for it to stay put at an angle on a surface like a table.
The soft out shell has “portals”, like on a submarine, to the flash, camera and Apple symbol.

For water resistance those portals have a hard clear plastic sheet covering the opening. This is a trade-off. You get water and dust resistance, but the plastic sheet is not as durable as the sapphire lens on the camera. In time this plastic will likely get micro-scratches which will affect your pictures. It does look like you could peel off that piece of protective plastic when that day comes. While the portal to the Apple symbol is a cut idea, you want to show off the Apple symbol as a comment on your style. This portal is most certainly not stylish. It does look just like the shot from the box and the Amazon pictures, so if you find this stylish, then this is not an issue. I have a space grey iPhone and is the black model case, so the style issues may be exacerbated (I would be interest to see a gold iPhone in a black case).
There are ports to the Thunderbolt plug and earphone jack.

I really like the design of these ports. This is where dust would be a real problem and these ports are invaluable. They are cutout flaps on the outer shell rubber and look like they will not break off for many years of use. They also have little nibs that push slightly into the ports on the iPhone so that they stay snug under most condition. The only problem I warn you about is that the porthole for the earphone jack only works for earphones with the smaller plug. At the same time, I have seen other rugged cases where you have to unscrew a plug from these ports to access; this is far too inconvenient, these flaps are a reasonable compromise.

It is so close to working with the bigger plug (the could make it work for these plugs with just a small increase to the hole size).

There is a similar flap covering the ring silencer switch on the side of the iPhone. I like that switch on my iPhone because I can silence my iPhone without taking it out of my pocket. It would be considerably hard to do this with the design of this case (not that I have found a rugged case where this has been solved).

There are volume controls built into the outer shell of the case that, when presses, push the volume controls on the iPhone itself. These are the best external volume control buttons I have ever used. It is as easy, maybe easier, to control the volume using the buttons in the outer shell (which is surprising considering the layers between those buttons and the iPhone itself).
Not that anyone would ever see it, but the inside of the rubber outer shell has a nice looking design, reminiscent of the old Atari games (I would love to have that on the outside of the shell instead of the hard plastic panel.
There is also an inner hard plastic shell that becomes the front panel when the case is put together. It is clear that a lot of work has gone into protecting the front sensors of the iPhone while still keeping the sensors completely functional. To allow all these sensors to work through the case, the same hard clear plastic was used to keep the phone safe and functional.

This plastic does not have the smudge fighting/scratch resisting technology of the Gorilla Glass like screen on the iPhone, but would certainly keep your screen safe from wear and tear. Also, to protect all those sensors above the screen, they had to extend the plastic covering a little into the top of the screen. This makes pulling down the notification menu hard. You can pull it down from the left or right side of the top of the screen, but the center top is unavailable.
The fingerprint reader is protected using a much thinner clear plastic. I understand the engineering challenge for making this still work and I give New Trent kudos for succeeding in keeping the fingerprint reader functional, but the plastic does not look good. When you press the button, the film wrinkles. After just two uses it now has a permanent wrinkle/blister.

I foresee pulling this plastic film off in the very near future. Not sure of the technology behind the reader, but I assume there is a reason the reader is made of sapphire. Perhaps scratches would make the reader non-functional. This film would quickly become scratched.

As for dimensions, when put the case together it is still much slimmer than most other rugged cases, dust resistant. It is actually smaller than most non-rugged cases. If you are looking for a rugged/dust resistant/water resistant case, this one is definitely worth looking at. It looks like it would survive a drop from around 6 feet to hard pavement or gravel with no damage to your phone. It does not look like it would survive being run over by a truck, but the thinness is worth this compromise.

If you work in a dusty environment, like wood shop or outside, this case is definitely worth your consideration. Even if you are just klutzy, this case is way better that the $200+ dollars it would take to fix your broken screen after a drop.
(Posted on 3/11/14)
Best Bang for the Buck! Review by Wayne
As someone who purchased the Otterbox Defender the day the 5s was released I can tell you what a gift it was to switch it out for the Trentium. 1/3 of the size but equal in its protection. The fact that it's almost 1/2 the cost certainly doesn't hurt either.
In addition, given its strong inner and outer shell it was very simple to put on and take off of the Iphone.
I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants premium protection while not giving up valuable pocket space!
(Posted on 3/11/14)
Best Bang for the Buck! Review by Wayne
As someone who purchased the Otterbox Defender the day the 5s was released I can tell you what a gift it was to switch it out for the Trentium. 1/3 of the size but equal in its protection. The fact that it's almost 1/2 the cost certainly doesn't hurt either.
In addition, given its strong inner and outer shell it was very simple to put on and take off of the Iphone.
I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants premium protection while not giving up valuable pocket space!
(Posted on 3/11/14)
Best thin case for iPhone with great protection Review by MOHD
Here is my review of New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water
 Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5S Case (NT630CR-G):
Personally, I am not a big fan of cases, but the iPhone is an expensive product
 and you have to keep it safe and here New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5s case
 comes true to these expectations. I am happy the way it protects my phone with
 almost everything. This case is shock, dust and water proof and pretty rugged. I use the phone very roughly and now I don't need to worry. It's very thin and
 doesn't increase the size so much, I have compared it with Otterbox and it looks much better and sleeker without compromising the protection. It also
 protects the phone screen completely along with the complete body of the
 phone. The metal frame in the back makes it more elegant. Its pretty solid
 and made very good study material to take care of the phone. It covers
 all the ports and protect them.
My experience in this case is very good, but there are things which i feel
 need improvements
Finger sensor doesn't work smoothly and most of the time i need to try
Again and need to be careful while putting my finger on the sensor.
Ringer cap needs a better and innovative design, every time to keep my
 phone silent I have to remove the cap, then I have to insert my finger to
 keep the ringer ON/OFF
More colors needed

This is perfect and thinnest case I came across with this much protection
 and it truly deserves its credit. It's perfect to keep your iPhone 5/s
 protected and I am sure we will see more color options pretty soon. (Posted on 3/11/14)
Great protection without being too bulky Review by mookr
I have had experience with many iPhone 5/5s cases. I don't really like the OtterBox cases as the rubber they use tends to stretch out with use. My mom had an OtterBox for her iPhone 5 and it eventually just sagged around the plastic internal frame. Before receiving this case I had Spigen case for my iPhone 5s and I really enjoyed its sleekness and thinness. No other case that I have found protects the phone like this case while keeping the phone very thin, however it does not come with a screen protector.

The New Trent case strikes me as a hybrid between the LifeProof case (which I have evaluated on a friends phone) and the Spigen case I mentioned earlier. The LifeProof case is nice, but so expensive. I like how the New Trent case uses very stiff rubber compared to the OtterBox as I know it will not stretch out with prolonged use. I also like the price as I don't really care about my phone being waterproof. I just want it to survive my two kids and the occasional spill onto the floor. This case is more than adequate to handle these situations.

Things I like about this case:
*Thinner than other cases that offer comparable protection
*Built in screen protector that allows fingerprint access
*Stiff rubber components similar to the Spigen case
*Corners of the glass screen are protected by plastic (Spigen case does not have this protection)
*The buttons are easy to push and give smooth feedback

Things I don't like:
*The constant air bubbles that are present behind the screen protector (the LifeProof case is the same way); however they are unnoticeable when the screen is on. This is not a huge deal.
*The case feels tapered from the back of the case to the front. In my hand I can tell that the back of the case is skinnier than the front side of the case. I don't know why, but I just don't like the feel of this in my hand. It feels like I am going to drop the case. I would much rather have the case be perfectly square from back to front.

Overall, I love this case and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 3/11/14)
Great alternative to waterproof cases Review by Michael
I used it on my iPhone 5 from verizon and replaced the lifeproof fre that I had been using for the past year. The New Trent Case was about the same size as my previous case and I could not tell a difference in weight or bulk when the phone in my pocket. The case is well built and easy to put the phone into. All the phone ports were easy to access. Going from the lifeproof (which is waterproof) to the New Trent case which is only water resistant was not as big a deal as I thought it would be. I am not one to drop my phone in water and the lifeproof is a little overkill unless you work in an environment in which large pools of water are everywhere. I have had no issue with voice clarity or being able to hear callers. Those calling me have not had any complaints about the quality of my call. Taking photos with the case provided as clear photos as without the case. I would highly recommend this case for those that are looking for great protection from the elements but don't need a waterproof case. It is perfect for most people unless you are a lifeguard or have a similar occupation. The price is a third of what you would pay for a waterproof case and provides outstanding protection for most users.
(Posted on 3/9/14)
Great Case offering complete protection... Review by Howard
Package arrived quickly and I inspected the item to make sure it was all in working order and not damaged during shipping. At first glance the iPhone Case looks very well constructed.

Similar to the New Trent Gladius Air case for the iPad air, the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s Case is the perfect solution for those individuals who work out in the field and require a sturdy/rugged case to protect their phones from damage.

The case has a three piece design, the phone sits inside a rubber molding allowing a snug secure fit. There is front piece with a built in screen protector that snaps easily into place, and finally on the back there is a panel to lock in all the components of the case.

I have been using the case for about a week now and must say that I am happy thus far. I have owned many cases for my phone, including major brands like otter box and life proof and this case is definitely a contender to be one the best out there. It is an excellent product at a price that wont break the bank!

Lightweight design.
Rugged protection against dirt, water, and accidental drops or bumps
All iPhone ports have protective covers and are easily accessible.
Back panel has opening to display iPhone apple logo.

Front screen cover accumulates dust inside and debris over time and use, (minor issue as most cases with a front protection screen often have same problem).

On a grading scale I feel the case is 5 out of 5, providing exceptional protection to the iPhone and allowing mobile users the piece of mind of an excellent phone case at a great price...

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope my feedback will help.

Howard (Posted on 3/8/14)
Great Case! Review by Houtan
For the people who have an otterbox and wish to have a slimmer case that offers the same protection, this is the case for you. The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case offers a variety of protection for your iPhone and keeps the bulk down. This case will only increase the size of your iPhone by only 5mm (which is almost nothing when you have your iPhone in the case). The only problem I ran into was the film that covers the back camera/flash. When you try to take a picture with flash, the film reflects the light and causes the camera to take a blue picture. But I found out that you can easily push that film out and the problem is then gone (this will allow water to seep through that portion of your case, so do that at your own discretion). I have the iPhone 5, so I could not use the fingerprint feature, but the home button is also covered by a sleek film.

Built in screen protector (if you have sun light beaming down on your screen, you will see it...other than that, it's not noticeable.
Slim design will allow you to place your iPhone in your pocket without it bulking out and causing it to stick out.
Water resistance will allow your case to get wet (not submerged in water) without the worry of the water to seep through the case.
Metal frame on the back will prevent the case from moving around.
The flaps that cover your 3.5mm audio jack, silent/loud key, and your charging port will be covered.
Dust proof (your iPhone will not have dirt and dust on it (which is prevented by this case).
Shockproof ability will not have you freak out when you drop your iPhone on the ground or it accidentally gets thrown somewhere.

The film that covers the back camera gets in the way when you take a picture with flash. It causes the picture to turn blue (all of it).
the 3.5mm jack does not work with L-shaped headphone jacks as it is a little tight. But you will not experience any problems if you use a straight headphone jack like the Apple one.

This case is ideal for any iPhone user who wants protection at an affordable price that does not leave your phone bulky. I give this product a 5/5. (the screen and headphone jack are not severe issues that leave your phone useless). (Posted on 3/7/14)
Best iPhone case ever Review by Amy
I was extremely pleased with this case. I am usually very hard on my phones and need something durable but I usually have to trade off durability for a streamlined case that will still fit in my pocket. This case meets both of those needs. It is extremely durable yet still thin enough to carry in my pocket. My husband and several of our friends work (and play) outdoors and need a rugged case that is durable and water-resistant and they all LOVED this case and plan to order one. I would like to see more color options but overall I REALLY liked the case. I was also impressed with how it is assembled. Unlike the Ifrogz case I had previously, it protects the screen completely in addition to the outer case. I used in outdoors in the rain and was not worried at all about the phone itself getting wet. It really seals it from all sides. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Good case, reasonable price Review by Scott
This is a great phone case. It is rugged enough for my everyday use. It survives the normal jostling of being carried around in a bag or a pocket with no problems and would likely take a fall from a couch or table level to carpet in stride. It is slim and protective without any added bulk. It is a good-looking, sleek case. The built-in screen protector is sturdy enough and pretty sensitive. There is no need to press hard or to repeat motions to get it to respond.

There were a couple of things that I wish were different. First, it would be nice if a belt holster was included. I prefer to carry my phone on my belt. Secondly, there is not much rubber or silicone material on the outside of the case. The lack of silicone caused the phone to rattle somewhat loudly on my desk while it was in vibrate-only mode. I set the phone on a mousepad to keep it from disturbing my co-workers. Thirdly, the opening for the Lightning connector is not large enough to accommodate all charging/syncing cables. Apple-branded cables work fine, but the Amazon Basics cables I use did not fit. Lastly, the case is currently only available in black/black or black/grey. Those options are fine for my taste, but others might prefer a wider selection of colors.

This is a solid case at a reasonable price. It is well suited to someone who wants a semi-rugged, protective case for their iPhone, without all the extra bulk that comes with a rugged case. The case fits my 64 GB iPhone 5S very well. The fit, finish and build quality are excellent. I would rate this case a 4 on a scale of 1-5. I would recommend it to someone who needs a high quality semi-rugged case, with the caveat that it may not be the best choice if they often put their phone in vibrate-only mode and set it on a hard surface. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Great Look and Quality Review by Nadia
I've been a customer of New Trent since buying my first portable charger from them (IMP1000). Their quality is always top notch. I recently purchased the iPhone 5S and so decided to get this Ultra-thin Water/Shock proof case, since I travel a lot and am very accident prone! I somehow drop my phone at least 3 times a day, so I definitely needed a Shockproof case. I received the product within a few days of purchase and was so excited to open it. The case did not disappointment. I know it says "Ultrathin" in the product name but I really was surprised by how thin it was. The case consisted of three parts: a back cover, hard inner case and a nice outer TPU case. Before receiving the product, I was a bit concerned with using the touch screen and how well it would respond but it worked just fine.

I've been using this case for a few days now and a lot of people have asked me about it. Most of them are surprised that the case is shock/waterproof because of how sleek it looks. I am always moving and going around to various places for work and so this case has come in handy in protecting my phone. Overall I think this case is a great buy, with good quality, and is priced well compared to others on the market. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Great protection from the elements Review by Craig
Upon inspection: Looking over the case, I noticed that it is sealed off
well and will keep the dust/water off the phone. The power, headphones
and silence switch all have a rubber plug as part of the case. The
speaker and headphones do not plug and can let water in if submerged.
There is a screen protector built into the case and sealed in as well.

Putting my iPhone 5 inside: went together rather easy and seals the
phone inside.

Uses: Great for outdoors like camping hiking or anytime the device will
be in a dusty environment. Great protection from the elements. Would be
great for anyone that works outdoors like construction workers,
laborers, etc. As I work in an office, it is not really needing that
kind of protection all the time. I do use when outside camping, biking etc.

Pros: durable, water/dust resistant, shock resistant, easy to put on and
take off.
Cons: does not work well if you have a screen protector already on. It
will make bubbles in between your screen protector and the built in one
on the case. Can cause visibility problems with light reflecting on it.
Home button also has a screen on it, good for protecting, but can make
it harder to press.

Overall rating: 5. Great protection, but interferes with my own screen
protector, and i do not want to take it off (free lifetime replacements.), otherwise no complaints. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Love the Case!!! Review by DOATactical
This cover worked great with my Iphone 5; it's very accessible and easy to manage. The size was just right not too big, the phone was well protected without being too heavy and intrusive. It fit perfectly in my clothing my console and my treadmill. It needed to be an easy fit for those three key uses.
I give this a 5 out of 5
Genuinely satisfied (Posted on 3/7/14)
Rugged AND Stylish Review by LtHixson
I am a firefighter who was recently given the opportunity to test out the New Trent iPhone 5 phone case.

My first impression of the product was very favorable. I could tell right away that it was a higher quality case than the one I had been using (an Incipio Dual Pro). It looked like a lot of thought was given to the appearance of the case, and not just the functionality. All too often you'll find a case that does one thing well but sacrifices in other areas -- it protects really well but it's too bulky, or it looks great but provides no protection. This case is a great balance of looks and functionality. It is black in color yet still manages to be stylish with a good mixture of both gloss and matte pieces. The pieces fit very well and the overall build quality appears to be first-rate. It's grippy enough to hold on to, but not so grippy that it won't slip easily in and out of my front pants pocket. The covers for the charging and headphone jacks fit securely yet weren't too difficult to move when I needed access. The pictures I've taken aren't distorted in any way. Callers are easy to hear both normally and on speakerphone. No one I've called has mentioned having trouble hearing or understanding me. And for the types of situations I find myself in as a firefighter, it provides a level of protection that I am more than comfortable with.

Really the only complaint I have about the case is a minor one that has to do with the screen protector. There were a lot of good points about the screen protector -- it comes built in to the case so there is no installation involved, it works great, and I never felt like the phone was missing any gestures or anything because of the cover, and there were no air bubbles or distortions that you sometimes see with other screen protectors. However, when viewed under fluorescent lighting at just the right angle, it reminded me of looking into a puddle after a rainstorm and seeing an oily, rainbow-like film floating on the surface. Fortunately the easy solution for this issue (for me) was to simply pop out the screen protector. I probably lost a lot of the water resistance that the case claims to have, but I've had this case in my pocket during training and on actual emergency responses and even though I've been soaked by water spray and dripping with sweat, I haven't had any issues with moisture effecting the phone.

Overall, I'm very impressed. I kept my old case during my evaluation of the New Trent case, just in case I needed to go back to it. However, I'm sticking with the New Trent case from here on out. 4.5 / 5 stars. (Posted on 3/6/14)
Great iPhone 5s Case Review by becky
I've been using this case for almost two weeks and not once have I had a single bit of trouble with it. It is very light and doesn't add any bulk/size to my iPhone 5s. I was worried that the fingerprint sensor would not work if it was covered but I didn't need to be. The fingerprint sensor works great and the screen is just as responsive as it was before I put the case on it.

The folks at New Trent are very customer service oriented. They have always responded very quickly to any question that I had. I highly recommend this case. (Posted on 3/6/14)
great case for everyday heavy use Review by Luke
I found this item to be a great addition to my iPhone 5. The three pieces
go on easily enough. Like my other New Trent items, it was more durable
than I expected given the thinness of the material. It really is strong
without adding much weight. The soft outer case does;t have issues other
cases I have have had. It is harder than those flimsy soft shells that
stretch and deform over time. I feel as though this case will stay snug
for a very long time. I love the built-in screen protector, but I feel
that it does let in more dust than I had hoped.

All the functionality of the phone remains and all of the ports are
accessible through the case. However, the ports are designed for Apple
products as I had difficulty with larger off-brand accessories fitting.
Although these tight fits do allow the case to be more rugged and
dirt/water resident.

I am not so certain how water resistant the case is as I did not want to
risk ruining my phone. I am sure in enough time I will get to test this

Also, the case slides in and out of your pocket easier than other rigged
case with a soft shell, is less bulky and looks great!

I am a teacher but also run a small business and I use my phone for
everything. This case is a great one for people who use their phone
heavily everyday in different circumstances. The regular person who wants
great protection. I would not suggest you go white water rafting with it,
but feel free to pull it out to look at a recipe while cooking or while
spending the day in the park. (Posted on 3/6/14)
Great case but does have dust Review by Albert
Packaging: The packaging is nice I like that you put the manual on the back so everyone can see how easy it is to install. Keep those type of boxes.

Installation: Really easy to put on and take off just take your time and dont rush it.

Design: The overall design is nice. I like the color but they should have more options for example a white or gold version. The rubber feel is very nice. the fingerprint scanner protector is really flimsy if you start taking off the case and putting it back on it seems to be getting loose.

Overall it is a nice looking very durable case BUT there is a lot of dust. Especially when you first put it on dust seems to be attracted to this case. If they can find a way to make this anti dust proof it would be the perfect case.

I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 only because of the dust. (Posted on 3/6/14)
A case that other companies wish they had made! Simply amazing! Review by Gabriel
I am happy to have received the New Trent Ultra Thin Rugged case today for my IPhone 5. At first glance I noticed how light the case was. I wondered how the case would feel after the install. After installing the case on my phone I was really impressed with the ultra snug fit. The case is rugged enough for that piece of mind yet it's thin enough to fit in my pockets.

I am a film maker and I use my phone a lot while on set. I constantly having to place my phone in my pocket and remove it after each scene. Unlike other so called rugged cases I was able to easily pull out my phone without pulling out my pockets as well. I feel that the polycarbonate cover helps with that. I have had other larger cases that were almost impossible to remove from my pocket but this case has no issues with that.

I love how thin it feels in my hand and how responsive the buttons feel. With the volume button you are still able to feel the clicking feedback from pushing them in and out. The same goes for the on and off button at the top.

The access flaps are firm and seem water tight. I like the way that the flaps are snug and do take a little pressure to open them. The silent button is a little hard reach with the case on. People with larger size fingers my have a little trouble having accessing that button but it is expected with such a rugged case.

With a lot of cases in past I wasn't able to plug in different width lighting cables without taking off the case itself. I was extremely happy that the access flap for the lighting cable was large enough to accommodate one of my largest of cables. The large cable fit easily with room to spare.

Over all I must say, the high point of this case is how thin it is and the ability to plug in different width lighting cables. The quality is above and beyond what I was expecting. New Trent has hit the mark with price verses quality. The case feels expensive and it looks amazing. The phone is a design master piece. It has the ability to get a peace of mind and yet have the thinness to feel comfortable in your hand. Most cases sacrifice one for the other but New Trent has done both! I love this case and hands down I am a Trent Trent fan for life. This case gets a very much respected 5. Any one that needs the protection of tank and the sleekness of the iPhone should purchase this case. Great design! Great case! Great job! (Posted on 3/5/14)
A good competitor to the Defender Case Review by MKM Home
As a home remodeler, using technology is a very important to my business. My iPhone 5S is one of my primary tools that I use in many applications throughout my day. Protecting this device is critical. The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone Case is a good alternative to many cases that I have seen in the market for protecting the phone. I currently own the Otterbox Defender.

When I first opened the packaging for this product, I was instantly impressed with the quality of the manufacturing. It felt durable and was made well. I found it easy to assemble compared to the Otterbox Defender. Once assembled the phone felt comfortable, thin and I had the confidence that this case would protect the phone. This is a true ultra-thin case that fits well and is easily accessible in my jean pocket. Note, that this does not have a belt clip. Having one would be a nice add-on.

The tabs and covers that protect the phone features (volume control and off button) are well designed. I like the low profile of them as it adds to its sleek design. I especially liked the tab that covers the mute switch as it flips up along the side of the case and gives your finger more room to toggle the switch. The Defender tab opens against the outer edge of the case and is difficult to get the tip of the finger in to mute the phone. And with my fat fingers this is a noticeable feature.

Daily use of the touch screen was easy and felt very responsive to the touch. I had no issues accessing apps. However, the only downside to this case and design is the size of the hole for the ‘Home Button’ on the phone. Since my phone is set to utilize the ‘Finger Print’ security features, the case would not recognize my finger print consistently. Compared to the Defender case, it felt like the overall surface provided on the case was not big enough. Again, with my fat fingers, this was annoying and I had to turn my security features off during testing.

Overall, I would give this case a 4.0. Although it is a great value, I think the size of the button for the finger print features warranted the downgrade from a 5.0. I really like this case and would refer this to my friends.
(Posted on 3/5/14)
Good rugged case Review by Joel
This is the first “rugged” case I have ever used on my iPhone 5s. In general I liked this case. It feels sturdy and doesn’t add too much weight to the phone. Installing the phone in the case was not a problem. The short instructions on the back of the packaging were simple and straight forward. The case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone either which I like. Protection-wise I thing is somewhere between the “shell” case I usually use (the kind that the phone just snaps into) and the lifeproof case my daughter has which is allegedly water-proof. I was unable to really test the water/shock resistance of this case (since I have a test CASE and not a test phone to go along with it) but it did rain on my phone a bit this week and I felt confident that it would be ok with the bit of water that got on it.

Things I don’t like:

While the case leaves the ports accessible (I especially appreciate the volume rocker) the mute swich is a bit of a pain to get to. Also, the opening for the power port in quite narrow. I have a couple of non-apple lightning cable and none of them fit. Only the cable I got with the phone fits. I’d also imagine that some headphone would have trouble with their plugs although the couple I have tried have fairly narrow plugs and I had no trouble using them.

Also, I’m a bit anal about keeping my screen clean. Dirt seems to collect around the corners of the screen which is a bit annoying. Also, no matter how thoroughly I clean the case on the inside, dust seems to work its way under the screen. And the screen doesn’t seem to be all that scratch resistant. I already have 2 large scratches on it. Whereas I have had a screen protector on my phone itself and I haven’t scratched it in months.

Lastly, the “cover” that goes over the home button/fingerprint scanner seems to interfere with my phone reading my finger sometimes and I question how long it will last b/c it seems quite thin. Time will tell.

All in all I would give this case a rating of 5. While it doesn’t claim to be water proof (which would be nice) it’s not as expensive as ones that are and I have the sense it can take a drop or two and the phone would be fine.
(Posted on 3/4/14)
Loved it Review by Scott
The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case is an awesome iPhone case, it’s a lot lighter and a lot thinner than the otter box I had on previously before this, plus on top of that, it’s a lot cheaper than the otterbox at only $30 compared to the $60 that an otterbox is. The only down side that I saw with this case was that it was a little harder to get on the iPhone as well as the plastic film over the home button gets stretched out a bit and is a little annoying since there is a wrinkle in it now. Over all I would give this case a 4/5 just because it’s a really good and durable case, just the home button part is a little annoying. I am currently using this case as my main case for all around use. One thing that I did like on the otter box is that it had a belt clip, not many cases have belt clips, so I would like to see a case that has a belt clip on in. To me it is easier to get a case out of a belt clip than out of a pocket. (Posted on 3/4/14)
The Ultimate Phone Case Review by Wyatt
I have been looking for a phone case that is sleek, attractive, durable, and that will protect my phone. Most protective cases are too bulky to suit my needs, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to install. Other cases I have tried are difficult to place around my phone, and make some of my phone's features and buttons difficult to access. They also have gaps that allow dust particles to accumulate between the case and the phone, necessitating frequent removal of the case to clean these particles. Because the New Trent case completely encases my phone, this has not been a problem.

Access to the various buttons and features is easy, and I appreciate that this case is lightweight and attractive. I have finally found the ultimate phone case for my iPhone 5.

(Posted on 3/4/14)
Great Case From a Great Company! Review by Lori
This case is just what I've been looking for. It's thin yet durable (I'm not a fan of bulky cases). It's perfect if you love the outdoors, or for anyone that uses your iPhone often! It's the right size with plenty of protection. I'm a bit clumsy and drop things often so I've really put this case to the test...it definitely passes with flying colors! Speaking of colors, the gray and black are very attractive and I get compliments on this case often. I've definitely found my new go-to brand for iPhone cases! I highly recommend as it really is water resistant (my two year old spilled juice on it and no problems ensued thanks to the case), shock proof (I've done the accidental drop-test), and dirt-proof. Excellent price for an excellent case! (Posted on 3/4/14)
Thin and protective Review by Jonathan
Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

I'm currently using this product with my iPhone 5. I was originally
attracted to this product because of the functionality of shock proof and
the slimness of the design. I'm tend to drop my phone all the time and
originally had an Otterbox case but prefer New Trent case because of the
sleekness and slimness of the design.

While the NewTrent case has provided the protection I am use to from
Otterbox, there's a few things that I do not like so much about the case.
The back plastic part makes me feel like the case isn't as shockproof as
I'd like. I'm a manager as a resort and tend to drop my phone all over the
place (sand, water, floors, etc.) and I worry the back piece is going to
slip off and I'm going to lose it. Additionally, the plastic piece covering
the home button provides the splash proof functionality desired, however I
fear in time it will wear easily.

Overall, the NewTrent case has performed extremely well and I am getting
less nervous when I drop my phone while it is in this case. The case is
very easy to put on and take off which is typically an issue with other
rugged cases. The design is very clean, appealing, and the slimness is
preferred over more clunky cases. I'd give this case 4/5 stars with an
opportunity to improve to 5 if the backing of the case was rubber.
(Posted on 3/1/14)
Great Case for a Great Price!! Review by Brandon
After a day of use I am amazed at how good the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5s case's quality is. The case is we'll put together and it's very durable too. The screen protector is a really nice feature, there is no gap between the screen and case. The buttons are very easy to press and the ports are well covered. And the touch id sensor works perfectly with the case too! The design of the front of the case is a big hit, the notification and control center are easily accessible through the screen protector. The camera ports are free of any obstacles and there is no issue with the flash. The color and material choices blend really nicely. (Posted on 3/1/14)
Excellent Case and Value. Better than my Otterbox. Review by Jean Carlos
I decided to get the New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case from Amazon
after being very happy with another New Trent product. I quickly opened
the case upon arrival and I was extremely happy with what I found. The
case is very thin (ultra-thin according to New Trent), even thinner than
my Otterbox Commuter Series case. The case consists of three pieces, a
hard inner case, a soft outer TPU case, and a polycarbonate back cover.

The hard inner case has an integrated scratch resistant screen protector
which is extremely clear and it even seems to enhance my iPhone 5S
screen. I have tried other cases with integrated screen protectors and
the all seem to be either too thick or have too much airspace between
the protector and the screen rendering the case a little unresponsive to
the touch, but New Trent seems to have figured out the perfect balance
between protection and screen responsiveness. It's as responsive as an
unprotected screen. It also has a thin protector for the fingerprint
ID/home button, "Water-Resistance" film over the microphone/receiver,
and clear protectors for the camera, which does not affect pictures with
or without flash, and Apple logo in the back. All this protection seems
fit the bill for the water resistant claim. Note this case should be
water resistant and NOT WATERPROOF as other much more expensive cases
such as the Armor Series, Preserver Series and Lifeproof cases. I would
feel confident using this case out in the rain but care should be taken
around bodies of water.

The soft outer TPU case seems to be made of a material similarly found
in other cases such as Otterbox but much better manufactured. It seems
to be denser, have a better texture, and does not suffer from mold
irregularities such as seams and ridges. I LOVE the fact that the case
wraps around the hard inner case. This ensures the TPU cover retains its
shape and does not stretch overtime. One thing I found with my Otterbox
Commuter Series case was that no matter what you do the soft inner cover
always seems to stretch and loose some of its form specially around the
areas where it meets the hard outer cover. It also has tight covers for
all buttons and connections sealing the phone nicely from dust and water
drops. The covers can be difficult to open at times, specially to
connect the lightning cable but I do prefer a tight cover over a softer
cover as those found in the Otterbox cases. Time will tell whether the
covers get easier to open with use as the TPU stretches. All the
openings are big enough for all connections to be used without a
problem, even with the larger lightning connection housings found on
third party cables (I have no problem connecting my Monoprice lightning

The polycarbonate back cover is a nice touch adding additional
protection to the back and seems to mimic Apple's design for the iPhone
5S. On the package and the online pictures (Amazon) it looks to be a
graphite color similar to the new iPhone 5S color scheme however the
case I received has solid black back cover (which I do prefer, however
there will be customers that anticipate and look forward to the graphite
contrast so this should be either specified or more accurate
images/renderings should be used) My only complaint for this case so far
comes from this piece as it does not have any texture and it seems to be
a magnet for fingerprints. I would have liked some sort of texture to
minimize the fingerprints and also add some grip to the case.

Overall I am extremely happy and satisfied with the New Trent Ultra-thin
iPhone 5/5S Case and I feel confident that my iPhone 5S is nicely
protected against drops, the elements and it seems like it will last
longer than my previous case, just remember this is NOT a waterproof case. (Posted on 2/28/14)
WOW!!!! Review by Erick
I have never in my life had so much fun with something that I have purchase, like this time. The New Trent Ultra-thin Rugged Water Resistant/Dirt/Shockproof iPhone 5/5S Case, at first I couldn't wait to get it, once I got it that was it!!! I went to the extreme to test the this case, to see how good it was, and let me tell you something,........... This is the one case that I will recommend 1,000,000%!!!!! If I could give it 1,000 stars I would, without any doubt.
As always New Trent always making their boxes look amazing, as soon as I got it, the very first thing I did it was the water test that was done with my iPhone 5 (I'm attaching a picture of it) and it pass!!! After that, just for the record I love my iPhone, my wife and kids get mad at me because they say that I care about the phone more than anything in this world, between you and me, I think they are right....... Lol!!!! So as a second test the ShockProf I told my son to take my brand new just out the box iPhone 5S, it was a coinsidence that my New Trent and my Apple orders showed up at the same time, I told him to take it to the second floor and to drop my phone, I was so scare, but like a tropper I trust New Trent and I knew that I wasn't gonna be disapointed (I'm attaching a video of the drop) as I saw my iPhone in Slow motion falling from the second floor, my heart was pounding out my chest, my wife and kids were watching my baby droping fast and it hit the ground........................ my baby was intact...... I was the happiest man alive!!!!! Yes!!!!!! And for the final the Dirt test my friend owns a demolition conpany, he calls me at least once a month to see if I want to help him with a job, we stripped out 3 rooms and a kitchen, the next day we took a hole house down, after we were done he pulls out his iPhone wearing an Otterbox case, he tells me every other day I have to take my phone out to clean ther dust and dirt, I dont know how that happens? I told him....... Look my friend I'm gonna intoduce you to the Otterbox killer, Lol, I pulled out my phone.............. NO DUST, NO DIRT AT ALL!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I only have up's for this case, it passed every test, the only thing I would love to see this case to have is a variety of colors to choose from (actually black and orange would be perfect, Go San Francisco Giants) Lol.
So New Trent, for this amazing case I have to give the biggest 5 stars in my life!!!!
P.S My wife and kids are much closer to me now that I don't have to worrie about my baby any more thanks to New Trent. LOL!!!!!!! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Fantastic Shockproof Case! Review by Aaron
I recieved this product for a fair and honest review and immediately put it on my iphone 5s. The placement was very easy and well described in the documentation. I made a mistake and did not clean the fingerprint scanner well before placing the cover. After I cleaned the reader and replaced the cover, fingerprint recognition was better than it had been and better than without the cover. It was amazing how many times it was able to recognize my fingerprint right the first time. A huge improvement, although actually pushing the home button was a bit stiff. I carried the phone in my front pocket and it felt no bulkier than the Speck CandyShell Flip that I used previously. It seems to offer excellent water protection, although I did not test this capability. I use a Belkin dock on my beside, which I was unable to use due to the data port plug being in the way. I suppose you could cut it off and replace when not docking. Finally, I was unable to use the Amazon charging cable with this case due to the cord's extra bulk. The Apple cord worked great. If you want waterproofing without bulk and the additional cost of the LifeProof case, then this one is for you! (Posted on 2/26/14)
Excellent product Review by Jeremy
I am reviewing the New Trent Ultra Thin Rugged case for the iPhone 5 and
5S. I received the case in a smaller box than I am used to seeing on other
cases. Upon pulling out the actual case I am impressed at how thin it is
and how well it appears it will protect the phone. I immediately noticed
that unlike other cases similar to this style, it is not a hard plastic 2
piece shell encased by a silicon cover. This one is a front plastic piece,
and the back is a harder type silicon cover.

Installation was simple and easy. I cleaned my phone and inserted it into
the front plastic piece of the case. I then flipped it over to see how the
screen looked. I fully expected to see the "halo effect" that is common
with other phone cases, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did
not have that and it fit snuggly against my phone. I finished installing
the cover by putting the back on.

My next thing to do was to use the phone. I attempted to use the finger
print scanner. Again I was surprised at how easily it picked up my print
and unlocked my phone. It recognized my print much faster than my previous
case. I did note that it appeared harder to push my home button, but not
so much that it affected my use.

Next I played Flappy bird on my phone and can say that the screen reacted
well. I scored a 40 on my first try. I was pleased with this because my
previous phone case had the "pillow effect" and I was unable to play that
game effectively due to the cover not fitting snuggly against the screen.

The phone has a skid resistant back that keeps the phone from sliding too
much. It may not be a "grippy" as an Otterbox, but it is definitely an
improvement over the slick back of a Life Proof case.

The only dislike I have are the covers to the different ports. They are
firm and stay closed which is nice, but I feel I have a harder time getting
my charging cable plugged in or switching my phone to vibrate. While it is
not impossible by to do by any stretch of the imagination, I just find it
harder than I expected. It is not a deal breaker for me

I work in Law Enforcement, so I carry the phone in a shirt pocket, and it
slides easily into the pocket. I do wish there was a phone holster for
wear on a belt, but I do not think there is one as of yet.

Overall I like the case, and this is a case I recommend. While it is not
completely waterproof like other cases, it is water resistant and protects
the phone well from all elements, which is what a cover is for anyway.
Overall I rate this case a 5 for excellent! (Posted on 2/26/14)
This is a great light-weight water-resistant case Review by Theresa
New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case

I just got my new IPhone 5s and I wanted to make very sure to get it into a case as soon as possible. I wanted something that was pretty thin but also something that would protect it from drops and minor incidents with water. The New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case, was just perfect for what I needed.

First, a little about the case. I have owned Otterboxes before and this case is similar in structure, but not exactly. It's a lot thinner and lighter than the Otterboxes I have owned and a heck of a lot less money. Also my sister has the Otterbox and it is not even water resistant.

The case is approximately 2.5in x 5in x 0.5in. Add a sixteenth or so for the elevation of the buttons. It fits nicely into the “plus” size holsters advertised on Amazon.com

There are three parts to this case. A stiff wrap-around plastic band about 3 inches high that snaps onto the case once the phone has been installed, a rubber back and a plastic front piece.

The case itself is two parts; the back is all rubber with raised molded buttons and plugs to accommodate the charging and earphone ports and a thin, clear film over the camera and iPhone logo. The front is plastic, with a thin film that covers the face of the phone and the menu button.

You separate the case by first removing the snap on plastic band and then peeling the rubber back-part away from the plastic front-part starting at the corners and working your way around the case. Once open, you set the phone face first into the front plastic part and then reattach the rubber back. Once that is done you snap the plastic wrap-around cover onto the back of the phone.

I wanted to use the fingerprint scanning on the iPhone 5s and so was a little concerned that the film piece that covered that button would prevent accurate scanning. No worries there. It scanned perfectly and I have had no problems getting the fingerprint to read.

The film cover seems a bit flimsy, but since the iPhone requires touch-recognition it probably could not be thicker and still work. I have had no issues with the durability of the film. It does show fingerprints, but so does the phone. I use a cloth made for cleaning glasses and it works fine to clean the screen.

Obviously I don’t want to water test the case with my phone in it, but it does appear to be water resistant and I would not be afraid to use my phone in a light rain or to set it near a sink where it might get splashed. The rubber plugs that are molded into the case fit snugly into the ports and the case itself is sealed pretty well.

I am very happy with the case and would definitely recommend it. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Awesome case Review by Rudy
Great iPhone case. I use it on my iPhone 5, and really like it.
First note: this case, as advertised, is water RESISTANT. On a curious whim I tried the ‘paper towel test’ (I put part of a paper towel in the closed case and put it under the faucet), which it failed. It seems that the flap that allows you to flip the loud / vibrate switch is what let a little water in, but other than that the case is completely sound. Will definitely perform as advertised, but don’t let it go for a swim. The water resistance will be most useful when using your phone in the rain, when cooking, or in other such situations.
I am a touring and regularly gigging musician, and this case really comes in handy. It’s really easy to drop my phone when loading gear or looking up chord charts, or just have some overly friendly fan spill a beer on it. (It’s happened more than once haha…) This case puts all of those worries to rest.
The other functions of the case were very well thought out. The openings for the cameras are perfectly placed and do not interfere with either cameras nor the auto-flash function.
My only complaints about the case are that the screen smudges easily, and that the film over the ‘home’ button seems to be somewhat flimsy. I’ll update this review if necessary in the future, but for the time being these complaints aren’t even enough to downgrade it by one star. 5/5, hands down. (Posted on 2/25/14)
very good case Review by Mark
First Impression (on Amazon):
This looks like a great case. I like the colors/color options. It seems like it will be very protective, but not too bulky. It says "water resistant" that sounds awesome, but on second thought what exactly does that mean(waterproof vs. splash proof)? I will have to find out.

First Impression (out of the box):
Nicely designed box simple and informative. However, I still have not been told what water resistant means. Opening the box, the case is nicely placed in a plastic holder, no instructions though that would explain how water resistant it is and some of the other imporant facts about the case. Looking at the case, I was surprised to see that there is a screen protector built in, it seems solid and should do the job. I was curious how the home button would be covered since this could also be applied to the iPhone 5s. The home button covering is what seems to be a cheap plastic (almost like saran wrap). My first thought is that I would easily tear through that.

I used this case on my iPhone 5. It fits snuggly and the phone kind of "clicks" into the main case. The three parts to the case makes it feel very secure, but it is not bulky. I own 2 other cases and I would say size-wise this is in between the other two, but is much more protective than both. The home button cover is moveable and does not "stick" to the home button. I feel it come up when I pull my finger off. Sometimes I feel as if the home button does not respond as well to when I press it. Without a cover over the home button, I sometimes press with the tip of my finger (and my nail presses as well) but when I do this with the case on, it leaves dents in the plastic that covers the home button. I question how long this plastic will stand up to constant pressing. As I use the case more, I have noticed that from an angle and sometimes from head on, the screen protector makes a weird pattern from diffracting the light that isn't a problem when the
screen is on, but can be somewhat annoying when the screen is turned off. As a whole though, this case is much more protective than another other I have used but is small and good-looking.

I would rate this case a 4. It is a well designed case, but has a few minor flaws that if cleaned up would result in a perfect case. (Posted on 2/24/14)
New Trent Ultra-thin iPhone 5/5S Case Review by Lisa
The install took less than 1 minute. Amazing!!!

We battle sand, heat, water, and dropping devices on a daily basis in an Iron Foundry. We found the attached screen protector very useful in this type of work environment. With the built-in screen protector on the front and the clear plastic cover over the apple circle on the back there is a layer of protection for the phone to be water and sand resistant. These features work great!!!

The ultra-thin case is makes carrying the product easy in any pocket. The case has proven useful at home, work, and play to protect the iPhone.

We would recommend this product to everyone but especially people that carry their phones into harsh environments like a factory.
(Posted on 2/21/14)
Great Case for my iPhone 5! Review by Mikey P
I bought this case for my iPhone 5. There are two pieces to the case. The
hard case snaps onto the front of the iPhone and wraps around the sides.
The soft case snaps onto the back of the phone and over the hard case.
Inside the hard case is a clear plastic screen protector that covers the
entire front of the phone, except for the ear