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Airbender Pro

Compatible: iPad Air

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT610KR

  • RECOMMEND - Extremist

  • FEATURES - Rugged

  • CONNECTION - Bluetooth

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Price: $79.95



Airbender Pro: NT610KR

Fear Not

Your iPad is ready for the urban jungle with nothing to fear . Full armored and prepared for the rough day ahead, the Airbender Pro is your iPad ultimate body guard that you can count on.



The Lineage

Revolutionary in form, humble in the Airbender heritage, the Airbender Pro has not left anything out. Expect all the feature of an Airbender series: with full adjustable portrait or landscape view but now available for your new iPad Air.

Type Effortlessly

You can come to expect the Airbender Pro keyboard with flat-edges, tactile chiclet keys and spacious key layout - with support for the standard shortcut. Typing and editing notes on your iPad will no longer become a hassle.




- Hard clamshell case design with rubber silicon bumper wrap - Water/Dirt/Shock Resistent
- Low profile keyboard : 7/16 inch.
- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity : 10 meter / 30 feet.
- Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions : stand is fully detachable from the case.
- Three piece design : protective back, arm / stand, keyboard base.
- Built-in Li Ion battery (non-removable)


Package Content:

- Airbender Pro wireless keyboard
- micro-USB charge cable
- User Manual  


Airbender Pro
Li Ion Polymer Battery
Standard Micro-USB Input 
9.8 x 7.0 x 1.1 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
1lb 9oz | 2lb 2oz
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A Versatile Rugged Product Fitting For iPad Air Owners Review by Adam
The Airbender Pro by New Trent is a well made case and bluetooth keyboard for the iPad AIr. I was pleasantly surprised by it's build and design. It's built great for folks that want to use their iPad Air while working outdoors, in unpredictable or dirty environments and on the road. The product has two distinct parts that work together as on.

First, it has the case itself which envelopes the iPad in a tough rubber back and a hard plastic front overlay.The rubber back completely protects the iPad and includes tabs that cover the headphone, power and mute switch in an effort to keep dust or dirt from getting in. The volume buttons up and down buttons are completely usable via mock buttons on the side of the case. The harder plastic overlay has a built in screen protector and seals in the front of the iPad, snuggly connecting in to the rubber back. The only part left expose, for fairly obvious reasons, is the camera, mic and Apple logo on the back which is visible, but sealed off by a clear plastic window.

Along with the case is the second distinct part, the bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard runs off a battery which you charge via USB as needed. The bottom of the keyboard has 4 small rubber nubs on it, something you might find at the bottom of a laptop to elevate it a little and keep it from getting scratched up. It was very straight forward to pair the keyboard with the iPad and anytime you wanted to stop using the keyboard there is a power button to turn it on and off. I really liked the optional keys which allowed you to use many of the iPad's functions directly from they keyboard. There is a home button key which acts just like pressing the home button on the iPad itself. There are also keys for screen brightness, volume, video or music controls as well as a set for coping and pasting.

How do these pieces work together? The keyboard includes a hinge with a tough plastic disc that connects to the back of the case. Once connected, you can open and close the two like a small notebook computer. I really like being able to close the two and use the rubber clasp to keep the case accidentally opening.

One of the biggest reasons for purchasing this device beyond the protection and keyboard is its versatility. As you may have noted, this case does not have to be connected to the keyboard at all times. You can use them together or disconnect the iPad and use it within the case alone. I ended up doing this most of the time because I didn't have a need most of the time for the keyboard. Also, when the iPad is connected to the keyboard, you can rotate it in 90 degree increments to use it in portrait or landscape mode with the keyboard. Lastly, if you don't like the viewing angle when using it like a laptop and with the case and keyboard connected, you can pull a lock mechanism and release a small metal stand from the back of the keyboard which allows you to prop up the iPad like a monitor. I found this a much better way to use the Airbender. When connected, the viewing angle is limited to one position.

What did I not like? Well, since the case is so rugged it weighs more than its keyboard counterpart making it top heavy. This resulted in it tipping backwards if I had them connected and tried to use it like a laptop on my knees. If you're sitting still or use it on a table you will be ok. Also, in its attempt to protect the iPad, the plastic front overlay is tough to remove if you want to take your iPad out. I recently bought a charging dock for my iPhone and iPad and with the case on I cannot fit the device in the dock any longer.

1. Rugged, well made protective case that seals off 99%of the iPad
2. Versatile, made to use connected or separately (main case and bluetooth keyboard).
3. Useful function keys for brightness, music/video, volume, copy/paste and more
4. Rechargeable keyboard battery via USB
5. Textured rubber finish feels good to the touch and won't scratch easily

1. Slightly top heavy when opened like a laptop so may tip if on an unstable surface.
2. Tough to remove the case if ever you want to remove the iPad so once it's in you will likely want to leave it in.
3. Disc that connects the case to the keyboard is plastic so time will tell if that can withstand use by heavy users.

The Airbender Pro is a versatile rugged product fitting for iPad Air owners who want protection and the option of a blue tooth keyboard. The ability to separate case from keyboard avoids forcing you to use it one way. It may be overkill for casual users or people that don't want to handle a heavy device due to the added heft. I can't help but feel that this is a great product for mechanics, police, firefighters, landscapers, outdoorsmen, construction workers and others that worry about breaking their delicate iDevices and want to do real work with a keyboard from time to time. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great durable case! Review by Thomas
If you are looking for a rugged keyboard case, then this is it. I have a small child, and as we all know, they are fascinated with iPhones and iPads. So while I was looking for a case with functionality, I was also looking from a case with some durability. I found both of these in this case. As you know, iPads are amazing for most technology tasks, but adding a keyboard to the iPad, puts its capabilities in a whole different league. As you may have read in the description, this case connects to the iPad through bluetooth, as all keyboard cases do.

This case is a little heavy, but I would assume if you are looking for a rugged case, weight is not the biggest concern of yours. You are not going to find a case with the durability of this one, weighing anything noticeably less. This case weighs, 1lb 1oz. I also weighed it in grams at 485 grams. So it may add a little weight to your iPad, but what it adds in weight, it doubles in protection.

I would assume if you are looking at this product, you are concerned with your iPad mini having adequate protection. This case ensures that. The outside of the case is all rubber, and there is a built in screen protector. I used to have an otterbox case for my 3rd Generation iPad. The otterbox had similar protection features as this case. The screen protector seems to be out of the same material as well. I can say that the otterbox was a very durable case and saved my iPad from misfortune many times. All the plugs and volume controls have rubber stoppers on them, for keeping dirt and dust out of the sensitive compartments. The camera in the back has a small transparent plastic covering as well. I enjoyed the protection of the back camera since many cases forgo this added protection. There is also a rubber latch that holds the case closed for storage. This is impressive. The rubber latch just screams durability. Many keyboard cases have plastic latches that can VERY easily snap off.

This case is a little stiff to open. This however, is because unlike most keyboard cases, where the iPad lays on the case itself, the iPad is suspended by a bracket, holding it above the keyboard. This is perfect and allows the user to manipulate the angle of the keyboard case to many different viewing angles.

The bracket that inserts into the keyboard case, that holds the iPad, fully removes from the keyboard case. So realistically, you do not even have to have your iPad directly over the keyboard. You can move it to sit at an angle. Something else useful I noticed about having the keyboard completely detach from the case is that you could use the keyboard for another bluetooth device. I tested it out on my iPhone 5, and it worked great. So if you need to type something on another device in a pinch, this makes it easy.

Besides the keyboard bracket coming completely out of the keyboards case, the iPad itself comes completely detached from the bracket. You can easily, just by pinching two buttons simultaneously, remove just the iPad from the case. This is perfect for times when you do not need to type anything, but still prefer the durability of the of the case.

I have read many reviews on the case, and one of the gripes that i have heard about it, is that it is hard to type on the keyboard if you have big hands. I am 6'3" and weight 260 lbs, as you could imagine I have large hands, so I believe that I am a good point of reference for this issue. First of all, this case does not have a more narrow keyboard than any other iPad mini case. Even while it is smaller than a normal keyboard, it is not that uncomfortable to type on. I was able to pick it up and start typing comfortable right away. Sure I hit a wrong key here and there, but that is to be expected. Now with that said, I wouldn't type anything more than 1500-2000 words at once. I would imagine that it may become a little taxing to type more than that.

I have used two separate keyboard cases now, and one thing I have noticed about both of them, is that when you type with the bluetooth keyboard, you have to actually enter a period. I mention this because a lot of us are used to hitting "space" twice and the period automatically populates. This is not a issue specifically with this case, but is just something I felt I should notebooks about all bluetooth keyboard cases.

All in all, I easily rated this product 5 stars. There was really nothing that I seen that I did not like in it. It seems NewTrent picked up where others left off, and remembered the small things. I am very impressed with the case. For the price, I would rate this as a best buy if you are looking for a durable and functional keyboard case. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Great Protection and Functionality Review by SrB
At first glance, the Airbender Pro Keyboard Case (NT610KR) reminded me of my OtterBox Defender Case that is currently on my iPad 4. The cases are similar in terms of protection except of the Aribender Pro is lighter and includes a keyboard. The Airbender Pro case provides multi-layer protection, functionality, and style.

The iPad Air is encased by a hard clamshell case. A rubber silicon bumper wraps around the inner shell. If you are concerned about damaging your iPad Air, I think you may rest assure that this case will have you covered. The silicone outer-layer protects from bumps, drops and shocks and is easy to grip. It is a little thicker than most cases, but with two layers of protection, it's not hard to see why. Also, I was able to remove my iPad Air from the Airbender Pro case easily. Definitely much easier than removing my iPad 4 from my Otterbox case!

The protective case has a matte finish and it does not show fingerprints. The keyboard itself has grips on the bottom and will not slide around on the table as you type. Also, the magnetic sleep/wake feature works well or you can use the Lock Screen key on the keyboard.

The installation instructions were straightforward. Installing the case onto my iPad Air and paring the Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad was a breeze. The buttons are all accessible. The jacks and buttons have silicon covers that close the openings to prevent water, dust, dirt, and other substances from permeating. The microphone, camera and speakers are unobstructed and available for use as well.

The iPad with the built-in screen protector responded well to my touch and stylus. The built-in screen does have a slight impact on resolution but it is so negligible as to be a minor consideration. I rather have the built-in screen protector than have to deal with my OCD side of putting on a screen protector on my iPad Air.

The detachable and sturdy metal arm swivels the iPad Air around into landscape or portrait orientation and at multiple angles. You can even fold the keyboard behind the iPad and use it like a tablet. The keyboard can be detached to function as a standalone keyboard and placed anywhere you would like. The stand even when separated from the keyboard base is adjustable in both portrait and landscape mode. The metal arm slides out of keyboard case at various lengths. Unfortunately, my metal arm does not seem to lock at the various lengths when extended - this was not a deal breaker!

The keys on the Bluetooth keyboard are small squares with matte tops and the keys depress quite a bit providing the clicky tactile response you may be used to. iPad specific shortcut keys are across the top of the keyboard and include main screen, brightness, media controls, volume controls, and screen lock. I was pleasantly surprised how natural it felt to type on the keyboard and with speed and accuracy. However, the case closure/clasp that sticks out near the space bar is annoying. I continuous bump into the closure/clasp with my right hand when typing on the keyboard. The case closure/clasp is a great idea to keep the case closed but it slows me down some when typing. I tuck the case closure/clasp under the keyboard to get it out of the way.

I think the Airbender Pro case offers great protection in just about any environment. The Airbender Pro is perfect for people on the go and especially for those who may frequently drop or bump into things with their iPads. A protective iPad Air case with a Bluetooth keyboard, 360 degree rotatable multi adjustable portrait/landscape angles and removable stand – wow, what more could you ask for in a case? The overall design of the Airbender Pro Wireless Keyboard Case (NT610KR) gives me peace of mind and functionality.
(Posted on 4/10/14)
Excellent product with only 2 very minor quirks Review by Matt
The NT610KR is very similar to the NT31B case for the iPad Mini except that is it designed for the iPad Air. It is a very rugged case yet still somewhat slim in build.

The iPad fits snugly into the top half of the case which also includes covers for all ports and also a high quality screen protector. The bottom half of the case is the Bluetooth keyboard.

The build quality is extremely high with everything connecting well and feeling snug. The keyboard is very responsive and the keys have a great springy feel to them. Not quite as springy as a desktop keyboard but much better than many small portable keyboards.

A very nice feature of this case is that the top half that houses the iPad is on a sturdy metal arm that slides out from the case. This allows the iPad to easily be rotated into portrait or landscape mode while still using the keyboard. One significant improvement with this case over the NT31B case is an added lock for the arm that prevents it from accidentally sliding out and also a “stop” for the arm that prevents it from accidentally coming all the way out. This is a very welcome improvement. The top half that houses the iPad also easily pops off so it can be used without the keyboard. The one design shortfall is that while the iPad can be spun around to be used in any orientation, the part where the latch catches to close the case is only on one side of the case so if you’ve changed the orientation you may well close the case, find out it’s on the wrong side and have to open the case, slide the arm out, spin the top around, slide the arm back in and close the case again. By no means is this that big of a deal but it’s a minor change in design that would eliminate an annoying problem.

The case feels very rugged and should easily protect the device from any slight or moderate drops/bumps/falls. The ports are covered as well as the screen so moisture and likely even an accidental spill should be no problem. I would not suggest full immersion though.

The keyboard paired up very easily and battery life was great. One big thing lacking that would be very useful would be some sort of combination charger with dual ends so that the keyboard and iPad could both be charged at the same time by one cord. As it is, each uses their own charger and cord so 2 items would need to be plugged in to charge. If you keep this with your cell phone and charge them all at night, you’ll need an extra outlet. Even something that the lightning connector on the iPad charger fit into that split off into another lightning connector and a short cord that connected to the keyboard charging port would be great.

All in all, this is a steal at the price and easily competes and beats most cases double the price.


Ports are covered
iPad can be used in any orientation
iPad can be easily removed from the keyboard
Keyboard is great
Catch secures arm for top half preventing it from coming out of case accidentally


Latch that secures the case shut only fits into one side of the top half of case
Requires 2 chargers (1 for iPad and 1 for keyboard) (Posted on 4/10/14)
Love this keyboard! Review by Susan
I actually dropped this case from a height of about 4 feet, and it showed nothing. Not even a scuff! The case adjusts to any viewing angle because of the easily adjustable hinge. I was able to sync the keyboard easily, and didn't have to repeat that process like other bluetooth keyboards. It also offers great protection to the iPad. Overall, I found this to be the best keyboard for iPad I've ever used! (Posted on 4/10/14)
Amazing Review by jessy
I spent hours researching for a good rugged case for my new IPad Air. I workout with my IPad Air so I needed a good case that came with a detachable keyboard and the New Trent Airbender Pro did not disappoint. I could not be happier and totally worth the price. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Perfect for carrying your iPad around Review by Michael
After seeing my New Trent Airbender Air, my sister snatched it away for her personal use. As such, I started looking for a different case. This was the one I stumbled upon.

As soon as I opened the case, my first reaction was - man, this looks heavy duty! The overall size and weight was greater than the Airbender Air, but it also offered substantially more protection. It took a few minutes to accustom to removing the case, but once I did it was easy to set up and take apart.

Extremely protective - dual layered, covers all the holes, comes with a screen protector
Easy to use and set up
Detachable iPad from keyboard! (This was awesome for me - I love this function)
Great for moving around and bringing iPad around
Good grip on case

Quite heavy and a tad bulky
Screen protector didn't fit perfect for me, but that may have been my mistake in set up

I feel like both cases are great, and the one to pick depends on your usage. If you want portability and to bring the case to class, then the Airbender Air is great. However, if your iPad is exposed to more, for example labwork or little kids, the Airbender Pro is fantastic for its protective properties. (Posted on 4/7/14)
Did a great job! Review by Kim
The Airbender Pro Wireless Keyboard Case made for iPad Air arrived in a timely manner. The case was very easy to install and I appreciated the keys being quiet when typing on them. The cover was heavy duty and it came with a built in screen protector which is different from most that you have to install another screen protector. The stand was adjustable which I appreciated and the case could be separated which is a bonus because most of the cases I have owned previously didn't come apart and you were either stuck with looking at the screen either landscape or portrait and sometimes that is not convenient for my line of work. The stand has a complete 360 degree rotation and the metal stand has a locking mechanism which didn't fall when I knocked it by accident but it did not fall. I would recommend the case to anyone who works where they may spill something on the keyboard, while I didn't spill it directly on the keyboard I did waste my coffee near the keyboard and it wiped off rather easily with no damage. The charge lasted a couple of days which is great and it was easy to pair to my iPad. I highly recommend the product. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Great Rugged case/keyboard for iPad users on the go!! Review by Howard
To whom it may concern - this is my official review of the New Trent Airbender Pro - Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air(NT610KR).

Package arrived quickly and I inspected the item to make sure it was all in working order and not damaged during shipping. Case looked very well constructed, very similar to the iPad Gladius Air case also by New Trent.

I took the case apart to place my iPad Air and this proved very simple to do. There is a rubber shell on the outside and a plastic shell inside to house the iPad. Once situated in place and rubber cover attached, the iPad is completely enclosed and protected from outside elements.

This cover is very similar and offers the same protection as other companies in the market like Otter Box and Life proof, however with New Trent not only do you get a strong protective cover, you get a Bluetooth Keyboard as well.

pro's -
Metal stand for table top use.
Case fits secure and all ports / buttons are easily accessible on the unit.
Complete protection from accidental drops or outside elements.
The snap on latch feature allows you to easily remove the iPad from the keyboard unit if you only wish to use the iPad as a tablet.
For those individuals who take pride in displaying their iPad logo - when iPad is detached from keyboard, the center logo is clearly visible for all to see.

Once I attached the keyboard to the iPad Air I immediately began to use the equipment in preparing documents and surfing the web.

The keys were very well laid out and typing felt similar to a full size laptop computer. The only thing I would like to mention on the keyboard unit is there is no delete key which for avid keyboard users the delete key is a must!!!

Other than that, the keyboard unit itself is well designed and one major bonus is the home screen button on the left upper part of the keyboard.

Case/Keyboard a little on the heavy side
The attachment / stand that connect to iPad is very flimsy and does not feel sturdy holding the iPad both as a stand alone or when attached to base/keyboard.
When attaching the iPad to Base/Keyboard the stand only locks into place when it is all the way closed - it does not lock when you place the iPad on the groove of the base to use the equipment.

Overall the unit is very nice and functional, and highly recommended for individuals who use their iPad over 50% of their day.

On a grading scale I feel the New Trent Airbender Pro - Bluetooth Keyboard Case is 5 out of 5, providing exceptional protection to the iPad and allowing mobile users the option of not only a great rugged case/cover, but a powerful Bluetooth Keyboard when needed. (Posted on 4/2/14)
There's A Reason It's Called "Pro" Review by Martin
When my Airbender Pro (NT610K) Keyboard Case arrived, I was a little leery at first. The box looked exactly the same as my Airbender 2.0 (NT30B) with just a different name. Inside the box, though, was a different story. Right away there were some obvious differences. The Pro is slightly heavier and has a rubberized finish instead of the slick plastic. Don't get me wrong, I like the NT30B, but there's a reason that the NT610K is called "pro."

A few basic things first. My iPad Air is one provided to me by my school district. I will be carrying it around as I do instructor evaluations and attend different meetings. Each of the administrators has an iPad Air 32GB WiFi. We each had to get our own keyboard and case, and the other administrators are jealous of mine. They spent significantly more for their keyboard/cases and they like the Pro better.

The instructions suggest you do an initial charge of the keyboard. By all means, make sure to do that. However, it did not take the 4 hours that the instructions suggested. My keyboard was fully charged and ready to go in less than two hours. I plugged it in before I started making dinner and by the time I had everything cleaned up, it was done charging.

The case that holds the iPad Air is a three piece item. There is the outer cover and then a two piece inner case with a built-in screen protector. I only had two challenges with the Pro and one was getting the outer cover off. It was easy to start, but challenging around the corners of the device. The biggest issue was that I didn't want to tear anything. But, honestly, I was probably being more careful than you need to be. One caution would be to make sure that all of the little port covers are opened before you remove the covering. Make sure to unattach the iPad case from the keyboard by pressing in the two lock tabs on the back before installing the iPad. Start peeling the cover off and carefully pull it away from the inner case. Once the outer cover is removed, you can pop the side clips on the inner case. Wipe down your iPad screen with a microfiber cloth (you must provide your own). Place the iPad into the bottom half, clip on the top half and you are almost done. Place the inner case back into the outer shell and start pushing things into place. It took me maybe 10 minutes, but I was taking pictures as well. After you get the case all back together, reattach it to the keyboard and you are ready to go!

My second problem was actually turning on the keyboard. The instructions talk about flipping the on/off switch. There is no switch to flip. It is simply a button to push. You need to hold the button down for about 5 seconds. Pairing was easy and the keyboard worked like a dream right away. It is a "chicklet" style keyboard, but the response feels very similar to the keyboard on my iMac. To get optimal viewing angle on the iPad, you will need to slide the hinge out roughly 1 inch. There is a "latch" that holds the keyboard and case closed when not in use. When typing, I could feel this plastic latch rubbing on my thumb, but it wasn't that noticeable.

I've been able to take the iPad/Airbender Pro into classrooms and take notes on my classroom evaluations. I've also been using it in meetings with other administrators and staff members to take notes and I've had absolutely no issues with it. I probably will not be doing my doctoral thesis on my iPad, but most of my smaller projects will be done with it because the keyboard is easy to use and comfortable. Plus, I can sit in the living room with my family and get projects completed!
Overall, I'd rate the AirBender Pro as a 4.5 on a scale of 1-5. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Durable Protective Keyboard Case Review by Michael
New Trent Airbender Pro - Rugged (NT610KR) – Written on 03/27/2014

Keyboard case is as advertised: impact, splash resistant. Cosmetically a very sturdy looking clamshell, which could also be taking to a business meeting and it would not look out of place or out to a camping trip. Construction workers will probably really enjoy this durable keyboard clamshell. Keyboard types quietly, which is perfect for use in an office business meeting. One nice feature of the Airbender Pro is the ability to detach the iPad from the keyboard without removing it from the case. Sliding the iPad back so you can use the keyboard will not come detach, it has a base lock which prevents the keyboard from flying off.

Keyboard clamshell is slightly heavier, however it’s almost feels like the same weight as the original iPads.
One con that doesn’t bother me, but may bother others is the getting the iPad into the case the first time. It is not something that can be done within a few seconds. However, it’s not difficult, users will need to follow the instructions carefully.


Once the iPad is installed, I noticed air bubbles. I believe this is because my iPad already has a screen protector.
I have been using the Airbender Pro for about a week now and noticed that air bubbles do not interfere with productivity with the screen. I did take the iPad out and then pushed as much air out when I put it back into the case.

Overall Score: 4
Reason: Out of the four different keyboard clamshells I have used. I actually do like this one for its ruggedness. I find the design to nice and business safe. I do like the ability to clip the iPad shut so that if you drop the iPad it won’t pop open. An excellently made product.

Below is a summary of my review:

Look: 4.5
Reason: The case has a nice smooth look. The plastic tabs that cover up the power, the earphone and the mute/rotation lock switch tightly fit to make sure it’s waterproof. The only issue I have with this is that it might be difficult to open when you actually need to use the inputs.

Material: 5
The plastic material and the metal components are sturdy and smooth, yet it retains its sturdiness without making it unpresentable in a business meeting.

Installation Review
Ease: 4
Reason: Inserting the iPad to the clamshell is easy once you have the case open. The reality of the fact, it’s not easy, due to the protection the clamshell is providing. Based on the way it’s design, it looks like you might lose some of its protection if the installation is any easier. However, it’s a 4 because the clips under the rubber edges are hard to see and make the opening the case a bit difficult.

Setting up Keyboard:
Ease: 4.5 (tabletop) 3.5 (lap)
Reason: Need two hands and a preferably a flat surface. Separating stand from the back of the keyboard while holding the iPad is cumbersome. You must have a firm grasp of the iPad and then a firm grasp to separate the stand from keyboard, while holding the clamp open so you can pull the keyboard out. If you do not have a firm grasp, you may inadvertently drop your iPad or flip the keyboard. Separating the stand from the keyboard involves some force. This is not that easy when not on a flat solid surface. You will need to lay the iPad flat first and yank it to separate the stand from keyboard.
In regards to the lap, the keyboard maybe top heavy and might flip backwards off your lap if you don't have a hold on the keyboard. This depends on the angle that you have the keyboard, so it will be different per person.

Bluetooth Connection:
Ease: 5
Reason: Bluetooth connection similar to all other New Trent Products are basically plug and play. Simple 30 second connection.

Weight: 4.5
Since one of the features of the iPad Air is lightweight, adding a keyboard will increase the weight. With the NT610KR the weight addition is noticeable. Just the top part that holds the iPad only feels almost like the original iPad's weight. It’s a bit bulky and heavy compare to some keyboard cases, however its perfect for what the product calls for, that is ruggedness and sturdiness. (Posted on 3/31/14)
A Great Keyboard Case Review by Hassan
I have been using the New Trent Airbender Pro with my iPad Air and it has been a gift from heaven! The first thing about this case that immediately stands out about this case is how rugged it appears and truly is open further examination. The case that goes around the iPad itself has two layers, a rubber outer cover and a hard inner shell, which when combined together provide unparalleled protection. This provides added ease of mind when carrying and transporting your iPad, as well as using it. But the protection isn’t restricted to just the iPad, a similar system protects the keyboard as well, and while the iPad and Keyboard are combined, it is effectively water, dirt, and shock resistant.

Despite the great protective abilities of the case, the keyboard itself is where this case truly shines. The keyboard is very comfortable to type on, largely in part to the great spacing and layout, as well as the responsiveness of the keys to taps. I have been using this case for over a week and I have yet to have to tap a key more than once due to it not registering the first time. The keyboard is just as reliable and comfortable to use as New Trent keyboards have been known to be, if not better.

The combination of the protection of the case and the functionality of the keyboard have greatly simplified my daily routine. I have traditionally carried my iPad to school and work inside of a case which is inside of a sleeve, and usually put the two in a secured pouch inside my backpack just so I could have ease of mind that my iPad was safe, but with the protection of the multi-layered case, I have been comfortable carrying my iPad by itself inside the Airbender Pro case without fear of damaging it. Having my iPad with me everywhere I go, along with the Airbender Pro keyboard case, has made it easier for me to do more of my work on the go by being able to type up essays for school or reports for work, no matter how far away I was from my desk.

Like me, lots of people would stand to gain much benefit this keyboard case but in my opinion, and from my experience, students stand to make considerable gains in productivity by having this case; I would also imagine that this benefit would translate to most other fields where working on the go is important. This case will aid you in your quest to be more productive away from your desk, and will make it easier to be productive because it is a lot more convenient to take with you wherever your day may take you. This case is light and thin and ultraportable, it is only marginally larger than the Airbender Air.
(Posted on 3/31/14)
The best case for iPad Air! I highly recommend it... Review by Carlos
I ordered my new NewTrend Airbender Pro NT610KR from Amazon. I received it a few days later. It was great timing because I was just getting ready to leave on a business trip. I rapidly removed it from the box. My initial impression was great. Starting from the cool box to the wireless keyboard case. The case looks great. It feels very sturdy and nice looking. It is little thicker than my old case (another great case from NewTrend Airbend 2.0 (NT510K)).

Next, I had to charge the case to use it. I had only a few hours left before I left. Now the charging process is a little strange. The manual says that the light indicator should be lighted in RED, but I never saw it. I waited and eventually the light turned BLUE (maybe the RED indicator only shows when the battery is dead. I will have to post an update once the first charge is over).

Then came it came to placing my iPad Air into the new case. I struggled a little. The case is very tight. It is harder to take it apart. Putting it together was very easy once I figured out how to take it apart. Each of the important input places are protected by a small tab which fits perfectly and makes the iPad well protected. The case comes with a screen protector which is nice (I already have my screen protector), but I figured it will provide a double protection. Now I had everything ready for my trip.

When I boarded my flight, I was finally ready to use it. First I needed to open the case to the position that felt most comfortable. There is a release button in the on the side of the case that releases the extension arm. I pulled it too far and it came apart. It was no problem. Pressed the button and placed the extension arm to the right level. Now, I was truly ready to use it, but before I use it I had to pair the wireless keyboard and my iPad Air (updated to the last iOS). First, I could not figure out how to turn on the keyboard. I did not read the manual, but I eventually figured that I need to hold the on/off button for a few seconds to turn it on and off. Then I pressed the pairing button which connected easily to my iPad. Used extensively the keyboard during my 10 hours flight. I wrote emails and made notes in preparations for my upcoming client meetings. The keyboard felt nice. It was not clunky and was a good size. With my first Airbender 2.0, I had some problems with the keyboard freezing my iPad which this worked perfectly. During my trip, the passenger next to me commented about the case too. He said it looks really nice.

During the week and my flight back, the case was still working perfectly. So far, no problems. If you have an iPad and wants it to be protected and a great wireless keyboard, you must consider the Newtrend Airbender Pro (NT610KR)! it is definitely worth. :) (Posted on 3/30/14)
Must have if you want a keyboard case! Review by Shawn
This review is for the NT610KR, NewTrent Airbender Air Pro which is
designed for use *only* with the iPad Air. I own the iPad Air WiFi + LTE,
64gb. My iPad is primarily for personal use, although I do occasionally use
it for business. The most of my iPad use is done at home, but I do often
travel and so my iPad is used for web surfing, Facebook, and music/movie
use. I do have a desktop PC and a laptop computer, but I find that I almost
exclusively use my iPad, especially to read and send emails. I was looking
for a keyboard case really for two reasons. 1) I wanted a keyboard for when
I need to type long emails and 2) I really wanted a case that I can set my
iPad up in a landscape or horizontal position - this one is challenging
because I couldn't really find a practical case that does both horizontal
and vertical. I own several other NewTrent products so I thought I would
give this a try.

First of all, I want to mention that I have tried all of the Airbender
versions with NewTrent and I also have tried the Gladius Air (Case w/o the
keyboard). The NT610KR takes the best of the Airbender 2.0 and the Gladius
Air and combines it into one.

The keyboard itself is almost identical to the Airbender 2.0 and the
Airbender Air case. There is some slight modifications. For instance, the
outer shell of the keyboard portion is a tactile/soft rubber material -
much better than the Airbender Air material. Second, the keyboard has a
rubber piece that clips into the top of the iPad case, thus holding the
iPad firmly closed against the keyboard when not in use. Also, the connect
and on/off buttons are slightly different. Finally, the switch you use to
slide the iPad stand in and out of the keyboard is different. Also, unlike
the Airbender Air, the NT610KR again allows you to detach the iPad portion
of the case from the keyboard. They keyboard works great like NewTrents
others. I don't have any problems with the amount of force the keys
require, the distance is astonishing (I can use the keyboard from several
rooms away and it still works on the iPad), and it is very sturdy and well
built. The ability to turn your iPad a full 360* and adjust the viewing
angle is great also. My only complaint is that the backspace key is
entirely too small. I'm always pressing different keys unless I
specifically take my eyes off the screen and look at the backspace key.

Moving onto the iPad portion of the case. I feel the NT610KR is a much
better upgrade over the Airbender 2.0 and the Airbender Air. It has the
same look and feel of the Gladius Air without the rear hand strap. It holds
your iPad snug inside a protective case. There is a front cover, a hard
outer shell, and a rear softer shell that is the same material that covers
the keyboard portion of the case. This material is tact so you don't have
to worry about your fingers slipping like it would on the Airbender Air.
Although they advertise their products as fitting perfectly with the iPad
Air, I feel the NT610KR truly fits perfectly with the iPad air. On previous
models (like the Gladius) there was always a gap between the screen
protector and the iPad, and you could see the screen material move as you
press down on it. Depending on where you would press, you would have to
press even hard to ensure your finger touched the iPad glass. This has been
eliminated with the NT610KR. I absolutely love everything about the iPad
portion of the case. When you remove it from the keyboard, the case is
light enough to not notice you have a case, but sturdy enough to protect it
from a drop and even better protect it from dust/dirt/liquid.

All in all, it is obvious that NewTrent has improved all prior products and
brought those improvements into this one model. Although I wish the
backspace key was bigger, I would still rate this product a 5 out of 5
stars. With the NT610KR you are getting a keyboard, a screen protector, an
iPad case, and great protection for your iPad Air! I highly recommend. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Sturdy, Functional, Plain out awesome... Review by Chape
So I came into this buy without knowing what the new trent company was about. Even through my skepticism though I decided on the purchase for the reviews I saw on Amazon. So far I can say I am not disappointed. The first thing I noticed when I strapped it on my iPad was how solid it felt in the hand. I know that my iPad will stay safe and will not break upon any fall. At first the keyboards keys I felt were a little small but it only took an hour or two of use before my fingers quickly adjusted. A major upside at least for me is the tactile feedback I get from each key opposed to the touch screen of the iPad. The stand is also a very nice feature and lets you go into portrait or landscape mode depending on the task and you can angle it depending on your desire. All in all a great product! Thanks NewTrent!!! (Posted on 3/29/14)
Best Keyboard! Review by Zhengyu
Testing device: Apple iPad Air 16G Wi-Fi

I have owned NT510K. I can make a rough comparison between them, although they are not comparable to some extent.

Open box
The package of NT610KR is exactly same with other product, including the keyboard, a mini USB, and a manual. But there is no foam cover on the keyboard, which NT510K has, maybe because 610 is rugged. By the way, I love the electronic smell so much when I open the box.

First glance
Like 510K, 610 is very neat and elegant. I bet the designer must be a photographer, since the rotation part is like a lens cap, which is awesome. And 610 is more like a laptop, since the steel stand is more resistant than 510K. So I don’t have to pull out the stand like 510K, which conserve a lot of space. One thing I don’t like is too many logo on the back, although there are only two. And the logo on the “lens cap” is not decent at all. This make 610 looks cheap. I prefer the back design of 510K.

I checked the website provided by the manual, looking for the video instruction. But there is no such a video, and the website says “under construction”. So I just follow the steps on the manual. The manual is pretty easy to read. The first step, removing the TPU sleeve, is somewhat difficult. I think the step a and b in the Picture 1 should be labelled, or some people cannot understand. Step a is pretty easy, but step b is hard, maybe due to my finger strength. I used a steel ruler to complete the step b. Fortunately, it didn’t leave any scratch. The rest steps are relatively easy. And like 510K, the Bluetooth connect is very good.

First of all, I want to point out an error in the manual. In the “how to connect” section, step 2, “flip the [ON/OFF] to ON position”. But on 610, it is a push-button. You should press the button and hold for about 2 seconds to turn it on. However, this 610 doesn’t provide and indicator of ON/OFF status. You have to press some button to know if it is on or off (although the caps lock led will blink when turn on/off). I think this should be improved in the following products.
Then I tried every single button, and they worked very well. Most buttons are useful except “control”, “option”, and “command”. I don’t know the functions of them, maybe because I am using PC not MAC. But I tested them in Microsoft Word. “Control”+ letter keys can control the cursor. “Option” + letter keys returns special symbols. “Command” is like “ctrl” on PC. “Command + C” is copy, “Command + V” is paste. Unlike 510K, there is no F1 to F12 anymore, which I think is a controversial “improvement” (although they are not actually functional on 510K). Since they are useless under IOS. But when I am using Windows PC, I need at least “Alt +F4” and F5 (I will tell you how I use Windows PC on my iPad later).
Since I am a PhD student and a college instructor, I frequently use some notebook software. I test with Noteshelf, which I like most. There is no problem with typing. But I need frequently to write down some mathematic formulas with my stylus. The screen cover makes my stylus less sensitive. I need to push a little bit hard on the screen. So I decide to peel away the crystal screen protector on my iPad, it turns out to be better. But it still need to be improved. By the way, I am using “amPen New Hybrid Stylus”, “amPen Capacitive Stylus”, and “adonit stylus”. The first one works best since it has a fiber tip. The second one doesn’t work so well when write fast. The last one will leave scratches on the screen.

Then I test another software I like most, the “Splashtop”. I am also running a business, I will often use Microsoft Office, the Word and Excel. But I really don’t want to bring out my large laptop every day. So I use Splashtop to remote my desk on the iPad. Generally, 610 works well under Windows 8.1, but only for basic typing (this report is typed by NT610KR + iPad Air + Splashtop + Windows 8.1 + Microsoft Word 2013). Some issues come out: 1) Delay. This issue is minor, which doesn’t influence the whole experience. And this issue is more likely due to the software not this keyboard. 2) Cursor error. When I type some words, and press Backspace, the cursor will skip one word and delete the second last word. For instance, I type “New trend”, then press Backspace, “New” will be deleted, but “trend” is still there. I don’t know what causes this. 3) Key combinations. Like I stated before, I need the combinations like “ctrl+ shift+F”, “Alt+F4”, “F5” and so on.

Of course, the largest feature of 610 should be the rugged case. My question is, although the case protects the iPad so well, the keyboard seems to be vulnerable. I don’t think the keyboard part can keep from water. I think the buttons can be made larger, and totally closed.

To sum up
NT610KR works very well, I love it, but still have space to improve. I rate it 4.5 stars.
(Posted on 3/28/14)
A Bluetooth Keyboard and Case That Turns Your iPad Air to a Tough Pad Review by Max
This review is for the New Trent Airbender Pro - Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air

NT610K is a Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard, it is also a protective case that is designed protect your iPad Air from dust and water (more on it later) with built-in screen protector. It actually has three main parts that can be separated: the case, the keyboard, and the adjustable metal arms which has one side can slide in and out of the keyboard and the other clip onto the case that allows the case to rotate 360 degrees. Both the hard inner case and the keyboard are encased in soft TPU sleeves. The TPU sleeves are in black matte finish. So you don't have to worry about the case or the keyboard may slide on smooth surface. The soft TPU sleeves provide protection by absorbing impact forces. The sleeves have openings for all ports but these openings are covered with flaps. So your iPad is ALMOST totally protected from dust and water. However, the case has cut outs for speaker grids that are still exposed to dust and water, etc. So be careful and don't get carried away and mistaken your iPad Air as water proof! Nonetheless, given the soft rubbery TPU sleeves, the hard case, the flaps cover most of openings (ports and home button), I feel this keyboard case has turned my beautiful iPad Air into a "Tough Pad". <br/><br/>The feel of typing on this keyboard is not too different from a full size laptop keyboard. It has all the frequently used functions embedded in the function keys on the top row: Home/Escape, Brightness -, Brightness+, Virtual Keyboard, Copy, Cut, Paste, Previous Track, Play/Pause, Next Track, Mute, Volume-, Volume+, Lock Screen. The designer has the convenience of use at heart. But there is no F1 to F12 functions any more. So when you use it with a computer you may miss those function keys. But I only intent to use it with my iPad and iPhone, so it is not a problem at all.<br/><br/>Since the keyboard can be separated from the arm and case, the keyboard can be easily used with your iPhone or other computing devices that use Bluetooth keyboards.<br/><br/>The arm can slide in and out of the keyboard at various length, it allows you to adjust the iPad's viewing angle. The design of the arm allows you to rotate your iPad 360 degrees, so you can position your iPad in landscape or portrait. However, please do make sure you rest the bottom of the case onto the keyboard to keep it stable. The arm is not designed to hold the case (iPad) in the air! The bottom half of the arm has decent length, but I like my iPad further slanted, so I often slide the arm completely out of the keyboard and rest the bottom side of the case on desk. It can hold steady without problem partially thanks to the matte finish of TPU sleeve.<br/><br/>Pairing the keyboard with iPad is easy, the instruction came with the package is very clear. Once it is paired, you don't need it again. Unlike some other Bluetooth keyboard, I have never had any issue using it to wake up my iPad in the use of last two weeks. The charging is pretty fast, you will get a full charge in less than two hours. Then you may use it for about two weeks on regular use.<br/><br/>I have only one issue with the case: there is bubbles between the screen protector and my iPad. However, this may not be the case's design flaw since I already have Zagg's screen protector applied directly on my iPad.<br/><br/>But all things considered, this Bluetooth keyboard case, with both soft TPU sleeves and hard case, provides ample protection, the smart design yields plenty versatile functions. No wonder it is called Airbender Pro!<br/><br/>I give it a 4-star rating. If there is no bubble issue, I would have given it a 5-star rating (Posted on 3/25/14)
Quality build Review by Ken
I love the unit. The look and feel is a significant upgrade when compared to the airbender 2.0. The “rubber” casing provides a much better grip and feel vs the plastic feel of the 2.0. The case is easily fitted onto the iPad Air and provides excellent protection from impact, dust and what seems to be water, although I did not test how it would protect under water. The ports are all protected extremely well and are easily accessible. The keyboard is responsive and virtually mirrors the Apple keyboard. The power and connect "Buttons” on the keyboard are a nice upgrade when compared to the 2.0. The case does add considerable weight to the iPad Air but also provides significant protection. Also the addition of the latch lock is welcomed as it keeps the IPad closed and in sleep mode. When not attached to the keyboard, while heavier then the 2.0, the iPad Air can still be held with one hand. The case exudes quality. (Posted on 3/24/14)
Quality Construction, Protection and very functional... Review by Michael
My experience with the Newtrent Airbender Pro has been very positive. I had bought a different manufacturer keyboard for my IPAD 2 awhile back and was disappointed with both it's quality and the protection it seemed to provide to my Ipad 2. The Newtrent Airbender Pro is superbly better. The shell of the case seems strong and does a great job of protecting my Ipad Air when traveling. It has a built in screen protector which also helps protect the screen as well. The ports of the Ipad Air are all protected by rubber covers that are easily pulled out when you need to use them and plugged back in to keep dirt from getting inside. The Keyboard easily pairs with my Ipad Air and it is very responsive to type with. It also had some great speciality keys which improved on traditional keyboards and helped allow using the Ipad a breeze: brightness, copy/paste, Lock/Unlock, Home. I didn't think I'd be comfortable typing with a portable keyboard and using an Ipad with a keyboard but it worked really well to type with. You are able to disconnect the case and stand from the keyboard for watching movies. The case(when not attached to keyboard but just the stand) also allows you to position the ipad/screen at different angles as you desire as well as landscape and portrait modes, which is a great benefit. The case and keyboard are very sturdy and I would feel very comfortable using it attached as I travel unlike some other keyboards I've used in the past where I was not comfortable having the screen pressing against hard keys. I think this is a great, sturdy and portable case/keyboard for the IPad air that does not only a great job at protecting my Ipad Air, but also a great job at being functional and providing a really superb keyboard and viewing experience. While not everyone might need such sturdy protection, if you are in the market for this kind of keyboard case, I highly recommend this one for it's protection and functionality over many others out there.
(Posted on 3/24/14)
works perfect for my iPad Air Review by Julie
i had gotten the airbender 2.0 case as a gift it woulda been great for someone working in an office. but i ended up exchanging it for the pro case and i love it i don't have to worry that i might break my iPad or the case its just a all around solid case. and probably the only one thats has a keyboard attached. (Posted on 3/18/14)
After three weeks of use Review by Andrew
I have used the device daily for over two weeks. Installation was not intuitive at first. I didn't want to damage the case by forcing my way into the case. However, with a little inspecting and the use of a letter opening, I was able to take the rubberized outer off and insert the iPad into the inner hard shell.

Software-wise: I have had no connectivity issues. There is a slight delay between hitting keys and response on the iPad, but it is tolerable and may just be the nature of current Bluetooth technology.
The keyboard automatically turns off with lack of use is great for saving battery life. However, it's difficult to know the keyboard is on without looking at the bluetooth connectivity signal on the iPad screen.

Hardware-wise: The keyboard layout and sizing is perfect for my hands. When I first tried typing, the little latch below the spacebar was and is an annoyance.
The Function (Fn) key is not very useful, because it is only relevant to six keys. The F1-F12 keys were removed (unlike the Airbender Air).
The design of the hinge is remarkable. The hinge holding the iPad is durable and has some friction to hold up the iPad if I want to detach the hinge from the keyboard. The iPad can also become detached from the hinge, which makes simple tablet use even easier. The latch to move the hinge is somewhat awkwardly placed and difficult to press down on.
Worse design flaw is the lack of a SIM card port for removal of the SIM card tray.
The battery life is phenomenal; in the span of over two weeks, not once have I charged it except for the initial full charge.
The dock that the iPad/screen rests on is not deep enough. Sometimes the iPad slips out when in use.
Some parts of the protective screen is raised from the screen, making it difficult to touch the iPad screen without more pressure.

Overall, I love this keyboard case and would highly recommend it for all professions, especially contracting and construction.
I personally use the case to study and take notes.
The case makes the iPad a great replacement over a laptop with the appropriate software modifications.

-The battery life is exceptional.

-Bluetooth Pairing was easy and further connectivity was immediate and painless.

-Keyboard size is large enough for prolonged use.

-Layout of keys are perfect.

-Removal-able tablet case design.

-Removal hinge with friction hold.

-Caplocks indicator.

-Automatically turns off when idle.

-Lack of F1 to F12 function keys.

-Lack of SIM card slot.

-Lack of LED light indication of when the keyboard is on. Makes it difficult to know when the keyboard is on or off.

-Dock where the iPad/Screen is not deep enough.

-Screen Protector slightly raised from iPad screen and requires more pressure when touching screen.

-Stiff trigger/latch to release hinge/arm. (Posted on 3/7/14)
iPad Airbender Pro for People on the Go! Review by Todd
The following is my review of the New Trent Airbender Pro wireless keyboard case for the iPad Air. Being a medical student, I have been using the case a fair amount with most of that time for taking notes in all of my classes. When I first started using the case, I received a couple of compliments from my fellow friends/classmates on the sturdy and clean look of the case as well as its versatility when I showed them the various positions that I could put the case in. These are the two pros that initially attracted me to this product.

Starting from the outside of the case, the case has a rubbery feel instead of a hard plastic feel which allows for a better grip when I am carrying the product around. All the buttons, audio jack, and charging port are well protected and easily accessible with their respective cut out cover. There is even a little strap to ensure that the iPad case stay securely closed.

Opening up the case, I believe this case supports the automatic sleep/wake function of the iPad. There is a built in screen protector which is very responsive so sometimes I forget that it is even there. The keyboard is full size with the top row being iPad specific short cut keys such as the home menu, brightness, cut, copy, paste and audio adjustments. I have used these keys a fair amount, so it is very convenient. The keys are somewhat squished closer together but this is expected and doesn't take too long to get used to.

The bluetooth connectivity of the keyboard is fast and easy to set up. Connectivity here is better than the iPad Airbender 2.0. There is an on/off button which you have to hold for 1 or 2 seconds to either turn it off or on indicated by the LED lights. After not using the keyboard for awhile, the keyboard goes into sleep mode and eventually turns off by itself which really helps to conserve the battery. I have been using the case for about a month now since the first charge and it is still going strong. The positioning of the on/off and connect button, however, I believe could be improved upon. I think it would be better if it was positioned next to the charge port for the keyboard. This would allow for more room for positioning of the iPad screen especially when you initially open it up without adjusting the back. With the current position, the screen is slightly tilted forward which doesn't allow for ideal viewing of the screen without further adjustment.

The feature that I love the most is the fact that the back stand can be detached from the keyboard along with the iPad. This allows me to turn my iPad into a monitor with its own stand. Also the iPad can rotate 360 degrees on the iPad stand allowing for even more viewing angle. On top of that, the iPad can be removed from the back stand easily using a 2 button clasp system. One feature that I would like to see would be some kind of locking mechanism to keep the iPad in place when I set it up in certain positions.

With all that being said, I think this is a great product that is rugged, sleek in design and useful for my every day use. I would give it a 5/5 and would highly recommend this product to anyone who spends a lot of time typing and are often on the go. It will give you the comfort of knowing that your iPad will be well protected. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Fantastic case the is durable and extremely well designed Review by Ralph
I recently bought the Airbender Pro(NT610KR) for my iPad Air. After using this case for 2 weeks I have found that the case is extremely durable and very protective for my iPad. Upon opening my package I was immediately able to sync the keyboard via Bluetooth. They keys feel great and give sufficient feedback so you know when you hit a letter. The best features of this case are the ability to detache the keyboard and also put the screen at different angles for viewing. I was also thrilled that it had a built-in screen protector and I wasn't forced to spend another $25 for one. Overall, I would say this is a fantastic case for your money and New Trent has a better product than anything I could find in any bricks & mortar store where I live.

Protective Capability~5
Shipping of product~5

(Posted on 2/20/14)
Durable and Functional Review by Justin
I needed the durability provided by the Trent Airbender, it doesn't add a lot of bulk or weight and having the ability to take the iPad without the stand and keyboard is a great option for functionality. (Posted on 2/19/14)
Excellent Protective Keyboard Case for the iPad Air Review by Keith
I am new to the iPad, and recently bought my iPad Air in the hopes that it would be a less-expensive alternative to a MacBook Air. Thanks to this keyboard, I am very pleased!

When I first received this keyboard case, it seemed a little heavier than I imagined I might have wanted. But the slight bulk of the case is what makes it so rugged and durable. The case is very tight fitting, and it was a bit of a struggle to get the iPad into the case...I don't think I'll want to hassle with taking it out anytime soon. Now, after using it for more than a month, I must say that this case is exactly the weight & size that it needs to be. It is smaller and more portable than a laptop, and excellent protection for my iPad Air.

I am a carpenter/contractor, and this case is perfect for my needs. I have no problems carrying it with me in my dusty work truck full of tools. I know that my investment is well-protected in this case. Very safe from getting bumped around. And the case has tight-fitting flaps to seal the ports: the charging port is sealed, the headphone-jack port is sealed, the on/off button is sealed, the volume buttons are sealed. The only ports that are not sealed are the speakers and the microphone.... I guess it would be impossible to seal them and still have them work properly.

The case has a built-in screen protector, which I have found is very responsive to touch, and resolution through the screen protector is very clear.

Thanks to this keypad/case, I am now able to draft estimates and contracts in the field, I no longer have to wait to get back to my office to do the paperwork. Plus, note-taking and list-making is much easier than on the tiny screen of my iPhone. This is exactly what I need; my iPad now a business tool that belongs on my truck.

The setup is so well protected, that I often keep the iPad open by me when I'm in the kitchen when I'm at home. Yes, I love cooking. It's so easy to write shopping lists with the keypad, write quick notes, check recipes, and check emails while I'm busy preparing food.

I find the keyboard is a good size to type on, even for my big fingers. And I love all the different positions this case allows. I can use the iPad in landscape, or portrait, or I can fold the iPad on top of the keyboard, or I can completely remove the iPad from the keyboard and stand. And one one more position thatI find outstanding: I can remove the iPad and stand completely from the keyboard so that I can stand the iPad up,on its own, separate from the keyboard. This is outrageously useful to me: right now I am in the driver's seat of my truck typing this review with the keyboard in my lap and the iPad standing on the passenger seat next to me. A very comfortable working position in such tight quarters. Try doing that with your laptop! (By the way, I am parked...I don't suggest that this be done while driving)

One minor comment is that I wish there was a light that would tell me if the keyboard was on and how much charge was left. But that is of no major concern, as it is clear that the keyboard powers itself down after a period of inactivity. Not sure how long the battery lasts. I charge it once a week just to be safe, but I have never had a problem with it going dead on me.

Another great feature is that the iPad automatically wakes when the keyboard case is opened, and the iPad automatically sleeps when the keyboard case is closed.

Excellent durability and utility. I am extremely happy this keyboard case. (Posted on 2/19/14)
This was an Awesome experience Review by reed
My first impression of the AirBender Pro was of it’s substance. It seems like it will have no problem protecting my Ipad Air from damage, liquid, and a host of anything I could think of. I like that there is a protective covering for the screen and a rubber outer case. It is heavier then my previous case, but I like the security that it brings me.

Installing the Ipad into this case was a little difficult. The rubber outer casing was difficult to get off the hard inner lining. I think this was made more so by the difficulty of removing the rubber covers for the ports, specifically the home button. Also when you are installing, make sure that you are in a dust free environment. I stray piece of lint made it’s way between my Ipad screen and the protective case. I didn’t notice it, but from the effort it took to get it in, I didn’t really want to go through that again.
I do have some issue with the balance of the Ipad with the keyboard. What I mean by this is it is a difficult keyboard to use on your lap. You can withdraw the stand out. But it looses stability on you lap very quickly. Also I have found that the stand is only securely held when it is in the keyboard all the way. It is not very stable at half way.
Generally, I love this case and I like it better then the AirBender 2 which I loved. So that is saying something. I would love it even more if it could balance with the keyboard without having to extend the stand. This way I could use it more efficiently when traveling and watching TV. But on the whole I would definitely rate it 5 stars.

(Posted on 2/17/14)
Great Case!! Highly Recommend!! Review by Scott
The Airbender Pro NT610KR is a great option for anyone wanting to combine the durability and protection of a rugged case with the convenience of a keyboard.

PROS: The Airbender Pro fits the iPad Air very snuggly. The built-in screen protector is exceptionally clear, and does not detract from the clarity of the iPad Air's display in the least. The silicone material of the outer shell seems very sturdy, and when combined with the hard plastic inner layer, creates a protective barrier that should prevent damage from dust/dirt, water, and the occasional drop. The keyboard has a pleasing, comfortable touch, and the keys are very responsive. One feature that really sets this case apart is the ability to detach the iPad Air from the keyboard without removing it from the protective case. Great design feature! The ability to change the viewing angle/tilt of the iPad, and also adjust the orientation to view in either portrait or landscape mode adds to the versatility of this case. The design, fit and finish of the Airbender Pro are excellent.

CONS: The Airbender Pro does make the iPad Air heavier, but not substantially so. This is not a major issue, and should be expected from any rugged-type case.

Installation was very straightforward, and took less than ten minutes. Pairing the iPad with the Blue Tooth keyboard was very simple, and took only a minute or two.

In summary, the Airbender Pro is an extremely versatile case that offers a high level of protection for the iPad Air. I am very satisfied with my purchase. On a scale of 1 - 5, I would rate this case a 5 without hesitation.
(Posted on 2/17/14)
A good affordable case that protects and adds functionality. Review by Juan
The New Trent Airbender Pro is a case that I would recommend to just about anyone, that does not mind adding a little weight to their iPad. The case comes in two parts. One part keyboard and one part all enclosing case with screen protector.

The case that covers the back of the iPad and the screen is very well made. I feel that my iPad is safer with the case than without the case. It could probably be dropped a little with little to no damage to the iPad. The screen protector, which is attached to the case, also covers the display along with the front facing camera well. Alongside the screen protector is a rubber border, which also extends to the back, that protects the iPad if dropped face down. In that case the border would take the impact. This is more seen on cell phones.

As far as the keyboard goes, it is roomy enough and it gets the job done. I am actually writing this review using the keyboard. The keys click and are responsive to the touch. And I feel comfortable using it for more than a brief period.

Now onto my concerns. As stated above this is a really good product. That being said, no product is perfect and the following I feel is something that a potential buyer should be aware of.

-The screen protector has a kind of rainbow effect when the screen is not on.
+This is not noticeable when the iPad is on.

-The screen protector makes iPad more reflective than without having it on.
+This was more of a problem playing games than watching videos.

-The keyboard has a plastic flap, used to latch onto the iPad part of the case preventing it from coming open, right below the space bar. The flap folds up so that when you are typing on the keyboard your right hand thumb will hit the flap while typing.
+This is actually a little bit more annoying.

Overall I would rate the New Trent Airbender Pro a solid 4 out of 5. If I was rating the screen case alone it would be a 4.5 and the keyboard a 3.5. (Posted on 2/13/14)
outstanding Review by Dylan
First of all, I have no needs for other cases I purchased. This product has it all. Nice quick release turns this device into nice shock, dirt, water resistant case. I used about 2 weeks so far I don't have any complains at all.

I was amazed the fact that it's very very easy to connect also it's automatically connect when I turned bluetooth back on(I don't have to go back to setting and manually connect). And as bulky as it looks I was shocked how light it is. Battery seems to last long than I was expected. Although I thought battery meter will be a nice touch for the next model.
45 degree angle rotation lock is nice touch.
All indicator at top right looks nicer than previous model.
Like the USB port, seems very secure. I have lots of devices use micro USB charging port, a half of the products I ended up replacing them or throwing away less than a year because ports are not securely attached to the devices. I check ports before I buy products or as soon as I get product if order through internet.
Huge improvement on auto sleep/wake.

Some areas of improvement I think New Trent might consider.
Little too bulky, not complaining here as I stated it earlier feels very light compare to volume of product.
Backlit keyboard, comes real handy in dark places, also looks cool.
Maybe more varieties on colors, brighter like pink, green, silver and red??
Keys still stick a little while multitasking.
Rotation hinge seems steady but I'm still not sure about it yet.
Maybe expanding limited marketplaces other than own or Amazon?

Overall this product has it all, keys respond nicely as I type, and I feel very secure when I carry around work and home.
(Posted on 2/12/14)
Great Heavy Duty Rugged case for you iPad Air Review by AWing
This case is great for that added protection! It is a bit thick, but considering that the thickness comes from the added protection along with having a keyboard, there just isn't another case on the market that provides this type of protection AND have a built in keyboard. I am a full time college student, and I love using this case for taking notes. I am able to leave my computer and home but still be able to do everything I need with my iPad Air and this case! The mechanism for sliding and adjusting the viewing angle is very smooth and easy operate. The keyboard is easy to connect. The keys feel nice and the shortcut keys are a nice added touch. The keys are a bit noisy when typing (when compared to my MacBook Pro) but not a deal breaker. My only main issue is that I sometimes use a stylus and having the screen protector is nice, but you do have to push down harder with the stylus. I noticed that it does tend to break up my lines and not recognize when I'm writing. I still gave this 5 stars because I rarely use a stylus, but it is worth noting. Overall a great case! (Posted on 2/11/14)
Rugged & Durable Keyboard Case Review by Daylene
I need to say that I received this item for the purpose of review. I promise that this is my honest opinion and experience.

Overall, I find this case durable, functional and high quality. However, there are some design issues that keep me from giving it 5/5.

1. The metal slider stand just comes out way too easily.

2. The closure tab is an irritant to the thumbs while typing.

3. The on/off button & lack of lighting makes it difficult to discern if the keyboard is off or on.

4. Because of the metal sliding out too easily, I find myself somewhat conservative with the length I want to pull out resulting in a viewing angle a little too upright for lap use.

5. It's HEAVY. I know heavy = protected, but after an hour or so in my purse, I noticed a real difference in weight compared to my Airbender 2.0 case. As much as I would love to use the Pro for traveling because of its durability, I may opt for the lighter 2.0 case just because I don't want the extra bulk/weight during travel.

However, there is a lot to like about this case.

1. The durable rubberized cover is solid and much more substantial than the Airbender 2.0 case.

2. The built in screen protector is clear and wonderful. I love the "lip" that projects out in front of screen level that provides protection if dropped even when detached from the keyboard. Likewise, the screen is completely protected from the keys on the keyboard itself when closed.

3. The ability to unclip the iPad from the keyboard is wonderful. It allows the versatility that is desired.

4. The metal stand provides great stability when working on a desk or table top.

5. The keyboard is the best one I have tried on a Bluetooth keyboard. I'm partial to the Mac style Chiclet keyboard, and this does a great job of recreating that experience in smaller form.

I feel that anyone would benefit from the Airbender Pro - Rugged as long as they don't mind the heftier feel that many actually hoped to avoid when purchasing the lighter weight Air. I find this to feel considerably weightier than it's 2.0 counterpart.

That being said, I find that anyone working out of doors (contractors, excavation professionals, surveyors, etc) would find this to be a great, functional protection for their iPads.

Students who have to walk to & from class in all climates and carry a great number of items that may precipitate drops would also be a great match with this keyboard.

As a mom, I find that the more protected my iPad is, the more I'm comfortable using it in the kitchen, allowing my children to use it or dragging it to various child activities. So although it's heavy and I may not use it during travel, I will definitely find myself using this keyboard frequently.

In addition, teachers or anyone working with young children would appreciate the extra protection offered with this case as accidents happen when young children are around.

I rate this Airbender Pro - Rugged keyboard case 4/5. (Posted on 2/6/14)
Rugged & Durable Keyboard Case Review by OzDustMama
I need to say that I received this item for the purpose of review. I promise that this is my honest opinion and experience.

Overall, I find this case durable, functional and high quality. However, there are some design issues that keep me from giving it 5/5.

1. The metal slider stand just comes out way too easily.

2. The closure tab is an irritant to the thumbs while typing.

3. The on/off button & lack of lighting makes it difficult to discern if the keyboard is off or on.

4. Because of the metal sliding out too easily, I find myself somewhat conservative with the length I want to pull out resulting in a viewing angle a little too upright for lap use.

5. It's HEAVY. I know heavy = protected, but after an hour or so in my purse, I noticed a real difference in weight compared to my Airbender 2.0 case. As much as I would love to use the Pro for traveling because of its durability, I may opt for the lighter 2.0 case just because I don't want the extra bulk/weight during travel.

However, there is a lot to like about this case.

1. The durable rubberized cover is solid and much more substantial than the Airbender 2.0 case.

2. The built in screen protector is clear and wonderful. I love the "lip" that projects out in front of screen level that provides protection if dropped even when detached from the keyboard. Likewise, the screen is completely protected from the keys on the keyboard itself when closed.

3. The ability to unclip the iPad from the keyboard is wonderful. It allows the versatility that is desired.

4. The metal stand provides great stability when working on a desk or table top.

5. The keyboard is the best one I have tried on a Bluetooth keyboard. I'm partial to the Mac style Chiclet keyboard, and this does a great job of recreating that experience in smaller form.

I feel that anyone would benefit from the Airbender Pro - Rugged as long as they don't mind the heftier feel that many actually hoped to avoid when purchasing the lighter weight Air. I find this to feel considerably weightier than it's 2.0 counterpart.

That being said, I find that anyone working out of doors (contractors, excavation professionals, surveyors, etc) would find this to be a great, functional protection for their iPads.

Students who have to walk to & from class in all climates and carry a great number of items that may precipitate drops would also be a great match with this keyboard.

As a mom, I find that the more protected my iPad is, the more I'm comfortable using it in the kitchen, allowing my children to use it or dragging it to various child activities. So although it's heavy and I may not use it during travel, I will definitely find myself using this keyboard frequently.

In addition, teachers or anyone working with young children would appreciate the extra protection offered with this case as accidents happen when young children are around.

I rate this Airbender Pro - Rugged keyboard case 4/5. (Posted on 2/6/14)
hard working case for the hard working Review by Nicholas
The case:
The materials used are obviously high quality. As soon as I was able to secure my ipad air, I felt it was incredibly protected. In fact, I had a strange urge to want to toss the ipad in the air since I felt it was so solidly protected (I resisted this urge). That being said, I had an incredibly difficult time getting the ipad into the case. I think the instructions could have used a bit more detail on best ways to remove the silicon shell and insert the ipad. It took me a few minutes to get it in there and then I realized there was a thin hair trapped between screen protector and the screen so I had to redo the entire process. After a while the screen protector and the screen had a bit of separation, the use of the touch screen felt like I was pushing against a bubble. Not a big deal, but something I noticed. I typically used the keyboard case, disconnected from the keyboard and just used the case part.

The keyboard:
Again, high quality materials. The case feels tactile and is very responsive. The keys are well layed out for an ipad keyboard. The only key I felt myself really reaching for was the delete key. The primary issue with the keyboard and the case as a whole was that it's kind of difficult to open and close. I started to get the hang of it after a while, but it's not as simple as some of the other clamshell cases out there. The metal stand that holds the screen has teeth and I thought I could change the screen angle but I can't seem to get it to lock in any other position than open and closed.

Overall this is a great product. I'm in marketing so constantly on the move and this created more of a laptop out of my ipad. It was handy, but I found that it took away some of the benefits of the ipad - it adds weight and makes it slightly cumbersome. I think it's best suited for people who really need the protection, someone in construction or at a factory etc... Overall I rate the product a 3.5 out of 5. Great for what it does, but it doesn't quite fit my needs. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Rugged & Versatile iPad Air Case Review by irisonthego
I recently became the happy owner of an iPad Air. My first concern was how to protect my new tech toy from bumps, collisions, incidental liquids, and cat hair. I also wanted to add some functionality with a physical keyboard. Having had great success using the New Trent Battery Backup Pack and the AC Charger to charge my Android Phone and tablet, I looked forward to trying out the Airbender Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Clamshell case.

After charging the unit with the bundled cord as per the instructions, USB end into my NewTrent AC Wall Charger (not included), I was ready for the installation. I began by detaching the iPad enclosure from the hinged metal arm by pinching the sides of the round New Trent Logo. Next, I removed the rubberized gasket that holds together the front and back of the enclosure. This was easily the most challenging part of the process. I separated the hard top and bottom and slipped in the iPad Air. I was careful to line up the rear facing camera with the round hole in the bottom enclosure. I snapped together the hard case and pressed it into the rubberized outer soft case. Snapping everything back together was sooooo much easier than pulling it apart.

There are handy flaps that snap out and back over the sound/mute toggle, charging port, and headphone jack. The on/off/snooze button is completely encased and easy to press as needed. The cameras are protected by a rigid transparency which also serves as a screen protector over the face of the tablet. So, with the flaps down you have a fairly tight seal from dirt and grime. However, the speakers are exposed with cut-outs, so it is not a watertight unit (no dunking in the swimming pool).

I really appreciate how versatile this keyboard case is. The hinged arm detaches from the base and can serve as a monitor stand, allowing you to use iPad and keyboard like a miniature desktop computer. I'm looking forward to using the stand to follow along with step-by-step Photoshop recipes on my desktop. The top unhinges from the arm returning the iPad to a tablet, but protected by the case and screen protector. The arm adjusts to a variety of angles for easy viewing in both portrait and landscape modes. The keyboard, although considerably smaller, feels and functions just like my desktop detachable.

My only issue is trying to figure out those hieroglyphics on the top row of the keyboard? For those of us coming from the PC world and unfamiliar with the Apple function and modifier keys, the info provided at support.newtrent.com/airbendertips/ is extremely helpful and a way to quickly get up to speed in the new environment. You'll also find tips for trouble-shooting problems you may encounter when connecting the keyboard via bluetooth. After assembling my Airbender unit, I found that I had to toggle the Bluetooth on the iPad to connect to the keyboard. But once connected, iPad remembers the AirbenderPro.

I’ve been using the New Trent keyboard case for a few days now and have found no problems. I enjoy being able to drop my protected iPad into my sack and be off. I have the freedom to catch up on reading ebooks, communications and writing documents whenever I have a spare moment. I then just fold and snap my case closed and am on my way.

My rating - 5 Stars.
Find it at Amazon for $79.95
Keyboard Specifications.
Input: 5V@1A
Bluetooth connection: Range of 33ft or 10m
Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.0 x 1.1 inches
(Posted on 1/31/14)
Great case, would recommend particularly if you are on the road at all. Review by Michael S
This case only gets 4 stars (would like 4.5 if possible!) only because to me it's the 2nd best case I have ever used - 2nd to another New Trent Airbender 2.0!

Just like the airbender 2.0 I already own (5 stars) - the keyboard and overall construction of this device are the best I have used by far. I have tried many different keyboard cases with the iPad 2, and now the air and New Trent has it figured out. Zagg and Logitech are the others i have tried and while they sufficed - they are clearly behind in the pack to New Trent.

This case would be excellent for someone travels a bit - or at least takes the ipad around with them a lot. I use mine at work at a desk job (mostly) - so for me the extra 'rugged' protection is not something I really got a ton of benefit from. I can appreciate the style and the functionality. But I tend to use it more in an office setting, where taking the ipad out at times is necessary. (which of course you need to unclick this case to retrieve your ipad)

I also found the sliding mechanism to be a little less free-flowing than the other New Trent Airbender (non rugged)- although that might just need some breaking in.

Overally an amazing case - well worth the price - you won't regret switching over to new trent products (Posted on 1/29/14)
Great keyboard case for the iPad air Review by Carmen
I really love my pro case for my iPad air. I love how you can use it in different ways & that you not stuck with just a keyboard. And it just feels like a tougher case. The only cons that I noticed are that the latch to hold it shut should be a little stronger then plastic. Plus I could see that opening where it latches holding water. Different color options would be great. And I think the metal hinge should be serrated on both sides because it seems to be a little bit wobbly with just the one side. But all and all I think it's probably the best rugged keyboard you will find (Posted on 1/29/14)
Great iPad air case Review by Trevor
Tough build quality
Responsive keyboard
Waterproof to an extent
Easy access to all ports and buttons

A little bit heavy
Somewhat uncomfortable to hold
Hing does not hold strong
Rubber layer is loose on the grip to open the clam shell
I personally had trouble getting the keyboard operational
(Posted on 1/29/14)
Great protective case with keyboard Review by Derek
I use my iPad Air daily on public transit or commuting on my bike to and from work. I work in the hospital and wanted something stronger to protect my iPad. I felt a lot better about the safety of my iPad in my bag with knowing that it was better protected. I had used the original Airbender 2.0 but didn't feel that it was quite as durable as I wanted.

I really enjoyed the fact that the screen protector was part of the case since it is very difficult to place screen protectors by themselves on devices. I did not notice any decrease in the sensitivity of the screen to my finger but had some slight issues with it sensing my stylus.

It seemed that it would be great for dust protection but I was never in a dusty environment. I did not get to test it in my military deployments but it seems like it would be a great case for me to use when flying and in an overseas assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq. I felt that the keyboard was very responsive and had no troubles with sticking keys or accidentally double tapping letters while typing. The on and off switch was a little awkward that I had to hold it down for a few seconds to get it to turn on. It was different from the other Airbender case I have used. Setting up the Bluetooth was a breeze. I also noted that the clasp to close/secure the case sometimes accidentally would pull the rubber away from the keyboard but it easily reattached. The speakers and the mic seem to function fine with the case on.

I didn't notice any trouble with my WiFi signal or my cell signal with the iPad in the case. I never had any trouble with the charge life of the keyboard itself. I tended to plug it back in every other day but it never stopped working for me. The removal of the stand from the keyboard was easy. It functioned great for allowing the iPad to stand by itself when using FaceTime. I never tried to drop the iPad in the case or get it wet but my daughter did drool and chew on my case but the iPad didn't get wet. I did enjoy just using the iPad without the keyboard on occasion. It definitely added a little weight to my iPad but is necessary to keep it safe.

Overall, it is my new go to case for making sure that my iPad Air is safe and sound while I'm running all over the city. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Great Case! Review by Melissa
This is a very impressive keyboard case. It's extremely sturdy and there are some noticeable improvements from the original version of the Airbender 2.0.
-For one, this case actually closes all the way and the sleep/wake function works perfectly.
-The feel of the case is really great, it's a sort of rubberized matte type cover that looks good and assures you that the ipad is well protected.
-The functionality is also impressive, there are enough keyboard rows so that the need for pressing the fn button to access features of the keyboard is actually minimized since there are enough keys to access almost everything.
-I like that the lock button requires the use of the fn butting because that way there is very little chance of locking the iPad when trying to press backspace.
-The weight distribution of the case is also better, I can move the metal hinge to a decent angle without the case flipping over.
-I like the feel of the keyboard, the keys are a decent size and it's not too different from a regular keyboard.
-I absolutely love the fact that this case comes in three parts, sometimes I don't need to use the keyboard and I can just detach the ipad from the hinge and use it to do simple things such as read. Yet the ipad is still completely protected at all times. Sometimes to just watch a video or look over my notes while studying I'll detach the hinge from the keyboard and use it with the top case to make a stand which I can put at almost any angle. It's extremely convenient.
-I don't know if it's just me, but I had a hard time at first turning on the device, the instructions said to "flip the switch" when there's actually a button and I had no idea I needed to hold down the button until the CAPS and BT lights started blinking. It would be nice if there was an indicator to let me know that the keyboard is on because I feel like i'm going to forget to turn it off because I won't know that it's on. To turn it off I have to do the same thing and hold down the power button. I know how to do it now, but better instructions would have been nice.
-I also don't know if this is just my case, but it seems that the keyboard is a bit uneven in the bottom because while typing my keyboard keeps tilting in the bottom right direction. If I push down the bottom right side where the arrows are, the bottom is not in contact with the table and it goes up and down whenever I type near there or push the shift button. It feels uneven even though I'm using it on a flat surface and it's kind of annoying that the keyboard keeps moving.

Overall, I would give this case a 4.6 out of 5 rating, it's very convenient and I feel like it could last me a very good amount of time. There are just some little things that I feel could be improved but if it weren't for that the case would have gotten a perfect rating. (Posted on 1/29/14)
A versatile Otterbox Review by Emma
Disclaimer- I was provided this item with feedback requested. I promise that my feedback is honest.
I rank this item 5/5 for protection &durability and 4/5 for versatility. Initially, I was worried about being able to put my Ipad Air in easily, but the instructions provided made it quick and easy. The keyboard takes less than 30 minutes to charge and is really easy to type on, especially for a mac user. Overall, I think this could be described as a more versatile and sleek otterbox for your device. Here's my breakdown below:

The Pros:
- very durable. It survived both drop tests and (eek) water tests I put the device through undamaged.
-Good texture. I also have the airbender air and I loved the brushed feeling of the case and was worried about how this one would feel. It's still really nice to touch but feels more durable, the metal is high quality on the stand.
-The clasp to open/close is easy to do both with
-easy access to controls
-touch screen was not impaired by screen protector and you still get that great retina look (see pictures for examples).
-The tablet being removable (via the round "new trent" on the back) is really helpful, especially for when you're transitioning from work to home.
- this has a new slide bar (when compared to the airbender air) that is smaller, making it easier for me as a student to fit it on a desk. There's also a lock/unlock position that makes it more stable at your preferred angle.
-easily accessible yet covered charging and connective ports.
-long battery life

What could be improved:
-It goes without saying that this case adds significant bulk. This isn't a bad thing for me because protection is worth it, but for those of you that bought the air for its aesthetics, be prepared.
-sometimes it takes a couple seconds after hitting the on/off switch on the keyboard to see the indicator lights. It's a really minor thing but it made me panic my keyboard was broken at first.
- My stylus (the adonit jot pro) does not work with the screen protector on. I don't know if this is specific to my stylus but it was something I had a problem with.Inline image 1

If you're looking for a really durable case that still gives you the variation you want in terms of utility (a day to night case if you will), this is my favorite one. (Posted on 1/26/14)
Excellent rugged iPad Air case Review by Joseph
Overall, I rate the New Trent Airbender Pro a solid 4.7-4.8 out of 5, with a few added features [backlit keyboard, slightly more minimalist iPad Air case size] making this a solid 5 out of 5. Regardless, of the different iPad Air cases I have used to date, the Airbender Pro NT610KR is by far the best blend of Business and Personally Productive Bluetooth keyboard case with protections from normal everyday occurances [light rain, usage outdoors, usage around kids, etc].

(+) removing and then reattaching the outer rubberized molding for the inner iPad Air hard plastic case has a very firm, tailored fit. The precise fit of both the inner protective plastic case and the outer rubber case has prevented any shifting or movement whatsoever of the iPad Air – A big plus

(+) New Trent iPad Air Case is not as minimalistic as the Airbender 2.0, but is still very lean compared to other Rugged, Water/Liquid and Element Resistant cases [ I have the Griffin Extreme Duty Military Case with Rubberized outer case with hard plastic inner case for iPad 1st – 3rd Generation, and it is substantially more cumbersome and bulky, but also is very protective]

(+) the rubberized port molded plugs/coverings appear and feel to be very durable, for repeated and heavy use. My prior experiences with other [Griffin] iPad Rugged cases is these port covers are the first to tear/separate. Rubberized material feels very stout.

(+) Bluetooth keyboard size, layout is perfect size for continuing to work on iPad with same efficiency/proficiency as iPad is quickly replacing my laptop…very quickly now!

(+) All protected/covered iPad buttons are still very responsive within case. Home screen, top locking button, as well as volume control all responsible with good sensitivity

(+) The protective Screen Covering still allows for a very responsive iPad Air touch screen. I use my iPad extensively for obtaining client signatures via DocuSign and Adobe PDF Expert with a stylus, and with the protective screen, client signatures/screen sensitivity has still be excellent

(+) Nice, valued feature to have the iPad still separate from blue tooth keyboard. I use PDF Expert and DocuSign for clients to sign Investment and Financial Documents, and the ability to separate the iPad is invaluable.
[I have two boys under 5yrs old, and as they watched Movies with the iPad detached from the Bluetooth Keyboard, the protective screen has held up well to small, rougher hands toggling between games and movies/shows!]

(-/+) Hinge connecting the keyboard to the iPad is not quite as well contoured to open and rest at an ergonomically comfortable viewing angle. When manipulated, it can/will rest at a good angle, and the hinge is stiff enough to keep iPad in place while working

(+)iPad covering was inadvertently exposed to rain heading into/out of client meetings, and case appears to be very water resistant/tolerant. For water that made it onto screen covering, the moisture wipes away effortlessly.

(+)added strap to keep iPad case closed is a nice feature, though the hinge appears to be stiff enough to keep the case closed
(+)Bluetooth connect button and On/Off button for Bluetooth keyboard are stiff, and specifically, the On/Off button has to be held until power indicator buttons flash, but feels very durable, a plus for a case marketed as “rugged”

(Posted on 1/25/14)
The perfect rugged case for your iPad Air! Review by Steven
My first impression on the Airbender Pro is that it is rugged. Immediately, it is obvious that this case is made for iPad users on the go. I am using this Airbender Pro case with my iPad Air 16gb. I really do like the rugged feel of this case. It has a rubberized feel to it that makes it easy to grip. The case has a thicker, bulkier feel to it compared to New Trent's other models, such as the Airbender Air or the Airbender 2.0. Although it is a bit thicker in design, it does not take away from the sleek design of my iPad. I could see this case being used by many working professionals on the field, such as mechanics, construction workers, contractors, warehouse workers, or simply for people who may be using their iPads in more extreme conditions compared to an office or classroom environment. I've had this case for 2 weeks already and simply love it!
This Airbender Pro Bluetooth keyboard case is very simple to pair with your iPad. In your iPad, go to your settings and enable your bluetooth feature. When the Airbender Pro is turned on, the iPad immediately locates it and instructs you on how to pair the two. Very easy to do! One feature that I really like about this case is the protective screen saver. The iPad fits snug into the casing and protects the screen as well as it has perfect holes cutout for the speakers, lightning port, camera, etc. Another great feature is that most of these cutouts are protected my a rubber flap that covers the holes when not in use. When I am not using the wireless bluetooth keyboard, the iPad can be removed from the stand and basically gives you a protective case for your iPad that you can carry on the go! I find myself carrying my iPad in this case without the keyboard portion often, and since it has a protective screen cover on the casing, I'm never too worried about
it getting scratched when its in my backpack.
Overall, this is a great product! I give this product 5 stars. It works exactly as described. The only con I can think of with this Airbender Pro is that it fits really snug into the casing, so removing the iPad is not as easy as with my other cases. As I mentioned above, since the iPad can be removed from the keyboard and it has a screen protecter and rugged housing, there really isn't much need for me to remove my iPad from this case too often. If you are looking for a rugged case that is built like a rock, this is the case for you! (Posted on 1/22/14)
For all Working Conditions Review by Dan
I think someone that purchases this case has to understand why they would want this case. Compared to other models like the 2.0 this is larger and heavier. This is good for someone who commutes with public transportation, brings there Air on a boat or construction site. Maybe laying by the pool or on vacation at the beach… There could be countless examples but it’s important because if I was just looking for a “regular” case It would be overkill.
I feel that the case is very well made like the other models and it held up fine for commuting testing. It bounced around; I dropped it off the tray table, and even got stuck in rain. It does the job of protecting my Air like I hoped it would. Certain features I really liked are the:
• Clam shell design (easiest way to house the air)
• Keys are all responsive to touch
• Legible super thin keyboard
• Very light (weight)
• Charging cable included (micro usb is a plus)
• Built in screen protector
• Water/shock resistance (lots up bumps on the train- felt like it was safer)
• Battery time lasted for a full 5 day week (commuting 60min each way on train)
• Instant Bluetooth connectivity
• Lights for Cap

Some Things I would like to see:
• Adjustable Arm?
• Better clasping system that fully covers the unit
• I always prefer a screen that sticks on to the unit rather than built into case. I felt like on the train I got a glare at a lot of angles (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great Keyboard Case Review by Jamie
New Trent NT610KR Airbender Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air

I got my iPad air on release day and bought a basic flip case with full intentions of later getting an Otterbox for full protection. I have a bluetooth iPad keyboard that I use with my iPad all the time. A bit of a bag hog having to carry both.

When given the chance to test out this case I jumped. I love not having to carry around separate pieces and knowing that my iPad is safe from almost anything. This case offered everything I could ever want.

The pieces all come apart so you can use just the iPad case without the keyboard and still have full protection. The built in screen protector is fantastic and still allows the use of another screen guard underneath if you want. Every switch and port opening has a cover so there is nothing left unprotected. I have had no issues with using any of the ports and my sound is still flawless.

The keyboard is very responsive. Keys have great tactile feel and enough spacing to make it easy for even larger hands to use. The row of iPad specific function keys at the top have been a huge time saver for me.

The folding arm has a lot more features than I first realized. Not only does it allow you to slide it in and out but it can be removed from the keyboard entirely to be used as a simple adjustable stand. I find this feature especially useful for watching videos and reading. 360* rotation allows for every imaginable position to handle any situation.

Water resistant feature proved to be a real life saver. The very first day I had the case I knocked over a full cup of coffee. The coffee splashed all over the screen of my iPad. I wiped everything off and removed my case to check for any liquid inside. There was not a single drop. That alone is worth the price tag on this case. I wouldn’t go swimming with it since it’s not waterproof, but for occasional spills and weather I think it will hold up great.

After almost a week of constant use I give this case 5 stars. I have found no faults. It was easy to connect and use. It fill the bill for everything I wanted in a heavy duty case.

Easy to set up and use
Full protection
Nice keyboard layout with useful function keys
Has built in screen protection
Nice rubberized feel for non slip use
Sleep awake magnets
Case can be separated when keyboard is not needed

Does add bulk (worth it in my opinion)
Color options would be nice
Rubberized coating on keyboard keys would be awesome (Posted on 1/21/14)
Airbender Pro is an excellent case and keyboard for iPad Air Review by Numerical Demise
I really like the Airbender Pro. It's an excellent improvement over the Airbender 2.0. The Airbender Pro has a thick and very protective rubber case that protects the iPad Air and the bluetooth keyboard. It's somewhat thick, which helps to make it extra protective. It protects all the ports and has a built in screen protector. It also has holes for the speakers so you can still listen to music. The case is shock and water resistant. It is not water proof. It would be really great to have a waterproof case. If I am outside in the snow or rain and want to use my iPad, it would be nice to have it in a waterproof case. The bluetooth keyboard is a full keyboard. It pairs easily with the iPad Air. It's very easy to type on. The keys are comfortable. It could use a mouse. If the keyboard was rearranged, and the keys were moved up, there would be room for a laptop style mouse or a pencil eraser style mouse. The way in which the port coverings attached to the case seem somewhat flimsy, like they could fall off after a few months of everyday use. The keyboard has an internal battery and can be charged using a micro USB. The battery will last all day long. I use this case and keyboard everyday, both at home and at work. I perform Human Resources and Payroll functions at my job. I do a lot of work on the Internet and send and receive a plethora of email throughout the day. This case would be great for anyone in any occupation that needs a bluetooth keyboard for their iPad Air and a protective case. This case really turns the iPad Air into a mini laptop. I have gotten several really nice compliments from co-workers about how attractive the case is and how useful it is. This case has a really rugged metal arm that won't break like the plastic arms that some of the cases have. With this protective case on my iPad Air, I feel that I can take it more places. It's also more usable with the keyboard. Sometimes the bluetooth keyboard does make my iPad freeze up when I check my email on Microsoft Exchange. Other than that the keyboard has been great. Sometimes if I let the iPad sit for awhile, it will lose its connectivity to the bluetooth keyboard and I have to reconnect. I give this case and keyboard a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This is definitely an excellent improvement over the Airbender 2.0. The case on the Airbender 2.0 was thin and flimsy. The Airbender Pro is awesome, durable, and rugged. It is definitely built to last. I highly recommend this case to anyone with an iPad Air. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 1/21/14)
Already protected my iPad Air Review by Nick
Overall I give this case a 4 of 5 stars based on the market for which
it’s designed. I personally can see using this case when I’m on outdoor
sites doing audits in inclement weather and still need to use my iPad
without shelter. I think contraction, surveyors, and even public service
employees could get use from this setup. I found the initial setup a
bit tedious and counter productive but the negative install was mostly
due to the positive way the case fit. The fit and finish is excellent
and tight, which it should be, this also makes it difficult to put on
and take off.
I used my iPad Air in this case for almost a week in mild, freezing, and
wet weather. I had no issues using the case and found no issues with the
protection of the case aside from some minor annoyances. If someone is
in the market for a protective keyboard case, the Airbender Pro would be
a good candidate for minor to medium protection.

Things I’d like to see
-Arm/stand system like the Airbender Air OR
-In the absence of the Airbender Air system, I’d like to see an
adjustable arm tension, a positive stop for the slide out arm, and a
larger release button that’s easier to find and use (or no
button at all but simply using friction to slide the arm in/out
-Case closure/clasp not rubber extension of the cover, but a separate
closure that comes from the outside of the cover to the insert in the
main body. — This might keep the rubber outer cover from flipping
off the keyboard when you open it by holding the clasp.
-Screen protector that is glass specific and stick on, rather than part
of the cover. The cover could have a gel foam seal around the edge to
prevent water intrusion and the screen protector could be the
choice of the user. The glass would not need protection from water and
if someone wanted to use a secondary screen protector it would not
interfere with the use of a stylus.
-Stylus holder for multiple sized styli or pens

The case is in the form of a plastic 2 piece, snap together shell, a
hard rubber shell covering for both the iPad shell and the
keyboard/stand portion.

Keyboard has slightly smaller keys than the Airbender Air, but does seem
adequate for typing, even with some speed. No issues with typing for a week.

Keyboard bluetooth connects fast, and for the first time it's showing
"NewTrent" keyboard instead of just "bluetooth keyboard” in the
bluetooth settings.
The rubberized cover does pull off the edges of the keyboard when you
use the lock tab to open it, this can be fixed by a better closing clasp
rather than the covers rubber extension. The keyboards frame does not
always keep the rubberized cover firmly seated, but it’s more of a minor
annoyance than a major flaw. Still, firm fit is paramount in a higher
end case (above $20)

Has on/off switch, bluetooth connect switch, and lights for caps,
charge, and bluetooth connection pairing.

All keys functions properly and responsively, although as in most mini
keyboard cases, they are not as soft touch or quite as springy as a full
size keyboard might be.
I did not find any issues with connectivity. When the keyboard was
asleep, hitting the on/off button woke it up ready for use. Battery life
is insanely great, as are all New Trent keyboards, and typing on it was
no different to me than most in this class.

This review was typed fully on the bluetooth keyboard, right out of the
box, without charging.

I used the iPad with the case during a recent site audit in the rain.
Performance was as expected and while I was not standing in a downpour,
no water got inside the seams or through the plastic screen protector.
For light rain, the protection is a win.
I don’t see it being a total win for dust/dirt of smaller particles or
in an area where pressure or atmosphere are factors. It’s not airtight
or pressurized, but then it’s not designed to be. It will protect
against everyday spills, basic dirt, and larger dirt/water issues. Not
submersible and not made to withstand fine dust, however, it should be
fine in all but the harshest extremes. The keyboard is not protected
from any weather, either when closes or open. The case has no seal when
closed but the iPad itself is protected fully in either the open/closed
position or attached/detached from the keyboard. The detachable function
is quite handy in many instances when a keyboard isn’t needed. However,
the design allows you to use the iPad in a closed notepad style
configuration even without detaching it, so this is purely subjective.

Snapped away from the keyboard, or as a full unit, the outer rubberized
coating will provide basic impact protection for the corners, back and
glass (when shut). It’s nice, in terms of feel and heft. Since the iPad
Air is so small and light, the size and weight of the case doesn’t
really impact the overall use. The whole unit is protected by the heavy
rubber coating, the iPad is protected by the heavy rubber coating AND an
internal plastic shell with foam bumpers, and the screen is somewhat
protected from water/dust by a plastic sheath that is sealed to the
plastic shell.
The plastic sheet that is sealed into the 2 piece iPad shell will
protect the iPad glass and seams from minor water intake. It does allow
full use of the touch screen if you’re using your hands, but the fact
that it’s not tight against the screen makes using a stylus a bit more
difficult. You can use the stylus, but you will have to press harder and
find yourself making frequent misses. Not recommended if stylus use is
primary for writing. All other touch functions work perfectly though.
The screen “protector” could be better, tighter, and more protective
against scratches. In its current state, I would say it offers good
water protection and fair abrasion protection but would not count on it
for impact protection. Luckily, most drops would avert disaster through
the protection of the main body rubberized coating and the raised edges,
so most if not all of the screen impacts would be nullified unless it
was a direct glass impact only. (Posted on 1/17/14)
New Trent NT610KR Airbender Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air Review by Glen
I am a long time Otter Defender case fan since first purchasing one for my original iPad, and then again for my iPad 2. With daily use and travel between the office and customer accounts, I needed something that can protect the iPad from falls and scratches. I pride myself on my electronics being in a constant state of “looking good.” For my new iPad Air, I first purchased the New Trent Airbender 2.0 NT30B case. It did not offer the same amount of protection as the Defender, but complimented the artistic character and thin lines of the iPad Air so beautifully, while providing solid protection and the additional functionality of a wireless keyboard. It also allowed for easy removal of the iPad for connection to my iHome, which frankly is the only downside to the new rugged Pro case as the iPad is so well protected that it is hard to remove. The New Trent Airbender Pro Keyboard case is like a marriage between the Defender and the Airbender 2.0 cases. With the AirbenderPro, the iPad slides into its own full-surround (front and back protected)case, safely protecting the front of the iPad from potential damage. The iPad does not require a separate screen protector, as one is already built into the case itself. The frame is hard plastic that is wrapped by soft durable rubber to provide dual protection from impact. There is a noticeable lip extending above the iPad screen, which protects the iPad from flat falls. All of the holes align correctly to the iPad speakers, microphone, cameras, power, on/off,and volume controls. This case is slightly thicker than the Airbender 2.0, but not nearly as thick as the Defender, keeping the aesthetics intact for your iPad. The weight is barely noticeable. Once connected to the other half of the case, using a camera-lens type pinch connector, the case then can be closed like a laptop, ensconcing your iPad safely inside. When opened, the iPad can be used in multiple configurations (flat, propped up to the degree angle of your choice, portrait, landscape, etc.). The keyboard easily pairs to your iPad and is responsive. This is the best iPad Air case on the market, especially if you are a student or using it for work, where extra protection and having a keyboard are critical. Rating: 5 Stars +. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great case and keyboard for the iPad Air!! Review by Scott
This is my favorite case for the iPad Air that I have tested! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a ruggedized alternative for the iPad Air case. My 6 year old son even dropped the case from the dining room table with no adverse effects to the case or the iPad (yay for real-world testing!).

- Keyboard connects easily to iPad Air
- Access port covers are effective and still allow easy use of ports
- screen and camera protectors offer good protection with little or no distortion of the screens themselves
- the case provides good grip/traction on most surfaces
- battery life of keyboard is impressive (I've been using the keyboard with the same charge for about a week)
- incorporation of wake magnets built into keyboard
- ability to detach the iPad from the stand
- landscape and portrait orientations are easily facilitated
- inner and outer closure containers for the iPad provide great protection
- protective covering over iPad buttons do not inhibit their usage
- basic funtion keys are well layed out and easily identifiable
- On/Off button works well and reconnects with iPad bluetooth easily
- ability to detach the stand from the keyboard provides great versatility of usage

- would have rather seen some sort of clasp or slide lock closure for clamshell in lieu of the rubber strap closure
- wish there were other color options
- slightly bulky and heavy, but that is negligible and expected for a rugged case (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great case and keyboard for the iPad Air!! Review by Scott
This is my favorite case for the iPad Air that I have tested! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a ruggedized alternative for the iPad Air case. My 6 year old son even dropped the case from the dining room table with no adverse effects to the case or the iPad (yay for real-world testing!).

- Keyboard connects easily to iPad Air
- Access port covers are effective and still allow easy use of ports
- screen and camera protectors offer good protection with little or no distortion of the screens themselves
- the case provides good grip/traction on most surfaces
- battery life of keyboard is impressive (I've been using the keyboard with the same charge for about a week)
- incorporation of wake magnets built into keyboard
- ability to detach the iPad from the stand
- landscape and portrait orientations are easily facilitated
- inner and outer closure containers for the iPad provide great protection
- protective covering over iPad buttons do not inhibit their usage
- basic funtion keys are well layed out and easily identifiable
- On/Off button works well and reconnects with iPad bluetooth easily
- ability to detach the stand from the keyboard provides great versatility of usage

- would have rather seen some sort of clasp or slide lock closure for clamshell in lieu of the rubber strap closure
- wish there were other color options
- slightly bulky and heavy, but that is negligible and expected for a rugged case (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great product! Highly recommended! Review by Houtan
Product Number: NT610KR (FOR IPAD AIR ONLY!)

The Airbender Pro is a huge upgrade from the Airbender Air. The Pro version has a sleek rubber feel to it which prevents the iPad case from sliding around. Putting the iPad in the case is just like how an iPhone goes into an Otter-box. The iPad is placed into a case where it is protected with a screen protector and little flaps that prevent dust/water from entering your iPad. (However, I had already applied a screen protector on my iPad before putting it into this case. There was no touch issue where the iPad was unable to recognize your finger, but there was that moist or wet spot that would conjure up between the two screen protectors. I removed the screen protector on the iPad and it looks like that issue is gone). The installation process took no more than 5 minutes and it was really easy. Taking the iPad out is as easy as installing it.

Now onto the keyboard portion of the case. The keyboard feels a lot smoother than the Airbender Air and much more quiet. The keyboard comes with many features that are extremely useful to making the iPad function like a MacBook Pro. The syncing of the two devices was really easy and fast. The only con I came across was the little flap that locks the iPad and keyboard together (when closed) can get in the way of you typing. It brushes against your thumbs on occasion.

Now to one of the best features in my book. The iPad can be removed from the case effortlessly. All you have to do is pull the little button and pull the iPad out. If the iPad is pulled all the way out, it can be used as it's own stand, which can help you save money if you are interested in buying those stands to hold your iPad. If you want to use the iPad as just a tablet, you can just squeeze the two levers on the back of the iPad case and it comes right off...which can be put back on as easy.

As a student I needed a product that I could feel safe closing and putting into my backpack for safe keepings. Overall, this product is an exceptional product and a great upgrade from the Airbender Air. I give this product 5/5 as it protects your iPad from many situations. I would highly recommend this product to everyone thinking of buying a case like this. (Posted on 1/15/14)

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