PowerPak Ultra (Orange)

Compatible: Smartphones and Tablets

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT140R-Orange

  • RECOMMEND - Extreme User

  • CAPACITY - 14000 mAh Power

  • LIFE - 500x Charge Cycle

  • OUTPUT - 2.1A (tablet) and 1A (phone)

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PowerPak Ultra (Orange)
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PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange) PowerPak Ultra (Orange)



PowerPak ULTRA : NT140R

Big got Bigger

Power users, look no further. The Powerpak Ultra packs a mammoth charge capacity of 14,000 mAh and can store 700% of the average smartphone's battery life. With all that power you and your friends will never have a dead device again, so start caring by sharing.


Built to Survive

We designed the Powerpak Ultra for the outdoor extremist in mind. So be extreme with the Powerpak Ultra's rugged scratched-resistant exterior and ribbed casing. The Powerpak Ultra is built to out-last and out-survive.

Power Station

The PowerPak Ultra is a powerhouse no doubts about it! Hook up your tablet and smartphone together to the PowerPak Ultra or help charge up a friend's smartphone alongside yours- there's more than enough power to go around.



iPhone 5 battery life testing

iPhone Without PowerPak ULTRA
With PowerPak ULTRA*
Video playback (audio ON) 8 hours +/- 55 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 7 hours

+/- 48 hours

Note: Tests are done in a controlled environment with normal phone use. result are for comparison purposes and users may experience various results outside of the stated test numbers.

* Numbers are derived from total number of recharge from PowerPak and total use time combined.


The New iPad (3rd gen) Battery Life

iPad Without PowerPak ULTRA
With PowerPak ULTRA*
Video playback (audio ON) 10 hours +/- 18 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 10 hours

+/- 18 hours

Note: Tests are done in a controlled environment with normal tablet use. result are for comparison purposes and users may experience various results outside of the stated test numbers.

* Numbers are derived from total number of recharge from PowerPak and total use time combined.


Package Content:

- NT140R PowerPak ULTRA battery pack (14000mAh)    
- Standard Micro-USB Charge Cable

- User Manual



PowerPak ULTRA
Li Ion Polymer Battery
14000 mAh
Standard Micro-USB Input 
regular USB 5V@1A
regular USB 5V@2A
5.6 x 3.1 x 1.1 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
13oz | 1lb 1oz
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Review of the New Trent 14,000 mAh Portable External Battery Charger/Power Pack Review by Michael
Review Rating 4.95 out of 5

Review of the New Trent 14,000 mAh Portable External Battery Charger/Power Pack.

The Model number of this item is NT140R-O and is designed and sold by New Trent Inc.

This external battery unit is extremely robust, providing more power than most people will ever need. At 14,000 mAh this unit contains almost 16 ½ times as much power as my current cell phone! This means that not only can I recharge my cell phone many times over, but I can also charge my tablet several times! With 2 output USB ports, it has a 1 amp port for your cell
phone and a 2.1 amp port for your tablet, this versatility is great in today’s marketplace.

I found the features on this unit to be very useful. The power switch is not just an on-off button, you actually need to hold it down for a couple of seconds, which makes it more difficult to accidently turn it on and drain the battery. The LED lights come on when the unit is powered up, indicating the level of charge remaining in the battery. This is very good as it provides a very clear, instant status. The ruggedness of the case is superb. This is obviously not a flimsy little thing that will break if dropped. While I am not a person given to dropping my electronics into water, I know several people who are, and this is a fantastic feature! My
wife is very hard on electronics and since this is primarily for her, I’m happy about the ruggedness and water-resistant features of this case! While this unit did not come with a wall charger, I have several wall and car chargers to charge this unit so I do not consider this to be an issue. I think that by this time, most people who would purchase a unit like this would also have “extra” chargers laying around. I do like the fact that the ports are all standard and not proprietary. I found the “plugs or covers” on the ports to be easy to open and close.

The features I was not so crazy about, were few. This unit is very heavy, but then again, I understand the trade-off of between weight and battery capacity. This unit takes a long time to charge, again, a battery thing. I felt the accompanying documentation was extremely lacking. There was no explanation of 1 amp vs. 2 amp at all. No information regarding time to charge, actually, there really was very little information that I found useful.

I felt the price point was on target and very competitive considering the features and size of the unit. Offering this through Amazon was fantastic as it allows Prime members free shipping and a trusted sales source.

Suggestions for improvement/opportunities: Offer wall chargers for sale as an extra. I saw this as a negative in one review when deciding to purchase and I realized that not everyone is comfortable charging the unit with a “non-sanctioned” charger. Offer, or direct users to supplier for extra USB cables to allow for charging multiple units simultaneously. Perhaps an on-line primer might be helpful. While I find the color to be fantastic to keep my wife from losing the unit in her purse, I’m sure that offering a variety of colors, or possibly user changeable “skins” would be a popular offering, especially with a younger crowd.
(Posted on 5/14/14)
Excellent! Review by James
I have tried this unit over that last few weeks and am really impressed with it. It holds a charge a long time and provides plenty of fast charging power for any device that I plugged into it. I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone needing a portable source of charging power! (Posted on 5/9/14)
Absolutely Fabulous! Review by Marjorie
This is a review for the New Trent Power Pack Ultra: 14000 mAh External Battery Charger (NT140R-B). This battery backup was ready to go right out of the box. It charged my Samsung Galaxy Note from 52% to full in about an hour - while I was using it. It took a few hours to fully charge the unit, but it still registers 4 lights after 2 more charges to my Note and 6 charges to our cell phones. The design and durability of this substantial device are impeccable. It's built like a very small tank, with ribs along the sides for a secure grip and gated connector ports. It's not lightweight by any means, but I bought this for its durability, including being shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. I plan to take it on an extended trip, and I feel secure in knowing that I won't run out of power for my devices between charges. The lack of a connecting cable to charge my New Trent is a non-issue for me, since I have plenty of appropriate wires as well as a charging station with international ability. Can't wait to see the new colors! (Posted on 5/4/14)
Very handy power supply when traveling. Review by Lance
I purchased the PowerPak Ultra for a recent family trip. With the PowerPak Ultra I was able to charge a wide variety of devices with just two or three USB cable instead of carrying all the different individual chargers. It was quite handy on the airplane. There were no issues taking it through TSA security. Having two USB ports is very handy. The PowerPak Ultra easily fits in my laptop sleeve. Would not consider it pocket sized; however, it supplies substantially more power than the pocket sized batteries.

The PowerPak Ultra was used to fully charge the following items:
1. iPad Mini
2. Samsung Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
3. Perixx Bluetooth Keyboard
4. Non-smart Cellular Phone
After charging these items, the PowerPak Ultra was still at least 25% charged. I would recommend the PowerPak Ultra for keeping your electronic gadgets charged. (Posted on 5/2/14)
NT Powerpak Ultra Provides Assurance Review by Tom
As a natural resource consultant - we utilize devices such as the iPhone and iPad mini for some of the apps that we use daily. During wildfire and prescribed fire season, we use several mapping and GPS apps. The map/GPS apps show us exactly where we are on a fire. Running out of power is simply not an option because knowing your location can be critical. I purchased the Powerpak Ultra (orange) to provide that assurance of always having a backup power supply. Very pleased with its rugged features and relatively small size. (Posted on 5/1/14)
A must have for someone who loves their technology and the outdoors like me! Review by Jarin
I took this bad boy on a trip to the Redwoods and man did it come in handy!

First impressions: When I first took it out of the packaging I thought it was a little clunky or big, but it felt very well built and durable. However, I soon got past that thought once I actually started using it and realized it does fit comfortably in my hand! I didn't even think about the size, I was just glad I had a way to charge all of my (and my friends) devices!

Use: Like I said I took this portable charger to the Redwoods with me for a week long trip. It exceeded my expectations which is not easy to do! I like the fact it was shock proof, dust proof, and water proof. That just gives me peace of mind! Anyway, it quickly charged my Galaxy S III and my friends IPhone 5S at the same time or individually. I also used it to charge my multiple pairs of LG Tone Bluetooth headphones on the trip. Throughout the trip I actually lost count of how many times I topped off our phone batteries but when we got back the PowerPak still had 25% battery. That's pretty impressive to me considering how much I used this. The charger will automatically shut off once it detects the devices battery which you are charging is full. That a nice feature because then you don't have to worry about shutting it off and wasting battery.. Set it and forget it!

Since my trip, I use this almost constantly when I'm doing anything for extended periods of time outdoors. When I go mountain biking/four-wheeling/hiking/climbing, I hook it up to my phone in my backpack and listen to music without worrying about draining my battery. Before I got this portable charger, my phone would always die at some point in the day/night and then I would have a constant worry about "what if" I or some else gets hurt and I need to make a call for help? I would be out of luck! But now that's a thing of the past!

For those who are interested... I also have charged my portable speaker, a Galaxy S4, a Nexus 4, and a Galaxy Tab 3. All worked flawlessly.

I would highly recommend this to someone who always has some sort of electronic device on them and also loves to be outside! And with 14,000mAh you can bet you will have plenty of juice to do what you what. (Posted on 4/30/14)
Virtually Indestructible External Battery Review by Chaz
I'm sure if you put some effort into it, you could destroy it, but you won't from everyday use. I love this product. The original review I wrote still applies, and is as follows:

Upon receiving the NT140R external battery, I took it out of the box and inspected it. To begin with, it's orange. While most of my devices are black, the orange makes it very easy to see. The battery is surrounded by a hard rubber, which I believed to be part of the shock-resistant attribute. The power button is recessed, which I like, as it requires more than just an accidental bump to power on the battery. The input and output jacks are covered by hard plastic shells.

The NT140R is advertised to be shockproof, waterproof, and dust-proof. While I didn't have the requisite means to test dust-proof, I did test the other two attributes. I made sure the jack coverings were securely closed, and submerged the battery in a container of water. After I dried the battery off, I plugged it in and it did work. As for the shock test, I dropped the battery from a height of about six feet, onto concrete, and it performed as advertised.

I ran two different tests with my portable devices, while the first didn't fare as well as my other New Trent battery, the second test out-performed my other battery. I suspect that I had not given the battery a full charge for the first test, so made sure it was fully charged for the second test. I used my Kindle Fire 1st gen, my Galaxy S2 phone, and my ipod touch 64gb 4th gen. Also, rather than charging devices simultaneously, which is possible with two outlets on the battery, I chose to charge each device alone. The kindle took about 150 minutes to recharge, the phone about 90 minutes, and the ipod about 60 minutes. These times are about the same as my other New Trent battery, but the NT140R has a larger capacity, which would allow me to recharge all of these devices at least twice!

I give the NT140R a 5 out of 5 for performance, durability, and capacity.

Now who is this battery for? My sister just got a sailboat. While she missed most of the season last year, she is looking forward to taking the boat out with her husband and three boys. While the expanse of the Chesapeake Bay isn't that of an ocean, it could still be several hours before a rescue were something to happen to the boat. Having a battery like this on board could very well save the lives of her and her family. Not having to worry about it getting wet would be the best part, as things tend to get wet on boats. The battery could be used to recharge her phone, of course, but could also be used to recharge a device to entertain the children while awaiting rescue.

Other people who could benefit from this battery: Police officers, utility workers, fishermen. boat workers, shipyard workers; the list is endless. Any occupation or recreational activity where one's equipment could be exposed to moisture or complete immersion could benefit from this battery. I heartily recommend this battery, the NT140R.

What I would like to add to this review, is that I have been using this product for several months, and I love it even more. I usually leave this battery out in the car, until it needs recharging. It has worked great for me these past few months. Because of the large capacity, I rarely need to recharge it, and it is always ready for me. Also, originally I found it difficult to plug cords into the input jacks, because of the coverings. At first I found this to be a deficit, but have since changed my mind. Because of the coverings, the cords are much less likely to come out, accidentally. Therefore, you can plug something in, and know that it will still be plugged in, should the battery be jostled in some way. At one point, while taking a sharp turn in my car, both the battery and my phone came off the seat next to me, but both stayed plugged in. Also, I didn't realize it at first, but the battery automatically shuts off when the device you are charging becomes fully charged. Gotta love that, as it only discharges the power actually needed.

Michael Chasteen (Posted on 4/29/14)
Great product for dual charging Review by Marlene
I must say this charger holds enough charge to connect both my iPhone 4S and a Nextbook Tablet at the same and fully charge both simultaneously. This is also a rugged charger that can take some abuse with accidental drops and even still preform if it get dropped in the water so it's convenient to take by the poolside without worry. I was able to charge my iPhone several times over without recharging the battery pack and as many tablet owners know they tend to run down quickly so it was convenient to use on the go and take my tablet with me without the worry of needing to find a place to charge up. It is a bit heavy but not surprised because of the amount of charge it holds and it's beefiness proves it's ruggedness.
(Posted on 4/28/14)
Fantastic, Rugged Charger Review by B

I have used a few different chargers in the past, but I really like the design of this one. It is extremely rugged and since it is dirt, water, and shock proof it is very sturdy. I feel like I could drop this without causing damage.

It is easy to grip and the texture of the case is appealing and makes it easier to hold. The button is easy to use and the LED’s are not overly bright.

The only issue I have with the design is that I wish the tabs had the amperage listed on them. Right now the tabs say Output 1 and Output 2, but it can be confusing which is which.


This battery pack is very functional and I had no problems with it. I was able to charge multiple devices at a time, including Android and iOS phones, an iPad, tablet, and mifi. It worked for all of the devices and has so much power that it can last a LONG time. As long as I had a USB cable, it worked.

In conclusion this s the most rugged yet functional battery pack I have ever used.
(Posted on 4/27/14)
Fantastic Product Review by Annilita7
I purchased this when I decided to give my other New Trent charger to my sister after her power went out one night. I was so pleased with my other product that I wanted the same manufacturer, but a charger with more mAh. It is definitely heavier than my other charger, but having one that is water resistant for traveling and rugged (dropping in airport, car, etc seemed more appealing. The first week i had this I used it to charge my phone every night. It charged the phone for three days without having to recharge it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone especially if you travel or even if you are camping. (Posted on 4/27/14)
A good robust battery pak Review by James
This review is for the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger(NT140R-B). I would give this product a 5 on the rating scale. Most things it charged perfectly, but not my Asus Transformer Infinity Pad. It is a robustly tough battery. I tested the waterproofing by briefly submerging it in a sink. The waterproofing worked good. The output tabs were kind of hard to open with one fingernail. It required two fingernails. Once opened, the output tabs were rather stubborn in getting in the way of the usb output, which was annoying. Everything I tested it out on worked in charging. It's also nice that it charges and recharges at the same time. I wish there was a permanent on/off button. Even though I know this is for charging things and turns off after full charge but I'd also want to use it to power things. I tested it out and it worked on most of my devices.

But I tested it on the Black Diamond Lantern Apollo and charging was spotty. Sometimes the charger turned off after a short while, sometimes it didn't. I tested on the Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700T and it did not charge.

I didn't have time to use the battery on a practical level. If I did use this, it would be when on the go. I'd imagine particular model being useful for campers or individuals in the outdoors. But overall, a good robust battery pak. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Great power pack Review by Doug
This power pack will charge any device that requires a USB charging cable.
2 charging ports put out enough power to charge my galaxy note 10.2 and my LG G FLEX both at the same time and charges as fast as the OEM chargers that came with them.
Led power indicator, recessed power button.
This thing is tough. It has survived drops from as high as 8feet onto concrete, dropped in the garden while watering, dried it off, and works perfectly.
If you need a tough, high capacity battery for extra power when hiking, camping, etc., then this is for you, I've not been able to break it yet, and it's bounced along the street when it fell out of my pocket while cycling, only a few scratches, shill works like a champ. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Great for a rugged lifestyle Review by Charles L.
I received the PowerPak Ultra a few weeks ago and have been charging my electronic devices with them since then. It came to me with half a charge. I used the wall charger I received to test and It took a couple of hours to do a full charge on it. I then plugged my iPad Mini w/ Retina Display to it and charged the iPad up to 81%. The battery was depleted to 2 LED lights (which I assume is half capacity).

My wife and I went on a day trip to the beach and I kept using the PowerPak Ultra to charge some of my other devices. I had a GoPro Hero 3+ plugged in for the 2 hr car ride to the beach and the battery level did not change. Over the course of the day, I charged my iPhone 5S one time to full and also charged a GoPro Hero 3+ battery to full. The next day I charged my iPhone 5S and the GoPro battery again. It wasn't until I went to charge my iPhone 5S again to today that the battery finally was depleted.

I love having external batteries and this has been the best one I've used to date. I love that it's rugged and I don't have to worry about messing it up on my outings. I will most likely use this for charging my GoPros when I'm off the grid and also for my iPhone 5S. I'm a fireman for my day job and look forward to using this product when I'm at work. I work for 24 hours at a time and am always using my iPhone for work related things. I would definitely recommend this battery for anyone who operates in harsh and demanding environments.
(Posted on 4/23/14)
robust charger Review by Andrew
I have been using this device pretty regularly for the past few weeks and feel that i have a pretty good handle on the positives and negatives. I like this charger. The power is more than ample and have charged my iphone 5 six times without even fully depleting the battery. I also have charged my ipad 4th gen, albeit not fully. it charged decently quickly on the 2.1 amp charging port. the rubberized bumpers and solid feeling plastic gives a sense of security. all of this comes at a price though. The battery is pretty large. This isnt necessarily a negative, just something to be aware of. The waterproofing and plastic have to beef up the battery. thus making it larger. The plastic covering the ports is secure and fits in well. They can be a bit hard to remove at times to get to the ports. All in all, I like this battery, i have other examples from other companies, but i am looking forward to taking this to the beach, and camping this summer. I have a feeling it will be a perfect compliment to my bluetooth speaker and iPhone to provide some music. (Posted on 4/21/14)
Incredible!!! Review by Eli
New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger(NT140R-B):
I must say, this charger was one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life. I managed to charge my Iphone 4s from 16% to 100% in 54 minutes. As well as my Galaxy s4 from 10% to 100% in 1 hour. It works amazingly fast (assuming there is a good usb to micro usb or apple cable) and still has its own battery life that was barely effected by 2 phones being charged together. I really love the mAh that this little beast comes with. It is really large so it is tough to just carry around outside of the house without a large bulge from your pocket with it still sticking out.

Amazing charging capacity
Works great!
water proof like it was promoted (just don't charge while submerging it in water)
dual usb ports
can be used to charge and to charge something at the same time.

needs its own connector cable to charge it rather than a usb or micro usb.
extremely bulky so tough to carry around

My rating for this is a 5/5!!! (Posted on 4/19/14)
This PowerPak is no Joke!! Review by sp
This is a review for the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger(NT140R-B)
This power pack is no Joke! Seriously, you can probably drop this thing out of a plane and it would survive the fall, or go whitewater rafting and it would not disappoint. It is a hefty, well protected battery pack that is a MUST if you are backpacking; in remote areas where dust, rain, falls are all possibilities. Not only does it fend for itself, but with the impresive14ooomAh capacity, it will charge an iphone several times over. I charged my iphone and ipad mini from 8% battery to 100% and was still left with 4 blue dots out of 4. It comes with the convenience of 2 output ports and 1 input port for charging. There is not much to the system on the outside, It is a very well protected system with all ports gated when not in use, the power and light buttons are encased and the rest is an armor suit. It has side grips for better holding capabilities. I would feel very secure taking this battery pack on an extended trip knowing I did not have to worry about its protection or functionality. All that being said, it is relatively heavy- so if you are looking for something sleek and light, this systems is not for you. If you are worried about weight or if you need the extra bit of battery on a given day and will have access to recharging the same day, this system is probably over kill. It is not a purse friendly addition as it is like carrying a little brick. I got the black and grey model and soon after, I saw New Trent had a new color line up with yellow, pink, purple, blue, etc. I think the color will bring it a little bit of fun to this super powerful tool! Then you’d have the best of both worlds- functionality and design.
(Posted on 4/17/14)
Third try.....finally an external battery that works! Review by Susan
NewTrent's PowerPak Ultra is the third external battery that I have purchased. Finally someone has got it right. This is easy to use, waterproof, and provides more than one charge for my iPhone. When fully charged it has charged my phone 5 times without running out of juice. The best part is that it turns itself off when the charge is complete. A series of blue lights indicates how much of a charge is left. This will be great for camping. I won't have to start my car and leave it running just to charge my phone. Thank you NewTrent for getting it right. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Best portable battery I have used Review by Ernest
Test of PowerPak Ultra 14,000 NT140R-B

The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is an excellent portable battery. It delivers a greater percentage of its rated capacity to recharge devices than any other portable power supply I have tested.
The form factor is very good, but not great. The thickness interferes with ultimate portability, and the weatherproofing, while arguably useful, adds bulk and weight for, in my opinion, a poor tradeoff. There is no doubt that the packaging is rugged and durable, but the device must be protected like any other while it is in use. For some, this will have value, but I would rather have less weight and smaller size.
In all, this is one of the very best portable power solutions available on the market at this time. It delivers on its promise of capacity, ruggedness and weatherproofing, which is a breath of fresh air in a market that overpromises and underdelivers. The value for your money is extremely high. I cannot recommend the New Trent PowerPak Ultra highly enough to those who require extra durability and environmental resistance. It has little or no real competition in its price class or level of quality.
My final rating of the New Trent PowerPak Ultra NT140R-B is an easy 5 stars out of 5.

Form Factor:
New Trent have created the maximum protection in the minimum space and weight. Corners are nicely rounded, and the rubbery sides afford a very good grip. Without adding features that are unnecessary, New Trent have added exactly what is needed, and nothing more, to create ruggedness and waterproofness. I have sealed the port covers on this as directed and submerged the PowerPak Ultra in 12" of water for 2 hours, and there was no detectable leakage. This battery is great for people that are in wet and/or muddy environments, that will be able to use it for charging in a more controlled environment. Remember that when you open a port cover to charge a device, the water resistance is gone. I travel a lot in my job, on foot and by public transport. My batteries stay either in my ScottEvest or my waterproof backpack, so my personal perspective may be different from yours. Nevertheless, I still feel that it is a bit large and a bit heavy. I use my ScottEvest jackets all the time, and this power supply does not fit well into the space I have.

Weight: Reported weight is 13.00 ounces, and I have measured it at 12.95 ounces.

The rated capacity is 14,000 mAh. I always approach rated capacities with great skepticism. When these types of devices first came out, in the '90's, I found the actual delivered capacity very close to the rated capacity. In recent years, there are very many of these portable battery devices available, and I have found that almost all the ones I have tested deliver only 50% to 75% of their rated capacity. It is not that difficult to test the battery that you manufacture and give it a true rating, instead of giving an inflated rating and then talking about power losses, etc. Just give the battery the proper rating of what the customer can expect from it! That said, New Trent have produced a battery in the PowerPak Ultra, that comes closer to delivering what it is rated to deliver than any other battery I have tested, except for AA batteries such as the Eneloops, etc. I have used three devices to test the charge delivered: Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Galaxy S4 (T919) and an Anker cell phone battery charger. Following is a table of three sets of charges that I have compiled. The devices were turned off during charging so the full charge can be measured, not inclusive of running the device. The second table shows another feature of the New Trent PowerPak Ultra that I greatly appreciate: the LED charge indicator lights actually represent, pretty closely, the actual remaining charge. It can be seen from the table that, although not exact, the LED indicators are closer to true than any other battery I have tested. This is a big help, to not have to guess the remaining charge, as you have to with other units. It is wasted cost to include battery level indicators that are as hopelessly inaccurate as others I have tested. Here again New Trent has added real value by making the basic functions work properly, instead of being poorly designed addons.

Charge Delivery Test Table 1

Charge Device # Charge Delivered % of Rated Capacity Recharge Time
1 13069.8 mAh 93.4% 7.5 hours
2 12934.5 mAh 92.4% 8.2 hours
3 12915.9 mAh 92.3% 7.6 hours

LED Charge Remaining Indicator Test Table 2

LED: 4 3 2 1
% Remaining: 100% 81.6% 56.2% 22.5% (Posted on 4/14/14)
Great PowerPak and very rugged. Review by Christopher
I was looking for a portable battery pack for a couple of months. I decided on the New Trent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and the New Trent NT90C 10W 5V/2A Dual USB Ports high-speed AC Wall Charger for Smartphones, 5V Tablets. I received the battery and the charger on Saturday the 29th of March. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The battery was 75% charged when I received it so I plugged my phone and tablet in right away as they both needed to be charged, they both charged very quickly the phone was at 21% and the tablet was at 12% after they charged the battery still had 3 lights lit. I then fully charged the battery using the New Trent NT90C charger. I consider myself a heavy user on the Galaxy S3 and I run the battery down to less than 15% in less than 5 hours which means I have to put it on the charger at work. I can't stand to be without my phone at work as I work in a steel mill and it is not always convenient to get to my locker to put it on the charger. With the battery pack I don't have to worry about that now as I can readily access the battery and carry it with me in my Flame resistant/ arc flash rated work jacket. I charged my phone on Sunday and every day at work until it died Friday afternoon and the phone was charged to 78%. Love the battery pack as it charged my phone 5 and 3/4 times. The one and only issue I had was the battery shut down when the phone was only 91% and I might have had it plugged into the 2a port and the Galaxy S3 uses a 1a charger. I absolutely give this battery pack 5 stars. It is a very ruggedly constructed unit that seems like it will hold up very well in the environment that I work in. Recommend this for anyone who doesn't always have access to a wall charger.

I just upgraded my phone to the Galaxy Note 3 on Saturday April the 5th and used the battery pack to charge it with, phone was down to 10% and it charged it fully using the 2a port. The battery pack was fully charged (all four led lights lit) when the phone was fully charged the battery pack had 3 lights lit. The battery pack charged the Galaxy Note 3 three and three quarter times. I'm very happy with the performance of the battery pack on this phone. (Posted on 4/12/14)
Very good product Review by Eric
My review of the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh external battery.
This thing is amazing! I love never having to worry about whether my phone will have enough charge or not. The only thing I didn't really like was how thick it was, I understand its rugged, and waterproof and shockproof, and also dirt proof, so with all that being said, I guess it's bulkiness is understandable. After a full charge I've been able to fully charge my phone about 6 times before needing to recharge the PowerPak. With all that being said, I've had absolutely zero issues with this, so I give it a 5 out of 5 (Posted on 4/11/14)
Outstanding, durable long lasting product. Review by david
I give this pack a 5 star rating since it more than lives up to it's specs. I have used it on numerous devices and it has no problems charging/powering any device plugged into it. I have used it on Samsung phones and a Samsung tablet, Iphone & Ipod Touch 5th gen. Ipad 2nd gen. I used it to run a usb fan and LED light for hours as would be used in an emergency situation . This pack is durable and stands up to bumps and bruises. I did the 'water' test and submerged it (with port covers closed) for 30 seconds, dried it off and it worked fine. Maybe a bit bulky but it is reasonable to carry. When they reduce the size of batteries you will see packs like this shrink. Until then, you will still like this pack because it has the capacity you need for your 'toy's' . I have used other packs but none have been as sturdy as the Ultra. Most of the 'lesser' packs are thin plastic that just feels cheap and it makes you feel like you could break it if you drop it from any height.
(Posted on 4/10/14)
A great spare 14amps Review by Chris
First impression- Wow! This thing is huge, but incredibly light for its size. After giving the battery pack the once and twice over, my second impression is that this is a very well thought out design that would definitely stand a fighting chance against the rigors of mil-spec testing. The size also started to grow on me as it started to really sink in that this packs a whopping 14 amps!!!!

The scale of just how much battery I now have at my disposal took a few charge/discharge cycles to fully sink in. I originally thought it took a long time to fully charge the battery pack, but after the third charge cycle I realized that an overnight charge or leaving it plugged in at my desk did the trick quite nicely. Now it only feels long to charge if I forget to charge it ahead of time and I'm sitting there waiting for it to charge (watched pot never boils syndrome I suppose).

I used this battery to charge an iPad 2, iPhone 4s, Kindle, and Blackberry Bold. Everything charged exactly like they were plugged into the wall. It took all of about 2 minutes to figure out that output 1 is the 1 amp output and output 2 is the 2 amp output. Not a major puzzle by any stretch, but also not the most intuitive at first glance.

Using the iPhone like a junkie and charging it constantly barely phased this battery pack. Same goes for the Blackberry, and to a lesser extent the Kindle (only charged the Kindle once so it's not the most accurate metric). I lost count of how many times I was able to recharge the iPhone but it was definitely a lot. The only device to really challenge the battery was the iPad, and rightfully so. The iPad is the only device I charged with a battery anywhere close to the size of this battery pack. That said, it stilled charged it without batting an eye and still packed plenty of juice for some more phone action (simultaneously of course, why else would the dual outputs be there after all?).

I think the most striking aspect for me was the fact that this battery pack stayed so cool when plugged into recharge or when pulling a double shift on the iPad and iPhone. My guess is that this is a feature designed in and probably has something to do with the overall size of the unit. That's just my two cents, but the important point is that it's not going to torch your bag or leg when you're using it.

Now no item is ever perfect, and this battery pack is no exception, though it certainly pulls out all the stops to try. The only aspect of this charger that I can take issue with is the port plugs on the micro USB input and the 2 USB outputs. The water resistant design of these port plugs makes them a little difficult to remove in order to use the ports, and they're just barely still in the way when plugging cables into the ports. I found that using the USB cable itself as a mini pry bar/lever not only made accessing the port easier, but saved me from prying off a fingernail. Once the plugs are out, the "leash" that keeps you from losing it is but a hair too short and takes a bit of finesse to plug in your USB cable. If this battery pack gets a revisit for a future revision, playing with a couple thousandths of an inch on the plugs or maybe the durometer of the rubber, and then maybe 1/16"-1/8" extra length on the "leash" can make a world of difference. And while I list these as my little issues with the charger, they're definitely no where near bad enough for me to not recommend this charger to anyone and everyone. I especially recommend this to anyone who spends a fair amount of time in airports and can never find one of the three outlets at the gate without someone already claiming it.

All said and done, I can happily give this charger a very solid 4.8 out of 5 stars and look forward to what NewTrent will put out in the future. (Posted on 4/6/14)
Ultra Durable High Capacity Charger Review by Technology User
Here is my official review of the product:

First let's start with the Product Stats.

New Trent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more

Battery Specifications:
Input: 5V@1.5A
Outputs: 5V@2.1A and 5V@1A
Dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 1.1 inches

Devices Used to Charge
Smart Phone = Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Tablet = Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

*The Good*

Look & Feel
The PowerPack is a bright orange with black trim around the edges. It has a solid rubber feel with a rugged scratched-resistant exterior casing and I got the feeling that it could definitely withstand an accidental drop from my hands. The pack can be described as large and rugged. It won't fit in your pocket but would go nicely in a backpack or bag for a long camping trip. The bright orange color would also go well for the outdoor extremist since the bright colors would easily help locate the device if it were to accidentally drop on the ground; the bright orange would easily stand out in the woods/nature background. The PowerPack is turned on by pushing the power button on the front which lights up 4 blue LED lights in front. This will let you know that the PowerPack is on and charging your device. It is also a great indicator to let you know how much power is left in the charger.

The PowerPack has 3 ports. One USB port (1a) for charging a smart phone; another USB port (2.1a) for charging a tablet and a third micro USB port on the side used for charging the powerpack itself. The ports have covers which prevents dirt from getting inside.

The charge capacity of 14,000 mah is the highest I've seen of any product of this size. When looking for an external battery pack, this is one of the features I look for and this product wins hands down in this category. For this review, I used this PowerPack to charge my Samsung Note 3. The Note 3 has a really good battery life so I was only able to charge it a few times since it took a while to get the battery on my phone to die down.

Dual Purpose
I especially enjoyed the fact that this power pack could charge both a smart phone and a tablet at the same time; the USB ports made it easy to be compatible with the chargers that already comes with your smart phone or tablet. There was not a need to buy any adapters; I just used the standard charger that came with my tablet.

Based on my experience, my devices charged as fast as a wall charger. I was also able to use my device while it was being charged and it kept charging without losing its charge. While charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 3; I went from 4% power to 100% in roughly 3 hours.

The Areas for Improvement

Charging the PowerPack
Based on my experience, using a 1a cable, the PowerPack seemed to take a really long time to charge. I took it to work to charge at 9AM and by 6PM; only 2 lights were fully lit and a third was blinking. I suspect using the 2a cable would have produced better results; overall this shouldn't be an issue if left to charge over night. Also, since the capacity is 14,000
mah; it wouldn't need to be recharged frequently since it has such a large capacity to start with.

It would have been nice if the Output 1 and Output 2 was labeled with either 1a and 2.1a or Phone vs. Tablet. Until I got used to the device, I had to refer back to the manual a few times so I remembered which USB was for my smart phone and which one was for my tablet. Perhaps an LCD indicator of battery life would also have been helpful; although the blue LED lights helps with this once I got used to how much power 1 blue light is equivalent to.

This tends to be one of the heavier PowerPacks than I've used in the past. I usually use PowerPacks for emergency situations like when I'm outdoors at a concert or football game and don't want to run out of power since I'm going to be away from an outlet for a long period of time. This leads me to prefer lighter powerpacks that I can slip into my pocket. However, since the target audience for this product is the outdoor extremist; I don't see this as being an issue for them.

Overall my rating would have to be a 4.5; in terms of durability and capacity size; this product is excellent and will charge my smart phone many times over before the powerpack needs a recharge. (Posted on 4/4/14)
Great product for students or those on the go Review by Kedzie
This product has been of great use around the house and in my daily travel. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I would use the product at home or on my daily commute; however I found that it is a great way to charge my iPad while using it to play games and move from room to room without having to sit next to an outlet or plug & unplug it from an outlet. It was also convenient to be able charge my iPad while going from my house to my car and to my destinations. The initial powerpak charge lasted 6 hours while charging my iPad (1 device). And it took 9 hours to completely recharge the powerpak after completely draining it dead (charged via the supplied cord and wall outlet).

I like the convenience of the 30 second auto shutoff if there is no device receiving a charge. I really enjoy using the device to charge my iPad while I am using it to do different things (email, facebook, games, etc). This would be a good product for a college student who can charge their devices while traveling between classes. And definitely for any outdoor business or sports person. Anyone who is constantly on the move like realtors or contractors. I also like to use the product to charge my Arctic P311 headphones or Trent Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard; it saves me from having to turn on my computer to use the USB drive.

It’s hard to pull out the USB plug from the charger, but that could either but good or bad. This product fits nicely in my hand and also is easy to carry along with other devices. It also would be easy to pack in my suitcase or backpack.

I tested the product on the following devices: iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, Arctic P311 Headphones, New Trent Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

I would rate this device a 5 (Posted on 4/4/14)
Great battery pack! Review by Scott
This is a great battery pack. I have owned other, similar devices, and this one is by far the best. It has plenty of power to extend the battery life of your personal electronic devices, or charge them if a wall outlet or traditional car charger are not available.

The micro USB (used to charge the PowerPak) and standard USB ports (used to charge your devices) on the Powerpak are easy to find. The covers were a little stiff and difficult to open the first time or two, but became much easier to manipulate with continued use. I was able to connect both original Apple Lightning cables and Amazon Basics Lightning cables to this device without difficulty. Multiple generic micro and mini USB cables also connected without issue.

The manufacturing quality of the Powerpak Ultra is very impressive. The device has a premium look to it, and makes a very positive impression right out of the box. The size is perfect for carrying in a briefcase, backpack, or carry-on.

I tend to prefer devices that are built to be rugged, and the Powerpak ultra definitely fits the bill. I accidentally dropped the device twice in the past few days, and it still looks just as good as it did right out of the box. The Powerpak's function was not effected in the least by the two drops, and it seems like the device could take much more abuse and continue to perform well.

Due to the high battery capacity, this device would work well for anyone wanting to power their cell phones or tablets during a long airplane trip, or in a car with limited cigarette lighter plugs for traditional car chargers. The ruggedness of this device would make it especially well suited to outdoor use, or use by children who might have a tendency to drop it. It would also be very handy to keep one or two of these around the house in case of a power outage.

After using the Powerpak Ultra for the past few days, I really do not have anything negative to say about it. The only aspect I can think of that some people may not like is the size and weight. Considering the high battery capacity and rugged construction of the device, I personally think the size and weight are perfectly reasonable. Another possible minor criticism is that it does not come with its own wall charger. It does, however, come with a micro USB cable for connecting it to a USB wall charger

In summary, I am very impressed with the Powerpak Ultra, and rate it a 5 without hesitation. I would recommend it to friends and family without reservation.
(Posted on 4/4/14)
Rugged Power Bank for people on the go who has tablet/phone Review by Tirta
This is my latest Power Bank. In the past, I have had a few power banks. The most recent one ended up with my wife now. The rest ended up with your close friend/family members who keeps wondering why the phone suddenly died in the mid-day.

This round, I was looking for something rugged so I do not have to worry too much if my drink spills or the power bank falls down by accident. So I got this rugged Power Bank from New Trent (14000 mAh-perfect)

- Well, it definitely works and can charge both of my phone and tablet fast. (Both apple/android)
- Since its 14000mAh, I do not have to keep charging it
- Built-In Lights indicator to indicate when you need to recharge the battery pack. (4 Blue Lights)
- The input voltage is 5V 2A (Faster to recharge the power bank)
- You can charge your phone/tablet while charging the power bank itself.

- Having more colour would be better

This would definitely useful for me since I travel quite often so having power bank that has "higher" capacity is definitely needed to charge my phone/tablet.
(Posted on 4/3/14)
Fantastic Product Review by AndyRoo
I am very pleased with New Trent's PowerPak Ultra. It has a massive 14000mAh battery capacity so you can charge your devices without worry. You can use only one output or use both outputs to charge two different devices at once. The PowerPak Ultra charges my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with ease. I can't wait to take it on vacation with me later this year to keep my Note 2 and Lenovo 10.1 tablet charged during the trip. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Offers great convenience Review by Alan
This is a great product to have around if you are a person who will be spending lots of time away from wall ports, or might just not have one available. As a student I find this really helpful because I can just keep it in my backpack and have it charge my phone/tablet.

Pros: Capacity, portability, ease of use
Cons: Hard to open flaps

I think in the end if you want to be able to have extra power in case you need it, you should get this battery pack
(Posted on 4/3/14)
Fantastic, durable battery pack Review by Jeremy
POWERPAK Ultra 14,000 mAh external battery

(All superscripts correlate to number of the pictures attached.)

Packaging: 4/5

The Powerpak ultra comes in a nicely designed package that includes a fold
out with a picture scale to approximate the size of the powerpak, in
addition to more information on the inside cover.1 After opening the
package, the Powerpak is enclosed in a plastic covering that also includes
a charging cable and instruction manual. Its nice to see no wasted
materials used in packaging, as the outside covering approximates perfectly
with the inside packaging.2 The instruction manual provided includes simple
yet effective information on how to properly use the device and contains
visuals for even more convenience.3 The Powerpak and cord are easily
removed from its package and ready to be used once removed. Overall the
packaging receives a 4/5 for its simple design, efficient use of space and
easy to use instructions.

PowerPak Design: 4.5/5

The PowerkPak Ultra comes in two main colors: an orange and black (which I
received) and gray and black. I really like the contrast of black and
orange which makes the product easy to recognize and stand out.4 Upon
holding the product, it becomes apparent that it is bulky, but built to
last. The dimensions I recorded were 5.5in long, 3in wide and 1 &1/8in deep.
5 This is not a negative though as it is extremely easy to grip the
powerpak in your hands due to the grooved columns on both sides of the
device and provides tactile feedback as to lessen the chance of dropping
it. For its size and charging capacity, the powerpak feels light, though I
do not have a scale to measure the exact weight. The front of the pak
contains a black power button at the top with four charging lights to the
right of it and a clear embedded logo at the bottom.6 I found this design
element simple yet effective and the orange finish provides a nice touch as
it bleeds into the back of the case from the top right and bottom left. The
back of the case has the same orange color with a smooth finish that
contains important information about the capacity and charging capabilities
of the PowerPak.7 The top of the case contains two USB output ports which
allow simultaneous charging of two devices at once.8 The ports are covered
with a protective rubber shell that inhibits dust, water and other
particles from entering the port when not being used. I found these ports
difficult to open at first, especially with no nails, but became much
easier to open upon further testing.9 The left side of the powerpak also
contains an input port for charging of the device itself and contains the
same protective covering as the USB charging ports.10 I do worry that the
small rubber piece connecting the covering to the charging ports may wear
over time and break, but have not seen any sign of that since using the
device. The coverings snap back in place easily and do not leave any uneven
edges that may be ripped open or allow debris to enter. Overall I give the
design a 4.5/5 for its well-developed color scheme, rugged yet comfortable
feel and placement of charging ports.

Charging Performance 4.5/5

The PowerPak comes with an impressive 14,000 mAh battery pack which the
company states can provide up to 49 hours of addition talk time. Holding
the black power button for two seconds turns the device on by illuminating
the charging lights. My PowerPak came with all 4 lights glowing.11 Once on,
the battery pack is ready to charge. I started by charging my phone (iphone
5S), which was at 67% using only one of the ports. I did have some trouble
initially inserting the USB cable for charging but once set, the phone
instantly started charging without a problem. I then started charging my
ipad ( 2nd gen), which was at 55% at the time. I also noticed once both
items were charging, the battery pack displayed only two glowing lights, so
my feeling is the pack came half charged.12 I swapped my iphone for my ipod
(5th gen) so I could include pictures. It was difficult to remove the
charging cable from the port, which is not necessarily a bad thing as it
proves the cables fit perfectly in the charging port, just remember to pull
cables out by the head and not by the wire. I wanted to test an old ipod
USB charging cable and noticed that it did not recognize my ipod and did
not charge.13 When replaced with a newer iphone cable, the ipod did charge
as directed. I also tested out non-apple USB cables such as Amazonbasics
both 30 pin and lightning, both of which worked perfectly.14 I also use a
portable amplifier when listening to music as I travel. The battery on the
amplifier does not last long so I wanted to test a product not produced by
apple to see if it worked as well. This also worked extremely well and
started charging immediately when plugged in.15 The capacity of the
PowerPak is impressive, after two hours of charging, my ipad was near 80%,
my portable amplifier and ipod were fully charged and the powerpak still
had 2 glowing bars available. It is safe to say the 14,000 mAh capacity
does its job and does it well. At night, I plugged the battery pack, with
the adapter, into my computer and then wall outlet and let it charge
overnight. By the morning, the pack was fully charged with 4 glowing lights
and ready for use.16,17 I also appreciate that when the battery pack is
turned on, but no ports are charging, it will automatically turn off after
a certain time period saving battery power and grief. The product may also
be turned off by holding the power button for two seconds, just the same as
when turning it on. On a full charge, I have been charging my products
listed above continually and have yet to plug the battery pack in to charge
again. Overall I give the charging performance a 4.5/5. The two output
ports are usefull for charging multiple devices and are sturdy and
reliable. The led lights provide an accurate assessment of the remaining
charging capacity and the 14,000 mAh battery has proven to be more than
enough capacity for me, especially for traveling.

Durability: 5/5

When removed from the box, it is clear upon first inspection that this
product was built to last. It contains reinforced rubberized casing that is
sealed shut with 8 screws placed on the perimeter of the device.18 In
addition, the rubber coverings for the ports provide an air tight seal that
prevent any particles from entering. This allows the company to provide the
claim that the powerpak ultra is shock proof, dirt proof and waterproof. I
decided that I wanted to test these claims myself though a little
apprehensive at first. I started by testing the shock capabilities of the
device. I tried to mimic real world situation as I felt throwing it into a
wall wouldn't really help someone who actually cares about his or her
devices. I dropped the product from heights of 2, 5, and 8 feet onto
concrete ground.19 Each time the device took it like a champ and with
minimal if any marks or scratches. I then tested the charging capacity and
the device worked perfectly. I submerged the case in cold water for 10
minutes in a bowl and tested the device afterwards with no problems.20 Then
I poured salt and pepper over the device and inspected it after with no
signs of debris in the ports.21 Lastly, I left the device out in the cold
(25-30 degrees Fahrenheit) for 4 hours and the device showed no signs of
distress when I used it to charge again.22 Overall, I give the durability
of this product a 5/5. I tested it in some harsh conditions and it showed
no signs of damage or decreased ability to function. If you are an outdoor
person who loves his or her technology, this is perfect for you as it
really can handle all types of weather and conditions.

Overall this is a great battery pack that includes an impressive amount of
power and durability. I found this device to be most useful for traveling
but especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. This device is shock
proof, dirt proof and waterproof so it can go almost anywhere you can.
Hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, even water rafting the durability of
this battery pack makes it unique in that it can be brought literally
anywhere at anytime devices need charging. I highly recommend this case
for any active person seeking extra battery life for mobile devices on the
go. I personally do a lot of outdoor sports in the summer and was happy to
read that this case can stand temperatures up to 113 degrees, as overheated
devices are especially an issue for long periods in hot weather. I give
this device a 5/5 overall and am extremely pleased with this New Trent
product as it delivered in all phases.

(Posted on 4/2/14)
Must-have for outdoor enthusiasts or during storm season! Review by Carol
This is a big-daddy charger that can take just about whatever abuse you need it to take! It can charge two USB devices simultaneously and fill both from 0-100% with some power leftover. This is a must-have during winter or storm season when power might go out, but outdoor enthusiasts will especially appreciate the 45-hours of charging it provides to a single device. I used this outside, inside, and for the convenience of charging in an area I didn't have a power supply. It is definitely a must-have for any user of multiple devices, and who isn't ? I'll be giving these as gifts and will always have one charged and ready to go. (Posted on 4/1/14)
buy it now! Review by bill
The New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger is a must
for everyone. If you don't want to read a great review, just go buy it
now! Its the only charging pack I give a 5/5. With it's rugged design, it
can stand up to anything, and I mean anything. Drop it a few feet, it's
fine (just don't drop it off a tall building). Have kids who like to spill
drinks, don't worry, it's waterproof.

My wife and I swapped the device back and forth for testing. I'm a
software developer who writes mobile phone applications. I currently have
seven devices on my desk, and all run out of power during the day. I have
two wall chargers and the USB charging from a computer is slow. I now have
phones hooked up to the PowerPak during the day to recharge them. It's
more convenient then tracking down wall plugs and adapters for charging.
Plus I can pick it up and move rooms easy. It's a "forget it and charge"
feature that I love. I keep it in my backpack, so anytime I'm out and my
phone or tablet needs more power, I just plug it in. The convenience is

Now, my wife borrowed it for a few days with our two toddlers. They love
playing on phones and tablets, so her battery is almost always dead. It
fits in the pocket of her diaper bag and she can charge it on the go. She
no longer has to worry about a dead device while being in public with
screaming kids! We've also abandoned the car charger, which are bad for
the phones anyways. She can throw the phone and PowerPak in her purse and
let it charge while driving.

This is a perfect accessory for anyone. If you are an outdoor enthusiast,
this will stand up to the test of the elements. If you are out backpacking
you can keep you phone charged for emergency, no need to worry about rain
or snow. In a profession where you use your mobile devices a lot? Buy
this, you can charge two devices at a time and do not have to worry about
finding power outlets.

The prices is affordable and the PowerPak is rock solid. Do yourself a
favor and buy one today, you will NOT be sorry. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Time to charge your life... see the play on words. Review by Chris
Let's start by saying this is the best external battery you can buy, 5 blankity blank stars! I use my iphone 5 and ipad mini all day to stream, play games, check email, etc (1/2 the time I'm on the go and at work, you cannot charge devices via USB). On a single charge of the Ultra, I am able to recharge my iphone, ipad, Philips speaker, and Jaybird bluebirds.... AND keep my iphone at 100% ALL DAY! If you have an iphone 5 and you keep it up to date, you KNOW first hand how it sucks down its battery. Two notes, 1. its rugged, my son dropped it from the second story onto concrete floors, not a scuff; 2. get a New Trent wall charger and couple it with the PowerPak Ultra, you will thank me later for quick charging of any device. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Love, love, love this! Best tech gadget - ever!! Review by Julianne Rosza
I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad cellular.

I just can't say enough good things about battery power pak. It's fabulous. A little heavier than I thought it was going to be so I can see carrying it in a briefcase/suitcase/backpack rather than a purse (which is what I was really hoping to do).

The one drawback I've found (and it's only one)...the little tabs that cover the USB output slots are fingernail chippers. They do loosen up a bit over time. I use the USB plug itself to pop the tabs up. Then, the BIG ISSUE, at least for me, and I have small hands/fingers, those tabs are a pain to move out of the way so I can actually plug in the USB cord.

Now, I have a military grade cover on my ipad which also has movable covers on ports, camera lens, etc. They are also graded as water and dust resistant. They are much more flexible and rotate out of the way much more easily. So, I have some basis for comparison.

However, that's my only complaint.

I love the fact that it came with a great charge on it so it only took about two hours to fully charge up.

That it is pretty much encased in its own "otter box" is a bonus beyond compare. Orange? Meh! I'd prefer black or gray, personally. Something more neutral.

I took it with me to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I was there for two weeks. Some days I was on the parade route for up to 15 hours at a time, that's not an exaggeration. This little gem totally eliminated the need to ration my phone use.
I was capable of texting to my hearts content, using the parade tracker, listening to music, reading during down times and talking on the phone - all without worrying about my battery dying.

After charging my phone three times - all three times I let the batter level drop below 35% - The charge on the battery pak itself had only dropped to three LED lights. I'm beyond thrilled.

I would recommend this product for anyone who travels. Anyone who lives in hurricane territory or tornado alley (I've done both). There's nothing worse than being in day three of a power outage from a hurricane and not knowing where to go to charge your phone.

It would be great for travel and unexpected breakdowns (where did that car charger go?).

Students. Business travelers. That RV, tent camper, scout troop, etc.

Seriously, this gadget is the best! (Posted on 3/29/14)
Great Charger; Awesome Value! Review by Dena
Heavy, sturdy, tough. Hard to open inputs. Easy on after you realize you have to hold power button for 2 seconds. Good feature so it can't accidentally turn on in bag. Nice color, not too bright but not dull. The charging cord could be slightly longer. Out of box, unit was almost fully charged (3 of 4 lights). Began charging unit at 5:50pm, completely charged at 9:40pm.

Examples of usage:
5C at 3% - Started charging iPhone 5C at 7:03am in output 1. 33% at 7:26am; 81% at 8:08am; 98% at 8:32am; fully charged at 8:36am. Unit never got hot to touch. Convenient and easily stored while charging at work.

5S at 73% - started charging at 12:59pm in output 2; 98% at 1:44pm; fully charged at 1:52pm.

Dual charging:
12:02pm - 5S 77%; 5C 17%
(Unit down to 3 lights)
12:28pm - 5S 94%; 5C 47%
12:52pm - 5S 100% *with usage; 5C 73%
1:25pm - 5C 94%
1:56pm -5C 100%
Fast charge, fit in pocket of lunch box.

Thoughts after 3 days of use: I wish the unit was lighter but I understand the weight due to the overall charge it provides. I absolutely love the power button! It's almost impossible to turn this on unintentionally. We travel often to Disney World, the beach, etc. and I will not hesitate to throw this in our backpack or my purse. I love being able to charge on the go. I've charged multiple devices multiple times this week and the unit is still going strong with 3 lights! I will (and already have) recommended this to friends, family, and coworkers. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Sturdy and can give as much as it takes! Review by Lady with a purse
I really am impressed with this product. I took it right out of the box, plugged in my Iphone 4 which was drained to 20%, and within 30 minutes this guy charged my phone to 90%. Wow now that is power. I love the ruggedness of this product, throw it in your backpack or luggage, take it to the beach or the park and not be afraid that you will hurt it. The bright orange color enables you to find it easily where ever you put it. The only CON and reason for the 4 rating (actually give it 4.5) is for us LADIES, it is a little heavy to carry around in our purse. That's a bummer, but I have other New Trent items that fit the bill. Overall I really do like this item and think you have done a wonderful job trying to please the majority!
(Posted on 3/28/14)
The Big Orange Charger: Review by BrainErrupt
I recently had the opportunity to test the Newtrent PowerPak Ultra NT140R, which is 14000mAh in capacity. In order to meet the deadline of this test I wasn't able to charge all my various devices however, I was able to drain my cellphone and see how quickly and efficiently the PowerPak Ultra handled that mission. The unit out of the box does not come with a power source, only a USB cable. I plugged the unit into my laptop and noticed it was almost fully charged out of the box which is of unexpected convenience. I charged the unit to full capacity while I worked on draining my cellphone. Once my cellphone which is a HTC Sensation with a 1520mAh battery capacity was drained to 1%,

I disconnected the USB cable from my laptop, turned it around, and used it as the charging cable for my phone. This was also rather convenient as the charging cable has a micro USB connector on one end. Here is one time I wish the manufacturer would have given a bit more information. Unless you have used this device before or have the instructional booklet, there is no way to know which output port is designed for cellphones and which is designed for tablets. The output ports are covered with plastic labeled 1 and 2. While it appears on the back of the box that two cellphones can be charged at the same time, I guess it would depend on the specifications of your device.

For this initial test I can't state exactly how long it took to fully charge my phone however, this time period would be different for every phone. The most important factor for me is the amount of energy left in the PowerPak after the charge. The unit started with (4) blue light denoting full charge, and after charging my phone 99%, the PowerPak still shows (3) blue light remaining. That makes me pretty confident based on ther NewTrent external batteries I've tested and now own,that I could charge my phone at least two more times fully and possibly get a third charge before I needed to recharge the Powerpak.

The unit packaging material and instruction booklet states that the NewTrent PowerPak Ultra NT140R is waterproof, dirt proof, and shock proof. The case around the battery is a molded plastic which appears to protect the internal workings on visual inspection. I dropped the unit from about 3.5ft (waist height) on several surfaces to test shock protection and had no problems. I buried the unit in both dirt and sand and none made its way past the covers seal. As far as being waterproof, the box states that the PowerPak can be submurged in up to 3ft of water for no more that 1hr. I don't have a way of testing this three foot limit so I placed it in the kichen sink covered by water for 30 min. When I removed the device from the water I allowed it to drain then attempted to power the unit on and it worked fine.

Overall, I would say this is another fine product to add to the other three Newtrent external battery collection. Pretty soon I wont even need a power source on a trip :) I would rate this product a 4 out of 5 as there is always some improvement that can be done. I consider the first time users of this product who may not have access to the instructional booklets or packaging materials. I am a seasoned professional and without these things I had questions. This however doesn't necessarily reflect on the overall quality of the product, but in order to redeem warranties or handle service issues, one must properly know how to use the product as it was intended.
(Posted on 3/25/14)
Soldier of a Charger Review by Paul
As someone who is very cautious with getting electronics dirty or scratched, I wanted to get something that was designed to take some abuse. I have been a fan of New Trent and their products so they were my go-to for this. The charger holds a huge amount of power and is great for use when expecting to spend hours outdoors and with a group of people. I usually bring this out to BBQ's and trips to the park and it has been very reliable. Aside from charging cell phones, I have also used it to power Beats by Dre Pill speakers via the dual USB port when charging and has worked great. Very rugged and I am not afraid to have it tossed around or in a bag with cleats and baseballs and basketballs. Re-charging the battery charger took a few hours as expected. I knew that if the charger was able to hold 14000mAh it was not going to be a quick charge, but it is always definitely worth the wait. I usually charge it overnight and have had no problems with the re-charging of the charger.

Great product for those constantly on the go and in commute as you can rush/run and not worry about the charging being banged around or even getting wet when on the go.
(Posted on 3/20/14)
Solid battery Review by Julie
It charged my iPhone and iPad4 at the same time with fast speed. Solid, water-proof. Just the battery I want. (Posted on 3/18/14)
Great Backup Charger for Phones & Tablets Review by Charles W
I received the Powerpak Ultra NT140R in the mail and it was ¾ charged already. I topped it off at night and took it to work with me the next day. I wanted to see how many devices I could charge on one Powerpak charge.

My Blackberry Bold 9650 was at about 35% charge, so I plugged it into the Powerpak and let it charge. It took a little time, but it did charge to 100%. I then changed out the battery in my Blackberry and put in a completely dead battery. I plugged it back into the Powerpak and let it charge. It took a little over an hour to get to 69% charge. I would have let it go longer, but I had to go to a meeting.

I went home and plugged my wife’s Samsung Note S3 into the charger. The phone was at 55% and it took just under an hour to charge to 100%.

I took the Powerpak back to work and plugged in my Galaxy Note 10.1 which was at 16%. The Powerpak charged my Note 10 70% before being totally discharged.

I discovered the best option for charging the Powerpak is overnight. It takes several hours (approximately 6-8) to fully re-charge the Powerpak.

My Galaxy Note 10.1 was at 12% charge, so I plugged it into the Powerpak and it took 4hrs to charge it to 98%. About 3 hours after I plugged in the Note, I plugged in my Blackberry which was at 49% and it took 44 minutes to charge to 100%. This left the Powerpak at a quarter capacity.

For the size of the Powerpak, it has quite the storage / charging capacity. Especially for two devices that take a lot of charge. This is a great emergency backup for charging electronic devices.
(Posted on 3/17/14)
This has been a God-send Review by Frank
I've played around with some of the competitive external batteries & this one by far takes the cake. The dual USB is great for simultaneously charging my iPhone & iPad. The waterproof/shock-absorbent features keep it safe from my kids & when I occasionally forget to bring my AC device chargers on work trips, this thing can keep me going all week! (Posted on 3/11/14)
Outstanding Battery Pack Review by Travis S.
I have purchased 3 chargers from New Trent ever since I bought my first Iphone (3GS). I was looking for a power pack that would keep me going while I was away from an outlet, and also because I am not the type of person who likes to leave his devices plugged in somewhere out of my sight!. I remember one of the first so called chargers I bought it was a little charger that maybe could charge my device 20%, it was not worth the money. I then looked all over doing my due diligence looking for a power pack that did more. I have defiantly found it, in these products from New Trent. First of all think about being able to charge your Iphone or most commonly available phones via universal USB standard. Then think about being able to charge it 3-4 times with a full charge on a device that can fit into your pocket.

My favorite feature of these devices especially this one The PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh, and the New Trent ICarrier 12000mah is that the amount of sheer power that they put out can charge your phone very fast, if not as fast as a wall charger. I recently purchased the Powerpak Ultra because I am always on the go, and I need to be able to not only charge my phone but also my IPad which this does very well.

This device will easily save you the time and hassle of finding a wall charger and sitting by it to keep your precious devices jusiced up. One of the new features it seems in this new one I just bought is that it is about twice as wide as your phone, but easily fits into your pocket, and this is a very rugged power pack, with covers for the USB jacks to keep them out of the weather.

Take my advice if you are a person who likes to keep their devices charged and not be tied down to a wall outlet I highly recommend New Trent. I still have my first power pack I bought in 2010 and it still works!

- Price $70 is a steal for this item, honestly for some of us keeping our phones that run out lives nowadays a good battery is priceless.
- Rugged and durable, weather proofing the USB ports was a nice touch
- Form fitting, feels like two phones, but fits easily in your pocket or for those ladies a purse.
- I am a fan of the new color schemes, I think it appeals to more than just men when you change something from just straight black.
- Power for days, and I mean days. I have found myself sometimes not using the pack for a week, or more depending on whats going on, and this power pack still has juice.
- I also liked the move to the wall charger for this device making it a universal USB charger instead of an all in one charger that if you lose you have to buy another or find something close to it.

- None so far
(Posted on 3/8/14)
As promised Review by Robert
This battery pack delivers as promised. It worked charging my iPhone 5C and my iPad (3rd gen). The 2A plug delivers sufficient power for the tablet, and the 1A charged the iPhone effectively. In fact, I couldn’t tell the difference in charging speed of the battery pack versus plugging the devices into a wall charger. The device effectively shut itself off when it had finished. I had no problems using either 3 ft or 6 ft lightening cables for either iPhone or iPad.

I do wish the 1A/2A plugs were more prominently noted on the chargers. “output 1” and “output 2” can simply look like numbered plugs. Adding an “A” after the numbers might make it more intentionally labeled. Additionally, I understand that when your product is “rugged” and “water and dirt proof” you need to tightly seal it. The output plugs were a little difficult to open with the fingers (when they were sealed, they were sealed!). That might be something one has to live with when looking for a battery pack as durable and solid as this. (Posted on 3/6/14)
Just right Review by Randy
The New Trent portable charger should be called ConvenientCharger. Right off the bat it recharged my iPad Air from 13% to 100% and then topped off my iPhone 5 from 75% to 100% before recharging the portable charger. I've found it a necessity when traveling. Traveling thru airports, traveling in general as well as hiking and camping it's a must, I've realized.
(Posted on 2/28/14)
Have been really impressed with the performance Review by PSB
To clarify before I post this review. I have the black version of this device. Posting here because it would be helpful.

Let me start off by saying why I ended up buying a battery pack. I was looking for a juice pack for my iPhone 5S. Two things that stopped me from doing that was the fact battery cases make the phone bulky (I do not have any case on my phone, I enjoy the slim form factor). Secondly I could only charge iPhone with that. The fact that everyone in my house has at least one phone and music device, when you pair that with a couple of iPad Air, I need something that could serve them all.

Regarding the product. It is very affordable compared to any other comparable solutions I have seen in the market. To sum up the pro's and con's:

1) Affordable. Costs less than a Mophie Juice Pack.
2) Allows charging two devices. Supports all devices that allow USB charging.
3) Charge cycles provided. This has to be the highest charge bank I have come across. Allows a little over 6 cycles for my iPhone and approximately twice for my iPad air.
4) The durability of the device seems good. I have dropped it a few times but never ran into any issues. No scratches on it when I toss it in my travel bag.

1) The biggest downside is the weight. It is a little heavier than I thought. But then its 14K mah.
2) I wish it provide if not 2, at least one more charging port. Extra charging port would come in handy with such huge charge bank.
3) It does not come with a wall charger. Not such a huge issue as I had a bunch of micro USB chargers.

That being said, it's well worth the money. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Rugged Power Review by David
Rating - 5
As a new owner of the New Trent Powerpak Ultra 14000mah battery pack, I haven't had much time to review the product's durability and expected lifetime use. However, my first impressions when I received the Powerpak Ultra were excellent.

The product packaging is high quality and well designed. The Powerpak Ultra battery pack itself is designed to withstand shocks, bumps, resist dirt and waterproof to three feet from up to 30 minutes. There are literally thousands of electronic devices available, yet very few designed with outdoor use and an active lifestyle in mind. Most cell phones are fragile works of art that look like they should be restricted to use inside a computer lab! With an orange body and molded black rubber around the corners and sides, the battery pack provides a grippy, durable surface and is ready to be tossed into your pack for your next outdoor adventure. I enjoy outdoor activities from mountain biking, trail running, hiking and camping, and I appreciate products built to withstand an active lifestyle.

The battery pack has two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously, and there are cleverly designed rubber covers which seal the ports and provide protection from dirt and water. Weighing in at around 12 ounces, this battery packs a lot of power in a small package. The battery can charge your smart phone approximately 7 times before needing a recharge. I have personally used this device to charge an HTC One, and I was impressed with how quickly the phone received a full charge. My charging time for an HTC Android cell phone was comparable to using a wall outlet. Using the device itself is very simple- connect the device you wish to charge, and simply hold down the power button on the Powerpak Ultra for 3 seconds, and several blue LED's will display that the device is charging, and remaining battery life. Included in the box is a high quality USB cord which can be used to charge the device from any PC or wall charger which accepts USB cords. I would have expected a complete wall charger to be included in the package, as New Trent does manufacture a high quality charger, model NT90C. The NT90C is only available to purchase separately, and I think New Trent should consider including this in future packaging, since it does provide greater convenience and does provide a faster charge for the device. Overall I am very impressed with the performance of the New Trent Powerpak Ultra 14000 mAh battery, and would recommend it anyone looking for a reliable source of power on the trail or in the office.
(Posted on 2/25/14)
New Trent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh battery pack is a real powerhouse Review by MOHD
New Trent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh battery pack is a real powerhouse and in
my test results it performed excellently in charging my phones/tablets. We
can charge two items at the same time at 1a and 2.1a speed which is great
feature. I tested this battery pack charging my IPad4, IPhone5S and SG3 and
it charge really fast. We can charge all phones/tablets which use USB
cables for charging at the same speed of wall charger. It is very easy to
operate and you hardly need any instructions to operate also battery comes
fully charged so no need to worry of recharging it before using. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Nifty and Handy Emergency back-up charger! Review by Michael
I was very excited to receive this product as I was going to be going away for a couple days so I thought I would put the charger to the test! I used the product to charge my IPhone 5 and my IPad (2nd Gen). I had made sure to charge the External Battery before I left home, although it seemed to arrive charged already. The charger was very easy to connect to my MacBook Pro to charge using the cable that came with the product. I did have a little difficulty opening the protective covering over the 2 charging ports on the External Battery, however, I would consider that a positive thing as it is a VERY durable product. Unlike other items with USB charging ports, I really don’t think that these will be damaged.

I decided to put the Charger to the test and charged both my IPhone 5 and IPad at the same time. I really liked when you first turn on the charger you can see how full the battery charger is via the blue indicator lights on it. Connecting the items was easy and had no problems making sure that they would fit into the ports. I then walked away. When i returned about 45 min later, I noticed that my items were not really that charged and the charger had turned off. My phone went from being 45% charged to 48% charged and my IPad went from being not charged at all to 10%. When I pressed the power button on the charger it turned back on and indicated that it had a full charge. My two items then started charging again. I might have accidentally tuned off the power to the charger when it set things down and didn’t notice. I stayed with the charger for about 10-15 minutes to make sure it didn’t turn off again (which it did not). It took approx. an hour or so to charge my iPhone to full charge and about 1/5 hrs to charge my iPad completely. When I unplugged my IPhone, I noticed the IPad charged quicker (obviously).

The packaging on the battery indicated that it was shock proof, water proof and dirt proof. I had accidentally dropped it down a flight of stairs when I first got it even before using it. I had honestly thought that when I noticed my product was not charging, I had damaged it somehow. However, as stated above, it never turned off again (nor has it since). So in terms of shock proof, I would agree completely!

As for water proof, I tested this out by placing it in the kitchen sink as I was doing my dishes. I had made sure that the covers of the charging ports were closed tightly as well as the area where we charge the battery. Since I had a lot of dishes to wash, the battery was submerged for approximately 15 minutes. I took it out, dried it off, and it turned right on. I plugged my IPhone charger in to it and it started to charge my IPhone without any problems.

I can see this product being used by many people: travelers, sport enthusiasts, campers etc. It is a great little device that can save you in a pinch and/or when you are not around an outlet to charge your products. I would highly recommend this product to anyone! (Posted on 2/18/14)
Awesome & durable external battery pack. Holds up to about 8 full iPhone 4S charges! Review by Christopher
This is an awesome portable charger. Maintains a huge charge capacity and charges dual devices rapidly. This has been perfect to keep in my car for times that my phone runs out of battery; especially at work. I am able to charge with this in my car and at my desk, and still remain mobile when I need to be. Perfect for a pharmacy student on rotations. I would recommend this product for anyone who travels frequently, but doesn't mind a little extra weight and size from an external battery.

Huge charge capacity: The powerpak has been capable of fully charging my iPhone 4S approximately 7 to 8 times before it needs to be plugged into an outlet. As for the Nexus 7 (1st gen), the powerpak holds about 4-5 full charges.
Power button: The power button on this product is very convenient. While making the device easy to switch on or off, it also prevents the user from accidentally interrupting charge to connected devices. It does so by requiring the user to hold the power button for 4 seconds prior to switching between on/off states. This is excellent as it ensures that all devices will receive a full charge when expected.
Durability: This is, by far, the most durable charging product I have come across. I am certain it could withstand a significant amount of trauma and still retain its function.
Light display: The 4 blue lights on the product are great for indicating remaining charge. They are easily activated with the power button and remain active while charging devices. Each light corresponds to approximately 2 full charges of my iPhone 4S.
Dual USB output: Excellent for additional mobile devices. With two devices plugged in, the charge rate does not appear to decline at all.
Ability to hold & lack of rigidity: Despite being very durable, the product is not overly rigid in any area. I am also able to hold it comfortably with a phone stacked on top.
Weight and size: As somewhat expected, the product is rather heavy and space consuming compared to other external batteries on the market. This is the caveat that comes with a humongous charge capacity and significant durability. This is unfortunate in that is reduces mobility to an extent. The PowerPak is approximately 3 times the width of my iPhone 4S and 2 times the weight. (Posted on 2/17/14)
Excellent Charger Review by Jacob
This is a great portable charger. It was able to charge my iPhone and iPad from dead to full battery in only about four hours, which is about the same as when they're charging using a wall outlet. Even after completely charging both devices to full charge the battery still had 25% left on the charge. Charging the device itself only takes about 5 hours. The charger is a little larger than most portable chargers, it's about the size of an iPhone 5S and as thick as a hardcover book. The charger is very rugged, covered in a material similar to what Lifeproof uses on their cases. The only downside about the charger is that the flaps covering the USB ports can sometimes get in the way when plugging in the USB cable. Overall this charger is awesome value even at $70 and I would recommend it to anyone looking to have portable power for their phone or tablet. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Great product overall Review by BAmes
It's awesome.
Took it on a flight and was able to read and play games on my phone and still have a full battery when I landed. We've also been using it at night to charge our phones because there's no convenient outlet near our bed. We always had to have our devices plugged in across the room. I'm actually using it right now with my bluetooth speaker, just to keep it going so I don't need to worry about it dying while I work. The performance has been great as well. No issues and it does seem to last forever!

I would agree with one of the reviews that I read that the device does seem to take a while to charge and sometime doesn't appear to charge, based on the status lights. Sometimes I have to unplug it from the wall and plug it back in and then it seems to charge quickly. It'll sit all night with 2 status lights lit and then after being unplugged and plugged back in charge up the remaining 3 status lights in a few hours. (Posted on 2/14/14)
Outstanding product Review by Bruce
Charged my 5S from 20% to full power in under an hour. I like to use GPS golf apps and could never finish a round without my phone dying...no longer a problem. I highly recommend this to anybody who has battery issues, which it seems is everybody these days. (Posted on 2/12/14)
Great Product! Review by Jeremy
I purchased this battery because I am always on the go and I don't always have the time or ability to stop and plug in. I carry 2 iPhones and I also have an ipad and this product provides what I wanted a needed! a portable power solution. The battery itself is very rugged and is great for tossing into a bag. My only small annoyance is the USB portal covers are kind of hard to open, but that just goes to show you that the port is protected. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for portable power! (Posted on 2/11/14)
Excellent Product Review by Preston
I liked this product from the moment I took it out of the box. It feels solid in your hand. It doesn't feel fragile or easily broken. I like how there's two outputs too. And the second out puts two amps so it charges faster than others. You will need a two amp charger to charge the pak however, as it is a very large battery. (Posted on 2/9/14)
Best of the Best! Review by Sara
The box the PowerPak Ultra came is is very well designed and has plenty of the necessary information on the box and inside the flap. This is great for store display for customers to see what the details are of the product before they make their purchase. Its important to know that this is not the usual $19.95 power cell you can get at the drug store on the corner and the packaging does a very good job of showing that. The box states “Shock proof, water proof, dirt proof” and the design of the PowerPak Ultra shows this is very well executed. The durable casing is solid and has the rubber ‘bumpers’ around the edge to suppress the shock if dropped. The covers over the ports close tightly and its quite obvious that theres no way dirt or water can get in those once they are tightly sealed. The downside to the water tight seal on the port covers is that its fairly difficult to open them. I’ve got chubby fingers and long nails and I broke two nails and finally had to use a butter knife to pry one open. It seems that they are getting easier to open with more use, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing with the promise of it being water proof. The power button is very easy to push, and you have to hold it down a couple seconds before it turns on to charge electronics plugged into it. Thankfully it seems that once you unplug the phone or tablet from being charged it turns itself off after a few seconds. This is great for if the power button accidentally gets pushed while its in your purse/pocket/bag so your PowerPak doesn’t drain and become a useless brick when you need it most. Next to the power button are four small lights that light up a bright blue color depicting the battery levels in the PowerPak. The box contains one PowerPak Ultra, one small 3’ USB cable and the paper manual (with lots of pictures). The PowerPak Ultra is about the same size of the standard smart phones out now. I placed my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my husband’s HTC One on top of it and it seems about identical. The thickness is about the same as two of my Samsung Galaxy S4 with OtterBox case on top of each other. This is definitely a sturdy brick, but its not very heavy for its size. The colors are wonderful with the bright orange being very easy to find in a purse or bottom of a luggage bag, and the bright blue lights are very bright in the dark but look nice with the orange and black of the casing. The New Trent name and icon is molded into the front of the case and silk screened onto the back of the case along with all the information regarding wattage and voltage for both input port on the side and output port (1&2) on the top. Also on the back is the “Designed in USA, Made in China”, the recycling reminder, and the FCC symbol. Unfortunately, the silk screening always seems to wear off of products like this so eventually this information will not be remembered so its best to keep the manual and packaging.

Usage review:

The very first thing I noticed when I went to use the PowerPak Ultra is that the manual did not say anything about if it needed charged before first use like most new electronics or how long it would need charged. Having had many new electronics throughout my life, I understand that the first charge typically takes a longer time than normal. This is no different with this PowerPak. It took about 12 hours for the first charging to get it to full charge. Each time I charged it after the initial time, its taken only about 5-6 hours which is still quite impressive considering its holding 14,000 mAh. For my Samsung Galaxy S4 I got three full charges out of the PowerPak before charging it again. I like to charge the PowerPak at night while my phones and tablets charge so in the morning everything is ready to go.

The PowerPak Ultra is the perfect thing for people who are out and about for long periods of time with no access to wall chargers or car chargers. People who enjoy camping or other outdoor events would really get a lot of use out of a product like this.

I sent this with my husband to work at a big name brand cell phone store to test out with his friends and they all loved it. They all stated that they didn’t like how long it took to recharge, but compared to other products on the market including those in their store, this is quite impressive. Products tested with it include iPhone 4s, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, generic Android tablet and iPad 2nd generation.

The only suggestion I have for change is for the manual; it should state clearly somewhere that you should charge it before first use and that it may take quite a while to get the first full charge but that subsequent charges will all be much shorter times.

This product definitely lives up to the quality I’ve come to expect from New Trent. Craftsmanship, design and impeccable technology come together to make a wonderful new product that easily surpasses all other comparable items in its field. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Absolutely wonderful Review by Jennifer
Love the look of it I love that it is bright orange so that I can find it in my bag at all times. It isn't too heavy to throw in any bag anytime to carry with you no matter where you are going. I love going hiking and camping so it doesn't take up to much space or weight in my bag which important when you are hiking all day. This drive is perfect for that type of thing. Don't have to worry about dropping it or it getting wet if it rains. All the ports close up very well so no water in the device. The rugged exterior is another reason it is great product for the outdoor use. Not having to worry about something breaking because you drop is a great feeling. I tested that out by dropping it serval times on different surfaces on tile,hardwood,grass,and cement I drop from about 3 feet or so. Stills works no problems. I tested charging devices using iPad 3, nook glow light, iPhone 4S, and a Mophie battery case for iPhone 4S, everything charged so quickly. Love being able to plug up my ipad and iphone at the same time and both charge well. I am a freelance photographer who loves the outdoors. I use this product for both regular traveling and camping. It is nice to have one device that can charge all my devices! The product is made well and looks great too (Posted on 2/7/14)
Nice Rugged Battery Pack Review by H. Lam
I've had the PowerPak for just a little less than a week and tried to put it to as much use as possible. I have not tried to test the water-proof and anti-shock features just yet - only the charging capability.

I used 2 devices during the testing - iPhone 5 and iPad 3. I have yet to try my other rechargeable electronics such as wireless headphones and keyboards.

I haven't noticed any difference charging electronics via the PowerPak compared to other methods (wall charger or through the computer) in the areas of consistency and charging times.

As for the PowerPak's performance during the charging process, I did notice that it seemed to be in the 3 LED capacity for a noticeably brief period of time before it would drop to 2 LED indicator lights. This happened on 2 different occasions.

There seems to be no auto shut-off when the charging of the device is complete and I'm not sure if the PowerPak is continuing to try to charge the connected device after the device is 100% charged.

Could benefit from having a built-in LED flashlight. The unit is designed for rugged outdoor environments such as camping and I think a light would come in handy. I also think the addition of loops to attach a carabiner, allowing the PowerPak to hang off of a backpack and not take up space inside the backpack/bag would be a nice touch - a feature implemented on one of the other New Trent portable charging units.

- Does what it's supposed to do - charge electronics when you're on the go
- Dual ports for simultaneous charging
- Rugged construction
- Port covers

Not so good:
- Instruction manual can provide a little more information - specifically concerning the indicator lights during the charging process. Is the PowerPak fully charged when the fourth LED stops flashing?
- Bulkier and heavier than most other portable battery packs of comparable capacity
- As an artist, I feel the orange color is a little washed out and pastel-ish. I think it can benefit from a bolder, deeper orange color, but that is just an aesthetic issue.

Overall rating: 4

Below is detailed recording of the PowerPak testing
Battery at full charge (4 LED indicator lights)
iPhone 5 from 0% to 100%, 1 amp port
Charge time: 2 hours, 30 mins
3 LED lights on charger remaining

iPhone 5 from 5% to 100%, 1 amp port
Charge time: 2 hours
3 LED lights on charger remaining

iPhone 5 from 1%, 1 amp port
iPad 3 from 10%, 2.1 amp port
Charger went completely empty at about 1.5 hrs later.
iPhone went to 70% charge and iPad to 31%
NOTE: LED indicator lights on charger went from 3 to 2 within the first minute of charging and then to empty within 1.5 hours.

Full recharge of PowerPak with 2.1 Amp plug-in multi-port USB charger

iPad from 42% to 89%, 2.1 amp port
Charge time: 3 hours
3 LED lights starting shortly drops to 2 lights again
iPhone 5 from 20% to 84%,1 amp port
Charge time: 1 hour
Charger goes to empty

Full recharge of PowerPak, about 10 hours with Apple iPad 10W wall charger

iPhone 5 from 20% to 100%, 1 amp port
Charge time: about 2 hours
4 lights on charger remaining (Posted on 2/7/14)
Perfect electronic accessory and indispensable for those on the go! Review by Mitul
This New Trent PowerPak is the perfect electronic accessory and indispensable for those on the go. I work at a job where I am linked to my Iphone 4S and Ipad 2. My weekends are usually filled with hiking, camping, biking, and skiing trips. I am also an avid traveler and recently came off a 6 month trip backpacking in SouthEast Asia and Europe. While I did not have this PowerPak for all these activities, I wish I had! It has worked perfectly for me since I have received it and saved me from embarrassment and frustration with my electronic devices dying on me at work and on the go. This really is an essential accessory for any job where you are regularly using smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices and is an incredible luxury for those who travel or enjoy outdoors activities.

- The battery holds an incredible amount of power. Since receiving the PowerPak, I have been able to charge my Iphone 4S, Ipad 2, Ipod touch, macbook pro over a dozen times so far on one charge! The rate at which the PowerPak charged my iPhone was exceptional.
- Perfect travel companion especially overseas when outlet / voltages may vary
- Small enough to take hiking, biking, or camping
- Perfect work companion when giving presentations, going to meetings, and feeling secure that you won’t run out of juice
- Great to be able to charge 2 devices at once
- Feels solid, secure, and durable – supposed to be waterproof and dustproof as well!
- A little big and bulky but worth the tradeoff
- Input and output port covers are a little difficult to open

I give the New Trent PowerPak a 5 star rating!
(Posted on 2/6/14)
Excellent device to have around Review by Kevin
I gave this product a 5 out of 5. The PowerPak handles exactly like how it should. The design is very aesthetically pleasing, and the functionality is spot on. The PowerPak is very handy to just throw in a backpack and pull it out when it is needed. The charge lasts a very long time, and I can easily charge my phone (Google Nexus 5) many times before having to charge the PowerPak up. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Excellent product with only minor drawbacks. Review by Cynthia
This External Battery Charger arrived in a nice cardboard case with an information flap on the front detailing the features, and protective plastic inside so nothing could slip around in the mail. It also came with a mini-HDMI-USB cable. This can also be used to charge the battery itself, either by plugging it into a computer or a wall charger with a USB port, or to recharge other devices. This is advertised on the packaging as working with all Android devices, which is correct, but the mini-HDMI end does fit into other devices that have a port for it. The cord is also a decent length. In any case it is a convenient touch, especially since this is meant to be portable.

The battery itself has a good heavy weight to it, and certainly looks "rugged" enough to handle the outdoors, as the packaging states it is Shock, Dirt, and Water (up to 3ft)-Proof. The outside is made of a rubber material, with more black rubber lining the edges and helping shock absorbtion. Pictures with a Sharpie to scale. There are two Output ports for charging up to 2 devices at the same time, as well as an Input port where you can charge the battery itself. The only button is a small black circle on the front next to the charge visualization, and you turn the battery on and off by pressing it.
I dropped the device several times from about table height, with no indication it was damaged/affected charging ability. On a misty day I kept it outside for an hour, and after I again found no indication that it was damaged by the light rain. So far, it looks like it can handle the outdoors all right.

When I plugged in the battery with the included cable to fully charge it, I saw the battery arrived at about a 75% charge (3 of the 4 lights were lit up blue, see picture). It took about 2 hours to fully charge the battery so that the last light came on.

I tested this battery while charging an Android LG Optimus F3 phone, an Android Motorola X phone, a Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, and Kindle Paperwhite (latest generation). The charging speed for each device seemed standard on its own, and even when two devices were plugged in at a time. However, one potential flaw I noticed was that when a device is fully charged, the battery does not recognize this but instead remains "on" and trying to push more charge into the other devices. This happened when testing both phones, as well as the tablet; Kindle I unplugged manually after reaching a full charge. This may present a problem in the battery unnecessarily draining itself or overheating, and it is unclear whether it has an internal "timer" to shut its charge output off after X hours, or if it relies only on the user manually unplugging devices and pressing the "Off" button. Since most people don't typically stare at a device for hours as it charges, this may present a problem.

On the other hand, after a full recharge of each device the battery charge indication level only lessened by one light, so multiple charge are possible with only one charge of the battery itself. This may become tricky to calculate though, and a better indication of the battery's remaining charge power would be useful.

I found this external battery suitable for recharging my devices on the go, especially when commuting to school and work where no outlets are possibly present. I used this device while commuting on the train and subway, and found it especially useful at the end of the day when my phone was dying and I had to commute home; the battery allowed me to recharge my phone without dawdling or missing my train to charge it. Also, with its incredible outdoor protection I would not hesitate to take this on a camping trip; too often all the electronics die after a day and there is a fight to claim the car's single charge cable, but this external battery could potentially charge 4 devices fully before needing a recharge itself.

Overall, anyone who commutes heavily, or finds they have a drained phone at the end of the day when no outlets are present, this device would be immensely helpful. Its rugged exterior is great for any fan of the outdoors.
I would give this a 4/5 rating. The only improvements would be A) an automatic turn-off when a device is detected as fully charged and B) a better indication of the battery's current power level. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Great Product Review by Michael
This response is about the powerpak ultra:

I used this device to power my ipad Air, my NewTrent keyboard (for the ipad Air), and my iPhone. I love the look, its obviously solid, the indicator lights are especially handy, and the ability to dual charge is very important. I also like that you can use the included android charger to charge the device via USB without an ac adapter. An ac adapter (or at least the ability to purchase one for a reasonable price) should be included. I use it for home and office - but really out of the office or home and traveling and you need to charge - basically anywhere you need to charge and don't have ready access to another power source. This will be my standby power device always in my car, and I used it there.

The charge seems last a good amount of time, and it retains the charge - in other words, it only loses power by charging devices.

It looks professional and anyone needing a back up battery can use it. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Solid and Extremely Durable Review by Nick
This PowerPak really out performed my expectations. First off, for anybody working or playing outdoors, traveling or driving long distances this thing can be a lifesaver. Out of the box it's basically fully charged, only taking 3-4 hours to complete but you can use it right out of the box for at least 4 full iPhone 5 charges. I haven't used it with the 4 or any other devices but in a pinch without an outlet you can fully charge an iPhone from around 6% to over 90% in very little time.

Shock proof, water proof and dirt proof so if you work in any type hard weather atmosphere or even if you just like hiking, biking or running for lengthy periods of time it's perfect. Keep in mind it does take a bit of time to charge, so I would definitely allow an early evening plug in for an overnight charge if you plan on using it the next day. I'd definitely recommend if you have multiple devices that use USB to charge as it's extremely versatile. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Great for traveling or camping Review by Carlos
I ordered this external battery and I am very happy with it. So far it was work great.

Pros: It holds 14000 mAh, this is enough to completely charge an iPad air and a Galaxy Note II, at the same time if about 3 hours. It is about the size of my galaxy Note II with the wallet case (so it is a little big) but still fits in my pocket. It was great to use it on an airport to charge my phone since nowadays all the power ports are used by all these youngsters that need to facebook all the time. I could charge my phone 3 times and a little more whithout recharging this battery. Great for camping and traveling. It fell on the snow but was able to get it back with no damage at all.

Cons. It is not very comfortable to open the slots but this could be a consequence of my fat fingers.

I recommend this battery specially if you travel or like camping and need juice for your device. (Posted on 2/4/14)
great product for great price Review by Sharique
Impressive solid construction of the case despite being made of plastic, very easy to use product. Device is much lighter than I was expecting for the capacity, making it easy for transporting in a laptop bag or around the house along while the device is being charged. USB cable provided is the appropriate length for charging on the move.
3 devices were used to charge through the powerpak ultra:
#1 Samsung Galaxy Note-2
#2 Samsung Galaxy S-3
#3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7”
Not having a charger at work and being on conference calls most of the time, this is excellent product to charge the phone while being mobile. Also playing games on the tablet, it is easier to plug into the portable charger v/s a wall charger.
Initially, the powerpak ultra out of the box was 2 led charged up. The first charge to capacity was very quick. Then, the devices were charged, starting with the note 2. The comparison picture shows the charge of device from the product v/s A/C charger. Then the s3 was charged, and finally the tablet. The battery was charged back to capacity.
Parallel charging of 2 devices was also done, using the note 2 and the galaxy s3. The second picture shows the parallel charging of the devices.
A total of 2 charges were complete for both devices in parallel before the powerpak ultra was completely drained. The 3rd attempt didn’t last for more than a few minutes as seen in the picture.
This is a massive portable charge battery with a very affordable price and a rugged exterior. A full charge from 0 to max took 12 hours. I wish this shipped with a faster charger to cut down on the battery charge time. A numeric LED display would also be nice on the device v/s the 4 lights to show the % of battery left. Once you get to the last LED, you have no idea how much charge is left before you run out.
(Posted on 2/3/14)
Works Perfectly Review by Matthew
This is a nice dual USB port charger that works great with my LG G2, iPhone4s and iPad2.

One of the nicest features is the dual port in one plug. It is only slightly larger (though shorter) than my stock 2A LG G2 charger. Charging my LG G2 (2A required) and iPad2 (2A required) is, in my opinion, a better option than each of them plugged in independently.

However, the big negative is the prong position. The way it is now it blocks at least one direct neighboring outlet and renders it useless. If the prong position was adjustable this would not be an issue because I am pretty sure it’s slim enough to allow plugs on the direct neighboring outlets.

I would give this product a 4 out of 5 rating. (Posted on 2/3/14)
Great Battery Pack. Solid and rugged Review by ZooXpress
I love this battery pack. I've used it several times on my iPad2, LG G2 and iPhone.

When I received this it was approximately 50% charged. I was able to use the batter pack immediately after receiving it. I fully charged the pack and proceeded to fully charge my iPad2 and LG G2 (both 2A devices). I also simultaneously charged my iPhone4s (1A device).

This pack provided a solid charge to all devices. Seems just as fast as recharging from the wall adapter.

I did a quick water intrusion test by putting the unit into a bowl of water for 1 hour, then taking it out and charging my phone. It survived nicely and fired right up to charge my phone.

Overall I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 rating. There is really not much to change with this product. It does what it’s advertised to do and works well. I was impressed with its water protection during my test.

If anything, you could likely slim it down a bit and still maintain the same level of protection, but I’ll take a little bigger product that works as advertised than something smaller that doesn’t.
(Posted on 2/3/14)
Great device very handy Review by Philip
This power pack is really handy. I was on a work trip and the hotel had limited power outlets. I was able to keep all my devices topped off while making calls and I barely put a dent in the power pak. Its rugged design allows it to be tossed in a bag or taken on outdoor trips without issues. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Good portable charging brick Review by Brian
Was able to use it with my iPad 3, but also my iPhone at the same time. The power pack worked with my iPad 3, iPhone 3Gs,
iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Kindle Keyboard, and the Kindle Touch.

I had some issues recharging it with the official iphone apple usb wall charger, but was able to recharge with the NT90C with no issues. (Posted on 1/31/14)
NT140R Powerpak Ultra is Awesome! Review by Scott
I purchased the Powerpak Ultra to replace another much smaller battery
pack. After checking with a few people I knew and looking at reviews on
the web, I was very pleased with what I read about the PowerPak Ultra.

When I received my PowerPak Ultra, I charged it and put it to the test.
I was able to charge my iPad, my wife's iPad and my iPhone to full
charges and still had 1/2 of the charge left on the PowerPak. I was
completely amazed! I am a heavy user of my iPad and iPhone and
typically can not get through an entire day on a charge on my iPhone and
on many days will use my iPad until it is on low battery. The PowerPak
Ultra is exactly what I need to have with me to make sure I get it
through my day -- no need to carry my A/C power adapters with me
everywhere I go.

This battery is very durable. I can toss it in my computer bag and not
worry about it getting "bumped around" a little bit!

I give this device a 10 and if I could I would give it even higher!!! I
have recommended this to several of my friends who also use smartphones
and tablets. (Posted on 1/30/14)
Great Product. Will recommend this every time Review by Kris
Packaging was minimal and easy to open. Preview flap gave good information about the product in an eye-catching manner.
Very rugged feeling. I feel like this product can more than live up to its claims regarding dust, water etc. There are 3 dust/water covers protecting the ports that are a little hard to get off without fingernails (that’s a good thing). Output 1 has a 1A rating and Output 2 has a 2.1A rating (both at 5V). The rubber and color (orange) stand out and as mentioned earlier give the product a good solid feeling. Weight isn’t an issue like you might expect. It is comparable to an Xbox 360 controller (a little over a pound).
Water Test:
The official ratings given in the instructions are that it can withstand up to 3 feet of water for up to 1 hour. I put this to the test and found that after ~45 min. submerged at 1.5 feet these claims hold true.

Charge Times:
First off, charging the product from empty to full takes some time. 14,000 mAh is a lot. There are 4 blue LED lights indicating percentage level on the front.

~6 hours using 2.1A charger and standard micro-usb cable

iPad 4th Gen 16GB 1%-78% (w/42.5-watt-hour battery):
~4 hours USING PORT 2
Amount left on Powerpak after done: 0%
~7 hours USING PORT 1
Amount left on Powerpak after done: 0%

Nexus 7 FHD (2013) 3%-100% (w/3,950 mAh battery):
~5 hours USING PORT 1
Amount left on Powerpak after done: about 70%
~2.3 hours USING PORT 2
Amount left on Powerpak after done: about 70%

Verizon LG G2 1%-100% (w/3,000 mAh battery) w/OEM Charging cable:
1.5 hours USING PORT 2*
Amount left on Powerpak after done: about 75%
*Fast charging time is due to the Snapdragon 800 Processor in the LG G2. Most mobile devices can not expect this kind of charging time.
3 hours USING PORT 1
Amount left on Powerpak after done: about 75%

Verizon Moto X 1%-100% (w/2,200 mAh battery):
2.7 hours USING PORT 2
Amount left on Powerpak after done: around 85%
5.2 hours USING PORT 1
Amount left on Powerpak after done: around 85%

Bottom line Charging Expectations from 100% Powerpak:
iPad 4th Gen.: 78% or .78 of a full charge
Nexus 7 FHD (2013): a little more than 3 full charges.
Verizon LG G2: 4.5 - 5 full charges
Verizon Moto X: close to 6.5 full charges

Overall Impression:
5 Stars (✫✫✫✫✫)
Overall I think I will get some great use and longevity from this product. For anyone who is looking for an external battery that can put up with anything you throw at it (literally) and have the capacity rivaling the largest on the market, look no further. This product is perfect for everyday use as well as the occasional camping trip. I was also very impressed and pleased to discover that this product will indeed fast charge a LG G2 since it seems most products on the market will not. (Posted on 1/30/14)
Outdoor essential Review by Frank
Living up high in the Rocky Mountains, having reliable devices is essential. It would be nice to leave the cell phone at home, but just having it for backup maps, a camera, for emergency calls, for music and just to coordinate with friends makes it essential. Of course, spend more than a few days in the backcountry, and it will be long dead. That, along with the fact that most UV water purifiers and headlamps are going to need a recharge occasionally means that a backup battery device like this quickly becomes essential. This battery promises the ability to recharge all of my devices many times, and should be tough enough to never have to worry about it.

Before taking any gear out, and especially relying on it, I make sure it is going to be up to the task. Better to fail in my driveway than at 14,000 ft. So, as soon as I took the power pack out of its packaging, I hurled it into a snowbank and left it out there overnight in the subzero temperatures. Next morning, I plugged the still freezing box into my cell phone and it happily charged away. I banged it into some rocks, like it would if it was at the bottom of my backpack, again no harm done. A couple more times tossed into the wall, and I think this gadget has proven itself a worthy place next to my MSR stove and extra socks.

Highly recommended for the outdoor enthusiast. Powerful enough to charge phones, GPS, water purifiers, anything USB many times. It should be fine being away from an outlet for longer than your food rations can hold out. And next summer, I'll update once I can report how it likes whitewater rafting. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Pretty Good Charger Review by Dan
I used an iphone 5 and an ipad 3 to try out the New Trent PowerPak Ultra NT140R-O. After a full charge of the unit I unplugged and pushed the power button and nothing happened... I looked at the instrusions and it specifically stated to hold down the power button for 2 seconds. Once the button was pressed properly it lit up the 4 LEDS and charged the ipad. One thing that would be nice if the doors for the output power actually labeled the output rather than just stating output 1 and 2. This product is useful on long flights and can handle charging both my iphone and ipad at the same time. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Best pak so far Review by Sidney
At first unboxing the Newtrent Powerpak ultra (NT140r-0) has an "otterbox like feel" probably because any protective case nowadays mimics the design. Thus, coming to the rigidity of the product, the size reminds me of an older PDA. Half again bigger than my previous powerpak, but it makes up for its size with its hearty 14,000 mah. (3x my old powerpak)

Fully charged my iPhone 5 from 1%-100% without losing an indicator light. It has so much juice I've only power cycled this a few times since purchasing. Lots of juice for the size. The on button needs to be depressed for about 3 seconds, at first I didn't like it, thinking it was functioning incorrectly (learning curve) but to be honest my other pak would get left on all the time from accidentally getting depressed in my backpack or saddlebags. 
I've noticed it times out after a probably a couple hours, this can be annoying to wake up to a device mostly charged, but it helps to not waste the power if it's already 100%

The 2 USB charging ports is becoming standard in all the charging devices I've seen, commonly for devices like the iPad that charge with a 2.1 amp USB port. Where most phones use the 1 amp. The newer micro USB charging port is a plus because it narrows down the cords I need to bring with me.

Tested primarily with my iPhone and iPad. Scale 1-5. I give it a 4. 

I think the people or areas I can see this most used, is the outdoors. Motorcycles, camping, hiking, boating, kayaking. I guess traveling any way would be ideal.

Bought this pak for camping and specifically motorcycle rides. You'd be surprised how many othe people's devices I charge on a long bike ride or rally. Lotta bang for the buck, which is what I'm all about.
(Posted on 1/28/14)
Rugged, powerful battery. Review by Teresa
I bought this to use for camping or when I know I'm going to be away from a charger for an extended period of time (specifically in the midst of a music festival). The charge seems to last forever! Charging my iPhone and iPad simultaneously to full power two days in a row it hadn't even lost one bar of charge. I love that it's waterproof and drop proof because I'm a total clutz and drop things constantly. It's very sturdy, so I'm sure it will hold up to my abuse. The only comment I would have is that it is fairly heavy and the port covers are a bit hard to get off. The ports are to keep it water tight, so I think they have to be that way. The weight isn't really that bad, and it's worth the little bit extra weight for me to have that much charge. I would recommend this for hardcore hikers/campers for sure. (Posted on 1/27/14)
Great Little Battery Review by William
Overall this is a very good product and I have actually recommended it to a couple of friends. I primarily used the PowerPak to recharge my iPad Air and iPhone 5. The rate at which the PowerPak charged the iPhone was exceptional. As for charging the iPad, it was able to give me an extra 50% charge which is great. The ability to charge my devices anywhere is awesome. I primarily used it to charge my devices while I used them in bed. Previously, I had ran extension cords but the PowerPak made this much easier. This device would be great for construction workers or really anyone that works outside or somewhere that an outlet is not nearby. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Great Battery Pack!!! Review by Donnie
The PowerPak Ultra is a fantastic battery charging solution for anyone who
is on the go regularly or who works in a field where they are not usually
close to a charger for their devices like myself (i'm a police officer). I
used this battery charger for a full work week without having to recharge
it once (after charging it fully upon receiving it). I usually utilize a
car adapter or plug my devices (iPhone 5 and iPad 3) into my computer in
the squad to charge them but made sure I only utilized the PowerPak Ultra
for my 4 day work week. It charges VERY quickly. What I liked about it
most was its rugged outer casing. It has water resistant port covers on
both, (yes it can charge 2 usb devices at the same time!) and the battery
pack charging port. In my line of work, stuff gets thrown around and tossed
in bags and in the car on a regular basis and the PowerPak Ultra doesn't
have a scuff on it. Now, if your looking for a compact and descreet
battery backup, look to one of their smaller versions designed specifically
for that purpose. But if you are looking for an external battery charger
that can last and last before needing recharged and one that can take a
beating, the PowerPak Ultra is your answer. (Posted on 1/23/14)
5/5 Love it! Review by Amanda
This is super useful if, like me, you need to charge a tablet every night. I love the fact that if I somehow forget to do so, I won't be bound to outlets all day if I want to use my ipad. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Mobile Power at My Fingertips Review by John
I would give this product a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Amazing product! It provides the ability to charge two items at once. Being on the road as a mobile DJ this product meets and exceeds my needs! (Posted on 1/22/14)
Great for camping as long as you aren't going for an ultralight pack Review by Jason
First Impressions:

- It isn't as heavy as I was expecting for such a large capacity, on the scales it is 12.8oz
- It is bulky as expected at roughly 3 times the thickness of the iPhone
- It appears quite rugged but I'm surprised the black outer shell is a hard plastic, I was expecting that to be rubberized
- The bright orange color is perfect for the outdoors and will help make it great for camping
- At first I thought it came without a charge at all as pressing the Check button had no result, it wasn't until I was walking to a wall charger that I discovered that you must hold the Check button for 2-3 seconds.


- It had 3 LEDs of charge out of the box so I let it charge for a few hours until the 4th LED became solid, I didn't monitor closely so I'm unsure how long it took
- While camping it gave 2 iPhone 5s's close to a full charge and then when we were home it charged my iPad Air from 10% to 80%, all devices were in use while being charged so that puts the mAh right around the quoted 14,000mAh

Recommended Use Cases
- Due to its size this isn't really something you want as an Every Day Carry, for that I would recommend the New Trent iTorch 5200 mAh or if you are a power user like myself then the NewTrent Powerpak 10.0
- It would be great for day trips when there are several devices that need to be charged like in a small group that all have devices to charge
- Where it really shines though is for extended trips away from a reliable power source such as camping in the back country, it would be perfect for ensuring your GPS whether that be a separate unit, your phone or your iPad
(although I wouldn't recommend the iPad due to its durability and the power it requires) has power throughout a lengthy trip in the backcountry
(Posted on 1/22/14)
Pleased with the newtrent power pack ultra Review by Patrick
Overall, I am pleased with the newtrent power pack ultra. Uses so far include hiking, dual sport motorcycle riding and day-to-day use. I take call for my hospital with an iPhone5. Having a reliable backup battery is a great reassurance.

It took approximately 5 hours to recharge an iPad during occasional use and can recharge an iPhone within an hour or two simultaneously. I have not been able to time how long it takes to recharge the ultra back using solar power (goal zero nomad 7). It was out half the day and got 1-2 bars back in power supply.

Compact size (slightly larger than iphone5)
2 Charging ports
Durable - Water proof, Dirt proof
Battery life
Charge capacity

Sometimes the port covers are hard to get back into place and they don't swing open enough to fit all USB chargers but that has not been a significant hindrance.

Devices tested with:
Canon digital camera
Garmin Oregon 550t
GoPro Hero3
Contour camera
Sena motorcycle headset
Iphone 4s and 5s
Ipad 2
Goalzero nomad 7
AA and AAA batteries recharger

Seems very durable and is easy to carry. It is only slightly larger than an iPhone 5. Device is helpful to have while traveling when phones or Ipad run down. I have not dunked it in the water yet but it did well in plenty of dust and dirt. Very happy with the newtrent power pack ultra. I already bought two more as gifts for fellow travelers.
(Posted on 1/21/14)
Power Power and More Power Review by Michael
I am so impressed by the capacity of this power pack. I love the ability to keep 2 devices going at the same time. It is especially comforting when I am traveling or working remotely. It allows me to keep working without worry. The battery is well protected, not heavy or clunky and easy to pack in my briefcase. This is the best battery pack I have ever owned, by far! After all, when you want reliable power, you don't want to have to worry that you'll run short on juice!
(Posted on 1/17/14)
Finally power on the go Review by Patricia
PowerPak- This has been a lifesaver for me. I take it to work with me now. I am constantly on the go and on the phone moving around the office building. I don't have time to stop and plug in to charge or to sit connected to an outlet while it charges. Now I can charge it with while I am on the go. Taking this to work, having my arms full holding my keys, phone, paperwork, building key card and now this charger, I accidentally dropped it. It fell in the snow. I immediately panicked but then remembered it is waterproof. I still moved rather quickly to dry it off and test it. Perfect! Still works and looks like brand new. This has charged my phone from 30% to fully charged in about 45 mins. While I was using it! Very impressed and I wonder how I ever lived without it. My husband says he cannot wait to take it camping. (Posted on 1/10/14)
Heavy Duty Power Review by Kelly
I was very excited to try out the New Trent PowerPak as my last New Trent Battery pack was my favorite gadget before it quit working after 8 months. The fact that the Powerpak was 14000mAh blew me away. We are a family of 5 so that kind of power would be extremely useful. Upon receipt of the New Trent PowerPak I was a little overwhelmed by the weight of it. I used to keep my other charger in my purse for on the go usage, but this weighed my purse down to the point of being uncomfortable. I wish it was a little lighter but understand that with the benefits of it, the weight is a given.

I quickly put the charger to use, charging my daughters Iphone 4 and my Galaxy Note 3. I had to run out into a store during work hours and my phone died, but I was able to plug my phone into the battery pack, place the battery pack in my purse and keep on talking on the phone. It was so handy to have the ability to charge my phone, even when I wasn't in the car or at home. I was able to keep working and didn't lose any time.

Since I live in Florida and weather is still warm, we went out to the beach this weekend. I didn't have to worry about my Powerpak in the sand because it is sealed against outside elements. That was extremely nice!

The New Trent Powerpak had our phones charged in no time. We were almost fully charged in 30 minutes! The only feature I would love to see on more External Battery Packs are the power cords attached to it like the New Trent Easypak. It is such a hassle to carry a cord with you on the go.

I would rate this charger at a 5. It is rugged and can handle usage by the typical man who is a little more rough on their things. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Great Battery Pack Review by Caleb
The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is a great battery supply for when you are not near an outlet. This is a high capacity 14000mAh battery which will charge a Samsung Galaxy s4 to full capacity 3.5 times and a iPhone 5s 5 times. This is great for camping trips and out and about.

Design-The battery pack is large and rugged. It is pretty big and doesn't fit comfortably in a pocket but fits great in a backpack pocket. There are 4 blue LED lights that show how much battery power is left. I really like this feature. There is a power button that has to turn battery pack on and off. On the top of the charger there are two USB power ports (2.1a and 1a) that while charge both a tablet and phone at the same time. Output 1 is 1a and output 2 is 2.1a (iPads and tablets). On the left side there is a microUSB input for charging the external battery.

Charging phones/tablets-This battery pack charges all phones and tablets that use USB cords. It also charges them as fast as a wall charger. I went from 30% on a Samsung Galaxy s4 to full charge in 1 hour 30 min. I work in racing and travel to race tracks frequently. While at the track I am not near outlets that I can leave my phone connected to, but with this battery pack I no longer have to worry about running out of battery on my phone while there.

Charging the Battery Pack- Charging this device is very easy. Just plug in the pack via a microUSB cable and leave it overnight. It takes quite a while to charge this device since the capacity is large, but be rest assured that you do not have to charge this device very often since it is a large capacity battery.

Durability-This battery pack is very very durable. On the package it says that it is waterproof, dirt proof, and shock proof. Well I had to test this out and see for myself. As for waterproof, I filled a bowl with water and dropped the battery pack in there (with all ports closed, this is very important). I left it there for 5 min, pulled it out, wiped it off, and plugged in my iPod. It worked flawlessly. As for dirt proof, I closed all ports and threw this device into the sand at a beach. picked it up, and dusted it off. Again this worked great. Finally I tested the shockproof portion of this battery pack. While at a race track I placed the battery pack on the ground and rolled a 3800 pound race car over it (could not run it over with a race car due to safety reasons). Again this product held up to the weight, only a few scratches on the outer shell.

I highly suggest getting this battery if you are frequently with out an outlet nearby. I can see this device lasting a long long time. (Posted on 1/6/14)
Love it! Review by LaTasha
I love this charger! When I first received it I remarked that it was a bit heavy and bulky compared to similar devices I have seen. However, I noticed that the amount of power this charger releases is wayyyy above any other similar device I've seen. I used it I. My car to charge my phone because it was out of juice. Also, my GARMIN was low on battery and because my lighter plug in the car isn't working this device saved the day! I was able to charge both at the same time without interruption. I travel a lot and this is a product that I will take with me everywhere. At the airports the chargers are often already being used so it's helpful to have my own. I haven't tried to take it on a plane yet, a bit concerned about TSA stopping or confiscating it. I figure if I keep it in the box then they will know what it is and clear it.

What I wish for this product is for it to include the AC adapter and maybe different colors. Also size options such as a smaller version with 1 port. Just because it is quite heavy in my purse. But overall I love it and give it 5 stars. (Posted on 1/3/14)
Best of the best Review by Kelly
The External Battery Charger (NT140R-O) has been the best portable charger I've seen and used so far. It's usage and specs themselves are impressive, but when you mix it with it's aesthetic design I was amazed.

I was using this charger to charge my iPad mini, which had approximately 35 percent battery life. After walking away for an hour or so I realized that not only was my iPad charged completely, but the charger still had full juice, as indicated by the led lights. My first thought was, this must be a delay in the charger and so I went on to see how much it could handle. I then plugged in my Lumia 920 Microsoft phone, which was at 10 percent and walked away again. Finally, when I came back I saw a drop in one bar, but my phone was fully charged.

I don't have many devices, but I do have friends. After both of my friends charged their iPhone 4Ss the charger was left with two battery bars left. I was able to charge my iPad and phone again after that. They both went from a little under 10 percent to a little above 50 percent. Now, I thought if this has so much power it'll probably take forever to charge, it took about 5 hours.

Something negative that my friend did point out was the fact that it was a bit heavy and bulky and I agree but I like that feeling to it. It looks like I could throw it against a brick wall and it would still survive, although I wouldn't recommend anyone doing that. I did have a bit of trouble plugging in cables due to the fact that the USB ports have a connected cover over them, which I think helps with the product being water resistant. But like with any new product after repeated use I got more used to it. This product is suitable when you wake up and forgot to charge your phone at night. It also helps to have this product if you're out all day and use your phone frequently. My devices are almost always charged. I'm a student and I think most student would benefit from this, especially since we all use our phones a lot. Apart from students, I would recommend this to people who are always on the go like business professionals. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Stubborn and high capacity battery for almost all the electronics Review by Shuji Lin
I used it to charge my Ipad and playstation vita. The most impressive part of it is that it has high battery volume capacity-14,000 mAh and it can charge two tools at the same time. It looks stubborn, and rain and snow preventive. This product will be so useful for the people, who travel a lot because they don't need to find the charger everywhere. I like playing playstation vita on the flight and it consumes the battery so quickly. As I have your battery charger, I can always enjoy my time in the air. (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great Product, Long Charge time Review by Allen
Although the product is great to use, I feel like it takes an unreasonably long time charge. After full usage, which is great, on average I have had to let it charge anywhere from 7-9 hours for it to be full, even when using New Trent Dual USB Wall Charge (NT90C) which in itself is a great product. The first time I charged my PowerPak it took about 12 hours but mostly because I didn't use the Dual USB Wall Charger and I had used a faulty USB cord. Using a proper charger and USB cable the charging time dropped down to about 6-7 hours average.

Aside from that the PowerPak is amazing. On one occasion I was able recharge my Galaxy S3 4-5 times before fully depleting power. On another I got 2.5 extra charges on my S3 and 1.5 charges on my Nexus 7. Another time I was able to recharge my Nexus 7 3 times.Simply put, with this product, I will no longer go a day without power, unless I add more gadgets to my arsenal. Its size is very similar to the S3 but about 4x the thickness. It is a bit heavier than the IMP120D but more than makes up for it in its ruggedness. Although I haven't, I'm sure it can handle its share of drops. Outdoors, construction, or any active lifestyle would definitely benefit from it. I don't have to worry about keeping it safe because all it does is add to inconvenience.

It is still small enough to fit in my back pocket which is great so it doesn't really add any extra noticeable weight to me. Right now its getting some real world usage out of me but will be really tested when I go on vacation in the coming weeks.

The only thing I can see that would make this item even better is faster charging, although charging it overnight works well for me, on the days were I'm very active and don't have easy access to an outlet an alternative way to charge would be very helpful. Maybe a crank charge or solar charge? All in all this product is does exactly as promised and is an electronic lifesaver. I would definitely recommend this to any of my friends and colleagues over the IMP120D. its heavy duty nature will meet the standards of any hardworking individual. I have not been disappointed in this product nor the New Trent line.

Although it doesn't let me I give the product a 4.5/5 (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great Product but long charges Review by Allen
Although the product is great to use, I feel like it takes an unreasonably long time charge. After full usage, which is great, on average I have had to let it charge anywhere from 7-9 hours for it to be full, even when using New Trent Dual USB Wall Charge (NT90C) which in itself is a great product. The first time I charged my PowerPak it took about 12 hours but mostly because I didn't use the Dual USB Wall Charger and I had used a faulty USB cord. Using a proper charger and USB cable the charging time dropped down to about 6-7 hours average.

Aside from that the PowerPak is amazing. On one occasion I was able recharge my Galaxy S3 4-5 times before fully depleting power. On another I got 2.5 extra charges on my S3 and 1.5 charges on my Nexus 7. Another time I was able to recharge my Nexus 7 3 times.Simply put, with this product, I will no longer go a day without power, unless I add more gadgets to my arsenal. Its size is very similar to the S3 but about 4x the thickness. It is a bit heavier than the IMP120D but more than makes up for it in its ruggedness. Although I haven't, I'm sure it can handle its share of drops. Outdoors, construction, or any active lifestyle would definitely benefit from it. I don't have to worry about keeping it safe because all it does is add to inconvenience.

It is still small enough to fit in my back pocket which is great so it doesn't really add any extra noticeable weight to me. Right now its getting some real world usage out of me but will be really tested when I go on vacation in the coming weeks.

The only thing I can see that would make this item even better is faster charging, although charging it overnight works well for me, on the days were I'm very active and don't have easy access to an outlet an alternative way to charge would be very helpful. Maybe a crank charge or solar charge? All in all this product is does exactly as promised and is an electronic lifesaver. I would definitely recommend this to any of my friends and colleagues over the IMP120D. its heavy duty nature will meet the standards of any hardworking individual. I have not been disappointed in this product nor the New Trent line.

Although it doesn't let me I give the product a 4.5/5 (Posted on 1/2/14)
Great Backup device Review by Kelly
Proposed Use:
External battery that can be easily carried and used in the event that an electrical outlet is not available. Ideal for short camping trips, hikes, trips and conferences. This could be especially useful if you have a child and their tablet/device is running low on power and there is not an easily accessible outlet.

Who would benefit from this product:
Anyone relying upon their smart devices. This would work well for travelers, parents, sports enthusiast. It is also ideal for people visiting family in the hospital. Last year I had to make daily visits to a family member who was in the hospital for an extended period of time. This would have been ideal to put in my bag and recharge my phone as needed. This charger is also excellent for someone with a Airbender 2.0 case. You can charge you keyboard case and iPad at the same time.

2 ports for charging two devices at once Ease of use
Versatile water proof Dirt proof
Shock resistant Port covers

Weight (but this is a trade off that I am willing to have for the ruggedness and ability to charge multiple devices)

Devices tested with:
iPhone 5
iPad Air
Airbender 2.0 case
Kindle paperwhite
Apple Nano (7th gen)A

I initially charged up the Powerpack Ultra for nine hours upon. Once I charged it up I used it to recharge my iPhone three times, I recharge my nano once, my iPad once and I kept a continuous charge on my jam box. All that being said I was down to two lights of the four before I recharged the Powerpack Ultra. I found this very impressive.
If you're looking for something that is lightweight and you only need to charge one device this might not be for you. If you're looking for a versatile and rugged device that can charge multiple devices multiple, this is your kind of charger.

To be honest I have a four-year-old niece who loves to play with her iPad. The beauty of a device like this is if her iPad battery gets low and we aren't near an outlet we can charge if up and it is pretty much four year old proof - I like it.

I will be keeping the Powerpack Ultra charged up and with me. I have found it is indispensable.
(Posted on 1/1/14)
14,000mAh of weatherproof awesomeness Review by Michael
We live in a time where we depend on our electronic devices for so much. Cellphones……tablet computers…….everyone has a different need for one of these. Maybe your an avid outdoorsman, or maybe your occupation has you away from a power source for long periods of time, or quite possibly you just like to be prepared for whatever may come your way. I learned about New Trent products from a Disney World trip planning podcast, the podcaster had good things to say about the model that she had and I decided to look into them. I have tried several smaller portable battery packs in the past. All of them saved my butt once or twice. But this one by far is the best I have ever used. Its built for working and playing hard. It reminds me of one of those power tool boom boxes you would see on a job site somewhere, just from the shock absorbing heavy duty look that it has.

It is rated at 14,000mAh. What does that mean for you? An Apple iPhone 5s has a 1560mAh battery in it. All things considered, you should be able to charge that new iPhone 5s with almost 9 full charges. A new iPad Air has a 8820mAh battery, so 1.5 times. This gives you the piece of mind to not have to worry about conserving your phone battery while spending all day at a theme park or wherever you may like to go. It has 2 usb outputs on it so that you can charge more than one device. Similar to most wall chargers that offer dual outputs for tablets and phones, you won’t get a quick charge if you have a phone plugged into the other port while your trying to charge a tablet. It is a bit bulkier than others, but others I have dealt with were not 14,000mAh in size either. It has the footprint of an iPhone 5s in an Otterbox case, and about twice as thick. It isn’t something I would want to carry around in my pocket all day, this belongs in a small backpack or something. Don’t let the size fool you, its built to withstand a truck running over it (no I didn’t test that, but give me one and I will try it :)

The only complaint I have of this unit is the little plug type doors that cover the usb ports were extremely hard to operate when I first unpackaged it. Since then they have loosened up enough to not require a screwdriver to pry them off. But honestly I’d rather have then firmly secure and protecting the usb ports than to have then all loose and falling out all the time.

All in all, i give it a 4.5 out of 5. This charger is ideal for someone that wants a power house of a charger and is not concerned with it being a little bigger. (Posted on 1/1/14)
A must have for the connected user Review by Aaron
this bad boy is the perfect power pack to charge and keep almost any device charged any where. i have yet to run it out of juice it kept my ipad2 and iPhone and also power a usb led light all day and had at least half charge left. very satisfied in its performance. if i ever kill it i will buy another. :) (Posted on 12/28/13)
Perfect for Camping! Review by Stephanie
New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger(NT140R-O):
This charger is a great item to bring out where there is no electricity. I
can think of a quite a few occasions where I could have used it. It holds
enough power to recharge your phone quite a few times. Great for camping
trips, boating trips or those long rides with a group of friends and only
one car charger. It's kind of heavy so not something you want to put in
your back pocket or purse. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Electronic owner MUST Review by Karen
Recently I got the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger(NT140R-B) for my Apple devices, I am tired of having devices loose battery power and not be able to do anything. My kids watch movies and play games all the time, and having the battery pack to charge the iPhone or iPad mini on the go (like their stroller) is awesome and reduces the stress of trying to get them to understand why they can't finish their movie (I have toddlers). Having the 2 charging ports is great, I don't have to pick the most important device first I can just do both at the same time.
As a teacher, I can see this being helpful and useful for the classroom, having wires across the floor can be a safety issue not to mention the number of plugs needed for charging, New Trent PowerPak Ultra could sit between the desks or center of a table charging kids iPads used in the classroom, completely safe and effectively. I rate this product a 4, its simple to use, just charge the PowerPak and GO, its a 4 only because it is a little heavy to carry in your purse/bag, it does charge devices quick, 2 at a time, and waterproof and durable, the weight was my only issue for pointing out. (Posted on 12/24/13)
perfect Portable Powerpack for tablet/smartphone user Review by Muzamal
It comes in a nice box. Inside you will find the
1.Powerpack ( 14,000mAh)
2.USB to micro USB cable
3.User manual

First Impressions:
The power pack is rugged and water proof, construction feels solid. On front there is power button and 4 LED lights. Each LED light represent the charge level of 25%.
1 LED = 25%
2 LED = 50%
3 LED = 75%
4 LED = 100%
On Top of unit you will find two Output USB Ports. Labeled as Output 1 and Output2. Both ports are cover with water proof cover.
Output1 = 5.0V 1A
Output2 = 5.0V 2.1


You can charge smartphone on Output 1 and iPad and tablet on Output 2 at a same time. The charging of PowerPak itself is very simple; use the cable included in package. Connect to input port and use any Apple or Samsung or any other USB charger to charge battery.

I am using this charger for charging my newly bought iPad air and note 3. I do travel a lot and don’t want to sit in front of wall socket at airports. This charger is perfect solution for heavy smartphone users like me.

I can charge my Note3 and IPad air from dead to 100% from single charge of PowerPak. Or note3 for 4 times on single charge of PowerPak.

Virtually every smartphone comes with micros-USB charging so, it’s a perfect device for scenario where you won’t have access to a power plug e.g. Off-Road camping, travelling. A must have gadget for tablet or iPad users. Especially if you are travelling, take my advice and buy this gadget before you leave.
(Posted on 12/22/13)
Perfect! Review by Jay
The pack has a very sturdy and durable feeling casing. Seems as if it can take quite a bit of impact before the device actually suffers any damage, which is a big advantage for using it on the go. The water proofing is great, dropped the pack in about a foot of water and I didn't see any bubbles or signs of water entering the case. The caps on the ports are air tight and remained dry. Just received the pack today, and time is the only test for the overall lifespan/durability but it seems as if it will weather a storm and then some.

The pack is a very simple device and straight to the point. Im very pleased with the charging rate of the pack itself. I was able to charge the pack to 100% in about 2.5 hours, which is fantastic. I am also pleased with the charging rate of the devices I plug into it. I plugged up my Android Phone (Motorola HD Maxx) as well as my Ipod (both have extended batteries) and in an hour they both were fully charged and the pack still indicated 4/4 bars of battery, which once again is fantastic. The Powerpack does exactly what it says it will which makes it worth every penny!

So far so good. My biggest concern was how long it actually took the Powerpack to get charged, and after testing that out and getting pretty good results, I will say I am pleased. I've only had it for a day, and time is the best test for reliability. I can post another review after I've put it to good use for extended period of time and see if it holds up when I need it, but once again so far so good!

I was kind of disappointed after unboxing the Powerpack, It felt it was very bulky and "toyish". Now this only bothered me until I started to use it. The device has met all of its performance promises and I prefer a functioning device over a "cool looking" one any day. It could have a smoother case, and look more modern and attractive, but I can live without all of that because the Powerpack works and works well! (Posted on 12/22/13)
Quality Powerpak! Review by John
If you are looking for a power source to run your many electronic
devices while on the go and wall outlets are in short supply this is the
As with any Newtrent product, my Powerpak Ultra came beautifully
packaged. Included are the Powerpak Ultra, a usb charging cable and a
small instruction booklet. Which leads me to why I have given this
device 4 stars instead of 5 stars. Since this device has such a high
mah rating it takes quite a while to recharge using my computer or a
normal usb wall charger. In my opinion even if it bumped the price up
slightly it would really be beneficial to include a high power wall
charger with this unit to try and cut down charging times. The device
is well built and seems to be quite durable. The little rubber tether
that holds the usb port caps to the device might benefit from a little
more length only because it worried me that they might eventually break
in the process of trying to plug and unplug usb cables which they are
slightly in the way of at their present length.
I ran down my iPhone 5 and my iPad 2 till they were almost totally dead
and the Powerpak Ultra had no problem at all charging them both back up
simultaneously and barely lost an led worth or power!
So other than the long charging time and the little rubber tether on the
caps this seems to be a great choice for an alternative power source for
all your new high tech devices! I would definitely suggest this to
anyone looking for a quality powerpak at a reasonable price point! (Posted on 12/21/13)
5 Out of 5 -- Excellent! Review by Janet
New Trent PowerPak 1400 sets the bar high! My first impression was “WOW – what a cool look!” I love the black and orange color combination but the look is just the beginning. It was immediately obvious that this is a well-built device that will really stand up to significant amounts of stress – much more than average wear and tear. The PowerPak is waterproof and shockproof with rubber around the exterior that makes for a very easy and firm grip.

But still the best part of this device is the extreme power! Charge capacity is 14000 mAh, but honestly I do not know what that means. What I do know is that I used the micro USB charger that came with the PowerPak and my own high speed USB wall charger to fully charge the device right out of the box, and then I have charged my iPad twice, my Samsung S4 five times, and my husband’s Samsung S3 once and I still have 1 bar remaining.

I also appreciate the ease of use for this device. No instructions necessary, even if you are not a technical wiz. Within minutes of opening the PowerPak, I had it plugged in and charging. It was almost fully charged, so it did not take long to fully charge and as soon as it was charged, I plugged in my iPad and charged it from 70% to 100% in about 90 minutes while I was also charging my S4 from a 10% charge to 100%. Over the course of the past 5 days, I have charged the iPad and S4 at the same time twice and the S4 and my husband’s S3 at the same time once.

Probably the best test came when I accidently dropped the PowerPak into a puddle while running from one building to another on my work campus during a heavy rainstorm two days after I received it. I took it to the office because I work long days and use my iPad in meetings for several hours each day. It rarely holds a charge for the entire time. That is the main reason I want a heavy duty portable battery charger – to keep my devices charged during my long workdays. After retrieving the PowerPak from the puddle, I dried it off and immediately plugged in both my iPad and my S4 – no problem! The PowerPak began charging the devices immediately.

I rarely give “glowing” reviews where I don’t find at least a one or two cons. However with the PowerPak, I have yet to find one. My son saw it on my desk last night and now I fear I may have to order another one if I ever want to use it again. If you live and die by the battery life of your technology gadgets, you need the PowerPak 1400. It provides amazing power, extreme protection, and a cool and edgy look that will not disappoint. (Posted on 12/21/13)
Portable power where you need it, when you need it Review by Chris
This is an awesome product! I’ve always thought about getting a product like this for times when I’m out on the lake fishing or boating, at the beach, in the backyard or just as a backup for the car. It does exactly what it says it does. It can power up whatever portable electronics you have and not just one at a time. I was able to charge both my Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 2 at the same time (see attached). Charge time is relatively quick for the Apple iPhone 5. I was also able to charge a completely dead Apple iPad 2. It took a few hours, but the battery capacity was there. The power indicator is helpful in keeping me aware of how much power is still remaining.

This is perfect for anyone who thinks they may be away from a power outlet for a prolonged period of time and using the smartphone for most of the day. The iPhone 5 battery life is somewhat disappointing as a whole, however, the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger (NT140R-O) helps it reach the potential it has by bringing the power to it when needed. The compact design makes it portable and not overly burdensome to travel around with. It’s easy to throw in a bag, glove box, or even purse.

I’m in the construction industry and I can see this going out on some of our out-of-the--ground projects where electricity is not yet installed and our superintendents are using their smartphones all day long. It’s like charging a battery for a cordless drill. Just connect it and go. The best thing about it is that it can easily go wherever the superintendent needs to, which could be yards away from his truck all the while keeping him connected to whomever needs to reach him. (Posted on 12/21/13)
Great battery powerpak! Review by Troy
I go the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger (NT140R-O) on Monday December 16, 2013 and I have already used it more than my smart phone. I fully charged the PowerPak Monday evening after receiving it and as of last night it still was able to charge my iPad while I was watching a movie while waiting for my wife at the doctors office. This PowerPak is able to charge two devices at once which makes things great for when my wife and my son need to charge something while we are out and about or on a road trip. Instead of running a cord from the cigarette lighter outlet, now we can just set the PowerPak in the back and my son can stay happy and play on his iPad. The other day my wife's iPad was just about dead and she had to plug it in, well the cord was to short for her to keep using the iPad with the charger plugged into the wall, so I gave her the PowerPak and she was able to charge her iPad and keep FaceBooking.

I know the description says it doesn't come with a wall adaptor to charge the PowerPak but with three different devices that need charging at times it would have been nice to get a wall adaptor with the PowerPak so the convenience of charging the PowerPak was better. Right now I have to dig around to unplug a current wall adaptor to charge the PowerPak. I would suggest making it an optional item to purchase with the PowerPak as a combo pack.

I know this would make the PowerPak bigger and I think the size is great the way it is now but it would be nice if there was storage compartment on the PowerPak to slide a cord in. This way when you are traveling or at work you don't have to carry and keep track of a cord to charge your devices. Right now I have three different devices and tree different cords, but by the end of the month my iPad and iPhone will have the same cords so being able to open that storage compartment and pull out the cord and plug it in would make it very convenient.

I would rate this PowerPak as a 5. With limited outlets at work and using my iPad for school work and studying for promotion while at work the PowerPak is great to keep me moving along without worrying about my iPad running out of battery. (Posted on 12/19/13)
Ruggedly constructed, great power capacity Review by Tim
I have owned several external battery devices. Some are smaller capacity and rugged, some are larger capacity but don't feel as rugged. The New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger is the first external battery charger I have owned that is both high capacity (at a whopping 14,000 mAh) and rugged enough that I would feel comfortable taking it just about anywhere. The exterior has rubberized corners to protect it from shocks and the input and outputs all have sealable caps giving the unit protection from both dirt and water.

And yes, I said outputs with a plural. Output one delivers 1 amp (perfect for smartphones), while output two delivers 2.1 amps (perfect for tablets). When I unpacked the unit, my first thought was "hey, it's orange, my favorite color". My second thought was "excellent, it comes fully charged and ready for action". See, I was at work and had a dead Samsung Galaxy S3 and a dead iPad 2 (both test devices that I use occasionally). By plugging each device into the appropriate output port, they were both usable and well on their way to a decent charge in no time. The battery charger is recharged via a supplied micro-USB cable so it's just a matter of hooking it up to your computer or USB wall charger.

I have used the unit with all of my portable devices: iPhone 4s, iPad Air, a pair of iPad 2's, Samsung Galaxy S3. I took it to the coffee shop this morning to keep my iPad Air humming along while I did some writing. It got a few comments because it's as nice looking as it is functional. I explained that it was way more convenient to use the battery pack than to have to worry about whether or not I would have access to a wall plug.

If you're looking for a high capacity external battery charger that will work as well on the desktop as it does in the car or the tent, the New Trent PowerPak Ultra: 14000mAh External Battery Charger is a great choice
(Posted on 12/19/13)
Rugged on the go Power Review by John
My first impression was that the Powerpak was a solid, well-built device that would hold up under extreme conditions of environment and use. The materials and construction were very good. The rubberized exterior prevents the unit from accidentally sliding around and was comfortable to grip. It was heavy but not excessively so. A plus was that the unit arrived fully charged and ready for use.

I used the Powerpak indoors and outdoors with an iPad Air, iPad Mini, 2 iPhone 5s, and the keyboard on an Airbender 2.0. Although I did not have time to develop any long-term data, there was no problem in fully charging the iPads twice or the iPhone 4 times on one full Powerpak charge. Operation was straightforward, the User Manual was easy to understand, and I was charging the iPad Air within minutes of opening the box. With a 2.1A Apple power adaptor, the Powerpak could be fully recharged in less than 8 hours.

One nice feature that I didn't see documented anywhere was that the unit automatically shuts off once the connected devices reach 100% charge.
(Posted on 12/18/13)
A massive and powerful battery pack that can go anywhere Review by Zachary
The New Trent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh external battery pack sets a new level in the world of battery packs.

-Massive 14000mAh lithium-polymer battery inside (can charge my iPhone 5 around 8 times on 1 full charge of the battery pack)
-2 USB ports (“Output 1” has an output of 1 amp/5 volts and “Output 2” has an output of 2.1 amps/5 volts) (3.1 amps of max output)
-Micro USB port to charge the battery pack (can be charged at a max of 2 amps/5 volts)
-Waterproof (submergible up to 3ft for up to 1 hr), dirt proof and shockproof (light drops and bumps)
-Each port has a flap/cover that keeps water and other materials from getting inside the battery pack (the flaps need to be closed to make the battery pack waterproof/dirt proof)
-Comes with a micro USB cable to charge the battery pack
-Rugged design with protection on all sides like an Otterbox case to protect from drops
-Good grip when in hand but no worry if you drop it because it is shockproof
-Made with high quality materials
-Solidly built
-4 LED battery gauge to indicate how much battery is left in the battery pack (each of the 4 LED’s means 25% of the batteries capacity)
-Great price for this battery pack

No cons that I can think of.

This is the Otterbox Armor case of battery packs!

This is one of the best battery packs I have received and I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 12/18/13)
A MUST!! Review by Christie
I would give this product a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Amazing product, especially since it is waterproof, dirtproof, and shock proof. It provides the ability to charge two items at once which we have utilized with both my husband and I’s iPhones at the same time and my iPhone and iPad at the same time. The iPad charge is a bit slower in comparison but the iPhones charge at an awesome speed and the ability to recharge at least 5 times before needing to recharge the powerpak. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Dependable back up power for on the go Review by Mark
I was interested in the Powerpak as I attend conferences several times a year. Depending on where the conference is being held or where in the building you may be could have a bearing on how long your phones internal battery lasts. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 if I am in 4G coverage area I get excellent battery life from the internal battery. If however the signal is weak then the phone works harder to maintain connection with the cellular network and causes the battery to discharge at a faster rate. Having the ability to charge my phone without having to leave the room will mean I will no longer miss parts of the presentations. As I also use my phone as a voice recorder and camera this will increase those capabilities as well.

I also spend time outdoors camping and fishing, here again if coverage is weak then the phones internal battery discharges faster, so having the knowledge that I have the back up battery will add to peace of mind knowing that if needed the phone will not be dead. It is also nice to know that because of the ruggard design of the Powerpak it can take being tossed in a tackle box without fear that you are going to damage the unit.

Right out of the box I found that the Powerpak arrived fully charged. As I had been expecting the Powerpak I did not charge several of my electronic devices.

Motorola Bionic with extended battery was completely dead and the Powerpak fully charged it

Samsung Galaxy S4 was 50% charged Powerpak fully charged it
Wife's Samsung Galaxy S4 was 60% charged and the Powerpak charged it

iPad Mini was at 30% charge and the Powerpak fully charged it
iPad 2 was at 35% and the Powerpak fully charged it

I was able to charge all of the devices mentioned without recharging the Powerpak. After charging all of these devices there was still one light lit on the Powerpak.

The Powerpak is waterproof so I filled the sink with water and put the Powerpak in the sink and left it there for about 10 minutes. When I took it out of the water I dried it off and then used it to charge a phone.

The Powerpak will appeal to everyone student, sportsman or businessman as this will give them the ability to do more with their electronic devices for a longer period of time without interruption. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Amazing product Review by Justin
This Powerpak is very easy to use and fits just about anywhere. I have had the Powerpak on for 2 days now and it is still going strong. No doubt this Powerpak is rugged. I have tested it in my pool for a few minutes and after it dried, it still worked perfectly. I have also dropped it on my carpet a few times from about 6 feet and nothing is wrong with the case. The two USB ports makes this product amazing. I can charge my iPhone and iPad no matter where I am now and I don't need an outlet to do it. I had very high expectations for this Powerpak and it exceeded my expectations completely. The quality, durability, and it's ability to hold such a great charge for a long period of time is amazing to me. This product gets an obvious 5 because it has gone above and beyond my expectations. I can tell a lot of work went into making this product and I'm here to tell all of you at NewTrent that your time and effort has payed off with this product. I am very pleased with my Powerpak (Posted on 12/15/13)

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