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PowerPak +

PowerPak +

Product Review (submitted on February 11, 2014):
New Trent packs a lot of power, pun intended, into a little device that
seems to be the perfect answer to my need for power backup for my Google
Nexus 7 and my Galaxy 4S.

The NT-135T will come in handy on my trans-Pacific adventures to
Cambodia, where I assist with a Long Beach, California, charity, Hearts
Without Boundaries, that brings cardiac specialists to the Khmer kingdom
to fix the defective hearts of poor children.

Traveling back and forth entails extended periods when I need the
assurance of dependable backup power and my first few weeks with the
NT-135T suggest that this powerful little block, slightly smaller than a
paperback book, has the punch to do the job. When it arrived I powered
it up and then used it to charge up the depleted batteries of the Nexus
and the Galaxy, which it did quickly and efficiently.

The NT-135T features two USB ports, one for Smartphones and a punchier
one for tablets, and with its minimalist controls is essentially
idiot-proof, although a better way of indicating its real-time power
level would be a plus in future editions. For charging it’s a BYOP –
Bring Your Own Plug – story. A wall plug is not included, but that is no
big deal since we all have scads of the USB plug devices laying around
and after I tried several it was evident that any one apparently works
just fine.

Construction is downright sturdy so I have no fears of it getting dinged
in my backpack as I wander around the Cambodian outback. The only real
control is a simple two-second on/off button (Two seconds keeps you from
accidentally turning it on).

Several weeks of around-the-house use have been impressive and I can’t
wait until April, when we return to Cambodia to prep for a June medical
mission. That will to give it a true in-the-air test (takes about 30
hours in airports and on airplanes to get from Los Angeles International
Airport to Phnom Penh).

Overall, the NT-135T is a solid performer at a reasonable price. Now if
they could figure out a way to make it work with the weird proprietary
plug on my Surface 2 Pro.

And one other thought: Recently I had the chance to deal with New Trent
on an unrelated issue and found their customer service to be responsive,
efficient, user friendly and just downright friendly.