Airbender Mini Rugged iPad mini Keyboard Case

Compatible: iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2 + iPad mini 3 ONLY. NOT for iPad mini 4

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Airbender Mini Rugged iPad mini Keyboard Case
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The best protection for your iPad Mini! Review by Mike
After using this case for a couple of days, I've found it to be very durable and reliable. Unfortunately, it is slightly cumbersome just for day to day use, but if you use the iPad rigorously this case is perfect. The material used for this case is high-quality, and it feels comfortable to hold because of it. The hinge offers different viewing angles and the clip offers 360 degree rotation of the iPad. One of the best features is that you're easily able to detach the keyboard and hinge by squeezing the two clips together. The in-built screen protector is wonderful and smooth, but initially it felt a little rough on the fingertips. Also, the all of the ports are covered with rubber, so it is protected from spills. (Posted on 6/23/14)
Very rugged, great with or without the keyboard attached Review by Tom L
I've tried three different cases now for my iPad Mini with Retina display.
After several weeks of use, the New Trent Airbender Mini has become my
preferred case due to its high level of protection (it truly is a rugged
case) and flexibility.

For those that have done their research with the iPad Mini with Retina
Display, you KNOW that it is not the same size as Apple's original iPad Mini.
It might only be fractions of a millimeter here and there, but it matters
with tight fitting cases. So, I am happy to report that the New Trent Airbender case
fits PERFECTLY on my Mini with Retina Display. No worries there. Yes,
there's even a hole for the second microphone that Apple put on the backside
of the Retina Display model (seems to be a spot forgotten by other vendors).

The case is VERY rugged. It consists of five pieces... the rubber
protection piece for the back and edges of the screen, a screen protector
with edges, a back plate for the screen to snap in the protector, the
bluetooth keyboard, and the metal hinge piece. All ports have rubber plugs
covering them except for the two microphones, and there are holes for the
speakers. Thus, the case is water resistant and not water proof. It seemed
that the sound from the speakers was even BETTER with the case on... not
sure how New Trent did that.

The keyboard pairs easily and reliably with bluetooth, and the on/off switch
for the bluetooh is ON TOP and easily accessed rather than being recessed
along the side. Finally someone figured out that the on/off switch matters.
The keyboard is also rugged, but "mini" since this is for an iPad Mini, so
expect cramped typing. I adapted easily enough, but I can't say that I'd
want to do it for hours at a time, but that has been my experience with
other keyboards for the mini as well. The keyboard charges with a micro USB
port (cord included, no adapter though) and it has a red LED indicator that
shows when it is charging, and it turns off when it is full (NICE feature).
I used it for weeks without charging, so I can't tell you how long the
charge on the keyboard will last. Longer than the Mini will last though.

The metal hinge includes a connector that attaches to the screen very easily.
As a matter of fact, the best part of this product is the ability to
VERY easily take the screen off the keyboard and use it just as a tablet in
a well-protected case. A+ to New Trent.... no more popping the screen out
of the case every time you want to use it just as a tablet.

When the screen is connected to the keyboard, the hinge mechanism allows the
iPad Mini to be used in both portrait mode or landscape mode, and you can
also lay the screen almost flat on the keyboard if you don't want to detach

When shut, the screen is well protected from the keyboard keys and there is
a rubber catch to keep the case shut.

I really love this product for its ability to protect the Mini well and
allow it to still be used as a tablet without completely disassembling it
from the case. With the keyboard combination, it's good to have the
portrait and landscape options for the screen. The screen stays in position
with the hinge on its own... you don't need to lean the screen against

Total review = 5 out of 5, with a special note that the case is worth it
alone for the rugged protection of the Mini. The keyboard is a bonus that
makes the package travel well for any versatility you will need.
(Posted on 6/21/14)
Great Overall Product Review by Joshua
What a great overall product!

The things I love are:

1) the durability. This thing can handle a lot of wear and tear and holds up perfectly. My 18 month old daughter gets her hands on my iPad mini from time to time and both the case and iPad are non-destructible with this product.

2) its ability to turn an iPad into a laptop. My laptop died almost 2 years ago, and since I had just graduated from college and figured I was done writing papers, I figured an iPad mini would suit all my technological needs, and it basically has. But if you are writing long emails, blogs, etc, the keyboard is a must.

3) High quality covers over buttons and ports. It just makes it feel like it's being protected from dirt and dust. I like that.

There are only 3 things I don't like about this product:

1) If you already have a screen protector, the screen protector on this sticks to it and makes it look bad. Not a huge deal, plus you can always take off the original screen protector.

2) The keyboard is not the standard keyboard and takes some getting used to. This is understandable since it has to be small enough to fit with the iPad mini's dimensions.

3) It is almost impossible to remove, and when you do remove it little pieces break, but I guess I'm hoping it holds up long enough that I won't have to remove and replace it for a long time.

Would definitely recommend the Airbender Mini to all iPad Mini users. (Posted on 6/12/14)
Wonderfully Rugged, Bluetooth Enabled Review by Madeline
I would have given this keyboard case five stars if the keyboard could light up and if the punctuation marks were in the spots I'm used to finding them. However, if the keyboard had the lighting feature, I could instantly forgive the placement of the punctuation marks. I also wish it was a wee bit lighter in weight. Also, this case is maddeningly difficult to install, and the instructions are not very clear, at least not to someone like me. However, once you struggle, cry, struggle some more, break a couple of fingernails, nap, take a deep breath, try again, FINALLY find success and install the case, it's actually very pleasing. This is a terrific product, perfect for the ipad user who's exposed to the outdoor elements or perhaps the cook who loves to follow recipes in the kitchen, or the camper who's especially active. The case is equally frustrating to remove, so be prepared to marry your ipad to it once it is on. (Posted on 6/5/14)
AMAZING PRODUCT Review by Ginger
The Airbender Mini Keyboard Case (NT31B) is an AMAZING product. I am very happy with the craftsmanship and ease of use. My husband is a landscaper and said that he no longer feels hesitant of taking the I-Pad Mini on jobs with him because of the rugged construction. My 12 year old has really gotten into reading and writing fan fiction short stories and she absolutely loves using the I-Pad to write them now. She said it is a lot easier than using the laptop and since she can take the I-Pad with her, she is able to write as it comes to her no matter where she is. I would most definitely recommend the Airbender Mini Keyboard Case (NT31B) to everybody that has an I-Pad mini. (Posted on 5/28/14)
This is an AMAZING case Review by Domingos
I got this case for my iPad Mini because it looked really cool and useful in the pictures. When I received my case I immediately got excited when I opened it... The quality of the case is amazing and extremely durable. The battery for the case have a very long durability. I used it for over a week without turning off the Bluetooth and amazingly it still has battery. It is very rugged which I like because it protects my device from harm and can be detached from the keyboard easily when I don't need the keyboard. What I love most about it is the style and the feel of the case and the fact that the keys on the keyboard contain functions which can actually control the iPad like the volume or the home button. I have no complaints from this case other then I feel that it could be a bit lighter, but that is not at all a problem and I love the case all the same. I extremely recommend this case to anyone, especially a business person who is traveling on the go and does not have the space for the bulkiness of a laptop. (Posted on 5/26/14)
Beefy case Review by Will
1st impressions:

The item came in a nice solid box, and was excited to open it and install it with my iPad Mini 16gb (MD528LL/A. I unwrapped the product and briefly looked through the installation manual which went over the bluetooth pairing and a few pictures on how to install the sleeve for the iPad mini. The instruction manual also recommended to watch an installation video on the newtrent website. I watched the video, and it seemed simple enough. I proceeded to charge the keyboard while I install the sleeve on the iPad.


This has got to be the most frustrating sleeve to install. First, i needed to detach the sleeve from the arm that is attached to the keyboard. There is a two spring clips on the arm that you press together and the sleeve case comes off. There was no instructions for this. Then I had the hardest time removing the soft outer sleeve from the hard inner case. I felt that the soft sleeve would rip as it did not slide off with thumb pressure. Once I got the sleeve apart, got the iPad in the hard case, and tried to install the soft sleeve, another wave of frustration set in. The home button cover that is part of the soft sleeve has small tabs that need to slide under the hard case. Very frustrating to get it to install properly. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and eventually got it in by installing the home button area first before the rest of the case. I must have spent about 1 hour putting it all back together properly.

Keyboard pairing:

The keyboard charged up fully at this time and I was able to pair the keyboard with my iPad Mini without any hassles. Keyboard works perfectly fine. I decided to pair the keyboard with my iPhone 5 32GB and it worked fine. I also paired the keyboard with my PS3, that worked perfectly fine. One thing to note is that because the keyboard has a pairing code that has to be entered on the keyboard itself, you cannot have the keyboard paired up with multiple devices at once. After testing with my PS3, I switched the iPad's Bluetooth on, but needed to go through the pairing process again. I guess this is a double edged sword as if you don't turn off your Bluetooth on your devices, the keyboard would interface with multiple devices at once.

Overall usage:

This case/keyboard is robust, heavy duty, and I feel safe that my iPad is protected. I'd say that typing on the keyboard is definitely faster than using the on screen keyboard, that is once you get used to entering punctuation's, such as apostrophe, and question marks. These are a bit difficult to enter at first, as well as the location of the backspace/delete key. I constantly entered the plus key when trying to hit the delete key. It just wasn't far up and right enough. The keyboard also has function keys for volume, forwards and back for music playback, and copy, cut and paste keys. One function I could not get working was what looks like an internet icon, just didn't seem to do anything. Later I found this change language, however, still not sure how that is supposed to work. Another unusual but helpful key was the key that acts like a home button. That was really helpful to use. The keyboard clam shell design with a swiveling arm for the iPad is a bit cumbersome to use. My girl friend grabbed the iPad and found it difficult and cumbersome to use while in bed. Once I made her familiar with how to remove the keyboard from the iPad, it was easier to use while lying down in bed. Overall, its a good product and for the price that is listed. It does seem reasonable. This would be perfect for traveling and doing work, it essentially turns the iPad into a tablet. The Since the keyboard is removable, it works great when you want just the iPad without the bulk. The case does have an overlay on the cameras, which does induce some glare when there is a strong light source. Speakers are not obstructed at all and sound quality is still good. Overall, I would rate this product a 4 out of 5 star.

Constructive Criticism:

Instructions could include more details on installation and removal of the iPad from the keyboard, as well as the swinging arm that slides out. These were pretty much a bit of a learn as you go, and some users may not be so mechanically inclined.

The TPU homebutton could be redesigned for a better installation. Possibly with a detent system rather than small tabs. This might save some frustration.

Include another latching mechanism on both sides of the case, this would allow for any orientation of the iPad to be closed in.

I think as far as case designs go, I would prefer a inner TPU case with hard outer shell. Seems more sturdy. (Posted on 5/23/14)
great case Review by brad
Case is a visual treat, with ease of use very high in lap and desk scenarios. It does face some challenges in the use of the keyboard, even with small hands (frequently used keys require the use of a function key, such as ' and ?). The overall case has a good weight to it, and doesn't cause the iPad to feel too bulky. The closure clasp doesn't hold strongly, but does well enough. Bluetooth pairing was easy, and even made connecting to other devices (iphone 4s ATT) simple. The screen protector shows smudges when not in use, but they are not very noticeable while using the iPad. The keyboard is simple to remove and reattach from the device, and holds a charge very well (left on overnight with no dent in overall time of use). I do wish the pivot connector had a bit more tension for positioning.

This case would be perfect when a full laptop isn't very reasonable (mid-flight, during meetings, etc). Compared to my non-case integrated keyboard, this is a complete joy, and easily replaces it. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Case + keyboard == win! Review by Vince
Off the bat, what I really like about the case is the Bluetooth keyboard. My iPad Mini isn't something I use a lot professionally but I do like to bring it to work so that I can check on my personal e-mail accounts and social media without using my work computer. Responding to e-mails and commenting on what my friends are doing is much easier with the keyboard.

The ruggedness of the case is a real plus for me. I take my iPad Mini almost everywhere I go and not having to worry about dropping it or sliding off a table is a real plus. I can also toss it in my backpack or messenger back and not have to worry about it getting crushed or scratched by the other things in my bag or if I accidentally drop it too hard.

I do enjoy that the portion with the iPad Mini can separate from the keyboard and operate as a stand. I forsee myself using it to put the iPad up higher so I don't have to crane my neck down to look and type at the same time. It's also handy for putting a video on and walking around the house with it, putting it down where needed.

The other little feature that I like is that I can separate the case part from the stand as well and walk around with just an iPad in a protective case. It's very handy for those times I need a smaller profile.

My only real gripe is the keyboard is a little cramped for my hands. Probably unavoidable with something the size of the iPad Mini but it does make touch typing a little difficult for me. It could also just be something that I need to get used to so I figure with more time with the keyboard, I'll enjoy it more. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Writing A Breeze Review by Phil
I find the Airbender to be a delightful addition to my Mini. It essentially turns a tablet into a laptop but retains the best features of both. I do a lot of writing and having the keyboard obviates the need for me to run upstairs to my computer whenever I have anything of consequence to write. The keyboard layout is good and, though I have large hands, easy to use. I believe that the Airbender would be a welcome addition for anyone needing a small, efficient laptop at meetings. My daughter, who attends meetings and conferences regularly in her work, no longer uses her iPad because it is clumsy and difficult to type on. The Airbender would solve that problem for her and for others in her situation. In addition, the fact that the keyboard can be removed so easily retains all the features one is used to in a Mini. And the ability to use it as a stand makes viewing videos, photos, and e-mails simple and convenient.
(Posted on 5/20/14)

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