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PowerPak Xtreme (black)

Compatible: Smartphones and Tablets

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT120R-B

  • RECOMMEND - Power User

  • CAPACITY - 12000 mAh Power

  • LIFE - 500x Charge Cycle

  • OUTPUT - 2.1A (tablet) and 1A (phone)

Availability: In stock

MSRP: $59.95

Price: $51.95

PowerPak Xtreme (black)

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PowerPak Xtreme : NT120R
12,000 mAh

Meet The Tank

The PowerPak Xtreme acts like a tank without feeling like one. Weighing in at just 11 ounces, it's a heavy-hitter with 12,000 mAh of charge capacity and dual USB ports that can keep both your tablet & smartphone up and running 24/7.



Drop Resistant and Water Proof

The PowerPak Xtreme was built for extreme conditions and environments. It sports a durable, matte exterior finish that is waterproof when submerged 3 feet for up to an hour. With its thick, thermoplastic casing, this device can easily handle impact and drops of up to one meter.

Built For The Rugged

Designed by the adventurer, for the adventurer. The PowerPak Xtreme can accompany you to high altitudes, fight off bad weather, and remain unscathed after staying clipped to the outside of your backpack all day long.



iPhone 5 battery life testing

iPhone Without PowerPak Xtreme With PowerPak Xtreme
Video playback (audio ON) 8 hours +/- 47 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 7 hours

+/- 40 hours

note: test are done in control environment with normal cellphone use. result are for comparison purposes and user may experience various result outside of the stated test numbers.

* Number derived from total number of recharge from iGeek and total use time combined.


The new iPad (3rd gen) battery life

iPad Without PowerPak Xtreme

With PowerPak Xtreme
Video playback (audio ON) 10 hours +/- 20 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 10 hours

+/- 20 hours

note: test are done in control environment with normal tablet use. result are for comparison purposes and user may experience various result outside of the stated test numbers.

* Number derived from total number of recharge from iGeek and total use time combined.


Package Content:

- PowerPak Xtreme NT120R External Battery Unit    
- Standard Micro-USB Charge Cable  
- User Manual


PowerPak Xtreme
Li Ion Polymer Battery
12000 mAh
Standard Micro-USB Input 
regular USB 5V@1A
regular USB 5V@2A
5.2 x 2.8 x 1.3 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
11oz | 14.4oz
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Very good Review by TKL
I bought this charger to charge my iphone when I was using my iPhone as a GPS for golf, traveling, etc. It works great. I can fully charge my phone at least 6 times and maybe more with this battery. I highly recommend it. The door is a little hard to open but the charging power more than makes up for that.
(Posted on 6/25/14)
Works great Review by KB3NZQ
I live this pack. I only have one problem and that is it doesn't have the power to charge my NEXUS 7 (2012 model) while I'm playing Ingress or Listening to IHeart Radio. I have tried both the cable that came with the NEXUS 7 and the one that came with the pack. The best i can get out of it even plugged in the 2.1A jack is that it cuts the rate that my battery dies by about 50%.
(Posted on 6/2/14)
The power I need... Review by John
I would easily give it 5 stars if the door at the end of the charger were easier to open, or I could open it without damaging the door. There's no way you can open this door with your fingers, the detents which hold the door closed are just way too secure. I understand the reasoning behind this design, it's so this unit can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. That's fantastic. However, If I use a wide flat-blade screwdriver and give it a twist, the door opens, but both the door and the device itself become marred from the edges on the screwdriver digging into the plastic of the door and case. Maybe this won't get worse over time, maybe it will. Either way, the smooth edge of the door and charger are no longer smooth and running a finger over either makes me wonder if I might cut myself at some point in the future. Sandpaper might take care of this, but I figure this is something I shouldn't have to do.
[update] I found that when I used that same wide, flat-blade screwdriver to open this door, going up, won't open the door, but going down, the door will open and leave no marks. (Review updated to 5 stars)

For charging, it's a fantastic convenience. I have not yet drained this battery pack before I was able to get some place where I could charge it. This bodes well for using it as a GPS charger during future week-long canoe trips. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Durable, versatile battery pack Review by Donna
The case is very durable.
It fits very well in a woman's hand and will not slip out of it. It also fits in the pocket of my handbag which is a bonus for any woman. We don't like things to get lost in that bottomless pit we call our handbags.
It is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof. I don't know how that could get better than this.
Having the dual USB ports is a bonus. I have charged my original iPad and iPhone 5 at the same time. I am a heavy user for both. In the beginning I it didn't seem to charge my iPad fully but the last few times it has. If I charge my iPhone 5 separately, it charges it quite a number of times before I have to plug it in to recharge it. If I do both devices at the same it, it was twice. But the iPad pulls quite a bit more power so I think if you get two full charges for both devices before you have to recharge it, it is a great device. I plugged the charger in the wall charger and charged it overnight. It was ready for use when I was ready to use it in the morning.

The power button works a little hard but still not a huge problem.
The latch on the USB/charge door is hard to open. I left it unlatched once I got it open. I was afraid I might break the latch in the long run. If I go on a trip or need to pack it, I will relatch it but in the meantime it is okay to leave it as is. Not sure how to correct this but it would be a good idea if it could be updated somehow.

All in all.....this is the best all around charger I have used. New Trent always makes great products. I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Best Portable Power Pack On the Market Review by Michael
I have purchased many portable power packs to provide my iPhone, iPad, and headphones with extended battery life. The amount of data that I use on these devices simply cannot be supported with the iOS battery. I have looked for portable power supplies that, first and foremost, are capable of providing multiple devices with more than one full charge without needing to be recharged itself when I am on an extended trip. I also needed a power supply that was rugged enough to handle being tossed around in my laptop bag, dropped, resistant to moisture. And finally, I needed a power pack that I could slip in my pocket for on-the-go times when I didn't have my laptop bag with me. The only portable power pack that I have found that met, and in fact exceeded, my requirements was the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme. Hands down one of my favorite, most useful, and dependable gadgets. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great device for daily life and adventure Review by stephen
The Powerpak Xtreme is by far the best portable power device I have used. Road trips, long plane rides with maybe even longer layovers (no place to plugin), backpacking (recharges my garmin), and daily work traveling is where I have incorporated the powerpak. Its been dropped, stepped on, tossed, and even attempted to drink coffee or at least I spilled some on it. Bottom line, it meets my needs and it keeps working. Rating: 5. I gave this rating based on performance, durability, and its versatility. I recommend this charger to anyone who is alive, on the go, and needs reliable equipment. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Awesome! Review by Happymama
I bought this external battery not really knowing what to expect, since it's my first one. It arrived fully charged-showing 4 lit LEDs, and I plugged my iPhone 5s into the 1a port. It quickly charged up to 80% and then slowed for the last 20%, similar to a standard wall charging. As I'm off on a camping trip next weekend, I decided to solely use this external battery to charge my phone until I ran the battery down to no charge, so I could get an idea of how long I can go before needing to recharge it. I loved charging on the go, in my handbag, at the beach, all over the place all weekend. I'm a rather heavy phone user-on it for several hours each day since I use it as reader and my kids use it for gaming too. I was able to get approximately 6 full charges out of the battery over 5 days before I needed to plug it in.

The only negative was how the flip cover to the ports was a bit stiff/tricky to open the first time, until I realized that sticking my fingernail in and flicking out rather than down pops it open much more easily.

Great product so far! (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great Durable battery pack !!!! Review by Ryan
High quality battery pack here folks. It is rugged ( waterproof,shockproof,drop-proof) and holds a big charge to feed todays demanding devices. I can charge my nexus 5 phone around 4 times on a full charge from this pack. The only downsides are the weight but to have a large capacity , you have to accept some weight. I am excited to try this while backpacking and will report back to see how long solar panels take to charge it. Right now charge by outlet takes around 7 hrs. (Posted on 5/4/14)
Great item highly recommended Review by Irit
This charger is built
like a tank. It’s rugged, tough and provides copious amount of juice for
multiple electronic devices that my family owns.

My family is very outdoorsy and now I always carry PowerPak Xtreme with me, whether it’s my car, park or a hike around a lake or up a mountain. Being a prepper, it is nice to know that when grid goes down, I will have the ability to use my electronics devices for many days. This could literally be a life saver. I like the fact that I don’t have to baby this device around, I throw it in my backpack and I know it will be safe there, no matter the weather or conditions. It is in the
heavy side, but I would like ruggedness and extremely high capacity (12k) and
would be willing to trade a few ounces for those qualities. I like to have my
phone and iPad (leisure reading material, books with maps, outdoor cooking, survival skills, etc.) and its good to know that both devices can be used for the
duration of multi-day trips, even without close proximity to power sources.This
device would be great for anyone working or enjoying outdoors (a park
ranger, a construction worker, soldier/navy seal, ski patrol, etc) (Posted on 4/29/14)
Review of the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R-B) Review by Yousif
This battery pack is one of the best for the price. With my iPhone 4s, I was able to charge it a handful of times and having charge still left in the battery for more use. Having previously owned the iTorch, this was a big upgrade. The iTorch comes in handy when space is limited and does the job well but if you have a little bit more room, the PowerPak Xtreme is the way to go.

Its great for when multiple devices need charging because of the two ports. And the 5V/2.1A port is useful for charging tablets such as the iPad 2 whereas smaller battery packs can not charge them fully. It is also very reliable when a friend or family member has a device that needs charging.

This PowerPak, just like all of New Trents products, looks very nice. Its also very durable and can take a lot of impact when dropped. It is also water and dirt proof which is great because accidents happen and with this product, you wont have to worry when it drops in a puddle of water or into sand when on the beach.

Overall, this product is a must buy for someone looking for a battery pack. Its definitely worth the price. New Trent makes great and affordable products.

(Posted on 4/26/14)
It continues to save my "can't find time to charge" behind Review by Aubrey
Sorry ahead of time for the long review!

I use a Samsung Note II. During this review period with the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R-B) my phone was charged fully each morning and I did not charge the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme other than a full charge on the first day and a “you did well” charge on the last day. This review turned into a journal of its use, its subsequent successes, and my (admittedly few) reservations about the product.

Quick Review:
New Trent Device Offering Charge: PowerPak Xtreme (NB120R-B)
My Device Requiring a Charge: Samsung Note II
Rating of New Trent Device: 5 (excellent)
Comments: I overuse my phone and it frequently dies before the end of the day. The PowerPak Xtreme has been great to provide a battery boost before my drive home or a full phone charge when I’m forgetful. On the note of being forgetful, it’s been great to have a unit that carries plenty of charging capacity. The PowerPak Xtreme took me through a work week of charging needs without needing a recharge itself. It pulls beyond its own weight in usefulness and has become a staple in my bag.

Full Review:
I began my testing on 3/24/2014 by giving the unit a full charge overnight. When I turned it on the next morning (3/25/2014) it was at full charge and all 5 lights were showing it was ready for action. I let it stay on the charger until that evening at 8:35PM when I plugged in my phone at 3% battery with the provided cable. Despite the provided cable seating a little loose into the USB port, the charging commenced without a hitch. I let the phone and charger sit until 9:30PM and checked. The battery was at 35%, not bad. Another hour went by with no phone use and by 10:30PM the charge was at 60%. At this point I fell asleep with the phone hooked up to the PowerPak. By morning, the phone was at full charge. The PowerPak had only suffered one unit of power loss.

I grabbed the PowerPak to fuel my entertainment needs while cleaning an empty house we had just moved from. I ended the day with a stunning 7% left on my phone battery, made it to the dirty house, and immediately plugged it into the PowerPak. Shortly after, I started up Netflix. Usually this is a huge drain on my battery, especially when not floating on a wireless signal (pure 4G here). To my surprise, the PowerPak not only supported the battery life but added to it. Perhaps there is something wrong with my car charger, but when handling more battery heavy tasks (entertainment, GPS, etc.) the battery is only maintained or just drained more slowly. After a job well done, the PowerPak was given the night off.

Today I had a chance to charge two phones, my Samsung Note II (starting at 3% battery life) and my husband’s Nokia 920 (starting at 5% battery life). I left them charge for an hour without use and each charged to around 30%. The PowerPak, which was given the night off again, was now down to 3 power indicator lights.

I charged my phone from 25% to full power with no use; this knocked the PowerPak down to 2 lights.

Throughout the day, with short charges here and there, the PowerPak made it down to one light. With the device nearing its end, I decided to test the waterproof claim. I let it sit, fully submerged, under 3 inches of water for 55 minutes. I pulled it out, wiped it down and popped open the charging port protector. The only thing that concerned me was there were some droplets of water around the charging ports; nothing inside the ports themselves, but a few speckles under the clip to make me wonder if any was actually seeping in. I pressed the power button and the last power light came on. Just to be absolutely sure, I plugged in my phone and, lo and behold, it began charging. After a few minutes of charging the last light began to blink and the PowerPak went to sleep. Time for a charge

I charged the PowerPak through this morning and it charged up just fine. I pulled it off its charger only to get a bit of juice for my phone, then returned it to its charger an hour later. I submerged it one more time, just to double check the “water near the ports” issue I was having. I clicked the port shield closed, had my husband check it to ensure it was all set, and let it sit for 10 minutes. I then removed it from the 3 inches of water, dried the outside completely, and flipped open the port shield again. There were the drops of water again. I knew, this time, it wasn’t from errant drops on the outside of the unit. They must, at some point, seep into the area. They are small and do no harm to the unit, but they are there. All that said, I really can’t see a time when this unit would be submerged (at least for me). It would survive even a heavy rain just fine, and that is good enough for me.
(Posted on 4/25/14)
Very nice product Review by Jeffrey
New Trent PowerPak Extreme 12,000mah battery pack.
I bought the PowerPak Extreme to test out and what
a pack it is! This is a standard
battery pack that has been ruggedized to some extent. Up
on opening the package I was
greeted by a very simple overall package consisting of the
battery unit itself, a micro
USB charging cable and an instruction booklet. They were a
lso kind enough to include a
2 port wall charger but I don’t think that is part of the
standard package. In the booklet
are instructions on how to see the status of the batter
y charge as well as an informational
paragraph about using a USB charger with it, like one you w
ould get with your phone.
The battery pack itself is about 6inches by about 2.5 inches
by about .5 inches. It is not
big by any means, but still manages to pack 12000mah. It has
ruggedized corners and
seems to be rubberized around the edges. While it is not mi
l spec, it definitely seems to
be able to take a beating. In my limited tests, I dropped
it on concrete and from a car
door about 5 feet, with it taking no damage whatsoever. T
he battery has three ports, a
charging micro usb in the middle, a 1a 5v port on the left
and a 2.1a 5v port on the right
for bigger devices like an iPad or another tablet. It came
with about ½ a charge, but I
went ahead and charged it up fully before using it. After
leaving it overnight (about 8
hours), it was fully charged and ready for action. I gav
e it a test for about 2 days,
charging whenever my phone would get low. Using the cable t
hat was included with my
phone, it was able to go from as little as 5% charge to
fully charged in about 4 hours.
This will by no means take the place of a dedicated char
ger, but if you have this in your
backpack and are not near an outlet, it will definitel
y allow your devices to chug along
for a while! I have the galaxy note 3, so I should be able
to get about 3.5 full charges
from it before it is dead. I have not tried it with oth
er devices but will continue testing.
In conclusion, this is a wonderful battery pack that is
well worth the money, both for its
capacity and it rugged good looks. It would fit well within any
geeks backpack for those
times when you are just not close to an outlet but stil
l need a charge for your tablet or
your phone.
Easy to charge
2 ports for different devices
Battery cover seems flimsy
No charger included by default
(Posted on 4/25/14)
Durable, long-lasting power supply. Review by Brian
I am extremely impressed with this battery. I cannot imagine a more durable,
overbuilt, dependable battery. My first impression upon opening it up was
it is incredibly solid and dense feeling, which is good. The design is
rugged and it looks and feels as if it can withstand plenty of abuse.

It take a decent amount of pressure to engage the power button, which I see
as positive. My previous battery charger had a button that was too easy to
engage and I would often find that it had been turned on by something in my
laptop bag and subsequently the battery would drain before I had a chance
to use it. Another feature that I love about this battery charger is that
it has an auto shut off feature. If the battery isn't being used or when
the device being charged is fully charged, the battery shuts off
automatically. The door that covers the USB ports is difficult to open,
but that is likely a necessity to maintain the waterproof nature of the
battery. This doesn't bother me at all. There are 4 blue lights to
indicate the amount of charge remaining, which is also nice. There are
dual USB ports: a standard 1A port for charging smartphones and a 2.1A port
for tablets. I really like the fact that I can charge two devices at once,
including my iPad.

It takes a long time--about 12 hours--to fully charge this battery, but
with good reason. The capacity of this batter is absolutely incredible.
After an initial full charge, I have been able to fully charge my iPhone 5
multiple times, topped off my Kindle, and the indicator shows about half of
the charge is remaining. On a separate full charge, I can charge my iPad
fully and top off the iPhone a few times before needing to recharge the
battery. I also like that this battery remained cool while charging. My
previous battery would get quite warm--especially while charging my iPad.

I travel for work, and this battery has come in handy in airports, on
planes, and in hotels. I can use it for an entire trip without having to
recharge it because of its immense capacity. Certainly the batter is more
than up for these tasks, but I would not hesitate to use it in other, more
extreme environments. This battery was designed to handle anything--water,
dirt, shock--and I have no doubt it would perform perfectly when put to
extreme tests.

I am highly impressed with this battery, and without hesitation I rate it a
5 out of 5.
(Posted on 4/23/14)
Very powerful and solid build Review by Don
This is the charger you want to have with you when you must have a reliable power backup source that will withstand the elements and the airlines.
With plenty power to spare and a very heavy duty case this power supply will take care of all your spare power requirements. (Posted on 4/23/14)
Great battery pack! Will survive anything you throw at it. Review by Tu
I purchased the New Trent Power Pak Xtreme (NT120R-B) on September 11th,

Getting ready for my hiking and camping trip through Yosemite National Park!

This was not an easy trip, 28 miles round trip. I need something rugged to
charge my Phone, Tablet, iPod, Camera and my GPS device.

Not only did the NT120R-B survive the trip, but it exceeded my
expectations. This is not the lightest battery pack, but what did you
expect from a 12000mAh battery pack? It’s bigger than most battery packs on
the market, but remember what you’re getting in return! Ruggedness,
durability and performance! I charged my Samsung Galaxy Nexus twice on this
trip! My Nexus 7 tablet was charged from half to full. Unfortunately I
didn’t use my camera that much so it didn’t need to be charged. My ipod and
GPS didn’t need to be charged either. I charged my friend’s iPhone 2 times
also. He was busy watching videos and used it for music on our hikes. So
you can see how much the battery drain is. At first he was trying to charge
his iPhone with a solar panel. It didn’t charge his phone, just slowed the
battery drained. Finally, after the 2nd day he asked if he could use my
charger. It charges 2 devices simultaneously! Dual USB chargers, it can
charge anything that uses a USB plug. 1 USB is rated at 1A output. The
other is rated at 2A, great for iPad/tablets!

The NT12R-B has an LED light indicators. 4 circles showing you how much
charge it has left (Full, ¾, ½, ¼). By the time we got to the car, the
NT12R-B was still at 1/2charge! AMAZING! Considering that it charged a
Galaxy Nexus twice, Apple iPhone twice and Nexus 7 from half to full! When
I got home, I drained the battery to zero. Fully charged it takes about 7
hours. The NT12R-B survived rain, hail, snow and cold cold weather! This is
an amazing product! One of the best battery packs out there! I give it a 5
on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being great! (Posted on 4/22/14)
Power on the Go! Review by Renee
A few days after receiving my PowerPak, my boyfriend's dog went missing (in another state). As I ran out the door, I grabbed my fully charged PowerPak - thinking it might come in handy. I am so glad I did. We searched for four days/nights - and were constantly using our iPhones. With the PowerPak in my jacket pocket, we were able to recharge both phones at once while we were on the go. Plus, as described, the unit takes a beating - at night we were out in 12 degree weather and during the day we encountered both rain (and the resulting mud) and snow - and the PowerPak worked flawlessly. Over the course of our search I never had to recharge the PowerPak - which was handy because we were never in one place very long. At the end of day four we found our dog (we are so thankful). Without a doubt we would not have had the same results if it wasn't for having the continuous use of our smartphones.

On a side note, last fall I purchased a much cheaper charger (Groupon - I think it was $19) - with only one port and not much power. This type of unit would have been virtually useless in the situation I just described.

All in all, this is a great product - compact design (slightly larger than my iPhone Otterbox case), lightweight (other reviewers disagree - but for the power output I still think it's lightweight), powerful and highly durable. The LED charge indicating lights are a nice touch (and not so bright that they are annoying). And, equally important, a very good value.
(Posted on 4/21/14)
Great device for families with kids. Review by StrainTheBrain
Great product! I purchased the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme battery charger and power pack to primarily use when traveling. I needed something that could charge all of our family’s devices. I have used portable power packs in the past, but they only had enough battery storage capacity to recharge one of our devices, and it would take a long time to charge the device. The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme is such a great upgrade from the limitations I had with the previous power pack. My family of four (2 adults and 2 children) took the PowerPak Xtreme with us on our recent trip to California. The kids had their Kindle Fires with them to watch movies, play games, and read their books. The kids were watching movies on their Kindle Fires in the airport and on the plane. By the time we landed in California and got into our rental car, the kids were both out of power on their Kindle Fires. So, I connected both of their Kindle Fires to the single PowerPak Xtreme to recharge their devices. The kids were able to use their Kindles on the drive to Grandma’s house, and the Kindles were fully charged by the end of our drive. So, as any parent would understand, this device afforded us a peaceful drive after a long day of traveling. In addition, I had used my iPhone for GPS navigation in the rental car during the trip, so I needed a charge on the iPhone as well. There was still plenty of charge left in the PowerPak Xtreme to give me a full charge and it only took minutes to charge. It is so nice to have the confidence that we will never be without a charged device when we travel. This device is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone for travel and daily use. (Posted on 4/21/14)
A true test of durability... Review by Dave
I can attest to the durability of the casing. I dropped the battery pack
at the top of a flight of stairs in a parking garage. It bounced through
the opening in the rail, fell about ten feet landing on the edge of a
concrete step. It then bounced high enough to go through the rail once
more and fall down the next flight of stairs.

There was absolutely no damage to the case, outside of a few minor
scratches. The battery still charged all my devices without issue. A list
of the devices include a Samsung galaxy note 2, a Motorola Droid Maxx (not
that it needed charged) and a LG G Pad 8.3.

The pack nearly charges as quickly as a wall charger. Charging from 50% on
the note 2, the pack only took an extra fifteen minutes as compared to a
stock wall charger.

I have also used this with an Apple iPad 2, a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and
a couple of 2012 nexus 7's prior to the unplanned drop test. (Posted on 4/19/14)
This unit is going to do a lot more for me than I realized. Review by Ms Bunnie
I'm really liking the design on this unit. It's nicely compact, the strap opening is sturdy enough for me to slide some nylon webbing through this and clip it to the outside of my backpack without worrying that the handle was going to break off when I get bumped in the halls. This is great because if I can have it on the outside of my pack where it's accessible and not have to hunt through everything else to find it I can plug in during class without disturbing anyone. The hinge on the door is really sturdy, too; I kind of manhandled it to see if it would break and it didn't. Having the cover over the ports is nice because it keeps dust, dirt and whatever leftover granola is rolling around in the bottom of my backpack, not to mention stray paperclips, out of the electronics if I do throw it in there. The form factor is the same footprint as an iPhone 5 but it's about three times thicker so it's not exactly something you're going to stuff in your pocket.

It charged from the wall really quickly and charged my iPhone almost faster! I was actually stunned at how quickly the phone filled up though it wouldn't charge the phone through the battery extender case I keep it in so I had to remove my phone from it's case to put it with the PowerPak. Still, I will probably get a second unit to take with me hiking because there have been so many people saved because they had a cell with them and this unit would be great for keeping that phone working in a bad place. I haven't had the chance to see how long it holds it's charge but this might be a good unit to have in an earthquake kit... (Posted on 4/19/14)
This is a great product, very versatile. Review by JeremyS
I like this battery pack, feels very solid in the hand. I like the texture on sides making it easy to handle. The cover for the charging port seems very sturdy. I like the clearly labeled ports on the cover, making operation very easy. The ruggedness of the pack seems very solid. The ports have rubber seals and the case has a very thick shell. I would have no reservations taking this to the beach on on a camping trip or anywhere outdoors!

The battery pack arrived with 3/4 charge. Per directions I charged it a full 10 hours prior to first use. I used the New Trent NT90C charger and the micro USB cable that was included with the battery pack. The LED's flash when charging, showing the charging is progressing, also show the charge level during usage.

After the battery pack was charged I took it on two business trips. One was a day trip to Nashville via car. I used the pack to fully recharge an iPad 3rd Gen Retina that was at 50% charge and top off an iPhone 5S throughout the day. The unit worked great, I use OEM Apple USB cables and they plugged in securely with good alignment on the ports. After this use the unit showed a very impressive 3/4 charge left. Note, I liked placing the iPhone 5S on top of the battery pack while charging, it makes a nice holder.

I did not recharge the pack between the two trips. The second trip was a one day flight to South Carolina. The pack performed well to keep an iPhone 5S topped off during the day. I also topped off an iPad 3rd Gen Retina that was at 75%. Upon returning the unit still had an impressive 1/2 battery left.

One nice feature I discovered was the automatic power off once the unit has charged.

This is a great product, strong performance. I am an IT professional and travel frequently and I find this product very useful. The ruggedness would be somewhat secondary for me, but is a great added value for vacations to the beach or any outdoor activities. The pricing seems very reasonable and I see strong value in the product. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Safety for rough places. Review by MJ
My main interest in checking out the New Trent Powerpack Extreme is for my 18 yr old daughter. She’s active as can be, and needs to keep in touch when she’s out hiking, skiing, mountain biking, camping etc. Her iPhone battery can’t keep up at all. I was worried sending my treasured New Trent ITorch out with her as I’m quite attached and really do not like being without it. She’s tough on things and has lost or wrecked a number of iPhones. But I love her pictures and knowing she’s safe. When I read about the the New Trent Powerpack Extreme I knew it would be perfect.

The New Trent Powerpack Extreme is quite substantial. You can believe it’s as tough as advertised. After charging it up the first time I tried to count how many times it would charge my iPhone 5S alone. I lost count after 4-5 full charges. Seems perfect for a few days in the woods. I also tried it with my iPad 3. It did exactly as advertised, around 75%. I had the iPhone 5S plugged in at the same time as some of the ipad charge, a feature I love. I seem to always need a charge on both devices so the extra portal is very valuable when multi-tasking. My daughter is an art student and budding sports photographer. There’s plenty of days when you don’t want to carry a big DSLR and lenses etc. An iPhone with the PowerPak Extreme is the perfect combo for every trip to the mountains and woods. I am happy with my carrier and torch, but my crazy wilderness days don’t involve crashing moguls and mud pits.

I’m also happy I also got the New Trent NT90C Dual USB Port high-speed charging unit too. Again, dual ports are always very handy. When I’m prepping for a photo trip I now have enough plugs, battery packs and devices so that I can charge everything all at once and quickly. It makes way more sense getting ready to travel or create on the road. Since the Powerpack Extreme doesn’t come with it’s own separate wall charger making this small extra purchase is very helpful for just this sequence of preparation.

I’ll give the NT Powerpack Extreme and Dual USB Wall charger 5 stars. I almost wanted to say 41/2 only wishing it could be a tad smaller and lighter. That’s inevitable as everything keeps getting smaller so it will happen eventually. For now I’m glad there’s a very tough battery pack for my kid to not break and be able to check in from the top of the mountain or deep woods.
(Posted on 4/18/14)
Just right for the backcountry Review by Peter
Firstly, there is really nothing like this that exists. I do a lot of backpacking in the backcountry and love the Goal Zero solar panels. Sure they help you charge up devices and yes, they have their line of batteries and flashlights. But nothing is close to the simplicity and ruggedness as the Xtreme PowerPak. Like others have said, the battery compartment door is solid and the 2.1A output is very useful. I have dropped this thing in a stream and it continued to work flawlessly.

Some may think the blue leds are a bit dim behind the black dippled face, but when you are in complete darkness camping, super bright leds are the last thing you want to see. So I find the somewhat hard to read led status as a feature not a flaw.

One suggestion I would give would be to make the loop area a bit less clunky so a standard carabiner can be easily hooked on it. The loop is also going the wrong way to hook onto the back of backpacks that have standard vertical tie points. The best way you can solve this is by providing a clip that has a bit of fabric on it so that powerpak can twist in the right orientation while hanging.

Overall, great product. Size and weight is expected from a 12000mAh battery. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Great product, durable, strong, fast charging speeds Review by Gabe
I already own two of NewTrent’s Battery Charger/Power Pack devices, and thus far, this one takes the cake. Despite the most rugged appearance and feel, this is the lightest of the power pack devices I own. It is still over half a pound, but is light for a 12,000 mAh battery pack.

The convenience this allows is my favorite thing about it. I went on a 35-hour bus ride, and I was able to play games and read on my iPhone the whole way, with three full charges.

Ports are air-tight sealed
Device holds charge really well (never tested this specifically, but always holds full charge until whenever I need it)
Visible lights signaling charge strength
Can charge two devices at once

No wall charger included
Unlike their 7,000 mAh charger, USB charge cable is not permanently attached.
Takes a while to charge when plugged in. (~6-7 hours)
The port cover was a bit difficult to get open right away, but it was proof of its seal.

Overall, this product, given its reliability and convenience, as well as durability, is a 5-star product. The cons I listed are mostly little things that do not affect its usability nor its purpose. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Super product that is Xtreme Review by ColoCroat
Looked around for a back up battery and decided to give the PowerPak Xtreme a try based on the following: Cost, weight, ability to charge two devices and ruggedness. I compared New Trent products to Mophie, Anker, Jackery, and Poweradd. I felt that after reading product specs, comparing costs and considering durability the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme was my best choice. Being active outdoors, traveling for both work and leisure and having young children I wanted an external battery that could handle the abuse and charge our Apple devices. We recently took the PowerPak Xtreme on a trip to Hawaii with the 7 hour flight from Colorado, two iPhones and two iPads, beach time and 2 young children in mind. I didn't have to worry about my 4 year old or 1 year dropping the PowerPak. The PowerPak is super rugged so that was a huge plus. Took the PowerPak to the beach to keep our iPhones charged and it worked flawlessly. The nice thing about the PowerPak is the size and weight. It easily fit into our beach bag and the charging port covers kept the sand out. Love going to the beach and not having to worry about wrecking the PowerPak. For the cost, the weight and ruggedness this is hands down the best choice for any traveler and outdoor enthusiast. 100% happy with my purchase and look forward to taking it on our next adventure. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Great Product!! Review by Tyler
This is my review for the external PowerPak Xtreme. This product is one of the best external chargers I have ever used. It is very durable and rugged, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or anyone of a clumsy nature. Its quick setup and Led battery indicator make for an easy understanding of how the product worked and I was thoroughly impressed with a full charge simply by pressing the power button. Here are some pros and cons of the product that
I found while testing.
-Can charge multiple devices at the same time.
-PowerPak can be charged by outlet or computer.
-Led indicator of battery level.

-Needs Charger cable in order to charge(Not a wireless charging station).

Overall this product was a definite winner in my book. It went above and beyond what I expected and I would recommend this product to anyone that wants some extra battery life for their devices. I would definitely rate this product as a 5! (Posted on 4/4/14)
Rugged and ready! Review by Raymond
This is the second external battery pack I have from New Trent. The first was the New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery I purchased from Amazon.com.

In the past, I've strongly considered purchasing a case that doubles as a battery pack (aka "battery cases") but I always want the best bang for my dollar. The "better" battery cases cost between $80-120 USD and only work with their intended product; External batteries are around the same price, however they are higher capacity and have the ability to charge more than one device at a time, and I can share the ability to charge with my wife (having a battery case, I would not be able to do this unless I removed the case and gave it to her). So the decision for me was an external battery pack.

The New Trent Powerpack Xtreme boasts 12000mAh of power, it's also Water-, dirt- and shockproof. It has the capacity to charge two devices at the same time. Open the bottom enclosure and you'll find a left USB port (1 Amp) -to charge your mobile device, the middle port ("IN" - used to recharge the battery pack), and the right USB port (2.1 Amp) - to charge devices such as iPads/tablets. It feels like a small brick because of its shape, weight and construction. Personally, I didn't find it heavy because I've seen and owned other external batteries.

New Trent claims this battery pack can be "submerged 3 feet underwater for up to an hour" (when it is completely sealed). To test this, I put the battery pack in a large bowl and submerged it for 10 minutes -it came out fully functional with no problems! For me, that was good enough as I wasn't going to leave it there for an hour :)

I haven't tested the dirt proof capabilities, but I'm confident that if water couldn't damage the unit then dirt has nothing on it!

I've dropped the battery on my hardwood floor a couple times (by accident) and there was no effect on the battery. With the rugged build of the unit, I'd be confident it can withstand more serious falls/drops with no problems.

The Powerpack Xtreme charged my iPhone 5S very fast. Using the 2.1A port, it took about 2 hours to fully charge it from the 5% remaining point (mind you, the phone was still on and in use).

With 12000mAh of power, the New Trent Powerpack Xtreme is one of the highest capacity batteries I've used (along with the New Trent iCarrier which also boasts the same amount of capacity). However, you cannot rely on the advertised numbers alone. The iPad Air is rated 8827mAh and the iPhone 5S is rated 1570mAh. In theory, both batteries "should" be able to charge both devices and still have ~1603mAh left over. Not according to my tests.

I completely drained my iPad Air until it automatically shut down. I used the Powerpack Xtreme to charge the iPad (turned off) and was able to get a 96% charge. The Powerpack Xtreme was left drained to one LED; I tried to charge my iPhone 5S without success. It simply did not have enough left over to charge another device. (Note: New Trent iCarrier was only able to charge iPad Air to 92% before draining out; iPad Air was drained until it shut down and charged while off). This was the one important thing I wanted to point out in my review. Mind you, I purchased external batteries to charge only my iPhone when I was outside, so the ability to charge my iPad Air was just an added bonus.

Charging my iPhone 5S alone, the battery was able to achieve a solid 5 full recharges (no "battery case" can accomplish this yet).

Comparing the Powerpack Xtreme to the iCarrier, I personally recommend the Powerpack Xtreme (my wife liked the iCarrier because "it looks better"); I prefer functionality over looks especially when it's in regards to a battery, but that in no way implies that the Powerpack Xtreme is ugly :)

- Everything proof: water, dirt, and shock
- Charges your iPhone 5S five times full from this battery
- Rugged and strong design
- Portable
- Charge more than one device at the same time

- Weight (NOT a deal breaker)
- Charging time of 6 hours

Recommendation: the size and dimensions of the battery is roughly the same as the iPhone 5S, so if they could add a strap (or something) to hold together both items, it would be better. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Just A Great Product Review by Tyler
These days there are numerous companies producing countless versions of portable battery packs. When I was shopping around for a battery pack of my own, I looked at different features, such as price, size, weight, battery capacity, output, and durability. After reading a myriad of reviews about the different options available to me, I settled on New Trent’s PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R). You absolutely cannot beat the battery size (12,000mAh) for the price ($51.95). Other companies are charging anywhere between $99.00 and $129.95 for the same 12,000mAh battery.

The other big selling point for me was the PowerPak’s ruggedness and durability. It’s shockproof up to 1m (3.28ft) and is fully waterproof when submerged 0.91m (3ft) for up to an hour. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors, both professionally (as a teacher at a wilderness school) and personally, so I need a power pack that can sustain some abuse and disregard the elements.

The PowerPak’s dual USB output can fully charge two devices at the same time. It comes equipped with four blue LED’s that allow me to quickly see how much juice is left in the unit and the door, that hides the USB outputs, closes with a reassuring ‘click’, so you know that it’s fully sealed before tossing into your pack. The PowerPak Xtreme is a little bulkier than some of the other options available on the market, but I suspect this is due to its thermoplastic casing. I would gladly trade some size/weight for the peace of mind that comes with having a shockproof external battery.

There is very little that I don’t like about the PowerPak Xtreme. If I were to make some changes, however, they would be relatively minor ones. As of right now, the PowerPak Xtreme only comes in one colour-way, a matte black centre with a slate grey edging. This may come across as vain, but I am actually speaking about the ease of spotting it. Dark colours are always harder to locate while outdoors, especially when it’s being used at dusk. Brighter colour options would make the PowerPak easier to spot while in a wilderness setting (or even in a fully-loaded suitcase) and ultimately reduce the risk of losing it.

The other thing I noticed about the PowerPak Xtreme is that its battery capacity (12,000mAh) is actually a bit smaller than the iPad’s (14,000mAh). This means that it’s impossible to fully charge an iPad, even if the PowerPak is fully charged itself. For me this is relatively minor, because I typically use my PowerPak to top-up my mobile devices as opposed to fully charging them. It’s a way for me to keep using my devices until I have access to an AC outlet.

Lastly, the PowerPak Xtreme doesn’t come with an AC charging option. I believe this can be purchased separately, but there isn’t one in the box. This makes it difficult to charge, especially when travelling, when a computer isn’t always available. This problem is easily remedied, however, with the use of a USB wall charger; you just have to remember to pack one!

I would give New Trent’s PowerPak Xtreme a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The price is unbeatable for the size of the battery and its durability is unmatched. The limited colour options, battery size when compared to an iPad, and lack of an AC charger all hurt the PowerPak Xtreme, albeit quite minimally. These “problems” are all easily resolved when given extra attention and a little preplanning. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Battery for all occasions Review by Angela
I have always loved my New Trent iGeek - 11200mAh External Battery Charger for Smartphones and Tablets. It has always gotten me through long days away from home where outlets were not available. Last spring, the entire family went to Disney World. Using the Disney app for rides and the gps map really used a lot of battery. I was able to keep my phone charged at all times with my external battery.

Unfortunately, the iGeek is not durable enough for all of my needs. I use the gps on my phone quite a lot. I spend a great deal of time kayaking and hiking. I use the gps on my iPhone to track my location and the routes that I take. I dropped my iGeek in my kayak on one trip and the casing came apart. It still works, but the casing has to be held together. The cover for the ON button and the indicator lights fell out, so the battery is exposed to the environment.
The PowerPak Xtreme is exactly what I have needed! The directions explain that when the battery compartment is closed, the battery pack can actually survive after having been submerged underwater for as long as an hour. The casing is very durable and I can strap it to my kayak or backpack. The battery is designed to withstand being dropped which is evident by the secure casing and hinged port flap.

The pack really has the power I need, too. I can completely charge my iPad and iPhone and the battery still has half of its power remaining as indicated by its 3 out of 5 indicator lights that remain lit. It is super convenient that I can charge both my iPad and iPhone at the same time. I have been super pleased with my PowerPak Xtreme and look forward to taking it with me on all of my adverntures. I would give the PawerPak Xtreme 5 out of 5 stars! (Posted on 3/26/14)
A New Permanent Travel Companion! Review by Aaron
I received this device in return for a fair review.

I just returned from a trip to Belize and Guatemala, and this device really performed. I was deep in the jungles with high humidity, sand, bugs, constant rain and nothing ever dried. The sand would blow on windy days, and the salt water spray was intense when I was diving off the coast. I was staying "jungle lodges" with mosquito nets, and the electricity was cut off daily at scheduled and unscheduled times. The PowerPak Xtreme never let me down.

My favorite part about the device (besides its impermeability to the weather) was the positive tactile feedback when the protective cover closed over the ports. It has a 1 and 2.1A output as well as the standardized USB micro USB input. I once forgot a non-standardized plug on a trip to the Philippines, and I swore I would never travel again with a battery that uses a proprietary charger. The PowerPak Xtreme also has 4 LED's under cover that are clearly visible and keep you apprised of its charge status.

12000 mAh is an amazing amount of power. I charged my iPad mini with Retina display and my iPhone 5s multiple times with less than 25% of the power drained. (1/4 blue LEDs, neither device was every fully drained prior to charging, but I went the whole week charging both devices).

When comparing this device to the IMP1200, it is slightly heavier, and the PowerPak Xtreme has an additional LED (4 vs 3) for a better ability to tell power left in the battery. Otherwise they are nearly identical. The 1200 IMP weighs 270g vs 320g (both weighed on my scale. The package states the Xtreme weighs 317, so my scale may be slightly off.). But honestly, in my hands, I can't tell discern a < 2 ounce difference. So if you plan to never go outside of your "first world" office, go with the IMP1200. But if you think there is even a slight chance that you will inch outside of your comfort zone, buy the PowerPak Xtreme and know that it will serve you well no matter where your adventure takes you. (Posted on 3/26/14)
Not a bad piece of gear Review by Jordan
Having received the unit only a few weeks ago I have been very impressed so
far. The exterior and the construction is very solid.
On a scale of 1-5 I would give it a 4.5

Rubber exterior is tough
USB Connector cover is tight fitting
Charges an Iphone 5 very quickly (2% or more per minute)
The ability to charge 2 devices at the same time (Ipad/ Iphone)
Price Point was a huge selling point for me as well

Can't turn unit off while devices are plugged in.
It's a bit bulky (Understandably so for a 12,000 mAh battery)
Length of charging time for the battery itself is very dependent on what
power source you use.
It also seems to lose some charge if it hasn't been charged in a week or so. I can't gauge how much but I believe it is some.

Overall the battery is exactly what I needed and will serve me very well
for a long time.
(Posted on 3/25/14)
Rugged and Powerful! Review by Valerie
I have been very happy with the many New Trent products I have purchased in the past, and the PowerPak Xtreme is no exception. I give this product 5 stars.

I use my iPhone and iPad so much that I always run out of power before I want to stop. But I hate sitting tethered to a wall outlet. I was using earlier New Trent external batteries, but recently replaced them with the NT120R PowerPack Xtreme.

I love the new features and improvements New Trent has made to this new member of their line up. First the ruggedness allows me to stash the NT120R in my backpack, my purse, or with my camping gear without worrying about scratches or damage from moisture. The case and finish are very durable and there is a door to prevent dirt or waster from contaminating the connections.

I can charge either my iPhone or iPad on the same battery because of the dual output connections and the large 1200 mAh power supply allows several charges for my iPhone and or iPad. Plus my husband and I can charge both our iPhones at once. When you run out of power you can plug your device into the battery, and keep on using your device while it is charged back up to 100% in a short time.

Another feature I like is that the dimensions of the NT120R allows me to easily hold both it and my iPhone in one hand (typical female size) using a short cable. The device may be thicker and heavier than many other external batteries but that is insignificant when you factor in 12000 mAh of power and the ruggedness of the battery.

There is also loop of sorts at the top of the battery where you can attach a strap to hang the battery from your backpack or belt. One improvement I would like to see is changing the top loop shape so that a carabinder could be clipped to it.

It does take overnight to fully recharge the battery, and obviously takes less time if you do not fully discharge it between recharges. The NT120R comes with a USB cable for charging, but it would be nice if a power block were also included, especially so you would know you were using the optimal charger for the quickest possible charge.

For the price I think it would be hard to find a better rugged battery with 1200 mAh external battery, and I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Extremely rugged and a perfect accessory for Jeep traveling Review by Bev
I recently tested the NewTrent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R External Battery both on an Apple ME030LL/A iPad Mini & iPhone 5c. I am an accessory person by nature and the sturdy, robust, and rubberized rectangular construction immediately appealed to me (since it would fit the look and feel of my jeep and feels like a little brick), and it also beefs up my travel pack for spring and summer travel.

Battery life is very important to me and to my family. We are always running around charging devices (since they are always in use). The NewTrent Xtreme even saved a recent (unplanned) trip out of town when I lost my High Power Dual Port USB Car Charger.

Out of the box [NewTrent packaging is always an eye catcher] that includes:

PowerPak Xtreme NT120R External Battery
A Micro-USB Charge Cable
User Instructions

Though the Xtreme is not light (11 oz), the exterior hosts a rubberized TPU liner and the interior [battery compartment door] is crafted of polycarbonate. I did not have any problems opening/shutting the battery compartment door. The compartment door also lists the ports externally: [5V1a] is for your SmartPhone and 5V21A is for your tablet, so there is no confusion regarding device charging ports. With the compartment door open - you will see 3 ports [middle port is the battery charging port], and a nice touch to the product design is the rubberized gaskets that protect the ports when the compartment door is closed.

I fully charged the Xtreme with a USB wall adapter for 10 hours until all the bars were a solid blue (you can also connect it to your laptop to charge it via a USB port). With 12,000 mAh of recharging power - there is plenty of power in this battery pack to recharge your devices multiple times - and I did!

It easily fully charged mobile phones [iPhone 4S | iPhone 5c] but it did not fully charge my iPad mini. I shut it down at 2% and the Xtreme tapped out of juice at 98% .I am fine with that since I am far more dependent upon having multiple recharge capabilities on my iPhone.


The only con that I could find with the Xtreme was the power button. I would redesign the button with a different color [such as bright red or neon green].

In conclusion: I am very happy with the Xtreme and am confident that this is a savvy mobile charging solution for those who travel. It would also be great for camping (where the grounds do not have electrical outlets available) since the power pack does hold multiple charges. I've also found it invaluable for my current office space since I use just about every plug in my work space for office equipment. It is also a great device to charge your devices at night [while you are sleeping] because there are no LED lights to keep you awake. (Posted on 3/24/14)
This battery pack is great - tested drop proof! Review by Cris
I've been carrying a New Trent battery pack in my backpack for almost two years now. It has consistently, reliably charged my various devices - iPhone, iPad, keyboard, earbuds and MiFi have all gotten extra boosts of power from the battery pack. It's getting a little worn out after two years of use, so I was on the hunt for another one. Based on reviews and my positive experience with my current charger, I bought the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R external battery pack.

I have to admit, the first thing I noticed when I picked up the box was not the battery pack itself, but the packaging. The package has a flap, which normally would swing around and be generally annoying; this package, however, used two small magnets to hold the flap in place. Nothing to do with the battery pack, but shows that New Trent is thinking about the details and consumer when they design things, even the packaging.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled the battery pack out of the box was the weight - man, this thing is heavy for an external battery. I carry my battery pack in a backpack, so it's not a big deal for me, but there's no way I'd carry this battery around in a pocket. It reminds me of a tractor tread, not only in its color and design, but also in the way it just seems to be sitting on the counter and saying "I dare you to try to hurt me." It looks practically indestructible!

I found the power button on the side and turned the battery pack on - four small, well-hidden blue LED lights showed me four levels of power. I was about to wash the dishes, so I carried my phone and the battery pack into the kitchen and charged the phone while I listened to a podcast. While I was washing dishes, I accidentally splashed the battery pack with water - the battery didn't skip a beat. The packaging claims the battery pack is waterproof, so I figured I'd test it with my full sink. I unplugged the battery pack and dunked it in the sink - still didn't skip a beat! Not that I'd normally toss the battery into puddles or swimming pools, but it's nice to know if I get caught in the rain with my backpack the battery pack won't die.

The battery pack comes with a USB cable, but no wall charger. Not a problem - if you don't have an extra wall charger from a phone sitting around, New Trent's got you covered with the NT90C dual charger. The only thing I find even mildly annoying about the battery pack is the amount of force required to open the door covering the USB slots on the bottom. It doesn't quite make me feel like I'm ripping my fingernails off when I open the door, but it is a little uncomfortable. I understand it's got to make a tight seal, and I appreciate the lid is probably designed to not wear out over time, so I can give this a pass.

All in all, I love this battery pack. I'm prone to dropping everything, as the scuffs and cracks on my current battery pack and phone case show. It's so nice to have at least one thing in my pack that I can drop with no fear of breaking it. (Posted on 3/23/14)
Finally - Power at the ready in a power hungry world! Review by Russell
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12,000mAh Rugged Series External Battery Charger (NT120R-B)

I find that I have reached a point in life where I spend a little more time examining my needs and in finding a solution to them. Case in point – I spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the summer, which means I am often away from an electrical outlet for days at a time. Originally I purchased one of those power stick type devices, but I soon found that I couldn’t even get one full charge on my device (a Samsung Galaxy S4). So what did I do – I kept buying more sticks – eventually winding up with 4 of them - which didn’t even get me through a week! Plus – I had to hunt for electrical power or a generator every few days to recharge them. Ever try to find four free outlets while camping?

So I found this product – the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12,000mAh Rugged Series External Battery Charger (NT120R-B) and finally got one. I know there are a lot of people in my shoes (I know because they are always borrowing my power sticks!). So I was anxious to try this out. After receiving the item (New Trent always packs their products well and I have never received an item broken or damaged), I charged the PowerPak thoroughly. I use my phone daily – mostly text and calls, but also for pictures and occasionally for the GPS. As well, I am on the internet several times a day and read the news at least 5 times each day. As a result, my phone is usually down to between 10-20 % every evening.

The first night I put it on the PowerPak overnight and woke up to a fully charged battery, as I expected. The PowerPak has 4 lights that illuminate when fully charged and as the charge in the PowerPak is depleted, the lights go to 3, then 2, etc. I checked them after the first charge….they still showed 4 lights. The following night I repeated the charging of the phone and again awoke to a charged phone. The PowerPak still stood at 4 lights. Third night, another charge and in the morning the PowerPak was down to three lights. Fourth night – three lights again. At this point I’m searching for a power source for my power sticks. But I haven’t even reached 50% (granted – it is somewhere between 50-75% at this time, but WAY ahead of the power sticks.) WOW…… at this rate – I should get a full week of charges. Impressive!!

Something else I noted – with the power sticks, the sticks would be very hot by the end of a charge. Not the PowerPak – it stayed cool to the touch the whole time. It is touted as being rugged, but I had no intention of testing that claim beyond tossing it in my backpack as I do my other portable power. But as luck would have it, as I was opening the package, while walking through the house, I started to drop the PowerPak as I took it out of the box. Reacting, I reached for it and instead slapped it further away. I estimate the PowerPak fell from a height of 6’ and a lateral distance of about the same. Not on purpose…but stuff happens. I was sure I would have a broken piece somewhere aas well as scuff marks at the least. Too much amazement, the PowerPak was unscathed! Not even a scuff mark from hitting the hardwood floor.

I did find the cover over the ports a little hard to open – I used a small screwdriver to pop it up since I don’t have any fingernails to insert there. And I would like to see the two port identifiers highlighted with a white or yellow paint as I always had to get in good light to see which was which (can’t be because I am getting older!).

I REALLY appreciate that it has two charging ports – one rated at 1A and the other at 2.1A. This allows me to use this on the tablet as well. In fact, as I write this I am charging my wife’s iPad.

Do I recommend this – yes! Very much so! Who needs this?? Anyone who finds themselves in need of solid, plentiful portable power! My four power sticks together cost me more than this PowerPak. And they don’t last nearly as long as this. As well, the device is very portable – not even as big as a box of .38 ammo! And unlike the other devices, I can charge more than one device at a time. Sure, the initial outlay is a bit more – but get this the first time and you won’t need to keep buying back-up devices like I did. I give this device a solid 5 out of 5!
(Posted on 3/22/14)
Fantastic rugged power pack for the active user Review by Kenneth
Physically this 12000mAh power pack gives a very rugged feel and look. I prefer this matte black finish to the shiny plastic (more delicate) look/feel of some other power packs. This pack is water, dirt and shock proof. Physically the device gives a nice feel for handling. It has four LEDs which is indicate its charging status and charge level. The case does not come with any bag/soft case unlike some other New Trent models. There is a flap/latch door on the device covers the three outlets for USB plugs. The device is not lightweight but to produce 12000 mAh, the size/weight is to be expected. You would not be carrying this in your pocket but carrying it in a backpack, larger bag, motorcycle or car would provide loads of power for all your devices such as smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, GPS devices or anything else that needs charging. The device has loops in the case that would allow attachment to the outside of bags or packs.

The pack charges with any generic micro USB cable/charger and a micro USB to USB cable is included. I was able to charge it with any universal micro USB charger. This is a great improvement over earlier New Trent devices that included a proprietary charger and made one additional device (charger) to take while traveling. The charging starts automatically when connected to a power source. I have read reviews that stated that you do not know the progress of charging. This is not correct as mentioned above. While charging the blue LEDs flash and stay on. Further the number of LEDs lit indicate the level of charge. When charging another device, the LEDs initially stay lit and tell you the level of charge (might be nice if the LEDs stayed lit the entire time when charging). The pack was cool to touch when being charged and never heated up.

The ports seem well made. It has one for 1A (smartphones) and one for 2.1A (tablets). Well labeled on the protective flap and both ports can be used simultaneously. One charges a device by pressing the power button for a few seconds and the LEDs light up. I've successfully charged several smart phones, iPad, Bluetooth headsets, Garmin GPS device and Bluetooth remotes.

The only other improvement I could recommend for the device itself, would be if there was a way to allow USB cables to be plugged in and to maintain it being waterproof. Perhaps some type of rubber gasket?

It comes with a manual that includes all the information one needs. One small peeve, it that the type font is way too small in some sections to be easily read.

I would highly recommend this power pack without reservations over other ones I have used (including other New Trent and Gomadic). I often travel on motorcycles/motorscooters and this is just the device needed. I can also see this for bicyclists and hikers needing protection for outdoor activities. When I will be traveling this will be the device I take for charging my other devices. It will have the capacity I need whether waiting at the airport, flying or traveling about for all my devices.
(Posted on 3/21/14)
Awesome product Review by Alejandrisimo
Great for outdoorsy people who need power for their devices while on the go. Has port covers in case it's dropped in to water or mud. Virtually indestructible. Bought it for my brother and he thanks me constantly. (Posted on 3/21/14)
NT120R Powerpak Xtreme Review by Jon
I have used the NT120R powerpak Xtreme to supply power to my phone and go pro camera while doing extreme mountain biking for long periods. This unit allows me to extend the life of my devices, and it's rugged enough to be taken out in the back country. With stands shocks and accidental drops in the water and mud. I rate this product a 5 on the scale. Before buying this product, my devices would run out of battery life and I would not get my ride tracked, by GPS and I could only film the first hour or so of the ride. Now it allows me to film and track the entire ride of 3 hours or more. The only draw back I see is that it is sometimes difficult to get the access door open on the first try.

Later, Jon (Posted on 3/20/14)
Invaluable! Review by Tara
I ordered this battery pack mostly for use with my iPhone 5, though I also use it with my iPad. I am a new mom. This means I take LOTS of pictures and send videos using my iPhone. I also use my iPhone to watch my baby monitor via WiFi. The battery on the iPhone 5 is bad enough without all of these uses. I have found it incredibly convenient to be able to plug in this battery pack and continue use without searching for an outlet and long enough cable to reach wherever I need to be… with a crawling infant I have to move around a lot! This is great to grab and go. Also, I have found it gives me peace of mind when I am traveling with my daughter. I would hate to be somewhere and have a dead cell battery just in case of emergency. Since I got this I’ve been throwing it in my diaper bag whenever I leave the house for a long time and then I don’t worry. Also, I’m an RN and for some reason we don’t have outlets in our tiny locker room… so this will be such a great help when I’m at work too!

I have been using the product for a week now and I’ve only had to do the initial charge on it. That’s a definite plus! There are two things that I would like to see different in the product. One is that I would like it to be a little lighter. On the other hand, I feel it’s very well made and sturdy and those are good qualities. I do like the fact that it is waterproof in case something were to spill on it in my bag! Also, I found it does not charge my devices very quickly. The wall charger or car charger seemed to work faster for my iPhone. So I will use the battery pack when I’m moving around the house or out on the go. I find that I actually use it way more than I thought I would because it is so convenient. It would be hard to go back to not having it now! (Posted on 3/20/14)
extremely rugged and handy Review by Darin
I had the iCarrier and like it and saw this one as much more rugged for outdoors and camping and such. I have had no problems with this one either and it charges up all my devices many times. I like the dual ports for charging but would like to have a wall charger and not just the USB charging. I definitely recommend for the outdoorsy type that will be away from regular charging outlets.
(Posted on 3/19/14)
Great portable charger Review by Barry
The Powerpak Xtreme has been terrific. It has two ports to recharge two phones/tablets at the same time. The duration of the charge is great so I carry it everywhere.***** five star product. I recommend it highly for everyone! (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great battery pack - Fantastic capacity Review by Mark
I’m really impressed with the new 12,000 mAh PowerPak Xtreme by New Trent (NT120R). I have several other battery packs that I have used over time, but this one is superior.

The battery capacity is 12,000 mAh. There are two charging ports, one 1A and one 2.1A. The battery is recharged using a standard micro-USB cable. It can be recharged from any USB power source that is rated at 2.1 amps or less. The battery is water-proof, shock-proof, and dirt proof. There are five led’s that show that relative charge level of the battery pack.

The battery pack is encapsulated in a rugged shell that makes the battery water proof, shock proof, and dust / dirt proof. I didn’t try to submerge the battery in water, but based on the design I am comfortable that it would hold up. The rugged shell adds more weight to the battery but at 12,000 mAh’s the battery isn’t light to start with. I thought this might be a distraction, but in use it really didn’t bother me at all. In fact, for a long trip I would have typically carried multiple packs. With this high-capacity pack, I will be able to only carry this one so it will actually be less that I’m having to carry in total. Another nice feature of the shell is a clip / notch along the top of the case that will make it very easy to D-Ring to a backpack while camping / hiking or to the boat console while on the lake. I also found that by using a simple Velcro strap, I can strap my phone to the battery for easy charging without any cords getting in the way. Originally, I thought I would only use this battery pack when I was outdoors and might need the extra protection. The design really surprised me though. It is a little heavier than my other battery packs, but the overall design of the case and the additional protection won me over. After using it for a while, I now plan to use it as my primary battery all the time.

As the battery pack is designed to be water proof, there is a small door that completely covers the USB ports. The door can be difficult to open the first few times. This is due to rubber gasket on the cover that actually inserts in to the USB ports to ensure there is no opportunity for water to get in. After opening and closing the door a few times, it did get easier to open and close. I consider this to be more of a feature than a problem. The door also has the charge rating of each USB port printed on it so you know which port is which. This is printed on the outside of the door. Since the door is facing down when you are plugging in the charging cable, it would have been nice if the printing was inside the compartment to make it easier to see which is which. Another concern was that since a little force is required to open / close the door, I was worried that the hinge might break. I was surprised to find that the hinge was actually metal which fits with the overall rugged design of this battery pack.

I was really surprised with the charging capacity of this battery pack. I was at an all-day volleyball tournament and I was able to recharge my iPhone 5S from 50% back to 100% three times, do the same thing with an iPad Air and an iPad Mini Retina. Even after all that, the battery pack still had roughly 40% (2 of 5 led’s) of charge remaining. At one point, I even used it to recharge a friend’s battery pack that ran out half way through the day. Needless to say, she wrote down the model number of the one I was using and was going to Amazon to place an order. I had hoped to provide some detailed analysis of how many recharges based on the type of device being charged, but it takes so long to deplete the pack that I haven’t been able to put together enough hard numbers yet. I will try to update the review in a couple of weeks once I can provide more detailed specs. To recharge the battery pack from 20-30% took about 4-5 hours using a 10W / 2A wall charger. The battery is supposed to work with any USB power source that is less than 2A. I highly recommend using a high-capacity charger to speed recharging time. I use a 10 Watt / 2A charger (IMP90C).

Pros –
· Fantastic capacity – can recharge my iPhone / iPad several times
· Rugged / best in class protection from drops, water, spills, dirt, etc.
· Attractive overall design
· Non-slip case design
· Steel / metal door hinge

Cons –
· A little heavier than similar non-ruggedized packs
· Door initially hard to open / close
· Port specifications would be easier to see inside the compartment (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great for inside or on the slopes Review by steven
NT120R is a very good product and it works perfect I have used it to power my IPhone 5 while skiing and traveling. I like being able to take this to the ski slopes and not worrying about the snow and ice. I have also found that this is perfect for a the reading light I have (USB power). It has been great for both home and work.
The size is a little bigger than the 5200, due to the size it is not as easy to carry in your back pocket.I made a sling so I can loop the NT120R to my Belt for hiking on the cooler days if fits in my coat pocket. (Posted on 3/18/14)
excellent battery, no problems, just a couple nice enhancements could be made Review by Aaron
I have had the NT120R for a few weeks now, and have taken it on 3 road trips. I like the heavy duty construction and the "tough" external case that protects the unit from the contents of luggage and my banging around in my backpack. I use it with an ipad and phone, and I have also helped some colleagues with their devices too. Generally this battery is long-lasting, durable, and looks great.

I would like to see a bigger slot on the top, the existing one is not big enough for a carabiner to clip it onto my backpack outside. It works ok with a small one, and with lanyards, but for a "rugged" device, it should be able to handle a carabiner. Also, the access door on the bottom is really tight, I cannot open it just with my fingers. A key or a coin is necessary to open it. The tight fit is good for the waterproof seal, but it still needs to be easy enough to open by fingers.

All around this is probably one of the best batteries out there. Great price, great features, durable, and sporty looking. I have no complaints about it. (Posted on 3/18/14)
Awesome Review by Albert
Review for New Trent PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R-B)

First off let me start off by saying this is an extremely great portable charger that everyone and anyone can use for any situation.

Design is great. Doesn't feel like its going to slip out of your hands.
I extremely durable. Waterproof, dirt proof, dust proof and snowproof and I dont know what else you would want so great for any situation.
Has a very long battery life 11,000 mAh which is a ton
It is very light for a portable charger of this capacity
Has 2 usb ports which is great
Very portable, easily fits in your pocket or briefcase
Love the boxes these charger come in
Chargers my iPhone 5s as fast as if it was plugged into my wall and charged over like 10 times

Make the latch better it feels like it can crack off at any moment but its still great
I was able to take off the rubber inside the latch and i don't think i should be able to
The button to turn it on is a little hard to press and you have to put effort into it compared to their other portable chargers they are extremely easy to push.

Instead of giving a cable with your portable chargers look into giving a carrying case like your iCarrier portable charger instead. In my opinion a carrying case would be much more useful then a cable which anyone could go buy but you cant buy those type of cases.

This is an extremely good portable charger and had a great experience using it of course i rate it 5 out 5. It would be a mistake choosing a different companies charger as New Trent makes the best. (Posted on 3/18/14)
Sturdy and rugged external battery charger! Review by Keaton
The 12000mAh is a lot of power - enough to charge the latest iPad fully. With 2 ports, you're able to charge a smartphone and tablet or two smartphones at the same time. It has a nice rugged exterior - even militaristic.
The areas for improvements are:
- dual 2.1A ports instead of 1 1A and 1 2.1A. (New Trent informed me that some phones do require a 1A port.)
- bypass charging
- a stated IP rating. (New Trent informed me this is rated IP67.)
- the loop to be a bit bigger so I can use something sturdier than a key ring, like webbing or carabiner
(Posted on 3/17/14)
Rugged Reliability Review by Mac
The PowerPak Xtreme NT120R external battery pack comes packaged attractively like all of NewTrent products I have come across. The high quality package design, materials and graphics stand out from other manufacturers of electronics. For myself, as a consumer this gives an important first impression of quality and value.

The device itself is also constructed of high quality materials, and although slightly heavy, it gives the feel of durability and ruggedness. This is the battery pack that I would take camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Using the device is very simple. Plug it into your phone or tablet and power it on. I would feel confident taking the device along on any outdoor trip knowing it can withstand high humidity, dirt and even direct contact with water. It's simplicity and ruggedness reminds me of something the military would have developed.

The door which covers the two charging ports is cleverly designed and has rubber seals to prevent dirt and moisture from entering and damaging the device. This is something not found on other electronic devices and is something I feel is very important for users who plan on keeping this device bouncing around in a bag or backpack prone to collecting dust and debris.

I own the HTC One Android phone, and during testing I let the cell phone battery drain to 1%. I then powered off the phone, and connected the Powerpak Xtreme and began charging. The phone was completely charged in less than two hours. I found this to be quite fast and was impressed with the quick charging time. I also utilized the device several times at work. As a city police officer, I have an ever changing schedule, and resources and equipment are always scarce! Our cellular phones are used just as much as our police radios during work, and the Powerpak Xtreme allows flexibility and reliability in keeping my cell phone charged and ready. I often work in a covert capacity where no electricity is available, yet I need to count on my cell phone to keep me connected to other squad members and to utilize my phone for other information. The battery pack offers that flexibility and I no longer have to worry about a dying battery right when I need to make important communications.

Of course the battery pack is something everyone would like to have on hand during power outages caused by storms or other incidents. On the east coast during summer months and hurricane season, power outages are very common in my area due to storms, and to be able to keep my cell phone powered is important.

The PowerPak Xtreme NT120R includes a high quality USB charging cable to connect your phones or tablets or other electronic device such as a GPS. A wall charger is not included, and this was a disadvantage for me. However New Trent does offer the NT90C dual wall charger which is another well designed, high quality product for under $10.00 US.
Small things I might suggest would be considering a different color rubber for the power button, so that it would stand out, and make it a little easier to find. Overall, compared to similar devices I've seen, this one is a keeper.
(Posted on 3/16/14)
A successful and irresistible product Review by Joesh
Have you ever been outside of the comfort of your home, using your
important phone/device to stay connected with the world, to listen to
music, to communicate with family and friends, to work and be productive,
for entertainment purposes, for GPS, or for all of the above, when all of a
sudden your low battery warning pops up onto your screen!?! Or worse, your
device simply goes blank and dies? It isn't farfetched to assume that in
this type of case you either did not have your phone/device charger with
you or you did not have access to a power outlet. What did you do? It is
safe to say that you probably had to suffer and wait until you got back
home to charge your device. You may have missed a deadline or an important
text/call, or worst got lost and had to drive around for hours. This
situation is clearly something that you never want happening, but I am sure
that if honest, you have already run into this problem not just once, but
many many times before! Well, worry no more! With the NT120R-B this will
never happen to you ever again. You will no longer need to worry about
losing power or having your phone/device die on you when you are relying on
it the most because the NT120R-B has you covered. This external battery
charger is simply amazing. It not only accomplishes what it is suppose to
do, but it adds so many other auxiliary perks that it makes it a purely
successful and irresistible product.

First of all, the NT120R-B is packed with a lot of charge capacity. From 1
complete charge, I was able to fully recharge my iPad 2, iPhone 5c, and
iPod touch 4th generation three+ times. This charger has remarkable
capacity in comparison to all other external battery chargers that I have
previously used (two different generic brand external chargers). I can go
days and weeks (depending on how much charging I need) without needing a
wall outlet.

Second, the NT120R-B is beyond durable, it is heavy duty. It is made well
and is water proof, shock proof and dirt proof. Unlike other portable
battery chargers, the NT120R-B essentially cannot be destroyed or broken.

Third, the NT120R-B is reliable portable power. I have already taken this
external battery charger with me to work, to meetings, in the car, and on
all of my short-to-long trips, and it can be used anywhere you go and where
you don't have access to power (i.e. car, plane, bus, beach, hikes, parks,

Lastly, the NT120R-B looks and feels nice. It look, feels and produces like
great quality and most importantly, it IS great quality. Even though it is
heavy duty and packs a lot of power, it is not bulky or gigantic in size.
It is basically the size of an iPhone (dimensions: L12cm x W7cm x H3cm)
and can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

One con to this external battery charger is that it is heavier than other
external battery chargers (again, in comparison to two different generic
brand chargers). However, I personally feel that the heavier weight
actually makes it feel more durable and solid of a product. The weight
doesn't bother me, especially because I either take the NT120R-B with me in
my backpack or leave it in my car if I don't want to put it in my pocket.

Another slight con to the NT120R-B is that the latch that covers the USB
inputs is a little difficult to open. It takes a bit of force to open the
latch, which made me initially think that I was going to break it.
However, I understand why it is so tightly shut (so that water, dirt, etc.
will not enter the inputs) and plus I have found that the latch gets easier
to open over time.

*Concluding thoughts:*
Even with these two small negatives, I was still tempted to give a full 5
star rating simply because the other aspects of this product are fabulous
and overwhelmingly great. The reason I rate it a 4.5 though is because the
weight is still a little on the heavy side. Other than that, I personally
love this external battery charger and will be taking it every where I go
from this day forward. My parting advice is if you have any type of device
that uses a USB power input, this external battery charger is a must have!
It doesn't matter where you are or what type of work you do, you cannot go
another day without the NT120R-B. Without question, I highly recommend
this product to any and all device owners. (Posted on 3/15/14)
NT120R Review by Michael
Having just received the NT120R I'm more than impressed! I charged the unit first thing and started using it. I have an up coming road trip where I won't have access to iPhone, iPad, and Hotspot charging. So with a complete charge I was able to charge all three to a full charge. So far I have no dislikes and already have several friends ordering as well as a second for myself. A must buy for any one on the go.

Overall rating of 5!! (Posted on 3/15/14)
Great Product Review by Kyle
Great product, super convenient for those on the go. Perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors but don't want to sacrifice there phone or other media device.

Pros: Massive capacity, rugged

Cons: The port cover is a little difficult to open, which is understandable since it is designed to be water/dust proof. (Posted on 3/15/14)
very durable, large power bank Review by David
Recently, I have been searching for a new charger, due to my previous one's capacity not being enough for my needs. The previous charger pack had 5000 mah, and was beginning to dwindle, being that I had it for nearly 2 years I estimated a decrease of about 1000 mah due to the charging times and duration. The previous charger was also New Trent and due to having a good experience with the previous charger I decided to look for a new replacement. Lo and behold! The first result in amazon's search showed me this item. Now, for those who do not know, I have always been a sucker for durability, no matter the price. I wondered if this product could live up to the hype... So I took the plunge, certain that Amazon would help should I need a return. A few days later, my charger arrived! The first thing I noticed was the considerable heft of the product, as well as the apparently sound construction. The pack, was 3 bars charged. I tested the water resistance and first ensuring the sturdy (and very hard to open) flap was closed, I plunged it into my sink, praying that I wouldn't die an 1000 ways to die worthy death.... well lucky for me im still kicking! And for those who are wondering the pack survived the test. I didn't test the shock absorbation, as I hate damaging a new item, but not soon after the first test it conviently fell off my table (about 4ft high) and survived the drop unharmed. Charging is fast and extremely convienent using the 2a port, and the 1a port stands up to par. I haven't charged it in a month and it's still on 4 bars! Overall aside from the weight, and bulky size (roughly the size of I'd say 3? ipod touch stacked on top of each other) of the pack, I'd definitely reccomend it! If those things are a problem, I'd probably reccomend a smaller mah rated pack, but do be advised, you get what you pay for! (Posted on 3/10/14)
The fastest and most efficient external battery I've ever tested! Great for indoors and outdoors! Review by Charles
Camping is a wonderful time to become one with nature. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to be completely cut off from civilization. For these people, New Trent has made the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged Water/Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port External Battery to charge USB devices that are low on power.

Inside the packaging is a micro USB cable, the power bank and a user manual. My initial reaction to the power bank is how sturdy it is. The fact that it is water/dirt/shockproof makes me think that this is the ultimate camping power bank.

The micro USB cord is 26 inches long. It has a hard plastic casing around the connectors, and silver plated connectors. The charger cord seems very durable.

The power bank is small, but thick (5.2 X 2.8 x 1.2 inches) compared to similar power banks I have owned RAVPower Deluxe External Battery Charger 14000mAh Portable Power Bank Pack - 4.8 x 0.8 x 3.2 inches. The outside material is made of a hard black plastic and body is a hard gray plastic. The top has a spot to clip a backpack onto it. The bottom has cover for the 5V 2.1A, 5V 1A, and micro USB ports, that can be pulled to open, and snapped back in to close. When the flap is closed, it looks like no water or anything can get into the USB ports. I really like that this requires a micro USB to charge this, which isn't proprietary. However, it does not have an included AC charger to charge this device. The right side has the New Trent logo. The left side has the name of the power bank "Powerpak Xtreme NT10R" and a button to show how much battery is left from the 4 blue LED indicators on the front bottom body (statuses below).

4 Lights = 100%
3 lights = 75%
2 lights = 50%
1 light = 25%

The overall durability and construction of the power bank is well made. I would trust to take this power bank outside without worrying about falling or getting it wet, dirty, or muddy. I know this power bank can take more wear and tear than most power banks. I also like the way this power bank looks, and I think it is aesthetically pleasing.

I then tested this power bank with my Nexus 7 (2013), running Andriod 4.2.2, with a 3950mAh battery, and a Kindle Fire 1st generation, running stock Kindle OS, with a 4400mAh battery. Both tablets were in idle, while charging from the 2.1A charger. The results were as follows:

Nexus 7 2013
10:43AM 7%
11:33AM 30%
1:00AM 74%
1:39AM 93%
1:48AM 96%
1:58AM 100% - 3 Bars left
~ 3 Hours Total

100% - 7% = 93%
93% * 3950 = 3831mAh (Expected Charge)

Kindle Fire (1st gen)
50% 2:05PM
86% 2:56PM -Stop
86% 5:19PM -Start again
100% 5:40PM
~ 1.5 Hours

100% - 50% = 50%
50% * 4400 = 2200mAh (Expected Charge)

3831+ 2200 = 6031mAh Total Charge
3 + 1.5 = 4.5 Hours (Approximately)
6031/4.5 = 1340mAh per Hour

Battery indicates 3 bars (50-75%)
12000mAh * .50 = 6000mAh
12000mAh * .75 = 9000mAh

6031mAh/6000mAh = 100.5%
6031mAh/9000mAh = 67%

67%-100.5% Efficient (Top tier results)

The Nexus 7 (2013) resulted in a 3831mAh charge in 3 hours, and Kindle Fire resulted in a 2200mAh charge in 1 hour. This external battery charged a total of 6031mAh, 1340mAh per hour, with a 67-100.% Efficiency. These are amazing results for a battery, as I have not tested a battery with efficiency this high or charging this fast! This external battery definitely is a top tier in my testing results.

I would extremely recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for an external battery. Whether it would be indoor or outdoor, this battery excelled in every test, and is why I give this battery 5 out of 5 stars.

+ Fast charging (6031mAh in 4.5 hours).
+ Great efficiency (67-100.5%)
+ Compact and light. Can easily latch onto your backpack.
+ Aesthetically pleasing.
+ Durable. Water/dirt/shockproof with a hard plastic exterior.
+ Requires micro USB to charge, which isn't proprietary.
+ Blue LED indicators to indicate charge.

- Does not include AC charger.

Packaging: 5/5
Charging cord: 5/5
Construction of power bank: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
Aesthetically pleasing: 5/5
Charging Test: 5/5
Efficiency Test: 5/5 (Posted on 3/7/14)
Best charger on the market Review by Matthew
I've tried many battery chargers but nothing compares to the PowerPak. You can actually get multiple charges from this battery and charge not only phones but ipads as well. It's fairly fast in charging and very rugged. Not the smallest size charger but not clumsy and full of cords and other items. Highly recommend. (Posted on 3/6/14)
If you hunt in bad weather, This is a must ! Review by JT
I bought this to have on my recent Elk Hunting trip in the mountains of Northern Arizona; We had snow and rain for days. I was nice to have the extra battery life as we used GPS, and texting to navigate the hills. I did not worry about the New Trent PowerPak Extreme in all the bad weather.
Thank you !
(Posted on 3/4/14)
Great Product Review by Steve
Upon receiving NewTrent's Powerpak Xtreme (model number: NT120R), I was
pleasantly surprised by the packaging. The box is well designed and leads
me to believe that if they spend this much effort on the box, then the
insides are even better. And I was right. The product comes with the
battery back, power cords, and instructions. The battery is very sturdy
and feels like it can take some abuse. The cover to the plugs is also very
strong and takes some effort to open. This is good if you actually expose
the battery to the elements. There are two USB slots, which is great. To
charge the pack, you need to plug in the battery via a micro-usb, which is
included, to a usb port. The product should have came with a wall plug.
It does not, so you need to charge by plugging in to your computer (if you
don't have a wall plug). It takes about 9 hours to fully charge, which
isn't a big deal. But it'd be nice if it was quicker. Overall, I give the
product a 4.5/5 rating. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Awesome! Review by Tanner
I purchased this battery pack for my mother, and it's worked out perfectly for her. The ruggedized casing is fantastic - truly durable - and holds up well to my mom's unusually high level of wear and tear. The generous 12000 mAh supply is enough to keep her phone/tablet operating through any weekend-long trip. I've used other battery packs that have 4 charging ports, each with a different voltage, and I like this simplified version better. 5 stars for durability and versatility. (Posted on 2/21/14)
Great Product Very Robust Review by Timothy
This charger was a great gift i had received. I took this with me to go out hiking and hooked it up to my solar panels and never ran into any issues. All together a great device. My only complaint about the device is that it took a while longer to charge my S4 than most devices.
-Drop proof (dropped it from 50ft on accident don't suggest but hey it survived)
-Waterproof (kept in the bottom of my kyak still no issues)
-great capacity (definitely keeps my phone going another day or two depending on use)
-Two usbs one 1.0 amp and one 2 amp (great for people that have multiple devices that require different amps)
- great place on the back to tie it down
-micro usb charger

- Kinda bulky - however needed for strength
-takes a while to charge larger capacity devices ex. S4
- does not include wall charger

All in all though if you are an outdoors person this is the battery pack for you. (Posted on 2/18/14)
powerpak Review by charles
very impressed with this product.
able to charge iphone,nook and other cell phones numerous times on one charge (Posted on 2/16/14)
Just Like Its Name! Rugged and Extreme. Review by Jean Carlos
I decided to get the New Trent Powerpak Extreme for its ruggedness and
high battery capacity. After receiving the Powerpak from Amazon, my
first impression was that I had received a high quality product and I
was looking forward to opening it. The packaging materials and designed
were very high quality, no cheap plastic or flimsy cardboard here. As a
graphic designer, packaging is my first indication of what can be
expected of a product. This is my first experience with a New Trent
product so I didn't know what to expect.

Upon opening the packaging I found the Powerpak to be of equal
standards. The Powerpak's construction and materials seem well built and
rugged enough to sustain the advertised abuse (Waterproof, dirt proof,
and shock proof). The door covering all the ports seems well hinged and
properly sealed from the elements once closed, my only concern is the
latching tabs as I wonder if they will loose tightness with time from
opening and closing the tabs as they are simply plastic grooves and I'm
afraid the will wear off over time with all the snapping action.

My first experience with the Powerpak was a mix one as I found myself
not knowing whether my phone was charging or not, I could attribute this
in part to my use of a third party cable with an iPhone running iOS 7.
The Powerpak itself has led indicators that show battery capacity so I
would have liked some sort of led indicator for the two charging ports
indicating use/charging. After changing the cable to an Apple MFI cable
the charging worked as it should, but again I would have liked an
indication that it was charging without having to look at the phone.

Overall I am very pleased with the product I received from New Trent.
The packaging was great, construction and materials for the Powerpak
itself seem adequate for the rugged claims and it simply does what it says. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Loved it Review by Scott
The New Trent powerpak xtreme 12,000 mAh battery bank (NT120R) is one of the best of its kind. I have had no issues what so ever with this product, it works great wherever I go, it is really handy when I go on long trips or just after a constant use of my phone during the day. It is quite rugged and can take a beating, I have dropped it a couple times on accident on the concrete and it faired very well, hardly any scratches on the powerpak at all. The only con to this product is the weight, it is quite heavy and a little bulky, but you have to expect that for such amount of battery life stored in this product. I would rate this product a 5 out of 5 because it is an outstanding product for all in 1 use. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Awesome portable charger!!! Review by Ethan
Since purchasing the New Trent Powerpak xtreme, model number NT120R, I have had nothing but a great experience with this on the go charger. I never have to worry anymore about running out of battery on my iPhone, iPad, or any of my other devices, while I'm on the go. As long as I have my New Trent Powerpak xtreme and a cord for whatever Im going to be charging, I know I'll always have a full battery on almost any device I bring! This powerpak becomes especially handy when I'm going somewhere that I know i'll be using my device all day either for taking pictures, surfing the web, waiting for an important call, or anything else I might need. The only other thing I wish this had, is a strap for me to clip it on to my backpack when I'm going on a hike or something else like that where Im going to be carrying along a bag. Being as that is the only thing I would change, I love everything else's out this on the go charger. From it's dual USB charge ports, to it's rugged durability, down to the beautiful waterproof design. All these things considered, I gave the New Trent Powerpak xtreme a solid 5-star rating. If your looking for a way to keep your devices charged all day, without any worry or hassle, the New Trent Powerpak xtreme is definitely the way to go. (Posted on 2/12/14)
You have to love having extra power whenever you need it Review by Sean
I purchased my NT120R rugged external USB battery charger because I was going on a trip. When I received the product I was impressed by the quality. I had a previous external USB battery charger but after a few uses the connecters stopped working. This product is built well and having a port to charge my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 at the same time was great. Usually it is one or the other.
My only issue with this product was the cover for the USB and charging ports. Since this is a water proof design the tight seal a required and the small tab was a little difficult to use an improvement for me would be a little wider tab to allow easier opening.
I like the design because it allows me to hook it to my backpack with a carabiner and I don’t have to worry about it being damaged. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Greatest new thing since sliced bread Review by Kristin
I've looked at recharging devices for several months and am extremely happy to have found the PowerPak Xtreme. I took it on a three day kayaking camping trip and had no issues recharging my Samsung S4 Active or my iPod shuffle. I've also used to keep my kids tablets and our family's phones charged during the day. I'm impressed with both the power and speed of charging with the New Trent, and the best part is that the price point for the New Trent is lower than a majority of recharging devices on the market that don't have anywhere near the same amount of power output.
(Posted on 2/7/14)
great product Review by matt
after using this on a recent camping trip in which i got it wet several times, i can see that the trent powerpak fulfilled my needs. it charged my phone and gopro a few times each.

i like that it stops charging the device after it reaches full capacity so it saves power.

it is a little heavy, but what do you expect for such a durable product?

will continue buying trent products. (Posted on 2/7/14)
Rugged and keeps charge Review by Trey
I travel and beat the hell out of this thing. I can charge my iPhone ten times. I can drop it and not worry of cracking or breaking it. It keeps a charge even when I dont use it for weeks. Great product. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Awesome little box! Review by Kristen
This is one AWESOME little box. I originally got this to have back-up power for my iPad while at a conference that I am going to this March. But I have been using it while I ski, and I don't have to worry about running out of battery. I bring my PowerPak Xtreme and my boyfriend and I both had enough power to listen to our playlists all day and still have the power to make calls, text, and post our pictures on Facebook. I can't wait until summer so I can bring it with me to the beach too.

At first the door to get to the ports was a little difficult to open, but once I opened it several times it became easier. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Impressed Review by Scott
Reason for purchase:
I needed portable usb power supply because I work long hours in an industrial environment where I don't always have access to a power outlet. I wanted more than 10,000 mAh and a rugged design that would survive drops onto the harshest surfaces imaginable. After reviewing my options I settled on the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh.

Initial reactions:
I was surprised at the durable feel of the PowerPak Xtreme. The hinged door seals up very well. The power output from the 2.1amp port recharged my S4 faster than the Samsung charger that it came with.

After 8 weeks of use:
Plenty of use and abuse later the PowerPak has held up better than expected. It supplies me with 3.5 full charges on my S4 which puts it well over 11,000mAh. For my use a full charge lasts me a week and with the number of times the battery can be cycled it should last me nearly 5 years.

If I could rate it 6 stars I would. I'm impressed that New Trent isn't charging a crazy premium for this rugged device. For the efficiency, flexibility, and build quality it is more than worth the money. You should always buy a device that fits your needs, but I wouldn't hesitate buying another New Trent device. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Awesome! Review by Raegan
Amazing product, the only critism I have is that I wish the battery life for it lasted longer. (Posted on 1/31/14)
New Trent portable power pack Review by Sharon
Terrific product, does exactly what I needed! A portable power pack with enough capacity to charge my gizmos, plus waterproof, dust proof & shock proof. There may a another purchased soon for someone in the military, headed for a place where he needs those features. (Posted on 1/30/14)
How did I live without this? Review by Kelli
This is shock proof, water proof, kid proof, fool proof... You name it! You can charge an iPad and a phone at the same time and it's just as fast as plugging them BOTH into the wall. You can use your devices while charging if you need to. My daughter can keep this in her backpack and I don't have to worry about damage. It's more durable than she is wreckless! And she is 13! It can charge your devices multiple times. We are spoiled.. We find ourselves sitting on the couch wanting to use this as opposed to being glued to the wall charger. We are in love!!! And this is one of the two models we own. We love our second model equally! (Posted on 1/29/14)
Worth every Penny! Won't be Disappointed! Review by Kelli
This is shock proof, water proof, kid proof, fool proof... You name it! You can charge an iPad and a phone at the same time and it's just as fast as plugging them BOTH into the wall. You can use your devices while charging if you need to. My daughter can keep this in her backpack and I don't have to worry about damage. It's more durable than she is wreckless! And she is 13! It can charge your devices multiple times. We are spoiled.. We find ourselves sitting on the couch wanting to use this as opposed to being glued to the wall charger. We are in love!!! And this is one of the two models we own. We love our second model equally! (Posted on 1/29/14)
Excellent, Loved it Review by Breanden
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme is truthful to its name. I had some time to test this product and all of its pros and cons. I own a iPod touch, Cell phone, portable speaker, and a GoPro. I use it to charge all of them. First off, overall, the powerpak is genuinely an amazing product. The size is not only convenient for easy transportation but also is impressive for the amount of power that it holds. Its made to be durable for outdoor use, but I also found myself using it all around the house. When I didn't want to wait for my devices to charge in a wall charger I would use the powerpak, allowing me to sit comfortably wherever I wanted and charge my device. Transporting it is easy, its small, light, and has a heavy duty hook, so you wont need to worry about it falling off, if you hook it to something.

I purchased this product for the purpose of its durability, and it did not disappoint. I have dropped it many times and still leaves it clean and working well. Its hard shell protects it from damage and still provides a satisfying and comfortable texture to your hand. The waterproof is only actually waterproof when the cap is shut. Granted, when the cap is shut it repels water and keeps the water out. I dunked it in a bowl of water for 30 minutes. When I took it out and dried it off, I found that no water had entered the device.

The Size is smaller than I expected, and when I had a chance to thoroughly use it, I was impressed by the amount of charge it held. It has a hook on it that is fluid with the shape of the battery pack. Giving you the option to hook it to anything.

I was overly pleased with the amount of full charges I could get out of the powerpak. I informally tested the powerpak through casual use. I fully charged the battery and began by draining the battery of all my devices. In one charge the powerpak charged my Portable speaker, my phone, my GoPro, and my iPod 4 times. Separately, It also charged my ipod from from dead to full, 6 and a half times. The power it hold is excellent. I had a smaller “Mophie” portable charger that cost almost the same price and only held one charge for my iPod, and it wasn’t nearly as durable as the powerpak.

I am unbelievably satisfied with this product. I can’t think of anything that I do not like about the powerpak xtreme. I would, and already have recommended this product to a friend. If you are looking for a portable battery to charge your mobile devices, I would definitely recommend this for every day casual users and for people who will be using it in extreme conditions. All around this device will exceed your needs.

Thanks for reading,
(Posted on 1/28/14)
Great product when on the go!! Review by Garrett
I purchased my New Trent NT120R approximately three weeks ago and so far I love it!! It was shipped very promptly and arrived quickly. Rated at 12000 mAh it has a very high capacity. It charges my Samsung galaxy s2 over 4 times on one charge of the battery pack! at an amazingly fast speed! Its a real life saver when I am in the car, on the bus or anywhere for that matter! In your hand it feels solid and this battery is extremely durable. It is shock proof, water proof and dirt proof! (Posted on 1/24/14)
Awesome battery pack for any situation Review by Preston
This thing is rough and tough and ready to go. Never put yourself in a bad situation by going without a way to power your phone. This is a great option for those owner that are rough on their product and this has pass everything I've thrown at it. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Fantastic Review by Jennifer
This is a great external battery. It charges so fast great for all devices love that it has two USB ports. It recharges fast as well. And it can take a fall with no issues. Took it out hiking/camping and wasn't worried at all about the elements at all. It is very rugged and durable. Held up very well. Nice size as well. New Trent made a wonderful product. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Great travel charger Review by Arthur
Have had the NT120R for a month and am very happy with its capabilities. I use it for charging my ipad2 and iphone4 and it is able to handle recharging both on a full charge. Very durable unit and great for travelers who may not always have the opportunity to plug. Highly recommended device. (Posted on 1/21/14)
5 Stars! Review by Benj
The NT120R has been an excellent product for me so far. I haven't had extensive experience with it yet but it did come in quite handy when we had a power outage for a few days thanks to an ice storm. With the NT120R I was able to keep all of my family's electronic devices running until our power was restored, because of that we were able to keep in touch with friends and family during the worst of the storm and keep tabs on the weather. One thing that I really liked about this product was the multiple USB ports because it made life easier when I could charge multiple things at once instead of waiting for one thing to charge and then switch to another. However something that irked me was the unobtrusive power button because I would always forget where it was and have to go searching for it and it blended in so well that it took me a while sometimes to find it. If that was a different color then the rest of the material it would be a big help in that regard. On a scale of 1-5 I would have to give this a solid 5 because it definitely served its purpose despite the slight annoyance with the power button. (Posted on 1/20/14)
Every bit what it claims to be Review by Zachary
This is absolutely a great buy if you are needing an external battery pack. It is every bit as rugged as it claims to be. Mine has survived many drops on the ground and even once into a bucket of water. Also the amount of charge it holds is amazing. I can charge my iPad two or three times on this thing. Absolutely an amazing product! (Posted on 1/20/14)
Just what I need, durable and long-lasting Review by Ryan
I was looking for something durable to stand up to the elements for when I go camping next and this product is pretty spot-on. Essentially, it can take a beating, has its ports covered so water won't get it, and has an excellent capacity. I can charge my phone numerous times (I always forget count before I go to charge again) and still have some charge left over.

I love love love the design of this (it looks pretty rad, all army-like and sleek) and there is a section on the end where you can fit a keyring or carabiner to dangle off your backpack!

The only drawbacks are the following:
1. Port snaps are very tight which makes opening it effortfull. However this is due to preventing water from going into the device, as well as keeping the device as simple as possible. You can't really get around this aspect when designing the device :)
2. Pressing the power button won't stop the recharing. I've never really had an issue with this, but it is a feature some may notice. I think the constant charge state is due to the shockproof aspect of the product if I'm not mistaken
3. Charging cable not included. Some battery chargers come with their own retractable USB cables, which this lacks. It's not a big issue, it just means I have to keep an AC adaptor and USB cable elsewhere. Would be cool if this product had a top compartment to put your own cables! (Posted on 1/18/14)
Great bombproof power pack Review by Andrew
This is exactly the thing that I was looking for: power in spades and resistant to my abuse when I'm off the grid. Although I looked at power packs with more mAh, I realized that I was just nickel and diming myself by "wanting the best". This is frankly more than adequate for most long weekend trips. Although I agree that the door is a little hard to open, I think it inspires confidence in its waterproof capabilities. Nothing waterproof is easy....think of it as a screw-down crown on a dive watch. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Great bombproof power pack Review by Andrew
This is exactly the thing that I was looking for: power in spades and resistant to my abuse when I'm off the grid. Although I looked at power packs with more mAh, I realized that I was just nickel and diming myself by "wanting the best". This is frankly more than adequate for most long weekend trips. Although I agree that the door is a little hard to open, I think it inspires confidence in its waterproof capabilities. Nothing waterproof is easy....think of it as a screw-down crown on a dive watch. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Great! Review by Brandon
This product is very impressive, from the durability to the capacity that it holds. It is a well thought out product, I never would've thought that an electronic like this could be so secure from most of the earths elements. I can feel safe to take this with me anywhere I go. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Works perfectly, very durable. Review by Tucker
I used to own the iGeek from NewTrent. I dropped it once in the middle of an airport, and it shattered apart like an egg.
The PowerPak Xtreme does not have this problem.
It is very durable. I've dropped it many times on my hardwood floors and twice on concrete, and it still works splendidly. It has a nice weight to it, but is small enough to not be cumbersome.

It goes from no charge to full in about 8 hours. It brings my iPhone from less than 10% to 100% in about an hour and a half 4-5 times before it runs out of charge.

I've owned this product for a little over two months now. I haven't noticed any change in how long it holds a charge, how long it takes to charge, maximum capacity, or number of times I can charge my phone.

The lights are hidden under the outer shell, but shine brightly when the power button is pressed and when charging. It took me a minute to find the power button, but it's on the side near the USB ports.

Overall a solid product, and the best external battery I've ever owned.
(Posted on 1/14/14)
For the Outdoorsman, you must buy this Review by Deryck
I am a FSO stationed in Alaska in an Airborne unit. I've been using this for several months now and love it. As for shockproof it has survived six jumps with no issues. As for waterproof I can attest that it will survive snow. I have fumbled around with it wearing gloves and dropped it in the snow with no issues. I spent two weeks in the field using my phone heavily making phone calls and using GPS. There are four lights that depict battery life, after those two weeks I still had two lights left. With this big of a battery pack it is hard to determine whether the cold depletes the life without doing some extensive testing, which I plan to do in the next month.

The downfall is that I have tried to charge my iPod Shuffle, but it does not seem to draw enough juice to keep the PowerPak turned on. It will charge for about a minute and then turn off. If you buy this, you will think, "wow this is bulky." But keep in mind the mAH hours and environmental resistance it has.

Finally, having two charging ports is great. So far the two occasions I have needed them when hunting I plug my Garmin in one side and phone in the other. When in the field it's typically my phone and a buddy's phone who is begging for a quick charge.


Battery Life
Environmental Protection
Two Ports

Would rather see two 2.1 amp ports (Posted on 1/14/14)
Huge Capacity Review by William
I have used this battery pack to charge multiple devices when Im out in the middle of nowhere and I havent run it dead yet. Love it! Best I have found yet!! (Posted on 1/14/14)
Power on demand, tough, quality, fast charging... Review by ShadowReapxr
My NT120R has performed flawlessly so far. It has charged my IPhone 4S and my spouses Ipad mini 2(w/ retina display) partially a few times. Even with being used, it remains near full. This is all from the factory charge! I like how rugged it is. This NEWTRENT XTREME battery pack feels, like it was built to last(a hurricane).

If I had to find something to dislike/complain about the NT120R. It definitely would have to be, the fact I should have bought it sooner!

Star Rating
5 out of 5! (Posted on 1/14/14)
Durable and rugged device Review by Mark
I used this device on multiple devices: HTC Evo LTE phone, IPhone, iPad, New Trent iPad Keyboard, EMS/Fire Pager.
The results were great. Charged as expected. Battery lasted for days after using to charge multiple devices. This works well in the field. Be careful as the door on the device may get caught in gear and snap off. It fits well in my trauma pack as well as the traditional soft briefcase. Find a small EDC bag to put device in so you can store your cables.
What field of occupation would benefit the most from this product? The fields of law enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency medical services would greatly benefit from this. Also those that work in rural or wilderness settings, construction, or professional guides or outdoor professions.
I would rate this product a 4 for design. I would rate it a 5 for functionality. Overall: 5 (Posted on 1/8/14)
Great Battery Review by Mark
This battery has been an excellent choice for my portable power needs. It charges my devices multiple times and has two convenient charging ports. I always have it in my bag when I am on the go. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Awesome charger Review by Jay
I wanted to provide some feedback on my experience with the PowerPak XTreme.

Overall rating: 4

Initial Impression:

Overall the PowerPak Xtreme does exactly what it says it does. It provides
a great portable power source for any electronic device that requires USB
power source.

The packaging of the unit was good quality and arrived in good shape. It
was easy to get into the product and it was well protected.


I found the instructions clear and concise and easy to read and understand.
No real feedback here, other than I learned what I needed to learn about
how to operate the unit.

Operating the Unit:

It charged up in under an hour
and was ready to go. Didn't get to hot while charging and was simple to

Initial Testing
I first tested the unit on my iPhone 5 while traveling on a plane. My
battery was running low and I wanted to charge it up before landing. I was
on a short 1 hour flight and pulled out the
PPXT and hooked it up to my iPhone. Worked like a charm. Phone was fully
charged in under 30 minutes. It was small enough to toss into my backpack
while charging and I wasn't worried about it getting to hot.

My second test of the product was in a hotel room on a trip as well. The
desk area only had 2 outlet's nearby and I need to run my laptop, charge my
iPad and charge my iPhone at the same time. I used the PPXT to charge the
iPhone again and it worked flawlessly. Provided a good charge in a only a
few minutes.

Other Feedback:

For my own needs I find the product useful for business travel. I tend to
make short same day or one day flights to client locations. Many times I
start my day at 3-4 in the morning and don't return home until 8pm or
after. The product has become very useful in keeping my iPhone and iPad
charged after an intense day of use. My schedule is such that I don't
spend a lot of time at the airport so I am normally rushing from place to
place. It is nice to have a portable device that I can rely on to charge
my devices as needed.

I think this product could have multiple applications

Business Travelers will like its reliability, small footprint, and quick
charging capabilities. This would be especially handy if you were on
longer flights or spent some extended time in airports or away from
traditional charging places.

I also think there is a huge market for this in the outdoor
enthusiast/hunter/camper segment. While not my first choice of
entertainment I think anyone who spends some time outdoors camping/hunting,
etc would find this product very useful.

Another segment to consider would be sales people/support personnel that
spend a lot of time in their cars. I for one have never been a big fan of
cigarette adapter charging (slow and ugly) and having this device handy
would be useful if you need to keep your devices running for a full day. (Posted on 1/3/14)
A must have for travelers or people on the go! Review by Shawn
This review is for the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R). I travel often for work and find myself always running low on my iDevices. As those of you who travel can attest, it is hard, if not impossible to find somewhere to charger your device while at an airport. Not to mention while you are in cabs, busses, rental cars, or other modes of transportation, it too can be difficult to charge your device (assuming you remembered the charger). Anyway, I was in need of a backup charger that could handle charging my iDevices when I couldn’t readily get to an outlet. Having many other New Trend devices, I was excited to learn about the PowerPak Xtreme – I’ve never had an external battery pack before.

The PowerPak arrives in a neat little box. In the box includes the unit, a USB charger, and an instruction manual. It is important to note that the USB charger will take a very long time to charge the battery through your USB port. Luckily for me, I had both the New Trent Dual USB Wall Charge (NT90C), as well as an iPad charger. Either of these wall-outlet chargers will work with the USB cord and charges the battery in a few hours. If you don’t have a USB ready wall-outlet charger, I would recommend to buy one. The PowerPak arrived with 4 out of 5 lights on the battery indicator, so I charged it shortly. The PowerPak has (on my model) blue LED indicator lights. 1-5 showing how full the battery is and when it is charging/depleted it flashes whichever light it is on. My version of the PowerPak has, for the most part, a hard outer shell. The water/dust cover over the USB ports is pretty difficult to pop off. It includes two rubber seals that seal the two USB ports and the single mini USB port for charging the PowerPak. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple to pop off. I’ll admit, I did not read the directions so at first I couldn’t figure out why the PowerPak was not charging my iDevices once I plugged in the devices. There is a power button on the side of the PowerPak that you must press to send the juice to your iDevices. You can also press this button to show you the LED indicator of how much power is left in the PowerPak. It would be helpful if this power button stood out more – maybe by another color being stamped over it. Although I didn’t do any drop or water tests, the PowerPak is VERY sturdy and obviously water/dust tight. I wouldn’t foresee any problems with these claims.

I tested the PowerPak on two different charges. My data is as follows:

1st Charge handled:
iPad Air 64gb LTE – Charged from 0% to 71% (I unplugged it before 100%)
iPhone 5 16gb – Charged from 30% until 100%
iPhone 5s 32gb – Charged from 18% - 99% and PowerPak was drained.

Results: This unit specs says it holds 12,000mAh. The iPad Air has a battery size of 11,560mAh and the iPhone 5/5s both have approximately 1,400mAh of battery. Based on my charging of my three iDevices, it appears that the PowerPak mAh is as promised.

2nd Charge handled:
iPad Air 64gb LTE – 39% to 100%
iPhone 5s 32gb – 61% to 100%
iPhone 5s 32gb - 47% to 100%
iPad Air 64gb LTE – 47% to 76% and died.

Results – It appears that on both charges I got about the same amount of mAh out of the PowerPak.

The amount of mAh you can get out of the PowerPak depends on the temperature, how long you charged it for, if you drain the mAh all at once or spread it out over many hours, etc. Based on my testing so far, the PowerPak gives exactly what it promises. I charged all my devices back to back on the 1st charge and the PowerPak barely got hot to the touch which is impressive. Because I have an iPad and two iPhones (corporate and personal), I would need to buy a second PowerPak or a higher capacity version.

I would rate the PowerPak a 5 out of 5. This thing really does hold up well and offers 12,000mAh as promised. Quick charge time and fast charging of devices like you would get from a wall-charger. As usual, great job New Trent. (Posted on 12/31/13)
Durable, convienient, & easy to use Review by Scott
The PowerPak is easy to use. I love the ability to simultaneously charge two of my portable devices simultaneously and it's an extra bonus to have the option for the two different charging rates. (Posted on 12/27/13)
AWESOME RUGGED on the go charger! Review by Erin
I am a high school P.E. teacher and often without power when my "tech"
needs a boost. I use an Iphone4 and an Ipad2 often during class to take
roll, look up student information and other administrative duties in addition
to playing music in the cardio lab, weight room or gym as well as
video(visual) feedback for specific skill technique. We are also using a
new online program called CANVAS for class activities as well.

Even though I may be around an outlet it is almost always already in use
with important things like lights, heaters, or fans (my school was built in
1906 and upgrades are few and far between plus electrical is often
forgotten when upgrading athletic facilities). I often find myself in the
middle of the day starting my third yoga class and notice my iphone 4 is at
4% and still need it to play yoga music for the next two classes AUGH! Or
doing a timed rotation and my ipad2 count down timer is at 10% and of
course I need it for 3 more classes before I can take a break to charge it.
Add to my lack of outlets/ability to recharge during the work day the fact
that Im often lugging around my tech to various facilities during the
day... the pool deck, gym, cardio lab, black top, field... my stuff has
been dropped more than I care to admit and even "hockey pucked"
accidentally across the gym on occasion. Needless to say anything I use at
school has to be rugged or housed in a rugged case. It is beyond

Luckily I found the New Trent Power Pack Extreme. I
have only had this under a week but have used it every day at school and
during the swim team meet this past weekend. I can honestly say so far so
good, even after its been dropped three times form about 3-4 feet up on
carpet, ashphalt and cement pool deck. Its been fought over and thrown on
grass by two ten year olds (during the swim meet until i explained they
could charge their stuff at the same time). I even had a wet speedo thrown
on it in the bag for about 2 hours before realizing what happened (my son
thought water proof mean you could do stuff like that to it...i explained
not on purpose!). Even after all this wear and tear over just 4 days it
took care of playing music for the cardio lab all day today :-)

from my viewpoint:
1. Dual plugs but... only 1 tablet can be charged at a time - although this is really a safety issue, just buy 1 fir each tablet if your a multi tablet family ( I can charge everything else two at a time: cameras, phones, game players, headsets, etc)
2. I wish the blue lights would stay on the entire time its charging tech
so I know its charging... it only shows lights initially then the lights shut
off even though it continues to charge (my other new trent charger lights
stay on the entire time charging tech)
3. I wish there was a way to close all holes except the hole youre using as
it could allow dirt/water/sand to get into holes not in use.
4. heavy... but then again beefy usually means its protected so not a super
con in my view.

1. Handle rocks (although Id make it a little bigger as its hard to fit my
normal size clip through)- id include a clip for it with your logo (id also
make the logo on the battery darker/bigger as its totally not very visible
and my students are all asking where I got it)
2. fast charging - totally charged my iphone4 and ipad2 in 3 hours 15 min.
together - apart approx 2 hours for the iphone4 and 2 hours 45 for the
ipad2. it takes about 1 hour 15min to charge the battery itself. I cant
tell you specifics on the nintendo ds as they played along with an itouch
on and off while charging, but can tell you the battery lasted from 7am to
3pm and still had a blue blip left.
3. truly is shock proof - as said above this charger was not only dropped
but thrown and still working great.
4. truly is water proof - as said above a wet speedo was in my bag on top
of it for over two hours and still working.
5. this thing is rugged - it lives in my bag/purse which is full of junk
and gets slammed all over the place and has very few scratches/dings

All in all Id definitely buy the New Trent "RUGGED" Powerpack Extreme. Id
also recommend it to any high school, college student, sport mom/dad,
adventure traveler or anyone that often needs tech on the go (my nano brew
and distillery owning family members also liked it as the availability to
use anywhere and get wet as well - never thought of the "chef" aspect).
This puppy is rugged and can take a beating (even from tech battling
tweens) and has the ability to pacify 2 tech items at a time! Great item. (Posted on 12/22/13)
Great Portable Charger! Review by Kevin
This is a GREAT portable charger! I love that I can charge my iPhone and iPad simultaneously when I'm unable to make it to a power outlet. I love its durability and rugged exterior. I don't see myself charging my devices in the rain, but I guess it's cool that they made it water resistant too. If you're looking for a nice, portable, external dual USB charger, look no further. This is WELL worth a $60 price tag! (Posted on 12/19/13)
Solid product, A++ Review by Dylan
New trent did it again.
One word Awesome!!! With capital A.
A++This is what I exactly expect it from nothing more nothing less.
A couple of complains.
Location of power button. It's obvious after I read other reviews. It's hidden and yes you have to press it to charge your devices unlikely other battery packs no plug and charge or doesn't have a stand-by button. But no big deal I think after played with a little bit I figured it out like everybody else.
Other thing is only charges upto 96-98% on my iPhone 5, no tickle charge.... S3 seemes to be charged all the way, odd. So far charged 4 times on my mobile devices, I meant all devvices were less than 5%, it's still showing full 4 bars...
I can't wait until take vacations with it.... (Posted on 12/18/13)
Great Battery Backup Review by Dan
Product works as described, rugged case and pretty easy to use. The only drawback is the access door to the power input, it is a little hard to open. The door seals well though which is of the most importance, and should not be of any real concern. Great product, I would recommend it. (Posted on 12/18/13)
better then expected Review by Michael
As a Marine I am always looking for products that can handle the elements as well as the physical abuse I put them through both professionally and personally. Having just purchased a new iPad Air I decided I needed a portible power sorce as well, after all what good are new toys without power. After a great deal of searching I found only one that looked like it might fit the bill, the NT120R Power Extreme. I received the Power Extreme about a week ago and upon opening the package I was not disappointed. The Power Extreme is heafty and appears solidly built. After charging up the Power Extreme I plugged it into my iPad which was at about 30% and let it charge over night. the next morning the iPad was fully charged and the Power Extreme had 3 LED's lit which I can only assume is approximately 75% power remaining. I continued the next couple days as normal dragging my iPad to and from work, placing the Power Extreme in or my backpack, in my pocket and storing it at work. After draining my iPad again down to 30% I plugged it into the Power Extreme, after completing charging I had a single blinking LED left. I figured that meant it was time to recharge the Power Extreme. After teh first week of use I am very pleased with my purchase it is performing and holding up estremely well. I have few minor dislikes but nothing that would prevent me from purchasing another one or recommending this to my friends and coworkers. First off the door that covers the USB ports is a bit tough to open especially if I am in a work envirnment and am wearing gloves, second a better exlination of how much battery is left based on the LED's would be great I am not a fan of guessing how much power I have left and my last littlel gripe is the lack of a tether or carabiner for the Power Extreme. After all is said and done I would rate this product as a 4 out of 5.

(Posted on 12/16/13)
Great Product Review by Zachary
This battery can charge your device through practically all situations. It seems it will hold up great and can charge the device many times on one battery life. The only compromise is that it is a little heavier than other batteries. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Must have travel companion! Review by Lance
First of all. . . the delivery time and customer service was excellent. As for the product, it is very durable and is the perfect size for travel. Be it a quick day/business trip, or if it’s a weekend camping adventure, the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme did not disappoint. The 2 USB ports are very handy when there’s a need to charge multiple items. I was very impressed with the speed of the charge time. At the end of the day, I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this to anyone! (Posted on 12/13/13)
PowerPak Extreme has got your back(up) Review by precognito
I charge my smart phone and tablet every night but over time battery capacity diminishes. The PowerPak extreme provides a convenient battery life extension for these factory sealed devices. Besides, I like my gear to be rugged whenever possible and this battery fits the bill. Sure, it is heavy, but the weight is more than offset by durability and an industrial style I find more appealing than the trend toward ultra thin jewel-like electronics. In my tests the Extreme easily recharged a tablet with at least 3 smart phone charges to spare. I haven't yet fully drained it. (Posted on 12/12/13)
Best External Charger! Review by Alex
This is an excellent external charger for a smartphone, tablet or any device that charges through USB. I use this product to charge my iPhone 5S and my iPad mini and charges them perfectly. It also charges the devices pretty rapidly as in less than half hour I was able to get 30% battery increase on my iPhone 5S. This product is also very well constructed as it is made in rugged material that will prevent it from damaging if you were to drop it on the floor or even spill water on it. This is an excellent product and I highly recommend for anyone looking for an external charging device. (Posted on 12/11/13)
Solid product, exceeds expectations Review by HSS
I purchased this product for use on my Nexus 5 (Sprint) phone and I can honestly say I'm very impressed.

I've tossed it around, dropped it, even accidentally exposed it to water via a leaky bottle in my bookbag and am happy to announce we have not lost any functionality whatsoever.

Currently, I get between 4-5 full charges on my phone per 1 full charge of the PowerPak extreme. Additionally, if I wanted to I could simultaneously charge my tablet as well as cell phone since there are 2 USB outlets.

Thanks for another great product New Trent! (Posted on 12/10/13)
All day power! Review by Shareef
The PowerPak is a mobile power outlet for your phone and iPad. It’s able to completely charge my iPad Air in under 4 hours. What’s even nicer is that once the iPad is plugged in it only takes a few minutes to get enough of a charge to power it on. For example, I use my iPad all day at work. On the train on the way home it dies. I’m able to plug in the iPad into the Powerpak and be up and running in a few minutes. From there I’m able to continue to use my iPad while it charges and throw the iPad and Powerpak in my bag afterwards where it will continue to charge. Using the Powerpak I’ve been able to last an entire weekend on a single charge of the iPad and PowerPak. (Posted on 12/10/13)
New member to the Family Review by Jefferson
I already own 3 other portable battery charges, two which are the New Trent PowerPak+ 13500mAh and the Arcadia ArcPak 7.4 7400mAh Portable charger. Like these two chargers, the PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh also has 2 USB slots, one which are 2.1A and the other is 1A (the Arcadia Arcpak has both USB slots as 1A).

Using the PowerPak Xtreme
Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I charged my smartphone LG Optimus L9 from 40% to 100% and my Nexus 7 1st generation tablet from 6% to 100%, both at 50% brightness, Wi-Fi on and Bluetooth off. The Nexus 7 was casually used for about 1 hour while charging, then left to charge overnight (as I slept). When both were 100% the PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh had 3 solid (of four) LED lights, which indicating that it had somewhere around 51% to 75% of charging power left. Using the PowerPak+ proved most useable when on the traveling and when all of the power outlets are occupied.

I like the design of this product over the New Trent PowerPak+ 13500mAh because it has a durable build which makes it more reliable for me if I happen to drop it, such as holding the device by the usb cable and then it unplugs. As a matter of fact, I did drop this product over a height of 4 feet and the device was not damaged at all, both internally and externally. I have yet to try submerging it in water or covering it with dirt.
The USB ports are protected from damage and dust by a hard cover that, although it does require me to use some pulling force, it opens and closes.

Overall, I find this product very useful and I do plan to use this, and my other portable charges, daily. I plan to buy USB cables compatible with the Nintendo 3DS so that I could charge the 3DS on the go. I would totally recommend the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh (and the New Trent PowerPak+ 13500mAh). (Posted on 12/9/13)
Great Product, at a Great Price Review by Jayde
Most portable chargers like this sell for over $100 and don't charge near as efficiently. If you are going on a camping trip but don't want to lose connection with the world, just plug your PowerPak Extreme into the charger the night before you go and there you go, enough phone charge for the week! On one charge! For only about $60! Not bad at all. Great company and a great product. If you're a really high tech person, search up some of their other products for sure! Just search "New Trent" or something. (Posted on 12/7/13)
Great Product Review by Ted
This battery pack is great. It is very large capacity, is a small and
convenient size, and looks great. The build quality is great; the battery
feels very sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. The battery
quickly and effectively charges all my devices, and I've had no problems
with it at all. The battery charges in a reasonable amount of time (with a
higher amperage charger) given that the battery has such a large capacity.
The led indicator turns off after a few seconds, even while charging,
which not all of New Trent's batteries do, but this is a good thing: isn't
annoying and doesn't waste battery. The cover that covers the ports is
kind of hard to open, but this is so that the battery is water and dust
proof (without the ports securely covered, this wouldn't be water proof).
There's really nothing bad about this battery. The only thing that I
might suggest is covering the screws on the top side with some sort of plug
so that the screws aren't exposed, but this is a cosmetic thing that
doesn't affect the functionality. I would also suggest including some sort
of clip or carabiner so that people can clip the battery to the outside of
a bag or something. Overall, great product. (Posted on 12/5/13)
Great for Outdoors People! Review by Christopher
I purchased the battery pack with the intention on bringing it along on my hunting, fishing and camping expeditions. It has more than enough power to recharge my phone and tablet and I don't have to worry about water and shock damaging it. I would recommend this product!! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it didn't come with a wall charger. (Posted on 12/3/13)
convenient charging Review by Richard
thicker than I expected, but overall fairly small. I like the feel of the product. The construction seems solid. I have a lifeproof case for my phone that is similar to the concept of the housing of this battery. I use this as a backup for my long nights on call when my phone battery dies and I cannot afford to leave my phone plugged into the wall, but think that this product would be perfect for camping or hiking with a phone. I charged my phone several times and my ipad one time over a 4 day period before the charge out of the box dropped to 1 led and the device stopped charging my devices.

I gave the 4 starts because the hinge over the power ports at times only partially closes and takes a second attempt to securely close it. The instructions were overly simple. I wanted to know if I needed to charge it before using or if I had to push the button to turn it on, the device is simple enough that I quickly figured it out, but I would have appreciated a little more instruction. (Posted on 11/30/13)
great for charging two things at once but watch out to be sure you use the right port Review by Elizabeth
I use my charger a lot with a lightning cable in one port and a USB cabe in the other.
The only difficulty I had was that I didn't realize that you cannot charge an iPad with the tablet port as it doesn't have enough juice. The type is very small and hard to read and there is no backup documentation.
I learned from experience that the iPad won't charge from the lower wattage port and thought that my battery had gone bad since I kept getting a message stating that the battery was not charging. I switched the ports and then everything was OK. Whew! (Posted on 11/30/13)
Beach Friendly Review by Eddie
The PowerPak Xtreme has lived up to its advertisement.  On a Note II, I was able to get 3 full charges in addition to use with with only 3G data and GPS, both power hogs.  The output was strong enough to charge while using those two high power plus lit screen features.  I would have been able to get a full 4th charge had I not been using those power hog features.  It took about 2.25 hours to charge the Note II completely with use.  This battery was able to charge a Note II and iPhone 5 simultaneously with no issues, the iPhone 5 (in 1A port) charged faster than Note II (in 2A port).  The LED lights with the power levels while charging were NOT disturbing at all in a hotel room like other New Trent products.  I can't explain how much more of a pleasure it is.  The dimmed blue LED laid facing up in the hotel room without lighting up the whole room while charging.  However, this PowerPak lacks the sensor the NT100H has where it would start charging as soon as a device was plugged in without the need to push the power button.  The PowerPak Xtreme does not heat up during charge or discharge.  The waterproof cover is a bit hard to open but the included USB cable is of good enough quality to use for charging the battery, charging my phablet and tablet from the battery, and to use the larger USB end to carefully push the battery port cover open without damage to either.  The included USB cable is a good shape and fits through both the Otterbox and HP Touchpad protective cases.  The PowerPak Xtreme has survived through a dip in the ocean's salt water and charging my phone on the beach with no effect from exposure to the sun.  It has also survived an easy hiking trail on the outside of a bookbag.  The instructions said that the charging is not possible under water but was good enough at keeping my phone charged with low signal at the beach. (Posted on 11/29/13)
Love this new Trent Review by Jen
Pros: The pack is designed to be rugged and for the most part it handles well in those environment where you would come in contact with dirt, water, and drops. We have been using the pack during a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida and it has come in contact with several drops, which it has survived with minimal scratching. It has also had a bottle of water sweat all over it while inside by back pack and it also handled this as well. As far as the actual usability of it, it is just as strong and reliable as the rest of Trent's batteries. Keeping our phones charged in the parks while using them as cameras and for mobile wifi is high priority and it has worked wonderfully well, holding multiple charges (over 6) for our Iphone 5. Cons: It is most definitely larger and heavier than the rest of Trent's batteries of similar power. It is bulky as well and would not fit well in a pocket or small purse but is fine in our backpack. I also find that it is confusing as to what port to put the charging cord in, the ports are labeled but on the outside of the flap. The flap is also somewhat flimsy, while closed it does the job of keeping dirt and liquid out go the ports it is somewhat weak hinged when opened. Overall I highly recommend this charger for those who need a studier battery but would steer those away from it if weight and size were more of a concern. (Posted on 11/27/13)
Great Product Review by Kathy
If you travel, this product is a MUST HAVE! It small and conveniently fits into your carry on luggage or purse. It will take you phone or tablet to a full charge very quickly. (Posted on 11/27/13)
Good Battery Pack =) Review by Judy
After about a week's use of the New Trent Powerpak Extreme, I am fairly impressed. My most used devices are my smart phone and my iPad mini, and with heavy use throughout long days of college note taking, I'm forced to find a place near an outlet to recharge my devices. The battery pack gives me more freedom, and I don't have to worry that my devices will die throughout the day. Overall, the battery is extremely durable, nicely designed, but a little bulky. I've used it several times to charge both my phone and iPad mini at the same time, and found that they charged really fast! It has 2 inputs, one at 1A for smart phones and a second at 2.1A for tablets. I charged them both when they were near dead (~10% battery life remaining) and they both were at 100% in about 2 hours - faster than a regular outlet charges them! After that there was still 3/4 of the Powerpak's battery remaining. You can tell a lot of thought went into making a good quality battery pack.

-Durable, Waterproof, Shockproof
-Aesthetically pleasing
-2 different 5V USB ports, one with more Amps for tablets
-can charge devices quickly
-large capacity (12,000mAh)
-LED lights that will indicate amount of battery life left in the Powerpack

-requires an adapter to charge in an AC outlet
-a bit bulky/heavy (trade-off for being so durable)
-price is a little higher than comparable products

(Posted on 11/27/13)
Pretty good Review by Mike
So far I have had a good experience with this product. I am a flight instructor and use my ipad with a gps constantly everyday so I needed a good battery to charge my devices on long flights. This battery keeps me going 3 days fraught of about 6 hours a day of straight gps usage. Even flying commercially recently I was able to watch like 4 movies and still have half the battery left and 100% on my iPad. The plastic door thing to access the USB ports I feel may break someday so I am careful of that and finding the micro USB cable has been challenging I always forget where I leave it. The only downside is the battery takes forever to charge so make sure you remember to do that. (Posted on 11/26/13)
Well Built. Very Convenient for Traveling and/or Camping Review by Patrick
Very well built, sturdy unit. Charges my devices fast. I was impressed when I pulled it out of the package and discovered the cover protecting the charging ports is air tight. When shut, no dirt, mud, or moisture can penetrate. There are no other open cavities on the device to worry about. Our family camps every year, so these features will be a plus. Also, it is very convenient to have this device while traveling. Its hard to find a free outlet in a busy airport. I can sit anywhere I want when I have the powerpak with me.
I cannot comment on the device's longevity because I only obtained it recently, but my New Trent airbender keypad has stood up well with extensive use. I am confident that this product will too. I read the review above and I am thinking that they are up in the air saying that it feels like a toy. Not true. It is very well constructed. (Posted on 11/26/13)
Time for a new outdoor toy Review by Kyle
As someone who spends a good amount of time outside, I love the idea of the NT120R external battery pack. It became abundantly clear I needed to invest in an external battery after one too many instances of my electronics not lasting a weekend excursion. With several more trips upcoming, it quickly became a necessity.

Pros: This thing is feels like a brick (in the best way possible); solid construction. I couldn't bear to test the drop resistant feature, but I am confident it will perform admirably. I was able to get a good 6-8 charges of various devices before draining the battery. My first test got me full charges of my iPhone 4s (3 times), Kindle Keyboard (once), and new Olympus TG-2 iHS underwater camera (twice). Charge times are comparable to traditional AC charging methods.

Cautions: I am very taken with the waterproof notion of this device, as I will be hiking, camping, road tripping, etc with this for a long time to come. But I am not entirely confident in the door/hinge protecting the USB ports. It is a simple plastic flap/shield working on a hinge that clicks into place (plastic knobs into plastic grooves). You can clearly hear it engage, though I worry that repeated uses will loosen this closure method, rendering the waterproof feature ineffective. My Olympus TG-2 iHS is an underwater camera that also protects the USB port, along with battery and SD card, with a similar (but smaller) shield that locks into place. There are two locks on these doors working in sequence, one working up-and-down and the other working right-to-left. I am much more confident that I won't suffer any underwater failures with this combination. The plastic flap/shield has a rubber cut out that fits the USB ports. This is what protects them from any moisture leaking in. I ended up with some dirt along the track which I tried to remove it with my fingernail. This actually caused part of the rubber to become separated from the glue holding it to the shield. So far it hasn't progressed, but I will probably have to bust out the super glue. Also, I noticed that to start charging you need to actually depress the power button on the left hand side. I would have thought the power would start flowing as soon as the device was plugged in. Not a big issue; just need to be aware when charging.

Cons: Nothing yet to make me regret this purchase. Though we will have to wait and see about the flap protecting the USB ports.
(Posted on 11/26/13)
Don't leave home without it!! Review by Paul
"Great rugged/weather proof travel charger"
Pros: durable, weather resistant, easy to use, charge two devices at same time, includes battery charging cable, 12,000 mah capacity, solid connectors.
Cons: basic instructions, power button and door graphics need contrasting color for easier reading.
Rating: 4.5 stars
The NewTrent powerpak is easy to use, i could charge my ipad 3 and iPhone 4S several times before recharging the powerpak. I plan to take the powerpak on vacations and when camping at Grand AM/ALMS sports car races. (Posted on 11/26/13)
Pretty awesome product! Review by Jason
This product is really good. It is super convenient to have extra battery power while on the go. Sometimes I am out of the house at work and have to use my cell phone or iPad quite heavily and it drains the battery. Oftentimes I don't have access to an outlet to plug them in to recharge. The PowerPak Extreme is perfect for these types of situations. I can plug my phone or iPad, or both in and charge them in my backpack on the go or when I am not near a wall outlet. (Posted on 11/25/13)
This is a Great Charger! Review by Janet
This charger is amazing! Living in New England, with winter coming, I am always concerned about losing power and not being able to recharge my cell phone and tablet. This charger is PERFECT for recharging, not just once, but multiple times before I need to plug the charger back in. It came with a complete charge, and I ran my cell phone down to test it. I was amazed at how quickly my cell phone was brought back to 100%! I did have to look at a video to see how to open the door to plug in my cell phone and tablet, but that is my only minor complaint. Come on Winter, bring it on, Im ready!!! (Posted on 11/23/13)
Dependable, durable, but bulky, expected for such a rugged device. Review by Randy
PowerPak Xtreme NT120R
- 4 / 5. I'm a big fan of having any type of portable battery within my
grasps while traveling. This is no different. The great capacity of this
battery allows me to leave the house confident that my phone can be juiced
up anytime. The rugged design truly makes this a travel device; a camping
essential. It's great to have two ports, with one port being 2A rated and
the other 1A. I like that the battery has a micro usb charging port to
share a common place with most smartphones on the market today, there is no
need for a mini usb as with the old batteries. This battery is bulky and a
bit heavy, but for the protection that you get from the battery, it's not
surprising. The cover that protects the ports is a little difficult to
open, the ports are primarily sealed with rubber gaskets, there is no
secondary gasket around the cover. If the cover were to break off, then the
ports would be exposed to whatever elements are exposed to it. The power
button is also a little difficult to depress, it's small and round which
takes a bit of pressing force to operate, but upon operation, 4 blue led
indicators light up to display the current batteries charge. The battery
also has a nice latch for a lanyard to secure it to any of your backpacking
adventures.12000mAh will keep you going. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Ready for camping! Review by Mary
Packaging: Minimal packaging, no excess. Great job.

Directions: Directions were provided and contained line drawings to show how it works. They were clear, explicit, and well done. The ONLY thing I could see as an improvement would be suggestions for how to open the water proof casing to get to the USB ports. That thing is tight - which it needs to be to be water/dust proof.

Charging: The directions insert says it takes about 10 hours to charge - that's fairly accurate. It took a long time. But, the charge also lasts a long time. I charged my iPad 2 times and my phone 3 times and it still had a charge.

There are two ports - one labeled 5V1A (for phones) and 5V21A (for iPad - it has more power). It is possible to charge more than one device at a time. When charging the iPad we went from a 5% charge to fully charged in less than 4 hours (while it was being used). The phone seems to charge even quicker than that.

A word of caution, this charger is heavy. It has a lot of battery in it and you can tell. It is not so heavy it can't be lugged around, but you definitely feel a bit of the heft if you try to carry it in your pocket.

Waterproof: The specs on the charger say it is water proof up to 3 feet for an hour. I "dropped" it in the sink to see what would happen. I left it in the water (about 6" or so) for about 20 minutes. It still worked with no problem when I took it out. A word of caution though - make sure the door is sealed tight so no water can get in.

Cons: There is no case for this device and the accompanying charging cable. It would be fabulous if there were some way to keep the two together (and maybe have an additional spot for the phone/iPad charging cable as well).

Pros: It does exactly what it says it should do. It's waterproof (or at least extremely water resistant), dust proof, and it charges a LOT. Definitely worth the cost. I look forward to using it when I'm camping.
(Posted on 11/23/13)
Excellent and Durable External Battery Review by Laura
The product is exactly what is says...shock proof and waterproof. Very durable and great for anyone who works in the outdoors. Don't have to worry about it getting damaged as I did test it by dropping it to see if it would hold up...it did. I also spilled some water on it to ensure it was definitely waterproof...it is. Great size and the weight is ok. The only problem I did have was opening the compartment to plug in the adapters. I had a very difficult time getting it open that I actually had to use something to pop it open. Overall, this is a great product. (Posted on 11/23/13)
Great go anywhere power Review by Roger
New Trent PowerPak Extreme. I have used this external battery pack with an iPad Retiina and it has performed flawlessly. It recharges completely from a USB 110 V wall charger (supplied separately) in less than 10 hours, as advertised, with the supplied USB to miniUSB cable. It will charge the iPad using the Apple-supplied Lightning to USB cable at about the same rate as a wall charger; this is not a significant issue as I simply plugged it in and continued using the iPad while carrying the PowerPak along. The PowerPak was especially useful on my boat where I use the iPad as a chart plotter which requires a significant battery drain. No problems running with the battery connected full time. I guess I've been spoiled by my Kindle not to worry about having to plan on having the battery charged for the events of the coming day; the PowerPak provides the same freedom for my iPad. The supplied user's manual is cryptic and virtuously useless. It would be nice to have a manual that provides instructions for optimal use. I enjoy using this equipment. Rating = 5.
(Posted on 11/23/13)
Great Product!!! Review by BMGRAPP
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme is the ideal companion to those that work in the field and do not have access to consistent AC power. This unit allow for both simultaneous charging of a tablet and a cell phone. Once the PowerPak is fully charged, devices can be charged multiple times before the PowerPak needs re-charging. In fact, I have yet to recharge this unit after six days of use. The size and weight of the PowerPak are not too cumbersome or too heavy. Just to have instant power or charging ability on the go will allow so many people needed flexibility outside of the home or office. Since a good part of my day is out in the field, I rely heavily on the unit to keep charged and connected. I highly recommend the PowerPak. (Posted on 11/22/13)
Dependable, Durable, Dynamic! Review by Leonard
Incredibly durable power pack, that whops an amazing 1200 mAh. I was able to “juice up” my iPhone 5 and Battery Case 5 times before the led display decreased to 75%. That’s 10 charges and only 25% decrease in power! The exterior is the most rugged of any tech device I’ve seen (beating even a main competitor). The reversible USB port and cord allow great flexibility for charging (up and out). The LED lights are beautiful, and sooth the techie into appreciating the ruggedly stunning piece of tech! Another solid product by NT! (Posted on 11/21/13)
Heavy Duty - Durable and Waterproof - perfect for the Hiker/Geocacher Review by pianoforte
Initial Impressions: Nice box/packaging. Meager instructions, but probably adequate. Disappointed that I have to provide my own USB Wall Charger.

I am intrigued by the Battery Check description in the instructions, as I stare at the casing long and hard and cannot imagine that these LED lights could possibly be in this case - I can't see them. But sure enough, when I plug it in (using the NT90C Dual USB Wall Charger), I quickly see the glowing blue LED lights. I check the unit at approximately 10 hours and observe all four lights are lit, indicating that the unit it fully charged.

Review after first several usages: After many and varied failed trials with changing cables and devices the first thing we learn is that the device has a power button. This caught me a few weeks later when I used it again. Feeling dumb and annoyed all at the same time. During the first trial, I charge the following one at a time (all on the 5V2.1A side): iPad4, LG enV, and a Droid Razr Maxx. For the next test I charged the iPad 4 (5V2.1A side) and a iPhone 4s (5V1A side) simultaneously. Not sure how long it took, as I went to sleep. The next day I charged the iPhone 4s alone and I amazed at how fast it went from nearly zero battery to full. Afterward, I also charged the Droid Razr Maxx again.

It may interest you to note that the only thing I can get to charge on the 5 Volt 1 Amp side (which the manual claims is for Smart phones) is the iPhone 4s. The other phones (including the Droid Razr Maxx) will NOT charge on the "phone" side, but did happily charge on the "tablet" side. So to be clear on this point - the 5 Volt 2.1 Amp side (which the manual claims is for tablets) did successfully charge all the phones and the iPad.

Other impressions: The unit itself appears incredibly durable. I could see that it would likely withstand a shock, as well as water. The door to the USB ports also snaps shut very tightly and has an adequate rubber seal to protect both ports. With that being said, I have a really hard time opening that door - I use a screw driver, which works well and fast, as I don't wish to break a fingernail or worse. Because of its obvious durability, I hope to take it on long adventurous hikes - geocaching expeditions that require many charged devices through extreme and questionable conditions.

I give the unit 5 stars.
(Posted on 11/21/13)
Love This! Review by Nicole
The Powerpack is the best accessory I have ever had. I spend long days at work and listen to music the whole time which really drains my phone battery. The Powerpack works quickly to recharge my phone and can be used multiple days without needing to be recharged itself. The Powerpack also charges my ipad as quick at the wall charger which is great. (Posted on 11/20/13)
Works Really Well!!! Ruggedized and Portable. Review by Jason
Excellent product. Holds charge well and is able to charge both my iPad and my iPhone at the same time. Ruggedized and still small enough to fit in my laptop bag to keep with me all the time. I was able to use the original cables that came with my devices and also tried it charging a digital camera and a digital camcorder all with no issues. Charged all four devices from 75% depleted with battery to spare in the PowerPak. Excellent for keeping with me at work for when I am away from charging sources.

It is ruggedized and I tested the water resistance with no issues. It also has been dropped several times and I have seen no issues with its performance. (Posted on 11/19/13)
Amazing rugged powerpak! Review by Rhett
I have used this powerpak a bunch since I have gotten it. My intensions were to just use it for hiking trips but i'm finding myself also using it for trips in the car when I forget the car charger, I even use it around the house so I can carry my phone around while it charges. Its super rugged and I have found that out from a 10 foot fall it took onto some rocks while hiking, a few little marks but it still works perfectly. On full charge it will fully charge my droid maxx about 6 times with no problem. Couldn't be more happy with this powerpak! The features are a big plus with this powerpak, duel ports, one at 1 amp and the other at 2.1 amps which gives you the ability to charge almost anything you will have. Plus the fact its sealed up and protected from almost anything you can throw at it, be it water, freezing temperatures, or dust dirt and falls. If you are looking for a rugged powerpak to charge your devices I highly recommend this. (Posted on 11/17/13)
Great Product Review by Isabelle
The New Trent PowerPak is something that everyone should own. It is light, efficient, and it works surprisingly well. At first I was skeptical if the little black box would be able to charge both my iPhone and iPad while still maintaing some charge. Well it was right out of the box, and it still had enough charge to charge my keyboard (Airbender case) as well. I am a rather clumsy person and the rugged outer shell kept the battery safe from my numerous drops. Also my dog dug it out of my backpack and tossed it around and you would think that nothing had happened based on the state of the case. Defiantly five stars. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Solid Backup Charger Review by Doug
I am a river rafter so I needed a power pack that would withstand rain,water,silt and general abuse and I found this product totally addresses the need. The first thing I did when I received it was to charge it then I dropped it into a bucket of water a couple of times and left it outside in the rain over night. After drying it off the next morning I plugged both my Nexus 7 and Motorola Atrix into it and it charged both quickly. The phone charged in something just over two hours and the pad something over three, not exact but its sort of hard to sit around and watch things charge.

- solid unit, I like the rubber case, great grip even when wet
- I am sure it will stand up the abuse on the river
- It charged the nexus 7 twice and the phone three times on one charge
- compact, can carry while traveling and not have to worry about running out of battery on airplanes or having to look for charging stations in airports.
- Status lights when charging powerpak are clear

Cons: (sort of picky)
- relatively heavy but its understandable based on the size of the battery.
- Access to the sockets is a little stiff
- Status lights while charging devices are vague but the devices cover that anyway
- Overnight charge but considering the capacity this is no suprise

I will be using this also with my GoPro and Camera while on the river so no more worrying about so many batteries for those. I have used the JOOS Orange in the past but this is much faster to charge and more capacity and will easily provide the power I need for 8 day trips. I also have a NewTrent 600c but this will be my go to charger for the long trips. (Posted on 11/15/13)
A Must Have To Keep Your Items Charged!! Review by Joel
Out of the box the NT120R looks like a very tough tool. Plugged it into a NT90C charger( sold by New Trent) and charged it until completely full shown by the nice blue led lights that flash while charging to let you know how full it is. Once fully charged plugged droid phone in and pushed small button on top to start charging. Phone was on 30% charge when powerpack turned on and in approx 45 min the phone was showing 80% charge. This would never happen with the factory charger. This powerpack will charge items very quickly!! Charged digital cam, Bluetooth, a second phone and finished off the charge of the first phone. It was 3 days later, after charging phone 2 times a day that the powerpack needed recharging. The recharge took about 8 or 10 hours, but plugged it in went to bed and was full charged when I took it to work. I purchased this item because you can take it with you anywhere and charge the item you want to without the need for a 110 volt
outlet. Just need to make sure the powerpack is charged when it gets low. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Very rugged and easy to use. Review by Brittany
I have really enjoyed using this product. It is easy to use, and I like how I am able to charge more than one electronic device at a time. Also, as a person who is generally not very careful with electronic devices, the rugged, shockproof, and splashproof characteristics are beneficial for both myself, and my son and husband who are avid outdoorsmen. I also like the fact that it is very portable...I plug in my phone and throw both in my purse. I don't have to worry about forgetting my phone on the car charger, which often does not work well at all anyway. Thanks New Trent for another great product. (Posted on 11/14/13)
Xtreme Quality and Durability Review by Stan
What a great product!!! Product is extremely durable. Easy to use out of the box. Just charged the unit and I was ready to go. I carry this backup with me everywhere I go and it has already come in handy a couple of times for both my iPhone and iPad. Highly recommend if you like to be prepared. (Posted on 11/13/13)
This battery is a fantastically handy thing to have. Review by Paul
-Charges itself quickly when plugged in, even hand little lights showing
how charged battery is
-So nice that it can charge two things at once, I can charge my phone and
IPad at the same time easy peasy on the go. Which ofr me is handy being a
full time student. At school you can always find an outlet to charge your
phone or IPad, and you dont have to worry about losing your wall plug in
for your wall charger.
-Charged both my iPad which was at 12% and my Galaxy S4 phone which was at
3%, to 100% in a little over 2 hours. which for a little battery like this
I thought was great.
-Also just handy to have around the house, if your not siting close to a
plug in and you are using your phone or iPad heavily, just grab this guy
and your golden...no more having to move out of your comfortable cocoon
spot to an uncomfortable position elsewhere sitting awkwardly so you can
use your device while its plugged in
-All around just handy
-Really is "shock proof", I have a 2 year old son and trust me...its been

-One thing i would change is maybe add some hard rubber to the exterior of
just to give it that more shock proof feel, Not that it isnt shock proof
now as i previously stated, but the added rubber would help and make it so
it would slide easily on hard surfaces
-If you have it sitting on a slant itll slide around due to the no rubber,
but not a huge deal really

That's all i got for now. But try it out and you'll love having, even if
you dont use it constantly, when you do its a lifesaver. (Posted on 11/13/13)
NT120R in the Boundary Waters Review by Josh
I recently purchased and received the NT120R, this being my first New Trent product I was impressed with the overall build quality and finish of the product - the feel in your hand was substantial and not cheap. I put it on the charger that evening and left it overnight and through the day when I went to work. The next evening I was able to visually verify that the battery pack had been charged using the lights on the front, which is a very useful feature.

I thought I'd try it for the week at home before taking it to the back country, for the next 4 nights I used my NT120R to charge my iPhone 5s every night in lieu of my standard wall outlet. Most evenings I connected it I still had 15-40% battery depending on my usage through the day. I didn't measure charge times but every morning I woke up with a fully charged battery. After 4 nights of using it I still had 3/4 lights [capacity] on it, impressive.

For the next portion I fully charged it and took it to a remote part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area up in northern Minnesota. I used the NT120R to charge my iPhone 5s on the 4+ hour drive up north and subsequently the next 2 nights. While the temps did dip down into the upper 20F's I didn't notice a drop in battery capacity. I do believe the time to recharge my phone was a little slower but that is expected. One night I kept the NT120R and my iPhone 5s in my sleeping bag with me [charging] and the other I just rolled it up in a fleece jacket in my tent. Both mornings I awoke with a full battery charge on my phone to take photos for the day and navigate. I also used the NT120R to charge my iPhone 5s once we got out of the woods and on the drive home. I still had over half a battery left on the NT120R with a couple more charges left I believe. I was very impressed and pleased with the performance of the unit. Beyond that I was also very impressed with the ruggedness of the unit, I didn't do much to protect it or safeguard it and there isn't a scratch on it.

I weighed the unit at 11.8oz, from my experiences I could get a good 6-7 charges on my phone. I really looked deeply at solar panels and other comparable battery packs before this and I believe that the NT120R is both overall lighter than most of the mainstream solar panels/battery packs, it is easier to use and it holds more than enough power to keep my devices going for a week long trip or more. I love this and will recommend it to all of my outdoor friends.

Easy to use
Lots of juice to power your devices
Battery level indicator lights

Time to recharge
Weight (Posted on 11/13/13)
Great rugged powerhouse Review by Steve
Wonderful and rugged battery with plenty of power. I charged my iPhone 4S from 35% to 100%, then my iPad mini from 65% to 99% and then my son's iPad 4 from 35% to 90% in one afternoon/evening on one charge of the NT120R. It took 3.5 hours to get the iPad 4 from 35% to 90%, but that seemed very good to me! The battery still had two of the 4 blue leds showing, Wonderful battery, seems very sturdy and holds enough power to charge multiple devices. (Posted on 11/13/13)
PowerPak Extreme Review Review by Brian
My review will begin with a few personal points. I am an active outdoors man, i am involved in Scouting and camping. I am also a technology Administrator and have a bag full of gadgets and technological devices that always need a power boost at the end of the day.

My first impression of the PowerPak is the bulkiness. As I started examining and using the PowerPak I realized the benefits of the case and its design. As a Scouter and outdoors man this is a great addition to my Back Pack. I always have a GPS, Phone or other electronic device with me on a camp out that inevitably will die before the end of the trip. With the design of the casing I am not as concerned with it being drop or shuffled around in my back pack. It is sturdy, solid and well designed.

Secondly having two USB ports was a extreme Positive!! I like most electronic device owners have more than one mobile device and having two USB ports is great.

To test functionality I connected my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S to the PowerPak.

Ipad 3 started at 95% 4 LED 10 min full charge

Iphone 4s started at 85% 4 LED 15 min full charge.

My overall impression is this is a great addition to my Technology and Camping backpack!!!!! (Posted on 11/12/13)
Practical, does a good job! Review by Caroline
This is my first experience with a portable charger, so I can’t compare this device to any other that fulfills the same purpose.

Being a woman, the appearance of the PowerPak Xtreme did not appeal to me at all at first, but it struck me as being a practical device. I found that the packaging was attractive. However, when I first tried to use the PowerPak, I had trouble opening the door to the USB connections (I still have to use a dime to flip it open). I guess that’s what makes it weather-resistant.

Then, I was disappointed when I tried to charge my Arcadia Arclight keyboard and my iPad3. I was only able to charge the former completely and the latter from a 0% to a 70% capacity. I then learned this is normal for this kind of device, but still, I was expecting more.

Then, I tried it again to charge my MP3 and my Kobo Arc tablet/e-reader at the same time. They both charged completely and the PowerPak was still at a ¾ capacity (at least, that’s what I assumed from seeing that three out of four blue lights were still on).

I did not have to use it in extreme conditions nor would I foresee the need to do so. However, with young kids at home and having to travel for work, I am sure I will appreciate its ruggedness, its portability and its relative lightweightness. I also like the fact that you can charge two devices at a time. So, for anything that uses a 5V outlet, from your MP3 and cell phone to your ereader and iPad, it works. But don’t expect to charge everything with a single charge of the PowerPak.

For these reasons, my rating for this product is a 4. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Great!!! Review by Marilyn
For the NT120R I give a 4. It's nice looking, and definitely weatherproof, the only downside is it's very heavy. I can't wait to take it for camping trips and things, but the weight makes it so I don't want to carry it around.

I had two devices charging at the same time, my New Trent Bluetooth keyboard and my iPhone 5s. It charged both up 25% in 40 min! I was quite impressed. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Rugged and Ready to Charge your world... Review by Stephen
The New Trent, Powerpak Xtreme (NT120R), is both rugged and easy to travel
with. The package arrived undamaged and there was a charge on the NT120R,
although it was not a full charge, so I charged it using the NT90C. Once it was charged, I threw it on my backpack on my trip to Joshua Tree National Park.
The initial charge to fully charge the battery took about 4 hours, and the subsequent charges took around 10 hours each. Charging overnight works well
for me, plugged it in at the hotel and when we ready to leave the next morning, it was fully charged and ready to go!!! With a fully charged PowerPak Xtreme, the Nexus 5 could be charged 4 times still with 4 indicator lights showing after the last charge. Did not notice any issues while charging my Nexus 7 or my friends iPhone 5s. The Powerpak Xtreme worked well on the plan ride home from LAX to Washington DC as the main power source for my Nexus 5 and my friends iPhone 5s.

The documentation included in the package wasn’t bad, but unlike the New Trent Powerpak 10.0, you have to hit the power/start button for the device to start charging.

The PowerPak is a little heavy, but it has 3 to 4 times the charging power of other sources. The ability to use a carabiner to hook the Powerpak Xtreme is a very nice feature and makes it easy to attach to a brief case, back pack or other luggage. Another great feature that was accidentally discovered was when I accidently drop my back pack while climbing some of the rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park and the Battery pack was attached to the outside of bag and it had dropped about 30 feet and no visible damage and work just well when charging my Phone on the hike back to the Car. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Awesome Power Pack! Review by Ginger
I am really impressed with the battery life of this device. I charged it one time for 10 hours and was able to charge several Android phones, a Mifi, an iPad and a Windows phone on it and the battery was only down by half when I was done.The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 1200 is great for people on the go. I travel a lot and have found this really handy for charging my devices on long flights. (Posted on 11/11/13)
great product Review by amanda
great for on the go when you can't get to a plug... beach, hike, bike, boat. holds it own charge well and charges devices quickly. its a great product for the price and the ruggedness is terrific, don't have to worry about it getting banged around or sand or dirt in it. Also nice to have around in case of a power outage! Super gift too. Being able to charge to devices at once is a bonus! (Posted on 11/11/13)
Great portable charger Review by Tim
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme was fantastic. I took it with me to my sons
soccer game and charged both my iPhone and iPad with it. I let both
devices run down to about 25% battery, and I fully charged the power pak
before I left. When I got to my sons soccer game I plugged in both devices
and after my sons soccer game, which lasted one hour, my phone was
completed charged and my iPad was up to close to 80%. I took this with me
everywhere I went and it worked great. I really love this power pak and
since I am always on the go, it came in extremely handy. (Posted on 11/10/13)
This is a Ma Toy! Review by Julie
I recently bought myself a pretty, sleek New Trent PowerPak NT100H to carry around in my purse to charge our iPhones, GoPro and other compact cameras. Hubby decided he wanted a charger of his own to take to the winery and asked me to order one for him. Sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I know the beating his “toys” take, and this sweet little PowerPak deserves better than that, so I went looking for something a little tougher.

Boy, did I find the perfect man charger in the New Trent NT120R PowerPak Extreme. It can take the rolling around on the truck floor, getting kicked out of the truck and stepped on, being dropped in a mud puddle, knocked off the counter onto concrete… you get the idea. And with 12,000mAh capacity, he can plug in his iPhone and listen to Pandora or his music all day without a burp. And the next day or two for that matter. It cleans up well, too, and doesn't scuff nearly as badly as the abuse would indicate it should.

For Christmas, we exchange names amongst the adults in our extended family, and I know exactly what I’m getting for man whose name I drew this year. At $55, it’s priced just right.
(Posted on 11/8/13)
Being a father of four boys means it has to be tuff . . . Review by Ronnie
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged
Water/Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack
Being a father of four boys means it has to be tuff to last
around our house. I am happy to say the
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme fits the “tuff” category! Not only did it meet the demands of little
hands, it was faithful to provide the power needed to keep the iPhone 4 and
iPad 2 juiced up for entertainment when our lights went out! Our family was very thankful (and a whole lot
happier) we had our back up 12000mAh dual USB battery pack ready to use. I would say as father who likes to be ready
for the adventure life holds, this is a must have. (Posted on 11/8/13)
Great product Review by Frank
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged Water/Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more
The PowerPak Xtreme is durable and surprisingly compact for the length of time if provides power to two separate units at one time – nearly 10 hours. When charging, it lets the user know how far along the charge is by a series of four blue lights. When all four lights have illuminated, the PowerPak is ready to go. The PowerPak is ideal for travel, especially outdoors where electrical outlets may not be readily available. This unit is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and delivers a charge fast and holds a charge for an extended period of time.
The only downside was the exterior door to the USB ports was somewhat difficult to open and you are not able to charge your laptop with this devise without some type of electrical converter.
Overall Rating: 4
(Posted on 11/8/13)
Great product! Review by Arielleb
This is great product! It charged up my iPad and iPhone 5 as well as my friend's iPhone 4 very quickly. The pack itself charges surprisingly quickly. I am giving this a 4/5 because the door to the usb ports and charging port is very hard to open. On the other hand, it won't pop open accidentally. Other than that I was very pleased with the product and I would recommend it to anyone who travels or is away from power sources form extended periods of time.
(Posted on 11/7/13)
A serious power pack that lives up to its claims extremely well Review by Joshua

I am not new to these USB power packs. I have tried several different brands and types and even had to deal with faulty units. Everything from cheap 3000mAh torch units from eBay to more expensive units like this one. There truly is a great disparity in what you get based on what you pay! No surprise there...

The main comparisons for this one include a 3 port EC TECH 12,000mAh unit, the Intocircuit Power Castle Series PC11200 11200mAh Heavy Duty 2 port unit, and a $13 eBay two port unit claiming 13,000mAh (all three possessing 2.0A output).

Compared to the 3 port EC TECH:

The EC TECH is a little less expensive, and has a third USB port. It truly does work to charge three devices at one time. In addition, it has a flashlight (although it's quite dim...)

What the EC TECH unit lacks, however, is the rugged, heavy duty construction of this New Trent unit. The EC TECH unit is more compact, but has no shock absorbing material. If you drop it, it's likely going to come apart. Dropping the New Trent PowePak Xtreme, hauling it around in my ruck sack during drill, exposing it to rain (leaky tent!), cold (below 30 degrees F), and humidity did not seem to affect it at all. It is the most solidly built and reliable power pack I have ever owned. The EC TECH is a quality unit, too, but it will not take a beating.

Compared to the 2 port Intocircuit Power Castle 11200:

The Power Castle also has a flashlight, and boasts rugged construction. It actually displays the percentage of battery life remaining (although it is not very linear). It is also heavy enough that it is likely accurately sold as an 11,200mAh unit, and it seemed to have enough charge to charge my iPad, S3, or run my 2A cycling light ... when it would WORK! I ended up returning the Intocircuit Power Castle. It just plain wasn't reliable. In perfect indoor dry conditions it would charge my Galaxy S3 for about an hour, then mysteriously power itself off. If I went back and unplugged my phone, then plugged it in again, the device would wake back up. This simply wasn't acceptable, so I returned it. It was especially finicky if you plugged in a tablet and a smartphone at the same time, which it advertises itself as being able to do.

Not so with the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme!! When I plugged in my tablet AND my smartphone, I slept easily, knowing they would BOTH be fully charged in the morning, and they always were. My New Trent PowerPak has not failed me once. It would run my 2A light for hours, and not shut of right in the middle of a task. I knew reliably how much power it had, even though it didn't display a percentage. 4 bars meant I could charge my S3 about three times, or that I had at least 6 hours of use of my 2A high lumens light, or nearly two charges on my iPad. It became easily predictable, and was consistent every time I used it to charge my devices.

Compared to the 2 port eBay cheap model:

The eBay model looked remarkably similar to the Intocircuit unit I purchased from Amazon - even had the same type of LCD % screen and LED light - but it felt a little lighter. Sure enough, you don't get NEAR the advertised mAh on those cheap eBay models. It will charge my Galaxy S3 about one and a third times before completely dying out. It also recharges MUCH to quickly to actually possess the advertised mAh. Oh well. This was not unexpected. Also, the eBay unit is not heavy duty at all. It feels like a plastic toy!


The New Trent is the most expensive of all the units I have recently purchased and tested, but it has unmatched durability and reliability. You can count on it in the cold, rain, snow, etc. It has not let me down yet once, and I take it to my military drills confident that I'll always be able to charge my phone out in the field for several days. I can be confident that it will stand up to drops, dust, moisture, and other forms of abuse. It's the kind of rugged device you can take bike riding, camping, or backpacking, and I recommend it 100%.

To recap...

1. You get your honest mAh's out of it.
2. Reliable and predictable - the blue LED indicators don't just look cool, they accurately indicate how much charging capacity you have left.
3. Rugged - this thing is built to last.
4. Weather sealed - If it's going to get wet, tightly shut the gate over the ports and the rubber gaskets will complete the seal against any moisture or dirt.
5. You get your AMPS - it charges smartphones and tablets as indicated. My S3 charges significantly more quickly on this than the factory home charger.

1. No torch/LED light??? A rugged, reliable device like this could really benefit from a small LED light source. You could even put in a fairly bright one without taking up much space, keep it waterproof, and have a nice light source for HOURS. It runs my high powered LED for 6 hours +, so I know a more efficient LED could potentially last for days with this battery pack! (Posted on 11/7/13)
Nice power pack Review by Don
This product is amazing, it holds a charge and delivers plenty of charging power to many
different devices. This devices worked great at my kids sporting events and didn't worry
to much when it started to rain. It also can in very handy when we got home and found the
power was out, this was an unexpected use but I was sure glad to be able to keep our
phones charged up. This unit is slightly bigger then some but it is also dust, water, and
shock proof which more then makes up for it's slightly bigger size. (Posted on 11/6/13)
Seems very rugged Review by Roy
I just received the charger. It could have a little better instructions. Also there is 2 button batteries taped inside my package, not sure what these are for. (Posted on 11/4/13)
Excellent Review by Connie
Love this powerpak. I can charge my iphone5 four times with this powerpak. It doesn't take too long to charge this powerpak either. I like that it is dustproof and waterproof. Great product and the price is excellent. (Posted on 11/3/13)
Very cool Review by Anthony
The powerpak extreme is a tough looking little battery. While I did not
test it, the documentation states that it is water proof up to three feet
in water for an hour. Good to know, but hope I never utilize this feature!
It is surprisingly light and the case is made of a very tough impact
resistant plastic/polymer. I like the fact that I don't have to be gentle
with this charger. With 12,000mAh capacity will power a 14 hour
conversation on an iphone! That's a lot of power in a very small package.
While I have not had this product very long, it is very tough and I like
its compact design. Four very cool looking blue led lights indicate how
much battery strength is still available. Re-charging is simply done by
pluging it in to the USB port on your computer. There is also a wall
charger available, but not included with the product.

Very cool product and extends the use of my cell phone and ipad. Great for
camping trips, or for when its just not convenient to plug in your device.
In my opinion, its a must have.

5 stars - excellent! (Posted on 11/3/13)
Great, Tough, External Battery Review by Ryan
I received the New Trent PowerPack Xtreme 1 week ago, and have used it extensively, but have yet to need to recharge it! This battery holds an seemingly impossible amount of energy inside it. It's about 12,000 mAh according to the specs sheet. To put that into comparison, the iPhone 5's battery is only 1440 mAh, so mathematically speaking, this could charge your iPhone 5 from dead to full about 8 times!

UPS delivered my PowerPack minutes before I left on a beach camping trip (talk about perfect timing) and I just threw it in the car and took it with me. At the time, my current cell phone was a Samsung Galaxy s4 (2600mAh battery), and my dad had his iPhone 5. Using the original charge that the battery came with I charged my Galaxy s4, and my dads iPhone 5 no problem. It then sat on my nightstand for a few days before I needed to use it again. I've charged my new iPhone 5s about 2 times, and my iPhone 4s about 3 times, all on this single charge, without recharging the main battery once, and it still has 2 of the 4 LED's lit.

Now, there are some bad sides to this PowerPack. It says on the website, and also on the battery itself that it can charge at 2.1A. This is simply not true according to my testing. Using the Galaxy Charging Current on my s4, I was able to measure the speed at which this charger was charging my battery. The app said about 550mA (0.5A). This was while plugged into the 2.1A port, and using an Amazon Basics micro USB cable. I can confirm the app is accurate, as I have tested it with other products such as the New Trent, 10W 5V/2A Dual Port high-speed USB AC wall charger (NT90C/IMP90C), and found it to be quite accurate.

The results with the 1A port are even worse. Immediately after plugging in the s4 to this port I got a notification from the phone saying "To charge faster, use the original charger that was included with your phone.". Again, I checked the current from the galaxy charging app, and to my dismay found it was charging at only 300mA (0.3A).

So what exactly does all this mean? What is the difference between 2.1 A and 0.55A? The A stands for AMPS, and basically means how much current is being pushed to the device it's powering. So the higher the AMPS the faster the device will charge. Now, in the case of the galaxy s4, the standard charger that comes with it is rated for 2 amps and charges the device in a reasonable amount of time (about 2.5-3 hours). So using this PowerPak Xtreme, it will take considerably longer to fully charge. However in the case you have an iPhone, the iPhone's standard power supply is rated for 1 AMP, therefore the difference between this PowerPak and the original charger is miniscule. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to charge an iPhone 5 from dead to full with the PowerPack Xtreme, about the same as with the standard wall adapter.

Focusing on the design of the PowerPack, it is a very rugged design, yet stays pretty compact. I have had no problems taking this with me everywhere, because it's so small. It's also very durable, and although I have not tested the waterproof feature, I have no problem believing it works. The battery does not heat up or get warm, even under intense use in the hot sun. The LED indicators are easily visible even in broad daylight, making it easy to know if the PowerPack is on and charging your devices. Another thing I'm very impressed with, is that this battery does not seem to loose charge if left alone for a long time. With most rechargeable batteries, if left alone for a week or so, they'll have lost half or more of their juice. This one seems to not have that problem from what I've noticed.

Insane Battery Capacity
Dual USB Ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously
Rugged/Durable design
Bright LED indicators easily visible
Doen't loose charge if left alone

Charging currents are not as advertised
Higher price than other 12,000maH batteries

Summary TLDR:
The PowerPack Xtreme is an extremely capable external battery pack, that has enough capacity to fully charge an iPhone 5 up to 8 times. It's rugged, and waterproof casing ensure that it can take a beating without breaking (perfect for backpackers, or campers). However, from my testing the battery does NOT charge at 2.1A or 1 A. Instead it charges at about 0.5A and 0.3A , respectively. Overall, although the charging currents are not as advertised, the pros outweigh the cons, and this is a great purchase for anyone who wants an external battery pack that they can take anywhere. (Posted on 11/2/13)
Great Product So Far Review by Heather
Based on my experience to date this product works great. While I have not tested out the extent of the product being water proof and so forth it does seem to be very sturdy, and the door covering the ports closes tightly.

The ports are clearly labeled so it is easy to identify which port to use for tablets or smartphones. I was able to use this to charge my iPhone 5s, my kindle fire, my boyfriends iPad and his iPhone 5.

While this is great for travel, it also is extremely convenient to use
around home too. If my phone or kindle (or both) were running low and I
wanted to use them but not be right next to an outlet (i.e. while sitting
at my kitchen table) it allowed me to charge my items and use them wherever
I wanted to in my house.

The four lights indicating the level of charge were also easy to see and easy to understand. I've been able to get several charges out of it for my iPhone or Kindle. My boyfriends iPad pretty much drained the battery, but iPads typically require a lot more energy to charge anyways.

It took me a minute or two to find the power button as it blends in easily with the side of the case, but now that I know where it is located it's not a problem.

Lastly, for the durability of the battery pak it was not as heavy or large as I expected it to be. I can easily throw it in my purse or luggage. However, it is a bit big to put it pants pockets if you are looking for something that size. (Posted on 11/1/13)
Have Device...Will Charge...Anywhere PowerPak Xtreme-NT120R & Dual USB AC Wall Charger is a 1-2 Knockout combination Review by LizF
Trent IMP90C, Dual USB AC Wall Charger
*What type of device did you use?* iPad 3rd generation/iPhone 5/Galaxy
10.1 Tab2/Kindle Fire HD/Acer UltraTablet/5th Generation iTouch/2nd
Generation iPad/4th Generation iTouch: was used together off of the Dual
USB AC Wall Charger since the PowerPak Xtreme had not arrived yet; All
devices were 10% or less of battery power when initially plugged into the
charger-immediately a "power sound" alerted that the devices were connected
to a source of power for charging and displayed the "plug or lightning
bolt" indicating they were in a "charging state"-very comforting.
*How were the performance, in terms of recharging the battery itself and
charging your devices?*
RE: *New Trent IMP90C, Dual USB AC Wall Charger*
Typically I would plug them in prior to retiring for evening and allow them
to charge overnight. It seemed to take less than 2 hours to achieve 90% or
better which was pleasing to experience. My initial response was how easy
it was to identify the correct "usb ports: ipad/smartphone and
tablet/smartphone" and using a "apple" thunderbolt cable and a universal
mini adapter cable plugged to the proper ports allows me to quickly and
easily attached my devices without having to disconnect the cables to
switch devices. Once the iOS devices were charged, I proceeded to plug in
my Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab 2 which were both "dead" and they were able
to get to a "usable state" while plugged in within 10 minutes and full
charge in 2.5 hours. Impressive to say the least.
RE: *New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - (12000mAh) Rugged Series NT120R *
Within the following week, the Xtreme PowerPak arrived and I immediately
plugged it into this wall charger for it's initial charging, the enclosed
documentation stated to allow 10 hours for a complete charge. It appeared
the powerpak was 4 lights within an hour, but kept the device plugged in
for the full 10 hours initially prior to using. I do find the "power
button" somewhat confusing to know when the powerpak is "truly on" and
whether it is off.
Not sure if a "weatherproof" on/off switch can be designed to work with
this device. I quickly adapted the ID of the ports by using a sharpie pen
to make S and T on the inside lid to designate which ports to utilize
without having to remember what the external markings represent.

The user guide/manual is pretty slim in providing enough information
regarding it's operation, I love the ruggedness and portability/compactness
to easily place in my backpack/car/bike for having it at the "ready"-it
seems designed to take a beating if situations arise in which it is used
under less than desirable conditions. I know my spouse will be taking with
him into the wilderness to have a source of power for his smartphone while
in the back country and no access to AC/DC power sources in the field.
How long was the charging time compared to your usual charging method?
*New Trent IMP90C, Dual USB AC Wall Charger*
It appeared the charging time was reduced significantly in comparison to
the original chargers issued with the devices, not to mention they all are
"single" port wall chargers, the ability to have more than one item
charging at the same time is a real asset. It is powerful to be able to
only occupy 1 outlet to charge multiple devices. It does help to have the
cords attached to the charger so that it is "ready" on the fly.

*RE:New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - (12000mAh) Rugged Series NT120R *

The beauty of this device is the ability to not have to be attached to a
external power source (wall socket) once the device is fully charged (4
lights) so this would be used in situations where I do not have a wall
socket, I am in the early stages of testing but it seems to get to a full
charge at least in a third of the typical time taken, I have been doing
various devices that are still "on" an in use during charging and those
completely turned "off" for charging. The ability to have dual ports
operating simultaneously is exciting, other chargers-(wall only) do not
allow you to have the ability to "charge" multiple devices at the same
time-so this is a real plus. My occupation involves using different
portable devices and platforms and provide staff development in the field
frequently and knowing I can "work" my entire day knowing I don't have to
be tethered to a wall socket is empowering and allows me to not have to be
as concerned about losing power during a long session.
What happens when plugging in your devices? All the various devices
provided a sounded alert once plugged in and showed a "charging" symbol.

*What happens when your devices has reached full charge? *I was quite
pleased to see that the device (s) I was charging did in fact "stop"
showing the "charging" symbol once it reached 100%. I did not "hear" any
alerts on my devices once they achieved full charge status-otherthan
showing full charge icons on the devices.

Will the battery turn itself off or continues charging? The PowerPak
Xtreme is somewhat confusing to know whether it turns itself off, I am
going to assume that it has since the blue lights no longer glo, I cycled 5
devices on the PowerPak Xtreme to achieve "full charge" status and it
showed a single blue light, so further testing will need to be explored to
see how many devices can be charged from a fully charged PowerPak Xtreme.
*How many charges were you able to obtain from the battery, to what device?
I will need to continue evaluating this component of the PowerPak Xtreme,
as for the USB wall charger I am assuming it will not "wear out". As
stated above, I was able to fully charge 5 devices that were in a less than
10% state off of the powerpak and still had remaining power.
Having these devices available has been helpful in my ability to keep my
portable technology "going" at all times in any situation. (Posted on 11/1/13)
PowerPak Xtreme NT120R Review by LizF

RE: *New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - (12000mAh) Rugged Series NT120R *

Within the following week, the Xtreme PowerPak arrived and I immediately
plugged it into this wall charger for it's initial charging, the enclosed
documentation stated to allow 10 hours for a complete charge. It appeared
the powerpak was 4 lights within an hour, but kept the device plugged in
for the full 10 hours initially prior to using. I do find the "power
button" somewhat confusing to know when the powerpak is "truly on" and
whether it is off.
Not sure if a "weatherproof" on/off switch can be designed to work with
this device. I quickly adapted the ID of the ports by using a sharpie pen
to make S and T on the inside lid to designate which ports to utilize
without having to remember what the external markings represent.

The user guide/manual is pretty slim in providing enough information
regarding it's operation, I love the ruggedness and portability/compactness
to easily place in my backpack/car/bike for having it at the "ready"-it
seems designed to take a beating if situations arise in which it is used
under less than desirable conditions. I know my spouse will be taking with
him into the wilderness to have a source of power for his smartphone while
in the back country and no access to AC/DC power sources in the field.
How long was the charging time compared to your usual charging method?
*New Trent IMP90C, Dual USB AC Wall Charger*

It appeared the charging time was reduced significantly in comparison to
the original chargers issued with the devices, not to mention they all are
"single" port wall chargers, the ability to have more than one item
charging at the same time is a real asset. It is powerful to be able to
only occupy 1 outlet to charge multiple devices. It does help to have the
cords attached to the charger so that it is "ready" on the fly.

*RE:New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - (12000mAh) Rugged Series NT120R *

The beauty of this device is the ability to not have to be attached to a
external power source (wall socket) once the device is fully charged (4
lights) so this would be used in situations where I do not have a wall
socket, I am in the early stages of testing but it seems to get to a full
charge at least in a third of the typical time taken, I have been doing
various devices that are still "on" an in use during charging and those
completely turned "off" for charging. The ability to have dual ports
operating simultaneously is exciting, other chargers-(wall only) do not
allow you to have the ability to "charge" multiple devices at the same
time-so this is a real plus. My occupation involves using different
portable devices and platforms and provide staff development in the field
frequently and knowing I can "work" my entire day knowing I don't have to
be tethered to a wall socket is empowering and allows me to not have to be
as concerned about losing power during a long session.
What happens when plugging in your devices? All the various devices
provided a sounded alert once plugged in and showed a "charging" symbol.
*What happens when your devices has reached full charge? *I was quite
pleased to see that the device (s) I was charging did in fact "stop"
showing the "charging" symbol once it reached 100%. I did not "hear" any
alerts on my devices once they achieved full charge status-otherthan
showing full charge icons on the devices.

Will the battery turn itself off or continues charging? The PowerPak
Xtreme is somewhat confusing to know whether it turns itself off, I am
going to assume that it has since the blue lights no longer glo, I cycled 5
devices on the PowerPak Xtreme to achieve "full charge" status and it
showed a single blue light, so further testing will need to be explored to
see how many devices can be charged from a fully charged PowerPak Xtreme.

*How many charges were you able to obtain from the battery, to what device?
*I will need to continue evaluating this component of the PowerPak Xtreme,
as for the USB wall charger I am assuming it will not "wear out". As
stated above, I was able to fully charge 5 devices that were in a less than
10% state off of the powerpak and still had remaining power.
Having these devices available has been helpful in my ability to keep my
portable technology "going" at all times in any situation. (Posted on 11/1/13)
**New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120RmAh* Review by Margie
**New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120RmAh*

Contents in the box:

1. NT120R Powerpak+ battery pack
2. Micro USB cable
3. User manual

The user manual is not real helpful however, this is not a difficult
product to figure out. First thing I did was to plug the powerpak into an
AC/adaptor. This powerpak does not come with the AC/adaptor however, most
smartphones come with one and you can use it with the provided USB cable. I
wanted to start with a full charge to determine how many hours and devices
I could charge. This is durable battery that can resist dropping and
exposure to water. It is a great device for college students, campers or
travelers. I used it when I was traveling and had no access to power to
charge two smartphones, iPad, 2 iPods, Kindle Fire and ASUS TF101. I
charged two devices at once in about 3 hours, this estimate was based on
the charge levels of the devices at approximately 10-30% and given that the
powerpak was fully charged. The time decreased when I charged devices that
were at power levels of 40-50% to approximately 90 minutes and the devices
were left on.

When fully charged holds a lot of power and can charge many devices.
Charges quickly and is extremely durable. Great battery for traveling,
camping or, for college students with multiple devices.

It is bulky, a bit heavy and does not come with its AC/adaptor.

I would recommend this product and I give it 4.5.
(Posted on 10/31/13)
PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R Review by Lisa
This product is great!!! I work in a foundry where we use Ipads. Sometimes charging them gets forgotten and we are using them in parts of our plant that don't have a power source to plug them in. This product keeps our employees working while charging the Ipad for the next shift. Outstanding New Trent!! (Posted on 10/31/13)
Rugged, durable battery pack. Review by Jimmy
I bought the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh because I needed a battery pack to charge my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 that I use through out the day. I started to research battery packs and decided on the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme for its capacity and rugged construction.

The New Trent charges both of my devices, Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7, at the same time. The battery pack does so without getting warm and has a cool light blue LED status indicator. You can also charge the battery pack while it's charging your devices. (Posted on 10/31/13)
Charges 2 devices. Drop Proof AND soda Proof Review by oneinfiniteloop
I received the NT120 Power Pack Extreme. 5 stars out of 5.Wow, is this back-up battery impressive! I was a good boy and let it charge over night. The next day I took the pack out for use. I am some sort of high drain phone user. I am a property manager and am on my phone ALL day. I am lucky if I have any phone battery left by lunch. I am always plugging my phone in while in the car trying to recharge in 5 minute increments. NO MORE. With the Power Pack Extreme, I can plug in my phone and get (an almost full)charge while at lunch. It recharges my phone much faster than my car charger and it is supposed to be a high amperage one. On really intense days, I need to charge 2 times. This battery will do that and more. I went out of town for the weekend and used just my Power Pack. It kept me going all weekend. On Sunday, I managed to test the Extreme part of the name. As I was showing off my battery to a co-worker, he dropped his diet Coke on the table and soda flew from the toppled cup and drenched my much needed battery. I reflexively grabbed for the battery to keep it from getting ruined from soda, he also grabbed for it and all we managed to do was knock it off of the chest high table it was on. It hit the floor with a dull thud. I quickly picked it up and started padding it down with fast food napkins. I padded everywhere as soon as I had all traces of diet soda from the outside, I opened the little door that covers the USB ports. Nothing was wet. I swabbed the 2 USB ports with the napkins and no trace of wetness. I moistened some paper towels in the bathroom and wiped the Battery Pack Extreme to remove sticky soda residue. I then plugged in my co-workers phone in the Pack, just in case something was wrong, It would not be my phone that shorted out. It worked a charm. I then plugged in my phone and it worked just as well. The Power Pack Extreme survived a soda bath and a fall from about 4.5 feet. So, soda proof, drop resilient. Two USB ports and clearly marked as to which is the high current port... I am in love.

I do not like the fact that you have to push a button to turn on the battery power. I would rather have it power on as soon as you plug in your devices.

I am recommending this to all my friends.

Robert (Posted on 10/30/13)
Tough and durable Review by Tony
As the name implies, this charger was designed to withstand some punishment. Heavier, larger, and more rugged looking than other external battery packs on the market, this battery is advertised as being shock proof, dirt proof, and water proof. I went to my back yard to chuck this thing against the walls, and although it seems to bounce around a lot, there was hardly any damage, and the device still worked normally. The only thing that I was worried about was that the cover that closes and protects the charge ports would pop open with a decent amount of force, which may lead to a broken cover if the battery bounces around enough. I also tried submerging the battery in my sink. Some water leaked into the cover, however the charged ports themselves were dry due to some pads that seal them when the cover is closed. Because of this, I would recommend wiping off the device after water submersion, and then drying the inside to prevent water from going inside
the ports once the cover is opened. The box also currently lists that the battery can be submerged into up to 3 feet of water, so I would not recommend taking this out to a lake or large body of water.

As for its ability to charge devices, this battery holds a good amount of charge and has two USB ports to charge two devices at once. I could charge both my phone and my nexus tablet at the same time while playing games on my nexus, and the nexus would still continue to charge when I played my more power taxing games (albeit charging more slowly of course). To determine the relative amount of power the device has, there is a somewhat camouflaged power button on the side that lights up to four blue lights on the front of the battery to give you an idea of the power left. Even after fully charging my nexus and phone, the battery would be at either 50-75 percent, depending on whether I was actively playing games on my nexus most of the time.

Overall, a very sturdy battery that can hold a good amount of juice. The price may be a bit more expensive than other options that may be more useful for others in terms of convenience of storage and utility, however this battery is still an excellent device that I can see lasting me for quite some time. (Posted on 10/30/13)
Xtreme Charge! Review by David
Charge! Okay, I know that sound ridiculous, but I’ve been charging everything I can get my hands after receiving the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme by NewTrent. I’ve charged my cell phone, my wife’s cell phone, my ipad, my wife’s ipad, my ipods and even a sports camera, all without having to recharge the PowerPak Xtreme. Plus it charges them fastest than I had anticipated.

It’s been a terrific field asset. Because it is so rugged, I have it clipped to my field bag, saving me valuable interior space. If I use all the bell and whistles on my Samsung Galaxy III, I’ll be out of juice before the end of the day. It’s not a worry anymore now that I have this power pak. It also extends the usefulness of my ipad in the field. As for the sports camera, it’s suppose to last about two hours, but of course doesn’t. I just hook it up the power pak between shoots and I’m good for the whole day. Wait there’s more. You can charge two devices at once!

I guess you can tell I’m really happy with it. I rate it a 5 only because there aren’t any more stars available. Your mileage may vary.
(Posted on 10/29/13)
PowerPak Xtreme is Xtremely Awesome! Review by Darin
I have both the PowerPak and the dual usb wall charger. They are incredible! The PowerPak has recharged my iPhone 5 five times before I needed to recharge the PowerPak. I just plugged the PowerPak into the wall charger for the night and the next morning I was ready to roll again. The durable housing of the PowerPak makes it feasible for me to take it anywhere and the power enables to recharge my phone at great speed. My phone went from just about dead to fully charged in about an hour. The best thing is that I can leave my PowerPak in the car and charge my phone while I drive - this is important for me due to a broken power unit in my car. The PowerPak is incredible! The dual function is awesome but I personally have not had a need so far to charge two at once.
The PowerPak with its 12000mah allows not only multiple charges but speed which is important in our moving and shaking world. I heartily recommend the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme to anyone! (Posted on 10/29/13)
Very good device. Will keep your electronics alive for a long time. Review by Roberto
I have been using the NT120R PowerPak for a while now.
I used it mostly to charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I was able to charge my phone complete almost 5 times which is pretty impressive.
I also used it to charge my phone and iPad at the same time and it worked flawlessly.
In term of charging speed, I couldn't notice any difference from charging my phone using the 2.1A port to charging directly from the wall.
I really like the design and the pack feels very durable. Can't comment about waterproof capabilities though.
The pack has some weight to it but it is completely reasonable considering the amount of energy it can store.
Overall I think it is a very good product and I would definitely recommend it. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Tons of power Review by BF
This is a workhorse that takes and holds a ton of power. When I first received it, I charged it once and used it over the next 2-1/2 days. On one power-up, it fully recharged two iPhones and an iPad, all from less than 10% to 100%. It worked well with a variety of devices and connectors: 30-pin for iPhone 4 and iPad, lightning for iPhone 5, and micro for a Kindle. It's also incredibly rugged. I've dropped and banged mine around with no ill effects whatsoever. I haven't had it in wet conditions, but the closures are snug and I expect they'd keep out incidental water. This isn't the sleekest or lightest of chargers -- it's not something to carry on a daily commute on the off-chance that you need a charge -- but it's the best I've used for multiple charges. It would be perfect for a weekend of camping, a meeting where multiple people would need to charge devices, or on a road trip where it will hold a charge for an emergency situation. For the right purpose I don't think it can be beat. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Almost perfect! Review by Malek
Great device and looking forward to using it on my tropical vacation in a couple of weeks.

1) Rugged feeling
2) Waterproof (although I didn't leave it in the water for long)
3) Lightweight (for its size)
4) Feels very solid and well built
5) Durable hinge near the ports (not rubber) that I feel will last forever
6) Single cable included, which allows both charging and discharge usage of the device
7) Fast charge for phones on 1A port

1) Size/amperage ratio is lower than than my NT70T (which is about the same weight but smaller in size)
2) I was hoping that charging a tablet would be a bit faster (although it's no slower than my other Power Packs)

Overall, I have no real complaints about this device. Given that it's larger than my NT70T I was hoping for it to hold a substantially higher charge. However, in comparison tests my NT70T holds about 2.5 full HTC One X charges while this device holds about 3.5. That being said, this device is not noticeably heavier even though it's larger. The size can probably mostly be attributed to the ruggedness. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Pocket-sized tank Review by Brendan
This powerpak is replacing an anker 3e which, after a couple of months,
stopped providing enough power to charge my phone while playing Ingress.
The powerpak seems a bit bulky at first, but it still fit in my pocket
pretty well and is actually smaller lengthwise and width wise than my GS3.
So it actually feels better in the pocket than the much thinner, longer and
wider anker. The powerpak has a very plastic-y look to it but the build is
incredibly solid (wouldn't be surprised if it survived being run over). The
rugged build is also important during ingress play since a good player will
keep hacking away at portals even while getting drenched outside. The
included cable is easily long enough to reach from pocket to hand and has
the same durable feel as the pack itself.
I seem to get about 4ish full charges out of this pack on my GS3 (2100mAh)
which makes sense considering I would only get about 3 out of the 10000 mAh
anker. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Not Just for the Outdoorsman! Review by Roxanne
So I haven't been backpacking through the wilds since purchasing the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme (O.k. who am I kidding? I avoid the wilds like the plague), but that hasn't stopped me from finding situations where the PowerPak has made my life easier. For example, I was in a professional development session with about forty other teachers. We were told to bring our charged Ipads. Of course three people, including me, needed to plug in our devices. For the other two this involved a bit of awkward seat shuffling and moving a table (as the trainer rolled his eyes) so that they could sit next to one of the few wall outlets. Not so for me though, because I had my own handy dandy little portable charger on my desk...in the middle of the room. Seriously, who wants to draw their boss' attention to the fact that they didn't prepare as asked? I try to avoid that! Situation number two: using my phone in bed. So I was playing Candy Crush (no haters, please) in bed and my phone's charge was down to 10%. Of course I do have an outlet next to the bed, but because my charging cable is so short I have to lay on my side and hang my arm off the side of the bed to hold my phone in order to play while plugged in. It's ridiculously uncomfortable! However, with my nifty PowerPak Xtreme on the bed, I get to sit snug as a bug and do my thing.
Anyway, the bottom line is that the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme is a great item to have if you own portable electronics. Whether it's for use during outdoor adventures or simply to make your regular activities easier, I would recommend getting one. It's simple to use, holds enough power to take care of multiple devices, and transfers the charge quickly. Physically it's compact, sturdy (fell off the bed onto the hardwood floor with nary a problem), and looks cool (I saw the other teachers eyeballing the pretty blue lights!) (Posted on 10/25/13)
Rugged & Useful Review by Katherine
I loved how this product worked. My huband and I both have smartphones as well as tablets. The product allowed us to travel and not have to worry about our electronics losing too much battery power. It was also very rugged which allowed my husband and I now too worry too much when our 2 year old got a hold of it. I would highly recommend this product! (Posted on 10/25/13)
All charged up! Review by Brian
The first thing I noticed about the PowerPak Xtreme is it's rugged design.
It's held up very well being 'roughed up' in my back pack and the
integrated handle is nice for hooking onto loops on my bag which makes it
very easy to reach and connect to. The device is very high capacity and
holds it's charge well. I plan on using it for travel to keep my devices
charged up and have used it to charge my android phone, iPad and mobile hot
spot. Having this thing around is like having unlimited power! Besides
being ruggedized, it is also waterproof. While I don't have much need at
this time, that might come in handy when camping or using in the boat where
it may be exposed to the elements. All in all, this is a great device and
while I've only been using it for a short period of time so far it's really
delivered. It will be a new required item for me when traveling and
throwing it in my bag for those times when it's difficult or inconvenient
to find an outlet and I need a very quick charge-up!
(Posted on 10/24/13)
This thing ROCKS! Review by Aubrie
Not only does it have a rugged camo look and feel to it, but this little thing is a power horse. I had set my bag on the roof of my truck and like a few other women I know my bag was full to bursting and my charger slipped out and fell. I let out a slow mo NOOOOOOO! as I watched my new charger hit the the concrete, bounce and settle to the ground. Wincing as I bent down fully expecting the worst, I picked it up and grinned like a kid who just saw Santa Claus. NO broken pieces, no scuffs, no damage, only one little scratch. Had I left a charger cord plugged in, I believe I would have been telling a sadder tale, but I didn't thank goodness. Haven't played around with wearing it on my pack in the rain, but it definitely passed the shock test. This thing charges like a dream. I take it to the beach with me to make sure my phone is charged and I like that iI don't have to worry about the inevitable sand at at the bottom of my bag.I also use my phone as a credit card swiper. Keeps my phone and IPOD charged when there isn't a plug available. I've saved fellow beach goers from low battery shame as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! (Posted on 10/24/13)
great product Review by tim
i really love this unit. 12k mAh keeps you powered up even through a marathon session. it looks good, is rugged, durable, and well made. the 1A/2A ports allow simultaneous charging of a phone and tablet. it quickly charged my iphone and ipad and kept me powered up all day with plenty of juice left. 4 leds show how much power you have left. it loses a star because the leds don't stay lit while charging devices so you have to look at your device to see if it is done. i do like the power button, and it's easy to reach even using one hand. the molded loops are nice and can attach to a carry strap if you want. mine did not come with a carabiner (mentioned in some previous reviews) but did come with a power cable. was great right out if the box when paired with the wall charger. unit charged quickly and power lasts forever. i recommend highly!!! (Posted on 10/24/13)
Durable & Reliable Review by Kevin
The PowerPak is a very durable battery pack. It allows for dual USB charging and the output amps (1A and 2.1A) are clearly labeled on the hinge that covers the USB ports. I usually just charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPad. I am the kind of person that lets my phone battery run all the way down before I start charging, which leaves me in situations where sometimes I am not at home when I need to charge my phone. Having the portable PowerPak allows me to charge my phone anywhere I go. At first I didn't think there was a power button, but it is strategically placed on the side and easy to find. I like that the LED lights light up and aren't visible unless the power is turned on or the battery is charging. Having the four bars is helpful to determine the life of the battery and when it needs to be charged again. The only con I have is sometimes the PowerPak will turn off by itself when I am in mid-charge and I have to go and turn it back on. I am not sure if it is because my phone is on or if I am moving around with the battery pack. Other than that I am very satisfied with the product. (Posted on 10/24/13)

The product works very well, it held a charge for two days, while being used continuously. Would be great for bikers, hikers, etc. The downside is, I found it hard to power it up, the power button is hard to see and hard to press. Also, it shut off after it charged a phone, however, the phone was on during the night, by morning thephone battery wasdown to 50% power. It would be better if there was an option to shut it off, or not. It is good that the ports are labeled.
(Posted on 10/23/13)
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme Excellent Power Source! Review by Nicole
On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate this product a high 5! The product is
aesthetically pleasing, light-weight, rugged, waterproof and very
efficient. I was amazed at the extremely fast charging time. It fits very
conveniently in my pocketbook and is not a nuisance to carry around. It is
great to know that on my next bus trip or all day outing I can relax and
enjoy being unplugged because I have a portable battery charger available
at my fingertips. That is a great feeling! I love using my devices, but
hate the fact that I have to search for an electrical outlet! No more! Get
this Power Pak Xtreme and your worries are over! When I received the
product, I plugged in the device to charge for a full 24 hours to get a
good initial charge. I have been carrying the device with me and using it
since Friday. Today is Tuesday and I have charged my cell phone twice and
my iPad 4 once and still have three out of four dots available on the
portable battery. It has staying power!!! Finally, a product that
represents its true capacity. Oh, I also love the blue lights!!!! (Posted on 10/23/13)
Excellent Product! Review by Ram R
Looks cool - rugged and solid construction
Love the power/juice meter - something I am missing in NT135T.
Tried for my 12 mile run, helped keep my iPhone fully charged while I was using the Nike Running and Music apps with Motorola S10 Bluetooth headset. Felt its weight during the last 2 miles. I am planning to try for my bike trips - use with iPhone MotionX app.
Able to charge other devices using NT90C while charging NT90C - not sure if it is ok

User manual should include how to open the port protective cover for first time users - it took me a minute to understand the design and open it - not sure if I was applying too much pressure and break the lid
User manual states “Do not expose battery pack to water or humidity”. Should be reworded as this is a ‘waterproof’ device. I understand the ports should be closed by the lid to be waterproof. How about humidity? Is that the case?
Universal AC USB charger - should be part of the bundle as am not comfortable using USB power outside the US.
While the design does look rugged, the screws could have been concealed - not sure if they are rust proof.
Unable to plug in my Sony Bloggie or Nike watch without the usb extension cable - design should have considered this. Should one port on each side address this problem?
Belt with clip would have been a nice addition if included in the bundle
LED flashlight option and may be a small LCD clock on the top - nice to have features. (Posted on 10/23/13)
Fantastic product more than exceeded my expectations Review by Ian
NT120R- Rugged Battery Pack

I would rate this product an absolute 5

This battery pack holds a charge very well after having first charged it I
did not have occasion to use it for several days and it appeared to have
lost no battery life during that time.
Compact design in my opinion very easy to carry while it is heavy I
gathered that prior to ordering the product and have absolutely no problem
with a little extra weight for the rugged protection that is has.
Charges my smart phone fantastically, I love to listen to music while doing
house or yard work however my phone has a terrible internal battery and
always dies shortly after I start my work, to my surprise once I plugged it
into the NT120R not only did it keep my phone running while streaming music
it actually charged my phone while I streamed music, I expected it to at
least keep my phone at its current battery life however given that the
phone was using a heavy battery draining app I never in a million years
expected it to gain battery life. This was simply amazing and exceeded my
expectations greatly.
The NT120R holds a great deal of charges for a smart phone after having
used it for several hours while streaming music I still have four lights
lit on the device.
The rugged aspect is great I am not particularly hard on my devices however
it is assuring to know that it can take a little bit of a beating, several
times while having it in my back pocket I sat on it and nothing has
happened to it.
Its compact design is perfect to pop in your back pocket while your phone
is in your front to charge on the go.

The only con that I can think of is that on occasion the 1amp port does not
like to charge my phone it will begin charging and then immediately stop
would suggest switching both ports to be 2.1amp.

Other than switching both ports to the 2.1amp I really have no other
suggestions for the product I find it fantastic and it exceeds the needs
that I have, I will definitely be checking out other products from Newtrent
in the future. (Posted on 10/23/13)
Great Product Review by William
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is a must have. You never have to worry about having a car charger to charge your phone on the go.I've been using this powerpak for about a week now. charged my Samsung G4 about 3 times from 25% battery to 100 %. Very fast at charging smartphones, ipads, ipods, and my nook book. I would truly recommend this newtrent product to everybody that uses smart phones,ipads,ipod, e readers. Truly a great product from Newtrent. (Posted on 10/23/13)
The Perfect Mobile Charging Platform! Review by Hess
I'm not sure how I survived electronically w/out this product. I am constantly on the go and staying connected with mobile devices is vital to my role! With this unit, I am able to keep my iPhone, iPad and all my other devices charging on the go. I am often in & out of meetings, on jobsites, in taxi's, planes, etc and with this New Trent unit, I NEVER have to worry about battery life! Love it! (Posted on 10/22/13)
not tied down anymore Review by Dollie
The PowerPak is so easy to use. I use the navigation on my phone most of the time so my battery life doesn't last through the day. Having the PowerPak in my lunch box at work, I can just charge my phone in my bag and not have to leave my phone unattended anywhere. Big plus for me as I work in a grocery store and you can't leave your items charging anywhere unless you are sitting there watching it. I personally prefer this charger over the wall charger for my phone so I have my phone at arms reach at all times. (Posted on 10/22/13)
Good Product Review by gene
This battery pack is solid and well made. I would have liked the protective plastic to be a little more rubbery for more shock absorption. But the good things about it being a soft flexible plastic is that it doesn't collect lint while in my bag. So can't really complain about it because it's still rugged. Works great overall. (Posted on 10/22/13)
Great Quality Product! Review by Amanda
This review is for the NT120R. 4.5/5 stars.

This battery pack appears to be very durable and looks like it is built to withstand some abuse. One feature that I really like is the latch that covers the USB and charging ports. I only carried this battery around in my purse, but I would have no worries taking it on a longer backpacking trip, as it could get wet/dirty or be dropped and still work just fine. I used this battery pack to recharge my iPhone 5s for 4 days of normal use (only getting down to ~40% each day), and it still had 2 out of 4 lights left. I have no doubt that I could get 6 full charges out of this battery as the Amazon description claims.

*Durable: waterproof/dirtproof/shockproof*High capacity battery
*Bar/handle to tie it on to something*Ports are covered by a rubber lined panel that appears to make a tight seal

*Takes a long time to charge, which is understandable, since it holds so much power
*Bulky, which is also understandable, since it's designed to withstand water/dirt/shock
*The ports were only labeled in finely etched writing on the outside of the panel covering the ports, and not on the inside next to the ports themselves. Not ideal, but at least they are labeled.

*The instructions with this battery case were very sparse and didn't seem to be specialized to this particular battery pack. One warning even cautioned about getting it wet, and this is supposed to be waterproof! Nowhere did the manual talk about its weatherproof features. I had to rely on the Amazon descriptions for information.

Overall, I think this is a solid product with a few very minor flaws that could easily be fixed (manuals and labeling on the ports). I probably wouldn't purchase this again with the intention of carrying it around in my purse, as it has a much larger capacity than I could possibly use in a day, and therefore it's heavier/larger than I need. However, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again for a multi day backpacking trip, or some other trip where I wouldn't have access to a regular charger.

*I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for my fair and honest review. (Posted on 10/22/13)
Rugged external battery for any environment Review by Steve
A common complaint about previous external battery offerings from New Trent was that they had plastic cases, which meant that they could get damaged if they were dropped. With the NT120R, you no longer have to worry about treating the external battery like another smartphone. It's perfect for people constantly on-the-go or heading outdoors.

The NT120R looks and feels very rugged. This ruggedness comes with a trade-off, however, as it is fairly large. It's about the length and width of a smartphone, which is nice as it makes it easy to hold in one hand (unlike other external batteries). It definitely isn't pocket-sized, as it is about three times thicker than a smartphone, but it should fit perfectly in a backpack. The case is thermoplastic and is designed to withstand drops up to one meter (roughly three feet) according to New Trent. I wouldn't recommend trying to spike it like you scored a game-winning touchdown, but it should be able to handle accidental drops. It's also rated to be waterproof in three feet of water up to an hour, but I wouldn't recommend taking it snorkeling. There's a cover that closes over the USB ports, which will protect them from getting wet. This has to be closed securely, which isn't always easy to do... you really have to make sure that you feel the cover snap into place (two places). In addition, since the cover is plastic, I could see the cover wearing out over time. I would say that if carried externally (there's a loop on the NT120R), you should have no worries (even if the cover isn't closed securely) if you get caught in a downpour as the ports will be facing downward.

The NT120R comes with a micro USB, which can be used not only to charge most devices not made by Apple, but also can be used to charge the battery itself. This is a much anticipated change from other New Trent external batteries, as it means that you no longer need to carry a separate USB cable just to recharge the battery. You will, however, need to make sure that you have an AC wall charger as it does not come with one.

The battery itself is rated at 12,000 mAh, which means that it should easily be able to handle a camping trip over the weekend... maybe even an entire week. Charging with the NT120R is no different than other New Trent external batteries. You simply connect the device to the battery using a USB cable, then press the button on to begin charging. Pressing this button will also light up blue LEDs (up to four) which indicate how much charge is left on the battery. It was able to fully charge an iPhone 5 that had shutdown due to low power in a little over an hour. There are two USB ports... one rated at 1A and another rated at 2.1A. This should allow you to charge a smartphone and a tablet without impact the charge time on either one.

Pros: Rugged design, fits easily in your hand, large battery capacity, battery can be recharged with micro USB cable

Cons: Chunky (not pocked-sized), hard to figure out which side has the LEDs (Posted on 10/22/13)
Excellent Product Review by Diossley
Overall I really liked this product. It has a very high capacity like the regular power pack and it can fully charge my phone about six times over. I also love the fact that there are two USB ports or charging more than one device at a time (as far as I can tell this seems to be quite unique). Most importantly though is the durability. Immediately after taking it out of the box I could tell this was built to withstand just about anything, it’s got a rugged looking exterior with no less than six screws on the front. My expectations were fully met after I took the power pack with me on a mountain biking trip. I must have dropped it at least a dozen times, including into puddles and by the end of the trip it looked exactly like it did when I first pulled it out of the box. Even this great product is not without a fault though, my one and only gripe is that the little door on the bottom that covers the USB ports seems cheap. It feels like cheap plastic and closing it can be somewhat frustrating. This is because it doesn’t really click to let you know it’s closed. In order to close it I have to press firmly on both corners of the flap and try to feel when its locked. If you are in a quiet room you can hear a feint click from each corner but you can’t expect to hear anything when you’re outside. (Posted on 10/22/13)
Outstanding and Reliable Product!! Review by Adam
The Power Pak Extreme is a great product, and is very reliable!!! I use it to charge my iPhone4, and my Nexus 7 tablet, and it performs better than any other product I've tried! The Power Pak Extreme is able to hold a lot of battery life and can fully charge several phones/tablets very quickly! It also charges itself very quickly. I especially like the easy to read LED lights they let you know exactly how much power is left in it! Very sturdy and easy to use. I highly recommend this product and any products from New Trent! (Posted on 10/21/13)
The PowerPak is amazing! Review by Noam
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged Water/Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack is a terrific device. Before I was frequently tethered to a wall, but now with the PowerPak I am free to roam. The device is well built and feels extremely sturdy. I am confident that it could hold up very well against the elements over a long haul. Despite being so durable it is very lightweight and convenient to carry around. I never leave home without it. The product has a very long battery life and quickly charges an iPad 4. It greatly extends the useful life of cell phones as well. The only minor item that I would tweak is to make it easier to open the panel to the charging ports, but I imagine that this is intentional in order to ensure that the product is waterproof. I give the PowerPak a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 10/21/13)
great product Review by Mark
I am an outdoors person and we do a lot of camping so this came in very handy, I kept my iPad and cell phone charged all weekend from the unit.Very impressed how quick it can recharge a device, it has a spot where you can even put a clip on it and hang it from your back pack or so.I have purchased other unit and found a it didn’t hold the charge and also it was slow to charge my devices. Even my daughter was able to test the unit by forgetting to charge her phone before we left. It impressed her to the point now she wants one.I have also even tried it just for general use out in the work field keeping my iPad charged, I hung it from my belt loop and ran the cord up to the iPad and it now lets me keep doing my audits with no downtime to fidnd an outlet to charge.Any one that wants the safe knowing that there phone/device will not die out hunting, on the boat, camping. And even if you drop it don’t worry it has a tough outer case. This is the unit for you.I have should this to many of my friends and they are very interested in this unit and all other new Trent items (Posted on 10/21/13)
Solid Product Review by Roger
At present I have had two opportunities to use this product in the field.
It was used for four days to charge my iPhone and VHF marine radio multiple

Ergonomically I think it is well designed; small, tough (which is great and
gives me a great deal of confidence) and easy to stow in my camera bag,
backpack car or gear. I did not notice much, if any, battery power
reduction due to cold weather conditions which is often the case with
electronic devices...and a frustration.

As a kayaker, I also will have use for this waterproof battery pack though
I am hesitant to give it a go because the door to access the charging and
USB ports could inadvertently open. I think the door should have some sort
of a recessed locking mechanism to prevent accidental exposure to those
ports...as I believe is the case in the current design.

The on/off button too should be recessed or by some other means, designed
to not be accidentally bumped thus being triggered.

I would current rate this product at a 4 but with the two design changes
suggested above...a high-five for certain. I believe you have the potential
for a very high quality product here and are well on your way! (Posted on 10/19/13)
Excellent product for people on the go! Review by Adam
This is a great product for anyone who uses a phone or tablet in a variety of circumstances. I am a graduate student as well as a full time professional. When I go to class or a conference it is nearly impossible to find an available plug to charge my device. With the powerpak I can charge anywhere, and it charges just as fast as if it were plugged into a wall. It is durable, yet light weight and can charge two devices at the same time. This product is amazing! I rate it at a 5. (Posted on 10/18/13)
Perfect! Review by Kenneth
A great product from New Trent! Very rugged and reliable. I am on the move throughout the day for my job and this power pack has provided me with the extra power that I needed for my cell phone. And the fact that it is built like a tank is a bonus! I had dropped it a few times accidentally and it is still working like a charm! 10 out of 10 (Posted on 10/18/13)
Great for Travel Review by azdaya
For quite sometime now I been looking for a battery charger that I could take with me when I go on work trips and spend long days at at the airport. The NT120R PowerPak is perfect for that. I was able to recharge my iPhone 5 with plenty of juice left. Love the product, don't have any dislikes, it has a great rugged look, and it being water/dust proof is a major plus. (Posted on 10/18/13)
Excellent Battery! Excellent Charging ability! Excellent Durability! And Now's The Best Time To Buy! Review by Dan
When I received my New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery, right out of the box it was charged to 2 LED's and I had to put it straight to use.

My wife was just leaving to go shopping.
She leaves her cell phone on continuously. Leaving me responsible for keeping it charged. Half the time when she leaves the house her cell phone battery only has one bar. (this was one of those times) So she has to use the car charger. She get to her destination has to unplug the phone from the charger, put it in her purse. Then when returning to the car has to dig it out of her purse and plug it back into the charger.

This time before she left I plug her phone into the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery Charger/Power Pack and throw the whole thing into her purse. She loved that. She always has a hard time plugging the USB cable into her phone. Now no worries. Her only complaints were the weight. When she returned home her phone was completely charged. (awesome)

Sure comes in handy and is quite a peace of mind to have around. Knowing that my wife's phone will be charged or charging when she on the road.

Took off for up north and 4 days of deer hunting with my son in-law (Ronnie). Had 2 Lg cell phones (Lg optimus, and a Lg 840g) and my Nexus 7 tablet and the Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery.
Ronnie has a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Have 40 acres. With a trailer on the property. No water no electricity no anything. Just your basic hunting trailer with a wood stove.

We charged my Lg optimus Sunday night from 30% to 100% and the Samsung Galaxy S3 to 100% at the same time. Then top them off to 100% every night after that for 3 nights straight. Charged the Nexus 7 tablet a couple of times to 100%, the Lg 840g a couple of times to 100%. They were both above 70% battery remaining before charging.

On our way home Wednesday night Ronnie plug his phone into this awesome power brick, wanting to have a fully charged phone before he left for work Thursday morning. I don't know what his battery % was, but by the time we returned home (a little over 2 hours) his battery was fully charged. The New Trent Battery Charger/Power Pack was down to one LED of power left.

He was so impressed with New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery Charger/Power Pack. He said he was going to order one as soon as he gets home. I told him to hold off. Telling him let me give it more time for testing. To make sure the battery in the New Trent PowerPak will last the test of time.

The truth is I want to get it for him for Christmas. I'm going to have to keep giving him an excuse for not buying it, or tell him that he's getting it for Christmas.

The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery is FULL OF POWER, waterproof, shock proof and built like a block of steel. (I love it)

Well I just ordered another New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh External Battery Charger/Power Pack for my son in-law. HOT DEAL! Get a FREE value of $24.95 New Trent iMirror 6000mAh external battery when purchase 1 or more New Trent PowerPak Xtreme Enter code EF5LR2HB at checkout.
Well that will take care of the weight issue for my wife, and she will have her own.
Great Deal! and a must have! (Posted on 10/18/13)
Great product--tough as it looks! Review by Natalie
I absolutely LOVE this. Let me tell you, this thing is amazing. It looks pretty intense and durable out of the package. The quality is outstanding and it looks tough. The product boasts "Water proof", "Dirt Proof" and "Shock Proof" right on the package. In fact, it says that it can be submerged for up to 3 feet for up to an hour! Hah, I don't think I'll actually try that, however, I BET it would. This is just perfect because it has such an amazing capacity to charge a smartphone and a tablet (the two main things I use everyday). And this is great because I'm also a graduate student and sometimes, when I'm on campus--my charges get low on my devices. This would be perfect to have as a back up in lab, or at home (or when the weather is bad and electricity it out -- it'd be good to have an emergency battery backup), I think it's just really reassuring to have that battery pack that can charge your devices. I'll be honest, I wish it were a little smaller and more chic but I think because of it's "XTREME" nature, it makes sense to have the design the way it is. I can see me being comfortable having this along with me on a camping trip or something. It took a LONG time to charge the actual battery pack though though (6+ hours), but the package says 10 hours (which makes sense for fully charged but I was a bit impatient ). I charged it up to 3-LED lights (there are 4 total) and it managed to charge my phone in about an hour (it was less than 50%) and it charged my iPad 4 from 45% to full. It actually didn't take long to charge my phone because that's typically how long it takes for it to charge using my wall outlet (it was actually faster since usually at around 60% battery, charging can take more than an hour. I know since that's how long it takes to charge my phone in the morning). It was also really reassuring to see that it charged my iPad 4. I was a bit worried it wasn't going to work with the lightning connector (it's happened to me so many times where I buy a different non-Apple charger and it doesn't work). This worked perfectly!

I did charge both devices at the same time, but of course my galaxy s3 charged a bit faster. The Xtreme Powerpak still has a charge in the battery (it used one one little LED light if that makes sense. Basically, it has the ability for a couple of charges of the devices). Overall, great product. Great to have for emergencies, or traveling, or to just have to be able to charge anywhere! (Posted on 10/18/13)
5 STARS !! Great Charger !! Review by Nate
I received the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R the other day and have to admit, I was really looking forward to getting it.

Shipping was SUPER-FAST !! Item was packed well and box looks great.

PowerPak Xtreme arrived semi-charged (3 LEDS lit) and I was able to immediately charge my New iPad as I checked it out. The look is awesome and it appears rugged. Device comes with nifty little key-chain (complete with little carabineer) and Velcro strap. The USB ports; one for Smartphones, one for Tablets, and one mini for recharging the PowerPak and Android-type devices.

The on/off switch is well-placed on the side of the unit and easy to operate.

A great addition to this unit (as opposed to 'regular' PowerPak) is the LED's that light up blue on top of the device.

I charged the PowerPak Xtreme completely over-night. Early the following morning, I plugged in BOTH my iPad and my iPhone 4. The iPad was completely de-charged and dead. The iPhone was at about 9% charge. The iPhone finished, fully charged, in no-time (sorry, I didn't time these events) and a few hours later the iPad was also completely charged!

After both devices were charged, the LED still displayed 2 blue lights. Meaning, I could simply put charger back into center console of car and it will be ready again when needed. That's awesome!

In closing, you CAN NOT GO WRONG with the PowerPak Xtreme!! I love the rugged feature, even though I'm likely not to use it as expected (hiking, biking, rock-climbing, etc), but WILL use it often in the car (no fear of tossing it in the center console and having it bounce around while driving) and at the office where coffee and soda spills happen on occasion. Easily fits in a briefcase, carry-on, or other and it is only slightly larger than the iPhone itself.


(Posted on 10/17/13)
Impressive Rugged Review by Jim
Very impressive out of the box. The weight and feel is quality
and durability. It has excellent charging capacity and the increased
confidence of plenty of reserve power by carrying this is comforting. It
fits easily in an auxiliary pocket in my bag but also has a rugged slot to
support a carabiner to hang on the outside of a bag confidently. (Posted on 10/17/13)
Waterproof works! Rugged, high capacity but Recharge for devices limited. Review by D
This has a great advantage with the rugged exterior, being water proof up to 3 ft /1hr , dual charging ports and very high capacity. A bit disappointing initial performance after a fully charged battery only partially charges iphone and ipad before needing to be charged again. Best for smaller devices. I didn't give it 5 stars, yet, Because of the number of recharges. I will revisit once I can see whether the Li-ion battery accepts full charge in the future. May change over time since sometimes Li-ion batteries take a few charge cycles to accept full capacity.
So if you need the rugged and waterproof features, this is for you but don't have high expectations for the number of recharges on more power hungry devices.

I tried water submersion twice so far in 8 inches of water for 25 min then 20 min. It worked! You will see a couple of water droplets under the flip lid when you open it but the rubber seals right over the ports prevent it from entering them.

- First time charged iphone from 85-100 and ipad from 50-85 and was drained. Took 4hrs to for that. 2nd time took iphone from 65-100 and Ipad from 15-71 in 5hrs. 3rd time iphone 45-90 and ipad 58-100. Once the unit hits 25% battery left it only charges ipad a percent or 2. Improvement each time and Hoping it will further increase w subsequent charges. May change over time since sometimes Li-ion batteries take a few charge cycles to accept full capacity.
An improvement but not as good as other trent battery pak in initial stages so far.

-Manual illustrates that output 1 is for smartphones and output 2 is for tablets. You should remember this. The ports are under a flip top lid and the markings say 1 and 2 are stamped on outside of the lid. Port 1 does charge ipad but might be slower than 2.
-Almost 3 ft charging cable. A plus. Charging time for full capacity says about 10 hrs. Took about 9 hrs for me each time. Unit stays cool when charging.
-Don't forget to depress button to start charging when a device is attached. Button on the side near the top when pressed will illuminate 1-4 blue lights depicting charge left on battery.
- Charges ipad about 10%/hr on average similar to apple charger. Faster when fully charged but slows same as other trickle chargers once you are down to about 25% capacity.

-Weighs about 3/4 lb, and measures about 3 in by 5 in by 1.25 deep. comparable in length to iphone 5. Just a little heavy and bulky for the hand but not an issue at all. (Posted on 10/17/13)
Excellent product overall Review by Lon
The PowerPak was delivered on October 9. I spent a day getting it fully charged and started using it on October 10.

In the 5 days I've had and used the product the following is a summary of my experience during 3 recharge cycles.

The first two days I used it to charge my Galaxy Note 2, iPad and my wife's Galaxy Note 2. After charging my Note 2 twice, it still showed 3 out of 4 bars of charge left in it, so the next night I plugged in my wife's iPad and Note 2. The next morning the iPad was only charged 54% (up from the starting point of 24 %) and the Note 2 was at 78% (up from the starting point of 44%). The PowerPak was dead.

I spent another day recharging the PowerPak, after which time for two nights I recharged my wife's iPad. It brought the iPad up to full charge (from a starting point of 43% and 48%) each night. The third night the PowerPak still had 3 bars out of 4 left so I plugged in the iPad for the 3rd night but it only charged from 54% to 69% before the PowerPak went dead.

Observations: The PowerPak's blue charge LEDs are not a good indication of how much charge is left. At least half of the charge is used up in the first LED. When you consider that I charged a 3200 mah Cell Phone twice, the PowerPak should have read 2 or less bars of charge left, not 3, which lead me to believe it still had 3/4 of a charge. Also, the PowerPak takes an inordinate amount of time to recharge, usually around 10 hours. It was always recharged with a 2 AMP wall charger (New Trent NT90C/IMP90C).

I did not go camping in the rain, so I had no use for a waterproof power source away from home, and thusly I really can't attest to the fact that it truly is waterproof. Nor did I subject it to being dropped as I did not wish to test the integrity of it's limited shock-proof casing. I only wished to test how fast it could be recharged and how many devices I could recharge with it. With today's phones having such huge batteries (3000 mah to 3500 mah) and tablets having 7000-8000 mah batteries, you won't get to recharge your devices many times with this 12,000 mah battery pack. I see this working best on an airplane flight or topping off your phone during the day so you can make it through a whole day of heavy use if your not near electricity. The downside is, it's too huge to carry around in your pocket. And, unless you are camping in the wilds with no electricity near you (or car), it has limited use. Today we spend all of our time near electrical outlets and our vehicles so we have access to charging our phones all the time.

What I liked most about the PowerPak is the fact that it has 2 USB charging ports (a 1 amp and a 2 amp) and I like the rubberized skin. Also the overall size and shape, although too large to be very portable, is a real nice feeling "brick" in your hands. Also another very nice feature is that the powerpak shuts itself off after your device reaches a full charge and goes into trickle mode. However, that does have one drawback if you use an app like Tasker to turn your phone to silent when you put it on the charger for the night by your bed. When the PowerPak shuts off, the phone reverts back to "sound-on" and incoming calls/email/texts WILL wake you up.

What I would change is, I'd make both USB ports 2AMP. There's really no need for 1 AMP ports on anything nowadays because our tablets need 2 AMP and now our new phones do also (all the latest Samsung phones come with 2 AMP chargers). And it needs to have the remaining charge indicators fixed to display the correct amount of charge left in the battery.

Could I see myself carrying this around with me? Probably not. When I take my camera on a photo shooting session, spare batteries are lighter and smaller than carrying the recharger brick. And, in reality, the same goes for my Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2 phones. (Posted on 10/16/13)
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged Water/Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Wireless Phone Accessory) Review by Kam
Own this little bad boy for the past week and put the device through a thorough rundown. I owned previously the New Trent IMP120D and the New Trenth iTorch 5200 mAh.

Let's start with what's included in the box, pretty simple:
* PowerPak Xtreme NT120R mAh battery pack
* Manual
* Micro USB cable

First of all, the "R" in NT120R should stand RUGGED, ROUGH, and ROBUST! The device weighs exactly 316.1g, roughly the weight of your typical 25 feet tape measure. Perhaps not feather weight to hold it in your purse all day, but defiantly comfortable to toss it in your backpack. It comes with 2 regular USB ports, 5V1.0A and 5V2.1A for charging your devices, and 1 microUSB, for charging the unit. The first thing you notice when you take the device out of the box is how solid and sturdy the construction of the plastic casing. Although I haven't I haven't done any stress test on the device, I feel confident it'll survive your basic waist line drop test over an iphone drop test any day of the year. The box itself also stated that it'll survive with 99% certainty at a depth of 3 ft for 1h, but that'll depends whether you have your USB port covered or not. The only weak kink in the armor is the latch that covers the USB port. The hinge that holds it together will probably be the first thing that'll break, but I highly doubt that'll occur unless you applied brute force to break the lid off. Overall, the device is extremely well constructed.

Charging your devices. I'm not going to run through any numbers, but if you own any previous USB 5V2.1A outlet plugs, this device will charge your devices just as fast and will vary if you're using your device at the same time. If you know the capacity of your device in regards to the total mAh it can handle, you can guesstimate the number of full cycle charges you can perform. But with a 12000 mAh power source, you'll more than certainly last at least a day with heavy use. If you're on your last 10% battery life on your tablet or smartphone while doing a marathon of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix, you'll be more than happy to have this device with you if you're on the go.

Charging the device. If you own any previous New Trent device or any other external battery devices, how do you tell the charge percentage?? The answer is that there are 4 LED lights beneath the black cover to indicate its charge percentage (1 LED - 0 to 25%, 2 LEDs - 25 to 50%, 3 LEDs - 50 to 75% and 4 LEDs - 75 to 100%). Perhaps one of the best upgrade from the New Trent IMP120D is the ability to charge the device with a microUSB cable over an external power adapter as with the New Trent IMP120D. MicroUSB cables are pretty much universal these days and it'll mean one less cable you'll need to carry around. However, the double edge sword is that you'll need USB AC wall charger that can supply 5V2.1A to charge the device really fast (8-10hrs). I found that charging with a computer USB port will take forever. I attempted to charge the device from empty with a 2.0 USB port for 8 hours and it was still at 1 LED. The reason is because typical computer USB ports typically supply between 0.5A to 0.9A depending if you have 2.0 or 3.0 USB port respectively. But when I charged it with my New Trent, 10W 5V/2A Dual Port high-speed USB AC wall charger (NT90C/IMP90C), it was completed overnight in less than 8hrs. The charging rate was practically similar to the New Trent IMP120D as it should be because the power adapter output rate was 5V2A.

Now for the Pros and Cons!
* 12000 mAh power source
* Rugged construction - water/shock/dirt proof
* No need for a separate cable for the power adapter
* 2 USB Ports (5V2.1A and 5V1.0A)
* LED Light Indicator for current Battery Level
* Charging time is fast with 5V2.1A USB port
* microUSB cable that can function as a data-cable
* Lack of a USB 5V2.1A wall charger
* Not feather light

This device pretty much functions the same as the New Trent IMP120D and much more. Ideally, I would recommend this device for who'll be giving it a real beating and expose it to many different outdoor environments. With its 12000 mAh capacity, it found it idea for long trips on flights and connecting airports. I myself work as a wedding photographer. A lot of my equipment is abused heavily and this battery pack will be no exception too. Currently I put in my water-bottle case holder on my camera bag. I know it'll face several downpours, varying humidity conditions, cold and hot temperature through its lifetime. The only thing that New Trent hasn't thought about is incorporating an Inductive Charger into the unit itself (coughcouh).

Overall, highly recommend (Posted on 10/16/13)
Finally peace of mind Review by Karen
I have been looking for an external powerpak for my mobile devices for a while and this one far exceeds my expectations! Working in IT tech services, I am on-call 24/7, but my iPhone battery life is horrible! Having this powerpak finally gives me the peace of mind that I can go anywhere and not wind up with a dead cell phone. The fact that it is so rugged means I really can bring it anywhere without having to baby it. I am also an emergency manager for my department and these powerpaks will be a great addition to our emergency preparedness backpacks (our electricians are tough on their equipment and this pak can take it! It is perfect for anyone who travels a lot, or does anything outdoors like boating/hiking/camping, or attends sporting events…you name it!

This Pak holds a lot of juice. My iPhone started at about 50% charge and it was 100% in less than 30 minutes. I then charged my iPad from 33% to 100% in less than 6hrs and still could have gotten a few more iPhone charges in. Having 2 ports to charge multiple devices at once is a big plus. Some people have complained that the pak doesn’t come with a wall charger, but I already have a few and I would rather keep the price as reasonable as possible.

My only constructive criticism is that the power button is a bit small and easy to miss. A little pouch or carrying case for the pak and cable would be a welcome inclusion too. With all the devices I carry it is easy to mix up cables and grab the wrong one. (Posted on 10/15/13)
Excellent Product Review by David
I travel for business and I cant tell you how many times this product has save me with my ipad and Samsung galaxy phone. It charges both unit several times and is easy to recharge. (Posted on 10/15/13)
great charge on the go Review by Andrew
Perfect for traveling and camping. Well, I would only assume
this, since I don’t actually go camping. However, it is great for a charge on
the go.

Just a bit on the heavy side, but for an external battery
with a lot of juice, the 1-2lb block shouldn’t even be a problem. It’s not for
me anyway.

I haven’t tested it in the water, but the casing itself is
fairly airtight and so a little bit of water on the battery wouldn’t even
matter. The package itself boasts that it can be submerged in 3 feet of water
for about 1 hour when it’s completely sealed though.

So, for testing the battery out, I left my phone uncharged
over night and in the morning only had about 10-15%. It crapped out on me at
about 8% though. But I wasn’t worried, because I had the Powerpak Xtreme!
Plugged my phone in on the go and about 1 hour later went from 8% to 66%. It
took about another hour for it to reach 97%, at which point I just unplugged my
phone. Aside from my phone, I charged a classmates iPad for about 1.5 hours and
her iPad went from about 10% to 40%. But that’s not all, even after charging
two different devices for about 2+ hours total, there’s still plenty of charge
in the sucker.

In addition, the two USB ports on the battery are labeled
out on the device, making it easy to tell which device can go where.

Verdict: If you’re an on the go type of person and need something
to charge your electronic devices, and that require a USB plug, this item is
superb! (Posted on 10/15/13)
I love it! Review by Connie
I love this product. The only reason that I rated it a 4 out of 5 is because it is bulky and heavy. I love the fact that it is for rugged use, and is waterproof, dirt proof, and shock proof. My boys and I had fun testing this product. All descriptions are perfect. There was no damage to be found with water, dirt and drops. It works very well and charges very fast. I love the portability of not having to find an outlet when you are in a desperate need of a charge. It has two usb ports, so I can charge more than one item, which comes in handy with a big family! Great job! (Posted on 10/14/13)
Tons of Power Review by Nathan
My overall impression: It's tough and it seems to have far more than enough juice for charging smaller items like phones or a mouse, and I'd be unafraid of taking it with me on long trips into the woods.

The seem of the material that the keyring is hooked to ripped with little effort. When putting the ring on, the thin material that is sewn around it went through the ring on the backside, effectively taking itself out of the ring just like you would a key. And I did it totally on accident because the material is so thin. If that wasn't clear, I attached the ring on the charger, and the ring detached from material in the same move without me even noticing. That was a problem because it resulted in me dropping the charger on the floor. The upside is that the PowerPak proved that it's shock proof.

The charging door doesn't feel like it wants to stay snapped shut. (Prior to drop.) Feels like it could pop open, which makes me wonder that if dropped into a puddle in the mountains that it would pop open and expose the interior to water.

I was happy with the recharge times. After fully charging the unit, I recharged my iPhone and iPad at the same time, starting from zero charge for both. The phone fully charged in less than two hours, but the iPad only got to 60% before the PP was drained. I drained the battery on the iPad and repeated the charge again the next day. It got to 80%. I was satisfied with this. Personally I feel that Apple's product batteries last a long while, so I feel the PowerPak is more than sufficient in backing me up on extended trips. That's to say the iPhone will get lots and lots of of charges out of it, (as of this writing I've charged my phone about 4 times, once charging my Logitech G700 mouse (sucks battery power) and still have 3 of the 4 leds lit on the battery. Awesome.) And while the iPad may not get to full charge, the PowerPak still serves as a fantastic back up for a product (iPad) that already lasts for hours.

I really like that it comes with only one cord. It would be helpful to know on the box, however, that I could "take advantage of my pre-existing" chargers to charge the PP. The way the product reads on Amazon right now, my first impression is that I have to also buy an additional charger. Which I don't. It uses my iPad/iPhone charger.
I also really like the minimal literature. However, it would be helpful if there was something that explained away 1A and 2A and the charging time of each. It would just help me feel like an informed consumer. Also, I would guess that it would be the likely source of many support calls/emails when folks say that one port doesn't seem to charge as long / fast / efficiently as the other. But just know-- there's a difference. (Posted on 10/12/13)
Tough as Nails Review by JM
Tons of capacity in a shell that's super heavy duty.

SIZE: This charger is about twice the thickness of a typical smartphone, and is a bit taller as well. It can charge a phone several times before needing a recharge itself.

DURABILITY: Within a week of purchase, this device withstood a drop of 9 feet on to hard tile floor. No exaggeration. Not a scratch on the case, and works perfectly. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Great charge capacity and rugged build Review by Guy F
I have had this powerpak for about 3 weeks and have used it non stop since I received it. THis thing can really hold a charge. I travel 5 days a week and this is my go to for powering my iphone and ipad. WIth only charging the phone I get multiple daily charges for an entire week. With the ipad4 I get 1 full charge 3%-100% + about 5 full iphone 5 charges. THis now has a permanent home in my laptop bag and several colleagues have purchased this after seeing its design and capacity. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Heavy duty charger Review by Todd
PowerPak Xtreme-NT120R
I received this just in time for a weekend camping trip. Out of the box, I was impressed with it – it definitely looks rugged and durable. I got to put it to the test over the weekend by using it to charge mine and my wife’s iPhone 5’s, and 2 other iPhones that friends had. Since returning home I’ve used it to charge my iPad 2 and my Kindle. It’s easy to use and seems to charge items faster than a wall outlet does. We are often out all weekend at our daughter’s softball tournaments and I can see this getting much use from us and our friends (since our phones’ batteries die before the end of the day.) I will definitely recommend it to them!
The only cons I can think of is it is a bit large (about 3 times thicker than an iPhone), and doesn’t come with an outlet charger.
(Posted on 10/10/13)
Powerful Durable Battery- Home and Away Review by Wayland
This review is from: New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R 12000mAh Water Proof/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof Rugged Series 3.1A Dual USB Ports External Battery Charger/ Portable Back Up Power Bank/Power Pack Battery/iPhone Charger for iPad 4 /3/2, iPad mini, iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4; Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S2, Note 2; Google Nexus 10/7/4, HTC ONE Series; LG Optimus Series; Blackberry Z10; Motorola Droid Series; Nokia Lumia Series, Sony Xperia Series, GoPro, and Most 5V Chargeable Devices (Wireless Phone Accessory)

The PowerPak Xtreme is another of the latest external battery packs from New Trent. This external battery is essential for home and travel; the extremely durable case makes it essential for all uses, especially travel. In light of the new Apple IOS7, which uses a great amount of charge, it is indispensable.

- NewTrent NT120R PowerPak Extreme external battery; 12,000 mAh capacity, 10.5 oz
- cord (27 inch long, USB2 to microUSB)
- compass, clip, Velcro strip to attach to battery
- instruction book

Features include the following:
- 3 ports: two different output USB2 (5v-2.1 amp, 5v-1 amp), one input micro for charging
- extremely durable hard case that renders it at least water resilient, dirt proof, shock proof
- indicator lights (4) display relative amount of charge available (25% gradients)
- completely enclosed unit, except for the opening door that exposes the ports. On-off switch and lights are enclosed and protected.
Unit comes half charged, which allows for immediate use. Charging to full capacity takes approximately 6 hours with 1amp AC wall charger. Once fully charged, it can charge virtually all smartphones and 5volt accessories. Charging times varied in testing, yet 1amp output was used primarily for phones; 2.1amp output was used for tablet. Average actual times to move from near zero capacity to 100% were the following: Galaxy S4 took 2 hours, IPad4 slightly over 4 hours. Both output ports can be used simultaneously, and can be used multiple times for lower input needs (i.e. phones and other peripherals).

Tested devices: Samsung Galaxy S4, IPad 4, BlueAnt (wireless Bluetooth), NewTrent 38b wireless keyboard, IPod Touch. Also used yet not tested on IPhone 4 and IPad mini.

Pros: extremely powerful battery ruggedly built to withstand almost any external element. Although it is reported to be waterproof, it was not tested by me for that. It was only underwater for a few times, with no moisture entering port compartment. With the unit virtually fully contained, it is extremely likely that it is both dust proof and shock proof (as claimed).High capacity and unique dual port charging ports allows for multiple charges with lower charge devices (phones and peripherals), simultaneous charging of two devices, and near full charging of tablets (depending on charge depleted).

Cons: only minor one. Although the USB ports are labeled on the hinged door, it is not readily apparent which port is 1amp or the 2.1amp port. Perhaps a more unique label will make the difference in the ports easier to recognize.

Conclusion: essential for any use, particularly while traveling and outdoors. At home the PowerExtreme is an extremely portable and powerful energy source, particularly with high demand products. Apple IOS7 was a tremendous power drain for my IPad4, yet it was able to keep up with its needs. Away is obvious, allowing for use as an external power pack to power USB powered phones, tablets, and peripheral devices.
(Posted on 10/9/13)
Great charger! Review by Ray
I have used the product for about a week now and it has performed flawlessly in my use.

It charges quickly using a Belkin Model BZ103050-TVL Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports (1 AMP / 5 Watt). Only took 2-3 minutes to go from 3 lights to 4 lights. Fast.

When charging my 2nd Generation Nexus 7, it recharged the tablet at about a 10% per 15 minutes rate using the 2.1A port.

I like the rugged feel of the device. Gives the feeling that it can take a lot of punishment. I also like the port identifications on the charging port access cover.

I am often on the rode an entire day, usually in the work shop of a client where outlets are not always readily available. It is very nice to be able to hook up my phone to the battery in my brief case and noy have to worry about finding an outlet. I also like the ability to charge my phone/table when flying. (Posted on 10/7/13)
A rugged external charger can be used indoor or outdoor Review by Jian
The device feels rugged but not too bulky even though it is slightly larger than my other external battery chargers. The outside case is made with quality materials and the charging ports are protected by a hinged door with rubber gaskets that cover the ports. It has two USP ports so I can charge two devices at the same time if necessary. I have not got chance to use it in the rain or accidently drop it in water yet. But based on the external case appearance and design, I would not worry too much if it gets wet from time to time. I have charged my iphone multiple times with a single charge on the powerpak. The powerpak shows four blue lights when fully charged. Overall this is a very good product, sturdy and long lasting power. I would recommend it to others, especially for people who like outdoor activities. (Posted on 10/5/13)
Love the portability! Review by Katherine
The PowerPak Xtreme is great for many reasons. The one aspect for me that is the best is the fact that you can get so many device charges out of just one PowerPak charge! Since receiving mine, I have charged my phone 7 times without charging the PowerPak, which is something I have never seen with other portable chargers. I love how there are two USB ports and a micro USB. This way, I am able to charge my phone, my iPad, and my Airbender keyboard case all at the same time. My phone's battery tends to drain quickly, so this will be nice to have in my backpack when I'm in classes all day. It feels very durable. I dropped it from a few different heights in my apartment just to see how it faired, and it didn't even show signs of damage. It also charges very quickly. When using the lightning cord for the iPhone 5, it charges just as fast, if not faster than it would in an outlet. I would say that the only thing that I somewhat dislike about the product is the size/weight aspect. (Posted on 10/4/13)
Great Rugged Dual Charger Review by DK
The powerpak is a rugged and very well made quality product and it looks rugged enough to be dirt proof, shock proof, and water proof. The hinged protective flap is well thought out and has a rubber seal that fits into the ports to make it water resistant. The outer casing is made of a non-slippery plastic and it's not too heavy. It has a large capacity of 12000maH so it has plenty of power to charge multiple devices simultaneously and repetitively. My galaxy has a 2600mAh battery so I can charge my phone about 4 times. I charged my galaxy and iphone 4s at the same time and it charged my galaxy from 2% to 100% in about 2.5 hrs and my iphone 4s from 50% to 100% between 1-2 hours. It has a nice battery gauge with 4 blue led lights, so a full battery indicates 4 bars. After I charged both my galaxy and iphone, the powerpak had 3 bars left on the battery pack. The instructions state the powerpak has about 500 cycles and it takes about 10
hrs to charge. It has one 2.1A port which is important for charging tablets and another 1A port for phones. It comes with a carabiner so you can hook it up to your backpack or stroller. I take the powerpak on family trips to the zoo, museum, and Disneyland. The powerpak allows you to use any of your devices without worrying about running out of power. I really don't have any dislikes for this product. The only improvements I would suggest are having two 2.1A ports so that you can charge two tablets simultaneously and a larger battery capacity. I would definitely get this product again. This is a solid product. (Posted on 10/4/13)
Awesome Battery! Review by Carlos
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is great to use!! It charges my iPad and HTC One very fast while on the go. It is also very durable as advertised. I lightly tested the durability of the battery by fully submerging it in water and also dropped it out of a 2 story window! The battery is still working perfectly and only shows minor damage from the drop. The rubber case does a lot to protect the battery from a drop and is not damaged easily. The damage that does show is hardly visible. I would include a picture of the damage but it is too small to show on my camera. I will defiantly be using this battery on a daily basis.
(Posted on 10/3/13)
Great Battery. Great capacity. Review by William

Well built product
Well suited to a rugged environment.
Easy to hold onto with the textured case.
I like that the input and output connections are protected by the door.
The unit is lighter weight then I expected when I looked at it.
It worked very well to charge my IPAD from 20% to full charge using the
higher amperage connection.
After fully charging my IPAD there was still some battery life left.
I also tested it with my iphone and was able to fully charge it also with
the remaining battery life.

A little difficult to turn on because the power switch is not obvious.
Perhaps a contrasting color would make it easier to see. Once you know
where it is, it takes quite a lot of pressure to turn it on.

Takes a long time to fully charge up. My experience was about 6-7 hours.
(Posted on 10/3/13)
Excellent Battery. Tough Rugged & Useful Review by David
I will start this review by telling you what I do for work. I work for the railroad. Things in my bag take a beating. They get tossed up on the locomotives and its not uncommon that I will break something. The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme took all the abuse and then some with no issues. It was easy to use its rugged and tough.

It weighs about 10.5 oz and has the footprint of a pack of index cards. The package includes a USB cable (no plug) a strap and a compass making it simple to attach on say a backpack, bike, or something else. Making this ideal for camping, fishing travelling etc. It has no issues charging my devices. It charges them in a timely manner and you can charge two devices at once which is a nice feature.

The first time I charged it, it took about 6 hours and 45 mins I used it for about a week while out on the road at various times where I was away from a power source and it worked wonderfully. It used about half its power. Some things I will also point out I went around trying to charge various USB devices. Some devices worth mentioning USB eCigs. I tested this on my wife's and it works great to charge it which could be a life saver. It also charges my MiFI Verizon hot spot. I was also able to charge a smaller external battery which would be kinda cool if you needed to charge up another one for say child or spouse.

I did some basic abuse testing. I dropped it on the ground, kicked it down the sidewalk, dropped it into the shallow end of my pool and dropped it down a set of concrete stairs. It was also lugged around in my work bag and thrown around for about a week. This thing took it all. I did notice the water test I did have some small amounts of water in the charge and port area but everything seemed to work fine with no issues. I wouldn't recommend showing off to your friends but in a bad situation its good to know it can get wet.

I charged it with a 5.0V 2.0 AMP charger and it took about 6.5 hours, (Charger from my note II) if you have a smaller charger this will definitely take some time to charge. But with the New Trent 10W 5V/2A Dual Port high-speed USB AC wall charger costing a few dollars its a very easy issue to fix. (Posted on 10/2/13)
power! Review by Young
Small convinient and holds charge for at least a month. I only use it incase I forget to charge my phone or Ipad, but when I need to charge my phone or need to power my Ipad, it's always reliable. It easily held charge for a month after I fully charged it, still shows full charge.

The cover has plastic feel, but it's drop resistent and water resistant. Wish it had small compartment to carry the cable in, but other than that it does everything it was advertized for. It does everything I paid for it to do so I give it five star.

If you travel or are in places where you can't get access to charger often, this works wonders. (Posted on 10/2/13)
This is the portable charger for you if you value fast charging and quality products. Review by Hassan
Lots to love about this charger. It truly seems to be as durable as advertised, and it is still not too bad in terms of portability. I thought I would only be able to carry it around with me when I have a bag with me or something like that; however, in reality it can be thrown into the pocket of a pair of sweatpants (or any other pants/shorts that have large pockets) with ease. The large capacity of the battery is also very convenient because you could forget to charge it for days through heavy usage and still not have to worry about whether or not you will have enough battery. The two ports are also very useful because it allowed me to charge my iPad and iPhone simultaneously, or if I only need to charge my iPhone I can quickly charge it with the 2.1A port. Since I have got this charger, it goes with me just about everywhere. It makes charging more convenient even if just using it within my own home but away from an outlet. The only negatives I have found with this charger, and the reason I decided to dock it 0.5 points, are 1) it doesn't automatically begin charging my phone when I plug in the USB, I have to press the power button on the charger first and this lead to my phone dying once because I didn't notice it not charging and 2) the labels on the door to indicate which port is the 2.1A and which port is the 1A can be a bit hard to read depending on lighting and the angle with which you look at it. However, these "negatives" are very easy to live with because once I realized I had to press the power button to begin charging, it wasn't too difficult to remember to do going forward. Also, as far as the labeling goes, after a while I began to just know which port had which output just based on my repeated uses of it. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Outstanding battery pack Review by Mike
Product New Trent NT120R Power Pack Xtreme

Rating = 5

I purchased the NT120R for a 5 day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I needed the ability to charge my Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 8, a Olympus underwater digital camera and a Kindle Paper White.

Item arrived from Amazon quickly because I’m a Prime member.

The NT120R was packaged well and the graphics and design of the packaging look great and catches the eye of the consumer while having the important product information on the front of the box and having additional detailed specs on the back of the box.

Instructions were fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

While on the trip I charged the devices listed above from different states of discharge. They all charged quickly and without problems.
During the trip I was caught in a severe thunderstorm for about 30 minutes. The bag that I was carrying the NT120R in was pretty soaked and the outside of the NT120R case was very wet. After returning to the cruise ship, I wiped the outside of the case with a towel and it was good to go, still functioned properly. Also during this trip the NT120R was dropped in our cabin by accident from about 3 foot high. It landed hard on the thinly carpeted floor but there wasn’t a mark on the exterior case and it’s still working perfectly.

Very rugged construction and the size is outstanding compared to other battery packs I own. It fits into a jacket or pants pocket or can be hooked to camera bag using an inexpensive caribiner clip.
I initially charged the NT120R using my Galaxy S4 charger which is significantly faster than trying to charge it using a standard USB port on my computer.

I own another New Trent battery pack and this is by far a much better unit in both styling and functionality.

A few suggestions to help improve the product.
1. I understand it’s designed to be waterproof but the door is rather hard to open. I have to use 2 hands to open it, I put my thumbnail into the slot while using my other thumb to push on the “tab” sticking out from the door. Some users may have trouble opening it.
2. In the instructions, it doesn’t have the power button clearly marked. I’m a computer engineer so it was pretty easy for me to figure it out but the instructions just have the power button labeled as “button” in the first diagram, this could be misleading for some non-technical type users. It should also state that pressing the button while recharging a device that it will show how much battery is left via the built in LED’s.
(Posted on 10/1/13)
great product for someone that is on the go, must have, very rugged Review by Dylan
This item is incredibly useful in my daily life. I am in class nearly all day every day, and it is more than helpful when I need to charge either my ipad or iphone. I dont sit near an electrical outlet, so charging my items can be a hassle. But not anymore.

My first impression of the PowerPak was that it is very sleek and rugged looking. I didn't purposefully attempt to test the waterproof/drop-proof/dust-proof marketing, but I am pretty sure that it would stand up to the test if I ever do happen to drop it or get it went. This thing is the real deal. It is also surprisingly light and portable, which are not characteristics I would usually confer to a portable battery.

As far as the electrical power is concerned, the PowerPak has more than exceeded my expectations. I charged it the first day I had it, which only took a few hours to completely charge the battery. After that, it has fully charged my iPad once from 15% battery, and my iPhone at least 4 times from anywhere from 20-50% battery. In the five days that I have had it, I havent used a wall outlet once for my devices. And that is impressive.

I really like that it has two ports so that you can simultaneously charge devices, but I have yet to test out charging two items at once as far as the battery life and speed is concerned.

The only flaw with the device that I have encountered so far is that it is somewhat difficult to open up the latch to expose the USB ports. I understand that it is most likely designed that way to improve its waterproof capability, but it was just a little tough to pry open. I also keep my fingernails very short, so that may play a role in it as well. But in comparison to how well the PowerPak functions, this is a very minor flaw, and really not anything to be worried about long term.

All in all, I think that the PowerPak is a fantastic device and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that needs a powerful, efficient, and rugged power source. I love its design, it is incredibly user friendly, and most of all, it is an incredibly convenient item to have. (Posted on 9/30/13)
Perfect companion Review by Ayron
I purchased this powerpak thinking it would be perfect for my Husband, he loves to be outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking etc. Since having it though I think I'm keeping it for myself, the possibilities are endless on how and when you use this.
If you have a short cord for your iPhone like me, this powerpak is perfect for those situations where you want to charge and play. I have used it in the car to charge the iPad for the kids, in bed where my cord usually won't reach, I have even put it in my purse and charged my phone while shopping, etc.
I charged the powerpak right when I got it and used it to charge various things for almost 5 days without having to recharge it, we charged two iPhones, an HTC and an iPad, that blew my mind!!
I will be nice and let my Husband borrow it on occasion but this has become my favorite new accessory. The heavy duty look and feel is perfect for not only the adventurous type but also for Moms like me with little kids that like to get their hands on everything. The carabiner is a nice touch, attach it to almost anything and your good to go.
The only flaw I could find with this powerpak is the compass that is attached to the carabiner, mine doesn't work. Honestly I don't mind but if your looking for a compass I wouldn't depend on this one. (Posted on 9/29/13)
this is amazing Review by Jonathan
I have left it out in the rain, dropped it repeatedly and it not only held together, but charges equipment pretty quickly. I even let a 3yr old play with it. Definitely worth it. Especially for camping, biking, etc. (Posted on 9/28/13)
Awesome product Review by Lindsay
This product was more than I had expected. I charged it once overnight, and it lasted 5 days of charging my iPhone 5, blackberry 9930, and iPad 2. I only charged my devices using the power pack for those 5 days. This is a perfect device for emergencies, camping trips, or for your car. I would recommend this item to anyone. The plus side - it is waterproof and shockproof. (Posted on 9/27/13)
Great product, you are recommended! Review by Quan
I love its design, very bulky and strong. The idea of how durable
it is under any circumstances is awesome, which means we can carry it
anywhere we want and worry-free about it. I love it how it has two USB
ports with two different currents for fast and normal charging, although I
always use the 2A one to charge my phone. There are still some areas that
need to get improved though. This battery is portable but is not for
everyone because of its weight and size. It's will be much more attractive
if it is lighter, smaller, and comes with different colors that suit for
every personality. It will be more convenient if it is smaller, attachable
to the phone or tablet. The attaching material can be the rubber sucker cup
that is made for some windshield GPS/phone holder. I find it will be useful
when we charge and use the phone at the same time with the short charging
cable, or retractable cable. The idea of the key hooker with added compass is good too.
I can hang the battery anywhere I want without carrying it all the time.
This is why it is best for travelling. The power button is cool, but it is
very firm which turns out not easy to press. Also, I don't think that power
button is needed, because it adds extra step to charge the electronic
devices which makes it less convenient. (Posted on 9/27/13)
A must have for outdoorsman Review by Ron
This charger is a must-have for any outdoorsman. Not only is it rugged, but it is also water resistant. I bout mine to have for my recent vacation to the beach and fell in love with it. I can't wait to take it camping and hunting. (Posted on 9/27/13)
This is a great product! Review by Brad
The NewTrent powerpack XTREME is a beast. A rugged, waterproof charger that appears to be indestructible. The unit itself charges quickly and provides hours of charging power. The ability to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices is what drew me to this product originally, and the performance does not disappoint. I enjoy fly fishing and this is going to be a great tool to take with me while I'm fishing. If I were to have to come up with a negative it would be that the unit is a little heavy. The straps provided are great, but they are also necessary. I'm thinking this unit weighs 1/2lb or more. Can't wait to put this baby to the test over time. (Posted on 9/27/13)
Very Good To Have Review by Michael
This power pack is good to have around in case you find yourself with out electricity or without access to a place to chargeyour devices. The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme packaging was simple but adequate...instructions were a little vague as far as explaining how this product works (ie. didn't see any information about how long the initial charge to the unit should be before using it?) but I got it. The cover is durable and I like the charge indicator lights and the carribiner. The carribiner comes with an attached strap and there is a velcro strap in the package as well. The strap that was on the carribiner came apart as soon as I hooked it to my belt loop, so the unit got it's first shock test(happy to say it passed). I ended up just using the velcro strap in place of the other and it's perfect, in fact I even put the compass on the velcro strap (I say scrap the cheap strap and just use the velcro strap). Over all I would give it a 5 even with that strap failure because I know that if I were somewhere that I needed a charge and couldn't find a place to plug into this product would take care of the need. I'm impressed with how much of a charge it holds I have charged my phone three times and my iPad once and it still has three lights showing on the indicator. Definitely a keeper... (Posted on 9/26/13)
Awesome Product out preforms all my expectations Review by ryan
This device is amazing it charged every device I had for zero to full and
still had half a charge. It recharged my galaxy s4, my PlayStation vita, 2
IPhones. I chucked the batter against the wall, took it in the shower with
me and left it in the freezer overnight and the battery still worked fine
and shows no signs of the extreme conditions I had put it through, it also
survived a 320mile round trip on the handle bars of my motorcycle keeping
my phone charge. I liked how the amperage was labeled on the door; The
Device feels extremely sturdy so well worth the price. I loved the
indicator lights for capacity.
The cons I have with the device is it is a bit big so it takes up a lot
of space in my pocket but is understandable for its capacity. I would have
been nice if it came with a strap for the mounting point or some sort of
clip, not a big deal though since it does have a mounting point.
This product is great at keeping my power hungry devices charged while I’m
am at college where it’s hard to find an outlet and even when one is found
you can only use it for short periods of time.
(Posted on 9/26/13)
The New Trent PowerPak Extreme Is Awesome Review by Samuel
Hide it from your family or it will disappear. My New Trent products have a tendency to disappear when my wife and kid see it not being used. This rugged, compact device will easily get you through a hurricane with power to spare. My sister, who lives in Florida just bought one to use as a backup for her electronic devices in case the power goes out. She absolutely loves it. It will recharge your device five or six times without a recharge.

Out of the box it only took about two hours before it was completely charged, but I left it on for about 10 to 12 hours just to get a good start.

The stylish gray and black unit is well designed to withstand the elements and it will fit nicely in a pocket or a purse. The contacts are protected by a snap open and shut cover that protects the unit from dirt and water when not in use. The inside of the cover actually inserts part of the cover into the area where the ports are located. This unit is clearly designed withstand the elements.

I haven't dropped it or thrown it across the room to torture test it but I'm pretty confident it would survive. Using the device could not be more simple. When charging, the 4 blue lights that are built into the front cover indicate the continuous state of the charging process until all 4 lights glow. When powering a device you simply connect it to the correct outlet and push the button on the side to start the power.

With two USB ports capable of handling both Apple products with a 5V2.1A rating and Android products with a 5V1A rating, this little power pack is all you need. Take it on trips or anywhere you have no backup power and it will make your stay as comfortable as possible. It doesn't come with any special cables for your devices so make sure you don't forget them. It does come with a USB cable that will allow you to charge it from your computer and then use it to power devices with a USB connector. Don't pass up an opportunity to get it right the first time. This is the device you want when compromising is not an option. I'm looking forward to more great products from New Trent. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Didn't think it could get better! Review by Jessi
I am so excited to I ordered the NT120R. I have the NT99D, and my husband and I fight over carrying it because we both need it all the time! He said he gets to keep the NT120R because it's rugged, and boy is he right! He was so excited when he got it he pulled on it and had so much fun flipping the lids closed! I love that the instructions were clear that the 2A was for a tablet, and therefore has more output because there was some confusion on that when we got the 99D, nothing we couldn't figure out, but it was nice that that info was included :) BUT, the 99D had a dedicated charging cable and the 120R doesn't have that (but, that isn't too much of an issue, since we have plenty of ways to charge it, we used the 10W-IMP90C) I love the delay when you first turn it on so you don't accidentally turn the device on and loose battery power. It does charge a little slower then the wall brick for the iPhone 5, but it's drop resistant!! One of the main reasons we
looked for this one was because it has more power then the 99D and because I dropped my 99D and it split in half. I was able to snap it right back together and it still works, but now the power button is a little loose. I am VERY impressed it still works, but since my husband is harder on items then I am he wanted something that was more rugged then mine! All and all this item is AMAZING and I recommend this to EVERYONE. I use my item almost every day, I use it in the car, at doctor's office, even at home so I don't have to be tied to an outlet! If I ever kill mine I will buy another one, I truly NEED these products!! (And since you can charge 2 items at a time several of my friends always rely on my having mine so they can charge off mine when I'm around too!!) (Posted on 9/24/13)
What a surprise... I expected good and got great! Review by Chuck
After receiving the PowerPak, I have to admit I was a little skeptical of
stated ruggedness of the product. However, I was pleasantly surprised at
the quality of this power pak. I used it right after receiving the power
pak on an all day kayaking trip. After charging my iPhone the power pak
was still fully charged (four lights). This is a must have for me, or any
one else who has a smart phone and loves to hike, canoe, kayak or camp. I
give it a solid 5, probably the best new product on the market. (Posted on 9/24/13)
Love my Powerpak Xtreme Review by Donny
Just recently purchased the New Trent Powerpak Xtreme and have put it to the test over the past few weeks. I work a job that keeps me away from a power outlet during most of my day and if you are like me, your smartphone battery doesn't always last all day on one charge. This is where the Powerpak Xtreme saves the day for me. It's rugged. The unit is made to take all the abuse you may put it through. This makes it ideal for use in harsh conditions. Its perfect for long hikes,camping, during layovers at airports, long flights, and last but not least power outages. I can charge mine and my wife's phones at the same time or I can charge my phone and ipad at the same time. New Trent's products are packaged well and the user manual is easy to follow. I compared this power pack to others on the market and this unit has more power, better user reviews, and most importantly a better price point. I have family and friends constantly asking me about this power pack and I encourage them to purchase one. (Posted on 9/22/13)
Excellent Product Review by David
I own several other New Trent chargers and this one is now my favorite. I travel on a regular basis for business and you can never find an open power plug at the airport. This unit allows me to keep it hooked to the outside of my backpack and is always ready to charge my phone, ipad or gps unit. I am able to charge each device several times before I need to recharge the unit. You will not find a better option on the market. (Posted on 9/20/13)
Tough as nails Review by Randy
This NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is aptly named. It is designed for rugged use and seems to be very sturdy. The external case is made with quality materials and even if you scuffed it up no doubt it will still work just fine. The charging ports are protected by a hinged door with rubber gaskets that cover the ports. I hope I don't have to test its "waterproofness" but if I were caught in the rain, I wouldn't be too concerned.

Pros - strong battery life, rugged case, weather and shock-proof.
Cons - Power button is hard to press, the ports are not well-marked.

Overall this charger is a very good value for the money and should hold up to lots of abuse. Perfect for campers, hikers, photographers, or just as an emergency backup in the glove box. (Posted on 9/19/13)
"gota-have" in my backpack at all times. Review by steve

Been using this power pack for about a month and I am extremely happy with it's performance. I have charged I Pads, Android tablets, and cell phones multiple times with a single charge on this device. Having a 1Amp, and a 2.1 Amp output port is another capability joined with it's overall 12,000 mAh capacity, that make this product a "gota-have" in my backpack at all times. All that said should be enough, but add to it the 'Water Proof, Dust Proof, and Shock Proof' case, makes this a Charge and forget, take anywhere power pack, and be rest assured you will be able to re-charge your devices.
Would like to see the ports labeled in a more readable color to enable seeing in low light..but once you use it a few times you figure it out. Lastly the shock proof case, in my opinion, could use a a little more rubber or non-slip areas to allow it to not slide on slick surfaces.
Great Product. (Posted on 9/19/13)
Buying more! Review by Sam
I have been looking at New Trent products for a while. This was the one I was looking for because of it rugged design. I received it promptly. I was delighted that they made it evident to register for the warranty. I was perplexed to where the on of switch was on the device, once I located it has saved me several times in the past few days. ALL PROS / NO CONS. Will be buying another for my wife and daughter in the future. (Posted on 9/17/13)
The ultimate backup device for unpredictable conditions. Review by Greg
PowerPak Xtreme is awesome. I went on a camping trip over the weekend and had no access to electricity. We took the Powerpak with us and charged 3 phones to full capacity over 3 days. When we returned, the battery pack still had 3 of 4 battery bars left. We also got to test out the water resistance when we were caught in a torrential downpour with the battery in the mesh pocket of my backpack. It kept going without a hitch. This thing is amazing. All of my friends want one (they were using a large car jumpstart type battery pack that weighed 20 pounds). The Xtreme served the same function as the large car charger but at a fraction of the weight and cost.
(Posted on 9/17/13)
DragonCon Tested Review by Galen
I'm going to just go ahead and say it. This thing is awesome. It powered all of my devices throughout DragonCon. My iPad and Samsung Galaxy Rush were both kept at full power for two days with just one recharge on this PowerPak. It's awesome. The only negative I found is that the display is a bit misleading at times, but if you keep track of how many times and how much you've charged your devices you'll be fine. All in all an epic product. (Posted on 9/17/13)
The Go-Anywhere High-Capacity USB Charger! Review by Mark
WOW. That was my first thought as I opened the box. The NT120R is definitely a rugged USB battery backup unit made to last some tough environments. Even though the product says it’s water proof I wouldn’t try dunking it in water, but I can say the case looks like it will survive most water/humidity situations and the door covering the USB I/O connections has an internal rubber seal which completely covers/seals the USB I/O connections. As for charging, the 12,000mAh battery gives plenty of juice to charge my iPhone 5, iPad, iPod Touch and ASUS MeMo HD7 without any problems. There is also a plastic loop on the top of the unit comes in very handy when securing the unit inside or outside a bag/backpack.

Buy this unit if you are looking for a high-capacity go-anywhere USB charger – you won’t find anything comparable. (Posted on 9/16/13)
Great Power Pack Review by Robert
The New Trent PowerPak Extreme NT120R is a must have for everyone with gadgets that have USB charging. It is very durable, compact, and light weight with rugged finish. It can charge two devices at once so it comes in handy for my tablet and phone charging. It comes with a belt hook with a working compass. The LED lights on the device are nice. The downsides are that it does not come with a pouch so storing the charging wire with the device is difficult as well it is a challenge to read the voltage/amperage indicators since they are the same color as the door.
(Posted on 9/16/13)
PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R an absolute must purchase! Review by Paul
The following remarks were derived from my recent testing of the following product:

1 of New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R 12000mAh Water Resistant/Dirt
Proof/Shock Proof Rugged Series 3.1A Dual USB Ports External Battery
Charger/ Portable

Let me begin by saying that I am not about to use graphs, or statistics because I've read those types of reviews already. My review is for the average user of today's technology, be it a smart phone or a tablet perhaps. Maybe you are like me, someone who doesn't have the latest phone and one who's battery doesn't last as long as it used to. Let me preface by saying that I have an A/C charger in my bedroom, living room and in my car. I'm covered, I thought to myself, so why has my phone gone dead every so often? I'm just not always in those places, all of the time. Well, my dead phone days are OVER!

New Trent ask me to demo this External Battery
Charger and give them feedback. I can't be happier with the results of just having it with me the past few days. I took the unit out of the box, and to my amazement, it was completely charged. The following day I had several errands to run and afterwards, go pick up my family to go to an outdoor theater. When we arrived at the theater, I noticed that my phone had less than half a charge, which in my case meant, if I checked the news or used the internet, ran an app for a few minutes (Particularly Zynga Poker)or snapped a few pictures, etc.... in no time my phone would start beeping and the battery would show red!

This is when I pulled out the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R and plugged my phone into the 1A slot meant for smart phones (the other slot/port is a 2A meant for tablets). The phone began to charge immediately. After about 20-30 minutes or so, I wanted to take a picture, I noticed that the battery had gained a segment on the charging screen (Wow, I thought to myself, that was quick). The show was fantastic and I must have taken about 60 pictures and a couple of videos(both with and without flash). I would not have been able to do this without the charger! Just to test this charger further, I left my phone charging on the New Trent charger after the theater, stopped at a food truck for tacos, and the phone was fully charged by the time I got home! This was better than my OEM A/C charger.

For the past few days, I've taken it with me and plugged in while at a restaurant, in a doctor's office, etc... It works so well, I just can't believe it. Now for the most amazing part. At the beginning of this review, I mentioned that the charger had arrived fully charged. Well, now after 5 days or more of using this charger, I've only used 50% of it's battery reserve! That's right, the unit has four blue lights when it is fully charged, I had used it three days before one light went out and today, the second light went out, leaving two still illuminated. I have never recharged the unit yet! This is a must product for anyone who doesn't want to be caught running out of juice on their phone or tablet. This charger is built really well, very strong,rugged, waterproof and shock proof!

Highly Recommended! 5 out 5 Stars for me! (Posted on 9/14/13)
Never Without Power Again Review by Cameron
The New Trent NT120R PowerPak Xtreme has revolutionized my travel needs. I'm usually pretty hard on reviews, but this rugged version has completely changed my outlook as to how I utilize my mobile devices. I've dropped it, kicked it, doused it in water and played catch with the dog in the back yard. Short of him burying it in an early grave, I found this device takes a beating and still provides the power to my selected devices. I burn up some power with the applications I use and the PowerPak Xtreme supplies a fast and dual charge to my iPad and iphone with ease. With the blue, illuminated, indicators subdued on the front panel, which was a pleasant surprise not marketed, you can easily see when you need to find a power source for a recharge, which I have to say, is few and far in between. Kudos to developing a device I can spill my soda on, drop on the ground as my bag is being torn through at airport security and a reliable source of power that I can no doubt rely upon when I'm running around and find that I'm without power and that my mobile device is at 3% charge. Thank you New Trent! (Posted on 9/13/13)
Awesome product Review by Kaitlin
I am extremely dangerous to all electronic devices. I have otterboxes on all of my stuff and so I knew this battery pack was the one for me - and boy was I right. I've dropped this thing a couple times already with no issues and while I haven't left it out in the rain (yet) I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be an issue if I did. As far as the charging goes it stands up to the best of them. The battery pack itself holds a really long charge, it's not like it needs to charge after each use.

Overall solid product, I'd recommend in a heartbeat. (Posted on 9/13/13)
This is a great charger! Review by Deb
Over the past year or so I have on many occasion run out of battery life on my iPhone. During hurricane Sandy, traveling, camping, conferences and back in May at Walt Disney World on my photography/blogging trip I found that my iPhone 4s battery was being depleted each day before I could get back to my resort to recharge it. I was using it ALOT testing new apps, taking pictures and texting. This is a common occurrence and Disney has provided charging stations in the parks but who really wants to take time out of your touring plans to charge your phone? When I got home, I vowed that I was going to get myself a portable charger. Not just for emergencies, conferences and traveling but for everyday outings. I text, take pictures and videos often and my phone is always with me. Thankfully I won't be worrying about my low batteries anymore.
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - (12000mAh) Rugged Series NT120R combined with the New Trent IMP90C, dual usb wall charger changed all that for me. I am able to charge two devices at the same time and on the go!
It is very easy to use! There are two outputs on the PowerPak Xtreme. One output is for Smartphones and one for Tablets. Both are clearly marked. I used both outputs at one point and it was fast. I used it to charge my iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet and my sons Asus Nexus 7 inch Tablet. It's charging his MP3 player right now. I charged my iPhone 4s FIVE times! All that on one charge of the PowerPak Xtreme NT120R and it still had plenty of power.
As soon as it arrived and after reading the directions which are clearly depicted on the box and manual I plugged the PowerPak Xtreme in to the IMP90C dual usb wall charger. Charging time is about 10 hours. The PowerPak Xtreme stores 12,000mAh, that's a lot of power for this compact ruggedly built device. Four blue lights will come once it is fully charged. You simply plug your devices in, press the on button and you are good to go. The only thing I thought might need improving was the on button. It's small and the same grey color as the exterior of the PowerPak Xtreme making it easy to overlook initially or in a dark setting. Maybe a little spot of color there would help. A small cosmetic fix and nothing to do with the superb performance of this device.
I love how rugged it is and that it's water proof, dust proof and shock proof. Perfect for a trip to the beach or the mountains. It's small and easily fits right in my purse or camera bag. When we went to the beach I was able to leave it inside my bag while charging my iPhone. No more searching for charging stations or conserving battery power for me.
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R will be in my bag wherever I go!
(Posted on 9/13/13)
Rugged and Convenient Review by Eric
This review is on the NT120R. A very nice, rugged, and compact portable USB battery charger.

The NT120R comes very nicely packed (see my added customer photos above) with the battery, a USB charging cable, and a couple of strap options. I prefer the carabiner myself, so convenient to be able to clip it somewhere. As soon as you unbox it you're going to want to top it off. It'll take about an hour to get it up to full charge. Using my trusty NT90C I hooked it up via the provided USB cable and plugged it in. First thing you notice is nice blue lights on the top telling you what your charge level is. I like that. Something about four lights vs. one telling me my level just makes me happy.

If you inspect the device you'll see that it's very well made. It is a plastic exterior that feels almost rubberized on the edges, but very sturdy. I'm not going to go throw this thing around just for a review, but I'll tell you that I'm confident it would survive a multitude of hits or drops. As for it being waterproof, I believe it. Granted, I didn't throw it in the bath tub for you guys, but it's sealed and the door exposing the ports has very well made seals as well. You can see that in my customer photos above as well. I wouldn't clip it to my scuba gear and go for a swim, but if I dropped it in water or it got rained on it would be just fine. Once you open the door to charge something it's no longer waterproof. I just want to say that, there's one in every crowd.

Like other external battery chargers there's a 2.1A and a 1A charging port on the device. Your high draw devices, like your iPads, go in the 2.1A port, phones in the other. It's very clearly marked on the case which port is at what amperage. As far as times to charge certain devices other reviews have gone into that detail for you. I can tell you I'm satisfied with the time to charge. Remember, it's an external battery, not a wall plug.

What do I use this for? I think that's an important thing to mention in a review. Everyone's need is different. The NT120R to me is a family portable battery. I have an NT135T+ for work, it stays in my backpack. The NT120R though is clipped to the baby bag and goes everywhere where with us. It charges the Galaxy Tab, the iPad, my iPhone, and my wife's Galaxy SIII while we are on the go as a family. It gets smacked around getting it in and out of the car, had juice spilled on it twice already, and was a football one day for the 2 yo (not on purpose). No issues. It took each challenge and survived just fine. After all, that's what it's built for! I just wanted to point this out as a different perspective for people. The NT120R doesn't have to be for the rugged camping, dirt bike, whatnot that people sometimes associate with rugged devices. It can be that family device that's carried everywhere, because lets face it, my 2yo and 3yo can rough something pretty damn good. If you're on the fence buy the NT120R. It's solid, does what's advertised, and will net let you down. (Posted on 9/11/13)
It does the job well Review by Nathanael
The New Trent Power pack xtreme is awesome.
The box is very detailed and nice.
In the box you get the power pack, a micro USB charging cable, instructions, and a carabiner.
The Power pack is awesome. The design is nice. You can tell that's waterproof. It has a nice hidden power switch. When you press it up to four blue lights come on indicating how much power it has. 4 means it is 75-100% charged. 3 means 50-75% charged. 2 means 25-50% charged. And one means 0-25% charged. When you open the covering you see 2 USB ports and a micro USB port in the middle. There is a USB port on the left side and right. The one on the left is 5 VOLTS 1 AMPS and the one on the right is 5 VOLT 2.1 AMPS. Between both of them there is a micro USB port in the middle for charging the battery.

The battery life is SOOO GOOD. I have only charged the battery once so far when I first got it and I have been charging my device a couple times and it still has 4 lights. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a decent charger. My only dislikes are the size i wish it was smaller. (Posted on 9/9/13)
Great product Review by John
I loved it! This product gave me everything I expected and way more. I used it to charge both my iphone and also my ipad. With this they both charged fully in less than an hour, when they were separate an hour and a half when i had both charging at once, which is much quicker than the basic wall charger. This also made the battery life on my devices last significantly longer. I was able to charge my phone and iPad at least 4 times before I would have to recharge the battery. Then, recharging the battery only took about 4 hours with the basic wall charger and it was ready to go again. I wanted to test the durability and the tough case by tossing it in the air multiple times and running it under water. After those rough trials, it looked and performed as if nothing happened. (Posted on 9/8/13)
Never be caught with a dead battery Review by Jon
Overall I love mobile charging devices as I use my iPhone consistently on a daily basis. I use it to stream music on my morning and afternoon commute, GPS while at work, and email/text/browse web at random intervals throughout the day. During my lunch break I use it to play games, and at night I use it as an actual phone.

The PowerPak Xtreme insures that I can use my phone as regularly as I do without worrying about a dead battery. It has a solid robust build which makes me comfortable in carrying it around if necessary. It does not weigh much for a battery pack and has 2 ports for simultaneous charging. It appears to be aimed at the "camper" who wishes to be plugged in, but personally I think it is ideal for the daily mobile user who is always plugged in.

- 2 ports for charging multiple devices
- Rugged build for carrying anywhere without worry
- Fast recharge time on the unit itself

- Price point may be a little high, for an external battery charger, but I do feel a product like this is essential for anyone who is always plugged in (Posted on 9/8/13)
Rugged & Powerful Review by Steve
First, I was very impressed with the delivery time of the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme. I placed my order with Amazon on August 27, 2013 and received it from Idealpoint less than 48 hours later. That is fast!!

Upon opening the box I was immediately impressed with the appearance of the PowerPak Xtreme. It looked rugged, had a very solid feel to it. The LED charge status indicator showed a full charge but based on passed experience I decided to charge it overnight even though the enclosed instruction manual made no mention of this need.

My first test was to find out if the PowerPak Xtreme was truly water resistant. I held the unit under a running faucet allowing the stream of water to flow over all six surfaces. It passed this test with flying colors. I still don't think I would test the claim for water resistance to a depth of 15'. The closure over the input and output terminals just didn't seem as secure as I would have liked to have seen. The closure seemed a little too easy to open and close for my liking. I wasn't getting much tactile feedback when closing it, would have preferred hearing or feeling a more positive closed feedback, but that said, I would be confident with it handling a sudden rain downpour as long as you had nothing connected to it at the time.

The second test was to determine if the unit was as rugged as it appeared on the surface to be. I dropped it twice from a 3' height onto a concrete floor. No visable or cosmetic damage could be found. I followed this with two drops from a 4' height with the same result, no visable damage although on the final drop the port closure did pop open but did not break. This answered the question of build quality vs appearances alone.

The next test was to see how efficiently it would charge my iPad 2. The iPad was discharged down to the 10% level. I connected the iPad to the PowerPak xTreme using the 5V/2.1A output port and it took precisely 3hrs 12min to completely recharge the iPad to 100% charge level. That is equivalent to charging with the wall charger. Outstanding performance!! I then plugged in my iPad 5 phone to the 5V/1A port which was only partially discharged and in less than an hour the iPhone 5 was fully recharged and the PowerPak Xtreme still had plenty of capacity left over and didn't require charging.

Power and ruggedness is a great combination!

Just a couple of comments on the accessories that came in the box with PowerPak Xtreme. First, it did not come with an AC charger. That isn't a big issue with me because the unit can be charged from any 5V USB source. New Trent does provide a good quality charging cord to be used however.

The PowerPak Xtreme also came with a velcro backed nylon strap that can be used to hang the unit in a back pack or anywhere else. The strap itself is about 6"long. You can use it or not depending on your situation. I would use it to keep the charging cable attached to the PowerPak Xtreme when travelling so as to not have to hunt it down.

The unit also came packaged with another short strap with a carabiner at one end and a split ring at the other end for attachment to the PowerPak Xtreme. Once again, it's there if you need it. Attached to this strap is a nickel sized compass. In all honesty I don't know quite why this was included. Most phones and tablets have built in compasses and surely if you are carrying a backup battery you would also have your phone or tablet. Yes this tiny compass does work. It settles on North but you must be very careful that it is 100% level or you won't get anything close to an accurate reading.

The only other factor I consider important in any product is "Does it have legs?" Does it provide high performance over an expected length of time without falling apart or failing in some other way. If I note any deficiencies in this area I will be sure to update this review.

Overall I was very impressed with the build quality and immense power of the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme and would give my wholehearted recommendation to anyone seeking this level of backup power. New Trent builds good stuff in my experience and this product seems to continue the tradition. (Posted on 9/6/13)
The NT 120R unit rates a 5, the documentation a 1... Review by Just Bob
First off, for the record... I LOVE the NT 120R!

I have to state also that the NT120R was one unit I fully charged prior to its initial use.

First issue I had with the IMP120R: the BOX for the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme states that the unit is waterproof. However the enclosed instruction sheet does not make any reference to that fact. It does state, quite emphatically, "Do not expose to water or humidity". A quite contradictory statement.

In addition, the box makes only ONE warning in a small font footnote, that the unit is not waterproof while charging. The BOX is the ONLY place any reference, or any modicum of instruction, is given relative to the water resistant capability of the unit.

This is not a very good thing, people usually just toss the box aside and look at the instruction sheet (if they even do that).

The instruction sheet included in the NT120R's box, does not instruct the user to make sure that the cover is closed securely when not in use. This could prove to be a major issue when people start having their units short out because they did not secure the port cover. I know my Nikon AW100 (waterproof camera) instructions go over the whole topic of waterproof requirements in DETAIL. Illustrations etc... This is key. New Trent needs to make sure that the user knows what they have to do in detail to make sure the unit functions as intended. Forewarned.. make sure the cover is CLOSED! The UNIT IS NOT WATER RESISTANT OR WATERPROOF in ANY capacity if the cover is open, or not closed completely!

As a direct result of the contradiction between the box and instruction sheet, combined with the lack of any supporting supporting documentation, I was a bit timid to place the unit in to a bowl of water. But, I did so anyway because it says I can on the box.

Now, to be honest, I would never intentionally submerge the unit in my normal use. However it may get exposed to rain. I may get pushed into a swimming pool or fall off a mega yacht.

Bottom line, a claim was made, I challenged it.

I must admit, I was MORE than a bit nervous to run this little experiment. Having a background in the computer industry, I know that any tap/pool/rain/toilet water can be fatal to an electronic device. Knowing this, I made sure that the charging port cover was completely closed before I actually dropped the fully charged unit in to a large bowl of tap water. I figured that if I fell in to a pool the unit may be submerged for up to 1 minute before I was able to get out of the pool; so I left the unit submerged for a full 2 minutes. Those 2 minutes seemed like an eternity. I removed the unit, dried it completely, making sure the port cover was totally dry prior to opening it. I plugged in my iPhone cable and powered up the unit. It worked. The waterproof claim was valid for my test parameters.

I decided to test the durability if the NT 120R.

I dropped the IMP120R down a flight of stairs. It survived. No visible damage. Worked as expected

I dropped it off a 6' high deck rail on to grass, Again it survived. No visible damage. Worked as expected

I dropped it 4' on to a concrete sidewalk. It Survived. I am saddened to say that there was some visible cosmetic damage. The point of impact suffered a minor scrape. Nothing major. Worked as expected

The IMP120R passed what I consider to be a representative array of the worst that should happen to a device when in normal use.

It was never my intent to test to the point of destruction. After all, I need to be able to still use the unit!

I often take my camera out in to the wild... I usually carry a large assortment of power hungry devices along with me. I was able to attach the IMP120R easily to my camera tripod, using the supplied lanyard and quick connect clip, to supply power to a borrowed remote triggering device that proved to have a faulty battery pack. Major plus!

I decided to test the charging capability of the IMP120R as I would use it in the event of a power outage. We no longer have a land line, so our cell phones are in use during the day and are usually charged at night. Just like the majority of users.

So I used the NT120R the unit to charge both my iPhone 5 and my iPad 3 simultaneously the past six nights. Both units were ~20-30% charged when initially attached. As I mentioned before, charging my devices at night is my normal operating process. I definitely miss not having the power remaining lights visible when the IMP120R is charging devices. There really is no indication that the unit is even turned on by looking at it when it is charging devices. I had to check the devices to make sure they were in deed charging to convince me the unit was working the first time I connected it. I was able to recharge both units 3 times on one charge of theNT120R.

I did NOT time how long it took to recharge the IMP120R due to the fact I usually charge my devices overnight, or my iPad during the day when I am at work. As long as they are charged when I get up, or return home, I am happy. I was happy.

To summarize: The IMP120R is a device that meets my possible real world conditions. It meets all my needs.

I recommend this unit to any one who wants the security of a portable charging device for their cell phone or tablet device. I also recommend this unit to photographers, campers, hikers, bikers.. basically ANYONE who may need to power any USB powered device. . this unit is awesome.

I will be buying a couple more of these devices to give as gifts.

As I stated earlier, I rate the actual NT 120R Unit a 5 out of 5. The documentation however I rate a 1 out of 5 as it is severely lacking in very vital details. I trust New Trent will correct that issue quickly.
(Posted on 9/6/13)
Made my life a little easier Review by Crystal
I really like the Powerpak Xtreme and the convenence of not needing a wall socket to charge my phone or kindle. I'm now able to use my electronic devises for prolonged use and don't have to worry about looking or finding charging stations when I travel or if I need one while in a meeting, or out camping. One of my personal peeves is when I see a bunch of phones charging up in meetings or during presentations. As a security it's a plus to be able to just leave my phone in my brief case/bag to charge. It's not fragile looking and it doesn't glow with a bright light which is awesome for outdoors. I charged it on a Monday and used it all week, I didn't have to charge it till Friday, overall I'm satisfied with this product and I'm looking forward to taking it on a backpacking/kayaking trip. (Posted on 9/6/13)
New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R, amazing battery Review by Giahn
I've spent some time with the PowerPak Xtreme, trying with multiple devices and carrying it with me in my messenger bag wherever I go. I took it with me camping, to work every day, and to events where I know I will be out all day and definitely run my phone down.
When camping, I used it to charge my phone multiple times and even used it on the drive back rather than charging it via the outlet in the car, just to see how many charges I can get out of it.
I've charged my Galaxy S3 several times, maybe about 3.5 times and still had 2/4 lights on the battery indicator left on the Powerpak Xtreme. I have charged both my phone and Nintendo 3DS XL with a 3DS USB cable I purchased on Amazon and I get full charge really quickly using it. I really don't think there's much of a difference in charge time compared to plugging into a wall outlet. I have yet to run this thing completely down to nothing. I feel like I've only charged it 3 times in the past month or so.
I like to keep my things in good condition, so I can't really speak realistically about impact resistance or water. It seems incredibly strong, I imagine the case holding the battery inside is strong enough to protect the battery against multiple drops. The grey area is a hard rubber that seems pretty durable, and the front and back are strong metal plates. The 1A, 2.1A and micro usb charge ports are covered by a plastic door, with a bit of the grey rubber that snaps shut.
If you use a lot of devices, have a smartphone that you use a lot, I would highly recommend this product. This is the second New Trent product I've used and I am extremely impressed by the amount of recharges I get on my phone or 3DS, PS Vita, Galaxy S3, and my friend's devices while we are out. It also came with a carabiner + strap and a compass, I guess for anyone who takes it out into the wild. This thing is coming with me on all my adventures. No longer do I have to worry about using GPS on my phone and draining the battery super fast. (Posted on 9/5/13)
PowerPak is great! Review by Hunter
This is a great product. The PowerPak does what it's supposed to, and it does it well. It holds enough power to charge my Galaxy s4 4-5 times, so it would last me about 4 days. The PowerPak not only looks rugged, but it feels rugged in the hand. My only concern is that the usb port door/flap does not lock down very tight so the device not be completely water proof as stated on the box. This is an awesome little device and i would recommend it to anyone that has a smartphone and is on the go. (Posted on 9/5/13)
A great power supply backup for your smartphone Review by Patrick
This portable power charger serves as an excellent backup with both tablets and smartphones. The design, as stated in the product description is in fact rugged and very durable. A hard plastic shell comprises the case and protects the charger from damage from falls. A flap that can be closed when the charger is not being used protects the two USB and one micro USB port. This allows the charger to be carried in a bag without fear of dirt getting into the USB ports.

The overall form factor of the charger is very convenient allowing for portability; it is about the size of a standard chalkboard eraser. The weight of the charger makes it feel solid but not too heavy adding negligible weight to any bag that it is being carried in. Regarding the appearance, it could be more colorful rather than a standard gray plastic. However, the utility of this charger outweighs any cons in the appearance. The power button to turn the charger on is located on the side of the charger and is sort of difficult to press down on and could potentially be improved. However, this is most likely due to the rugged plastic used in making the charger and does ensure the durability of the charger.

Charging time for the iPhone is very quick and only takes around a half hour to take the battery power of the phone from nearly empty to about 50%. The iPad charge time, is of course longer taking about an hour and a half for the battery to go from nearly empty to around 50%. However, it should be considered that devices can be used while charging so, charge time isn't that important considering you are not locked into a wall outlet while charging your device.

Charge time for the device itself is as advertised around 8 to 10 hours to take the power from one LED (the lowest amount of charge remaining) to a full charge (five LEDs). However, when using this device on a full charge you can expect that translate to six or more full charges of an iPhone or other smartphone. The LED display itself is basic and intuitive, with five lights total protected behind the plastic shell. With one light indicating 20% or less charge and five lights indicating 100% charge. While charging, the LED lights turn on and flash to indicate that the device is currently charging.

The charger itself, comes with a few accessories; a Velcro strap and carabiner with a compass attachment to allow the device to hang off a backpack. The compass and carabiner again highlight the fact that this device is ideal for use in outdoor settings. You also get a mini USB to USB attachment to allow you to charge the device on a computer or using a USB wall port. Note, that the device does not come with a two-pronged electric cord attachment to allow for charging directly into an electrical outlet. This is okay, because the device can be charged using a mini USB charger that comes in most smartphones except for Apple devices. For more convenience, New Trent makes a conveniently priced USB outlet adapter to allow for charging this device directly into a wall outlet.

Overall, this device is perfect for anyone going on outdoor adventures. Consider also, that this device could also be placed in your car and used as an emergency power backup in case you are stranded somewhere and your phone is dead. It serves as a nice little insurance policy to make sure you can still communicate with people in case of emergencies. I myself, have noticed that I don't worry as much about my iPhone's battery life now that I carry this with me in my car, as I know I always have a reliable power backup. I give this product a five star rating for its ease-of-use, portability, and reliability.
(Posted on 9/5/13)
Must Have Review by Daniel
I have owned three other brands of external battery chargers in the past 5 years and the Powerpak xtreme from New Trent is hands down the best one I have ever used. The charger arrived 75% charged which gave me four full charges to an iphone 5. No doubt I'll get six charges to my phone. This charger will be great for extended bike rides (some apps drain the phone battery quickly), camping trips, hiking, long car rides, and it allows me to juice up while not being chained to a power outlet as I relax at home. Over the weekend, I sat around a camp fire. The Powerpak kept my phone and bluetooth speaker charged and rocking all night long. Plus, I charged two of my friends phones who were low on juice. This battery charger is a real winner.
PROS: two USB ports to allow charging 2 devices at one time. It will give you about 6 full charges to an iphone 5 and it comes with a clip and a strap to easily attach to a backpack. Four LED lights advise how much juice is left before a recharge is needed and a micro-B USB charges the unit so the charging cord is easily replaceable since a "unique" or item specific cord isn't used. Dust and dirt won't ruin the USB ports as long as the door that conceals the USB ports remains closed. It appears rugged enough to withstand a fall from shoulder level. I don't want to test that or check for water resistance until it happens on accident:)
CONS: charger weighs about 2 pounds and it's only available is two tones, black and grey. The blue LED lights that indicate the strength of the battery appear crooked because the small windows that allow one to view the LED's are not laid evenly over them.

If you want to use you electronics like cell phones and tablets without being a slave a power outlet, this charger is the ticket.
(Posted on 9/4/13)
A Bomb-Proof Mobile Charging Device that Packs a Punch Review by BenButler
I've been using the NT120R for about a week and I've been able to put it through it's paces pretty well. Touting a waterproof rating up to 15 feet underwater, dust and dirt proof shell, and a ruggedized case this is the battery pack I've been waiting for. I spend a great deal of time outdoors camping, hunting, fishing, and working and so I need something I can throw in a pack and forget about it until I need it. The NT120R is just that device. It's light, compact, and rugged enough not to worry about when it's bouncing around in a pack or even the floor of your truck, plus it packs enough power to charge your phone or tablet enough to get you through a week's worth of work.

The device it came in a very well thought out box with a cool seemingly magnetic flap behind which are some of the specs on the device. It comes with a white micro-USB cord but no wall adapter; a nice carabiner with a lanyard containing a compass; and a velcro strap with which you can keep the micro-USB cord wrapped up. Some nice extras that you don't typically see with most devices.

The outside of the pack is very rugged plastic with a rubberized banding all around. The USB port compartment is accessible from a rubberized plastic flap that has a gasket on the back to prevent water fro seeping in when the device is not in use (the battery pack is not waterproof when you are charging your device(s). There are two USB charging ports which are labeled on the outside of the flap as 5V1A and 5V2.1A respectively. Charging two devices at one time works flawlessly and does not seem to slow down the charge time of either device however, it does drain the battery rather quickly (as you would expect).

When I first received the NT120R the first thing I did was test the waterproofing. I placed the device in a bowl of water (with the USB compartment flap closed of course) where it could be submerged in water. The device sunk to the bottom of the bowl where I let it sit for a few minutes. After removing it from the water and drying the outside off I opened the USB compartment flap and there was some water in there but no water reached the USB ports (which is due to the design of the gasket and something that I expected). I then plugged my iPhone into the battery pack and it charged it up with no problems. This thing is awesome!!

As I mentioned above, I'v only had this device for about a week but in that time I used it to charge my iPhone and iPad every time they needed to be charged. I charge y iPhone every day and my iPad about every other day and with that charging scheme The fully charged NT120R lasted for 3 iPhone charges and 2 iPad charges. This is actually better performance than I expected to get out of this device.

In the end I am very impressed with this battery pack. It performs as well as they say in the description; if not better. Congratulations to NewTrent on another stellar product! If you have not heard of this company check out their website for other great products - www.newtrent.com
(Posted on 9/4/13)
A recharging dynamo! Review by Michael
The NT120R PowerPak Extreme arrived with about 50% charge. It took a little less than 2 hours to bring the device to full power. The LED lights are very convenient for keeping track of the charge in the PowerPak. The exterior case is rugged and substantial, the cover over the USB ports and the micro-USB port fits snuggly, and opens easily. Once the PowerPak was fully charged, I connected both my iPad Mini and Blackberry Q10 to charge simultaneously.
The iPad charged from 50% to 100% in 2 hours and 10 minutes. The Blackberry Q10 charged from approximately 60% to fully charged in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
After charging both devices the PowerPak still showed all 4 LED lights, indicating the remaining charge. I went on to charge the Bluetooth keyboard on my Airbender Keyboard Case for the iPad Mini, and the PowerPak still shows all 4 LED indicator lights. I am rapidly running out of devices to charge, and the PowerPak is like a little rectangular Energizer Bunny. I am now charging my wife's iPad, once that is charged up, I am out of challenges for this little dynamo.
Unlike the other backup battery chargers I have used, the PowerPak remains cool to the touch while it is charging, as well as while it is recharging my devices; which gives me great confidence in the quality and dependability of the device.
I am taking my family on a road trip for Labor Day weekend, and can't wait to see how long the PowerPak Xtreme can keep my portable wireless gizmo charged up while we drive.
(Posted on 9/3/13)
Great for GoPro TimeLapse!! Review by Jesse
There are many other reviews that cover the charging times for various devices and what to expect on that front, so I’ve decided that this review will go in a different direction. My usage purposes are a little different than most. While I plan on using this to charge my phones, tablets, and other such devices, my main purpose is to power my GoPro Hero3 and other cameras for timelapse photography and video recording when I’m out on the go.

I’m a photo/film buff and LOVE timelapse. The problem is, however, that most good timelapse shots are outdoors in places where you may not have access to AC power and they usually cover many hours of recording. Unfortunately, GoPro’s are not known for their battery life.

With this PowerPak Xtreme, however, you will get hours and hours of recording time. For my first leg of testing I was able to record timelapse and other random video for the better part of two days and only used a little under 50% of the PowerPak. (This is off and on recording.)

For the second leg of testing, I ran a full timelapse test to see how long it would run the Hero3. I set the camera to take 7 megapixel photos every 10 seconds; suction cupped it to my bedroom window; plugged it into the PowerPak; and went to bed.

It ran for 16 hours and 28 minutes! Not bad, considering how demanding the GoPro is. You can see my video for the outcome of this test below.

As for the quality of the product, it is top notch. Solid, rugged construction; water resistant (it can be submerged up to 15 feet, according to the manual, but you don’t want to charge anything with it submerged); and shockproof. You can probably throw this thing off a building and it would survive, though I would not recommend testing this yourself! ;)

It’s not too heavy, but it’s not lightweight either. With 12 amp hours of juice (it uses a larger lithium ion battery), you have plenty of charging capacity for most of your portable USB devices. It comes with two USB ports; one provides 1 amp and the other provides 2.1 amps, so you can charge your more power hungry devices from the higher output port. I use the 2.1A port for the GoPro, since it needs plenty of power to film and charge at the same time.

I don’t have anything negative to say about the PowerPak. I was expecting there to be something that I did not like, but so far New Trent has thought about everything.

Here is a YouTube link to the timelapse test video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBvLUqUZpX4 (Posted on 9/3/13)
Great rugged backup battery Review by Jeff
The NT120R is a very powerful and rugged battery pack providing 12000 mah of extra power for your devices. Included in the box are a PowerPak Xtreme battery pack, Charging cable, Carbine-er with compass, strap, Quick start guide. The device itself has a power button for turning on/off the charging, 3 USB ports (1 to charge and 2 to provice power), and 4 LEDs to show the charge capacity of the device.

Waterproofing/Rugged build:
The reason this device did well is the rubber cover over the 3 usb ports. Under the cover, which clips solidly in place, you will find 3 rubber inserts that when closed will fill all 3 ports to keep the water out.

I tested the device for a week and it was as rugged as advertised, I had it in water, dirt, mud, as well as dropping it for testing. It provided non-stop power despite the abuse, providing days worth of charging. So far it has taken everything I could literally throw at it. After having a rugged battery like this I can't imagine going back to a simple unit, especially the waterproofing, never worry in the rain while hiking! I would highly recommend this for heavy outdoor usage or other rugged usage!

Real-life power:
See video review for more measurements, voltages and current delivery. I tested this battery for several days, topping off the NT120R battery, Nexus 7 and Samsung GSIII to 100% and then did nothing but charge from the battery for that time period. During this time I used the devices as normal, I usually get about 24 hours battery life out of both devices.

GSIII days/times charged:
Day 1: 70%-100%
Day 2: 54%-100%
Day 3: 45%-100%
Day 4: 54%-73% (no more power in NT120R)

Nexus 7 days/times charged:
Day 2: 15%-100%
Day 2: 90%-100%
Day 3: 61%-100%

Given this scenario I was able to get 4 days worth of use out of the combination, both devices were <5% charged by the end of the 4th day. In a camping or backpacking situation where you could turn off wifi/data/etc to save battery you would easily be able to get a week out of the device (I will be testing in this situation and will update). This is very impressive in a long term real life test!

Available charge:
I then I recharged the battery in the NT120R, the total time to charge from completely dead was 10.75 hours, I charged this with an NT90C charger.

In more extensive testing I recorded ~9900 mah out of the battery to charge my devices. I was also able to test and while it sometimes varied with device that I charged, the device was able to provide the rated current on each port per accepted variances.

Device compatibility:
I tried charging many devices with this battery, iOS, Android phones and tablets, GoPro camera, Canon mini camera, everything worked that I tried. This is a very versatile battery for use with all of your devices.

I would highly recommend this device. While I have been using this device for charging I can't imagine not having an extra powerpak like this. I had tried a non-rugged pack before, but I like the extra piece of mind it provides knowing it is waterproof and can take quite a beating and still provide power when required. Again, I think every tech guy/gal needs one of these devices! (Posted on 8/31/13)
Great battery for the outdoorsy type! Review by Logan
This battery is great! It's fun knowing that if I happen to drop it, the battery will be fine. The thing has two USB ports for charging and can be charged with a mini USB cable. There is a battery indicator on it so you know how much juice is left in it before it needs charging. If you need a battery I would highly consider this one! I would actually give this product 4.5 stars, but the system won't allow for half stars when reviewing a product. (Posted on 8/30/13)
Awesome gadget with long life (: Review by Samantha
This is such a fantastic on-the-go tool to power your gadgets! I carry it with me everywhere and never have to worry about my phone dying on me. The only thing that bothers me is how bulky it is. With how long it provides power, though, I'll gladly sacrifice as much purse/laptop case space. I'm very impressed overall and am sure this will last for years. I'm using it as we speak, and brag about it whenever people ask what my phone is hooked up to in my purse(my phone battery is terrible so I'll walk around with it hooked up).

Definitely recommend this! (Posted on 8/29/13)
Great Travel Companion Review by Jeffrey
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is definitely rugged and large capacity. It's not the battery pack that I would put in my bag for every day use but it's definitely the battery pack to take when you are going to be traveling.

When I first got it, I reviewed the instructions (something I often skip) and found they didn't really clearly state how to use the battery pack (e.g., it doesn't note that you should hit the power button when you want to charge or see how much charge is in the battery). Nonetheless, with a little playing around (and I mean little) you can figure it out in no time.

The PowerPak is heavy and bulky but that's ok considering it is a considerable back-up battery. It was able to fully charge my iPad (retina display) and iPhone 4 simultaneously (a nice perk). But you need to plan ahead if you want to charge this battery b/c it takes several hours to recharge. While I was able to recharge the battery pack via my computer's USB port and iPad wall charger/adapter I could not get it to charge via the iPhone's wall charger/adapter (not sure why but I could live with this).

Overall, I think the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is a great travel companion because of the large capacity but it's not an every day back-up battery pack (unless you don't mind carrying a brick around). (Posted on 8/28/13)
Amazing Product Review by Calvin
I love this product so much. It is extremely useful, especially if you use your mobile device a lot away from home. It's sturdy but not too heavy, it can fit in my pocket and charge my phone even when I'm just walking. My life was improved the moment I got this. I would definitely recommend buying it. (Posted on 8/28/13)
extreme power & Toughness for on the go. Review by John
The power pack upon opening you can tell by looks it is designed for
ruggedness outdoors type. I charged the battery before first use. I was
able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S 4 almost 4 times from below 20 percent
on my phone before the NT120r was low. The amount of power and using the
2.1 amp charge port makes it quick to charge the phone. The blue LED lights
on the front shows you how much charge is left and are bright enough to see
from a distance.
I have charged more than my galaxy s4. iPad 2 and even my wife's iPhone 5
at the same time. Just recently my wife and I left for an event at our
local church and had our DSLR camera but needed to be charged. I had my New
Trent charger in my laptop bag and was able to charge the camera fully
during service and ready to go afterward.
I am extremely impressed with the quality. The charging ports have a cover
that has rubber guards that protect the ports from dirt and dust. The cover
will fold back and out of the way. The grips on the side of the unit are
not as gripping as I thought they would be. They are more of a hard plastic
than rubber or silicone.
This holiday weekend I will be four wheeling and camping. I will for sure
have the NT120r with me. I will keep my camera and cell phone charged the
whole weekend and my friends too with this power pack and don't have to
worry if it gets dusty or dropped.
(Posted on 8/28/13)
The perfect rugged dual USB device charger for outdoors Review by Hayeseed
The New Trent NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is a rugged, fairly compact, and robust USB charging pack that easily charges two devices simultaneously and holds up to the elements valiantly. If you are a person that does a good amount of outdoor activity (either in the military, hiking, in the mountains, near the lake or beach, etc.), then this is definitely the external battery charger to pick.

After moving to a new house with a pool this summer, we thought it would be good to get an external power pack to charge our digital devices while we were sitting poolside. We needed something that was at least somewhat water resistant and would charge two devices at a time. The New Trent NT120R PowerPak Xtreme was the right solution to the problem—and a whole lot more.

As an avid New Trent user (I love their products-solid and reliable and great customer service) I was happy to see, that just like every other product I’ve gotten from them, the packaging was well thought out and worked well to protect the PowerPak Extreme in transit. No chance of having any shipping mishaps with the packaging.

The case itself looks and feels very solid with an “all weather, I can take on anything” type of look and feel. On the face, it is approximately the same size as an iPhone-but about 3 ½ times as thick. For the amount of juice you get in this battery, I’d say it is actually smaller than I expected. The muted grey and black colors are perfect for anyone that needs it to stay understated and not attract attention. If you are an outdoors person, it even comes with a carabineer and a compass! I’m pretty sure it was meant to be used “in the field”. Performance-wise, it shines in this area too. After using it, I am sure that any hiker or military person on deployment in the field will find this thing mandatory equipment.

After unboxing, I immediately put the NT120R to charge up so that I could start using it as soon as possible—only to find out that New Trent already had it at ¾ capacity from the factory. Nice!

With your own “USB-to-whatever your device is” cable, the Powerpak Extreme works easily and quickly. You plug in your device and the battery starts charging only after you push a little power button on the side to initialize it. If you unplug your device it stops, if your device is completely charged, it stops. It charged my iPhone from an initial charge of 30% to a full 100% in about 45 minutes. It then charged my iPad from 0% to full and my iPhone an additional 2 times before I had to recharge the battery pack. This thing holds some juice! From those numbers, I’m assuming a full charge on my iPhone (from 0% to Full) in a little over an hour. Can’t beat it!

When you have no device connected for charging, you can also look to see how much charge you have left on the PowerPack Extreme by simply depressing the power button on the side again. Blue LEDs will light up across the front for a few seconds to let you know approximately how much battery life remains in the charger (from 1 to 4—each representing about 25% in capacity).

When charging, the Battery Pak has a nice feature with little blue flashing LEDs that subtely light up on the front to show you how much charge it has (from 1 for almost empty—to 4 which is completely charged).

So, one of the main reasons I got the Extreme Battery Pak was for the waterproof feature. I only needed something water resistant, but since it says it is waterproof on the package, I figured, I would go for it and test it!

(**Note before you do this—make sure all external cables are unplugged and the USB cover door is closed shut so it “snaps” closed. If not, you’re going to be sadly disappointed and fry the PowerPak Extreme).

I basically tossed the PowerPak Extreme into the pool and was happy to see that it floated on the surface. The next step was to grab it and take it underwater. I grabbed it and swam to the bottom of the deep end of my pool (about 8 ½--9 feet) and came back out expecting to be extremely disappointed at my stupidity for doing it, but it survived. I dried the outside off and plugged my iPad in and charged it up with no problems at all.

**I’ve also managed to drop the PowerPak Extreme a couple of times (from about 3 feet up) and have had no ill effects from it. It still works perfectly.

The New Trent NT120R PowerPak Xtreme worked without a hitch, held up to the elements that we dealt it and held a great amount of charge, good for multiple uses before needing to be replenished itself. If you are looking for a rugged, high performing external battery pack that can take everything you can dish out, then choose this one with no hesitation. I highly recommend it—I use it every day.
(Posted on 8/28/13)
Great battery pack for general and outdoor use! Review by Aaron
The What
- The PowerPak Xtreme is New Trent's answer to the growing number of
outdoors-men who love their electronics. As the other New Trent
products that I own are already durable I couldn't resist the
opportunity to see what the PowerPak Xtreme was about.

The Good
- 12000 mAh battery - New Trent didn't sacrifice here and managed to get
almost the same capacity as the New Trent NT135T Powerpak+ without a
significant size increase. While testing via completely draining my
phone's battery I found it's capacity as advertised. My main phone is a
Galaxy S4 with Zerolemon's 7500mAh extended battery and it was able to
get fully charged once and then charged about 50% on a single charging
of the PowerPak Xtreme.

- Dual USB Chargers - 1 at 2A and 1 at 1A. Both of these port have
performed well and have charged a number of devices quickly. Most
smartphones charge off a 1A current, this one has seen various models of
Android and iPhones, all of which charged at the expected speed (about
equivalent to wall chargers). The 2A port is perfect for most tablets
and a handful of Android phones that use a higher current for faster
charging. My wife's iPad and my Galaxy S4 were the main testers on this
port and both were able go from empty to full in about the same time as
the normal wall charger.

- Rugged - I must admit that I can't see "Xtreme" without thinking about
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, however this PowerPak earns the
title. The extra bulk that it does have is devoted towards making it
impact resist and more than covers the bumps, drops and shocks that
equipment would go through during heavy outdoor activity. Combined with
the water resistant case I don't have any reservations about taking the
PowerPak Xtreme on any expedition. I think that my beloved Otter case
might give out before this battery. The PowerPak Xtreme has a spot to
attach a Velcro loop and carabiner (both included), so it can easily be
clipped to your gear or tent poles.

The Bad
- The included straps felt a bit clunky and took a bit of playing with
before I had them connected as I think New Trent intended. Part of this
was from the smaller strap with the mini-compass; this felt like it was
added as an afterthought and isn't intended to be part of the basic
connection. After I realized that and looked at it as an extra
everything went together much better.

- The instruction sheet has an amusing copy/paste error from earlier
models. The box proudly proclaims that the PowerPak Xtreme is
waterproof, however the caution sheet inside tells you to keep it away
from any moisture.

- The USB port labels are on the outside of the flip open door. It would
have been much more convenient to have the labels be directly under or
over the ports.

In Summary
Buy it. If you're active and outdoors, or simply are looking for a
battery pack that can clip to your gear this one is for you. The few
cons (listed above) I had when getting used to this device were all
minor nitpicks, nothing serious or long term. Since any battery pack
over 10000mAh is likely to be a bit too large to comfortably fit in your
pocket the ability to clip this one to a belt loop or backpack is
awesome by itself. It's rugged enough to stand up to anything
reasonable and quite a bit of unreasonable punishment. I wouldn't run
over it with my car, but I must admit that I think it might actually
survive that. (Posted on 8/28/13)
Best Portable Power Review by ANDREW
This is the best portable charger i have owned
It charges my phone , ipad, and gopro
If you don't have it get it (Posted on 8/27/13)
Awesome Portable Battery PowerPak Review by Samantha
The PowerPak Extreme from New Trent is a very powerful portable battery! So let me tell you why! This would be the perfect thing to bring with you if you were camping or just going on vacation, but like me you don't have to do those things in order to monopolies on this product! Now I'm not going to get all technical on the wattage power, because mostly I don't understand it, but I will tell you that the battery itself take about 8hrs to fully charge,but one you've done that your good to go for about 5 or 6 days, depending on how much you use it (and lets just say Iv'e used it quite a bit!) It took only about an hour to fully charge my iPad Mini and the battery life did last ALOT longer(probably a full day and then most of the night also). I also used it to charge an iPad 2 and again it charged up really quickly and gave me about a half a day longer battery life, which is awesome by the way! I also used it on my LG cell phone and let me tell you my cell is ALWAYS dying quickly, but with this PowerPak it actually stayed alive for a FULL day (and that's saying something if you knew about my phone!) And well I wasn't stranded somewhere in the rain, but I did put it on my table that's outside, after it had just poured out, and there was no problems, so definitely water resistant, oh and dropped it a few times also(on accident!)but no harm came to it! One other thing that I also love is that you can fit this right in your purse or bag so I never have to worry about anything going dead! So all in all this is a 5 Star Product for me! Definitely worth it! (Posted on 8/27/13)
Super Tough and Super Charged! Review by Noah
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R is the toughest portable battery pack out there. It is a very well made and cohesive product. The charge capacity of this pack is ridiculously awesome!! It charges my iPhone 5 at least four full charges. Plus, its charging speed is remarkable! The outputs and input are well protected by the flip-out cover, so I will never need to worry about those getting damaged. It is wonderful that there are two different outputs to charge two devices at the same time. One output is 5 volts 1 amp and the other is 5 volts 2.1 amps. The PowerPak Xtreme does weigh quite a bit, but that doesn't bother me. It comes with a USB to Mini USB cable to charge the battery, but that is the only cable you get. This product does not come with any adapters or cables for charging devices that do not use Mini USB. (Posted on 8/25/13)
excellent portable power solution Review by Robert
- The rugged case is less-bulky than expected. Typically "ruggedized" items add a significant amount of bulk, and while this unit is slightly beefier than the NT120C, it's not excessively large, and that was a pleasant surprise.

- The button and indicator lights, while not obvious at first glance, are well-placed and clear.

- The door hatch seems to close solidly and make a good seal, although I question how the closure snap will wear over time. It seems like the kind of thing that could wear down and allow the door to flop open after an extended number of open/close cycles.

- I like the included strap and carabiner. I don't see myself wearing a battery pack attached to me very often, but I can see how a hiker or outdoor enthusiast could make good use of that capability. I'd be more likely to use the carabiner to hang the unit from a nail on construction, just to keep it safe and out of harm's way. I really wouldn't want to drop-test the unit unnecessarily.

- The compass was relatively accurate. At first I thought it was off based on my sense of the local geography at my office, but I compared it to another compass that I trust and it was pretty accurate. I guess my brain was the faulty part!

- Of course, as the main purpose of the unit, the NT120R charges devices as expected. The power button is a little small, and I had to check the screen of the device I was charging to make sure that I had pressed it correctly, but everything worked well. Capacity and charge times were accurate for the devices I was using. A 12000mAh battery is a lot of juice, so it had no trouble topping off several devices, more than once on a single charge.

- I did not perform any drop testing, but toting around on a construction site, the device got bumped around and still worked as expected.

- The Amazon listing shows it to be water-resistant, while the packaging says that the unit is waterproof. I was very surprised that the back of the box said that the unit is in fact submersible. I'm a little skeptical that the rubber gasket attached to the door would completely keep water out of the USB ports. I did not throw the unit in to the pool to test it, but I'm confident that it'll certainly keep out rain, drink spills, and other random moisture. I'll have to take New Trent's word for it that I can take it swimming.

- Overall it's a really tough little product that works well and should provide an excellent portable power solution for those who work or play in any kind of harsh environment. This is a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 8/24/13)
This is a GREAT product to have for emergencies! Review by Phile A.
My new Powerpak Xtreme charger has a good solid feel to it and it has a rugged construction that gives me confidence to take it outdoors. I like the rubber seals protecting the USB ports – should keep dirt and water from damaging the ports. Having dual USB ports allowed me to simultaneously charge my personal & work iPhones. The best part was that I still had over half a charge left on the Powerpak after fully charging both iPhones. Some potential opportunities for improvement... offer “outdoor” colors (e.g. orange, camouflage, tan, green, etc.). (Posted on 8/23/13)
Most popular guy at the airport! Review by Robert
If you travel often you know how hard it is to find available outlets for charging. Enter the PowerPak Xtreme. Not only was I able to charge my devices, and those around me, at the airport but I was able to do the same while in flight. Three people logged in and bought on the spot. Great product indeed! (Posted on 8/23/13)
Perfect for time away from power source! Review by William
This external battery pack is great. I love riding a motorcycle when I get the chance, but as it has no DC plug on it, I can't charge my phone while out. This makes me generally leave my phone off to make sure it will have a charge if I need it.
To test this battery pack out for the first time, I decided to make sure it was fully charged, and then use nothing but the pack to charge my phone for as long as possible.
I took my phone (Verizon Galaxy Nexus, 1800mah battery) off of wall based power first thing Sunday morning. I fully charged my phone off of the battery pack once Sun, and twice a day for each of Mon, Tues, and Wed, and got the phone from 3% up to about 58% Thursday morning.
My usage is pretty rough. I drive a minimum of 2.5 hours a weekday, and have my phone playing audiobooks over bluetooth that entire time. Sunday I drove 3.5 hours. One of the charges each day was partially during my drive and therefore the battery was not only charging my phone, but also helping it keep running during the drive.
At night I tend to play android games while watching TV, which also does some fairly major drain.

In the end I got 7.5 Full charges, plus some extra draw while driving, all on one charge of the battery pack. This would last me a full weekend of camping/riding or other activities where I have no access to power without a problem. It comes with a cable to connect it to a charger or to a device it will charge. My only note would be that I almost let my phone die once, because I didn't know you have to push the power button on the side of the pack while a device is plugged in to start it charging.

I would suggest this product to anyone looking to keep their phone and/or tablet powered up while hiking/camping etc. (Posted on 8/23/13)
AWESOME Review by Mike
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is a little larger than your standard external battery, but it is conveniently shaped and is light enough where you won't notice it is tucked in your backpack/purse, but for the charge that you get...it is worth it! I had taken this with me to work for a few days and charged my phone both days and then one day I traveled to the city and was able to charge my iPhone 5 and my iPad without a problem and all on the same charge! What is really enjoyable is the durability of the Powerpak, where I live we have thunderstorms that happen from time to time that last maybe 10-20 minutes at a time and there is always heavy rain. I'm usually outside in the park so I have my phone and iPad plugged in to charge, in the past though I would of have to have put my phone away in my bag and stop using it but with my waterproof case combined with the water resistant PowerPak I can enjoy sitting in the rain playing Angry Birds while my phone charges! I also really like how fast it charges my iPad, normally with the iPad pack-in charger I am charging it for a long time and I have to be plugged into a wall outlet, but with this I can be out and about and my iPad charges so fast I don't mind watching videos (if you have an iPad you know how much watching a video can eat at a battery) when I'm on the train or the bus because the PowerPak will keep it charged the entire time while I am out! Now when I go I just carry the PowerPak (also very convenient that my girlfriend never charges her phone and it always is on the verge of dying when we are out so the fact that this can charge two things at once is a bonus!) and some cables and I'm good to go! Also, don't be afraid to drop it, I dropped it twice already (concrete and a tile floor), and it still looks brand new like I just opened it from the box! I feel very confident and secure that next time there is a power outage or something similar like Hurricane Sandy, I will be the one everyone goes to when they need something charged! (Posted on 8/23/13)
NT120R Power Pack Review by Jason

I have owned this product now for a little over a week. So far it has been incredibly useful. I have had other portable charging packs in the past and they have not had the charging power that this one does. I love the fact that its water proof and shock proof. Having 2 small children, things get dropped and knocked off counters quite often. This has stood up to that. It is a tad bulky and heavy, but other than that, I love it. Keep up the good work!!!

Currently using the HTC One S T-Mobile (Posted on 8/23/13)
Review for New Trent PowerPak Xtreme - NT120R Review by Edward
When you first open the New Trent Power pack, this is what you will receive:

Inside the package:
1. The 12,000 mAh Battery.
2. Micro USB cord to plug into a wall charger or computer.
A compass and clip with Velcro to attach to the top outside of the battery.

The first two pieces of the package I expected to receive. What I did not expect to receive was the third piece. It was a nice surprise to receive something that was unexpected. Which was a mini compass that you can attach to a Velcro clip and then clip it to the battery pack unit. This is a nice added bonus for those that may need to have that option when they are carrying it out doors for easy access or charging on the go.

When I first took hold of the New Trent PowerPak I instantly noticed that the battery pack does have some weight to it, which was to be expected, based on its battery storage capabilities. It is very sturdy and well built. A great piece of equipment for anyone to have, especially for an outdoors type of person. It is great if you are in need of having some extra juice to keep your important electronics gear powered up when you are out and about and their batteries are getting low. You can obviously use it in for your everyday needs as many have a tendency to drop things, or even when they happen to manage to spill water onto their equipment.

The battery has four LED lights which I find very useful. Since you can easily tell when you are nearing the 75%, 50%, or 25% mark. This gives you a good indication as to how soon you may need to recharge your PowerPak. It does take awhile to charge, but that is expected with the amount of backup battery power it offers in return.

I have personally used this PowerPak all day when I had to be out and about for about 12+ hours and had no concerns of being without power for my smartphone, and yet it had ample backup power if I still needed it. I do at times charge two devices at once. I charge my iPhone and iPad simultaneously when needed, and both generally do have a fairly quick recharge time. I have used a different dual usb backup battery pack previously, and it was unable to handle charging my iPad even when I was just using one of the two usb ports.

The only negative thing I can say about this product (minor issue really) is, that the power button that you need to press to initiate the battery pack to start charging your devices is fairly small. At times you believe you put enough pressure on the power button, but then realize that you may not have put enough pressure to start the charging process, so you either have to look to see if the LED lights are on, or you need to check to see if the battery charging icon is displayed on your device.

The PowerPak works as advertised and wont leave you in the dark when you are in need of it the most. I would highly recommend The New Trent PowerPak to anyone that is interested, and more so for the people who are outdoors often, or have a tendency to drop and/or spill things on their equipment as it can take the punishment.
(Posted on 8/23/13)
Work ready Review by Derek
I have been impressed with this charger from the start. The
NT120R New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12,000 mah Rugged Series is perfect for my
line of work. I work in the industrial field, so this rugged charger is
right up my ally. It's size is relevant to the impact resistance of the
device just like having a shock resistant phone case (a must for myself).
The small compass is a handy feature while working in new places or trying
to identify a specific location on a new job site. Having the luxury of not
having to worry about getting the charger wet while getting caught out in
the rain is a big plus. The LED's being built into/underneath the case is a
crafty feature that can be hard to see in the brighter sunlit areas. But
that is not an issue since it takes forever to drain. Who doesn't enjoy the
fact you can get up and walk away from a wall or vehicle without worrying
or your battery dying? The clasp that is included with the NT120R is a
handy tool since I am able to clip it right to my lunch box. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Love this charger, August 22, 2013 Review by Tommie
This is a great "little" charger. Light weight, easy to carry around. As soon as I received my charger, I plugged it in and got it fully charged so I could start testing it. There are four lights to indicate the amount of charge left. I had just over half available and in just 3 hours, it was fully charged. I then started charging with it. My iPhone was at 3% ... in just under 3 hours it was fully charged. My iPad was at 65% and in 90 minutes it was fully charged. After charging my iPhone and iPad three times and my husband's Evo, I still had about 25% battery life. This should be great to carry around when using "toys" away from the house, and I'm expecting it will be really handy while traveling. I have never been disappointed with a NewTrent product. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Power Plant Review by Dana
This is a game changer for me. I can't believe how much power is stored in this thing.

I recently took it to the lake where it was subjected to blazing sun and water for over eight hours. I used it to charge my Droid DNA and a Bluetooth speaker while streaming music all day long. Even after all day my phone was fully charged and the unit had half its capacity remaining. I've only charged it twice since I've owned it.

I also used it to charge my e-cig accessories. I've used this battery to charge my e-cig batteries for over a week exclusively with no signs of drainage. The specs on my e-cig batteries range from 650mah to 850 with an output voltage around 3.4 volts and they require at least 1.5 amps to charge. This is easily handled by the PowerPak.

Construction is tough. The plastic case is not cheap at all. I dropped it down concrete stairs and it didn't even scratch it. My only complaint is the USB outputs feel loose on that they don't hold my USB cords very well. They can and have come unplugged while charging my toys while in my bag of gear. I feel this is a problem with my specific unit and not an actual design flaw.

Overall I am very pleased. If you are all about the outdoors where electricity is never available like me then this is your solution. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Power Pak - A quality Product Rugged Product!! Review by GIJoe!
The Power Pak Extreme is a rugged and durable charging station that will
either meet or exceed your charging requirements. Having tested the
IMP120D, this Power Pak takes it one step further, and you will be
impressed by its capabilities. I wish I would have purchased the Power Pak
before purchasing the IMP120D. Although the IMP120D did meet my needs, I
ended up giving it to my wife as its better suited for an office setting or
a professional that is often working off site. I considered the IMP120D
fragile and the encasing on this device was not as durable as the Power Pak.

The Power Pak on the other hand is ready to be put to the test and is meant
for the active individual, outdoor sportsman, or Military/LE professional.
Its encased in a tough rubberized plastic shell which should be able to
withstand a small drop or fall. Working for a LE Agency, I commonly throw
it in my war bag amongst my other gear. I don't have to worry about the
Power Pak being damaged or broken. The design appears to be consistent with
other military products where it can withstand shock, water damage, and
dirt. Having said that you do have to be careful when the USB ports are
plugged in as the connections will be exposed and could potentially damage
the ports if exposed to water. The included Carabiner with compass is a
nice addition when out for a long hike or out on normal duty if you needed
to attach it to a bag. A slightly bigger opening would be helpful and make
it easier to attach.

The power button is easy to locate but can be a little hard to press due to
it's size. A slightly bigger button would possibly help. Once pressed it
displays a set of four bright lights (visible in the day/night) which alert
to the current charge of the device. Should you forget to turn off the
device, there is no need to worry, as the device automatically shuts itself
off when not in use. What's really nice is how much of a charge this
device can hold. It charged my mini Ipad and Iphone with ease and fairly
quickly for an external device. Compared to a wall plug in, I thought the
Power Pak charged it just as quickly if not quicker. If you forget what
port you should use, there is no need to worry as it's imprinted on the
hinged cover. There is no need to worry with it being rubbed off or not
visible. What would make it better would be embossing it so the
letters/numbers are raised, thus making it a little more visible in low
light conditions.

Overall, the Power Pak is a great value when you consider other similar
products in the market. Many other products don't have the durability and
capabilities of the Power Pak and come at a higher premium. If your looking
for a device that can be put to the test while leading an active lifestyle,
this is it!! (Posted on 8/22/13)
Great Item! I love it! Review by Daniel
This charger is a beast, no doubt about it. 12,000mAh contained in a
waterproof, shockproof, and dirt proof brick. Included in the box is the
charging unit NT120R, a 2' white usb to micro-usb charging cable, a user
manual, a NewTrent carabiner/compass, and a velcro strap.

Holding this unit feels great. It fits well in the hand and sits flat and
sturdy. Though comfortable in the hand, it is not as comfortable in the
pocket because of the stiffness and size required to make it shockproof.
This device also packs a bit of weight, 289g (~10.2oz) which is not bad at
all considering its weather proofing and huge capacity. The port cover
seems very well designed. It has a secure hinge and clicks satisfyingly
into place when you close it, allowing you to be sure that it is in fact
sealed. This device advertises a charging time of approximately 10 hours,
however I have found that mine charges to full between 9 and 9.5 hours.

After attaching the velcro strap and the carabiner to the unit, I am able
to attach it to almost anything. I have secured it in my car, on my
backpack, to a branch outside, and even to my bicycle to keep my phone
charged during long rides when GPS was necessary.

I think it is pretty clear that I do really like this product, but it is
not perfect. I have not yet figured out a way to turn it off manually, and
the instruction manual was no help in the slightest. The device seems to
turn itself off when it is not in use which can be convenient, but being
the control freak I am, a way to be sure that the device is off without
having to plug something in would be nice.

Another problem I have found is with the usb port cover. On the outside of
the cover, there is an etching that tells the user which port is the 1amp
port and which port is the 2.1amp port. After opening the cover however,
there are no indicators differentiating the two ports, which made me close
and reopen the cover to make sure. I feel that this is an easily fixable
problem with an etching under the lid, but after a day or two of use I got
used to it.

I can be a very nit-picky person when it comes to aesthetics, and I think
that this device looks great. There is however an issue that bothered me,
but did not seem to bother anyone else that I showed it to. When I hold
the device face-up (indicator lights and port cover facing me, etchings
upright and readable), and open the cover, my usb cords do not fit in the
ports face-up (usb symbol on the cord showing on top), but instead have to
be flipped upside-down (usb symbol on the cord facing down, out of sight).
This probably does not matter for most people, but I feel that the usb
ports should be inverted.

Despite those minute issues I have encountered, I really do love this
device. I feel that it would be perfect for anyone from the hectic student,
to the hardcore backpacker. With its rugged water, dirt, and shockproof
exterior, huge battery capability, and ability to quickly charge two things
at once, this is a battery I will always keep nearby. I would definitely
recommend this product.

Warning! There is one thing I do not understand. When I bought this
product online, it was advertised to be water "resistant". When I received
the box, the box said it was water "proof". When I read the back of the
user manual, it said under Safety & Maintenance "Do not expose battery pack
to water or humidity". It looks and feels waterproof, but I am not sure
what to believe.

Overall Rating - 4/5

Appearance - 5/5
Convenience - 5/5
Usability - 4/5
Instruction manual - 2/5 (Posted on 8/22/13)
Great portable battery Review by Linda
The powerpak xtreme is disaster- proof. It has two different am USB ports that can charge a tablet as well as a smart phone at the same time and still have plenty of juice left over for another round of charging or two (depending on which devices one charges). The powerpak has a 12,000 mAh capacity battery, which is plenty to spare when taking it on vacation. The large capacity of the battery pack does add some weight to the powerpak. The powerpak has amazing build quality. It seems like the powerpak can be taken just about anywhere and it would come out still working and in decent condition. The LED battery indicator (blue) is useful for checking how much charge is left in the portable battery, although it may need to be pressed more than once for a response. The powerpak charges fairly quickly for a portable battery, but keep in mind that when charging a tablet an a phone, one must use the correct USB port as one has 1A and the other has 2.1A. It does come with a micro USB to USB cable to charge the device, but a wall adapter is not included. One must supply his/her own USB cables for charging with the powerpak, which is the case with most portable battery packs. This is a massive upgrade from my 5200 mAh battery pack, which charged my phone up to two times, while the 12,000 mAh powerpak boosts charging of about 5- 6 times full charges for my phone. The powerpak is a definite necessity for traveling on trips with limited access to electricity to charge devices. The included carabiner is a plus as it allows one to attach the powerpak to the exterior of a bag for easy access to it when needed. This battery pack is great for camping, hiking, and many other activities. I would recommend the powerpak to those looking for a elements- proof portable battery pack with a large capacity but still small enough that it is travel- friendly.
(Posted on 8/21/13)
Beyond Awesome! Review by javier
This product is really useful when you on the go and you need an emergency back up!!! i recommend everyone buying this !!! (Posted on 8/21/13)
Finally, an external charger that can actually be used. Review by themdg
First impressions: My initial thought when opening the NT120R was "Woo...nice!" To be honest, I expected something that I might get from DealExtreme or Meritline, but was woefully wrong. This item is like science fiction art. Clean lines, smooth mold edges, and a solid feel (doesn't bend when I squeeze it) gives credibility to this item.

General Use: This is such a life saver. I have a smart phone, my son has a smart phone and my wife has a tablet. We're always fighting over the chargers, especially on the road. This solved so many of those problems. We tried charging devices using both USB ports on the NT120R and everything charged fine.

Size: This is a rad brick. It holds a LOT of charge and because of that, it's quite large. Not overly large...pleasantly large. I can still carry it around in my man-bag with ease.

Capacity: This is not an emergency charger. Those are designed to bring you from 5% to 15% until you can find an outlet... this is a full-fledged outlet in your pocket. We were brainstorming uses for this and came up with so many. The most important to my family was "To use at Disneyland." We like to look up historical ride and park info, submit line-wait times, play games while in line or gps map our walk around Disneyland parks on the 1 or 2 times per year that we go there. However, this requires so much more battery power than our phones can store. The NT120R will solve that problem for us. We could easily keep the batteries charged using the NT120R while in line, or while we walked. No more worrying about losing fun GPS data, or not being able to look up what the Matterhorn used to look like before they book the sky-ride out!

Powering/Charging of phones/ipod/tablet: Very impressive. I was able to charge 2 different android phones and a nexus tablet to full capacity with this unit. This is not a comment regarding the capacity of the unit, but the ability to charge phones fully. I have a few other external battery devices (solar, or usb charge) and the best they can do it get my battery to about 80%. Plugging my devices into the NT120R seemed just as good as plugging them into the wall. Excellent! Finally, this is an external / remote battery source I can count on. I used this unit to charge my devices for about a week until it finally ran out of battery.

Wish List: I have three suggestions as to the physical design
1) Add a phone stand/easel.
I found myself using this in two fairly distinct situations. First, when I wanted my phone to simply charge while I was away from home/car. In this case the phone was in my backpack or bag plugged in and charging. I was not otherwise interacting with the phone. Second, when I wanted to use my phone while it was charging, but couldn't plug it in to the wall. For example, I'm watching a movie with my wife on my phone, and it's low on battery. In this case, I often found myself setting the NT120R down, and leaning my phone against it. The phone would slide down and I'd either hold it, or fetch a prop to hold it up. Many times I wished the NT120R had a built-in stand for a phone to lean against. I picture something similar to the door that opens to reveal the charging ports... but on the top or bottom side of the unit (as if it was laying down like a book.) Something you flip up, and that acts as an easel for my phone. If you're interested, let me know and I could draw a sketch of what I mean, and email it to you. This is a feature I'd really use, but only in the "nice to have" category.

2) Connection indicator. While charging the NT120R, the 4 LED lights work great to show that the unit is charging. However, while plugging it into a phone/tablet/ipod to charge, it would be nice to know it was indeed charging...or at least if it was connected. I'd plug my ipod into the NT120R and it would begin charging, but would soon stop for some reason. The only way to know this is to look at my ipod and notice it wasn't charging. Same with my phone... The phone would stop charging, and the NT120R would turn off. It would be really nice to look at the NT120R and see that an LED has gone out, indicating that no charging is taking place. Still only a "nice to have" as you get to know how your devices charge. When you plug them in, you know what's happening, and don't really need to see the light etc.

Summary: If you're not looking for a tiny hide-in-your-shirt-pocket charger, this is the one. It's well made, charges like a boss, and can be drop kicked across the road with no adverse affects. Get it.
(Posted on 8/21/13)
Great product with a few flaws Review by John
Starting with the packaging, the door that opens on the front of the
packaging should have a plastic window that consumers can see the product
through. When I opened the door to see it, I was disappointed when I was
met with just with just a large blank space on the box. Moving to the
actual product, it feels sturdy, and I hear no moving pieces when I shake
the device, however, the plastic construction of the device makes it feel
VERY cheap and like a toy. A few touches of metal on the exterior of the
device would go a long way in making this device seem sturdier and worth
$80. The LED lights on this device are very nice. There are 4 of them so
you can more accurately determine the level of charge left, and they only
turn on for a few seconds when you begin charging and then they turn off.
The button that begins the charging is very difficult to press, and
sometimes I press it, I think that it's charging, and then an hour later I
find out I didn't press it hard enough. It's also very small and if it's
dark, or it's not facing you, it's difficult to find. That is probably
the number one problem I have with the device. Today, I would give the
device a 4 out of 5. It works as intended, and gives you a good 4 to 5
charges with a galaxy S4, but it has a few flaws, like the all plastic
design and the small, difficult power button, to overlook. Fix those 2
problems and this product would be an almost ideal charger. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Excellent Battery Review by Jim
This is the perfect companion for a phone with a Lifeproof or Otterbox case. It's rugged, durable and begs to be taken into rough environments. And the strap, compass and carabiner are a nice touch that server to enhance the battery's overall purpose. Even though I typically don't find myself in extreme environments, I still appreciate the durability of the PowerPak Xtreme. I have used other batteries in the past and I always feel I have to be a little careful with them as they tend to be encased in thin plastic or have exposed connectors. But I feel totally comfortable tossing this into my backpack or luggage and not worrying about it. In addition it's nice to not have to worry about the occasionally spilled beverage as well.
On top of being shock, dirt, and waterproof it's also just plain fun. In fact, I find myself using this battery to charge my phone even when I'm near an outlet, just because it's fun and easy to carry with me. It's rubberized case design reminds me of something you might see in Halo - making it even more fun! So far everyone who has noticed it setting on my desk at work was intrigued just by the design alone. Then when I tell them what it does and that I can get 6 charges out of it they are even more amazed.

There are lots of choices for batteries on the market, but NewTrent did a great job of setting this one apart with its large capacity and durable design. Not to mention its great price. (Posted on 8/21/13)
The PowerPak is full of Power for your devices. Review by Bethany
The New Trent PowerPak really comes in handy when you need that charge and you don't have an outlet. There is a lot of charge on the battery pack and the two USB ports lets you charge more than one device at a time.
The first time I used this, we were on vacation and couldn't check into our condo yet. So, as we sat on the beach, I charged my phone.
I like how you can push the side button to see how much charge your Pak actually has.
It is rugged and I am not afraid for my daughters to use it.
The only con that I have found is that the device's on/off switch is not very user friendly. It is just a button on the side. After checking with the company though, they said it goes off on its own.
I would recommend this to a friend. :) (Posted on 8/20/13)
Good Battery...No Charger Review by Gene
I have been using the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme for a few days and am impressed with it's rugged construction and available power. I have used it to charge my iPad twice, my phone twice, and a small portable speaker once, and the battery indicates only 1/2 discharged! I like the cover over the ports, and the included carabiner. This would be particularly useful for someone on a camping/backpacking trip who might not have access to electrical charging. It should hold up well to the dust and grime encountered on such a trip.

There are a couple of negatives though. First, New Trent does not include a charger or a charging cable with this product, the intent being to plug the battery into an available USB port, (with your own cable), on your computer! I have two problems with this. The $70 price for this battery is not cheap, and one would expect a charger and cable for that price. Also, most USB ports on computers only supply about 1 watt of power, and I think it will take quite a long time to recharge the powerpak at that rate. The second negative concerns the two USB ports on the battery. One is rated at 2.1A and the other is only 1A. They are marked on the dust cover, but are difficult to see in poor light. I would prefer to have two 2.1A ports, as the higher amp ports will charge most Apple products, as well as most any cell phone I can think of, but the 1A port will not charge an iPad.

Overall, I would give the NT120R PowerPak Xtreme 4/5 stars

Pros: rugged, powerful
Cons: expensive, no charger (Posted on 8/20/13)
Rugged and Reliable Review by Alex
This really is a great product -- even straight out of the box, I was
able to fully charge my Droid Razr Maxx HD and still have enough power
remaining in the PowerPak to fully charge my wife's iPhone 5. I didn't use
the PowerPak again for a couple of days after that, but was able to get half
a charge to both the Razr Maxx HD and the iPhone 5 while charging them
simultaneously before I finally had to plug in the PowerPak to re-charge it
again. The device is completely rugged and will withstand drops very well
(tested by dropping onto the floor at work from a height of about 3 or 4 feet).

One thing to note is that I found if I didn't use the OEM cable that came
with my Razr Maxx HD, I had to unplug and re-plug my phone 2 or 3 times
before it would recognize the device and start charging. I also found that, at
least with the iPhone 5, I had to hit the power button on the side of the
PowerPak before charging would begin. The instructions included with the
device do not indicate that it's necessary to hit the power button on the
PowerPak to begin the charging process. It would have been nice to have
some better instructions for use come along with the PowerPak or at least be
available on the New Trent web site. (New Trent has said that the next set of instructions distributing for this product will be improves, provide more explanations, etc.)

It was also very confusing about the "Waterproof" factor of the PowerPak.
The box it comes in states that the PowerPak is Waterproof to a depth of
15 feet (however, while most devices with a Waterproof rating tell you how
deep and for how long, the packaging doesn't tell you how long the PowerPak
can be submerged for). Additionally, there are conflicting statements
about the product's Waterproof-ness. The booklet inside the box says "Do not
expose battery pack to water or humidity" and the New Trent web site says
the product is "Splash Proof", but is not "Waterproof". I did not actually
test whether or not the product is in fact Waterproof or not, but this is
something that needs to be clarified and needs to be consistent across all of
the product documentation. (New Trent has said that this info will be clarified in the next release of the product documentation) (Posted on 8/18/13)
This thing rules! Review by Rick
The NT120R PowerPak Xtreme is such a great tool, I never have to worry about finding a power outlet to charge my iPhone 5 or iPad. The battery life on this PowerPak is HUGE! It is clearly made to withstand a beating, the design is very sturdy. The pack itself is nice looking and the two different outputs are clearly labeled (1 amp and 2.1 amps respectively). It is really nice to be able to just charge this battery pack overnight once a week and know that once it is full it will fully charge my phone for normal use all week long! I really like that the PowerPak shuts itself off when the device is fully charged, instead of wasting power and overcharging the device. Where it really comes in handy, is for keeping the battery life on my iPhone 5 up when I'm using it as a Wi-Fi hotspot. My iPad is not 3g/4g enabled, it only uses Wi-Fi. I frequently use my iPhone 5 as a Wi-Fi hotspot so I can do any of my internet related tasks on the go with a larger screen. This depletes my iPhone's battery very quickly, so it is great to have the PowerPak to get me back up to 100% so I can still make calls, etc... All in all, I have NO complaints about the PowerPak Xtreme, great job!! (Posted on 8/17/13)
Fantastic product! Review by Emily
This is a great product, and does a fantastic job. I've used it to charge an iPhone, a Galaxy S3, and a Nexus 7, and it performed beautifully. The battery lasts a very long time (it fully charged the iPhone and Nexus 7 both from nearly dead batteries, and then it had enough power left to charge the S3 about half way!). It actually charges my electronics just as fast as a wall charger. Even faster than a car charger! It also charges itself very quickly when plugged into a wall outlet. Very sturdy and easy to use. I highly recommend this. It's worth every penny! (Posted on 8/16/13)
Excellent Product Review by William
After opening the box of the power pack extreme I noticed that it reminded me of my military days in the Army,
it looked and felt like some of the equipment I used to use ( heavy, strong and tough ).

My wife and I like to camp and hike so we planned to take it hiking. We went to a state park that has many hiking trails with lots oh hills and rough terrain.
As we hiked I would throw the Xtreme ahead of me for about 15 to 20 feet, I did this about 20 times.
At times I would give it a good kick, at one point when I threw it it bounced off a tree root sticking out of the ground and
in the air about 2 feet,
I thought I heard what sounded like plastic breaking but upon inspection I couldn't find any visible damage.

I climbed a rock with a 10 foot drop and let it slide off the edge, it hit the ground pretty hard, again no damage.
We came across a lake so I decided to drop the Xtreme in and sat around for about 10 min.
after I pulled it out of the water and wiped it off I plugged my phone into it and I was surprised that it started to charge.

I noticed that there was almost no damage to the outside cover, some scrapes on the edge and slight scratches on the covers that can barley be seen.

I did everything but drive my car over it, which I considered but I knew it wasn't designed for that.
(maybe I should have but I'm sure it would of fared well).

As for charging I depleted the battery on my iPad mini and plugged it in, it took about 3 hours to charge and still had 4 lights.

Without a recharge I charged my Samsung phone 3 times and my wife's iPhone once and still had 2 lights.

I like to take pictures of landscapes odd looking trees and rock formations, my wife will take pictures and text them to her
sister who lives 3,000 miles away so we use a lot of battery power so it's a must we have a good power back up.

Over all I thought the door to the ports would break first but it didn't receive any damage.
I thought the on button was a little hard to push at first but it relaxed after a few days and was good protection for the button.

The extreme in my opinion is not for the every day person because of the weight but best for the campers, hikers,skiers,rock climbers, motorcyclists, it would be great for
military use and just about anyone with an active lifestyle.

I don't know if it received internal damage without taking it apart but it still works fine.

I would definitely recommend this if you want an external battery to last under rough conditions
(Posted on 8/16/13)
Great to take on trips! Review by James
Very rugged and allowed me to charge several of my devices. Once I charged 2 of them, I then plugged in another one. The only down fall is it took a long time to charge the PowerPak, almost 7 hours from no charge to full charge. Definitely love this to take camping and on other trips when I do not have power sources near by. (Posted on 8/16/13)
Another New Trent hit! Review by Brenden
As the owner of a New Trent NT120, I've come to appreciate the quality and attention to detail that this company brings to its products. The New Trent Powerpak Extreme continues with those virtues and takes them in a little different direction. Similar in charging power to the NT120, the Extreme is physically different and focused on a different user or use. While the NT120 is very well built and is wel-suited for travel use, you probably wouldn't want to expose it to wet conditions or use in dirty environments. On the other hand, the Extreme is encased in a protective material that should fend off most drops without damage to the battery or the appearance of the device. The charging ports are covered by a flap that adds a high level of water proofing to the Extreme. The protective features remind me of the Lifeproof case that I use on my iPhone. As for charging performance, it works quickly when charging an ipad and an iphone at the same time, with plenty of power left for more charging. Overall, a great product that will start accompanying me on outdoor activities. (Posted on 8/16/13)
iPhone protection? How about battery protection! Review by Caleb
The NT120R is one of New Trent’s greatest additions to its portable battery line. The case itself is heavy duty and can be used as a brick if needed. This will definitely appeal to those who travel a lot in the outdoors and don’t want to risk being stranded without an external power source.

When the portable charger died, it cut the recharge time down by 2 hours when it was plugged into a 10W USB charger (8 hours from 10). In regards to charging time, the iPhone 5 gets charged pretty quickly. In regards to the cover, I feel it is way too easy to open. It does not look like it would really keep water out (although I do understand it’s not meant to be submerged in water). I like how there are rubber pieces to protect the USB/charging ports but you need to be careful of the cover itself.

The idea is there. To create a product for those who are outdoors. This product will be utilized heavily for people who love camping, hunting, etc. The battery pack is highly protected from drops and shocks. This is an excellent product. Great job New Trent.
(Posted on 8/15/13)
Perfect Gadget to Keep With You! Review by Kim
This is a fantastic item! I love that I can charge 2 devices at the same time..and rather quickly! It is especially perfect for the car, when my 2 kids are watching their iPods! I don't have to worry about the charging cables reaching from the power source to the back seat... or for the kids to pull the cables out by accident. It's extremely sturdy, and wonderfully water proof. I will definitely keep the PowerPak Xtreme with me all the time! (Posted on 8/15/13)
Very Impressed Review by Ross
I had my doubts on the powerpak, what with it's size and feel. But after a week and half of testing I am quite impressed! The other day my iPhone and iPad were both at 50% so I plugged both in. After about 15 minutes the phone was fully charged! The iPad took a while longer but after the iPad was charged I still had half a battery on the power pack. I am really impressed with its durability as well, I have dropped it on concrete, submerged it in water, and have used it in dusty environments. And it still looks great and works even better! (Posted on 8/14/13)
Rugged, high capacity charger! Review by Glenn
For some time I've used an iDual NT5200 Dual USB Port External Battery to keep my phone and tablet charged while on the go during the day. While I've found the NT5200 to be tremendously useful during the work week, as an avid hiker and backpacker I wanted a heavier duty external charger that could take the kind of abuse that occurs when you're outdoors. The New Trent NT120R PowerPak Xtreme nicely fits the bill as it's advertised to be water proof, dirt proof, and shock proof. The NT 120R charger is encased in a relatively durable plastic case where the dual usb ports are completely covered by a hinged door that seals very tightly. The ports are labeled on the outside of the hinged door, i.e. 5V1A (for lower amperage devices) and 5V2.1A (for higher amperage devices like tablets). There's a small power button on the side that is also completely covered. Note: the button is difficult to push; it might be easier if the button was a little larger.

The charger comes with a micro usb charging cable, a simple user guide, a strap, and a carabiner with a compass. While it doesn't come with a wall plug, you can use any usb wall plug like the type that comes with your other devices. I purchased separately the New Trent NT90C dual usb wall charger that has 1 port designed to charge phones and iPods and a higher amperage port that allows you to quickly charge tablets. It doesn't come with any usb cables but you can use the ones that come with your various devices.

I recently demonstrated the importance of true water resistance on a backpack when I slipped and fell during a river crossing and dunked my point and shoot camera that was encased in a supposedly water resistant case. The case leaked and my camera was ruined. I don't know how waterproof the PowerPak Xtreme is overall but I did try to simulate a dunk in a river by dropping the charger into a tub of water for a few minutes. After I wiped the charger off, I opened the hinged port cover, plugged in my phone, and charged away just fine. It should handle rain, spillage, and dirt on it just fine. As far as durability goes, the case looks pretty hardy although it might hold up even better if it had rubberized bumpers.

I've had the charger for a short time so I've only taken it on day hikes thus far but I believe that the high capacity 12,000mAh PowerPak Xtreme will provide plenty of power for a weeklong backpack or other outing. In daily use I've charged my iPhone every day for a week and had power to spare by the end of the week. I've also been able to simultaneously charge my iPhone and iPad for 3 consecutive days before needing to recharge the PowerPak Xtreme. All in all, this is a great product for extended outdoor use where you are exposed to the elements. (Posted on 8/13/13)
Rugged construction, high capacity, great functionality Review by Grace
The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme is a very easy to use, ruggedly constructed, and high capacity external battery charger.

1. Very well constructed with good quality plastic. Once in your hands, you can tell it is well insulated against drops.
2. Easy to use. Simply plug in your USB devices into either or both the 5V1A or 5V2.1A slots to charge. This is a very nice feature because you can charge two things at one time while you sleep, and then once your devices are full the charger will then be charged as well - eliminating the need for extra USB charging adapters if you are short on outlets. It is also charged via a USB cord so that you don't need to waste an outlet space just for the charger unlike similar charges that plug directly into an outlet.
3. Truly high capacity - It charged my iPad 4 from 10% to 100% and phone from 50% to 100% before it needed to be recharged. In normal usage, I probably wouldn't need this much capacity but it is nice to have just in case I forget to charge my iPad or iPhone before school and I can't take notes. Also, you won't need to recharge it as often
4. Nice power button and blue lights that tell you how much charge is left.
5. Charges two things at one time. Have an iPad, Kindle, and Iphone? You don't have to choose between them .. charge both of them at the same time!

1. A bit on the heavy side for a school backpack but it is worth the extra durability and high capacity
2. Takes a long time to recharge back to 100% (couple hours). I charge it while I sleep.
3. Would be nice if there were white labels on the inside of the ports so I don't have to flip the flap to check which one it is. However, after some time you just remember that the right side is the 2.1A side when you flip the flap downward.

Comments: I didn't test the water resistant capability since I do not use it outdoors. It looks well sealed and the ports are sealed by rubber squares on closing the flap. I'd imagine it could withstand a drop in a puddle and be OK.

Overall: I highly recommend this external charger if you need a high capacity, durability, or have multiple mobile devices for those times you just forgot to charge your stuff at night and need it the next day. (Posted on 8/13/13)
Great product! dual USB is awesome Review by jennifer
The power pack xtreme is a fantastic
product for those looking for extra talk time on the phone without having
to search out a wall outlet. It is very sturdy with it's exterior box being
waterproof, dirt proof and shock proof. I don't even think a grain of sand
can get in this battery case it is so sturdy. My 4 year old dropped it and
no problems at all. I found it to be a bit heavy for everyday use, and it
is very bulky. It's not practical for a mom on the go but certainly great
for someone spending extended time outside.
I found the dual USB ports to be fantastic because I could charge my phone
and ipad while I spent the majority of my weekend at an outdoor festival .
It held a charge for 48 hours and was used to
charge both an iphone and ipad on and off. one of the best features is that
it only
took 24 hours to fully re-charge. It comes with a USB cord to recharge but
not the adapter, I would include a small adapter with the product. If you
don't have
the adapter you can plug the USB into the computer. Being a person that
travels and uses mobile devices a lot I found this to be a great sturdy
product and it allowed me extra talk/data usage time without having to go
find a wall outlet. I would certainly recommend the powerpak xtreme. I
would make it a little smaller if possible and a little lighter. (Posted on 8/12/13)
I love this product! Review by Jasmine
This product is absolutely great. It is small enough that I can carry it around in my purse so I can always be sure that I have power going to both my phone and my daughter's tablet at the same time. Now I never have to worry about running out of battery when using my phone as a hot spot to power the tablet. I also love the fact that it is durable, waterproof and can withstand the weather elements. It creates ease of mind in knowing that I don't have to be so careful about my toddler spilling something on it or damaging it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It comes in handy so much that my husband is considering getting one of his own. (Posted on 8/9/13)
I absolutely love it Review by Anita
I received the charger promptly. It was delivered in excellent condition. I needed to charge my cellphone battery as soon as I received the charger. My battery was on one percent. As soon be I plugged in the charger it promptly charged my cellphone battery to three percent. My other charger doesn't charge that fast. The charger that came with the phone does not charge that quickly. I love the rugged design. I can't say enough about the charger. I would definitely buy more. I would recommend this to my friends. (Posted on 8/9/13)
Everything you could want in a portable charger and more Review by Jason
This device is a 12000mAh portable charger that is built tough. The NewTrent PowerPak Xtreme is pretty much “everything proof”, and keeps a charge available for any of your devices, for a seemingly unending amount of time. While moderately large (about the size of a small remote control) it is not overbearing, and should easily fit into any bag you are traveling with. This charger has two USB ports to charge multiple devices at a time, and comes with some nifty accessories (a belt strap, carabineer, compass, etc). It also comes with a plug to charge a single device (To charge multiple devices you would have to provide the second USB plug yourself). I got to use this product camping a couple weeks ago, and it did not disappoint. Here’s the specifics.
The Good:
-The PowerPak Xtreme holds up. Camping out in the woods, this device was tossed between friends and constantly dropped without any issues arising. The little trapdoor on the plug slots closes and seals it shut.
-This portable charger has an absurd amount of power! It was able to charge my entire campsite (of 8 people) for the whole weekend. This is quite helpful when you need your phone to remain charged – whether it’s to play games or just to keep it in case of emergency.
-Two USB ports let you charge when you want without having to wait for someone else to finish charging their phone. There’s no hassle.
-The charger works like other’s that I have tried, automatically shutting off when you stop charging your device. This is quite convenient, allowing you to not worry about whether or not you shut it off and might be wasting your precious power.
The Bad:
-There is literally nothing bad I have to say about this device (yet). It hasn’t disappointed me in any way, and hopefully will remain that way.

Rating 5/5
Overall, the PowerPak Xtreme (NT120R) is an impressive portable charger that will last you a long time. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their devices charged on the go, without worrying about how much battery they have left. Again, I would especially recommend it for those who want to have a backup battery with them when they aren’t in the vicinity of any normal chargers. It will last a long time and keeps itself protected.

Improvement suggestions:
I honestly have no suggested improvements for this product. It was everything I wanted in a portable charger, and still managed to impress me in ways I didn’t expect.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Rugged and ready for keeping us charged and connected. Review by Krisi
We are a family who loves to be outdoors, we have an RV that we use regularly. When I saw this device (New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R) I knew it was meant to be - something more rugged where I wouldn't be afraid it would break if dropped while hiking or biking. We also own iCarrier IMP120D - which we love as well. This additional device for our battery backup is perfect for us when outdoors and on the road (as well as when we are at home). I love the bigger size (yes I realize things are getting smaller but for me knowing it has added "padding" to help protect it is very comforting). I do wish it wasn't as hard of plastic but more rubber like almost so it could bounce, but regardless it is very durable. I do love that everything seals up to prevent water and dirt from entering the plug area (when not charging something).

But more importantly how does it charge things? FABULOUSLY. It charged my iPhone 4S in about 90 minutes, and my husbands iPhone 5 in about 2 hours -- both from less than 10% battery. We have gotten 3 full charges so far off the first charge for our phones - with 3 out of 4 bars still available. We have also used the device for other USB items (speakers, fan, charging other devices with USB cords to charge).

With the charger we got the dual USB high speed wall charger - which works fabulously with the PowerPak Xtreme but also is an additional wall charger for our iPhone cord, Kindle cord, etc. I recommend getting both of them together for quick and easy way to charge the PowerPak as well as to use for charging other USB items while at home. (Posted on 8/9/13)
A wonderful charger that I will use over and over! Review by KitKat
The following is my review of the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme NT120R 12000mAh Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof Rugged Series 2A/1A Dual USB Ports Portable Back Up External Battery charger/Power Bank/Power Pack/iphone charger:
The PowerPak was enclosed securely using minimal packaging, something I appreciate. I was able to read the description on the package and understand its purpose and determine as to whether it would be useful for my needs. As a consumer, I should be able to know what is inside a package without having to open it, and the packaging of the PowerPak met my expectations.
The Powerpak is a hefty little unit that fit in my hand. I understand the weight is due to the study construction that protects the unit from damages such as dropping, accidental spillage, and so on. I did not think I would be carrying it around in my pocket, for instance, so the weight was no issue in how I would use the product.The simplistic instructional manual was also something I liked, and disliked. I do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get my devices up and running, as I am anxious to use them as soon as possible. A quick over-view at the pictures in the manual was all I needed to understand what the unit will look like when it is fully charged, what it looks like in full charge, as well as how to charge my devices. It also pictured all the devices that could be charged with the Powerpak.
One thing I did not like was that there was no explanation about how long it takes to fully charge the unit, nor how long devices can be charged before recharging of the unit is needed. Would two charges drain the unit? This was unclear. I plugged the PowerPak into the wall to charge and noticed three lights were lit, and a fourth light was blinking. I checked the unit after a few hours and observed all four lights were on solid. It was then that I figured out the Powerpak was fully charged.
I had to go out of town with my daughter for two days and decided this would give me an opportunity to see how well the Powerpak worked charging my cell phone. Normally, my phone will need to be charged nightly, as does my daughter's phone, so I also took my regular charger, just in case. My daughter's phone was the first to need a charge so I handed her the PowerPak and she plugged it into her phone, tucked both devices into her purse, and went on her way, while I stayed at the hotel. She returned an hour later with a fully charged phone, so I then plugged my phone into the PowerPak, as my phone was now in need of a charge. As with my daughter's experience charging her phone, my phone was fully charged in just over an hour, as well.
After the two charges, all four lights were still lit (although the fourth light was blinking) on the PowerPak when I pressed the `on' button, so I assumed it was still full and ready to charge. However, I do not know this for sure and would have liked to have seen more information about this in the manual. I wondered if I need to charge the unit again because I used it to charge two phones, and I wanted to charge my iPad next.
I plugged the Powerpak into my iPad and turned the unit on. All four lights went on, with the fourth light blinking. I referred back to the illustrations in the manual, and according to the picture, three lights on denotes the battery is three-fourths full. I left my iPad to charge and returned three hours later only to see that my iPad had not charged at all and all the lights on the PowerPak were off. One thing I noticed from charging my phones was that all the lights went out a certain point in the charging and I figured that the unit automatically shuts off when it was done charging. However, as I mentioned, my iPad did not charge at all, so I decided the Powerpak was dead and needed a charge.
All in all, the Powerpak is a great emergency device that helped me and my daughter when charging our phone in a wall unit was unavailable. It will be very handy when I am outside all day and do not want to leave my phone inside to charge, or when I have to leave the house and notice at the last minute that my phone is dead and I do not have time to wait for it to charge conventionally.
On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being exceptional, I would give the Powerpak a 4, because I believe the manual needs a bit of tweaking, with additional information about charging specifics included.
ADDENDEM: After submitting my original review, I visited the New Trent Facebook page. There I saw a Youtube video review of the PowerPak Extreme. The review was favorable, as was mine, but the reviewer also mentioned that he charged the device for 9 hours the first time (it was unclear to me how long the initial charge should be). So, I did the same (I believe I only charged it for a few hours initially) and after the full charge, all four lights were on solid. I then proceeded to charge everything I could find to see how long I could do so before I had to charge the device again.
Well, so far, I have charged my smartphone THREE times, my iPad once, and my iPad Touch once. Three lights are still lit on the PaoerPak, and it appears I can do the same amount of charging a few more times before running out of charge. Awesome! I took the charger outside while I worked in the yard all day, charging my phone, which was close to dead. This allowed me to keep my phone near me, whereas, before I had the PowerPak Extreme, I would have had to leave it indoors to charge. An unexpected brief shower sprinkled on the PowerPak before I realized I had it outside, and in my haste to pick it up, it slipped from my hands (because it got wet) and landed on the concrete porch! But, I simply wiped it dry and it was all good! Rough, tough, dependable, and long-lasting! I just needed to add this to my original review because it demonstrates how well the device works and what a quality product it is! Love it! (Posted on 8/7/13)
This rocks! Review by walt
I can’t verify It’s waterproof, but it sure is water resistant, well made and quite rugged. I took it backpacking in the Rockies. We climbed to over 12,000 feet, crossed boulder fields, endured several storms including 6 hours of drenching rain, and nighttime lows in the 40s. The guys all wanted to show off their various gear items, but my battery pack stood above all. I could not use my portable solar panel because we camped in heavy timber, but my battery pack kept 3 phones charged, and returned with at least a 50% charge. (Would work great in conjunction with a solar panel too.) You can use your AC or DC phone charger to charge it. It comes with a rubber, hinged port cover, a nice strap with a compass and carabiner. I work with folks that test electronic items like this for the Army, and I know they’ll be impressed. (My boss said to order 5 now for special kits we are developing). The only thing I would add is an integrated LED strobe/flashlight. (Posted on 8/6/13)
Inductrial Strength PowerPak! Review by Kenneth
I have been using the PowerPack Extreme for a few days now and I find the rugged durability and performance quite excellent. I charged it up to full capacity as indicated by the blue LEDs and then used the PowerPack to keep my iPhone (using a battery-draining GPS tracker) and iPad charged while on a short adventure ride on dual-sport motorcycle for a few days. The device worked perfectly and could not be easier to use. The outstanding quality of the case is a comfort knowing that it can take a bit of rough treatment without causing any worries. The removable carabiniere made it convenient to carry the extra battery connected with the supplied cable to my GPS tracker for a few hours while hiking. I did not find any occasion to use the tiny compass, but it might be handy to have available. A slip case or draw-string bag like that included in other New Trent products might be nice to include for storage or transport. (Posted on 8/6/13)
Durable with Great Capacity! Review by Celenda
This charger is great! It is extremely durable and would be great for camping trips or any other outdoor event. It can take a fall well…my cat managed to knock it off the table onto a tile floor and it didn’t sustain any damage at all. The unit comes partially charged (mine had about 75%), so it is ready to use out of the box. With 12,000mAh capacity, you can charge at least 2 devices before you need to recharge it. I charged my iPhone 5 and it still had enough power left to charge up my iPad 4 without draining the unit completely. (Posted on 8/6/13)
Invaluable! Review by diana
This battery took overnight to charge the first time, well the only time, because I've had it 4 days and haven't had to charge it since. I have used it to charge 3 cell phones, including my Samsung Galaxy S3, my Ipad mini, my Kindle Fire HD and my Nook HD+ and this PowerPak Xtreme lives up to its name! It is still going strong and has lots of power left. I am going to take it with me out of town this weekend to use solely as my power supply and I'm not at all worried that it won't do its job. It is rugged and I can't think of anything that would damage it. I even stood on it and I'm not a small person and it wasn't damaged at all. The flap that covers the USB ports clearly states which side has the 5V1A and which has 5V21A for the different devices, but I would like it if it was marked clearly on the inside somehow too. That really isn't a big deal though. Also there is a power button the side. When you press it, hidden lights light up
showing how much power is left in the PowerPak Xtreme, which is shown by 4 blue lights. The more lights, the stronger the charge. I thought it was going to be heavy but it really isn't. I think it will be great for traveling, camping or just charging devices on the go, but I think it will be perfect if the power ever goes out at home, which happens from time to time. I know how much I will appreciate it then! I love this PowerPak Xtreme. It is well worth the price. The instructions say it will be able to be charged up to 500 times and since it holds so much power, I'm guessing its going to last a very long time.

(Posted on 8/5/13)
Great Ruggedly Built Battery Review by Chris
The NT120R appears to be very ruggedly built. The extra cushioning
obviously results in the battery being a little larger than necessary
otherwise. However, it is still very compact, well-designed, and relatively
light in weight. There is a nice slot built into the end of the battery
which permits a small strap to be attached. The two USB and charging ports
are covered by a flap which snaps closed, providing protection from water
and dirt.The LED battery charging lights are very visible and are among the
most helpful I have seen and indicate the level of charge on a scale of one
to four lights. The battery appears to charge my devices very quickly and
the capacity functions as advertised. The fact that the charging cable
(included) is a standard USB cable is helpful.

There are a few small things that could make this great battery even
better. I am concerned that the flap covering the ports might not continue
to close securely if it is used frequently. I have not had the battery long
enough to know for sure, but the way it closes makes me wonder. Given that
this battery is designed for rougher conditions, I think it might be better
if the small power button was recessed or placed in a location which was
covered so that it could not be bumped on or off. Perhaps, it could be
enclosed within the flap for the charging ports. It would helpful if the
USB ports were labeled on the inside of the flap instead of on the outside.
The existing labeling is a little hard to read and isn't as intuitive as
labeling on the inside. I was least pleased with the instructions provided.
I would like for them to be more thorough. For example, it is nice that a
carabiner keychain and strap are included in the packaging, but there are
no instructions which indicate how the strap is to be used. I found myself
wondering if the carabiner is designed to attach to attach to the battery.
After trying to attach it, I arrived at the conclusion that it was simply
an added gift. I attached the velcro strap, but I'm not completely sure how
it will benefit me. There is nothing in the instructions regarding use of
these items. I think that a strap or a carabiner for this battery is a
great idea, but it needs some additional thought. I believe that some
device to attach the battery to a backpack, etc. could be a real feature
rather than simply a throw in gift. Finally, I think the packaging of the
product is good, but the extra flap with a magnet seems unnecessary given
the current information provided. If there was more detail, the flap would
make better sense.

Overall, this seems to be a great battery for an active user whose
lifestyle or hobbies may subject the battery to rough conditions. I would
highly recommend it. (Posted on 8/4/13)
Even better than the iCarrier!!! Review by Aaron
Overall Product Rating (4.5/5)

Aesthetics: (4/5) - Product has a very rugged look and feel that just gives it that durable look. Blue LED charge indicators are visible, but not so bright as to be distracting when charging. Product comes with a carabiner strap and a compass strap which also lends itself for outdoor use.

Durability: (5/5) - Wow! I love the durability of this unit. I actually tried putting it through it's paces by throwing it onto the ground a few times (onto tight weave carpet, linoleum, and even a park bench while I waited for a cab). I haven't been brave enough to try to whole "run over it with a car" thing, but overall I think that the durability is fantastic for your normal drops and impacts.

Size/Weight: (5/5) - About the same size as a portable hard drive, this product is compact and easily transported without taking up a ton of room in your bags. Though there is some heft to the unit for it's size, it's not so great to have a noticeable impact when carried. Having a microUSB charging cord allows for additional size savings as there is no wall charger to increase the overall size and bulk.

Capacity: (5/5) - 12000 mAh is simply massive in terms of capacity, particularly considering the units size. Allowing for multiple charges of phones, tablets, and other USB charged devices, this charger pack is top notch in terms of overall capacity.

Charge Speed: (4/5) - Charge has a great power transfer rate compared to other chargers I have used in the past. I would rate the transfer rate of the charge to be above average. I've also tried the New Trent iCarrier as well, and while made by the same company, with the same capacity, I somehow managed to get a faster charge rate for my iPad off of this version.

Charge Storage: (5/5 with possible modifications in the future) - Unit was purchased recently, and so far, the few times I have charged the product it has retained it's charge without diminishing while stored in my laptop bag. So far, I've been impressed and would rate the unit a 5/5, but further testing and time is needed to see if the unit's charge degrades with age/use.

Versatility: (5/5) - If I could rate this a 6/5 I would! I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can use this charger with pretty much any device that is charged via USB. I've used this to charge multiple gadgets other than phones/tablets and it has worked amazingly well to charge them all. This is a fantastic little device to use when travelling to charge any of your USB chargeable devices.

Price: (4/5) - The MSRP of $79.95 for this unit is very reasonable. While the unit is functionally and aesthetically pleasing, the initial price point is high enough that most casual electronics users will likely pass up this unit for a cheaper alternative. However, I think that this price is reasonable as there are very few "rugged" battery packs on the market that have comparable capacity.

Overall Pros: Durability, versatility, and capacity are where you'll find the most bang for your buck. The overall charge capacity for charging virtually any type of USB-chargeable device is simply astounding.

Overall Cons: I honestly don't have any cons to list at this time. The few issues I had with the New Trent iCarrier were resolved in the more rugged version they offer here.

(Posted on 8/3/13)
Works as Advertised, Fantastic Product Review by Kristofer aka Ophi
My Review of the NT120R New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12,000 mah Rugged Series

My Rating for this Product is 5/5.

I tested this item by Throwing it around; immersing it in sand for about a couple hours; an letting it sit in my 4 foot deep pool for about an hour or so.

Here is what I noticed:

The NT120R can certainly taking a Beating which is what it was designed to do.

I Purposely Dropped the Battery pack from heights of 2', 5', 10', 15' and 20' to see how it could handle such abuse. It did Marvelously against all the "Shock Treatment" lol.

While immersed in the Sand the only part that actually got sand in it is between the Port Flap's Hinge and the casing.

The only place water got in was where the Flap is, but did not enter the ACTUAL USB ports.


((On a FULL 10 hour Re-charge.))

As for its job for Charging my devices, here is what occurred,

My iPad4 - Starting from 15% it takes about 3 hours to bring my iPad (with all major battery using features turned off) to bring it to 86% charged. This means it gives my iPad 4 a SINGLE 70% Charge. This is slightly better than the NT5200, but not by much.

My iPhone 4S - Just like the NT5200 a FULL 10 Hour Re-Charge gives my iPhone 4S about 5 FULL Charges/uses. But it takes about 40 mins less time to charge my iPhone each time than the NT5200 did, this is nice considering it allows me to do more, plus each CHARGE allows the iPhone 4S to maintain a longer lasting effect when using my iPhone for most of my Internet and daily needs.

This is also to be said after the iPad 4 is charged by the NT120R, I find that the CHARGE given lasts longer than usual, allowing the iPad to function on a longer time frame.

I am VERY PLEASED with this Product and give it a rating of 5/5
(Posted on 8/3/13)
Great battery pack, great capacity Review by Caffeinated
The NT120R battery pack has a great capacity, nice LED's and a solid form factor. It took me a few minutes to find the power button (would be nice if it was black or any other color, as the contrast would make it easier to find). The overall capacity is stellar, and the voltage is high enough to charge either of my tablets (big plus!). As with the NT90C, it's a great convenience having two ports for charging, especially on such a big battery. The auto-shutoff feature works perfectly, and is a great way to avoid overcharging your phone or other device. In a single battery cycle, just using the 1A line, I was able to recharge my primary smartphone 5 times, my backup smartphone once, and my tablet once. The higher power USB port would charge a device faster (especially your tablet), but I wanted to squeeze out every drop of power to see how far I could stretch it (and I assumed the lower current draw would be the most efficient). So if you're in a rush to get power, or have a power hungry device, or just want to charge two devices at once, the higher current USB port is a great option. My complaints about this device are pretty trivial in comparison to the positives. First, I was expecting a bit more of a "rubberized" type case, but this case still seems rugged and durable, so I think that's just personal preference. And lastly, the 4 LED charge indicator lights could be more accurate. I did about 4 charge cycles before it dropped from 4 dots (100%) down to 3 dots (75%). Then it pretty much immediately went to 2 dots (50%), and from there my last phone charging didn't quite make it to 100% before the battery pack ran out of juice. I'm still quite happy with the capacity of the battery pack, but it would be nice to be able to more accurately gauge the remaining capacity/charge. (Posted on 8/1/13)
Excellent Rugged Battery Review by Adam
nice little rugged battery. I accidentally dropped on on a hardwood floor. I expected bad things from the jarring, but it survived and kept charging my Iphone and families' electronics for the weekend. The unit is water resistant (not water proof), so I don't have to worry about a little moisture getting on it. Instructions on how to use the product were clear and simple. I recommend this product to anyone doing any type of athletic endeavors as it is easy to just throw in the gym bag. (Posted on 7/31/13)
Small in size but very powerful Review by Sabrina
I found that the power pack is small in size but very powerful, it charged my cell phone in less time than it would have taken if it was plugged into the wall.What I like most is that you can take the Power Pak with you anywhere. Another thing that I liked is that you can take it along so that you can have power during outdoor activities.It can also be used indoors instead of the traditional wall charge, which allows you to carry the phone or device from room to room while charging it. I honestly can not find anything about the product that I didn't like.The PowerPak Xtreme plugs easily into your laptop for charging. (Posted on 7/31/13)
Great Battery Backup Review by Jeffery
I was very impressed with the overall look and feel of this power pack. It is extremely rugged and is obviously marketed to be used outdoors by hikers, climbers, bikers, etc. And even though it has a rugged build, it still is stylistically attractive. Not too bulky, smooth lines, and neutral colors make it easy to look at as well.

I really liked the charging capabilities of this power pack. After fully charging it overnight, I used it exclusively to charge my iPhone 4S and iPad (4th Gen) over the few days. I charged my phone from 30-50% to 100% twice and my iPad from 10% to 100% once before I had to recharge the unit. It charged the phone very quickly but wasn't quite as fast on the iPad. But both were acceptable and similar, if not better, than using a standard plug in charger.

Some of the drawbacks to the unit are that it takes quite a while to charge the unit itself. I would imagine this is because of the capacity of the battery but you certainly can't charge it up as quickly as you can your phone or iPad. I also thought that the unit could do a better job of labeling the output ports. The flap that covers the ports has labeling but it's just impressions in the plastic and they are hard to read. I think white lettering on the inside (inside on the flap would even work) would be nice so it was easy to see and know which port for which unit you're charging. Other than that, I was very impressed.

Overall this is a great power pack and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a rugged unit to expand the battery life of their mobile devices. (Posted on 7/30/13)
Passed the Durability test Review by Scott
I absolutely LOVE my Powerpak Xtreme NT120R. I put it through it's paces this weekend and it preformed admirably!
I took a trip to Hershey Park, which it a 2 1/2 hour drive, and spent three days there, I fully charged it before we left and used it on the car ride there to charge my phone and my kids phones. I also used it at the park to keeps or phones fully charged. It still had plenty of power left at the end of the day!

I charged it back to full at the Hotel overnight and took it with me the next day to the park. Everyone loved the fact that they could charge their phones and not have to worry about turning them off to conserve power. The Powerpak Xtreme survived the abuse of being in my pocket while I rode all of the Roller Coasters and an occasional splash of water from the Log Flume plus a few brief showers. I felt confident that it would not let me down.

The construction of this Battery is very durable and the cover for the charging ports is very secure.

Very large capacity. (12,000mAh) Enough to charge most devices multiple times. (5x)
Durable construction. Rubberized and Shockproof.
Water resistant.
Ability to charge multiple devices at once.
Ability to charge devices while charging from power source.
The weight combined with slip resistant housing makes it a very stable power source. This allowed me to use my devices while charging.
Battery status lights to show remaining capacity of Powerpak.
Handy Velcro Strap and Carabiner.
Dual USB Outputs (5v /1A , 5v /2.1A)

Cons: (none really)
Charging time is a bit long. (8-10 hrs)
But considering the capacity is 12,000mAh, and the fact that you can charge your devices while you are also charging the Powerpak, it really is not a bad thing. It is obviously going to take longer to charge a bigger battery.

This device is perfect for trips to the park, pool, beach and camping. Also great for power failure situations.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants or needs to be able to power their mobile devices when away from conventional outlets. The quality of construction is fantastic and this will be with me for years to come. (Posted on 7/29/13)
Rugged and portable Review by Jamie
So I really enjoy this charger. I own the iCarrier from these guys as well and thought that was a good charger. This one charged my iPhone faster than the iCarrier and in my opinion should be replaced by this product. This is more rugged and to charge is more convenient. My only complaint it doesnt come with a wall USB power brick, you'll have to use your iphone brick or buy one seperately. New Trent has one and works great. (Posted on 7/29/13)
The Best Charging Device! Review by Angela
I love this product! I have been searching forever for a mobile charging device that could ultimately fit my every need. The New Trent Powerpak Xtreme does just that. I am constantly on my phone and my camera taking photos for my blog and using social media and most times I am outside due to the light, the durability of the Powerpak Xtreme is amazing; shock proof, dirt proof, and water proof it's everything you need it to be and more. I was truly amazed at how quickly this provided my cell phone with a full charge as well! I'm confident that I could take this anywhere, and it would be safe. It's small enough to fit in your bag, even a clutch handbag and completely sturdy. This would be perfect to take with you for a day at the beach, on a hike or just outside with you for photographs like me! I will certainly be incorporating the Powerpak Xtreme into my daily routine! The price point is fantastic, at $79.95 you can charge two devices at once, super quickly and on the go. Totally worth it! (Posted on 7/26/13)
Rugged, Versatile and Powerful Review by VJ Mazz
Here is my review after using the PowerPak Xtreme for a week...

The unit is very solid and obviously well-built as it is designed to protect from the elements which is exactly what I wanted. So if you work or play outdoors or even if you tend to be tough on your electronics and you need a high capacity external battery to recharge your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc., then this is definitely the device that you want to buy.

Testing with a fully charged PowerPak Xtreme and charging multiple devices at once was consistent with product advertising and very impressive overall. I was able to charge my iPad from 3% up to 100% and I was then able to charge my Galaxy 4S from 8% to 86%.

Product packaging was good and my unit arrived fully charged which was great as I was able to put it to use right away.

A nice bonus touch that was not mentioned in the description is the included Carabiner key ring with compass and a velcro strap for the PowerPak Xtreme.

The final point that I think is important to make here is that this unit is designed and built to be water proof, dirt proof and shock proof and you are obviously paying a premium in cost and size (it's bigger). If you don't need this high level of durability, then you may want to consider the New Trent IMP120D, which is also a 12000mAh unit, that's not as bulky and it's $25 cheaper at the time of this review. I own and highly recommend both of these, so pick the one that suits your needs the best... (Posted on 7/25/13)
Almost Bomb Proof Battery Pack! Review by Walter
I really like the size, weight and feel of this battery pack. It feels
solid in my hands, and at the same time it’s not bulky. Being resistant to
the elements is a huge plus for anyone who likes to camp or just throw
their gear willy-nilly into a duffel (regardless of what sharp objects may
already be there). The two different amp chargers (1.0 and 2.1) are great
if you have both a tablet and a phone.

Of note:

1. Be careful, as this is only water resistant and not water proof.
The shutter cover which covers the plugs lets water underneath it. There
are rubber stoppers on the back side of the cover which keep the plugs dry,
but water does surround them when the device gets wet. Open with care.

2. I actually like how the charging lights are very incognito in the
device (sometimes I can’t tell which side of the device is the top until I
press the power button and the lights come on).

3. I felt that the compass and carabineer was a little gimmicky.
Also, it comes with a velcro strap, of which I have no idea what it is used
for as it is not mentioned in any user pamphlet or on the box.

In the end, this is my favorite battery pack I have yet to own! I would
have given it five stars if waterproof. Would definitely recommend to any
outdoorsy person with gadgets that need charging! (Posted on 7/24/13)

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