Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR

Compatible: iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3

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  • MODEL - NT620GR

  • RECOMMEND - Education, Hospital, Office Presentation, Outdoor research, Restaurant, Gamer...

  • COMPATIBLE - iPad mini, iPad mini 2 with Retina Display, iPad mini 3 with touch ID ONLY

  • FEATURES - One hand use, rugged protection, built-in screen protector, leather strap, kickstand, and 360 degree rotation

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Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR
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Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR Gladius Mini iPad mini Case NT620GR



Gladius Mini Case: NT620GR

Rugged Evolution

Looking for another level of using your iPad mini then look no more. The Gladius mini is the next step in the Gladius line of evolution. Take your iPad browsing to the next level with protection from water, dirt or even drops.



Genuinely Leather

Made out of hand-worked durable leather with an earth tone brown color mean one thing: a subtle luxury contrast of organic and inorganic with a truly comfortable grip, once the Gladius Mini is strapped on.

Designing function

The Gladius Mini is the perfect marriage of both protection and function: bind your iPad securely to your palm and start browsing while on-the-go or prop the iPad mini up with the built-in stand for movie mode.




- Hard Shell polycarbonate case, TPU cover.
- Built-in rotational mechanism offer 360 degree use.
- All iPad ports are accessible.

Package Content:

- Gladius Mini case
- Leather Strap  
- User Manual  


Gladius Mini
8.3 x 5.7 x 0.7 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
8.2oz | 13.8oz
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A Rugged case for the iPad Mini... Review by Philip
The Gladius Mini Case is designed by NewTrent specifically for the iPad mini. In my opinion, NewTrent designs the best packaging. Having a white background makes the text easy to read. The iPad fits into the case nicely. The case is rugged and has a hard shell which protects the device. The case also has a front cover that protects the screen. The case is defiantly water resistant and will protect the iPad when those everyday mishaps occur.

The Gladius case also has an adjustable leather strap that your hand slips into while using the iPad. The strap is mounted on a turn table. This lets you rotate the iPad into any position while in use. If that is not enough - the case also has a build in metal stand. The stand is well design and works very well.

Overall the Gladius rugged case is well worth the price.

You can not go wrong with "NewTrent" products.
(Posted on 10/10/14)
Great! Review by Christy
I think this is a great iPad Mini case. I use it for the second generation iPad Mini.

The case itself has two parts: the plastic inner case (which covers the whole back of the iPad, plus almost the entire front bezel), and the softer silicone-y outer case (which covers the entire back, and wraps around the front to cover all edges and the home button). I don't know what plastic the outer case is made of; perhaps TPU? It definitely doesn't feel like the sticky, floppy silicone cases. The outer case nests really well into the inner case. If you have kids, this is definitely not something they will be pulling off all the time, as it's secured really well. I had to pull pretty hard to get the inner and outer cases apart for installation, actually.

The inner case also has a clear screen protector. So essentially, once this case is properly installed, your iPad Mini is almost completely encased, including the screen. Each of the ports (headphones, charging, mute/rotation lock) has a flap of plastic over it so that it's sealed off when not in use. The only areas that are open all of the time are the grills over the speakers, the microphone on the back, and a bit of the back of the device, where the hand-hold rotates. Because it's so covered, I think this is a great case if you plan to use outside a lot. My husband uses it at baseball games for score keeping, and it's nice to have some protection from the red dirt that inevitably gets over devices used on a baseball field.

The strap for your hand on the back feels well made, and does it's job well. It rotates 360 degrees, so you can hold your hand at any angle you please, and will still be able to make the screen appear correctly oriented. It's comfortable, made of either leather or faux leather. There is a metal fold-out stand under the strap, which you can use to stand your mini up for watching videos, etc. Works well: only ever slipped and fell flat when I placed it on a slippery piece of plastic.

There are three things that I don't *love*. They're not a bit deal (not enough to ding a star), but thought I'd mention them for those who are looking for details.

First, the screen protector does collect a lot of finger prints. I do have to wipe my screen off more often that I did before, when I just had a regular screen protector on my mini.

Second, the home button takes some effort to push. For several days, I had to push it twice, as the first time I never pushed it hard enough to actuate it. I've gotten used to it now; just a matter of habit, I suppose.

Third, because the hand strap has a little bulk, I am not able to rest it on the little reading ledge on my elliptical. I think many people use minis these days while exercising, and most machines have a small reading ledge, so this might apply to others.

I have four little boys, and I feel confident that they can use the mini in this case without hurting it. Kudos, New Trent. (Posted on 8/15/14)
Excellent Product Review by Amanda
This case is a great option for anyone with an iPad mini. The case is rugged and very protective. My iPad feels very secure in the case. I would recommend this case to anyone who uses their iPad to read, for work, or needs a rugged case.

relatively lightweight
nice leather handle
360 degree viewing
Stand supports the case well
Ports are well protected but still accessible (Posted on 6/27/14)
Rugged Case (NT620GR) for iPad Mini Review by Pamela
Fantastic, maximum protection case for the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina display. This case will fully protect your iPad mini and has a multitude of features. Instructions for installing the case on your iPad mini are easy to follow and the case allows all the ports, keys, and buttons are accessible. The high quality screen protector will ensure that the iPad mini doesn’t get scratched.

I truly love the hand strap as there has been many times in the past I’ve almost dropped my iPad mini and now that won’t happen. I hadn’t realized at first, but the strap is also adjustable for different hand sizes and different comfort levels and the strap is a nice beautiful leather strap. The kickstand which is located under the hand strap lets you view your iPad mini in an upright viewing mode and both the hand strap and kick stand rotate 360 degrees so you can view both portrait and landscape modes. Also, with the rotation you can use the hand strap in any position for the perfect viewing angle. The kick stand lays flat under the handle and doesn’t interfere with hand comfort when using the hand strap.

I would definitely recommend this case for someone looking for something rugged, with “splash” protection and also want a hand grip and kick stand. This case is very versatile in the different ways it can be used.
(Posted on 6/23/14)
I Recommend It Review by Joshua
I love this case. These are the reasons:

1) The plastic shell with the silicone rubber case and the screen protector make for absolute protection.

2) I was going to complain that the leather strap was too big for someone with small hands like me, but then I saw that they included instructions on how to size it to custom to your hand.

3) The stand and hand strap rotate allowing versatility. The stand is much more sturdy than any other built-stand I've ever used. It is very hard to knock over.

4) The leather strap is perfect for those occupations which would require one to quickly jot notes and the stand is perfect for those using a wireless keyboard with it. Perfect for all.

The only complaint is just because I already have a screen protector on my ipad, it makes the screen not very clear since the case screen protector sticks to the original. Not a big deal.

Would definitely recommend to all iPad Mini users. (Posted on 6/12/14)
THE BEST EVER!!!! Review by Erick
New Trent Gladius Mini iPad Case NT620GR


Ok so I have to say that this iPad accessory is the best ever!!!! Like always New Trent always surprising the hell out me, from the package where the item is placed in, all the way to the instructions of how to use the items, the first thing that I notice was that the hard shell case it look a lot like the one for the NT31B but a lot better, I like how easy is to put the iPad in and to take it out of the hard shell case, at first I thought that it was going to be a hassle , but I was wrong! It actually comes in very useful, and let me tell you that now the New Trent Gladius is my “NUMBER ONE ACCESORY FOR IPAD MINI”.

One of the things that I like the most of this New Trent item is the stand, I always been a fan of any case for any tablet or phone that has a stand, whoever was the one that came with the idea of a stand for our devices is a genius.

So I had a convention to attend and I had always brought my NT31B and everyone else always looked at my device like WOW!!!!!! Until this one guy brought this weird looking thing called “TABLET HANDLER STRAP” that is supposed to fit all iPads and tablets, but it looks like a wheel with bungee cords hanging from it, and other guys had this things call “SNAP ROTATING CASE” others had “GRIP SERIES HAND-HELD LEATHER PROTECTOR” now the last one that I mention has a stand but it’s nothing like the one of the New Trent Gladius, I remember like two weeks ago a couple of guys dropped their device and there it went……… a broken screen!!!!! WOW!!!! So this time everybody was looking at me because I told them a couple of days before the convention that I was waiting for my new case that was going to “KICK THEIR CASES BUTTS AND THEIR CASES WERE GONNA RUN CRYING LIKE LITTLE GIRLS” LOL!!!! So just to make myself laugh, when the nonuser started talking, I just sat there and I was the last one to take my device out, as soon as they saw it the only noise that was heard was WOW!!!!!! I couldn’t believe their faces, I sat there after the convention for about an hour answering everyone’s questions……!!!

I felt good, knowing that my device was very protected and at the same time very handy and it looked very nice and strong, that happened thanks to New Trent’s Gladius (NT620GR). The pros on this case is “EVERYTHING” from the snap-on black hard shell allthe way to that amazing leather hand strap. The cons for this case I haven’t been able to find any.

Thank you NEW TRENT for another amazing accessory for my device, I give to the NEW TRENT GLADIUS (NT620GR) THE BIGGEST 5 STARS EVER (Posted on 6/11/14)
Great case! Review by Debbie
This is a great case! I feel like my iPad is well protected in it. I really like the strap & it is comfortable to use to hold the iPad. I would suggest if the case comes with the strap already on you try it out & adjust it for size before putting your iPad in the case so you don't have to redo it later. (Posted on 6/9/14)
Gladius Mini Review by Madeline
A quality product that has a practical design. Love the strap, which is perfect for reading and the stand is a great feature. I also found the fact that you can place the ipad in portrait or landscape position. It is lightweight and the protective film for the screen doesnt compromise sensitivity. I do feel that the case is really hard to install as well as to remove, and the instructions could be better for those of us who aren't mechanically or technically inclined. However, I would absolutely recommend this case!
(Posted on 6/5/14)
Great Case with Handle and Kick Stand Review by Sherwin
The case comes in a very attractive box, and looks extremely well constructed. Fit and finish are perfect, and all ports and controls on the iPad Mini are fully accessible. I really like the leather handle and the kick stand. Together, they provide a very useful set of functions.The case is quite compact, and looks great.

The instructions are good and the assembly was problem free. The case is water resistant, while I would not go swimming with my iPad, I feel safe working with a glass of liquid on my desk. All in all, exactly what I wanted and needed. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Amazing Review by Hunter
10 out of 10 would buy again! (Posted on 5/30/14)
An excellent case for active work tasks Review by Clay
I have had this case for a while now and I find the case has excellent protection while giving easy access to the IPad itself . I especially like the leather handhold and the stand if I need to set the IPad on a level surface. For tasks associated with in inventory this is the case you want. With the use of a Bluetooth keyboard the case meets all of my needs. Additionally well made and a great value. (Posted on 5/30/14)
My Favorite New Trent Product yet! Review by Kim
I received my New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case a week ago and it is by far my favorite New Trent product yet!

This is definitely a case for people of the go. The case is sleek and compact and does not add much to the overall dimension of the iPad Air. It is well-made and very sturdy and has a nice feel. The case has a very executive look to it.
Read the directions thoroughly for assembling the case first and then refer to them during the assembly process. It is a three part case; it has a hard backing piece that the iPad sets into which includes a leather hand strap that is adjustable (adjust it before assembly) for holding onto and a 360 degree swivel mechanism that allows for landscape or portrait viewing; the strap could be removed all together if you don’t want it on there but you would lose the capability of being able to switch from landscape to portrait, next is a front piece that snaps very securely onto the back piece which includes a built in clear plastic screen protector eliminating the need for a separate screen protector, and finally there is a rubberized backing piece that slips over the back and edges and the front edge slips into a groove on the front making it shockproof and water resistant. There are cutouts on the front and back for the cameras, flaps that cover the ports and home buttons, and raised knobs for the volume and power buttons.

I like the hand strap on the back for holding onto my iPad. I have arthritis in my hands and have trouble holding onto things for extended periods of time and with how this strap is I do not have any trouble at all. The built in stand that is under the strap flips out at a perfect angle for watching movies or videos and then snaps back down flush with the back.

The only negative thing I have to say about this case is that it takes some patience to remove the iPad from the case. The tabs that snap the back and front together are very tight and you have to lift each tab to get it separated. If you are not going to remove the case that often, which I won’t be, then it doesn’t matter. I would rather have it as secure as it is.

I rate this New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case a definite 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.
(Posted on 5/27/14)
Excellent Review by Clay
ate this product a 4.5 the case was easily installed and offers great protection for the miniIpad, The stand is a nice feature so it can be positioned for an upright use of the device. The leather hand hold that rotates is very nice and allows the Ipad to be positioned for ease of typing or for swiping of particular apps. The screen is very clear and no issues with glare when typing. If you have an environment that requires inventory or tracking I would highly recommend this case as it would be very practical. the strap is very practical for holding the Ipad while doing other activities with your free hand and then returning to the device. It is well made, the only knock for the .5 star is my lack of using the case, as I get more use to the case and strap I would give this case a 5 star rating. A great value for the moeny, highly recommend. (Posted on 5/25/14)
New Trent Gladius mini iPad case (Review) Review by Robert A.
This product was tested with the iPad mini with retina display. I have to say this case is a great edition with very few cons. This case is completely protected. The ports are covered along with the home, lock, front and rear camera and volume buttons. However the two mic holes and the speakers are just cut-outs but still none the less protected. Ports are easily accessed and buttons are responsive when depressed and the screen protector has no water marks or resistance that I have found while touching the screen. Its like there is nothing there! The case has a very good feel to it, I like the slick accents around the back that give it a grip feel while the adjustable leather strap holds your hand firm to the back of the iPad mini case. Also the strap and kick out stand will rotate 360 degrees in a click and lock like motion. The kick out stand is also a great feature and I found when using it in either position, landscape or portrait,
was very stable and didn't seem like it would tip over easily.
As for the cons I mentioned above. The strap is set-up to your hand size while you are installing you iPad and would require you to completely remove the iPad if you were to want a resize for whatever reason. The strap cant be removed, without case being broken down, and it makes it unable to lay flat on its back causing it to rock back and forth. I like to use my iPad on a flat surface from time to time but think about its down time when not in use. I found I had to lay my iPad face down just to make it stable. Now as long as its a flat clean surface there is no harm to the screen but I did find the cover for the home key sets up just high enough above the case that when laid face down it depressed the home key turning the screen back on. Also I'm not sure if it was an upgrade or choice by New Trent but the directions called for me to lift up (2) two strap covers on the inside of the case so the leather strap can be adjusted and mine had neither of
them. If its an upgrade I think I would add them back. It seems to me the flap covers would help hold the straps in place keeping them from popping off and possibility dropping your iPad mini. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Terrific iPad Mini protective case Review by Kenneth
This accessory for the iPad Mini is attractive, well made and well
designed. The protective case is made of neoprene with an attractive
black matte finish. It fits well, feels secure and is lightweight and
convenient to travel with. The also case has a protective silicon screen
protector. When attached the case is impact and splash resistant.

My favorite feature is a leather hand strap for holding the iPad mini.
Great for use on a couch or in bed.

The iPad min case has an integrated rotation mechanism that allows 360
degree rotation for portrait or landscape orientation. The iPad mini
attaches firmly when mounted. When mounted all ports remain accessible.
Cover easily closes and opens when iPad mini is attached.

The included arm stand besides being great for “movie” mode allows for
use of a separate Bluetooth keyboard.

My only suggestion is if there could be some design change to allow
easier removal of the iPad Mini from the case. The tradeoff for all this
protection is that removing the internal hard case takes some effort and
is not just a simple pop out procedure.

In summary this is a wonderful iPad mini device that combines the major
features in a protective case and stand. I recommend it without any
reservations and plan on using it both at home and travel. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Convenient and Tough Review by Phil
In using the Gladius, I found it a welcome addition to my iPad Mini. I read a lot of e-books but I find that after a while my fingers go numb from holding the Mini regardless of the orientation. The same is true when I watch videos. The leather strap on the Gladius changes all that. It is easy to use, solves the problem of hand pain and provides the additional convenience of a table-top stand useable in both portrait and landscape orientations. The screen protector on the Gladius is also a welcome touch providing added protection to the screen with no distortion or glare.

(Posted on 5/20/14)
Nice! Easy to hold! Review by Lee
This was a great purchase! Wow, this is a nice case. Let’s talk about the fit and finish.

1. The hard plastic inner case fits so well. It is easy on and easy off with snap tabs large enough to manipulate with your fingernails. It fits snugly to keep the Mini secure. It also fits with or without a screen protector installed on the Mini. Of course all of the holes are aligned perfectly so you have access to all of the controls and ports on the iPad.

2. The inner case also provides an integral screen protector. thin so that the touch response is not hindered in any way. I have a standard stick-on screen protector on my iPad and even with that and the one built in to the case, the touch responsiveness was perfect.

3. The TPU outer case is nice! Normally I prefer silicon, but this is a nice outer case. Like silicon, it provides a bit of “grippyness” to the iPad. Sometimes silicon is too grippy, but this TPU skin seems just right to me. The flaps that cover the exposed ports are snug to keep moisture out , but not difficult to use.

4. The leather handle… This is nice to slip your hand in to hold the iPad in just about any position as it rotates in 15 degree increments. It is also adjustable for large or medium hands. It provides a nice secure feel when holding the iPad.

Among other things, I use my iPad to accept credit/debit payments for my business. I use Square to do so. The case with the handle would be GREAT for passing the iPad to the customer to sign. I would feel very comfortable that with the security of the case and the handle, that my expensive iPad would not get dropped. The only issue with this is that the Square Reader doesn’t fit into the headphone jack with the case installed. Perhaps there is an extension cord for the Square Reader or maybe NewTrent can address it sometime on a revised version.

I never tested the water resistiveness - I'll take New Trent's word for it!!

The leather handle seems a bit thin… I was expecting full grain leather, but it is thinner and lined with microfiber cloth on the inside. Hopefully it will last through years of use.

Overall, I give the Gladius Mini 5 out of 5 stars. Great, secure case that makes the iPad Mini a breeze to use at any angle. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Awesome case for your mobile work! Review by Michael
The New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR) for the ipad mini is an incredible device for the active user. If you are going to have the ipad mini in your hand for long periods of time, this device is for you. It, like all of NewTrent's cases that I've dealt with, are durable and user friendly. The Gladius is built with your holding comfort in mind. The case consists of a durable plastic case that completely encloses the ipad mini with durable protection, including a sturdy, yet usable, plastic cover for the screen and the Apple logo on the back. This is then wrapped in a rugged rubber covering that adds more protection and security in the event of a drop. The case has a rotating center built in to the back that has a retractable stand that allows you to sit the ipad mini up horizontally or vertically as well as a leather strap to slide your hand in to make easier for holding while working. The plastic screen cover does not take away from the touch capability of the screen. There are rubber plugs for all areas that you need access to like the mute switch and the ear bud port and the speakers are vented well so that the sound is not muffled at all. I have walked through the house with mine, reading, studying music, and helping my daughter with her homework and it's amazing the difference the leather strap makes when you don't have to concentrate on gripping the mini to keep from dropping it. It becomes an extension of you arm. If you are a heavy user, this product is for you. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 5/20/14)
great sturdy protective case Review by Robin
This case is pretty awesome. There are lots of features that make it a pretty amazing little case.

It’s really light, as in weight. One would think that it offers little protection because of how light it is, however, it’s a rather thick plastic as well as a thick rubber outer layer. I don’t want to compare to an OtterBox, but since that’s a prominent brand that people know well, I’d say it’s very similar to an OtterBox. It’s much lighter and less bulky however. It offers the same protection if not better. I haven’t tried dropping my iPad or anything, but I did have to remove the case because I got dirt on the screen before I put the cover on it. It practically took a pry bar to open it. This leads me to believe that if I drop it, the case won’t just pop off.

There’s a plastic screen attached to the shell that protects the screen as well. It prevents dirt, scratches, and other damage. It’s thin enough however, that you can still use the touch screen with no problems.

On the back is a leather strap that allows you to put your hand through and hold the iPad securely. It’s strong and durable and big enough for pretty much anyone’s hand. This could be a bad thing if you’re clumsy however, because your hand could slip out, but for the most part it’s not likely to happen if you’re holding on to the iPad.

There’s also a round disc that the strap is attached to that has a 360° rotation allowing one to hold the iPad however they’d like and however works for them. There’s also a stand that pops out allowing one to stand the iPad up to use as a screen or making it hands free.

Pictures are also not a problem. I have an obsession with purchasing cases for my products and with Apple products, a lot of cases prohibit quality pictures. They case what looks like a glare in the photo. This case however, does not cause a glare or any other problem no matter which of the two cameras one uses. One still gets quality pictures, well, as good as you can get from an Apple product. (Posted on 5/20/14)
best bang for the buck Review by peter
I would recommend this case for anyone that wants a case that fits perfectly.
There is a full 360 turning mechanism handle apparatus.This handy addition allows you to
safely hold the I pad mini securely with one hand. This makes using the I pad easier on the road
or when a table or desk is not available. In addition, an attached fold-out stand is included in the rear of the
case allowing one to place the I pad on a table when watching movies or picture
presentations.The case has two layaers,a hard shell of durable plastic surrounded by a rubberized outer layer.
All buttons and cameras worked flawlessly, and the screen
protector allowed full functionality of the touch screen. I give this protective case a rating of 5 out of 5. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Solid Case - Functional In Several Situations - But Can it Get Better? Review by Scott
I recently had the opportunity to beta test the New Trent Gladius iPad Mini Case and, for this test, I used my iPad Mini Retina 64GB. First impressions being what they are, I had to stop and think about why I’d need an iPad case with a leather hand cuff mounted on the back, and what utility it might serve, as well, but it was a unique looking case and so I pressed on with the intent of learning more about it, in the hopes that I'd find utility for myself, or help someone else out in the process.

The Gladius Mini Case’s features are listed as “Rugged: Water Resist, Dirt and Shock Proof, 360 Rotation, Leather Hand Strap, Built-in Stand” on the Amazon site. To the rugged, water resist(ant), dirt and shock-proof descriptors, the Gladius case is comprised of a firm, inner shell, with integrated screen shield, that snaps around your iPad and should protect it from some impacts and mishaps, and then this part of the case is then enclosed in a silicone wrap that further provides some additional protection from bumps while adding some nice tactile feel to the case (much like I found during my review of the New Trent Airbender Mini case).

The case seems solid enough and has adequate, well-fitting port coverings (for the charging port, volume controls, etc.) to protect the iPad from casual bumps and impacts from the side or back, as well as minor dirt, dust or water intrusions (although I did not test these variables too intensely). One note for the integrated screen shield, while this did work well and in no way inhibits use of the iPad’s touch screen, I did note a ‘rainbow’ effect on the screen shield when it married to the iPad screen, likely caused by whatever treatment is placed on the screen shield to reduce fingerprints and smudges. While this was evident in the beginning, after some use and a few wipe-downs, this effect did fade, but it was worth noting.

The Gladius Mini’s leather cuff is attached to the back of the firm, inner shell, and it protrudes through a portal in the back of the silicone covering to provide a hand-hold for those using the iPad mini in a mobile environment. I think the cuff’s main purpose is to provide some additional security from drops for those that walk around with their iPad in hand (such as those working a sales floor, or perhaps even performing mobile audits or polls at conventions and/or malls), and may be even more useful for those with hands smaller than mine that may not be able to grasp both sides of their iPad at once.

While the case advertises a full 360 degree rotation capability, which I found worked pretty well, the rotation proceeded through set positions, via a turn-and-click process, that were in increments of 45 degrees, such that there are really only 8 settings where the cuff can be ‘locked’ and used. While this was good for most purposes as I used this case around the office and home, I did find that the settings weren’t quite perfect for holding it by the cuff while sitting in a chair and reading a book – I really felt I needed something more in the middle of that 45 degree increment, and I found myself thinking that if the cuff rotated and locked in smaller increments (such as at the 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-o’clock, etc., points as you’d find on a watch face), it might have been more comfortable and useful in more ways. I also noted that the means of rotating the cuff on the case is usually done by torquing the cuff itself - while this works well now, I have to wonder what this will mean for the leather cuff after repeated use, since wear and tear on leather tends to degrade it over time.

The integrated stand on the back of the case, found directly beneath the leather cuff (which rotates with the cuff), was functional and worked well for reading or watching videos in both the portrait or landscape modes. The stand has a finger groove toward the bottom edge that allows you to pull it out for use, and it pivots out on a hinge to extend for use, and then recedes back – almost flat – into the cuff’s mount when not in use. I say “almost flat” because it appeared my beta test unit may have had a flaw where the stand’s hinge was not perfectly seated at installation, and therefore one edge and top corner did protrude, albeit very slightly, when stored and not in use (and would “flex” in and out when I applied minor pressure to try to seat it correctly, so I never could get it to seat "flush" with the case). While this did not impede use of the cuff, it was a minor aesthetic distraction in the assembly itself that I'd rather not have had to experience.

If I were to recommend some improvements to this design, I’d include more settings for the rotation of the cuff, as noted above (allowing stops at each of the 12 points on a clock face, if not more). I’d also recommend the ability to remove the cuff, if you so desired, to allow the case to lay flat on its back since this can't be done with the cuff attached as it is – this is a feature found in the New Trent Airbender case with keyboard, which I have also reviewed, where the hinge mechanism on the Airbender case can be removed to simply use the case for the iPad in stand-alone mode (and, as I mentioned in that review, if the connection for the Airbender hinge could also connect to a cuff as found in the Gladius case, so that the accessories were interchangeable, these cases would be even more appealing).

One additional feature or accessory I’d add to this design would be to include a snap-on hard cover to protect the screen when not in use, or in transport (such as in a backpack , briefcase, or suitcase), to better live up to the “rugged” descriptor for this case since, in its current configuration, the screen itself is still open to unintended impact – this kind of additional protection can be found on other cases such as the Otterbox Defender case for the iPad mini, and when engaged, it gives you some confidence that tossing your iPad into a bag and heading off on a trip is less of a risky proposition that I’d feel if using the Gladius case on a trip.

Overall, while I found the stand to be useful, and the cuff to be somewhat useful in certain situations, this design was not one that I think I’d use on a regular basis for my day-to-day purposes. Nevertheless, for form and function, I’d give it high marks, with the only mark-downs being for some of the issues noted with cuff rotation settings and stand/hinge aesthetics. On a scale of 1-to-5, I give this one a solid 4. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Protective and rugged case Review by JJ
I got the Gladius Case to protect my iPad and it does just that. The case is very sturdy and well made. IT comes with a built-in screen protector and protectors for the two cameras. The case is light enough that it does seem to add much weight to my iPad Mini. It water resistant which is nice, in case you spill something on it. I have no issue with the kickstand like the other reviewer, mine worked great from the start. It's nice having a real kickstand vs just folding a cover. Being able to rotate the iPad with it still strapped to your hand is a great feature.

I noticed only a very minor issue, to adjust the strap you have to pull the thing apart. Pulling it apart is difficult, but hey it's made to protect you iPad. I lucky didn't have to make any adjustments to the strap so this wasn't a problem for me. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Fantastic Case for Those Permanently Attached to their iPad Mini Review by Lance R.
I recently purchased the New Trent Gladius Mini iPad Case. The two things that caught my attention most were the rugged case and the leather handle. I am not the most graceful person, so I definitely need a durable case to protect my iPad Mini. The instructions are very easy to follow. You can install the case in just a few minutes. The case consist of a hard plastic body the snaps around the iPad Mini. This plastic case has a screen protector built into it. There are also clear plastic covers to protect both cameras. A rubberized silicon shell then fits securely over the plastic case. The silicon shell covers all of the iPad Mini's buttons and plugs. There are flaps that can be opened to access the lightning and headphone plugs. I am very impressed with the durability of the rubberized shell. The plastic case and silicone shell provide a ridge around the screen, to protect it from scratches when the iPad Mini is laid face down. The Gladius Mini case will definitely protect my iPad Mini from any bumps or bruises.

The leather handle or strap, on the back of the Gladius Mini case is a big bonus. I carry my iPad Mini with me all the time, so the easier it is to carry, the better. The leather handle is a big improvement over ordinary cases. With my previous case, to carry the iPad, I had to either pinch it between my fingers or carry it like a book. One bump and there it goes crashing to the floor. This has not happened with the Gladius Mini case. The leather handle provides a secure place to grip my iPad whether I am simply carrying it or actively using it. The leather strap can either be gripped like a briefcase handle or you can slip your hand in and hold the iPad like you are reading a book. The handle is adjustable, with four different length settings. The case needs to be opened up to adjust the handle’s length. Along with the length adjustment, the leather handle also rotates, so it can be adjusted to best fit your hand and carry style.

Another useful feature of the Gladius Mini Case is the built in stand. The metal kickstand is built into the back of the case under the leather handle. The handle and stand are part of a circular piece on the back of the case. The circular piece rotates, so you can stand up the iPad either horizontally or vertically. This is quite handy since some apps are better viewed vertically while other are better viewed horizontally. The metal kickstand is quite durable, so it is not going to snap off like plastic stands. Also, the stand completely folds up into the case when it is not in use. It is completely out of the way and since it is permanently attached, it will not get lost like a removable stand.

The Gladius Mini Case is by fair my favorite case. The combination of the hard plastic case and the durable silicone shell provide my iPad Mini all the protection it needs, while the leather handle makes the iPad so much easier to carry and use. If you are permanently attached to your iPad Mini, then this is the case for you. It is a breeze to carry and very rugged.
(Posted on 5/16/14)
Review of New Trent Gladius Mini (NT620GR) Review by Beraldo
Review of New Trent Gladius Mini (NT620GR)

I received the New Trent Gladius Mini case of the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina display two weeks ago. It is very similar to their Airbender Mini case with several notable exceptions. The case is just as rugged and well constructed as its’ big brother but does not include a detachable keyboard. Some of us already have Bluetooth keyboards and this case is particularly useful for that category of user or a user that would prefer not to use any keyboard at all.

The case comes well protected and packaged in the usual New Trent hard box. The box contains the case and a written set of instructions. The instructions include the web link to a excellent instructional video demonstrating the installation ( I highly recommend viewing the video prior to installing the case for visual clarification of the fine points of the installation.

The case itself consists of a hard shell plastic internal case covered by a hard rubber cover. The hard shell also contains various other attachments including a clear screen protector, a rotational leather strap for holding and a retractable kickstand (“arm stand”).
The case is water and dust resistant although not waterproof.

Installation is straight forward. You remove the rubberized outer cover and then open the hard plastic shell by applying pressure on the various indentations. The instructional video provides excellent visual assistance to the written manual. You then separate the two halves. There are two flap covers on the half containing the leather strap. They can easily be open exposing the pins that secure the strap. Strap is adjustable by simply moving it over the pins. You then replace the cover flaps and make sure they are closed (very important) properly otherwise the strap handle won’t rotate.

You are now ready for installing you iPad mini. Place the iPad mini in the lower case which has the strap and the install the top half over the iPad min. The iPad mini screen should be cleaned prior to installing the top half of the hard shell. The screen protector should also be cleaned on both sides. Close the case and replace the hard rubberized cover and you’re ready for use.

Pro: The case provides excellent protection for the iPad mini although it is not waterproof. It is however water resistant and fairly dust proof. This should not be a problem unless you plan to go scuba diving or snorkeling with your iPad. You’ll need an entirely different type of case with o-ring seals and other equipment. This case is excellent for less strenuous use like hiking, daily routine activities, shopping, classroom notes, etc. The leather strap allows rotational positioning while the iPad is held securely literally in the palm of your hand. The retractable stand allows you to place it on any flat surface for viewing in either portrait or landscape mode. You can also put it down and use a separate Bluetooth keyboard if you chose. It is lightweight and can fit easily in any bag or large pants pocket.

Con: None
I would give New Trent Gladius Mini a 5 star rating for durability, protection, function and style. It has my heartfelt recommendation. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use my case since it was confiscated by one of my sons for use with his iPad Mini.


Beraldo A. Vazquez, M.D.
(Posted on 5/16/14)
Very Handy Case!! Review by Vero
Gladius Mini is a very sturdy case, it’s not too heavy and it’s easy to carry around. The heavy-duty case is very protective and rugged, but it doesn’t have a “manly” look to it, to the point where women can’t use it in their line of business. The leather strap is of good quality and very durable, the placement of the logo is nicely placed and it’s a nice touch to the strap. The leather strap has definitely come in handy now that I have a newborn, I use this case all the time, baby in one hand and iPad in the other. I kind of wish the screen protector was a little thicker; it feels more like a thin film than a screen protector. It would be nice to see this case in a few more color options other than black. I definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for a tactical case either for work or at home use. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Nice and comfy for field work Review by Charlene
We are using this case with our newly purchased Ipad Mini to use for field data collection. so far, so good!
I would recommend this to others who use tablets for field data collection

What i like:
- the design of the case is smart-- the fact that the handle mechanism can be arranged in several positions makes it very useful
- comfortable in hand-- the strap is a good size and is comfortable. Feels natural when holding with one hand
- case seems sturdy without a lot of weight and bulk
- the rubberized feel but would prefer to have more of this on the case

What could use some work:
- leather for the strap-- i would prefer a different material. seems out of place on such a product. maybe some neoprene or something similar
- the screen protector is ok but not great; i could see it getting scuffed up fairly easily

(Posted on 5/15/14)
Bad a** case for all you butter-fingered Ipad mini users. Review by Antonio
I was excited to get home and open the package I was told would be waiting for me on my desk. I knew it could only be the new test model of New Trent's latest rugged case for iPad mini, the Gladius mini.

Before even getting my hands on the case, I was impressed with the commercial packaging. I half expected the case to ship in bubble wrap and just a plastic polybag, but New Trent went all out with a nice box complete with spot uv coating and full color artwork. Nice touch. Opening the box revealed a set of full color instructions and the case itself.

Foregoing the usual practice of "build it first, read instructions later" I opted to check out the manual. What I found was clear directions and accurate diagrams showing me everything from how to pull off the weather proof rubber case to adjusting the leather strap. No "ingrish" bad translations, no confusing instructions. I like these guys already!

After following the clear guide and getting my iPad mini into the thing, I was impressed at how snug the rubber cover fit. I've seen cases like this before... Snug and well fitting aren't words I'd use to describe those, but the rubber casing of the Gladius fits well. Along with the hard plastic inner case, it really looks like my iPad can take a beating now. The built in screen protector works really well and I've noticed very little to nearly zero lag in touch typing. Gaming and browsing feel very natural and unless I tell you ahead of time, you'd be hard pressed to notice a screen protector at all.

All accessible ports are covered by little plastic "door" things built into the rubber outer shell. The result is an interesting locking mechanism to keep your iPad mini ports protected from dust and dirt as well as splashes. Note, this isn't a waterproof case and they don't claim it to be; you won't want to take it into the pool, but it does provide some protection from rain or snow. The volume, home and power buttons are are accessed via raised rubber protrusions in the outer shell, and the action feels very smooth and natural. The double tap home key brings up the multi task pane with no lag and no more work than required when the case is off, so it won't feel cumbersome to use. The fact that the option toggle on the right of the mini is covered by an access port is slightly annoying but really it's minor... I use the toggle to switch orientation lock on and off.. Unless you use portrait mode as often as I do, it won't really bug you.

On the rear of the case is where the New Trent's Gladius steps away from other iPad mini rugged cases. An inch wide brown leather strap rests atop a circular mechanism. designed to fit your hand, the leather strap loop offers an adjustable fit that is intended to give the Gladius a base to pivot on, which it does. The pivoting mechanism offers enough play to move positions between portrait and landscape (and an angled view in between), but just enough resistance not to. The Gladius locks into place with a satisfying click and won't budge unless you decide it should. The leather strap is user removable so if you can't find a comfortable use for the thing you can always use the Gladius mini as a rugged case with the stand built in.

Beneath the leather strap is a kickstand of sorts. The metal looking tab at first resembles a bottle opener but pulling on it releases a smooth pivoting motion and secures the stand in place, ready for movies or gaming. The angle in landscape mode is tough to type with unless you're using a Bluetooth keyboard, but is pronounced enough in portrait to allow for hunt and peck style keyboard use. The lack of multiple stand positions in each mode might be a drawback for some, but for my uses it was not an issue.

All in all the Gladius Mini does well as a rugged case. That doesn't mean it's perfect; Using the leather strap to hold your device feels awkward to me in most situations I use iPad mini for. I found that I used the strap mostly when I was trying to show someone something on my ipad. Beyond using it in a demonstrative capacity, the strap portion of the Gladius didn't really fit within my comfort zone for every day use. That being said, it's still hard to find something about this case that I don't like. Even with not using the strap portion (which is removable) I love the feel of it.

Having to give it a rating out of 5, I'd give the Gladius Mini from New Trent a solid 4.5 It works really well as a screen / dust protector, the 2-step case provides both rigid protection and soft rubber cushion, the stand works really well, and finally; I just think it looks bad a**. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Awesome Case Review by Tyler
I am enjoying my Gladius Mini case. It provides a lot more mobility than I was expecting. It allows me to go anywhere with my iPad. It is a great case for a cheap price. I will definitely continue ordering from this website. (Posted on 5/14/14)
THE Absolute best mini case Review by eric
iPad mini Gladius mini
I would put this case in the elite class when it comes to cases period. Here are my reasons:
Overall quality of the materials that put this case together is outstanding:
1. A leather strap is used for your hand and it's adjustable and it can also be removed. ( make all adjustments BEFORE you put the case together, this case does NOT come apart easily )
2. The kick stand is made of metal and NOT cheaply.
3. The case is shock and water resistant. (NOT waterproof )
4. Price, price, price. The price point is perfect. It's half the cost of an Otterbox and lighter.

I love this case, it's great for around the house and office. The durability, quality, and overall feel for this case is great.
6 out of 5.
(Posted on 5/13/14)
Pretty awesome! Review by Jordan
I really love this case for the leather strap, the stand, and how sturdy the case feels. I highly recommend this case. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Great Item, Depending on Your Needs Review by mwoods.woody
If you are looking for a VERY PROTECTIVE case that keeps your iPad MINI operating like a tablet, look no further. I have been happier with New Trent's AIRBENDER because I wanted to turn my MINI into something more like a small netbook, but found this Gladius case to be very well-made, and very useful.

The fit with the iPad MINI in the case is snug - adding to what feels like a very protective case for the iPad. This mimics the feeling and operation of an Otterbox-type case for an iPhone, at a fraction of the price. The case itself operates through three (3) pieces - a front and back plate that snap together, surrounding the MINI and a rubberized/plastic wrap that adds a very nice tactile experience to the MINI - adding grip where needed, but very stylish with the combination of rubber and plastic.

Operation of the MINI didn't suffer at all, despite a seemingly thick (compared to other screen protectors) clear protector over the screen - integrated into the front plate (and also, a smaller piece, over the camera). What you're left with is certainly not waterproof, but is life-proof in that a direct spill is unlikely to get to the MINI itself because buttons and ports have secure covers integrated into the front plate. I would add here that I found the lightning port cover somewhat difficult to open at first, but this became easier after 5 - 10 uses. I also found the power button somewhat difficult to depress, though I suspect this is the case with all full-coverage cases for the MINI, as I know this is the case for many iPhone cases as well. The volume buttons, however, work very well.

The back plate of the Gladius is what really impresses - first with a metal, durable kickstand. The combination of the kickstand with the circular rotation device allows for stable viewing in either LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT mode. The kickstand is jsut a bit annoying to open and close (I stress "only a bit") because of the leather handstrap on the back. WHY THIS IS MISSING FROM OTHER CASES IS BEYOND ME!!! This handstrap makes tablet use of the MINI WONDERFUL - gone is the tension in your thumb and grip from holding your MINI - you merely insert your hand into the strap (once its been adjusted for you - up to 12 different adjustments) and the MINI becomes an extension of your hand. If you are using your tablet in a workforce setting (such as at the Apple Store for example), this should be mandatory as it will make a difference. Together with the rotation mechanism, the strap affords infinte indivdual-specific comfort settings with this case.

Again, I want to stress, that the reason I am not using this daily is because I am using the New Trent Airbender, which simply fits my needs better. But, this is the case I use for travel, and relaxing (i.e. gaming, internet surfing). Then I switch to the Airbender for day-to-day work. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Very good Review by Sue
I am enjoying the Gladius, and it will likely become my primary case for the iPad mini.

General solidity of the case - seems sturdy and will provide overall good protection for the ipad. I like that ports are covered to prevent dust/dirt/water entry. It is generally pretty simple to open and insert the ipad, though I did need to use a knife to put adequate pressure on the clips to open the case. Wrapping around the rubber case is fairly easy.

Stand - I wish there were more positions on the stand. Also, at the higher position, the rubber foot provides good stability. I wish the back of the stand also had that little rubber foot when used on the lower position, such as for typing.

Screen - the protective
screen unfortunately increases the glare and smudge issues on the screen. If I look at the screen from any angle other than straight on, I can see rainbow swirling (like looking at an oil slick). Those smudges seem harder to clean than off the glass as well. May be tradeoff for the scratch prevention, but it is an issue. The screen does not seem to impact touch responsiveness at all.

Strap - I love the strap. the rotation of the strap allows me to utilize it in many different positions and hand positions. I have small hands and the adjustability of the strap enables me to get a fairly snug fit. Using the strap relieves a lot of hand and arm fatigue that I used to have from gripping the iPad, especially when reading in bed. When I read in bed, I have found that I use the strap overhand, with my palm facing away from the back of the iPad, thereby providing a more natural wrist/elbow angle. I
also sometimes hang it off my thumb. Depending on use, I definitely rotate the angle of the strap. The quality of the leather is nice, and looks sharp. The suede on the inside is extremely comfortable.

I think this strap increases utility of the iPad mini for any type of standing/in the field use, as it provides such a secure grip. Coupled with the rugged protection features, I think this may be a go to case for outdoor/field use. But as I already stated, it also has improved usability in bed and other positions.
The strap also provides a more secure grip for photo/video taking in certain positions, eliminating more of the shake.
(Posted on 5/10/14)
Nice Rugged case Review by Leila
I love the idea of being able to hold the handle and don’t have to worry
about the ipad falling and breaking.

The leather is great and the body seems to be water resistant and I know is
shock proof, since is made from the same material is my Iphone case, that I

All ports are available and not blocked, I like that they are protected as

The only thing I really don't like is the plastic screen, I wish was
thinner and not as noticeable .

Overall the product has a great quality and I highly recommend. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Rugged and Ergonomic! Review by Mike
After using this case for few days I can say it is very good for its niche. I would recommend it to people that are on the constant move and gripping their iPads whilst doing so. Personally, I mainly use this case whilst doing work in the laboratory, but I also use a different case for when I take notes by hand. This is because the back portion of the case is not entirely flat, so this causes it to wobble when taking notes on a flat surface. But when working in the laboratory, I found this case extremely comfortable to type on because of the good ergonomics and ability to rotate due to the 360 degree rotation mechanism.

This case is one of the few cases that does not sacrifice rigidity for size. It is relatively slim compared to other cases, yet offers maximum protection to your iPad. This case is splash proof, NOT waterproof, it will protect your iPad from moisture but not complete submersion. Some of the best features of this case is that it is ergonomic, the material is pleasant to the touch, has an inbuilt screen protector, metallic stand, and a detachable strap. There are only a few things I dislike about this case; the leather strap sometimes obstructs the stand, the rubber cover protecting the USB connector sometimes is difficult to open, and that the leather strap is light colored so it can get stained easily.

Overall, this case is rigid and solidly built. I would have preferred if the leather strap was darker as to match the case and prevent stains. I have already recommended the New Trent Gladius to my lab mates and recommend it to anyone who is on the move! (Posted on 5/9/14)
Great Case Review by Dana
New Trent Gladius Mini -Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR) is great for anyone looking for protective case with the added protection from water and accidental drops.

PROS: The Galdius Mini case fits the iPad Mini very snuggly and the built-in screen protector is clear, and does not take away from the clarity of the Mini’s display in the least or its sensitivity. (NOTE** Clean the iPad Mini screen before placing in cover, you will be glad you did! **) Having a small child using the iPad Mini, occasionally, the case is very sturdy creates a nice protection for accidental drops, slips, spills, etc. and even prevent dust. The hand strap on the back is really convent. The kickstand is great feature also. This is a great case for both adult and kids of any age.

CONS: The Gladuis Mini Case makes the iPad Mini a tiny bit heavier, but not so that you will be disappointed. This should be expected when added a protective case. Also, it would be nice if the strap was adjustable for smaller hands, such as children or young adults. But overall, a great case.

Installation was easy and the instructions included were perfect.
The Gladius Mini Case is a great addition to anyone who is looking for a great protective case. On a scale of 1 - 5, I would rate this case a 5 without hesitation or a doubt.
(Posted on 5/8/14)
Excellent!! Love this Case Review by Taylor
Rugged, durable, and easy to use. This case feels tough, and most importantly feels nice. I love the strap, makes using it on the go a breeze. The strap piece swivels well and is easy. Also this case has a little stand. LOVE IT!!! If you need a mini with a strap can't beat this. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great rugged case for the iPad Mini Retina Review by Angel Love
The Gladius Mini for the iPad Mini Retina fits like a glove. Similar to the Airbender, the iPad Mini Retina fits the Gladius Mini perfectly. The case feels very solid and I like the ruggedness of the case. It does not feel flimsy or plasticky. The added protection of being water resistant, shock proof and dust proof are all bonuses considering that the case is not too thick or heavy. Although it adds a bit of weight to the iPad Mini, that is a small price to pay for its protection. The ports are all covered but easily accessible. I can charge the iPad Mini Retina even when it is inside the case and I can hear sounds, too!

I love the leather strap in the back. I would never have thought that it was something I would want to have in case. Although, an added wrist strap would also have been nice. The leather is soft, pliable and feels durable. I use it sometimes to twist the swivel behind the case (which I think it was not made for that). The leather strap adds a comfortable grip to the case, as well as the rubbery texture of the case. Holding the case with the leather strap adds an extra layer of security. I feel like there is a lesser chance I would drop the iPad Mini Retina accidentally with the leather strap. The strap itself is useful when you want to carry the iPad and show the screen to other people. It would be nice though for the leather strap to be removable. That way, when you think you might not need it, you can easily remove it.

The swivel has fixed rotations at around 45 degrees per rotation. I find that to be suitable to my basic needs when I just want to change from landscape to portrait view. I dont really use the iPad in a diagonal way, so the swivel is just perfect. The pop out stand at the back, though, feels flimsy but it really isnt. Although additional viewing angles would have been nice, this stand only has one viewing angle. The angle is sufficient for watching movies and the like. I also tried using it with the Airbender bluetooth keyboard and the viewing angle was just right for typing as well. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Very useful for supervisors Review by James
This product is so handy for on the go people. As a teacher I can monitor in huge classroom and have one hand free without worrying a put dropping the iPad. Huge stress relief. Very easy to install and the clear cover offers extra protection. I only wish it had a hard cover to protect the he screen. Also, I had a little bit of a struggle finding the perfect angle for the strap. Luckily it has a lot of different settings to play with until you get it comfortable. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Serious Protection Without A Cost Review by Michael
Here is a breakdown of what this great New Trent product offers:

Total Protection
Sturdy Construction
Built-in Screen Protector
Durable TPU Sleeve
Improved Grip Factor
Strong Lock-points
Rotatable Leather Strap and Kickstand
Maintains Ease of Tablet Use
Affordable Price

I am writing this review inline with another New Trent product I own to help those reading this make a more informed decision as to the type of case you may desire for your iPad based on functionality. My experience with the Gladius Mini has been an enjoyable one. I can see where many people would use the Gladius Mini for total protection everywhere they go without hindering the size, weight, and convenience of the iPad. Personally, I find it to be most effective for home use; whether watching YouTube while I eat in the kitchen or for doing most anything while sitting on the couch or laying in bed. The New Trent Airbender Mini better supports my classwork in college during the week as it has a fully functional keyboard. I have taken them both to school with me and have been asked by fellow students about each. During the week, my iPad stays in the Airbender. I use the Gladius on weekends. The following are some comparison notes of the Gladius Mini in contrast to the Airbender Mini. Although both are amazing, one will work better for you depending upon your needs.

The Gladius Mini feels just a bit more sturdy than the Airbender and the TPU sleeve fits more snugly into the seams of the case. The lock-points on the case seem to be more improved as well. The leather strap is very convenient for use in bed and while I'm walking with the iPad; I feel more comfortable knowing that I have a solid grip on it without having to touch the screen. The look of the case is very sleek, the arm stand is very smooth and holds well, and the leather strap is very comfortable and offers a bit of a luxurious feel. I also like the feel of the home button more on the Gladius, it's slightly thicker than the Airbender. If you are not looking for a case with a keyboard, this is the way to go!

If you are interested, you should check out my review of the Airbender Mini as well. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great protection, with an innovative Strap/Built in rotating Kickstand Review by Will
If you just want to protect your screen, the (overpriced) Apple flip cover works fine, although as a "Stand" it is tippy and wobbly at best. This case is very robust and solid. All of the buttons work/align perfectly and I was amazed that the screen protector had NO impact on the use or sensitivity of the device. I would highly recommend this case for those looking for a "weather-proof" solution for their iPad. I did not try a dunk test (nor do I think that it's classified for that) but for beach duty (sand) or hiking (dust, mud, moisture/rain) this case should be up to the task.

The leather strap gives you an easy and secure way to hold/carry the device, and the rotating bezel on the back makes it easy to align the iPad vertically or horizontally. It's aluminum, so it's sturdy and solid. No tipping. No wobbles. A great solution if you need something that is weatherproof and shock resistant. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Sturdy Case Review by Carlos
This case is great for people on the go, who don't have the ability to hold on to the iPad with both hands. The case also has a screen protector which is an added bonus.

It allows you to turn the iPad 360 degrees around your palm, so regardless of the app you are using, you will be able to rotate the iPad so that it works properly.

It also has plastic covers over all ports and buttons so they are protected from dust and moisture.

I would recommend this case to everyone. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great case for iPad Mini. Review by Eddie
New Trent Gladius Mini NT620GR iPad Mini Case

Setup: 5/5
Feel: 5/5
Protection: 5/5
Durability: 5/5

This case was very easy to put on the iPad and also easy to adjust the leather hand strap to fit your needs. The strap is unique and very convenient, offering a different way to hold the iPad during use. It pivots in a circular motion, allowing you to adjust the angle of the iPad when you hold it in different positions.There is a metal stand on the back underneath the strap which comes in handy for watching movies or any other activity that would require the iPad to stand freely. The case itself is very durable. Since buying this case, our iPad has been dropped and splashed several times with no harm done to it. (The case is not waterproof, but does a good job keeping dust and occasional splashes out) The built-in screen protector is nice as it protects the screen without having to go through the hassle of installing a screen protector, which I can never seem to do correctly. Overall, I really like this case and will continue using it. I would buy it again. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Nice case Review by Jt
New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR)- Review

The iPad mini was used to test this case
This case can be used for different applications, the case makes it easier and feels more natural when carrying in hand.
The kickstand comes is very useful when trying to watch a movie or if you just want to stand your device up without having to holding in hand.

Durable heavy duty case
Nice look
Unique design
Handy Kickstand
quality construction
offers protection to every part of the device.
easy install

(Posted on 4/30/14)
ARISE - GLADIUS!!!! Review by Tom
There aren't many cases out there on the market to tuck your iPad mini or iPad mini with Retina display into that make as big an impact as this awesome case offered by New Trent.'s Gladius Mini!


To be expected by New Trent, Gladius Mini comes packaged in the usual heavy duty cardboard box. Complete with color photos of the product on both sides, this comes ready to impress. Inside, plastic wrapped Gladius appears ready for installation. A reminder sticker is displayed to inform us that there is a protective film inside and out of the built-in screen protector. Be careful as the static charged protective film will pull in any small debris or dust in the air, so have a microfiber cloth (not included) to wipe it of before installing your iPad mini into the case.


Simple to take the plastic off of the product and removing the first protective film is a great start to the experience. Next, peeling off the TPU liner around the outer perimeter is a bit of a chore, but worth the effort. This, alone, makes you feel this case is ready to endure. Once completed, the next step is to unclip the 8-tabs that snap together the screen protector and bottom shell. This will take some time and patience, but, again, well worth it.


Very easy. First thing you will definitely want to do, is check the amazingly perfect real leather strap for the correct fit. This must be done prior to installation, but can be changed to your liking if you find that you adjusted either too small or too big, depending on your hand size and level of comfort. Once you know the surfaces of your iPad mini are clean and free of fingerprints, etc., you are ready to lay the device into the back shell and lay the screen protector on top. Starting with the bottom clips, snap them together and work your way around until everything is nice and snug before placing the TPU liner back on.


Absolutely AMAZING! All functions work seamlessly and without any visual distortion due to the screen protector. In fact, not many products have a screen protector that lays flush with the display of the device, so this is an added bonus, so there won't be much to get use to or adjust your touch style. I have a relatively normal sense of touch, and soft engagement even works with zero limitations, I highly recommend a New Trent micro mesh stylus, vs the "other guys" as it goes perfectly with this type of screen protector.

Complete grip and control with the utmost amount of comfort are present on the portrait or landscape orientations. Additionally, the included stand makes displaying your content or just laying on a desk or table virtually effortless. Just pull out the stand with the finger latch style release, and BOOM...instantly display in either orientation for a classy and visually appealing angle sure to catch the attention of onlookers.


No question in my mind, this case is SUPERB with my personal ***** (5-star) seal of approval (Posted on 4/26/14)
Very Good! Review by Carlos
I have multiple cases for different uses. I bought this one for when I'm on the go. I'm a little clumsy and more specifically I'm afraid of my iPad Mini slipping out of my hand. The rear leather strap helps very well with preventing this. It stay snug to my hand and is very comfortable. It is adjustable to various sizes and the leather is soft on the inside. The overall construction is good and seems if it comes down do a drop, the case will do a fine job protecting it. It does have a built-in screen protector too and dust covers for the audio jack and lightning cable ports. I made a short video review, if you'd like to watch, just follow the link. (Posted on 4/25/14)
Great Case Review by Serge
Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR): I never used cases on my ipads. After giving this case a try I realized what I have been missing out on. Easy fit and take off anytime. I accidentally did drop my ipad and thanks to the case, not even a scratch. The handle definitely adds to the convenience of being more mobile with the device. Now I walk around everywhere with my ip (Posted on 4/24/14)
Great Rugged Case for everyone Review by Russell
I love having the right kind of case for each usage situation, and this case covers several of those situations. I can use it in the kitchen while cooking, outdoors while hiking or camping, and even around the house reading or laying back for a while. The hand strap makes the iPad feel much more secure in my hand, and when I'm laid back I don't even have to grip it, I just let my hand sit through the strap and hold itself. I love how well protected it is so that I don't have to worry about it getting dirty while cooking or doing stuff with it outside. Overall it is a great case and I would recommend it to anyone, I've already told my friends and family about it! (Posted on 4/23/14)
Sturdy and Functional Review by Jason
The Gladius Mini is very sleek and attractive when taken out of the box. It fits with the physical appearance of the iPad mini. Of course it does cover up the iconic Apple symbol on the back of the iPad mini, but that is unavoidable because of the arm stand and leather hand strap.

Installing the iPad Mini into the case is very straight forward and following the instructions is very easy. I have two criticisms here. The first is to place the part about adjusting the leather strap between steps 2 & 3. I had to take mine out of the case after getting everything in place to adjust the strap. The second would be a reminder to clean the iPad Mini screen before so that nothing is between the screen and the screen protector.

The case itself does not add that much bulk to the iPad Mini. I like the ability to hold it with one hand and not have to worry about it slipping out. I use mine to help keep stats as I coach and have worried about it flying out of my hand. The case does not block any of the camera functions or access to the volume, headphone port, home, or power buttons. The orientation lock might be a little difficult to get to if someone had large fingers. The TPU sleeve seems like it will do a good job protecting from bumps and small drops (not willing to test that part). The Thermoplastic Hardshell is hard and protective. I like that the front part of the case is textured and not the glossy as the back is so as to not retain finger prints. The screen protector does not seem to inhibit any of the iPad Mini’s responsiveness to touch

There are three reasons that this does not receive a 5. As a protective cover it seems fine against dust and maybe the incidental splash (again, not willing to test), but it is not completely water resistant but for the money a great case. Also, as with all cases that have a screen cover, it attracts and holds finger prints and dust. The third reason is the kick stand. While I like it and it is very sturdy, it is very hard to get out for someone who does not have finger nails.
(Posted on 4/23/14)
You can hold it all day long! Review by Alex
What a great design! After using this case for a couple weeks, I must say I love how comfortable it is to hold. I was originally worried about not having a closed cover over the screen when not in use, but this makes up for it in sheer ease to hold. If you are looking for solid protection this case will cover your needs. It completely encases the iPad in hard plastic then that is covered with rubber for a good grip and feel. The rubber also covers the charging and head phone ports to prevent dust build up.

I only have one drawback that I think is easily solved. My opinion of the screen cover is that is feels a little rough. Specifically, that it takes some getting used to in order to swipe the screen easily. I really like the feel of matte finish screen protectors. What I did was separate the New Trent built in cover and used a standard separate protector that I installed myself. Even with that one little negative, I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is an amazing design and I fully trust it to protect my beloved iPad! (Posted on 4/23/14)
New Trent Airbender Mini Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Apple iPad Mini Review: Review by Matthew
When I received this product I was unsure if I would like it
or not. I have had a few blue tooth items in the past and they never
seemed to work as advertised. I expected the same out of the keyboard.
BUT I was happily surprised with how well it did work. I got this product
right before I had to go on a business trip and what better way to test
this then during meetings. It was easy to set up and use, and I am not
tech savvy at all. I was able to type messages, papers, emails with ease.
The only issue I had with this item was that it seemed a little top heavy
when I used it. I had to make sure not to put the iPad mini to far back.
Other then this minor issue which can probably be fixed with a few
adjustments on my end (Like I said I am not that tech savvy and there
is probably a simple fix) This is a great product. I would recommend this
product to any one who travels frequently and wants to have the ease of
emailing, messaging, etc. without taking up extra room. Love this product!! (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great case for great price. Review by Aaron
I tested this item with my Apple iPad mini with Retina Display model. The fit was good and I did not have any worries snapping the unit into place. Some cases advertise being usable with the first-gen mini and the Retina model, but often the fit on Retina models is tight due to the slightly increased thickness; that was not the case here thankfully!

Overall, the case is very nice for the price. It is very sturdy and feels great in your hand. I have used Otterbox & Survivor cases on my iPads in the past, and I feel even more confident in the build quality of this New Trent case than I did with those. It advertises dirt- and water-proof capabilities, but I think they really mean resistant, since there are some small exposed sections like the speaker grills where water could still get into if submerged. I guess technically it would resist damage if only submerged briefly, but wanted to point that out.

The standout features here are the built-in stand and built-in hand strap. Both feel very premium; the stand is made of metal and glides from open to closed very smoothly, and the strap is made of a very nice stitched leather. It feels great in hand. The iPad does take on a little extra heft in this case, so the strap is great to have to make it easier to hold for extended periods of time.

I work in a professional health care environment, so the case was nice to have. I could throw it into my work bag without much worry over damaging the unit, and the strap made it easy to hold when in use.

My only complaint with the product is that the built-in screen protector is not very flush with the iPad screen. Some sections of the protector had a gap between it and the screen, so when you were using the iPad, it would be flexing a lot on you. This became annoying over time, but not a deal breaker if you really need a rugged case.

Overall I would rate the item 4.5 stars, but if I had to go to a round number I would lean to the 5 due to the awesome product at this price point. I definitely would recommend it.
(Posted on 4/19/14)
It is a good cover Review by Isaac
The cover is delivered in a small box very cute.

All components are protected inside.

General features:
The case feel very hard and the rubber cover add the extra shock absorber.
The Leather strap is very confortable, but if you have a very small hand lose the grip.
The 360º rotation is very useful, give confort to your hand, don't require to rotate your hand to adjust the angle of vision and comfort. Just rotate the iPad and that's all.
The cover fit the iPad mini retina very well. All the buttons, cameras, usb connector and mic get in the right position and accessible.
It has open holes (not water proof), can handle a splash or minor rain, you have to get it in your bag quickly.
It’s best suited when you are taking pictures, eliminate the worry of let it fall from your hand.

When to use it:
I prefer to use it when I’m sit or stand up, if you are bed looking for a comfort position is not easy with the strap. It’s better to take the iPad by side.

Issues found:

The collapsible arm has a plastic guide that is very soft for the position where is located. it can break. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Very nice, sturdy case Review by William
Before I tried this case, the case I used on my iPad mini was the Otterbox Defender and the Gladius is a very close comparison. The Gladius is very nice and feels good in hand, very easy to carry. It appears to offer substantial protection to the iPad, much in the same way as the Otterbox although I have not performed a drop test on either to judge their effectiveness. Thickness when compared to the main Otterbox case is about equal - this when the protective cover is left off the Otterbox, The Gladius is much thinner when the cover is taken into account. The outer rubber shell feels a bit thinner than that of the Otterbox while remaining more rigid. It's quite difficult to remove from the inner case, but that may be to it's advantage since it's not likely to come loose unintentionally and it fits very snugly (unlike some other cases I have tried for various tablets). The inner case also feels a bit thinner than that of the Otterbox but still seems to offer significant protection to the iPad. After insertion in the case I don't notice any change to the responsiveness of the touchscreen.

The leather hand strap has a very nice feel and the ability to adjust it to various hand sizes is appreciated. There are 'stop' positions on the rotating strap at 45 degree increments and this is much better than a freely turning strap, but I was not able to hold the tablet comfortably at any of the preset positions. Setting the 'stop' positions to every 30 degrees would be better for my needs. However, I'm just not certain that this product would fill a need in my usage patterns. I would highly recommend this to anyone who intends to use their iPad mini while presenting to an audience or walking around while using it. These use cases represent about 10% or less of when I am using the tablet.

Overall, I feel that this is a very high quality product and that it is about 90% equivalent to the Otterbox - I give it +10% to functionality due to the leather strap, but this comes after a -20% on protection since it doesn't offer any protection to the front of the tablet when it's not in use. I feel that the cover/stand provided with the Otterbox far exceeds the value provided by the hand strap. If this product were to provide some equivalent method for guarding the screen I would gladly replace my Otterbox with it. As is, I would give this 4 out of 5. This is not a reflection on the quality of the product, just on its usefulness to me. Would this replace my Otterbox? Probably not. Would I purchase it instead of the Otterbox or the New Trent Airbender? Again, probably not. Regardless, it is a high quality item which would be very useful in specific cases. This case is also significantly cheaper than the Otterbox and that - combined with the usefulness of the hand strap - may make up for the lack of rigid protection for the screen.

To me, the best use case for the Gladius would be the ability to snap a similar wrist strap to the back of the New Trent Airbender case in place of the keyboard stand connector. I've been a fan of the protection offered by the Otterbox for some time and both of these products offer protection along the same lines, but the Gladius seems to fit a certain niche that just isn't present in how I use the tablet which is the only reason I have not given it a 5+ star rating. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Well worth the price Review by Joseph
I received my New Trent Gladius Mini approx 6 week ago. and I have used it daily. The Packaging was good, arriving via Priority Mail. Packaging was more than adequate, and arrived undamaged Upon opening the package the case and instructions presented themselves. Upon further investigation instructions were clear and concise. Removed the outer plastic cover to expose the inner clam shell. Note: Allow the plastic to acquire room temperature before removing as it will become more flexible. The Hand Strap adjustment are on the inside of the back cover. Initially I left mine fully tightened only to find that I need to
allow some extra room to fit over my palm and not just my fingers. The Stand while a bit tight to extend initially, worked well. But I found it to hold the display too vertical and some user adjustment needs to be allowed for. Especially when using an external Bluetooth keyboard or wanting a better viewing angle for videos. The hand strap did not hinder the stand operation and the 360
degree rotation allowed for infinite adjustment. The Ipad Mini fit snugly in the case offering excellent support and protection. Don’t forget to remove the protective film from the inner side of the protective screen. Both sides snap together with interlocking tabs. When installing the outer plastic cover start with the bottom and slowly work around on both sides Fully installed and stand deployed. All buttons work with the minimum amount of effort. All ports are accessible thru open able doors that afford protection from the entry of
contaminates and are designed not to cause any fitment issues with the headphone or sync cables. The protective screen did NOT inhibit the operation of the icons or the soft keyboard. This allowed for a natural use of the screen
touch functions. I used the Gladius Mini Case at work for the following week. Using the hand strap became 2nd nature as the days progressed, it allowed me to easily reply to emails or Lync IM. Just as easy was checking notes or taking notes on the project I was working on. The protective cover offered excellent from the occasion drop protecting the Ipad from damage. While the surface did allow
some glare, I did not find it too distracting as I could always change my positioning. While the unit is weatherproof it is NOT water proof. I did deal with a brief rain shower moving from one building to another, no damage done. I use a
Overall on a 1 to 5 scale I would give the Gladius Mini Case a 5. While the issues I found were minor they do affect the day to day use of the case. I would and do recommend the case for any Ipad user that uses their Ipad as part of their daily routine. The protection provided is easily justified by the price. I have drop it, knocked it off my desk, and even kicked it once, all with out a scratch.
Joseph Lord
(Posted on 4/15/14)
A rugged and perfect compliment to any workplace iPad. Review by Jonathan
Device: iPad Mini w/ Retina 16GB
My Score:
Design: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Functionality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Build Quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Gladius Mini works fantasticly with my iPad Mini with Retina. The case comes well packaged and is very easy to immediately apply to the iPad. The case is very well designed and fits very snugly to the iPad without making you feel like you are going to break it by putting it on. The case stands up to constant use without any visible marks and unlike the competition it doesn't change how the screen looks which means the world to me. The stand in the back of the Gladius Mini is well built and made of metal not flimsy plastic. It feel extremely solid and is at a great angle as well.

The case is light and durable. I've dropped it a few times and there is no damage whatsoever. The screen protector doesn't get in the way of the screen nor does it cause any touch issues either. I even spilled drink on my iPad (not suggested) and the case saved it without any issue at all. With a case this sturdy and with such a fantastic price I don't see myself purchasing anything other than New Trent accessories from now on.

I work in a maintenance job and without the Gladius Mini my iPad Mini would suffer certain destruction. And even using the case and removing it at a later time is very easy and doesn't leave any marks on the tablet or is backing. This is especially important to me since my iPad was a gift and I would be devastated if the case damaged the inscription on the back.

(Posted on 4/11/14)
Well made, sturdy construction Review by Adam
My review of the New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR)

The Assembly:

The case is in two pieces which are perfectly molded to form a tight fit around the device. I especially like the large tabs that lock the case together. In other cases I've owned the tabs were so small as to be a problem if you wanted to take the case apart for cleaning. These tabs are large and are easy to open. The rubber cover which pulls over the two plastic halves fit extremely tight and it took some work for me to pull it on. This is a good thing. Other cases I've owned did not have a tight fitting rubber cover. The benefit of having a tight rubber cover is that your device is well protected against dirt and grime getting into your device.

First Impressions:

The case is extremely light and durable. It feels solid in your hands. The leather strap in the back of the case makes for easy carrying. It's especially nice to be able to hold the iPad Mini with the leather strap as you walk around the house, checking Facebook, email, etc. The tabs that cover the ear plug jack, mute button, and power jack are very impressive. These open easily and give plenty of room to access each area. The tabs seem extra durable when set into place inside the case.


I was especially excited to see that this case comes with a kickstand, that is, until I began using it. When the kickstand is rotated to portrait mode the device leans back at a respectable angle. When using the kickstand with the device rotated to landscape mode the device sits at a much steeper angle, a few degrees off from vertical. I feel like the kickstand should definitely be adjustable to the user's viewpoint. I have to adjust my chair height, or my angle of viewing to be able to see the screen just right. Again, if the kickstand were adjustable, perhaps with a slide out leg that extends and retracts, it would make this product much better.

Another thing I've noticed is that the rubber tab over the ipad mini's home button is really stiff. The home screen button without the case has a nice responsive feel when depressed. With the rubber tab over the home button it feels like you are pushing really hard to turn the device on. I would recommend adjusting the width or thickness of the rubber tab to make it feel more responsive to touch.

Final Thoughts:

I really like the rugged case and the ability to assemble and dissemble the case quickly and easily. The kickstand issue is an easy fix that I hope to see implemented in the next version of this case.


I would give the New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR) four out of five stars. There is definitely room for improvement on the issues mentioned above but I really think this case is well designed and thought out.


I would like to extend my thanks to New Trent for allowing me to test and review their product. It has been a positive experience. Thank you.
(Posted on 4/11/14)
Rugged, but nominal liquid protection Review by Dickie
Another nice case design from New Trent. I could see this being extremely useful in POS environments or situations where a user needs to hold the iPad for long periods of time. But as for day-to-day use, I just didn't find it to fit my needs. The case is solidly built, but does still have exposed ports, so it provides only nominal liquid protection. Why only 4 stars? I did have one situation where I ejected my retina iPad mini on to the ground while trying to open the case. Secondly, the screen cover is a hard non-replaceable plastic. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Awesome Mini Case!!! Review by Chad
This product was used on an iPad Mini 1st generation. The New Trent Gladius Mini was very easy to put on the iPad Mini. I was not real sure about the leather strap, but after use, I have come to really like it. I also like that the case is shockproof, dust-proof, and water resistant. The kickstand can be a little difficult to pull out, but is handy if you watch a lot of videos or set your iPad Mini up for taking videos.
The leather strap is a secure way to hold the iPad Mini and seems to be well made. The case fit securely and there were no rattles or pieces falling off. I recommend this product for anyone who wants a secure case and a way to hold their iPad Mini that is comfortable. I also recommend this to parents with children who have iPad Minis. The leather strap can be tightened or loosened to fit each hand.
I give this product a 5 out of 5, because it is comfortable, well-made, and protects my iPad Mini. I also have more New Trent products and they are all high quality. I always go to New Trent's website to look for products when I am looking to purchase something.
(Posted on 4/10/14)
Rugged iPad mini case Review by Wendy
Review for New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR). I have kids so I need a case that will take a beating and keep my my iPad protected. Installation was pretty easy. It says to take off any screen protectors that you have on it. I did not. I like those screen protectors and didn't want to waste that money I spent. I was worried that since I didn't take the screen protectors off the installation would be hard. I had another Newtrent case that had similar clips on the case that were very hard to snap together if you left the screen protector on. I did not have that problem at all this time! The hard inside part of the case snapped together very easily. Every single snap went together perfectly! What a relief! The softer outer shell was also very easy to get on. All ports are easily accessible and are covered to prevent dust and other debris from getting in. The leather handle on the back is nice, it is adjustable. But, just has to options. On the tightest option it is still a bit loose for me. I think I have average size womens hands. The handle does rotate so you can find a comfortable position and it is helpful if you want to show another person something on the screen. This case also has a built in screen protector. The extra protection is nice. The built in screen protector sticks to your screen protector so when the screen is off it looks a little funny. But when the screen is on you can't see it at all. The display is just as great as if the extra screen protector were not there. This case is very durable and protects the iPad mini very well. I would give this case 4 out of 5 stars, taking one star off for not being able to make the handle smaller. I would recommend this case to anyone that needs a protective case with a handle. (Posted on 4/10/14)
great for active workers Review by Karen
This case is great! When ordering it I was thinking of al the different uses for it. I have the New Trent iPad mini case with keyboard already too, which I equally love but these two have different uses. The case is 3 pieces, you enclose iPad mini in 2 plastic hard shells and then the rubber case goes around in and a Leather hand strap is on the back. The strap rotates 360*. My uses: watching a movie or TV, holding it on your hand is very easy, especially if you are getting up and moving around. When working with children (professionally or your own) its easy for you to hold it and ask them to do things on apps, etc while keeping it secure on your hand. Reading (anywhere) holding the iPad this way is just natural, relaxed and easy. Another great product from New Trent! (Posted on 4/8/14)
Awesome Product That Exceeded My Expectations! Review by Dennis M.
using the product for several days with our 16GB Black iPad Mini, my wife
and I are very happy with it overall. The case seems very durable and well
built leaving no question that it protects the device well. The leather
strap is a very nice added touch to the case and seems a lot more useful on
a device the size of an iPad Mini rather than it would be on a 10" tablet.
It's nice to have the added protection of the screen protector included but
it might also be nice to have it as a removable option. My wife and I
often share the use of our iPad Mini and she found the leather strap to be
a little too loose even adjusted to the tightest setting. She also would
have liked to see the leather strap offered in black leather or possibly
even other colors or materials that might make the entire product more
water resistant. The kickstand was one of our favorite features of this
product and we love that it rotates with the leather strap, which is also a
great feature of the strap! I think that the iPad Mini's size and
capabilities make it a great product for the workforce in almost any
occupation. This case builds on those great attributes and adds even more
functionality. If used in a workplace where devices might be shared by
multiple employees as the device is shared in my home, I think it would be
great to be able to adjust the size of the leather strap without having to
remove the iPad from the case which is not only a nuisance, but leaves the
iPad vulnerable to accidents while unprotected by the case. Being able to
adjust or remove the strap from the exterior might also allow for users to
be able to attach the case to a belt or bag strap as well. I also believe
that if I could somehow remove the strap and rotating bezel from the case,
I might be able to type and do other work while keeping the strap portion
of the case on my hand. With the strap removed from the case, the case
would be much easier to slide into a bag if you won't be needing the strap
in the immediate future. In closing, I think this is a great product with
the potential to maybe be one of my favorite NewTrent products that I own. (Posted on 4/5/14)
Great for certain styles, Good otherwise Review by Ryan
This is a very nice case for the price. It is a heavy duty case such as the Otterbox Defender, but with a few extras. I'm not giving it the full 5 stars because I just don't feel it fits my lifestyle. I purchased this case for showcasing visuals during trade show events (and I believe it will be great for that when the time comes). In the mean time I am using it as a daily commuting case, but it has its drawbacks. By commuting, I mean stashing my iPad into a low profile bag and walking to my destinations. I don't typically use it while I walk, although this case might work great for that if it is what you are in to. The two big (and they really aren't so big) gripes I have with this case are that (1) the strap is too large for my hand even in the smallest setting and (2) the case is just a little too bulky for my low profile style. Both of these issues I attempted to solve by removing the strap completely. It isn't quite as comfortable to hold, but using this case for daily commuting made more sense to me with the strap removed. In the whole scheme of things, I'm glad I got this case and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't intend to cram it in a bag constantly. I'll wrap this up with a pros/cons list.

- Great price for a quality, great looking case (Feels and looks better than Otterbox at almost half the price)
- Protection for the screen and both cameras
- Buttons are so much easier to push than with other heavy duty cases
- Built in stand
- Versatility
- Adjustable/Removable strap
- Great feel and design with strap usage
- Easy to remove and re-apply the case if needed

- Initially deploying the stand was difficult, but gets easier over time
- Has a slightly bulky feel if there is a need to fit it in a small bag, but your also carrying a stand and strap
- Strap might feel loose for people with small-medium sized hands
- Resizing the strap requires removal of the iPad

As you can see, most of the cons are even refuted by me. I feel I was very critical of this case due to me purchasing it for one reason and using it for another altogether, which really shows off it's versatility. This case is a great case and I am very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Trendy Strap and Very Durable Review by Andrew
The Gladius mini is a durable case. It has a screen protector and is very thick. It gives you a sense of security when standing with your device. The leather strap is a nice touch and it fits so nice once you adjust it. This makes it so much easier to hold your ipad. This would be perfect for someone who has to walk around while doing stuff on the job. Perfect when you're trying to look at plans or lists while carrying out tasks. It's near impossible to drop this thing. You can also rotate the strap so you don't have to twist your wrist off to view it in a different orientation. The one thing though I had so much trouble opening the kickstand due to the fact that I didn't realize the angle I had to pull to open it. Also the case is rather unattractive if you don't account the leather strap. It just seems weird to have a nice strap and then have an ugly exterior. I give this a 4 out of 5. Durable and secure. But needs some aesthetics worked on. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Nice protection at a nice price Review by Mark
I have been using the New Trent Gladius Mini iPAD case with my iPAD mini for the past month now. Previously I was using the Bear Motion Buffalo leather folio, which I enjoyed for its book like quality but it offered only limited protection and the stand was only useful in landscape orientation. I have been pleasantly surprised with the Gladius. It is lightweight and does not add significant bulk to the iPad mini but still offers nice protection. It took me a few minutes to put it all together at first (I didn’t view the online tutorial but tried to follow the printed instructions) but now I can take it apart and put it back together with my iPAD in under a minute.
I carry my iPad with me to work in my briefcase, and on trips I usually store it in a carry on bag so the additional protection offered by this case is a definite plus. I was a bit worried about the leather strap thinking it would be awkward but I have found it to be very useful when holding the iPAD and even when carrying it around. The strap mechanism locks every 45 degrees but it is still stable even when it is not completely locked so you can hold it in any position that is most comfortable to your hand. The ability to use the stand in both portrait and landscape is a plus, I use the portrait mode for reading, and in the kitchen for recipes and of course landscape for movies and TV shows..
I also like the larger opening on the headphone jack; some other cases I have seen are only big enough to fit the supplied Apple ear buds and not aftermarket headphones. Along the same lines it has easy access to the jack and lightning connector ports, and the functionality of the home, and sleep/wake buttons, and volume controls are solid.
My only critique would be that I am not so sure this unit is entirely waterproof, as there are a few holes for the microphone and speakers. I didn’t test this specifically, but it does offer good protection against splashes (in the kitchen) and I would be comfortable taking this to the beach or sitting alongside a pool. It was also easy to clean after my 3 year old sneezed on it while he was playing with it. Water resistant and dust resistant would probably be better terms.
Overall I am very satisfied with this product and it is my new favorite iPAD mini case. If you carry your iPAD with you wherever you go, in a briefcase filled with books papers, pens etc, or travel with it stuffed into a carry on bag, this case offers a good deal of protection. It is also useful protection against kids sticky hands, the occasional sneeze, and other miscellaneous splashes. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Great hardened iPad mini case Review by Grant
The idea of a hardened case for my iPad mini is very appealing as my 9
and 10 year old are playing with it more and more and the Gladius give
me a little more security with them using it. When I first got it out
of the box it took me a little while to get it apart to put the iPad
Mini into it. We had an OtterBox for my wife's 3GS and their rubber
outer layer seems to be more rubbery and easier to get off. Once I got
it on, it closed up very easily and I immediately enjoyed using the
case. I did not think I would be a fan of the leather hand strap, but
that actually became one of my favorite features, as It did not get in
the way of anything, but it felt more secure in my hand. It is fairly
easy to adjust when you have the case open if needed. The only downside
to the strap is that sometimes my son likes to set the iPad flat on a
table to play games, and in this use case it was not as easy. I also
really like the kick-stand. It was a little hard at first to remember
how to open it, but with more use it came in handy. This was great when
sharing video with friends and when I use it as a second screen while
working. The case has flaps that cover all the important controls, and
once I remembered where everything was it was easy to use. I actually
see me using this more than I had originally planned, especially around
the house and when traveling with the family.

The build quality and materials are definitely a 4. The screen cover
would be the one downside for me. It seemed to get dirtier quicker than
just the normal screen and there seemed to be a little more glare.
Nothing major, just enough to keep it from a 5.

While I like my use case at home, I can see this really being a home run
for people looking to get the employees to use iPad minis in warehouses,
field services, really anywhere. The hand strap and hardened case would
make this a good investment for people using this in work environments.
(Posted on 4/1/14)
Awesomeness! Review by VDub512
(+) LOVE the leather hand strap, Very comfortable to use and hold iPad for
several hours, Very durable case, access to ports is very easily accessible.

(-) dislike the glare I get from the screen when using outdoors. (very hard
to see whats on the screen unless you bump up the brightness of the

(=) wish the strap was adjustable to fit my smaller hands a little more
snug! (Posted on 3/31/14)
Functional & Safe Review by JT
5 Stars
The Newtrent Gladuis Mini Is a lot better that I had hoped for. I really
like the ability to have the Mini "in the palm of my hand" without having
to hold it from slipping. I am looking for apps that I can use while
working on "CERT" scenarios, and training. I can see where EMT's and first
responders would really like the Gladius Mini case. My Doctors office uses
old tablets in their office, I have showed the Gladius Mini to them and
they are looking into the possibilities.
On a side note... when I have had a long day and I am reading on the bus, it's nice to know if I doze it won't hit the floor. (Posted on 3/30/14)
Love this case! Solid design, perfectly formed grip. Couldn't be better! Review by Scott
I love the design of this case. The wrist strap is perfectly sized for my hand (and adjustable) and the case fits perfectly. Very high quality & very good protection. I love how easily the swivel works for the back grip. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Amazing New Trent Gladius Mini Ipad Case Review by GioP
Recently I received the New Trent Gladius Mini iPad Case. It didn't take much from the day I ordered on Amazon until the day I received it at my door. Box was packaged very good. The case is very well packed inside a box and it even came with plastic sheet to protect the inside of the screen and the outside of the screen. As soon as I open it, I get rid of my old and cheap iPad Mini case. It was very easy to install the case but if you have any problems just check the instructions that it explain how to install it correctly. As for my first impression the case is amazing. It looks very durable and rugged. Touch screen on the iPad Mini works perfectly without any problems as well as all the buttons and charger. There is a protector for the charger plug so if you want to charge it you need to open. That is great so it is protected from dust and other particles. Both cameras are protected and you don't even notice in the picture that there is a plastic protecting the camera. You can watch a movie and you don't even notice that there is a protecting layer on the screen. On the back of the case there is a leather hand strap that actually help you when using the iPad mini. At first I tough I was not going to use it, but since I use it I haven't stop using it. It is a great idea to have that option when you have it on your hand because it secure the iPad from dropping it on the floor. Also behind the leather hand strap there is a built-in stand that it's great when you are watching movies, tv show or just to put it on the desk. Speakers sound like if there were no case on them (actually there are no case on them, there are layers of protections but only to protect the iPad if you drop it not for water). This case is one of the most interesting cases I have used on an iPad Mini because it has a lot of features in just one case. The features on this iPad Mini include water, dirt and shock proof, 360 rotation leather hand strap and built-in stand. I recommend anyone with an iPad Mini to buy this case. It's protects the iPad Mini very well and it doesn't cost that much compared to other cases in the same category. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Very tough Review by Cliff
This is one tough case. I put my iPad Mini in it and it will be hard to come out. This is a good thing, if this is what you need. If you ever need to use your iPad Mini out in the rain, in bad weather, where it's dirty, etc... and you don't want it to get a scratch on it, this case will work great. The front is sealed very well. The back is not sealed as much, so I wouldn't put it down in a puddle or anything, but the ports -- where water is more prone to enter -- are very well sealed. The leather handle rotates, and there's a stand. I feel like it should be easier to get your iPad in and out of the case, but it's not a huge deal as long as you realize that once it's in there -- it's in there. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Rugged case with a grip Review by brian
I got this case for use with an iPad mini.This is the case with a rugged case with a grip! The design of this case is amazing. If you ever have to hold the iPad for a long period of time, your hand will gets tired, and will wish the back had a handle - the Gladius mini case for the iPad mini not only solves this problem but provides excellent protection for the iPad. The case covers the entire iPad including a built screen protector, no need to buy a screen overlay! There are rubber covers for all of the ports for better protection. The ports are also easily accessible. This is a very durable and functional case available for an iPad mini, especially if you are buying it for kids, who may have more accidental drops than an adult. If you are looking for a case to protect your iPad mini look no further. The case offers full protection. The case is also impact and water resistant. The case came with great instructions for installation and use. Total install time was under 4 minutes including adjusting the hand grip.

After placing the iPad mini inside of the case all buttons and ports were fully accessible, so no need to remove it to charge or to use the camera.

The case itself is a very sturdy case, and the Gladius mini should protect your iPad. All the ports and peripherals are covered to prevent water damage.

The case is really well built and has a comfortable leather strap for your hand. The grip is easily adjustable. The grip is also very comfortable allowing you to hold the mini with one hand in many positions for hours without fatigue. The grip rotates 360 degrees but that ability doesn't add much bulk to the case. This also makes holding the iPad easy and convenient. If you do not want to hold the iPad the case also has a kickstand located under the handgrip. The stand is also adjustable.

The Gladius case for the iPad mini is highly recommended. I would give this item a rating of 5 a must-have product! (Posted on 3/27/14)
Tank with Features Review by TxGemini
I purchased this case a few days ago for my ipad mini. It is very light weight & fits very snug. The case makes my ipad feel very solid which has given me peace of mind that my ipad wont shatter if dropped. The case features a leather strap which could also be used as a carry handle, a stand that is attached to a swivel base so it can be used while the case is in either portrait or landscape position, and a built in screen protector. The case has 3 parts that need to be pieced together correctly in order for it to fit like it should.
I followed the included detailed instructions in the order as they were written. They were pretty easy to follow but the one thing I noticed that seemed out of place was the leather strap installation/size adjustment instructions. In order to install or adjust the leather strap, the case has to be completely disassembled. So after I had the case pieced together around my Ipad, the next step in the instructions was to install/adjust the strap (optional). I would have just skipped this step since the strap was already on the case but I wasn't sure what size setting the strap was defaulted to and I was hoping that maybe it could go a just little tighter around my hand. I disassembled the case to see if I could adjust the strap more but then found that it was already the tightest it could go. I feel that the leather strap step on the instruction manual should be the 1st thing to do, not the last thing so it should be moved up to the top of the list rather than the bottom.
Once the case was on my ipad, it made my ipad easier to grip since it added thickness to the thin ipad along with a less slippery surface. My ipad feels more durable without any added weight. One issue I noticed was that the part of the case that covers the home button on the ipad protrudes a little. When I set the ipad face down on the table, the home button is accidentally long pressed, which activates Siri. This is a little bit annoying to me so I am deducting 1/2 a star for this reason.
I really like the fact that the case stand is able to swivel around 360 degrees so I can stand my ipad up in either portrait or landscape orientations. In the product description, one of the features is the collapsible arm stand. They aren't kidding....When they say collapsible, they really mean it. When I stand the ipad in portrait orientation, the ipad will easily collapse or tip over if it is tapped, bumped, surface it is on moves slightly, etc. I'm thinking that maybe the stand should lock into position instead of it being collapsible. This is the reason I am deducting another 1/2 a star.
Another thing I noticed but really isn't a big deal is the stand does not have a slope adjustment to choose how far back you want the ipad to lean. This might actually be also help solve the collapsing issue. I've encountered no issues when I stand my ipad in landscape orientation.
I love the fact that the screen protector is built into the case. When using a stylus on the screen protector I have to press a little bit harder when playing certain games, but have not noticed any difference in screen sensitivity with the screen protector when using a finger to navigate or play games.
Overall, my ipad definitely feels like a tank with included features. The added durability that this case provides is such a small price to pay compared to the price of ipad repair or replacement if such an unfortunate event would occur while using a cheap knock-off brand or no case at all. As with most items on today's market, there are a couple of kinks that I feel may or may not need to be worked out; but what is a considered an issue to me, may not be such a big deal to others. I guess it all depends on the person or what features on the case you will be using the most.
All in all, this case is well worth the price and I would recommend it to others. (Posted on 3/26/14)
Fabulous Ipad Mini Case Review by Andrea
The New Trent Gladius iPad mini case is a sturdy, protective case for your iPad mini that fits perfectly and is very useful. It comes with a leather strap on the back allowing you to securely hold onto your iPad without fear of dropping it. Very useful for someone with arthritic hands like me who always is afraid of dropping it. And my daughter wants to use it for a concert she is going to so that she can securely hold it while taking photos. The strap also rotates 360 degrees so that you can view your iPad in any direction. And it comes with a sturdy stand on the back so that it can be set on your desk for when you don't want to hold it, such as when watching movies. My only complaint and it's not really a complaint more of an observation is that it is very difficult to get on and off. I had a tough time undoing the latches that hold the inner case on. But that does mean it is on your iPad very securely and you don't have to fear it coming undone and falling off like with other cases. An all around terrifically useful and sturdy/protective case for your iPad mini.
(Posted on 3/25/14)
If you give lectures, walk around with your iPad Mini often, or are prone to dropping it then you need this case Review by Matt
The design of this case is interesting compared to others because of the leather strap on the back. I thought I would give it a try to see if I'd like it and the more I use it the more dependent I've become to holding my iPad with the strap. At the very least, I have more peace of mind knowing I have a good grip on my iPad and will have less of a chance of dropping it. The strap is also nice because you can hold on to your iPad with just one hand and it rotates (it clicks into place so it doesn't rotate freely).

As for the construction of the case itself it is very sturdy and cosmetically looks bold, especially with the way the outer rubberized shell goes from a flat rough texture to a shiny smooth texture near the microphone and speakers. The inner hard shell fits very nicely and provides a 2nd layer of protection in case you drop your iPad. There are built in screen protectors for the main screen, as well as both front and back cameras. The covers over the charging port, headphone jack, and silent mode make it very easy to access them.

Another nice feature is the built in stand which is made of study materials as well. Most cases I’ve seen use plastic, so seeing this case use metal shows the case is built of superior materials.

Perhaps my biggest complaint with this case is how hard it is to pull the stand out most of the time. There is a little piece of rubber that wedges the stand into place when you're not using it which can make it difficult to pull out without a screw driver. This is why I deducted 1 star from the overall rating.

Other than that this case is very nice and I'm glad I got it. (Posted on 3/25/14)
New Trent NT620GR Gladius Mini for iPad Mini (retina) Delivers Review by Alan
New Trent NT620GR Gladius Mini for iPad Mini (retina)

Rating 5 out of 5 stars (please note, I would have assigned 4.5 stars if possible because of the minor Cons).

Rugged iPad case: Water, Dirt and Shock Proof, 360 Rotation, Leather
Hand Strap, Built-in Stand while maintaining a lightweight presence.

- Real leather strap, adjustable sizing (fits medium/large hands right
out of the box)
- Fingers fit over the top of the iPad while hand in the strap; makes
the entire device feel very secure
- Built in stand (metal) for portrait and landscape viewing is solid
and effective
- Very easy to install iPad Mini in Protective Case

- You must open a flap/cover to get to the volume/silent switch. It
would be preferable to have a button or toggle work directly through the
case as I use this a lot.
- No smart-cover closure means you have to remember to turn off the
screen to save battery life
- I also own the New Trent NT31B Airbender Clamshell case with
bluetooth keyboard. The protective cover in which the iPad is encased
is seemingly the same in both products. However, the back panel is
different (leather strap here and stand/keyboard holder in the other).
New Trent missed by not making the one protective shell fit both back
panels. If they had I would have been able to move my iPad from
handheld to bluetooth keyboard quickly and easily. As it stands now, I
have to remove it from one protective case to put it in the other. I
know I often have times when I need one or the other, so an easier way
to switch between models would have been huge for me.

As light as this case is, I find it very easy to use while traveling
(car or air), as well as around the family (little kid hands!). The
device is well protected but still easy to use. I will use this much
more frequently than my Airbender clamshell with keyboard. As I said, I
just need to know which I need in advance as I can not quickly switch
from one to the other. All and all, however, another great New Trent

(Posted on 3/25/14)
Very cool Review by reina

Mar 11 04:07

I just got the NEW TRENT Gladius Mini, a Heavy Duty case for the IPAD
mini. My concern with anything technological is whether I will be able to
understand the instructions for setup and whether Heavy Duty just means HEAVY.
On opening the simple box and wrapper, the case was unexpectedly
lightweight - yet you could feel its durability.

I followed the simple instructions that were pictoral, as well as written
out, and peeled back the outer sleeve. Just like it said, it only took a
slight pressure to pull apart the internal hardcase, slip in the mini, clip it
back together and wrap that sleeve around it. It was easy to run my
finger around the edges to make sure everything was completely flush.

Even though the instructions were clear on how to adjust the strap, the
sizing on the hand strap directly from New Trent fit me perfectly - no need
to adjust. The leather strap looks very cool and gives you leverage to more
easily use your free hand to work the mini.

I was able to easily try the kickstand and to turn the strap so the
landscape and portrait positions were easy to set up.

I am that rough and tumble and active person that was afraid my mini
wouldn't last a month because it seems so delicate - without some kind of
protective cover. Now, I am completely comfortable that the mini is protected
AND that protection makes the mini easier to maneuver. On a scale of 1-5
where 5 is excellent, I rate this a "5",absolutely for attractiveness,
functionality, and ease of use.

I am in financial services and I have seen wholesalers fumble around
holding their iPads trying to juggle holding on with one hand while pointing
things out with the other. Often the hand "holding on" would cover important
information or accidentally hit an edge button - while the other hand is
pointing away . All that is solved between the strap and the kickstand.
Whatever your industry, if you do presentations more formally, or find you
present sometimes in ad hoc moments, this makes it easy. That's in addition
to personally relaxing and watching tv or a movie...while the mini is
comfortably and solidly leaning on that kickstand. This Gladius Mini Model
NT620GR is a winner... and it's fun to have everyone at work say, "that's
neat, where do I get that???".

The price was right, too !

(Posted on 3/25/14)
Hands down, best of its class. Review by Alexander
With this product, I decided to test the durability of this case by handing it to my wife and children. I figured that if they didn't break it, the case would probably offer pretty decent protection. Over the course of the next few days, they put it through the ringer, and like the name "Gladius" implies, it came out victorious.

The first thing one must do with a case is install it around your device. Installation compares roughly to putting any other protective case on your device. One thing I noted when putting it on was that the silicone outer shell seems to keep its shape much better than the other cases I've used before. Also, there is a protective film that covers the screen protector. Don't forget to remove this before installing it on you device.

The next thing we decided to test was that hand strap. Surely it wouldn't actually work that well. I was wrong. With it being a leather strap, it fits snug and after a short time starts to form to your hand, like a glove. The strap appears to be held on quite sturdily, and after flinging the case around for five minutes trying to get the strap to break, both I and my iPad were quite happy to admit the strap works well.

The kick stand works remarkably well. It has a rubber boot on the base which helps it grip to just about any surface. The kickstand itself and its hinge are made of steel. This is huge improvement over other kickstands I've seen before. The plastic stands frequently snap off after a few weeks. This one I have a hard time imagining it breaking any time soon.

Over all, this case met and exceeded all of my expectations. I could see endless uses for where this case could be used. (Posted on 3/25/14)
In love with this case. Want an iPhone version of it. Review by JCM
I received the case and to my surprise the product looked better than in the pictures.
The previous model that I had (NT31B) and the rubber case it came with for protection felt a bit loose for the case, however the protection was great. That was the first thing I liked about my new case. The protective "rubber" that goes on top of the plastic casing feels more robust and seems to be able to hold a bit more of abuse than the one on my older NT31B. Whatever the material is that was used I really like it.
Weight wise, this does obviously make the iPad mini feel bulkier but for the extra protection that I am getting I think it's worth it, nevertheless, compared to the weight of the NT31B (without the keyboard) the feeling is that this Air Bender NT620GR is lighter.
The leather strap is very useful for my work conditions as I have to carry the iPad mini almost everywhere I go and take small notes so it makes it easier to carry and pull up for typing a few words, the peace of mind is greater with the strap as it adds an additional sense of security because not only the case is sturdy but the risk of dropping it is way lesser with the strap. I liked also the little stand that allows the iPad to be put in either landscape or vertical mode. I haven't used that feature too much but it does feel like it could resist some good and tough use if needed (which normally it would not happen when you use a stand).
The front cover is barely noticeable and it does not get too dirty with fingerprints -although that is something almost inevitable-.
Overall I already like my previous case with the included Bluetooth keyboard, but for what I need to use my iPad for right now, this feels like an upgrade. I give this a 5 star rating based on the quality that it has, the nice and stylish feel and look, and the added convenience of the strap, the stand, and the peace of mind that my little iPad will be protected against a lot of dangers including spills, rain, dust, some kids and some adults as well. To make this an even greater product, it would be awesome that you could detach the leather strap and attach the Bluetooth from the other case seamlessly.
The posted pictures don't allow to show the case in all its glory. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Great rugged case for iPad mini Review by Needle
I got this case for my iPad mini retina display. I felt the rugged case would be a great travel case for vacation or at the beach as an alternative to my apple smart cover.

The case is comprised of 3 pieces:

1) A plastic case back with hand strap and kick stand attached;
2) A protective plastic front screen cover; and
3) A rubber cover that covers the back case and flips over the plastic screen for a tight seal of 1 & 2 above.

Once assembled the case fits snuggly and is easily held with the hand strap.

Putting the case together is a little tough as the rubber sleeve is quite tight around the edges. Once on however, the tightness would seem to serve the case well as it will no doubt keep out dust and dirt as well as light sprays of water and will no doubt protect the case from a small fall or drop.

The hand strap is comfortable and clicks into multiple positions as it rotates around in a circle. My wife and I both found the strap fit comfortably from a size perspective. In the middle of the center spinning strap assembly is a small kickstand. The stand is initially difficult to pull out. There is a bottle opener looking opening (might actually be a bottle opener) that you need to get your finger nail under to release the stand.Once opened there is a single fixed locking groove to seat the stand which means there is only one position for horizontal viewing and one vertical.

The case is light and well constructed and looks to be the right case for my travel purposes.

I would give this case 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Great protective case Review by Chris
To be honest I didn't really know what to expect when I first
received this case. After using it for a few days, I can definitely say it
is a worthwhile product for the iPad mini, and something people on the go
should not be without on a daily basis. The case is a two-part case, with
a plastic/rubber hybrid outer case as well as a harder plastic interior
shell. The inner shell also includes a built-in plastic screen protector
for the iPad mini as well. On the back of the exterior shell is a
sharp-looking brown leather strap, complete with genuine stitching as well
as the New Trent logo on it. Under the strap is an easy-to-use kickstand
for the case, if you wanted to stand it up and watch a movie or some other
display on it. As someone with very large hands, I had no problem fitting
my hand under the strap but still feeling secure that it would stay on me
without issue. The only problem I encountered with this product was in
trying to separate the outer shell from the inner shell, which was a little
difficult due to the outer shell not being a purely rubber substance. Once
I saw how sturdy it was, I was not afraid to unsnap a few parts of the
outer shell, and then the rest was very easy to take apart. The iPad mini
fit very snugly inside, and once put fully back together, had a very nice
weight to it when combined with the case. I felt as if this case would
provide excellent protection in the event that the iPad was dropped. I
wasn't brave enough to try this even from a short distance, but the dual
nature of this case gave added assurance of shock protection. Overall, I
would rate this product a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 3/25/14)
Good all around... Review by Robert
Great presentation that gives the feel of a good quality product. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. The product feels great to the touch.

The Gladius case fits my iPad Mini perfectly. Every detail of the case matches the iPad's functions and buttons. It is very easy to install.

This case is perfect to protect the iPad, the leather strap to carry it is also a great feature. It makes it very comfortable to carry the iPad and to hold it while reading or browsing.

I also liked the stand that can easily be deployed to help the iPad stand by itself either horizontally or vertically. At first I thought that the leather strap did not rotate, but in reading the instructions I learned that it did. I really like how versatile it is to provide multiple ways to use the iPad.


I am in the university setting so I have to make presentations and teach quite frequently. I used to have to hold the iPad with my hand or place it on a stand which would make it stationary. With this case, I have been able to conduct trainings using the leather strap to assist me in carrying the iPad. This helps me be mobile on stage and it also helps me have a better hold on the iPad so I won't drop it.

I have also gotten complements on the case frequently. The leather strap makes the case visually appealing. I would recommend this case for anyone that wants a case that fits perfectly and blends in wight the iPad. The leather strap will be a bonus.

Also, I would recommend this case for presenters, teachers, or anyone in the executive world that are looking for a case that looks classy but it is also well built and successful at protecting the iPad.

I would say the only downside to this is the how the home button is triggered. However, this is not a big deal for it is best to have this case protecting your iPad than not having it at all.

Top Feature
Great protection with style. I like it that it is not bulky and that it fits so perfectly. (Posted on 3/24/14)
LOVE IT Review by Sue
I LOVE THIS CASE! I use my iPad Mini a lot in the evening for reading. I prefer to have it closer to my eyes than just putting it on my lap. A pillow on my lap hasn’t been the answer, either. The leather strap on the back is perfect for my hand to slip through and now I can hold the case at a comfortable distance without stretching my fingers to grasp the case, which i have also tried, to no success. The Gladius Mini case takes the strain of holding my Mini off my hands and fingers. It is extremely comfortable to hold my Mini for extended periods of time without hand/ wrist strain. The strap rotates, too, so you can fine tune the best holding position. This case is brilliant! It looks amazing. It entirely contains the iPad, so I now feel free to nibble my sandwich and drink my tea while using it. This is huge. :) It was not quick to put the Mini in the case, so for me, I won’t be changing to different cases very often. However, should I need a different style case for whatever reason, I will be able to take it out of the Gladius with relative ease. Prior to this case, I had been using my Mini without a screen protector. The Gladius Mini case offers a built in screen protector. It doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen and after a few minutes of using it, I forgot it was there. (Posted on 3/22/14)
I love this case!!! Review by christopher
Gladius Mini Model NT620GR Review

Unboxing: So i'm very pleased to have discovered Newtrent products recently, let me start by saying shipping was very fast (2 days), I was very impressed with the packaging, it is reminiscent of how Apple products are packaged, no wasted space, the sleek and stylish box is something that I will keep to store the case when not in use, seems to be a shame to throw it away because of its overall quality.

Build Quality: The thermoplastic hardshell body of the Gladius Mini has a premium feel to it, when compared next to a similar, more expensive Otter Box Case it is clear the winner is the Gladius, it has a sleeker more streamlined design with attractive slim bevels around the screen, not to mention the addition of a stand and leather hand strap with 360 degrees rotating functionality, all of the necessary cut outs for camera, charger port, volume rocker are all there and stylish, not protruding or taking away from the sleek design, the brushed metal stand has a quality look and feel.

Performance: Once your Ipad mini is inserted into the case it gives you the confidence that it is now safe from lifes little accidents, as i was writing this review i knocked over a glass of water on my Ipad mini and as no surprise the waterproof design protected as advertised, the shock resistant design feels adequate for drops and falls, the inclusion of the leather hand strap should surely prevent any dropping issues, the strap can be adjusted to fit any size hand, once adjusted your Ipad is secure and safe, the 360 degree rotating swivel allows you to view the Ipad however you see fit, this feature would be perfect for presentations using keynote, or if you wanna take your Ipad jogging, no matter what you use it for you simply cant drop it.

Cons: There is only one thing i don't like and it certainly isn't a deal breaker is the finger latch on the arm stand, its a little difficult to open it using a finger, otherwise works fine with minimal effort, can be improved though.

Conclusion: Overall I am very pleased with the Gladius Mini and would definitely recommend it to anyone with an active lifestyle, especially parents of young children, the sleek design, functionality and build quality make it a must own for any Ipad mini owner.

Score: 5 out of 5, excellent. (Posted on 3/21/14)
New Trent knocked it out of the park with this cover! Review by Ryan
New Trent knocked it out of the park with this cover! From keeping score on my iPad mini at the softball fields, to working a trade show, to regular daily use - the possibilities seem endless for this case.

The Gladius Mini conforms perfectly to my iPad mini. It’s super easy to install and protects my iPad in its entirety. Probably one of my favorite parts of the case is having the hand strap. I didn’t realize what a big deal this was going to be until I started using it. First of all, no more hand fatigue. If you’re holding your iPad for a long period of time, you know what I mean then. Having the weight distributed throughout your hand/wrist instead of gripped by your fingers is a game changer for me. It’s also nice that you can swivel the iPad around so it gets to the perfect angle. I also like the fact that it has a stand. To be able to sit my iPad down and have it propped up is a big deal.

As far as size/shape/function… The cover conforms beautifully to my iPad. All of the buttons are protected and the buttons are very easy to push compared to some other covers I’ve tried. The cutouts for the camera/flash are big enough to not interfere with your pictures/video. The soft, silky finish tops it all off. It’s a pleasure to hold my iPad with this cover on it.

I’d recommend this to my family and friends for sure. (Posted on 3/21/14)
Superb case, rugged and stylish, with glass protection Review by Chris
This case fits like a glove, well designed and great protection for my IPad Mini (w/ Retina). I enjoyed the fact that it comes also with glass protection to keep my screen from being dirty or scratched. The design of this case is well thought of. From the small vents that allow my iPad to expel heat, to the small crevices that enable me to use all the functions of my iPad. The buttons on the sides can be easily found, even in the dark. The additional of the rubber sides, provide added grip and protection on my device. My iPad mini felt fragile before placing the protective case, but now that I have installed the case, I feel that my iPad is more protected and durable. I have tested this device doing the following, walking with my iPad, and holding it comfortably in my hands. I used the stand to watch full length movies, without strain in my arms. I feel that this protection would be applicable in fields of medical use, Information technology, and also as an everyday item to be used around the household.


- Great design

- Rubberized shielding for extra shock protection

- Glass protection

- Build in stand, for easy multi-media viewing of the iPad mini

- None

Overall: This is an excellent accessory and add-on to my iPad mini. Apple should include this on this product as an add-on. Now I feel that my iPad is even more protected from the elements, accidental mishandling, and feels a lot sturdier in my hands. The stand is also a great addition, when I want to watch movies, without straining my arms in holding the iPad. My iPad feels even more fully functional and useful overall. (Posted on 3/21/14)
My favorite NewTrent Product Review by Josh K
Full disclosure, this was my favorite NewTrent product and I've bought more than a few. It was really well made and I loved all the features. They weren't lying when they said it was a rugged case.

Straight out of the box, everything was there. The case came altogether in a clear plastic wrapper along with the simple instruction brochure. Pulling out the case, it was nice to see how everything fit together. The first thing to stick out was definitely the real leather hand strap. The construction was superb and the look and feel was really nice.

The booklet was really simple and it definitely helped to have a video link for extra help. Trying to disassemble the case was a little difficult, especially because I didn't want to break anything before even using it but it was all tight fitting for a reason: water resistance. The rubber outer shell was the most difficult to take off and put on but I was surprised by how rough I could be with everything. NewTrent wasn't lying when they said this was a rugged case and I had to stop treating the case with baby hands.

After getting everything disassembled, installation of my iPad Mini was simple and easy. The screen protector didn't interfere with viewing anything on the screen and the case had everything nice and protected. All the ports had rubber cover flaps that moved back into positon, the corners of the case were reinforced and the only openings were for the cameras (front-facing and rear).

Actually using of the product, all the different components of the case seemed really thought-out. From the leather strap and the rubber outer shell, to the kick-stand and locking rotator. There are some phone/tablet cases that still feel vulnerable when installed but the Gladius Mini definitely was not one of them.

There's a definite appeal for cases that offer protection without being bulky or huge and I think the NT620GR offers an ideal combination of both. If I had to rate this product, it'd be a solid 5/5 (no hesitation). The finished product was beautiful, useful, and well-made. Bravo NewTrent. Bravo. (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great product! Whole family fights over it!! Review by Pamela
I received the Gladius Mini iPad case on Saturday, March 15, 2014. The item was packaged nicely in a solid box. It was easily unpacked. After reading the included directions I still found it a little tricky to get it apart but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. It fit perfectly on the iPad mini and provides excellent protection from both accidental drops and splashes of liquid. The built-in hand grip is both attractive and functional. The swivel option is very useful and allows you to hold the iPad in landscape and portrait configurations. The pop out stand is a great addition and is convenient if you want to use your iPad on a table or other flat surface. It would be helpful if the stand had more tilt options. This product would be excellent if one were to use their iPad in the field to input data on the go. This is a great product for an iPad that gets used both in and outside the house. It provides a sense of confidence when traveling with your iPad. There has been much haggling in my house as to who gets to use the Gladius. I would give this product a 5 (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great case for folks on the go! Review by Sam
I really liked the hand strap on this case, as I was able to easily and securely walk around with my Mini without fear that it would slip out of my hand. This, combined with the rubberized casing and protective screen cover, would make this device ideal for folks on the go: IT support (my occupation), warehouse support, delivery services, etc.

Constructive feedback:
As with the Otter case for iPhones, this case is a little tricky to take apart and put back together. Having somewhat large hands, I was a little chagrined that, after taking the cover apart, inserting my Mini and putting the unit back together, the next section dealing with adjusting the strap required me to take the unit apart again. Re-sequencing the instructions to make note of the strap adjustment prior to installing the Mini might be helpful.

The kickstand was initially hard to pull out. I had to use a small screwdriver to pull the stand out the first time. However, once I opened and closed the stand a few times, the mechanism loosened and the kickstand pulled out easily.

Rating of the case = 5. Rating of the instructions = 4.5.
(Posted on 3/19/14)
New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini Review by Christopher
The backing of the case is made of a weatherproof and rubberized material that protects the iPad Mini from a variety of conditions, such as acclimate weather. All ports and buttons are covered for protection. The front is simply a screen protector, thus the case exposes the screen, and unlike most cases on the market, is not fully covered. The user should be aware of this.

The look of the case does have a striking allure to it. The aforementioned rubberized material is glossy, covering various areas of the iPad, including a grate-like covering for the speakers, while the remainder of the case is made of a matte black. Mix that in with the metallic kickstand, and this case looks as if Darth Vader owns it!

The leather strap, in itself, is a nice feature as well. It provides a new method of carrying the iPad Mini, and it does not impede the usage of the kickstand. However, the leather and the black case, color-wise, do not seem to blend well with the overall look, and the leather strap is definitely a feature that stands out. The strap is detachable, and it is also adjustable, but not by much. When using the strap to carry the iPad Mini, it does make the iPad Mini feel like a glove of some sort, as if the user is wearing the iPad Mini, as opposed to carrying it. Also, keep in mind that there is considerable effort to remove the leather strap, thus if the user is in need of lying the iPad Mini flat-down on a surface, it is not a simple procedure, as the leather strap elevates the iPad Mini off the surface.

Lastly, the rotatable kickstand is a neat feature as well. It allows the user to stand-up the iPad Mini vertically or horizontally when either viewing or streaming videos, or pairing it with a Bluetooth keyboard for ease of view when typing. However, that would be the only time that the kickstand is needed.

Overall, each feature, individually, serves its purpose and functionality just perfectly, however, as a protective case overall, it is exactly that what makes it feel as if the case only has specific functions to serve specific criteria.
(Posted on 3/19/14)
Almost Perfect ruggedized case Review by Adrian
Initial impressions:
As with most of my New Trent items, the packaging is well done and eye catching. I liken it to Apple’s packaging.

Pros/Positive impressions:
- The internal hard case fits perfectly over the ipad. The plastic frame fit snugly around the unit and snaps into place with no play whatsoever.
- The ports/camera/sensor cutouts in the hard case are well placed and accurate. There are no obstructions to any of the ports, switches, etc.
- The silicon sleeve fits like a glove over the plastic case. It fits into a groove around the edge and creates a good seal to keep out dirt and moisture.
- The port covers on the soft sleeve are accurate and fit perfectly into each opening. They're snug enough that they don’t pop out unnecessarily but are easily removed when accessing. Both the vol and home buttons are easy to operate.
- The rotating hand strap and stand in back was a pleasant surprise. The strap makes “holding” the unit easy and convenient and the stand is set at a good viewing angle in both portrait and landscape mode.

- The plastic covering the iPad screen was a little loose on my unit and tended to create “bubbles”. I was able to take most of it out by using a rubber squeegee used for installing smartphone screen protectors (a credit card would probably do the trick also). However, there’s enough space between the plastic and the iPad screen around the edges that the plastic is lifted off of the screen around the edges so there appears to be a “bubble” around the edge of the screen. It’s more noticeable when the unit is off, less so when looking straight on with the screen illuminated.

Final impressions:
- The case does add weight and bulk to the iPad mini, however no more so than any other ruggedized case. I feel it’s a good trade off for the protection it provides.

I gave this unit 4 out of 5 stars (although if I could I would have given 4.5 stars). If they can somehow fix the plastic screen issue noted above it would be 5 stars. (Posted on 3/19/14)
TL:DR - Great Case, Great Price, Can't Lose! Review by Greg
All in all, this is a fantastic rugged case for the money. I could go on
and on about how I liked the multilayered protection, or how the leather
handle is perfectly sized. But what it really came down to was this: it
survived a week with my 14 month old daughter. Drool, spit up, slamming it
around, it just kept on ticking.

More details: The hidden kickstand is really sturdy, and the pull tab
doubles as a bottle opener (not sure if that is intended, but its awesome).
Additionally, being able to swivel the grip/kickstand is super helpful.
It fit my iPad Mini Retina perfectly, and made for super easy one handed

TL:DR - Great Case, Great Price, Can't Lose! (Posted on 3/19/14)
Exactly What I was Looking For Review by CJ
Leather Strap:

I was skeptical at first about the usefulness of the leather hand strap, but more I handle my ipad mini the more I like it. Since the combined weight of the case and ipad mini is not that heavy the strap is not necessary in this regard, but my device does feel a lot more secure in my hands when I handle it with strap. For example I would be a lot less likely to drop my device if someone bumped into me on the bus.


The stand is designed very fell, and seamlessly fits with the case. For its small size it is remarkably sturdy, and holds the device well in both landscape and portrait mode. My one pet peeve with the stand, is that it is difficult for me to open it. Without long finger nails, it can be a little troublesome. If some type of rubber, or grippy material was there to provide grip this would solve the problem.


The case would be a great purchase for anyone, but I see it as an absolute most have for someone who surveys, or need to take quick notes on the go. The Airbender I purchased requires a little time before you can comfortably take notes, and when you detach it from the keyboard it can not stand without the arm; not to mention that you are stuck holding the bezel to keep the ipad secure. I can grab the Gladius mini out of my backpack, walk worry free about the device slipping, and put it down when I need it as a second screen or for entertainment purposes.
(Posted on 3/18/14)
A tough protective iPad Mini case Review by KD
This case seems very solid and very protective. The case consists of a nice rubber sleeve, front cover which protects the touch screen of the iPad, and a solid plastic backing with a leather handle on the back. This case will provide significantly more protection than the much more expensive Apple iPad Mini leather cases (especially against damage from dropping). The screen protector does not significantly decrease the responsiveness of the touch screen and is still pleasing to touch, unlike some other screen protectors. One concern I've always had with phone and iPad cases that cover around the front of the screen (along the edges) is that excess force on a corner/edge of the front of the case could crack the glass by applying an even force. For that reason, I've tended to buy cases that only wrap just along the back of the iPad. However, I have no evidence to support the idea that this case could cause such damage. The 'kickstand' on the back of the case is a very nice touch and firmly supports the iPad at an appropriate angle. I'm still confused about the leather strap, as I'm not sure that I'd ever actually use it. Because the handle is pretty large, it does get in the way a little if you're not using it. As with my previous review of a similar case for the iPad 2, I'm not sure this case with a handle solved a problem I've had or is a feature I desire in a case. That being said, the leather is high quality and comfortable to use. (Posted on 3/16/14)
Very reliable, secure and useful case. Review by Marvin
I work in IT for a well known media company. It is common in my travels to
have to be able to grab and respond to email, access notes, and research
solutions, all while staying mobile. An Ipad mini alone is easy to to put
down and forget or get scratched up. I don't need the convenience of a
keyboard as much, but protected portability is certainly a priority. That
said, I had the chance to put this case through the rigors. The protection
is top notch. It has fallen from desks that sit about three and a half feet
from the ground. Some times that ground is thin carpet. Sometimes that
ground is hard linoleum. Every time, the tablet would fall, land sideways,
bounce twice and face plant. Every time, not a scratch on the ipad itself,
and the rubber surface didn't really take any damage.Having the handstrap
made it so much easier to not leave it behind. And the stopping points in
the rotation mechanism were well placed. The 45 degree spots were idea for
how i would naturally hold the ipad and the handstrap being adjustable made
it easy to custom secure it to my hand. The sound holes don't muffle. The
whole case is comfortable. Even better, the kickstand sits at a great
viewing angle, and tucks away very conveniently. I know that the ipad is
protected. In fact, this has been become my favorite case for day to day
usage.. The worst thing I can say is that the screen protector picks up
smudges that can easily be wiped away. (Posted on 3/16/14)
An excellent case - particularly if you're a sales person or someone that needs to carry the iPad Mini. Review by Eric
I bought a New Trent case with a keyboard and bought this case because I really wanted to have a better way to hold the case -- the strap was highly appealing.

While this case does not have the keyboard, it's an excellent case and I am able to use the iPad with the bluetooth keyboard from the other case (even though it doesn't stick together as well.

- Protects the iPad Mini vey well without adding a lot of bulk to the device
- Full access to all buttons , camera, home button, etc.
- The handle / leather strap on the back is a nice touch - it’s mildly adjustable and VERY comfortable to use and hold. This would be an excellent case for a sales person or someone working a trade show that needs to hold the iPad and show it to others. Also comfortable to use to carry the iPad and watch videos on a train, etc.
- The ability to rotate the strap / arm stand from portrait to landscape is very easy
- It’s nice that the arm stand is built into the case and relatively easy to pull out

- This is not a case that you can quickly put “on” and “off”. It’s not overly difficult to put on, but it’s not a case to shift to and from.
- Getting the arm stand out was a little bit awkward - particularly with the strap in the way. Got to pull it with your fingernail. Once you do it a few times, it’s easier to get at.
- The arm stand is not overly adjustable. You can use it portrait or landscape, but you’re limited to a few different angles.

Final Summary: Overall, this is a “good” case - I would rate it differently based upon how I was going to use it and what other cases I had.

- If you're a sales person or someone that needs to comfortably carry a well protected iPad Mini, I’d rate this a “5”. Might also be a very good option for a kid / student that needs to carry the iPad around and keep it well protected.
- If you're looking for a case that you can easily take off and on, this would be more annoying. While it does have a screen protector (which seems to work well), it doesn't have a portfolio type flip cover.
(Posted on 3/15/14)
Great case!! Review by Trisha
This case is durable enough for both adults and children!! I use this case in my k-2 special needs classroom.
The durability is great and the screen is protected from scratches and sticky little fingers. I feel very comfortable with children using the iPad and not fearing that it will easily be damaged. The children are able to move around with the iPad securely in their hands by having their hand/arm in the strap while still being able to interact with the device. I personally love being able to hold the iPad securely with one hand and typing with the other. This is extremely useful when trying to walk around the classroom and take student data. The rotation of the strap is also nice in that the strap can angle for either hand and remain comfortable.
I would highly recommend this case!! (Posted on 3/14/14)
Great multi-featured cover Review by Joe
After using this case for a few days, I have grown to appreciate the design
features and layout of this Ipad mini- case. The texture and feel of all
plastic parts are very good. A metal stand is included which is cleverly
designed to fold out, even with the hand strap in place.

The hand strap looks good but I'm not sure how much I will use it. I'm
used to holding the ipad with one or two hands along the edges.
Fortunately, you can adjust the strap length or remove it as necessary. The
stand rotates with the hand strap so you can set it up in any orientation.

I found the case to be easy to install and it fits precisely around the
ipad. This case is designed to cover all the ports so you will need to fold
the covers up to access the ports underneath. Folding these covers out of
the way is an extra step that takes some getting used to. If you are
looking to provide protection for these ports, the solution works well and
looks good.

This is a 3 piece cover designed to protect the whole ipad but not add too
much bulk. The case is surprisingly light but still provides good
protection. The inner case is rigid and provides an integral screen guard
and a full coverage frame for the outer cover. The outer cover is softer
and has flexible covers for the earphone, charger, and mute buttons. The
speakers and microphone have clear passage ways for good sound performance. One
very nice feature is that the case does not stick up very much beyond the
screen, this makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The extra width of the
case gives you a place for your thumb and prevents you from triggering the
screen. This is very convenient when holding the screen in landscape mode

A few minor concerns: 1) The screen cover is integral to the case so it
doesn't appear to be individually replaceable. 2) there is no Smart Cover
function to turn off the screen.

Overall, a very nice case that serves to fully cover the ipad and yet not
interfere with it's function. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Amazing case. Review by Khalid

The iPad mini case is very good for everyday use.

Pros: The case has a leather strap on the back for easy and comfortable holding. Putting on and taking of the case is a breeze and it does not take a lot of effort to take the hard plastic case off like it does on other rugged iPad mini cases. I like how the strap is adjustable and that it comes with a convenient stand to hold the iPad mini.

Cons: The strap on the back of the iPad mini swivels but it takes some force and it feels like you are about to rip it off. I wish the screen protector was optional. It's nice that it's there but if it had a removable one it would be better so you can put it on or not use it based on your preference.

Overall: 5/5 (Posted on 3/11/14)
Great case for on the Go! Review by Jared
The case covers the home, sleep and volume controls and provides excellent response when pressed. Additionally the headphone jack, 5-pin connector, and side switch are also covered. These covers keep the ports protected when not used and are very easy to open.

Finally the back of the case has a leather strap to slide your hand into. The strap is attached to a 360 swivel that allows you to hold your iPad in almost any position. under the strap you can find a kick stand the will prop your iPad up on your desk or work surface.

Overall this is a very functional case. When at my desk I use it along side my laptop to view files or powerpoints. When on the go the hand strap provides excellent comfort and allows more control over the iPad. Even just carrying it with my hand in the strap, I feel less worried that it might slip from my hand. (Posted on 3/9/14)
Great Value Review by Scott
I used a 1st generation iPad Mini WiFi with this case.

First Impressions:
Upon unboxing the Gladius Mini, it was immediately apparent that the case is of very high quality. The packaging is minimal, but nice and sturdy. The instruction sheet was clear and easy to understand.

I initially had a few issues just trying to get the hard plastic shell separated from the TPU cover. It took more force than I initially guessed. After realizing that I need to pry harder, it wasn't an issue.

Once I got the case apart, I inserted the iPad into the plastic shell and removed both screen films. This is where I really had some issues. I needed to be in a much more controlled environment to get the case installed without getting anything stuck in between the inside of the screen protector and the iPad screen. The inside of the screen protector is a little bit tacky, so it seemed like debris stuck to it very readily. It was a little frustrating to get it snapped on and then realizing there was something stuck in there and trying to get it cleaned off without adding even more debris.

Once I got the shell together, the TPU cover went on pretty easily. I was very happy with the fit of the case. Tight connection points and really good fit and finish.

Look, Feel, & Protection:
I was very surprised at how "handsome" this case is. It has a nice clean look and does not add a significant amount of bulk. I thought that the screen cover might get annoying and reduce the usability of the touch screen, but I had no such issues. I love how all the ports can be covered up and protected from any spills that may occur, as my 4 year old son uses this iPad a lot.

The leather strap was much higher quality than I expected as well. The material is great and the strap is very comfortable. The connection to the case appears to be very sturdy as well.

The stand was also sturdier than I expected for the price.

I did not drop test the device at all (sorry), but from what I have seen, it appears that this could take some pretty serious drops while still protecting the iPad Mini from any damage. The screen protector is nice to protect from grubby little hands of toddlers and washed off easily.

Aside from the protection, the two big usability features are the strap and the stand.

The strap works well. I used the strap occasionally while reading, but my arm would get tired after holding the iPad out for an extended period. I did like how the strap provided just a little extra material to use for carrying or stabilizing the iPad even without needing to insert your hand all the way through.

There are a couple improvements that would be nice in the next version of this case. First, a couple more size adjustments would be nice. I wanted the strap just a little bit more snug than it was, so one additional adjustment smaller would have been nice. Second, it would be nice to be able to adjust the strap without taking the entire case apart. After I found out that the strap was a little too big for my hands, I looked for how to adjust it. I then had to take the entire case apart again only to find out that the strap was already on the smallest setting.

The stand was very useful. I liked how it folded a way neatly when not in use. The rubber foot was a nice addition to help keep the iPad stable and protect from scratching the surface of the table.

There are a few improvements here as well that I think could be made. First, the stand can be a little tricky to pull out from the case. The little indentation with the nub has a bit of a sharp edge, so it's a little uncomfortable to reach with your finger to pull on to release the stand. Second, the angle of the stand was a little too steep. It'd be nice to be able be able to adjust the stand at a few different stop point to make the angle a little less steep.

I and my son used this case in a variety of situations. I used to browse the web while sitting on the couch or in bed. I used it at the table, propped up, to read while I ate my breakfast as well as in my office on my desk while at my PC. My son used the iPad all over the house. He carried it everywhere and was able to use all of the buttons with the case on. This was a big plus.

This is where this case really shines. For the purchase price, I thought that the Gladius Mini was an exceptional value. I would recommend this case over more expensive cases like the Otterbox Defender. It adds fantastic protection without adding a lot of build, and it has a couple really nice usability additions to go along with it. I am definitely going to recommend this to friends and family looking for more protection for their iPad mini.
(Posted on 3/8/14)
Thick, Solid, Tight case for a Field Engineer Review by Shay
Trent Gladius Mini Ipad
Rugged: Water, Dirt and Shock Proof, 360 Rotation, Leather Hand Strap,
Built-in Stand

This is a sturdy case that protects from water, dirt, and minor drops. It
is a hard case with rubber on the outside sleeve. Bonus, there is a screen
protector. I own a keyboard case (non-Trent) which provides none of these

The Gladius features a comfortable leather hand strap which is quite
useful. While in the field, this case is useful for handling while standing
or walking around, safety attached to my hand. There is also a swivel which
allows you to switch from portrait and landscape with a click. Additional,
a stand clicks out from the back.

All in all is solid product. The price is right. It feels sturdy and yet
not too hefty. It is quite valuable for someone that does field work with
the Ipad Mini in the field. 10/10 (Posted on 3/7/14)
Good product. Excellent for professionals on the go or working outside. Review by Nathan
I used the Gladius Mini with my iPad Mini retina. After using the Gladius Mini for a week, here are my initial impressions:
•Solid construction. Device fits inside of case very well.
• Easy to use all buttons on device, except mute switch. Hard to access switch easily.
•Hand strap is very useful
•Swivel feature for handstrap is helpful
•Integrated stand is very nice for viewing
•Screen protector does not interfere with quality of images
•Useful for professional that carries his device in his hand on a regular basis (e.g. realtor, construction, machine shop, etc.)
•Could be a great device for mobile purchases. Much larger screen than iPod touch or iPhone, but this rugged case protects the device from theft (with handstrap).
•Great for the plane. Integrated stand worked very well.

Here are several concerns with the case:
•Container is very difficult to open when installing device
•Integrated stand is too difficult to "open". I often have to use a screwdriver to release the magnet.
•Handstrap is too long. I would prefer another adjustment to 1 size smaller.
•Volume/mute switch is very hard to access. The switch is recessed quite deep.

Taken together, the case is a very nice solution for a rugged case for the iPad mini. A few minor changes to the case would make it perfect. The biggest annoyance is the difficulty to open the integrated stand. Overall rating of 4 out of 5. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Sylish and rugged it's great protection for your iPad Mini (1 or 2) Review by Trinae
I picked up the Gladius Mini (NT620GR) after trying the Airbender Mini 1.0 (Model NT520K). I wanted something without a keyboard that I could use for things like watching videos and reading books. You may ask why didn't I just use the Airbender for those purposes. First, good question, you have a keen eye. My answer is simple. When putting the Airbender in "tablet mode" the device is almost twice as thick as the iPad Mini. With the Gladius, I'm able to use the iPad in tablet mode, but at a thickness that isn't too much greater than the iPad itself.

Let's talk about packaging and looks. The Gladius, much like the Airbender, comes in a simple box with case and instructions included. Nothing too special there. However, after removing the rubberized coating, snapping the hardshell case (made of thermoplastic) and inserting the Mini, I was off to the races in minutes. I placed my hand in the the leather strap in back of the case and gave it a few cautious shakes, expecting it to fall apart. It didn't. For those asking, yes, I ended up flinging the iPad around like a pair of nunchakus, making sounds as if I were in a martial arts flick. One thing I noticed... this strap was built right. No matter how hard I turned my hand, the iPad stayed attached. I was impressed with New Trent's build quality. Another thing that caught my eye was the rotating kickstand that allowed me to sit the iPad on my desk in either landscape or portrait mode.

The case itself reminds me of other premium cases out there on a market and that's a compliment considering the Gladius costs less. Offering quality shock protection from occasional bumps and light drops. The rubber covers that protect the volume buttons, earphone jack and charger port all responded well with use. While the integrated plastic screen doesn't make the Gladius waterproof, it does offer some protection from the occasional spill. Speaking of the screen, the integrated plastic screen nice and clear. Even with the screen protector I had on my iPad from using the Airbender, the screen was responsive and everything moved with ease.

With a slim look, great build quality and with the versatility the rotating strap/kickstand offer, New Trent continues to prove you can have a premium product without the premium price tag.

To see a little of my Gladius-fu, check out a short video here: (Posted on 3/7/14)
Functional protection. Review by Thomas
Case looks great I think the name gladius fits. This device has an old world soul, it just gets the job done. The leather hand strap looks great too. It adds a good bit of style to this no nonsense case.
The screen cover disappears when clean, however, fingerprints and smudges show very easily. Even with freshly washed hands I got unwanted smudges. But for me I just kept a cloth handy, the built in protector is worth the effort of keeping it clean.

My son (2 ½ years old) dropped my iPad mini at least twice that im aware of and my device showed no ill effects and the case seemed even less affected.
The hand strap seems like it should be very useful if you need that type of functionality. I tried it out and found it to be fine for holding the ipad with less effort than with out it. But because it was not a feature that I found profoundly useful I took it off. The fact that you can remove it without destroying the case or the leather strap is nothing short of genius. I seen other units that don’t give you the option to remove the strap; I love that feature.
The screen cover is good. I found no lag in the touch experience. I found no loss of effectiveness or responsiveness. But as I mentioned above smudge’s and fingerprints show easily but it’s a small price to pay for the extra protection.
The kickstand is one of the features that I look for in a case. And the gladius has one, which is good. However I felt like the kickstand doesn’t live up to the rest of the case. The kickstand feels a bit cheap and at one point it popped off when I was rotating the back plate. Fortunately I was able to put the spring back in and get it working again. But after it came off it doesn’t seem to work the same; maybe I put it back together wrong. It would have been nice if the kickstand would work in portrait mode, but its not a deal breaker. What is a deal breaker is that the kickstand doesn’t work in typing mode. Unless I did not orient the stand correctly it would not work in any position to give me a lower stand mode.
The rotating back plate is really hard to move, using the kickstand is certainly not a good lever to do this (that’s how it popped loose)

The case makes the iPad mini a bit bigger but I think when you buy such a case you understand the reality that with this level of protection comes a measure of bulk. I didn’t get exact weights but the device feels a noticeably heavier with the case on. in my opinion newtrent has done a really good job of providing good protection while keeping the size of the case down.

The plastic felt very lite weight, but sturdy. The clasps that attached the back piece to the front piece of the plastic case were the only point of concern for me with regard to the plastic portion of the case. They have not broken as of posting this review but they appear to be a little flimsy. But because they’re covered by the outer case it may not ever be an issue.
The TPU cover does not fit as well as I would like. Its not sloppy but it also does not give the impression of one seamless case it is obvious that its two separate pieces. The TPU is mildly tacky which is good for grip but not so tacky that it picks up all manner of dust and lint.

I like the case, I'd give it a 4. I love the level of protection is offers. I had another brands case that offers a waterproof , drop proof, dirt proof, snow proof case. this case is not in that same realm because of different feature set bet meets a lot of the same needs. I like this case almost as much as I did the other one.
I work as an audio visual tech and the kick stand was more useful to me than the the hand strap.
I would like to see the gladius fit together a bit better. A nice tight fit from the TPU would great. A smudge resistant screen cover would be a huge plus. (Posted on 3/5/14)
Most comfortable way to use and protect your iPad Review by Mark
The Gladius Mini Case for the iPad Mini is simply incredible. It has made my iPad so much more comfortable and easier to use. Especially, at the end of the day when I am reading in bed or checking email. The leather strap on the back for your hand is comfortable and secure. I do not worry anymore about dropping the iPad or having it knocked out of my hand by one of my children. The leather strap rotates so that you hand fits perfectly whether you are using it in portrait or landscape. The case was very easy to install and took only a few minutes. The retractable stand on the back is an added bonus. I use it every day on my desk at work. It keeps my iPad sitting up and easily viewable for incoming emails. It is also especially beneficially on the plane for watching movies. I would like to see the case offered with a black leather strap option. The brown leather is attractive, but I believe a black leather strap would offer cleaner, more modern look that would blend better with the black case. (Posted on 3/3/14)
A great case for someone who is on the go! Review by Joanne
I was looking forward to getting the New Trent Gladius Mini Ipad Case (model NT620GR). Our son has the New Trent Airbender Mini - Rugged: Water Resistant, Dirt and Shockproof Wireless Bluetooth iPad Mini Keyboard case (integrated screen protector)(model NT31B), and we have been so impressed with the quality of his case. I knew the newer model had to be as nice, and I was right.

I purchased this case because I wanted a fully enclosed protective cover…I was not sure if I was going to like the hand strap. My first impression was again what great quality. As soon as I took it out of the box, I followed the instructions to put the case on my iPad Mini (MD531LL). We have 4 children with iPod’s/iPad’s, so I have quite a bit of experience putting on protective cases. Since the back exterior is a rubberized cover, it was easy to peel off - I liked the arrow on the outer edge to show where to begin to disassemble. After I removed the outer shell, the case came right apart when I pushed the tabs. I placed the iPad Mini in the opened case in the correct direction, put the top on, and clicked the 2 pieces back together (snug fit). When I put the rubberized outer cover back on, it was a little tricky. Then I remembered about the arrow, and put it back on opposite the way I took it off. Once it lined up, the outer cover clicked in place. This was one of the easiest installations, and every port and opening lines up perfectly.

After I put the case on, I realized I rushed through the instructions, and I should have adjusted the strap first (adjust the strap before putting on the case). Since I thought I would like the strap a little tighter, I decided to take the case off. I was concerned about removing the case because we had a difficult time taking off the New Trent Airbender Mini – Rugged case, and we have broken cases when taking them off. The case came off as easy as it went on, and a definite improvement from the Airbender Mini.

Unfortunately, I could not make the strap any tighter, so I took one side off to see how it worked. Each end of the strap is sturdily fastened with pins (buttoned) under a flap. The case went back together with the same ease as the first time.

Even though I could not shorten the strap, it still fits well. I really like the strap, and did not think it would be as useful as it is. I use the strap every time I pick up the iPad. The strap is very comfortable and assists you when holding it. Whether you are walking with the iPad in your hand or holding it while using it, the strap gives you a sense of protection (the iPad will not slip out of your hand). The back edges of the rubberized cover are smooth, and offer a good grip when your hand is in the strap. In addition, the strap is mounted on a 360 turning mechanism.

Under the strap is a kick out stand that rotates with the strap, so you can stand the iPad horizontally or vertically. The first time opening the stand was a little tricky. Once I figured out how to open it (stick your figure in the whole and pull out) and adjust the stand (the support bracket was not attached, so I had to put it back in the holes on the back of the case), the stand slides in place and holds sturdy with a rubber grip on the bottom. When I was using the iPad camera, the stand holds it steady like a tripod. I love the feature of being able to stand the iPad when I am FaceTiming or working on homework with my kids.

The biggest complaint from my children is they do not like the integrated screen protector on their iPod cases, which is a necessary feature for me to protect their expensive devices. One of my sons said the screen does not always recognize his touch when he is playing games, and another said his screen looks like there is a rainbow image. I have used the New Trent Gladius for 5 days and the screen is high quality, and I have not encountered any touch issues (recognizes my touch every time) or the water image glare on the transparent screen.

The New Trent Gladius Mini Ipad Case would be ideal for anyone using his or her iPad Mini on the go. My husband wants a fully enclosed case because he has dropped his iPad Mini (in a portfolio case) while carrying it on his way to work. He told me he would like a more rugged durable case, and this one is perfect. At work he likes to stand his iPad Mini on his desk, so the Gladius would be for him (he is in the military).

I have no complaints and been very satisfied with my New Trent Gladius. The case is rugged, durable, and stylish. The leather hand strap is good quality and looks great. I would give the New Trent Gladius 5 stars.
(Posted on 3/1/14)
Cool features and Stylish ! Review by Brandon
New Trent Gladius Mini is a well designed armor type case but with some unique combination of well chosen textures that for makes it feel premium and substantial and I find the smooth rotating leather strap holder base (landscape and portrait) with the integrated stand is especially well done, I also find the New Trent Gladius Mini case weights much less then some other armor cases I have used in the pass even with with all the added features.

Worth every penny !!!
(Posted on 2/28/14)
Sturdy, Convenient, and Rugged! 5/5* Review by Jeromy
I have enjoyed the New Trent Gladius Mini-Protective Case(NT620GR) for the iPad Mini 2 w/Retina display.

The Gladius has a nice weight, not being too heavy for a shock proof case. Those usually weigh quite a bit more. It was easy to put this case on my iPad and easy to remove it. The case feels well made, sturdy, and all of the pieces fit tightly together. I would not be worried about dropping the iPad at all. The kick stand is nicely fabricated. It is easy to pull out, as well it doesn't get in the way. I like this feature quite a bit. The hand strap feels nice and it reduces hand/arm fatigue.

It is a very nice case in my opinion. I have used it quite a bit. To this date, it is my favorite case. I've used it on a few trips, at home, and just about anywhere I get enough time.

I give this a solid
5 out of 5 Stars! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Very good case Review by Fernando
This case makes it easier to carry and use your iPad with one hand. The leather strap is comfortable and allows me to hold the iPad in one hand for longer time without feeling fatigue. Even when you do get tired the kickstand comes to the rescue. It’s a sturdy kickstand and holds the iPad at a good angle to view, especially for video's. It was especially useful when trying to read with the iPad in one hand while holding my newborn in another. The screen protector is awesome, I like the feel better than tapping directly on the iPad it feels very smooth.
The case offers excellent protection from falls and dings. While the case covers the iPad completely I wouldn't say its waterproof but it will protect against most spills. It still provides great access to all ports and buttons, the sound is not muffled under the case. I personally feel its easier to click the home button with the rubber button the case has.
When putting the case together please make sure to clean thoroughly the case and the iPad, any speck of dust or dirt that gets caught between the screen protector and the iPad will be visible and a pain to remove because you have to disassemble the whole case to get to it. The case is very tight and it makes it a bit hard to take apart.
The only negative things is the kickstand will not stand in portrait mode only in landscape mode. The iPad will also not lie flat on its back because of the leather strap but it will lie flat on the front but it is not an issue since the screen is recessed. (Posted on 2/28/14)
The Perfect Case for Someone Married to Their iPad Mini Review by Christian
I recently purchased the New Trent Gladius Mini NT620GR for my iPad Mini w\o retina display.
Upon receiving the package (very fast shipping via USPS priority mail) , I was very impressed by the unit packaging. If the packaging is any indication of the detail New Trent puts in their product this will be a top notch case. Pulling the case from it's wrapper, it seems to be made of quality materials. The Gladius looks to be designed to withstand heavy daily use with its port covers and integrated screen protection. It has a nice metal fold out stand to prop the iPad Mini up for desktop use. I appreciate the way in which it folds out with spring assist. The unique feature that prompted me to consider this case is the leather hand loop firmly attached to the back of the case. They have thoughtfully designed it to rotate to various positions depending on how you will be holding your iPad. The rotation is stiff (to my liking) and there are stop notches to prevent it from inadvertently moving while in use.
There is an outer rubber sleeve and an inner hard plastic shell. It was relatively easy to disassemble the Gladius. Upon inspection, there are two panels inside the shell one can open to adjust the leather loop to fit the user's hand size (very nice feature).
My iPad Mini fit snuggly in the shell and it snapped back together with out any complication. The rubber sleeve stretched just enough to enable me to reassemble the case now containing my devise. The case doesn't add any significantly noticeable weight. The leather loop fits comfortably and allows the user a firm grasp on their devise at all times. The integrated screen protection doesn't degrade any touch screen function and seems to work flawlessly. All of the rubber port covers remove easily and provide adequate space to access the charging, side switch, and headphone ports. The volume controls line up perfectly and work without any issues.
My job requires me to speak in front of people many times during the week. This case allows my iPad Mini, which is vital to my presentations, to become a part of my body like an extension of my arm. I am able to move more freely and engage my audience without the need to return to a podium or fumble with my devise in hand. I am truly grateful for this new found freedom and added confidence.
This case might be useful for those who are married to their devises in their occupations. I can see it being very advantageous for persons in the medical field as well as school teachers. Also, if someone were to use their iPad for it's camera capabilities this case might prove useful in ensuring a sure grip and steady hand.
The only concern I have for this case is that it is not waterproof as Amazon advertises. There are two main areas that the iPad is exposed. One is a hole at the top of the case for the microphone and the other is at the bottom of the case where there are many holes to allow for sound to be heard from the speaker. Either opening would allow for moisture and dirt to come in direct contact with the devise. This might be remedied with the inclusion of a nonporous material used to cover these opening such as a tight synthetic fabric tape.
I give the New Trent Gladius NT620GR a 5 Star rating.
(Posted on 2/27/14)
Innovative, Fun, and Functional Review by Aaron
​The thing that got me excited about the New Trent Gladius Mini (from here forward referred to as “gm”) is the leather hand strap, and for the most part, it does NOT disappoint. My iPad Mini is an integral part of my job and it doesn’t leave my side through the day. From looking up information for customers, to managing company inventory, I’m always in need of it and that’s where the hand strap comes into play.
​The gm arrived on my doorstep approximately three days after ordering and came neatly packed with pretty straightforward installation directions. I have to say, even if you somehow received this item without the instructions, you would have NO problem figuring it out. It’s essentially a hard plastic case wrapped in a removable neoprene sleeve. The sleeve is easily removed to reveal small gaps on each side that are clearly marked with little arrows to indicate where to put pressure to get the thing apart. The iPad rests gently inside the bottom half of the case on top of small patches of foam padding for extra shock absorption. The top half is basically a large protective screen. Once reattached, the neoprene sleeve easily slides back around the hard plastic case. All of the iPad’s ports are conveniently accessed through small tabs that function as protection when the ports aren’t in use.
​All of the aforementioned features are nice, but nothing that can’t be found in almost EVERY other case on the market. (that being said, New Trent does execute this design exceptionally well) Where the gm really shines is the leather hand strap on the back.
​The center of the hard plastic case is a large dial with an adjustable leather strap attached to either side. New Trent didn’t skimp on the quality of leather here, it feels VERY nice. I’m not sure what the inside is made of, but it’s exceptionally soft and feels nice on your hand. When the case is open, the strap can be adjusted to various hand sizes via a few notches on both ends that attach to the dial. With your hand neatly tucked under the strap, you’re free to basically “let go” of the iPad. I can’t stress enough how nice this is. While I’m using it to look up a customer’s order, or locate a specific thing in inventory, I can freely drop the hand that the iPad’s attached to and shake a new customer’s hand with the other! This is just one of many scenarios.
​As if that wasn’t enough, the dial also rotates! That’s right, it rotates! While you’re holding the iPad, you can rotate the position it’s being held in. It locks into place as is it’s easily turned into one of eight positions on the dial. This is the ONLY thing I had trouble figuring out. It’s not mentioned how to do it anywhere in the instructions. Eventually, I figured out that there isn’t some kind of release button or locking mechanism- you just have to turn it with a little force and as it’s rotating, it locks into the next position on its own.
​Finally, in the center of the dial, is a small metal kickstand. It’s easy to use and a welcome addition. It has a little indentation you put your finger in to pull it out into position. When in use, the kickstand is incredibly sturdy. I have no problem utilizing the touchscreen while it’s in place! The only drawback is it just has the one viewing position, which is kind of a let-down. It would be cool if you could adjust the viewing angle, but, hey…it’s better than no kickstand at all.
​All in all, I’m incredibly happy with the gm. It’s made my day to day work life much easier, and the quality of it is exceptional. But then, most things from New Trent are. Don’t let the non-adjustable viewing angle of the kickstand stop you from buying this product- overall, it doesn’t diminish from the incredible value and usefulness. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Great Case!! Review by Steven
I'll start out with given the opportunity to purchase this product again, I definitely would.

The design of this case protects my iPad without losing functionality. The soft rubber material covers all ports/openings and also has a great feel to it. Placing it my iPad was easy and painless. Once on, it added little weight yet didn't compromise protection. The built in screen protector sits firmly on the display, and doesn't prevent the use of the entire screen like some others do.

The feature I loved the most was the leather strap. It allowed me to move freely without fear of dropping my iPad. The 360 functionality allowed me to quickly change from portrait to landscape mode. It "clicks" into position, which prevents unwanted movement. The arm stand was extremely handy especially when viewing videos, or even just when your arms were tired. My only wish is that it was a little easier to extend as I found it difficult to do with the leather strap in the way.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great deal! For the features and protection this case offers, the pricepoint is a steal! (Posted on 2/27/14)
Great Case Review by Dominic
Pros of the gladius mini:
-hand strap is quality leather
-stand on the back of case
-built in screen protector
-water resistant including flaps to cover all ports
-durable and rugged so it could withstand a drop
-sleek, attractive design

Cons of the gladius mini:
-strap can get annoying if not holding iPad in that position
-extra bulk on the back to hold the stand while not in use which is understandable why its there so its partly a con

Overall I give this case a 5/5 but for me the strap is not the most useful but it is well built and durable. Also, I find it best to use if I’m using my iPad while standing up because it really helps prevent drops. Finally, I feel the case would best be used for someone who either uses their personal iPad standing up usually, or someone who uses an iPad in business and will carry it around with them like a waiter at a tech savvy restaurant or someone who uses it to take notes or email. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Great Review by Matthew
Love the gladius mini fits both ipad mini with retina and the first generation ipad mini the hand strap is a plus the stand works great is very easy to assemble it holds up well to my destructive 2 year old as well (Posted on 2/26/14)
Unique, High Quality, & Ruggid! Review by Teksquisite
I used this case with my Apple ME030LL/A iPad Mini and found it very useful while hiking and also for credit card transactions. If you watch a lot of movies or read a lot of ebooks (like I do) - this case is perfect for that too.

Before you put this case together - you should make sure that your adjust the leather strap to fit your hand size specifications.This is not clear in the instructions and if the strap is too small or big for your hand size -
you will have to take the entire case apart again to adjust it.

When I fist saw the leather strap, I was thinking that it would be cumbersome and a lose-lose situation. Not so! It lays flat when the iPad is in the supine position and is well protected in the prone position (by a thermoplastic hardshell body and protective screen cover).I personally would prefer a black leather strap with the NewTrent logo (in the color of
the current strap).

The leather strap is very comfortable and if you are unable to curl your hand around the leather strap (if you have arthritis or hand cramps) - you can easily slip four fingers through it without bending your fingers or placing excessive pressure on your hand.

The rotation mechanism (that rests beneath the strap) can be rotated into nine different positions. You can also lock the rotation mechanism into place for each position by simply curling your hand around the leather strap while turning or adjust with the four-finger position. I really love this feature!

Though I do not generally use screen protectors - the screen protector response time is impressive.I was actually very pleased because I was able to use a prior Amazon purchase: Trent Arcadia Capacitive stylus and it felt like I was working with no screen protector at all.

The only cons are:

1- The instructions
2- Arm stand

Though the cons are minor in comparison to the overall quality & value I've found with this case; the instructions were a bit confusing and I did not know what I was doing at first until I figured out the mechanics of putting it together.The arm stand is also a bit difficult to pull out of the closed position (you need to use your fingernail to do so). If it had some type of spring mechanism - the arm stand would weigh perfect in my review because once the arm stand is out, it adjusts easily to portrait or landscape mode.

Overall, the case also has a nice tight fit with all of the port holes properly aligned with no gaps. High quality, sporty, and durable is the sense that I get from this product. From the packaging to the overall look and feel - it's different, sleek, and sexy. With this case my mini iPad It has become a great conversation piece at the office and around town.

(Posted on 2/25/14)
What a handy and protective case! Review by Angela
I put this case on my iPad mini and I've LOVED it from the first moment! It has two layers for great protection, an attached screen protector, and super HANDY handle! All joking aside, I really like this case. It's not too bulky, and the handle strap swivels around for landscape, portrait and all positions in between. Oh, and the built in stand! What a wonderful addition! I love the little bit of rubber on it, there is NO slipping when I set the stand up!

I use my mini for reading, watching videos, browsing the web, playing games, taking pictures... Pretty much anything you can do with an iPad, I do it, and the case has been terrific through it all!
(Posted on 2/25/14)
Rugged, yet stylish Review by Eric
I recieved the new trent gladius mini ipan case NT620GR today, and the very first thing i noticed was just how rugged and sturdy this case was. At first I thought that I wouldn't like the leather hand strap, and i was going to need to take it off, but after trying it out with the strap on, I've decided that I love the strap, and it's staying on. The only negative i can think of is that the metal stand on the back that you can use to prop it up and watch videos, is kind of hard to open, its held in by a magnet. But i understand why it needs to be like that, so you dont have the stand accidentally open and catch on something and break. Final conclusion, awesome case, very durable and useful. Oh, and BTW, it came 3 days earlier then it was supposed to. (Posted on 2/24/14)
Great case for an on-the-go user or someone who stands while using their device. Review by Bill
Initial thoughts: The case has an integrated screen protector, which is a
major plus in my book. The outside of the case is rubber, providing a good
gripping surface. It also has a loop on the back to slide over your hand.
In addition there is a flip-out stand allowing the case to stand upright.

The hand strap is a nice addition and would be extremely handing for use
while standing or moving around. It is also slightly adjustable, having
two sets of holes at each end that can be placed on pins in the back half
of the internal skeleton. Of course, adjusting the hand strap requires
complete disassembly, so you might want to check this while prior to
assembly. Aesthetically, I think that it would have looked better if the
strap had been dyed black vs. the natural light brown.

I found the flip-stand a bit difficult to deploy. I could not pop it out
without a knife or other similar object. It was painful to use just a

The external portion of the case is a tough rubber that also contains all
of the regular port covers. The internal skeleton has well marked latches
that aid in disassembly. Some cases I've used require you to just pry it
apart. Removal and re-installation of the external rubber portion was a
bit of a chore, but that is to be expected in any case that offers
a modicum of protection. There two shock absorbing pads on the back half
in the internal skeleton.

Final thoughts: The NT620GR rates a 5/5. It has all of the features that
I feel are important to protect one's investment in an iPad. It is very
functional and whether using it with the hand strap or the stand, it can be
used in portrait or landscape mode. I see this case as ideal for anyone
who used their iPad on the go. Outside of the color of the hand strap, I
could not find any areas where I found the case lacking. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Great product for your specific needs Review by Josh
If you're looking for a rugged ipad case that you can hold with a hand strap, this is your product. If you're looking to watch movies, the stand on this case is meant for you. I read a lot and use FaceTime a lot so this product has been perfect. The only thing that I don't like very much is that adjusting the hand strap and stand is a little difficult. With all that being said, I can not complain at all about its durability and versatility! (Posted on 2/22/14)
Get It! Review by MedStudent
First off let me start by saying, you probably could wield this piece of gear in the Colosseum, at least it's built to withstand some fairly hefty blows. I remember the first case I bought for an apple product by a different company, the plastic chipped, cracked, etc within several weeks. However NewTrent;s molding and durable polymers really are quite nice and strong. I love the snug fit with this case, I don't have to worry about my iPad coming out or sliding around. The back slide out snap stand is very handy for those days where you just want to set your ipad on the counter and watch a movie, cook a meal, or listen to music. The handstrap, simply ingenius. Adjustable at the back of the unit, very convenient, and ergonomical. I'm a medical student and holding an ipad 14+ hours a day can be exhausting, so this has really helped. I could also see it useful for people in marketing, retailers in storefronts, local business owners, or anybody that needs to interact with people while holding their ipad mini. It takes the worry away of dropping your ipad. I would rate this product a 10\10. I simply do not see anything wrong with it from my perspective. I have several other NewTrent products and this one is also great quality at a great price. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Great product Review by William
This product met every stated feature in a clean, effective and easy to use format. I was more than pleased with everything this product had to offer. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Absolute protection while functional and professional Review by sira
This is a review for the Gladius Mini Heavy Duty case for the iPad mini AND iPad mini with Retina Display.

Upon opening the box the case is assembled, it does take a little bit of time to take it apart- I have a few of the New Trent products and so I am somewhat familiar with the process, nevertheless I am always surprised at the quality of the materials and thought put into the design. It is sometimes hard to peel of a layer because you think you are doing it wrong and might break it but in fact- it is just the mechanics of how heavy duty this case really is. So many layers of protection! The instructions are very clear and it even has a link to a video for instruction.

As I took it apart and examined all the pieces, I found it very comforting to know how secure my ipad would be.

Here are a few key points:

It has a hidden adjustment for the leather strap; you need to adjust it before putting the system together or you will have to take the whole thing apart again. The flaps hiding the adjustment are nice and discrete and the leather feels very nice and soft. This strap is definitely not going to fail as you hold the ipad. Once adjusted the flaps clip down very secure and out of sight.

Once the ipad is lined up with the correct ports and the hardshell clipped in- you start to really realize how protected the ipad will be. With a hard shell body and an integrated high quality screen protector this already is a nice package.

Next, the Elastic TPU shell as the last layer that fits like a glove over the hardshell body. Smooth out all the corners and sides, tuck in all the ports and soon you will know when your job is done because the pieces all fit together perfectly, not bumps, loose pieces and you have a perfect combination of protection and style.

All the ports are still easily accessible when needed and protected from dirt, moisture, etc. when not in use.
The layers of protection give you the sense that if you had the misfortune of dropping the ipad it would survive and most probably look untouched.
The features of the ipad such as the speakers and camera are still fully functional while the volume, home button are fully enclosed in a layer of protection that is accessed from the outside.

The back has a rotation disk to set the ipad to both directions-horizontal and vertical and it is easily rotated as needed.
And finally it has a clip in the back that serves as a collapsible arm stand. At first it is a little tricky to figure out how it pops out, but once you figure it out it is very easy thus the name “Finger friendly latch” but you really have to have nails to get it out. It only has one setting for the angle, so it is not the best for viewing something long term, but a nice addition and could also be used as a desktop style with a keyboard.

Overall I find this product to be attractive, professional, extremely functional and with superior protection qualities. It makes the ipad a much more functional piece of expensive technology that can be used EVERYWHERE! From the beach to the snow and everywhere in between.

If you are planning on using your ipad while standing or for customer service, this is the perfect piece. The hand grip will make your life so much easier and the ease of use and protection far out compete anything else on the market.

My only recommendation is to add more colors to this line.
(Posted on 2/19/14)
This is awesome Review by nathankryo
This product has an extra two layers to protect your ipad mini from dropping, and to prevent dropping it, you can even strap the leather strap on your hand! This... Is.. AWESOME! (Posted on 2/19/14)
Review of New Trent Gladius Mini - Protective Case for iPad Mini (NT620GR) Review by Sal
This is a stylish, functional and protective accessory for
the I pad mini. The case is two layers:
a hard shell of durable plastic surrounded by a rubberized outer layer. The first key addition that makes this
durable case stand out is the leather strap attached to the rear of the
case. This handy addition allows you to
safely hold the I pad mini securely with one hand. This makes using the I pad easier on the road
or when a table or desk is not available. I addition, an attached fold-out stand is included in the rear of the
case allowing one to place the I pad on a table when watching movies or picture
Opening the case for inserting the I pad is easy and
explained well in the enclosed directions. (There is a reference to a video on
the support website, but it is non-existent, perhaps because of the newness of
the product. However, the directions are
adequate and easily understood making the video unnecessary.). A screen protector is incorporated into the
front of the case, alleviating the need for an added screen protector. The case is reported to be water resistant; however,
I am reticent about testing that claim. It does appear that the case is fully covered with the rubber sheath, so
it is totally conceivable that the case is water resistant. It is definitely dirt-proof with the seal.
All buttons and cameras worked flawlessly, and the screen
protector allowed full functionality of the touch screen. You may wish, however to purchase a sleeve in
that the front of the case does not have the same protection as the rest of the
All in all, this is an excellent case for the cost, particularly for people who use their I pad on the go. (Posted on 2/18/14)

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