Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B

Compatible: iPad 4 / 3 / 2 only

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT38B

  • COMPATIBLE - iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 ONLY - NOT for iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad first generation, iPad mini or iPad Pro

  • FEATURES - Multi-viewing angles, auto sleep/wake, and 360 degree rotation

  • CONNECTION - Bluetooth connection: Range of 33 ft or 10 meters

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Price: $39.99
Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B
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Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B Airbender 1.0 iPad Keyboard Case NT38B



Airbender 1.0 : NT38B

I Come Full Circle

Adjust your viewing angle and distance to your heart's desire with the Airbender's fully rotatable arm. View your iPad in landscape or portrait mode by simply twisting the Airbender's ultra-study hinged arm.



The iPad's New Best Friend

Introducing our classic Airbender - upgraded, the all-in-one Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad. A hard,thermoplastic shell wraps snugly around your iPad for the ultimate protection, and a snappy bluetooth keyboard helps convert your iPad into the fully functional tablet PC you've always wanted.

An Ultra low-Profile Keyboard

We know keyboard design. Flat-edges keys and added width come together to create an ultra low-profile keyboard experience. On top of that, our reliable our reliable Bluetooth technology allows for easy pairing and consistent connectivity from up to 10 feet away.




- Hard clamshell case design : Polycarbonate.
- Low profile keyboard : 7/16 inch.
- Wireless Bluetooth connection : 10 meter / 30 feet.
- Built-in auto Shut-Off magnet.
- Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions.
- Three piece design : protective back, arm / stand, keyboard base.

- Built-in Li Ion battery (non-removable)

Package Content:

- Airbender keyboard
- micro-USB charge cable replace part : IMP47B
- User Manual  


Airbender 1.0
Li Ion Polymer Battery
Standard Micro-USB Input 
9.6 x 7.8 x 1.0 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
15oz | 1lb 10oz
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Great fit, good functionality, easy to connect Review by Jess
Connection with my ipad was flawless. Additionally the installation is a perfect fit, covering from scratches. At times it may seem difficult to slide out the keyboard but it gets better with practice. It probably doubles the weight of my ipad but at least I can do real work (Posted on 4/9/17)
Absolutely Wonderful Review by Melanie
I have an iPad 3, and was somewhat dubious about a case that said it fit 2/3 &4. But it fits perfectly. I have never had to worry about it falling out or the case letting go of it. The keyboard is the perfect size. Most wireless keyboards for iPad and suck are very small, so you have to almost learn to type again on the tiny keys. This one is smaller than standard, but not by a great deal, and they've made sure to include plenty of keys to control your iPad settings from the keyboard. I also like that I've had it for a couple months now, I hardly ever remember to turn off the battery and I haven't yet had to charge the keyboard. As far as iPad cases go, I won't be looking for a replacement. Airbender has everything I need included! (Posted on 3/21/17)
Solid Product Review by Shane
Upon first touch, the 1.0 feels both solid and secure. The adjustable elbow hinge is also solid and feels substantial enough to withstand numerous opening and closings. There is enough resistance in the hinge itself to prevent the iPad from swinging/pivoting too easily. I frequently switch between my Air Bender case and a case that I use for public presentations. The iPad can be removed and replaced with ease.
The function of the keys on the keyboard is responsive and feels like most quality keyboards of that size. The Bluetooth pairing process was typical and easy of most iPad accessories.

The openings for the headphone jack and charge cable were large enough for the larger cords and jacks from aftermarket providers. This eliminated the difficulty of finding cords that would fit the openings.
(Posted on 12/21/16)
Great Product Review by Judith
I have had three air benders before testing this one out. The first two lasted about two months because the stand cracked. The third one was redesigned with a much stronger stand, and I have had it for two years with no problems. When I had an opportunity to review this newest version, I jumped at it. I love it!! It is sturdy, nice looking, and the keyboard is comfortable and holds its charge for days.

(Posted on 12/9/16)
Beautiful design, lightweight, yet protects!! Review by Mindy
I had learned about these great cases that New Trent has a couple years ago when I bought one for my son Ipad Mini. Now, I just received the Airbender model for my Ipad 3 and it is wonderful. If you don't need full protection for your Ipad, like I did for my son, BUY THIS model. Quick and easy to set-up, right out of the box, I was up and going in less then 2 minutes. The case itself is made extremely well, the material is not cheap and ithe is built to last a long time. The keyboard itself is slim, when I type on it, it is smooth and (Posted on 12/4/16)
Airbender 1.0 Wireless Keyboard Case Review by Pam
I have really enjoyed using this case. i love the stand and the ability to rotate my IPad as needed. The slim design will be useful when traveling. (Posted on 12/1/16)
Airbender 1.0 Review by Mark
Great quality and design. Quick responses when needed.
(Posted on 10/14/16)
Perfect! Review by Tammy
This was exactly what I was looking for and the keyboard works exactly as I wanted and expected. It took me a minute to realize I needed to pull the silver part out in order to lean the iPad back, but it does everything I needed and want. (Posted on 9/23/16)
Great product for the money Review by laura
Love this keyboard case. It keeps the ipad safe while in travel and in the hands of my 4 year old! Convenient and slick.

I would recommend it! (Posted on 9/16/16)
Amazing!! Review by Navin Lalani
I love this case. it connects immediately whenever I open my iPad and the keyboard works great. The keys are perfectly spaced for a small keyboard like this and the shortcuts are amazing. I love how I can go straight to my home screen without having to push the home button on the iPad. It's very lightweight and I have no extra weight when I put it in my bag. perfect for college students especially who have a very high WPM (words per minute) ratio. I myself am always on typing so I love that this works perfectly with that. (Posted on 9/13/16)
Great product Review by Cindy
I'm very pleased with the case and keyboard. I received it yesterday. It was easy to pair with my iPad 4. Even though the iPad cannot detach from the keyboard, I can lay it on top of the keyboard to use it as a tablet. Product seems really sturdy. I also like the back, copy, cut, and paste buttons on the keyboard. (Posted on 9/13/16)
Excellent Product Review by Linda
The design is really sleek and compact. I really like it. The keyboard is easy to use and I love the 360 degree feature. (Posted on 9/12/16)
Great product! Review by Jon
Works perfect (Posted on 9/7/16)
Airbender 1.0 ROCKS! Review by Shay
Unboxed & charged & sync'd like a DREAM! Thanks New Trent for such amazing products! NOW my teen can use his iPad much easier to take notes at University! (Posted on 9/4/16)
Nice keyboard Review by David
I don't have anything to compare it to but the keys feel solid and responsive (Posted on 8/31/16)
Execellent Review by Mia
This product has many features that are very helpful. It opens and closes really easily and also rotates well. Easy to connect and easy to use! Great product (Posted on 8/25/16)
Awesome Case Review by Paul
This is one of the best keyboard cases I have ever used. Great Build quality and feels good in your hands, Battery life is very good as well. Keyboard response is the best out of all the different cases I've used in the past. Big Thumbs up for another great product! (Posted on 8/21/16)
Great Product - Great Deal Review by WIlliam
I been using the NT38B for several years and found it to be a great product. The durable case and lock devise provides the ideal protection for my iPad. The keyboard has great response time and a wide variety of addition functions besides standard typing. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 8/11/16)
Good product at a good price Review by V
- Good build quality
- 360 degree rotation
- Does not add much bulk
- With the rechargeable battery you no longer need to carry batteries.

- Distance between keys is a little short
- The connecting arm is a bit stiff
(Posted on 8/6/16)
Bought for a purpose Review by Myrna
This was not my first keyboard case for my iPad (3). The first (no name brand) lasted no time at all. This one lasted until I knocked it off my lap one too many times. Misuse on my part, I have no complaints as to quality or workmanship. I am Secretary of an HOA and our meetings are held outside in the common area. I would rather type than write my minutes. Then it it also easier to share with my computer so I can clean it up and get it sent off (yes, I could do it with my iPad, I prefer sitting at my computer for editing, besides that, if I sit in my chair I get lazy and don't close it before having the dog jump on my lap or getting up for a snack). I just received my new one yesterday - went with this without looking around because I liked my previous one so much! (Posted on 7/25/16)
I love it! Review by Deborah
I just received my Airbender 1.0 and it is wonderful. My Ipad snapped right in. The pairing only took seconds and the keyboard was already charged. The keyboard is very responsive and love the short cuts on the top keys for volume, lighting controls and home page. It is easy to adjust the viewing angle as well as landscape vs portrait. I closes together and snaps close which makes me feel more secure that it all will stay together. I am still playing with it but so far it is great! (Posted on 7/3/16)
Excellent Review by TGK
I love this case. It fits properly, the tablet is secure, it offers very good protection, it is slime and light, is easy to use and the keyboard has great feel and function. I also like that the iPad can be use in vertical or horizontal positions and that the main support structure is metal. It is far superior to the first case I bought for my iPad from another company. I strongly recommend it. My only suggestion is to have an LED remain illuminated when the keyboard it switched on as a reminder to switch it off when done. It is easy to forget and drains the battery. (Posted on 6/30/16)
Great case Review by Karen
I searched high and low for an i-pad case with the following expectations: An attached keyboard, high customer review, and reasonably priced. This case was all three, I was a bit skeptical at first, but have been using it for the past couple days. I'm a writer and am always on the go, this convenient travelling make-shift laptop helps a TON. Great product, very impressed (Posted on 6/10/16)
Conveniently Turns Your iPad into a laptop Review by Brian
Overall, this product does an excellent job in providing protection and increasing productivity via an external bluetooth keyboard. I have an iPad 2.

1) BATTERY POWER- EXCELLENT. On a single charge, the wireless bluetooth keyboard can operate on standby (on) for well over a week without recharging. With use, the keyboard can operated several days without recharging.

2) DURABILITY- VERY GOOD. The built in case for the keyboard serves as a sturdy protecter for the iPad. Although I have used an Otterbox Defender Case for my iPad for the past two years, this Airbender 1.0 offers good protection for the iPad. It is bump resistant and provides a safe haven for your iPad if you carry it in your gym bag, backpack, or briefcase. I carry mine in my backpack on the NYC subways and the Airbender 1.0 offers very good protection. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: Although the case snaps close and did not open without my intervention, I would probably want a sturdier closing mechanism to prevent against any accidental opening which could possible damage the keypad and/or iPad screen.

3) FUNCTIONALITY/EASE OF USE- VERY GOOD. Once the iPad is securely snapped into the housing compartment of the Airbender 1.0, the multifunction hinge which connects the iPad housing to the wireless keyboard not only slides out to 10 different grooved locked positions but also swivels 360 degrees to allow for horizontal and vertical positioning. Coupled with this freedom of use, the iPad housing securely fits into two grooved built-in slots of the keypad allowing for laptop-like functionality. In any one of the numerous positions, the iPad encased Airbender 1.0 will not topple over on a level surface despite the lightweight keyboard. Finally, the Airbender framing possesses convenient cutouts for the iPad cameras, charging ports for both the iPad and keyboard, speaker, volume control and mute switch, on/off button, and headphone jack for full use of the iPad while encased in the Airbender 1.0. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: However, I would like to have seen, cutouts with connected tabs for the headphone jack and charging ports so that nothing could jam into those areas during transport.

4) PRICE- EXCELLENT: Overall the cost of the Airbender is very economical. It protects the iPad as well as offers increased functionality, thereby serving as two accessories in one (a keypad and protection cover).

In conclusion, the Airbender 1.0 is a great product which I highly recommend to my friends, relatives, and associates. (Posted on 6/29/15)
Conveniently turns your iPad into a laptop Review by Brian
Overall, this product does an excellent job in providing protection and increasing productivity via an external bluetooth keyboard. I have an iPad 2.

1) BATTERY POWER- EXCELLENT. On a single charge, the wireless bluetooth keyboard can operate on standby (on) for well over a week without recharging. With use, the keyboard can operated several days without recharging.

2) DURABILITY- VERY GOOD. The built in case for the keyboard serves as a sturdy protecter for the iPad. Although I have used an Otterbox Defender Case for my iPad for the past two years, this Airbender 1.0 offers good protection for the iPad. It is bump resistant and provides a safe haven for your iPad if you carry it in your gym bag, backpack, or briefcase. I carry mine in my backpack on the NYC subways and the Airbender 1.0 offers very good protection. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: Although the case snaps close and did not open without my intervention, I would probably want a sturdier closing mechanism to prevent against any accidental opening which could possible damage the keypad and/or iPad screen.

3) FUNCTIONALITY/EASE OF USE- VERY GOOD. Once the iPad is securely snapped into the housing compartment of the Airbender 1.0, the multifunction hinge which connects the iPad housing to the wireless keyboard not only slides out to 10 different grooved locked positions but also swivels 360 degrees to allow for horizontal and vertical positioning. Coupled with this freedom of use, the iPad housing securely fits into two grooved built-in slots of the keypad allowing for laptop-like functionality. In any one of the numerous positions, the iPad encased Airbender 1.0 will not topple over on a level surface despite the lightweight keyboard. Finally, the Airbender framing possesses convenient cutouts for the iPad cameras, charging ports for both the iPad and keyboard, speaker, volume control and mute switch, on/off button, and headphone jack for full use of the iPad while encased in the Airbender 1.0. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT: However, I would like to have seen, cutouts with connected tabs for the headphone jack and charging ports so that nothing could jam into those areas during transport.

4) PRICE- EXCELLENT: Overall the cost of the Airbender is very economical. It protects the iPad as well as offers increased functionality, thereby serving as two accessories in one (a keypad and protection cover).

In conclusion, the Airbender 1.0 is a great product which I highly recommend to my friends, relatives, and associates.
(Posted on 6/29/15)
Airbender 1.0 is a fantastic case for iPad 2/3/4 Review by Pamela
All I can say is WOW ! I love this case. Beautiful looking, protective of my iPad and easy to use. No problems inserting my iPad into the case. Just click it in and it is secure. Charged up the Bluetooth with included USB charging cable and paired with my iPad and ready to use the keyboard. Excellent size keyboard, thin yet sturdy keys and all the functions you need are there. I also like that it is easy to remove iPad if needed.

But the best part is the multi-angle stand which rotates 360 degrees. So many cases only let you view landscape but this case and stand lets you view landscape and portrait. Has 2 grooves for base of iPad to securely rest in and an arm that pulls in and out for the perfect viewing angle.

Instruction manual is easy to read and easy to understand and covers everything you need to know to get started from inserting to removing and to pairing the Bluetooth. There’s even a troubleshooting section and contact information if needed.

I am very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the case but I shouldn‘t be surprised as it is a New Trent product. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a protective case with keyboard.
(Posted on 11/23/14)
Best Keyboard for iPad Typing Review by Ray
I have had an iPad 2 for several years that I use as my primary business communication device (e.g., email, LinkedIn, etc.). This is the best keyboard case that I have ever had. Here's what I like the best:

- It is a one piece unit (nothing comes apart)
- The keyboard is very responsive
- You can easily switch between Landscape and Portrait Mode
- It opens and closes easily
- It is very compact when closed

The only negative I have with the device is that when I'm using it on my lap, the device has a tendacy to tilt backwards a little if the extension is not resting on my leg. This has been SOLVED with the Airbender Air (for the iPad Air devices); the extension is now the full width of the device; a great improvement.

There is no better case on the market and none that I know of that allow easily switching between portrait and landscape mode. (Posted on 11/17/14)
Best Combo Ever Owned Review by Tooz69
This is truly one of the best combo keyboard cases for the price on the market! I have owned several competitors cases that did not match up to the Airbenders look, feel, keyboard selections, not to mention the cost. I would recommend this combo in a heart beat. (Posted on 10/4/14)
Perfect 2 in 1(Protection + Keyboard) Case for Ipad Review by Christie
I really loved the idea of getting to test the Trent Airbender Keyboard case because it’s not only a case for your Ipad but it also includes a keyboard. If you like big things in small packages this case for you.

When I first pulled the Airbender case out of the box I read the directions and realized that even though I was so excited to put it to the test I would still be waiting 3 hours for it to fully charge. As much as I was not very excited about having to wait an extra 3 hours I wanted to follow the directions to a T to be sure I didn’t ruin my battery from the beginning. I know from experience that when the directions say to fully charge a battery first and you don’t charge the battery fully before use you’ll be sorry later because whatever it is won’t be likely to hold a charge later. The product will become useless quickly because the battery will go dead so quickly. I waited my 3 hours and when I came back it was fully charged and I knew it was time to put the Ipad in! I read the directions about placing the Ipad inside and even though it did tell me I should hear a snap I was afraid to push too hard. At first the Ipad doesn’t seem like it will fit in correctly to be held tight, but once you press firmly at the bottom it does snap in very nicely.
I love that this case covered 2 bases in one purchase. Most people who buy Ipad’s always buy a case immediately after purchasing their Ipad to protect it. So when you can cover two bases in one purchase it sometimes makes perfect sense to be the product of choice. Also anyone who has owned any Apple product knows what it can be like to type on their keyboard and need to get it done fast. Even if you have typing perfected on the apple keyboard if you learned correctly to type on a computer keyboard correctly it’s still not as fast as having a computer keyboard so this product definitely fixed that problem. There have been many times I have been using the ipad to check e-mail etc and have had to stop what I was doing because it was easier to just go get my laptop so I could get it done quicker. This definitely saves the trouble of having to stop what you’re doing on your ipad and run for your computer because you saw something that needed to be done NOW and the ipad just won’t do. I have done it more times than I can count. I really enjoyed that benefit. I also loved that the case is a hard case. It seems like the case could take some abuse and your ipad wouldn’t be effected severely. From apple product experience I do seem to feel better when I have a hard case versus a rubberized case. At first use I did not realize that the part that holds the ipad could pull out so that you could slant the ipad upwards to make it easy to for lap use. Once I figured that out I was in love! I work from home and on nice days to get away from my desk I like to I spend a lot of time sitting outside in a comfy chair with my feet up and my laptop on my lap as I plug away! This case gave me the option to swap my laptop for my ipad and still get my job done. Also this case is great for the person that sometimes keeps up with work after hours from home, but doesn’t want to have to keep the laptop up. Because this case is pretty durable this case would be a great idea for a company that requires their employees to carry a tablet like device to update their work on the go, but still wants their employees to have most of the functionalities of a durable laptop(ie Lenovo thinkpads) without paying the big price tags. I also like that the keyboard does last pretty long after the initial charge and when I had to recharge it only took 45 minutes. After the initial charge I had the keyboard switched on for about an hour or 2 everyday throughout 7 days and it did not need to be recharged until the 8th day! The only thing that I did end up finding that I did not like with this case is the way the charging port connects to the charger. Upon the keyboards 2nd charge my daughter knocked the case with the ipad still inside off of a low table while it was charging and it landed on carpet. My Apple charger was also plugged into my ipad while in the case and the Ipad Charger sticks out further than the Keyboard Charger. When the case and ipad fell the apple charger took most of the force from the fall. While my apple charger remained completely unaffected the charger for the trent case did seem to be affected. After the fall the Trent keyboard charger didn’t seem like the charger would connect securely into the charging port on the side of the case to charge the keyboard. I did get the keyboard to charge again after messing with the charger for a while, but if the case looks like it’s a tough, durable case, all the components should also be able to withstand a little abuse in daily use. (Posted on 10/4/14)
Could use better support, but a great case overall! Review by Sara
This is a very stylish case. I loved that it's not too bulky. The Bluetooth keyboard worked magnificently and the 360° turning for the iPad is a perfect touch for people who may want to decide which way the iPad faces during use. The support for the iPad itself isn't very sturdy so you can't use it via touch while it's in the upright keyboard position. It's a great case other than that! (Posted on 9/1/14)
Good Product Review by Samantha
The Airbender 1.0 for the iPad 2/3/4 is one of the best keyboard cases I have used. It is super sleek and looks/feels a lot more expensive then it actually is. I received many compliments on it.
It is easier to use on a table top then on your lap, as it tends to tip easily (I think this is due to the iPad 2's weight).
It goes from portrait to landscape mode easily, and the keyboard itself is easy to type on, the closest in size to a full size keyboard.
A drawback for me is that it does not flip over and lay flat to go back in tablet mode; it does flip back but it is very bulky and hard to hold that way. If there was an option to remove the tablet from the keyboard, or lay completely flat like the Airbender 1.0 Mini then it would be great.
This Keyboard/Combo would probably best be used for Students, or in an Office environment. Basically anywhere where you can access a level surface, and perfect if you were doing a descent amount of typing.

All in all, it's a great accessory that turns your iPad into a laptop, and one of the best on the market for the price your paying, I would definitely recommend it. I just can't wait until they can make the design they used on the Airbender Mini 1.0 - NT520K for the iPad 2/3/4! Then it would be the optimal combo for me. (Posted on 6/18/14)
Quality, Convenient, and Affordable Protection; From Tablet to Laptop to Tablet Review by Michael
I decided to purchase the Airbender 1.0 from New Trent for my iPad because I already knew that their product quality and design are top-notch based on past/present experiences with cases for my iPad Mini. This product is ideal for indoor use by people on the go that use their tablets for school, work, and even play. If anyone reading this review is looking for a dual-purpose case that offers substantial* protection for your iPad, look no further. Here are the top ten reasons this case is for you:

1. Solid iPad Protection
2. High Quality Case Construction
3. Functional and Reliable Full QWERTY Keyboard
4. Landscape/Portrait Screen Rotation
5. Very Sleek Design
6. Solid Bluetooth Keyboard Connection
7. Easy Separation to Tablet-Only Mode
8. Convenient for Travel
9. EXTREMELY Affordable Price
10. Great Look and Feel

*New Trent has a more rugged model of the Airbender for the iPad Mini and iPad Air that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use practically ANYWHERE. Unfortunately, they do not offer that option for the iPad 2/3/4. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars vice 5. Aside from that, I love it.

Mike H. (Posted on 6/4/14)
Tablet ease Review by Ninab64
This iPad case and keyboard is a sturdy, stylish solution for people who prefer a separate keyboard instead of the one available on the iPad itself. The 2 slots that hold the display upright can be used with the screen in the vertical or horizontal position, making the tablet convenient for reading or skyping, for instance. Battery life is good, too. The only real negative I can think of is the size of the user manual. The product and box is large enough to accommodate a much larger piece of paper, which would allow the type size to be larger than 2 or 3 point mouse type. My eyes aren't good enough to comfortably read the instructions without cheaters! (Posted on 5/31/14)
Cheaper than a Clamcase and does the job Review by Christopher
Design: This is definitely the sleekest New Trent case I have ever had. It is very minimalistic, but still manages to look stylish. The rubber feet on the bottom of the case allows for comfortable lap & desk typing.
Keyboard: The keyboard mimics the keyboards on the MacBooks so you won't have any problems typing multiple pages of tex . It is spacious and makes good use of the function keys.

Arm/Stand/Body: The entire case is surprisingly light, but the arm and stand are quite sturdy. It holds my iPad 2 with very little give, so there is no chance of it slipping out. The stand has 2 resting positions which allows you to change your viewing angle. The arm is not detachable from the keyboard and the ipad case does not detach from the arm like the Airbender Mini NT31B, but since I use my iPad 2 for notes this is not a big deal.

Overall one of the best keyboard cases for the iPad. Compares very favorably a Clamcase for a fraction of the price. (Posted on 5/23/14)
Great but not perfect Review by Robert
I used the Airbender 1.0 with my iPad 2 and generally found it to be a very good keyboard-case. I primarily work on my iPad when I'm on the train heading to and from job, so the lightweight nature of the case came in handy, and the few times I dropped it, it protected my iPad quite well. Additionally, the sleep mode on the keyboard was invaluable, as I often forgot to turn it off when closing the case, and without it I would likely have run out of power when I had no way to recharge the keyboard. The swivel mount was also useful for when others were around.

I had only two issues with the case: the clasp holding it closed isn't very strong, so it tends to pop open very easily and the lightweight nature of the case means that the iPad renders it top heavy, which in turn means that tips over very easily if it isn't on a flat surface. Neither of these are truly problematic, but they are frustrating. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Best case I've owned. Ever. Review by Lee
I’ve had several keyboard cases for my various iPads and this one is the best yet. The iPad 2 snaps securely into the cover… I have no worries that it will pop out on its own.

The hinge is very sturdy and holds the iPad at any position I want. It is very versatile in that the hinge allows the iPad to rotate/swivel so that it can be used flat - nearly - in “tablet mode” or as a laptop would be. It all can be closed up like a clamshell to protect the iPad when not in use. A very protective case for your iPad!

In the past, i have had some cases that the iPad snaps into not allow a screen protector to be used. Not so with this case. I have a screen protector on and the case does not interfere with the screen protector. Very important to me.

The keyboard is, as with most all keyboards built into an iPad case, a bit smaller than a standard size keyboard. This is, of course, necessary to keep the size and weight down. The keys on the Airbender are very responsive and it feels like a quality laptop keyboard. I’m not a fast typist, but it never lagged or was slow in any manner.

It is different than the keyboard I was using previously. On my previous keyboard, once paired via Bluetooth, it would connect subsequent times just by powering on the keyboard. The New Trent keyboard requires turning on the keyboard and then pressing the “connect” button. Not a problem at all, just different.

Since I began using this case, my wife has claimed it as her own! She has taken it for her own use and now I need to buy another for me! She is a school board member and takes copious notes during board meetings. She is also a quick typist! She was using a Targus Bluetooth keyboard before she got her hands on this case. It didn’t take her very long to get used to the smaller footprint and feel of the New Trent keyboard. She loves the case and how it wraps her iPad in a protective shell and removes the need to carry another item, the Targus keyboard, with her to board meetings.

Both my wife and I give the Airbender Keyboard Case 5 out of 5 stars! (Posted on 5/20/14)
Lots of value and function in this keyboard/case! Review by Mimi
I have been using an iPad 2 for three years now. Although I had initially thought it would be a substitute for bringing my PC on a trip, I found the usefulness of that concept impaired by the virtual keyboard. In the time that I've had my iPad, I've used it extensively to browse the web, access media of all types, and to read email as a secondary function. This latter was because it was pointless to replace my phone function with the iPad if I wasn't planning to reply via iPad due to frustrating and slow keyboarding capabilities of the iPad virtual keyboard. Many times I've read an email on my iPad and then grabbed my phone to Swype or speak (voice recognition) a response! I've wanted an iPad keyboard case for a while, but was overwhelmed with the various options and uncertain about spending a lot of money for a concept I wasn't convinced would work for me.

Then I bought the New Trent Airbender. This gave me the option to finally own a keyboard case for my iPad at a very modest cost. I was anxious to try it out.


First impression: The New Trent packaging lends to an initial impression of quality. It comes in a well-constructed box that's very thick and sturdy. The pictures on the front of the box focus in on a few of the key features. With an older iPad there is always the concern that a gadget won't work for my model, so I liked the big green "sticker" on the front of the box that allayed those concerns: it would work with my iPad 2, and also the 3 or 4. The unit itself is plastic - not the thickest plastic, but considering that I'll be carrying this in my iPad case inside my purse/tote, I am happy to see that it won't add a lot of weight. I also liked the look of the silver swivel stand.

Attributes: A keyboard case is pretty basic - it needs to enclose the iPad and provide a detachable keyboard, and include all the keys I'd normally use when doing standard typing. I've been using the keyboard to create and respond to emails on my iPad - for the first time in the three years I've owned it! The keyboard also has a blue function key that allows you to access a few helpful features of the iPad without leaving your current app or email, such as turning on music and changing tracks or volumme, or changing screen brightness. The instructons show you all the function keys with a nice compact list of the icons and their purpose, which provided all the info I needed without taking up a lot of space.

Functionality: The big test was whether I could comfortably type without frustration and find the keys where I expected (as a touch typist) without too much of a learning curve to "retrain" my fingers. This was a very pleasant surprise. I know that sometimes the smaller keyboards can be problematic, but I immediately was able to touch type without corrections and the automatic response to hit the backspace or enter/return found those keys exactly where I expect too! The feel of the keyboard is comfortable - keys are a good size, feel sturdy, and make a soft clicking sound. There's a light on the keyboard to let me know if I've hit the CAPS LOCK by accident (which hasn't happened yet). I like that all of the iPad ports are easily accessible with my device in the keyboard case.

Overall: I am leaving for another business trip on Tuesday and have already set up my work email on my iPad for the first time since I've owned it, thanks to knowing that I'll actually have the ability to properly keyboard and be productive with this device instead of carting my PC through security one more time.


My biggest issue, which seems silly in hindsight (but was still frustrating) was my inability to intuitively set up my iPad as a screen. I could rotate the top half of the screen in all the directions shown in the photos, but I could only position the screen in a totally upright position, turned sideways. I couldn't imagine typing with the screen in this position if the keyboard was at a normal desk height. I knew I must be doing something wrong because I was unable to get the keyboard to stay in place if I wanted to use it vertically or at a different angle. I twisted and maneuvered and came up blank. I re-read all the directions and looked at the schematic diagram on the instructions that came with the device, and started to feel foolish. Then I decided to look at the box. The photos were the same, but it included one key piece of info: "Bracket adjustment: Slide-out arm for a wider array of viewing angles to choose from." Well DUH. I felt pretty dumb that I hadn't figured this out, and once I slid the arm, I could use any angle I wanted, horizontal or vertical. I found myself wishing that the adjustment was mentioned in text in the directions because I just wasn't "getting it" via the pictures/arrows in the directions. Note: I am a text-driven person who sometimes has difficulty with diagrams. I'd rather have you give me a list of directions than show me a "map."

There are a few of the function buttons that don't work for me. I am guessing that perhaps the functionality of these keys is impacted by having a second generation iPad. Specifically the function keys that didn't work were the copy/cut/paste keys and the virtual keyboard key. The good news is that I wouldn't anticipate using any of these! My instinct is still to use the touch screen copy/cut/paste options to accomplish that action, and as I've stated before, I have no interest in using the virtual keyboard!

So far the keyboard seems like it will hold up well to the typing, and only the test of time will prove or disprove.

My rating would change to a "5" if the bracket adjustment was clarified in the instructions. (It's funny because this simple thing thwarted me, but I thought a full page of instructions and pictures on pairing the Bluetooth - a no-brainer - was overkill.) Also I would want to make sure that the function key issue was indeed related to my model being old, and not "broken." I could research this of course, but I thought it was better to give my frank impressions based on using the item with only the instructions provided.
(Posted on 5/20/14)
Great for Business Meetings Review by JesseL
This case would be perfect for those in the business world as it is light and compact but very functional. I used it for my iPad 3. I am little about the long term use of this product, due to the plastic feel of the keyboard, but it seems to be holding up good so far. It comes with a very handy charger that worked with my apple USB charger. It has a really nice feature where you can slide out the top portion of the case to give yourself more angles to work with. All in all for the price its a nice case. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Great Keyboard/Case!! Review by Joe
This is truly one of the best combo keyboard cases for the price on the market! I own a competitors case keyboard that cost triple of the this case and the airbender has far outperformed the competition! (Posted on 5/17/14)
Great Product Review by Kaleohone
I have found it to be a great accessory to my Apple iPad 2. The installation of the iPad was very simple, and removal is also very easy. The case seems to be very sturdy and strong enough to protect the iPad while moving around with it. I will recommend this product to anyone who wants a small, powerful, touch-screen computer, and I will also purchase this item again. Overall, it is a great device. This case offers awesome protection, and great functionality. (Posted on 5/16/14)
This case is great. Review by Jason
I love this case. It is so fluid in its transition from tablet only to tablet and keyboard. Makes me more productive. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Excellent Product - Must Have Review by Hanksr
The unit has good engineering design to allow effective operation. One excellent design is the adjustable tilt for the screen. It works excellent. The keyboard has a very solid feel and is excellent in operation. The outside finish would benefit from a rubberized finish for better handling (Posted on 5/10/14)
Great Case Review by edub
I think it is great the case securely snaps onto the ipad and gives great coverage. The case closes securely and tight for great protection. It is nice and sleek in it's appearance. The option to rotate the ipad from portrait to landscape is a big plus. Love the way you can pull out the stand in the back to change the angle of positions for the ipad. The keyboard is very comfortable. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Great Case Review by Bruce
I received this case as a gift and am really pleased with it. The charge on the keyboard lasts a pretty long time. Its pretty sturdy easy to use. my only complaint would be that with an iPad installed it is a bit on the heavy side. Overall a great product. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Great, sturdy and easy to use! Review by Michael
Just got this keyboard/case for my iPad 4 Retina! Working very well so far. It is sturdy, feels solid and is very easy to use. The clip that is supposed to hold it closed is a little weak in my opinion, but overall I like this product very much. The spinning feature for the iPad is great and lets you use your ipad in multiple angles and orientations. Would recommend this to anyone at this point. (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great Keyboard Case! Review by Jerry
Devices used for this product: iPad 2
I find the light indicators for caps lock, charging, and pairing very useful. Though, it would be ideal to have a battery indicator of the keyboard, but it's a feature that's not really common among these keyboards, which I find quite strange, since I imagine it would be very useful.

I have a New Trent rugged keyboard case for the iPad Mini and one of the complaints I have for that is that the keyboard is a bit too cramped, which can't really be helped due to the small form factor. However, due to the larger size, the larger keyboard is a pleasure to type on. The typing experience on this is good. I have medium to small hand and I can type perfectly fine on this keyboard without too much spelling errors. I find the layout for the keyboard very well done.

I really like how Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts work on the iPad, such as cmd z and cmd c/v.

I really like how I can double tap the dedicated home button key to access the mutlitask tray.

I really like the feel of the soft touch finish on the interior side of the keyboard.


I find the dedicated function keys (brightness, media keys, copy/paste, etc.) very useful. The only one of the keys that I don't really find use for is the keyboard switch. It displays a virtual keyboard, which I don't have a use for. I could easily get the virtual keyboard by either turning off bluetooth or turning off the keyboard.

I have used polycarbonate cases before and I had some bad experiences with them. They would eventually end up cracking. While this might be a drawback, there isn't really any alternative material to make a stable stand, other than maybe leather/pho-leather or even metal.

I am somewhat concerned with the durability of the polycarbonate part around the lock/unlock switch and the volume controls. I am afraid that due to the thin size of it, it would eventually crack and just break off.

The viewing angles are alright. I think they are fine.

UPDATE May 4, 2014: Battery life is great so far. I have been using it ever since receiving it, so about a month and only charged it once so far. The low battery indicator hasn’t been lit yet. I use the keyboard for basic media functions and some typing for about 2 hours daily.


I find the aluminium hinges that connects the iPad shell to the keyboard is a bit small and thin when compared to the New Trent rugged keyboard case for the iPad Mini. I fear that one day that they might crack, rendering the stand functionality useless, from say a drop.

I find the dedicate lock key on the top quite questionable. While I can unlock the screen by using it, I can also unlock the screen by pressing any key, including the number keys. The lock key doesn't lock unless used in conjunction with the "fn" key. I feel the lock key a bit useless, other than locking it. I think it would be better if the key would lock without the use of the "fn" key.

I find opening the case somewhat challenging, at least initially. Even after using it for a while, I still find the opening method somewhat awkward. How I open the case is by pushing the keyboard side back so the latch comes off.

While it might not be advertised for this, when using the case on my lap, it's not very well balanced. The case tends to lean back and sometimes might fall when I use it on my lap.

On the New Trent rugged keyboard case for the iPad Mini, I am able to completely separate the rear shell with the "L" shaped stand from the keyboard itself. However, on this case, I can't. There are times when I just need to use the iPad without the use of the keyboard. While I can just slide the iPad down and lay it against the keyboard, I would first need to turn off the keyboard and overall, it would be bulkier. Maybe this is just me nitpicking.

The “Connect” button for bluetooth pairing is very tacky, not in a good way. It makes a sound that shows that it is, at least in my opinion, of low quality. However, I need it to use it once to do the initial pairing, so it doesn’t bother me too much.


5 because I really enjoy using the keyboard. The typing experience is good and there isn’t too much too major to complain about. (Posted on 5/4/14)
I have had this product for over a month now and it has functioned well beyond my expectations. The only drawback I have found is that I wish I was able to extend to a little greater of an angle. This was only really necessary while watching a movie on a flight. Other than that, the product has been reliable, the battery life has been good and it doesn't add a significant amount of weight to the iPad. (Posted on 5/2/14)
Loving it! Review by Wynne
What I like most about this product is that is completely covers my iPad. When they said High Quality they meant it. The hard clamshell case is basically turning your iPad into into a full-time notebook. I use my iPad at work and have gotten many questions about the product. They really like the idea that the keyboard is built right into the case, that the slide is easy to adjust and the iPad can be viewed portrait or landscape. Plus, fold and adjust the case so it can be used like a tablet.

Of course the next questions is where did you get that? I finally typed up a short note and keep it with me whenever I use it in public. (Two many questions and so little time...) The quick note explains what the clamshell is and where to get one.

I would highly recommend this product if you have a iPad gen 2, 3 or 4.

Oh, did I mention my iPad fell off my desk? I just knew either the clamshell would be broken and my iPad damaged. To my surprise there was no damage to the clamshell or the iPad, thanks to the Trent Airbender 1.0 - Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell iPad keyboard case! Great style and protection! (Posted on 5/1/14)
It simply Rocks Review by James
I recently re-acquired my iPad Gen 2 from wife and was looking for a keyboard. I found this keyboard and quickly purchased it. Upon receipt I charged the battery, installed it in the case and quickly fell in love. This was too simple and yet it worked. Perfectly from the get-go it has worked. For over 6 months nothing has been easier to use and easier to carry. The simple on/off button makes it simple to disconnect it from the iPad when you do not need it. I use it constantly in meetings and while traveling. It is great when you need to make notes. I am thinking about getting another one simply to have as a spare but right now the one I have is rock solid. (Posted on 4/24/14)
love it! Review by danielle
All NT products have performed well (5 for all). The NT stylus is better from any other styluses I've used with my iPad. The tip has the exact sensitivity needed to write notes neatly/smoothly, but the stylus could be longer. I'm extremely satisfied w/ my airbender case in protecting my iPad & its sleek black appearance. People frequently inquire about the "device" I use (in class, the library, work) & are so impressed w/ its capabilities. The keyboard keys could be larger, but the battery LASTS (Posted on 4/22/14)
Well Built, and easy to use Review by Ryan
I love my case because it is simple to use. You charge it every once in a while and it seams to last a long time if you only turn it on when ou actually need the keyboard. I was able to connect it in less than a minute and now it automatically connects every time. As long as you wait 10-15 seconds once you turn the powe on, it will connect. The case is durable andthe keyboard is easy to use. I am looking forward to getting one for my wife. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Good bargain - excellent case/keyboard Review by Michael
Needed to replace other vendor clamshell type case because I dropped it.
It caused a few keys not to work.
The airbender 1.0 was perfect for the job. it was lighter, keyboard layout was more conducive for my fat fingers. Easy to flip to tablet mode and back.
I am very pleased with the case.
I would buy another one which is probably more likely since I already dropped on already. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Best Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review by Gilbert
The New Trent Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard works and looks great. Very simple to connect to Bluetooth. I really like the way it can change from the small laptop with a great keyboard, to a tablet by just flipping the iPad that's connected to the adjustable detachable stand. It has many looks and uses. It looks very stylish but its texture on the protective case I believe is to smooth. It can easily slip when placed on smooth surfaces. Other then that a GREAT PRODUCT, I give it a solid 5. (Posted on 4/5/14)
A Great Case! Review by Steven
This case was purchased to replace another case with bluetooth keyboard because the way the iPad slipped around in the case was getting annoying. This one perfectly fits my iPad 2 and the keyboard paired in seconds without any issues. The keyboard also works while it is charging (a plus when working in your hotel room after a full day) which is not always the case with bluetooth devices. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Great case and keyboard Review by Phillip
I have tried several cases for my ipad, Out of 4 this is the best. First one I bought power switch on side weak and broke. The airbender has a nice rugged power switch protected on the front above the keyboard. Second one I tried, keyboard for touch typist is poor as the shift key was small. Third one, the keyboard was nice, but the case itself did not provide any protection for the back of the iPad, and only magnetic connection to the case, so if dropped, ipad really had poor protection.

This case has it all. Protection both front and back of the ipad when case closed. Case won't separate if dropped. Keyboard has nice feel, positive feedback, for touch typist, and large shift key. (Posted on 4/2/14)
Practical, light-weight, and works well Review by Josh
What a fabulous iPad case/keyboard. This is by far the best one there is
on the market. I use the NT38B for my iPad 2 and have tested several
tablet keyboards along with several other case/keyboard combinations, but
the NT38B blows away the competition. The NT38B contains all the necessary
components of a case/keyboard, plus much more. Here is what I mean.

First of all, the NT38B looks and feels nice. It is a black case with a
silver accent (for the rotation hinge). It also looks clean and sleek,
which I love, and is very thin for a hard shell case. The hard plastic
case protects the iPad from any outside harm, and unlike fabric cases, the
NT38B can easily be wiped and cleaned if anything gets onto it. Given that
it is a hard shell, it surprisingly does not add too much additional weight
and is actually relatively light when compared with other case/keyboard
combinations. The NT38B also allows for a 360 degree rotation of your
iPad. This is great for those of you who switch back and forth between
portrait and landscape view.
There's more. The extension piece that slides out of the bottom of the
keyboard is such a brilliant idea. It took me a few moments to figure out
that it extends out, but when I did, my jaw dropped to the ground. With
this extension piece, you can have several angles of view. It is seriously
a fabulous idea that is not only good in theory, but it actually produces
and performs well. I had a previous case/keyboard where there were only 2
different angles to choose from, but none of them were what I needed or
wanted at the time. Some case/keyboards only come with 1 set angle, which
is also not very practical or useful. But with the NT38B, I can be sitting
at a table, I can be lying in bed, or I can be sitting on the ground and
still have the optimal angle in any of those positions. And if you do not
need to use the keyboard, you can easily flip over the iPad so that it lies
on-top of the keyboard and use your device from there.
Although the keyboard itself is slightly smaller and feels slightly smaller
than a normal sized computer keyboard, it fits comfortably while typing
with two hands. The individual keys do not feel squished together (whereas
some other tablet keyboards do). There are several shortcut keys on the
top row of the keyboard, which make typing and writing on a touch screen
much more convenient. These shortcut keys simply prove to be the
Most importantly, the NT38B delivers in functionality. It connects well
with the iPad 2 (almost immediately after you turn on the keyboard) and its
battery lasts a long time. I've been using the keyboard on-and-off
everyday now and still haven't had to recharge it yet. Unlike other tablet
keyboards, the NT38B does not lag when you are typing.

There are not many, but what I found were two things. One, the extension
piece that is attached to the rotation hinge can feel a little flimsy. Any
time I have the piece fully extended out, I feel a little worried that I
might accidently hit it or move it in a way that would cause it to break
off. Any time I have it fully extended out I use extra caution,
specifically if I am walking to and from different places. However, most
of the time my iPad is stationary whenever I am using the keyboard, so I
don't need to worry about this that often. Secondly, I have read many of
the reviews that the case/keyboard causes some iPad's to freeze. I've only
experienced this once so far, so it really hasn't been a problem for me,
but to be truthful it has happened already.
I will update this review if I experience any other findings or if I
experience any other problems or complications.

*Concluding thoughts:*
Ever since I put on this case and started using it I haven't taken it off
since. I love the NT38B and I have no reason to take it off and use
another case. It offers everything I need and it performs and produces
like it is supposed to do. I use it everywhere I go (home, work, and
traveling) and am certain that it will perform in any type of work/office
environment and for personal, recreational, or business type purposes. I
plan on keeping it as my primary case for as long as I use my iPad, and I
highly recommend the NT38B to all iPad users. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Practical, light-weight, and works well Review by Josh
What a fabulous iPad case/keyboard. This is by far the best one there is
on the market. I use the NT38B for my iPad 2 and have tested several
tablet keyboards along with several other case/keyboard combinations, but
the NT38B blows away the competition. The NT38B contains all the necessary
components of a case/keyboard, plus much more. Here is what I mean.

First of all, the NT38B looks and feels nice. It is a black case with a
silver accent (for the rotation hinge). It also looks clean and sleek,
which I love, and is very thin for a hard shell case. The hard plastic
case protects the iPad from any outside harm, and unlike fabric cases, the
NT38B can easily be wiped and cleaned if anything gets onto it. Given that
it is a hard shell, it surprisingly does not add too much additional weight
and is actually relatively light when compared with other case/keyboard
combinations. The NT38B also allows for a 360 degree rotation of your
iPad. This is great for those of you who switch back and forth between
portrait and landscape view.
There's more. The extension piece that slides out of the bottom of the
keyboard is such a brilliant idea. It took me a few moments to figure out
that it extends out, but when I did, my jaw dropped to the ground. With
this extension piece, you can have several angles of view. It is seriously
a fabulous idea that is not only good in theory, but it actually produces
and performs well. I had a previous case/keyboard where there were only 2
different angles to choose from, but none of them were what I needed or
wanted at the time. Some case/keyboards only come with 1 set angle, which
is also not very practical or useful. But with the NT38B, I can be sitting
at a table, I can be lying in bed, or I can be sitting on the ground and
still have the optimal angle in any of those positions. And if you do not
need to use the keyboard, you can easily flip over the iPad so that it lies
on-top of the keyboard and use your device from there.
Although the keyboard itself is slightly smaller and feels slightly smaller
than a normal sized computer keyboard, it fits comfortably while typing
with two hands. The individual keys do not feel squished together (whereas
some other tablet keyboards do). There are several shortcut keys on the
top row of the keyboard, which make typing and writing on a touch screen
much more convenient. These shortcut keys simply prove to be the
Most importantly, the NT38B delivers in functionality. It connects well
with the iPad 2 (almost immediately after you turn on the keyboard) and its
battery lasts a long time. I've been using the keyboard on-and-off
everyday now and still haven't had to recharge it yet. Unlike other tablet
keyboards, the NT38B does not lag when you are typing.

There are not many, but what I found were two things. One, the extension
piece that is attached to the rotation hinge can feel a little flimsy. Any
time I have the piece fully extended out, I feel a little worried that I
might accidently hit it or move it in a way that would cause it to break
off. Any time I have it fully extended out I use extra caution,
specifically if I am walking to and from different places. However, most
of the time my iPad is stationary whenever I am using the keyboard, so I
don't need to worry about this that often. Secondly, I have read many of
the reviews that the case/keyboard causes some iPad's to freeze. I've only
experienced this once so far, so it really hasn't been a problem for me,
but to be truthful it has happened already.
I will update this review if I experience any other findings or if I
experience any other problems or complications.

*Concluding thoughts:*
Ever since I put on this case and started using it I haven't taken it off
since. I love the NT38B and I have no reason to take it off and use
another case. It offers everything I need and it performs and produces
like it is supposed to do. I use it everywhere I go (home, work, and
traveling) and am certain that it will perform in any type of work/office
environment and for personal, recreational, or business type purposes. I
plan on keeping it as my primary case for as long as I use my iPad, and I
highly recommend the NT38B to all iPad users. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Great Product Overall Review by Pierre
Overall I would give the New Trent Airbender 1.0 a 5/5. Having tested out
New Trent's products for the ipad mini series, I can say that this keyboard
case performs exactly as I would want it to. I tested the Airbender 1.0
with the 3rd generation iPad and synchronizing the two devices over
bluetooth was effortless. After connecting the ipad with the keyboard, I
went through various apps to verify which were or weren't compatible.
Ultimately, I did not come upon a situation where I could not type with
the external keyboard: Notability, notes, messages, mail, reminders, typing
in passwords on the app store, and even typing in your passcode on the lock

With this product connected to my iPad, I actually found a considerable
increase in the usefulness of the iPad. Previous to using this I really
only used the iPad for leisure; laying down and just browsing various apps
while watching tv - very casual. But now with the keyboard, the iPad feels
much more practical as a device to take notes on, especially at work.I am
never one to complain about the on-screen keyboard that apple products come
with since I have become very accustomed to it; but, with an actual
keyboard to type on, I feel much more efficient and willing to actually use
the ipad to help organize my professional and personal lives. When
browsing through facebook/safari/etc., the Airbender 1.0 is not very useful
for me, especially if I am laying down since the keyboard actually takes
more of an uncomfortable position. But when you have it propped up on any
flat surface, it has an incredibly sturdy and comfortable design.

I believe that for anyone working an office job, running in and out of
meetings, this product is definitely something that can make your ipad much
more of an asset to your performance. It is not at all bulky or heavy,
which makes it pretty lightweight, especially compared to a laptop. And
there are so many apps out there that can really help you organize all of
your notes from meetings (such as evernote or notability) which I would
recommend as tools that really supplement the use of this Airbender 1.0. I
work as an engineer, and for me this has been very critical in turning my
ipad into more of a personal assistant, than just something I have to kill
time every now and then.

In addition, I wouldn't say that my ipad is very well protected now that it
is in this case; but, compared to what I had previously (the Apple magnetic
leather cover, and a $4 plastic backing) I would say that it is in a much
better position now to not be damaged.

Lightweight/Durable design
Very simple to connect
Compatible with all apps (that I tested)
Improved iPad usability
Multiple positioning options for screen
Keyboard Shortcuts that can alter brightness/volume, take you to home
screen, etc.

For the sake of having an area to improve, I may feel more comfortable if
the keyboard had more of a locked position when closed. Although this
design is very simple and effective, I would hate for it to fling open
while picking it up and possibly damaging the device or the iPad.
Also, do to the flexibility of the Airbender 1.0 and various positioning
options, this device is really best suited for use on a desk/flat surface
even though if you position it well, it can be used on your lap without
much trouble. I wouldn't say that it's necessary to make it easier to use
while laying down for example, but I think for those situation its best to
work without the keyboard attached. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Phenomenal Product! Review by Sherry
Having tried several keyboards and keyboard cases in the past, I was very skeptical. When I opened the package, the item seemed cheap and flimsy to me. It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover! When I placed it on my iPad and started using it, I was immediately blown away. First of all, it paired immediately.

The keyboard has a “real keyboard” feel and the feedback from the keyboard is excellent. Maneuvering around the screen is a joy and the icing on the case was that, when I closed the case, the screen shut off as well!

This is a phenomenal product that I would recommend to all users who have a need to type anything from a short email to an entire thesis on their iPads. Being far better than any other keyboard I have tried before. In my book it rates 5+! (Posted on 4/1/14)
Great keyboard case Review by Keaton
I attached an iPad 2 to this BT keyboard case, overall, I’d give it a 4 star rating. The iPad fits into the shell nice and easily though getting it out isn’t as easy or I just haven’t mastered it yet. Pairing was simple though a little confusing – it gives you a 4-digit number for pairing which you’re supposed to type in. The confusing part is that you’d expect a pop-up window and a text box for entry but one doesn’t come up – you just enter the number and hit enter/return.

The casing is made of a hard thermoplastic shell which I originally thought it was magnesium given it’s feel. The entire device is pretty well thought out – the 360-swivel screen, the extension with the two slots for the iPad for more than enough viewing angles, and the keyboard is very nice. As far as keyboard feel goes, only the Lenovo Thinkpad’s keyboard beats them and I consider theirs the best in the industry.

If I were to suggest enhancements, I’d suggest the following:
- an easier way to unlock screen/iPad from the keyboard – you have to dig your fingernail under the latch
- a way to detach the iPad and shell from the keyboard so I can just have the iPad without the keyboard.
o If you’re doing that, don’t forget to cut out a notch along one side to attach a magnetic cover.
o Also, leave the big round thing on the arm so the case is flat.
o You’ll have to rework the lock because you don’t want that tongue attached to the case either.
- Change the charging port to the same type as the tablet, i.e. the keyboard case charges via Lightning for iPad 4. That way, the user would only have to carry 1 set of cable instead a quiver.
(Posted on 4/1/14)
NT38B rotational engineering separates it from the competition Review by Kevin
I am very impressed with the overal look and feel of the NT38B Wireless Keyboard. I currently have an Adonit Writer wireless keyboard that I honestly do not use that often due mainly to it's functionality. It has a somewhat "flimsy" look and feel in spite of weighing 0.5 oz more than the NT38B. While I have not, nor intend to conduct any drop testing, or "ruggedized" testing, I certainly am left with the impression that the iPad would fare much better with a mishap with the NT38B.
The actual keyboard experience is nearly identical between the two. The NT38B keyboard's "on/off" switch which is much easier to use and important for battery consumption when you are not using the wireless keyboard, as well as the "caps lock" indicator, which is missing on the competition. Note the Adonit does have an "on/off" switch, but it is located on the underside of the device and requires a pen or other sharp object to use. I did not even know it was there until completing this review.
While the effort to put the iPad into the NT38B is simple, removing it is not as easy as the Adonit. The Adonit has a latch on the top of the unit, with a cutout on the back side so that you can easily push against the iPad to remove it from the case. This is a nice feature lacking on the NT38B. I have found over the past couple of weeks that I do not remove the iPad from the case very often because I like the case so much better than I did the Adonit. So being more difficult to remove is not a big deal.
I give the NT38B high marks for the overall look, and perception of very good protection. However what really separates this wireless keyboard from the competition, and gives the NT38B the clear edge is the ability to rotate the iPad 90 degrees to be used in the vertical or "portrait" position. That is not possible with the Adonit. Additionally, the engineering in the NT38B allows the case to be used flat without the keyboard being in the way (see NT Flat.jpg vs. Adonit Flat.jpg), which is another huge advantage. This is particularly nice if using the iPad on your lap while sitting, which is very cumbersome with the Adonit. The NT38B gets an A+ for engineering and design of the rotating cover. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Excellent Keyboard for my iPad2 Review by Kim
I purchased this right at the time I was spending time with a family member in the hospital so I was carrying my iPad with me to keep me occupied while waiting. I loved how simple this was to setup and the easy of angling the screen how I needed it. They keyboard was perfect for me to use to do my work offsite and the case folded up to protect it in in style. Love it. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Buy this immediately Review by Eric
If you're looking at this review, you're smart. You're doing your research on a new wireless keyboard for your iPad. You want to make sure it won't harm your iPad in any way, make your hands fall asleep from being too small, or have that weird space that makes your wrists hurt that you find on other cases. I've owned 7 cases. This is the best one...and the others don't even compare! The battery life makes you question if other devices actually have a real lithium ion battery in them, the adjustability of the case makes you think less of your friends' inability to change as much to suit you, and the extra buttons on top make an easy-to-use device even easier. Enough said! (Posted on 3/29/14)
Great case for a great price Review by Thomas
I have been using this computer case for two days now. So far I do not have any problems with it. It is completely as I expected. I travel very extensively for work and only carry my iPad with me, instead of a laptop so this works out perfect. Before this case I was using the Otterbox for iPad. That case was great, but too bulky. This new keyboard case is perfect and fits into an ipad sleeve that I have. I am actually typing this review right now with the case itself, sitting on my lap on my couch. So it is comfortablely slim and very portable.

As I have only had this case for a very short amount of time I do not have many negative issues with the case. The only problem that I have noticed with this case is that every time I want to connect via Bluetooth to the keyboard I have to click connect on the keyboard case. This is obviously not a big issue at all, but many other Bluetooth devices that I have I can usually just select the item from the "settings" section of the ipad. Again it is not a big issue, just something worth mentioning. The only other negative I feel that I should mention is that when you use the ipad as a tablet it is rather bulky. But if you felt the need to do so, you could just take it out of the case.

However, the many positive things that I have noticed about this case outweigh the minor negative issue. The ipad fits into the case very easily and also removes just as easy. The case has two wells for the ipad to rest in. The brace that holds the iPad up also has 14 different settings. So realistically the Ipad has 28 different resting positions, depending on what you are trying to do. While the case makes for a great way to type and accomplish some work, it is great for resting the ipad to watch a movie, or Face Time from different angles.

Another positive is that the keyboard has a "home" key where the Escape key would be on a traditional keyboard. This is perfect to be able to simply just tap the key to scroll between apps, without having to move your hands from the keyboard.

When closing the case there are 4 rubber feet, which elevate your screen from the keys on the keyboard. I will still probably add a screen protector, but it does not seem like there is a huge need for it. There are also 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the case to keep it from sliding.

I have not yet tested the battery life. I gave the case a full charge after I opened it, and I will update on how long it has lasted. From the reviews of other users, the battery seems to be quite dependable though.

The keyboard has plenty of functions as well. As mentioned earlier it has the home key, brightness controls, cut, copy and past, volume controls, pause, rewind and FF, tab, caps lock, and arrow keys.

All in all, this is easily a 5 star product, especially considering the price. I was a bit afraid that with the low price, the case was going to be cheaply made. However it seems to be well constructed, and I am very happy with it.
(Posted on 3/28/14)
Decent protection and nice keyboard, particularly for the price. Review by Dave
I bought this for my iPad 3 primarily for the protection, but also so I can take occasional meeting notes.

The keyboard is responsive and my fat fingers don't feel too cramped while using it. Make sure you charge it the full 3 hours the first time you charge it - after that it should only take about 2 hours for a full charge. The battery seems to last quite a while - i've left it turned on for the entire week I've owned it and so far not a problem at all. It turns out that the keyboard has an auto-sleep mode (which is not configurable); this is probably why the battery charge lasts so long.

I'd buy another if I had another device which needed it. I purchased this unit on a different amazon account but I'm leaving this review on the account I write most of my reviews from. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Awesome Keyboard case Review by brian
I got this case for use with an iPad 4.The New Trent Airbender 1.0 case with keyboard for the iPad 2/3/4 is an amazing keyboard case. The back-casing which holds the iPad is a hard black material and does not feel rubbery. Once the iPad is in the Airbender case also folds to covers the entire iPad when not in use, adding a layer of protection. All of the Ports are also easily accessible. The keyboard case came with great instructions for installation and use. The iPad fits snuggly into place with ease,and easily comes out if you wish to remove it. After placing the iPad inside of the case all buttons and ports were fully accessible, so no need to remove it to charge or to use the camera.

Pairing the Keyboard to the iPad was a snap. The keyboard immediately paired with the iPad. On the keyboard the keystrokes are a little shallow, but not by much. It has a comparable feel the to the apple wireless keyboard. The keys are spaced apart and the action is comfortable. The keys feel great and for everyday keyboard usage the keyboard is ideal. There is no lag in typing. Another great feature is the indicator light letting you know when the keyboard battery is low, but also shows the status of the keyboard, (charging, pairing,battery full, and of course low battery).

The best part of the design of this case besides the keyboard, is the upper part of the case which holds the iPad it is connected to the lower part of the case, which contains the keyboard, by a swiveling rotating hinge. This hinge not only gives the case a feel of a netbook, but allows the upper part to be rotated in any direction and swivel to angle. IT was AWESOME. You can easily have the screen in landscape or portrait mode, but you can have it at a myriad of viewing angles full 360 degree rotation. So no matter what you are using you iPad for, composing emails, reading an e-book, watching a movie, you can twist and turn and angle in any direction and be hands free.

This keyboard case would be great for students with iPads or anyone wishing to use the iPad for note taking, writing or emailing , trying to do any of these things with the onscreen keyboard can be a real hassle, but the Airbender case is exactly what you need for these activities on the iPad. I would give this item a rating of 5. Excellent! and Amazing! (Posted on 3/27/14)
Solid Product Review by DP
Great with iPad2. Hearty & reliable; good size keys, pleasing touch pressure. Would like to see indicator light when powered on (easy to leave on & run down battery). (Posted on 3/25/14)
Great Case and Keyboard Review by Jeremy
I am reviewing the New Trent Air Bender 1.0 for the iPad 3. So far I am liking it. In the past I have simply used my iPad as more of a web browser than anything. I dont mind typing things on the standard iPad keyboard, but as you all know, thats not real easy for anything you need to seriously type for.

The cover arrives in a box the standard size of other cases for the ipad. Upon opening the box, there is the keyboard, the plastic shell for the ipad, and a standard micro USB cable for charging the keyboard. Installation is easy, the plastic shell simply snaps on. The shell protects the back of the ipad and is where metal frame attaches the keyboard to your iPad. The New Trentlogo looks awesome in metal and it kind of gives off an "iMac" appearance that will be loved by Apple enthusiasts. Pairing was a pece of cake. I simply turned on the keyboard which has a clearly labeled "ON-OFF" switch. Upon turning it on, a blue tooth and charge LED light up lettting you know the status of the keyboard battery and that it is connecting thru blue tooth. I then wentinto my settings on the iPad and looked for the keyboard under my bluetooth devices and presssed connect. I then had to enter a 4 digit number to complete the pairing.

Intially I was not thrilled with the angle that my iPad sat at when open with the keyboard. Up and down was a good angle, but sideways felt too steep. I then realized that there is an adjustmenttab in the back that allows you to control the tilt of your iPad. It made the world of difference. Thats what I get for not reading the instructions!
Typing feels good on this keyboard. It is not a full size keyboard, though it does have all the standard keys normal keyboards have, they are just a little closer than normal. I have had no problems typing on this, but bigger fingered people may. I also experienced a few times where the keyboard lost connectivity with the iPad and caused the iPad to completly lock up.

This keyboard has opened up a great deal of options for me. I have not previously used my iPad to take notes at different meeting because it was akward to utilize the onbaord keyboard to be able to effectively do what I needed to do at the many different meetings I often attend. The only thing that I am missing withthis new set up is the screen protection that I am accustomed to for my iPad. I have had my ipad in an Otterbox Defender case since I have had it, so I am a bit leery of having my screen unprotected. I know there are screen protectors out there, so its not like I do not have options. A plus is the naked screen reminds me just how beautiful the retina screen is.

Overall the keyboard case is a great value. If you like to use your iPad like you woiuld a small laptop, this is the case for you. My only concern is the adjustable hinge on the back making it through the long haul so to speak. I rate the case a 5 out of 5.
(Posted on 3/19/14)
Great BT Keyoard case thats worth the money Review by Leroy
If you're looking for a Bluetooth keyboard case for your ipad, look no further, I bought this and was very empress with it. Its very lightweight, long battery life and quick response. Its definitely worth the money. (Posted on 3/15/14)
NewTrent Airbender 1.0 (Upgraded NT38B) Review by Ian
I ordered the NewTrent Airbender 1.0 and received the package within a couple days, which is extremely fast. My review for this product will be for handling/using the Airbender 1.0 for approximately the past week.

Packaging: (5/5)
When it arrived, I noticed it plainly packaged in a padded mailer with a harder box inside. After opening the package, I immediately noticed a thin, high-quality box labeled as the Airbender 1.0. The box was very sturdy and looked and felt to be high quality. I was then very curious to see the contents of the package. After opening the box, I found the Airbender 1.0, a USB charge cable, and a small instruction book. It was very simple and straightforward and I found very little else is needed.

Fit/Design: (4/5 due to latch)
After removing the Airbender, it felt well made and of high quality. I especially like the metal hinge that extended from the back that had incremental clicks that locked in to adjust the angle of the screen. The hinge, when fully extended, also acts as a stabilizer for the keyboard as do the four rubber feet that provide traction on hard tables to keep the Airbender from sliding. The metal hinge also added a touch of class and broke up the matte black plastic that was elsewhere found on the case. The hinge happened to match the metal portions of the Ipad 2 that you could see through the ports for the speakers, 30 pin charge opening, volume control/screen lock, on/off button, and headphone jack. Well done and well made.

When I slipped the Ipad 2 into the top portion of the case, it immediately clicked in with a couple snaps. I couldn't really tell how the Ipad 2 was being held in, so I leaned the case down with my hand under to confirm the Ipad 2 was locked in--it was and hasn't even budged or squeaked. I noticed two trays at the top of the keyboard where the Ipad can sit to adjust the angle as upright or slightly angled. The trays seemed to hold the Ipad in place firmly while the hinge locked in, creating a solid platform for the Ipad. I also noticed the Ipad could be rotated so that you can view it in landscape or upright mode. Both seemed well secured.

I do have a couple suggestions/complaints about the Airbender. First, I'll start with the suggestion. The Ipad has no screen cover other than the keyboard when it's closed up. This means that, when you're using it, the screen becomes very dirty with fingerprints and there is little to protect the screen. I would have preferred to have NewTrent provide an additional screen protector, even if it was a temporary cover. Next, the complaint. The small latch that keeps the keyboard locked to the Ipad when it's closed is too small and doesn't work well. Several times the keyboard/Ipad opened up when folded and latched, which made me very uncomfortable. It would be nice to have a slightly larger and more secure latch, especially since I cannot afford to replace an Ipad that drops on the ground from inadvertently opening while carrying it. The keyboard case is the Ipad's only protection, so I want that part to be secure. Part of the issue could be the rubber feet on the top of the keyboard that provide padding between the Ipad and keyboard when it's closed. The rubber feet seem to stick up and push against the latch, possibly causing it to force open.

Performance: (5/5)
I charged the keyboard overnight after first opening it with the supplied USB cord and it fired right up when I switched on the keyboard. I do wish the USB cord was a little longer as it barely reaches my dresser, but that's just my preference. It's worth noting that I really liked the rubberized feel of the on/off switch as it makes it easier to grab/handle. I saw the blue light come on for "BT" as well as the "CHRG" and "CAPS" lights when it was first turned on. I then followed the directions and made sure the bluetooth on my Ipad 2 was on, which it was. I then saw the label "Bluetooth Keyboard" pop up and pushed to connect on my Ipad 2. After entering the code provided in the instructions, we were good to go. I noticed a small lag when I first connected but once I waited a few seconds, I had no other problems.

Since my initial connection, I've noticed that, if I'm in Safari and turn on the Airbender switch for the bluetooth keyboard, the entire Ipad 2 has locked up on two different occasions, requiring a forced restart of my Ipad. I've never had this happen before and it seems to be random and isolated to Safari and the keyboard not playing nice together. If I'm already logged in to bluetooth with the Airbender and then go on Safari, I don't seem to have problems. Seems strange.

When typing, my only complaint is the form factor, but this isn't isolated to the Airbender, it's just the type of keyboard. If you want a form fitting keyboard case, the keyboard will be small. Other than that, I found it easy to type once I got used to the size. The keys felt a little spongy to me but not enough that you don't get a good response and accuracy when typing quickly. I also liked the multitude of Function keys that all seemed to work well on the Airbender/Ipad 2 combination. I really like having a lock key and a home key on the keyboard instead of just the Ipad itself. Fast forward, reverse, pause/play, volume, screen brightness, and all the document settings worked well. Overall, well done.

Conclusion: (5/5)
I think NewTrent has made a high-quality product in the Airbender 1.0. If it weren't for the latch and a possible screen protector, I would be hard-pressed to find any real fault with it. I really like the look and feel of the case itself and haven't seen one built quite as nicely. I haven't tested the battery time extensively, but it isn't anything I've noticed as I've had it on one charge and would guess that it would run for a long period of time between charges. This is the second product I've owned from NewTrent (the other was a iCarrier battery) and I find NewTrent to have well thought out and made products. (Posted on 3/15/14)
Great product and Amazing price! Review by Tyler
I was thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of the air bender 1.0! I recieved the package within five days. The design is flawless with perfect cutouts for an IPad. The Bluetooth compatibility and sleep mode work wonderfully and the keys don't skip a beat. I have been using my case for about a month now and have yet to experience any sort of issue with the product. This product is sturdy and lightweight and deffinately worth the money! I would recomend this product to anyone looking for an awesome case for a great price! (Posted on 3/13/14)
Best case around! Review by Dustin
I was looking for a rugged case with a built in screen protector for around 50$. I was WOW'd when i came across the Airbender 1.0. It comes with everything I was looking for and more. The ability to detach the ipad from the case and it almost have the feel of a "naked" ipad is incredible. Will never have to search for another case, New Trent has made me a lifetime customer. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Bluetooth Keyboard is priceless. Review by Sean
I recently purchased the New Trent Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case to use on my iPad 4. It is normally in a Griffin Survivor case but there have been times that a keyboard would really come in handy. I did some research and found that the New Trent product caught my eye due to the fact that it is easy to swivel the iPad and view in either portrait or landscape mode. I did get a little confuse when I first put the case on because I didn’t realize you had to slide it out to get the proper tilt for viewing but once I found that I really liked how it could be adjusted to any angle I needed depending on how I was sitting.

I really like did not like using the iPad when I needed to do email and work on my laptop because of the touch keyboard. Now that I got my Airbender case I love being able o type on the real keyboard. It is also real handy to carry around and have the keyboard available. If you are like me and use your iPad less for games and social media and more for email and work you will really appreciate this keyboard case. It make me some much more productive and I don’t need to break out my laptop to get more of my work done.

I will say that I have been using my iPad a lot more now that I have the Airbender case. The bluetooth keyboard makes it so much move valuable for me. It is lighter and more mobile then my laptop. That is not something that I thought would happen just because I got a new case with a bluetooth keyboard.

I would highly recommend this case. One a scale of 1-5 I give this case a 4.

The only reason that I did not give this case a 5 is because I would like it to be a little more rugged. I don’t think the case would give a lot of protection from drops that are unfortunatly seem to happen to me and my iPad. I guess up give up some of the ruggedness when you get a lighter case with a keyboard. I have both cases and can swap back to the rugged case when needed. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Best case with keyboard Review by Jonathan
Easy to pair with the iPad, also works with bluetooth enabled phones that have the HID profile.
It has a very professional look and fits perfectly in the iPad 2.
It supports the iPad in landscape and portrait to allow portrait mode apps to work easily with this keyboard which is impressive.
Very good feeling on touching the keys.
The connect button makes it very easy to connect to different devices (Posted on 3/12/14)
Great hardshell case with, rare, portrait mode support! Review by Blewzdood
I purchased this product to replace a prior iPad keyboard and am SO glad I did. I've had this product for more than a year and am still very pleased with it.
1. If you think all keyboard keys are created equal, they are not. Though they all share the same unavoidable narrow ergonomic design, the airbender keyboard is one of the nicest feeling keyboards ever.
2. I was concerned that the clam shell hinge would loosen over time. I'm pleased to announce it performs just as it did when new. Not too tight/loose. Admittedly, it does take some practice getting used to since you have to mind it's swivel ability as well. A tolerable trade off.
3. Speaking of swivel, this is a great feature you don't enjoy with other "book style" cases. Being able to spin it and lock in place at will and still use the keyboard provides great flexibility.
4. Battery life/charging. I maybe charge the keyboard once every 2 weeks. I consider this a great feature since there is no way to charge both the ipad and keyboard with one charger. It seems to "sleep" when not it use, an added battery longevity benefit to those who forget to turn the keyboard switch off after use.
5. Tilt adjust. This is a nice feature which does take some getting used to. If I had to pick on something, It would be the tilt "locking" feature which can be unruly at times. Again, a tolerable side effect from other features gained.
6. Removable. Yes, and there are 2 methods/benefits for removing the iPad from the keyboard.
a. you can pinch/release the actual Ipad from the case for non-keyboard use yet still enjoy a hardshell case for backside protection.
b. You can also detach the hinged portion of the case from the keyboard, leaving the hinged portion attached to your iPad and tilted to enjoy a more separated situation. Picture a more traditional "PC - LCD monitor on a stand separate from the computer/keyboard" look. Nice, at times.
7. Bluetooth connectivity: Just as easy as any other.

In all fairness, I have to include one con other than the small one above.
1. The shift key on the right side of the keyboard is smaller than normal (not that I could have designed around this better myself) and takes quite a bit to get used to, for all you "traditional, asdf jkl; finger placement people". I've hit the up arrow instead while typing too many times to mention, which can result in some very interesting results if you don't watch your screen while typing.

If you prefer a softer, more traditional "book style" case, this may not be for you. If you're looking for the most protection and versatility in a keyboard case, I am admittedly hard on my electronics, use this one every day, have dropped this more than a few times (on hard surfaces) and it still performs as new.
I highly recommend this quality product. (Posted on 3/4/14)
Great keyboard for iPad Review by Paul
I purchased the Airbender because I do payroll online on my day off, and wanted to be able to do it from my iPad 2 from my lap while I sit on my easy chair (and watch TV). The iPad's virtual keyboard is usually pretty annoying to use for situations like this. The Airbender is perfect for this. This keyboard unfolds to a multitude of different screen positions, making it very easy to personalize the feel. The screen can be put to either landscape or picture orientation. Then when finished, the whole thing locks down to sleek notebook that protects both the keyboard and the iPad screen. I can also see myself taking this to the coffee shop when I want to catch up on e-mails.

Very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 3/3/14)
Great iPad Cover and Keyboard Review by Larry
This is a review of the New Trent Airbender 1.0 iPad cover with Bluetooth keyboard (model NT38B). I’ll break this review down into different groups like appearance and finish, fit and setup, then usability and functional observations. First let me say that I’m an IT administrator and so the usability and setup is from my job application and experience. Nonetheless, I have to say that this was one of the easiest to setup devices I’ve used in recent months. Here’s the breakdown along with a few pics. Also note that my test is with an iPad2 that I’ve had since the day they were first available (which is several versions old now).

Appearance and finish:
The material that the clam-shell style case is made from looks pretty durable. Even though I have a white iPad, it still looks good in the black cover. As someone who has used only a basic Apple magnetic folding cover for a long time, this cover design offers much more protection for your expensive iPad. Take it from someone who has dropped an iPad and had to replace a shattered digitizer, I feel much better having this cover. It’s worth noting though that I find the finish to be a little slippery but not dangerously so. It would have been a good idea to either mold some grip ridges into the cover or make the finish a little less smooth to make it easier to hold on to. From someone who has used a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad before, I was curious about the layout of the keys so I looked carefully at the keys and the feel. I was pretty amazed at all the control keys to manage the iPad. Just about anything you would ever want to do, there’s a key for that. The feel of the keys is just the way I like it, no annoying click but enough travel to feel right.

Fit and Setup:
Next I took the instruction booklet out and laid it to the side (as I tend to do). I have to admit, the only time I read the manual was after I had it up and running… it was that easy to setup. However, for a non-techy person, you should note the instructions about pairing the Bluetooth keyboard to your unit or you may get a little frustrated. First I popped my iPad into the lid half of the cover and found it was a perfect fit and was nice and snug. I inspected all the ports and buttons and camera to make sure everything was easily accessible. New Trent did a good job with making cutouts ample enough to get to these areas without being too big. I noted how the top half of the cover slips out of the bottom cover where the hinge is located. This allows you to choose the angle of view that is comfortable for you. It’s worth noting also that each position has a ‘click’ that makes it stay at the angle you choose. I also noted that the way the cover is made, the iPad can be rotated a full 360 degrees to put the unit either horizontal or vertical with the home button on either. So whether you’re a lefty or righty, the unit fits you.

I next made sure that Bluetooth was enabled on my iPad then turned the keyboard on. I know you are supposed to charge the keyboard before the first use but I took a chance that it had enough charge to pair with the iPad which it did. All the lights lit up on the keyboard confirming that it had a basic charge from the factory. I pressed the ‘Connect’ button to make it discoverable. Now from the iPad settings screen within the Bluetooth devices screen the keyboard showed available. I selected the keyboard line on my iPad and it popped up a message to enter a pairing key on the keyboard which I promptly entered. The device immediately paired and showed connected. So far, so good… I then plugged the unit into a USB port on my PC with the supplied charge cable and let it fully charge.

Next I decided to try out the function keys to control the iPad. Volume, screen brightness controls, perfect. I then tried the function keys for pgup and pg down, etc. and these would not work… tried in an open Excel file and word document through my SkyDrive account as well as web pages and no scroll or navigation… perhaps I’m missing something about the iPad2 functions or perhaps I’ve been in a Windows world too long but I never could get them to work for me… definitely not good but not the end of the world. Next I tried the music/media controls. I noticed that without even having the Music app open, it started playing whatever was last played. That was a nice touch to quickly play music. The volume controls worked smoothly.
Functional Observation:
I’ve now been using the Airbender for a couple of days. It’s really quick to open and setup. It take a little more maneuvering than my basic magnetic cover that I’m used to but hey, look at the protection I have now. It’s a small trade-off for the security but I do wish the initial angle could somehow be a little bit more tilted without needing to slide the hinge out first. This isn’t a show stopper for a static person but for me and the way I have to visit lots of locations in our building, I’m constantly opening and closing the unit and the initial tilt is a little more of an issue for me.

The keyboard charge has lasted nicely so far with the use I’ve given it with a lot of IT apps I use for networking and such. I also type a considerable amount of emails and I’ve tried to use the Airbender for most of these. The keys are smooth and I really like the feel. I did notice that one of the little rubber bumpers on top of the keyboard half to cushion the screen came off for no reason. I stuck it back on and applied a little pressure and it stayed so far.

All-in-all, this is a very nice device. If you are a business professional person, the look and feel of the Airbender is right up your alley. Security/protection, functionality, portability without a lot of added weight and very professional looking. I believe you would definitely like this cover for your iPad 2,3,4. The price is really nice; Amazon has for $36.95 as of this writing. Such a small price for a really good cover.


(Posted on 3/1/14)
Great iPad Cover and Keyboard Review by Larry
This is a review of the New Trent Airbender 1.0 iPad cover with Bluetooth keyboard (model NT38B). I’ll break this review down into different groups like appearance and finish, fit and setup, then usability and functional observations. First let me say that I’m an IT administrator and so the usability and setup is from my job application and experience. Nonetheless, I have to say that this was one of the easiest to setup devices I’ve used in recent months. Here’s the breakdown along with a few pics. Also note that my test is with an iPad2 that I’ve had since the day they were first available (which is several versions old now).

Appearance and finish:
The material that the clam-shell style case is made from looks pretty durable. Even though I have a white iPad, it still looks good in the black cover. As someone who has used only a basic Apple magnetic folding cover for a long time, this cover design offers much more protection for your expensive iPad. Take it from someone who has dropped an iPad and had to replace a shattered digitizer, I feel much better having this cover. It’s worth noting though that I find the finish to be a little slippery but not dangerously so. It would have been a good idea to either mold some grip ridges into the cover or make the finish a little less smooth to make it easier to hold on to. From someone who has used a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad before, I was curious about the layout of the keys so I looked carefully at the keys and the feel. I was pretty amazed at all the control keys to manage the iPad. Just about anything you would ever want to do, there’s a key for that. The feel of the keys is just the way I like it, no annoying click but enough travel to feel right.

Fit and Setup:
Next I took the instruction booklet out and laid it to the side (as I tend to do). I have to admit, the only time I read the manual was after I had it up and running… it was that easy to setup. However, for a non-techy person, you should note the instructions about pairing the Bluetooth keyboard to your unit or you may get a little frustrated. First I popped my iPad into the lid half of the cover and found it was a perfect fit and was nice and snug. I inspected all the ports and buttons and camera to make sure everything was easily accessible. New Trent did a good job with making cutouts ample enough to get to these areas without being too big. I noted how the top half of the cover slips out of the bottom cover where the hinge is located. This allows you to choose the angle of view that is comfortable for you. It’s worth noting also that each position has a ‘click’ that makes it stay at the angle you choose. I also noted that the way the cover is made, the iPad can be rotated a full 360 degrees to put the unit either horizontal or vertical with the home button on either. So whether you’re a lefty or righty, the unit fits you.

I next made sure that Bluetooth was enabled on my iPad then turned the keyboard on. I know you are supposed to charge the keyboard before the first use but I took a chance that it had enough charge to pair with the iPad which it did. All the lights lit up on the keyboard confirming that it had a basic charge from the factory. I pressed the ‘Connect’ button to make it discoverable. Now from the iPad settings screen within the Bluetooth devices screen the keyboard showed available. I selected the keyboard line on my iPad and it popped up a message to enter a pairing key on the keyboard which I promptly entered. The device immediately paired and showed connected. So far, so good… I then plugged the unit into a USB port on my PC with the supplied charge cable and let it fully charge.

Next I decided to try out the function keys to control the iPad. Volume, screen brightness controls, perfect. I then tried the function keys for pgup and pg down, etc. and these would not work… tried in an open Excel file and word document through my SkyDrive account as well as web pages and no scroll or navigation… perhaps I’m missing something about the iPad2 functions or perhaps I’ve been in a Windows world too long but I never could get them to work for me… definitely not good but not the end of the world. Next I tried the music/media controls. I noticed that without even having the Music app open, it started playing whatever was last played. That was a nice touch to quickly play music. The volume controls worked smoothly.

Functional Observation:
I’ve now been using the Airbender for a couple of days. It’s really quick to open and setup. It take a little more maneuvering than my basic magnetic cover that I’m used to but hey, look at the protection I have now. It’s a small trade-off for the security but I do wish the initial angle could somehow be a little bit more tilted without needing to slide the hinge out first. This isn’t a show stopper for a static person but for me and the way I have to visit lots of locations in our building, I’m constantly opening and closing the unit and the initial tilt is a little more of an issue for me.

The keyboard charge has lasted nicely so far with the use I’ve given it with a lot of IT apps I use for networking and such. I also type a considerable amount of emails and I’ve tried to use the Airbender for most of these. The keys are smooth and I really like the feel. I did notice that one of the little rubber bumpers on top of the keyboard half to cushion the screen came off for no reason. I stuck it back on and applied a little pressure and it stayed so far.

All-in-all, this is a very nice device. If you are a business professional person, the look and feel of the Airbender is right up your alley. Security/protection, functionality, portability without a lot of added weight and very professional looking. I believe you would definitely like this cover for your iPad 2,3,4. The price is really nice; Amazon has for $36.95 as of this writing. Such a small price for a really good cover. (Posted on 3/1/14)
Great iPad Cover and Keyboard Review by Larry
This is a review of the New Trent Airbender 1.0 iPad cover with Bluetooth keyboard (model NT38B). I’ll break this review down into different groups like appearance and finish, fit and setup, then usability and functional observations. First let me say that I’m an IT administrator and so the usability and setup is from my job application and experience. Nonetheless, I have to say that this was one of the easiest to setup devices I’ve used in recent months. Here’s the breakdown along with a few pics. Also note that my test is with an iPad2 that I’ve had since the day they were first available (which is several versions old now).

Appearance and finish:
The material that the clam-shell style case is made from looks pretty durable. Even though I have a white iPad, it still looks good in the black cover. As someone who has used only a basic Apple magnetic folding cover for a long time, this cover design offers much more protection for your expensive iPad. Take it from someone who has dropped an iPad and had to replace a shattered digitizer, I feel much better having this cover. It’s worth noting though that I find the finish to be a little slippery but not dangerously so. It would have been a good idea to either mold some grip ridges into the cover or make the finish a little less smooth to make it easier to hold on to. From someone who has used a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad before, I was curious about the layout of the keys so I looked carefully at the keys and the feel. I was pretty amazed at all the control keys to manage the iPad. Just about anything you would ever want to do, there’s a key for that. The feel of the keys is just the way I like it, no annoying click but enough travel to feel right.

Fit and Setup:
Next I took the instruction booklet out and laid it to the side (as I tend to do). I have to admit, the only time I read the manual was after I had it up and running… it was that easy to setup. However, for a non-techy person, you should note the instructions about pairing the Bluetooth keyboard to your unit or you may get a little frustrated. First I popped my iPad into the lid half of the cover and found it was a perfect fit and was nice and snug. I inspected all the ports and buttons and camera to make sure everything was easily accessible. New Trent did a good job with making cutouts ample enough to get to these areas without being too big. I noted how the top half of the cover slips out of the bottom cover where the hinge is located. This allows you to choose the angle of view that is comfortable for you. It’s worth noting also that each position has a ‘click’ that makes it stay at the angle you choose. I also noted that the way the cover is made, the iPad can be rotated a full 360 degrees to put the unit either horizontal or vertical with the home button on either. So whether you’re a lefty or righty, the unit fits you.

I next made sure that Bluetooth was enabled on my iPad then turned the keyboard on. I know you are supposed to charge the keyboard before the first use but I took a chance that it had enough charge to pair with the iPad which it did. All the lights lit up on the keyboard confirming that it had a basic charge from the factory. I pressed the ‘Connect’ button to make it discoverable. Now from the iPad settings screen within the Bluetooth devices screen the keyboard showed available. I selected the keyboard line on my iPad and it popped up a message to enter a pairing key on the keyboard which I promptly entered. The device immediately paired and showed connected. So far, so good… I then plugged the unit into a USB port on my PC with the supplied charge cable and let it fully charge.

Next I decided to try out the function keys to control the iPad. Volume, screen brightness controls, perfect. I then tried the function keys for pgup and pg down, etc. and these would not work… tried in an open Excel file and word document through my SkyDrive account as well as web pages and no scroll or navigation… perhaps I’m missing something about the iPad2 functions or perhaps I’ve been in a Windows world too long but I never could get them to work for me… definitely not good but not the end of the world. Next I tried the music/media controls. I noticed that without even having the Music app open, it started playing whatever was last played. That was a nice touch to quickly play music. The volume controls worked smoothly.

Functional Observation:
I’ve now been using the Airbender for a couple of days. It’s really quick to open and setup. It take a little more maneuvering than my basic magnetic cover that I’m used to but hey, look at the protection I have now. It’s a small trade-off for the security but I do wish the initial angle could somehow be a little bit more tilted without needing to slide the hinge out first. This isn’t a show stopper for a static person but for me and the way I have to visit lots of locations in our building, I’m constantly opening and closing the unit and the initial tilt is a little more of an issue for me.

The keyboard charge has lasted nicely so far with the use I’ve given it with a lot of IT apps I use for networking and such. I also type a considerable amount of emails and I’ve tried to use the Airbender for most of these. The keys are smooth and I really like the feel. I did notice that one of the little rubber bumpers on top of the keyboard half to cushion the screen came off for no reason. I stuck it back on and applied a little pressure and it stayed so far.

All-in-all, this is a very nice device. If you are a business professional person, the look and feel of the Airbender is right up your alley. Security/protection, functionality, portability without a lot of added weight and very professional looking. I believe you would definitely like this cover for your iPad 2,3,4. The price is really nice; Amazon has for $36.95 as of this writing. Such a small price for a really good cover.

(Posted on 3/1/14)
Great keyboard and protection! Review by karen
We purchased the NT38B Airbender 1.0 keyboard case for our assistive technology department, where we provide technology solutions for people who struggle with reading, writing, visual, physical and/or cognitive challenges.
Favorite features:
- good protection for iPad while transporting and using (previous cases that are not physically connected resulted in iPad crashes!)
-can safely use in portrait or landscape modes
-angle adjustability for added stability and viewing preferences/needs - very comfortable as 'latptop'
-responsive keyboard - recognized quickly by ipad even when onscreen is on- quicker than previous keyboards
-comfortable keyboard for medium-large size hand-
-good visibility of caps lock light since larger hands might accidentally activate more frequently
-good contrast of key labels for average user
-useful shortcut keys, including onscreen keyboard key, keyboard language option
- good battery life (so far;)- clear light indicators to know if charged or not
- all ports and buttons are readily accessible
-ease of assembly/opening for average user
- competitive pricing
-stylish appearance

- easier disassembly - it is difficult to take out of case for taking pics etc.. I generally have to slide something in to pop it out.. maybe I'm missing out on a better way!?
love the features of the newer 2.0 case, how it comes out more easily and can be used as a stand!
- lighter weight arm to make whole unit lighter
-higher contrast key options for folks with visual issues
-perhaps a warning light to indicate that it is time to charge ... before it is too late
- some function keys not functioning in pages or safari.. page up / down scrolled whole page
-could be difficult for some younger or physically challenge users to manage

Overall, we really love the case and will recommend it to many of our clients who have older iPads! Have only had it for a month, but hope it will last the life of the iPad! (Posted on 2/28/14)
Excellent Product Review by Judi
Scale 1-5 (5) being the best.
Sleek and professional style. 5
Keyboard it is the nicest one I have used connects and its a mini laptop(5)
The way it so easily converts from closed to open to it with keyboard (5)
The option to flip it in to a tablet and keep keyboard on (5)
Removability from key board to just tablet very easy (5)
I love having the two options for the keyboard versatility one the folding into a tablet and two the removing of the keyboard to just the Ipad it is fantastic.(5)
Also I would like to mention that while open with keyboard you can easily turn the tablet with out moving the keyboard so that a customer or friend can see a picture or product.(5)
(Posted on 2/27/14)
Wonderful Product Review by Melanie
I have been in the market for a keyboard case for my iPad for some time. I really balked at the idea of spending the money for a Logitech or Kingston. After research and reading reviews I settled on the Airbender 1.0 and I am glad I did. I love this product. Set-up was quick and easy. Instructions are clear and easy to follow if needed. Case is sturdy and as protective as I would expect. I love that the keyboard has a "wake" mode that takes you right to the home screen as I often just leave mine propped open on my desk like a laptop. Opening and closing the product is fairly simple. I'm still getting used to adjusting the device with the sliding arm/hinge but after reading some other reviews have tried opening and adjusting lengthwise like a book and that seems a smoother process. This product I feel is an incredible value. Very competitive price in my opinion. Would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Great Product Design Review by Patricia
Sleek design, light weight, easy to connect to Wi-Fi - intuitive use. Keyboard is sturdy - Full Qwerty with good use of F key functions for sound, brightness, cut-paste (which I love personally) and music playback commands. I use my iPad like a laptop more than I use my laptop. This makes is extremely easy to that. The clamshell function makes it easy to telescope the case (which holds the iPad) into the right viewing angle fit for you. It also allows for both landscape and portrait viewing without having to remove the device from the case. I not have any issues with the keys on the board and typing for me is very easy and faster than other folio cases I have had in the past. My only nuisance is the latch to open. It could be more distinctive somehow so it opens with one hand. Magnets perhaps? Regardless a 5-star product and great design. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Don't want to switch Review by Salah
My first new trent product is the airbender 1.0. Its a perfect solution for a student like me who doesn't want to lug around a laptop everyday for class. Airbender case made the ipad a functional laptop capable of taking note, writing journals on the go. I liked the keyboard; typing was a joy, and the battery life was extraordinary. For the price, the value of this case is amazing. Its been 6 months now I am using the case; never looked like giving a problem, never thought I need some other case.
Now I got an ipad air to replace my ipad 4. The best part is, I know which case I am going to go for. Usage of airbender 1.0 gave me a great joy, and I cannot think of any company other than New Trent for my ipad air case. (Posted on 2/25/14)
Great Keyboard Review by Barry
I have been very pleased with the Airbender keyboard. It fits my hand size very well and is easy to use and understand the functions. The case is great for the protection of the Ipad as well. I recommend this keyboard to anyone interested. (Posted on 2/25/14)
I really enjoy this product. It makes it easier to email and type on a iPad. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a combo case for the iPad. Review by Willy
When I originally opened the box I was very surprised. There was nothing complicated, just the case, a instruction manual and a wire. I unwrapped the box and snug my iPad right into place (Very snug and tight fit). As I played around a little bit I noticed that the 360 degree rotation allows for you experience your iPad to full capacity. I was a bit confused for a bit understanding how to get my iPad to tilt at the perfect angle but, I was sliding adjuster in the back made it possible to view my iPad at all angles. After finding the perfect position I turned on the keyboard (It came fully charged!). I moved into my general settings to locate bluetooth. I simply pressed connect on the key board and my iPad asked me if I wanted to pair.. I agreed and bang! It took me very minimal time to connect the keyboard. Now, this keyboard has everything your regular laptop or desktop computer does. These include volume buttons, brightness and even a lock button. There is no lag or delay on the keyboard. For me and like most people the reason we buy iPad cases is to protect mostly. This keyboard case has tough plastic all around your iPad. When it folds together it completely closes the iPad, leaving it 100% protected. I have seen reviews about this product saying maybe it is hard for the iPad to charge while in the case but, those are incorrect. I am able to change with volume and use the lock button without any interference as well charge the iPad without any troubles. The only downside to the New Trent Airbender 1.0 is the weight. You will always have to sacrifice weight for accessories thought. Overall I am very impressed with the case and plan on using it as my main case for a while. (Posted on 2/24/14)
Great case that is versatile Review by McGee
I purchased the new Trent Airbender 1.0 wireless bluetooth clamshell iPad keyboard case two weeks ago. It works great with my iPad 3. The high quality, hard black and silver matte slip-proof finish, clamshell case is stylish and does not show fingerprints . I love the multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions which allows for infinite 360 degrees of positions. Whether typing an e-mail, report, watching videos or just listening to music it will position to accommodate your needs. No need to worry about your device slipping out. Once my iPad was snapped in, it was extremely secure with a snug fit that ensured my iPad's safety. The Airbender case had all the appropriate cut-outs for all controls, charging port and speakers. The built-in magnet was great for auto shut-off and on iPad display. The low profile bluetooth keyboard was easy to set-up/connect and charge. It also, had comfortable key placement and texture which allowed for a fast and quiet typing experience.

The Airbender 1.0 case turns your iPad into a mini laptop with the convenience of screen rotation. I have enjoyed using my case to type all my documents and watching movies with my daughter. This is a very versitale keyboard/case. I highly recommend. There is only one con: once your iPad is secure in the case it is a little difficult to remove the iPad. I have one suggestion, to make the swivel lid with the ability to lock into a position. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Best Case Review by Michael
Case is a perfect combination of productivity and entertainment. This case provides a great keyboard that is not too small to type on. (Posted on 2/20/14)
It's great! Review by Carlos
I recommend to college students and professors, it's a great keyboard. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Excellent Product Exceeds Others Hands Down Review by Chandrika
I wish I would have purchased the Airbender 1.0 from the start! I tried 3 other case/keyboard combinations before purchasing the AIrbender. This product is excellent, long battery charge for the keyboard, light weight design, smooth keys that are elevated and are like a regular keyboard. Oh, and the 360 degree turning ability of the portion of the holder for screen is fantastic. I also really like how the case slides in and out to adjust the screen angle. I like the black color with silver accent. The only thing I would want is the option for other colors. We will definitely be purchasing more of these for our office staff! The price is reasonable too. Great quality! (Posted on 2/20/14)
Turn your iPad into a laptop! Review by bojj
I just received the New Trent Airbender 1.0, which is a wireless bluebook keyboard and can be used in iPad 2, 3 or 4. I have been using it with my iPad 2 for about one week now. It takes some getting used to regarding the feel of the keypad however it is quite convenient and literally turns your iPad into a laptop! I like the ability to keep the iPad in either the vertical or horizontal position. It seems a little unstable when it's in the vertical position, whereas it feels more sturdy in the horizontal position. I find myself trying to use the track pad as I do on my laptop however after a few minutes it did sink in that I just need to use the touch screen on the iPad!

This does enable one to close the iPad while it is attached to the keyboard and it looks like a mini laptop, only in a much smaller size. This will allow me to take my iPad with me to meetings instead of my laptop. I like anything that can translate into smaller and lighter so this really fits the bill! I usually keep my iPad in an Incase folder type case which is well insulated and it has always done a great job protecting my iPad. I was a little unsure of taking it out and attaching it to the Airbender as there is not much to absorb any hits to the iPad (yes, I am very protective of it!). I am a little leery about traveling out of the home with it in case I drop it as I don’t know how well the plastic can protect the iPad if I drop it. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Amazing product! Review by Ryan
I was so excited to use this product when it arrived. I use my iPad 2 for business and the “on screen” keyboard is functional, but not really easy to use. I have tried many Bluetooth keyboards in the past and never really found one that “felt right”. That is until I hit the power switch on the AirBender. It was so easy to use and was very easy to pair. The battery life is amazing – I’ve charged it once since I got it a few weeks ago and its still going. The keys, probably the best part about any keyboard, the airbender keys have just the perfect “bounce” to them. That small window where you can feel the key your pressing and it makes typing go that much faster. When you add in the flexability of “any angle viewing” this is a keyboard and case combo that I will stick with for life – kudos New Trent! (Posted on 2/17/14)
What I was looking for! Review by Mark
As a teacher, I was looking for something that I could use for data entry, word processing, etc... Previous Bluetooth keyboards I had worked fine, but I didn't like how long it took to connect. The keyboard connects to my ipad on my first key stroke with instant recognition. Overall the keyboard gives me the function that I wanted.

The case is also very nice. It provides sturdy protection while having a trendy look. The engineering of the product is pretty cool I love how easy it is to use.

I have already recommended to a colleague. (Posted on 2/14/14)
A great all-around iPad case Review by Kenn
The new case model is an improvement over the previous one. It feels lighter and thinner. I like that the neck is attached to the keyboard and no longer slides completely out. It's easier to open, and the iPad is easier to maneuver while in the case. The keyboard feels just as good and responsive as the previous model. I like that the language switching button now requires the fn key to be pressed, so I no longer accidentally change the language when opening the case. The only thing I miss is the ability to detach the iPad from the case.

The clip that holds the case closed will sometimes come partially unclasped when I'm putting the case down or holding it along the opposite edge. It also appears that there is a portion of the neck that rubs on the part of the case that the iPad fits in. I'm starting to see a ring around the back of the case. When I have the iPad in a portrait orientation, if I don't have the neck pulled out at least a few notches, the iPad won't stay up by itself. I usually use in in landscape orientation, so that's not a big deal for me.

Many of my friends, family, and colleagues asked me where I got the case and how I liked it and several have bought their own and also like using it. It makes a great all-around case for the iPad.
(Posted on 2/14/14)
Protection + Style + Efficiency Review by Arpan
1. Excellent keyboard design. Significant improvements over previous version. Notably, shift key, up-down arrows and controls. Avoids the problem of hitting "up" key while trying to hit "shift" (very common problem with previous generation).
2. Viewing angle is very good. The slots provided on the keyboard side to rest the screen are very helpful. They hold the position well and provide good angle.
3. The screen slide to provide various viewing angle is completely redesigned from previous generation. No more need for the "slide" button to change the angle. Very easy to slide in and out without being too loose or tight.
4. Issue of delay in bluetooth connection to IPad in previous version is corrected in this unit. No more lag while using the keyboard, even after long idle time.
5. Multiple shortcut keys are given with function bar (eg. brightness, copy, cut, paste, media controls, lock, home screen, etc.) are very helpful and handy.
6. The case fits nicely on the screen right out of the box. Simplest installing process. The dual color design makes the unit more sophisticated and rich looking. Very easy to switch from landscape and portrait mode.
7. The angle of the screen is also very good while doing video-chat on Skype, FaceTime, hangout, etc. No more need to hold the IPad in the hand.
8. The camera slots, power/ audio jacks, speaker and controls are easily accessible and unobstructed.
9. Power charging cable for the keyboard is provided with the unit.

1. Unable to take the IPad out from the keyboard like previous generation with single click button.
2. The feel of the "silver" back arm connecting the keyboard to screen is little delicate compared to previous generation. I have not had an issue with it but just feels like it may break easily.
3. The swivel of the screen is very smooth, hence disables the option of "indefinite" angles of viewing.
(Posted on 2/12/14)
Great Product, Lightweight design Review by Luke
I had been looking for a bluetooth keyboard case and I received the Airbender 1.0 as a gift. Initially I was concerned that it would be too flimsy because it is really light, but it it pretty rugged and I take it everywhere, throw it in a bad, dropped it off tables and much more.

The keyboard battery lasts a very long time between charges and connects in seconds the first time and immediately each time after. I use my iPad easily and the keyboard lasts for days. Sometimes I don;t want to use the keyboard, and it switches off easily with a button and folds over on top of the keyboard so it is out of the way.

My favorite thing are the shortcut keys on the keyboard including one to go to the home or start page of the iPad, volume adjustment keys. lock key and music playback keys.

if you are looking for a case that you will change out of when you do not want a keyboard, this one may not be the one for you because it is a little difficult to remove the iPad (if it were easy it would not be secure and could fall out).

There are many viewing angles depending on how you adjust the screen. You can view the iPad in landscape OR portrait and when using the keyboard there are two ridges for viewing angle choice. Of course, if you want to put your iPad flay, it swivels around and lays on top of the keyboard.

When closed, my iPad is easy to carry AND the case feels tough.

I recommend this affordable keyboard case. (Posted on 2/10/14)
Great Little Keyboard Review by Julianne
An excellent llittle keyboard to go with my ipad. The case design works well and the keyboard layout itself is pretty good. I'm finding the hinge is pretty stiff which makes it problematic to open. After reading about turning on end and opening it like a book, that's helping...still, I'd like it to be easier. Sometimes it feels like I have to rip it apart to get it open.

I'd love to give it five stars, but...I have a couple of learning curve and functionality issues.

The right shift key took some getting used to, in terms of placement. It just didn't feel natural. However, with practice, I have learned where it is and I no longer have to look for it to find it while typing. In the beginning I kept hitting the page up key. Very frustrating.

Double letters. This is more troublesome. I'm not sure if this is the keyboard or a function of the bluetooth connection. However, double letters show up with irritating frequency. I've found that I have to slow my typing speed and really strike the keys - purposefully - rather than just give them a glancing tap. I'm sure my speed will increse as I adjust to the needs of the keyboard. Nothing willl ever be an IBM selectric.

Battery life is excellent.

Connecting via bluetooth is a snap.

It did not come with a wall charger. That was an issue for me, but not a deal breaker.

All-in-all, I would recommend this littlle keyboard to anyone who does more than fill out forms. I write, regularly, and this has become my second favorite accessory for my iPad. (My first being my military grade case.)

Having said that, I spoil point out that I do not use the iPad mount that comes with the keyboard. I often remove it while typing. I wish the mechanism to remove it were a tad more user friendly. I have small hands and even I have problems getting my fingers into that 'clip' system.

Still, I can't recommend it enough. I know I sound nit-picky, but it's a great little keyboard.
(Posted on 2/5/14)
Good case for the cost Review by Tim
I'm currently using the New Trent product NT38B iPad cover and keyboard combo. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and over all the experience has been good. I haven't needed to recharge the battery since initially setting it up and it connects quickly to the iPad through bluetooth without any noticeable delay when typing. I like that it includes functional buttons like volume and brightness adjustment, which are not available on some other keyboards I have used. The unit can be a bit tedious when initially setting it up as the arm can be a bit stiff. The unit is also a bit heavier than I would like, but for the price it has been a good product. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Great item Review by Bruce
While I agree with the previous reviews, I only have great things to say about this. The biggest pro for me is the fact that when you close this case, it puts the ipad in sleep mode. The previous keyboard case I was using did not. Nice sturdy case with multiple viewing options. Highly recommended... (Posted on 2/4/14)
Versatile keyboard that works Review by Callum
This is the second ipad keyboard I have tried. I did a lot of research about different keyboards and I am very happy I chose this one. The price was good. It works well and was easy to set up. I like being able to turn it both ways and that you can even reverse it to use it as a display. If there was one improvement i would suggest it would be to make the back cover compatible with ipad smart covers. When I don't need the keyboard it would be good to just throw a Smart Cover over the front.
Otherwise this is excellent (Posted on 2/3/14)
Great Product and Sturdy Review by David
This is a great bluetooth keyboard with many features and a USB
rechargeable battery and cord.

The battery has yet to be charged and it has been used for hours. I don't
charge the battery until it dies the first time so the charge it came with
allowed me to use it right out of the box. It does come with a cord to
charge it so when I need to charge it, I can.

The overall construction is really good. It is a little weighty but that is
to be expected when adding a hard case and keyboard. The hard plastic case
fits snug and flush. With the tilt, swivel and slide features you can put
the iPad in any position you would like. The snap on hinge is nice if you
want to detach the keyboard quickly. It is a little hard to grab and
disconnect from the swivel but the feature is flush. The hinge detaches
from the keyboard if you want to use it as a stand away from the keyboard.

The keyboard is very responsive. I had the secretary test it for me as she
is able to type at 80wpm and it. It was able to keep up no problem. The
NT-38B Keyboard responds when it is off too. A click of the spacebar and
the passcode and I am right in.

Overall, the Keyboard is great, responds quickly and syncs quickly. It is a
little heavy but is to be expected from a hard case keyboard.

5 Stars all around (Posted on 2/1/14)
love this product Review by austin
i hope they make more key boards for the old ipads! (Posted on 1/16/14)
works alright. needs a few tweaks. Review by Tony

The airbender case is very comfortable. It controls the iPad very well with its dedicated macro buttons.
Being able to swivel the iPad is very useful in situations where you'd like to type in portrait mode. Being able to disconnect the iPad from the keyboard is very useful and the case has proven to be very helpful. Don't trust it to protect it from a drop but it certainly is better than nothing. And the overall battery life is very good. I didn't find myself charging it too often honestly, which shocked me.


The Preview photo button seems to have absolutely no use. It will unlock the iPad but doesn't open anything and while the iPad is unlocked it does nothing. It just seems redundant as there is an unlock button already.
The page up and down buttons don't seem to work in safari, nor any other browser I've tried. There might be other apps where they work but I haven't found them yet.

All in all the airbender keyboard is awesome and is worth the money. Though it has room for improvement, it proved its use while writing emails and memos. 4 out of 5. (Posted on 1/9/14)
I have been in the market for a new USB car charger for a while because the extremely compact one I bought from Griffin has proved to be a huge pain. I've purchased other tech toys from New Trent so I decided to give them another shot. First off, they look very sleek. Although they aren't the smallest and most compact, they certainly fit in a course, glove box, or console. It even fits in the small space under my stereo. I generally drive for about 30-40 minutes at a time, and within that amount of time, my device had already gone up by about 25-30%. I understand that its not going to fully charge it that quick, but my phone has a big battery compared to a cheap non smart phone. That's something to definitely be noted. If you have a basic phone, this thing will charge the small battery lightning fast. My girlfriend and I were both able to substantially charge our phones at the same time with ease. The placement of the ports allows even the widest cables to be plugged in side by side. And my favorite part was that this charger is able to be inserted and removed with almost no effort. My last one would hold on for dear life inside of the socket. That doesn't mean its loose though. All in all, I'm very happy with this investment and would STRONGLY recommend this to everyone. 5 out of 5. (Posted on 1/9/14)
New Trent -- Better and less expensive than competition Review by Walter
NT38B -- Airbender Keyboard Case -- This piece of New Trent equipment is the best since sliced bread. The Bluetooth connection works, every time, wonderfully. The case is itself is extremely useful as (1) a protective carrier, (2) a pedestal for reading or writing while viewing the screen.

I wonder if any consideration has been given to using a sliding screw method to change the angle of the "pedestal". I find that depending on whether I am reading or typing my preference for angle of viewing differs. Also, others in my family occasionally use my iPad and keyboard and also prefer a different angle for viewing other than the standard two or three angles currently available.

I would rate the NT38B - Airbender with 5 stars.

(Posted on 11/16/13)
Best iPad Keyboard on the Market Review by Zachary
After trying 5 or 6 different iPad keyboards, I can safely say this one is the very best. It is functional and practical. The keys feel real and not the rubbery flimsy stuff other keyboards have. I like that it is a hard plastic shell and not rubber for this adds to its durability. The best feature is the fact that the stand detaches from the keyboard. Thus you can stand your iPad even when it is not attached to the keyboard. (Posted on 11/13/13)
Good Solid Product. Review by Leonard
The NT38B Airbender is revolutionary in iPad keyboard cases. There truly are very few real competitors here. This case's flexibility makes it a leader as it swivels, and detaches, allowing seemingly unlimited combinations of viewing and portability. The set-up (the way it positions/stands) also allows rigidity for users who want to use the iPad like a laptop, with screen fixed upright in place. Unlike most iPad cases which require you hold the unit still, or leave on a flat surface, the NT38B Airbender stays in position. The case is also quite rugged. As a tech guy, I've experienced many cases that promise to protect, but at the end of the day protect only from scratches. This case is rugged, solid. Another phenomenal option is the ability to easily detach the iPad from the keyboard while keeping the iPad in it's case. The iPad then can stand alone in various positions while you type. The battery is also quite reliable. I've had the unit for weeks now and have not had to recharge yet. Two items that could improve this product, which I have NOT seen in other "like" items: grip surface on outside of case, and further improved keyboard experience. Most iPad keyboards have the same issue: the keys do not tap as well as they do on a Macbook/laptop. Overall, a SOLID product. (Posted on 11/7/13)
Good Solid Product- beats all competition (that I know of!). Review by LWCalhoun
The NT38B Airbender is revolutionary in iPad keyboard cases. There truly are very few real competitors here. This case's flexibility makes it a leader as it swivels, and detaches, allowing seemingly unlimited combinations of viewing and portability. The set-up (the way it positions/stands) also allows rigidity for users who want to use the iPad like a laptop, with screen fixed upright in place. Unlike most iPad cases which require you hold the unit still, or leave on a flat surface, the NT38B Airbender stays in position. The case is also quite rugged. As a tech guy, I've experienced many cases that promise to protect, but at the end of the day protect only from scratches. This case is rugged, solid. Another phenomenal option is the ability to easily detach the iPad from the keyboard while keeping the iPad in it's case. The iPad then can stand alone in various positions while you type. The battery is also quite reliable. I've had the unit for weeks now and have not had to recharge yet. Two items that could improve this product, which I have NOT seen in other "like" items: grip surface on outside of case, and further improved keyboard experience. Most iPad keyboards have the same issue: the keys do not tap as well as they do on a Macbook/laptop. Overall, a SOLID product. (Posted on 11/7/13)
Great product Review by gistork
The clam shell type case with a blue tooth is great for the I Pad. It offers great protection and has an easy to use keyboard which makes the I Pad function like a small laptop. The blue tooth connection was easy to set up and has a long battery life. The keys are a little tricky because the shift key on the right side is small, but I adjusted to that quickly. The price is right too. Competing products cost quite a bit more. It fit my needs for a protective case and keyboard perfectly. (Posted on 11/6/13)
Great Product at a great price Review by Joyce
I bought the New Trent thinking it would be a mistake not buying the Apple keyboard because of the price. I was wrong, I love that this product is so easy to set up and use. I love the price at $40.I love that I can set the iPad in landscape & portrait views. I even love the way it types. It was more then worth the price. (Posted on 11/5/13)
Great For Notes Review by James Mitchell
I'm a Minister and use my iPad to preach from. Sometimes when I'm traveling I need to make notes to a sermon or write down something that God gives me. This case works excellent for this. Having the full Keyboard allows me to make my notes much more comfortably than pecking at the screen for a while. Would suggest this case to anyone who's looking to use it to write notes or papers for college. (Posted on 11/2/13)
Overall, I'd give the Newtrent Airbender a 5.0/5.0. I've been using this product everyday since I got it and I have to say it has been a pleasure to use. If you are looking for a physical keyboard to use with you iPad, you've found the perfect device. Th Review by Chris
Newtrent's Airbender keyboard for iPad is a great addition to any iPad. I've been an iPad virtual keyboard user since the iPad first came out. The Airbender keyboard has changed that. I love the feel of the Airbender keyboard, it was easy to set up both pairing with my iPad and installing the iPad into the case.

Here is my current setup: iPad 2, iOS 7, Newtrent Airbender.

Unpacking the Airbender sets your expectations for this product. The packaging reminded me of an apple product. Opening the box you find a foam cover, under that is the keyboard wrapped in cellophane. The box contains the Newtrent Airbender keyboard, iPad case, manual and USB charging cable. The manual is only four pages and give you everything you need to install the keyboard, connect the keyboard to your iPad (via bluetooth), where the charging port is on the keyboard and what the various accelerator keys do.

The keyboard has a great feel, reminds me of the slim wireless Apple keyboards. Since I use the smaller Apple keyboard (does not have a number pad) I was able to adapt to the Airbender very quickly. The keys have a great tactile feel, respond well and do not take a lot of pressure to push down. This all adds up to a keyboard that does not make your hands tired. Overall, I think the keyboard feels great.

There are 14 Accelerator keys across the top of the keyboard. The accelerator keys support the following: home key (let's you switch apps by double tapping, pressing once will take you to the home screen, basically everything you can do with the iPad home screen button), two brightness keys, a keyboard key (this is pretty cool, since you do not need the virtual keyboard, when you type on the Airbender there is no keyboard on the screen, this means you can see more of your content, if you need the virtual keyboard, just tap the keyboard button), change language (this key did not seem to work with iOS 7), music/iPod keys (there is a really cool feature, I'm writing this review in the Notes app, if I press the play/pause button the music app starts playing, I can fastforward/fastback songs, including skipping to the next song), there are three volume buttons (mute, quieter, louder), finally there is a lock button (puts your iPad to sleep, just like the button on the top of the iPad).

In addition to the fourteen accelerator keys, there are also 10 additional keys at the bottom. The keyboard matches your Apple keyboard, there is a control key, two alt/option and cmd keys (same place as on the Apple keyboard), four cursor keys (if you are using an App like Notes, you can navigate through your document with the cursor keys, I didn't realize the iPad would support this, great feature). There is also a fn (function) that let's you use the additional features of keys like the cursor keys. The secondary functions are: page up/page down, home (takes you to the beginning of a line), end (takes you to the end of a line).

Bottom line, the Airbender has exceeded my expectations for a physical keyboard/iPad configuration. The keyboard was easy to setup, always works when I use it and provided a few 'bonus' features I was not expecting.

I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking to add a physical keyboard to their iPad.
(Posted on 10/29/13)
Great Sleek Keyboard-Case for the iPad Review by Chris
I bought the NT38B to use with my iPad3. The instructions enclosed were very clear, and Bluetooth connecting was very easy. This keyboard gives you more than others, and at a good price making this a great value. This is my first iPad keyboard / case combo I have purchased. After using the keyboard for a few days, it's easy to see that I made the right choice. The screen can be placed in several angles for either landscape or portrait view. The keyboard itself can be easily removed from the case to provide for an additional setup when sitting at a desk or table. The performance of the NT38B is my top recommendation for anyone that requires a compact keyboard/case.
I have large hands, and I can type on this keyboard quite easily. I love the dedicated buttons on the top row of the keyboard for volume, brightness, media functions, cut, copy, paste, etc.
When the case is closed I feel that it provides very good protection even against drops. I also like how there are rubber grips on the case as well, so it doesn't slide on a hard surface much.
The only issues I had with the keyboard was the first adjustment of the iPad on the stand, with the keyboard attached is a little tricky, but with a few times of practice, setup was easy thereafter, and removal of the iPad from the case itself was a little difficult, but the fact that it would not fall out on its own is a good thing.

So, to sum up review, I really like the NT38B keyboard/case and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek and rugged keyboard/case combo at a decent price. I would give this product 4+ out of 5 stars, only because of the initial learning curve in setup, and removal from unit.
(Posted on 10/26/13)
Awesome Product, Great Price! Review by Ben
I am very pleased with my purchase of the New Trent Airbender Ipad Keyboard/Case. The case is compact, versatile, and easy to set up/use. Everyone in my office has an Ipad, and most of them have some type of a case/keyboard. My airbender was significantly cheaper than most, and functions comparably with the best of them. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Best Case Review by Isabelle
I recently purchase the Airbender case from New Trent. My MacBook was old, but I didn't want to invest in a new laptop at the time. Instead I began to look around for a keyboard case for my iPad. When I first got my Airbender case I was impressed with the two piece fabrication and the swivel feature to change the orientation of the screen. The Bluetooth could not have been easier to set up. I originally thought I would have to charge the keyboard every week. I use the keyboard 4 times a week all day, and I have only charged the case the initial time and never again. The only problem I had with the case is that you cannot hold the screen back like a normal laptop, but instead you should rest the iPad screen at an angle. It was only a small accommodation but an accommodation none the less. However, I am in love with my Airbender and after seeing my case many of my friends and family have ordered one two. Defiantly one of the best iPad cases around, and at a good price to boot. (Posted on 10/25/13)
excellent product Review by Anthony
I am loving this case/keyboard. It is helping me use my ipad more and more each day. the keyboard connects effortlessly, and the case is strong. (Posted on 10/24/13)
iPad transformed into a laptop Review by Elisa
This product is pretty awesome.

- I can see myself using and carrying only my iPad with Airbender instead of my laptop.
- Detachable case: The case is very sturdy and solid. It looks like it would protect my iPad2 in the case of a fall. However, I haven't dropped it yet (and I hope that I don't drop it anytime soon), so I can't be sure of that aspect. All the parts are very easy to assemble and disassemble (iPad into the case, to the stand, stand to the keyboard). The 360 degree rotation capability is very nice. And also that you can use all the stand separate from the keyboard.
There is a youtube video that you can check out and see various ways of using this case:
- The keyboard feels like a laptop keyboard but just smaller. My fingers needed to be adapted at first, but it didn't take long and it is much more comfortable, faster and easier to use than the iPad keypad
- It was super easy and fast to connect the iPad through the Bluetooth using the to-the-point user's manual which had all the information that you need. And once connected, doesn't seem to get disconnected.
- I like that I don't have to turn my iPad off, but just close it to shut it down.
- The stand is very sturdy, and it hold my iPad no problem. I have noticed that I have to pull the stand a bit further if I want to angle the iPad more than ~100 degrees. This stand is so good that I use it as a small TV for my child (3 years old). I put it on the table when we are doing crafts, and he can hold the keyboard more sturdily than just holding the iPad.
- l love the fast keys on the first row, specially the brightness control, language change, media, and volume. I haven't figure out yet what would be the purpose of the square and keyboard keys (maybe a small manual would be helpful).
- The ability to adjust your highlighted selection via the keyboard arrows is very useful.
- I like that I can just use my iPad ac adapter with the keyboard usb cord to charge it. I don't have to carry extra charger with me.

- It closes very nicely and smoothly, but when I try to open it, it seems very forced. Because the back of the stand moves freely back and forth, I have been almost scratching the bottom of the iPad into the Keyboard several times. I wish that opening the clamshell was as smooth as closing it. Maybe with practice I will get used to the opening part.
- It feels heavier than what I expected.
- I can't tell how much battery life is left, but it lasts long enough for me (use 4-5 hrs per day, and I have been using it for about a week).
- When i use with a stylus, it moves the iPad quite a lot. I have to hold the iPad so it doesn't move and the stylus works properly. But, if you sit the iPad against the rubber part of the keyboard, it is much sturdier and doesn't move that much. It just sits very upright though.
- Putting the iPad into the case was easy, but taking it out is not, or seems like you need to practice taking the device out of the case. However, since the purpose of the case is protection of the device, I won't be taking out of the case that often.
- So far the control key+key commands do not seem to work. For example, ctl+c, ctl+v, ctl+z for PC. But I figured out that the cmd key+key do those functions. Maybe this info should be included in the manual? Or maybe this is just Apple thing.
- I haven't figured out the backdelete/backspace (when I want to delete what is after and not before the cursor).
- I also wished that there was an iPad front protector so that when I am not using it with the keypad it has some protection. I have noticed that I can use the Apple magnetic slim full body cover on the top of the case, but it doesn't stay as well as without the Airbender case. (Posted on 10/23/13)
Great Bluetooth keyboard with lots of configurations Review by Austin
Review of the NT38B Airbendor Keyboard Case
You get three main pieces with this keyboard. An iPad case, Bluetooth keyboard, and the hinge mechanism that connects the two.

The case that the iPad clips into is slim and holds on tight. The holes cut
out are over sized so the charge port and side buttons are all easily
accessible. This case will not offer much protection from a drop but holds onto the iPad with incredible strength. You will not have to worry about your iPad ever accidentally falling out of this case.

The keyboard itself works well. Pairing to the iPad was a breeze with
a notification that pops up on screen after you press the easy to find
connect button. Each time you sync a unique code will pop up in a notification. Type that code into the keyboard and finalize the process with a stroke of the return key. This is a very streamlined and efficient method for pairing. There are quick keys on the top row that are very useful. The key with a magnifying glass did not seem to do anything, I'm sure that it will be fixed with an update to the keyboards firmware. I got the keyboard a couple weeks after ios 7 was released so the updates may be in the works. The basic
functions like screen lock, brightness, volume, home, language select, and music player
controls all worked flawlessly. There are rubber bumpers around the
keyboard that keep the screen from contacting the keys and getting
scratched when closed. Similar rubber feet on the bottom provide a somewhat spider man like effect that absolutely prevents it from sliding. The sliding latch on the face to the left of the LEDs is to allow for the main hinge to slide out of the keyboard.

The main hinge has two ends. The bottom is a hinge that locks into the keyboard and the top has a circle that latches into the iPad case. The bottom hinge is very robust and stiff. If you put the iPad into a position it will not budge unless you apply some good force to it. This is great when you want the iPad to sit static while you are typing or watching a video. This stiff hinge becomes awkward if you try to quickly open it like you would a normal laptop. I learned that if you try opening it by holding it vertically then bringing the keyboard down to the surface instead of the traditional way of pushing up the screen it works better. The top circle hinge freely tilts the iPad up and down. The circle latch itself allows the iPad case to rotate the screen from landscape to portrait. The latch is operated by pinching together two plates. Once locked in the circle allows for the iPad to be rotated 360 degrees with a locking click every 90 degrees that you can push past to keep rotating. This works very well at securely holding onto the iPad case and I have yet to get it to pop off despite some vigorous shaking.

Robust main hinge holds iPad in position.
Easy blue tooth sync sequence.
Slim profile doesn't make iPad bulky.
Chicklet keyboard has nice clicky buttons.
Quality rubber feet on bottom.
Screen held off keyboard with rubber feet when closed.
Ability to use hinge and stand iPad up while having the keyboard removed.
Good mechanism that clicks at 90 degree from landscape to portrait.
Has a death grip on iPad

Awkward to open like laptop.
Some of the quick launch buttons do not work with ios 7. (magnifying glass,
Circle latch is not always easy to make release iPad case.

This is a great quality case that has a slim profile and robust hinges. I would recommend this as an option for anyone who wanted to make their iPad a little more like a laptop.

Back lit keyboard would be amazing!
I have not seen any other back lit keyboard on the market for iPad.
A feature that allows you to more easily open the clamshell
A button or something that will make the main hinge loose when opening up clamshell.
Add another sliding latch on the bottom that lets you pull out the main hinge.
Move the circle hinge pivot point up higher to keep iPad from kicking out when opening.
Make circle hinge more stiff so it can hold a position like main hinge.
Redesign ipad case, and hinge so that when it is closed it it flush on top.
(Posted on 10/23/13)
The search for the perfect iPad accessory... Review by Starman

The packaging was indeed frustration free as displayed on the packaging.

Installation was very easy. The entire assembly is well made and has a solid feel to it.
All the edges are nicely rounded, with no visible plastic injection molding seams present.
Everything fits together well, there was no need to force anything, and all moving parts operate smoothly.

I was worried that because I've got a full body iPad protector, that the "thicker" body would impair proper installation in the NT38B iPad shell... What a relief to discover that it was fine!

Noticeable Benefits:
1) The ability to pop the iPad into EITHER Portrait or Landscape is awesome! Sliding the bracket out slightly allows adjustment of viewing angle as well.

2) The ability to flip the iPad in the swivel 180 degrees one direction, as well as spin the axis of the swivel means that I can close my iPad cover while the iPad is facing outwards... using it similar to a notepad. It is not flat, but it is far superior to the positions available with a Zag case.

3) The iPad can be separated from the "dock" and used in 3 different methods:
- Removing the iPad from the circular swivel adapter for solo usage while still protected by the back shell. Detaching it is relatively simple, yet requires some getting used to the feel of disengaging the latches and also lifting the iPad from the rotary latch (I'm not sure what to call it).
- Removing the stand from keyboard. The iPad can be supported by the hinge/bracket in either the portrait or landscape position. This works great when you want your display more than a few inches from your keyboard. It provides a more desktop-like experience.
- Remove the stand can from the keyboard and prop up the back edge of the iPad, using the leg of the stand (the part that slides into the keyboard) in the vertical position rather than as a base (this was my favorite).

Wish List
1) When opening from the closed position, the iPad tends to swivel out away from the hinge, making opening awkward and requiring far more focus than seems necessary.

(There are probably a few different ways to modify the unit, but it's a VERY good
step in that journey towards a perfect accessory)

2) Removal of the iPad from the rotary connection on the hinge/bracket is slightly awkward. If the handles which release the iPad were modified to include a lip on the center edge, the user could also lift the hinge (and bracket) from the surface of the iPad case since the two clasps would act like a handle.

3) While the bracket/hinge provides a wonderful option to prop the iPad up, it seems like the front edge of the bracket needs rubber feet to help stabilize the stand when on a smooth, slick surface.

4) A rubber "ring" around the edge of the iPad shell would enhance the "gription" when the iPad is used with the hinge/bracket as a solo display. Using such a ring would eliminate the need for feet on the front edge of the hinge/bracket as mentioned in item 3 above.

5) An optional "base" that the hinge/bracket could mount in would be a FANTASTIC way to turn the iPad into a more dynamic desktop experience.

The feel of the keyboard keys is about normal for a "mini" keyboard. I've used a Belkin and liked the feel of it. The New Trent is similar yet different. The Belkin is about a quarter inch wider, and the navigation keys are below the right shift key, providing a more natural operation. For instance:

* The location of the right shift key is in the wrong place. I would often find the up arrow instead of the shift key. Perhaps this is not changeable, but it is indeed a hassle to repeatedly find my cursor one row above my intended location, and typing lower case.

* The lock key is near the delete (backspace) key. This resulted in several unintended "lock" occurrences. Perhaps it could be placed near the "home" key, or exchange places with the "home" key.

Many keys were intermittent, sometimes not accepting a tap, and other times generating a double stroke. The "a", "t", "u", "o" and "p" were frequent offenders.

I love the case and its flexibility!!!

The perfect iPad accessory??? ... Not yet, at least for me.

The more I use the stand, the more flexible and versatile it becomes, yet the more I use the keyboard, the less I like it. If there was opportunity to make a larger case (perhaps rubber edges and corners for the iPad) that would afford a larger keyboard (with a bigger right shift key in the correct location), I would probably give it a 4.5. Better key response would be an additional 0.3, and auto-connect would be another 0.2.

I would recommend this case over a Zag without a doubt. Recommending over a Belkin would depend on whether or not the intended user was a heavy keyboard (full size computer) user or was accustomed to typing on a virtual keyboard proficiently... It is MUCH better than a virtual keyboard. (Posted on 10/23/13)
I really love this case Review by Bradley
The IMP-120D battery charger is excellent. Pros: great size and long lasting. Also, looks very sleek. Cons: can't see any. I have had this for more than 6 months.
I have recently purchased the Airbender iPad case and keyboard combo. I REALLY love it.
Pros: sleek, detachable from keyboard, landscape and portrait, it has rubber grips on the bottom in each corner that holds well and
keeps it from sliding. My co-workers also have this case and one of them dropped her iPad this morning through carelessness and I thought it would break. Both, the iPad and case were fine.
Cons: Although very sleek, it could be offered with a leatherish finish or such. Not much of a con because it isn't
Bad as is. My wife would like it in a leather finish.
I give it 5 stars.
I use the Airbender on my iPad 4 and the battery pack with both the iPad 4
and iPhone 5. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Excellent Product! Keyboard Stays Connected!!!! Review by Nicole
The product arrived earlier than I anticipated, which is always a good
thing! Great deal! Fantastic price! The case is amazing! I am extremely
pleased with the sturdiness and texture of the case. My tablet is instantly
a mini-laptop. I do a lot of typing, and it is quite refreshing to use a
wireless keyboard that actually stays connected to the device through
Bluetooth. On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate the product a definite 5! I love
the numerous positions that can be utilized. The only drawback for some
individual users may be the weight of the case. It is a sturdy case, that
lives up to the rugged expectation of durability. It is not as lightweight
as some cases I have seen. Personally, I like the heaviness and durability.
I have a tendency to hold on to the product and not drop it.

Thanks New Trent!

Nicole Benson
New Haven, CT (Posted on 10/15/13)
Good find Review by Debbie
When I use the keyboard, it allows me to use the whole ipad 2 as a screen. I like the thin, sleek design. It was very easy to set up. The rechargeable battery lasts a good amount of time before needing to be recharged. I also like that I can detach the ipad from the keyboard easily and that I can use the ipad horizontally or vertically. I don't like where the right shift button is. I always end up hitting the page up key instead. The sleek cover makes it harder to grip than if it was rubber or even a rougher surface. (Posted on 10/9/13)
Excellent case, good battery life Review by Tim
* The keyboard spacing seems to be more generous that competitors, which led to fewer typos and faster learning curve. The right hand shift button is a little small. Being left-biased, I never went to press it so it wasn't a concern. Tactile response and feel was similar to scissor keys like those found on the ThinkPad.

* The arrow keys and page up/page down functionality works the same as any other keyboard on an iOS device, which is to say arrow keys and page up/page down will not work in Safari. All other
function keys worked as advertised. I especially liked having the "home" button that I could double-tap instead of having to press the button on the iPad itself.

* The "globe" icon on the top row is for switching language/keyboard layouts. There seems to be confusion in other reviews and elsewhere as to the functionality of the button. It is not a shortcut key to a web browser.

* Battery life was better than the Apple BT keyboard I used to use for the same functionality.

* The ability to rotate the screen is very useful, and the rubbery surface on the top of the keyboard tray seems to keep the iPad from bouncing around unnecessarily.

* Both the keyboard case bottom and the portion that slides out have rubber feet that keep the entire unit from sliding around. An added bonus seems to be that you can remove the entire plastic assembly that
slides into the keyboard and use it as a stand for the iPad while not using the keyboard, or to set the iPad away a considerable distance from the keyboard. Useful!

* The case itself closes tightly and does not flop open, and has magnets to turn the iPad off when closed. However, the keyboard does not immediately turn off - you must turn it off by the switch if you want to immediately conserve power. (Posted on 10/8/13)
Airbender Value & Quality Review by Rob
The New Trent Airbender clamshell keyboard and case connected right out of the box with no issues. Seems to connect almost instantaneously after you have turned it off. The keyboard and case appear to be well built and high quality that should last for a long time. Battery life seems very long. I charged the keyboard when I took it out of the box. After 5 days I have yet to recharge the keyboard. The case provides infinite possibilities for configuration with the 360 degree swivel. The keyboard seems a little larger than the typical bluetooth ipad keyboard which made it much easier to type on than other bluetooth keyboards I have used. The keyboard can easily be separated from the keyboard in a matter of seconds with the unique pinch to release mechanism located on the arm that attaches the keyboard to the ipad. I would rate this item as a 5 out of 5. The only thing that disliked about the airbender was I felt swivel should be a little stiffer. The ipad spins freely in the swivel which doesn't really affect the function of the device. This was one of the best bluetooth keyboards that I have used and seems to be a good value when you take into account the reasonable price and quality. (Posted on 10/8/13)
Airbender NT38B Review by David
I really like the keyboard. It seems durable, and I like the design and
feel of the case. It is really nice that the iPad detaches from the
keyboard while remaining in the hard outer cover of the Airbender. The
battery life seems good. I wish there was a way to see how much power the
keyboard has left, not just a light that goes one when the battery is low.
The face that the arm allows the iPad to rotate is great, and enables you
to set the angle at a few positions. The keyboard can also be detached,
and the iPad placed on a surface, which allows you to use it at a
comfortable angle. I would love to be able to lock the screen in place at
like an 140 or 150 degree angle while the arm of the Airbender is still
attached to the keyboard though. Overall, it is a great product that meets
one of my main needs, since I hate typing on the iPad. (Posted on 10/7/13)
Love the IMP38B Review by John
I would rate it 5 stars based of functionality and value, but a few incompatibilities with my iPad2 and iOS7 dropped my rating to 4.

This was my first experience using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad2 and I didn't know what to expect.

I received the IMP38B and was immediately impressed by the packaging. I love Apple's packaging and this product strikes me the same way. The box looks nice and when you open it, you remove a piece of foam padding and there it is.

Setup was easy, I charged up the battery in the keyboard, paired it with my iPad and began to get to know it. There is a lot of flexibility in the cover design allowing you to orient the iPad in different ways.

The keyboard worked well and was very useful in emails of online forums where the virtual keyboard of the iPad can get tiresome. Using a combination of keyboard and touch screen was a very nice experience.

The only downside I had was that some of the shortcut keys don't work in iOS7. Since I received the keyboard after the iOS7 upgrade, I can't comment on their functionality in previous versions of iOS.

The Search button simply returns you to Home instead of bringing up search. The Internet key now does nothing. I don't see these as deal breakers and the keyboard is still very funtional and useful.

The cover does not put the iPad2 into sleep mode, but I was told that if I put the Home button on the right side instead of the left, it would do so. I haven't tested that option. (Posted on 10/7/13)
Great product! Review by Robert
I bought my iPad for school, and this will allow me to type papers on the cloud. I loved how the bluetooth connection established without any issues. The product is not bulky at all--whether the iPad is connected or not. It took a minute to get the screen where I like it (the angle) but once I found my best view, I felt like I was ready to go. (Posted on 10/7/13)
The AirBender is a Great Case and Keyboard Review by Bernie
This is my review of the New Trent NT38B Air Bender iPad Cover and Keyboard.
1. The Airbender NT38B keyboard case fit my iPad 2 perfectly.
2. Pros:
A. I like the way the slide can be moved in and out to adjust the viewing angle for glare from the iPad screen.
B. I like the feel of the keyboard when typing.
C. It easily paired the keyboard with the iPad.
D. The keyboard battery lasts as long as the iPad battery. I simply charge both at the same time.
3. Cons:
It is a hard plastic so I worry that it may break if dropped. I have yet to test its drop resistance.
4. Suggested Improvements:
A. Move the adjusting button for the slider as close to the left side of the keyboard as possible so that I would not have to reach into the small space behind the iPad when I want to adjust the viewing angle.
B. Put a decal on the right side of the keyboard section above the switches with instructions on how to connect the keyboard and iPad.
C. Move the Connect button and the indicator lights all the way to the left side to allow the slider for the top to be a little longer for a greater adjustment of the viewing angle.
D. Have the keyboard transmit its battery charge condition to the iPad for display similar to the way the iPad shows it battery condition.
(Posted on 10/6/13)
great case! Review by Andrew
The IMP38B/NT38B is a great product. The look of it is sleek and relatively light weight.
When first looking at the product, I noticed that the joint connecting the keyboard and iPad holster was a bit stiff. After using the product though, I found this to be helpful in keeping the device stable.
The keyboard, although small, is responsive and does what it's supposed to do. I'm not too fond of the close proximity of the right shift and up arrow buttons, but it is manageable. In addition, I like how the keyboard is set up like my mac keyboard and that the hot key functions are the same.
The bluetooth connection, at first, was thought to be faulty; however, after using the device for some time, the bluetooth connection was actually very fast and holds to the designated tablet.
Also, I greatly enjoy the detachability function of the case. Whenever I don't need the keyboard I can just detach my iPad and use it normally. This makes it extremely easy to do other things with my iPad, other than using it as a mini laptop.
The battery of the keyboard lasts surprisingly long as well. I've only charged it once, and haven't needed to charge it yet. (Posted on 10/5/13)
Take your iPad to the NEXT LEVEL of excellence! Review by Brandon
The clamshell design and orientation to either landscape or portrait is convenient. The keyboard response is second to none and shortcut keys allow seamless operation of one's iPad in multitasking as well. The design attracts onlookers to inquire on it as I was able to easily deploy the device in conference room settings with little to no effort. The construction is solid and the outer shell protects my iPad from the everyday unexpected trials of transport and transfer of environments. All in all a user friendly and intuitive companion to my iPad! (Posted on 10/4/13)
The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard and Case You Need. Review by Mark
The New Trent Airbender NT-38B iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case is the transformer keyboard case of all iPad cases. If you are like me and you use your iPad as a true mobile device you need the Airbender. Basics of the unit: The unit is well built and will protect your iPad on all sides. The keyboard is a chicklet style keyboard with comfortable typing once you get use to the small keyboard layout, shortcut keys for various iPad functions and settings, multi-functional case and keyboard assembly to fit any situation. The iPad can be positioned in portrait or landscape (iPad clicks into position) mode when using the keyboard.

Pros: The keyboard has an on/off toggle switch which ensures you won’t accidentally drain the keyboard battery. The special function buttons (especially the back to main screen, brightness, search, volume, music functions, and lock screen) are extremely helpful so you don’t need find the functions buttons on the iPad or find the settings within the IOS. There are also arrow keys which makes it very easy to highlight and select text/words and copy/paste, this almost makes the tablet as easy to use as a laptop. The iPad (in the case) can be quickly and easily removed from the keyboard and stand so you have the iPad ready to go when you want to use a tablet. You can also leave the iPad on the keyboard and flip the iPad down over the keyboard (iPad facing up) so you can use the iPad as a tablet but the back of the iPad will hit the bottom keyboard keys and is a bit bulky – wouldn’t advise using the case like this but you can do it. In normal use the iPad is attached to the keyboard which works great when used on your lap, airplane, bus, etc. The hinge on the unit is very stiff and is a bit hard to open, but you realize the usefulness of a stiff hinge when using the iPad with keyboard on the move. You can also remove the iPad with the stand and move it a bit further from the keyboard which is nice when you are working at a desk, library, etc. and you have more room to setup and work. There are some angle limitations and stability issues when using the iPad with just the stand, but you’ll find way to make it work in portrait or landscape mode. The bottom of the keyboard portion of the case has little rubber feet on all corners which keeps the unit from falling off your lap or moving on a table.

Cons: The only real problem I have found is with the keyboard layout. The right side “Shift” key is very small and I find myself often hitting the “Page Up” key which is next to the “Shift” key. As with all small form factor keyboards I was able to adapt to the small "Shift" key in about a week.

Overall this is the best and most versatile iPad Bluetooth keyboard case I have used. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Almost Perfect Case Review by Pat
! wanted to use my iPad to take notes in meetings, but I found the on screen keyboard to be extremely frustrating, especially when I wanted to type a number or symbol. I tried a ClamCase keyboard case, but eventually gave it up because the space bar tended not to work. I started taking notes with pen and paper and transcribing them on my computer, which has a "real" keyboard. And then I tried the New Trent Airbender keyboard case. The keyboard is excellent! True, it is small, but I was able to get used to the layout and I can type without looking at the keyboard. The keys are crisp to the touch and even better, one key press usually results in one character or space on the screen. On occasion, I will get a double letter, probably because I held the key down too long, but I am learning to adjust my touch the more I use it. I can type large documents with ease and don't have to switch back and forth between numbers, letters, and symbols! It is perfect for note taking, when one must type as fast as people speak! In addition to the qwerty keys, there are also special keys in the top row, including a home key, screen brightness controls, speaker controls, and a lock key. There is a slide on-off switch - never any doubt whether the device is powered on. There is a connect key to facilitate pairing with the iPad. Of course, once paired, it remains paired. There are colored lights to indicate caps on, charging status, and blue tooth connection status.

So the keyboard is great, but what about the case? The Airbender defies description. It is many cases in one. Closed, it provides maximum protection for the iPad. With the iPad in the correct orientation, namely the the volume rocker at the top, closing the case will put the iPad to sleep. It can be configured to place the iPad in either a landscape or portrait position for viewing and/or typing. The iPad pedestal can be completely removed from the keyboard and act as a stand-alone support for the iPad. The plastic back case for the iPad can be completely detached from the rest of the case. The only thing lacking in this latter configuration is a way to attach an Apple Smart Cover. I am sure I am forgetting a configuration, but you get the idea. The case is extremely versatile and very clever! And did I mention that it costs significantly less than any other keyboard case - almost one third of the price of a ClamCase, for example.

The case comes with a USB charging cord, but no wall charger. The instructions suggest plugging it into a computer USB port to charge. The case also comes with a User Guide, which is, unfortunately, almost completely useless. For example, the guide does not explain the function of the keys in the top row. In most cases, one can guess what the keys do. However, there are two keys in the middle, which appear to have something to do with Spotlight and Photos, but they did not do anything when I pressed them. I had upgraded to iOS7 just prior to using the case and according to New Trent, the changes in iOS7 rendered these keys inoperable.

Protective case.
Compact, sleek, and light case.
All the necessary cut outs for camera, speaker, volume control, etc.
Multiple use and viewing positions for the iPad.
iPad and stand can be completely separated from the keyboard for maximum versatility in positioning both.
Intuitive keyboard controls.
On-off switch (no guessing if device is on).
Home and lock keys on keyboard.
Brightness and speaker controls on keyboard.
Crisp and responsive keys, especially the space bar, which makes for accurate typing.

Manipulating the case to achieve desired positions takes a little practice to start with.
The plastic case that holds the iPad does not have a cutout that would allow attachment of an Apple Smart Cover, which would have been a nice "extra."
The User Guide is almost completely useless and is missing a lot of information.
Two keys in the top row do not appear to work, which is a compatibility issue with the newest version of iOS.
Because the keys are necessarily close together, care must be taken to avoid pressing the wrong key, such as the lock key instead of the delete key or the up arrow instead of the shift key.
(Posted on 10/3/13)
Excellent case, just needs a few small improvements Review by Javier
I received the NewTrent Airbender NT38B iPad Wireless keyboard from Amazon pretty quickly, and have to say that the packaging is very firm and nice - this is not a flimsy box, and protects the contents of the box very well. Open the case and you'll find the case wrapped in a cellophane bag, stuffed with foam where your iPad will go.

My first impression of the case was good. Despite a slightly bulky size, the case is quite sturdy, and installing it on the iPad is easy due to a very precise fit. All of the cutouts are exactly where they're supposed to be, and there is no obstruction or blockage of any of the ports. The iPad snaps right in and feels very secure. The weight might be an issue for some people - the case feels like it doubles the weight of the iPad by itself.

After installation, opening the case with the iPad installed can be a little awkward. There don't seem to be enough "ridges" or grip points to securely open the clamshell design case without fear of it springing from your hand (it's quite smooth, so it can be slippery in your hand).

Once you get it open, the viewing angle is completely unusable in landscape mode (the mode I most often use my iPad in) unless you physically disconnect it from the keyboard base (more on that later). It's perfectly fine in portrait mode, however. This thing really shines when you separate it from the keyboard base. The part of the clamshell that connects to the iPad slides out from the keyboard base and becomes it's own standalone iPad stand. This is absolutely fantastic for extended watching of videos and such, but it's also excellent for setting your iPad up in landscape mode in case you're doing some extended word processing, or writing a product review or two (haha).

Connecting and setup was very, very easy. The unit came charged - I simply turned it on, went to the bluetooth settings on my iPad, and successfully paired it within a matter of seconds (even though the directions advise you to charge the unit for at least 6 hours prior to using). VERY easy setup.

Now on to the typing… I'm not sure if it's because this is my first time using a wireless iPad keyboard, but I initially found it difficult to type on this keyboard. The keys feel cramped and undersized, and the result is an uncomfortable typing experience. This improved considerably, however, when I separated the iPad from the keyboard base. Doing this allows you to position both the iPad and the keyboard comfortably for extended use.

The biggest issue I had was with the right hand shift key. It's as horribly small as it is misplaced - it's squeezed into the lower right hand corner, and not the normal (double) size of a shift key, which makes it very difficult to reach. It's so small that I found myself having to stop typing, look for the key, and then press it to type a capital 'T.' When I didn't do this, I inevitably missed the key and found myself backspacing a LOT - which brings me to my next issue with this product... The backspace key.

Where you'd normally expect the backspace button, you'll find the "lock" button instead, which puts your iPad into standby mode. Fortunately, you can also unlock or wake your iPad using the same button, but I kept locking the screen instead of hitting the backspace key. After a while I got used to the location of the backspace button, but there's no excusing the size of the lower right hand shift key.

This should be a very easy fix for the designers - sacrifice one of the "cmd" or "alt" keys on the bottom row, which would allow movement of the "up arrow" key down to the bottom row. This, in turn, would create the needed space for a normal-sized shift key. Also, there are a row of iPad specific function keys at the top of the keyboard - some of which work, some of which don't. I'm not sure if this is an iOS 7 issue or not, since I didn't use this product until after the iOS 7 upgrade.

Another slight problem I had was the keys occasionally not registering keystrokes, which caused a lot of backspacing to correct letters that were omitted because the keys are either awkwardly sized or required more force on the keystroke than was applied. I adjusted by hitting the keys harder, but after spending some time using the keyboard, I could already feel my forearms becoming fatigued due to the force that was necessary with each keystroke. The keys themselves can be noisy, especially in light of the fact that you have to hit them firmly in order for them to register.

The wireless keyboard experience has pros and cons - this can be a useful product for your iPad, as long as you adjust to keyboards well. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars - if they fixed the right-hand shift key size issue and increased the size of the keys on the keyboard I'd give it 5 stars. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Better then those $100 keyboards Review by Rory
I absolutely love this keyboard. From the second I first saw the packaging I knew I was getting quality product. Nothing about it felt cheap. After opening the box I read the direction which were incredibly easy to read navigate. I like other products pamphlets that make you feel like you're opening a treasure map this one was a breeze. East to read and to fold away. I plugged the USB in via my computer and it chartered in under the 6 hours it says it would take. The keyboard connected instantly to my iPad and in seconds I was effortlessly typing away. I highly recommend this as an alternate to some of the overpriced competition. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Sleek and Awsome gadget! Review by Jean
he IPad Keyboard Case is an awesome case for my IPad. What I like about
this gadget is you the keyboard can connect to any kind of tablet device
via Bluetooth, eventhough it can only hold IPad devices. The case looks
very sleek and durable. I am a student and I have Dell Latitude 10 tablet.
I use the Clam Shell Keyboard via Bluetooth with my Dell and they connect
very well. It is really convenient because it's very handy for me as a
student. I can take it anywhere I go... and I can do my projects and
assignments with the help of this awesome gadget.

The only negative I can say with this Clam Shell Keyboard case is the
Keyboard is too small for me and also that it can only hold IPad devices. But its not really going to affect my rating to this awsome device....
Maybe it's a good idea to have a Clam Shell Keyboard case if it's a
universal case that can fit any kind of tablets and the keyboard could fold
it so when you unfold it, it will be the usual keyboard size. But overall,
I really like it. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Awesome accessory for the iPad Review by William
LOVE IT! I've used other wireless keyboards but I like the New Trent because it makes it a combined unit: very compact and easy to carry.

Connecting the keyboard to the iPad is quick and easy, as is joining the back onto the iPad. The outer shell has a nice feel and is slip proof. It takes a few minor adjustments to get the angle of the iPad just right to use the keyboard. Typing feels a bit compact but not unusual for a wireless keyboard. What is very cool is you can remove the keyboard from the iPad and move around. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Excellent item for those who hate touchscreen typing. Review by Kelly
Right out of the box I was able to get this up and running in no time. There are simple directions and good sturdy components that fit together easily. The case and keyboard are solid, and there is enough weight to it that even when I have the iPad in portrait mode and am typing on my lap, it stays in place.

It is constructed of durable high density plastic. At first glance I wondered if it was sturdy enough, but the plastic is thick and strong and everything is tightly constructed. All of the components are designed to come apart. The iPad fits snugly into the protective case, which snaps tightly to the easel arm with a cleverly designed clasp, and then the easel slips into the keyboard base. You can use the easel arm to allow the iPad to stand alone when it is unattached, this is a nice feature if you want the screen a bit further away from the keyboard. There are rubber grips on the easel base that keep it from sliding and it does not tip. When you want to stow the whole unit away, you just slide the easel base back into the keyboard, pivot the iPad to landscape and close the cover. In fact one of the best features is that it allows for versatile adjustment. Sometimes when I am just surfing or gaming, I just flip the whole iPad face up over the keyboard when using it on my lap. Sometimes I use it like a laptop, and sometimes I use it in portrait mode so I can see more of my document. Lots of options!

It is a nice compact unit. I was happily surprised to find that the whole unit fits into the Ogio iPad shoulder bag I purchased for travel. I will definitely carry this with me for meetings where I need to take notes. I am able to charge the iPad in the case, with the keyboard attached and the unit closed.

I have used the keyboard on and off for five days and have not recharged yet. I do not see any way of checking the charging level, but the directions say you can charge while using the keyboard so I do not see a problem there. It seems to hold a charge very well.

I love that there are four way arrow keys, brightness keys, a home key, search, and controls for volume and music right on the top row. I am accustomed to a full size keyboard, and it may take a bit of time to get used to the compact arrangement of keys, but this sure beats trying to type a long document on the touch screen! I love having the controls of a full keyboard, no more messing with flipping back and forth for numbers and punctuation. And no more frustration of trying to get my finger in just the right space to delete that one word or letter! The only improvements I would suggest are having a cut out on the base cover to accommodate an Apple Smart Cover. I will probably not take my iPad out of the base cover, and there are days I just want to slip it into my bag without they keyboard attached.

I was using this at work in the break room, several people wanted to know where I got it and thought it was a pretty cool unit. I do too. My co workers guessed it was a much more expensive item then it actually is. It it a great solution for those of us who type a lot on the iPad and a very good value too.

(Now, if someone can come up with a way to put in a usb port into this keyboard for a zip drive, that is compatible with the would be great. I can dream!) (Posted on 10/2/13)
Great product! Review by Donna
This keyboard/case combo is really nice. I love the keyboard. The keys have just enough snap to give it a nice, substantial feel, yet it is very thin and light. It connects quickly and easily via bluetooth.
The key layout is comfortable to use. I have small hands and actually prefer the size of this keyboard to standard sized ones.
The part of the case that snaps onto the iPad is made from a durable-feeling plastic.
It rotates and you can pull the iPad out a few inches from the keyboard to tilt it at an angle for easy viewing.
It will also completely detach from the keyboard, which is a nice feature.
Overall, this is a very nice product, especially how reasonably priced it is. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Great Little Keyboard! Review by jeff
I really enjoy this keyboard. It works great with my Ipad 2. I enjoy the way it detaches from the stand. This gives me a little bit of freedom. I also enjoy the way it rotates so I can use my Ipad vertically or horizontally. I did find myself trying to use it as a laptop, but found that it works much better if I set it on a table. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Great case Review by Eli

Sep 26 16:50 (PDT)

Feedback for the airbender iPad case:
overall grade: 4/5
This is a excellent case for the iPad 2. It fits very well and their were no issues at all. The case is very sturdy and made of a strong, solid plastic, so I am confident that it protects my iPad well. The keyboard has made note-taking in class much easier and more efficient, and it feels almost like I am using a laptop. I really like the design which allows for keeping the iPad at a variety of different, comfortable angles without having to be afraid that it might tip over. The keyboard is also very well designed. The home button, brightness, keyboard, language, and volume keys on the top row I found were very convenient. Another thing that was extremely convenient was the ability to detach the keyboard and stand from the iPad when I wanted just to read in bed for example or when the whole bulk just felt like too much.
The only real drawbacks of this case are that its size and weight, and that the keyboard takes some getting used to because of its smaller size. Also, the position of the lock key made it so that I accidentally pressed it multiple times which was slightly frustrating.
Overall, this is a very well-designed, cool-looking case which I would recommend to anyone who uses their iPad to take notes regularly. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Awesome keyboard Review by Jason
I was pleasantly surprised with all of the functionality that this keyboard/case provides. They do not mention it, but the keyboard has several buttons including buttons that act as the home button on the idevice of your choice and buttons to control brightness, volume, music, photos, lock etc.

One of the other great hidden features of this device is that it works equally well for iphones as it does for ipads. I got this expecting to use it paired with my ipad, but due to its sturdiness and portability I will probably use the keyboard section with my iphone just as often, and it is all the better because the ipad attachment is easily removable.

The keyboard is very sturdy and has good tactile feedback, very similar to my laptop’s keyboard. It may take some getting used to for users with large fingers (like myself) but after a few minutes you get used to the small/medium sized buttons (which are standard for cases like this). As a matter of fact, this very review is being written using the keyboard right now.

The case itself is your standard plastic shell casing for the ipad, but it does have a very sturdy connection to the keyboard should you choose to use it for that purpose.

There are several fun and convenient uses that are not advertised clearly, but it is definitely a great purchase as a gift or for anyone, especially students who want to take notes on their idevices. Note that if you chose to use this keyboard with your iphone, you should have a separate stand for it to be propped up upon. (Posted on 10/1/13)
Great keyboard AND great case! Review by E
I am a huge iPad user. In fact, I rarely use my desktop computer anymore
(except for photo editing). I never really considered getting a keyboard
for my iPad because they always seemed like wonky add-ons that would be too
cumbersome to be practical.

...But this Airbender Clamshell is fantastic. There are many things I like
about it, but let me give you my top 5.

1. It's not big or clunky. Instead, it's pretty slim and sleek, like the
product it's made for.
2. The keyboard is solid and easy to type on. This is more than I can say
for my work laptop.
3. The extra buttons on the keyboard are awesome. Specifically, I like the
'home' screen button, brightness button, and volume buttons.
4. I like how you can detach the iPad with a quick release button.

and my favorite:

5. I LOVE how it makes such a perfect case. I knew I was getting a
keyboard, but the way this fits on the iPad and shuts makes it an
incredible case.

This is definitely a great product, and the price makes it a great value.
Good stuff. (Posted on 10/1/13)
Good product, some bugs to be ironed out. Review by Taylor
The airbender case is an innovative product in theory, but in practice it does not hold up as I first had hoped. First, a couple of heads ups…the case is entirely made of plastic, this isn’t a problem for me, but I am wondering how it will hold to the test of time. Also, the pivot point is very difficult to move and upon opening the case there is a lot of instability in the screen’s coupler to the stand. The iPad flings open every time I open it because the disc holding the whole thing together is not positional, but very loose. Who knows though, maybe over time I will break in the elbow joint and it will not do that…after that the case is functional.

The keyboard…oh the keyboard. I had high hopes for this seeing as the case its self is much better than others as far as its functionality as a good stand, but the keyboard does not perform as I hoped it would. For the most part it is fine. It is an okay little keyboard that is far superior to the touchscreen. Only thing is that the keys are too small for my hands and sometimes they register, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they do too many times. Along with the size issues, the shift key is too small and is frequently missed due to the arrow keys close proximity.


The stand is great

There are many function keys to operate things from any screen as opposed to just the settings screen.

The adjustability of the stand is practically limitless.

Rubber ‘feet’ offer grip on surfaces, small thing but a nice feature.

Price- MORE THAN COMPETITIVE it is hard to beat this price.


Keyboard does not work perfectly.

The swivel on the back of the iPad is loose and offers no adjustability.

Plastic design feels flimsy in certain spots.

Overall: 8/10 (Posted on 9/30/13)
Great Keyboard! Review by Noam
The Airbender NT 38B has been a terrific product has far exceeded my expectations. Using a iPad is very convenient, except when it comes to typing. The Airbender makes doing everything from typing emails to searching on Google far easier. The case is sleek, sexy and beautifully designed. The craftsmanship is incredible and the product feels very durable. I feel confident that my iPad is extremely well protected when I travel. The product holds a long battery charge. I give this product a 5 out of 5. (Posted on 9/29/13)
Great bluetooth keyboard case overall Review by M
This case deserves a 4.5 star rating. It has a few flaws, but definitely a great buy. There are many times I find myself typing a lot on my iPad and wished that I had a keyboard. If you find yourself in that situation often, this case is a great option. It can essentially turn your iPad into an ultrabook. I am actually using this keyboard case to type the following review.

1. Easy to set up. Just charge the keyboard, turn it on, and pair with the iPad.
2. The case for the tablet itself can be taken off the keyboard. This is useful when a tablet is more convenient than a laptop.
3. The iPad can be rotated while attached to the keyboard. This lets you stand the iPad up in portrait or landscape mode.
4. iPad specific buttons makes this keyboard much more useful than other bluetooth keyboards. There is a button to equivalent to the home button on the iPad. There is a search button, lock button, and button to change the language of the keyboard. There are other buttons but those are the ones I found most useful.
5. Good battery life. I've been using it for a several hours continuously and it still doesn't tell me to charge it. Not sure of the exact battery life as I have not drained the battery yet.
6. The keys have a nice feel to it that is similar to laptop keyboards.
7. Compact. This case is very compact for having a keyboard.
8. Well protected when closed. This covers the iPad fairly well and I am sure it can protect the iPad in the case that I should drop it.
9. The stand can be detached from the keyboard. There is a slider on the top left of the keyboard. If you slide it to the left, you and push the stand away from the keyboard. With this taken out, you can use it as a stand to hold your iPad.

1. There may be a lag when you're typing quickly. This can be fixed by unpairing and repairing the bluetooth keyboard to your iPad. When this lag occurs, nothing will show up but as soon as you stop typing, everything you had typed will appear. This isn't too big of a deal if you are an accurate typer and do not need to see as you are typing. Although, there are times that it will show each character as you're typing even when typing quickly.
2. Once in a while, a letter is skipped or it will type in 2 of the same letter when you only pressed the key once. This only happens if you are typing very quickly. If you're typing at a normal pace, it doesn't happen at all.
3. No mousepad. I find myself using an imaginary mousepad on this keyboad, but this isn't a huge deal as you can just touch the screen. (Posted on 9/27/13)
The best keyboard i've used so far Review by Jefferson
The Airbender Keyboard is great for someone who need a light keyboard that is portable and very responsive.

In a couple of seconds the keyboard connected to the IPad and was ready to use.

Some of the thing i liked about the keyboard was that the keys were silent and didn't make to much noise.
also all the major Ipad functions was embedded in to the keyboard which is really cool.

Some of the issue I had with the case was the adjustment of the angle and trying to remove the ipad from the stand it got really uncomfortable at time but once you get used to it the fact was it wasn't so bad.

I recommend this product for anyone and hope that each enjoys the features of the product. (Posted on 9/27/13)
Great quality keyboard and case combo! Review by Robert
I have one of those standalone Bluetooth keyboards and found that I hardly used it because it wasn’t attached and often left behind. After trying this new case/keyboard combo, I now use my IPad2 as a portable laptop with a touch screen. The case and keyboard are high quality and provide protection to the IPad (tested by my grandson dropping the entire unit on the ground). The keyboard is very easily paired with the IPad and when the unit is turned on, it re-pairs very quickly to the device. The unit provides the ability to have the IPad in the vertical or horizontal mode, and allows for different angle viewing. There is also a quick disconnect allowing you to remove the IPad from the keyboard while keeping it in the protective case. The keyboard area itself is very sturdy and the keys do not ‘click’ when typing on it. It is very smooth and keeps up with my typing on the IPad. One drawback is the connector for the IPad to the keyboard itself. It seems ‘floppy’ when first opening the case/keyboard up to use and care should be taken when opening up to use.
- Easily connects
- Sturdy build
- Quite, smooth typing
- IPad is somewhat “floppy” when first opening the case up. Is stable once you pick your angle.
o I have discovered that if you hold the closed unit with opening up and hinge down, and hold the IPad while pulling down on the keyboard it opens much easier.
(Posted on 9/26/13)
Great keyboard for the IPAD Review by Mark

I received the airbender nt-38b. Was packaged in a sturdy box with padding. When opened it contained the case/keyboard, cord and users guide. The case was a Mat black, very professional. Was easy to open, close or adjust the screen angle. Used both attached and unattached to keyboard.

Charged keyboard but could use it while charging. The keyboard base has a good feel and easy to type with. Like the extra row of function keys but wish there was a way to navigate thru icons without having to touch the screen, but have not found another keyboard that does. When typing there is no lag between typing and showing up on screen.

Tried to find something negative but really could not find one.

Light weight, Sturdy, professional looking, easy to connect, easy to use, no lag between typing and screen, easy to open and close.

Could not really find any. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Excellent Product Review by Warren
I needed a stylish and functional keyboard case for my Ipad 2, and this product delivered!
- long batttery life
- Full rotation of the Ipad as needed while attached to the case
- Many shortcut keys built in for brightness, lock screen, search, and playback functions.

Highly recommended! (Posted on 9/25/13)
Great for Law School Review by Lauren
I purchased the iPad keyboard to use with my iPad 3 to make it easier to take notes during classes without having to carry around my laptop.

So far, it's been great. The case is lightweight but durable. It's easy to maneuver to whatever angle I want and I'm able to fold it down to make it easier write on my iPad with my stylus, if my notes involve some kind of drawing.

The smaller size of the keyboard takes some getting used to, but it's not difficult to use at all. The only issue I have is sometimes I need to press harder than I'd like to on the keys, compared to a standard computer keyboard, but it doesn't really hinder my note taking at all. I'm sure with some time, they'll loosen up and become a bit more sensitive. (Posted on 9/24/13)
Great, affordable product - can't go wrong! Review by Kat
I was looking to buy an iPad keyboard for probably a year. I didn't want to spend $100-$150 on one since I had already spent a lot on the iPad itself. When I came across the Airbender case, I thought it seemed like a great product for a great price! I like the durability the most, along with the soft-touch keys. It connects to the iPad through Bluetooth and it connects so easily! Sometimes with Bluetooth connections, you may experience a lag, but the keys click through to whatever application you are using very quickly. The top piece that holds the iPad is strong but makes every feature on the iPad still useable. The rubber feet on the bottom are great because the whole apparatus doesn't slide when you're typing which makes it very easy to use on a table or even on your lap. I love how portable it is too! Although it adds a little bit of weight to the iPad, it is much better than carrying a full laptop around! As a student, this is definitely a plus when you have notebooks and textbooks as well. The top and bottom close together and make the iPad feel secure whether it is open or closed. You can also pop the top off of the keyboard piece and just use the iPad with the plastic case. It's almost like two products in one. Overall, I can't think of anything I don't like about the Airbender case. If you're in the market, or even considering a keyboard, don't spend $150 at Brookstone, go with the Airbender! (Posted on 9/24/13)
Awesome Keyboard for First Time Users Review by Krishna
This is the first iPad keyboard I have ever tried and I was pleasantly surprised with it. It comes with a lot of features like the deattching function of the case of the keyboard stand and the screen rotator. I really like the concept of how you can deattach the iPad if you don't want to use the keyboard. The thing that annoys me about it is how hard it is for the stand to come up and how the iPad sometimes swings around on the stand. After using it a little more I have gotten used to the stand and learned more about how it works, so it isn't as bad now. But the keyboard itself is very nice and is very easy to use. I love that there is a brightness button on the keypad. I also love that it closes with the iPad like a laptop. Overall I would recommend this product because it is efficient and easy to use. (Posted on 9/21/13)
iPad case Review by AJ
This is by far the best case I have purchased for my ipad. I love the professional look of the case but the versatility of the case is what I love most. Definitely a great find!! (Posted on 9/21/13)
Great keyboard case Review by Laurie
I've been using this product for about a week now now and I love it. Typing on the iPad itself slows me down. I much prefer to type on an actual keyboard. I have been lugging around an additional keyboard and what a pain that is. I find this is so much more convenient. I attend several meetings where taking notes is a must. Laptops are much too heavy to lug around so an iPad was perfect if not for typing on a glass screen. With this, problem solved! It is not a full-sized keyboard to adjusting your hand movements will take a little time to get used to. I'm already finding it to be an easy adjustment. I would love to give this 5 stars and would have if they made a leather-type outer shell or even if this plastic shell had a bit more texture to it. Its a little heavier than I would have expected but still lighter than carrying an iPad along with a keyboard. It's sleek and smooth plastic dsesign make me worry I will drop it. Then again I probably shouldn't punish them for being a clutz now should I? As for ease of use, it couldn't have been easier. I had no problem with it whatsoever. I turned on my iPad, turned on bluetooth, tuned on the keyboard, entered the pairing number and I was off. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. (Posted on 9/18/13)
The perfect keyboard and case solution for the classroom! Review by Amy
Concept and Real Use: I really liked the concept of this case and
keyboard. It was easy to get started. It was quite durable (for a
kindergarten classroom). As a teacher, the keyboard is great for taking
notes at a meeting and also writing up observations of my student
teacher. At first, I did find that I was not able to have the ipad at the
best angle for viewing as I typed horizontally. The screen was either so
close that I had it resting on the keyboard or flimsy and wiggles if I
wanted it positioned farther back and did not always stay in one spot. My
next thought was that I would have liked to have seen a way to position it
so it was farther back, but sturdier. After looking at this online, I
watched the video which was so helpful! The video should be watched before
anyone gets started! After watching the video, I was able to make this
work in so many ways. I did find that the screen was quite sturdy on
sitting on a table as two pieces and also quite sturdy sitting vertically
when attached to the case. My only concern was the durability when the
screen was attached in the horizontal position.

Many of my colleagues are incredibly jealous of my ipad case and
keyboard. I imagine many will be purchasing this after sitting in a few
meetings next to me.

Travel wise: It closes and packs in a purse or bag perfectly. It is
thin, sleek, and lightweight-perfect for on the go. I did like that
everything was attached and you had the option of detaching it for use and
then putting it back together for travel. It is the best of both worlds! (Posted on 9/18/13)
Great Keyboard Review by Mark
I bought this so that I could do some data entry easier on the iPad2. I have found it so easy to use I have almost completely stopped using my laptop.

The directions that came with it were easy to follow which made setting it up the first time a breeze.

There is no delay when using the keyboard as I type it appears on the screen. The feel of the keys while typing is very comfortable.

The case seems very sturdy and does a good job of protecting the iPad.

The battery has stood up very well. Most nights I forget to turn it off which one would think would cause the battery to run down faster, not the case.

I would highly recommend this keyboard / case to anyone looking to add some additional functionality to their iPad. (Posted on 9/16/13)
great buy Review by Lindsay
This was a great tool to transform your ipad to function like a laptop - especially useful in college.
easy to pair with bluetooth, the swivel function is very useful, and the keyboard takes a little getting used to because it is smaller than a regular keyboard.

overall it is a great product and fulfilled the needs that I had purchased it for. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Great Case Review by Cody Soden
My favorite feature about this product is the fact you can remove the keyboard from the shell around your iPad and use your iPad free of the keyboard. Quickly snap it back on and you are good to start typing again! (Posted on 9/13/13)
A really well executed product. Review by arty
Been looking for a keyboard for my ipad for a while and happened upon this. I've had good luck with New Trent's stuff so I thought I'd give it a shot. I really like the fact that it doubles as a case (hence the clamshell) when closed up. The Blutooth keyboard pairs in a snap and works great. Love the added function keys (home button, etc.) and found the size more than comfortable to type on. I've had this on my ipad for a while. I thought this would be one of those things I'd use solely for travel but the truth is this case/keyboard has stayed on my iPad since I bought it. The matte finish is nice and I love that it's not emblazoned with stupid logos. Doesn't add a lot of weight and I really like the adjustability of the screen angle. Battery life is pretty terrific, too. One other nice thing - I like being able to 'detach' the iPad and set that up as a separate piece from the keyboard. There are some other nice touches - the rubber feet, the fact that you can change from portrait to landscape. Once you remove the iPad from the arm, the hard plastic case stays with it so conceivably you could just travel with that. It's not perfect - I realized carrying it in my bag that it is just a little heavier than I would like. And it would be nice if the hinge had a ratchet action. But overall this is a really nice set up, and I've had experience with a number of these types of keyboards. All in all, I'm really happy with it. (Posted on 9/11/13)
Top Notch!! Review by Ayron
There are so many things to love about the New Trent NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell iPad Keyboard Case, I hardly know where to begin. I guess I'll start from the top and work my way down.

First things first, placing your iPad into this case is a snap, literally. (it snaps into place) Securely holding onto your iPad with no worries of it falling out.
Secondly, you can turn, pivot, swivel and appear to levitate your iPad any which way you like. The swivel on this beauty is genius!!
Third, the keystrokes are flawless, I'm using it right now and it doesn't miss a beat. The look of the keyboard is classic and not only nice to look at but it feels smooth to the touch.
Fifth, the options on the board are a nice addition. Caps lock, charge and battery all light up when being used. Sleep mode, close window and change brightness are all little extras that make me happy.
Sixth, the options are endless on how you use this case, which makes it perfect for everyone. You can open it up and use it like a laptop, pop out the stand and use the keyboard from afar, you can even slide your iPad over top of the keyboard so you can just use the iPad without having to take it out of the case.

In previous reviews some people have complained of certain features they disliked, from what I have experienced with using mine I would have to say that NewTrent has been listening and they have made this case everything you could ever want or need.

The only thing close to a flaw on this case is..
If you open the case from the front, the bottom of the iPad will swing forward. I recommend simply opening it a little and then run your thumbs to the bottom to open it the rest of the way.

My overall review of this case is it deserves 10 stars!!
I would love to buy another in the future, hopefully with more color options ;) (Posted on 9/9/13)
Great Product! Review by Aaron
I was initially skeptical about the swiveling portion of the case as being a future weak point of the case. After over a year of use, it still functions as when I first got it. The battery for the actual keyboard is rechargeable but, I have yet to have had to recharge it. The keyboard is small in order to accomodate the ipad's size, so it takes some getting used too. Overall, the keyboard has been a great study tool, allowing me to pop out the keyboard and type when I need to type out lecture notes. I can also prop the ipad up to watch movies when I am finally taking a break from studying. (Posted on 9/6/13)
Love this case/keyboard/stand Review by Dave
I've had this clamshell case/keyboard/stand since mid 2012. I use it every day while I am at school or need to type up an email. In fact, I am using the keyboard right now to type this review..a long overdue review.

It is very sturdy and made of quality materials.
It has a very low profile for a keyboard/case combo.
Its very light. It really does not add much weight beyond the weight of the iPad itself.
It has multiple adjustment points. This allows for you to view your iPad in landscape or portrait without removing the iPad from the case.
The rear shell portion of the case/keyboard detaches from the stand and keyboard, allowing you to take your iPad and leave the keyboard behind, but not leaving your iPad unprotected. This is the first detachment point.
The other detachment point allows you to separate the stand from the keyboard. This benefits me most because I don't like to sit right on top of my iPad while I am typing. It allows me to set my iPad further away from the keyboard so that I can view it without any strain on my neck by looking straight down.
The battery life is a definite plus as well.

This is not much of a con, but I wish they made this case in multiple colors. I have a white iPad and would like a light gray or white case. Again, this is more of a preference thing rather than a functional thing.

I love this case. Like my title suggests, it is very comparable to a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard/case at a fraction of the cost. (Posted on 9/5/13)
One Of The Best Designs Out There Review by Nathanael
I just got this product a few days ago and I LOVE it.
The packaging is good. It comes in a nice, sturdy box. The box provides good protection for the case.
The case comes in a nice black color even though some of the pictures on the website make it look grey or silver.
It comes with good instructions but the print is small.
The design of this is nice. It is totally adjustable - you can increase the distance between the I pad and the keyboard quite a lot if you wish. The ipad screen can twist a full 360 degrees and the hinge is adjustable. The keyboard is a nice size. It is small but you get used to it. All of the function keys are AWESOME. The keyboard includes a home button, dim and brightness buttons, search, play, pause, volume and lock and more.
It is very easy to connect and you only have to connect it once.
My only dislikes are that when you are trying to adjust it you some times make it go further that what you wish to, and the keyboard is a little small but you get used to it.
This is a great product for the price and it is one of the best designs out there. (Posted on 8/30/13)
Great protection and shortcut keys! Review by Lauren
When i first started using this product, I was not sure that I liked it. Once i started using it more, i have found i like it more and more. The case felt stiff at first, but now it seems to be loosening up. I do enjoy the protection the case seems to provide my ipad. Overall my favorite part of the case is the protection and shortcut keys on the keyboard (Posted on 8/30/13)
Lets me use my Ipad easily as laptop replacement!!! Review by Patrick
These days my Ipad has taken the place of my laptop. The New Trent NT38B Airbender Clamshell Ipad Keyboard case is the perfect marriage in my search for a clamshell case for my Ipad. The Ipad quickly and easily connects to the keyboard Unlike other combinations I've tried the New Trent snaps easily into a back protective case for perfect poison to type either horizontally or vertically making typing anything from emails to presentations.

By simply squeezing the center section the Ipad can be removed from the front shell and keyboard, for stickly stylus use, such as drawing a quick plan. I also really like the sleep feature when in clamshell mode, easily closing and saving battery life. The Airbender is a great looking protective case, easy to grip,easy to use, and at home in the field, clients office or at home. I'm extremely pleased with it and would highly recommend it!!! (Posted on 8/29/13)
Best hardshell case for iPad that I have found Review by Hayeseed
I received the New Trent NT38B Airbender keyboard case for the iPad (I own the 3rd generation iPad) the other day and immediately opened it with excitement-hoping to finally have something that would actually be versatile, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, stylish and have a relatively low profile. After almost a week and a half of solid, continued use, I can confidently say that with the exception of a few minor nitpicks—NewTrent delivers on all counts. In fact, I wrote this entire review with the case.

The first thing that is clearly noticeable is in fact, not the case itself, but actually the packaging that New Trent prepares each order with. Like past products I have received, New Trent went the extra step to ensure that the packaging is exactly what you would expect in a quality product-much along the lines of Apple Computer's packaging techniques. With each piece being carefully placed into it's own "compartment" within the box, there is little chance of the product shifting in transit and having anything other than a pristine, new case ready for your naked iPad to be encased and protected.

After unpacking the case, the initial set-up was a breeze. Even though I didn't need to use it to set up the case, the user guide was written well enough and kept simple enough for anyone. I was literally up and running in under a minute. New Trent made installation insanely easy, considering the case was completely together straight out of the box. All I had to do was pop the iPad in and pair the Bluetooth keyboard and iPad with a 6-digit passkey code that was clearly provided in the instructions—literally a 30-45 second process. Honestly, installing the iPad and pairing the Bluetooth keyboard was almost too easy.

As far as aesthetics go, the NewTrent Airbender case is top notch. It is one of the thinnest keyboard cases I have come across (whether soft or hard case). The quality of materials is much better than I expected for a case in this price range, much less one that cost twice as much. Open, the case takes up just enough room for the keyboard (which is exactly the width of the iPad when it is in it's landscape position). Closed, the case is very light and realistically doubles the thickness of the iPad-which when looking at other cases, puts this case at the forefront for slimness.

At first blush, the NewTrent Airbender case delivers the goods. It has a sleek, professional look that works well for a broad spectrum of users. I did some heavy lifting (typing) with it for a substantial amount of time and found it to be very comfortable-especially as an "on-the-lap" typing device. It does even better when placed on a table or desk to do your work. The keys had great feedback when pushed and did not feel like they were going to break, stick or stop working at any point in the near future. For a portable keyboard case, the quality was impressive. The positioning (angling) of the screen in relation to the keyboard puts the iPad at a comfortable position for the hands and the eyes for extended periods of typing. I can say, that the Airbender case is, by far, the best, most comfortable keyboard case I have used to date with my 3rd generation iPad.

As I mentioned with my first impressions, the Airbender case is extremely easy to use straight out of the box and very convenient for anyone who does a good amount of typing on their iPad.

The Case:
The adjustability of the screen is one of my favorite features. In landscape mode, the screen can be easily tilted backwards through 12 different positions and locks into place easily. A person is sure to find a position that is comfortable to type. Locked in place, the iPad is completely secure and does not move or slide out of position in the slightest. The case also allows for turning the case into portrait mode if you wished to use it that way (maybe to view/edit a document and view the full page while doing so). When in this position, I found that (out of the 12 available positions) the closer 8 tabs were acceptable when typing on a flat surface (like a desk or table), but I found that the iPad "wiggled" too much in those modes when typing on my lap to be usable for any amount of time. That being said, I found that the last 4 positions were completely stable in any situation and allowed for more than enough adjustability to find a comfortable position for the screen.

An additional benefit that I found is the fact that, because the keyboard is connected via Bluetooth, the adjustable part of the case will come apart from the keyboard and stand up on its own in landscape mode, separate from the keyboard, allowing me to set the iPad at any distance I felt was most comfortable (even beside me) while still being able to type with the keyboard. Pretty handy.

Additionally, the separable design of the case allows for you to leave the keyboard behind and simply tote the iPad by itself with the added benefit of a hard case on the back to protect it from scratches.

One caution I would give comes when closing the case. NewTrent addressed some issues that people were having with earlier versions of the case not shutting down properly when the screen is closed and have included magnets inside the case that work perfectly to do this with the magnets on the front of the iPad. This only works, however, if you have your iPad turned properly in landscape mode in the case—basically, just make sure your home button is on the right (when facing you) and the front facing camera is on the left, and you’re good to go. If you don’t do this, I could definitely see how if you had your iPad set to "not sleep" after a designated amount of time, that you might be a little disappointed to find the battery on it drained when you closed the case and forgot to turn the screen off because you had it turned improperly.

The Keyboard:
Since the task at hand was to make a full QWERTY keyboard fit within the confines of the width of an iPad, I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to actually typing on a keyboard that was smaller than a normal, full-sized one. I found that, the keys are spaced well and the keyboard is very comfortable indeed. The function keys are well thought out and convenient to use (for one, I use the screen brightness function keys all the time). The "Caps Lock" and "Remaining Charge" lights are also a nice added bonus to the overall quality of the keyboard.

While we are on the subject of the keyboard, however, there are a few nitpicks to be had. Nothing major, and certainly nothing that is necessarily considered a major flaw, but an ergonomic gripe nevertheless. I should also note first, that, NewTrent has addressed these issues that I am about to describe in the making of their new case, the ACD35K Arclight 2.0 iPad keyboard case. So, if they seem like they might be deal breakers (which for me, they were minor), you might consider looking at that case instead.

Basically, there are two spots that I find myself constantly running into a small issue:
The first is whenever I need to hit the "delete" key (on the top right of the keyboard), I inevitably hit the iPad "lock" button accidentally-essentially forcing me to stop typing and unlock the iPad on the home screen in order to continue. Even though it only happens probably once or twice out of every ten times I got up there to use it, it is annoying when it happens.

The second is when I use the right hand side "shift" key. More often than not, I end up hitting the "page up" key by mistake, which forces the typing cursor up a line. It might not seem like that big a deal, but when you are really on a roll typing and not necessarily looking at the screen while you are doing so, you can end up screwing up a document really quick. I've basically resorted to re-teaching myself how NOT to use the right "shift" key so that it doesn't happen.

Again, if these are the only gripes I have, NewTrent has done really well with this case. It is testament to NewTrent’s ability to listen and respond to their customer feedback that they actually addressed these issues with their new Arclight 2.0 case for the iPad. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Battery Life:
The battery life on the Bluetooth keyboard is excellent (in case you didn't know, the keyboard must be charged separately from the iPad to continue to work-initially for about 6 hours and only for about 2 hours subsequently when the battery runs low). With heavy, constant use, the keyboard lasted about 5 to 6 times longer than my iPad did. After the initial charge, I basically had to recharge my iPad a good 5 or 6 times before ever once having to recharge the keyboard. I probably logged a good 15-20 hours of pretty heavy typing on the keyboard over a 7 day period before even having to charge it. It's also nice to know that you can continue to use the keyboard while it is recharging, so you don't have to stop working just because the battery is low.

I have nothing to suggest to me that this case will fail or perform differently anytime in the near future. It charges quickly, keeps the charge well, performs flawlessly and feels to be made of quality materials. I'm extremely happy with it in that respect.

If there were any recommendations to be made, I would simply ask that the locations of the "iPad lock" and "Page Up" keys could be relocated or re-imagined on the keyboard-like they have already done with the Arclight 2.0 case. Other than those nitpicks, I can't say enough about the case.

The New Trent NT38B Airbender hard shell Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPads 2/3/4 is an impressive case with a great professional looking form factor that delivers on all fronts-aesthetics and styling, functionality and ease of use, ergonomics, versatility, battery life and reliability. For anyone that is in the market for a hard case that also functions as a reliable keyboard, I don't think there is any competition at this price point (or one twice as high). In fact, at any price, the NewTrent Airbender case for the New iPad is a steal. I can't possibly recommend it enough.
(Posted on 8/28/13)
Airbender bends the rules of the iPad keyboard game Review by Greg
After owning the Airbender for almost a week, I can say that I am truly impressed. For less than the cost of the average iPad smartcover I got a compact, stylish, protective, and highly functional keyboard that works great with my iPad 4. I'm a touch typist, and I can finally type a proper email without countless typos on my iPad. The detachable stand has been great for showing my photo portfolio to potential clients at their offices or at Starbucks. They all loved the clean transition and the ability to still type while detached.

The only thing that I think could be improved is the fact that the right shift button is small. I'd much rather have had the left be smaller since I'm a righty. This device just goes to show that you don't have to spend a C Note to get a decent device. Thanks for creating this and putting an end to the tablet accessory price gouging that seems to be the status quo in the electronics game.
(Posted on 8/28/13)
Very Functional. Review by Mark
Love the functionality and weight of the Airbender. The case gives good protection to my iPad. Keyboard is very easy to type on and feels just like a full size one. Now the kids want us to buy the Airbender for the mini for my wife's mini since they like it better then using the onscreen keyboard. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Thin Case with Great Features Review by Collin
This case is a lot put in a small package. The case around the iPad is secure, it wont prevent damage from a 6 foot drop but it does provide a layer of protection. The back of the case has a spot that the keyboard clicks into and it feels solid. The keyboard part has an arm that can be moved in and out to adjust the viewing angle. The keyboard feels good and the response of the click is nice. The features of the keyboard are nice there are buttons that can adjust the brightness, search, bring up the keyboard, open an internet explorer, and change the track that is playing. (Posted on 8/26/13)
Great case when I need a keyboard Review by Michael
I was very impressed with the packaging. Nice solid box with good, clear graphics. Very professional looking.

First I will address the physical keyboard. I like the layout of the keys themselves. The keyboard is not full size, but it is large enough to be fairly easy to type on. I think the function keys are very useful for the most part. I think the home and search key could be combined into one (since pressing the home key 2x brings up the search anyway. The language key did not work for me, but I don't think many people change language enough to warrant it having a function key anyway. The rest of the function keys were very useful. I would like to see a key that opens up Safari and one that opens Mail to replace the 2 that I mentioned above.

I would have liked for the page up and down keys to scroll up and down on a website. I think that would be a nice feature to help it more simulate a laptop trackpad. It would be more convenient than having to reach up to swipe the iPad. I don't know that this is even possible with the iPad software, so I can't fault the keyboard for this, it's just what I would like to see.

The keys have a nice, solid feel to them. As long as I pressed them down fully, they recorded what I was typing.

Next the physical case itself. My iPad fit nicely into the upper shell. When the case was closed, it was attractive and not too bulky. It is a little heavy, but not too much that I won't carry it around. I think the rotating button to release the iPad from the stand is great. Very useful and functioned well.

If I had a complaint, I would say that the screen is a little too upright when the case is opened like a laptop to type on. It gets too top heavy when tilted back to where it is comfortable for me to see. This can be corrected by sliding the base back or separating the screen from the keyboard completely.

I don't use this as my full time case for my iPad, but when I know I want a keyboard, this is as good as an option as I have used. I have used others by Zagg and Monoprice, and I prefer this one overall.
(Posted on 8/25/13)
The best of both worlds! Review by Scott
I've been using an iPad 4th generation for about 2 months now. The case I
initially bought began falling apart, so I went on the pursuit of a new
I got my new Trent Airbender iPad case last week and I've loved it!
I had resisted getting a keyboard case up until now because I felt like I
was going to have to use the keyboard every time. On regular
occasions, I enjoy using my Penultimate app with my New Trent stylus.
I found this case to be the most versatile keyboard case I've ever seen.
My wife has the Zagg Folio and it's only use is with the
keyboard. With the New Trent case, I have the versatility of using my
keyboard when I want to and when I don't want to, as well as using it
my iPad in landscape or portrait mode with the keyboard.
The case feels sturdy yet not bulky and everywhere I go I get questions
about it.
I didn't know until I got it that I could remove the iPad from the case
very easily via clips on the back.
I feel like this case is a perfect fit to my needs. Also, the price point
is very reasonable considering other options in the genre. The Zagg Folio
typically runs
about $100, while this case can be found for $40-$60 online.
I strongly recommend that you check out this case, if you're looking for a
with the keyboard that also gives you the versatility of typing or
writing directly on the iPad. I was in New Trent fan as soon as I used
their stylus. But now I may be a raving fan with these two items in my
arsenal! (Posted on 8/23/13)
Get 'er done Review by Christy
The Airbender does just what it's supposed to do; makes typing a whole lot easier than using Apple's native on-screen keyboard. Overall, I really like this keyboard case.

The Airbender arrived charged (the setup instructions told me to charge it first, but I found that unnecessary - bonus!), and setup instructions were clear. Connecting it to your iPad is just a matter of hopping into the bluetooth area of settings, entering the password given using the keyboard, and you're good to go.

This case is actually a two piece device. One piece is the case that goes over the iPad itself, and the other is the keyboard. They hook together to form a keyboard case, but can also be separated. The iPad goes into the case in about two seconds flat. You just snap it in, and you're ready to go. I have an iPad 2, and the case fits well. The case is a matte black plastic (a hard shell case). The finish hides fingerprints. There are also little rubber pads on the bottom (keyboard side) of the case, so that it stays put while typing. All of the ports and buttons are easily accessible.

One thing I love is that you don't have to have the keyboard with you at all times. As stated above, the keyboard is completely detachable, via a clamp that is pretty much exactly like a lens cap for a SLR/dSLR camera. The whole case is a little on the bulky side (about an inch thick) when the keyboard is attached, so it's great to be able to take the keyboard off if you don't need it for a certain event. When detached from the keyboard, there's a big hole in the back of the case (where the "lens cap" attaches) that acts as a window to show off your Apple logo, if you're into that kind of thing. I'm not, but that's certainly not worth a ding on the stars. :)

I run an online business, so I do a fair amount of typing. The diminutive size of the keyboard (in comparison to a full-size laptop or desktop keyboard) does take a little bit of getting used to, but that doesn't take too long. The keys feel high quality, similar to those on my laptop. They're also matte black, so you don't have fingerprints all over your keyboard. I especially love the keyboard shortcut buttons. There's a button for screen brightness/dimming, one that takes you to the search page (as in, to search for an app), one that starts a photo slideshow, some forward, reverse, pause/play buttons for your music, volume up, down, and mute, and an off button that puts the iPad to sleep. Love those. Even if I'm not actively using the keyboard, I'll turn it on just to use the brightness keys, for example, rather than getting to that through settings.

The iPad can be situated in either landscape or portrait orientation. I didn't have tipping problem.

Overall, I think this is a great keyboard case. If you need something to make typing a bit easier on your iPad, give the Airbender a try. (Posted on 8/23/13)
Great case, you will not find a better value for your money Review by Eric
First impressions:
Comes very nicely packaged, arrives in a sleek nicely constructed box, with nice product imaging and gives the appearance of a well-built product.
Inside you will find the Airbender, the power cord stored in its own box and a very small but adequate user guide.
The user guide includes a schematic, installation/removal, a product overview as well as how to charge, connect via Bluetooth and basic troubleshooting along with color pictures and a legend for led indicators. Exactly what you would hope to find in a user guide.
The USB charger comes in its own box as previously stated and is just your normal mini-USB to USB charging cable. The cable feels a little thin, but it does the job. My other cables from my Motorola and my older Samsung and LG phones worked just fine for charging the unit, so you don’t need to buy anything specific to have extra cables so you can charge at home or work or in the car for that matter.
The Airbender itself – upon pulling it out of the box it seemed very lightweight and like it might be kind of flimsy. I have to say first impressions were wrong. Once it’s installed on your iPad the case has a whole new feeling of durability and sleekness without adding a lot of weight.
It turns your iPad into a 10 inch laptop, with a flappable/removable screen. As I type this I have the keyboard detached and can still operate my iPad from 10 feet away without any problems, the Bluetooth on this device works very well. I can lock/unlock, go to the home screen all from across the room without any issues.
You can turn the screen horizontally, vertically, it can detach and standalone if you wish. It can be held fully vertical by the arm, or you can slide it down flush with the top of the keyboard.
You can also flip the keyboard completely around and just use it like a normal iPad. You can just close the iPad like you normally would and it will automatically lock itself, but I find it just as easy to just click the lock button on the keyboard before I do it.
The keyboard does have its own separate power switch to preserve power when it’s not going to be used. As for battery life, I used mine straight out of the box and it’s still working after4 hours of straight use.
Syncing the Airbender is as simple as the user guide explains, go into your Bluetooth settings on your iPad, hit the connect button on the keyboard, click on Bluetooth keyboard, enter the code on the screen and boom, it reconnects every time without issue. This is a fully functional keyboard, with hot keys to brightness, sound, fast-forward, rewind, and play controls for music and video. As well as the home screen, gallery, and keyboard drop down buttons all built in where the function keys would normally be.
Keyboard response seems to be really good, I typed quite a few emails, notes, and inputted quite a few calendar entries and short of getting used to the keyboard being a little smaller than I am used to it never missed a stroke, the iPad seems very responsive to the keystroke without any measurable delay. Spot on
1. Sleek and attractive case without adding a lot of weight
2. Multi-position screen with option to detach if you wish
3. Fully functional keyboard with the shortcut keys you need
4. Really good Bluetooth with great response and stays connected
5. Price – not much more than a nice standard leather case but much more functionality
6. Lightweight but still feels like a quality product
1. The hinge that lets you turn and flip the screen has no lock to hold it in one position, when you open the case there is a good chance the screen will try to flip vertically / minor peeve
2. Keyboard is a little cramped but it just takes a little getting used to, a couple of emails and I was flying along on it
3. Right shift key is in a strange spot to get used to, as someone who is on keyboards a lot and uses my right shift key a lot it takes some getting used to
4. Price for some – if you are in the market for a nice case it’s right in the ballpark on price. But the average person might get a little sticker shock at first glance.
5. No screen protection when the device is open
Overall I have to give the Airbender a good 4.5 stars out of 5, it does what it sets out to do.
It makes an iPad into a lightweight, responsive laptop, with multiple screen positioning, a very responsive keyboard and the ability to detach the arm or just the screen itself from the whole unit with just a simple squeeze of 2 tabs on the back.
It feels like the Airbender would take a good hit without any problems to your device but I didn’t want to test that functionality.
If it came with a screen protector it would be the best all-around case out there.
(Posted on 8/22/13)
Nice keyboard! Review by Brian
-The pairing of the keyboard and device was simple and quick
-I like the ability to change the orientation of the screen
-The ability to unlock the iPad from the keyboard is a plus.
-I LOVE the quick keys at the top, especially the quick "lock" function! Very useful.

-The plastic looks somewhat inexpensive
-No mouse or trackpad
-The keys are certainly condensed, and take some getting used to. It doesn't quite have the "laptop" feel (although it does have the look), it's a big step up from the iPad keyboard alone.
(Posted on 8/21/13)
Functionality is the point, cheap Review by Chary
This keyboard is the most meaningful to buy when considering its clamshell design which covers the ipads both sides. and its not expensive (it is worth to spend its price), packaging is good, not too bulky and easy to open. When coming to functionality, this is the main point when investing on this keyboard. you can remove the keyboard and the other side can become a desktop stand for your ipad. of course there are some keyboards with the same capability but when coming to the design and functionality this is the best. expensive ones which are popular with their thinness does not prevent the back side of the ipad from scratches.
When using this keyboard is comfortable, of course do not expect 100/100 comfort like expensive full size keyboards, this is something compact and mobile to add extra functionality and convenience to your ipad.
I mentioned a lot of pros now lets mention about the
just one so far: the lock button. well I am ten finger typer, and when i need to push on the delete button I automatically throw my right pinky to the right corner (it is just a developed reflex). the first day when I typed my syllabus, I got nervous about the lock button, because whenever I try to press the delete, by mistake I lock the ipad. for that day I disabled the key lock password for 15 min. but it it has been a week since I am using this keyboard and I have developed my reflexes so that I avoid the lock button. Once you own this keyboard, it is yours and you adapt to it. even the right shift key (small) is not an issue now. it was at the beginning.

I recommend this device, this is the most appropriate and right one for my budget and for my work.
(Posted on 8/21/13)
Best keyboard I've found! Review by Andrew
The NT38B Airbender Clam Shell iPad Keyboard is the fifth (and best) Bluetooth keyboard I have used with an iPad 2. The packaging alone makes you realize that you’ve purchased a high-end product. The box and inside padding are designed to protect the device under all shipping conditions. The matte black case is very professional looking and once in your hand, you know that this is a quality product. The iPad snaps easily into the lid and can be released from the case with a squeeze of two fingers on the clasp located over the Apple logo.

The uniqueness of the Airbender is that there are so many different ways to position the iPad screen in relation to the keyboard that it should meet everyone’s need. The hinge of the clam shell is stiff and you can position the iPad (either vertical or horizontal) in nearly any position for comfort. But the bonus is that the “hinge” can be completely separated from the keyboard and you have an independent stand. This is helpful especially if your work style needs the screen set a distance from the keyboard. For example, I have a dual-level desk and I use the keyboard at normal keyboard level, but I can place the iPad screen on a monitor stand and still get full use of the device. The keys themselves are a hybrid of Apple and PC, meaning that whichever format you’re most comfortable with, you can use this keyboard immediately without learning new keys. Included on the keyboard are keys to control the screen brightness, to control multimedia, including volume, and a lock-screen control.

The keyboard is charged via an included USB to Micro USB cable and it seems to retain the charge. Although not mentioned in the included instructions/user guide, the keyboard does seem to have an automatic power down when not used for several minutes and a tap of any key wakes it up. The keyboard does have an on/off switch to force the power off and has indicator lights for the Bluetooth connection, charging, and caps lock (I’ve not seen this before on other iPad keyboards). The keys are quiet so no reason to worry about disturbing anyone if used while in bed or at night. The overall value of the Airbender certainly surpasses similar, more expensive, products. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Awesome Product Review by Lee Ann
I am very pleased with this product, very easy to connect thru Bluetooth on my tablet. The keyboard is larger than most other products. Great product. Would recommend to others! (Posted on 8/21/13)
Great Product !! Review by Travelsoftballdad
5 Stars !!
I bought the NewTrent AirBender Clamshell holder / keyboard for my iPad after looking at several different models and brands. The NewTrent holds the device securely and is really adjustable. The wireless Bluetooth keyboard works flawlessly and holds a charge remarkably well. Matter of fact, I think I have only charged it twice in the three months I have owned it. I no longer fear tossing the iPad into the center console of the car while driving.

Great Product !!
(Posted on 8/20/13)
great product love it Review by Anna
I would rate the product 4.5. It is an excellent product. It can be in landscape mode or portrait mode which is very unique because some highend cases can't even do this. My only concern is the keyboard is too small but it works great for my little fingers but when my bf uses it the keys are a little bit smaller. So far I haven't charge the keyboard yet so this case has a long very long battery life of the keyboard which is great. I am very happy with my purchase and they gave me a gift too^^
(Posted on 8/17/13)
Love this product! Review by KAG
I recently purchased the IMP38B from New Trent and absolutely LOVE IT.

I get so many comments on this product from my colleagues. We all have our own personal iPads that we use for company meetings and therefore have a variety of gadgets in the room at all times. People love this item, they constantly ask where I got it and ask for product demonstrations. They love the fact that it can still be JUST an iPad with one quick movement and then go from "laptop" where it's connected to the iPad to "desktop" where you can actually disconnect the iPad from the keyboard and work that way.

I love that the keyboard really feels and works like a normal keyboard and how long it holds a charge. I've been using it about a week (all day long) and other than the initial charge I have not had to charge since.

The one thing I wish it had is somewhere to connect a stylus. Even if its just a little hole that I could thread some string through to connect it that way. I guess I could thread it through the sleep / wake button but I think then it would get in the way.

I rate this item as a 5, it has been nothing but AWESOME. (Posted on 8/16/13)
Great Keyboard and case Review by Nick
I have tried just about every keyboard on the market for my iPad 2. The Airbender ranks up there with the best ones.

When it's closed, it feels safe and secure. The sturdiness of the case really stands out to me. I feel like my iPad is very well protected.

The keyboard feels very comfortable. The "action" of the keys makes it easy to type and work on.

The battery life is amazing. I charged it over a month ago and it's still going strong. No complaints here at all.

The only thing that takes getting used to is the swivel on the case. I feel like it's a little difficult to open the iPad and get it into a laptop type position for work. Maybe I just need to get more comfortable with it, so I'm not going to drop any stars because it seems to work as intended.

Overall, I highly recommend this case and for that price it's one of the best out there.
(Posted on 8/14/13)
Great! Perfect for Every Use Review by Mike
This keyboard is spot on. The first thing that attracted me to it was the media buttons, the ability to pause/play, change volume, was really neat and made videos much better to watch. The keys themselves made nice click sounds, they weren't to loud or irritating like some keyboards could be and they made it very easy to type and my hands and fingers felt very comfortable the entire time. There is a lot of quality that was put into the keyboard and you can feel all that went into it when using it. The back case itself is great, it's not heavy like some of the other cases out there but I still feel secure when I put my iPad down. I really like that that there is a circle in the back to reveal the Apple logo, it makes it look very nice! The stand itself is really cool because: 1. It stays connected to the iPad and allows you to move the iPad horizontally or vertically without ever detaching. I liked it for watching movies and scrolling through my emails vertically. 2. The stand itself can detach from the keyboard and be used to watch movies up close without the keyboard being in the way. It makes a great stand for the iPad. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a keyboard and to also use the iPad for it's video function. Overall this is a great product! (Posted on 8/14/13)
Love the new case~gave me mini computer station instantly Review by Amy
Love the wireless keyboard. Directions were easy to read and use, even for nontech people. Love having the keyboard with the option to look at screen vertical or horizontal. Keyboard is ample in size.

My only concern was at first I had a little difficulty getting screen to tilt at angle that was easy to see because I was afraid the angled part was going to snap. Has become easier to use as I have played with it more.

Bluetooth works well and no delay in typing. Easy access to all Ipad buttons while in case.

Size is not too bulky and feel like have ample protection for Ipad.

Great product!~ (Posted on 8/13/13)
Loving my Airbender Review by Andrew
Absolutely love my Airbender! I have used it daily for over a year, first with a second generation iPad, and then with a 4th gen. Prior to using this case I ordered three different options to demo. The other options were a leather folio style case with a built in keyboard, and a Logitech keyboard cover. Between the three, the Airbender was the easy choice, not only for the lower price, but also for the compact size versus the folio, and for the greater protection and features versus the Logitech. I use the Airbender for typing notes and reports for school and work, and also as a great stand to hold the iPad at any angle for watching videos, Skyping, or any other task. The battery life has been superb, and though adjusting to a smaller format keypad took some time, overall the adaptation was not difficult. I am very happy with this case, and have even recommended it to a few folks who have purchased and been just as happy.

•Great feel
•Compact size
•Long battery life
•Quick to connect,
•Flexibility of the stand allows many viewing angle, while still sitting snugly in 90 degree and tilt angles
•Lack of ability to connect screen protection such as a smart cover when only using the back cover means that I rarely carry the ipad by itself even if I don’t need the keyboard.
•Placement of lock key adjacent to delete button means frequently getting locked when in the middle of writing,
•Rubberized feet fell off within the first few weeks. Hasn’t affected the case beyond cosmetics.
(Posted on 8/12/13)
Excellent keyboard and case combination Review by David
I'm very impressed with the Airbender case for the iPad. Much like other
keyboard cases it solves two issues at once. It provides a nearly
full-sized keyboard and protects the ipad at the same time. However,
unlike other keyboard cases, the Airbender allows the ipad to rotate at any
angle allowing the user to view in portrait or landscape mode. In
addition, the stand mechanism can be completely detached from the keyboard
to allow for an infinite combination of viewing distances and angles. The
size of and the spacing of the keys on the keyboard is good, even for
someone with large fingers. I like the silent operation of the keys as

One improvement I would suggest for the keyboard is the location of the right
shift key. On most full-sized keyboards, the right shift key is directly
to the right of the "/" key. However on this keyboard they needed room for
the up arrow key which was placed between the "/" and the shift key. I
often find myself hitting the up arrow key when I try to capitalize words.
I believe other iPad keyboards have similar key placement; so I'm sure it
will take a little getting used to. However, if this keyboard will go
through another version, I would highly suggest moving the up arrow key to
the outside of the shift key.

I really like the stand on this iPad. It allows the ipad to be set at
almost any angle in both the portrait and landscape views. The stand on
this case uses a friction-based hinge at its base which is easily adjusted
to any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. The base of the hinge can be
adjusted further from the keyboard for lower angles or moved closer to the
keyboard for more upright angles. The back of the ipad is secured to the
upper arm of the stand with a 2-button clip similar to an SLR camera's lens
cap. The iPad can rotate on this clip in 90 degree increments which
allows for the portrait or landscape views. The ipad can even be turned
upside down if you would like to keep something plugged into the iPad from
the top. This can be a very important selling point to many power users.
You can keep your iPad charging, keep a video cable plugged in or keep any
number of adapters plugged in while still in its stand. The clip is also
hinged, which allows the iPad to rest its base naturally on the surface at
any selected angle.
(Posted on 8/6/13)
Good Product Review by LERS

The product packaging is very well put together. It looks professional and high quality.

General Looks and Feel

The wireless keyboard feels sturdy, almost rugged. It's a little bit bulky and adds considerable weight to the iPad, so a lighter version would great. Although seems well constructed, the "rotational lock" doesn't seem to live up to the good quality of the rest of the assembly.


The keyboard's tactile feedback is great, it almost feel like the one Apple includes in its Laptops. However, slightly larger keys would be ideal. The iPad tilting mechanism when open is a little challenging to manage and adjust. It's difficult to get it at the right angle when writing with the iPad on the lap, and even when writing on a desk. A smoother/easier form of adjustment would greatly improve this product. I think this is the biggest drawback.

Features and Performance

The extra keys to launch some applications, Home Button, Search and Lock are great. Sometimes you don't even feel the ned to touch the iPad to move the cursor or trigger some tasks. It actually brings the whole desktop experience to the iPad user.

One thing I noticed is that sometimes when I type a key it seems to never reach the iPad, so it is very common to have words missing a letter or two. I'm not sure if this is related to the keyboard or its bluetooth connection. I'm pretty sure it is not related to the keyboard having low battery as I made sure to fully charge it per the instructions included in the box.

The capability of fully separating the keyboard from the iPad, leaving it in the stand is great and I don't think there are other products in the market offering that feature.



Good tactile feedback
Good quality construction (except for the rotating lock)
Extra keys for launching apps and trigger iPad tasks (Search, Home Button, Lock, Language, etc)
Easy set up and configuration
Easy cycling between keyboards through a single key. Very useful for international users.
Can easily be used as a stand
Works with iPad 2 and iPad 3

(Posted on 8/3/13)
AIRBENDER BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD -- EXCELLENT 3-IN-1 (Keyboard, Case, Stand) Review by Sean
The NT-38B Wireless iPad keyboard/case was extremely simple to use and provided a nice combination of valuable accessories that all iPad users would benefit from: protective casing for an expensive device, a Bluetooth keyboard for when you want to do longer emails/notes/papers, and a built-in stand that can prop up the device in both portrait/landscape orientations.
The Bluetooth signal was strong and the wireless typing was always very accurate (just as responsive/fast as I'm used to with my desktop keyboard). The NT-38B is also very lightweight and doesn't add much bulk as you carry around the iPad. At 9.5" wide, they keyboard is the exact same width as the iPad in landscape orientation which makes for a perfect fit/finish of the product as it's integrated with my iPad. It took a few hours to get used to the smaller keyboard size (about 20% smaller than a normal keyboard if you don't include the number pad) but after a day with it, my fingers quickly adjusted to the size and I definitely found it easier to type on the New Trent keyboard than the on-screen display keyboard, especially any item with some length (long emails, papers, note-taking).
While the case isn't as protective as an Otterbox, LifeProof, or Survivor rubberized case, it is certainly much more protective than nothing at all or the standard iPad flap cover that so many people use. It's also a fraction of the price of the more heavy duty cases and those cases don't also serve as a keyboard. I would love to see some type of shock-resistant rubber/foam/padding integrated into the case to make it even better.
Battery life has been great so far. After its initial charge, the Bluetooth keyboard has lasted hours and hours on just one charge. I also found the clip-off design to separate the keyboard from the iPad when you don't need a keyboard to be very innovative and easy to use. I was quickly able to convert to an iPad only configuration for most of my use and only clip in the keyboard when I really need it. It takes less than a second to do. (Posted on 8/3/13)
Great Keyboard/Case! Review by Lori
On the day I received the box, I took a good look at the packaging. I liked the box it came in, and felt it was well designed. I think that is a very important part of the buying experience. I opened the box, and found the case. I felt it, picked it up, and took a look. My first impression was that it was very lightweight. It was a very good looking product. I checked out all the components, and noticed that the stand was made of both plastic and metal. I think it was good choice to make it metal, as really helps to prevent it from bowing because of the weight of the iPad leaning against it, which I have had happen when using other stands with non-metal support. I then took out the charging cable to get it all charged up and ready to use. The cable seemed to be a sufficient length, but I was slightly disappointed that it did not also come with a USB adapter plug. Most people do have extra plugs lying around, but sometimes it may not be the case. It can be inconvenient if you're trying to charge your iPad and the keyboard at the same time. Just a thought.

After the keyboard had charged overnight, I got my iPad out. I had a little bit of trouble getting it into the protective case. It was not easy to snap into place, but after a couple of minutes, I was able to get it in place. I think that could be one point of improvement. I then connected to the bluetooth connection which was a fairly easy process. Once connected, I tested the keyboard by replying to some emails. I must say that the response of the keys is very good.I have as stand alone keyboard that connects to the iPad (no case), and the response is very slow. It lags on the screen, so I end up typing things out way faster than it appears, which is a pain. This keyboard is great! I have no lag in response, and don't have to constantly go back and correct things after I've typed a whole sentence. Also, I appreciate the fact the when you close the case up, it locks the screen. Some cases I have had do not do that. It seems to be a pretty sturdy case and keyboard. My small chihuahua has walked over the keyboard a few times, and it has held up with no damage. My bigger 25-pound dog has even sat on the case and it seems to have held up with no issues. I hope that if I ever drop it, it will hold up pretty well, but let's just hope dropping never happens, because I'd hate to find out otherwise.

After using the product for a week, I feel that this is a good product. A few small changes could be made to make it even better, but even as is, I feel it is a solid product, and I commend the designers. (Posted on 7/31/13)
Great case! Review by Eric
It was easy to setup and
connect to the iPad. The keyboard responded quickly to commands and the
quick keys for photo frame, locks, brightness and volume work great!

The case is a little heavier than I expected, but not bad. The design of
the stand lock is a bit cumbersome to manipulate and stand the iPad up
properly. I especially found it difficult when setting it up on my lap
rather than a table. The other cumbersome item was the keys are very small
compared to the keys displayed on the iPad itself. Typing emails and
responses on forums were difficult.

Overall, the product is great. I have large fingers so that may contribute
to the difficulty typing. (Posted on 7/31/13)
Just Awesome Review by Kay
After testing the product for a few more days here is my final review on
it. The device is very solid, sturdy and makes the iPad feel like a mini
computer which is good. When trying to open the iPad from the keyboard it
is very difficult to do being that the iPad gets caught on the keyboard or
you have to slide the button to get the hinge to move backwards for it open
a little bit better. Tying on the keyboard feels natural, I don't have to
hunt and peck for the letters. I had to unpair the keyboard from my iPad
and pair it back because the keys didn't always work. Now all of the keys
do work but I'm still having issues with the keyboard giving multiple
characters and it still skips letters when I type on it, even on my
cellphone. I thought it was an issue because i would use it on my lap, but
it does it no matter what surface I put it on. Overall this is a great
keyboard to have once the letter situation is corrected. (Posted on 7/30/13)
4.5 Review by Diane
I received the keyboard today and promptly unpacked and charged it. Putting my ipad in was easy enough and so was pairing the keyboard to my ipad2
The weight of the case is light. It's also light with the ipad inside which is nice. I was using an ihome ipad keyboard case and it was a lot heavier and bigger. This case is more sleek size wise and lighter to carry which would entice me to use the ipad with a keyboard case more often, however when you use it on your lap the case is not balanced and the ipad seems to want to tip back. If you use this on a flat surface its more stable, so it is better to use this on a flat surface rather than on your lap.
the keyboard itself is nice to type on although I am used to full size keyboard,maybe that's why I am making so many mistakes. The shift key on the right hand size could be larger, I keep hitting the page up key. Other than that, the keyboard is nice and had a good solid feel to it.
Here are a few bullet points regarding the case:
adjustable stand, good for lap use. although the case seems to work fine on a solid surface.
rotating back - I like the fact that you can use the ipad landscape or portrait and the fact that you can turn this around and use just the ipad without the keyboard and have one unit.
able to remove the ipad from the case - removal is pretty quick and easy
ipad is secure when case is closed, is easy to open and access ipad
I like the way the keypad feels, it has a firm feel, not soft, more like a standard keyboard.

The reason for the 4.5 rating is because the case in my usage is not perfect and the improvements to be made are minor. I do think this is the best ipad keyboard case I have used.
(Posted on 7/30/13)
VERY GOOD, with only small improvements needed Review by Jim K.
Packaging is professional-looking, protects the unit and charging cable well. More importantly, it was easy to open! Having had previous experience with various keyboard cases for the iPad, I didn’t feel the need to read the instructions. However, I thought the full-color instructions with both product photos and written documentation were some of the better I’ve seen.

The build of the unit is very solid and well-made. The black matte housing is very nice, although I started to notice imprints from my oily skin after a few days of use. If I had any issues in this area, it might be the weight once it’s attached to the iPad. When closed, it feels substantial and sturdy, but seemed heavier than comparable keyboard cases I’ve used. While I felt like it would provide excellent protection for my iPad if I were to drop it, it also felt as heavy as my Dell Ultrabook and not quite as portable.

The unit fits the iPad nicely and the openings are well-cut and roomy. That said, I had no trouble plugging in the cable to charge the keyboard (which charged very quickly) as well as the 30-pin sync cable. Also, opening and closing the case always seemed to activate the Smart Cover function properly and turn on and off the iPad as needed.

The ability to rotate the iPad has always been a very attractive feature for me when it comes to keyboard cases, but I’ve tried several and been disappointed. The New Trent seems better than the others when it comes to this function. However, with similar cases I’ve tried, getting this unit open and at the right angle sometimes seems very clunky. Maybe I just need more practice at it! I also hope that with some use, the hinge will not be as tight to open and adjust. While I like the ability to pull out the iPad stand using the release button, it was often very awkward and time-consuming for me to get the case open and at the right viewing angle. I often ended up pulling the stand all of the way out and then having to take the extra step of re-inserting it until it locked back into place (a big fan of those audible clicks!). I would hate to take this into a meeting and have my co-workers seem me wrestle to get it set up. Maybe I'm not doing things in the right order? I actually found myself using my iPad less because it seemed like a hassle to open and set up, and that’s definitely not a good thing. I’m hoping for two things: 1) that practice makes opening this case come more naturally and 2) that the opening mechanism becomes a little looser with use so that I don’t feel like I’m fighting it. I often found myself opening apps unintentionally as I was wrangling the iPad to get it at a proper display angle.

I also like the ease of how the iPad can be removed from the stand and used in tablet form with a protective cover on the back. There were a couple of times when I had issues reconnecting the unit using the circular latch, but I think this just takes some practice.

Again, the Bluetooth connection button was prominent enough that I did not need to use the instructions to pair the keyboard with my iPad. However, in the three days I’ve had the unit, the Bluetooth did not connect once when I opened the unit. Turning the unit off and back on did not help, so I was forced to re-pair it with my iPad. This was easy enough to do, but if this were to recur frequently, I think it would become an issue.

I really liked the look and feel of the keyboard, although I had some issues here. I especially like the “Chiclet” style keys and even though they seem to be spaced nicely, typing sometimes felt cramped, and I have small hands. Even though they felt a little tight at first, the keys had a nice responsiveness. I also liked the row of dedicated keys at the top, although this appears to be fairly standard on iPad keyboards these days. I especially like the Home and Lock keys, which I use quite often! My typing issues were two: when I was typing a blog post, I noticed that I made several typos and had missed letters that I thought I had actually typed. I wondered if the keys were still a little stiff or I was just typing too fast. My bigger issue was that I had problems with the placement of the right-shift key as I’d end up hitting the page up key instead and moving my cursor to another line. While typing a short blog post, I found I had issues with the right-shift key several times. This seems to be an issue for several iPad keyboards feeling the need to cram all of the desired keys into a small space.

I haven't had it long enough to see how long battery life is. Along these lines, it's easy to find and connect the charging cable, and I was impressed with how quickly the unit charged before my initial use.

Out of all the iPad keyboard cases I have tried, I’ve found that the ones I’ve used and liked the most are those that are easy to open and prop the iPad at a good viewing angle and those where the keys have a good feel and are spaced properly to allow for comfortable and accurate typing. I like the New Trent Airbender, but still feel like I need to spend more time getting adjusted to the keyboard and more importantly, getting the opening and closing to come more naturally!
(Posted on 7/30/13)
Excellent case! Review by Rick
Compared to many of the cases I have seen out there, this one is far superior because of it's versatility and convenience. Its really cool that you can disassemble the actual iPad case from the arm/hinge, and the arm/hinge can be removed from the keyboard, so you can actually use the two pieces separate from one another. I can't think of any other case that can do that. I stood the iPad in the corner and could use the keyboard remotely.

Biggest thing for this case is that it defeats one of my major issues with the iPad. The iPad is a great tool, however you are only really utilizing half of the tool if you don't have a bluetooth keyboard (or in my opinion, THIS case). Without a keyboard, although access to email is and internet is valuable, composing emails or searching the web can be cumbersome and frustrating. The autocorrect feature is constantly spelling words that you don't want, and typing is just slow in general. For me, this keyboard/case defeated that criticism, and has allowed me to use my iPad to its full potential.

The battery life on this keyboard/case is great, I had zero issues with the keys, they all respond very well. I like the different hotkeys lining the top of the keyboard as well.

The armature that holds the iPad is a little stiff when you first get it, so I just disassembled it from the keyboard and case and bent it back and forth a couple dozen times and it really broke in nicely. It was initially a little aggravating to figure out where to position the armature to get the iPad to line up flush with the keyboard at 15-25 degree angle for comfortable viewing. But once you get it adjusted to how you like it, it is easy to duplicate it every time you use it

One more unique thing about this keyboard is that it can accommodate the iPad standing upright at a comfortable viewing angle as well. Overall, I think this a great case and I will be using it daily from here on out, until NT comes out with an even cooler one!

I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a convenient and versatile solution for iPad to unlock its full potential. (Posted on 7/30/13)
Pleasantly surprised by the New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case Review by Rc
Review of New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case for the iPad (4th Gen) with Retina display, NEW iPad (3rd Gen), iPad 2, Bluetooth keyboard /w matte finish compatible with the iPad (4th Gen) with Retina display, NEW iPad (3rd Gen), iPad 2: 3G, WIFI Model, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, with multi adjustable angles and removable stand (NEWEST VERSION, fits iPad 4th and 3rd gen)

This review is from me, a newbie of sorts, so I will fist comment on the one thing that surprised me...that there was no plug included in the keyboard. It must be charged, but it needs to be charged with either a computer (because it comes with a charging USB cord) or if you have an a/c plug with slots for USB plugs. Read the short instructions first all the way through!

After charging the keyboard for the required 6 hours for an initial charge, I was worried about setting up the Bluetooth. Man, was that ever easy! I just turned on the iPad 3 Bluetooth and turned on the keyboard and pressed the "connect" button. Within seconds, I received a code on my iPad to type into the keyboard. Then it was done!

The next thing I noticed was the balance of the iPad. There are many positions in which to balance the iPad, either in landscape or in portrait. Pressing the button to release the bottom slide stand from the base of the keyboard in order to move the iPad back some to have more space away from the keyboard. This is a nice feature - more like the was a computer might feel with a detached keypad. The keys feel nice and have a sturdy feel to them as I type. I certainly can type much faster with those keys than I can my touching the screen of the iPad despite the small size of the keyboard.

I then tried to pair it with a new iPad and it was just as easy. The fit was the same (I know, it should be!) and it worked just as well on the new iPad as on the iPad 3.

Now for the newbie awkward part...moving the ipad around and setting the 'right' angle to make the perfect fit still takes some effort for me. The forward to backward (bending) movement is tight and at first, I was concerned that I would break the cover. And that would not be good because my iPad is attached to it. But after a bit I got my nerve up and used a bit more muscle. I see that the tightness is really what allows the heavyish iPad to not just fall forward or backward, so there really is a purpose for it.

I am still getting used to the smallish keyboard so I am making some mistakes. But I trust this will change soon! I even forgot that I was using my iPad and not my laptop this morning and foolishly thought "where is my mouse" before I remembered I just needed to touch the screen to wake it up !

So far, I would definitely recommend the New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case.

Thank you, rc (Posted on 7/30/13)
Bluetooth Keyboard close to a Homerun!! Review by David
This product worked with no issues right out of the box. Great battery life and really easy to use. Very seldom do I order something that doesnt require a lot of extra attention. My only thing is some counter balance for lap use. The stand portion articulates pretty well. NT is way ahead of market. Thanks!! (Posted on 7/30/13)
Set up was very easy after charging it. Turned it on, went to Settings, Bluetooth was recognized right away, I entered a code and I was set to go. The print on the instruction sheet was very small for aging eyes. It might make a better impression with larger print, even if you have to use another piece of paper. :)

One of my initial impressions was "gee, it would be nice to have a wireless mouse." Then I realized… Duh! It's a touch screen! Thus nicely blending laptop and tablet technologies.

The keyboard is nice b/c I am able to type and see the whole iPad screen at the same time because the virtual keyboard is no longer taking up space. This makes emailing, IMing, etc. very easy because the whole unit is balanced and I don't have to hold it and type on the screen at the same time. I personally like the keyboard because it reminds me of a traditional laptop/ computer keyboard, with the clicking and pressing of the buttons, which may be due to my age.

One negative is that the keyboard is primarily good for when I expect to have a hard work surface. It doesn't seem well suited to type on while sitting on a couch/ chair and holding on my lap for typing on the keyboard. It doesn't have the heft of a laptop so balancing it is difficult. However, that's by design so it can be portable.

It worked great as a mini-TV stand to balance on my lap while watching a You Tube video on the couch with other family members.

Being able to remove the screen from the keyboard is useful for people who like to use their iPads for gaming, but seemed a little awkward. I don't really have any suggestions for improving this - the design is solid. Gaming isn't what this keyboard case is for.

There's a huge target market here for college students and professionals on the go. The size and stability make it perfect for using in commuter settings like on an airplane or train tray. It's also perfect for a student's classroom desk, or for a child in the back seat of a car watching a movie. It can be folded up and popped in a backpack or briefcase and I know it will be well protected and look good. (Posted on 7/29/13)
Best keyboard case I have used so far Review by troid
This is my first bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad 2, although I have a mini BT keyboard for my iPad 2 but I seldom use it because I do not want too carry another device with me. The day I receive the device I was so excited and I immediately charged it for 6 hours based on the instructions and the provided USB cable. Within 2 hours the green indicator light came on which means battery is full, but since the manual said to let it charge for 6, I excitedly and patiently waited for another 4 hours. While waiting I took off my Ottercase and cleaned the iPad a bit. Yes, I still love my old case but this keyboard case has given my device another purpose. Despite having a separate BT keyboard I was never compelled to write a paper in my iPad (we have 3 laptops at home) why would I use an iPad to write one? I was completely mistaken and found that my iPad 2 has still more to offer than just surfing and games. As of right now I am using the Airbender keyboard case to write this review and I am so happy about it and it seems like I am using a new tablet computer. There are hotkeys in the keyboard which are already integrated in the iPad, no other settings needed you just need to connect the bluetooth communication and thats it! (less than a minute to setup). Hotkeys (not in order): brightness control,search function,virtual keyboard, photo gallery, music/video basic controls,volume control, home button, iPad lock (you still have to swipe to unlock) and language change (haven't used it). It has 3 indicator lights CAPS,CHRG and BT one thing I like about this, is that once connected the BT indicator light doesn't stay on, saves a bit of battery life (a blue LED takes about 3.5v at 20mA of current it seems really small but still takes some juice out of the battery) which I think is a really good and efficient design in the electronics part. The Ipad 2 fits perfectly in the case the added weight change is very minimal for me since I have and Ottercase before. The only thing I find lacking stability is the 2 point swivel part that connects the iPad case and the keyboard part. The iPad holder part moves too freely (very loose) that I'm afraid that one day it will just snap since the two point connector is only made of thin plastic and that is the only thing that holds them together. But overall this is a really good product, you will find that your iPad has more to offer than you think of it right now. I'll give it a 4 out of 5, I wanted too give it a full 5 stars but I really feel that it lacks on the design of the joint part. (Posted on 7/27/13)
Great case! Review by Ross
The case its self is well made and protects the iPad very well, l like
the built in rubber bumpers on the keyboard help protect the iPod screen
when the case is closed. It also has a set of bumpers on the bottom that
keep the case from sliding around when it's on a table. The Bluetooth
keyboard feels great, where as other iPod keyboard cases have silicone keys
that make typing more difficult, the Airbender has sturdy plastic keys that
make typing feel more natural that the iPads native keyboard. The
inclusion of two shift keys is very welcome since most others on the market
only have one key. I like the fact that you can type with the case in either portrait or landscape mode and that the iPad can disconnect from the keyboard for more mobility. I also like the fact that the stand can stay with the iPod
section so that you can type with a little more distance between the iPad and the keyboard.
(Posted on 7/26/13)
Look No Further! Review by TreeMJ
High quality, super easy to set up, very functional - angle iPad to suit you, switch from horizontal to vertical viewing, or remove stand and use alone!
(Posted on 7/26/13)
Affordable High Quality Keyboard Case for iPad Review by doctorjb
Disclaimer: I haven't previously believed I needed a keyboard case for my iPad. That's generally because I still take a full sized laptop with me when I travel for work and, as my iPad is more of a entertainment device, I find I can get by ok with the virtual keyboard. However, as I was not planning on taking a laptop with me on a recent road-trip, I thought I would give the Airbender keyboard case a once-over (I'm also using it to write this review!).

Unboxing: The case arrived in a nice looking box which was easily opened and in which the case was wrapped securely. I read through the instructions quickly and started to charge the case with a micro-USB power adapter I already had. Though the instructions said to let the case charge for 6 hours, the green light indicating a full charge came on after about 2 hours - either the keyboard was already partially charged or it charged faster using the power adapter. While it was charging, I snapped the iPad simply into the back plate. Attaching the stand to the keyboard and closing the case, I found that the Airbender felt good in the hands, although understandably it did add a fair amount of weight; the result was similar to a netbook (remember those?!). I paired the keyboard and iPad via Bluetooth as per the instructions (a very easy process) and opened the Notepad app to try typing.

Keyboard: The chicklet style keys are good to type on if a little small - my hands are not particularly big but I do 'fat finger' keys on occasion though nowhere near as much as I do on the virtual keyboard. I also found that the keys must be fully depressed to register. All in all, it was much more comfortable to write a long paragraph of text using the Airbender keyboard than the virtual one on the iPad. I've been using the keyboard on and off for about 5 days so far and have not had to recharge it yet. I also like the shortcut keys although I'm baffled at what some of them do - what do the alt/option & cmd keys do?

The keyboard
The heft and feel of the case
The detachable stand (good for when multiple people want to watch a movie) and back plate (my current case - the iTouch Utile 3 which is difficult to find outside of Hong Kong - has a similar detachable back plate)
The 360˚ (oooh, I've just found out what the alt key does - alt+k = ˚) swivel mechanism - I read e-mail and browse the web in portrait and watch movies in landscape
The iPad lies almost flat when it is fully opened so that the back is against the keyboard (my current case though having a similar mechanism is still somewhat on an angle in this orientation)
The auto-sleep mechanism works with my iPad 2

I found that there is some give to the screen especially in portrait mode which is most noticeable when using the touchscreen on the iPad. The space above the keyboard currently houses the locking mechanism for the stand but is otherwise dead-space. I would suggest adding a few grooves for the iPad to rest in
The stand hinge is rather stiff which allows a great number of options in viewing angles but also makes the case somewhat cumbersome to open - you'll need both hands to do so

Unlike the stand hinge, the backplate connection to the arm is rather loose. This means that the only usable angle while in landscape mode is approx. 100˚ - any further and the case will topple over due to the weight of the iPad. This also means that when the keyboard is detached that you has to be careful or the iPad will fall over. Maybe a stiffer hinge or a locking mechanism would help here.

Using the Airbender for about a week has certainly made me rethink my stance on iPad keyboard cases. It has all the features of my current case and adds a keyboard while just slightly weighing a bit more. I would certainly recommend the Airbender for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, durable and versatile keyboard case. (Posted on 7/26/13)
Great iPad Keyboard case Review by RKG
The case seems very well made, sturdy and not all that heavy regarding the fact it has a rechargeable battery built in as well as a full keyboard. It assembles easily and the functionality as a stand is obvious. One of the pros is that the stand can function both in portrait as well as landscape and swapping between the two is easy and a unique ability as most keyboard cases do not allow for portrait setup. Seeing as I will mainly use the keyboard for text input in iWork, this comes in very helpful. When closed the case protects the ipad and it is not made from the slippery plastic that will increase the risk of being dropped. Also, the headphone port is accessible and connecting bulkier plugs is no problem.

Getting the Bluetooth connection established is easy and if you're not familiar with it, clearly set out in the description accompanying the case.

The keyboard is very easy to type on, and the buttons seem sturdy yet easy to use for text input. There are multiple quick command keys on the keyboard that I instantly started using. The home and search buttons as well as the volume buttons are a nice plus. The play/pause button instantly plays music in your iTunes library, nice!

Some thing that would have been nice is a backlit keyboard, or luminescent key markers. This helps a lot in low lighting conditions like meeting rooms where I use it a lot, but this is not a deal breaker by any means.
Just a heads up, make sure you put the ipad down with the home button to the right to make the auto off magnets work. The other way around won't make your ipad lock and will drain your battery, the fact that the magnets are built in is a very nice plus though.
To open the iPad case, it is best to point the opening of the case up, then hold the ipad and pull the keyboard side down, this way the screen does not flip back, something that other reviewers have noticed to, a clip to fix the screen to the stand would be a big plus for future versions.

Definitely would recommend it if you're looking to input large amounts of text! (Posted on 7/26/13)
Versatile iPad keyboard case Review by Tom
I like the design of the Airbender Keyboard Case. This case provides all-over protection for the iPad with its sturdy plastic outer cover. The keyboard is integral to the case so is always available.

Some nice features:

The iPad locks securely into the case, leaving the controls, power port, and headphone port fully accessible. And it can be positioned in both landscape and portrait modes.
The iPad and case can be detached from the keyboard for independent use as just a tablet. The arm also detaches from the keyboard to act as a stand for the iPad.
The keyboard is a good size and has a comfortable feel when typing. Bluetooth pairing of the keyboard with the iPad was foolproof and the iPad reconnected with the keyboard flawlessly each time it was turned on for use.
The keyboard is rechargeable using a standard USB charger, eliminating the need to use batteries. Each charge provides long usage time.
(Posted on 7/26/13)
Very Good keboard case Review by Adrian
Received the unit well packed in it's retail box. In fact the box itself was aesthetically pleasing (akin to Apple product packaging).

- The form and fit of the protective case is very good. I have a skin on the back of my iPad which made the shell fit a little snug, but none the less it still fit perfectly. The corner "clips" were small enough that the edge of the case didn't intrude onto the front of the ipad but meaty enough to provide a firm grip. The case stayed on the iPad even as I put the unit through a series of maneuvers (open, close, spinning the unit horizontal/vertical, adjusted viewing angle and removing from keyboard and mount) without popping off. Even though the corner clips held firm, they were easy to remove and allowed for removal of the iPad without nearly breaking the case.
- The access cuts for the headphone jack, microphone, camera, power button, volume control, mute switch, charging port and speaker we spot on. Not only did they fit but the ports, switches, etc were centered perfectly, thus adding to the aesthetic quality.
- The ports are also accessible with the unit attached to the keyboard. Charging (both the iPad and keyboard) can be done without having to remove the units.
- Another plus is the adjustable viewing angle while using the keyboard attached. By sliding the case mounting tab back you can adjust the viewing angle to meet your particular preference. Sliding the tab out to it's last stop, I was able to create a comfortable viewing angle while holding the unit on my lap.
- You can also fold the iPad open all the way down and rest it's back on the keyboard and use the iPad as a touch tablet. The keyboard makes for a solid base. It also provides a slightly elevated viewing angle in landscape mode.
- One feature that I particularly like is the ability to remove the protective case and the stand from the keyboard. You can adjust the viewing angle in both portrait and landscape (to a certain degree), unlike Apple's smart cover (which only has 2 viewing angles) (there are a few shortcomings, however, see my comments in the Cons section below).
- The ability to totally remove the iPad and protective case from the keyboard and mount allows you to use the iPad as it was originally intended while maintaining the protection of the case.

- When using the unit with the keyboard you'll need to be careful on how you open the unit. The hinge was a bit stiff (as I realize it needs to be to hold the unit in position) and the tendency is to open it as one would a laptop. At a certain point the bottom of the iPad will pull away from the keyboard and slide forward (how quickly depends on how much pressure one applies). Once you realize this, it is easy to open using two hands or just pushing the middle of the iPad back after you've separated the units a bit.
- With the keyboard removed you can adjust the viewing angle from 90 - 45 degrees (both in landscape and portrait mode). Anything beyond approximately 45 degrees causes the iPad to slide and fall flat on it's back. While there are rubber feet on the bottom of the mount which keep it from sliding the iPad case is smooth and there is nothing to stop it from sliding.

- Keyboard: It is functional and is on par with most of the better made keyboards on the market (think Zagg). The small form factor takes some getting used to, but again it's a trade off everyone makes for portability.
- Weight: It does add considerable weight to the iPad (the full unit is slightly lighter than the iPad itself), so this is something that one must take into consideration. Do the pluses of the added functionality outweigh (pun intended) the negatives of the weight? Comes down to personal preference.
- Matt black plastic finish. Again this will probably be a personal preference issue on whether someone likes it or not. I noticed that oil from my hands show up on the finish (although it's easily wiped away).

- If there's a way to build in a rubber/silicone strip along the edges of the protective case this may allow for more viewing angles without the case sliding. Not sure how to do this without making it too obtrusive.

Overall the Pros outweigh the Cons and I would give this a 4 out of 5 star rating. I can't comment on the battery life of the keyboard nor the effect the weight will have in the long run until I've used the unit for an extended period.
(Posted on 7/26/13)
Awesome iPad Case, But has some Flaws Review by Kristofer
My Complete Review: With a Rating/Scoring System of 1 Star = Horrendous/Fail, and 5 Stars = Epic Awesomeness/Pass.

In my overall use, I find the Device to be very useful, convenient and 80% Reliable for all I do, and need it for. This Test Item gets a TOTAL Score of (4 Stars)

Rotating Buttons: Overall I give the this Feature (4 Stars)

The Rotating Button is a little unsettling when trying to reattach the Protective Case back to the Rotating Button, It requires you to press/squeeze the Buttons to reattach it instead of simply pushing the Protective Case firmly against the "Rotating Button" to reattach each other. (3 ¼ Stars)

Also the Rotating Button is a bit LOOSE in its 360° Swivel (3 ¾ Stars), I would suggest a clicking/ball bearing system to give the swivel a Multi-point position for any/all occasions.

And the up/down (Vertical) portion of the 360° swivel is too loose for my needs/taste. But it does make it easier to move it in a more compromising situation (speed/movement 4 Stars), however this same convenience makes it difficult to put the iPad at an Angle for viewing Pleasure. For me I use my Bed as my Desk/Space. So when I need it to be at an Awkward position for reading, watching a movie, or for writing purposes when I am sitting up in an indian style position, I cannot fully perform the activity I am expecting to. Same Idea I gave for the 360° Swivel applies to this feature.

Protective Case: (5 Stars)
I have purposely dropped the iPad with the Protective Case firmly attached and it took everything I gave it and then some.

Stand: Overall gets (5 Stars).

On its own, the stand works well, but it takes a lot of manual manipulation of both aspects of the stand to make it "STAND" in multiple/different Surface/environments. (5 Stars)
Which honestly is not that much of a hassle to be honest. BUT, the same idea given for the Rotating Swivel I mentioned before would greatly increase the ease of staying in a desired position.

The Stand w/ Keyboard: (3 ¾ Stars)

1.) The Stand with the Keyboard attached works well when the iPad is flipped over to the other side and pivoted at a 45°. I found this makes a fantastic reading position. (5 Stars)

2.) The Stand does not provide a deep enough tilt for viewing when attached to the Keyboard. ((Normal Horizontal Propped Position)). (1 ¼ Stars)

[ I would suggest giving a longer length to the BASE, which will give the ability to have the iPad at a near 35°/40° viewing angle ((Normal Horizontal Propped Position)).]

Keyboard: I give the Keyboard an overall (3½ Stars).

I find that the Keys "stick" [Repeat Selected/Typed Character(s)] or doesn't recognize being "typed on" way too often when I am typing. This can be very bothersome when trying to rush/complete a written Document or Writing out an Email under a certain time frame. (2½ Stars for that)

I do enjoy the idea knowing that I have a Keyboard at hand though. (5 Stars)
The Bluetooth Setup is a breeze. (5 Stars for that.)

I do enjoy the Shortcuts on the Keyboard, though some of the keys need some getting used to.....
the "Main Screen Shortcut", the "Change Language Shortcut" and the "Lock Screen Shortcut" Keys are honestly the best Keys on the keyboard. (5 Stars)
((I noticed that if you use the"Main Screen Shortcut" and the "Lock Screen Shortcut" simultaneously, it takes a Screen Shot like what would happen with the "Home" button and the "Lock Screen" button on the iPad being Pressed at the same time. This is a Nice Feature.))

The "LIP" used to keep the iPad in place is too thin, it does not maintain a secure enough hold when propped up. (1¼ Stars)
[Pic is attached to this Email - File Name: Prop-Lip.jpg]

Battery Life: (5 Stars)

1.) Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Battery Life: (5 Stars)
The Battery Life lasts at least 3 full days on constant use. I have not YET had to recharge the Battery on the Bluetooth Keyboard.

2.) Battery Life of the iPad when Bluetooth connected to the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard: (4 Stars)
The iPad's Battery drains fast, but it is not a huge significant drain. Instead of my iPad Battery draining in 9 hours, it drains in 6 ½ hours. This is not a HUGE Loss, but it does raise some concerns when trying to make the iPad's Battery Last a maximum length of the day with no readily available power source nearby to charge the iPad. (For my situation, I own the NT5200, which I use to charge my iPhone 4S and iPad 4. and I am hoping to purchase a Higher Capacity Battery Pack from New Trent sometime soon {Solely for the purpose of Charging my iPad 4})

Personal Use/Opinion/Questions:

1.) I am not sure if it is the Fault of Apple iOS, or the Keyboard, but what exactly is the Key command to make DELETE do the Frontwards backspace.
((It is when the Backspace Key deletes this way [Backspace → ello my name is]))

2.) I have found that it also converts nicely into Tablet Mode by Folding the Stand down and un-extending the stand inwards after turning off the Bluetooth.
Then face the iPad upwards, Making the case a convertible Laptop/Tablet.

3.) My Personal Suggestion for this Case is for New Trent to work in conjunction/Collaborative with Apple to make a More advanced iPad with 256 Gig Memory and functionality to work better and make it highly compatible with such a case like this to turn such a tablet into a Convertible Laptop. But this is MY Personal Desire/Suggestion to be seen/done with such a convenient Item.

4.) The "MANUAL" supplied in the Box does not explain ALL of the Keys on the Keyboard. Might I suggest giving more information towards the use of the Keys near the "Space" key. Most
particularly the "cmd" Key and the "alt/option" key. Though they are there and everyone who uses a Laptop/desktop w/ Windows and Mac OS knows their essential functions...... there is NO sure explanation on how they operate with the iPad, especially since the writing/Documentation within the iPad/iPhone is a Tad different than that of a Laptop and/or a Desktop running Win/Mac.

5.) During my trip to my Appointment (riding in the car), I found that the Case makes a fantastic Lap Theater to watch/listen to Movies I loaded onto my iPad. It worked fantastically for hands free reading while in the backseat (I don't drive nor have a License, I get picked up and dropped off to my Appointments).

6.) While in the waiting room waiting to start my appointment, I was able to almost comfortably use the "Keyboard" sitting in a PLASTIC waiting room chair and having the Case on my Lap and on occasion, on one leg without worry of it falling over. For the most part it is fairly balanced for the situation, giving me confidence enough to write out this particular paragraph while in this position. hehe. (Posted on 7/25/13)
Love this keyboard case Review by Theresa
I LOVE this keyboard case. It is functional, stylish, and best of all, it works great. I have tried many keyboards before and found them to be OK, but carrying them has always been an issue. Not a problem with the Airbender Keyboard case.
It makes the IPad2 heavier for sure, but it’s heavy in a good way. On other cases I have tried where the IPad2 mounts to the keyboard, the keyboard has been too light, and the IPad2 falls over. Again, not a problem with this case.

The Keyboard case has three basic parts, the keyboard, the iPad stand and the frame that the iPad clips into. The swivel button that attaches the IPad frame to the IPad stand works a little like the catch on a lens cap for a camera lens. You grip the two side of mounting swivel and squeeze them together to release or attach the iPad frame to the iPad stand.
Once the back is attached, you can turn the iPad to either portrait or landscape orientation and allow it to swing free from the iPad stand or set it on the back part of the keyboard for more stability.

Pairing the keyboard was a snap. I turned on the keyboard, set my IPad2 to search for Bluetooth devices and pressed the “connect” button on the keyboard. The keyboard asked me to enter a code which was displayed on my iPad2 and it was connected.

The keys on the keyboard have a nice feel to them and are spaced far enough apart that I didn’t have any trouble touch typing once I got the “feel” of the keyboard size in my head.

To test how well the keyboard stayed connected I left the keyboard on and turned the IPad2 “off”. When I opened up the case a little while later and turned the iPad2 on, all I had to do was type a keystroke or two on the keyboard and it became active again.

When the keyboard case is closed, the case is very compact and not tremendously larger than the IPad2 itself. The whole thing still fits into a bag I bought for the IPad2 and it’s just a little snug.

The case feels substantial and solid not cheap like some of the ones I have seen. The only thing I would add is maybe a rubberized coating to the outside of the case to give it a little more grip when it’s carried.

One nice thing about this case is that if you just want to use the iPad2 without the keyboard, the frame gives you a little extra grip. When you disconnect the iPad frame from the iPad stand but leave the frame on the IPad2, the hole in the iPad frame gives you additional grip to carry the iPad2 without fear of dropping it. You simply hook your thumb around the front side of the IPad2 and put your fingertips in the hole and it feels very secure.

It’s a great keyboard case for the money and I highly recommend it.
(Posted on 7/24/13)
Best case I've used Review by Gerald
The build quality of this keyboard case seems to be better than others I have seen and provides much more flexibility in orientation of the iPad (both Horizontal and Vertical plus many angles for each). It is able to quickly and easily detach from the iPad for those instances in which you would like to carry only the iPad with you. The hinge is quite strong and I feel it will work quite well for a long period of time. The only concern I have is the connection point between the iPad and the arm, it seems weaker in comparison to the rest of the keyboard case. I haven'd had any issues thus far, but only time will tell. The keyboard case has all the function keys you would want and also works similar to the OEM Smart Covers which will wake the iPad when opening. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, but that is to be expected with any keyboard that is smaller than standard size. After a bit of use, I can still type quite rapidly, much faster than if I were using the on screen keyboard. There are also little rubber feet on the bottom, so it stays exactly where you placed it and you dont have to worry about it sliding around on your desk/table/etc. Overall, I'm happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone seeking a keyboard case for their iPad. (Posted on 7/23/13)
Love it! Review by Kerry
Everyone in my work group has an iPad and while we love their portability, they can't truly substitute for our larger, heavier laptops as we travel from school to school. The NT38B, new Airbender keyboard case for iPad 2/3/4 was a hit at our staff meeting on Friday and now everyone wants one for the next school year. Out of the box, it was easy to put together - the iPad just snapped in and since I had already charged the keyboard, I just turned it on and connected it using the simple instructions. The Bluetooth code came right up on the screen. The whole process was so easy, even my not-so-tech-savvy staff will be able to get started easily.
The keys are big enough that even keyboarders won't have a big adjustment when typing. The keys are uniformly responsive and there are even iPad specific keys at the top. There are a couple of keys that are giving me trouble. One is the right hand shift key. It is one key past where you would expect and I keep hitting the page up key instead. The other is the lock key that is right above the delete key. Same deal, I hit the lock key fairly often instead of delete. I doubt this is a problem for anyone who doesn't keyboard or touch type. And I imagine I will get used to them with time (and if I cut my fingernails shorter). I didn't have any trouble with the space bar as some folks have mentioned, but I have fairly short fingers and a small reach. I also teach online classes and I'm hoping to be able to actually enter academic responses with the keyboard and iPad so I can travel a little lighter.
I found that separating the clamshell from the keyboard is really easy by squeezing the circular mount so that you can use the iPad without keyboard and the clamshell doesn't add too much additional weight or size. Overall the keyboard case altogether does add some weight and size, but it still fits in my purse and really adds to the utility of my iPad. In fact, I'm leaving my laptop at home (a first) for my next business trip and am going to utilize the Airbender keyboard to take notes at the conference, answer emails from work and continue my online class as well as providing entertainment in the air.

(Posted on 7/21/13)
Great keyboard Review by Kerry
Everyone in my work group has an iPad and while we love their portability, they can't truly substitute for our larger, heavier laptops as we travel from school to school. The NT38B, new Airbender keyboard case for iPad 2/3/4 was a hit at our staff meeting on Friday and now everyone wants one for the next school year. Out of the box, it was easy to put together - the iPad just snapped in and since I had already charged the keyboard, I just turned it on and connected it using the simple instructions. The Bluetooth code came right up on the screen. The whole process was so easy, even my not-so-tech-savvy staff will be able to get started easily.
The keys are big enough that even keyboarders won't have a big adjustment when typing. The keys are uniformly responsive and there are even iPad specific keys at the top. There are a couple of keys that are giving me trouble. One is the right hand shift key. It is one key past where you would expect and I keep hitting the page up key instead. The other is the lock key that is right above the delete key. Same deal, I hit the lock key fairly often instead of delete. I doubt this is a problem for anyone who doesn't keyboard or touch type. And I imagine I will get used to them with time (and if I cut my fingernails shorter). I didn't have any trouble with the space bar as some folks have mentioned, but I have fairly short fingers and a small reach. I also teach online classes and I'm hoping to be able to actually enter academic responses with the keyboard and iPad so I can travel a little lighter.
I found that separating the clamshell from the keyboard is really easy by squeezing the circular mount so that you can use the iPad without keyboard and the clamshell doesn't add too much additional weight or size. Overall the keyboard case altogether does add some weight and size, but it still fits in my purse and really adds to the utility of my iPad. In fact, I'm leaving my laptop at home (a first) for my next business trip and am going to utilize the Airbender keyboard to take notes at the conference, answer emails from work and continue my online class as well as providing entertainment in the air.
(Posted on 7/21/13)
About the Airbender Case Review by nbjr
This is one of the nice iPad keyboard and case/holder there is. Ease of connecting the bluetooth keyboard to the iPad device and having the ability to rotate and re-position the iPad. You have to get yourself used to or familiarize yourself when opening the iPad from its closed form. When using it mobile, be sure to have your compatible usb adapter since this doesn't come with one and when you don't have your laptop anywhere near you. You might also consider using a power bank. (Posted on 7/19/13)
Great Keyboard! Review by Matthew
This is one neat keyboard! I own a similar product with a keyboard built into the leather case. The Airbender is a much better product. It controls the volume, brightness, camera, lock screen, and more.

For me, what separates the Airbender from others is the size. I cannot stand bulky cases. The Airbender provides a sleek protective case with the functionality of a full keyboard. It also allows you to detach the keyboard from the rest of the case, which provides protection for the backside of your IPad without any bulk when not using the keyboard. Since I have a screen protector, I feel there is enough protection even without the keyboard attached.

I travel frequently, so I feel it is necessary to have a keyboard for typing documents and emails while away from work. The Airbender is the first keyboard I feel comfortable with, and I plan on leaving my laptop home on my next trip to give it a full test. It is large enough where I do not make many mistypes and barely slows down my typing speed in comparison to a full keyboard. The keys are responsive with only a rare typo caused by keys not responding.


- Sleek, durable product

- Responsive keyboard compared to similar products

- Allows for multiple viewing angles thanks to the adjustable stand

- Detachable pieces allowing you to use it as a protective case and removing the bulk of the keyboard. Great when you want standard tablet functionality without the need for a keyboard

- Battery life seems great. I’ve only used it 3 days, but it seems to still be going strong.

- The price on Amazon is a steal! It is at least $20 less than what I paid for my last keyboard, and this one offers more options.

- Almost converts your IPad into a mini-laptop


- Not 100% responsive. When considering on buying a tablet with keyboard or a small computer, the keyboard on a mini computer still wins. There were a few typos and times when keys did not respond, which I do not have with my netbook. With that being said, it worked very well compared to other products on the market. It is a great addition for an IPad.

I won’t even list this as a con, because it is not the keyboard’s fault. With the keyboard, I feel I need to be using a trackpad / mouse. This would transform this into one of those “convertible” devices like those laptops on the market allowing you to convert into a tablet. For those who do not need full functionality of a computer (full programs, etc). It would still be nice to have a trackpad with a cursor on the screen. This is more of a recommendation for Apple unless New Trent has developers who can put together an app that will allow for this.

For overall satisfaction, I would rate this 4 out of 5. When comparing the Airbender to similar products, I would rate 5 out of 5.
(Posted on 7/18/13)
Happy but... Review by Bill
I have used the Airbender Case daily for a little over 6 months. While I am happy with the purchase and would likely purchase it again, there were 2 minor problems so far. 1) The bottom of the hinge is supported by two tiny rubber feet. When moving the case along a surface these feet take a fair amount of stress due to their position and the fact that they are a flexible sticky rubber. ( A good thing). However, I managed to loose both feet over time and that simple thing rendered the case useless when open and trying to type as there was no longer support for the ipad under the hinge. NewTrent happily and quickly sent along 2 replacement feet. Just remain aware of these feet and don't loose them.
2) At 6 months the ratcheting mechanism that accepts and holds the tongue of the ipad half of the clamshell to the keyboard half has failed. The tongue floats freely out of its slot. RMA requested. Other than these 2 items the case keyboard combo has been fine. Recommended. (Posted on 7/18/13)
Works with whatever I throw at it... and also an iPad Review by Aaron
After opening the box, I was immediately impressed by how solid the NT38B (Airbender keyboard case) felt. While every previous mobile keyboard I've used had a tendency to rattle and annoy my co-workers, this one is almost silent, even when typing! The clamshell case/holder fits my iPad well although it does prevent me from using my screen cover along with it. While this isn't really a problem when I'm carrying around the keyboard with my iPad, I did run into a problem when I traveled without the keyboard and had to remove the case. On the plus side, the case, stand, and keyboard all come apart really easily if you want to just stand the iPad up separate from the keyboard, use the keyboard for something else, or just detach the keyboard from the stand altogether.

The keyboard itself feels good to type on once you get used to the slightly smaller key size and, as a bonus, it appears to implements a standard HID profile. This means that you could connect it to pretty much any device that has bluetooth and can use a keyboard. I tried it out with my Android smartphone, Samsung Smart TV, desktop, and iPod Touch. While most of the key mappings are pretty straightforward, the top row (Esc and function keys) requires you to press the Fn button to get their normal PC functions and the direction arrows use the Fn button for home/end/page up/page down. These functions aren't labeled on the board but would be handy for anybody who uses this for anything other than an iPad.

The bluetooth range was good enough for me to control my TV from the next room so this works equally well as a remote control or long range keyboard if you need one in a pinch. After connecting it to all of my different bluetooth devices, it appeared that it will only attempt to reconnect to the last device it was paired with which means you don't have to wonder which device it was currently paired with. Charging appeared to be fairly quick through a standard microUSB connector but I couldn't tell if there was any way to determine how much battery life was remaining after using it for a few hours.

Overall, the keyboard/iPad case combo seems like a solidly built product that does exactly what it was intended to. (Posted on 7/18/13)
Wireless keyboard worked well. Review by Michael
NT38B Wireless Keyboard worked well with my IPAD’s (2 + 4). Key press distance was good. I’m not good at fast touch typing but was able to use it without a problem, all keystrokes were registered and didn’t seem to notice any kind of a lag. Base (with keyboard) was very sturdy. Case and stand were more flimsy so I’m not sure how well they would hold up to extensive use and numerous closings/openings. Battery life was good, I haven’t charged yet since the initial charge but have only had the unit for a few days. Overall it worked as expected and had a good style/look to it. (Posted on 7/17/13)
worth every penny Review by Marty
First off, I was never a huge believer in keyboards for tables. I used my iPad for entertainment. Read an article, check box scores, play a game or a movie. Usual things that more than half of the people do with a tablet. Then I started using my iPad2 at work for some integrated software and noticed that I’m losing half of my screen every time I want to take notes, check inventory or write up an order. I researched netbooks vs iPads with keyboards. Cheaper solution of course was a keyboard and I decided to give it a shot.

Since I had another NewTrent product at home already and I was extremely satisfied with it, I got the NT38B

As expected it was simple to set up. Press a button and type in a code and you’re connected via BT.

The iPad can be set up in vertical/portrait or horizontal/landscape position, which is kind of neat. And…. and you’re able to pull out the screen stand so iPad can stand by itself like a pc monitor. Nice flat black matte finish is consistent throughout the product. Quiet keys and no lag time when typing, as of yet. In the package you will find a mini USB charging cord as well.

CAPS LOCK light is a plus. A small thing to worry about but it’s nice to know that if your keys are locked just like on a regular keyboard. I noticed most of other similar products do not have this option.

Protective case fits securely on the iPad.

Priced similarly to like products.


- Quick/Easy set up

- Easy click off disassemble to use iPad by itself

- Holds charge for quite some time


- iPad doesn’t auto turn off when closed. (I have an iPad2, not sure about other models)

- Flimsy arm makes it hard to find the right angle the first few times

- Weight (but that’s with majority cover-keyboard products)

Overall, I’m happy that I went with the keyboard instead of getting a netbook. Small compact design and it does what I need it to do and I saved a bunch of money. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Good Combo Keyboard/Case Review by Nat
I like the fact that the keyboard doubles as a case. When closed, it does a
good job of protecting the iPad. It is a little difficult to open and it
sometimes it seems like the case is going to snap at the hinge but so far
it's been fine.

The swivel on the back of the iPad that attaches to the stand is nice; it
is convenient that it can be rotated to portrait or landscape. It can also
be tilted to adjust the viewing angle. You can also remove the stand and
have it stand as a separate monitor but I was a little concerned of the the

I had no problems pairing the keyboard via Bluetooth. Once charged,it
lasts quite a while and I have not had to charge it in over a week.
Probably helps That it has an on/off switch. The keyboard works well and is
responsive. (Posted on 7/16/13)
Great case! Review by Walter
The New Trent Airbender is a great solution for someone looking for an iPad keyboard case. Makes an iPad into a more useful member of your gadget arsenal without adding too much bulk or weight. Versatile two piece construction allows for use as a fully functional clamshell keyboard case or just a back cover for your iPad in the case of not needing the keyboard that day (easily transformed between the two). Though, there are some drawbacks in my opinion (see below) I would recommend this case to friends as the price and pros more than compensate for the negatives.


*Very high quality packaging - similar in quality to Apple products

*Sleek and sturdy black design - no logos or anything on the outside (very classy)

*Easy to understand first time use instructions

*Adjustable screen distance between iPad and keyboard

*Removable back cover make keyboard case very versatile

*Shortcut buttons on keyboard are amazingly useful

*Buttons and plugs are all easily accessible when iPad is in case

*Ability to spin iPad to and from portrait mode

*iPad turn on and off when case is opened and closed (magnets placed properly)

*Arrow keys and page up and page down are super useful

*Lock/Unlock button turns on iPad, space bar will unlock the device (no screen touching necessary)

*Command shortcuts for copy/cut/paste work beautifully alongside the arrow keys for selecting text


*No immediate gratification as 6 hour charging time recommended before use

*Stiff hinge on clamshell was initially unsettling (feeling did subside after use)

*Comes with wipes labeled "1" and "2" but there is no explanation of what they are - if I was not already familiar I would be confused

*Rotating mechanism does not feel solid when spinning iPad to and from portrait mode

*Becomes a balancing act when stand is removed from keyboard mechanism (especially in portrait mode)

*Arrow keys will not scroll from picture to picture when looking at photos on iPad

*Double tapping the spacebar does NOT insert a period

*No way to see how much time is left on battery

Some Suggestions:

*Illuminated keys for typing in the dark

*Application of wasted surface space above keyboard (more indicators, more buttons, pen holder, num-lock and numbers pad,, external speakers, battery meter, etc.)

*Move a little bit of space from above keyboard to below spacebar for more comfortable typing (Posted on 7/15/13)
GREAT PRODUCT Review by Mike
After using this keyboard case for a week I am very impressed with the flexibility of this versus other keyboard cases I have used in the past. The specific differences I appreciate are:
1) the ability to detach from the keyboard while still protecting the iPad
2) the ability to use just the stand without the keyboard
3) the portrait or landscape option simply by turning the iPad

It meets all of the expectations I would have of a keyboard case, long battery life, responsive keys, and easy to connect. I would definitely recommend the Airbender for anyone in the market for their first keyboard case, and for those that have a competing product the Airbender absolutely deserves an opportunity to replace your existing keyboard case.
(Posted on 7/15/13)
Great product Review by Michelle
The functionality of the keyboard is excellent. It was easy to connect to my IPad. I like the flexibility to have the IPad in various positions and distances from the keyboard. The case adds added protection for the IPad without too much additional weight. I like the flexibility to disconnect the keyboard and just use the case. I would recommend the product to other customers. (Posted on 7/15/13)
Excellent bluetooth keyboard case for iPad with innovations not found in other cases. Review by peter
Pros: all the features of keyboard cases with these innovations:
1. Lights for caps lock, battery charging and bluetooth pairing.
2. Innovative hinge and release enables multi-angle tilt, landscape or portrait (or any angle in between, AND a release to detach the back from the keyboard to use the iPad freely.
3. A long life keyboard battery.
4. iPad controls for screen brightness, sound levels, audio/video playback, and MacBook-like command keys.
5. Directional keys for page up/down and home and end jumps.
6. Larger rubber feet on keyboard base to resist forward movement of the case while typing or tapping the screen.
7. Snap tabs on case edge to securely hold iPad in place.
1. Base hinge is tight, but maybe to help stabilize the angle, not really a inconvenience while being used. Only a little tight when first opening the case or final closing.
2. The edge of the keyboard that stops the top from sliding over the keyboard take a little getting used to when the top slides forward during angle adjustment.

A good value, lightweight and sturdy. I would recommend it for road warriors and casual travelers. (Posted on 7/15/13)
A good case with the potential to be great Review by Markus
When I first got the Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case I was excited. I love my Kensington keyboard case for my ipad, but, I wanted something that was a little stronger for protection. I'm clumsy. Well, I set it up. It fits very nicely in the case. I let the keyboard charge for like 4 or 5 hours before I started to use it. It works really well. I really like the keyboard. It's easy to use and not too small, so I don't find myself backtracking to correct my typos as often. It also connects very smoothly to blue tooth on the ipad. Although these things are very excellent, there are a few things I don't like about the case. Propping my Ipad up to write is a pain in the butt with this. When you set it up, the bottom slips frequently, and the stand is put together very weakly. It takes too much work to set up the ipad to the proper angle to write properly. This is just a me issue. I love the keyboard, don't like the stand and the way it props up. Needs to be built stronger. Less slip and easier to set up. Because of the fact that it is a pain in the neck to set up the clamshell to use the Ipad to write I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. LOVE The Keyboard. Very easy to use. It is also very good reader case. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Update after owning over 2 weeks Review by Linda
When I first purchased this product I felt that opening and closing it was awkward. New Trent is a company eager to please its customers. They read my review and wrote these instructions:
The simplest way to open the keyboard case:
1) point the opening of the keyboard case upwards
2) hold the iPad and pull down on the keyboard end.
It didn't take long to get used to opening it like that. The display pops right into place and the angle can be adjusted by pulling out the back.
The keyad has not been charged since I initially charged it two weeks ago. It has a great battery as I've been using it daily and sometimes even forget to turn it off. It still does not need charged.
The case has exterior rubber to protect your furniture when you set it down. The keypad side has rubber also so that when you close your iPad it won't get scratched.
The function keys are fantastic. I'm still discovering new things about this wonderful keypad/case. Would definitely buy another if needed. (Posted on 7/11/13)
My iPad is now like a mini computer, with the Airbender I can do almost anything! Review by Chad
I LOVE my new Airbender keyboard case.

I thought it would initially be good for just using when sitting for long stretches and have since started to carry it all the time.

I find myself looking for apps that allow me to do things I previously did only at my desk. I also find myself answering more complicated emails and drafting documents or making comments to existing docs on the fly...all things I previously would go back to my desk to accomplish. I even regularly use it to take meeting notes, something I did less efficiently on the soft-key design available on the iPad itself.

Some great features include:
•Solid construction! This keyboard/case feels like it is made well, the keys press firmly as an Apple laptop does. Using this keyboard just feels like a natural extension from the iPad.
•Magnet to turn off display just like an Apple Smart Cover, increasing battery life on the iPad. (Make sure you turn the iPad the correct way, just like the Smart Cover, magnets exist on only one side for screen sleeping.
•Battery life on the keyboard is amazing! I expected to need a charge frequently and it lasts for weeks!
•With the keyboard enabled you regain a good chunk of screen real estate that was previously the soft-key keyboard, nice added benefit I wasn't thinking about when buying the keyboard. (Posted on 7/10/13)
Very Versatile Keyboard Review by Terry
I have owned an iPad since day 1 and honestly until now I had not thought I would like a keyboard on my tablet. Most of the keyboards I looked at (such as the Apple Keyboard) were larger and had to be stored separately from the iPad which was a no go. After checking out the Airbender (NT38B) I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Things I like about the Airbender -

- The convince keys are great. A ton on functions are available from brightness to volume at your fingertips
- The iPad can sit at nearly a 90 degree angle on the case. Great for using the iPad when lying on the sofa
- The iPad is easily removable from the arm wish a simple squeeze of the mount
- Battery life is more than adaquate
- Shuts of display when closing up the case
- Case closes up nicely and is compact and easy to carry
- Easy to pair with other devices (not just iPads)

If I had to say anything on the negative side, it would be that it takes a little bit to get used to the smaller keyboard - but after a very short time I am quite accustom to it.

Overall I am pleased and I would say the price/value ratio is very high.

NOTE: Just realized that this keyboard will also pair nicely with my Apple TVs. By releasing the iPad arm you have a simple keyboard to use with the new AppleTV firmware that supports Keyboards. Even several of the convince buttons such as play, forward, backwards work great! (Posted on 7/10/13)
Great Case Review by Brett
I have never used an external keyboard for a tablet before this as I had wondered at how they could possibly be a benefit. I purchased my iPad (Retina display) to use away from my MacBook, and to add a physical keyboard to the unit it almost makes it into another laptop.

The Good
The Airbender is very durable, as much as or more than my Smart Case. The three separate pieces (keyboard, iPad “sleeve” and stand) are all very sturdy and go together quite nicely. The stand has some nice flexibility to it as well. In fact, I flipped the iPad around to the rear of the stand and discovered that this setup is incredibly sturdy for tapping on the screen!
The magnetic sleep activation has worked every time I have closed the shell. All of my ports are left wide open so I can plug in a power cord, headphones, and more. I was a little worried that I would start to see keyboard “indentations” on the screen like I have discovered on my MacBook monitor, but after a week of use I am happy to report that no markings have popped up at all!

The Bad
There are a couple of small items that I was disappointed by. The first is the keyboard itself. It feels a bit small compared to my MacBook keyboard (not surprising at all) and took a little getting used to. There are also times when I will look at the screen and see that a couple of keys have not registered my keystrokes. Opening the case can be problematic at times as well. I have since mastered just how much pressure I need to use and this is no longer an issue, but for new users it may be something you need to consider.

The Airbender case has been a joy to use so far. It has changed my mind about using external keyboards for my iPad, and though not perfect, is a fantastic peripheral that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for an external keyboard. (Posted on 7/8/13)
Great new item Review by Fabiola
Great keyboard. It linked up to my iPad on the first try. The key board was easy to use, the letters were easy to see.


Easy to install
My iPad is very well protected
I love the way that you could rotate it in many different positions
I like the fact that the iPad can be separated from the keyboard


The space bar and the letter A stick from time to time but not a big problem.
I wish that it had some type of handle to carry it better. I am fearful of dropping the item while carrying it.
Needs a place to store the cord

Overall. This is a good purchase for anyone. You will definitely be satisfied
(Posted on 7/6/13)
New Trent Airbender - Solid but thin iPad Keyboard Case Review by Thomas
I recently got a New Trent IMP38B Airbender keyboard case for my iPad2. A Bluetooth Keyboard/Case for an iPad enables it to function much more like a laptop when there is a need to type more than a few lines of text. Normally, with an iPad, when you need to type something, a software keyboard pops up and consumes half the screen space. Also, there is no tactile feedback using the iPad soft keyboard so touch typing is not quite as efficient without a real keyboard.

The IMP38B arrived and was well packaged in a simple but quality box that will not take 1000 years to degrade. The case is a hard plastic shell that snaps quickly and securely to the back of the ipad. This is hinged to the keyboard which folds clamshell style over the front. Both pieces of the clamshell are hard plastic seem to provide good protection for the ipad's glass and keep the back from getting scratched. The case is also pretty light and thin. It does not have a bulky feel to it. The keyboard seems to be well built and has a much better feel than other inexpensive BT keyboards I have tried. Like other BT keyboards, it has its own battery which seems to power it for multiple days of typical use without needing the be recharged. Charging is done using an included micro USB cable.

I did not realize this when I first saw it, but there is a circular release on the back which holds the iPad to the hinge. If pinched, it allows the ipad to be rotated 90 degrees to portrait style which is nice if you are editing page size docs. If rotated further, the back part of the case and ipad can be detached from the keyboard section. This allows the ipad to be used in its normal manner without the keyboad attached. Although since the connection is Bluetooth, if the keyboard is left powered on, it can still be used while separated.

The case hinge is a little stiff to open and takes a little getting used to, but this keeps the ipad open without slipping while typing.

I have bought two other BT Keyboard cases (both very similar) for my daughters' iPads over the last 6 months. These were no rigid, and were padded leather-like cases with keyboards glued to the inside. They also more than doubled the thickness of the ipad, making it about the same as a laptop. One of other cases flexed in my daughter's bad and the keyboard cracked the ipad glass screen. Since the IMP38B is rigid, I expect the design will prevent this type of mishap.

- Inexpensive but not cheap
- Rigid thin case, does not feel like a lot of added bulk
- Better than typical key feel
- Good battery life
- Easily detachable from base/keyboard without removing ipad from the backing case

- Opening is a little stiff and takes getting used to

Possible improvement
- Hinge could be smoother, perhaps instead of being stiff add some pre-set angles for it to lock into place. I looked up the description of the IMP39B and it might have worked this way.

Overall, this is very cool and I may need to get another one if my daughter steals mine to replace the one that cracked her old iPad.
(Posted on 7/5/13)
Worth the Money! Review by Kourtney
When I received the box, it was nice to see that the package inside that held the Airbender was solid - which told me the product owner (Newtrent) cared about protecting their product as much as the people purchasing them. A lot goes on during the process of shipping. Things get thrown around all the time! Newtrent prepared for that! Kudos to them!

Things I like about this product include the choice of manipulating the iPad to either landscape position or portrait. I also like the fact that the keyboard has included arrow keys, as well as a whole addtional top row that controls the brightness of screen, preview photos, adjust volume, change music to previous track/next track, lock screen or even change language!

As I am typing this review, I have the iPad in portrait position. The reasoning behind that is because I am unable to get the screen into good view/correct slant in landscape view. Why? Well, the iPad itself is quite heavy. To correctly position the iPad causes the whole case and keyboard to become top heavy and fall backward. I like to type and use my iPad on my comfy couch.

The keyboard is going to take some getting used to, especially the placement of the right shift key. I keep hitting the page up arrow instead of capitalizing! I usually can type without looking at the keyboard, and this keyboard has forced me to revert back to my earlier days when my keyboarding skills were just starting to develop.

I like how the Airbender closes like a clam. It makes it easy for commuting and for meetings down the hall.
(Posted on 7/1/13)
Innovative Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Review by Eric
The Airbender keyboard case can really be broken down in to two functions, the case and the keyboard. One of these is much better than the other.

The case itself is okay. It's extremely solid in some cases (the stiff hinge) and weak in others (the rotating clip). It's fairly awkward to open and get in to position, but once you do, it's pretty great. There are a variety of positions you can get the case in to. Anything from portrait to landscape and in a variety of angles is possible.

The keyboard is generally great! There are a few changes I'd love to see with key cap dimensions but I was able to type fairly close to my top speed (120wpm) on this sucker. I'm impressed with the speed and simplicity of the Bluetooth pairing. There are a variety of utility keys like home, brightness, volume, etc. Shortcut key combinations like Command X, C, V for cut, copy and paste all work as well.

The case/keyboard combo definitely add some weight. Together with the iPad, the combination is basically the weight of a small netbook. So nothing crazy, but just be aware that it's no longer a svelte tablet anymore. (Posted on 6/29/13)
Good start toward the iPad as a laptop Review by Roger
The Airbender NT38B is very good for people looking to transform their iPad into a laptop.

Intro: This product is a clam shell case and keyboard for the iPad. Charging it was a breeze and the keyboard can be used while charging. Blu Tooth pairing was extremely easy.

Manual: The manual was well, skimpy with some spelling errors and an incorrect drawing. Repairing was used instead of re-pairing with Blu Tooth. The picture of the top of the keyboard showed the slide bar to extend the rear extension and lock as going up and down vertical instead of horizontal like my product.

Usage: It takes a bit to learn how to adjust the iPad and stand for the correct position for use. You should watch the video first. If you slide it back too far the iPad flops around and tips the keyboard over. However, if you pull it tight and more vertical and kind of lock it into the soft rubber holder base you get a stable system for use that doesn't tip over. You have to choose if you want to view the iPad vertically or horizontally but it's easy to switch between them. I extend the slider about 1 1/4 inch out and it locks right in. The keyboard is a bit small for big fingers. It does provide most features of a Mac computer that are handy on the iPad. I made plenty of typing mistakes because I was not used to the small keyboard. As you get used to it it should be fine. Most iPad apps don't require you to type too much so using their touch keypad is usually fine. I do use Pages and Numbers which are much easier to type in using the Airbender keyboard. Some apps require your login and password and the keyboard makes that

Likes: An easy to use keyboard for the iPad that is a compact case as well. Charges fairly fast and holds a charge for a long time. When put together right, it is fairly sturdy and can move as a set. It comes apart and is set up pretty well once you learn how it works.

Dislikes: Smallish keyboard for big fingers. The Y yoke that holds the iPad and back protector looks fairly fragile. A drop or a harsh movement just might snap the plastic. I usually use my iPad with its own case to protect it while mobile. It's kind of a pain to take the iPad out of its usual case and snap it into the Airbender case. I don't do that all the time and it is not nice just to get a keyboard. Too bad the Airbender can't receive a iPad that is already in its own case. For quick stuff I ended up just setting the iPad on to the keyboard but not snapped into the Airbender rear holder. Also, since the Blu-Tooth works many feet away you can always just set the iPad on the table in front of you and type on the keyboard as needed. So I set this up on my den desk so if I do need to use a keyboard I can use it there. While mobile I'll use the other case. I don't really need to carry around the keyboard and case all the time. It's a bit bigger than other cases and while you are mobile you don't need to type that much. For actual work on the iPad it IS very handy. (Posted on 6/28/13)
I have tried other keyboard cases, this is the best... Review by Ken
I have been using the NT-38B Airbender Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad for about 5 days now. The packaging is well thought out with very little wasted space. The keyboard came with a quick user guide and a charge cable (the charge cable is in a long narrow unlabeled box that could be easily mistaken as packing material and thrown away).

The keyboard required 6 hours of charging the first time, so I plugged it into a usb wall jack and left it alone.

Once the charging was complete, I inserted the iPad into the shell back case. The case fits well on an iPad 3 and leaves all the ports accessible, even has a vented area over the speaker.

I opened the cover and the iPad fell out of the case, I did not have it attached very well. It only happened the one time, when installed correctly the fit is very tight.

There are two hinges: one that opens like a clamshell that is very tight, and one that allows you to adjust the angle of the iPad screen that is very loose. You can't get the iPad to stay at a specific angle unless you have it resting on the keyboard. It would be nice if the iPad hinge was a little tighter, the clamshell hinge should loosen over time.

The clamshell hinge is also the stand that holds the iPad up and is removable. There is a latch on the left side of the keyboard that allows you to move the stand back and even separate it from the keyboard all together. Once removed the stand works both in portrait and landscape mode.

The stand makes it easy to read a book or watch a video with the iPad at a table, or even in bed. The iPad is easily removable from the keyboard and the case stays on.

The keyboard includes some special function keys. A "Home" button to close the current app, brightness up and down, keyboard to call up the on screen keyboard, search, screen saver, change language, rewind, play/pause, fast forward, mute, volume down and up, and a lock key. The lock key is easily mistaken for the delete key, one key down a row. You can select text with the keyboard using shift+the arrow keys. Mac keyboard shortcuts also work; cmd+c will copy, cmd+v will paste

The keyboard is easy to use and has great feel and feedback. I am writing this review on the keyboard in Pages.

Overall the Airbender is a great accessory for the iPad, it presents the screen in the correct angle for typing, reading the screen or watching a video. The keyboard is easy to use and the keyboard shortcuts are amazing to use with an iPad. (Posted on 6/28/13)
Overall, the Airbender is superior to any that I have used. the price to value ratio is excellent compared to the five others i have owned. one problem that i had was the reach for the right hand shift key - it is a reach. In contact with New Trent, i Review by Howard
Summary: I have had an IPad for as long as they have been out, use it daily for several hours, and it has almost replaced my laptop. Over the period of time I have used the IPad, I have used multiple case / keyboard combinations and tried many more in retail outlets.

Overall, the Airbender is superior to any that I have used. the price to value ratio is excellent compared to the five others i have owned. one problem that i had was the reach for the right hand shift key - it is a reach. In contact with New Trent, i understand they will soon adjust this. I write professional reports and this key board is excellent to work with, rather than an after thought. It's large enough, has great touch, and many function keys not found on others.

The positioning capability is great, and expands its utility. It compliments the iPad because you can use at desk, the plane, or bed...

Evaluation in Full
The Airbender is superior to the multiple case / keyboard combinations I have used for my IPad over the past four years. It will replace what I use now because of the many positive factors which include:

> The overall construction of the Airbender is very functional and allows for a broader range of uses than others;
> The ability to separate keyboard from the IPad and carrying case is useful, and the ability to position it over a wide range of angles is helpful and adds value to the IPad in that one can use it in many different settings;
> Shifting from portrait to landscape is very easy;
> Cut outs for charging, headset, and speakers are exact and well crafted;
> The feel of the keyboard is very positive, and "feels" great to me - which is a very positive factor;
> The many function keys on the keyboard are great, as are the light signals that allow you to know what is going on. The function keys allow for greater levels of use and shifting of functions;
> Charging appears to be very quick;
> The overall size and weight of the unit is good. The outside finish of the case allows for good grip, and the look is pretty cool - almost disguises the fact that you have an IPad - a positive;
> The back stand of the unit allows for multiple angles that overcome glare and allow a broader use of the device in various settings. Bigger rubber grips on the swing arm would allow for better staying power at more extreme angles;
> The ability to disconnect keyboard and IPad case is very good, and allows for a better use the device;
> The rubber stops on the keypad case might be space a little farther apart. In some positions it is difficult to hit the space bar because the two are at the same height. (Posted on 6/28/13)
Great.. But Review by Fode
This keyboard is a great keyboard. i like everything about it except that there is no way to scroll up or down and its very annoying and also a video on youtube or netflix etc. you cant pause it with the keyboard which is also annoying because is your far away from the ipad you have to go to it just to pause the vdeo. One last flaw about this computer is that it doesnt have auto correct or helps with grammer. but other than that its a great keyboard in fact im using it right now to type this review
(Posted on 6/28/13)
The bells and whistles of this product places it a cut above all of the others. Brilliant ideas. Review by Linda
Pros: Long battery life, roomy and practical keyboard layout, excellent function key choices, portrait/landscape display options, nice light indicators display if caps on, battery life, and blue tooth connectivity, thoughtful extra to have a detachable stand for the iPad-very helpful as a recipe stand in the kitchen or an extra display at work. Detachable iPad includes a protective clamshell case.
Cons: Opening the case and angling the iPad is too stiff to handle with ease. However, the best technique which makes it less cumbersome is to open the keyboard down then the iPad flops more easily into place.
My own personal preference is to have a leather case rather than a hard case because I'm concerned I'll scratch my desk or end table when I set it down.
Keyboard does not function to copy/paste CTL C/CTL V
Recommendations: I would like to simply open the case like one does a notebook and swing the iPad around to the correct angle. It seems a stiff design was used to keep it in place, but the stiffness is what makes it awkward to open and close. If you could use a latch, perhaps a spring to redesign along with a soft cover I'd find this product perfect. Even so, as is, the bells and whistles of this product places it a cut above all of the others. Brilliant ideas. (Posted on 6/26/13)
The ONLY bluetooth keyboard you'll EVER need for the ipad!!! Review by Jeff
This bluetooth keyboard comes with:
- Bluetooth keyboard
- Case/Stand
- USB cord

- The keyboard is easy to remove and very portable.
- The design is very ideal and slim. It fits my iPad 2 perfectly.
- It comes with a case that doubles as an iPad stand, which you can adjust to any layout or angle you'd like.
- It's very easy to detach the keyboard and use the stand without the keyboard attached.
- The case protects the back of your iPad and when the case is closed, it provides optimal protection all around.
- The keys are quiet, easy to press, and very comfortable to use. Though the keys are a bit close to each other, it is easy to get used to.
- Hot keys!
- It's effortless to connect to your ipad or any other device that has a bluetooth.
- The battery last a substantial amount of time and it does not require much charging time to fully charge.
- Very reasonable price.

- Adjusting the iPad on the stand with the keyboard attached is a little tricky.

Overall, this product works very well and I highly recommend it everyone. (Posted on 6/26/13)
Awesome iPad keyboard Review by Mihir
Appearance/Design: Very sleek and streamlined design that is definitely
pleasing to the eye, but the one thing I don't like is that it's a little
bulky and therefore it adds weight to the iPad. It would be nice if the
keyboard was thinner so that the weight would be lower. Otherwise, the way
that the screen is designed to display is excellent--it feels just like a
notebook laptop in the right configuration. The keyboard itself is also
quite durable and the keys are responsive. One of the things I really like
is that the keyboard is very quiet (doesn't make an annoying tapping sound
when you hit them even though they feel very solid). I love that you can
remove the ipad from the keyboard with the clip-style design. It basically
turns into a case!

Features: Bluetooth connectivity is flawless, my ipad connects to it almost
instantaneously. The charge also lasts for quite a long time! I love all
the shortcut keys that are on the keyboard too (home, pictures, safari,
etc.) (Posted on 6/25/13)
Best iPad keyboard case I've ever used Review by Joseph
This is by far the best iPad keyboard case I've had before. It combines function and protection in a convenient way. I really have only a few small complaints about the case, and I'll outline the pros and cons below.


Offers excellent protection for your iPad
Has a detachable hard case so you can leave the keyboard at home when you don't need it.
Keyboard feels great typing on it
Has a detachable stand
Excellent battery life, I haven't had to recharge it since I got it 5 days ago
The smartcover auto shutoff feature works perfectly on my iPad 2!


A little on the heavy side (although it should be noted that it needs to be in order to counterbalance the weight of the iPad)
Opening up the case can get a little annoying when the iPad doesn't flip back properly and instead flips forward
Not sure how durable the case is since I haven't had it for terribly long, but I can update this review if I find it inadequate

Overall I am very pleased with this case and I will be using it as my daily case. The one complaint I have above in the cons is that it can be difficult to open up the case because the iPad tends to flip backwards instead of the whole top flipping back. My recommendation would be to find some sort of locking mechanism that would keep it locked to the arm until the user wanted to unclip it. Other than that I am happy with my purchase and will continue to support New Trent with their outstanding products! (Posted on 6/24/13)
good keyboard/case for ipad Review by Sean
This was my first iPad keyboard/case that I've used and so far I've been happy with it. It's got good and bad aspects, but that's to be expected with any product. I like the size and durability of it. I didn't want something that was too big and took up too much space in my bag, so the size works well. The small keyboard takes getting used to and some of the buttons are in some different places, but I expected that with the smaller size. The battery lasts a long time and I've been using it often for a couple weeks and have only needed to charge it the one time with setup. Setup was very easy also. I'd like for the connection on the back of the ipad to be firmer. It is too loose and as it's being set up it flops around too much. Also where it slides in and out of the back of the keyboard should lock from moving in as well as out. This would make it easier to set it up as well. I like the ability to switch from horizontal to vertical on the product. Overall I'm pleased and would recommend it to others that are looking for a similar type of product. (Posted on 6/23/13)
Fantastic Case! Review by Jim
Fantastic case! The clamshell protects my iPad while it's in my suitcase. The keyboard has become an integral part of my note taking process. The iPad is easily removable from the keyboard base and the hinge allows the display to be set at almost any angle in either orientation. Would buy again without hesitation. (Posted on 6/21/13)
Good Product - exceeds expectations. Review by Bill
I ordered this because it looked very flexible. When I received it I was pleasantly surprised that the advertisement was accurate. I love the fact that the stand detaches from the keyboard. Even the Ipad enclosure detaches from the case. At first glance I was concerned that this might be a problem with the connection point being a possible issue, but has proven to be strong and sturdy.

I did have an issue with the case where the top slides in and out of the keyboard, I contacted support and they shipped a replacement right away.

very flexible
Keyboard battery life

the opening and closing of the case is a little awkard.
the right hand shift key is small. (Posted on 6/21/13)
I dropped my iPad onto concrete. I was praying nothing broke. Review by Steven
Last night when I was bringing in a lot of things from the car, I dropped my iPad from about waist height right onto the concrete. It was dark and I couldn't see if anything broke, so I rushed in (praying every step of the way). I immediately opened the case and to my great relief, everything worked. I shut it up and started to look for where it hit. After an initial search, I found a minor scratch/indentation on a corner where the power button is. It was small and you had to really look hard to notice it. I thought to myself, that couldn't be where it hit. I took another thorough search of the outside of the case finding only one other mark. This one was even smaller than the first one. Needless to say, I am impressed. (Posted on 6/21/13)
More than I expected all around Review by MJ
How did I go for so long without this tool? I've wanted a Bluetooth keyboard for a long time but I didn't want to spend around $100.00 to get one in a fancy designer case. Mostly because I'm a designer and I use my iPad for mostly artwork. I still have to type a ton of emails and papers and I don't always want to carry my laptop. Since I've had great satisfaction with all my New Trent tools I went for it.
The Airbender Is just perfect for all my needs. Once I got over being a bit shy with the squeeze button release and the hinge system I realized how well it works and what a great design it is. As with my other New Trent accessories every aspect is well thought out and other unexpected options are a great bonus.
The keyboard itself has quite a few cool additions. I didn't expect to be able to have my ITunes music just a touch away. Photos have a key too! These are my most important iPad tools and to have control of them worked into the keyboard just really surprised and pleased me. I love having music and a slideshow running when I need to type something that requires creativity. All of the important options are there too.
The keyboard is sensitive and has a slight bit of a click, which I prefer to those spongy silent ones. It's much more responsive than I had expected.
The Bluetooth set up is really easy. Fast. You can choose whether to set up the display in portrait or landscape mode. It's quite easy to adjust once you get a feel for how it moves around. I tend hold my iPad and walk around with it while working but that's hardly efficient when typing so now I'm working sitting down and typing much faster.It's not possible to use it in your lap unless you have lap desk, but then you're really set!
I'm much more comfortable having my iPad protected in a hard case for travel too. I'm going to design my own silk sleeve with my painting and have it slide or wrap easily over the super safe keyboard case.
All in all the Airbender gave me much more than I expected for a great price. I'd highly recommend it to both business and arty types like myself. (Posted on 6/21/13)
great value for price point Review by Natalie
I use this case for my work iPad and find that it accomplishes everything I need. It is compact and fits in my bag easily without snagging on anything in my purse. The case is durable and protects my screen - it won't open on its own. The keyboard and case function well to make my iPad a portable computing device. I take notes in meetings by rotating the screen as needed and sliding back the screen to get a good angle. I bought a sharkk case before this and it broke after a couple uses so I went in for something hardier. I am very satisfied with my newtrent case. (Posted on 6/20/13)
I wish I had this case with my first Ipad! Review by Steven
1)Sturdy plastic - complete coverage.
2)Great features
a) Removable tablet - perfect for when you just want a tablet and nothing more (i.e. laying in bed reading)
b) Removable keyboard - nice to have the keyboard working independently from the screen.
c) Independent stand for the tablet - nice to work when you don't need a keyboard.
d) Turn the display portrait - big advantage to other cases with keyboards.
e) Design is very nice and sleek - good looking.
f) When transitioning from landscape to portrait, I like the way it clicks into place.
3)Universal plug for powering the keyboard. If I lose mine, I have a few more in the house that should work from other gadgets.
4)Great price. A lot of my business associates were paying more for other keyboard cases. They like mine better.

1)A little awkward at first. Took a little getting use to opening and arranging. Mainly due to the fact that the pictures don't show the set-ups I like the best and I feel are the easiest. None of these positions are even shown on the website.
Position 1: When you don't need the keyboard, open it up just enough to flip the screen on the other side - then turn the unit around. The keyboard works as a solid base.
Position 2: From position 1, detach the keyboard and bring it around to the front.
2)The display bounces a little too much when tapping the screen (when the stand is not connected to the keyboard).
3)The rubber grips on the bottom of the stand fell out within the first 24 hours. Made me question the quality of work. Note: They are sending replacements as I speak - only took one call. Minor negative turns into big positive!

Great product and I recommend it to everyone, even when they don't ask. (Posted on 6/20/13)
So Far So Good Review by D Gardner
I used this case with a New iPad (3rd Generation). The case fit well and snapped on easily. All the buttons, charging port, and headphone plug remained available. The matte finish was nice and I did not see any buildup of fingerprints or smudges during my use. The Bluetooth connection with the keyboard was smooth connecting and worked without any hiccups. I really liked the ability to tilt or pivot the tablet, and especially the ability to detach the tablet from the base and keyboard, to use as normal when I didn’t need the keyboard. I was afraid that the iPad might get hot during use, like I have felt with other case/keyboard combinations, but it did not get any hotter than using it without any case. The keyboard worked fine, but the size and spacing of the keys were a little small for my fingers. I would certainly recommend the IMP38B Air Bender to anyone who needs an iPad case/keyboard combo with any regularity.

Well designed and built (fits well, connections and buttons available, and looks good)
Good Bluetooth connection and performance
Tilt and pivot the tablet
Easy to detach the table to use without keyboard
Supports auto shut off upon closing lid

Keyboard key size still smaller than I would like
Tilt and pivot adjustments are too tight and can seem sticky or jiggly
No cutouts to allow use of my iPad smart cover (when using the tablet detached) (Posted on 6/20/13)
Top notch Keyboard case Review by saphyo
So I have had my ipad 2 for more than a year now and I have bought countless cases as well as keyboard cases for my ipad. Before owning this airbender, I owned a Kensington Keyportfolio for ipad. The keyboard is great but the only issue is that I cannot use the keyboard in portrait position and I cannot type on my lap. Airbender solves those problems. You can literally use in any position you want. You can even set down the ipad in a slightly elevated position so it is not completely flat if you were to place on a flat surface making it easier for users to doddle with it.
And the next best thing you can carry the airbender along with you ipad around without having worries of the keyboard falling out. I have read some reviews that the ipad 2 is not working with the built in magnetic strip for auto shutoff. I think the problem is that the other users are not putting the ipad in the correct orientation when closing. The built in magnetic strip sensor in the ipad is on the right hand side of the ipad. So for the ipad to auto shut off, simply turn the ipad so that the home button is on the bottom and then close it. It works 100% of the time.
The only issue I have with the airbender is that it wobbles when you touch the ipad screen when placed on a table. Other than that for the price I paid for nothing beats the New Trent Arcadia Airbender. (Posted on 6/19/13)
This makes an awesome gift!! Review by Patti
Patti Harada
I love the keyboard case. Here's the review I posted on Amazon. An easy five stars.

New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case for the iPad

I love having my spirit settled by beautiful packaging. You know what comes next is going to be a pleasure. So it is with this new Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case.

Set up is so easy. Excited as you may be to get started, you must charge the Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case before you can use it. Though it says to use your USB port on your computer, I used my iPad charger.

All charged up, you’re ready to use the Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case. Here’s a tip for easily confused people like me. Put the smooth side of the case down or you’ll open it upside down (which is quite awkward).

You’ll be pleased to see the Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case holds your iPad in its clam shell quite securely, but you must be sure to snap each corner into place. Some reviewers will tell you the iPad doesn’t stay in, but it will stay in if each individual corner is snapped securely into place. Easy in and easy out.

Connecting the Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case to your iPad is SO simple. Turn the case on (duh!). Hit the connect button. Open setting on your iPad, and open the Bluetooth settings. You’ll see your Bluetooth Keyboard is available for discovery. Tap the icon for your Bluetooth Keyboard and, PRESTO! You’re on!

A really nice feature is the string of function switches above the numbers keys. Without having to double tap the home key, swipe right and adjust screen brightness, which seemed easy till I saw this, you can tap one of the two light bulb keys. Hit the keyboard icon and you’ve got access to your iPad keyboard. Search icon (the magnifying glass) gets you straight to Search this iPad. The photos icon (the little flower) actually starts a slide show. Very cool. I’d forgotten about all those photos of caterpillars!

And if you’re set up for multilingual use on your device, the “gridded globe” key will let you switch languages. Lots of conveniences here.

My experience with typing was/is troublesome. I’m a speed/precision typist... Well, I was until texting required that I type with my thumbs! The designers are obviously young and have always typed with their thumbs, because there’s no way they would have put the page-up key where the right-hand shift key is supposed to be. Can I adjust? Of course! Though, I might be the only one left on the planet who will need an adjustment period on the keyboard.

As a speed typist, I find the keyboard requires a bit more time and pressure than speed allows. Between not pressing hard enough and hitting page up at the beginning of every sentence, I do have a bit of a learning curve here.

It’s a lovely, well built case. For most of the world, the keyboard isn’t going to be a problem.
(Posted on 6/18/13)
great sturdy case for ipad 2 Review by Jason
Different keyboard feel than my Kohls purchased low end keyboard case. Unit is heavier which is a good thing and keyboard is larger. Easy to set up to bluetooth and hot keys worked great Keyboard was for the most part easy to use.
Case was good but not something I would keep my ipad in 24 hours a day. I use an Apple smart case. and the support it provides can't be beat. I wish there was a way to keep the Ipad in the case and still have it connected to the keyboard. Right now I have it leaned up on the case frame and that seems to do the job. I disconnected the ipad and case from keyboard but it seems to fragile to carry far away from the whole case (Posted on 6/18/13)
Almost Perfect Review by Randy
Let me start off by saying, I HATE iPad cases. I've own several covers that either protected just the screen or protected the whole thing and provided some type of stand. I've tolerated a few, but I've always ended up removing the iPad from the case just to use it naked. Though I'm not a fan of cases, the iPad isn't particular comfortable to hold for long periods without one. I own the third generation and it's quite heavy and slippery to hold.

I'm an IT guy and I like to travel light for work. For meetings, I decided to start bringing my iPad to take notes. I began using the on screen keyboard, but realized that I'm no good at touch typing on a screen with no tactile feedback. So I started looking at some keyboard cases and covers.

My first was the Logitech Keyboard case for iPad which was ok. It was a little cramp. Next I purchased Logitech Ultra thin keyboard Cover for iPad. I also own the original Clamcase iPad keyboard case. The Clamcase was way too bulky and it took more effort than I wanted to remove it from the case. Sure I could fold it back on itself, but it made the darn thing bulky. It was great as a stand.

I stuck with the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard cover the longest. It allowed the iPad to be easily detached without adding any bulk. Since there was no protection for the backside of the iPad I've had to be extra careful with it. Also, you're limited with one viewing angle to use the iPad.

My eyes came across the New Trent Arcadia Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case for the iPad (what a mouthful). The one feature that made me excited about this keyboard case was that the iPad could be inside a protective cover and could easily be removed from the rest of the case. The cover fits the iPad very well and doesn't add noticeable bulk. It also makes it easier to hold. The other nice feature about this keyboard case is that it has an adjustable stand.

As with any iPad keyboard, it's cramped. It's not my favorite iPad keyboard to type on, but it's certainly not the worse. I initially had issues with the hitting the up arrow key when I meant to hit the right shift key but I realize how infrequently I used it. The keyboard takes some getting use to and you will adjust to it in no time if you find yourself using it a lot.

Sure it's cheap and with a plastically feel, but it's great for the price. (Posted on 6/15/13)
Keyboard sharing.. Review by Jamie
So I've been using this Airbender iPad case for a week now and have to
say I do love it. The battery life is really good on the keyboard. I
love how the keyboard can detach from the monitor. This allows both my
wife and I to utilize it. I like typing on actual keys vs virtual keys.
The design of the keyboard / case is really nice. People think we have a
new kind of laptop. (Posted on 6/13/13)
Most Versatile Case Out There! Review by Amy
This is a great bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. I have gone through a few keyboards for my iPad (ZaggMate, ZaggFolio, Brookstone), and the New Trent keyboard is by far the most versatile. I would certainly recommend this case over others I have tried.

*(My favorite) Two ways to detach: 1) detach iPad from keyboard and arm; 2) detach with arm.
1) This allows for the user to use iPad while flat and still type. As a professor, I use this function quite a bit to grade papers as PDFs or read research articles. I can use a PDF annotation program to both draw/underline with a stylus and to enter typed notes without difficult negotiation of the device.
2) This allows user to detach iPad and use as a "monitor". This is ideal for watching media on the iPad. I use this feature quite a bit to "hook" the iPad on to the elliptical machine so I can use media while working out.
*Adjustable: The arm is able to move in and out horizontally and at an angle, which allows user to control the slant of the screen. This is great when you are lying down and trying to use the iPad!
*Keyboard functions: This is a fully functioning keyboard with all the essential keys, especially the ability to change languages. I often use a French keyboard, and so I need the ability to switch quickly. Some of the keyboards I have used in the past do not have the icon to switch, so I would have to use the screen keyboard to change and then go back to the bluetooth keyboard. Not practical! I much prefer the icon offered by this keyboard.
*Magnetic auto shut-off: essential! I had a keyboard without this and HATED it.
*This is a much lighter case than many of them out there (especially Zagg)
*Sturdy construction: this is not made from fabric that can start to peel (Zagg) or get dirty (brookstone). It's a nice, sleek look.
*Easy to pair bluetooth.
*Indicator lights are easily visible.
*East access to charging port. User does not have to remove iPad from case as with some other cases.

*Attachment to arm can be a bit "floppy". It would be nice if there could be a way to add some "resistance" to the circular attachment like there is in the other parts of the arm.
*Small shift key on the right. I usually accidentally hit the arrow button instead. This is probably a matter of getting used to this setup.
(Posted on 6/13/13)
Airbenderr case for Ipad Review by James
This case is amazing. I purchased this a few weeks ago and am 99% satisfied with it. The ability to sync the keyboard and swing the screen is paramount. The only reason why I didn't give it a 100% is the right shift key is too small and I find I hit the page up key more often than not.

For the Money, this case is a better deal then competitors which I have purchased in the past.

(Posted on 6/11/13)
i love this case Review by lyman
The airbender bluetooth keyboard and case is awesome. I really like it. Its simple to use, easy to type with and looks good as well. I get a lot of questions and complements about it. The case works very well, my friend dropped my iPad and it was completely fine. The only problem i had with the case is the resistence encountered while opening the case, other than that i had no complaints. If anyone asks me for advice on which keyboard to buy, i will have no hesitation in telling them to buy the airbender. (Posted on 6/7/13)
A solid product all around!!!!! Review by Dana
All in all I am very impressed with the unit and I will let you know what else I experience in the next few days....

I have received the AirBender yesterday afternoon, charged it up and have been using it all day today and so far it is a very solid piece of hardware.

I like the fact that it separates from the unit so that you can use it easily in landscape position. I think the keyboard works well and I do like the fact that there are function/control buttons much like the apple keyboard. Since this is so new to me I do wonder what kind of battery life the rechargeable battery will have and how long the recharge takes, but I guess I will get to that. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Airbender Case for iPad Review by dave
NT38B, the new Airbender keyboard case for iPad 2/3/4.

Overall I am very happy with the unit and have been using it at the job for the last couple days. The one thing I have not thoroughly tested to date is the battery life. So far it has been excellent, and it has lasted for several days now. It will be interesting to see how long the combination lasts as this is also the first time I have activated bluetooth on the ipad.


1. Quick setup, was operating in minutes
2. Bluetooth connected first time
3. Good tactile feel on keypress
4. Separation of ipad and keyboard is a very nice feature
5. I like the option to work horizontally or vertically
6. Once set up it is easy to type on and responds well to a soft key touch. I definitely prefer this keyboard to the touch screen
7. The plastic case offers good protection. I was using a heavy duty soft leather case prior and this appears to be a good replacement

1. Is a bit stiff opening the stand and the ipad flops around while opening making it difficult to set up, but after watching the youtube setup video everything is working fine.
2. Keys are just a little bit smaller than my netbook, but once you start using it they are well sized
3. The right shift key is a bit small but I am already getting used to it.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product as the pros definitely outweigh the cons. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Great Keyboard Case Review by Shelby
My first reaction to the keyboard is very satisfactory. After its done with its initial charge it sets up in minutes. If you follow the instructions installation is quite simple. I really like the portrait set up over the landscape because if feels less flimsy, but I love the look of the case. I like the feel of the keys of the keyboard and they are very responsive! To be honest though, it takes some getting used to a) the awkwardness of opening the case without the screen/iPad swiveling, and b) the positioning of the shift button on the right side of the keyboard. Overall though my first impression of the NT38B was satisfactory.
Besides having to get used to opening the case without the iPad itself swiveling there isn't anything to complain about. While typing the NT38B doesn't slip or slide around because of its rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard, and its awesome that you can remove the iPad itself from the case by simply pinching the swivel on the back. You can also remove the swivel stand from the keyboard base and move the iPad farther away which is awesome. Its very easy to do. This keyboard case has a lot of great features, unfortunately because of the difficulty of opening the case though I would have to give it 4..5 stars out of 5 because that really threw me off at first.
I think adding a way to lock the iPad into place to the base could have made this product way better. The only other thing I can think of is maybe some grip to the case the iPad specifically is in. Its just a little to slick for me to trust putting it on a hard surface and not worrying about it slipping off and dropping. Other than those two suggestions I really love this product and I would recommend it to anyone that was looking to replace their laptop with their iPad or does a lot of typing on the iPad. This case looks good and works well. (Posted on 6/4/13)
Great case Review by Mohammad
New Trent Arcadia NT38B Airbender:
I got this case for my daughter in college. She does all her notes on IPad, she
can type faster than she writes so a good dependable keyboard is essential. She
has been using
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for almost a year now. I will comment on the
built and will add my daughter's comment on using the Airbender.
It came quick and well packaged. My first impression is the solid build and
quality. The matte finish is slip proof and finger print magnet proof. it snaps
perfectly to IPad 3 and blue connection was flawless.
My daughter liked the larger keyboard compared to Logitech and the protective
back adds additional protection. The keyboard is responsive and
the additional hot keys are very helpful.
It works great in landscape and portrait positions, the ability to detach
the keyboard from the IPad was very helpful, she can angle the keyboard to fit
her hand position without changing the IPad position. You can also slide the
IPad in various distances without detaching it from the keyboard which helped
her position the IPad in a distance comfortable for her eyes, this is an
advantage over Logitech.
To detach the IPAad and use it as a stand alone is very easy. The IPad will turn
on/off when you close the case if you orient it correctly.
Overall it is a great product and I will be buying the same case but for my
wife's IPad mini. (Posted on 6/3/13)
Quality Case for Good Value Review by george
I’ve owed a number of keyboard cases in my quest for the “perfect” iPad 2 case. The Kensington Keyfolio was decent, but the fabric/leather was wearing out too quickly. The ClamCase was an absolute piece of junk with a keyboard that broke after a couple of months. I’ve been recently using the Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard which seems well constructed but, sadly, only covers one side of the iPad 2.

This brings me to the New Trent Airbender. I received mine today and have been testing it out all afternoon. It comes in nice professional packaging with clear instructions. The iPad 2 fits easily and securely into the unit and feels very well-protected by the poly-carb shell. All buttons, camera, speaker are well exposed and easy to access.

At first, it took me a few moments to figure out how to adjust the unit in the case. I notice that other reviewers have complained that there is only 1 position for the iPad. This is only because they didn’t take the time (2 seconds) to figure out how to adjust the extendable viewing stand. With the extender button and the rotating clip on the back of the iPad, this thing is EXTREMELY customizable. It will rest in either vertical or horizontal position relative to the keyboard. It also FOLDS FLAT against the keyboard so that you can hold it in your hand like a typical tablet.
When closing the case the auto-lock feature is enabled and nice rubber bumpers protect the iPad from any harm. The keyboard itself seems well constructed. Buttons are simple and intuitive and easy to type with (even with my large hands), including several useful function keys.

Excellent protection for iPad
Secure fit with well-exposed buttons/speaker/cameras
Very easy to setup and connect via Bluetooth
Nearly endless customization of viewing/holding angles
Quality feel to keyboard

iPad occasionally rotates on stand if not careful when opening
Not Ultra-thin, adds a little bulk to the thin iPad 2

This seems to be a very well-constructed case that is offered at a reasonable price. I haven’t found another case yet that provides a better balance of protection, value, and flexibility. It offers much more protection that my Ultra-thin keyboard and will likely be my go-to case for the time being.

(Posted on 5/31/13)
The Airbender keyboard case is a nice fit for "the New iPad". Review by Bob
My first thing I noticed about the Airbender keyboard case for iPad 2/3/4 was how nice a fit it is for "the New iPad". The case has a nice exterior feel to it and keeps it safe while still being portable. The hard shell fits nicely and when closed it slides easily into my backpack or messenger bag. Ive used other cases that are just bulky in comparison. The keyboard is accurate and nice to type with, much more efficient than the on screen keyboard. In fact Ive found myself typing and then looking for a track pad, realizing this is the iPad not a laptop. The keyboard makes you forget your using a tablet. Going from keyboard to touch screen is a little different at first when your used to using a laptop. I do like iPad quick release, its a convenient and fast way to remove the keyboard. The hinge takes some getting used to and I was a little worried the first time I opened the case with the iPad in it, but once you know how it works its no longer an issue. I wish the swivel had a bit more resistance. It would reduce the first time worries. Switching from landscape to portrait view is simple and convenient. My daughter likes to flip the iPad outward and rest it flat on the keyboard, it can add depth without angle. Overall I love the look, usability and how compact it is. (Posted on 5/29/13)
Welcomed Addition! Review by Dana
The New Trent Airbender bluetooth keyboard case has been a success in our house. Straight out of the package it was very easy to use. We charged it via the USB cable that was attached and the next day snapped our iPad right into the case. The keyboard seemed a little small for my husband's hands but worked great for me. The real test came from our daughter who wanted to use it. She loved it. She said it was easy to use and made using her iPad for assignments easier.

The ability to flip the screen from either landscape or portrait view was nice as was the ability to pop the iPad off and on the stand easily.

The entire device did seem a bit unbalanced and top heavy when it was just standing on our desk awaiting use but it never tipped over for us.

This product has been a welcomed addition to our home!

(Posted on 5/29/13)
Using the Airbender After Using Other Cases Review by Dr. Fret Not
The Airbender case performs admirably. This case protects my iPad 2 well. I like the ability to use the iPad in portrait or landscape mode with the keyboard, or even to be able to detach it to play games on it. Even when the keyboard is detached, the iPad has a case shell on it, so it is still protected. The keyboard is best used on a flat level surface so the iPad doesn't get jostled, but the keyboard buttons are durable and perform well even for me (I type hard, which has ruined a few cheap keyboards). It doesn't block the sound or charging ports like some cases I've had in the past. My iPad 2 also doesn't slide or fall out of the case. If you want a keyboard and a case all in one, I would recommend this over other products, especially the cloth-like cases with keyboards attached. (Posted on 5/27/13)
Airbender Case for new iPad Review by Lorinda
I've had the Airbender case for a few weeks and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. The case is extremely durable - it's already been dropped a few times from the bed and hasn't scratched or malfunctioned. The keyboard is great and has a lot of useful keys (home, lock, music, volume) found on the iPad. I like the easy pairing between the device and the iPad. Suggestions: add a back light to the keys, create a better locking mechanism for the extender, and availability in different colors. (Posted on 5/23/13)
Airbender is well-made and very functional Review by John
I really like my Airbender.

There's a solid feel to the case, especially the “tight” feeling when it's closed. The keyboard doesn't feel lightweight even though it is light-in-weight. And there's a nice responsiveness and feel to the keys.

It's really nice to be able to separate the keyboard from the stand from the iPad cover in various combinations. That comes in handy for me in several ways. In the kitchen, I remove the keyboard so I can keep my iPad up off the countertop and it'll stay completely dry when I'm cooking. And when traveling, I separate the iPad/cover from the bracket/keyboard when I have typing to do but one of the kids wants to watch a video. Then I just set my iPhone on the bracket/keyboard, connect it up, and type away!

The only problem I have with the Airbender is that the right shift key is so small and farther to the right than I'm used to. I got used to it, but it was an adjustment.
My favorite feature is that you can rotate the iPad to vertical while typing portrait-orientation documents. I use it this way all the time. My old keyboard and case couldn't do that!

I would definitely recommend the Airbender to my friends looking for an iPad keyboard. (Posted on 5/19/13)
Great overall product, needs a few "tweaks" Review by Bruce
I've had the Airbender NT-38B now for only 4 days, but here are my initial thoughts on the product:


1) Sleek design, provides tons of grip with it's "rubberized" housing feel.
2) The protective back quickly disconnects from the main unit with a quick pinch.
3) Keys feel tactile enough that I'm not making as many mistakes.
4) Auto on / off from the built in magnets work well.
5) All cutouts are very precise and don't interfere with my accessories.
6) Slides out on the stand to adjust your viewing depth.
7) Holds a nice charge, used it one day for 3+ hours with no issues.


1) No back-light for the keys.
2) Space bar is way to close to the lip with the magnets and I find myself hitting it vs. spacing.
3) Gets a bit shaky supporting the weight of my iPad unless kept in landscape mode.

So far it's been pleasant to type on and is a vast improvement over the other keyboard I have for it. I'd like to see them add a back-light to the keys on the next model and improve the stability when in different viewing positions. Beyond the few things noted above it's another solid product by New Trent. As always I will provide a follow up review once I've had more quality time with the product. Thanks and I hope this helps some :) (Posted on 5/19/13)
One of a Kind Review by Bill
After owning no fewer than 8 cases for my ipad 3, I found the Airbender Keyboard Case. After using other Bluetooth enabled keyboards, which either contained a built-in keyboard resulting in a bulky product, or a separate keyboard and no protection for my ipad, the Airbender provides both. The case allows easy access to all buttons and ports, and the keyboard easily connects via bluetooth. However, the thing that sets this keyboard case apart is the ability to separate the ipad from the keyboard with a simple action.

Only complaint is the stand which connects the keyboard to the ipad when in use. As others have said, the stand is a bit flimsy and when the ipad is not in contact with the keyboard, it bounces a bit. Hoping they address the stand in future designs, but for the outer case, and the ability to detach the ipad from the keyboard, the stand issue is easily overlooked. A nice product. (Posted on 5/17/13)
NewTrent - Airbender Case Review Review by Travis
I am really happy with the purchase of the Airbender case. I was looking for something more durable than my previous case, as well as something that provided a keyboard and protection. The protection of the case is better than any of my previous iPad cases. The case is durable, yet feels like enough to carry and use as I was previously with my non-keyboard cases.

Using the keyboard is a great addition to my iPad usage. I am using my iPad in replacement of my laptop for traveling and responses to many daily emails. The iPad sits very comfortably when folded back for iPad viewing and utilizing the keyboard. After getting used to the smaller keyboard size typing is just as easy as using my day to day laptop.

All in all I am very happy with the purchase. After a few weeks of use no complaints so far. (Posted on 5/10/13)
Great keyboard for the iPad Review by Shawn
Previous to using the New Trend Airbender NT38B I would lug my heavy gaming laptop with me on out of town trips just to be able to respond to emails from the road since I hated using the virtual keyboard on my iPad 3rd Gen. Since I got this case I’ve been able to take it with me instead, it doesn’t weigh much more than the Otterbox Defender I had installed before. The fit and finish is nice and the keys are smooth and quiet. I love how everything is detachable so you can move the iPad away from you but keep it in the protective cover. It’s easy to pair to the iPad and it has plenty of battery life. The included USB charge cord works great with my New Trent battery packs as well. (Posted on 5/9/13)
Great keyboard!! Review by Stephanie
This is a great product!! It is very easy to connect your ipad to the keyboard with bluetooth. My family has shared the keyboard for all our ipads and it easily connects quickly every time. It has a great battery life!! We have used it for days without needing to charge it. Great fro travel!! Much easier than bringing a laptop!! Highly recommend!! (Posted on 5/9/13)
This is the one you want. Review by rvadk
There's quite a bit that one should consider when purchasing protection for his/her iPad, and many products on the market fall short of providing everything a consumer should want. With that said, there are cases and then there's the Airbender. This is truly one of the most versatile and useful items on the market for an iPad. The Bluetooth keyboard is responsive and the battery lasts for a very long time (I am going on 3 weeks on the same charge). The screen is actually detachable from the keyboard and can be placed in various positions, depending on how you want to use/view your iPad. I'm particularly fond of laying on my couch, with the iPad on my coffee table and my keyboard in my lap. The attachment that connects the iPad to the keyboard is also useful for holding the iPad in your hand while you maneuver on the screen.

As much as I want to give a 5 STAR review, it loses a star for the placement of the "lock" button. It is placed above the "delete" key and I have inadvertently punched that instead. That is not enough of a deterrent to not use this case (I have 2 other cases somewhere that have been utterly disregarded). Having color options available would also be nice, but I have already placed stickers all over it, so the color isn't even a negative. (Posted on 5/8/13)
The best Case i have ever seen Review by william
Must buy product for hard-core smart I-pad users, very useful, highly recommended (Posted on 5/4/13)
NT38B AirBender Review by Randy
Packaging: The quality of the packaging is excellent. The box is very sturdy with appropriate padding to protect the product during shipping/storage. If you ship iPads around the world for events as we do, keep the box and use it.
Set up: The device is very easy to set up using the included user guide. Guide is very well written with illustrated instructions for manipulating the Airbender removable hinged lid/iPad holder. Bluetooth set up was simple and I have found the connection to be extremely stable unlike my previous competitors keyboard.
Device: The screen/keyboard has numerous configurations. The more upright landscape configuration is great if you are on a plane and the tilted back configuration better on a desk. It seems a little tippy if you have it back too far so the fact you can remove the screen stand makes an awesome configuration if you are using it in a nonstandard work environment like on a coffee table or with the keyboard on your lap and the stand on a table, desk or mounted display for retail demo. The keyboard has a very good feel and touch response. The specialty keys for search, slideshow, Safari and other functions are much better than what is available on competitor’s solutions. The top mounted stand release button, function lights and function buttons are large and easy to access. Battery life seems great and lasted an entire international flight across the Pacific. The materials the case is made of seem very durable and protects the device when opened or closed. It adds a little weight but the protection and multi-function configuration makes it well worth it. The screen can quickly be removed to function as a tablet or to maneuver to take videos or photos with the rear camera. Having the option to quickly switch to portrait mode is great for reading content as well as video chats. The Bluetooth has decent range in the event it is used in a meeting room connected to a projector and you need to advance slides or run a demo using the keyboard from elsewhere in the room.
Overall I found this to be a fantastic solution for the price point. The few functionality frustrations I have are more with the iPad navigation (slide to unlock/power off. No mouse feature…) If I were to change anything, I would add a couple of settings to the top hinge for the screen or snug it up like the bottom hinge as so you could have more options to set the angle of the screen more appropriately for different workspace scenarios like on different airlines or for different height users.
(Posted on 5/3/13)
Great combination case and keyboard AND customer service Review by Larry
I bought this on Amazon after seeing a friend from the UK with it and reading the reviews on Amazon. I agree with all of the positive reviews. Amazing versatility... from the ability to use in in landscape or portrait or only a back cover. One thing I like is to fold it on itself with the back covering the keyboard when I am only using the touch screen. The pictures do not show this is possible, but it is and works well. The only improvement I would like is to turn off the lock screen key since I hit it by mistake.

Customer service is great. I had a problem with the keyboard losing sync with the tablet. It was easy to re-sync, but I contacted NewTrent customer service to see if that was normal. They said "no" and replaced it for me at no cost. I could not ask for better service. (Posted on 5/1/13)
Excellent produce for a great price. Review by Jeni
This is an excellent keyboard for the iPad. The keys are a nice size and my iPad 3 fits in it perfectly. The iPad can be removed from the keyboard very easily in two ways. One way makes it a stand that you can turn around and use the iPad freestanding. The other way you just have a protective case. When using the iPad with just the protective case it is a little slippery. Overall I think this is great value! (Posted on 5/1/13)
Decent Keyboard, Fantastic Case Review by Tommie
I've recently had some time with the NT-38B Airbender bluetooth keyboard for the Ipad. It has been a great experience especially for those looking for a keyboard case which allows portrait mode. The keyboard itself is good but not the best. However, the features of this case exceed these problems.

What you get in the box, is a pretty slick set of components. It does come in 3 parts; a protective backing for your Ipad, a moveable stand, and the keyboard itself. You can connect all 3 pieces together which gives a netbook feel to the Ipad. Its really nice to use and carry around. The really great part of the Airbender is the ability to separate each of these pieces. I found myself keeping the case separated most of the time. It was nice to prop the Ipad somewhere and type farther away. I have not noticed the case falling apart and felt comfortable to hold.

The protective case should fit the Ipad 2,3, and the new Ipad. In this review, I did use an Ipad 2 and had no problems fitting the unit. There was a solid fit with no shifting or missing parts. It is a solid plastic unit. It would of been nice to see a different material or something to hold the Ipad more comfortably. It was prone to slipping when holding just the Ipad alone.

The connective mechanism held to the stand well and did not have any issues of popping out or falling off. The stand itself works well in a variety of positions. It does hold the Ipad best when propping on a table. It tended to shift a lot on lap or slippery surfaces. However, with the variation of positions you can create, this problem could be easily remediated. As you rotate the iPad on the stand, it does click into place between portrait and landscape modes. The best feature of this stand is the ability to connect to the keyboard as well. It simply clicks in held well with the unit. It does offer for different viewing angles in this position as well. When working with all 3 pieces. I found it easiest to slide the iPad downward against the keyboard and slide up into the holding position. A vulcanized rubber area at the top of the keyboard holds the iPad in place when in this position.

The keyboard itself is a chiclet style bluetooth keyboard. Its slightly on the small side but worked well. The keyboard itself felt solid and was easy to use. The device paired easily and comes with an array of buttons to use with the iPad. These buttons include brightness, dedicated music buttons, gallery slideshow, keyboard switching, locking, and a home button. These all worked well with no problems. However, I did notice typing didn't always register. There were slight misses as well as misread typing. For the most part, the keyboard itself worked solidly.

Overall the New Trent NT-38B is a great bluetooth keyboard case. It would of been nice to have some type of grip when holding just the iPad however, the unit as a whole is a great case to use. The ability to separate and use the iPad in a variety of viewing positions trumps other keyboards. If you're looking for a keyboard case with a high variety of use, this is the case to have. (Posted on 4/30/13)
First-time iPad keyboard user: Airbender case is a WINNER! Review by Patty
I received my Airbender case about three days ago, and this is the first iPad keyboard I've ever used. My first impression is "Winner!" The reasons for four stars and not five is there is no 4.5 stars. My metrics to rate the Airbender are based upon Exceeds, Meets, and Not Quite Meets expectations.

Exceeds and Meets Expectations:
1. The packaging was sturdy, carefully protecting the Airbender. The long narrow box held the USB charging cord (however no identification on the box may be overlooked and discarded.}
2. The simple instruction sheet explained the Airbender case and its features. Two packets numbered "1" and "2" were not identified, and I did not find any instructions for its use.
3. The Airbender case is sleek, slender, and basic. The keyboard is quite compact, and like other reviewers, I found it challenging initially. My hands are not big, yet I had to compensate for the closer key settings. However, once I began typing this review, I typed with few errors.
4. The Bluetooth connection was a breeze, and immediately paired with my iPad 2. I have not had challenges with the Airbender keyboard losing connection when the iPad is sleeping.
5. The Airbender case puts the iPad to sleep with closure of the lid.
6. I fully charged the keyboard, and have not recharged for many hours. The iPad is currently at 35%, and it was charged simultaneously with the keyboard. I'm waiting to see which battery drains first.

Not Quite Meets Expectations:
1. The screen lock key needs to move somewhere else. Because I am not a perfect keyboarder, I use the delete button often. Unfortunately, my same deficiency manifests when I accidentally hit the Lock.
2. While the flexibility to position the iPad is valuable, I find the Airbender the case is tippy when in the landscape position, and angled back to about 100 degrees.
3. I love the solid protective nature of the Airbender case. And aesthetically, black goes with everything. Perhaps NewTrent may offer different colors of Airbender cases and keyboards.
4. One suggestion for the keyboard is backlighting for use in darker environments.

Overall, the Airbender case is exactly what I've looked for in a keyboard product, and the sturdiness of the case is vitally important. I'm a traveler and tend to schlep around my laptop when my iPad serves the purpose. The Airbender case enables and enhances the best an iPad has to offer.

(Posted on 4/29/13)
Great keyboard/case Review by taz
Overall the NT38B Airbender keyboard case by New Trent is a nice light design that would make it very appealing for continued keyboard sessions and users on the go who have to input data. Making reports, emails and note taking audio, video and typing simultaneously or any combination thereof very simple. Also also comes in handy when using iPad as a remote for tv or mirroring onto a 2nd screen during remote access sessions for technology professionals on the go. The Bluetooth process was easy enough and took less than 10 seconds to get going after it's initial charge...which manual says is 6 hrs, mine finished in less than 2. Have been using for 2 days of surfing, typing and skype sessions while using the keyboard as often as possible. The BT connection does go into a "standy" mode as there is a less than 2 seconds lag while it seems to be reconnecting, not really noticeable as it does capture and initiate the keystroke action immediately upon re-establishing the connection. Seems well designed with multiple potential applications across fields as tablet use becomes more mainstream with MS Office 365 and productivity apps becoming more used. My Airbender was connected to an iPad 4 but it can be paired with any tablet although how the few iPad specific buttons might respond is anybodies guess. Maybe in the future they could offer programmable action keys as part of an app on the tablet.

You've done a great job with the overall design and it wins point from a mobile sales professional like myself. As i said there are multiple applications for this design and i hope it continues to get even better with time. 4/5 (Posted on 4/23/13)
An extremely well built keyboard that will change the way you use your iPad Review by Ben
I have been using the NewTrent Airbender NT-38B Wireless keyboard for just over two weeks and have been repeatedly, pleased with it's comfort, ease of use, compact design, and excellent looks. Below is my full review

Overall Rating
4 out of 5
- I docked it 1/2 of a point for the difficulty of the keyboard orientation set up
- The other 1/2 of a point is due to some hinge mechanism challenges and some
keyboard challenges (that are overcome with use)

The Airbender comes packed neatly in a very high quality box. One thing I have always admired about purchasing products from Apple is that they pay very close attention to detail with regard to their packaging and NewTrent has hit the same mark. There is something about the box that tells you there is something special inside that you are really going to like (and you will!)
Inside the box there are only a few pieces: The keyboard/case assembly; a micro USB cable for charging the keyboard; some very simply instructions for connecting the keyboard via bluetooth to your iPad, and some moist cleaning pads.

General Impressions
"Skin Case"
The case that surrounds the iPad itself is a very nice, very sturdy, matte finished plastic panel. The case works as a stand alone case without the keyboard or clipped into the clasp on the keyboard stand. One extra nice feature is that when you use the case without the keyboard the apple logo is prominently displayed through the hole in the back.

The keyboard has a very compact feel however, the keys have adequate spacing even for someone with large hands like me. There are some very handy shortcut keys at the top of the keyboard that allow for quick access to certain IOS features without having to move your hands from the keyboard to the screen. For those who have not used a keyboard with their iPad much, one of the most convenient features is that you now have the directional keys. I cannot tell you how many times I have been frustrated trying to get the cursor to the correct place in a paragraph of text and now I no longer have to fret about that! There are a few misses regarding the keyboard that I will cover in the "Misses" section below.

Case Build
Overall, this thing is built incredibly solid. I would even go so far as to call this somewhat ruggedized. There are adequate rubber stops both inside and out and the thickness of the casing is more than adequate to prevent damage caused from small bumps and the occasional drop. There is a rubber (almost "gasket-like") material surrounding the entire keyboard that feels good to the touch and sort of keeps your hands wanting to touch the keyboard.

Keyboard Orientation and Set Up
At first it can be a little challenging to figure out the best set up for working on the iPad with the keyboard attached. It is awesome to be able to connect the keyboard in either landscape OR portrait orientation (I have not see any other cases that allow you to do this so easily. The challenge is that it is difficult to find a good angle at which to keep the iPad. I have to say that I find it easiest to use the keyboard in portrait orientation due to the fact that I have not been able to get the right angle when working in landscape. Working with the sliding piece in the back allows for a greater range of movement however a loose hinge in the back prevents the iPad from staying in place without being nested on a table or the keyboard itself. I will cover this in more detail in the "Misses" section but for now say that it certainly isn't something that would ever prevent me from purchasing it (merely something I would like to recommend as a future feature enhancement.

Battery Life
I cannot really comment on the battery life except to say that I only charged the keyboard battery once and I have not had to since. I have been using the keyboard pretty heavily (I would say about 1.5-3 hours per day with pretty heavy typing (I use it with EverNote to take all of my notes)). That being said, I feel like the battery is more than sufficient for several weeks worth of heavy use.

Overall Hits, Misses, and Feature Improvement Suggestions


- The keys on the keyboard push well and have the perfect amount of travel. It is very similar to the MacBook Pro keyboard both with regard to layout and keystroke feel.
- The case is very compact and does not add a lot of additional weight. The best part is that it keeps the iPad feeling small which is something that I have not found in other cases especially those with keyboards attached.
- I LOVE that you can use the screen in any orientation
- The shortcut keys keep your fingers on the keyboard and not constantly reaching up for the screen. This saves time and frustration that is often associated with using a touchscreen with an external keyboard.
- The ability to easily detach the iPad from the Keyboard and still have a stand to use for something like Facetime. This is also very convenient when you would like to use an external monitor with your iPad via Apple TV. I like to use two screens on the iPad in this way and this keyboard is very handy in that regard. Another nice thing is that with the recent update to Apple TV you can also use the keyboard by itself to control your Apple TV. All super nice features.
- Overall the Airbender is a well built, rugged, convenient, and well thought out
accessory for your iPad. I HIGHLY recommend this Keyboard/Case combo over any others that are presently on the market.

Misses (includes feature modification requests)

Lock Keyboard Shortcut
The location of the "Lock" shortcut key is directly above the "delete/backspace" kay and therefore I find myself hitting it quit frequently (frequently enough to be slightly
- This is certainly a feature modification I would like to see in a future version.

Shift Key
The right-hand-side "Shift" key is much to small! It stops me in my tracks every time I need to use it and it has really slowed down my typing speed. I realize that real-estate is very small on these but if there is a way to at least make it a little larger that would be great
- As a feature mod. I might suggest making the left-hand-side "Shift" key
a little smaller and slide things slightly to the left which would allow the right sift key to become a little bigger

Hinge Mechanism
The hinge that attaches directly to the iPad is very loose and therefore the case flops to the back without hitting the table or keyboard first. This prevents me from putting the iPad in quite a few positions. This has been my number one frustration. If this hinge were tight (as tight as the large bottom hinge) then you could rest the iPad in virtually any three dimensional orientation.
Another draw back to this hinge being loose is that when you open the keyboard case the hinge slips and the keyboard flips in your hand making an almost cracking sound. At first I thought I had broken the case. I think that if the hinge were tighter you would not have this problem.

Magnetic On/Off/Sleep
I have to wonder is this case might be better off is it didn't have this feature. The reason I say that is that when you open the case and the iPad turns on you are pressing apps and when you finally get everything open you can have several apps open and possibly even delete an app. Just today I nearly deleted an app this way. By the time I got the case open there was a dialog box asking me if I was sure I wanted to delete "EverNote App?". If you had to manually turn it on after getting it all set up I think it would be better. Maybe at a minimum you could make it clear which orientation the iPad needed to be in for this feature to work. That way if you didn't want to use it you could simply put it in a different orientation.

Congratulations to NewTrent on making an excellent product. I have thoroughly enjoye testing the Airbender and have to say that it has nearly allowed me to hang up my laptop as my day-to-day device. The ease of use and convenience that this accessory provides has been just what I was looking for (and didn't know!). (Posted on 4/20/13)
Well Balanced Case Review by Randon
In general a pretty decent keyboard case for the money. The case strikes a well balance in its offerings. Pro's and Con's listed below.

- Keyboard is roomy given the form factor (makes touch typing actually feasible)
- Keyboard easily and quickly pairs over bluetooth
- Features iOS specific function keys such as screen brightness, volume, and home button
- Case can be separable into a slim and lightweight iPad case and stand-alone keyboard (great for separating keyboard and letting kids play with iPad)
- Case boasts a lot of flexibility allowing for both portrait and landscape orientation as well as multiple viewing angles

- Placement of iOS screen lock button is a little too close to delete key leading to accidental screen locking
- iOS picture slideshow button did not work for me (Posted on 4/19/13)
Great functional Ipad case. Review by Christian
This item lives up to it's billing as a useful and great case to protect your Ipad. As a practicing attorney, I have to use my Ipad in many settings and the case has stood up to the beating I give my Ipad time after time. The keyboard works great, easily pairs with the Ipad and the size of the case is perfect for my briefcase. I would recommend this case. (Posted on 4/16/13)
Compact case great for I-Pad Review by Ann
First keyboard case I have tried for I-Pad. Weight is not bad at all when realizing the strong protection for device, which is what I was searching for in a cover. Easy set up for bluetooth and battery has a long life. I like being able to detach the keyboard enabling a more relaxed use of the unit. Excellent price. Works well with all apps.
Tight keyboard takes time to get adjusted to using.
Right shift key, keep hitting the up key instead.
Opening of case a little awkward the I-Pad weight flipping back, it would help if it would lock to flip open then be able to unlock to maneuver I-Pad as needed.

(Posted on 4/16/13)
Amazing Review by Andrew
The keyboard case is absolutely amazing. I love the that you are able to go back to the home screen using the button provided on the keyboard! It is totally easy to use and I love that I can rest the iPad separate from the keyboard with the stand, and i can easily remove the iPad from the stand if I want to hold it in had. It also protects the iPad itself nicely!. Overall the keyboard is great and ideal for anyone that uses an iPad for more than just for entertainment. It is great for those who need something to type on they is comfortable and easily connected to iPad. (Posted on 4/15/13)
Airbender case for IPAD Review by Keena
I bought the New Trent keyboard/case a few months ago and I am very happy with it. It's easy to attach and the keys are about half the size of a normal size keyboard. Keying takes some getting use to, however I prefer it tremendously over the touch screen. The case is built well and feels like good protection for my IPAD. (Posted on 4/12/13)
Great keyboard Review by Juan
I liked how the keyboard functioned.. The keys felt smooth. I liked the protective case. I have the ipad smart cover (magnetic) and it would have been good to have some grooves in the protective case so that the smart over could be attached when not using the keyboard. (Posted on 4/12/13)
A sturdy iPad case Review by Andrew
Installing my device was simple and straight-forward, and as with the other New Trent products I have, very sturdy. Opening the screen is a little awkward because the swivel feature causes the bottom of the screen to scrape against the top of the keyboard, but it's not hard to get in the habit of being careful. The case is best used when you take the screen off from the keyboard completely and set on a sturdy desk. It can be used like a laptop connected to the keyboard, but it is top heavy and tends to tip. The benefit to leaving it connected though is the swivel feature, to be able to turn the screen to portrait mode is a feature I've been looking for for a while. You can also detach the device completely from the keyboard and stand easily for a less bulky experience. Pairing and typing couldn't be easier. The buttons function beautifully and are of a convenient size. Overall it's an impressive product that will last for a long time. (Posted on 4/11/13)
Hodgson- The entire body is critical! Future considers Rangweierxier loosen up Review by gfffmpox
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Speak of ultimately throughout country wide cardiovascular the beat within [url=]cheap jordan shoes[/url] looking at embrace Sa as well as shield Mei Xi's formula, walanei says: Defend confidentially with the pressure of whole party that is they, is not somebody.

(Posted on 4/11/13)
Great folio case for iPad! Review by MBenn
The New Trent Air Bender Keyboard Case for the iPad transforms your device into something more reminiscent of a laptop/netbook, adding protection, a keyboard, and endless options as a stand.

The Air Bender has full QWERTY keyboard buttons that are able to access other functions of the iPad. The case also has the ability to rotate the iPad 360 degrees on a removable hinge that makes it possible to use the screen vertically and horizontally. An additional feature is the ability to slide the "stand" portion of the case back and forth which allows the user to use the screen at various angles.

The 360-degree hinge is sturdy and allows for complete control over the angles of use. I especially like the option of being able to use the device vertically or horizontally. It is a very useful design, as the hinge helps balance the iPad while in laptop mode and also allows the case to fold completely back the opposite way. The hinge is unyielding under the weight of the iPad and securely holds any angle. The Air Bender also doubles as a stand for your iPad in just about any position you need.

The ability to function as a stand is great, but the keyboard is exceptional. The Air Bender has a full-QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard that uses keys that are similar to the ones you'll find on most iPad keyboards. The keys are closer together and being able to type in such a compact space takes some getting used to, but personally I feel that it is an improvement over the on-screen keyboard, especially for longer, more involved documents. It is important to note that the keys are very responsive to the touch. The Air Bender has a good number of iPad specific function keys that further enhance the functionality of the device.

Setup is simple; just slide the iPad in, power on the keyboard, and pair it in the Settings menu. It is the same as any other Bluetooth accessory and takes less than a minute to finish. You only need to do this once. In use, performance was fast and responsive, with keystrokes registering with little to no delay.

The Air Bender has a very familiar laptop/netbook feel which is outstanding. It offers a versatile, sturdy, and removable hinge and a full-QWERTY keyboard in a portable, "use anywhere" package. There is a noticeable increase in the weight of the iPad when it’s physically connected to the case, but it also provides solid protection from drops and offers alot of useful stand options. This is a solid, high-quality product that enhances the iPad experience. (Posted on 4/9/13)
Very Good Keyboard for the Price Review by Brian
The New Trent Airbender keyboard is a pretty nice keyboard for the price. It has some nice features such as the ability to "undock" it from the keyboard, the stand that slides out for use without the keyboard, and the ability to pivot it from landscape to portrait modes. Overall, it works very well and holds a charge for quite some time. Key feel is pretty good as well. The only downside I saw was that the "lip" that holds the iPad tilted was a bit too short and sometimes allowed the iPad to slide out of its "locked" state and the upper row of keys was misplaced a bit. Being used to things like the backspace key in the upper right (versus a function key) made for a bit of learning. Other than those two items, overall I would say this is a very good keyboard and allows for easy carrying when folded down as a "case" for the iPad as well. (Posted on 4/6/13)
WOW! Review by mark
After a full charge, I gave the NT38B case/keyboard a good workout. I initially had a different cover on my iPad with a magnetic closure cover that folded into a stand. The NT38b took over with the added convenience of the keyboard, and the ability of the removal of the keyboard for lightweight use. I have read some slightly negative comments regarding the floppiness of the ipad when the unit is folded open. This occurred to me due to the tightness of the hinge when new. With continued use the NT38B loosens up and I was able to prop it into place quite easily and have the iPad rest firmly in place against the keyboard, giving me no trouble with regular everyday use. My teenage daughters gave the keyboard a real workout with daily postings on their favorite sites and loved the keyboard option vs. their screen keyboard option on their devices. The battery is still going strong on the original charge. The fit of the case is well engineered, as I have had no problem with all of the iPad functions and buttons. The case finish is just right, grippy enough to hold it securely when needed and never show fingerprints. EXCELLENT job New Trent! I’m a big fan…
(Posted on 4/3/13)
Better than many other more expensive keyboards and cases I have tried. Review by Leonard
1. Solid yet lightweight. Nice form factor. Maintains a portfolio feel when carrying. Have tried several other keyboard cases and they have always felt extremely heavy and bulky. Also, matte finish does not show fingerprints.
2. Separable design, Keyboard from Screen allowing for comfortable and personalized viewing and typing distance
3. Very Responsive with a good selection of smart keys.
4. Has smartcover tech but not listed anywhere...? Must remember to keep iPad with power button to right for it to work...
5. Keys a little close together for someone with large hands but way better than many other keyboards where the keys are much smaller and cramped.

1. Case "feels" a little too plastic making it a little slippery at times. Needs to be a bit more tactile to prevent slippage when carrying.
2. Hinge needs to be stiffer to maintain angle of iPad. Occasionally slid down after time.
3. Could use some kind of "feet" to keep iPad standing when separated from case. Made hard to position at times.
4. Needs to support more than 4 positions on rotor
5. Charger a bit annoying to plugin and line up, took several tries to get right. (Posted on 4/2/13)
I love it Review by Sandra
This was such a great product. The case protected my I Pad better than any cover I ever owned. The Bluetooth keyboard stayed charged for a very long time...and worked very well. I'd recommend this product to anyone at anytime. (Posted on 3/30/13)
Lots of bang for your buck! Review by Danny
I was in a meeting with a colleague who had the New Trent Airbender - while I was using the Apple wireless keyboard. I was attracted to the all-in-one case design, with easy access to a "full" keyboard. It wasn't long before I added the Airbender to my wishlist and considered buying it for myself. Before I could buy it I received the keyboard case for my birthday and it works perfectly with my 2nd generation iPad (64gb, 3G-AT&T). I've used it for about a month and have not been disappointed. Setup (putting on the cover, connecting the Bluetooth) was a breeze. The case fits securely but is also pretty easy to remove (if you ever need to use another mount, case, etc.). The product is very well constructed and feels like it will stand up to frequent in-the-bag travel and use. I like how you can easily disconnect the iPad from the keyboard to use it independently, but can reconnect and be on the go in seconds. Unlike the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, the keys are protected and hidden away for transport - all in one easy to place package. The auto magnet shutoff is also handy!

The keyboard is rather small. While I am a MacBook users, and have typed on laptop keyboards for years, the Airbender keyboard is certainly tighter - more in-line with a netbook keyboard. With a few uses you get used to it and can type very quickly - certainly faster than with the onscreen keyboard. As a touch-typist averaging close to 80wpm I find it useable for meetings and while on the go. As other reviewers have mentioned, it's a little annoying that the lock key is right above (close to) the delete/back key... but after you hit it a half dozen times you become more careful and learn to work around it. Having quick access buttons to dim the screen, access photos, or manage music playback is also great.

Probably my largest issue is with the hinge at the back of the device. While it is secure and allows you to rotate the iPad back to lay flat against the keyboard, rotate, etc., the hinge is somewhat loose and does not allow you to set the screen at varying angles. The iPad either must rest against the keyboard/surface to set the angle by resting the bottom edge, or the iPad must rest back against the hinge itself. The hinge will not secure the screen at various viewing angles. This is somewhat difficult to describe, as I've read other reviews who tried but that I did not understand. This is a relatively small issue, but it was probably my only disappointment with the case. With time I've learned to set it up comfortably.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive keyboard/case combo for use at home or on the go - I highly recommend the New Trent Airbender. Double check the description to make sure you are getting the case and design you want. (Posted on 3/29/13)
Great Keyboard - Almost Perfect Review by Big-O
The good
*Overall design is elegant
*Quality feel. Sturdy (Most other keyboards I have found are quite flimsy in nature).
*Easy access buttons on the top row are a nice feature that integrates well with the iPad.
*Main arm of the attachment is very strong, and has an appropriate level of
tension for its work. The ability to remove the monitor stand is a nice
bonus for when I am working at a desk.
*The case is sturdy enough for me to use my iPad as a laptop with no desk. I love the ability to easily detach
the iPad and use it as a stand alone device.
*I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the ease
of switching orientation.
*I love that the case stays tightly closed
when I have the iPad in it and am not using it. Other cases without dual
side attachment struggle with this point.

Things to know before purchasing:
*The lock button just above the delete key is placed such that I often (90%
of the time) miss the delete key and hit the lock key. I am learning not to do this, but I have had to retrain my fingers.
*Same issue with the page up key. I often (95% of the time) hit the page up key instead of the question mark. Several times this has caused me to end up somewhere else in my paragraph or at the beginning of my line typing...and then I have to start over. Not crippling, but I needed to retrain my fingers.

*The device is a bit cumbersome to set up because there are so many steps (though you can do so relatively quickly, but once you set it up it is a dream:
swing the arm out, slide the stand back, tilt the stand down, place the monitor, make fine adjustments.
*The screen angle seems a little steep to me for laptop use and depending on the height of my desk, but you do have a range of angles based on the very settings that make this more "cumbersome" to set up, which is a positive.
*The keyboard does not lock in place per say, so you have to adjust the arm to have sufficient tension between the screen and the lip designed to hold the screen in place. Not a negative, just something to note.

A great buy overall. (Posted on 3/29/13)
Cool, SImple, and Very Functional Case w/Keyboard Review by Peter
Overall, I really like the NT-38B case and keyboard and found it extremely intuitive to set up and use. Even without reading the manual, I had my iPad in the case, with bluetooth working, and keyboard connected, in under a minute. Using this case, you can use the iPad display upgright, angled, and even disconnected from the case (like a separate monitor). It is really well designed, sturdy, and better than other cases I have used in the past. I am going to use this as the default case for my iPad from now on!

- Excellent Packaging
- Case is sturdy, well made, and looks great
- iPad could be easily installed and removed from case
- Keyboard quickly, easily, and successfully paired with iPad
- The keyboard and case nicely protects the iPad screen when case is
- Keyboard is quiet when typing, although rubber keys would make the
keyboard even quieter and provide additional protection to the iPad screen.
- Nice indicator lights for CAPS lock, Charge, and bluetooth discovery.
- Can easily rotate screen 360 degrees
- All buttons, camera, and charging port are accessible with case on
- Case nicely supports iPad in horizontal and vertical positions, easy to flip the iPad screen, and you can even disconnect the iPad and use like a separate monitor
- You can still use the iPad as an iPad, by adjusting the case so that the iPad lays flat on top of the keyboard

- No explanations of keys on the keyboard
- No keyboard backlight

Things I would like:
- The case opening to be a little smoother ... sometimes I needed to touch the iPad screen
- Since you can quickly disconnect the iPad with backing case, it would be great if I could connect the Smart Cover more securely to the iPad
- A trackpad above the keyboard (Posted on 3/28/13)
Turns my IPad into the perfect Laptop replacement Review by Richard
I typically travel Monday through Friday of every week and with such a heavy travel schedule I prefer to only travel with the devices that I know I will need. With the addition of the AirBender from NewTrent my Ipad has officially replaced my MacBook Pro laptop. The Airbender not only provides my Ipad sufficient protection while I am traveling the apt keyboard is a perfect compliment to the Ipad allowing me to be as productive as I would be on my laptop. Pairing the keyboard with the Ipad couldn't be easier. They keys on the keyboard have a perfect tactile feel and provide me the added touch type speed I crave when creating a extended document. Overall I am very pleased with the Airbender and would recommended it to anyone looking to stay productive while on the road all the while leaving the laptop at home.

1) Well designed. The ipad fits perfectly.
2) The keys on the keyboard feel great and provide that "full," keyboard feel.
3) The battery last what seems to be forever.
4) Ascetically it compares to the current generation of iPads, nice adjunct.
5) Competing products are easily 50% more in cost with lesser quality then the Airbender.

1) The case / keyboard adds bulk and weight to the slimmed down Ipad. But truly this is not that big of a deal. If you need a external keyboard the combo of the Airbender and the Ipad is about as light and slim as it can get. (Posted on 3/27/13)
Nice keyboard overall Review by Harry
The keys are small, but that's to be expected with an iPad keyboard. The keys actually have a decent feel. The right shift key is smaller than the left, which means I have to stretch my right pinky to hit it, otherwise I find myself at the line above.
I  really like the music controls though- they even work with Pandora. Bold, italic and underline work with the cmd button like on a Mac keyboard- this might throw Windows users.
One cool thing is you can bring up the virtual keyboard (keyboard button on top row) from which you can access additional functionality such as  strikethrough, highlighting (! key), paragraph functions, etc. (At least in Evernote, which is what I'm typing this in.)
        The arrow keys can be used with the fn key for the home, page up, page down, and end functions.
All in all, typing on the keyboard isn't bad. I have concerns about how well the plastic shell holds the iPad itself, and I don't think the overall case would offer much protection if one were to drop the iPad in the case. Suffice it to say I wouldn't attempt it myself.
The case is magnetic, so when it's closed the iPad turns off and turns on when it's opened. Another cool feature is that the iPad can be separated from the keyboard. However, the weight of the iPad on the plastic stand makes it a bit precarious, so it can't be placed at too shallow an angle or it collapses on itself. Also, when the stand is connected to the keyboard the most shallow angle allowed is still a bit steep for my taste, especially in landscape mode.
Another feature I really appreciate is the fact that the iPad can be swiveled from landscape to portrait mode, which is very handy for apps that only support portrait mode.
It's pretty lightweight, which is good. It's easy to connect & only requires one time to be paired to Bluetooth, then it can be used instantly. I have a logon password and even when the iPad is off, all I have to do is hit any key and it wakes up and I can enter my password. (Posted on 3/27/13)
Nice case! Review by The Big 5
PROS:- Packaged nicely- Box provides a nice set of pictures for the customer to see ahead of time.- Not overly heavy or large. - Buttons seems fairly sturdy.- Easy connection to bluetooth. A nice sturdy case in general with only a few slight improvements needed.

- When opening by pulling from the top the lower portion of the case "snaps" up towards you. To me that feels as if it may break easily or if one of my children are trying to open it. When pulling stand out it seems to go back in too easily. - I am 6'5" and have large hands so can be a bit narrow when typing. However, in order to fit in an ipad case, that is necessary.

SUGGESTIONS:- Maybe a locking mechanism on the back portion of the case so when opening it doesn't just "flip"/"snap" right up at me. Backlit keyboard? Charge both the keyboard and ipad at the same time with one cable?

Overall though it seems to do the trick of protecting the keyboard, while providing a a bluetooth keyboard at a reasonable price. (Posted on 3/26/13)
Very pleased with this product Review by Ryan
I don't normally use my iPad for heavy typing, but I wanted the option of a keyboard for the times that I need to do a lot of writing. I also needed a new case for my iPad - its been naked since my smart case wore out, so this product filled a few needs. I own a few other New Trent devices and i'm a fan of their products and their price point, so I decided to give this a try. Overall, i'm pretty impressed with this clamshell keyboard.

There's 2 main components to this device. One is the case that clips into the iPad, which in turn can connect to the keyboard. I like the plastic shell case that clips to the iPad - my concern was that like many cases it would add too much bulk and i'd want to remove it often. That does not seem to be the case (worst pun ever intended). It's lightweight and doesn't add any considerable bulk to the iPad. All of the ports and buttons and speakers are exposed through the design of the case. I haven't taken the case off since I first put it on, and it actually seems to make the iPad easier to hold. Thankfully I haven't dropped my iPad lately so I can't attest to the protective capabilities it may add, but it seems like it would add at least some protection for the iPad hardware. It feels safer with it on. The case also has a pleasing design in that it leaves a hole that exposes the apple logo, and thats the hole that attaches to the keyboard. I'm a sucker for thoughtful design like that.

It's simple to attach and remove the iPad from the keyboard stand. Thats another feature I like - I didn't want a cumbersome project just to put the keyboard on the stand.

Actually, its the type of product that you have to play around with a little before you get a good feel with how to correctly sit the iPad in there for the best different viewing angles. The instruction manual is short - it's enough to get you up and running, but a few extra usage tips might have helped. I often found myself setting up the iPad in a way that I thought was correct, but was actually making the setup back-heavy, and prone to tipping backwards. I found out that you have to adjust the viewing bracket a little to get it into a good position. Once I got comfortable with the weight distribution, I was able to setup the iPad in both portrait and landscape mode without fear of tipping.

The thing that impressed me the most about the keyboard are the specialized buttons for the iPad control. These include: a home button, a search button, one that brings up and hides the keyboard, music controls, brightness controls, and a lock button. I was expecting a fully functional keyboard so that did not disappoint, but these specialized buttons make a world of difference. It gives the feeling that this isn't just a keyboard that works with an iPad, its a keyboard specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad's features. I love being able to adjust the brightness without having to go into the settings, or change the music without double tapping the home button or leaving the application I'm using.

It also was easy to connect with bluetooth. The iPad recognized the keyboard immediately, and it told me the password to enter on the keyboard to connect. I'm glad it didn't make me remember or choose a password that I would surely forget.

There's a fundamental issue I have with pretty much any portable or travel keyboard - in an effort to squeeze all of the buttons into a smaller package, the buttons are often smaller and closer together. This case does a good job of adding all of the keys into a layout that doesn't vary much from a normal keyboard, but these buttons are still closer together than an everyday keyboard. I can't fault this specific product much for that, because there's really no other compromise when making a keyboard to fit the dimensions of the iPad. But having to type with my fingers closer together isn't ideal. I can still type much faster than the on screen keyboard, but there's a trade off in comfort as opposed to using a full size keyboard. One specific issue I found myself having is that the lock key is directly above the delete key. I'm used to a bigger delete key of course, and often I press the lock key instead of pressing delete. However, if there was any key to press accidentally, i'm glad its the lock key. I can just press it again to unlock and pick up where I left off. Had another key been in that position, for example, the home key, it would be such a hassle to return to the application I was previously using.

I do wish the integration between the keyboard and the iPad would extend more, but I think it is a limitation by iOS and not the product. For example, once I press the home button on the keyboard, it returns me to the home screen. From there, I would love to be able to use the keyboard to scroll through the icons and select one. I can't seem to do that, so I have to revert back to touching the screen. Another example is sending Messages. I can type a message on the keyboard, but I can't just press enter or shift-enter to send the message. I still have to press the send button on the screen. It's hard to fault a product for something that is most likely an apple design feature, but it would be nice if the keyboard could integrate into the iPad usage more.

The iPad can close into the keyboard, which gives it the feel of a small IBM computer or netbook. I'm not a fan of hiding the beauty of the iPad, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Once its closed, it does add some girth and weight to it as expected, but its still not heavy. The keyboard is low profile, and the whole thing still surprisingly fit into my messenger bag which has a thin sleeve designed for the iPad. It was a tight fit, but a fit nonetheless. I'm glad I didn't need to upgrade my messenger bag to accommodate this case.

The bluetooth battery seems to last long, but i've found the battery life to be somewhat of a mystery. When I first got the keyboard, I plugged it up for the initial charge, and a red charging indicator light came on. I charged it for about a full day, and the light stayed red. There doesn't seem to be an indicator of a full charge. However, i've been using this product for close to a week and that was the only time I charged it, so it seems to be going strong. I've actually forgot to turn the keyboard off at times, and i'm still on the initial charge. I'm not sure if there will be an indicator when it gets low on battery life. I can't remember if it was in the instruction guide, I was too eager to start playing with it.

Overall i'm very pleased with this product. I find myself using this as more of a dock for my iPad, which is a pleasant surprise. I expected to gain a case for my iPad and a keyboard if I needed to use one, but I didn't anticipate gaining essentially a docking station for my iPad. I can set it up right next to my laptop when i'm working and adjust it to a good angle, as opposed to laying on a table and having to pick it up when I want to use it. Sometimes i'll keep an application like email or messages open and use it as a separate communications station. The convenience of the specialized iPad buttons really shine in settings like this.

With all the viewing options, this product provides a lot of versatility and flexibility with normal ipad usage, if its for travel or home or whatever. It allows me to get more out of my iPad, and I can't ask for much more than that. I can see how it could be useful in a variety of settings. I'd give 4.5 stars if I could, with the main issues relating to the general issues of smaller keyboards. (Posted on 3/26/13)
iPad keyboard case Review by JTR
The case design is nice and looks more expensive than the actual cost.Once
charged up pairing with my iPad was very quick and I was able to start
using the keyboard right away. I've been using the case daily with ease. The keyboard is steady and feels like a standard keyboard. Overall it's a great case especially the hard case to protect the iPad. One key item to note this is not a laptop use it like an iPad and it works well. Great keyboard case for and iPad! My rating is 4.5 (Posted on 3/26/13)
Very impressed with the Airbender case/keyboard Review by Aimee
My review for item NT38B/IMP38B Air Bender ipad 2/3/4 keyboard
case is as follows:

Pros - upscale quality packaging, initial set-up and use in less than 5 minutes, bluetooth connection was quick and hassle free, sturdy build and feel, the matte finish provides grip, all ports/buttons/camera on iPad are accessible, compact keyboard that includes many function keys (brightness, volume, lock screen, arrow keys, video controls, etc.), long lasting battery, it is easy to detach the iPad from the keyboard if desired, also easy to reattach

Cons - if you are using it on your lap, on a soft surface (like a pillow, on your lap), or positioned below eye level, it can be difficult to to position the iPad screen at the correct angle. I found that it would get top-heavy and sometimes tip backwards or have the iPad rotate all the way around to face the opposite direction. Sliding out the connecting portion does help with the angle issue, but it does not lock into place, and can easily get pushed back in while trying to adjust the angle of the iPad. This is the biggest problem I had with this item. With a little bit of practice/trial and error, it has become easier to position the iPad's screen angle.

It is a bit heavier than I thought it would be when it is all together, but I can easily look past this because of all the positives.

Suggestion - I would love (and it would be incredibly convenient) to have a storage place for my NT microfiber stylus so I don't have to search through my bag/purse to locate it, when I want it. (Posted on 3/25/13)
Great Product! Review by christopher
Not only does it protect my IPAD, it makes it so much easier to type when I have alot of text to enter. has many other features to that make it easy to navigate the IPAD. (Posted on 3/22/13)
I loved the case!! Review by Raquel
I loved how sturdy the case was when I first opened the box. The instructions were super easy to understand, and the setup took less than a minute. The connection to the Bluetooth was seamless with its connection with a simple on and off button.. (Posted on 3/21/13)
Great case and bluetooth keyboard for the iPad Review by David
Overall, I thought this was a very good product. The bluetooth connection worked well. I tested it with the iPad removed from the keyboard and resting on a table about 2 feet away. I like that you can orient the iPad vertically or in a landscape orientation. It takes some getting used to angling the iPad when it is in landscape orientation and you are trying to rest it near the top of the keyboard, but I think this just takes some getting used to. The case is a hard plastic but feels solid and surrounds the iPad. Despite this, it does not feel bulky and I can easily see myself using this case and keyboard to travel with. (Posted on 3/21/13)
Great unit Review by Megastar7
The New Trent Airbender is in 3 separate pieces and provides 3 different functions. It is a protective shell, a stand and a bluetooth keyboard. As a unit, all pieces connect and work flawlessly together. Each piece can also be used independently of each other and/or along with other items.

Independently I do not feel the protective shell is adequate to prevent damage to my IPad if it were dropped. I therefore stopped using it after the first couple of days when it popped off on its own, and went back to using my old imitation leather cover. If I were to design the cover on this I would make it out of something less slick and with a bit more protection (padding).

The stand is definitely a keeper for me. I can use it alone with some finagling but it is a cinch to just slip it into the keyboard halfway (this is what allows ipad to rest above keyboard without toppling over) and prop my pad on it and flip my leather cover over the back. I find it is the perfect angle for setting on the counter to read recipes off of or just to sit down and type. The angles it provides are a huge advantage over the 3 or 4 that my current cover allows....none of which have the height that this one has. I give this part of it an A+.

The keyboard is the most important part and no doubt the only reason one would purchase this item. While I've not used any other bluetooth keyboards, I have used hundreds of typewriters and keyboards. And while I love the fact that I can now use a keyboard with my IPad instead of the virtual keypad, I do have a few problems with this keyboard. One of the worst features is that the shift key on the right is in the wrong location. There is a page up key where the shift should be and I mistakenly hit it constantly. If I slow down and think about it I can avoid this problem but then I'm also having to slow down. I've been using this for less than a week though and I would expect I will get used to it and perhaps not even notice it after a while. I wonder if this will cause any difficulty as I go back and forth between my computer keyboard and this one.

A 2nd problem I had initially was that sometimes a letter would repeat itself when you don't intend it to and sometimes a letter will not show up that you did intend. However, either the keyboard learns to adjust to your pressure or I am adjusting to it as the more I use this the less it is happening.

To end I have just 2 more observations to note about this product. One is that the instructions were easy to follow and I had no problems with them but there were a couple of typos in the small "booklet". Finally, the use of any bluetooth keyboard will necessarily shorten the charge life of your IPad's battery. I don't have a problem with that as I am usually at home when I'm working on my IPad but it is something to keep in my mind when you first begin to use the product. I have not timed it but believe the charge life is about half of its usual if I leave the bluetooth (not necessarily the keyboard) on all the time. So you may want to be sure and turn off your bluetooth when you are not using it.
(Posted on 3/20/13)
Awesome keyboard case AND... BEST value for the money Review by Stacy
I have tried several different types of keyboards for the iPad. This is my 2nd iPad, as I had an original and have had my iPad2 since it came out. I am usually what people call an "early adopter", which means I'm a geek girl who likes new techy items.

Comparing my experience with the AirBender to previous keyboard cases, the AirBender has many great features and is the best value for the money, HANDS-DOWN!

Here is my breakdown of the pros and the few "cons". The PROS definitely outweigh the cons in this item!:

* After figuring out all of the possible configurations and why the slide out part is there, I really like being able to use my iPad in many different configurations.
* I love being able to turn the screen portrait.
* The construction is substantial, and protective of my iPad.
* I love having specialty keys
* It's really awesome to be able to pull the iPad off of the AirBender without taking it out of the black case altogether.
* It was super easy to pair with my iPad and overall I really like it after I've used it for several days
* I would recommend the item to a friend, good price overall for a good item.

* The rotational clip holding the iPad onto the AirBender was hard for me, but that is because I have a pretty bad left hand injury, so it takes me two hands to do many things
* The keyboard LOCK key is where my delete/backspace key is on my keyboard, but is great to have to lock your iPad screen when you need to. It just takes getting used to!

NewTrent does it again with this item... I'm recommending it to friends and am glad NewTrent has a variety of items to choose from. Next time I want to buy something, NewTrent gets first look! (Posted on 3/19/13)
Very good product Review by Tycho
New Trent has really developed a good product again with this easy to use keyboard/cover. It's easy to snap into place and swirl it around. Having had this for a few months it's still going strong. The bluetooth connection is easy to set up initially and works flawlessly. The only problem I have is with certain positions. It's not as sturdy and sometimes has the tendency to fall over.
All in all it's a solid product for the price. (Posted on 3/17/13)
great keyboard case for iPad and even Apple TV2 but not ideal for computer/HTPC use yet Review by Eran
So far I have tested this keyboard with an iPad 2, Apple TV (2nd generation), Mac Pro (running Mac OSX Snow Leopard) and MacBook Pro (running Mac OSX Mountain Lion). I am typing this review using the NT38B keyboard connected to a MacBookPro by Blue Tooth. Here are my thoughts about the NT38B Airbender keyboard case for iPad after two weeks of use:

1. THE GOOD STUFF: there are many great things about this keyboard, some of which appear to be improvements over earlier designs because i have not had some of the problems described by other Amazon reviewers. the space bar is working great for me, no problems with the shape and no problems reliably hitting the space bar with my right thumb while touch typing. overall size and layout of keyboard is much better than i expected from a keyboard of this size (with the exception of the right shift key as described below). the clamshell design is great and i love how the rotating mount for the ipad can be removed from the keyboard and used to stand the ipad on a desk or countertop even when the keyboard is detached. the keyboard itself works GREAT with Apple TV2 and this is a good secondary use for this keyboard, especially considering how frustrating it can be to enter a lot of text (e.g. passwords, logins, etc.) on an apple tv using the apple-supplied remote control and onscreen keyboard. the basic arrow pad works great, both with OSX applications and also with the Apple TV2. i was able to use this keyboard for a full 8-hour shift of video editing with final cut pro which is an unfair test to put such a small keyboard through but it passed surprisingly smoothly, all things considered. battery life appears to be good as i have not yet had to charge the keyboard and have not turned it off for the past two weeks.

2. THE TRADE-OFF: because the keyboard is only as wide as an iPad the keys are close together and this takes a little getting used to at first. This is most noticeable when trying to hit the "delete" key (and getting the lock key accidentally) and when trying to hit the right side "shift" key (and hitting the up arrow key accidentally). It only took a few minutes of using the keyboard before I was able to get used to the position of the "delete" key and hit it without hitting the lock key. The right side "shift" key position is more of a problem and I still occasionally hit the up arrow key accidentally when reaching for shift, which can be frustrating.

3. OTHER MISC. NOTES: iPad "auto lock" magnet system works great with my iPad 2, but only if the iPad is facing in one particular direction when the lid is closed. the function keys across the top of the keyboard work great for iPad and are very handy, especially the home button and lock button. these function keys work as standard function keys with a mac OSX computer, but because they are not pre-printed with "F1, F2, etc." it takes a little getting used to at first.

I have rated this product 4 out of 5 stars because I see a few ways in which it could be improved (especially for use with computers) but overall it is a very good product which performs outstandingly with both iPad 2 and Apple TV 2.
(Posted on 3/16/13)
This thing is awesome! Review by Freddy
After having a week with the NT38B Case/Keyboard here is my review

1. Functionality- it was incredibly easy to put the case on my iPad and the design is very intuitive in demonstrating how to release my iPad from the stand portion. It synced easily and I was surprised and impressed by built in buttons that could control my iPads volume and brightness. The swivel mechanism/arm is a little bit tricky to learn at first but within five minutes I was able to figure out different ways I could position it to use the ipad.
2. Battery life- seems reasonable and the charging cord plugs into any usb charger so that makes it very versatile.
3. Size- I was pleasantly surprised by how light it was considering the strength of the case, the swivel arm design, and the size of the keyboard.

Overall I would not hesitate to give this case a 5 out of 5 rating. (Posted on 3/13/13)
Wife loves it! Review by Lou
My wife uses her ipad 4 mainly around the house, and has really migrated to this over her laptop. For that reason, having a keyboard that works nicely is really an advantage. The Airbender NT38B is very comfortable to use. She really likes to use it while relaxing on the couch, or on the bed, streaming movies or just playing games. Email is much faster to type with the keyboard! The ipad still fits in its travel case with the Airbender on, too.
- The fact that the upright brace is removable is a very nice feature, it holds the ipad upright even when removed from the keyboard.
- The release button for the upright brace is in an awkward position, as the ipad hits it when sliding back and forth on the back portion of the keyboard.
- Nice that the unit has an on/off switch, but an auto-off timer would be a nice feature to add.
- It levels very nicely in vertical position, but that is not the most convenient position for viewing movies, pictures, etc. When in horizontal mode, the ipad seems to be just floating along and not in a set position.
- Set up was a snap, and the keyboard is very comfortable to use.
(Posted on 3/12/13)
Great deal for price! Review by Joe
When I received this unit it worked perfectly right out of the box. The Bluetooth connected and reconnected each and every time. I work with many laptop vendors and get new laptops daily, this keyboard was the same quality as HP or Dells I get.
I tested and used every key and every one did the function expected and the function written on the key.
-Easy to use
-fast setup
-Light weight

-Would like thicker plastic or metal in the plastic.

This is a great keyboard for the price! (Posted on 3/11/13)
Compact, Functional and Effective Word Processing Workhorse Review by Donnie

This is my second Bluetooth keyboard I previously owned the AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard (before it came with a mini stand) which I used regularly and enjoyed. I will try not to use it as "The Standard" but only as a model of comparison. This may possibly be a helpful approach to those who are familiar with the AmazonBasics keyboard.

I have been using the Airbender IMP38B with an iPad2 on a regular basis typically 4-6 hours Monday-Thursday for academia and work purposes and the rest of the days for leisure and homework, approximately 2-3 hours. I used the applications Pages and Notes for Word Processing and Keynote for simple presentations and had no issues other than having to use the touchscreen regularly to get in the proper location where I could type. As this was faster than pressing tab multiple times, but this is not so much an Airbender IMP38B issue than it is a typical Mobile Tablet limitation/Issue. I used Safari (Internet), Photon (Internet), Email, Netflix (Movies) and Crunchyroll (Movies), Autodesk Autocad (Computer Drafting&Design) apps and had no issues.

(((My conclusion and "personal opinion" of someone who uses the Airbender Primarily for MOBILE word processing and Secondary for MOBILE small presentations and on the job/onsite Architectural Design modifications. Overall I have been impressed and satisfied with the Airbender IMP38B. I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 if I could but I choose to give it 5 stars in order to not deter potential users from trying Airbender IMP38B. Therefore I prefer to think about in between ratings (1/2's or .5) in the more charitable sense instead of the negative.)))
Before using the Airbender IMP38B the iPad2 would not have been the hardware of choice for applications that required large amounts of typing. Instead I would have preferred the use of my Ultrabook or Laptop. The Airbender IMP38B has allowed me to be a bit more compact and mobile especially in a School/Classroom setting, as the primary scope of work in a college/academia is Research & Typing/Note-taking. In my work environment though it is more challenging to use the Airbender IMP38B as the iPad2 does not possess the ideal processing power for graphics that a high end laptop or desktop could possibly have. That being said the Airbender does allow me to be more mobile in an academic setting and has become my preferred choice of hardware device over my Ultrabook. The battery Life on an iPad2 and Airbender IMP38B permit me to work longer without needing an outlet in comparison to an Ultrabook and Laptop. I also own the New Trent IMP 120D iCarrier which expands my abilities to be more "outlet independent". I recommend this product to ANY K-K12 to College student, or individual owning an iPad compatible device. That desires the smallest possible footprint on their desk while still being able to comfortably yet in an effective and still efficient manner type without being impeded by chubby fingers and/or micro miniature keys. I think New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender successfully accomplishes the creation of a device that hybrids both mobility and functionality.
Every good product still has its areas of improvement I included a section that has a combination of things I "like" along with a critique and their possible improvements. Hopefully this section will help inform potential users of what the Airbender does and doesn't have. (Please note as stated above I am well pleased with the Airbender IMP38B enough to rate it 4.5 stars. And that despite any critique or my opinion of possible "improvement" suggestions I don't think it detracts from the products current functionality and effectiveness as a product. My comments are only concepts that reflect would make MY use of the product better, I am selfish that way) :)

My favorite feature by far is the removable iPad Cover from Stand and Stand from Base/Keyboard System which is really a 3 part system (Cover, Stand & Base/Keyboard) which New Trent implemented well. In my daily use that has been by far the most practical and functional feature on the Airbender. It provides almost limitless customization possibilities regardless of the space of my work-area.

A Con and word of caution:
- One of the difficulties I found while trying to open the Airbender is that the Cover/Stand portion became difficult to fully open once I reached an approximate 60-70degree angle or 7" if measured from Cover Corner to Base Corner. Perhaps creating some kind of locking mechanism between the case and the stand could alleviate this issue. So that while the Airbender is being opened when completely shut position, it is easier to open without the top edge of the iPad Cover flipping towards the back possibly damaging the 360* rotation mechanism.

- Personally I love the Matte Finish in comparison to piano/glossy finish. I would recommend a more rugged/tough case overall. I am concerned if I accidentally dropped the Airbender Cover it may crack or break. But then again electronics are not designed to be tossed around like Frisbees. What I had in mind is like the Otterbox and Trident brand cases. But just to be clear the minimalist slim design is great I just wish we could have both worlds. The Cover & iPad is very thin & light which is a plus. When detached from the Stand and Base adding a textured back to the Cover may help reduce the chances of slippage from hands.
- I think a much needed upgrade is adding a cut out in Cover for a SmartCover. A unique and clever feature is the ability and ease by which the Airbender Cover can be separated from its Stand and Base. It may not be necessary to use the keyboard Base all the time so detaching it for on the go leaves the iPad screen vulnerable since the Base/Keyboard was what protected it when closed.

-I liked that I had a full set of keys on my keyboard even some extra shortcut keys which I found most helpful like the Home Screen and Light screen. Considering I have chubby fingers keys did not feel to small and the key labeling was clear even in dim lighting. I type about 40-45 words per minute so I enjoyed that keys were quieter than most laptops in my classes.
Side Note: In comparison to AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard (ABBK) I found the ABBK keyboard keys make less noise at my current typing speed (40-45 wpm) than the Airbenders. ABBK keys (9/16"x9/16") are slightly larger than the Airbenders approximating at 9/16+"wide x 1/2". The overall width of the keyboard is smaller and does not have a designated "ESC".
-Having a ScreenLock key was great but I found myself accidentally locking my screen when typing as I would mistake it for the delete button. A personal preference as someone who used the Airbender in majority for word processing, I would recommend relocating the ScreenLock key to the opposite side next to Home Screen Key, as the tilde & #one key button might be used less than delete key.
-The Globe key (Languages) had no function at all which is located above #6 a circle with lines running through it. Perhaps a customizable key/s might better serve the user.
-I absolutely love the battery life of the Airbender I haven't been able to approximate the max capacity of the battery but I have reached at least 4+ hours of continual use with about 18+ hours of standby with on and off keyboard interactions. Then I had to charge it as I did not want to be in a school or work environment with a battery depleted Airbender.
-Also noticed that when the Airbender is opened beyond a 90-95degree angle it tends to tilt back more and more the further the top edge of the Cover is away from the base edge (edge near spacebar key). Perhaps to create a balance slightly more weight may be needed towards the Base keyboard edge to create equilibrium when the Cover is opened beyond a 90degree angle.
-A plus is it uses a standard micro-USB charger, so I was able to use PowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A charger to charge it instead of the one it came with. So it charges to full in approximately 3.5+hours. I am not sure if it is any different as far as charging speed in comparison to standard charger.

These are recommendations of possible upgrades to a future version of the Airbender.
1. Illuminated Keyboard/keys-set that could be turned on and off.
2. Programmable/Customizable Keys (may require application).
3. Light/LED or Digital Battery Indicator, the battery life on this keyboard is amazing but its difficult to figure out how much juice it has left.
4. There is a 9-1/2x2-1/4 area above the keyboard that is not being used perhaps Solar Powering & Charging capabilities might be possible? Environmental friendly.
5. Touch-pad similar to laptops/ultrabooks so the iPad screen need no to be touched. Due to balance issues every time the iPad is touched when it is not in portrait position causes it to tilt back and lose balance.
6. Perhaps keyboard keys/area only does not need to be physical keys but touch screen surface instead. (Posted on 3/10/13)
Awesome! Review by Jason
great product! I like that I can prop
open the keyboard and type away on something - and then unsnap the keyboard
and take the iPad off for reading. I also like that the iPad turns on
immediately when opening up the case. All bluetooth functions on the
keyboard seem to work as they're supposed to. Only downside to this
product is the size of the keyboard - but that's because I have big
hands/fingers - so that's my issue - I'm used to firing away on a regular
sized keyboard, so I've had to slow down a bit - but it's only a minor
inconvenience. Overall, this product is great - would definitely recommend
for folks on the go that need to type up a quick email without having to
punch letter-by-letter on the screen itself. (Posted on 3/9/13)
A MUST have keyboard for ANY iPad user!! Review by Ravi
I received my keyboard/case a few days ago and have been using it since
then. I had been using a generic cover along with a generic keyboard for
my iPad, but wanted to get a decent keyboard. It's hard to lug around two
different devices of similar size at the same time, but this keyboard/case
combo fit the bill perfectly.
The hard cover for the iPad snaps on on perfectly. The cover then snaps on
to the keyboard mount. At first I was afraid of breaking the mount point
as I am with everything that mounts (horrors of Galaxy S2 car dash
mount...shrugs), but I think it can take a bit roughness. I don't see it
breaking from normal use.
Now that I had my iPad mounted, it was time to pair the keyboard. Pairing
process is quite simple. Hit the connect button on the keyboard and BT LED
lights up, pair from iPad and boom you are ready to go. I've used the
keyboard for past few days and did not have to reconnect like my old one.
The on/off switch is conveniently located right on top. You don't have to
turn the keyboard on side looking to turn it on. The keyboard features 3
LED lights (CAPS, CHRG, BT). Self explanatory. I've used other Bluetooth
keyboards before, but none of them had the CAPS light. This always ended
up with issues typing in passwords. Having a CAPS light makes it seem like
a normal keyboard.
All the special function keys worked perfectly. I really appreciated the
volume control. I could live without all other function keys to launch
apps such as browser, but volume keys are lifesavers. The lock key is a
nice added feature.
Overall build quality is great. I haven't had any trouble with the
keyboard. I love the layout of buttons and also the charge port. Charge
port is located on the right side of the keyboard and since I have my iPad
turned on landscape, I am able to have both wires coming from same side.
The grip pads are great and I haven't had my keyboard slip. The key size
is just perfect. I have big hands, and I haven't had any issues using the
I see no flaws so far, and am very happy of having purchased this keyboard.
Looks like my iPad found its perfect companion.
I'll update the review if any issues arise, but at this point I don't expect
to see any.
PS: I wrote this review using this very keyboard. AMAZZING!! (Posted on 3/9/13)
NT-38B Airbender Case is a very good purchase! Review by Sim1Sim
1. My New Trent Arcadia Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case for the New iPad and iPad 4 were purchased through

2.Current New Trent products that I own include the New Trent Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case and the New Trent NT52D/NT-5200 iDual 5200mAh External Battery pack.

3. I receivedf my product about a week ago and so far find that I have no major problems with it.

The Airbender NT38B-- One of the main reasons I chose this case was because it provided a snug fit for the iPad over the other faux leather type keyboard that strech out and warp quite quick with normal daily use. The Airbender NT38B lined up perfectly and the screen shut off is flawless. Going by other reviews, I ran the keyboard through the paces and tested for myself the things people were saying about it.

I had no problem putting the iPad into the cover and the Bluetooth took under a minute to connect. Once connected it remained connected until I manually turned off the keyboard and turned off the Bluetooth settings for the iPad. They layout and size of the keyboard and keys is functional and easy to use once you get used to the positioning and tasks of the additional keys. I have found that the Airbender is fairly sturdy in normal landscape and portrait mode while on a flat surface and even using in your lap as long as the iPad is resting on the arm and is not tilted to far back. When flush with the top edge of the keyboard the screen sits on about a 90 degree angle and withstands light tapping on the touch screen without a lot of movement. I have found that the directional keys mainly work in text input boxes but not in page navigation unless you hve the Voice Over settings set to On with the iPad 3. With it set to On you can use the arrow keys to
move from all the apps except the ones on the bottom favorites bar. Pressing the Home key allows you to pan left and right through your various home screens and double clicking the home key is like swiping up to see your recently used apps.

The Airbender NT38B is a little on the hefty side, especially when combined with the New iPad. When not in my backpack, I usually carry my iPad in my purse. I have stretched out the straps of a few purses on the weight of the iPad alone. Reading thoroughly through the description for the keyboard I understood that it would be a matte hard plastic and it is. It has a slight texture to it but the outside surface stills is a bit slippery or slick to the touch. The arrow keys are not completely functional and in a lot of apps you still have to touch the screen to open a text box or the navigate around a page. The right shift key is a little too small "cmd" would be better if placed on the other side of the up arrow key. I am still trying to figure out how to select some of the function keys like the alt/option, cmd keys and have tried using them with the "shift, control, fn" keys with no result. That being said, a short key refresher would be
great in the brief user guide that comes with it.
(Posted on 3/8/13)
Great keyboard/case Review by Mark
Before buying this I didn't really use my iPad at all. After adding a keyboard into the mix, the iPad has basically replaced my laptop while I am taking notes or in class. It makes it much easier when I don't want to have to hand-write notes and even if I am browsing the web.

The case is very durable and I am not afraid that it would randomly fall out. Charge lasts for a long time and I feel that it will be secure.

Once you figure out the orientation of the iPad using the case is a breeze. Much better than my flip-open leather case that I was previously using. (Posted on 3/7/13)
Extremely useful! Review by Blake
I'm a college student, and I use my iPad 3rd Gen to take notes for the majority of my classes. I usually do so by connecting to my PC using Remote Desktop. When I use this case+keyboard, it makes it seem like I'm actually on my laptop and not just on an iPad. Also, it has been easier to take notes, as I can type much more quickly on an actual keyboard than the touch screen.

I love the portability and solid feel of the case. The iPad screen can be placed in many different configurations, which makes it extremely versatile for different classrooms, lighting conditions, etc. Also, the iPad can be removed from the keyboard, while still retaining the protective backing, which makes me feel more confident when carrying my iPad alone.

The only problem I've had is with the spacebar; some times it doesn't register. I'm thinking its just a part of my typing technique as I don't press directly in the center of the bar, but after some getting used to, the problem has been reduced. Perhaps the actual button below the spacebar could be enlarged to register on the edges of the spacebar as well.

Overall, this has been the most useful iPad accessory I've ever purchased. (Posted on 3/5/13)
Great Product Overall. Review by Scott
My first impression of the keyboard was great. It came in a very nice and sleek looking box. It made me feel great that I was receiving yet another great NewTrent product. Upon opening I discover that the Airbender case was nice and neatly packaged. I quickly opened up the case and inserted my iPad and began using this cool keyboard/stand/case. I really like this case because of the cool laptop style effect. At times it can be difficult to get the iPad exactly in the spot that you want. It takes a little adjusting and getting used to. I really like the fact that I can remove the iPad and keyboard from each other and still use them together. The Bluetooth connectivity works great and from a decent but reasonable distance away from the iPad. I would also like to add that this review was done with the
Pro’s - - Very lightweight and easy to carry around.
- The 360 rotation feature is very convenient when switching from portrait to landscape.
-iPad is easily detached from the entire device.
- iPad easily unclips while inside plastic cover from the keyboard and stand.
- iPad with stand easily is easily removed from keyboard.
- When you flip open the case the iPad automatically turns on and opens to your home screen if you do not have a password set. (Just like a smart cover)
-Very responsive keyboard.
-Great battery life.

Con’s- -The tilt feature for the iPad is very loose and disables the ability to use in a comfortable position.
-The rubber bumpers that help when closing get in the way of your thumbs at the spacebar.
- Some keys are almost worthless to me because they do not work with a lot of apps.
- Shift keys could be a little larger.
- The lock key should be moved away from the corner. I press it too much when backspacing and deleting.
(Posted on 3/5/13)
Really Like, but Don't Love Review by Pam
Very sturdy case - I feel my iPad is well protected
Easy to set up - blue tooth connected without a problem, easy to take on/off
Overall functionality is great. I love having a larger keyboard!
Holds a charge for a long time

I wish there were more ways to adjust the screen angle. While the option is there to adjust, at a certain point it just becomes too top heavy and won't support the weight.
The right 'shift' key doesn't seem to align like a normal keyboard. I keep missing it and hitting the key next to it.
Not used to having my iPad battery drain so much faster. Must be because of the blue tooth connection. (Posted on 3/4/13)
Recommended. Well thought out and executed Review by Brendan
A very nice keyboard and case. Fits the iPad 3rd generation perfectly. Feels solid and closes firmly. Looks nice too. The iPad attaches and detaches quickly and easily when you want to separate it from the keyboard. One of the things I particularly like about it is that it can shift from landscape to portrait mode with minimal effort; just twist it and you're done. The adjustable screen angle is also great. Some cases are at a fixed angle, some offer a couple set adjustment points, but this one has a smooth adjustment over a pretty wide range. The adjustable arm bracket that holds the iPad in place also means I don't have to worry about it flopping out of the keyboard when it sits at a steep angle on my lap.
My only complaints about it are fairly minimal. Because the arm is attached to the iPad's center, it's a little awkward to open and flip into position; the bottom of the iPad wants to swing out rather than stay near the hinge point until you've finished opening and are ready to set it in position. The keyboard is comfortable and I can type pretty well, but the right shift key is small, and I tend to hit the Page Up key instead; still getting used to that. Also, one end of the keyboard sits ever so slightly higher than the other. I don't feel any difference, I just notice it visually; it is very slight though, and not something most people would likely pick up on.
All in all, I'm very pleased. I had read many "Best Keyboard Case" reviews of other brands on CNET and PC World, etc, and am really surprised that this was not included. It beats out nearly all on price, and includes features that rarely show up in the other top rated ones (like adjustable angles and portrait mode). I've had several people stop me and ask about it; they all seem to like those same features and have been disappointed by the lack of them in the keyboards/cases they currently use.
If it got stolen or damaged tomorrow, I would buy it again without hesitation. (Posted on 2/27/13)
I love it! Review by Doreen
Review of the New Trent IMP38B Airbender
Packaging was very nice
Charges easily in my computer USB port
Syncing the IPAD was very easy - just hit the connect button and it found my IPAD - punch in a number that is shown on screen and the sync is complete.
The keyboard is definitely small and will take time to get use to. Still I feel that once you get use to the touch you will also get use to the smallness of the keyboard. I can't type as quick as I can on a regular keyboard but I am definitely typing quicker then if I was just using the keypad on the IPAD
The NT38B is very well constructed & the IPAD is well protected. I had the Smart Cover before I got this product to protect my IPAD & the 38B protects the IPAD & keyboard quite nicely.
It is very comfortable to work on sitting on my lap. I have a little lapdesk that I use so it is nice & flat while typing on the keyboard. I can easily watch TV & be answering emails all at the same time.
I believe the Amazon price was $53 for this product. The quality of the NT 38B is well worth the price. I have read reviews of some other keyboards that are more money but the NT38B is great for the price.
The space bar is short so you seem to hit the bottom part of the keyboard case quite a few times while typing so words get put together.
The only other issue I have with the product is how it opens & closes. It doesn't seem to slide easily. Again not a big deal.
I have used the keyboard for about 2 weeks now doing emails and making notes and I have had to recharge the keyboard only once since my initial charge when I received it.
All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would like a keyboard for their IPAD.

(Posted on 2/26/13)
Good product Review by Ann
Pros: can use in both portrait and landscape orientation. Easy and consistent Bluetooth connection. Nice protection for iPad. Keys have a great feel when typing. Very light and comfortable to carry.

Cons: seems to be extra keys that are not needed such as page up, page down, etc. Makes the keyboard cramped and it is easy to hit the wrong key.

Still an excellent product. (Posted on 2/25/13)
The Airbender is great! Review by Laurel
I have had the NewTrent IMP38B for about a week now. It has made my iPad use so much easier! The keyboard is a really good size for the space they had to work with. I don't normally like to use laptops especially small laptops, because I don't feel that I have enough room for my hands to type. However, I feel like the size of the keyboard still fits my standard typing style. I also think that innumerable number of positions you can put your iPad in while in the case, make NewTrent IMP38B a real hit. I also like to turn it around and have the keyboard going backwards and find that it puts the iPad and in a perfect position for watching movies. The other thing I've noted about this case is that the battery seems to last quite a while (I'm still on my first charge a week later!) I also had been concerned that the Bluetooth function would cause my iPad battery to drain a lot more quickly and I found that that is not the case. All in all, I am really happy with this purchase and I am also extremely pleased that I will not have to use the iPad screen keyboard anymore! (Posted on 2/25/13)
Your iPad is more than a media consumption device! Review by Peter
I just received my IMP38B Airbender keyboard case for the iPad 2/3/4. I have been looking for a keyboard and recently bought one I was not happy with so I wanted to try the Airbender. The IMP38B is well constructed and feature rich.

IMP38B has an adjustable arm so you can change screen angle and distance from the keyboard. It has a quick release mechanism that separates the back cover and the iPad from that keyboard.

The keyboard is easy to pair if you follow the directions. One thing I noticed about the keyboard and impressed me is the iPad functionality that was integrated into the keyboard. They keyboard can control the music on the iPad, a picture slideshow, bring up the search function on the iPad, adjust brightness, adjust volume, and more.

The only problem I found with this keyboard may actually not be an issue of the keyboard as I had the same issues with a previous keyboard. That is, the keyboard does not take advantage of the automatic features that the onscreen keyboard has. For example, it will not capitalize at the beginning of a sentence or add a period after you hit the spacebar twice.

If you are looking to use your iPad as more than a media consumption device, this keyboard case will help. This case makes it easier for you to take notes, write a report, or create a presentation with a variety of apps available for your device. You no longer have to take your bulkier laptop with you. Lastly, the cost of the device makes IMP38B a no brainer. It is cheaper than many comparable Bluetooth keyboard cases.
(Posted on 2/24/13)
Great Combination of Case and Keybaord Review by Peter
This is a review of the Airbender Bluetooth keyboard by New Trent (model IMP38W). I have been testing this unit since January 28, 2013, and recently completed a business trip in which I relied on the combination of the Airbender keyboard and iPad for one day of meetings with writing minutes and searching the web for information. I received the unit from New Trent for testing and evaluation.

I am impressed with the thought that went into the design of the unit. The iPad fits snuggly in its protective case and the protective case attaches firmly to the keyboard by way of an adjustable stand. I most often used the keyboard with iPad/protective case combination attached to the keyboard portion of the unit in a portrait orientation. In this configuration, the iPad/protective case rests firmly in a slightly-sunken area of the keyboard portion. It is also possible to detach the stand from the keyboard portion, set it farther away from the keyboard, and optionally rotate the iPad to a landscape orientation.

There is an unexpected benefit of the design when the iPad is left in the protective case but disconnected from the adjustable stand. The protective case surrounding the back of the iPad has a two inch hole where the adjustable stand attaches, and without the stand that hole provides a comfortable place to grip the iPad protective case with the fingers of one hand while using the other hand to operate the iPad. For casual iPad use without the keyboard, I have left the protective case on the iPad to take advantage of this feature.

The process of connecting the keyboard to the iPad over Bluetooth was straight forward and painless. It does take a little bit longer than I expected for the iPad-keyboard connection to be established when waking up the iPad, but I do not know if this is common of all Bluetooth keyboards or if it is specific to the New Trent keyboard. The keyboard has extra buttons for controlling the iPad volume, screen brightness, and playback controls for play/pause/next-track/previous-track plus keys for going to the home screen, the iPad search screen, selecting the keyboard language and locking the iPad. The keys have a good feel despite the physical thinness of the keyboard itself, and it was easy for me (as a touch typist) to comfortably type without looking at the keys.

The keyboard charges via a standard micro USB connector using the supplied cable. The power supplied by a standard computer USB port is sufficient to charge the battery in the keyboard. I have used the keyboard for approximately 20 hours and have not had to recharge it yet.

I did have a few issues with the Airbender. The first is an unusual and unexplained problem with double letters appearing on the screen. I couldn't reliably reproduce the problem to determine whether it was a mechanical problem with how the keypresses were being sensed or a software problem in which the software on the keyboard was sending more than one character to the iPad over the Bluetooth connection. The problem was somewhat rare -- perhaps one keystroke in a thousand -- which made troubleshooting even more difficult. The second issue was with the adjustable stand; the mechanism is stiff and difficult to get into the right position (although the stiffness does mean it stays put when the position is reached). I would have rather seen some kind of unlocking/locking mechanism that would let the two parts of the stand move freely then lock into place with a lever or button. The third issue was with the manual. The illustrations were easy to read but the font used was too small and typeface too thin to read comfortably. There are key parts of the setup process that have to be read to make the Bluetooth connection between the keyboard and the iPad. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Great combination case/keyboard Review by Peter
I had been trying and trying to find just the right case and keyboard combination. Being the owner of other New Trent products and recently finding another review of this product, I opted to buy one for my self. While I have come to find quality in New Trent products, I wasn't sure how this would be. Right off the bat, it was better than I expected. I like the design and construction of the New Trent Airbender NT38B/IMP38B. And while I have had a bit of difficulty with the keyboard, it isn't because of New Trent. I have large fingers, so I can't complain about the keys - they are designed for use with an iPad, not a full-sized Mac or PC that I am used to using. I am able to use the keyboard but did find several of the keys have limited or no functionality with certain apps. It is easy to attach and connect to an iPad and charges relatively quickly. And my 3 little ones don't mind it either. They can open it, close it, attach it, detach it and adjust it just as easily as I can. I have recommended this to several friends and two have purchased them. I haven't heard any complaints from them yet, so I assume they are enjoying them. I rate it a 4 out of 5. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Awesome product, Highly flexible. Great for the road warrior. Review by Paul
I love the flexibility of this product, it can pretty be in any postion that you like. The set up was a snap, I think my 4 year old could have done it. I like the weight of it, it doesn't feel like just a piece of plastic, the abs plastic material is actually textured so it doesn't just slide around. The detachable arm actually works really great for using the iPad as notebook with a stylus. The keyboard is roomier than the previous kensington one that I had. The only gripe I have is that the iPad doesn't detach from the unit with one-hand as easy as I would like it to. I get so many comments from others asking where I got it and how much was it. When I tell them they can't believe it was under $100. Great Product! (Posted on 2/19/13)
Great case and keyboard! Review by Mike
I was quite skeptical of this case before I received it. I have tried some other bluetooth keyboard cases for my iPad and I didn't like them at all. The Airbender, though, really surprised me - in a good way. The case snaps easily on to my 2nd generation iPad, and it fits nice and snug. I really enjoy the flexibility of this case, especially compared to the others that I've tried. First of all, the iPad sits a bit farther away from the keyboard than others - which I like a lot. The "bendy" part of the case goes in any direction I want it to, which is great. If I know I don't want to use the keyboard, I can immediately open the case and rotate the iPad so it is face out, and the back of the iPad is on top of the keyboard. Maybe doesn't sense reading this, but it is a design feature that is GREAT. I also appreciate the fact that I can remove the iPad from the rest of the keyboard/case and use it by itself. This is critical for playing games that require you to move the iPad around and tilt it. That was a chief complaint I had with other keyboard/cases. This one uses a camera lens cap enclosure to attach the iPad case to the "arm" that slides in to the keyboard/base. Again, that probably sounds confusing, but it just plain works.

One major design flaw, in my opinion, is with the keyboard itself. The delete button is next to the "lock" button. The keyboard is so small that I kept hitting the "lock" button instead of the delete button. This kept putting the iPad in sleep mode. I'm sure with time I'll retrain my fingers to find the correct button, but so far that is annoying.

All in all, this is the best keyboard/case I've found... (Posted on 2/18/13)
very useful keyboard and case in one Review by Vanessa
i am using this great bluetooth keyboard to type up this review! connection/pairing was fast and super easy. once installed, you can rotate the orientation of the ipad and adjust the degree of tilt. you can also separate the ipad from the keyboard. when closed, it offers very good protection but still maintains a slim profile. i can imagine students using this to take notes in lectures or business type on the road responding to e-mails, without the burden of a big laptop but the convenience of an actual keyboard. there are one-touch shortcut buttons on the keyboard for adjusting brightness, bringing up search, photos and the internet. these are really nice touches. the keyboard is on the small side, i have no problem with it since i have small hands but could be straining for people with big hands. it could use some improvement on style, since it is designed for ipads, something a little more sleek will complement apple designs much better. (Posted on 2/18/13)
Almost Perfect Review by Jason
I have owned numerous cases for the iPad over the years, and this New Trent is by far the closest to my idea of turning the iPad into a Laptop replacement.

-Good sized keyboard. Easy to type without making errors do to fat fingers.
-Being able to secure the iPad in Portrait or landscape securely.
-Case is sleek but very solid case. Fits perfectly on my iPad2 with a very slim form factor
-Shortcut keys for volume, start/stop, access to photos, etc
-The ability to detachable the iPad from the keyboard and still have some protection
-The ability to fold iPad screen up on top of keyboard (turn keyboard off) without have to detach keyboard. This may not seem like a big deal, but with my Logitech BT Keyboard I had two options use the keyboard or disconnect it and hope I don't need to move around and need the keyboard at another location. Sure it is a little "thick" with the iPad screen up on the keyboard, but it was one of the most annoying features of the Logitech and New Trent got it right.

-More shortcut keys needed...safari/mail/etc. Would be nice if i could browse email with arrow keys, delete highlighted
emails with delete key. If I am using a keyboard, I want to limit the use of the touchscreen. I have heard that if you jailbreak, there is an app that will let you reconfigure the keys to whatever you want...I will mess around with that and re-post.
-Would love the ability to lock the arm holding the iPad at any angle. The design lends itself to sitting at a desk or straight up in a chair on your lap...where is the fun in that? Some type of a tension lock so that the screen could be at any angle you desire would push this case to 10 stars.
-The locking slide mechanism only locks as you pull it out...any pressure towards keyboard allows it to slide back in. Would like to see it lock in
both directions. If you are on a desk this isn't a problem, but if the device is on your lap it has a tendency to slide back in.
-Lost two of the rubber stops on the back of the case to keep it from slipping on the first day. Not the 4 on the bottom, but the two on the hinge. This isn't a big deal, as there contact with surfaces is minimal at best, but doesn't seem like they use enough glue. (Posted on 2/16/13)
Awesome keyboard! Review by SrB
Prior to obtaining the New Trent Airbender Wireless Keyboard, I was using the OtterBox Defender Series Case with Screen Protector and Stand which is extremely protective yet heavy. Now, this is my first iPad and I received it for Christmas. So, it definitely took some getting used to as far as using the touch screen to type. Therefore, I have been searching for a keyboard that feels much like my laptop.

I was too excited to receive the New Trent Airbender Wireless Keyboard for my iPad. Before I knew it, I had opened the box, removed the keyboard case, and popped my iPad into the protective case. Next thing I knew, I had swiveled my ipad to the vertical position and paired the bluetooth keyboard to the iPad. Then I thought, wait, I did not even read the User Guide. Well, that just tells you how user friendly this wireless keyboard is to set up and begin using.

I only had to charge my unit about two hours with the charging cable that was included (of course while playing with it) to get it fully charged. The User Guide points out a lot of the features, many I would have missed had I not read it. The guide is simple and to the point with a few pictures. I am a visual person and hate to read directions so the guide was perfect for me!

The New Trent Airbender Wireless Keyboard was designed for portability and gives my iPad the look of a Netbook or very small laptop. The cover protects the back and when closed the front of the iPad is protected as well. The protective case has a matte finish and it does not show fingerprints. The keyboard itself has grips on the bottom and will not slide around on the table as you type. Also, the magnetic sleep/wake feature works well or you can use the Lock Screen key on the keyboard.

While the on-screen keyboard is fine for basic typing here and there, if you are a person who needs to type a lot or cannot get the hang of on-screening typing this is a great keyboard. The keys on the keyboard are small squares with matte tops and the keys depress quite a bit providing the clicky tactile response you may be used to. The iPad specific shortcut keys are across the top of the keyboard and include main screen, brightness, iPad Spotlight search, media controls, volume controls, and screen lock.

Typing on the keyboard feels quite natural and the keys for being small did not take too long to get used to. I am definitely able to type much faster than I did when using the on-screen keyboard. I would like to point out that the Delete and Lock keys are close on the keyboard. I find myself locking the screen often when trying to backspace/delete. Also, the Right Shift key is small and I need to look at the keyboard to use the key. Instructions say 'Function + Page Down' to navigate on the web. I was unable to get the Function keys to let me scroll up or down in Safari. I have yet to figure out what the command keys are for but there are two keys on the keyboard. Regardless, I believe I will be typing at my normal rate of speed without having to glance down at the keyboard in no time.

I love the fact that the stand and keyboard base can be completely separated and used independently. So, when I sit on the sofa, I am able to put the keyboard on my lap and the stand holding the iPad on the table in front of me or lay it on the sofa. Separating the protective case from the keyboard is simple. You just squeeze the rotational lock and remove. It is even simple to remove the iPad from the protective piece. Definitely much easier than removing my iPad from my Otterbox case! The stand even when separated from the keyboard base is adjustable in both portrait and landscape mode. This is great for watching movies or showing picture in slide view.

Initially, when opening the case, my iPad continuously scraped across the keyboard keys. I had to slow down and get use to opening, closing, and rotating my iPad. The stand lets you fold the keyboard behind the iPad. Just make sure you turn off the keyboard before you do so. The keyboard case provides protection; however, no screen protection. I think a stick-on screen protector would be an added benefit especially if it was included with the case. The keyboard worked well when typing on a flat surface, it was not as stable when I tried typing on my lap unless I used a throw pillow or put something flat on my lap.

Overall, I think this is a really nice keyboard and I am using the keyboard now to type my comments. The features I like are the 360 degree rotatable multi adjustable portrait/landscape angles, removable stand, and iPad-specific shortcut keys. I feel like I am able to be more productive using my iPad with the New Trent Airbender Wireless Keyboard. The battery life of the keyboard is amazing. I have left the keyboard on when my iPad was sleep and it did not appear to have drained my battery. Unfortunately, there isn’t any screen protection. I think a stick-on screen protector would be an added benefit especially if it was included with the case. A concern I do have is if I were to drop my iPad while open in this case, I do not feel my iPad would be adequately protected. That is my only concern but the benefits of having this keyboard case I love; therefore, I just make sure I am careful. (Posted on 2/16/13)
Light easy to use. Review by Harriet
I love the the NewTrend Arcadia NT38B/IMP38B clam shell keyboard case for The IPad. I have an Ipad2 and it was so easy to connect it by Bluetooth to the keyboard. This case and keyboard design is so light and easy. I had another keyboard case which I never used because it was bulky and heavy. The NewTrend keyboard case is thin and light, can be used in several different configurations. I love that the I pad can be rotated while still attached to the case, and can lie flat on top of the keyboard when the keypad is not needed, I love that. It might be nice to have a touchpad or button so you could move around the IPad screen with out touching the screen. It could just be a movable button like some of the early laptops had. Also, It takes a little time to figure out how the positions of the Ipad can be changed, so a little more information on that would be helpful but it is not needed. I just love this case. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Very Nice Keyboard Review by bob
First impression was great. The Ipad snapped into place without any trouble. Connecting the keyboard to the ipad was just as easy by clicking on the connect button and typing in the 4 digit code.

I was impressed with was the lack of lag between key strokes and the response and feel of the keystrokes. The second thing was the function buttons all being pre mapped, the only disappointment in this was the internet button does not open browser. I will be looking for the button mapping to fix.

The weight of the ipad when attached does feel a little top heavy and i would recommend there being some resistance to the pivot and turn mechanism attached to the back of ipad if possible. Possibly tighter tolerances or a click in place mechanism like the one that allows the screen and stand to be separated. I would also consider using rubber button pads on the backside of the ipad case to help the stand stay upright at different angles when not attached to the keyboard.
(Posted on 2/13/13)
The Swiss army knife of iPad cases Review by Jamis
I spent more time than I care to admit looking for a keyboard case for my iPad 4th generation. I tried a couple of different cases and ended up with the New Trent Airbender (NT38B). I am very satisfied with the New Trent Airbender! It is sleek, slim, and functional. I really appreciate the three piece design because I use my iPad for school, work, surfing the web, email, watching shows, and often times my kids will use it to play games. This is like the Swiss Army knife of iPad cases and allows me to use my iPad in any situation.

Overall impression: 4.5/5
This is a very clever case! It has been very useful and I love the versatility it has. It is definitely one of the best cases on the market, if not the best.
(Posted on 2/12/13)
Best keyboard intigrated case on the market. Review by Trent
I am impressed with the IMP38B and would rate it a 4 out of 5. The only reason that it doesn't get a 5 is because I feel that the upper hinge should be rigid like the lower hinge allowing for greater stability at all angles and the feel of security that my high priced device is well secured. There are a few minor concerns with the actual keys. I would personally change the location of the lock screen button as it is right above the backspace key and is occasionally hit. Also, the right hand shift key is very small and the spacebar is very small and is easily missed with the way the keyboard is inlaid within the base. The arrow keys aren't functional within Apple's IOS but are functional within a Windows Remote Desktop session. The keyboard has excellent battery life and have charged it once in the 2 weeks I've had it. (Posted on 2/12/13)
Airbender = Versatility Review by Hardcore
Prior to finding the IMP38B , I had previously purchased two different keyboard cases for my ipad 2, I found both to be far from perfect, especially once compared to my experience with the Airbender. NewTrent hit a homerun with this one in my opinion.

Its sleek professional appearance combined with user friendly features and extreme versatility put it head and shoulders above the rest.

(Posted on 2/12/13)
update to a review i made earlier: Review by Tokunbo
updated 2-9-2013
i was able to increase the functionality of the keyboard on the newtrent ipad keyboard by installing a tweak in cydia called "bee keyboard" it significant add functions to the keyboard. such as scrolling up and down on safari, scrolling on home page, using command keys to bring down the drop down notification menu and alot of functions. to get cydia you ipad has to be jailbroken which is incredibly simple. heres a video link below: (Posted on 2/10/13)
Best keyboard on the market Review by robert
I have had the ZAGG Pro Plus keyboard on my buying list for quite a while. However, I couldn’t justify spending $99-$129 for a keyboard with backlit keys and faux leather. I came across the New Trent Arcadia NT388/Airbender Clamshell keyboard Case for my Ipad 2 and I’m glad I did. First , I wanted a case and also a keyboard to turn my Ipad into a mini laptop. I got both at a very reasonable price with the New Trent keyboard case. The keyboard is excellent since the keyboard on the Ipad screen takes up a lot of room. With this case/keyboard you have the advantage of the full screen, and can type with ease. Beside the advantages of a separate keyboard, the case offers great protection for your device.

The Bluetooth technology allows you to detach the keyboard if you prefer to use it separately on your desk or lap, for example. An excellent feature is the ability to rotate the case three hundred and sixty degrees for landscape or portrait view. The soft touch keys are standard with keys for sound, last track, play, etc. The keys are slightly raised and comfortable. I have had no problem typing on the keyboard. You get so used to this marvelous keyboard that I doubt that I will ever use the on screen keyboard. The Bluetooth will turn off automatically if you forget to turn it off.

If you don’t like carrying around a heavy laptop, then this case is for you. It is light weight and very good looking. If offers great protection for the Ipad and I think I would not have to worry about dropping it, although I hope I never do. Charging of the keyboard is very easy and fast. One other feature I like are the little rubber “feet” to prevent it from moving around while it is sitting on a slippery surface. The case is a dark gray/black plastic but looks as if it were made out of aluminum. I have been very careful with the case, so I don’t know if the matte finish will scratch easily. How about a protective skin for it New Trent?

I highly recommend this keyboard/case by New Trent. It has several viewing options, is light weight and priced much better than others on the market. In addition, Amazon delivered it in two days, as usual. (Posted on 2/8/13)
Love this ipad keyboard! Review by Becca
This keyboard is easy to use and comes as part of a very protective case. I love that the front and back of the iPad are protected when the case is closed. The keyboard itself is great quality and I love that the iPad can swivel and be displayed as portrait or landscape.

The bluetooth connects quickly and is reliable. The battery in the case lasts throughout a few uses, and it's easy and fairly quick to recharge.

You can easily take the iPad off of the keyboard unit using the round piece on that back of the iPad - it's easy to do and my 8 year old works it with ease. I'd definitely buy this again! (Posted on 2/6/13)
Very nice case Review by Pamela
I received this case a few days ago. It's very sturdy and fits my iPad nice and snug.
Works very well landscape or vertical, my iPad is very stable either way I have it set up. It is also very easy to separate the iPad from the stand to used it without the keyboard. Very Nice Case. (Posted on 2/6/13)
Very versatile and solidly built. Review by S
This is another great New Trent product that offers
tremendous functionality for the price. I think it's a solid bargain for
someone using their iPad as a mini-laptop replacement. Unlike other
keyboards, the iPad is still enclosed in a protective case when detached
from the keyboard and used in tablet mode. The detachable stand allows for
a variety of set ups and is stable in landscape or portrait mode. It has
rubber feet that prevents slippage and a heavy duty hinge that I think will
hold up to repeated use. Five stars. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Extremely easy to use Review by Larry
Easily attaches to the iPad. The keyboard is much more convenient than the virtual keyboard on the iPad screen when writing an email or using a word document or spreadsheet. I use it for taking notes at mmetings.

I particularly like the fact that it is rechargeable. My other keyboard used AA batteries. I always needed a replacement pair in case of emergency. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Great case at a great value. Review by Alexander
I recently bought the New Trent Airbender keyboard case for my iPad through
Before buying this case, I did something I rarely do. I watched demo videos on YouTube and read every review I could get my hands on. There were plenty of good reviews, and almost equally as many bad reviews. Looking at the bad reviews, I immediately noticed that the things people were complaining about were such small things that I couldn't understand why they were condemning this case so harshly. I don’t normally write reviews, so bear with me here.
At first glance, the case has a good sturdy look. I don’t know about you, but I have a problem putting my  products in flimsy looking cases. I spent a decent amount of money to buy a good product, I’d rather spend a little more to protect it properly than go cheap on the case and lose my iPad.
Installation took about ten seconds, and no I’m not kidding. The iPad snaps right into place in the back cover, and the Bluetooth activation went very quickly. While the keyboard is much smaller than I’m used to using, it is far larger than the on-screen iPad keyboard. The space key is a little slow on the uptake, but over all, I find it a stroke over par as far as keyboards go. The iPad function keys are great. Home button, dim, picture frame, volume, and lock controls are all placed right at the finger tips.
While this case doesn't offer the same protection as my Otter Box Defender case, the protection is, I believe, more than adequate for every day usage. The keyboard is detachable and extremely maneuverable as far as angles for typing are concerned. The back place also detaches from the stand, allowing for tablet use independent of the keyboard without having to completely remove it from the case.
There are some things that could have been made better, such as the tension on the round hinge that holds the iPad in position, but overall, a great case at a great value. I highly recommend this keyboard case. (Posted on 2/4/13)
Best keyboard for the iPad at a great price! Review by James
The IMP38B Airbender Keyboard Case for the new iPad is quite simply the best keyboard case combo out there for the iPad. It is compact, offers a wide range of viewing angles, and is a pleasure to type on. The case is solidly built and will protect your iPad while increasing your productivity immensely. The keyboard only takes about a minute to set up and pair with your iPad and from then on it is productive bliss. I have been looking for a way to use my iPad for work and school, and have tried many other cases, and this one is by far the best.

- Incredibly easy setup
- Well built
- Great battery life
- Many options for positioning
- Quiet keys
- Rubber bumpers that keep the screen off of the keyboard when shut provide
peace of mind knowing that the keys will not be scratching my iPad
- The added function keys (volume, music control, etc) are an awesome
feature which makes using the iPad very intuitive and similar to how I use
my computer.
- Overall improvement in my productivity while on the go whether it be
school or work is greatly improved!

- The swivel that sets the iPad angle (the one right behind the iPad, not
the base) is very loose and cannot support the iPad.
- The right shift small and hard to hit, I often hit the up arrow instead
(minor issue that just takes some muscle memory training to fix)
- Page up and down keys DO NOT work as advertised on web browsers, etc.

About the only change I truly see necessary is making the swivel mentioned
above stiffer to allow for better support of the iPad. I would possibly
make the improve the ease of adjustment as well seeing as it can be a
slightly cumbersome process until you are used to it. The shift key,
though annoying, seems necessary for the size of the keyboard.

Overall I give it a 4/5. It is an amazing product and by far my favorite
iPad keyboard case. I would highly recommend it to my friends, family, and
clients. With the swivel issue, and the slightly cumbersome process of
getting the angle on the screen you desire I cannot give it a 5, but in
truth no item is truly perfect. I speak very highly of the Airbender every
time someone asks about it and will continue to use it daily! (Posted on 2/1/13)
Nifty little keyboard Review by Aurelio
This is a nifty case/bluetooth keyboard set. Very stylish and the battery is amazing on the keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts are nice (Home button, Volume, Brightness etc...) and the keyboard is smooth and confortable. Plus if you dont want to use the case to hold up your ipad you can remove it and only use the keyboard.

Pros: Design, Removable Case, great battery life, rotates, shortcuts
Cons: You can't adjust your own (back) tilt completely because it tips over but it wont if you use it like its suppose to be used. (Posted on 1/31/13)
Good keyboard case Review by Marvin
This keyboard and cover have a very nice design for use of the iPad in landscape or portrait views. The keyboard was easy to pair with my iPad and the keyboard responsiveness is very good. The only challenge I had was detaching the iPad from its holster as it is slightly cumbersome to detach and reattach the cover. Occasionally, I also have to reconnect the device after turning it off as well. Besides that, it is an excellent product if you are looking for a keyboard to use with your iPad. (Posted on 1/30/13)
the best Ipad/ keyboard case in it class Review by Tokunbo
first of all, before i purchased the New Trent Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case, i had used some generic ipad keyboard case and then the zag folio. however, New Trent Arcadia Airbender Keyboard Case by far is the best i had ever had, it give you the liberty to adjust to almost any orientation (potrait or landscape) and it makes the ipad look just great and sometime people confuse my ipad for a laptop. so far i have purchase three of this cases, one for my ipad , one for my mum's ipad and one for some family friend overseas can who couldnt stop talking about how much she loves the case
the new trent acardia nt38b is well built. it has that sleek black shell and a fine finishing keyboard. the key board works and functions precisely,
-the case looks very beautiful in the black mattel
-the case can be adjusted in different angles and orientation base on persons desire
-the keys responds well
-the case is well built and very durable to prevent damages to the iPad
-the keyboard has a lot of shortcut keys such as home, volume ,picture and search
-case can be detached

the up and down keys cannot be used on most applications. and some keys has no functionality.

overall, i will suggest it is a great buy and perfect product
(Posted on 1/30/13)
Solid Keyboard and case combo Review by Anthony
I've been using the keyboard for about a month now and here are my pro's and cons.


- Lightweight & Thin
- Good battery life
- Charges fast
- Easy to pair
- Shortcut keys on top are useful


- Small keys take some getting used to

- Charging Port for the ipad would be nice (although could be difficult
with the 360 rotation and would probably kill the keyboard life

- No Shortcut key to send a message (it was kind of annoying to type an
imessage and still have to hit send on the screen)

- Couldn't get the perfect viewing angle (the ipad in landscape with the
bottom resting right above the keyboard)

- Doesn't go into sleep mode when you close it like the magnetic screen

- The cover that goes around the back of the ipad covers the top so you
can't use a magnetic cover in addition to it (when not using the keyboard)

Overall it's a good solid product but I don't think it's for everyone. I would 100% recommend it to someone who is on the road a lot and may use their ipad as a laptop replacement (documents/heavy email/etc). However, for the casual ipad user (games/some email/web browsing) I don't think a keyboard is necessary. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Very nice iPad keyboard Review by Jeff
I was impressed right from the start when I opened the box with the Airbender keyboard. The unit charged quickly and was ready to go in about two hours. My wife's iPad2 snapped securely into the case and was even difficult to remove - but that's a good thing - don't want it falling out on it's own. The case does not show fingerprints and has a nice black matte finish. It was very easy to connect with the Bluetooth. In fact everything that I tried connecting to this keyboard had no problems (iPad2, iPhone, iPod and Asus tablet). Unfortunately, only the iPad fits in the clamshell, so it would be awesome if you could buy the covers that would work with other devices to add to the versatility of this unit. The iPad does shut down when it is positioned one way and the clamshell is closed, but does not shut down if the iPad is rotated 180 degrees. It would be nice if it worked in either position. Once the iPad is snapped into the cover, the cover can then be easily removed for stand alone use. The clamshell stand is extremely adjustable, but if it is opened too much, the unit will tip over on its back. I guess that's a reasonable compromise for such a lightweight design. Overall, the Airbender seems to be very well made. The hinge for the cover is pretty stiff, but that also helps keep it in the open position. This keyboard is a great alternative to the pricier Apple products. (Posted on 1/28/13)
Solid Case with a few quirks Review by Shane
This case was a replacement for my iPad2 Smartcover. I found the case to be a solid built with a few quirks that may take some getting used to.
The first quirk is regarding the mechanism for holding/rotating the iPad. When you are opening the case, it can be a difficult to find the position that will keep the iPad in either the portrait or landscape mode since the mechanism doesn't lock in place. This is remedied by opened the lid a certain way each time (search on youtube for a video that shows this). I do have to say that the keyboard feel is amazing. There is good depth to the keystrokes and the keyboard doesn't feel cramped at all. To have that in a portable case without adding very much weight or size is awesome.
Another quirk is that it is a little inconvenient to use the iPad screen flat without disconnecting the iPad section from the keyboard part of the case. If I were to fold down the hinge to have the iPad screen-up to maybe draw on the screen or move icons around faster, I end up getting a lot of typing of the 'y' key or the 'u' key because the hinge hits the keyboard in that position. If I were to turn off the keyboard so that no typing occurs, I am worried about those two keys lasting the lifetime of the case when they are constantly being smashed in that position. I like the versatility of the case. I like that it can be used in many different positions and as connected or disconnected as the user would like. The user can have the screen get as far (within the range of bluetooth) or as close as they would like while typing and still have some stability from the hinge.

Another quirk is that the case does not have any ridges or rubber areas (other than the feet on the bottom of the case) to help the user hold on to the case as they are walking or changing case positions. I actually accidentally dropped the ipad in case one day. The drop was from about my bellybutton so about 4 feet off the ground and the case landed on carpet on its edge. I didn't see any damage to the case or the iPad. I like that the case seems very durable but it would be nice if there were more grippy spots.

I used the case with while traveling to Pittsburgh and Detroit as well as in my time around the house and wherever I would normally take my iPad. At first the increased weight (as mentioned, I only had the smart cover and a plastic backing case previously) was a little surprising, but the increased utility and efficiency given by typing on a keyboard and not on the screen more than makes up for that. The hinge mechanism also really helps with keeping my ipad upright and in a viewing position without my having to hold on to my ipad if I am using it as a reference while writing, etc. This meant that I could use the keyboard wirelessly at any angle that was comfortable for me without having to worry about the angle of viewing for the screen.
(Posted on 1/26/13)
Great Keyboard Case for iPad Review by Chris
This is unit's best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to adjust the screen to literally any viewing angle you would like based on the arm. The keyboard can be removed, and the New Trent Arcadia can be used as a normal iPad case, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the bulkier case. The matte black is a very ascetically pleasing color, and looks good with my black iPad 3. I have read some reviews where users state they are unable to charge the iPad when it's in the case, but I have not had this problem when using the 30pin connector.

I think the keyboard has good spacing for the size of the case, and it proves much easier to type on than the iPad. My only complaint when it comes to the keyboard is the small size of the right shit button. The button is very small, and the keyboard doesn't auto correct to an upper case letter when starting a new sentence. This proves difficult at times, and took some getting used to.

My only other complaint about the case would be regarding the part the actual iPad snaps into. It took me about five minutes to get the iPad out of the case after it was snapped it. While the iPad is definitely secure while in the Arcadia, it would be nice if it was slightly easier to remove.

Hands down this is a much better case than my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and a much lower price. I would rate this case a 4/5.
(Posted on 1/22/13)
A solid choice if you need a slim, lightweight keyboard case Review by Dan
The Airbender iPad case is a good case for those looking for a lightweight, slim keyboard case for the iPad.

The iPad snaps firmly into the plastic case and this case can be separated and used without the keyboard for those times you want less bulk. Without the keyboard attached, the case is slim and light and protects the iPad well.

When attached to the keyboard, you have the option of typing with the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode … a big plus over most keyboard cases. This is important to me as I prefer portrait mode when I'm working on documents.

The keyboard seems well constructed and they keys have sufficient travel to give it a feel similar to a regular keyboard. The keys are closer together due to the smaller size of the keyboard vs. a full-size keyboard, and that takes a little adjustment, but this is true of any keyboard case you will buy. The keyboard has dedicated keys to access the home screen, search and music controls, and they all worked well.

I did find the location of the right shift key problematic as it's farther away from your left little finger than you would expect and I had to remember to stretch to hit this key. I also found the lock screen key to be too close to the back key and I often hit the lock key by mistake. Other than those two minor issues, the keyboard was solid and make typing on the iPad a pleasure.

Things I Liked
* Compact solution
* Case component is slim& light
* Dedicated iPad keys for home screen & search
* Ability to use in either portrait & landscape mode

Things I Would Change
* Location of right shift key
* Location of lock screen key

(Posted on 1/19/13)
Good solid purchase Review by Helene
tested the case for the past few days. It took me a while to get used to the fact that once you open the case the top and bottom are not connected. That aside it is superior to two of the soft key cases I have purchased and returned the past two years. The keys are responsive and the functionality more than adequate. The hard case is a definite plus for travel or taking the iPad to work. The ability to rotate the screen is a nice addition. The matte finish a definite plus! (Posted on 1/19/13)
All in one solution for my travel needs. Protection and flexibility with min weight. Review by Aamarc
This is the all-in-one solution for travel i was looking for to leave my laptop behind! The Airbender wireless keyboard connected flawlessly with my ipad 3 gen, does not add much weight, charge last long enough for day travelling and most of all I appreciate the flexibility and added protection to my ipad when travelling which is most of my time! I have other wireless keyboards and even an integrated case/keyboard but none offered the flexibility I found on this one. I gave them away as post-xtmas gifts to my nieces.

The airbender can be used in any position which helps when I travel on the train, the airplane, in the office, in bed... Now when I throw my ipad on my bag is has added protection without the added weight.

PD: I wrote this review with my new keyboard/case. (Posted on 1/19/13)
Great Keyboard Review by Angel
This keyboard is a really great product for my iPad. It works really well and I really like the fact that its portable just like the iPad. I really recommend this keyboard to everyone that has an iPad. (Posted on 1/19/13)
Awesome little ad on for my Ipad Review by Ron
The New Trent NT38B is a great design for converting my
iPad into a laptop. I do my fair share of typing and using ipad's onscreen
keyboard is not easy to use for a typist. At first I thought it was a little
off balanced as the ipad's weight would make the keyboard flip backwards but
after watching the video on the manufactures website and reading the manual the
ipad should sit directly on the back end of the keyboard and foot on the back
slides in and out to change the angle of the screen. It's not meant to be
suspended above the keyboard. As far as the keyboard itself, it connects quickly though Bluetooth. Once you get used to the keyboard layout and key spacing you'll be typing as well as you ever did.

Pros: Bluetooth connectivity is very easy and a onetime setup.
After the initial charge the battery life is very good. The keyboard contains
several shortcut keys such as brightness, volume, music controls and more that
are very helpful. Once the keyboard is properly setup it is very sturdy on
tabletop and because it has rubber meet it does not move around.

Cons: The stiff hinge makes it impossible to setup without
touching the screen and leaving fingerprints to clean off. It's a little on the
heavy side almost doubling the weight of the ipad. The screen lock key is close
to the delete key making it easy to accidently turn off the ipad while typing. The
right hand shift key is too small and hard to find but after getting used to it
becomes less of a problem.

The Pros and functionality far out weigh the cons which is why I gave this product 5 stars (Posted on 1/18/13)
Excellent combination of a keyboard and a case Review by WLC
Pros: Attaches easily to iPad, durable case, keyboard has more functionality than just a keyboard, long battery life, adjustable arm to use iPad in vertical or horizontal position, Bluetooth connection is very easy

Cons: Added weight almost makes it feel like a netbook, Bluetooth connection is manual every time

I have used this keyboard case now for almost two weeks and I love it. So far, I've only charged the battery once (the initial charging) and it's showing no signs of starting to lose its charge. The versatility of this product allows for multiple modes of use. I mostly have used this one of two ways; with the keyboard, and with the keyboard and arm completely removed. I have used this on an iPad 2 and 3 and it works great on both. I have seen other keyboard case combinations online but I just prefer the look and the durability of this case.
(Posted on 1/16/13)
Nice case for the price Review by Sandra
The Airbender case arrived and I was pleased with it's capabilities. It has multiple ways to use the case which are very convenient. There is and adjustable back arm which can be removed from the keyboard and used as a stand alone stand in either the portrait or landscape positions. It also has a swivel part on the back arm where you can remove the iPad from the arm but the iPad stays in a protective case.The keyboard is very light weight and removable from the stand so it can be used at a distance through bluetooth, giving you the ability to be mobile and still access the iPad. Although the letters on the keyboard are a bit small, you get used to it quickly. The keys are very responsive and feel smooth, you dont have to press hard to get them to respond. You can control the brightness of the screen and acess your photos with a single touch of a keyboard button. I used my iPad in a meeting with the keyboard and I was able to take great notes with ease. My only suggestion is that the plastic which is used for the stand be made of a little stronger plastic. Because the iPad swivels and flips on this stand, there have been times when I thought the stand would break because of the heaviness of the iPad causing sudden flipping . I wouldrate this product a 5 star. Aslo it would be nice to have more instruction on how to use the keyboard keys. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Great product to turn your iPad into a Netbook Review by Michael
Overall, I like the keyboard case for its pure functionality. It has some good things, and a few things it could be better at. First off, for the good, it does exactly as it describes. It types well, fits the iPad perfectly and essentially makes your iPad feel like a netbook. It's an absolute piece of cake to get going. It does require to be charged via USB, and takes 6 hours the first time, but less than 2 hours for a full charge after. Battery life has been excellent so far, but I've only had it for a week. They keyboard feels good, and the iPad can be viewed in either portrait or landscape. It swivels and is easy to change. Another thing I love is that the backing cover that fits the iPad is detachable from the keyboard. This makes it like a 2 for 1 in a sense. If you don't want the keyboard attached to it, just disconnect it. If you want it to be more like a netbook, just attach it (very easily). The biggest downside for this is the overall thickness of the assembly. It feels just like a netbook afterwards. I would love it if it were a much thinner keyboard, but for the price, I really can't complain at all! Also, the angle of viewing is pretty limited. It still works great, but don't expect it to be too adjustable. If you think of this as a way to turn your iPad into a netbook, this is perfect! Great keyboard and solidly built. But it certainly limits the portability. But then again, the whole point of an iPad is it being a touch screen. But there are many times when you just really want a keyboard, and this fits that bill perfectly.
(Posted on 1/15/13)
Most Functional Keyboard around Review by Dan
Right out of the box this is ready to go in under a minute. I used an Ipad 2 for this keyboard. I first charged the keyboard until full charged. I snapped in the case, which I would not expect to protect the ipad from any falls. Its more for keep scratches/ water or other debris off the ipad. My preferred view was portrait style and detached from the keyboard unit. I like a little distance from the keyboard when I type. This was no problem for the Airbender. I found typing generally the same and just as challenging as other micro keyboards in my opinion. It is something you have to get use to... This keyboard was used all week and I never recharged once. I would say aprox of 11-13 hours of "on" time. I still haven't recharged it yet so I'm
impressed with the battery life. I love how I was able to collapse this instantly and get on the go. If I could pick one this off my improvement list it would be the angle/tilt. It just flops around too much and too quickly. If this could tighten up with a little knob or something it would be close to perfect in my eyes. Compared to what is out there right now, I think you will be happy with this purchase. (Posted on 1/14/13)
Keyboard Case: Increased My Productivity Review by Tracy
New Trent Arcadia Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case: Suggestions

If I may make a suggestion, add an additional note (under installation and removal) to show that the retractable insert has the ability to shift or bend up and down to accommodate the vertical or horizontal position of the iPad.

Another suggestion concerning the retractable base would be to add another arrow under the rotating button to describe or note that the neck of the base can shift up, down or backwards and forward. This enhances the user’s ability to rotate and listen for the “click”, as it is moves in one of its many positions. I am impressed with the 360-degree rotating button.

The available color selections are a great; however, a good suggestion would be to add other colors like red, blue, or green. A splash of color can brighten your day!

New Trent Arcadia Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case: Review

Wow! This case has so many awesome features. The protective case is durable and flexible. The protective case absorbs the shock associated with holding the iPad. Another impressive feature is the rotating button will accommodate vertical, horizontal, or slanted displays. The keyboard stand is removable, adjustable, and has a rotating button. My iPad2 pairs quickly with the keyboard. In fact, I left my iPad idle for several hours. Naturally, I thought that I would have to pair the device again—I was pleasantly surprised that the terrific keyboard quickly engages when my fingers touch the keyboard.

Additionally, I use the New Trent Arcadia Airbender Keyboard case every day to respond quickly to emails in my home office. I love it because a few website portals that I visit often require a vertical setting and this fantastic keyboard case allows me to change positions quickly.

When I am waiting outside in my truck to pick my children up from school, I also use the keyboard case. My truck is a Cadillac Escalade and the New Trent Arcadia Airbender Clamshell Keyboard fits perfectly on my console between the two front seats. I am able to read and respond to emails.

The whole ensemble is lightweight and it fits nicely in my purse. My Ipad and the New Trent Arcadia Airbender Clamshell Keyboard are inseparable. I cannot leave home without it.

On a scale of 1-5, I rate this product as a five (5). This is a wonderful asset to professionals, as it increases productivity.
(Posted on 1/14/13)
great for price Review by Jim
I am using the keyboard for this review. It types very nicely and feels like a "real" keyboard. My only complaints as small issues. When i open the case, it flips around and I am always afraid I will drop it. I do thing that once I get used t the case, that won't be an issue. The other issus is the right shift key. It is one space away from the letters and the page up key is there instead, so every time I go to capitalize the right shift it moves my cursor up a page. I hope I get used to that as it becomes a little irritating. I have played with several more expensive keyboard and did a ton of reading and Youtube watching before settling on this keyboard case, I think I made the right choice. I am very pleased with this purchase and think it will add another level of productivity to my IPad. (Posted on 1/11/13)
I own a Logitech Ultrathin, and the New Trent beats it in the Value game. Review by Dave
My iPad keyboard cover is the more expensive ($99) Logitech Ultrathin. I love it. I was excited to compare the 2 units.

- PRICE! Compared to logitech's offerings, the price for the functionality offered is a tremendous value.
- The enclosure serves as a proper case for the iPad. Can un-hook for ipad-only use without taking off the enclosure.
- The adjustable and removable "kick stand" is a really unique feature that works pretty well.
- Special ipad function keys are great.
- The keyboard tested fine with the iPhone 4 as well. It should work with any bluetooth-keyboard-compatible unit.
- The keyboard itself is not uncomfortable to type on, and seems to have similar "touch" to the more expensive Logitech unit.

Cons (compared to Logitech)
The unit as a whole is a little flimsy. The plastic holding the iPad portion to the keyboard is too thin perhaps?
It takes a while to figure out what works for configuration and what doesn't.

On the whole, if you're a value conscious consumer, and an iPad keyboard is in your future (which changes the iPad game to something new and great), this is the clear winner. (Posted on 1/11/13)
Great case & keyboard Review by Brandon
I bought this keyboard case several months ago to use with the 2nd generation iPad. I have found the Airbender case protects the iPad very well. Especially when travelling, etc. I have no worries about my iPad getting damaged when closed inside this case. The Bluetooth keyboard easily syncs with the iPad and is easy to use. Your typing speed will be much faster than it is on the iPad touchscreen keyboard. Plus, when in use the onscreen keypad does not come up, leaving you with much more viewing area on the screen. It’s much better suited for typing large documents, long emails, etc but I still use the touch screen keypad when doing something short, like typing in web address etc. The stand flexes into many useful positions as opposed to other cases which only have limited positions for the iPad. Also, the rechargeable battery on the keyboard seems to last a long time. I rarely charge it.
Cons: The shift key on the right hand side is in an odd position and is smaller than a traditional keyboard, which takes time to get used to. I have found your hands will get used to the keyboard layout pretty quickly. Keyboard cases such as the Airbender are somewhat bulkier than cases without keyboards, but the Airbender is still quite compact. (Basically that’s the cost for extra protection.) Clipping the iPad in and out of the airbender stand can be somewhat difficult at first, until the user gets used to doing this easily. When clipping the iPad back into the case & stand, I find it easiest to lay the ipad face down on the keyboard (just as it will be when the case is closed) and then it is very easy to attach the circular clip into the backside.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this case. Especially for the price!
(Posted on 1/9/13)
Great Protection, Reliable Keyboard Review by Tadambon
I am writing this review using the Airbender keyboard case and find it much easier to use than typing directly on the iPad touch screen. There are many features that I truly enjoy. The best thing I like is knowing my iPad is fully protected when the case is closed.

Pros: The iPad is fully protected when the case is closed. The hinge appears to be very sturdy and keeps the iPad safe and in place while opened or closed. The smart magnet built into the keyboard automatically unlocks the iPad when the case is open and locks it when closed. The case does add a bit of bulk but not near as much as I expected there to be. The case is itself is very light and durable. I enjoy the rubberized feel inside the keyboard case. The keys themselves are hard plastic like most keyboards. I also like knowing that when the case is closed, my iPad does not rest directly on the keys due to the rubber bumpers along the edges of the keypad. It was very easy to connect the keyboard to the iPad, even without reading the provided instructions.

Cons: The keyboard's lock button is directly above the delete key. I constantly lock my iPad while typing. After working with the case for a while and becoming use to the layout this becomes less of an issue, but initially it can be a little irritating. The right side shift button is also a little small and hard to press, but again, after getting use to the layout it is not a huge issue. The case can also be a little hard to open without scraping the iPad across the keys. Maybe if the hinge wasn't so loose it would be easier to open without losing control of the iPad itself.

Overall review: I really like this case, the keyboard is easy to type on and once getting use to some of the key positions. Knowing my iPad is fully protected is also a huge plus. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and I would recommend this case to anyone who wants great protection along with a good reliable keyboard. (Posted on 1/9/13)
Best IPad Case Ever Review by Kenneth
I have not had good luck with accessories for my IPad 2. I have had 2 keyboards and one other case. None of these products delivered as advertised and I have been looking desperately for replacements. Then I stumbled on the New Trent Airbender Clamshell Keyboard Case. Wow. It is the best accessory I have ever purchased. It is well made from durable good looking plastic. Excellent access to all the conections and controls, while providing superior protection. The Keyboard works well, with a long lasting battery. It syncs up everytime and responds instantly. LED lights provide information on battery status. When my IPad is in the Airbender I no longer worry about damage or dropping it. It is very versatile, allowing me to use with or without the keyboard. This product is one of the best items I have ever purchased on Amazon. (Posted on 1/8/13)
Great keyboard case for the price Review by JS
The keyboard is excellent. It connects via Bluetooth very quickly to my iPad (4th gen). The Airbender also holds and protects the iPad very well. I also like the ease in which the iPad disconnects and reconnects to the stand. The keyboard battery also has very good life.

However, when opening the Airbender, the top is a bit awkward to handle. It's very difficult to keep it from quickly flipping open. I have almost dropped it 3 times due to this. Also, it would be nice to be able to position the iPad at any angle and it stay in that position without propping it against the keyboard.

One other potential issue is that the charging cable connector (keyboard side) appears to be proprietary or at least unusual. I thought at first that it was a mini USB connector, but it is not. The other end of the cord is a normal USB connector.

One addition that would be nice is a lighted keyboard. (Posted on 1/5/13)
I love the Airbender! Review by Sheri
When looking for a keyboard case, I knew I wanted it to be as close to full size as possible within the constraints of the iPad dimensions. I have borrowed tried other keyboard cases owned by friends and family, and this one is the best thus far. Below are my comments:


1. The biggest selling point is the ability to move the iPad into portrait and landscape mode. I still have apps that only work in one orientation or the other, as annoying as that is.

2. The keyboard. I do have some cons about it, but I like it for the most part. The keys are very responsive and not rubbery or tacky like others I have tried. Cons are below with regard to the keyboard.

3. The adjustable slant feature on the hinge.

4. I like clicking it back together to transport. It feels very solid when in the closed

5. Bluetooth connection. Very smooth. Occasionally, I will have to go to settings to make it connect again, but for the most part it is always on when I need it.

6. The keyboard holds a charge for a long time. I haven't timed it, but I get annoyed when I get the charge light. I don't recall getting annoyed yet, so I know it's acceptable.

7. I like not having to remove a piece to charge my iPad. That is a bonus for me, but I realize that some companies block it to give it more protection.


Keyboard pet peeves are the Delete key. I keep pressing the lock key instead of Delete. That is truly annoying. Maybe it is just my muscle memory from my laptop keyboard, but I haven't gotten used to the location or size of the Delete key. It has been almost seven months, and perhaps if I used only this keyboard, I would retrain my fingers. Also, the right Shift key could be bigger. I realize that the physical dimensions of the keyboard could prohibit correcting this issue. It's not a deal breaker.

(Posted on 1/4/13)
AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by zack
I enjoy testing products and have bough many types of keyboards for the Ipad and i prefer the Airbender made by New Trent over any other case/keyboard. The build quality was superior to the $150 Clam case. There are no magnets to go bad and keyboard to lose like the logitech so-called ultra thin keyboard case. Lastly, the accesibility was better than any other keyboard due to the angle changing ability, case removal ease, and ability to use the case as a mount alone.

Cons: everyone has to ask me where i got it to get one for themselves

great product buy buy buy (Posted on 1/3/13)
Great Value Review by Alec
This Keyboard case is probably the best value you can find. You get not only a protective case for your iPad but a great keyboard with handy function keys and great battery life. I like that you can choose to use the keyboard with or without the case. I probably will use just my smart cover with the keyboard separate but if I am going on a plane for example, I will use the whole case product it is one easy piece. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Nice looking case and keyboard Review by Shirley
I must say the first thing that caught my eye was the graphics on the box - very eye appealing! The keyboard and protective case look to be of a good quality grade of smooth hard plastic. Since I have long fingernails, I had a little trouble squeezing the lock on the protective case to open it up. My husband was able to grasp that for me so that I didn't break any nails. I then took out the User Guide and discovered I had to charge the battery on the keyboard for at least 6 hours before using for the first time. I wanted so badly to start using the keyboard so a little disappointed, but then I read a little further in the Guide and found that you can use the keyboard while it is charging so it pays to read instructions.

I snapped my iPad onto the protective cover and it went in without any problems. I then turned on my iPad. The keyboard had a good feel to it as the keys are smooth and flat the way I like it, but they are a little close together and took some getting used to and I did fine after that. About two hours after charging the keyboard, the green light came on, which means it was fully charged so the company must send it out partially charged. Next was pairing the bluetooth with my iPad. The print on the instruction sheet was very small and I found it difficult to read, larger print would have been nice. The instructions for pairing were incorrect for my version of the iPad (I have the iPad with Retina Display). You would go to "Settings" and then three levels above "General" is the "Bluetooth" function (instructions said to go under "General" to find the "Bluetooth" function). This might be for earlier versions of the iPad and not the newest one. However, not a big deal. If you're familiar with computers, this is an easy do. Got it all up and running and started checking out all the key functions. It took me a while to get comfortable with turning the stand so that my iPad would go from portrait and then landscape, but did well and I actually had fun using it both ways and then alone on the stand. Several times I thought for sure my iPad would drop out, but it was in very securely and that made me feel at ease.

The case feels really good in my hands. My only concern is that when I go to close the case, I feel like my screen is going to get damaged. It just might be that I am overly cautious. I would not hesitate to highly recommend the Airbender keyboard case to anyone who has invested their hard earned money on an iPad Tablet. (Posted on 12/31/12)
Loved the product Review by Chris
Did everything the ad claimed. User friendly, good looking and very functional. The only problem is my wife also wants one for her ipad. I was considering quite a few similar products and am happy with my choice from New Trent. (Posted on 12/29/12)
Best ipad keyboard/case for the "Road Warrior" Review by EMP
I've been using the Airbender wireless bluetooth keyboard for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed with both the quality and sturdiness of the unit. In fact I am writing this review on the keyboard which is much fasted and easier than the on screen keyboard on the ipad. The Airbender is as good, and in many respects better, than other models costing more than twice as much. The case is made of a sturdy durable plastic that the ipad snaps into. When its closed the ipad is very well protected in a plastic clam like shell. I feel very secure that my ipad is protected when putting it into my briefcase. In use there are a number of different configurations and you can even disconnect the ipad from the keyboard if needed. The keyboard is about the size of the one on my netbook, and the keyboard with ipad when closed is the same size as my Targus leather ipad cover.

Connecting the keyboard via bluetooth to the ipad was quick and easy. There are many additional functions that I didn't expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Like the ability to change screen brightness, go to home screen or search, change volume and the media player keys. I did find myself hitting the "lock" key by accident a couple of times instead of the delete key, but quickly got used to the delete keys location. A recommendation for future models would be the addition of a touchpad or wireless mouse. That would make functionality almost identical to my netbook and laptop, but the keyboard by itself is still light years ahead of keying on the ipad by itself.

The keyboard is a gem when going on business trips that require keeping up and responding to e-mails. I used to take my laptop in addition to the ipad for just this reason, but now find I can leave the laptop home. Because of the small size of the keyboard/ ipad combination, I also find working on the plane in cramped seats much easier with this product. For a "road warrior" like me, this is a new essential tool, a keeper, and a great value. (Posted on 12/29/12)
Easy typing! Review by Maureen
I bought the New Trent Airbender because it was a protective case for my iPad with a full functioning keyboard. I used to carry an Apple wireless keyboard, but having the keyboard integrated into the cover was much more efficient and a space saver. I knew from typing notes on my iPad in meetings that keying in more complicated documents than just notes was more time consuming, so I took my brand new iPad in its equally brand new New Trent Airbender case when I visited my family in Europe a few weeks ago -- I had to meet a critical writing deadline in the middle of a family event. I had a lot of writing to do, but I was space challenged with luggage. The Airbender keyboard made the lengthy typing not only much easier, but helped in allowing me to concentrate on the article I was writing rather than on the keypad errors I would have made using just the on screen keyboard. And the Airbender keyboard itself was a delight to type on. Aesthetically, I would prefer to have at least the back cover in clear acrylic -- the iPad is so beautifully designed, it is a pity to cover it up with black plastic. The case snapped on easily, but was not as easy to remove I also thought the arm could be better angled for viewing the screen and a groove for keeping the screen steady would be useful. When I tilted the screen backwards for a better viewing angle, the weight of the iPad unbalanced the system so that it tipped over backwards. I'd like to have an Airbender for my new iPad mini (in clear or translucent acrylic, please). (Posted on 12/26/12)
Best keyboard case!!!! Review by JP
I' ve tried many keyboard cases, and by far this is the best.
First, it is really easy to connect, just turn your bluetooth on and you are done, you don't have to pair it every time you turn it on, like in others. Second, it's the only one that allows you to keep your iPad in both, landscape and portrait mode, without needing to take off your iPad. Third, very rigid case offers excellent protection for your iPad.

If you are looking for a keyboard case, that also protects your iPad, and holds it in many positions, this is a great choice. (Posted on 12/22/12)
Great keyboard for a great price. Review by Jae
I got this to use with my "New iPad" aka iPad 3. The instructions enclosed were very clear and weren't written in another foreign language I can't understand like many of the current products are! I was initially confused on how to set it up (prior to reading the instructions) but once I went through it things were a breeze.


The keyboard just simply works. No sticky keys and no keys randomly popping out.
Connecting was easy peasy.
The case itself is not slippery. It's not rugged but it's not slippery like some of the other cases. Huge bonus.. I had a case where it'd constantly try and escape out of my hands.
Many options on how to use it. You can fold it down, carry case, keyboard, laptop style, all sorts of angles.
Durability is fantastic.. which brings me to my title. My niece was carrying it around and smacked it into a doorway and the case showed no evidence of damage. (Of course I don't recommend anyone to go throwing iPads or go walking intentionally smacking into things!)
Battery seemed to last longer than other bluetooth keyboards on the market.


It's durability is there but because of it being a fully plastic frame it clicks and makes sounds like it's not as durable. Beyond the sound and the feeling though it hasn't broken down so no complaints.
If you have nails like me the letters will fade off like any other keyboard. I wish there was some kinda protective cover that came with it.
Small keyboard layout.. well what can I expect it has to fit properly with an ipad but I got big hands! I can still type with it though it just takes a little getting used to.

Overall I think the keyboard is a nice buy. If you want to pay a good price for a good product this is a great starting point. Can't beat it really. (Posted on 12/21/12)
Protection and ease of use in one great product Review by KOwens
I purchased the NewTrent wireless Bluetooth keyboard for my new iPad I use for business as well as personal activities. It was very easy to connect and charge and so far, no issues other than what I would think would be a typical learning curve. The iPad can be used in either a vertical or a horizontal mode and has three adjustable angles. While I prefer the use of the iPad touch screen, there are times when I need to send an email quickly while traveling and the keyboard makes it a much faster process. The case allows the iPad to be detached quickly for those times when a keyboard is not necessary.

Both pairing and connecting were very quick and efficient. The keyboard cover protects the screen of the iPad. I feel overall, NewTrent is a good value for the money.
(Posted on 12/21/12)
Great product for Educational use! Review by tim
Purchased these for all our faculty iPads for a school district because of the great price, and it was the best case we've had to date.

As rugged as the Zagg keyboard cases we were previously using, and the rotating display and detachable casing makes these perfect for any setup.

Highly recommend! (Posted on 12/20/12)
I like it alot !! Review by Sai
This is a very good products, I was very impressed with its look, it sturdiness when I first got it. The battery lasted very long. All the necessary buttons are there. What I really like is there are 8 shortcuts buttons that are very convenience. You can have a slide show of your pictures in just one touch. This serves as like a digital picture frame. You can adjust the brightness of the screen without having going into settings. It is light and convenience to carry around, it looks very professional. You can stand it up, lie it down, lie it down flat. This keyboard is wireless!!! If I don't want to use the keyboard? I detached the keyboard and the stand, my ipad stands on the neck and it saves space. Worth the price!!
(Posted on 12/20/12)
Easy connection, great keyboard and perfect when you need a keyboard for a tablet or other device. Review by David
The Airbender is bluetooth keyboard & protection case that syncs really easily to any device: iPhone 4S, iPad2, Xoom Tablel, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The keyboard is hard plastic, lightweight and durable. The keys have good feel, solid pressing and contact. The iPad fits in snug and secure, it didn't fall out when I flipped and rotated while in use. The hinge is solid and stiff so propping the iPad at a certain angle is nice and secure. The hinge can also slide back and away from the keyboard giving more distance from view for better angles.

The status lights: CAPS, CHRG, BT. There is a "connect" button to hit when connecting to a device's BT settings.


•Super easy to connect. Connect button to use when making a new connection at any time.
• On/Off button, easy and simple.
•Status lights
• Brightness buttons, fast search button,web launcher button, as well as play/pause, FF, RW, mute, volume up & down. Also has command button.
• A little bit bigger profile than the iPad itself, but not much.
• Protects iPad on all sides.
• Hassle free packaging, nice quality.
• Battery life is great, I have not had it die on me while it was turned on all day and used intermittently throughout the day.

• Smooth plastic case, can slip in fingers
• In a few angles, the screen can wiggle around.
• Small keyboard/keys. Has to be to fit within size of iPad.
•Not island keys.

Summary - Easy connection, great when you need a keyboard for a tablet or other device. (Posted on 12/18/12)
Superb Bluetooth Keyboard Review by kory
*IMP38BTT - Rating 4.5*
Anyone looking for a keyboard solution needs to get the imp38btt. I take
this case to all my meetings and seminars. As well as school, being able to
type much more effectiviely and efficiently. All while not having to take
my apple blue tooth keyboard. The functionality is perfect. Havent found
any issues regarding use and compatibilty. Definitely recommended for

Positive Features
-Hard protective case. (enough said there)
-Battery on the bluetooth keyboard lasts forever i have used it over a
month and have yet to charge.
-Removable stand being able to swivel and show anyone around makes a great

Improvement suggestions:
-add a place to carry a stylus.
-the unlock button for the sliding stand could be in an easier access spot
as well.
(Posted on 12/18/12)
Handy device Review by Arif
At first I was not sure how I would use the blue tooth keyboard and I really need it. When I started using the keyboard it all made sense why I must have it. I don’t have to use my computer just because I have to type a document or send a long email. It is great that you can attach your ipad to the top case and rotate it in both landscape or portrait orientation. The only drawback with this that if you have multiple cases like I do then it is a little difficult to switch between cases. When I first attached my new ipad aka ipad 3 to the keyboard case and started using it, I felt I was working on a laptop and was constantly searching for my touchpad. Then I realized it not possible to have a touchpad as we are dealing with a touch device which does not have a pointer. The pairing was simple and quick. In the beginning I used it on my lap and it was little uncomfortable as I did not proper support for the wrists. When I moved this to my desk it was a huge difference and was comfortable from the get go. I used this for variety of applications with the ipad docked but mainly for emails, typing notes or filling in web forms while shopping. I also paired it with my iphone and did a screen mirror using my apple tv. I used both ipad and iphone in mirroring mode at different times and it was great. At that point I realized that the docking of the ipad made it difficult to work on the lap as it had the added wait. In mirroring mode it is easier to work on the notes or emails using the keyboard. The one touch buttons for locking or photos are great. On major snag I had is with the backspace and the lock key. As the backspace is right above the lock key, in the beginning I was locking my ipad every time I was trying to use the backspace. There are few things that can be improved as listed in the cons section. Overall it is a great device to have with you and is really useful if you use you touch devices with a lot of typing.

a.. Feel of a laptop to type documents, fill web page content or emails.
b.. Docking of ipad is useful when travelling or sitting on a desk/table.
c.. Great if possible to connect to TV and use the bluetooth keyboard
d.. Useful shortcut buttons
e.. Long lasting battery life
f.. Can use in landscape or portrait mode.
(Posted on 12/17/12)
Airbender Excellent Keyboard - Excellent Value Review by JaLo
The Airbender has been the perfect Bluetooth keyboard for my ipad. I travel a lot and this product has been a blessing. Perfect size for airplane use and frequent travel in general. The hard case covers my entire ipad and seems to be very durable. The keyboard functions without fail and holds a great charge. I use it daily and only charge the unit once or twice a week. The price is well worth the value received. I have had several people ask me about the product when they see me using it in meetings to take notes. They all love the look of the Airbender. (Posted on 12/17/12)
Solid, but will take some time to adjust to. Review by Michael Basil
What I liked about it:

I have actually used a couple of full-size Bluetooth keyboards before this one and I was worried that I might not like the cramped keyboard, I actually did, but with some reservations.

· Fit great with an iPad
· Seems to have a long battery life-been using it for 3 days for most my work and still going strong
· Love the construction. It's solid and doesn't add a lot of weigh to my iPad
· I actually used this with my android devices too and it worked perfectly
· Love the ability to swivel from portrait to landscape and detach iPad easily.
· Loved all the quick function buttons

What I didn't like about it:

· Lock Key- Next to the backspace button
· Right Shift Key too small

After a couple of days you will get use the the keyboard layout, but I still wish the shift key was bigger. Does this make me want to get rid of this product? No, not at all. This is the best combo keyboard I have found for an iDevice so far! (Posted on 12/14/12)
Professional and Mobile Review by Robert
The weight of the shell doesn't quite match the “solidness” of the keyboard itself.
I love the security of the back snap. Feels like it could really last.

A different material for the outside would be great. A leather would greatly improve the feel and look of the case.
The keyboard feels very similar to my laptop keyboard. This case helps the iPad make my laptop more and more irrelevant.

This case is just what I’ve been looking for. The touch screen keyboard technology has gotten better over the years but it still doesn’t quite match a real keyboard.The feel of the keys is similar to the “heavy” feel of a midsize laptop keyboard. Just the way I like it.
I drive a cab and need my devices to be mobile and compact. This case helps me get more done in my down time. It also allows me to quickly and discreetly stow away my iPad when I get a fare. (Posted on 12/13/12)
Protection and functionality Review by Ernesto
I have had this case for about a week and so far I love it. It is just what the doctor had ordered. I am going to go over some key points first then get more specific.

Amazingly simple to set up connection
Very Slick and well designed
Does not add much weight
Compact and secure making it a must if you are on the go
It is more like three in one- blue tooth key board, case, and stand

This case in essence turns your iPad into a mini computer while not compromising the portablity of the iPad. Once it is fully on I was amazed at how solid it felt when it was closed. I was very surprised that when everything was said and done my iPad did not feel like it was weighed down. Also the case gives you the freedom of taking the key board and separating it from the stand, allowing you to set it up to your liking. Although the keyboard is small it is very functional, it might be a slight issue with people with larger fingers, but if they are used to the small touchscreen keys, this should be a walk in the park. It truly turns your iPad to a much more functional tool, be it if you are working on replying emails, or writing the minutes for a meeting. It also incorporates a great deal of shortcuts in the keyboards, which I found incredibly helpful, being that it is always a hassle to find them somethimes. Some of the shortcuts are brightness, photos, audio, a home button, quick search, a lock button, and play back buttons.

A couple of suggestions for improvement are the opening and closing are a bit stiff, and feel as if I am placing more pressure than I would like. Nonetheless, I would not hesitate to recommend this product for someone it is an overall great accessory to upgrade your already great iPad. (Posted on 12/13/12)
More functionality than expected Review by Luis
I have been looking for a keyboard to expand the use of some of the apps that I have bought for the iPad. I bought this expecting to use the keyboard, but the fact that the case also provides some level of protection to the screen and that it also serves as a stand were an added bonus. The integrated keys for the iPad (dimmer, home screen, volume) are good additions to the keyboard. It is slim and portable. I can say I was am very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 12/12/12)
Great Keyboard and Protective Cover all in one Review by George
I really like this bluetooth keyboard and protective cover. It was very easy to get the bluetooth to connect to my iPad for the first time. I found the keyboard easy to type on. The extra buttons on the very top make it easy to get to different features of the iPad. I also like the arrow keys for navigating around the screen. Sometime when I touch the screen I just can't seem to get the cursor where I want it.

The keyboard itself seems well made and sturdy. The protective case also seems very sturdy and protective. The battery life is awesome, I have not had it on a charger in over a week and I am typing on it now. The keyboard wakes up extremely quickly and I like that. I have another bluetooth keyboard and it feels cheap compared to the NewTrent I am now using. Also the other keyboard was sometimes hard to wake up or even impossible without turning in off for 5 seconds and then turning back on to get the bluetooth to connect. Not the NewTrent I am using every time one or two pushes of any key and it quickly connects to the bluetooth and I am typing away. (Posted on 12/12/12)
Great Keyboard Case for the Quality, Function, and Price! Review by Amzad
Out of the box, the IMP38B is very easy to connect to the iPad. Just turn on bluetooth, turn on the keyboard and hit connect and select the keyboard on under devices on your iPad. Enter in the 4 digit code and your done. Simple as that. It had the smell of new accessory which disappeared in 1-2 days. Snapping it on to the case is quite, just place and snap.

The IMP38B has 3 various positions. The first 2 is with the case connected. It can be adjusted in landscape or portrait (Preferred). The third position is landscape with the case separated.

Battery life is great. It will last you a very long time. I took the IMP38B with me to college everyday for a week using it instead of my Macbook for taking notes.
It was a bit different at first without a mouse but within 5 minutes, everything was running fine using Pages. Typing is fairly quiet and quick. The keyboard isn't small like a netbook but not a laptop keyboard. It's in a comfortable spot between so it's easy to type. Give it 5-10 minutes if you new to small keyboards. The function keys are nice for volume and music playback. I've charged it twice through the week and spend about 3-5 hours each day using it.

Carrying it no issue. I had casemate sleeve case for just my iPad with the smart cover and even with the keyboard and case, it fits in just fine. It uses a universal cable Micro-B cable so you can just use the charging cable that comes with most Samsung smartphones.

When I'm home and using my iPad for entertainment purposes such as watching some Ray William Johnson on youtube, I must say the ability to remove case from the case stand is the one of the best features. The case itself is protective.

With the case closed, there are rubber bumps on the lower end of the keyboard so you don't have to worry about the keyboard damaging your iPad screen in any way. Auto-on and off with the magnets works fine with my iPad.

The only con i have is when opening the case up. When the case is closed like a laptop and your opening it, open it slowly else the bottom portion of the iPad will swivel up.

Some suggestions I can make is to possibly add a small slot or cutout to be able to add a smart cover if the iPad is separate from the stand. That way I won't have to snap the case back into the stand when I'm not using it.
(Posted on 12/12/12)
I really like this product Review by Hunter
I really like this product. Simply because it is a cool idea having a stand, key board and a case all in one. There are a few things I think could be fixed. 1. I think that there could be a little more plastic, metal or what ever on the part that actually holds the iPad up. The reason being is because I feel like if I make the wrong move It might crack. 2. I think there should be a little locking mechanism on the iPad stand part. I think this should be added because when opening the case the iPad will move forward and I am afraid it might break the keyboard. I do love how easy the iPad snaps in to the actual case part. Other than those I love this product. I really like the fact that you can separate the case with the stand from the keyboard so you can have a different setup with the iPad being a distance away. One of my favorite things about this product is that the power switch is not a button, so when traveling it won't get bumped and turn on and waste battery. Cool product over all (Posted on 12/12/12)
Handy and versitile bluetooth keyboard Review by Andy
Really enjoyed using this product. Found the keyboard easy to use and
really liked that it had all the regular keys like brightness, volume,
and lock/unlock keys built in and are very similar to a mac keyboard
(which I use). It was also very easy to change languages. The keyboard
material was a good quality and I liked the tactile feedback when
pressing the keys. I also enjoyed the ability to easily rotate the ipad
as well as move it closer/further away from the keyboard. Detaching the
ipad was also very easy to do and a nice feature.

The only small complaint would be to move/reposition the lock/unlock key as it
is too close to the delete key and often resulted in me pressing the
lock key by accident when trying to delete, which was a bit annoying.

But overall, I'd definitely recommend this to my friends. (Posted on 12/11/12)
My new work machine Review by charles
After 2 weeks with this case it has become my case of choice. The sturdy feeling of the case keeps me at ease while my kids play with the Ipad. My primary use for this Ipad is facebook, google documents, travel and app games. When you first get the case do not be alarmed by how hard or easy it is to move as you will get accustomed to it and be flipping it around without fear of breaking the ipad or case. The keyboard has a sturdy feel to it and is elevated just right for typing, On a side note if you have never used a keyboard of this size it will take getting used to, after 10-30min with it typing gets easier and easier.
So far very happy with this case. (Posted on 12/10/12)
airbender case/BT KB Review by oferinmn
Bought 10 and we all love them. Even dropped one from 2 feet and iPad was unharmed. Very easy to rearrange/tilt iPad once you learn the different options. Only case we found that allowed distance between keyboard and screen (great for adults!)

its a bit stiff initially but loosened up after about a day. Only change - I would make the shift key a bit bigger.
(Posted on 12/10/12)
I love the Airbender Keyboard Case!! Review by Trisha
The Airbender Keyboard Case has made taking data in the classroom so much easier. I am actually using it right now to type this. I use my iPad both at home and at work. I have really enjoyed having the Airbender in both settings. The keyboard/case was easy to use out of the box with simple directions. This setup has made typing more convenient and frees up the screen space to allow for full viewing of pages. I like having the additional controls for brightness, volume and music on the keyboard. I had minor difficulty when first using the keyboard in setting the angle but through use this has diminished. I have had many people ask me what setup I am using. I highly recommend the Airbender to them.
(Posted on 12/10/12)
I really like this. Great buy! Review by Rochelle
It is cute and compact. I really like the Airbender. I have not used this type of protective cover before, and it was a nice change to have the keyboard within the protective case. It is not too thick either. I have used the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and I always have to carry the keyboard separately. It is nice to be able to put everything in one place. (Especially when I am traveling). Once I started to type, it was easy. I teach English online and I was able to grade my students’ assignments without any problem. I would like to see this in a variety of colors. ;-) (Posted on 12/10/12)
Flexibility sets it above the rest. Review by David
This is a quality item at a quality price. It is far more flexible than other similar keyboards.

Unlike the Zagg, you can use the plastic hard case without the keyboard, so when you are travelling light, you don't have to bring the keyboard section. Additionally, the ability to use portrait or landscape comes in handy, especially when you are reading magazines online -- or newspapers like my favorite, the New York Post.

You can also use it in psuedo desktop mode, where the screen is suspended above the keyboard like an all in one.

I have not had any issues with the keyboard function -- those complaining that it is a cramped keyboard are missing the point. You can't fit a full-size keyboard in the space of an ipad.

The only flaw I have seen so far is that the page up/page down buttons don't scroll web pages.

Overall, a great product, especially for the price. (Posted on 12/10/12)
Verg Good Keyboard and Case. Review by KLC
Review for New Trent NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case

My first impression of the New Trent NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case is what a fabulous product and remains so. Consistently impressed with New Trent’s attractive packaging (as this is not the first product I’ve purchased from them) along with easy to follow users guide that comes with complete illustrations; a quick look and you can easily set up the Bluetooth, (very easy to pair with my iPad2 Bluetooth). The New Trent Airbender fully charged in 6 hours the recommended time, although the light turned green shortly after charging commenced.

Really, like its overall good looks, it is sturdy and functional keyboard, and case. As far as options are concerned it is versatile, you can use it as a case, or detach it from the keyboard. It took me a minute to figure out how to remove from the stand but after I referred to the user guide, it detached in a second. After I put my iPad into the case, I found it to be a great, snug fit. I did notice that it seemed top heavy and at one point, it tipped over. However, I just readjusted the stand and after using it for one week, I figured out if you extend the stand by approximately 1” it sits quite nicely and for me a very comfortable position for reading and using the keyboard. The keyboard is a nice size and easy to use. Additionally, I read a review/s that mention keyboard issues. So far, I have not experienced any problems. I am enjoying using my new New Trent NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case. As far as viewing my iPad, it does rotate nicely for either vertical or horizontal viewing but I just keep mine in the horizontal position since this is my preferred viewing method.
Overall, I highly recommend the New Trent NT38B/IMP38B Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case. I find it to be good looking, very good quality (well built), and user friendly and better than many other accessories that are out there. It is great; I just grab it and go….
Oh, I received my purchase in a very timely fashion!
I would rate it a 4!
(Posted on 12/9/12)
Easy, Lots of Functionality, Great Protection Too. Review by Grant
I am really impressed by this little keyboard. I don't know how I got by trying to do work on my iPad without this. Having a keyboard like this greatly increases my efficiency with regard to email which I do a lot of. The keyboard and case are so simple to set up and use. I opened the box, snapped in my iPad, turned on the keyboard and pressed the connect button and I was typing. It is really that easy. The keyboard is intuitive and controls many functions of the iPad (volume, brightness, search, music controls, etc). It feels a lot like using my Apple keyboard on my IMac. The case also has the same functionality as Apple's Smart Cover. When you close it, the iPad goes to sleep which helps with your battery. This is a must have accessory for the iPad.
(Posted on 12/9/12)
Great fit; fun and easy to use! Review by mwmusser3
The Airbender IMP38B BT keyboard is the keyboard to have for your iPad. It is flexible enough that it is usable. As a mobile "extremist", I've tried a couple of different BT keyboards and they are basically the same; somewhat rigid in the design and not much fun to use. In fact, it is funny to show up at Starbucks and watch everybody type on their iPad on-screen keyboard when they have a BT keyboard case on their iPad. That should speak volumes about the rigidity and flakiness of BT keyboards in general.

With the New Trent Airbender keyboard case it is a different experience! The flexibility and ease of use makes me WANT to use this keyboard! First of all the case itself gets a perfect rating. It fits snug around the iPad and gives me confidence that first and foremost that my iPad is protected. Next is the positioning of the iPad itself when you want to use the keyboard, brilliant! In portrait, the iPad rests against the keyboard, keeping the iPad stable while typing. In landscape, the New Trent video and other reviews show the iPad pushed back away from the keyboard - which is fine, but I can't stand the iPad to shake while typing. So I use the pressure from the case hinge to push the iPad against the keyboard while in landscape to stop the shaking. This only works because the case has given the iPad display arm (hinge) the ability to slide back allowing more room to adjust the iPad. This works perfectly!

The keyboard itself was a little difficult to use at first because some of the keys wouldn't register as you typed. However, after using the keyboard for an hour it worked great. I just had to "break it in" for a bit.

My favorite feature of the Airbender is the ease of the BlueTooth (BT) connection to the iPad. One button and works every time! No pairing hassles, etc.

Ease of use
Great design
BT functionality

Keyboard must be broke in a bit (requires heavy typing at first)
Charger cable is a little loose, but works fine (Posted on 12/9/12)
The Perfect iPad Case Review by Sálongo
Review: Air Bender Case/Key Board

Received my Air Bender Clam Shell Case with keyboard yesterday and it is the perfect case but it’s a gift for my wife to use with her iPad2. I love the finish of the case, which does not show finger prints and gives a little bit of a grip when picking it up and opening it. My computer USB ports are full so I charged the keyboard using the one of my iPad AC charging adapters. Paring the keyboard to the iPad 2 took just a couple of minutes and I paired it to my iPad 1st Generation and it works great. I like the field of the keys and in a pinch I can use it with my iPad when my wife is looking the other way.

The versatility of the case is what made me decide to get it. Being able to rotate from portrait to landscape mode, have a variety of viewing angles and the fact that the iPad will stay at whatever angle I choose was what made me decide to buy the Air Bender. Being able to slip the various case components apart was another factor in my decision to buy. One thing I think should be changed is the hinge on the back of the protective case that the iPad slips into. The pins that slip into the release plate will break after a lot of usage. One thing I would love to see incorporated into the case would be the battery from the New Trent NT1400 iZen Power Portfolio that has a built-in/removable 14000mAh iPad Battery Case, That would make it the ultimate iPad case.

I love the versatility of the Air Bender case and as soon as I upgrade to an iPad 3 I’ll get a case for myself. In the meantime my wife is enjoying hers and lets me use it from time to time.

Wookieman: Photographer & Visual Artist
(Posted on 12/8/12)
IMP38B keyboard case for iPad 2 Review by Usman
The IMP38B keyboard case is a very useful tool for people who have to write a lot of emails and want to use their iPad as an email communications tool. I found this product to be very useful and have been constantly using it for my emails since the day I got the keyboard case. The iPad cover fits very nicely.

It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you have become accustomed to using the IMP38B, it becomes a daily habit. I can now use my iPad to write detailed and long emails and I no longer have to wait till I get to my notebook. In fact, I am using IMP38B to write this review.

The IMP38B does have some issues that I would love to see addressed, for instance, when typing, words would get typed with multiple letters (e.g. discover would appear as “disssscover” and the other inconvenience I found was the placement of the “lock” key right above the “delete” key. Most of the time I had to unlock the device because I would accidently press the “lock” key instead of the “delete” key while typing.

I would rate this product a 4-star. The 1 start I am taking away is because of the issues I have mentioned. (Posted on 12/7/12)
A nice keyboard + hardshell case + stand! Review by Xiaoyu
I don't write a lot on my iPad. When I need to, I usually carry the Apple's wireless keyboard. The IMP38B Airbender came in a nice package. The assembly was easy. The bluetooth keyboard was immediately recognized by my iPad 3. I started to use it right away.

As expected, the iPad is much heavier with the Clamshell case on. The case is black, made of plastic with a matte finish, so it won't attract fingerprints.

The top cover snaps onto the the back of iPad snugly, providing a nice protection to the back of the iPad. The only problem is that if I don't want to carry the keyboard base, the front of the iPad is not protected. Removing the top cover is not expected to be a routine operation. That left me with two options. One, keep using my old folio with the cover snaped on. I could still insert the iPad into the folio, but with added thickness and weight, it wasn't a pleasent experience. So I chose the second option by putting the ipad into a lightweight carrying sleeve when the keyboard is not needed. Being able to use Apple's smart cover will no doubtly be an excellent choice.

The case provides multiple viewing angles to a certain degree, in both landscape and portrait modes. This is much better than the folio based keyboard case, which is limited to landscape orientation and restricted viewing angle.The rotation of the hinge was not as smooth as I would like it to be. Adjusting the screen to the desired angle took a little effort. Those are the tradeoff for having multiple viewing angles and screen orientations. The auto-wake/sleep function works the same way as the Apple Smart Cover does, but only when the screen is counterclockwise rotated due to the location of the magnets. A little attention to the orientation of the iPad when closing the clamshell is all that is needed.

The feeling of the keystrokes is fine to me, though I do not type very fast. I haven't discover the usefulness of the fn key, since it seems that only home, end, page up and page down keys need it. That is only my guess, because all the key labels are in white, not in blue for fn as commonly seen on the notebook keyboards. In adddition, I tested in several apps but haven't found out how pageup and pagedown keys work.

For a case with bluetooth keyboard, the Airbender is a good product with more designed features than the folio-based keyboard cases. Now I also use the case as a convinient iPad stand to watch video, run clock or weather apps while the iPad is charged I definitely welcome the feature of being able to attach Smart Cover for screen protection when the keybard base is not needed. That will make the Airbender perfect for any situation.

(Posted on 12/6/12)
Works great, but needs a few tweaks here and there Review by Kenny
I ordered this external Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad (IMP38B) from New Trent (Arcadia Airbender) and have used it for about a few weeks now.

Now it's time to write a review for it. I usually like to use something for about a month before I write a review on it because it would be a more realistic review than someone who just received the product and didn't like it at first glance and give it negative reviews.

So here goes. I have an iPad 2. Installation was simple enough.... IF YOU FOLLOW the instructions! I thought I was kinda smart and tried to do it on my own, but things didn't really snap correctly here and there and when I finally read the instructions, I was like "duh"!!

Anyways, enough about that. The iPad fits really well into the case. Precision cut outs for the sound, picture, and buttons. That's a huge plus. The most irritating thing is that when you buy something for your device, the cut outs are just all in the wrong place.

Bluetooth connection works great between the keyboard and the iPad. Now here are a few things about the keyboard. Not that anyone would do this, but you might. I took out the keyboard and actually tried to pair it up with my Mac Mini. Did not work too well. It was always disconnecting and I had to pair them up over and over and over again. So, maybe in some form of technology it's only meant to work well with the iPad?? I'm not tech savvy enough to know much more about that.

The keyboard itself. I have a wireless Apple keyboard and I wish the layout of the New Trent keyboard was a little bit more similar to the Apple keyboard. I mean, after all, it is made for an Apple product. I am a touch typist and the most annoying thing about this keyboard is the shift key that is on the right side of the keyboard. It is placed after the page up button and is not the size of a regular shift key. So, as I type, I always end up moving the cursor up somewhere instead of making something capitalized. I find that really annoying. But I honestly don't know how else they could design it. I think this was the best they could do to accommodate all the keys into this compact device.

On the other hand, the little buttons (where F1, F2, F3 etc... are) are replaced with brightness, magnifier, picture, volume etc.... that is VERY convenient. Don't have to close any applications to change or bring up these basic applications. And another button that is totally useful is the escape key. It simulates the home button on the iPad.

Now on to the whole case. Love the matte finish. Somehow, unlike New Trent's portable charger, which I think is made out of the similar material, does NOT attract fingerprints. I really like that. Matte and still fingerprint resistant!! The construction is well done, and like I said earlier, precision cut outs. The material feels strong and durable.

Now on to the using of this case/keyboard. It is a little heavy I think. I'm usually ok with heavy devices, but this one feels unusually heavy with the iPad in it. I am not sure why. I guess it doesn't look that heavy, but it is. But I think that's the price you have to pay for durability and good material and construction.

Positioning of the iPad and how it swivels around and you can have it in all different orientation is wonderful. Put it further away from you, closer to you, vertical and horizontal all executed very easily. There is one major thing that I really really do not like about this keyboard is the angle of the screen vs. keyboard. This device works really great if you're sitting at a desk. However, if it's on your lap, or when you're in bed the angle is not wide enough. It is kind of difficult to explain, but think about looking at this device from the side, the keyboard is flat on the table, and 90 degrees to that you have the screen. I would like the screen/iPad to be able to tilt more than it can away from 90 degrees. Right now it just does it to about maybe 20 degrees? I think New Trent can fix this by making the arm that extends the screen into the keyboard longer.

Another improvement or maybe I should call it enhancement is the ability to take off the keyboard and then put on an Apple smart cover and just go, without the keyboard. That would be really super and cool.

So, in summary, love everything about it except 2 things. The shift key and the angle of the iPad to the keyboard. Maybe the next generation Airbender will have these enhancements and fixes. (Posted on 12/6/12)
Travels Best Friend Review by Yolewis
As a frequent traveler I needed a durable case with a keyboard capable of meeting the battery life of my iPad. Working while traveling using public transportation I am in tight spaces.

The keyboard keys are very close together which took a minute to adjust to but helped with typing in tight spaces with little elbow room. I love the fact that it only weighs about 2 lbs and I can carry it in my large purse.

I can type in the bed without waking my husband because the keys are soft and not noisy like my laptop.


(Posted on 12/5/12)
Nice Case, Better Keyboard Review by John Carter
So I am reviewing the Airbender IMP38B Keyboard Case.

The case has a lot of features from protecting your IPad to being as close to a laptop as you can get.

Pros: Comparable to, in my opinion, the strength of an Otter™ box but the convenience of a laptop.
Case has a soft interior that keeps from scratching the exterior of the IPad.
Easy release on the back allows to leave the Keyboard charging while also keeping to work.
The unit is clean looking and allows for a very business look.

Cons: When opening the screen it isn't locked into place and allows it to twist and turn. Doesn't come loose but is a little annoying until the case breaks in.
Some of the options on the keyboard are app specific which leaves a few of them completely open and un-usable.
The unit has an on and off switch and if not turned off it runs the battery down quicker.

Overall the case is great for use and protection of the IPad. There are a few cons but for anyone looking for a Bluetooth keyboard and case for their IPad then this is a great choice. (Posted on 12/5/12)
Sturdy when closed Review by William
I like this case in the respect that it is very sturdy when closed and looks nice when closed, it's also very easy to carry. My only complaints are 1 the ipad is not easy to slide past the keyboard when you open it, and the screen cannot be angled properly unless the keypad and ipad are separated and you flip the ipad completely around which works just fine.

All in al, I gives this a 4/5 (Posted on 12/5/12)
Great Keyboard For Those Who Are iPad Users! Review by Ben
I really like the bluetooth keyboard/Hardshell
case. I bought it originally to use my iPad to keep my work schedule,
meetings, etc. as well as contacts and a few entertainment features. It
has cut down my time entering information into my tablet. There is tight
opposition of both halves of the case, so I don't worry about things
slipping between my keyboard and iPad screen. I like the fact that I can
orient the iPad in both landscape and portrait. It is a bit awkward to
place the iPad in landscape and then bring it toward the keyboard. When I