NT99D – Troubleshoot

newtrent support posted this on Apr 15, 2016
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Please try the below to determine issue:


Battery charging / issue begin at (1)

Charging device(s) issue begin at (4)


1: Are the lights flashing during charge?

YES – continue

NO – check AC wall charger / swap charge cable.


2: Does the unit fully charge?

YES – continue.

NO – possibly defective.


3: Does device turn ON when power button is engaged (hold 5 sec)?

YES – continue

NO – possibly defective.


4: Try battery on another different compatible device(s) does it charge the new device(s)?

YES – battery is working, issue may be regard to other components.

NO – continue


5: Try different cable(s), new cable(s) work?

YES – original cable is defective.

NO – battery possibly defective, or device is not compatible.


NOTE: certain devices need to be used in conjunction with the IMP44B (converter cable) to be fully compatible. To determine this try device with cable (if cable provided) or check listing compatibility list.


If the issue is not resolved after trying the above general troubleshoot please contact our support team and provide the answer to above question and purchase order ID in contact form so we can further assist you in your case.