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newtrent support posted this on Apr 15, 2016
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The output ports are not labeled how do I determine which port to use for my device(s)?

The NT400C has a total combined output of 5V@2.1A output. Depending on how many device(s) is connected to battery the output power is adjusted accordingly.

1 device   = 5V@2.1A (dedicated, either port)

2 devices = 5V@1A (split, per port)


Does this device support pass-through charging (charging both battery and device(s) at the same time from wall socket)?

The NT400C does support pass through charging also called daisy-chaining.

Precaution: We do not recommend that battery be used in its pass-through regularly, if needed do so sparingly. In the the pass-through setup the internal battery is stressed and may cause internal battery wear over time affect battery life.

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