IMP38B / NT38B Airbender – Troubleshoot

posted this on Apr 13, 2016
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Please try the below to determine issue:


Keyboard charging / issue begin at (1)

Connecting issue begin at (5)


1: Is the charge lights flashing during charge?

YES – continue

NO – skip to (4)


2: Does the unit fully charge?

YES – continue

NO – light keeps blinking, defective


3: Does device turn ON when power button is engaged?

YES – continue

NO – possibly defective.


4: Try different cable(s), new cable(s) work?

YES – original cable is defective.

NO – keyboard is possibly defective, check power source before contacting us.


5: Is Bluetooth turned on both devices? (iPad and Keyboard)

YES – continue.

NO – please turn on the Bluetooth on both devices and continue.


6: Does the Bluetooth light on keyboard blink after being engaged/pressed?

YES – continue

NO – possibly defective, make sure keyboard is full charged, if light does not turn ON.


7: Is the keyboard detected by iPad?

YES – continue

NO – possibly defective.


8: Did you select the “Bluetooth keyboard” on iPad Bluetooth menu?

YES – continue.

NO – Please select the option then continue to next step.


9: Did pass code request pop up?

YES – If after punching requested code in and device fails to pair then keyboard is possibly defective. (pass code loop)

NO – possibly defective.


If the issue is not resolved after trying the above general troubleshoot please contact our support team and provide the answer to above information and purchase order ID in contact form so we can further assist you in your case.

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