NT1400 – FAQ

newtrent support posted this on Apr 15, 2016
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How long does the battery take to fully charge?

The battery can take up to 13 hours to fully charge.


The LED light flashes RED, ORANGE and GREEN… what does this mean and when is it fully charged?

The unit will cycle through the three colors while charging. The unit will be fully charged once the lights stops flashing and the light remains solid GREEN.

NOTE: During discharging phase the LED light will change from GREEN to RED according to percentage left in battery.

GREEN :  67% ~ 100%

ORANGE : 34% ~ 66%

RED: 5% ~ 33%


I did not receive the short white Apple cable depicted in the image online.

The cable is for illustration purposes it not part of the included product accessories, due to Apple’s licensing we are not able to distribute nor manufacture the cable at this point in time.

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