Screen protector installation tip

posted this on Apr 9, 2016

Quick User Notes for ACD28T ACD29T ACD30T:

Regarding installation, there are 3 layers in the installation process.

The screen protector is between 2 layers. [Careful not to remove screen protector (center layer) with the first layer] (If it occurred, you will feel like you have a difficult time removing the wing tabs layer)

First Layer to remove: Has one small sticker at a corner.

Second Layer to remove: Has two wing tabs.



How to install ACD27 Full Screen protector:

Extra tips:

– You may skip the microfiber cloth on the installation
– Bend the Blue screen protector holder back to separate the screen protector from the holder without bending the actual protector
– Best to tap on the top portion of screen to initiate adhering
– If you experience small bubbles on the screen, gently rubbing the screen will help them settle in. Some small air bubbles will settled in and disappear in a few days
– Low dust environment is recommended


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