newtrent support posted this on Apr 15, 2016
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Which port is 1A and 2A?

The IMP80C car charger does not have a dedicated port for 1A or 2A, instead the charger will adjust/split the Amperage according to how much devices are plugged to charger, the charger has a total output of 2A:

1 – device plugged in (in any port) = full 5V@2A
2 – devices plugged in (per port) = each device gets 5V@1A


According to my battery widget/App my phone is only charging at 0.5A (500mA: USB) and not the 1A or 2A (AC).

The issue can arise from a few things, the most common being incompatibility between supplied cable and device. The cable supplied is a charge cable and general should provide the AC charge. If your device is not receiving the full AC charge from the car charger, try the OEM cable of device. If the issue still persist please contact our support team with the contact form, we can provide you a different cable that can fix the issue.

NOTE: Certain tablets also need a special converter cable to properly function with car charger. Again if you having issue please contact us to confirm if the device is compatible and/or for a special cable to be sent to correct the issue.

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