newtrent support posted this on Apr 14, 2016
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Can the battery charge from an USB port?


  • The iCarrier can charge from an USB charge port.
  • It is compatible with most smartphone and tablet USB wall charger.
  • USB wall adapter is NOT included with item.


(2010 – 2013) OLD AC VERSION :

  • The iCarrier can only charge from the supplied AC wall charger.
  • It will NOT charge from an USB port NOR can it be used in conjunction with the IMP03B (USB cable for New Trent power bank) to charge.



I pressed the power button and nothing happen, device does not charge!

(2010 – 2013) OLD AC VERSION : The iCarrier : IMP120D has a delay on of 2 seconds, a simple press of the button will not turn battery ON. To properly turn ON and OFF battery press and hold power button for 2 sec and the light will turn On confirming proper initiation of battery, if device is connected (not silent) it will beep and the charge screen or icon will appear.

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