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All New Trent products come with a limited 10 month original manufacturer warranty from the date of its original purchase. We only cover New Trent products sold by Newtrent.com and its authorized resellers.

Buyer may choose to register the product(s) within 10 days upon product arrival to receive extension of the original factory warranty and support. Click here to register your item(s).

Registering your item(s) will entitle you to the below complete original factory/manufacture warranty coverage.

We do not recommend purchasing from unauthorized resellers as we cannot guarantee authenticity.

Offers from unauthorized resellers may result in scams, counterfeit, modified, or unauthorized reselling of New Trent products.


New Trent Warranty Exchange, Replacement and Refund Policy

  • New Trent offers a limited 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Most New Trent products come with a limited 10 month original manufacturer warranty from the date of its original purchase (some exclusion will apply)*
  • New Trent Warranty only cover New Trent products purchased from Newtrent.com and our authorized distributors.
  • Defective parts are required to be send in to make claim for manufacturer warranty 30 days after purchased.
  • Replacement parts provided within the warranty period is subject to the same end date as the original product. There is no individual warranty on the replacement part itself. However in certain situations, additional replacement parts may be provided but has to be approved on a case by case basis.
  • All wholesale orders are covered under our standard limited warranty for 6 months.

*Note: Certain products may have different warranty period other than the stated 10 months and will be honor according to documentation record. There are no extensions to the specified limited warranty.


Warranty Coverage:

  • New Trent’s original manufacturer warranty covers all products from malfunctions due to failure of parts or workmanship that is sold by Newtrent.com and its authorized distributors.*
  • New Trent will not price match internet-only retailers or marketplace or third party sellers on competitor's web sites.
  • New Trent will not price match product sold during flash sale or special promotions or holiday deals.

*Note: Some distributors may have their own warranty coverage and will need to be contacted first prior to claiming original manufacturer warranty with New Trent.


Warranty will be voided if:

  • Product(s) purchased as 2nd hand or used
  • Damage resulted from accidental damage or mishandling
  • Damage resulted from misuse and abusive action
  • Damage resulted from chemical, fire, radioactive substance, poison, liquid
  • Damage resulted from natural disaster
  • Damage caused to any 3rd party / person / device and beyond
  • Purchases made over 10 months ago (unless otherwise stated)
  • Services performed by unauthorized repair personnel
  • Promotional item(s)
  • Product(s) purchased from unauthorized retailer and/or distributor
  • Please review the product manual and New Trent FAQ section for proper product use and care to avoid voided warranty.

New Trent Inc. reserve the right to terminate any warranty at any time for any reason if fraud, abuse, or violation of our terms and condition is detected.



Import Tax / Customs Charges

For all international order, an import tax may be required when the package goes through customs. Customs charges are the buyer's responsibility.




How to start a return/exchange request

If you believe the item(s) is defective and under warranty, please submit a Return or Exchange request here, or contact us at support@newtrent.com.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name of your product purchase
  • Your purchase order number
  • Reason(s) for return

Please include all accessories, manuals, and original undamaged packaging when returning your purchase back to us. We must receive all original item(s) in order to process your return or exchange request.


  1. Contact us to begin an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request.
  2. Once we have received your request, our customer support staff will assist you with the rest of the returning process. Please do not send us anything unless you are instructed to do so.
  3. Item(s) returned will be tested to determine issue and defect, if:

    – Item is NOT found defective and passes the stress test it will be returned accordingly.

    – Item is defective and failed the stress test it will be replaced accordingly.

Should the “cause” of the return be due to defective accessory/accessories, the particular defective accessory/ accessories will be replaced and returned with product(s).

It is imperative to visit our FAQ and troubleshoot sections to determine issue before requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).


Return – Refunds*

This option is only limited to the first 30 days from the date of its original purchase. If, for any reason, you decide that New Trent’s product(s) is not for you, you can return it to us for a full refund of the product cost.

*Note: Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees. Original shipping will not be refunded.


Return – Replacements (same model)*

This option is limited to 10 months from the date of purchase. New Trent will replace any product(s) that malfunctioned due to failure of parts or workmanship.*

*Note: Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees; we will only cover the replacement shipping fees (USA orders only). Special exceptions will be limited to certain conditions and determined solely by New Trent.


Return – Exchange (different model)*

Warranty coverage may include exchanges, however an exchange option is only available if condition (1) + (2) below is met:

  1. Within the first 2 months from the original date of purchase and is an optional solution to return-replacement.
  2. The original device fail under workmanship or part failure.

*Note: Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees. We will only cover the replacement shipping fees (USA orders only). Exchange exceptions will be limited to certain conditions and determined solely by New Trent.


International return for refund or replacement:

New Trent does not offer full international support. We will refund or replace the item (within warranty limits) which has malfunctions due to the failure of parts or workmanship that are sold by Newtrent.com only.

● We DO NOT cover both international returns and replacements shipping and handling fees. International buyer will be responsible for both return and replacement shipping charges. Item must first be returned in order for a refund or replacement to be processed.


Unauthorized Returns

Please DO NOT send any item to us without contacting our Customer Support Team. All unauthorized returns will not be processed.

  1. Items returned in this manner will be placed on hold until the sender contact us with original purchasing information.
  2. If return address is not provided, it will be held until claimed. If not claimed within 1 month, we will assume you have involuntarily given up the ownership of the item(s) and/or relinquish the right to New Trent for proper item disposal.

To avoid missing package or having your return unit disposed, please contact our Customer Support Team and obtain an authorization BEFORE returning any item(s).

We are not liable for any items returned and disposed due to any reason in failing to contact us within the 1 month hold time of the unauthorized return and/or request for your return shipping.


Discontinued Item Warranty:

Product(s) that have failed while under the warranty coverage, but not carried or replaceable will be exchanged for a similarly priced model. A partial refund can also be offer under special conditions*.

Note*: New Trent reserves all rights to determine what option is available and the eligible item to replace the discontinued model.




Refund: upon receiving the returned item(s) it may take up to 2 business days to process. Once processed you will be notified of the refund, the refund may take up to 3-5 days to transfer over. (dependent on Bank and/or payment gateway)

Replacement/Exchange: upon receiving the returned item(s) it may take up to 2 business days to process (testing), processed replacement item(s) will be shipped within 1 business day.

Total turnaround time is dependent on the shipping carrier. Most RMA cases generally take 7-10 days (estimated) to complete from date of shipping to date of replacement received.

Exception may occur which could extend the quoted estimated time frame. It is suggested to keep in contact with us, and promptly respond back to us should an issue arise during processing so your request can be resolved accordingly with minimal delays.



The warranty is limited and it is the buyer's responsibility to contact our support team during the allotted time or immediately once the item malfunctions. Contacting us after the warranty had expired for item(s) that malfunction or broke within the first few months of purchase is not a valid reason to claim coverage.


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