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  • Charge iPhone 5 up to 3x
  • Charge Samsung Galaxy up to 3x
  • Compatible with Droid phone Motorolla Razr
  • Compatible with Android phone Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Compatible with Android Samsung Nexus
  • LED flash light and Laster pointer with charger

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Price: $29.95

New Trent iTorch IMP52D Portable External Battery Pack (Phone Charger)

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  • New Trent iTorch IMP52D Portable External Battery Pack (Phone Charger)
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  • New Trent iTorch IMP52D Portable External Battery Pack (Phone Charger)
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iPhone 5 battery life testing

iPhone Without iTorch With iTorch*
Video playback (audio ON) 8 hours +/- 23 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 7 hours

+/- 20 hours

note: test are done in control environment with normal cellphone use. result are for comparison purposes and user may experience various result outside of the stated test numbers.

* Number derived from total number of recharge from iTorch and total use time combined.


The new iPad (3rd gen) battery life

iPad Without iTorch
With iTorch*
Video playback (audio ON) 10 hours +/- 13 hours
Internet (Wi-Fi) 10 hours

+/- 13 hours

note: test are done in control environment with normal tablet use. result are for comparison purposes and user may experience various result outside of the stated test numbers.

* Number derived from total number of recharge from iTorch and total use time combined.

NOTE: iTorch is suitable to charge 7" tablets but not 10" or high power requiring tablet as the capacity and output will not meet the high demand of larger tablets.


Package Content:

- iTorch battery pack (5200mAh)    
- Samsung Galaxy Tab converter cable replace part : IMP44B
- micro-USB cable replace part : IMP47B
- Velvet pouch  
- User Manual  


CELL Li Ion Polymer Battery
CAPACITY (Wh) 5200 mAh@3.7V = 19.2Wh
INPUT (type/spec) micro USB 5V@1A
regular USB 5V@1A
DIMENSIONS (in/mm) 4"*1.8"*0.9" / 102mm*46mm*23mm
COLOR Matte Black/Chrome
WEIGHT (unit/package) 4.4oz / 8oz  = 124gm / 227gm
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Terrific integrated design with a great form! Review by Demian
I had been monitoring larger mobile chargers to replace my old Kensington and came across the New Trent iTorch. What grabbed me is the combination of mobile charger, flashlight AND laser pointer. You can find a lot of units with the flashlight, but the laser pointer is pretty rare and eliminates the need for yet another gadget.

Overall, a solid purchase. (Posted on 4/7/14)
The Best External Battery I've Used Review by Morgan
As a journalist I'm often out on assignment for 14-18 hour stretches that my phone can't handle on its own. I can charge an iPhone 5 twice from less than 15% battery to 95% plus with this battery before having to recharge it. It's compact and relatively light and I highly recommend it. (Posted on 3/20/14)
Stop and click the buy now button Review by Chris
Life with the iTorch 5200 is VERY easy for someone on the go. Ive had it for at least a year. The charger is pocket size. It keeps at least 3 full charges for my iphone 4 or 5 (I upgraded), but thats not all... it also charges my iPad mini air and my Jaybird headphones! THATS RIGHT!!... if you have a USB connection, you are going to get your device charged. Even better is that it doesnt weigh anything. If its in my work bag, backpack on a hike, or in my kid's diaper bag... I dont have to worry about if my stuff has been charged. WAIT theres more! Charging the iTorch 5200 only takes 30-40 min. I havent timed it but considering it taked my iphone and ipad at least an hour to to charge, time well spent! What are you waiting for... buy it. Heck, I'm sold on buying another writing this =p (Posted on 3/19/14)
Great product Review by Joel
I like this product because it is lightweight, portable, and has a flashlight built in. It also packs a pretty good charge. (Posted on 3/14/14)
I liked it.... Review by Jeff
Easy to carry with you. I can't tell you how many times I have been on a plane and get stuck on a runway sitting. Everyone is complaining that they need to charge their devices. This unit easily will fit in a coat pocket or pants pocket. The curved edge design allows for it to slip right in easily. Its a very well made, sturdy product. 5200mah, isn't too bad either. I mainly use it for hiking since it is so light weight and doesn't take up much room. I can charge my Iphone 4s 2 or 3 times with this device. I would highly recommend this battery unit. (Posted on 3/11/14)
The best compact and powerful travel companion Review by Carlos
I took this battery pack on a trip of 16 days to Israel and France, it not only charge my iphone 5, since we have heavy use for pictures and video, but my wife's as well. It recharges quickly as well as the charge of the iphones were a breeze.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.
The fact that is small make it convenient to avoid taking bulky charges that just take room with no performance.
I am giving this awesome gadget a 5 star. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Great charging solution in the middle of the day Review by John P.
This product is a great charging solution between wall plug charges.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that I run Endomondo, XM Radio, and Google Maps with Bluetooth, GPS and Wifi on for a DSLR camera connection at the same time. The applications drain the battery between two and three hours of use. The New Trent iTorch 5200mAh USB Port External Battery is a lightweight charging solution for long hikes or bike rides. I get more than one full charge out of the external battery. It requires just over three hours to charge the phone with applications running (along with bluetooth, wifi, and GPS). With no applications running and occasional phone calls and text a full charge takes about two and a half hours. I have not tested the charge time with the phone off, but I would expect about two hours for a full charge. The primary use for this device is to keep the phone charged while using a DSLR camera with an Eye-Fi card that saves photos to my phone via wifi connection. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Great portable charger Review by Katelyn
I love my itorch portable charger. Its a great size and works wonderfully! It charges my iphone 4s almost twice. Definitely 5 stars! (Posted on 2/7/14)
I love this charger! Review by Sarah
I love the fact that it charges fast and can fit in my purse! I use it all the time, and it charges my cell phone really fast! (Posted on 2/1/14)
Great product in a convenient size Review by Josh
I love the iTorch Charger. Just the other day I was with a big client and my iPad was almost out of power. I quickly connected to the iTorch and was able to complete the presentation. If you use your devices often than you need this product! (Posted on 1/31/14)
Great Investment Review by David
I absolutely loved this product because I know never have to worry about running out of battery on my iPhone5 no matter where I am. Due to it's small size and ability to easily fit into a pocket or backpack, I have been able to use it around the house, in the airport, on the road, at class and many other places. I used to have a portable charger (not NewTrent) that enabled me to get almost one full charge from it -- on my iPhone5, but after switching to this NewTrent product I can now get a little over two full charges on my iPhone5! If you are looking for a reliable and portable charger, this is it! Definitely a great investment!

I would add two things:
1-it doesn't come with a wall charger so if you do not have one you will need to get one (not terribly inconvenient, but I would consider adding that into the package NT).
2-if you are looking to charge your iPad you may want to go up in size of charger. This is great for my iPhone5, but for my iPad Air it only charges it about half on a full charge of the iTorch (simply due to the amount of energy needed to charge the iPad). (Posted on 1/28/14)
Love It Review by Marc
Great size for the battery you get. Charges devices fast. Great to toss in a bag or the car in case you are somewhere that you can't plug in. Able to charge my phone fully and Nexus 7 some, or vice versa. Glad I bought it! (Posted on 1/24/14)
Perfect travel batttery! Review by Bradley
Great external battery charger! I use it with my Samsung Galaxy III and my Nexus 7 Tablet. I get a full charge on the phone and about 3/4 full on the tablet....more than enough to keep my devices up and running during the day until I can get home. I take it on trips, hiking, sporting events and shopping. Not for when I go shopping but when I'm waiting on the bench waiting for the other to finish shopping. I can slip it in my pocket or throw it in my backpack. It's well built. I've dropped it several times and it continues to work flawlessly. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Great product for keeping in touch. Review by Paula
I bought this product because I lost power for eight days and only could communicate by cell phone and tablet. Without power I was constantly out in my car in the storm trying to charge my phone. This product is great because you can charge anytime without an electric plug or car. It is portable and easy to use, which is also a good thing for me. I would recommend this to everyone for its ease of use and it's availability at all times. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Works perfectly Review by William
The IMP52D is great. It charges all my mobile devices. Once I had it charged fully, the iTorch was able to keep my iPad and iPhone with a great amount of charge at the end of my work day. I live in an area with such poor cell service, that my phone's batteries would die out before the end of the day, every day, (even with a full charge in the morning). This
product has solved that problem completely! It is sturdy, and VERY EASY TO USE. The flashlight is a great addition, which will come in handy, I'm sure. I don't have any use for the red laser, except maybe to entertain a kitten. :-) The New Trent came very well packaged and safe. (Posted on 10/26/13)
Great deal for the price Review by Tony
The charger is very portable and easy to use. There is only one button that turns on the charger, as well as turning on a built in laser pointer and flashlight. Turning on the different functions involves holding or pressing the button at different times, which sounds confusing at first, but is easy to adjust to. The charger also comes in with a nice pouch to store the charger, although the charger is already small enough that you can just keep it in your pocket. Overall good deal for the price. (Posted on 10/16/13)
Great buy! Review by Gustavo
Devices charge relatively fast using the iTorch; the iTorch as well charges fast. Would have liked if it besides the micro usb included an iphone charger too. Don't find any use for the laser pointer, good that it have the led light though, it is kind of confusing how to check battery level, laser point and led. (Posted on 10/9/13)
Prefect for school!! Review by Gianna
The IMP52D has been a great back up battery for me as a college student. I really like its small sleek shape and the addition of the flashlight! The size makes it great to have in my purse or backpack incase of a dead battery. It is also nice to have the flashlight for when I am walking home at night from a late classes. (Posted on 9/25/13)
I never worry about my iPhone battery going dead anymore Review by O Lee
I am very pleased with this battery pack. It works as expected, providing multiple charges to my iPhone, yet it was very reasonably priced. While some might prefer a battery pack that is built into a case that fits on the back of the iPhone, I've never liked that approach because the case often has to be removed to add various extensions to the phone that I use.

The iTorch includes a laser pointer and LED flashlight built into the unit. Saves me from having to carry an extra flashlight around to shine some light in dark places.

All and all I liked this so much I ordered a second unit for my wife. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 9/10/13)
Excellent backup battery for iPhone Review by Shannon
Like many others, I typically drain the battery on my smartphone at least once or twice a day. So I was looking for a backup battery that was powerful enough to recharge my iPhone 4S multiple times, without needing to recharged itself. The iTorch appealed me to for several reasons. I already knew from a friend's experience that it could recharge an iPhone 5 at least twice. In addition, the battery is fairly inexpensive, and looked small enough to be easily carried in a pocket. All these factors led me to purchase it.

When I received the iTorch, I charged it overnight, so I am not certain how long it took to reach a full charge. Upon testing, I was able to use it to recharge my 4S fully twice (from around 20% to 95-97%), and still had enough power left over to charge the phone at least 50% the third time before it shut itself off (from 37% to 85%). As a final test, I took the backup with me on a trip to Disney World, on a day that I would be in the park all day, without access to an outlet to recharge my phone. I also purposely did not take a purse or bag with me, as I wanted to test how the iTorch would fit in my pockets, and the ease of carrying it throughout the day. Happily, the battery fit quite easily in my front pocket, and did not hinder me while either walking around the park, or as I continually sat down and stood up while on the various rides. And most importantly, when it came time to recharge my phone, I was able to do so while still wandering the park, by having the iTorch in my front pocket, connected by a short cable to the phone in my back pocket.

All-in-all, I am extremely happy with the iTorch IMP52D! It met all my expections and needs for a backup battery for my iPhone. I recommend it hightly!! (Posted on 8/27/13)
I love my iTorch external battery charger Review by Laura
This gadget is great! It is about the size of small flip phone, but narrower. It fits in my jeans back or front pocket or even in one of my small pockets of my purse easily. It is smooth so it doesn't catch on seams or closures. It is very mobile. I like the flash light feature. I found it to be very easy to use and operate. I didn't even read the instructions first. I eventually did, however, and found them to be very easy to understand. This is a great little gadget. I use it on my Kindle Fire Tablet. It has recharged it a few times now, and I still have battery left over to use on my HTC Incredible 2 phone. I haven't had any difficulties or problems with my iTorch. I am a very happy and satisfied customer of New Trent. (Posted on 8/27/13)
Good Item Review by Gerardo
So far I been very pleased with this product. The Torch is able to charge my Iphone 5 very quick. It also has the laser which is pretty cool! (Posted on 8/21/13)
This product is a must have if you have a smartphone! Review by lynnette
I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and I realized the battery drains very fast with all of its new great functions so I was looking for a external power source and decided to purchase this product. Im so very happy that I did. Its very convenient and easy to use and carry. The I torch uses my cell phone charger to charge and tskes a full charge very fast. I've had other external chargers and they never worked correctly. that's not the case with this charger. It works just like its supposed to work. I don't Leave home without it. This is truly a must have if you own a smart phone! Thanks Trent I love this product! Your a life saver! Excellent product! (Posted on 8/16/13)
Great product alot of power comes little design. Review by fortress0728
Quick little story of what happened to me. First of all let me just say this product was better then expected. I love the design and quality of the IMP52D Itorch. It fits nice in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. Out of the box it came only about 20% charged but I plugged it into my usb port on my monitor and about 6-8 hours it was completely charged. A couple of days passed by and while working on the roof of a building I was installing a commercial size satellite. Looked at my phone and I was about 20% battery left. lucky for me I carried my iTorch in my book bag and was able to charge my phone with the included micro usb cable. It took me about 3.5 hours for satellite installation. By the time I was finished my battery life was completely at 100 % Now I'm not saying it took the total of 3.5 hours to charge but from the time I connected it to the time I finished my job it was nice to know that I was not going to have a dead phone. Its nice that it has a laser pointer and led flash light built in , don't know if i will ever use it but it also came with a velvet sack to place it in. In my opinion it would be nice if it came with a molded hard case to place it in. Since sometimes it is in my bag and when I place it down anything that's inside of my bag could press the button that turns on the laser pointer. All in all I love the product, the look , the design but would have loved a hard case for it.
I also forgot to say that by the time I got home I checked the charge level on my IMP52D and still had more then half charge left even after charging my HTC oNe which has a 2500 Mah battery. (Posted on 8/16/13)
New Trent has created a great external battery in the iTorch Review by Brett
The iTorch IMP52D happened to be the second external battery I purchased in order to boost the life of my numerous portable devices. It turned out to be a great choice for the following reasons:

• Quality craftsmanship

I feel that my expectations regarding mobile accessories, particularly when it comes to external batteries, are realistic, especially considering the manufacturing costs required to achieve any level of consistency, dependability, longevity, safety, etc. in a device like the iTorch. Let’s face it, batteries of any kind have always been expensive. Despite this, what New Trent does well with the IMP52D is enclose it in a case that should wear quite nicely. The sturdiness of it feels ample to the squeeze and short of any catastrophic drops should remain intact until well after the battery quits doing its job. Grade: A

• Tech to spec

As other reviewers have kindly taken the time to share the charge/depletion times of the iTorch I will not bother the specifics. Suffice it to say that the actual performance of the battery in comparison to New Trent’s specs for the device are closely related and thus, quite satisfactory. Grade: A

• Design

Compared to my other external battery the New Trent is sleek and sexy. Mind you, both are made of plastic. Yet, where my first battery looks so shiny as to be cheap the iTorch nicely combines a thin, chrome border that serves as an accent piece where the lid and the body of the enclosure meet with an otherwise smooth, matte black surface. While it’s certainly not elegant it does more comfortably fit my style. As such, I’m more likely to use it when out and about without considering whether or not someone is wondering if I’ve just scored big on the Magic Table crane machine. Moreover, when looking to use my external battery I’m often rummaging blindly through a bag of peripherals and accessories to do so. In fact, I often plug my portable device into my external battery sight unseen in that I’m trying my best to stay visually focused on the other task at hand. New Trent helps indulge my OCD by designing the business end of the iTorch so as to be shaped just differently enough that I know which end is which without having to look at it. Admittedly, it’s minor but still a nice touch. Grade: A

• Bells & whistles (read lights)

Simply put, the flashlight feature is adequate. It will do in a pinch which is probably the exact protocol by which it was designed. Even so, it does seem a bit faint (I clearly didn’t perform any measurement of lumens or such). However, the laser pointer deserves a few words. My litmus test of laser pointers is whether or not the beam will show up on the panel of my HDTV from where I normally sit, which is roughly at a distance of 7 feet. Few laser pointers I’ve owned have ever been visible. This was not the case with the iTorch pointer. In fact, the laser pointer performed well across the various backgrounds against which I used it and more than redeemed the slightly lackluster flashlight. Grade: A

• Note to New Trent

In an effort to improve upon the user experience I’m compelled to mention the following in parting. As I prepared to write my review of the IMP52D I thought to refer to the user manual as a starting point. When I couldn’t find it among my piles of file folders I tracked it down in the New Trent support forum. However, the information it provided regarding the function of the three modes was absolutely inaccurate. While I was able to parse the directions I didn’t do so without a sense of inconvenience. Where the manual included with the original packaging clearly details the operation of the battery, flashlight and laser pointer (yes, I did actually take the time to find it in order to ensure it too didn’t possess the same inaccuracy) the guide online DOES NOT in that if you follow the directions to activate the laser pointer by pressing and holding the power button for 1 second you will never do so as the battery must be turned on in order for the pointer to engage. Otherwise, with the battery turned off, pressing and holding the power button for 1 second merely turns the battery on but leaves the pointer inert. Grade: Fail

Despite the minor oversight with the online user guide, New Trent has done a very respectable job of designing an external battery that goes well with both my portable devices and my sense of style. Well done! (Posted on 8/4/13)
Perfect Package Review by Kory
The Itorch IMP52D is an excellent device with few shortcomings. The device’s design is sleek and very useful in its utility attributes i.e. the laser pointer and flashlight. It charges device quickly and has great accessories that are included. The only dislike I have and it is minor is that the flashlight could be easier to turn on with a separate switch because sometimes I forget the number of button presses. Other than that it is the perfect portable battery. I would rate this device a 5. (Posted on 7/20/13)
You need to add this to your travel gear! Review by Ross
I have had the New Trent IMP52D iTorch for about 3 weeks now and I love it.
It's a small enough package that it fits in your pocket for charging on
the go. Perfect for the quick charge of your phone when there aren't any
outlets or USB plugs around. Also the added convenience of a laser pointer
is very handy during presentations or product demonstrations. I thought
the light was weak but when used in a dark room it works perfectly. I even
use the iTorch when on the road. The iTorch even kept a full charge after a week of no use, and topped off my phone in minutes! Great product and the perfect
addition to my road warrior gear. (Posted on 7/10/13)
Compact iTorch Review by Kaung
The IMP52D took 105 minutes to fully charge of my iphone 4 from 34%. It costs half of the charger power(2 LED lights out of 4 were off). I would suggest that the battery pack should contain its own wall charger. The charger can charge iphone 4 two times only. As far as I know, iPhone 4 battery capacity is 1420mah so the itorch could charge the cell 3 times. So I would suggest to improve the battery power on this version. But overall, I like it and I will rate it (4), if it could charge more times, I would rate it (5)stars (Posted on 7/7/13)
Love it! Review by Kerry
The NewTrent IMP52D is the answer to dying cell phones, and even the iPad
and Kindle that run out of power just before the end of the book or game.
It is small enough to easily live in my purse (or backpack) so that it is
always available when I need it. It took less than 2 hours to fully charge
it the first time. Watch the blue lights to determine when it is ready. I
would have liked more comprehensive instructions but, then, I'm an
"instruction reader" from the moment a package arrives.

I fully recharged my phone during a trip to Phoenix this weekend and I was
the hero of the day when I was able to recharge a co-worker's phone as
well! In fact, an entire table of colleagues at our meeting took notes and
several signed in to purchase during a break.

Great product at an easy price and it backs up our electronics usage when
we are out and about!
(Posted on 7/7/13)
Great gadget Review by Marty
I received the iTorch IMP52D about a week ago and have played with it for a few days. The product is easy to use and doesn't take a rocket scientist to operate it. The simple instructions that came in the box show exactly how to use it for those who are new to the tech world. I was able to sustain my battery on my tablet while traveling with my son last weekend. No need for extra charging ports in my car which was already occupied by my phone charger.

On a side note, I can see some users expecting the charging cord to be a little longer than it is. Most likely those users will be the ones who do not have an easy access to a usb port, PC for example, and will try to plug it into a wall outlet, which majority of the time will require a longer cord. Also an optional wall adapter would be nice for those listed previously.

Pros: ease of use, small/portable with a protective pouch (nice touch), works as advertised, and fairly inexpensive to what it actually IS able to do compared to similar products.

Cons: short charging port, and no wall outlet adapter.

Solid 5 as the cons don't effect me much. (Posted on 7/4/13)
Great backup battery Review by Brian
Overall I am very happy with this purchase and would rate it 4 out of 5.

The build quality is excellent. It feels very solid and is very
aesthetically pleasing with smooth lines that allow it to slip in and out
of a pocket easily. This unit has already charged my fully depleted
Samsung Galaxy Nexus twice and it still has power left! I have not used it
on my Galaxy Tablet yet, but it looks like it would also easily fully
charge it once, if not twice. The laser light is a cool novelty and the
flashlight works well enough.

The reasoning for a rating of 4, as opposed to 5, has nothing to do with
charging operation, which it performs flawlessly. It is due to the
operation of the flashlight. The instructions are not very clear as to the
operation of the flashlight. It states to hold button for 3 seconds to
activate flashlight, but it seemingly only works after every other key
press...confusing. It works fine when I figure out how to get it on, but
some clearer instructions would remedy this situation and move this to a 5
star review. (Posted on 6/28/13)
Solid Charge Review by Todd
I recently received the iTorch. The device is simple and easy to use. Its small form factor is nice for transporting. I was able to toss it in a bag and quickly get going. To charge the device, it is very simple. I have a ton of AC wall adapters from other electronics and was able to use them to charge the device (makes use of a standard USB mini connector). Note the system does not come with a wall outlet. Even though that is the case, it should not be a concern or a deal breaker. I was also able to charge the device via my computer. Just hook it up directly using a USB port on your PC. I own a smart phone that sucks a lot of juice. The iTorch did a quick job of charging my dead phone and its charge case with some juice left to spare for another small charge. The iTorch has an LED and a laser pointer on it which are a nice added bonus. I was not aware of this before buying. My only complaint is the LED is a little dim. I would recommend this device.
Easy to open and access. Getting to the product was simple. I really like the green circle on the front that list the number of hours of talk time. I didn;t see any note on the box mentioning no charge cable was included. It would be nice to have this listed somewhere on the box.

The graphics are easy to follow and understand.

My first reaction to the product was the case and how solid it felt. I have had cheap battery packs that feel flimsy. The design is elegant and the form factor is good. It was easy to pack in a small duffle bag for a weekend trip. I like the matte finish. The charger was used to charge phone overnight. Was used for one full charge. Phone was fully charged in the morning. Convenient for a night camping trip.

- Form factor
- Matte finish (free from finger prints and clutter)
- Fast charge
- Quickly charged Smart Phone
- Laser pointer added bonus. Could be useful.
- Power shuts off after 30 secs of no output.
- Checking power level left on device is simple to read.

- Flashlight was not very bright. Was use during the night. Was not much use.
- One button to turn on all elements. It would be nice to have a separate button to turn on the flash lights. Holding for a set amount of time was not convenient.
- No charger included.
- Input and Output not marked. (Posted on 6/12/13)
Awesome product. Small enough to fit in your pocket & gets the job done! Review by Amanda
The iTorch IMP52D External Battery Pack is an Awesome product! I love that
this product comes with the extra laser pointer & the LED flashlight. I no
longer have to sit next to an outlet just to charge my phone. It is a very
reasonable price & charges my Samsung Galaxy S-III super fast. It charged
my phone three times before having to plug the battery pack in to recharge
it. I rate this item 5 stars & would recommend it to family & friends. (Posted on 6/11/13)
Great little charger for a weekend getaway! Review by Michael
After having received my new charger just in time for a weekend camping trip with the family and lots of charging to be done as my phone is my primary source of taking photos. So off we went without worry as I had a new charger and while you may think that 5,200 mAh may not be enough for a weekend getaway it was definitely sufficient.

I was able to not only charge my phone twice (once for each day camping) but I got to play with another nifty feature that comes with this little charger which is the laser pointer. It has quite the range on it and relatively no affect on the battery as I played with it for some time. It really didn't serve me any purpose other than just something to play with but would make great for business persons in need of something to not only charge their mobile device as well as have something for a presentation in their business meetings. The battery will shut off automatically if you don't plug something into it and once charged and you unplug you device it will also shut down automatically as well. Also shutting off manually is quite easy compared to some other external batteries and will shut down in a few seconds whereas some take 10 - 15 at least to shut down.

With this nice little charger you not only get your typical USB charger cord but you also get an adapter for the Galaxy Tab and beyond that you get a very nice felt carrying bag to make not only keeping everything together but makes carrying everything so much easier. Like other New Trent products it also comes with easy to read LED indicators showing how much battery is left on the charger in 25% increments. Altogether I have to say I am very pleased with the iTorch and it served me well as I see it serving me well for much longer. (Posted on 6/10/13)
Excellent external battery with great features! Review by Dave
I found the the NewTrent IMP52D to be one of the smallest and lightweight external battery chargers I have ever owned. Its diminutive size belies the additional features, such as the LED light and the laser pointer, that make this product so great. I mean seriously, for the road warrior on the run where size and weight are at a premium, the IMP52D represents a terrific product and value.

The plastic housing of the device is sturdy and feels well built, and the faux-chrome piping around the edge of the IMP52D gives it a professional air, especially useful for business executives doing important presentations with the laser pointer. The LED display for battery life and turning the LED light and laser pointer on or off is easy to use; the power button is perfectly placed for using either feature.

As far as charging time goes, I found that I could fully charge my IMP52D in about 5 hours, 40 minutes, and its 5200mAh rechargeable battery gave my iPhone 5 an extra 18 hours of life on average. The documentation states that it does +/-20 hours, but 18 hours is pretty darn good coming from an external battery charger that’s smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

The included accessories are pretty nice; I was able to use the micro USB cable for my Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD (both 7”), although I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy tablet, so that cable was largely useless. The soft velvet pouch with drawstring is a nice touch though, since I can just pop my IMP52D in my travel/laptop bag without having to worry about scratching it.

Overall, I am pleased with the IMP52D. It’s small, lightweight and its attractive looks make it a good choice for the professional on the run. I don’t have many quibbles with the actual device itself; if anything, I would improve the laser; over distances of 10 feet or more, the laser begins to diffuse to the point where the dot at 10-15 feet is the size of a quarter and is not perfectly round.

Other than that minor issue, I am a very happy fellow with the IMP52D!

PLEASE NOTE: There are reviews where people are unsuccessful in charging the IMP52D and a smart phone or tablet at the same time. If I remember correctly, I believe this is a failsafe feature that NewTrent has designed in order to prevent the internal rechargeable battery in the IMP52D from being damaged (a la the IMP120D). (Posted on 6/10/13)
Iphone 5 stayed charged for whole Indy 500. Review by Jason
Brought this product to keep my Iphone 5 charged while I attended the 2013 Indy 500. Well let me tell you not only did my phone stay charged but it had enough battery life to fully charge my phone a week late before I finally had to plug it in. Was easy to use and easy to charge. Great for long road trips without a charger or a cross country flight. Can't wait to use this in a few weeks on our next road trip. (Posted on 6/9/13)
Very Very Good Battery Review by Zach
Pros: Very long battery life, one charge and it just died today after 2.5 days of average use.
Very neat looking, very clean and sleek.
Built in laser and flashlight for convenience.
Well molded for holding in my hand and very good grip in the usb port to hold the cable in while it's in use.
Relatively strong construction, I have already dropped it several times and its fine.

Cons: Easily scratched, after one day of being in my jeans pocket and biking to school it is starting to show some scratches.
Laser turns the entire battery off after 30s, meaning if I try to charge my ipod and have the laser on I only get 30seconds at a time before it stops and I have to restart it.
Flashlight takes a little bit too long to turn on, and will only turn on if the battery is off.
Button makes it sometimes confusing when the battery may or may not be on.

Other notes:
Basically, I already love the battery to death, it is very good at what it does, but I would like to see a power switch rather than a power button, I would also like to see the flashlight and laser get their own buttons independent of the main button so they can be independent of the whole system. I would also like to see about a way to possibly make the plastic more scratch proof because as I said, after one day of biking it scratched. But overall this battery is very well built. It has a very sturdy mechanism, and has provided over 24 hours of extended life to my ipod AND iphone in the same period of time. This is totally worth the money to me. The only other note I can add is that the flashlight is a little bit dim, but it is only a single LED so it is great considering that. (Posted on 6/6/13)
New Trent iTorch IMP52D - good little charger!! Review by Carolyn
Good little charger!! Since I've had experience with two different 12,000mAh batteries (that can charge my devices multiple times), I had to adjust my expectations with regard to a battery with lower mAh. In that regard, on it's own, it's good for short trips and day-to-day use. And I can to add it to my 'arsenal' of other higher capacity ones for an extra charge on longer trips that lack a power source, like camping!

Comes with micro USB charging cable, as well as a converter cable that
worked for my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet (although the packaging only
specifies the Galaxy Tab). Does NOT include the AC charger, but I was able
to use any of the ones I already own.

Charging, power button, and power-level display:
Very easy to charge...just plug in. Four blue lights indicate the level of
charge. One power button controls battery, flashlight, and laser pointer.
I really like the idea of having a small led flashlight and even the laser
pointer. Although the instruction sheet tells how to access each
function, for me it's a little tricky to remember on the fly.

I really like the compact size and weight. Very portable... could easily
be put in a pocket or purse.

5200mAh. Enough power to charge my Droid Bionic one time, and myDroid Razr
Maxx HD to about 50% before it was discharged completely. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Great Charger Review by Jack
It will charge a cell phone about 2.5 times. The build quality is good and doesn't feel cheap. It includes an adapter so the you can charge a galaxy tab. I have used it and it can fully charge an iPad mini and it will charge a Pantech burst about three times. The flashlight i convenient and the laser works great. I would definitely recomend this to anyone. (Posted on 6/4/13)
Compact and easy Review by Brian
I've used other external chargers, and the iTorch is much more compact and fits well in the hand. The battery also holds more charge. Overall, it's quite easy to use, with standard USB and micro USB adapters (no proprietary plugs which is a good thing). There is no AC adapter, but I have plenty of those so didn't find that to be a major drawback.

The LED light is useful to gauge how much charge is left. The laser pointer is a fun toy, although I didn't find much practical use for it and the flashlight is not bright enough to use for anything other than a tiny bit of light in a pinch (similar in intensity to the backlight of your phone).

The one drawback is that there's only one USB slot so you can only charge one phone at a time, but apparently this was intentional to extend the battery life. Overall, a solid battery and one that I'd buy again.

(Posted on 6/3/13)
Excellent portable power Review by Arthur
This product is elegantly designed and solidly built. It is easy to assess charge level--just by pressing a button the up to four lights appear indicating charge. Charging a device is easy. Simply attach your device's USB charging cable (the iTorch has a USB port but no included cables) and press its power button. Lights indicate the remaining charge while the iTorch charges your device and then go out when the charge is complete. The capacity is pretty large; I was able to charge my Nexus 7 tablet from 19% to full on a single charge while the tablet was on. It handled my Razr Maxx with its fairly large battery as well after I recharged the iTorch. The only complaint I might register is that charging the tablet took a while to complete (maybe 4-5 hours), but I probably could have sped this up by turning off the tablet or phone while charging. The iTorch itself charges in several hours; you'll have to reuse a micro USB cable you already have. It comes with a Samsung tablet adapter but as I don't have one I can't speak to its function.

As an added bonus, the cat absolutely loves the iTorch's integrated laser pointer. (Posted on 5/31/13)
Nice, portable and lifesaver gadget! Review by Ka Wing
*****WHAT I LIKED*****
- Nice product packaging, it also has a good size since it comes not only with the battery, but with the microUSB cable, USB converter, velvet pouch and the user manual.
- The IMP52D comes with a MicroUSB cable, a USB extension/converter (male on one end, female the other end), a nice velvet pouch for carry on and the user manual (only in english).
- Accessories match the color of the battery, and the quality is decent.
- USB cable is averagely long enough and build quality is also decent, the microUSB end is compact in order to connect to devices with a case.
- I love the velvet pouch which provides protection to the product and to be able to carry it everyone without worrying about scratching it.
- The IMP52D plastic structure feels very solid and well designed, has a good size (aprox 30% smaller than the iPhone 5) and doesn't feel cheap at all.
- Nice handy features included: laser pointer and a mini-flashlight.
- Single button operation for turning on/off the battery, the laser pointer and the led mini-flashlight.
- Nice 4 blue led lights indicator for battery level.
- USB and miniUSB ports are in a single place at top of the charger (at the center) along with the laser pointer (on the right) and mini-flashlight (on the left). Which allows you to keep it in the velvet pouch for protection.
- One click to turn the battery on and the lights indicator, if you click it once again, it will turn the lights indicator off but the battery stays on. So turn the battery off, you need to press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds.
- To turn the flashlight on, you need to press and hold it for 3 seconds and it will also turn the battery on, to turn the flashlight off, press and hold for 3 seconds again and it will also turn the battery off.
- To turn the laser on, first press the button once (it will turn the battery on and lights indicator on) and then press it again (it will turn the indicator off and the laser on).
- If you charge the battery for the first time with an AC adaptor with an output of 5V/1A, it will take around 4 hours to fully charge it since it comes with factory charge. If you charge it with a USB port (normally 0.5A), it will take around 7-8 hours.
- If you charge it full from depleted, it will take around 5-6 hours with an AC adapter and around 11-12 hours with a USB port.
- For the *Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500* (Android 4.2.2, 100 apps installed + background services + push notifications), the IMP52D from FULL charge (4 lights) to start blinking down to 3 lights indicator in around 1 hour and charged it 27% with a continue normal use. This means checking emails, checking social networks, normal data usage on 3.5G and some background Google and apps services. Additionally, it took almost 4 hours to charge it to 100% and 1 blinking light left. This charger cannot charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 two times under normal operation use.
- For the *Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500* (Android 4.2.2, standby + completely depleted), it took around 160 minutes to charge to FULL and on the IMP52D left 2 to 1 lights indicator.
- For the *Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500* (Android 4.2.2, turned off + completely depleted), it took around 130 minutes to charge to FULL and on the IMP52D left 2 lights indicator.
- For the *Apple iPhone 5* (iOS 6.1.4, 100 apps installed + background services + push notifications), the IMP52D from FULL charge (4 lights) to start blinking down to 3 lights indicator in around 70 minutes and charged it 52%, again with the normal use as above described. Additionally, it took around 2.3 hours to charge it to 100% with 3 to 2 lights blinking. It
- For the *Apple iPhone 5* (iOS 6.1.4, standby + completely depleted), it took around 100 minutes from 0% to 100% and with 2 lights left on the IMP52D.
- For the *Apple iPhone 5* (iOS 6.1.4, turned off + completely depleted), it took around 80 minutes from 0% to 100% and with 3 to 2 lights left on the IMP52D.
- I think it needs information of estimated additional time for other devices such Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Note 2.
- User manual only comes in english, no instructions in spanish or other major language.
- The velvet pouch can get fluffly when you carry it in certain clothing or places.
- It will be good to come with an AC adapter but I don't think is really necessary since the DV input is a microUSB and can be used with another USB adapter (almost everyone has a charger at least).
- It will be nice to see a smaller design with the same capacity, more portable, in a near future.
- Single button operation is OK, but in this case, since you have 2 more features (laser pointer and flashlight) is confusing.
- With one single click, you turn the battery on, which is not OK for me, if I put it in the pocket and accidentally slightly pressed the button, it will turn the battery on.
- Having a single button and charging a device at the same time, if I want to use the flashlight for a moment, when I turn it off, it will also turn the battery off.
- I suggest to change the button operation mode, long press, turn the battery on, another long press turn it off, if I want to use the flashlight, 2-fast-clicks to turn it on, if i want to change it to laser, one press to change it, if I don't want to use the laser or the flashlight anymore, 2-fast-clicks and it will turn off. In this mode, it will not affect the battery or the charging process nor accidentally turn the lights on. BUT there is a catch, the battery has a security feature that it turns off itself after 30 seconds of inactivity, so with that, it's good to see what they will come up with and how they can improve it.
- Not big deal in my case since I don't really use the flashlight, I love the laser :D
- It may vary depends on how many apps you have, how many background apps you are running, how many email accounts you are fetching data from, if you are using cellular data, WiFi, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, etc... Less features you use and turned off, more juice you can get.
- Not big deal on this one but I kind of noticed there is a bug on the software to indicate the battery level, sometimes is not very accurate, didn't exactly indicate the battery level correctly, but the charge was still OK, just happened a few times in these 2-3 weeks of using it.
OVERALL, 4+ for this product, the IMP52D is very good, solid quality build, very portable, nice velvet, flashlight and laser, no overheat, the battery is enough to charge my iPhone 5 2x times with my heavy usage, charge my Galaxy S4 once with more than 100 apps and continue use (very heavy use), nice 4 blue LED indicator, not heavy for carry-on, and lifesaver for emergencies. There are some little improvements they need to make, but not big deal at all. I highly recommend it! This is a very nice portable gadget! (Posted on 5/30/13)
Tiny Wonder! Review by David
The IMP52D is a quirky mashup of an external battery pack, an LED
flashlight, and a laser pointer. As an external battery pack, this thing
packs a pretty decent punch given its small size. It's about the size of a
new iPod Nano, but thicker, and contains a 5200mAh battery that was able
charge my Galaxy Nexus phone twice with a little power to spare. It's
great to throw in the carry-on bag on a long flight so you can watch movies
on your phone during the flight and not have to worry about having a dead
phone when you land. It does take several hours to fully charge the
battery, so planning ahead is required. There are 4 status LEDs on the
device that show you current charge level while charging the pack or while
charging your phone, so you don't have to guess how much juice you have

Unlike its larger cousin, the NT99D, this device has a standard micro-USB
socket on it to charge it. This means that, unlike the NT99D which
requires you to carry a separate power cable, this one will charge from any
USB port using the included cable, or faster using your phone's standard
charger (assuming your phone uses standard micro-USB or the power adapter
has a USB plug on it). This makes this device quite portable as you only
need to carry the battery pack and your phone's charging cable.

Power from the device is rated at 1 amp, so you're probably not going to be
charging any larger devices like tablets with it, so look to the 2 amp
devices like the NT99D to fill that need.

The flashlight and laser pointer are nice inclusions in this device, but
have some limitations that may limit their usefulness. There is only a
single button to control the power of the battery back, the flashlight, and
the laser pointer. You've got to memorize the specific sequences to make
each feature work, which takes some getting used to. They definitely could
have included dedicated flashlight and laser pointer switches. The
flashlight is not very bright, so don't expect to go camping with it, but
in a pinch like trying to get your key in the door, it works fine. The
laser pointer may be useful for business types, but it only stays on for
about 30 seconds before it shuts itself off and you've got to go through
the awkward button press sequence to get it back on again. Also, if you
happen to need the flashlight while charging your phone, you'll have to
temporarily stop charging to use it as you can't do both (at least that
I've found).

In summary:

Pros: Great power density for size, charges using standard micro-USB, very
portable, status LEDs, flashlight and laser pointer add limited value and

Cons: Cumbersome button sequences, dim flashlight, and laser pointer
requires continual restarts (Posted on 5/30/13)
Weekend camping lifesaver! Review by Brandi
I'm often away on the weekends with no way to charge my phone other than my car, which runs the risk of killing my battery while I'm out in the middle of nowhere. The iTorch is a lifesaver!! It's small enough to put in my pocket while its charging my phone too! I took my fully charged iTorch out for a weekend trial, and I made it through the whole weekend with a working phone and without plugging into my car. Of course for longer trips, I can easily charge the iTorch in my car if needed so I'm not separated from my phone while it's charging. The iTorch has LED indicators so you can tell how much it is charged quickly. It also has a flashlight, and red pointer. It came with an adapter I can use to charge my Samsung tablet as well! (Posted on 5/30/13)
Sharp, impressive and functional Review by Kirk
This is the 3rd battery pack I have purchased. A 2400 mAh, a 12000 mAh, and now this one. Eventhough, they all work great, this one has the best styling, and includes the LED light and laser as a bonus. I have used it to charge my LG Optimus G 4 times now to full without any problems. (Posted on 5/30/13)
I love the iTorch! Review by Debbie
The iTorch is very well made... it has a nice solid feel to it... it does not feel cheap at all. The bonus is that it has a flashlight built in and a laser pointer. I do not do many presentations where I would use a laser pointer... but my Kitty loves the little red dot... so its a nice kitty toy too! The iTorch measures 4” long x 1.75” wide, so its pretty small and very portable!

I love that NewTrent included a pouch, I like to keep my things together, especially when you have unplug-able cables, a manual, etc. I am always losing cables or misplacing them or even mixing them up with other cables (yes we are a techie / electronic family) so its nice they included the pouch! Having said that though, I do have to say the pouch is a bit too small to put everything in there, especially when you do not want your items scratched up... its a tight fit to put both cables in there with the iTorch and manual -- maybe 1.5x larger would have been perfect!

The devices I tested the iTorch with:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Ipod Touch 4th Gen
Ipad - 3rd Gen w/ Retina Display

Samsung Galaxy S3 - The iTorch fully charged my S3 from 7% to 100% in 2.5 hours... I was very happy with these results!

Ipod Touch 4th Gen - The iTorch fully charged my daughter’s ipod touch from 20% to 100% in 55 minutes... very impressive and very nice to have being my daughter has a horrible habit of not keeping her device charged and then complains to me that her battery is dead... The iTorch is great for taking with you on the go!

IPad 3 - You have to keep in mind that the iPad 3 is its a large device with a an HD Retina screen. However, even with that said, I was able to charge my ipad from 2% to 36% and then the iTorch needed to be recharged. In my opinion this is still impressive that such a small device was able to boost the battery of the Ipad 3 as much as it did!
(Posted on 5/29/13)
great all around coverage Review by Jeff
I received the iTorch, on Wednesday. I charged it up, Thursday morning,
which took about 4 hours or so... The instructions that came with it were
clear and straight forward. I have several of the wall chargers that the
USB cable plugs in to, so it was ok that I didn't receive one with the
product. I like the white LED feature, and the red laser may come in handy
sometime. I was able to fully charge my Google Nexus 7 from about 17%
charge, with the iTorch, and I still had a little charge left on the
iTorch. This seems like it will be a great product, especially for those
times when I cannot plug in my phone or tablet, like overnight paddling
trips or backpacking trips, when the white LED will be a nice feature to
have, too. (Posted on 5/29/13)
Great Product. Review by Shelby
The New Trent iTorch IMP52D is sleek and small enough to stick in your pocket. For people like me who often forget to charge their phone at night portability for external batteries is a huge plus. The one down side I noticed right away was that it didn't come with a AC adapter to charge up the external battery. It's not really a big deal though because the cable that comes with it has a USB male end that can plug into any Apple or Android adapter. It came with a 1/4 charge that you can use right away, or you can plug it in and wait for a full charge. I charged it up all the way, which took a little over three hours with my AC adapter for my iPad, and intentionally didn't charge my phone over night and let it get below 10%. I then plugged it into the iTorch and in about an hour and a half had a full charge on my phone. The amazing thing is the iTorch was still half full so I could use it again in an emergency, or for when I forget to charge my Phone overnight.
Now for the fun stuff. I absolutely love the laser pointer on it. Me and my dog played for at least a good hour with it. It is very powerful and could be seen very easily from 30+ feet away. I tested out the flashlight on it as well and while it doesn't light up the whole room it is definitely effective for when your roommates forget to leave the front porch light on for ya and you just need to find the keyhole for the front door. The IMP52D iTorch is definitely more than satisfactory and I would rate it a 5 out of 5 stars. This is a great product and the only thing that would make it better is if it came with an AC adapter to charge the unit with. (Posted on 5/28/13)
Nice Portable Charger Review by Nat
I like the overall shape and size of the charger. I did find it a little
slippery though; it would help with grip to have some rubber accents around
the unit.

The charger was able to keep my iPhone 5 charged at 100% all day while
listening to podcasts and music. After a full charge, it was also able to
charge my phone from empty to full without a problem. Although a little
slower to charge but I was able to charge an iPad 2 from about 75% to full
as well. I had no issues using it on a portable iPad keyboard too.

I really like the convenience of being able to keep various devices charged
with one battery. The LED light and red laser are a nice touch. The on/off
was a little temperamental; sometimes I would turn on the LED while trying
to turn on the battery to charge a device. Sometimes I was not sure if I
turned off the battery. I am sure I will get more used to the button
combination once I have had a chance to use it more.
(Posted on 5/28/13)
Great for those on the go Review by Gi
The Powerpak iTorch comes in a solid yet sleek die cut package. The
contents is standard yet generous. The package includes a micro usb cord, a
usb female/male head extension and a velvet dust pouch. The cords are a
decent length; since the device is portable a long cord isn't necessary.

After a few days of continuous use, I definitely have to say the
convenience of this device is amazing. Not having to search for an outlet
or lug around my travel connectors is great.

I would highly recommend this device to those traveling,
commuters and others who do not have immediate access to standard
charging materials. (Posted on 5/27/13)
Awesome battery pack for everyday use Review by Tj
Overall the IMP52D iTorch external battery is a solid product for everyday use. I view it as a device to keep in your bag in the event you need a quick power boost for small portable electronic devices.

Form Factor
* The size of the battery is comfortable to hold in your hand, but a bit uncomfortable to throw in your pants pockets. The usage must be for a bag or a jacket pocket. The finish and materials used are smooth and there are no sharp edges which add to the overall comfortable feeling of holding the battery.

* The weight of the product seemed slightly heavier than my Blackberry Curve, and about the same as my iPhone 5 with it's case on, which again makes it uncomfortable to put in your pants pockets for an extended period of time.
Bonus features

* The laser light and torch are nice bonus features that make the battery a more convenient and useful device without negatively impacting the form factor of the battery.

* The torch is useful for providing light in enclosed areas with low light. The torch, however, does not provide enough light to illuminate a whole room, but would be useful to find your keys if you happened to drop them. Shinning the light at an area further than about 10 feet will not improve the amount of light a whole lot.

Battery power
I used the IMP52D to charge these devices:
* Blackberry Curve
* iPhone 5
* iPad 3
* Amazon Kindle

My observations on the performance of the battery were:
* I plugged in a Blackberry Curve smartphone with about 5% battery power and it was fully charged to 100% in an hour and a half. The IMP52D used up between 25% to 50% of its power to accomplish this.

* On another occasion I plugged in an iPhone 5 that had 65% power and it was charged to 100% in a little under an hour. The IMP52D used about 50% of its power to charge the iPhone in this instance.

* I also tested the battery by plugging in an iPad 3 to the fully charged IMP52D to see how it would respond. The iPad's battery life went up about 15% before the iTorch was drained.

* Charging the Amazon Kindle is convenient because it uses the same micro USB cable that the battery requires to be charged itself.

* The temperature of the IMP52D went up during charging but not to a significant or uncomfortable level.

Power Adapters
I tested several chargers to charge the IMP52D:
* Amazon AC adapter - output 4.9v - 0.85A
* Apple 12W power adapter - Output 5.2v - 2.4A

The Amazon AC adapter required 6+ hours to charge the IMP52D and it's probably not the best choice to use for this battery. Using an Apple 12W charger purchased at from Apple (not the 10W adapter that comes with the iPad3) cut the charging time to under 3 hours and was by-far the best choice to pair up with the IMP52D. It was quick and efficient at charging the battery. I also tested charging the battery by plugging it into a powered USB 3 port on a desktop computer. While the computer option did the job, the Apple adapter would still be the charger of choice because of its portability and speed for charging the IMP52D. (Posted on 5/26/13)
iTorch Charger Review by Lorinda
I've had the iTorch for a few weeks and have used it to charge my iPhone and iPad during power outages and severe thunderstorms. The iTorch provided a source of light to help me gather my things and get into my closet during the storm. I was in there for a while and worried the batteries on my devices might run out before the sirens went off. Luckily, the iTorch was able to r\provide enough charge for both, giving me a way to make calls and keep up with the changing weather conditions. It's light weight and compact - perfect for on the go situations. I would take it any where! (Posted on 5/23/13)
Luv my ITorch Review by Keena
Great little item to have. It's lightweight and small enough to carry just about anywhere. Charges my phones (IPhone and Blackberry) quickly and recharges (itself) very quickly. (Posted on 5/22/13)
Excellent device - multi-use Review by Jonathan
I was very satisfied with the iTorch's performance on both my Android based smartphone and my iPad 2. It fully charged my HTC Rezound and had capacity to spare. Gave me an additional 33-35% battery life to my iPad as I was using it. Very happy. Specs seem true to form. Also serves as a laser pointer during presentations and a small LED flashlight for use around the home/office. Make sure to read the directions and 2 minutes of use will allow to you to completely master the device interface. I would recommend to any potential buyer. (Posted on 5/16/13)
Overall, a fantastic external battery charger Review by Dash

- Solidly built, feels like you can toss into a backpack or purse even without the velvet carrying pouch that's included
- Battery capacity gives at least 4 full charges for my 1200mAh smartphone
- 1A output charges small electronics quickly
- Red laser pointer and white LED flashlight are a nice bonus, in fact, I almost like this thing better as a laser pointer than a charger!
- Stays cool to the touch when charging

Possible cons (not dealbreakers though):

- Large battery capacity means it will take longer to charge; took about 6 hours using an 850mAh adapter.
- While it does charge for tablets, I wouldn't recommend relying solely on this for power. I have a 4th-gen iPad, and it will only provide about a 30% charge (which is as specified.)

Other thoughts:

The first unit I received became completely unresponsive when plugged into my iPad. Once the battery plugged into an AC adapter it started working normally again. The replacement I received functioned fine however. (Posted on 5/14/13)
iTorch IMP52D Review by Sara
The IMP52D, iTorch external battery is an exceptional battery for being so small. It fully charged my IPod, Android phone and 15% of my IPad (in that order) before loosing power. My IPod and phone were completely dead before I charged them, it took a little over an hour for each one to charge. When I started charging my IPad there was only one light showing on the charger. My only complaint about this battery pack is even though it doesn't weigh that much, I wish it weighed a little less. I would give it a 4 1/2. (Posted on 5/9/13)
Compact, well-built and carries a hefty charge Review by Chris
I was in the market for a way to extend the battery life of my Samsung Galaxy S3 and found this after purchasing another New Trent product. I got my New Trent iTorch last week and took it for a spin immediately. Right out of the box I was pleasantly surprised by the heft and how solidly built the product is. I'm not one to seek out the smallest and lightest of anything, since those always seem to break or get lost. This product feels very well made.

After charging it overnight, I used it exclusively for recharging my phone and it got me through 3 days of my typical usage (includes 4G browsing, email and a few hours of streaming audio, not too much talk time because I'm not a heavy voice user)! Today I used it as a substitute for my normal in-car commute-time charging since I rode my bike to work. This increases my battery drain due to GPS tracking my route for 3 hours round trip. The iTorch barely broke a sweat. The real test will be next month when I take a trip overseas. I look forward to being comfortable using my device on the flight and not worrying about every percent of charge I use, hoping I can get to the hotel on the other end of the trip before I run out!

Aside from the solid construction and obvious recharge capacity, the iTorch comes with a built in red laser pointer and a white LED torch/flashlight (hence the name, I suppose). I was not aware of these features when I bought it, and the laser pointer was a nice surprise. I would never have bothered to buy a stand-alone laser pointer, but now I have one in my bag of gadgets! The single white LED is a little underpowered though, and I don't see the utility of it. Bonus points that the iTorch uses the same USB charging cord my phone does, so I can carry just one cord to charge my phone, then turn it around to recharge the iTorch when it is drained.

Overall, I like the unit. I took off one star for the not so useful white LED and my one other annoyance: you have to remember to hit the button on the iTorch in order to charge your device. There is no auto-sense on the USB when you connect to your device. A couple of times now I lost recharge time due to forgetting this.

The real test will be next month when I take a trip overseas. I look forward to being comfortable using my device on the flight and not worrying about every percent of charge I use, hoping I can get to the hotel on the other end of the trip before I run out! (Posted on 5/9/13)
Your Perfect Portable Power Source Review by Timothy
The IMP52D is compact and powerful. It's attractive and feels good in the hand (weight, size, and shape). Able to charge all of my family's micro-USB phones and tablets, we have found it perfect for trips and also appreciate the added functionality of the bright flashlight and the laser pointer. If you're on the move and can't always stop long enough to charge your phone with a wall charger, the IMP52D is the perfect solution for portable power. (Posted on 5/7/13)
Great Product Review by Stetson
This charger is great! I have a smartphone that I use nonstop throughout the day and this little portable battery keeps me going. I don't know what I would do without this.


- Portable Charging
- Small Size
- Nice Weight
- Charge Indicator
- Bonus Light/Laser


- Charge Life/Size


I am always moving around throughout the day. Never in one place for too long whether it's going from home to work, to school, out exercising, you name it. This portable battery pack is a huge help in keeping my phone operating. When I bought my phone, I bought an extended battery that doubles the thickness of it because I knew I would need it. I am a smartphone power user. The extended battery still won't get me through the day without having to be charged, and that is where this comes into hand. While I am at home or at work it is easy for me to charge because I have wall outlets, but while I'm at school or out biking it's not that easy. At school, I am never guaranteed an outlet to keep my phone charged, but that is what is so awesome about this. I can just plug this into my phone while it's in my backpack and it begins charging.

When I go out biking or on long runs, is when it is crucial. I use a fitness app to track my miles and it uses the GPS that completely drains the battery. I just hook this up to my phone while I'm out and my phone hasn't died on me in the middle of a workout!

It is a nice portable size that will fit into a small pocket of a backpack or a woman's purse, & the feel of it makes it seem more durable. It isn't light as a feather by any means, but I believe it has the perfect weight. Suffice it to say that this thing is solid and I don't believe it would break if dropped onto pavement from 4-5 feet, which is great.

The only negative I could find with this product is that the amount of charge (5200mAh) could be higher so I wouldn't have to charge the unit itself as often. It isn't a nuisance in any way, but if they could fit more mAh into this small package, that would be ideal.

I will be using this great product for years to come until smartphone makers decide to update their batteries! (Posted on 5/3/13)
iTorch in the Midnight Sun Review by Doug
What a handy little charger, light, and laser pointer to entertain the dogs! Seriously though I have been recharging this unit with a solar panel during the daylight hours to keep my iPhone 5 charged. It has the ability to keep the phone powered up all day with no problems even with heavy usage, fits in a pocket easily so now there is no reason to have a dead phone when it is needed most, and I don't have to search for the ever elusive power outlet. Thanks New Trent (Posted on 4/30/13)
Just the right size Review by Hal
The torch is small enough to carry in my pocket while it was charging my phone. Money well spent (Posted on 4/30/13)
Great Battery And Great Quality! Review by Joseph
I am very happy with the iTorch external battery's performance. Once I opened up the packaging and saw how well built it is I was very impressed. This is by far the highest quality external battery I have used to date. I am an avid iPhone user since I need it to run my business off of, so I usually run out of battery about half way to three quarters of the way through the day. I've tried out several external battery cases, but I don't like the additional bulk and weight that a battery case adds. So I decided to opt for a external battery. The iTorch seemed to fit the bill nicely, it has a built in laser pointer, a simple little LED flashlight, and a nice battery level indicator. Here's are some of the pros that I liked about the battery.


Very study and well built
More than enough juice to charge my iPhone 5 all the way up from being completely dead
Well written hardware code
Nice slim design

The Laser is not a very high quality laser (in fact I had to adjust the metal that was surrounding the laser port so that it wouldn't dissipate as quickly)
The LED flashlight is obviously not very bright (don't bring this battery with you on a night time excursion expecting the LED to light the path for you)
Its unfortunately that they couldn't include a lighting USB cord with it

Overall I am very pleased with this product because it completes its main purpose flawlessly. The hardware code written for this battery is perfectly written, when your phone is fully charged the charger shuts off so it doesn't drain the external battery unnecessarily. The only improvement I could see being made to the iTorch is that they could remove one or the other, either the LED flashlight or the laser pointer (maybe make two different models?). That way they could put their money into making a better laser pointer (It dissipates noticeably after about 20 feet) or a better LED flashlight. Other than that this is a perfect product! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid external battery. (Posted on 4/28/13)
iTorch for iPhone 5 Review by Jake
The iTorch is a great little device for keeping my iPhone charged when I don't have an outlet handy. I charged the iTorch on a Thursday night and used it to recharge my iPhone 5 on Friday afternoon and Saturday night. It still has a little bit of juice left if I need a recharge on Sunday afternoon. I don't think that I will be able to get 3 full charges out of it as the description says, but 2 full ones and then a little bit left over.

It is a great product for road trips, camping trips, or long days at school when you aren't able to have your phone plugged in for any length of time.

The product is very sleek looking, and easily fits in a small backpack pocket. It comes with two cables - one for the Samsung Tab, and one USB to microUSB. The only potential improvement I can see for this device is that if you have an apple device, you have to use a cable of your own to plug into the USB port on the iTorch.

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who finds themselves needing a boost in battery life throughout the day. (Posted on 4/28/13)
Perfect companion to recharge any device Review by Ryan
I have been using the iTorch as my sole means of charging a few separate devices since I received it. Namely, an iPod touch 5th Gen, a Verizon MiFi Jetpack, my Blackberry Curve, and an older iPod Touch (2nd Gen). The iTorch has delivered exactly what I was looking for in terms of allowing me to not have to find an outlet to recharge any of my devices. The capacity of the iTorch completely recharged my iPod 5th Gen twice, as well as recharging the older iPod Touch completely, and the iTorch still had some power remaining.. This is more than adequete to get me through the day.

In terms of design and functionality, I find the physical dimensions and design to be very pleasant. It slips VERY easily into any pocket, and is less bulky than some of the other battery chargers I have.

The single-button implementation of enabling the various functions (battery on, laser pointer on, flashlight on), while efficient, takes a bit of getting used to. I'm the type of person who simply assumes that I can figure out how most things work without needing to read the manuals, and most of the time that's true.. I had to check the manual in order to figure out how to turn the flashlight on, but that's not really a big deal, as once I learned how to do it, I haven't had to look at the manual again. Ultimately, though, the primary function of this device is to serve as a backup battery, and getting it to work in that regard is a no-brainer, and it works flawlessly for that.

Overall, I think the iTorch has a great physical design, more than adequate capacity for a single-user to get through the day, and the performance meets my expectations. The added bonus features of the flashlight and laser pointer may come in handy. (Posted on 4/27/13)
Great device Review by RPhWriter
The iTorch IMD52D is well designed. It is sleek and light. Easy to carry around. I did not use the included carry bag. It didnt feel or look that great plus the iTorch does not scratch that easily, and I dont mind if it did.
I was surprised to find that it did not come with a wall charger. It is a problem if you want to charge both the iTorch and your phone at the same time. I had tried connecting the iTorch to charge and connecting the phone to the iTorch to have it charge at the same time. However, this did not work well. The phone and iTorch will charge for a short while and then it will stop charging my phone.
When I first received it, I charged it for about 4 hours until it is fully charged. I used my phone until the battery was completely drained and it charged the phone up in about 3 hours. I then used the phone again until it was completed drained and charged it up with the iTorch and it charged it up to 97% before the iTorch ran out of juice. So the iTorch has enough charge to recharge the phone twice only. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Oter models may have different result but 2 charges is not bad.
The LED light and the laser pointer is useful to have. I do presentations sometimes so it would be nice to have around. I have not had an opportunity to use it in action yet. All in all I would recommend this.
Pros:Small, Sleek, Light weight. Has enought juice to charge a phone twice.LED light and Laser pointer a plus.
Cons:No wall charger supplied. Did not charge phone and iTorch at the same time. (Posted on 4/25/13)
iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer Review by Robert
How many times a day do you pick up and use your iPhone or iPad or any electronic device? Take a guess, 30, 40, 50 or more times? EVERYONE depends on their devices and we are have all been there before when we go to our little trusty device and it is dead!

I recently went on a trip with my wife and we both have iPhones and can't live without them. Our trip was part during the work week and part on the weekend, so we needed to be able to communicate with our kids, our co-workers, friends etc. Well, as trips sometime go, this one turned into a least on the way there. Our flight was delayed 7 hours.....yes, you heard me right...7 hours! So, our iPhones were hurting for battery life. Luckily, each of us had brought a plug in charger! However, for 7 hours, we were walking from bar to bar and from wall to wall trying to find a charger if only for a brief time. I told my wife at the time, that when I got home I was going to research a portable battery charger and purchase one.

Once home, I started looking and there are tons of options out there, but I kept coming across one company in particular - - New Trent. So, I looked at their website and their Facebook page and signed up for their Newsletter. A link to it can be found on their website at During my search for my battery charger I received a discount offer from NewTrent and decided "what the heck, it sure looks like they actively search out and want new customers".

So, I decided on the iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer and placed my order. I placed my order late at night and listed two addresses on the order for my home and a different one for shipping. I received a call the next morning from New Trent wanting to double check and make sure of the shipping address. REALLY? That is customer service - - - a proactive approach to handle, now that impressed me. In three business days, my new package arrived and I tore right into it.

The packaging was professional, as I expected. The unit had a charge, so what does any person do? I plugged my iPhone into it and started charging it. I know that was a knee jerk reaction of being excited to get my new toy! I have a second iPhone that I drained the battery to 1%...time to REALLy test out my new toy. So, from a fully drained iPhone I plugged in my fully charged iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer! To say I was amazed would be an understatement.....I came back in 38 minutes and it was sitting at full charge!! Now, that is what I call awesome! So, later that night I actually opened the instruction manual - - -yes, I am one of those guys! I figured out how to actually use the laser pointer and flashlight. I was thinking to myself, "when am I actually going to use the laser pointer or flashlight?" You never would have guessed, but I woke up later that night and had the iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer sitting on my night stand and instead of turning on the light and take the chance of waking my wife, I grabbed the iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer and used the flashlight and it worked great!

So, if you are looking for a external battery source for one of your gadgets I can't recommend the iTorch Charger with LED Light and Laser Pointer enough - - - - 5 STARS! (Posted on 4/25/13)
Solid Portable Charger for iPhone etc. Review by Todd
Initial Impression: It's actually much smaller than I anticipated. Overall the build quality is good. It is comfortable to hold in the hand and feels solid. The only issues I noticed when I first opened the box were minor:
1) The unit seemed to be covered with a chemical film that had a strong odor. This was quickly taken care of with a microfiber cloth. (I'm more sensitive to these things than most people.)
2) The laser lens is slightly out of place. It's not quite centered in the opening, and is partially blocked on the top. This is more of cosmetic issue though, as it does not seem to affect the laser beam itself.

I had to read the manual to figure out the operation. This could have been eliminated with the following changes:
1) Dedicated buttons for the flashlight and the laser pointer. The flashlight button would be a toggle on/off button, and the laser pointer button would turn it on only while pressed.
2) In/Out labels on the USB power input and output ports.

As it is you quickly press the button once to display the current charge level (indicated by the four little blue LED's) and also turn it on for charging your other device. Another quick press while in the on state toggles the laser pointer on/off. To use the flashlight, the unit must first be off. Holding the button down for 3 seconds toggles the flashlight on/off.

It came with about a 50% charge as indicated by the blue LED's. I plugged it and it became fully charged within 3-4 hours, however I left it plugged in overnight. The next day I used it to charge my iPhone 4S to 100% from about 35%. This brought the IMP52D's charge down to about 50% according to the blue LED's. The following day I charged my iPhone from about 40% charge to 100%. There was then about 25% charge left on the IMP52D. I also left the iPhone on while charging, and did not immediately unplug it once it became fully charged. Had I done this I'm sure more charge would have remained on the IMP52D. This means it should be able to charge the iPhone 4S at least twice if its fully depleted. This is good because it means I could recharge both mine and my wife's iPhone in the same day if needed.

1) The price is excellent.
2) Build quality and construction are good.
3) Has enough juice too fully recharge the iPhone at least twice.
4) Flashlight and Laser Pointer are a nice add-on.
5) I like the 4 blue LED's for displaying the unit's charge level.

1) I would prefer that it came with a AC power adapter. That way I could charge both the IMP52D and my other device at the same time. Most people though will likely have an old/spare power adapter, so this is not a big deal.
2) The operation of the flashlight and the laser pointer is a bit cumbersome, and requires some effort and the manual to learn how to operate. I often find that I accidentally turn on the flashlight and laser pointer.

Given the price of the device, these Con's are easily forgiven. (Posted on 4/25/13)
Who Knew Having Power Could Be So Important? Review by Christopher
If there is one thing that I have learned time and time again, it is that in today's society, life becomes very inconvenient when our mobile devices run out of power. What I didn't realize, though, was that it can also make the difference between knowing if a loved one is alive or dead.

Last week I was in Boston for the marathon. The day before my family and I had gone to a Red Sox game and cheered as the Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays. Boston is a spectacular city, and one that I look forward to coming to every April. This was my third consecutive Boston Marathon. The race itself went very well, as I paced a friend to a sub-3:30, a time for which we were both quite pleased with. My parents were spectating in the grandstand at the finish line. They were to get there early that morning to get good seats and make a morning/afternoon of it.

My dad has an iPhone, and he likes to use it extensively. Knowing this, the night before the Marathon I let him borrow my New Trent IMP52D. Upon first looking at it, he remarked, "What the heck is this thing?" After showing him how easy it was to use and that it would have more than enough power for him to maintain a full charge on his iPhone throughout the morning, all he could do was give me a big hug and say, "Thank you."

Going back to the race, my friend and I had finished about 45 minutes prior to the first explosion. But due to one thing and another, including the fact that we had both just run a marathon and were moving slowly, we didn't get to the family meeting area until after the blasts took place. When I finally saw my parents, my mom was crying and my dad has a solemn look on his face. They came running over and asked if I was okay along with my friend. We had heard the blasts, but interpreted the sounds as if a celebratory cannon or firework had gone off. But no, two bombs had gone off and people were dead and wounded.

I had several people who cell phone batteries had died come by asking if they could use my cell phone to call loved ones. Now, my phone had been off during the race so it still had most of the battery life remaining. My dad's iPhone? He had been using his iPhone to his heart's content all day and still had a full charge. The IMP52D worked perfectly and even has an LED light and laser pointer on it. It is easy to hold as it is contoured to fit nicely into the hand. It also comes with a small felt pouch that fits both the IMP52D as well as a charging cable for whatever you need to recharge.

You never know what situation you'll be in, and having the IMP52D on-hand is peace of mind that I would recommend for anyone. While I hope the bombing that occurred in Boston does not happen anywhere else again, it just shows how important having a charge in our battery-hungry devices is. (Posted on 4/23/13)
Never Leave Home Without It Review by Christopher
If there is one thing that I have learned time and time again, it is that in today's society, life becomes very inconvenient when our mobile devices run out of power. What I didn't realize, though, was that it can also make the difference between knowing if a loved one is alive or dead.

Last week I was in Boston for the marathon. The day before my family and I had gone to a Red Sox game and cheered as the Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays. Boston is a spectacular city, and one that I look forward to coming to every April. This was my third consecutive Boston Marathon. The race itself went very well, as I paced a friend to a sub-3:30, a time for which we were both quite pleased with. My parents were spectating in the grandstand at the finish line. They were to get there early that morning to get good seats and make a morning/afternoon of it.

My dad has an iPhone, and he likes to use it extensively. Knowing this, the night before the Marathon I let him borrow my New Trent IMP52D. Upon first looking at it, he remarked, "What the heck is this thing?" After showing him how easy it was to use and that it would have more than enough power for him to maintain a full charge on his iPhone throughout the morning, all he could do was give me a big hug and say, "Thank you."

Going back to the race, my friend and I had finished about 45 minutes prior to the first explosion. But due to one thing and another, including the fact that we had both just run a marathon and were moving slowly, we didn't get to the family meeting area until after the blasts took place. When I finally saw my parents, my mom was crying and my dad has a solemn look on his face. They came running over and asked if I was okay along with my friend. We had heard the blasts, but interpreted the sounds as if a celebratory cannon or firework had gone off. But no, two bombs had gone off and people were dead and wounded.

I had several people who cell phone batteries had died come by asking if they could use my cell phone to call loved ones. Now, my phone had been off during the race so it still had most of the battery life remaining. My dad's iPhone? He had been using his iPhone to his heart's content all day and still had a full charge. The IMP52D worked perfectly and even has an LED light and laser pointer on it. It is easy to hold as it is contoured to fit nicely into the hand. It also comes with a small felt pouch that fits both the IMP52D as well as a charging cable for whatever you need to recharge.

You never know what situation you'll be in, and having the IMP52D on-hand is peace of mind that I would recommend for anyone. While I hope the bombing that occurred in Boston does not happen anywhere else again, it just shows how important having a charge in our battery-hungry devices is. (Posted on 4/23/13)
My favorite portable charger Review by Sara
I was traveling to a conference, where I was a speaker, and the NewTrent iTorch was my go-to charger.

*Pros:* Lightweight, slim and easily fits in my purse. The tall and slender design allows me to find it easily in my purse and connect my phone with ease and without fumbling around with it. The four blue indicator lights are unobtrusive yet easy to see. I liked the multi-function push-button that gave me access to the laser pointer. Not something I normally use, but because I had one I used it. Having one really helped me in my presentation to highlight the information on the slides. While most people wouldn't have a need for a laser pointer, it was nice to have this little option. The charger provided me ease of charging while on an 11-hour cross country trip which included layovers. I was able to bring my small wall charge for my iPhone/iPad and not have a lot of bulk in my bag. Using my standard iPhone/iPad charging cord made it easy to use and swap between devices that needed charging while on the plane. One full charge kept my iPhone and iPad fully charged while in transit. During my 8 hours walking tour of Philadelphia, having the iTorch gave me freedom and peace of mind to know I always had a charged phone for photos, social media, email, phone calls, and GPS access. I like the shape and how it feels in my hand much better, the placement of the lights in proximity to the USB plug, and the nice little pouch. The pouch is a nice small touch but when in my purse, I appreciate that the unit is not getting scratched up by my keys.

*Cons:* While I had the small wall charger, not having a wall plug means bringing along another item as well as cord. This didn't impact me much, but I could see someone wanting a more "all in one" charging unit. I did not use the flashlight function. (Posted on 4/23/13)
Awesome gadget! Review by Daniel
This thing is great! I use it to charge my cell phone while I'm on the go and it works very well. It quickly charges my 1500mAh battery, and can even charge my phone twice before needing to be plugged in. The built-in laser pointer is great for presentations, or just playing with your pets. The flashlight comes in handy when you're in a pinch, too. It even comes with a little bag to keep it in. You won't regret getting this. (Posted on 4/23/13)
Great product! Review by Tami
Good solid weight, easy to use. Charge lasted for a long time. I charged my iphone on it overnight. It put a full charge on it and still had 3/4 of a charge to use on something else. Very convenient and easy to carry in my purse or backpack. Would be very convenient to use while camping or if you are away from a power outlet.
They provide easy to understand instructions in a booklet.
The product also has an LED light and a laser attached to it. I find that both are a nice bonus and the LED is useful since this thing will probably sit in my purse, so I can use it to find things.

Overall great product! (Posted on 4/19/13)
Great Backup Review by Ryan
I used this battery as a backup when I when on a trip. It came in very handy because I left my AC charger at home, but the car has a USB charger. So, I could recharge the battery in the car and still use my phone when I was away from it. The light can be handing in places too, as well as the laser pointer. Haven't used it in a meeting but it keeps the dog busy when we didn't have the ball. (Posted on 4/19/13)
Great things DO come in small packages! Review by Dave
The first thing I noticed upon receiving and opening this little power house is its compact size and weight. It's roughly the weight, but about half the size of my smart phone, allowing it to fit either in the breast pocket of my sport coat, or even that smaller pocket with the flap on the inside of the coat, for which I've never before found a purpose, but I digress. Included in the package are instructions, a small carrying pouch, and the USB charging cord that charges the IMP52D equally well whether attached to your computer or the USB plug wall charger that's usually supplied with your mobile device. The charging cable also flips around for use with the new iPhone 5 and most Android based devices.
The new IMP52D from New Trent is a powerhouse indeed. This power pack has a capacity of 5200mAh to provide hours of 5V/1amp (output and input) support suitable for a variety of devices. After getting it up to a full charge (about 4 hours, it came partially charged. Full charging time is estimated at 6 hours) I took it out for its first road test.
Right now I work for an on-call computer service. I never know where I'll be going and what kind of power source will be available should I have to be there very long. I use both a smart phone and a pad in my work. I like the larger view that the pad gives me but mapping a trip and researching a problem can drain a battery quick, forcing me to rely on my smaller device to fill the gap when the bigger device runs low on battery. The IMP52D takes care of this problem in spades by removing the either/or option. From a single charge I was able to refresh the battery on my pad from 37% to full once, the battery on my smart phone from 26% to full once, and refreshed the battery on my stereo blue tooth head set 17 times (so far) and the IMP52D still has power left on the four LED charge indicator.
Aside from its primary function, the IMP52D features a built-in LED flashlight that I found to be very useful, whether I use it for snooping around inside of computers or finding my way to the back door when I come home too late. There's also a built-in laser pointer. Since my days of corporate presentations are now in the past, I find this feature most useful for getting my cat's attention and keeping us both entertained for hours.
I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but in the world of backup power for the digital devices we all have to carry, the IMP52D from New Trent packs a lot of support into a very small package. It's by no means the largest power pack produced by New Trent, but it does live up to the big standard that this company has established over the last few years.
(Posted on 4/17/13)
Perfect "pocket charger" Review by Stacy
small, lightweight, easy to carry with you on short trips, daily, etc.
it has a laser and LED light built into the charger, handy for trying to charge your phone at night!
the charger itself charges with a standard micro USB cord, no need for extra cords that are specific to that charger
charges fast so you are ready for the day

the LED light doesn't come on until you are charging your device, phone, etc with the iTorch, but this is to save the battery and since it is a charging device, that is actually a PRO!

I'd definitely recommend this to a friend who was needing to have battery with them for emergencies or for short trips, as it is easy to carry and has the addition of the laser and LED lights.
(Posted on 4/15/13)
Power when You need it Review by Mark
The iTorch is handy, as well as an impressive charger. In normal day-to-day activities, I'm usually near a wall/car charger; yet in those rare situations when I'm not, having the iTorch around is a life saver! For example, I went out to eat dinner the other night and upon arriving at the restaurant I noticed that my cell phone charge was about 10%. No worries. I pulled out the iTorch and charged my phone.

What I like?
- slim contour design, fits nicely in my hand, easy to hold
- pleasing black color with silver trim
- red laser pointer/light (works well for presentations)
- led light (in a pinch, this is helpful for looking at/for something in the dark)
- 4 blue lights indicate the amount of charge remaining (1=25%, 2=50%, etc. I especially like the blinking light indicating when the charge is between the major increments. For example, 1 light steady with the 2nd light blinking means I have about 37% charge remaining, or just 1 light blinking means I have about 12% charge remaining, which is good information to have.)
- comes with nice pouch (easily fits in one's purse or pocket)
- comes with 2 cords; 1 for charging your mobile device and 1 for charging the iTorch

What I dislike?
- the red laser pointer automatically turns off after ~30 seconds; for me, a little longer would be nice

I own an HTC EVO LTE 4G. With my cell off, the iTorch charges just like as if I were plugged into a car charger. When using my cell and charging at the same time, the iTorch is able to increase my charge, although at a slower rate than having the cell turned off. If watching an online video, the iTorch is capable of keeping my cell's charge at the same level (no increase, nor decrease).

I also own an ASUS TF700T tablet with a keyboard. I understand that the iTorch is spec'd at 5v 1A, which is lower than optimal for charging my tablet, but I gave it a shot. With keyboard attached, the iTorch wasn't able to charge my tablet. When I removed the keyboard and plugged the iTorch directly into the tablet, I was able to charge it, although at a rate of 1% every 10 minutes. I'll probably never use the iTorch to charge my tablet, but it's good to know that if I'm in a real pinch, I can.

I would recommend the iTorch to anyone. In fact, I think having a few more around would be a wise choice. (Posted on 4/15/13)
Nice External Charger Review by Harry
The iTorch performs exactly as advertised. I was able to charge both my iPhone and iPad with it- full charge for the iPhone & 75% charge for the iPad. I also like the compact size and the handy carrying pouch. The LED flashlight (torch) and the laser pointer are nice bonus features- it's always good to have something to entertain cats with! Overall a nice well-functioning product. (Posted on 4/12/13)
Overall good battery backup Review by Otto
This battery pack is a great, compact device that really helps out if you like to run your ipad to the bone. It doesn't charge the ipad very quickly when you are using it, but it will charge slowly while also providing sufficient power to run your device. I compare the charge speed to connecting to a computer with USB 2.0 to charge. Charges at normal pace when the ipad is turned off. Love the integrated flashlight and laser pointers. Quality feel. Quality product. Additional battery life for me was between five and seven hours on a full charge for an iPad three. (Posted on 4/12/13)
I love this little gizmo! Review by Buckeye Grammy
I normally try to plan my charging so I have a fairly reliable amount of battery power available when I leave the house. Having said that, however, we do live in a small village within a rural community and we frequently end up with less than sufficient battery power because our phones are so often forced to search for a signal. I purchased the New Trent iTorch to carry with me so I would always be able to charge at least one phone. I recently loaned the iTorch to our son, and he had that exact situation, so he plugged his iPhone5 into the iTorch and charged his battery back up to 100% in a relatively short length of time. Mission accomplished. It performs exactly as promised and I love it. I can think of many occasions when I will be comforted by the fact that I don't have to worry about not having enough battery power remaining in my phone. I was impressed with the New Trent product before I ever got it out of the box. The packaging is impressive and you just kind of know before you open the box that you've purchased a quality device. I read another Amazon review when I was deciding on the purchase where someone said "it just feels good in your hand." I know exactly what they meant! The size and weight are perfect. It had a partial charge when I unpacked it and was fully charged and ready to use within a couple of hours. I didn't have any trouble understanding how to operate it (and I'm 65 1/2 years old - some things take a little longer!) It's pretty self-explanatory. I can see where the flashlight has the potential to be really useful, but I'm not sure I'll ever have a need for the laser. This was a good purchase and I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 4/12/13)
As good or better than advertised! Review by James
I received my iTorch about a week ago with a hint of skepticism that it would in fact recharge my iPhone 4S twice on a single charge. I ran my phone to 0% and plugged it to the iTorch. In 90 minutes, I had 100% battery on the phone and two (of four) blue indicator lights illuminated! Very impressed with its performance so far and the felt traveling case was a plus, as was the LED 'flashlight' and laser pointer features. The size is perfect. Have yet to test it on my iPad 3, but plan to do so soon. Highly recommend if you, like me, run your phone down but are never close enough to an electrical outlet long enough to fully charge your phone. (Posted on 4/11/13)
Great compact charger Review by Dan
This charger is small enough to fit into a coat or pants pocket or compartment in your laptop case which is where I carry it when I travel. This charger comes in very handy with my power hungry HTC phone so I don't have to worry if after a flight if I have enough power. For the price and size I don't think you can go wrong in purchasing this unit. (Posted on 4/11/13)
Great Portable Battery Pack Review by Trent
The iTorch feels nice and sturdy in your hand and also comes with a convenient carrying pouch to keep the battery pack and usb cable together. The built in laser pointer is definitely a handy addition to the power pack that is great for presentations. The added led flashlight is also useful. However, it isn't as bright as I would have liked. I like the fact that the battery pack charges by microusb. This makes it much easier to charge when you are traveling as almost everything has a USB port. When using the battery pack to charge my iPhone, it was very fast. The added capacity that the battery pack provides gave me more than enough power to be unplugged from the wall for the whole day and more.

Overall, I am very impressed with the iTorch IMP52D and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a USB Battery Pack. (Posted on 4/10/13)
Never Leave Home Without it! Review by Danny
The iTorch by New Trent (New Trent iTorch IMP52D 5200mAh External Battery Charger) is an amazingly portable external battery which can charge most (if not ALL?) of your mobile on-the-go USB chargeable devices. As a road warrior who's always going, sometimes by foot, sometimes by plane, sometimes by public transit, and sometimes by car, it's always useful to have extra power with you on the go. When you're on the road and don't have access to a wall or car charger, or when you just need to be on the move, the iTorch is perfect. I've been a long-time user of the New Trent Power Pack (Model IMP500), but believe you can never have too much power, especially when others are always asking for a boost. I love both New Trent products, and my old device has saved my butt on more than one occasion. What I really like about the iTorch in particular is the added bonus of the laser pointer and flashlight. It may sound silly, but it's already come in handy several times. I try to minimize the clutter in my bag and therefore never have a flashlight on hand. There are times, however, when a little light can go a long way. As a professional, a laser pointer for presentations is great too, and not one that takes little expensive watch batteries. BUT, to focus on it's main purpose, the iTorch is compact, portable, and easy to handle. I utilized it last weekend and managed to go from Friday morning to Sunday night without ever needing to plug my iPhone 5 into a wall; I made it most of Friday on my initial charge, and added two days of typical use using the backup external portable battery. I could have gone longer. The iTorch is not the most powerful external battery, but it's also not the heaviest! This thing is light weight! While there are other products that might go further, this little guy can give you the boost you need (for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Camera, Bluetooth, etc.). Note the iTorch does NOT come with a wall-wart to plug it in to recharge, BUT, it charges off a standard micro USB. I was please to find out the iTorch can charge off the plug and cable I use to charge my second generation Amazon Kindle and several other devices that use micro USB (one less charger to add to my collect). Sleek to handle and easy to use, it's a great investment to have on hand and will pay for itself the first time you can fully charge your phone while rushing in a cab to the airport, or even during a flight to an important business meeting. Now that I rely on my mobile tech for everything, I never go anywhere without a battery backup! (Posted on 4/9/13)
Great product, works as advertised. Review by Karthik
I bought the iTorch IMP52D for my wife so that she can carry it on her bag and never have to lose charge on her Lumia 920. She's been using it for the last few days and So far she is pretty happy with it and carries it on her bag, thanks to its compact and sleek look.We found that once fully charged it is able to charge her smart phone twice before it gets fully discharged.
All our devices use micro usb cable so we like the fact that the same micro usb cable doubles a charging cable for the battery pack, no need to carry another charging cable for the pack.We don't use the laser pointer on the device but the LED flash light comes in handy especially when my wife tries to find stuff on her bag. I personally don't need either of them but others might find them useful.One thing I wish is this pack had a 2A output for use with bigger devices. (Posted on 4/9/13)
The energizer bunny, only smaller. Review by Franco
This battery pack is simply amazing. I ran some tests on my iPhone 4S. I
fharhed the battery pack till it was done charging and then I unplugged the
battery pack. Then I ran my battery down to 1%, turned off wifi and plugged
my iPhone into the battery pack at 10:30 AM. The battery pack had all 4 of
the light indicators illuminated which meant it was at a full charge. I
left my phone to charge and came back at around 12:00 PM to check on the
battery percent. The battery was in the upper 90%. I payed close attention
to when the battery hit 100% and the charging indicator went from
"charging" to the "charged" icon. That time was at 12:20 PM. From 10:30 AM
- 12:20 PM gave me a full charge. The power left in the battery pack was at
"mid", one light was illuminated and the second light was blinking.

The battery pack also has a built in led light and a laser pointer. Great
additions and they function extremely well. I recommend this product 100%,
and you won't go home disappointed. (Posted on 4/9/13)
Where has this been all my life? Review by Han Brolo
"The iTorch is such a great tool to have if you work on the go as much as I do. I've never used something like this before and now I'd hate to go without it. I use a Galaxy S3 and an iPad 2 in addition to my laptop on a daily basis, at home and away from home. I frequently forget to charge my phone when I'm at home and then I find myself on campus or elsewhere with a dead battery later in the day, and the same often happens with my iPad. The thing is, I work at school and at home which means I'm constantly emptying and repacking my back pack between the two places and so it's easy to forget to throw one charger or the other or even both back in my bag. That's where the iTorch comes in. It never leaves my pack, so despite my forgetfulness I've always got a back up charge with me where ever I go.

The specs said that the iTorch would provide up to 50% battery life towards an iPad. After fully charging the iTorch, I hooked it up to my completely dead iPad 2 and set my watch. After an hour the iPad was up to 17% life, At about 3 hours the iTorch was depleted and I was pleased to find my iPad with a 55% charge, a little more than they had promised so that's nice. As for charging my Galaxy S3, the iTorch took it from 47% battery life to 100% in under an hour without draining a noticeable amount of its own charge. If you intend to use this mainly for your mobile device this thing should more than do the job. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a USB-galaxy cord as well, which was like an added bonus since I wasn't expecting it.

As far as drawbacks go, I don't see many. The iTorch itself does take some time to reach its full charge, I would estimate somewhere around four hours of being plugged into an AC outlet. The package doesn't include an AC adapter so you'll have to charge the device through a computer or find your own adapter. I had a number of these sitting around so it wasn't a big deal really. The packaging says that the device is good for 500 uses and I'm sure that will vary slightly, but for what you pay I think that's a pretty square deal. I mean, in the past if I was away from home and my phone was dead and I had to have it, I'd just buy a new wall charger for about $20 so for me this was a no-brainer.

Overall I am all for this thing. It's perfect for my hectic ever-changing work space, and the fact that it actually has an LED flashlight and a laser-pointer built into it as well was just icing on the cake. This thing is all around useful, compact, and for the price I don't think you can do better." (Posted on 4/8/13)
A Great Personal iPhone and iPad Take-Along Charger Review by Howard
I have had this device for only a week, but thus far it has proved invaluable. After opening the packing, I charge the charger, which only took about two hours. I have used the charger since that time for both my iPhone 5 and my iPad 3. Even though I charger both away from the office and home, there was still plenty of charge left in the charger. The only negative is that the device did not come with an Apple charge cord. While that never presented a problem to me, as I have several spares lying around, I think that they could include an adapter for the iPhone/iPad. All in all this is a great and user-friendly charger. Nice going New Trent. (Posted on 4/8/13)
Small, Stylish and Useful Review by THY2596
First of all, I was very happy when I see the pouch so my first impression
was "This product is excellent."

I plug my iPhone 5 until external battery is empty. Then I plug the
external battery to charge from midnight to morning.

In the morning I realized that pouch is also useful to carry my iPhone
charger cable that is also such a nice thing about iTorch.

When my iPhone's battery is empty, I plug it to iTorch and measured that it
took 2 hours to charge my iPhone completely. At the end of the charging
iTorch was also empty which is predictable.
I plugged iTorch to charge and charging took 4 hours which is pretty good.

My last comment is that flashlight is not that useful because I can use my
iPhone as flashlight. Laser, however, is perfect to have. I'm graduate
student and I can use it during my presentations.

Overall I'm very happy with the iTorch. It is well designed and very
stylish with its pouch. It is lightweight so that I can carry in my coat. (Posted on 4/5/13)
The PERFECT external battery for single cell phone use! Review by Nathan
What's cool about the New Trent iTorch IMP52D is that it is so small when compared to other external batteries but still packs a punch. So, the 5200mAh campacity isn't too bad once you see how small this unit is and how easily it fits into your pocket. I personally have an iPhone 5 and this battery allows me to get just over two full charges from 0% to 100% of my iPhone per charge. From a dead battery to 100% takes approximately one hour and twenty five minutes. (Which isn't too shabby when I think of other chargers and smartphones that I've dealt with) It takes right around four and a half hours to charge this unit from deader than a doorknob to 100% capacity. One thing to keep in mind is that when you first receive this item it comes with two short charging cables, but no adapter which you actually plug into the wall. Now, I realize in this day and age that most phones are now the same in that they almost all use micro USB chargers. Chances are, you have a micro USB charger laying around somewhere at your house; you'll need it to charge this unit. That's really my only complaint with this item. I also own the New Trent IMP120D and one feature that I absolutely love about it is the dual port charging. This unit only has one charging port. This is fine, but i could see some people might like to have the option at least of charging two devices at once. Two additional cool features are that there is an LED light, and a laser pointer on the front that can come in handy. I use the LED light to be able to see to unlock my front door; and I use the laser pointer to make my cats and dogs get some great exercise by chasing it around the room until they're out of steam. All in all, this unit works well, and is worth the money. Before you purchase this external battery ask yourself this question: Am I only using this to charge my cell phone or do I have other devices such as an iPad or Kindle that I would like to use it for as well? If the latter is true, I would recommend stepping up to the New Trent IMP120D. Otherwise, the iTorchIMP52D will be just fine and you'll be satisfied. (Posted on 4/5/13)
Perfect Business Charger Review by aaron
I have had IMP52D for the last few days and I have to say- it's one of the best chargers I have used. The biggest thing I noticed right off the bat was how small it was. Much smaller then I was expecting. The size makes it easy to carry around in pocket, briefcase or just about anything. The size also makes it really nice to be able to have it charging a device and leave them connected in pocket without a bunch of bulk.

Having the laser pointer and flash light built in is really nice. It makes the IMP52D the perfect extra device to carry around in briefcase since it can also be used in a meeting for a pointer (plus it looks nice so it won't be out of place at a business meeting or lunch). It took me a litte bit to figure out how to use the single button to true on/off the laser, flashlight and charger. But once I got it figured out, it was easy to use. (I like to see if I can figure out devices without having to read manual. To me, if it is designed right, I shouldn't need the manual- and I didn't for the IMP52D)

The only issue I have is if I used a regular usb cable, it would only charge some of my devices at usb speeds. Since there is the include cables, shorting adaptor and case though, I don't see that being a big issue since the bag makes it easy to keep the "right" cable with the charger.

The IMP52D is definitely going to be the go to charger in my everyday bag.

1) Size - easily pocketable
2) Appearance- doesn't look out of place at a business function
3) built in laser pointer and light
4) Comes with the needed "shorted" cables and bag to carry

1) Required "special" cables to charge devices at full AC speeds.
(Posted on 4/5/13)
Ends the search for portable power! Review by Tony
From the beginning, I could feel the excellent design quality. It doesn't feel cheap, doesn't have parts that come off, which is a plus, and it also has a nice weight to it. I found that I could charge my HTC One X in 1 hour and 30 minutes, and my PlayStation Vita could be charged in the same time. Of course, I made sure the battery was completely dead before trying to charge just to get the most accurate results. The ports feel solid and don't wiggle around. The charging portion of this product is indeed well worth the money. I found myself taking this product with me to school and during my errands. I found it very useful even walking around the house. It is convenient to be able to charge my devices away from a wall, which can sometimes limit the use of your devices. One thing I did notice that was surprising was that one of the LED's stopped working within the first week. Although I still can tell the battery level, it would be nice to see that fixed in a later model. The laser pointer was a useful feature. My cats love it and its useful to show people things during class. It could be very useful during presentations and other applications. I believe this unit has a flashlight, although I couldn't figure out how to enable it. Maybe a separate button should be added in the future for each function. I don't think that it would take away from the elegance of the design. Overall, this is definitely worth every penny. I was searching for a portable battery for a while, and I'm glad I ended up getting this one because it's come in handy many times already and i've only had it for about a week or so. If you're trying to decide which portable battery to get, your search is over! (Posted on 4/4/13)
Great portable charger, with extras! Review by Tod
I have owned the iTorch external battery for a little over a week and I love it. The iTorch comes packaged with a micro USB cable that can be used with a lot of devices but because of rights from Apple it does not come with a cable to charge Apple products. This is not a big deal because any Apple compatible cable can be used via its USB port. You can charge it via the USB cable/Micro USB cable through your computer or an Apple charger adapter through a wall plug in. Also I have a Samsung wall charger that works perfectly. I charge it overnight and from one full charge I am able to charge my iPhone, 2 and 1/2 times, and it charges just as quickly as the Apple chargers. Also it comes with a built in laser pointer and a simple light that can be used a small flashlight. I have used both of these already (even though I thought I wouldn’t need them) and they work great. Overall I think this is a great product, built well (I’ve dropped it a few times on a hard floor and had no problems), and great to have around when you aren’t always at home to charge your phone. (Posted on 4/4/13)
nice sturdy charger Review by Patti
Initial impression on the battery charger (IMP52D, iTorch external battery): The plastic casing is thick and sturdy. It seems pretty solid and well crafted. I found the manual useful. It was also helpful to have the extra cord and case. I was able to get three full charges for my Sansa Fuze mp3 player before I had to recharge the battery. I used my new Trent wall charger to charge the battery and all worked well (nothing felt warm). A side note, you could label the ports on the wall charger.

Could improve: Have some sort of cover or cap for the usb ports to keep dust, lint, etc. out of ports. See if there is anything that can be done so products won't heat up on first charge.

Issues: Upon the first charge it heated up my mp3 player when I charged it. I did charge it though and I used it again with supervision. The mp3 player doesn't feel warm when charging via usb wall charger. The 2nd and 3rd charge of my mp3 player went better; it did not heat up. On the second cycle (after recharging the IMP52D, iTorch external battery) the same thing happened - 1st charged warmed up my mp3 player (2nd, 3rd, ok). But this time I set my mp3 player on a cold sandstone coaster and it didn't seem to heat up as much. I set it on a glass table other times and that seemed to help as well. You might also recommend taking the product you are charging (if it has one) out of its case so it can cool easier.

All in all I think it is a good charger. People just need to be careful that the first charge doesn't heat up their product too much. Setting the item on something that will conduct heat away (marble counter, sandstone coaster, glass table, etc.) will help with that issue somewhat. As will taking it out of its case. Out of 1 to 5 stars I would give it a 4.

(Posted on 4/4/13)
A smart charger for an intelligent user Review by William
The packaging is high quality and provides an immediate favorable impression. The charger is surprisingly light weight and feels good in the hand. It has a high-quality carrying case. The unit was tested against a power-hungry Galaxy Nexus. The charger works best when 1) keeping the phone alive during normal usage, and 2) not trying to charge the phone to 100%. Within this usage profile, I obtained 4 duty cycles per recharge of the backup. I estimate adding about 16 hours to the Galaxy Nexus run time, versus its usual 3 – 4 hours runtime.
High quality build. Carrying case. Lightweight cables which do not encumber when using the phone and charger concurrently. Did not overheat the phone battery. Rapid charging / sustaining when the phone battery was between 10% and 70%.
None really. The instructions should encourage the user to not attempt to charge the phone to 100%. I discovered that this drains the backup heavily when it attempts the put that last two percent into the phone battery. Instead, use it to just keep the phone alive at a middle charge level.
Five stars out of five, but dependent on an intelligent user who understands battery technology. A less savvy user will be disappointed, even if it is their own fault!
(Posted on 4/3/13)
Lightweight and impressive external battery Review by Van
The IMP52D is light weight yet durable with a very sleek and simple design. The cable and carrying pouch looked of good quality, and the included instruction manual was very cleared and detailed, and it helped a lot having all the illustrations. It was very impressive in charging my Samsung Galaxy S3. It would charge 1% of my battery every 1-2 minute, which is a lot better than the most of the wall chargers that I have. I did not get up to an additional 24 hours of talk time or the 18/27 additional hours of Internet browsing that was mentioned on the package description. However I would say that I got about an additional 12-15 hours of talk time using it, and that might be because I’m using a 4G network instead of 2 or 3G. As for the Internet browsing, I would say that I got about 12-18 additional hours using both a Wi-Fi and 4G connection on my phone. I had the IMP52D on for about 24 hours straight before I had to fully recharge it, and this included just having it turned on and without anything plugged into it or having it connected and recharging my Galaxy 3. It was quick to fully recharge taking only about 3 hours.

The other features that it offered such as the laser light was good and could be seen from long distances. I could not determine the maximum range, but I could clearly still see the laser light pointed at a background 50 feet away. The LED light feature was not bright enough, and did not compare to the Torch or flashlight applications on my Galaxy 3, which are much brighter and cover a larger area.
(Posted on 4/2/13)
Great External Battery Review by Sam
This is a great external battery to have and is convenient to have when you need a little extra juice.

I've had other batteries, but one thing I love about this one is its size. It is much smaller than a lot of other ones yet provides ample power for my devices. I don't feel like I need to make extra space in my gadget bag for this and its portability may be the best thing about it.

I also love the added laser pointer. I'm not one to use a laser pointer often, but I have needed one on a few occasions and having this ability straight from this device really works well in a jam.

This is must-have item if you ever are traveling or anywhere where power supplies are limited. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 4/2/13)
I love this battery! Review by Laura
I recently purchased the IMP52D iTorch external battery.

I love this thing! I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone as well as a Samsung
Galaxy Note tablet, and am using them constantly. Unfortunately with use,
the batteries in these devices doesn’t always hold up. The iTorch external
battery is great because I can always keep a charge on my phone even when
I’m on the go, in the car, camping, at work, whatever.

The battery itself is quite small, maybe only 2” by 4”, like the size of a small DVD player remote. I can keep it in my purse so it’s with me at all time if I ever need to charge my phone or tab. I’m a bit of a fanatic about having my phone with me and charged, so it’s a nice reassurance that I won’t lose my battery charge while I’m out, as I feel naked when I don’t have my phone, or can’t use it!

My favorite thing about the battery is the size, and how it is easily kept in my purse, so I can always have it with me. Also I like that it has a USB plug in it, so it works with a wide variety of devices (I also have a kindle that I can use with it).

Fun feature: It also has a laser pointer in it. I don’t think I’ll ever use it for actual “pointer” use, but it was fun to play with and make my golden retriever run around the room with it.

Cons? I don’t really have any yet. It seems to work great from my experience thus far, but I haven’t had it long enough to speak to long term success or anything. I’m very happy with it so far, and love being able to keep a charge on my devices while I’m on the go! (Posted on 4/1/13)
***** Review by Rob
I was in need of a portable charger for my iPhone for long trips . After shopping around I decided to give the ITorch a shot. Out of the box it looks stylish and solidly designed. It is equipped with two USB charger cords and a cloth carry case, however it does not supply the wall plug adapter or a USB compatible for iPhone. I found the ITorch useful when I was not in close proximity of a power source. I would think the best time to utilize this device would be when you are outdoors i.e/ camping,beaching,hiking. I found that the ITorch added about 3 hours extra phone usage. However, one feature left me puzzled. Every time the device is turned on, a red laser pointer turns on. I suppose I could use this feature in some capacity, but I'm not sure it's needed.
Overall, I recommend the ITorch to people who are away from power source for extended periods of time. For this population, I believe this device would be invaluable. (Posted on 3/30/13)
Nice product! Review by Brian
Very small in size. This will be for my wife to keep in her purse as she runs through her phone and Mophie case battery easily in one day. Nicely packaged with the necessary cables needed. I have a Mophie case on my iphone 5 so this charges it with the cables supplied which is GREAT! Love the addition of the "torch" and red laser. This was not expected, but nice. Small pouch to carry as well which is convenient.

A little heavier than other portable batteries I have had, but not a deal breaker by any means. Maybe you could add a separate switch for the red laser and torch. At times pushing either 2 or 3 seconds can turn the wrong thing on or off very easily. Could be a little annoying trying to get the right one on. Also, the red laser seems to go off after 30 seconds despite being pointed at various things. Having just a "quick click" to turn on the battery I can easily see this accidentally being turned on a pocket or in a purse if the button is pushed. Maybe make it to where it has to be held in to turn on rather than a quick click would solve this problem.

Overall, I am very pleased with the itorch and its capabilities. It will be a nice little addtition to my electronic family. Thanks NewTrent!! (Posted on 3/30/13)
Great External Battery with Surprising Extra Features Review by Brian
I received the IMP52D iTorch external battery about five days ago and have had some time to use it in various settings. Overall, I am very impressed with the device. The build quality and packaging was excellent. I had not realized it had a LED light and laser pointer built in, so that was a fun discovery and I used both of those a bit (mostly to entertain my kids). I don't think I would use both those features much with this device but they work well and are integrated in a subtle way so I didn't mind their inclusion. I think at some point the laser pointer may actually come in handy at conferences, etc. In terms of the core purpose of the device-- it is excellent. I used it to charge my Galaxy SIII smartphone while traveling (riding on the Metro, in the car, etc.) and it worked perfectly and quickly replenished my device. The blue lights that indicate how full the battery is are fantastic and was very helpful in letting me know when I needed to recharge the device (which was only once, it seemed to hold a ton of juice!). Bottom line, a great product! (Posted on 3/29/13)
Love it! Review by Edward
I purchased this a few weeks ago, as my Droid Razr has a terrible battery life, and it has been nothing short of excellent. The main purpose of this product is to recharge mobile devices on the go, and this delivers, flat out. It is able to charge my phone in under an hour. It is very small and lightweight for the 5000 mAh (miliamp) charge capacity it carries, and is not excessively bulky or weighty in a pocket, backpack, etc. The laser and LED flashlight are also excellent additions, great for presentations, etc. Overall a great product, 5 stars! (Posted on 3/28/13)
Excellent Performance Review by Kevin
I have used the IMP52D for 1 week now. Overall I have found it very useful. It is able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 from dead to fully charged in under 4 hours.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket and the case keeps it safe. I did drop the unit from a standing height with the case on and it protected it from damage.

The indicator lights being always on, make it useful for knowing how much longer it will be charging. I don't have to keep pressing the button to find out the battery level when charging.

The single button operation of turn on, off, laser and light was confusing to operate at first. The directions seemed clear enough when I read them but operation is not intuitive. I did not realize that I needed to connect it to my device first before pressing the button. Simply connecting it should start the charge process in my opinion. (Posted on 3/26/13)
Great Addition to my iPad and iPhone Review by Daniel
I purchased the iTorch (IMP52D) off Amazon a few weeks ago after I had lost my iPad charger at school. I decided to go with an external battery rather than buying a new apple iPad charger because as a student, the functionality and portability of the iTorch was too great to pass up. As a grad student I use my iPad A LOT for classes and I study a lot at the library. I'm not always lucky enough to sit next to an outlet, or even for my short iPad power cord to reach one. I've found that the iTorch can add between a 35-45% charge to my iPad. This makes a big difference while in class or towards the end of a study session before going home to fully charge it at night. It's also been able to charge my iPhone 2 full times and then some before running out of juice. It's small, light-weight, and looks great. Great investment for any student! (Posted on 3/19/13)
Portable Charger to Keep You Going for the Whole Day & More Review by John
Airport has charging stations, but it's hard to use when people are hogging. The place like a theme park doesn't provide a convenient way to charge with AC nor can't wait around. iTorch provides a convenient way to charge and has enough capacity (5200mAh) to support most devices to last more than a day. This is a better solution than buying an extra battery since this will work regardless of the models. Besides, replacing a battery is a lot of hassle.
I liked the shape and how it fits in my hand. High quality look is a plus. Pouch provides protection against scratches. Light weight & small size makes it portable. It makes pocket bulky and depends on the pocket size, but wasn't too bad to carry both phone and iTorch. Flashlight & laser pointer are nice and they could come handy, but I didn't find them useful. Flashlight wasn't that bright, but could be used in emergency. I'd rather not have flash & laser pointer if it can be cheaper.
There seems to be some differences with the pictures on Amazon and the model I received. Mine used all 4 LEDs to indicate battery level. Power button is something I had to get used to (pressing 1 to charge, then another one to turn on laser pointer, another one to turn the laser pointer off; press & hold 2 seconds to turn power off; press & hold 3 seconds to turn on/off the flashlight). I can see how button could break and become an issue as some people noted. I used it just about a month, but no issue so far once I got used to it and hope button doesn't break. USB input seemed a bit too tight at 1st, but after some use, it got a lot better. Since it is portable, I rather it be tight than loose.
iTorch provides 5V/1A output and is compatible with most phones (I used it on Note 2, DroidX, BlackBerry Bold, & iPhone4). It also works with tablets, but tablets usually require 5V/2A input and takes longer with 5V/1A (1st gen Kindle Fire took over 4 hours to charge from 30%). I tried with AC that provides 5V/1A output. Difference was about 10 mins. iTorch seems as nearly efficient as AC.
It doesn't come with an AC for itself, but works with most of ACs & I have plenty of them. My experience showed that it requires over 6hours to fully charge when it is nearly empty. I wish it would charge a bit faster, but I typically charge over night while I am sleeping, so I don't have complain. Charging iTorch via AC is faster (10-15mins) than via PC.
DO NOT fully drain and DO NOT charge iTorch while charging phone (devices). Both could damage iTorch and reduce its life. Also charge fully before the 1st use. I learned it from New Trent's website after I made those mistakes. I also learned that iTorch shuts off automatically if it nearly fully drained, instead of waiting until it is fully drained. Regardless, I wish these were noted on the manual.
Overall, I'm very happy with iTorch's performance and now I do not have to worry my phone running out of battery when I have to be out whole day. (Posted on 3/19/13)
Great product for those moments of need Review by Neil
If you're looking for the simplest of conveniences, look no further. This product does exactly what you need it to do which is charge your phone one full charge where you may not be able otherwise. Elegant design, simple operation. Fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Built in LED flashlight and Laser Pointer are a plus. Great peace of mind product! FYI, I get 1/2 a charge on my iPad from this device and a full charge on my ipod. (Posted on 3/19/13)
Handy Review by Chad
This charger is just right to put in your pocket for an outing. You can charge your phone in your backpack, briefcase, or whatever. It has enough juice to charger my phone more than once. I received it free while ordering another product. The laser and light come in handy with pets. (Cats love to chase lasers). (Posted on 3/18/13)
light portable battery pack Review by Bogdan
The shape and the weight of the unit is very comfortable in the hand to use as a laser pointer. I like the small blue LEDs that show the charge level (larger ones are sometimes annoying).
The cable provided can be used to recharge the battery pack or to charge a device (multiple uses for one cable). This reduces the number of extra cables that need to be packed with the unit. Also I like that no AC charger is included since I can use the one that came with a device.

When recharging the battery pack, the capacity LEDs stay lit to show the current charge level and only the last LED is blinking. The battery pack can be used to charge even a 10" tablet such as HP Touchpad (even if the charge current is less than the optimal 2A). I timed the charge time for the iTorch at 6:30-7 hours.

I have used the iTorch IMP52D to charge a Samsung Galaxy Player 5, an HP Touchpad, an iPod Nano Gen 1, a Kindle Gen 2, and a Samsung Gravity phone. (Posted on 3/17/13)
Quickly became my #1 charging method Review by Ryan
I love using this product. I got it with the intentions of using it when i'm on the go, but I actually enjoy using it around the house just as must as when i'm out. Before I would plug my iphone or iPad into the nearest wall outlet, but when I moved to a different room, i'd have to move the plug, the cable, find an available outlet.... Now I keep the IMP52D plugged into my gadget, and I can move around easily without losing a charge.

For example, i'm at my computer now typing this. If I want to go to the kitchen for 10 minutes, normally i'd have to unplug my phone and take it. Then i'd probably forget to plug it back up when I got back to my computer and i'd have dead phone life. Since its charging now on this device, I can just take the whole thing into the kitchen and my charge lives on!

There are many things to like. The small size makes it very easy to grab and move around with. It fits in my pocket or messenger bag easily. Even though its small, it still feels solid and well built. Sometimes you can feel a piece of equipment and tell that it's not well designed. This is not the case with this product. It doesn't feel cheap - it looks and feels very dependable.

Even though the features are minimal, you can tell much thought went into the design of these features. The USB outlets are on the same side and close to each other. The product itself has a nice curve and shape to it. The power button is small but prominent - i like how it sits flush with the product so that it doesn't accidentally get pressed, but its also easy to find and press if the device is in a bag or in the dark.

The battery life is good for a product of this size. It charges my devices quickly, and the device itself does not take too long to charge.

The flashlight and red laser are nice extra features, especially the flashlight. I frequently had this product by my side during the past week, and I found myself being happy that I had a quick flashlight on hand. Before I would have to pull out my cell phone and use the flashlight, and my phone is a little sluggish at its older age, so it's always a hassle to unlock it, find the icon for the flashlight, blah blah blah... it was nice to have something that could provide a quick light.

I also have the NT70T from New Trent, which is a little bigger and has more charging ports, etc. I really like that product as well, but i found myself using it as more of an emergency option for power. I didn't want to use it often in case I needed the extra power in a pinch. The IMP52D however crossed the line into every day usage, which I didn't think would happen with an external battery charger.

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some extra juice for any kind of USB chargeable device. (Posted on 3/12/13)
Superb! Extremely portable and feels durable Review by Alex
This iTorch is an awesome product and an amazing convenience to have. It does everything I could hope for. The battery capacity is more than sufficient to supply multiple devices enough power to last throughout the day. I am very relieved to know I have a backup power supply in the event I forget to charge a device before class. I will be taking a lengthy road trip soon and I am certain this external battery will be a lifesaver for everyone involved. New Trent was brilliant to use a USB, the compatibility with other devices is the best. Almost every device these days has the capability to charge through a USB cable and most include it when you buy!

Here are some of the other features I really like:
- The size and feel is very comfortable to hold so it makes great use as a flashlight or laser pointer, plus is it small enough to be very portable.
- The battery gauge is simple and easy to read.
- The styling and the chrome trim looks cool!
- I like that New Trent included a thick fabric pouch to keep it from being damaged.

Potential Improvements:
- It would be nice if the charging was faster, although it is not an inconvenience to have it attached to your device, I personally prefer to use my things free of cables.
- Depending on how much it would increase the overall size, a higher capacity would be nice. Currently, it will boost my iPad mini 80% of its total battery life, which is plenty to last a day. I am however extremely happy with the size and I would prefer not to change that very much for more battery life.

In closing I would like to recommend this product to anyone that owns and relies on portable electronics (just about everyone, right?). I couldn't be happier, and I can promise you it will get used!

(Posted on 3/12/13)
Cool Toy Review by Steve
I liked how the battery level indicator lights worked. It was really easy to tell how charged the iTorch is and how much battery is left in the device. The LED light I found to be annoying though. If the LED had a separate button as well as the laser pointer that would be great. I like how small the device is and how much battery it actually holds. It is great for on the go and I keep it in my glove box just in case. (Posted on 3/11/13)
Excellent Product Review by Shane
My experience with the iTorch IMP52D has been a positive one. I was thrilled with the size of the device. It's able to provide sufficient charge for my multiple iPads and iPhones, yet is small enough to fit in the pouch reserved for iPods in my backpack. My phone doesn't even fit in this space!

The battery of the IMP52D was capable of recharging my phone twice in one session. You connect it to a USB wall charger or a computer to recharge. It uses a type of MicroUSB plug to recharge. It'd be nice if it had the capability to use the same Lightning cable that Apple provides, but I understand the technical difficulties there. The iTorch has a LED flashlight and a red laser pointer built into the device. I could see some uses for each of these, but only in limited scenarios. The laser pointer was only used to annoy my dogs, while the LED flashlight was just played with to see it in action. In a situation where I would need a flashlight, the iTorch is probably not the first thing that would come to mind.

The small size combined with the fantastic battery life enables me to use my iPhone as a primary GPS/tracking device when I'm out mountain biking. I use apps which record my location, distance traveled, and speed. Obviously these are a drain on the battery and the iPhone cannot continue doing this for more than 3-4 hours. With this battery connected to my phone and thrown into my pack, I'm able to last for most of the day while running the app, and never notice any additional weight on me. Amazing battery! Highly recommend to anyone concerned about physical size and sufficient power. (Posted on 3/11/13)
All my friends want to borrow it! Review by Jane
I got the iTorch for going to conferences all day where I have heavy device usage but. since getting it I find that I carry it around in my handbag every day. It's small and light enough to have in a handbag or pocket, but can charge your Iphone5 3 times. I often use it while I'm still using the phone. Yes, there is a cord to deal with, but I prefer that over battery cases because I don't want to increase the size of my phone. It certainly beats plugging your phone in to an outlet near the floor at a public place, biting your nails waiting for the bars to fill. The iTorch lets me have extra charge for my phone only when I need it, and charges very quickly. It has a flashlight and a laser pointer, which I'll probably never use but might be helpful to some. Sometimes I accidentally turn them on when I don't want to, which is the only thing stopping me from rating this 5 stars. Your friends will definitely ask you to borrow it. (Posted on 3/9/13)
I love the iTorch Review by Peter
I recently purchased the New Trent iTorch IMP52D because I wanted a backup battery for all of my family’s devices, specifically, our iPhones, iPad, iPhone, and even our LeapPad Explorers. I received the iTorch and right out of the box, it was ready to be used – it was half charged. After I played with it making sure I could turn it on and off and use the laser pointer and LED flashlight, I plugged it in to fully charge. I put my iTorch to the test the first full day. I pulled a double at work really ate up my fully charged iPhone battery using our company’s Wi-Fi to check email, browse the internet and use my apps. By lunchtime I was in need of a recharge, but not having access to an outlet, I just plugged my iPhone into the iTorch. I was amazed at how quickly it charged by phone. It went from 4% to 76% in about 40 minutes. When I checked it after another 45 minutes, it was fully charged. So, within an hour and a half, my phone was fully charged and the iTorch indicator was still on the 3rd light. I allowed a visitor to my company use it for their smartphone and they couldn’t believe how quickly it charged. So, that was two phones and it still had 1 light indicating a charge.

Deciding it was a great backup for a personal device battery, I decided to try using the LED flashlight. I wasn’t doing any great testing on it; I just walked down to my dark basement with it when I needed to look for something. Unfortunately, the LED falls short of being a great feature. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice feature. It’s bright in a small area, but it certainly isn’t something you would use to light your way on a dark night. If New Trent could make it brighter or concentrate the light to a smaller area, it would be more functional. My wife found it useful for looking on the floor of our minivan while I was driving rather than turning on the dome light. I also tried the laser pointer and it worked as I expected a laser pointer would.

I like the compact and ergonomic design of the iTorch. It has nice smooth edges with chrome accents. In my opinion, it would be better if it had some kind of silicone coating on it to prevent it from sliding around – just something to give it a little grip to a surface. It came nicely packaged with a micro-USB cable for charging either via a USB port on your computer or AC to USB adapter, an additional cable that I had no use for but am told is for Samsung products, a nice velvet pouch to store it in rather than rolling around in your bag, briefcase, or pocket, and the user manual, which is easy to read, despite having some broken English and a few typos.

Overall, I think the New Trent iTorch IMP52D is a superb value for the $39.95 price and would recommend it to anyone. I wish I had it in February during the blizzard that hit New England. It would have saved me a lot of hassle of charging my products.
(Posted on 3/8/13)
I love the iTorch Review by Peter
I recently purchased the New Trent iTorch IMP52D because I wanted a backup battery for all of my family’s devices, specifically, our iPhones, iPad, iPhone, and even our LeapPad Explorers. I received the iTorch and right out of the box, it was ready to be used – it was half charged. After I played with it making sure I could turn it on and off and use the laser pointer and LED flashlight, I plugged it in to fully charge. I put my iTorch to the test the first full day. I pulled a double at work really ate up my fully charged iPhone battery using our company’s Wi-Fi to check email, browse the internet and use my apps. By lunchtime I was in need of a recharge, but not having access to an outlet, I just plugged my iPhone into the iTorch. I was amazed at how quickly it charged by phone. It went from 4% to 76% in about 40 minutes. When I checked it after another 45 minutes, it was fully charged. So, within an hour and a half, my phone was fully charged and the iTorch indicator was still on the 3rd light. I allowed a visitor to my company use it for their smartphone and they couldn’t believe how quickly it charged. So, that was two phones and it still had 1 light indicating a charge.

Deciding it was a great backup for a personal device battery, I decided to try using the LED flashlight. I wasn’t doing any great testing on it; I just walked down to my dark basement with it when I needed to look for something. Unfortunately, the LED falls short of being a great feature. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice feature. It’s bright in a small area, but it certainly isn’t something you would use to light your way on a dark night. If New Trent could make it brighter or concentrate the light to a smaller area, it would be more functional. My wife found it useful for looking on the floor of our minivan while I was driving rather than turning on the dome light. I also tried the laser pointer and it worked as I expected a laser pointer would.

I like the compact and ergonomic design of the iTorch. It has nice smooth edges with chrome accents. In my opinion, it would be better if it had some kind of silicone coating on it to prevent it from sliding around – just something to give it a little grip to a surface. It came nicely packaged with a micro-USB cable for charging either via a USB port on your computer or AC to USB adapter, an additional cable that I had no use for but am told is for Samsung products, a nice velvet pouch to store it in rather than rolling around in your bag, briefcase, or pocket, and the user manual, which is easy to read, despite having some broken English and a few typos.

Overall, I think the New Trent iTorch IMP52D is a superb value for the $39.95 price and would recommend it to anyone. I wish I had it in February during the blizzard that hit New England. It would have saved me a lot of hassle of charging my products.
(Posted on 3/8/13)
Masterpiece! Review by Aaron
The combination of laser pointer, led light, and 5200 mAh rechargeable battery is a Homerun!!

The laser pointer is awesome for presentation use or if you just want a great toy for your animals. It has a very simply turn on feature and you don't need to hold to button for continued use. Due to the huge storage capacity for charge and the low power use of the laser pointer you would be able to use it for hours on end and even possibly a day or two straight without charging it again. Also she to it's small handheld size it is never a burden to carry in your hand or pocket. Though the laser point is great it could be a tad bright considering all of that power is has in the housing.

Another awesome feature is the led light. LEDs are known for low power consumption and great output. The same goes for this product. It is not very bright so it not useful for hiking or reliable for night time use but for sneaking around the house at night not wanting to wake anyone up, it's perfect! The small led helps you see where you're going but it isn't bright enough to temporarily inhibit your night time vision. Sometimes it was difficult to turn it on without turning the device on and vice versa. Maybe a toggle switch for the light would be a little more user friendly.

Lastly, the main reason for this device, charging other devices. I'm not sure what other people were saying when you only get an extra two hours of time out of this battery pack. When my iPhone was completely dead I could plug it in the the iTorch and get a quick reliable charge that would completely fill my battery and then have some left over for the laser pointer or light features. The only downside is how long it takes to charge the iTorch VS how long it takes to drain it by charging my iPhone. It drains way faster than it takes to charge. But this isn't a big deal to me because after the charge it has served it's purpose completely. If you need to fully charge your phone more than once a day after the initial charge has run out, maybe you need a different phone or battery.

Bottom line: this thing rocks and it has extra bells and whistles that really put icing on the cake! (Posted on 3/7/13)
Cool little external battery Review by WANDA
The battery charger worked directly out of the box. There were 2 battery indicator lights which I assumed means that it was 50% charged. I was able to use the battery pak twice directly out of the box before I had to recharge it. The battery pak is easy to use. It’s a small handy charger and will fit easily into the palm of your hand. I have used the charger to charge my husband’s Android cell phone 4 times before I had to recharge the battery pack. It takes approximately 6-7 hours to fully recharge the battery pack. The battery pack comes with a handy carrying bag. The battery pack should be supplied with its own wall adapter.

(Posted on 3/7/13)
Pocket Power Review by Paul
I received this unit as a promotion special when I bought an iCarrier. Some observations I have made while putting this unit through its paces.

Will charge your smartphone at least two times over
Auto-shut off - Once device is full, unit shuts off to conserve battery
buit-in flashlight and laser pointer
Four LED lights to indicate battery status
Slim enought to fit in your pocket

Plastic body constuction - will probably crack if dropped
Not enough juice to charge power hungry tablets to full
One button - Accidently keep on turning on the laser pointer when meaning to turn the unit on/off

This would be five stars if they were able to multiple buttons to control the device, flashlight and laser pointer. Also, they could increase the capacity to 7000+mAh. All in all, solid product. (Posted on 3/6/13)
Great battery Review by Thomas
I received the product last week on Monday. I left it plugged in overnight to charge, then started seriously using it.

My initial reaction was that I was slightly put off by the size. It's just slightly too bulky to fit easily into the pocket of my jeans, so I would have to either carry it in a jacket pocket or something else like a backpack. In winter this isn't too much of a problem since i will always have my jacket with me, but it seriously limits the portability factor in the summer. But given the amount of juice the battery holds, I doubt that it could be made much smaller. Making it wider and flatter would probably be even more uncomfortable in a pocket.

I threw the battery into my backpack and used it as the sole means of keeping my iPhone 4 charged for as long as possible. I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I was able to keep my iPhone 4 charged up for a week with light usage of the iPhone. Taking a weekend trip with nothing but this battery, I should be able to use my iPhone with moderate to heavy usage and still have some battery left by the time I got home.

One thing that puzzles me is the inclusion of a laser pointer in this device. It's a little too heavy for prolonged usage as a pointing device and I'm concerned that the TSA would be mighty unhappy allowing it to pass through airport security if they discovered it. Since a major reason for buying an external battery is to have extra juice on trips, I see this as a mark against this device.

On the other hand, it is kinda cool to have a laser pointer. :-)

The overloading of the single button the the battery can be a little off-putting. A quick push turns on and off the laser and a longer push turn on and off the USB port. I didn't remember reading that an even longer push turns on and off a flashlight when I looked at the manual and I was a little surprised that it happened. Having a flashlight is, to me, much more important than having a laser pointer, even though it's not as cool. If I were designing the next version of this product, I would remove the laser pointer entirely, just in case it caused the battery to be taken away by the TSA, and change the quick push of the button to turn on and off the flashlight. If it was felt necessary to keep both, I would seriously think about adding a second button for the flashlight to make it easier to activate in an emergency situation.

Overall, I found this battery to be very useful and it was nice to be able to keep my iPhone 4 charged for an entire week without having to use a computer. Because the battery uses a USB port, for fun I tried running a Raspberry Pi off of it and that worked perfectly, which was pretty neat. It also worked well as a power source for my Verizon MiFi to keep my MacBook Pro online when I was out. Because I wasn't having to use one of the USB ports on my MacBook Pro to keep the MiFi up and running, this gave me the advantage of having a longer battery life on my laptop as well.

Leaving aside the laser pointer question, I would have no hesitation in recommending this battery to someone who was about to take a cross-country flight or a weekend trip and wanted to keep their electronics charged, or for an IT professional who needed to be able to be up and online any time, anywhere and not worry about battery life. (Posted on 3/5/13)
Great Batter Review by Late
I am really impressed at how New Trent was able to fit a 5200mAh battery into such a small design. I also like the fact that it has a charging/de-charging indicator and has the bonus of having a laser pointer and LED flashlight. This would be the perfect battery to keep in a laptop bag for meetings or presentations. I also like the fact that it is charged by a micro USB cable and doesn't require any special adapters. I would rate it a 5/5.
A few small improvements I would make would be to label which port is used for the input and which is for the output. I know it lists it in the manual but people tend to throw those away and it would be nice so as you would not forget. Also the way to turn on the LED flashlight and laser pointer can be a bit confusing. It would be nice if a few basic instructions were printed on the back side of the battery telling you how to turn each on. Other than that it was a great device. (Posted on 3/5/13)
love this product!! Review by Darrell
I've had the pleasure of using this products for a view days now, and I really enjoy using this.
I would like to see the cables built in like some of their other products, but love the fact that there are cables included with a small carrying pouch.
I would also like to see a built in outlet charger, although I love the smaller size of the product.
I was able to charge my Droid Razr to 100% and still had 2 lights left on the charger. So I could probably get close to another full charge of the Razr before needing to recharge this unit. I don't do alot of traveling but always want to be prepared, I really could have used this last year when the power went out for a couple days, and the only way I could charge things was via my car charger. This would have been so great to have on hand then. The built in laser pointer and LED torch, are wonderful extras to have. I was looking for a laser pointer to use at work, and this really fit the bill. And the LED torch is great to have for those times when you really need a flashlight. I would recommend this in a heartbeat to anyone. (Posted on 3/4/13)
Handy little devise. Would buy again! Review by Jamis
Review of iTorch (IMP52D)
• Small size
• Can recharge iPhone/iPod several times on one charge
• Integrated laser pointer
• Laser pointer is not so small that it is hard to see on a screen/background (like some laser pointers)
• The devise is a good size to hold if using as a laser pointer
• Silver bezel is a nice touch and gives it a professional feel
• Charge indicator lights
• Fingerprint resistant matte finish
• Flashlight is not bright
• The on/off/function button is small and hard to find without looking at the iTorch
I have enjoyed using the iTorch (IMP52D). It makes life more convenient because I can use my iPhones/iPods without worrying about making it to the end of the day before needing to recharge. If my devise runs out of juice then I just hook it up to the iTorch and can continue using the devise without being tethered to a wall outlet. I have exclusively used the iTorch to charge my iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and two iPod touches since receiving it. I also used it to charge an iPad 4th gen. I can usually get two and a half complete charges out of one charge of the iTorch (excluding the iPad). Using the laser pointer and flashlight did not seem to use much battery at all.
The laser pointer is nice to have available. The beam of the laser expands to about the size of a quarter at 15 feet. It is nice to have a larger size so that it is visible on the screen. It would be nice if it did not spread out quite as much (maybe a nickel size spot at 15 feet). I have mixed feelings about the thirty second timer on the laser pointer. In some ways it is nice and in others it is a nuisance. In the end, I would probably keep this function.
The flashlight is not very bright and not very useful. The iPhone flashlight is much brighter. I cannot imagine a situation where I would use this flashlight.
Overall, the New Trent iTorch is a nice-looking, professional devise that makes life easier. I would definitely buy it again! (Posted on 3/3/13)
A nifty charger Review by Charles
Newtrent has constantly been striving to improve on their products, which is an admirable feature of this company. I remember when I first bought the IMP100P, I thought to myself it would be nice to have a light feature on this charger. Voila the IMP52D Torch came out with both the light and laser feature, which I find pretty awesome. Since it is so small you can essentially use it during meetings or power point presentation. It is sleek and mobile which I think should be a feature of all portable batteries, since people only have a certain amount of space to be carrying stuff. I would recommend this to people who have smartphones and athletes who need to charge their phone during their games. ENJOY! (Posted on 3/1/13)
Nice and portable Review by Tommy
I recently purchased the product on Newtrent and was impressed by the LED/laser features that can really be useful in certain situations or you just want some entertainment there is still a laser pointer. I like how the iTorch is very portable and has a long battery life. The IMP52D , i think is the smallest external battery by Newtrent and that is always a plus. (Posted on 2/22/13)
Light weight, powerful, convenient to carry ! Review by Stuart
Great little device! The operative words being small and powerful. It recharges relatively quickly and charges devices at the same rate as my larger mobile power station (battery). It's attractive and seems to be made of good quality materials, nicely designed. The only two criticisms of the unit is, first, the use of the multi-function button. Seems there are too many functions assigned to this button, the functions separated only by different depression times. I found myself continually fumbling to get the unit turned off, and sometimes invoking functions I didn't want (light/laser pointer - on/off). As an added feature, if the button were slightly recessed (or somehow more easily identified by touch) then the button could be found more easily when in dimly lit environments. Second, it seems counterproductive to have both lights aiming in the direction of the cords. To use the light/laser pointer, if the unit is plugged in, you need to move the cords away from the light/laser pointer in use. Why not have the lights pointing in a direction that is unobstructed by the cord(s)?

My criticisms regarding the light/laser pointer have no bearing, for me, on the product as I rarely use a light/laser pointer.

I very much like the smallness of the unit and the fact that it packs a lot of power for its' size. And, it's very convenient to carry.
(Posted on 2/20/13)
imp52D portable battery pack Review by emery

the first impressions when it came in the mail were good. the box is very nice and everything is organized inside the box. It only took a few hours to charge it up fully and the carrying pouch is really good. what I found that I didn't like about this product was the controls for using the flashlight and laser pointer, It's a little confusing when you're trying to turn on the flashlight in the dark. I did like the one touch power on for the battery though. the battery pack itself looks high quality and the charging cable that comes with it is nice. I like how you can charge via a usb outlet rather than having to carry around another ac adapter around to charge it. I think the space that the laser pointer and flashlight occupies could have been used for another usb port. It makes more sense to have two usb ports rather than just one and put laser pointers and flashlights on a power pack.

When I was using this power pack I was riding a bike in the snow and I go about 10 miles every day. My droid x2 battery was at 50% so I plugged it in to the itorch and away I went. throughout the day I put the power pack in my coat pocket, then in my backpack for other things like the ipod and the ipad. My Ipad was at about 80% and I plugged it in the the itorch. within maybe 30 min the ipad was fully charged. So overall my experience with the imp52D were good.
(Posted on 2/20/13)
Liked the product, definite improvement over IMP500 Review by Achint
- Much more compact, easier to carry and lighter than previous models like IMP500
- Faster charging than previous model IMP500
- I was able to get around 1.5 battery charge even while using my iPhone 4S intermittently
- Also used this on iPad3 and iPhone 5 and it worked fine with them.
- It takes about 3 hours to charge the iTorch fully from almost zero charge when using a direct A/C plugin.


- It would be better if the torch and laser pointer switches were separate from the charging switch. A slider switch might work better.
- The flashlight is not bright enough to be useful in most situations. In fact I would like the charger even if it came without the flashlight.
- It would be nice to have an integrated charging cable for the battery so that there's no need to carry an extra cable just for charging the battery.
- Prefer the spring loaded/retractable charger cable in the older IMP500 model to the charging cable for the itorch. (Posted on 2/19/13)
This little device works great!! Review by Stephen
I give the IMP52D 5 stars.. This little device worked great! The laser point and LED light are nice added features and it fits well in my hand. I would had made the LED work by a double tap instead of holding the button down. I had some trouble remembering to hold down the button. I was able to charge my HTC phone 2 times from a single charge, and my Blackberry 4 times charge. For a real-life test I was able to charge my HTC and BB from 15% to 100% with enough juice to charge my Nexus 7 from 72% to 100%. Unit charges pretty fast, about 2hrs from 15% for my HTC phone. There is some mAh lost but that is expected since I didn't turn off the devices while it was charging. (Posted on 2/19/13)
Great portable battery; Review by Eugene
Pros: Works well as a battery, probably has enough charge to last my Galaxy
SIII through 2-3 days of extra charging w/o having to recharge the device
itself. Small size/lightness makes it extremely portable/pocketable.
Smooth and attractive exterior design. Feels sturdy enough in my hand.
Laser pointer and LED light are both bright and have good range when trying
it out in a dark room.

Cons: Its a bit tricky switching between battery on/off, laser, and LED
light. Its not as intuitive as I would like (maybe its just me), but as a bundle device, it works
fine. The on/off button feels a bit flimsy.

(Posted on 2/16/13)
Never go hunting for an outlet again! Review by Brandon
This battery pack just works and it works great. I have used several
battery packs to try to extend my usage of my gadgets but they have never
been up to par with the NewTrent IMP52D. It charges my iPhone, iPad or
whatever else I can throw at it. I was actually able to charge my iPhone 5
about two times off of one full charge. This thing was a lifesaver when the
last winter storm knocked out power to my house! Great build quality, great
features (flashlight and laser pointer), and affordable. Now just to pick
one up for my wife who always lets her phone die!

- Great build quality
- Durable
- Flashlight and Laser pointers wont be used all the time but they are a
welcome addition.
- Included micro-usb cable to charge
- Long lasting
- Sometimes I accidentally turn on the laser pointer instead of turning
off the device. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Does what is advertised Review by Matt
- It comes with micro USB cable. You can never have enough of those.
- Very compact. It easily fits into pockets and small bags.
- LED flashlight and laser pointer are nice little bonus features. My cat is happy about the laser pointer.

- Charges my phone in about the same time it takes on a wall charger.
- Works with any USB compatible device.

Needs Improvement
- Takes several hours to charge the actual iTorch device.
- Doesn't come with an AC charger. It works fine with the one that came with my phone, but some people don't have one.

I've been using the New Trent iTorch IMP52D 5200mAh External Battery Charger for about a week. It charges my 2100 mAh Galaxy Nexus Android phone battery a maximum of two times. Simple math suggests it should do that easily, if not a little more. It might be because my phone is running while it's charging. Either way, it's very nice to have an extra two charges without having to use a wall outlet. I take it with me to school. It fits easily in my bag. I'm happy with it.

The bottom line: The product does what's advertised and the price tag is just right. (Posted on 2/15/13)
Awesome External Charger Review by Scott
This is my favorite of all NewTrent products that I own. This is also the most useful. This charger stays with me everywhere I go and it never leaves my backpack except to charge my devices. I have used this charge is so many different environments’: freezing temperatures, high heat temperature’s, and even highly dusty conditions. This product has also been very handy with work. I have used the awesome red laser pointer in many meetings with work. I have used the bright LED light to see my way around when we had a hurricane and the power went out. The IMP520 is all around the best/most useful NewTrent product I own, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Pro’s: Comfortable hand-held device (fits perfect in hand when using laser light in meetings)
Awesome small/slim design
Great shiny look
Comes with multiple charger tip attachments
Useful Bright LED light/ Red laser light
Great for traveling
Can charge the IMP520 anywhere and anytime with the awesome USB charger.
Fits great in backpack
Easy to Use

Con’s: On/Off button accidently gets pressed and turns off when in backpack charging, and in pocket as well.
Sometimes hard to turn off because it switches to led laser light.
Requires separate iPhone charger which becomes a pain when packing up when finished charging.
(Posted on 2/14/13)
Fantastic charger for a great price. Review by Alexander
My first impression upon opening the box was "wow, this is cool." I haven't been disappointed yet with it. After I got over how cool it looked and how it felt like it was meant to be held in my hand, I plugged it in to charge over night so I could get started using it in the morning. I have no idea how long it took to charge that night, but later I noted that it took about 6 hours to reach a full charge.
The description says it can be used to charge the iPad 2, so that was the first thing I tried it on. For not being specifically designed to charge something with a ten hour battery life, it did amazingly well. The iTorch adds another five hours screen time to the iPad 2.
Next, I tried my iPhone. It will bring an iPhone from nearly dead to full charge twice with one fully charged iTorch.

More than pleased with this product, and I would recommend it to anyone who uses their iOS devices frequently. You'll never be left looking for an outlet when you're out and about again. (Posted on 2/14/13)
Great Functioning and Looking! Review by Jim
The is a great charger. This charger fits comfortably in your hand. I really like the flashlight but not sure when I would use the laser pointer. I think the laser is a con because it turns on too easy. The best feature about this charger is the size and speed that my iPhone 4s charges. I am getting close three charges from 10-20% battery life.

One minor improvement woudld be the in-use light is the same as 1-2-3 (charge levels) it is misleading to look and think that the IMP52D has an extra capacity. Not a big deal to get use to though. Bottom line is that charger does exactly what it is supposed to to due. (Posted on 2/13/13)
A great little charger Review by robert
After using the New Trent Enerpak USB chargeable 12000 mAh heavy duty charger, I wanted something for the shorter trips and to top off my devices. I received the IMP52D iTorch. At the time, my Ipad was at 70% and this wonderful little charger brought it to 100% in 1 hour and 38 minutes. The charger showed 75% remaining. I then charged my Iphone. It took 1hour and 59 minutes, leaving 25% on the charger. No complaints here. I keep it charged at all times to top off my Ipad, Iphone and Kindle Fire.

The Charger itself is small enough to fit in your hand, has a black matte finish with a chrome band circling it in the front. It has a red laser and flashlight which I didn’t notice when I ordered it. Nice surprise. It even comes in a black velour-like pouch for easy travel.

The price of the New Trent iTorch is unbeatable. For the price with free shipping from Amazon, you can’t go wrong. It is great to know that you have some reserve power if you leave home, right in your pocket. It is very portable and light weight. You can even keep it in your pocket while traveling.

I haven’t had a problem with the on/off switch like some reviews have stated. I find this charger to be a great little machine and highly recommend it if you need some extra power. Well done New Trent! (Posted on 2/12/13)
Great Convenience! Review by CALVIN
Item is great! Charged my Android RAZR, my iPhone, and my Samsung phone. Has a laser and a flashlight that I played with for a while also.. The device arrived uncharged and took about 2 hours to fully charge it. I keep it in my car and sometimes leave it in the office for days at a time. It charged my iPhone from halfway in about a hour. It works. Great convenience. (Posted on 2/12/13)
Awesome device! Review by Mike L
I never tried one of these portable batteries before, so this was a pleasant first for me. I received the iTorch right before leaving on a business trip, so the timing was perfect to get to test it on the road. While this product was packaged nicely, I will say the picture instructions/illustrations were a little confusing in that they showed an AC adaptor in the picture instructions but there was a small note saying an AC adaptor was not included. No matter for me, since it still came with the USB cord which I was able to plug into my own USB wall adaptor. The other thing the instructions didn't indicate was how long I should charge the battery for the first time and for each time thereafter. However they did indicate what the 4 blue lights would show to indicate battery life. I plugged it in and noticed the 4 blue lights blinking in sequence, and over time they would each incrementally light up solid until all 4 were lit solid, indicating that it was fully charged. The first charge took about 3 hours to get to all 4 lights lit solid. I thought it was a nice feature to have both an LED flashlight and laser pointer built in to this device, though I didn't think I'd be getting much use out of them - however the flashlight could serve well in a pinch such as a power outage when you don't want to burn the battery of your cell phone by using its flash. While on my trip, I put this battery to the test: with one charge, it fully charged by iPhone 5, my iPad 2, my iPod, and charged my Blackberry Bold twice. Once it finally died, it only took a little over 2 hours to recharge fully again. I happened to be traveling with my boss, and while we were at the airport for our departing flight his Blackberry battery died - instead of hunting around for an unoccupied outlet I pulled out my iTouch and let him charge his Blackberry on it with his USB cord. He was pretty impressed and said he's going to order one for himself. Score. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Impressive; 9/10 Review by AlexD
The IMP52D looks stylish, it seems to have decent build quality, and there appears to have been a lot of thought put into its design: it is compact, robust, ergonomic and intuitive to use. The blue indicator LEDs are funky, the spring-operated self-winding USB lead is great (a design which should be used more widely - especially for headphone leads) and the addition of a torch and a laser pointer is a nice touch.

The device gives three full charges for my power-hungry smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Ace), and also works with my mp3 player (Sony Walkman) and electric travel shaver. My mp3 player has a non-standard USB socket so won't accept the New Trent cable but its own USB cable connects fine with the charger; the opposite is the the case for my smartphone which has a standard micro-USB socket, accepts the New Trent cable, but for some reason won't charge over its own USB cable; my shaver has a mini-USB socket and will charge over both its own and the New Trent cable.

However the reason I would give this device 4½ rather than 5 stars is the design solution to providing both micro- and mini- USB connectivity: providing two small adapters which plug separately on to a rigid connector on the end of the USB cable means that (i) there is risk of losing the adapter not in use, and (ii) the adapter + connector combination creates a 5½cm rigid chain, which when connected to a target device means you have to handle the device being charged with care, as this chain poses a leverage risk to the target device's socket as well as to the connectors themselves... as I discovered to my cost when I put my charger-connected smartphone in my pocket, climbed some stairs, and was then alerted by beeping noises to the fact that I had bent the micro-USB adapter, which now only works if I hold it at a certain angle. Thankfully my smartphone socket and charger cable appear undamaged so I think I just need a replacement micro-USB adaptor... a worrying episode though. Will have to use the charger more carefully in future.
(Posted on 2/2/13)
MVP (most valuable power) Review by Carol
What a wonderful addition to my iphone! I take this if I'm going to be anywhere without easy recharging access and it's awesome!!!
It's small and fits in my pocket. It is easy to use. I am now never far from charging my iphone. Love it!! (Posted on 1/31/13)
Nice and Sleek Review by Yvonne
I own several chargers and by far this is the best one yet. It's nice, sleek and fits perfectly in my purse without adding bulk, extra weight or additional cords. It charges via USB which is perfect because you never have to worry about carrying around a heavy 9v wall charger to recharge the device. The iTorch charges my iPhone, my husbands HTC Thunderbolt ( which looses charge quickly) and my beloved kindle fire with no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a sense of security in the event of their phone dying or an electrical outage. I can say with certainty that this little gadget made a power outage less stressful because I knew it was charged and I didn't have to sit outside in a cold car just to make a call. (Posted on 1/30/13)
The perfect everyday, carry with you on the go charger! Review by Michael
I love this charger! Small and sleek, but yet packing a large amount of power, the IMP52D is perfect as your everyday extended charger.

A quick read of the included, well written instructions, explains how to properly operate and what the LED lights represent on the device. I strongly urge anyone who buys this to take 10 seconds to read them so you will fully understand the device and its operation. They quickly explain what the four LED lights represent and how to use the power button to turn on the laser pointer, the battery, and/or the LED flashlight.

Form Factor: It is a sleek, well constructed device in a compact, long rectangular shape that fits comfortably in your hand. The charger easily fits in the same pants pocket with my phone and isn't noticeable that I have both of them in there, even when I am charging my phone. This makes it ideal to carry for going out after work or when you are out all day on the weekend, knowing you will never run out of juice for your smartphone.

Performance: I was able to charge my Droid DNA (2020 mAh batter) 1.5-2x off of a full charge on the IMP52D during normal daily use. It also fully charged my phone in under 1:30, which is very impressive. Obviously you never get the full 5200 mAh worth of battery as you are usually using your phone while you are charging it, which depletes some battery. I was able to easily get 2+ full charges on my phone if I powered it off and let it charge that way. The IMP52D certainly delivers lots of backup juice.

Buttons/Display/Lights: I really like the 4 blue LED setup. Three blue LED's let you know how much juice you have left, the fourth one lets you know when you have a device plugged in and charging. Simple and elegant.

The power button is smartly placed and perfectly set/recessed on the device. Again this is where a quick 10 second read of the instructions is useful. Quick press for laser pointer, 2 second press for the charger, 3 second press for the LED flashlight. The button is responsive and feels sturdy, so I'm not worried about it failing/breaking.

As for the laser pointer, they're neat, but I honestly don't have nor can think of a practical reason to really ever use it, but it's there! In contrast the LED flashlight is awesome and very useful. I use my smartphone flashlight feature all the time at work and at night but it's cumbersome to hold the phone while using it and if you drop/break your phone while using it, it costs $500-600 to replace. The IMP52D is easy to hold and is ergonomically correct for using it as a flashlight. Also since it takes a long 3 second press to start it, there is little chance you will accidentally turn it on and waste battery. Obviously it is built to take a drop/fall better than a smartphone!

Ports: The IMP52D comes with a USB (5V/1A) port to charge your device and a micro USB in to charge itself. Using the supplied cable and your phone's AC adapter plug, you can easily recharge your IMP52D overnight for use the next day. They are smartly placed at the front of the device and are easy to access.

Overall the IMP52D is a well constructed, thought out device that delivers great performance and battery juice for daily use. With the ability to easily charge most smartphones 1.5x or more, you can get through your day worry free about ever running out of power. I highly recommend this device! (Posted on 1/29/13)
Very Useful Review by Larry
Very handy device. The built in laser pointer eliminates the need to carry a separate one. It's small size makes it easy to carry. I just wish the carrying case was a little larger. It's hard to cram the wires in with the device. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Awesome sleek backup charger... and GREAT customer service! Review by Carolyn
I bought this on Amazon and have been using this for over 3 months.

Pros: more sleek and form fitting but has as much power as my iDual (5200mAH). I like that I can be charging my android phone (Samsung Droid Charge) and using at the same time (internet/texting/talking on phone) and my power level continues to increase. I tend to usually bring this with me in my purse since it's smaller than my other backup chargers and I usually really need backup power for my smartphone since its battery life is quite poor (I can live if my tablet runs out of power); The iTorch also has the red laser pointer and LED flashlight as extra functions. I haven't really had to use but I like knowing I have those available without needing to pack extra items.

Cons: The iTorch can easily be accidentally turned on while it is in my purse or pocket, which then wastes power. Hard to switch off since it switches to red laser pointer, which I often never need. So I have to make a couple attempts to turn it off completely. It also needs a separate cable for Samsung Galaxy Tablet (which is supplied in the package).

Recommendations: Make the power button a little harder to turn on. I don't seem to have the same problem with my iDual external battery since it's a bigger button and needs a more deliberate push.

Rating: 5/5. Another big plus is that I am VERY VERY PLEASED with the customer service by NewTrent / idealpoint. I bought this iTorch and the iDual from Amazon and needed some customer service and they were always very prompt and polite and took care of my issues immediately. This is a solid company with very cool and innovative products which they stand behind! Will definitely be buying more products from them!
(Posted on 1/28/13)
Very handy! Review by Brandon
Pros: The iTorch external battery is smaller than I expected, which made it very portable. I was able to pack it with me easily at work and while on the road, making the iTorch even more practical than I expected! I thought it would be handy but honestly didn't think I would have much use for it, but decided to give it a try. Now I've realized how much of a lifesaver it is! For example, my cell phone battery does not seem to last as long as it used to, so I used this a lot while on the road recently. I realized a great advantage of the iTorch over other chargers (i.e., traditional plug in or car charger) is that I can plug my phone or iPad into this anywhere - plug it in to charge, then slip into a bag or brief case while out to lunch, in a meeting, or on the road and It would be great for camping trips!. It's also nice to plug your iPad in while using it to conserve your own battery.

CONS: I need to compare a little closer, but the iTorch may not charge as quickly as plugging into a wall outlet, but the whole advantage of the iTorch is that it is portable & can be used anywhere, even when you're unable to plug into an outlet. An auto-off feature would be nice to shut the iTorch off when not in use (with a 30 second delay) to ensure you don't accidentally leave it on. The led light is a nice accessory, & may come in handy in a pinch, but I'm not sure it's necessary. I'm afraid the laser pointer may be easily turned on by accident, draining precious battery supply. Another example of the need for the auto-off feature I suggested. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Truly recommended Review by Aurelio
Pros: good price, small portable size! Dual charging ports, 5200 mAh, has a light and laser
Cons: ---- a little heavy but strong, the button settings need to be memorized

It has been a life saver on campus when I don't have time to go back to my dorm to charge my devices, iPhone, iPad etc.. Really recommend it. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Excellent charger Review by Cliff
The physical properties (size, weight, feel) are perfect for the battery capacity, and it seems to hold a charge as expected. Charging over USB (for both of these units) is a really nice feature that many other chargers are missing. I like the fact that there is a laser pointer as well as the LED flashlight. (Posted on 1/24/13)
Great Product for the Price! Review by Adam
I purchased my first IMP52D iTorch battery charger about 6 months ago and must say I am very pleased with the product!
In addition to that, I recently purchased another one for a close friend because she is always borrowing mine. Here is
a synopsis of the pros and cons of the product:

Price/Charge Time/Look & Feel: More than fair @ around 35-40 dollars. It definitely doesn't feel cheap for
the price as the LEDs are nicely done, the laser pointer is convenient for work and the flashlight is convenient
at night as well. It Charges my iPhone 4 about 2.5 times which more than enough for a day or two away from home.
Its quite durable, (endured quite a few drops) not to mention it looks well made and it is small enough to stick
in my Jeans/Coat pocket without too much discomfort.

Functionality: Not to say the functionality is necessarily bad on the product as it is understandable that there
aren't many buttons on it due to its size, but it can be confusing to use for someone who is just picking it
up and using it without instruction. At times even I forget how many seconds or times to press the button in order
to use the flashlight vs the laser pointer or charging function. It would be nice if there were multiple buttons or
maybe a label to remind the user about these functions

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive means to deal with their battery sucking
smart phone (or any accessory that might need a charge). Two thumbs up!! (Posted on 1/23/13)
Perfect blend of power and portability Review by Dylan
I own the 12000mAH IMP120D model which I was impressed with and led me to purchase the iTorch IMP52D. The IMP52D is much lighter and smaller which is great for extra portability. It is smaller than my current phone (The Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and complements it nicely The LED light makes the unit double as a flash light and the laser pointer is a nice touch.

Since I am a power user with my phone, the battery drains quick and its nice to have the IMP52D around to give it an extra charge. I can now get more than a full days use out of my phone without worry. The IMP52D also does a great job of holding its charge so it is very reliable. I would recommend this battery back for anyone that needs daily extra power for your phone, tablet, or other USB devices. (Posted on 1/23/13)
Great value and portability Review by Douglas
I picked up the IMP52D during a recent sale on Amazon. I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received. Packaging was slick, and the included carrying pouch is an appreciated bonus. As for the product itself, the IMP52D provides good capacity in a very compact design. My only complaint is in regards to the LED and laser pointer functions. I don't really have a need for either of the two, and the multipurpose power button is made a bit more complex by their addition. While I'd personally like a little more capacity or a slightly smaller form factor, I'm sure the LED/laser combination is very useful for some users. (Posted on 1/23/13)
Great for field work! Review by Penn
I'm routinely out of the office for at least 12 hours, this keeps my phone going even when I'm on it all day!

Only thing I didn't know is it has a laser pointer, be careful! (Posted on 1/22/13)
Awesome Battery Backup device! Review by Branden
The packaging was very user friendly and easy to open without tools. The instructions were simple and easy to follow and I had it up and going in just a couple of minutes. The charging time seemed to be a while from the low battery state, I would guess around 4 hours for it to be fully charged. The device itself is small and very portable, fits easily in my inside jacket pocket as well as my briefcase. The device has a very sturdy feel to it and doesn't feel cheap like it’s going to break in a very short amount of time and handling.

The built in laser pointer is a neat feature however it only stays on for about 1-2 minutes then times out. The LED light is very bright and works great in a pinch. I left the device in my jacket pocket while charging my phone so see how hot it would get. After 2 hours of charging it was not very hot at all but was warm.

I purchased 2 of these for my Fiance and I and so far we love them and use them everyday (Galaxy Nexus batteries die before the end of the day!). I would highly suggest this model if you are looking for a great portable every day use backup. I am considering getting one of the 10-12000 MAH with dual USB as well for long trips in the car and my new iPad! (Posted on 1/22/13)
Fantastic Review by Sandra
I have found the external battery to be amazing and soooo handy! I do construction for a living so have to be able to keep in touch with clients a lot. Many times I have not been able to use my phone when I wanted to for fear of running my battery down when expecting an important call – had to save the charge so my phone would be good when the call came through. This external will enable me to answer all calls and not worrying about missing a business opportunity and still being able to receive the important call!!! This is a great product!!!

(Posted on 1/22/13)
Sleek and powerful Review by Chelsea
This product is very sleek and well designed. I noticed it as soon as I took it out of the packaging. It comes with a nice little pouch that I found to be a nice touch. I was disappointed that it did not come with its own wall charger. It is compatible with all the ones I have, but I would really like to charge this with my other electronic at night. It works great with my iPad and iPhone. It seems to charge them so much faster than the wall does. This feature is great. But in my opinion I do not think it lasts 27 hours. It only lasts about 12 hours. I do how ever appreciate that it displays its charge and that I can turn it on and off. This means it won't drain when I am not using it. I also think that the added on flashlight and laser point may be unnecessary for student users, but I still play with those features. This has a really nice weight to it as well and it great to travel with. (Posted on 1/21/13)
Small size lots of power Review by Arnon
Overall the device works great. It has plenty of power/ charge to power my phone and get me 18 to 20 hours of very heavy use. The small size makes it very easy to fit in my pocket to always have on hand. The led lit is a nice feature. It does take a little time to get used to the button sequence to turn on the features, but that is my only complaint. Great product. (Posted on 1/21/13)
Exactly as described, more impressive than expected Review by Will
I was looking for a portable backup battery charger for my mobile devices: phone, ipad, etc. and this usb charger did the trick. What I wasn't expecting was the cleverness of the device. The laser pointer and led are really useful additions, but the genius is the charging mechanism. By using a micro usb to charge the device from any wall or car usb charger, the same cable (included) used to charge the pack can be switched around and used to charge (basically) any non-apple device. Brilliant design. As always, solid construction and pleasing aesthetics make this a great buy. (Posted on 1/21/13)
I was pleasantly surprised how good this is Review by Link
I took this charger to CES 2013. As anyone who's been to CES knows, a single charge on a phone doesn't last the whole day. I bought this product right before I left to use with my iPhone 5 (also a recent purchase). My first impression taking it out of the box was how small and light it was. I was expecting something bulky and heavy. My next impression was how nice it looked. Now I never heard of NewTrent before this and bought this simply because of the price and Amazon reviews so my expectations weren't high. I charged it up the night before and towards the afternoon my iPhone was getting low and I plugged it in. Worked like a charm. Walking around about an hour let it charge up enough that I was satisfied. I met up with a friend who also was running low from his phone and I charged his too. This repeated the next 3 days.
My friends are now going to buy this for themselves.

1. Small, light, portable and beautiful industrial design
2. 4 blue LED lights make it easy to understand what's happening
3. Quick charging.
4. USB plug enables charging of any device
5. Laser pointer and LED light are a nice touch


1. Button is too easy to press. Occasionally I look in the pouch and the Laser pointer is on by accident.
2. The instruction manual is very awkward. I couldn't understand how to turn the LED light on. I also didn't like the labeling of the included cables. Makes you think you can only use them with the Android devices.
3. Needs something rubber on it to grip. It slides all over the desk very easily and cause of the weight can carry the phone with it off the desk.
4. White color version? (Posted on 1/19/13)
Enjoy this battery pack so far! Review by Luan
There's something really great about the design of New Trent's products. This was my first product from this company and I really like the look and feel of it. It has rounded edges and a smooth matte finish. And it's a nice battery pack, too!

I had no idea the iTorch even had a laser pointer and LED light. What a great idea for such a portable product. I've been through about 2 charge cycles so far on this battery and don't have too many complaints. It charged my Samsung Galaxy Nexus about 1.75 times when it was on (and I have the extended 2100 maH battery.

The only thing I am concerned about is the 500 charge cycle listing. I hope this is an underrating, but it does seem pretty low. That being said, I don't have any other battery packs to compare with, so take that observation with a little grain of salt. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Great, powerful unit with a drawback (to me) Review by Sergey
This is a great addition to my 3 older IMP500's (which BTW are still going strong). The 52D is smaller/narrower than the 500 but with more power. It's a bit thicker and taller but it's not that noticeable.

Concerning the LED flashlight and laser pointer...I wish there were some way I could disable these two features from coming on (maybe via a long power-button press of say 10 seconds). The laser is especially annoying as it comes on with just a short press of the power button. I've accidentally turned the laser on multiple times with the unit in my pocket and did not notice it. Another reviewer mentioned that the button press requirement to turn the laser on (1 second) should be reversed with the LED flashlight (5 seconds). This would be a good idea but the LED flashlight would seem to use more power than the laser (unsure of this). The best solution would be to provide a method to disable them both as I mentioned above. I have never had a need to use either and having the laser coming on so easily is a concern for me. This is my only negative with the unit which is otherwise fantastic. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Recommended! Review by CK
I purchased a New Trent iTorch IMP52D 5200mAh External Battery Charger that I use with my iPhone 5.
I really like the iTorch. I would rate it overall 5/5. The pro's are it's convenient, portable, consistent with its charging. I love that it fits in a coat pocket. I don't use the flashlight much I use my iphone for that. The LED I use to play with my cats-they give it a 5/5. t=The charging cable to charge it. It feels flimsy but is still holding up after at least 30 uses. A specific iPhone/charging cable would be nice. (Posted on 1/17/13)
Oh Boy! I love this. Review by Lynn
I just had to get this after my purchase of 12000mAh for the latest iPhone 5 and the new iPad (Model #: IMP120D) which I still love.

But based on my delight with the 12000 charger I thought it would be fun to have a smaller unit that I could easily slip into my purse. I didn't expect it to have as much power as it does nor as long as it keeps my iPhone going. I had planned to let my husband use one or the other since he is in sales and often uses his phone thus needing re-charge, but now he is going to have to buy his own.

The torch was a little tricky to to be intuitive using it, but I blame that to user error since I didn't read the instructions but immediately gave it a full charge and tried it on my iPad. I noticed it wasn't changing the charge and then noticed a red light on my curtains.

The switch action on the Torch changes based on the amount of pushes and seconds held down of pushes. I found I had to hold the switch down for a couple of seconds to turn the charging function on. I then I actually got a better bargain than I thought I had. For me, I could use the flashlight, laser pointer or charging mode without having to carry multiple items in my purse.

I would suggest a minor improvement that would help me at least. I find that sometimes items in my purse turn the laser on as I discover later. It would be great if you changed the sequence of the functions to avoid that.

Great charger! A great product. (Posted on 1/17/13)
Great capacity! Review by Mylinh
Pros: I love the battery’s great charge capacity. I am able to get at least 3 charges out of it. It is light-weight and looks good. I love the flashlight feature (but don’t have much use for the laser pointer).
Cons: The on/off button for the devise is not user-friendly or intuitive.
My Recommendations: Have a better on/off button(s). Having different color options would be great!
(Posted on 1/16/13)
Great Product! Review by Ricky
I actually really liked this product. Overall the item is really portable and the design is very slick. Also the LED light and laser pointer make it really ideal for the person to carry it around at the office or to work. Also it would be great to store in your car since sometimes i would drop coins or a pen in my car at night and need to find it and the LED light would be perfect for that. The product also can charge my s3 and ipad to full before it is drained. Also works for the new iphone 5 and ipad with retina display. The charge time is also fairly short which makes it ideal for if you're on the move and short on time. I would recommend this product. (Posted on 1/16/13)
This is the most portable and best external battery charger I have ever had! Review by Liam
I just recently bought the iTorch for my LG Viper 4g lte. My phone does not hold a long charge maybe 7 to 10 hours. With the iTorch I can charge my phone about 3 to 4 times! I have told all of my friends and they might get one too. I highly suggest buying this device if you would like to have longer battery life!

also, the laser and LED light are awesome!

Hope you buy this product! (Posted on 1/15/13)
Beautiful and should be bought by anyone who is on the go! Review by Eli
So I have been using the charger and it is unbelievable!
Light weight
Shape is made so that it fits great in your hand.
Holds an amazing charge!
charges in 6 hours so over night you dont even feel it.
The LED light and red laser are actually coming in handy surprisingly. the
LED is a great use but the red laser is just entertaining.

I only have 1 con to this fantastic device
the way you turn on the LED, laser, and the product itself unless someone
reads the manual, no one would know how to do it. (Posted on 1/12/13)
Great battery back-up Review by Jeff
I recently purchased the NewTrent IMP52D Mobile Power Pack. It is easy to operate and even has an LED laser pointer and a small white LED for flashlight use. The laser pointer is easily visible 50 feet away, but the flashlight LED could be brighter. This power pack can be charged with any of your devices’ plug-in chargers or from a USB port on your PC. It even comes with a carrying case for the unit and its two cables.
This small power pack has plenty of power for my iPhone 4S, but fell short when trying to charge my Asus Transformer tablet. One charge on the power pack was enough to charge my iPhone twice from 2% charge to 100% (in about 3 hours each time), and there was still enough power left to take my phone from 1% to 28% on the third attempt. It did not do as well on my tablet as it was only able to take the battery level from 2% to 45% (about 4 hours) before the power pack was drained. Being able to give my tablet a full charge would be awesome, but I’m sure the power pack would have to be a lot bigger to allow it to do that. The NewTrent power pack would be great for outdoorsmen that need to take their cell phones with them, or high drainage users that are away from a plug-in power source. I suspect my daughter will steal mine so that she can take a full day of school notes on her iPad. (Posted on 1/7/13)
More Pros than Cons for this super fast, Portable external battery pack Review by Anthony

very slim and compact design for such a high capacity battery
very fast charging at about 1% per minute
powerful flashlight, lighting up the entire interior of my 4 door sedan car
powerful laser light and displays a red dot a far distance at night
use it for my android 4g cell phone and my Garmin Nuvi charger
I get about 2 full charges and a half charge for my Garmin GPS or my Motorola Droid 4
very simple, easy to use 1 button function to use the battery, flashlight and laser pointer
sleek design


The laser light and the flashlight sometimes turn on accidentally if you have it in a bag compartment with a lot of items. This can be avoided if you keep it separate to prevent the power button hitting other objects.

Suggestions for improvement

possibly a thinner design (Posted on 1/6/13)
Perfect, small and very useful Review by Doug
I have been using the Newtrent IMP52D for about three weeks now and it is great. Nice package, small and useful with the LED light and the laser light as a bonus. The indicator lights are useful, showing the degree of charge left. It seems to charge quickly and then chanrged my iPhone quickly. I used it on my iPad while using the iPad itself, and it worked great. This little gem is going to travel with me all the time.
(Posted on 1/4/13)
Great Charger! Review by Brad
I love the Itorch external battery. It charged my phones extremely well, and to be honest I was surprised how well it charged my IPad 3. The laser pointer is very good quality, not to mention a great toy to play with my dog. The flashlight has a little to be desired, but that really isn't what the product is about. I would give this product a full 5 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Small, Powerful Charger, Includes Extras Review by jpbiii
The IMP52D is a convenient sized charger that includes an LED light and a red Laser light and a cloth bag to carry it and a USB cable. I use it to keep my Motorola Droid Razr charged. I am able to charge my phone a couple of times before having to recharge the unit. The unit charges in a few hours. I like the size of it as I can carry it in my pants or shirt pocket. This is our second New Trent charger and am pleased with both of them.


Possible Improvements:
The LED and Laser lights are nice but operationally the Laser light comes on when you press the power button for a second. This actually could be unsafe especially if a child gets their hands on it. The way in which the two lights come on should be reversed. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Works well in the office! Review by tim
My wife has an iPhone 3GS that dies pretty quickly, so she keeps a charger in her purse. After giving her this charger, she can charge her phone on the go, in the car, or in the office, and it's extremely quick! About half the time to charge than through USB.

This is a great charger, and having a portable LED light and laser pointer is a great plus, too! (Posted on 1/3/13)
Made my life easier Review by Eric
I am what you would call a "power user" who is away from home for around 12 hours each day, and since I use my Galaxy Note 10.1 for school and my Galaxy S3 for work, at least one of my batteries dies before I expect.

Enter the external iTorch battery. Since I started bringing it with me I no longer have to search for an outlet wherever I sit in class. It has definitely made my life easier. It is definitely worth the money in my opinion. I will go over some of the things I like most about it.

-Shipping: The package came quicker than I expected, I think about 2 business days (when 3-5 were estimated). I have actually ordered a few other New Trent items and they always do a great job getting your item to you. It was well packaged, great instructions.

-Carrying Bag: One thing I LOVE about this item is the carrying case it's packaged in. It comes with a black carrying bag that doesn't look half bad. Best of all, it matches my other carrying case for some headphones I just bought. So I just throw in the bag, and I don't have to worry about losing it. Plus it's good for keeping the cords the item comes with.

-Compatability: I worried that it might not work with all of my technology, but so far I have tested it with a Nexus 7, a 2 different Galaxy S3's, and a Galaxy Note 10.1. I thought I was out of luck with the Note 10.1 proprietary charging port, but I was surprised that they included an adapter just for the Galaxy Tabs. Great surprise. In the instructions it says you can use the same adapter for Apple products if that applies to you.

-Capacity/Function: This thing lasts forever. Since owning it, I have charged it once but used to charge all those devices listed above. It even charged more quickly than a traditional wall charger from what I can tell! I went on a trip last weekend and I was able to forget the wall chargers and just bring this one battery and it functioned perfectly. I also like that it has a flashlight and laser pointer built in. Not sure how often I will use those features, but I appreciate anything above and beyond. Without a doubt you could go without charging your phone or tablet at least a few days with this device.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this item. Rarely do accessories live up to their promises in the description, but I feel this item lives up to its expectations. If you need a external battery, look no further. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Great Light & Portable Charger Review by Chris
The unit is very nice looking out of the box, but the case seems to get scuffed / scratched very easily after some time in my backpack. I really like the small, compact, size of this device. Even with the small size, this pack still charges my iPhone 5 well over two times – that’s the main purpose, so you can’t complain. It’s the most portable New Trent device that I own. The on/off power button seems to stick a bit when you try to power the device on. It will usually turn on the second attempt. Would it be possible to improve this switch to allow it to slide back and forth? I would rate this device a 4.5 out of 5, and the only complain being the power button. This provides an excellent amount of power for $40. (Posted on 12/28/12)
Worked Perfectly Review by Lucy
I purchased this item to use while on travel to Israel for two primary reasons. First, since I was on a formal tour, we would be out of range of electric outlets from 8-9 hours every day. With this item, I did not have to worry about my iPhone (used for taking pictures and email) running out of juice. The second reason was that some electronics can be a bit temperamental when charging them in other countries and can be easily fried/damaged. With this item (I have 2 of these devices), I would charge this item via the local outlet then use it to charge my other devices. If this device was fried, it was relatively inexpensive when compared with the cost of an iPhone. Fortunately, this charger worked flawlessly. In terms of size, while I generally carried it in my backpack, it was small/light enough to carry in the leg pocket of my cargo pants. Nice! This product is dual voltage so no transformer is required when traveling to Israel; only adapters. This product recharged within a reasonable amount of time and subsequently charged my electronics (iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Nano) fairly quickly. The only annoying feature was the method by which the flashlight and laser pointer are turned on/off (X number of clicks to turn on and another X number of clicks to turn off). But, certainly tolerable and not a deal breaker. Overall, this item is well worth the investment. (Posted on 12/26/12)
The perfect balance between size and capability! Plus it has some added business features. Review by Duncan
This device is much lighter and smaller than my other portable battery charger. I absolutely love the size and weight of this device. I have found that I can easily get 3-4 full charges for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus from this device before needing to recharge the IMP52D. In most cases I only need to get 1-2 anyway so this is perfect.

For the business traveler the included laser and flash light are welcome additions.

All in all this is a top notch device that I will without hesitation recommend to anyone needing a portable charger. (Posted on 12/26/12)
slim charger for the capacity Review by Kevin
This is actually a pretty slim charger for the capacity and might be better for small pocket than some of the other chargers. It is narrower, but slightly thicker and longer to balance out the internal capacity. It has very solid construction that is typical of other New Trent products I have experience with. The unit itself input charges from a micro USB connection which means you can use your phone charger to charge the charger (unless you are an Apple user that is!). It has 4 battery gauge LEDs that come on and stay on during charging which is really nice. The only output charging caveat, is that it powers off when connected to a low power device like my plantronics bluetooth headset. This can be worked around in the two-port New Trent chargers by plugging a high power device into the other port, but since this charger only has one port, that's a no-go. Make sure this is OK for your application. The LED is not very bright, it's on par with a keychain light. The laser pointer works fine, although activating/deactivating it can be a nuisance until you learn the button sequences required to operate all three functions: laser, light, and charger. If you are looking for a narrower charger with a laser pointer, maybe for you computer bag, this might be for you. (Posted on 12/7/12)
Reliable and Compact Review by Arif
The iTorch is a wonderful device to have in your possession. It does its job of providing extra juice when you require it but is easy to carry around. Few points to note are
1. Slim, sleek and sexy. The curves are the highlights.
2. Able to charge an iphone completely atleast couple of times.
3. Extremely light weight. Can not feel that you are carrying it in your pocket.
4. The flashlight is great because it has ample uses/
5. The carrying case is a bonus so you can have the cable also with the battery pack.

One thing that can be it is better is button that switch between turning on the pack, flashlight or laser sometimes is confusing. A person may not realize that the battery pack is not on but only the laser is on an waste ample amount of time without much benefit.

I am giving it 5 starts because it servers it purpose well and also provides extra benefits. (Posted on 12/6/12)
An Awesome Charger and then some... Review by cerisecons
This is a great product for anyone using personal mobile electronics such as Smartphones, Tablets etc. It has saved me on trips where I was away from my auto or plug in charger.
I suggested this product to several of the Forums I belong to as it saves my phone on a weekly basis when I travel.
I suggest this product with full 5 star rating. (Posted on 11/30/12)
Great Quality and Peformance Review by Amzad
This product is great for anyone who is a heavy user of a smartphone or needs a bit of extra juice for their phone throughout the day. The IMP52D has a nice small form factor which is great since I can carry it in my pocket and not worry about my iPhone 4S dying. After 3 days of extensive testing throughout college and other activities, I get 2 full charges and about 50%-60% of another charge. The carrying case is great as well I know my keys won't scratch it.
The IMP52D also has a built-in flash light and a red laser pointer but I haven't really used it much.
The quality is great as it doesn't feel like cheap plastic. It has a nice solid but smooth texture to it.

The only con is activating the LED flashlight since it requires holding the button for 3-4 seconds while the laser pointer is only two clicks. Seems more reasonable to have quicker access to a flashlight than laser pointer but that's just my opinion. But despite this, I still give it 5-stars for the performance and quality. (Posted on 11/29/12)
Compact battery charger that packs a punch by charging in a flash! Review by Abhi
-Very user-friendly with a sleek design
-Fairly priced for a backup charger, others go for much more.
-Reliable and holds charge for several days at a time
-Compactness helps to conceal for on-the-go

-No universal set of charging cables; need to use proprietary charging cable for mobile device.
-No built-in wall plug
-Laser Pointer is a bit excessive for a small device like this

A friend of mine gave me the IMP52D as a gift recently, and I've been using the device for about a week. It's been helpful essentially as a backup battery. At times, my wifi on my iPhone cuts in and out at the office and therefore the battery drains when on retreiving data on the LTE network. I'm left with very little battery at the end of the work shift and the New Trent iTorch is helpful on the commute home so that I'm not left stranded with a dead phone. The best part of this phone is that it's small and charges really quickly.

All in all, this is a great device for the price. Definitely would recommend it for you techies out there that are always using your phones! (Posted on 11/21/12)
Works Great! Review by Kevin
Received the product. Works great. Plugged it in to charge and was fully charged within a couple hours. Build quality seems solid. It's a good size as well, easy to carry around with you. Most definitely charges my cell phone faster than a car charger. I also like the added "laser pointer". I will be taking this one with me to work to charge during breaks when needed. Would recommend to friends. 100% happy with item. (Posted on 11/19/12)
Indispensable accessory for power-hungry mobile devices! Review by George
I complained to my grandson that my Motorola Droid Razr smartphone was wonderful, but that its battery life was horrible. A short time later, this life-saving device arrived, as a gift from him and his mom. I've been able to charge my phone 3+ times on a single charge of it!

The unit is compact and nicely shaped: feels wonderful in the hand. I have mixed feelings about the LED flashlight and laser pointer. With one control button, it's tricky to get the combination of functions you want without getting ones you don't. A separate button for the less important functions would be nice.

Its ability to charge virtually any USB-chargeable device simplifies my life greatly. It's amazing how the number of things that run off of rechargeable batteries keeps increasing.

One notable exception for me is my Nokia BH-905i bluetooth headphone. It uses a proprietary AC adapter/power plug for recharging even though it only supplies 0.8mA of charging current. Why couldn't they provide a USB option? (Posted on 11/15/12)
A very good product. Well designed. Does what it is supposed to do. Review by Tom
I like the iTorch IMP52D.
The size is good, it fits in my briefcase or pocket nicely and is easy to travel with. I use the light more than I thought I would. The carrying pouch is a nice touch.
In addition to the fact that it works, the charger has an excellent look and feel. It's obviously not a toy as is the case with some of the others.
The blue lights that show status and charge capacity are a very nice plus.

It comes equipped with cables that will work with most of the popular manufacturer’s power input ports.

Be aware that iTorch itself doesn’t come with a wall plug but if you shop around on the net you can get one thrown in the deal for practically nothing.

It will charge my iPhone from 20% to 85% in about two hours and will go higher given more time. I had hoped it would give a little bit more boost to my iPad than it does but the New Trent website description clearly states that it has 35% of iPad battery capacity so I have no issue here.

I have a small farm and work outside with no access to AC power from dawn till dusk on weekends. I like to listen to Spotify, Pandora, and NPR while working. My iPhone 4 battery just doesn’t have enough power to support that kind of use. For day long use, I usually just leave it plugged in the iPhone and the two batteries work together. The IMP52D keeps the music and entertainment coming – I have never exhausted it!

Mine was charged out of the box. As needed, just plug it in and it charges up to full quickly.

I don't know how long it will hold a full charge without using it. I've gone several days without using it and didn't see a noticeable degradation in charge. After the Sandy storm disaster, this might be a good thing to have and keep charged up. In an emergency, if used sparingly, the IMP52D will extend your cell phone capabilities by many hours.

MY RATING: The New Trent iTorch IMP52D does a great job, I give it a 5.

(Posted on 11/14/12)
Great Value in a Small Charger Review by John
I use the IMP52D with my iPhone 4 and my iPod Touch.

Pros : Small size and relatively light weight, feels solidly built, value priced, excellent battery capacity relative to small unit size, charges iPhone quickly, comes with a carrying case, four blue LED lights that indicate battery power remaining, and ease of use. On average, I get just under 2.0 full charges for my iPhone from the IMP52D. For the size and the price of the unit, it's tough to argue with that.

Cons = easy to accidentally turn on the unit (though it turns itself off after approx. 30 seconds), including a laser pointer in a laser with a mobile power pack seems non-intuitive.

Pros easily outweigh the cons. Best part (and it seems to make no sense, I grant you that): the New Trent IMP52D charges my iPhone more quickly than does my wall charger.

I'm very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 11/12/12)
Best external battery pack on the market today! Review by Michael
The New Trent iTorch is the smallest and lightest 5200mah external battery pack you will find anywhere. It feels sturdy and solidly built. This is a must have for anyone who finds themselves needing to charge their phone all the time. I hate walking out the door with 40% left of battery life on my iPhone5 and having to not use my phone like I would like to in order to save battery. Now I can use my phone when and where I want without worrying about the battery dying.

The only issue I have is the battery pack might not store as much juice as advertised. I get about 1 full charge on my iPhone5 - it is advertised to provide 2-3 full charges. I don't see that happening ever! But this is still light, compact and easy to carry around all day in your pocket just in case you need some added power to your phone or other device. (Posted on 11/5/12)
Perfect unit to take it togo anywhere Review by Tony
IMP52D: it is small and easy to carry around with the phone. I usually would put it in my car or my office as a backup batterey pack. My iphone drains the battery quickly and it is good that I have this battery pack around me for my iphone. For my wife's phone, she has to buy an extended battery and it looks huge on the phone. It also makes the phone really heavy. So with this battery pack, it is good enough for her without extended battery. We love this unit. (Posted on 11/2/12)
convenient usb device charger - great for mobile phones Review by J-A
If you're like me and rely on your smart phone for work calls and email, then this rechargeable battery backup is a great way to have a "rest assured" backup for your phone. Like many, I complain that my phone does not last through the day without a mid-day and overnight charge. On days when I'm on the move and unable to charge mid-day, this battery has been a life saver. It's capable of recharging my Samsung Droid Charge from completely dead to 100% in about 2 hrs while the phone is on standby. Once fully charged, the IMP52D still has reserve -about 2/4 lights on the battery indicator. That's pretty good in my book. It also includes several nice features which I've outlined below.

Here's some of the pros and cons.

-The unit is a nice compact size at about 1.75"x3.80"x0.80".
-It comes with a convenient sack to store the cables and the battery.
-Includes a usb to micro charging cable and a usb extension cable (labeled as a Samsung galaxy tab charging cable)
-Charges a phone in 2 hrs from dead to 100% while phone is on standby (other phones may vary -I recharged my Samsung Droid Charge)
-Battery includes an on/off switch and also turns off automatically when not in use for over 30 seconds
-Battery includes a laser and a led flashlight
-instructions are clear and concise
-solid construction and design
-convenient size
-works with a wide variety of products, phones tablets, games, cameras...
-easy to read battery life indicator
-can use the device while it charges

-Not enough battery to fully charge an ipad (I charged my ipad from 50%-95% and the external battery was completely drained)
-Charging time to recharge the IMP52D from fully drained to fully charged is estimated at 6 hrs and it took me between 7-8 hrs plugged into an electrical outlet (I'd expect charging from a computer's usb to take even longer).
-Not a high speed charger

In conclusion, I am very happy with this purchase and strongly recommend it as a phone charger. I also have the IMP70D which is very capable of charging a phone and an ipad (and at the same time) but it's twice the size and does not include the carrying case, laser and flashlight. I am very impressed with the itrent products and recommend them -so find the one that right for you and I'm sure you'll be happy too. (Posted on 10/31/12)
Great for Phones with Non-Removable Batteries Review by Ryan
When I bought my wife an HTC One X, it was the first phone we had owned that did not have a removable battery. I did some research, read many reviews, and bought the iTorch, IMP52D. Am I ever glad I did. It is small enough to fit into my wife's purse (without complaining about the size or weight) and packs enough juice to charge the phone a few times over, before the iTorch needs to be recharged itself. The LED light and laser pointer are nice extras. I've even "borrowed" her iTorch when I don't want the hassle of changing out batteries when my Galaxy S3 gets low on power. I would definitely buy this little workhorse again! (Posted on 10/30/12)
Excellent! Review by Derrick
The IMP52D iTorch external battery is a solidly constructed unit that has held up to several drops it has incurred. The weight feels good in the hand and screams quality.

Pros: Extra battery that will recharge my my phone up to two and a half times from one charge on the battery. It accepts the standard USB and micro USB based on charging needs which is always a plus being these cables have become the de facto standard for charging cell phones.

Also, the LED light and the laser that are built are nice little bonuses I wasn't aware of when ordering, they've come in handy several times now.

Again, solidly built, doesn't add hardly any weight to my gear bag, it holds a charge, and works well for my needs.

Cons: Once fully depleted, it takes 4+ hours to recharge.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the IMP52D iTorch external battery. It works well, has nice little bonuses with the inclusion of the LED and the laser pointer as well as the bag with included cables. Very reasonable price for what is provided, I would go so far as to state that the it is under priced for all of the features it offers. (Posted on 10/27/12)
Awesome little Charger Review by Ron
I purchased this little Better charger to keep with me while on short hiking and hunting trips.I use my Samsung S3 all the time, for everything from business Email to Hunting GPS. All these things going on all the time take a lot of juice.I hate changing out batteries, so this battery pack seemed like a reasonable solution.
I had no Idea how great this little thing would actually be.I may end up buying another one as my wife has all but confiscated this one.I have found that it will charge my Galaxy S3 two times easily, unless I'm in heavy use with it hooked up then it will give about 1.5 charges.

This little thing will charge my wife's Droid from almost dead to full charge in 45 minutes, with her playing online games at the same time!I like that it has the flashlight built in as well, not that we use it much, but its a great emergency light.
For my personal lifestyle, I don't need the laser pointer, but it does work as advertised,and it has become a lot of fun to mess with the cat.He will chase it for hours!

This unit is smaller than a regular cell phone, only about 1.5 " wide, and 3" long, 3/4" thick. It has nicely rounded corners, and slips in and out of pockets very easily with no snags.

I like that it charges off the now standard cell phone chargers.I was a little concerned when I first opened the box, there was no charge cord! Then I read the instructions.It will charge just fine off any other charger.No Cord included.

If there was a drawback to this little thing, it doesn't charge back up very fast.If you drain it, you need to let it sit on the charger for several hours. It does have 4 little LED indicator lights on the top to tell you when its full.

Overall I find it to be an extremely handy tool, and I have already recommended it to my friends. (Posted on 10/25/12)
Reliable backup battery Review by R. Oza
I own two IMP52D devices. I got one in May of 2012 and I loved it so much I got the 2nd one for my wife last week from Amazon.

Pros: I love the whole idea of having a backup battery as I'm a heavy user of my smartphones and tablet.
-The battery holds standby time for a long time.
-This model I have is slim enough to fit in my jeans pocket or in my backpack when traveling.
-I feel it charges my phone quicker then the wall outlet so I'm really happy when I'm on the go and i need to give a quick charge.
-Having the convenience to not look for a wall outlet when battery is low is wonderful. I can have this plugged in and charging while I'm on a car trip or on a plane. I also don't have to bother buying those extended batteries that make my phone look fatter.
-Another benefit I found while on a trip was when my brother's DSLR camera battery died and he could no longer take photos. I took out my New Trent backup battery and he charged up his battery via the USB dongle his camera came with and soon after we were taking photos again. This device has saved me hours of frustration and has been of a great convenience for my use.
-When my friends see the convenience of my IMP52D they are enticed to go buy one.

Two minor cons with this model.

-Although the Laser is a great option I feel it should have a dedicated button on the side. I hardly use it but I always turn it on by accident when trying to turn on the flash light or turn on the device to charge my phone.
-The one I had ordered from May of 2012 has occasional problems with the Button not responding.

Despite the minor cons I still rate this a 5 stars as the convenience and reliability of this product are great. (Posted on 10/22/12)
some tradeoffs of functionality, size and capacity depending on your needs. Review by Ollie
The New Trent iTorch IMP52D adds an LED flashlight and (red) laser
pointer to its primary battery function, useful for business travel.
The form factor is good, balancing battery weight (only 4.4 oz) with a
multi-function button easily reached with your thumb or forefinger.
Instructions are provided on how to work the multi-function button,
pressing and holding the button for various lengths of time to turn
things on or off. The iTorch also comes with two charging cables, a USB
to micro USB cable used by smart phones and a USB (female) to USB (male)
cable, which from the instructions are for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I only
tested on a Motorola Droid Bionic and I liked that the same cable used
to charge my Android was the same cable to recharge the iTorch. The
iTorch also comes with a sturdy carry pouch. Out of the box the iTorch
was able to fully recharge my Android (less than 10% battery) and
subsequent tests show that to be close to its capacity. I also own the
New Trent IMP60D with a larger form factor (no flashlight or laser
pointer) and additional weight (6.2 oz) but with twice the capacity.
Obviously some tradeoffs of functionality, size and capacity depending
on your needs. I would prefer the IMP52D when at a conference or day
long meeting since it would be easier to carry around in a pocket and
the laser pointer would come in handy. The iTorch packaging is pretty
standard, a plastic insert in a pressboard box, not as eco-friendly as
other New Trent products but the small instruction manual (folded paper)
is better than a multilingual tome. (Posted on 10/22/12)
Very good, tricky on/off, finicky with some USB cables Review by Luke
This is a solid unit, compact, sleek. It charges with a micro-usb plug common to most non-IOS devices these days (rather than the older larger mini-USB). Oddly, it features a 1-LED flashlight and a laser pointer as well. I suppose these could come in handy while camping or something, but since all 3 functions are operated by the same single push button it can be tricky to activate the charging rather than the laser or the light (which is activated depends on how long you press the "on" button). I'd prefer a separate switch for the laser/LED lamp.

The unit comes with a couple of power tips which I did not like much. Between the end of the cable, the power tip, and the connection to the battery, there is a fairly long, rigid chain of stuff ... It's very weak and very easy to snap one of the components (like the end off the power tip) if even slight pressure is applied. Anyway only
2 powertips are included (ipod and micro-USB) ... I prefer just to use the normal USB cable supplied with whatever device I'm charging. Note that on occasion when charging my Blackberry the unit produces a "Device can't charge
from this source" message. I find that some cables produce this message (even if the device charges fine from those same cables when attached to a computer or power cube) and that other cables are fine. I can't say what the source of this incompatibility might be (something to do with the way USB cables are wired?) but it can be annoying. (Posted on 10/19/12)
Great battery! Review by Darlene
Sleek design, light weight. Cool laser pointer, LED light and 3 bar battery life indicator. I was able to get 2 full charges on my iPhone 4S. Decent battery for the price!

(Posted on 10/19/12)
The worst thing about the iPhone 5 is its battery life. After about 4 hours my battery is almost drained. Needing a portable battery prior to my recent travels, I was thrilled to have the iTorch IMP52D.

It only took an hour to get my phone 100% battery. Loved that. I still haven't tested how many times I can do that before the portable battery itself drains. However, the battery seems to take a long time to fully charge.

I like the size but still was hoping for it to be lighter and smaller. It would be great if the charger could attach to the phone as well as being portable and the customer had the choice.

All the various USB plugs are a great option but would be better if I didn't need to also carry those, along with my 5 connector or plug.

I don't need the laser pointer or flashlight - think there should be a separate button for those.

Next for me is an International Flight so I will see how well the battery does for keeping my iPad charged! (Posted on 10/18/12)
Great multi gadget battery pack Review by Joe
As a busy photographer, I travel regularly to various locations covering events like conferences as weddings and have found the iTorch extremely useful for keeping all my gadgets powered up (iPhone, iPad, handsfree) without needing to take all my chargers with me so enabling me to travel light. I need to have my iPhone with me at all times to take calls, check emails and use various power sapping apps like Satnav etc. With the iTorch I find I never have to worry about power going low while I'm away from home as all I need to do is plug it in for an hour or so and I'm full up again and ready for another whole day.

The unit itself is very user friendly and all you have to do is plug in and press the button for a few seconds and you're all set. The charging for the iPhone takes about an hour and a half and for the iPad about 2 and a bit hours. The iTorch is small and compact and fits in my pocket with ease. Feels nice I. The hand and is a nice weight without being too heavy. I like the finish of the iTorch also and it seems pretty hard wearing without getting all scratched up in my bag.

I'd highly recommend the iTorch for anyone that uses their gadgets for hours on end like me that needs re-assurance that they'll keep going on until you go to bed and beyond! (Posted on 10/16/12)
Just what we needed! Review by Robert
I bought this for my daughter because her battery on her iphone and kindle fire are always dying and I find her sitting at an outlet all day! This is a perfect size charger to fit in a purse. She has been using this constantly and has been loving it! She charges her iphone while shes at school, charges her kindle while on the bus, she charges the iTorch all night so its ready the next day. Works great! Nice sleek design also! (Posted on 10/16/12)
Awesome Review by Karen
The IMP52D is pretty much perfect! I have recently became a huge fan of
portable chargers and the IMP52D is a great size to stick in your purse or
pocket. I love that the charger comes with a LED flashlight and a laser
pointer. The flashlight isn't incredibly strong, but it comes in handy
during important times of need. No huge complaints here. I'd highly
recommend this product! (Posted on 10/13/12)
What I was looking for ... Review by Suresh
I needed something to get my iPhone 4S through the day without having to plug in to charge. This did the trick. I looked at several products and selected this one. All in all no complaints. It does take longer to charge than expected but I got almost 3 charges out of it. The only issue I have noticed so far is that the charge meter on the top of the device stays on 3 bars longer than it should giving a false sense of the charge remaining. I was using it yesterday marvelling that the iTorch had 70%+ of its juice left during my third charging of my iPhone. The next thing I knew it was down to 1 bar and then moved to a blinking one bar. Still a good product in my opinion. Fits nicely in my bag and feels solid without being heavy. (Posted on 10/11/12)
iTorch = SAVIOR. Review by 1stBuy
My story:
I'm fairly new to the world of external battery packs. I started off with a cheap model I found on Amazon for ~$10. That lasted a whole 1 day and then died. I realized unless I was wililng to spend a fortune, it'd be difficult to find something reliable. I quickly gave up and just decided to lug around my Apple iPhone charger (the bulky square one, to charge both my iPad and iPhone). For the car, I paid for dual usb port device...also a hit or miss on any given day. What a mess. fine day, my phone died. This was certainly not the first occurrence but this was the one that actually caused a signifcant problem for me. I was supposed to be picking up my relative from the train station and had made it half way but got stuck in traffic. That was not a good day. I had no way of contacting them and they were lost in a new state they'd never been to before. Talk about being a horrible host.

I quickly realized that this couldn't go on. I did my research and bought the Trent iTorch IMP52D. My iPhone 5 and my iTorch are now best friends. They do not leave each others sides. My iTorch comes with me...everywhere I go. I am extremely happy with my purchase, and so are all my friends and family! (Although, I can no longer use the excuse "Ah sorry, my phone died!")

It's impressive how easy it is to operate, and it is the definition of portable. The size is what got me. This thing could charge my phone, while it was in my pocket next to my phone, with me not even noticing the difference. Thats how great the size is. I'm a doctor, and being on call - you need to have a phone accessible (and alive). I can slip this in my pocket and stay on the move.

I would give this a 4.5 Stars ('s still closer to 5 than a 4!)

I feel like the actual "torch" and laser pointer are just extra bells/whistles, not required by the majority. I would honestly buy the same thing without those - and still pay this same price. I guess they're just a bonus, and a way to differentiate this as the "iTorch".

Another thing I hope to see in the next version/upgrade is dual ports...perhaps one on each end? Not sure how feasible that is but it would be a great feature to be able to charge up 2 things at once. (I believe the iDual can do that, but its not quite as portable.)

All that being said...I'm a huge fan of New Trent and this charger. Look forward to seeing what they come up with next! Thanks! (Posted on 10/11/12)
Compact USB power source Review by Andrew
This product is great for what I was looking for; a small power source that I can leave in my backpack or through into my girlfriends purse. I have been using this battery pack for a few weeks now and the device does not seem to lose power when idle. On average I can charge my iphone 4S FOUR times (usually at around 20% battery life). They advertise this to charge mostly cell phones, but it can basically charge anything with a USB attachment. I have charge my Nike Fuel Band, Plantronics bluetooth headset, Logitech Harmony Remote, USB Fan, and Ipad keyboard/cover. All around this thing does a great job. I also own another New Trent power pack, but it holds twice the power but is nearly twice the size... So if your looking for something that will last you the weekend, and are using your devices with regular use, this is probably what you want. Now if you want more power and are willing to lug around something larger, get a hire capacity power pack.

I also want to mention that originally I though the light and laser pointer on this device were pointless, but just the other day I used the laser pointer for a presentation... it actually came in handy. As I use the device I will add updates to the capacity of the battery and if it deteriorates or not.
(Posted on 10/10/12)
Although I do not recommend the iTorch for a tablet, it is a sleek minimalistic backup battery that is perfect for phones. Review by Steven
I bought a iPhone 3GS case with a built in battery for my girlfriend because her battery kept losing charge. While it worked well, it made her feel like she was holding a warm cement block instead of a iPhone. She kept taking off the case and eventually lost it, literally.

I saw a deal on the iTorch and bought it for her as a replacement. She could leave the battery in her purse and use it those times she forgets to recharge her iPhone overnight. Well, it WAS for her until I fell in love with it. It looked sleek and felt solid. The iTorch charged my iPhone 4 from 0 to 100% twice before running out of battery. I liked being able to tell people it does more than just function as a back up power source. However, I know I will rarely use it as a laser or flashlight.

Although marketed for Apple products, there wasn't a Apple USB
cable provided for me. The iTouch might break if I drop it. I wished there
was some sort of cushion like rubber to protect it but I understand that
rubber is an insulator and that may cause the battery to overheat. The minimalistic design looks great but it forces the user to read the manual to understand how to turn on the laser, flashlight, and the charge function. It takes a long time to recharge the iTorch to full capacity. I wouldn't buy this to use with an iPad or any other tablet. It's just not worth the charging times.

Although I do not recommend the iTorch for a tablet, it is a sleek minimalistic backup battery that is perfect for phones. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Great product Review by KEV
Pros: The product looks very sleek, and is very useful. I used the build-in laser pointer for my presentation. Flash light looks useful as well, but I didn't have a chance to use it yet, maybe when blackout or go camping.

The battery is very sufficient for my iPhone. I fully charged my iPhone 4s and still had plenty of Battery left. I like its portability: small size + light weight.

Cons: Should come with AC adapter (Wall charger). The flash light should be brighter, otherwise it is gonna be useless.

5 Stars ! (Posted on 10/9/12)
Big power supply in a small package. Review by troutwild
The iTorch IMP52D is a great product, especially for the outdoorsman. I recently returned from a 5 day backpacking/camping trip where I was "off the grid" and the iTorch performed wonderfully. I charged my cell phone, Ipod and 2 GoPro cameras numerous times and only charged the iTorch once from my vehicles receptacle which took about 4 hours from <25% to 100%. I was particularly impressed with the iTorch's ability to completely charge my smartphone, seemingly faster than a wall charger, with plenty of power to spare. I also like the blue indicator lights that show the state of charge at a glance. The led light came in handy several times and the red laser? Anybody can have fun with a laser! The iTorch is remarkably small, comes with a cloth drawstring bag for protection and easily fits in a shirt pocket, purse, glovebox etc. I was a little concerned about stuffing the iTorch into my backpack without the power switch accidently being depressed so a hardcase would be a perfect accessory. I highly recommend this product and plan on purchasing another myself.
Bottom line.....The perfect compact, affordable power supply for the outdoors. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Highly recommended at a new age work place with multiple devices Review by PB
I got IMP52D iTorch battery charger 5,200 mAh, and been testing for almost 3-4 days now. This is one of the few battery packs, which simply delivers what is promised.

Product Characteristics
First and foremost, IMP52D iTorch battery charger 5,200 mAh has the sturdiest grip of any other battery backup, I currently have (others include New Trent 12,000 mAh, Hyperjuice 15,600 mAh and Mophie iPhone 4S battery pack).
This battery charger is light and compact, and acts as perfect travel companion for a day / two professional travel. Since for personal vacation travel, I would prefer to carry my New Trent 12,000 mAh or Hyperjuice for running numerous additional entertainment devices like tablets, etc which have more juice & USB ports.
The best thing I like about the device is that it charges through a micro-USB, which has now become a standard charging port for numerous devices making it more accessible to charge. This is a biggest advantage over my New Trent 12,000 mAh, which requires a DC adaptor.

The device charges itself in almost 6 hours on full-charge through AC Wall socket. It charges my iPad2 from 35% to almost 90% in one go (iPad 2 battery approx. 6944 mAh).
On a second full-charge, I was able to charge my iPhone 3s from 25% to full charge + iPhone 4s from 40% to full charge + my wireless MiFi device all in one go.
With 500 charging cycles, it is too be seen how long does this performance lasts.

Laser Pointer + LED Light
IMP52D iTorch battery charger 5,200 mAh comes with a laser pointer which suite me great during long corporate presentation. Saves one the ease of running to replacing the button battery cells in existing laser pointer out there with a common charge of the battery backup.
LED Light may come handy in the dark, although now most mobile phones with flash light apps do a better job (although these apps drain the phone battery faster).
This device also mask as small torch (which indeed it has an LED Light) blending it well in a professional work setup, not making you stand out like a geek.

Areas of improvement:
Additional provision for another USB port at the other end for second device charge, but I guess this may reduce the battery storage.
Although perfect for the size / design, a rubber rugged (but slick) exterior feel to the device may suit better./ This would provide for non-slip usage making the velvet pouch redundant, which may not give a formal look at work places.
It would have been great, if the light indicators were a big larger in display to be able to be seen from far.
There should be different buttons for Power / Laser pointer / LED. Since it is not intuitive that a sequence of pressing the buttons is required for using the device & LED. (Posted on 10/9/12)
Awesome Portability Review by Bruce
I travel often for work and while on the go I don't have power. I like to use this to recharge my cell. Especially on a long flight cross country and waiting in the airport.
(Posted on 10/9/12)
Perfect to keep the work going Review by Carlos
The design and feel of the iTorch is well thought out. The single button which controls the charger as well as the laser and mini flashight provides for easy use. The slim design fits nicely in my hand and pocket. I didn't think I would have much use for the added light, but when you are trying to plug you device under and airline seat or looking inside you computer bag, the light come in handy.

The power of the iTorch is well suited for the heavy device user. I have keep the iTorch plugged into my iPhone or iPad on long flights while continuing to work and play. By the time I landed I stilll had plenty of juice on iPhone and iPad to continue the day working. (Posted on 10/7/12)
FAST!!!! Review by Ed
This is one of the most sound investments I've ever made. A few times since
I've had the power pack it has saved me from being without a phone. It
charges electronic devices (my new iPhone 5 in particular) about twice the
speed of a normal charger. It's lightweight and so small it fits into a cup
holder, purse, pocket, glove box, almost anywhere you can think of. Because
it's USB you can charge any cell phone and many other electronics. It
charges my new iPhone from empty to full 2+ times before needing its own
recharge. One of the things I really love about this is I can have it at
home for whenever a need a super-fast charge or it's affordable to even have
a second so I can just leave it in my glove box for an emergency. When I
bought this two of the features I didn't know it had was a laser pointer,
great for teaching and a super-bright and flashlight, again great for that
emergency. The charger itself is super easy to re-charge, you can charge it
via an electrical outlet and you can also charge it using your computer's
USB. Looks like I have most of my Christmas shopping done just buying a
few more of these.
(Posted on 10/5/12)
Great backup battery! Small and pocket friendly! Review by Stephen
This is my third backup battery for my personal devices, and is easily my favourite so far. Other backup batteries I've used have been bulky, or just plain ugly. Newtrent's charger not only looks sleek (black makes everything look better), fits great in the hand, but comes with a huge 5200Ah battery, it charges my phone/ipod and any other device I have lying around multiple times. I'm a traveler which means I'm always on the lookout for a power outlet. This battery this has already saved my life a few times in the few weeks I've owned it.
Easy to charge (I generally charge mine overnight) and comes packed with a few extra features, laser and flashlight. While the laser and light are great additions, I feel the light particularly would be more useful if it were a stronger LED.
But overall, for busy travelers, this little unit can't be beat! (Posted on 10/4/12)
works great and a flashlight to boot Review by wayne
I purchased the iTorch to use with my Droid Charge and other devices I can use it to charge my phone several times and i can even stream music and it has enough juice to charge the phone will it is streaming music or watching Netflix. The flashlight works really well and I am not sure how long it will last but I feel it will last all day if you need it to.

Charging is a snap and it uses a micoUSB plug the same as my phone/tablet and nook so I can use the same cord I use to charge my phone from the iTorch to charge the unit itself it does not get better than that, small has a pouch, flashlight and one cable for charging the unit or to charge my phone! (Posted on 10/4/12)
Nice capacity, More than I what I expected Review by K.C.
I currently own an Energizer Energi to Go (1000mAh), which is very small; however, it would only charge my Motorola Photon to about 40%, so I research the internet for something bigger and came across this New Trent iTorch IMP52D 5200mAh. I also bout the New Trent iDual 5200mAh.

I was expecting to receive something bulky, but surprisingly it was fairly small.

- I liked the built-in LED Flashlight and the Laser Pointer on the iTorch IMP52D
- USB interface allows for different devices with USB cords to be used
- The battery life of these product are fantastic
- Ridiculously Low price, durable, reliable

- No AC charger came with the battery packs
- No cables or interchangeable connectors included (Posted on 10/3/12)
One little powerhouse! Review by Al
As always, I received my item from idealpoint in 2 days of ordering. To me, that is good customer service by itself. The flashlight and the laser pointer are a neat touch but I bought this battery pack to charge up my iP5, HTC and my iPad2. I like the overall feel, size and shape of the battery pack. I like the rounded corners as it does not snag in my pocket. I never experienced the power button having issues. I am able to purposely select to charge, turn on laser pointer, flashlight or any combination of the three! I am sure New Trent had improved the switch from IMP500.
It took almost 6 hrs to fully charge from fully drained using my apple wall plug and the supplied micro USB cable. I was able to get 2 full charges and a 55% on my iPhone5. This is draining the iPhone5 battery to below 5% charge each time. I realized, that’s more than plenty for a trans Pacific flight from California. I never have to worry about my iphone going dead again – AWESOME!
It charged my ipad2 to 54% from almost dying. Not bad for a little pack but cant wait to order the bigger IMP120D for that purpose. For now, the IMP52D fits my mobility requirements. (Posted on 10/2/12)
Great size and power Review by Dennis
The iTorch is a great external battery. After initially charging it, I used
it to quickly top off my Galaxy s III battery and had some juice left to
charge my i-pad. The I-pad really uses a lot of battery and seems to have a
large capacity so the iTorch is not enough for a complete charge. Perhaps
25%. But that is plenty of time to complete a book or magazine over quite a
few hours. I also enjoyed the additional mini features on the iTorch. The
lazer pointer and flashlight may come in handy. The small size of the
iTorch means you can actually use these two features without the clunky
feel of other external batteries. The iTorch charge is relatively fast,
just a few hours. Many people may be upset that it does not come with it's
own AC plug, but in this day with so many electronics with USB ports, I
appreciate not having one more plug to fill up my house and eventually a
landfill with.

Great product and I think it's worth the purchase. (Posted on 10/2/12)
Excellent battery back Review by J
The iTorch is a fairly compact battery pack. the package contains a velvet like bag for storing the iTorch, a microUSB cable, and a USB cable. along with a small instruction booklet.

• Excellent build quality
• Laser pointer (see note 1 below)
• LED light (see Con below)
• Battery pack is able to recharge my Nexus 7 tablet, and also my android phones without a problem. Charging time for my devices isn't noticeably slower than charging using the device's wall charger, which is great!
• I was able to recharge my Galaxy Nexus 3 times (consecutive days), and the battery pack still had charge left in it (2 indicator LEDs were on, so approx. half the charge I think)
• The battery pack recharges in a reasonable amount of time (6-7 hours based on my experience) - Note, I didn't discharge the battery pack completely (since it is supposed to be bad for Li Ion batteries)

Note 1: I initially questioned the need for a laser pointer in this battery charger, but I actually had a presentation that I had to make a couple of days after I got this charger, and luckily, I happened to have the charger in my laptop case - perfect! It made the presentation a little easier. Is it essential to have the laser pointer? Probably not (for most users), but for the ones that could use it, it is a good aide.

• LED light - it is not very bright. In a very dark area, it will be enough to light up a very limited area close to the eyes, but not more than that. Yes, a brighter LED would drain the battery (when used), but it may not be a bad idea to increase the light output to make it more useful (user will use the light only when needed)
• The LED and laser pointer should have a timeout - just in case it is accidentally turned on while in a bag. Maybe after 'x' minutes, turn off by itself
(Posted on 10/2/12)
Great value, delivers as promised Review by charisflyer
I bought this to charge my smartphone on the go for those days when I'm heavily using my phone and simultaneously away from the office, car, or home. This product does exactly that. I had considered buying a built-in battery pack/case for my phone, but I didn't like the bulk and thought of carrying extra weight around when I may not need it every day. What I like about this product is I can charge it once, keep it stored for days or weeks and always have a way to charge my phone in those heavy-use days. I get about 2 charges on my smartphone out of 1 charge on the battery pack. The battery back stores the charge while not in use, so you don't have to keep re-charging it the days you don't use it. I also like that I can continue using this battery pack as I upgrade to different devices since it is so versatile...just about any device with a USB charging cable will work with it. (Posted on 10/1/12)
Very impressed :) Review by Simon
Have to enthuse about this item I bought! I am one of those people that just cannot remember what life was like before my IPhone was always in my hand.... but the battery life is never the best.
I often make trips around the country and am not always able to find somewhere to plug in a charger - but now, I don't need to worry about it!
This charger is amazing! It has charged my phone fully twice and still charged it up to 50% before I unplugged it - it has a USB port so can charge anything that charges from USB (One of my friends used it to charge his Ipad, another to charge his Ipod too!) - yet is so slim! I am able to put it in my coat pocket, trouser pocket or even grabbed it running out the front door and put it in my shirt pocket the other day!
It has made things so much easier - I need never worry about my phone running out of charge again.

Curiously, it also has a torch and laser pointer built in. The torch came in handy the other day as I was staying in a hotel room with a friend and had to plug the phone together in the dark!

The laser pointer must be handy for use - I personally use it to drive my cat crazy.... but I'm sure it has other uses!

I'd recommend this as an amazingly portable charger - quite revolutionary and essential in todays world."
(Posted on 9/28/12)
Good Product! Review by Ricky
I recently received the new trent external charger and here is my input.
Overall Satisfied with the product!

5 out 5 stars

*Pros *
*- *Sleek Design

- Smooth material
- Battery level Indicator
- LED and Laser Pointer is a nice touch
- Two extra cables on for android and one as an extension.
- Gives 3 full charges for an iPhone!
- Solid Build Quality

- Slimmer Design would fit in the pocket better.
- To activate the charge should be at least one click not 5 seconds
- Maybe Even include an iPhone cable instead of the the usb extension.
- On the upper right hand side near the LED the casing seems to be loose.
Overall this is a very well built charger and gives peace of mind when
using your iDevices or compatible phones by playing games or anything that
would consume majority of your battery. With this you know youll have at
least 3 full charges right in the back of your pocket! the silver trim is
also a nice aesthetic look and feels great in the hand. For the price of
around $38 this is well worth it and will last at least 500 charges! (Posted on 9/27/12)
light weight and portable Review by martin
The IMP52D portable charger is just that, portable. About the same weight
of a normal smart phone and size makes it easy to carry around in your
pocket or bag etc. Easy to use with just a click of a button to turn on and
off. This product is perfect for anyone on the go and has a dead battery by
mid day. Its affordable for anyone at just $30 which is almost half the
price from competitors. Two things I did not like were that it takes long
to charge the battery itself and the laser pointer/led light might seem
useful but don't see when you would use them. (Posted on 9/27/12)
The Torch is on FIRE! Review by Jason
Great product... it charges my galaxy notebook and my iphone SUPER fast... does take a good while to charge but thats because of its high capacity... the laser and flashlight is a nice touch... even though I dont use it much... its handy to have... the size and weight of the unit is GREAT, easy to carry in your pocket so you can basically charge any device on the go... (Posted on 9/26/12)
Great Value for the Money Review by Taylor
As someone who spends a great deal of time on the road for my job, I constantly am concerned about keeping my iPhone 4 and iPad charged. Every month or so, I check to see what kinds of new battery packs are available to keep my devices topped off. I have used Duracell, Energizer, and cheap knock-offs with my devices.

After looking at a number of devices from New Trent I decided on the iTorch since it was on sale on Amazon. Not only does it charge my devices, but it is the best designed battery pack I have used yet. I have charged my iPhone 4 multiple times with a single charge and used it to keep my iPad topped off as well. It fits well in the hand, and I have used the laser pointer in meetings and at home.

My only gripe is the included LED light. When compared to my Photon keychain light, it is not as powerful. When you have a 5200 mAh battery pack, why not put in the most powerful LED light available? Then again, the main use of this pack is a backup battery and not a flashlight.

I have seen some people gripe that it does not come with an external wall charger, but this is not an issue for me. I charge the battery from the USB port of my laptop while working in my office. Just be sure to charge the night before and you will be set to go. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Great buy for charging mobile electronic devices with a USB port Review by Manish
I bought this battery pack to replace my current lightest portable power

Setup: Simple and straightforward.
Out of the box, the unit was partially charged. It took approx 2 hours to
fully charge.
Micro-USB to USB converter is included, but not the wall unit. If you have
a micro-USB charger that can also be used to charge the unit.

It comes with a leaflet describing the LED indicators and the button on the

There's also a small cloth case with drawstrings to carry it in.

Appearance: Smart, portable, lightweight.

Usage: intuitive, user-friendly.

Three small blue lights indicate the available battery level. They blink
when the unit is charging and light up solid when the unit is fully

There is one button on the top center of the unit. The same button is used
to power up the unit, start up the laser pointer, start up the LED
flashlight, or all of them combined.

There is a single USB port for charging. I used it successfully to charge a
bluetooth headset, and an iPhone. The unit can also provide charge to an
I was able to charge a device while charging the battery pack at the same

Overall a great buy for charging mobile electronic devices with a USB.

Suggestions for improvement: Automatically power on unit as soon as a
device is plugged in. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Perfect power supply! Anytime and anywhere! Review by Jake
• Extremely light weight
• Very small / pocket sized
• No need to be around a power source plugging in to the car, then the office, then at home. One source is nice because less cords at each location is nice.
• Charge time may be 6 hours, but that’s accomplished while I sleep and am good for a couple days on one charge.
• Comes in handy for my daughter’s phone while camping. Heaven forbid she shouldn’t be able to text!
• Laser pointer although not something I need regularly is a nice bonus. Fun cat toy too!
• Flashlight is nice. Bright enough for me.
• Nice look and overall design. Very simple and sleek.
I couldn’t find any cons with this product. It does exactly what it was intended to do. Provides power anytime, anywhere!
(Posted on 9/25/12)
Good, light-weight, portable charger Review by Jill
This is a handy little charger and works as advertised. It's sleek, and comes with a little bag, which is great to throw in your carry-on, purse or briefcase. I did a test so I could know its capacity when I travel. I charged the unit for 6 hours to a full charge, and found that it would could charge my totally drained ipad 3 up to about 60% full. This will definitely be enough for any of my international flights and extended car trips. It also works great with my iphone.

1. The included instructions are not well-written, and I think that is the problem with some of the bad reviews -- they can't figure out how to use it. When you want to charge your iphone/ipad, you have to connect your apple cable into the female receptor of the little short black cable that then connects to the charger. If you plug the apple cable directly into the charger, then it doesn't charge.

2. Also, one weird thing -- while it was charging my ipad, the ipad gives a message saying "not charging". However, it actually did charge the whole time while it had that message. That definitely should be fixed, or they will get a lot of returns. (Posted on 9/24/12)
A must for any gadget lover! Review by sheny
I thought I loved my previous external battery chargers. And then I came across IMP52D.

Although IMP52D is bulkier than others I've used, it managed to charge my iPad 3 from 41% to 100%! To say I was impressed was an understatement. It even still had two bars left by the time the iPad 3 was fully charged. This was the first test I put IMP52D through after fully charging it.

I was able to use it to charge things like our 3D-RF glasses as well. I dare say if one end of the cable fits into the IMP52D, you can most likely charge it with IMP52D.

The pack comes with USB cable, micro USB and mini USB - pretty much all I need to charge my gadgets. The next test I'm putting it through is charging two devices at the same time and see how it affects its capacity. Will report back!
I have not had any use for neither the laser light nor the LED light function. Thus I think I’d rather the on button is dedicated to simply turning the charger on and off – purely personal preference!

I am used to bringing two external external battery chargers when I travel. Now I only need to pack IMP52D. Thank you, New Trent! (Posted on 9/24/12)
Best mini charger on the market Review by T-Ranger
I had a charger from another company that was complete garbage. The battery would only charge my phone 1/2 way and wouldn't even recognize my iPad. It died after a few months using it as well. I picked this baby up to replace it.

I have been spending quite some time with the IMP52D. I love the size of the unit. It's very light and I am able to fit both it and my iPhone in one pocket. It has saved me tons when I have been out and about and my phone is almost dead. I have been using the IMP120D to charge my iPhone and iPad, but it is heavy and I have to wear cargo shorts or take my backpack everywhere when charging on the go. I needed something smaller, so I picked up the IMP52D. The IMP52D works like a charm. I am able to get a couple of charges out of the battery before I have to recharge it. The laser is easy to turn on, but it took me a bit to figure out how to get the light on. I wasn't holding the button down long enough and would end up shutting off or turning on the battery pack or the laser, but after a bit I was able to do it without issues.

The light is not as bright as the LED light on the iPhone, but works better in that its not draining my iPhone battery like crazy, plus I can have one of my kids use it without having to fear of the dropping my phone. The blue LEDS on the pack are pretty bright and I have to turn the battery pack over so they don't shine in the room at night or else I notice the light. I have used the blue LEDs as a night light when the regular LED would be too bright for the situation. The blue LEDs gave me enough light that I can see silhouettes and be able to maneuver around.

The red laser is nice and bright, but I don't really have a reason to use it except to mess with people. My 3 year old daughter loves the laser and is always shining it around the house.

New Trent makes awesome products. Their build quality is second to none. (Posted on 9/24/12)
Best mini charger on the market Review by T-Ranger
I had a bettery from another company that has a laser and light on the charger, the darn thing wouldn't charge my phone to 50% and the battery they used was substandard as it dies only a few months after buying it.

I have been spending quite some time with the IMP52D. I love the size of the unit. It's very light and I am able to fit both it and my iPhone in one pocket. It has saved me tons when I have been out and about and my phone is almost dead. I have been using the IMP120D to charge my iPhone and iPad, but it is heavy and I have to wear cargo shorts or take my backpack everywhere when charging on the go. I needed something smaller, so I picked up the IMP52D. The IMP52D works like a charm. I am able to get a couple of charges out of the battery before I have to recharge it. The laser is easy to turn on, but it took me a bit to figure out how to get the light on. I wasn't holding the button down long enough and would end up shutting off or turning on the battery pack or the laser, but after a bit I was able to do it without issues.

The light is not as bright as the LED light on the iPhone, but works better in that its not draining my iPhone battery like crazy, plus I can have one of my kids use it without having to fear of the dropping my phone. The blue LEDS on the pack are pretty bright and I have to turn the battery pack over so they don't shine in the room at night or else I notice the light. I have used the blue LEDs as a night light when the regular LED would be too bright for the situation. The blue LEDs gave me enough light that I can see silhouettes and be able to maneuver around.

The red laser is nice and bright, but I don't really have a reason to use it except to mess with people. My 3 year old daughter loves the laser and is always shining it around the house.

New Trent makes awesome products. Their build quality is second to none. (Posted on 9/24/12)
Convenient Spare Power Review by Kenneth
The IMP52D battery is about the size of a small cell phone. When you take it out of the package, you see only a nice cloth bag for storage, a micro USB charging cable for Android smart phones and a USB cable about 6” long used as an adaptor for charging a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a small instruction book.
If you look at the case of the battery, you see it has a couple extra nice features. In addition to the regular full size USB port and USB micro port where you plug your devices in for charging, there is a white LED you can use as a flashlight and a red laser for use as a pointing device. One switch runs all the devices by pressing multiple times. One press for laser pointer, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the charging circuit and press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the white LED light.

To get started with the unit, it needs to be charged. No AC charger is provided but you can plug it into any computer USB port on one end and the other end into the battery USB micro port. While charging 4 little blue LEDS will light in a running sequence. When the charge is complete, a fourth light and all 3 other lights remain lit.

Since I have neither an Android smart phone or a Galaxy Tab for charging with the included cables, I’ll confine my review to charging the new iPad and an iPod Touch. First I ran my iPad battery down to where it started warning me I was about out of power and indicated I had only 10% of my battery charge left. I connected it to my IMP52D with my Apple charging/data cable and turned on my battery charging circuit with a 2 second hold of the control button. The iPad charged from the battery pack for about 2 hours at which point the battery was exhausted and the unit turned itself off. Looking at the iPad, it took on a charge of about 40%. The iPad has a huge battery compared to most other devices so I felt this was about all that could be expected from this backup battery and charger. There is a larger battery in the New Trent IMP120D that will charge the same iPad to 80% of full charge but this model only gets you to 40%. When charging an iPad 2, the larger model will has a charge capability of 120% of full charge. The charger I’m testing will give you 50% of full charge on an iPad 2.
The other device I’m able to test is the iPod Touch. I ran this down to no charge remaining and plugged in my fully recharged IMP52D. The iPod came back to full charge in 2 hours and I still had 3 lights remaining on my charger. I probably could have fully recharged my Touch a total of 3 times or more on one charge of the IMP52D.

So that is how it performed for me and here are my pros and cons:

Handy portable reserve power
Nice package and style
Well-built with a quality feel
Nice extras in the white LED and the red laser LED
It requires different charging cables for different devices and comes with two. That is a little inconvenient but no fault of New Trent. It is the state of differing technologies for different devices.

In order to charge anything Apple, you have to use the cable that came with the Apple device. (Not a terrible thing, you have it already)
You’ll get varying amounts of charge depending on the device you plug into it.

I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 star.rating. Very useful. (Posted on 9/21/12)
Perfect for my dying iPhone! Review by Gisele
The battery on my iPhone 3Gs (as I hold out for the iPhone5) runs down within an hour if I use Pandora, Instagram and email. For months I walked around with the charger cable in my bag, trying to find an electrical outlet whenever and wherever I could. Sometimes that's hard to do in NYC. Now I have a better solution - I carry this around, plus the cable, and it doesn't matter if I can't find an electrical outlet. Just taking the subway to work can result in my phone fully drained by the time I arrive.....but now I can keep it fully charged while I commute.

Pros: one fully charged iTorch can recharge my iPhone (and iPad, and camera) numerous times before needing to be recharged. It feels well-made and it's light enough to carry with me. Also small enough to fit in my pocket.

Cons: the battery strength indicator light system can be confusing at first. Also, it's very easy to accidentally push the laser button (not that the cats mind!) or the flashlight button. (Posted on 9/19/12)
Perfect backup battery for Samsung tablet, MyTouch 4G Slide! Review by Kellyann1293
I just received this item a couple days ago and I absolutely love it. At 5200Ah, it has enough power to recharge both my tablet and phone, yet it is small and light enough that I barely notice it's in my bag. In addition, my children and cats love it because of the laser light pointer. No need to worry about running down expensive AA batteries in the cat laser toy - this one lasts far longer and is rechargeable! We will be ordering a couple more of these for the kids, so they can have backup power for their Kindle Fires and cellphones. Thanks for a wonderful product! (Posted on 6/29/12)
Incredible product! Review by Funnyman
It carries a big punch in a small package. It also serves as flashlight and laser pointer. Perfect for the purse or suit jacket pocket. I have other New Trent batteries which serve a variety of purposes, but this is convenient as it gets. I have an old backup with LED flash that cost $30, but had only 1/5 the power of this sleek unit. I plan to get two more for family members. Leave it hooked up in the car and always have your backup ready to go with you for those long days when you are on the move and need your phone with you, not plugged into
a wall! An absolute must for students. (Posted on 6/2/12)

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Q - Will my usb ac wall adapter work with usb output work with my battery?

The best way to tell if your AC wall adapter will work with our batteries:

a) Check the voltage and amperage input of the battery.

b) Check the voltage and amperage output of your AC USB wall charger.

If the voltage and Amperage us same it fully compatible if voltage is the same and the amperage is lower, then the battery will charge but at a slower rate.

If the voltage/amperage of (b) is higher or not equal to (a), then we do not recommend using that ac wall charger.
Higher values can create excess heat and lower values will not provide sufficient power.

Q - Can I use my electronic device while it is charging through the battery?

Our batteries do not support pass-through charging at this time. We do not recommend charging devices with the battery while the battery itself is being charged, as this will severely stress the battery and have a negative impact on the battery cells and the overall lifespan of the battery.

At this time, we would advise all users to charge the batteries first, before using it to charge other devices.

Q - Why does my battery not charge my electronic device, it is fully charged?

a) Certain models of our batteries has a delay function.
To bypass the delay function, you need to depress the power button down for two seconds to turn on battery, one second LED, 3 second Flashlight