Compatible: iPad 4 / 3 / 2

  • High quality hard shell material ensures a perfect fit for Apple the new iPad (iPad 3) and iPad 2 with maximum protection

  • High quality Grown Leather Grab handle provides a comfort and soft touch feel for the new ipad and iPad 2

  • 360 degree rotation mechanism will enrich your experience with your iPad 3 and iPad 2

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Gladius Gladius Gladius Gladius Gladius


Gladius iPad Case: NT37B

Protect Your iPad In Style

Looking for a simpler solution to protect your ipad? The Gladius is simple,stylish and designed with utility in mind. A simple set slip your hand beneath our comfortable, hand-craft Grab handle on the back and take your iPad browsing to the next level.

Grab And Go

The Gladius Case is the perfect marriage between proteciton and utility: bind your iPad securely to your palm and start browsing on-the-go without worrying about accidental drops or "slipper hands" ever again



Say Hello To The Grab Handle

Made out of hand-grown brown leather, the Grabbit is a hard thermoplastic case that comes with a durable leather strap attached to its back. Our Grab handle is 360 deg rotatable, allowing you to view your iPad in both landscape and portrait mode with simple spin of your screen.

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  1. Topped off

    With my active outdoor life, this case allows me freedom. Freedom from rain, dirt and breakage of my great iPad Air. It does it all and it has been tested.

    Review by Randy

    (Posted on 5/15/14)

  2. Great Feel, and Looks sharp at meetings!

    The iPad 3 Grabbit case is very well built and helps me manage my iPad during big meetings. Overall, I give it a 4.75/5.
    In terms of comfort, I rate the product as a 4.5/5. The product comes with a premium leather grip making it comfortable to hold and show your screen off.
    In terms of build quality, I rate the product a 5/5. I have no fears of flinging my iPad around in this case. It is built with only the most premium parts and offers one of the best feels I have ever had with an iPad case.

    Review by Joel

    (Posted on 3/1/14)

  3. Grabbit is a very handy secure and safe carrier

    Re NT37B -- Protective Case -- I have been using this quite a bit (and notice that it is also being used by newscasters in our area for "on screen" reference to stories.) Overall I like the case very much -- it is sturdy, easy to use and I never have a concern about losing control of the iPad / case.

    However, there are two things I would like to see changed. Because there is not a means by which to attach the removable top to the base unit I am always concerned about losing the top. additionally the top unit is not as secure as the base unit and occasionally has a tendency to "fall off". I believe if there was some mechanism with which to attach the two units (using a Velcro strap for example to attach the two and when opened to attach the top unit to the back of the base unit.

    As a result I would rate the NT37B with 4 stars

    Review by Walter

    (Posted on 11/16/13)

  4. Protects and Easier to Hold

    There are numerous things that are positive about the hard case and hand-sleeve. With the sleeve, I found that I can carry my iPad and other things with the same hand, giving me a little more ability to hold items as I am on the go. I can also hold the iPad on the subway or the like a lot easier without having to grip or do much work. The addition of the hard front cover is nice. My previous bluetooth keyboard case covered my entire iPad so having this hard front cover that clips on was great. It is clearly made of a sturdy material and clips on and off rather easily, once you get the hang of it, but also seems like it is on tight enough that it would protect the iPad even from a short fall (I will NOT be testing this theory, of course). The protection on all sides is great and makes it soooo much easier for me to be able to throw the iPad in my backpack without having to worry that the screen will get scratched.

    The only negative with this case and cover is that it would be nice if the case had the ability to sit at an angle, almost with a kickstand, and if the front cover could somehow be stored. I used the wall attachment piece as a temp kickstand and that worked pretty well for horizontal viewing and I will definitely keep doing that. I understand, with the nature of the cover, that the front could not attach to the back, it would be too unwieldy. It is like a mini-suit of armor for my iPad and the more I use the hand sleeve, the more uses I find for it.

    Review by Evan

    (Posted on 11/8/13)

  5. Top quality case

    A top quality case with a classy leather strap and even comes with a clip to stand your iPad up. The case fits well on my iPad 2 and makes it super easy to carry from room to room at home without worrying about dropping it.

    Review by Stu

    (Posted on 11/5/13)

  6. Great iPad Cover

    I was a bit nervous about the leather strap in the back, but it's great for me. I take my iPad everywhere, especially shopping. The strap makes it easy to hang on to the iPad and do my shopping. It does move around so you can change directions. Don't have to worry about it sliding, propping it up, dropping it, etc. The neat stand pops on the back for using on a desk top comes off and on very easily. Making it ideal for working, watching a movie and playing games. I really like it and it works for me!

    Review by Penny W

    (Posted on 10/31/13)

  7. Awesome case

    I like this New Trent case because it allows me to grip my iPad without a chance of dropping my iPad because of the amazing grip. I also like the swivel action so it's easy to change the from portrait to landscape. I would definitely recommend this New Trent case to anyone with an iPad.

    Review by Jeff

    (Posted on 10/31/13)

  8. Gladius case : IMP37B/NT37B

    Initially when opening the case I thought it was very flimsy as it’s
    lightweight however once snapped onto the ipad it has a snug fit. There’s
    padding inside the case but not enough to absorb a shock from a catastrophic
    fall. I would like to see rubber feet on the front that would help keep the
    ipad from slipping off a surface when placed faced down. The handle strap
    is very masculine and sturdy. I have a small hand for a woman and the
    handle catches my wedding ring and that is somewhat of a nuisance. The unit
    rotates very easily and I can see this being very useful for someone in a
    work environment who has the need to share the screen with customers at
    virtually every angle as it’s very easy to be talking with the unit in your
    hand and have no fear of it dropping due to the snug secure handle. The
    case does allow for the iPad smart cover., which is a plus as there’s no
    screen protection. I’m not a fan of the movie clip as I rarely am able to
    put my ipad on a shelf that is eye level as the movie clip does not allow
    the case to sit at an angle. I tried the movie clip feature in the car and
    it kept tipping forward. The clip itself is very hard to remove I thought I
    was going to break the plastic in half while removing it. This product
    would be useful for someone who has the ipad in their hands while they work
    as it’s very lightweight and secure in your hand. If the case had more
    protection and capability to stand up on an angle it would be a better

    Review by LAS

    (Posted on 10/25/13)

  9. Excellent Case

    I own several cases. I use them for various reasons but I'm highly
    impressed with this one. It comes with a genuine leather hand strap on the
    back that makes it very easy to hold. Now I don't have to worry about
    smudging up the sides of my screen with fingerprints. It was delivered in
    very well thought out packaging that protected the case perfectly. The best
    feature however is the included stand that pops right into a hole behind
    the strap. It's a great design feature. I give this 5/5.

    Review by Rory

    (Posted on 10/23/13)

  10. ok case

    when i recieved the case i wasnt sure how secure my ipad would be since it only holds it in the four corners. once you snap it in you realize that it is not going to fall out. i like the attachment for the case to stand the ipad up, but i feel that you can easily misplace it. also, you can only stand the ipad up in landscape mode no portrait capability. the handle on the back is nice to have to walk around holding your ipad but is not very adjustable to small hands. i also wonder in the long term how it will hold up if it will stretch out like most leather items or if the little screws will tear the leather.

    Review by Robert

    (Posted on 10/23/13)

  11. Quality holder for Business purposes without hand-cramps

    The New Trent NT37G/IMP37G Grabbit/Gladius worked as advertised, holding my iPad 2 easily and comfortably.

    The leather strap is incredibly comfortable, compared to the previous model it is definitely softer and smoother to the touch. The ease of assembly is also a definite plus, there's almost no need for directions, but they are helpful if one needs them. I like the stand which makes it easy to look at reports and videos while doing work. The black leather on black case both happen to be favorite colors for me, so that was a definite plus.

    The Grabbit as a whole is a very nice iPad 2/3/4 asset for business professionals because I was able to use my iPad 2 with out my hand getting uncomfortable. I would give the Grabbit a 4 star rating due to the ease of assembly, ease of use, ease of on and off of device, and how securely it holds my device. The reason it lost a star was because I'm not sure if the cover for the Grabbit would effectively turn off my AAPL device, compared to the magnetic covers that are sold in the store (without the handhold).

    Review by andrew

    (Posted on 10/19/13)

  12. New Trent Grabitt

    The IMP37B Arcadia Grabbit by New Trent is an excellent quality case for
    the Ipad 2 Ipad 3 and Ipad 4 I used it on the ipad 2 with no problem. The case
    fitted snuggly to my Ipad 2 and I was able to gain access to all the
    important switches and buttons and the charging port.
    The case fit is excellent and offers fantastic protection to your ipad and
    is well made and not flimsy.
    The Arcadia Grabbit case is made of a thick plastic and is very hard
    wearing indeed.
    The rear part of the case has a quality leather brown strap for one
    handed operation and is an excellent idea and is adjustable to fit different
    hand sizes.
    No more slipping out of your hands with the strap and I felt this was an
    excellent idea.
    The addition of the swivel around mount so you can attach a plastic clip
    to watch movies on is an excellent idea.This rotating mount seemed very
    sturdy indeed and was well made and should last a very long time.
    The addition of a snap on front cover when not using you ipad is an
    excellent idea and really protects your ipad from knocks and bangs.
    The Arcadia Grabbit comes well packaged and it was very easy to assemble and took a moment to fit to my ipad once fitted you then have a well
    protected ipad.
    Overall the Arcadia Grabbit is an excellent product for your ipad and
    offers excellent protection and value for money.
    There are no negatives I can say about this product.
    5 stars a brilliant case for your ipad.

    Review by jeremy

    (Posted on 10/16/13)

  13. Great for clinical use

    Having transitioned to an iPad based medical practice, I needed a way to hold my iPad while talking to patients. This does the job perfectly. It's light, simple, minimalist, and well made.

    The rotating mechanism can be a bit tight, but give it 10 or 20 turns and it will move great. Also, you'll probably want to put a screen protector film, as the front cover is only good for travel and storage.

    Great product though overall.

    Review by gene

    (Posted on 10/10/13)

  14. brilliant handle

    The idea of having a handle attached to casing is brilliant. It really helps me to read or watch video on the bus or while lying on the bed.
    Holding ipad that way helps my hand not to get tired easily. In other words, it is very ergonomic, and the leather helps that too.

    The problem is in the design. Because the handle is not bendable, so it's difficult to put the ipad steadily on a flat surface.
    The other handle is limited to movie position, while its great for watching movie, it didnt help much for reading position in flat surface.
    I wish I can remove the handle once in awhile quickly (quick detach) so I can put the ipad in my bag without taking much space.

    The front cover also pretty useless in my case, because it took time to open ipad, perhaps a more flexible cover would do the job.

    Review by widarto

    (Posted on 10/3/13)

  15. A solid but lightweight product

    The New Trent package was clear and concise with a good description of the contents. The package indicated NT37B but item was NT37G. No damage to package indicating initial Amazon parcel adequate for this item size.
    Grabbit item in cellophane complete. Thank you for purchase card with simple but clear preparation instructions. Red warning card with QR code made registering easy for 10 month warranty.
    After removing Grabbit from cellophane it was apparent item was light and robust.
    The leather handle is soft and malleable and easy to fit . All positions tried to determine comfort for hand (medium size) although Large size does not feel too big and may not suit someone who is very large in glove size. Small size was still achievable and fairly comfortable. Most comfortable position seems to be with the strap between the main finger knuckles allowing a sensitive grip of the iPad. This allows the iPad to rest comfortably across the lap / table in front of the user.
    The Integrated Rotation Mechanism moves smoothly to all positions and locks at 45 degs for both Horizontal and Vertical Modes to give a comfortable and ease of use screen operation. The 3rd locking position at 90 degs to Horizontal / vertical modes is ideal when notetaking or quick sketching using my Stylus or Paintbrush. It allows movement to and from the body for Photo stability thus giving the user the “extra” hand needed for photo operation. I can take / edit / photos with stability and accuracy.
    Front cover simple to fit and protects screen well giving access to all ports on iPad. Removal of front cover is fairly easy but Grabbit Strap section seems to come off first as the front cover is such a good fit. This could be a cause of excess wear and tear on Grabbit retaining corners holding iPad.
    Moviewall clip is easy to fit and remove and can be used as advised. I found it should be removed when Grabbit strap used as it does hinder comfort of use with strap. Films and video were unaffected in the horizontal screen mode using the clip although the wall mounted position appeared too far for presentation purposes.


    A well made robust product which is lightweight, simple to fit and has a good functional design allowing access to all iPad features. Complete with an adjustable quality leather strap, the Integrated Rotation Mechanism gives a durable and easy to use device for all iPad functions. The removable Hardshell Screen Cover keeps the iPad completely protected yet gives full access to all ports and buttons. The simple removable Moviewall clip is perfect for Bluetooth keyboards and watching movies and may also be wallmounted for presentations.

    Possible Recommendations

    Increase iPad securing surface for the Grabbit section and decrease securing surface for screen protector . This would facilitate easier removal of screen protector and more secure fit of Grabbit

    Rabbit LOGO on front of screen protector to be made clear to indicate iPad completely switched off.

    Moviewall clip redesigned to store away into Roy-Tate cavity. It can then be left on device and not be another accessory to carry around.

    Make the hole compatible with the Airbender Keyboard hinge system, thus making 2 great products very versatile and competitive and adaptable.
    Another great product from NewTrent

    Review by Anniepurna

    (Posted on 9/25/13)

  16. I Recommend This Ingenious New Trent Product to all iPad Users

    GRABBIT CASE FIT for iPad 2&3 NT-37B

    Here are the Pros:
    - When I openned the package, everything was in it's place & I don't think there was place for possible shipping damages.
    - The content was neat & there was no "Extra Wrapping" used.
    - The leather Strap was easy to assemble & everything looked Sturdy & High quality products. The Strap perfectly fit on my hand on the first try.
    - The iPad was also easy to fit/remove into/from the lower part of the case, still the holding was tight on it.
    - Even when I placed my hand in the Strap & hold facedown the iPad, shaking it vigorously, I felt safe that it would not fall.
    - The 360 degrees Strap system allows you an extreme precision for the rotation leveling & provides you the best comfort holding your iPad, and also it stays in place properly.
    - The top protection case was also easy to place/remove on/from the lower part of the case, still the holding was tight on it.
    - The Stand Up accessory was also easy to place/remove on/from the lower part of the case, still the holding was tight on it. The view was pretty much straight up.

    Here are the Cons:
    - Because the 360 degrees rotation Strap system is made to hold tightly exactly where you want it, it is resulting that you know the little plastic parts holding the Strap are moving tightly on your iPad' back. This created a "I don't want any scratches on the back of my iPad" reaction when turning the Strap system. For sure, I removed the case after a few rotations to see if there was anything wrong & I was very happy to see there was no scratches done.
    Suggestion: Maybe doing more testing & adding a word about this "fear factor" on the inside pamphlet.
    - I would have liked better a Black Leather Strap to fit with the rest of the case.

    All parts of the case are sturdy & made of High quality New Trent ingenious products. This case is useful, protective & comfortable. I would recommand it to every iPad users.

    Review by LaPix

    (Posted on 9/23/13)

  17. Grabbit

    You should do like the name says and "grab it." This product has exceeded all my expectations as well as looking great.

    Review by wesley

    (Posted on 9/9/13)

  18. It protects the iPad very well. Overall a very good product

    = Package (5 stars) =

    A good looking and professional box, which clearly protects the Arcadia Grabbit iPad Case and all its components. In the box, the case is well wrapped in a plastic bag and inside there is also some foam ensuring that there are no dents on the product. Even the carved logo is protected with tape. Finally, there is loads of useful information in the box.

    The box is brilliant and I could not find much room for improvement.

    = Product (4 Stars) =

    The Arcadia Grabbit iPad Case is made of two parts: rear and front cover. It also brings a leather hand strap and a movie clip.

    The case is made of good quality, solid and resistant plastic and nice to the touch too. The iPad fits well and, even when I shake it, it doesn't get loose. The front cover also fits well giving good protection to the iPad.

    The case protects key parts of the iPad, such as the iPad corners which most of the cases I know of fail to do. Also, it makes it easy to access other parts that are required for it to be fully functional (e.g. speakers, volume controls, charging port, etc.)

    The strap is made of good quality leather and not some fake plastic thing. It also gives different ways of attaching it to the cover, allowing smaller and larger hands to hold it which is very nice and useful.

    The movie clip is a great idea to hold the iPad on landscape mode and watch movies or just to use the tablet as a photo frame. However, it allows only one position and that can be too vertical for watching a movie. A brilliant idea though and it is definitely a plus. The clip is also very easy to attach on the back of the cover but not as easy to take off, which I found to be an advantage as it holds the iPad securely (especially for wall mount purposes)

    The leather strap has a fine black line around it which came a bit sticky. Most likely it goes away after some use but it would be much nicer not to feel it. It doesn't make it unpleasant, but it is easily noticed.

    The cover overall is slim. However, the rear cover could be completely flat making it even slimmer especially when the leather strap is not on. Also, the disk on the back could be solid rather than to have a hole showing the apple logo (I guess this is more a personal taste).

    The stitches in the strap were a bit loose when I got the product. They are not visible after fitting the iPad in but it is not nice for a brand new product. Also, the front cover came with some dents which might have been there even before the product was packed. The product looks great and solid, and it came really well protected so it might have been an unfortunate detail in what is an overall good product.

    Review by Andre

    (Posted on 9/4/13)

  19. Great Case for Reading

    The Grabbit case is great way to hold the iPad without having to rest it on a case or stand. It's handy to have on your hand when doing things that require just one hand such as many word games or while reading a book. I also like it for drawing programs. I like that the leather strap is adjustable, my hand easily slips in and out and yet the iPad feels secure on my hand. It is also handy the way
    the iPad can rotate while still staying secure in my hand. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to be able to easily view their iPad at different heights and distances where they will be only needing one hand to run the iPad, but of course you can just slip your hand out and use the keyboard with two hands.

    Review by Mickey

    (Posted on 8/14/13)

  20. The Grabbit is a great case/holder

    The New Trent IMP37B Grabbit comes in a nicely designed package. Upon opening the box, I found the Grabbit securely packed in foam for protection. The directions for use were very simple, and easy to follow. Installing the unit on the iPad took less than a minute.

    I found the adjustable leather handle very comfortable. It did seem a little cumbersome when needing to adjust the handle, as you have to remove the unit from the iPad to do so. The handle does stay on very securely, as the iPad actually helps to hold it in place. Additionally, the handle swivels 360 degrees easily, allowing for portrait or landscape viewing of the iPad. There are eight stopping points around the swivel to provide guidance on angle of viewing. The iPad seems to settle into these points naturally, but the stops were not so tight that the iPad couldn’t be moved easily to another preset stopping point, or any point in between.

    The portion of the case that covers the backside of the iPad has openings where necessary for power and headphone post, as well as the camera, speakers and all other controls. The backside case has a little give to it, which made me think that under certain situations the iPad itself may come lose, but as hard as I shook the unit, the case stayed on securely. The screen cover fits very nicely and stays on securely. In fact, I struggled somewhat to remove it without the backside case coming lose from at least one corner.

    Overall, I would say that the New Trent IMP37B Grabbit is a good iPad holder and protection device for everyday use. The only real downside I found is the difficulty of removing the screen cover, and then having to keep track of where it is while not attached to the iPad.

    Review by Eric

    (Posted on 8/2/13)

  21. Innovative new iPad case

    High quality and quite comfortable case for my iPad 4th Gen. The strap works great and fits perfectly into my hand. It makes using the iPad such a different experience. I can now use my iPad for many more tasks than I could without the strap. For example, facetiming is much easier now because i can just hold my iPad with one hand while walking around or doing things with my free hand. In that sense the strap is very useful. The white attachment that turns it into a stand is also very good, although I always feel like i'm about to break it whenever I take it off. You can also use the white stand to make it sit like a keyboard on a flat surface (the angle of incline is small), which is one of those hidden features that I found.

    Review by Mihir

    (Posted on 7/24/13)

  22. Very convenient and easy to use

    This case fits my iPad2 very well, and the protective cover on the front is also an added bonus. Without the protective front cover, you can still use a smart cover without any problems. The product exceeded my expectations, and the price is worth it.

    - High quality leather strap
    - Sturdy design
    - Allows easy access to the headphones jack, power button, volume controls, speaker, microphone, camera & charging port
    - The product itself (leather strap, black plastic material, logo) looks very nice
    - It grips the iPad very well (the iPad will not fall out!!)
    - The hook included is very useful to hang the iPad on a wall, car seat (using string), etc.
    - It's a great product to use for presentations
    - The product comes in a nice looking box

    - It adds a considerable amount of weight to the iPad
    - The leather strap is sticky on the edges & smells very strong
    - The hook is a little difficult to remove without taking out the iPad

    Review by Jon

    (Posted on 7/9/13)

  23. Great item

    This item is perfect for anyone that is dong some type of presentation. It is also very easy to carry. I like the way that the item comes with a cover to keep my iPad safe. I would make a suggestion that there should be a place to store the cover. I did not like the fact that I just had to put it down anywhere. I also found it a bit uncomfortable to carry with the stand attached to it. Perhaps the stand and cover could be stored together when not in use. I would also be a little skeptical of dropping the item and fearing that it did not break. Overall I would give this item a 4.

    Review by Fabiola

    (Posted on 7/8/13)

  24. Excellent case for demonstrations and reading, a must have!

    The NEWTRENT Grabbit case is a definite must have! It only took a few minutes for me to get comfortable with the new way to hold the IPAD. It is nice to read from and great for demonstrations. I spend a lot of time in front of small groups giving brief impromptu demonstrations. This new case has made it very simple for me to quickly turn the IPAD around and show the screen to people near me. The swivel feature is easy to use and feels secure in my hand. The genuine leather strap is extremely comfortable. I do have to say other than long term storage I didn’t find much use for the cover. While it would be nice to protect the screen during travel I find it sitting on my desk most of the day. It also comes with a stand that snaps securely into the back of the case. The angle of the stand doesn’t really work for placing on a desk unless you are viewing it at the same height. There is a small hole that makes it excellent for placing the IPAD on the wall. This would be a great feature if you used the IPAD as a display. I however can’t keep it out of my hand. Another excellent product by NEWTRENT!

    Review by Darel

    (Posted on 7/6/13)

  25. Great iPad Case For Writing!

    I've had this iPad case now for over a week and I am really impressed with the functionality of it. It does exactly what it says it does, with a nice look. I have found that the front cover that comes with it is a little pointless unless I am traveling and need to make sure that the front glass it protected against any sharp knocks. The leather strap feels a little cheap, but with the iPad securely in the case it feels snug enough that it won't slip off your hand. It comes with a fully adjustable strap, so whether you have huge hands or petit ones, you will find your comfortable size. The plastic case seems like it will protect the iPad nicely from any drops on the corners, which are often the most likely place for a disastrous break to occur when dropped.

    Overall I am highly pleased with this case and I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a handy case that you can use when writing notes or holding your iPad in otherwise awkward positions. I use my iPad for business transactions which requires my customer's to sign their name, so being able to hold the iPad securely in a convenient position for writing is key.

    Review by Joseph

    (Posted on 7/4/13)

  26. Good Product

    When I first unpackaged the unit I was a little skeptical that the only
    thing that would hold my valuable iPad is the 4 corners, but after
    snapping it in and testing it am satisfied that there is sufficient
    support. All ports and camera are easily accessible. I like the way that
    the handle fits in your hand and makes the iPad feel sort of like a
    book. The handle provides ample support and mobility.I do have concern
    about stretching and tearing. I would like to see more adjustability
    with the handle. I like the protection that the cover provides but wish
    that it could somehow attach to the Grabbit base, so it won't be as easy
    to misplace. The base is nice but again would not be east to tote around
    and easy to misplace.

    Strong plastic securely attaches to the iPad.
    strong Leather strap, though there is some concern about the longevity
    of this.
    feels comfortable in your hand and stays securely attached to your
    Strong hard plastic protective cover

    The stand and the cover are attachments and could be easily misplaced.

    The leather strap is not adjustable enough to fit small hands.
    Not a lot of protection offered if accidently dropped.
    When setting it down on a table the strap will not allow it to sit

    Review by Bill

    (Posted on 7/2/13)

  27. It has made my iPad much more valuable to me

    Me and my wife both love using the Grabbit. After a long day at work I just want to sit back and relax. I used to regularly come home and fall asleep in front of the TV in no time flat. That always messed up my schedule and I hated it. Now I pick up my iPad with the Grabbit and play a few games, check my email and relax without falling asleep. Even it I do fall asleep, It stays on my hand - its great.

    When I'm not using it, I snap the front cover on it and it's safe. The strap is made of leather so it's comfortable and forms to your hand. It's adjustable so both me and my wife can use it. The back of it firmly spins so you always have it at the right angle. The shell is really durable and looks really nice. The only problem is the stand that comes with it doesn't adjust the angle at which you view the screen.

    Overall, it has made my iPad much more valuable to me.

    Review by Steven

    (Posted on 6/28/13)

  28. Grabbit before it's gone

    The Grabbit case is phenomenal. I really like it. At first it is a bit awkward but after a little bit putting your hand through the strap is second nature. The genuine leather strap is really comfortable even with a bigger hand like myself. The swivel strap makes it easy to view your ipad in any orientation with great ease. The stand is really handy when watching movies in the landscape orientation. Not so great when in the vertical position, but who watches anything that way anyway? The added face plate to protect your screen is like icing on the cake. It just makes this product that much better having the hard screen protector. I would definitely suggest this case to a friend. New Trent always makes quality products.

    Review by lyman

    (Posted on 6/23/13)

  29. New twist on handle cases

    Interesting product. Most products with a strap to hold the ipad come with a black, elastic type strap. The Grabbit case has a leather handle, which admittedly stands out on the product. The strap is adjustable, and provides for a secure, one-handed operation of the case. Comes with a plastic cover for the front, but that cover is hard to install and take off. Prefer to use an Apple Smart Cover which fits nicely, and opens to flip back over the handle on the back. A convenient case, providing for a
    secure hold on the product.

    Review by Bill

    (Posted on 6/20/13)

  30. Love this case

    My review of the Grabit case is that it is a well build innovative case with a leather handle which makes it the perfect combination for people who use ipads while walking around.

    I like the clamshell style of case for protecting the front of the IPAD, however I am concerned with the rotation of the ipad and the possibility of scratching the back.

    All in all a good product, however while I find it useful, I probably won't keep my ipad in it full time.

    would rate 4 out of 5 stars and the only reason why it didn't receive the fifth is the possibility of scratching.

    Review by James

    (Posted on 6/18/13)

  31. Grabbit iPad case secures, protects and delights

    The grabbit arrived promptly in great-looking, recycle-friendly packaging. Installation instructions were complete, but the products intuitive design made them a part of recycling, too. The hand grip allowed for a number of positioning options for varied hand sizes and the real-leather construction provided security, comfort and good-looks. A 360-degree pivot easily allowed viewing of the iPad at any comfort position and the infinitely variable design avoids the click-stops popular on less well conceived devices. Well-engineered corner grips hold the iPad securely – vigorous shaking couldn’t pop the iPad free – and keep 100% of the screen real-estate unobscured. Perfectly positioned indentations provide just the right exposure of the iPad for switches, camera, sound and power. The addition of an ingenious stand clip lets the iPad sit upright for desktop viewing or hang on the wall. The grabbit also comes with a hard cover that snaps on to protect the iPad display and provides excellent protection from screen damage. The cover is a bit unwieldy to carry, however, and I look forward to an enhancement that would optionally tether the cover to the case. I have been looking for a long time for a comfortable, secure, well-priced case that affords one-handed operation of my iPad – the grabbit is the perfect choice.

    Review by Steven

    (Posted on 5/22/13)

  32. just love this solid case product

    A very handy product which outperforms expectations.

    Review by john

    (Posted on 5/4/13)

  33. Great product!

    I bought my new iPad specifically for use on a construction jobsite - and the Grabbit case was recommended to me by a colleague of mine. I couldn't be happier with the purchase of this product. The handle makes it perfect to hold the iPad and scroll through the construction plans and write RFIs and whatever else needs to be done. It also makes it perfect to just tote the iPad around like a book without worrying about dropping it. Fortunately, I haven't dropped it yet - but with the hard cover, I'm assuming it should withstand the fall. I haven't used the kickstand much - but it seems like it will work perfectly if I want to watch a movie or something. Highly recommended product for anybody that uses their iPad anywhere but just sitting down.

    Review by JasonP

    (Posted on 2/16/13)

  34. Handier than I expected

    I bought this on a promotion with the Airbender case and have been pleasantly surprised. I use it a lot more than I ever expected. It is very useful and well made. It feels so secure in my hand that I fell like I could go jogging with it. It is very well made and functions flawlessly. I am very glad that I bought this!

    Review by Jamis

    (Posted on 2/12/13)

  35. Expands the possibility to use your iPad (1st,2nd,3rd & 4th generation !)

    After searching the Web for a good solution to have a safe grip on my new iPad 4, i was lucky enough to find this Grabbit Case from New Trent, which was the only iPad4 Case which had the feature that i wanted for my iPad4.
    1. Safe grip with just one hand. 2. Rotatable by 360 degrees 3. Cover for the screen should be included 4. Everything made by strong and durable materials which are protecting my new ipad4. 5. Last but not least, everything to an affordable price. Well, i have to say that none of the covers i have seen in the Web so far, have all this features combined. So, well done New Trent !!! AND as a nice Bonus of the the Grabbit Case, i'm able to combine it with the original iPad smart cover (instead of the included hard-cover) which is very nice and handy.

    Here the Pros in short.
    - Universal fit for iPad1, iPad2, iPad3 and iPad4 (which is hard to believe but true)
    - The Screen Cover comes with the Case
    - Affordable price
    - 360 degrees rotatable
    - strong material with nice design
    - for left-hander and right-handed people
    - because the mechansim of how the grip is attached to the case is very simple ( and i really like simple, functional design) the actual grip can be very, very easily be re-produced by yourself, if one day it gets old and dirty or you just want to customize your iPad Grabbit Case. Just a cutter and a punch is need. And you can re-produce a strap out of a material of your choice.
    - the strap is adjustable in very easy in 3 different sizes for different hand sizes.
    - i really like to logo :-)

    Review by monoaural

    (Posted on 1/22/13)

  36. An Exceptional Product!

    If you plan on using your iPad anywhere other than sitting on a couch, then I highly suggest this case.

    The strap is perfect for being able to walk around with your iPad, to hold it above your head in bed, or to just be able to quickly show something on your iPad then flip it back around to keep working. You can even put the strap around another sturdy object like a microphone stand, and have it hanging. I'd especially recommend this if you're a filmmaker, the handle is perfect for using the iPad as a slate, looking at a script, or even taking notes during production.

    Overall it's a very high quality product, and the leather feels very nice. The only downsides are that it does add a bit of weight to the iPad and requires a bit of force to remove. That being said, it's pretty simple to remove, it's just not something you want to be doing every five minutes.

    I you're looking for a case for your iPad that has a strap, I'd highly recommend this one.

    Review by John

    (Posted on 1/8/13)

  37. Nice case

    I continue to be impressed with the quality of New Trent packaging. Just like Apple, they use high quality packaging for their high quality products. The instructions were simple and I quickly had the leather strap on the case and my 3rd generation iPad in it ready for use. It was a nice addition to find a snap on cover and wall mount clip as well in the package. I found at first that the rotating mechanism was very stiff and somewhat uncooperative. I have used it for about a week and it has yet to loosen much at all. Hopefully in time it will because as stiff as it is I find that I'm going back to my AirBender case. I have had several people ask me where I got it and they were impressed with the fit and quality of the case. I've had several cases for my iPad and some were much more expensive than this one, but none had the exacting fit and acess to all the ports and connections as this. New Trent really knows it's stuff when it comes to making precise fitting cases. I will continue to use the case and if the rotating mechanism loosens up over time I will revise my rating.

    Review by Terry

    (Posted on 12/11/12)

  38. Good Product

    It is very easy to use. Felt secure in my hand, like I was not going to drop it. I did not like the stand as it does not have adjustable viewing angles. The screen cover case snaps on well. I did not buy this for the cover or viewing stand so that does not detract from the product at all.

    Review by Case

    (Posted on 11/30/12)

  39. Great case for the mobile presenter

    I am writing this as a review of the Grabbit iPad case. At first, I wasn't sure how useful this case would be in my everyday iPad use. I was a bit skeptical that the case would fit the way I use the iPad. I have found, however, that when I am doing presentations (which I do by using Airplay from my iPad), it was very nice to hold the iPad in the way that this case allows. It was comfortable and felt secure. It was nice to be able to swivel the iPad accordingly. I also used it while flying to test the usefulness of the case in that situation. I found that it was quite comfortable to hold the iPad using this case in landscape and portrait mode. Overall I like the fit and finish of the case. The leather strap did seem a bit stiff and rough at first, but with use (and some persistent bending on my part), it softened up. It does give the case a nice look. I did find the swivel a bit tough to turn. I'm not sure if this will loosen up with use. I did try to use the stand that came with the case, but found that the angle was a bit to close to 90 degrees for my liking. I think that it would be better if it was a bit more of an angle for better viewing and also stability. I was also a bit concerned about the stand when trying to remove it. It fit very snugly and I was concerned about it possibly breaking either the stand or the inside of the spot where it connects. It did not break, however, and maybe that concern is not justified. When using the front cover for transportation, I felt that the iPad was very well protected. I do feel that it would be nice if this cover would also turn off the screen (like a smart cover), but don't feel that it is a big negative in any way. I do like that you can use the apple smart cover with this case on the iPad. You do have to remove the cover before really using the iPad it seems. Overall I feel that the Grabbit case is a good product, especially for someone using the iPad to present or demonstrate while walking around.

    * Very sturdy case with a nice look and feel
    * iPad felt very secure in my hand
    * Swivel function to allow landscape and portrait use
    * Felt like the iPad was very protected while traveling with the cover on
    * Included stand to allow for display

    * Leather was a bit rough and stiff at first (softens with use)
    * Swivel motion was a bit tough to activate
    * Cover doesn't put screen to sleep
    * Stand is bit to upright and hard to remove

    Review by Jeff

    (Posted on 11/1/12)

  40. Changed how I use my iPad!

    On arrival, I opened up the amazon package and was very impressed (again) with the high quality packaging provided by New Trent. As I've said previously, the apple accessories market is saturated with hundreds of different companies, all offering different qualities of product. If New Trent continue to put effort into the branding and packaging of their products, its a great way to differentiate from the crowd.

    The box was content was pretty much as I expected. An inner sleeve protects the case from scratches, and a simple 1-page guide helped a lot. I somehow missed the included hard shell cover on the amazon product description, so this was a welcome bonus.

    Having emptied the box contents, I set to work putting the kit together. This actually turned out to be a really simple 2 minute job. Just take the leather strap, loop through the back of the case and push the plastic 'stays' through the leather strap eyelets.

    I actually received the grabbit at work, and didn't have an iPad with me. Despite the fact the instructions state the iPad keeps the strap in place, I found that it was kept in place regardless. I guess with any case, or holder you need to trust the item, so you're not expecting you're expensive iPad to hit the deck and die! The whole product feels like quality though, and I'd have no problem recommending it on that front.

    The rear section of the case (where the leather strap attaches) offers good back coverage, but I felt the edges were a little bit exposed. This problem is lessened somewhat by the included hardshell screen cover, which covers pretty much all the exposed edges. The issue is therefore pretty much limited to those who want the leather strap back case, but don't want to be constantly adding to removing the screen cover. An ideal solution would be improved edge cover on the rear plate. I look after my gadgets, so the edge cover is not much of an issue for me, but I know others like as much of the device as possible to be under wraps.

    Cut outs for the camera and speaker aside, the rear panel of the case is filled with a large circular cut out and rotation mechanism. This works well, and is both easy to turn and adjust, but stiff enough to remain at a set position. Theres also some set point at approx 90 degree gaps. In short, you can set whatever position you're comfortable with, and its really easy to adjust.

    With an iPad in place, the leather strap really does help. I love my iPad, but its a bit heavy after prolonged use, especially sat in front of the TV. I found this a great balance aid, meaning I can hold comfortably in one hand, without dropping the thing! The strap itself is soft and comfortable, and with it being leather, looks expensive and well made. I'd have liked a choice of colours - either in the box, or at least different purchase options. I don't mind the red/brown personally, but options are always welcome.

    In terms of adjustment, its available but limited. I didn't think I had particularly big hands, but I needed the leather strap fixed in large position. There's 2 positions at each end of the strap, giving a total of 3 different size options. I found medium too tight, but large absolutely perfect.

    New Trent have also thrown in a Movie wall Clip. This has 2 functions and attaches through the hole in the back pane, under the leather strap. Firstly its a prop-stand holding the iPad close to vertically, and I found this very useful with my bluetooth keyboard. It can also be screwed to a wall and almost become a wall mounted dock! This I imagine would be great for watching a film.

    After a few days use, I've found that as you might expect, the leather has loosened somewhat, and I'm now very grateful for the adjustment options, and the ability to tighten it!

    This is a very good product, and although New Trent could have just chucked in a basic case with a strap, its clear they've thought about it, and thrown in additional features such as the clip stand, that other manufacturers would have charged for.

    The case coverage could be better, and snapping the front hard shell case on and off is a bit annoying at times, but the benefits outweigh the annoyance by far.

    As an idea, its simple, maybe even obvious, but I don't know of another manufacturer doing it. It's genuinely really useful and makes it much easier to hold the iPad one handed (no iPad mini required here!).

    Review by Mark

    (Posted on 10/25/12)

  41. Great for watching movies and sharing photos with others around you!!

    The IMP37 Grabbit case is very useful if you want to use your iPad for share pictures/movies. It has an adjustable leather strap so it should fit most peoples hands. It also comes with a stand which is perfect for propping the iPad up and sitting back and watching movies. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to share photos/videos or likes to watch movies on their iPad.

    Review by Jonathan

    (Posted on 10/21/12)

  42. Wonderfully mobile

    The New Trent Grabbit is a great tool for the mobile professional. The portability and rugged design allows me to transport my iPad without fear damage. The leather strap is so convenient to both carry and support the iPad without worrying about it slipping. The rigid face cover snaps on and off with ease and protects it from damage (accidently dropped my pad a couple of times on the run). I’d highly recommend the Grabbit for its ease of use and sturdy design!

    Review by Tech2

    (Posted on 10/20/12)

  43. Really like this case

    Great design for reading books on the iPad.

    Without it, i get so tired holding my iPad up. With this, I can hold the iPad like a book and my fingers and hand can relax while I read

    It's great for carrying around my iPad like it's on a clip board. I can walk around and take notes while I stroll.

    I like the swivel feature. It lets me hold my iPad at just the right

    I like the smell of the leather. :-) Also gives it a high end feel.

    Getting the stand attachment in is easy, but I kinda feel like I might break it when I take it out.

    Overall, a great case.

    Review by Leslie

    (Posted on 10/18/12)

  44. Love this product

    I must say this is a great product. I purchased it after reading many reviews and searching for the perfect iPad case. What i love about this product is that it has the handle which allows me to hold the pad comfertably espically when i am walking and using it for my GPS feature. The other great this about this is that the case is also designed to be able to place on the iPas smart cover which locks the iPad when i close it. This is the only case i was able to find that had that feature. Love this product.

    Review by carl

    (Posted on 10/13/12)

  45. Just what I needed

    First of all what a great designed product! I have to use my iPad out of doors and the standard cases just don't give me the flexibility I require.

    Normally one handed use is nigh on impossible and your hands quickly tire of gripping the case. The Grabbit solves the problem and makes the iPad convenient to hold and easy to use. The corner clips work very well and give confidence that it is not going to fall out and avoids you smearing the screen. When you need to put it away there is a handy top cover snaps into place protecting the screen.

    Because it can swivel all the way round so a lefty like me has no difficulty in getting just the right angle. In fact I'm thinking of mounting it in my hot air balloon to use for navigation.

    The adjustable strap is easy to set up and I'm sure would accommodate all sizes of hands.

    An added bonus is that the unit is also supplied with a small stand that holds the unit on the desk at a comfortable angle for watching movies. Not too sure I'd use it that way but useful.

    Pros a great piece of kit for those of us who are out and about.

    Cons not much

    Review by Richard

    (Posted on 10/13/12)

  46. Good solid case

    I have been an iPad user since the first one was released. It has become an integral part of my daily routine and I use it extensively in various scenarios.
    I have used a number of different iPad cases in last few years. I loved the Smartcase when Apple released it.
    Grabbit is my third iPad case. I came in a secure packaging with instructions on attaching the leather grip to the hard back. The grip is adjustable for size by one point on each side. It also has a plastic snap in to make the iPad stand up like a picture frame.
    I like that it has hard covers for front and back which give me a feeling that my iPad has good protection. The handle in the back fits well on my hand and provides a solid grip. I can rotate the iPad around once I am holding it by then handle in the back. All in all it has most of the features that someone might look for in a protective case for their iPad.
    However, for me, I still like the Smartcase by Apple because it fits my use of IPad better. It doesn't make the whole package bulkier and heavier for me to carry my iPad around. The stand works great for me if I leave the iPad on my desk with the screen saver on. but to watch videos I would have liked a little more lean back on the tilt angle. I kept trying to use the Grabbit but found myself switching to the original case after a few days, specially when I wanted to type on it.
    I will recommend Grabbit to users who mostly use the iPad standing and have to hold it in one hand for doing presentations or demos etc for the audience. It's more a case for content consumers than content producers.

    Review by Manish

    (Posted on 10/11/12)

  47. Excellent addition to the iPad

    I love this case. It is perfect for every day use of the iPad as well as giving presentations. I have always been worried about dropping my iPad but this case solves that fear. Now, I can simply snap on this case and slide my hand through the leather strap to secure it to my hand for giving presentations. It also easily swivels from landscape to portrait which is also very useful in daily use and in presentations. I also really like the wall mountable attachment that comes with this case that doubles as a little kickstand.

    A couple improvements for the product would be to design the strap so that it folds down flat agains the case when not in use. It is hard to fit the case and strap in a flat section of my backpack. Another improvement could be interchangeability with other NewTrent products. I own the Airbender case for my iPad and I wish I didn't have to take the iPad in and out of each case for the functionality of that particular case. So, it would be great if there was an attachment for the Airbender case that added this type of hand-strap that could clip in to what I already have. One improvement for the wall mount bracket/kickstand would be to add some sort of swivel to it so that the iPad could be viewed at different angles when mounted.

    Review by Douglas

    (Posted on 10/11/12)

  48. Exquisite IPad Case! Best EVER for IPad 2!

    I am lost for words! The GRABBIT Case is absolutely amazing! Starting from the delivery of the item… It was packaged well, came in a Sturdy box which all the information and photos you need on the front of it. The setup of the item takes seconds… secure the leather strap to the pins/holders on the underside of the case, slot the IPad into it then you’re ready to go! The IPad 2 fits in perfectly, its snug and extremely secure when inside the case. Looking at the back of the case, it looks great. Its solid plastic, perfectly formed in order to keep the relevant ports / speakers clear. The Leather Strap / Circular Grabbit on the back of the case works perfectly, it twists around without any problem, there isn’t a limit to the twisting, you can twist and twist and it won’t ever stop. I do like the circular hole in the back of the Grabbit as it shows the Apple Logo extremely clear! Oh and the leather Strap is good quality soft brown leather which is great, I wouldn’t want a hard piece of leather on the back of the case. The Grabbit (Place where you slide your hand into) has 2 different size setting, people with large hands will be fine with this product.

    I have taken this product out and about with me over the last few days! It’s great for people who get the train especially… I have been people on the train holding their Ipads in all different ways, most of the time they looked uncomfortable. With the Grabbit, just slide your hand into the back of the product and you will extremely steady and won’t have to move at all! When I was on the train, I actually got asked where I got the product from as a commuter was amazed by it! I of course highly recommended it to him, he said he will get the wife one too as she’s constantly dropping hers! This product is great when lying in bed, you can hold it up above your head and not worry about it falling on top of you… You can use it whilst walking along the street and not worry about it falling out of your hand! I can see myself bringing the product on holiday, using it on the plane / beach!

    Going onto the front of the case… Again its solid black plastic. Its fits very well onto the front of the product. I have shook the product up and down with the front case on and it has remained fully secure. The front screen looked great, especially as the logo is on the front of it. It definitely makes it look a lot better than having a plain black front.

    Also in the box you get a Moviewall Clip. This can be slotted into the back of the case so it can be used for a free standing stand. For instance… Perfect if you want to use the IPad to watch Television, Movie… Once again it fits perfectly into the back of the case and can move around so you can have it at whatever orientation that you wish.

    I am struggling to find any faults for this product.

    For those of you that want a new, state of the art product which everyone will want once seen… This is the product for you! I am going to highly recommend it to all my friends who own IPads! It’s worth every single penny! I have to say it’s the best IPad case I have ever owned. Believe me I have had quite a few but this one beats them all!

    What are you waiting for… Click order… You will not regret it!

    Review by Phil

    (Posted on 10/8/12)

  49. Great for sales presentations!

    I have apps for the products that I sell and use my iPad for sales presentations quite frequently. I found that with the Grabbit I could very easily hold my iPad in one hand and use my other hand to point out key features of my products during presentations. The Grabbit is very nice looking and so far very secure in holding the iPad in one hand. No more fingerprints all over my iPad from holding it! I also like the adapter that comes with it to stand up my iPad for movie viewing. Great product!!

    Review by John

    (Posted on 10/4/12)

  50. Great for sales presentations!

    I use my iPad frequently to give sales presentations and to show videos of my products. I purchased the Grabbit to be able to have a free hand to work the sales demos on my iPad while securely holding it with my other hand. The Grabbit makes that simple and it looks very professional with a nice looking, secure fitting leather handle. I also really like the fact that it comes with a piece that allows you to sit it up and view movies or use it with a bluetooth keyboard. Grerat product!

    Review by Sully

    (Posted on 10/4/12)

  51. Outstanding

    Love the handle, makes flipping the Ipad around a breeze...
    I like being able to hold the IPad one handed without worrying about
    dropping it.
    Working on computers its really nice to be able to hold the ipad with one
    hand looking at the directions of a new case, motherboard or any other
    thing I am working on. Since tech is always advancing (smaller parts) I do
    need to read those manuals while I am working ..With Grabbit I can do
    that... Before I would have to prop up my Ipad and then have to worry I was
    going to knock it over when I flipped to the next page...
    All of the inputs are accessible.

    What I don't like is there is no place for the top part of the case. I end
    up setting that to the side and often have to go back to get it.

    Great product would recommend to anyone needing a secure way to hold your
    Ipad with one hand.

    Review by Patrick

    (Posted on 10/3/12)

  52. Great on the move

    Definitely a product for those who use their iPad on the move and/or outside. The back case and handle are robust enough for just about anything and a nice touch is that the handle is adjustable for different sized hands. The front protective panel is a nice touch until you take it off. Assuming you are outside or on the move, where do you put it? It's a bit of a pain having to remember where you put it. However, the back case worked fine with my smart cover so I was happy enough with that. I gave the iPad complete with Grabbit to my wife to use as she is the artist between us and she said it was comfortable and easy to use with her paint app. Nice to be able to hold it like a palette and paint and draw with the other hand without worrying about the iPad slipping or falling was her verdict. She agreed with the front cover issue though and didn't use it at all after the first day, rather relying on the smart cover.

    I'm not sold on the stand as it only enables you to stand the iPad in Landscape mode and even then it is almost vertical. Again I reverted to using my smart cover. That said I did hang it on the wall in my office for fun and was very pleasantly surprised how practical it was then. Took it away from my desk but still let me watch videos and TV. So a definite plus for that side of it's use.

    Overall I would recommend this if you are looking for something to let you hold your iPad whilst moving around and don't want to have to rely on simply holding the edges. Its a big plus if you are using the iPad as a drawing pad or whilst reading maps or suchlike. It's well made and worth the money.

    I've not given it 5 stars because of the front panel which I'm not convinced about and the stand which although a nice touch to be able to hang it on the wall isn't really practical if you plan to stand it on a desk or suchlike. Definitely worth 4 stars though as the back case and handle are excellent and comfortable to use and worth the money on their own.

    Review by Mike

    (Posted on 10/3/12)

  53. The Grabbit case is a cool way to carry your iPad around

    The Grabbit case is a cool way to carry your iPad around if you are doing presentations, teaching or passing information to other people. It has a cool leather strap on the back into which you slide your hand to hold your iPad while not touching the screen. Something I have always found to be a little irritating about the iPad is that when showing pictures to people and holding the iPad you invariably have to touch the screen just to hold onto the iPad and during your show, you accidently zoom your screen or change to the next picture in your show. With the Grabbit, you never need to touch the screen because your hand is in the strap in the back. The strap is connected to the Grabbit via a rotating disk so you can show off your iPad in Landscape or portrait mode by a simple rotation if the screen.

    With the Grabbit comes a hard shell protective cover so that when your iPad is not in use you can snap it onto the front of the iPad and it will remain nice and safe inside. For watching movies in landscape mode, a snap in stand is included, the watching angle is not adjustable but quite acceptable.


    Rotating adjustable strap makes Show and Tell a breeze.

    Nice protective hard shell cover for storage.


    Movie watching stand is not adjustable.

    Review by KB

    (Posted on 10/2/12)

  54. Great for holding iPad

    This is one purchase I couldn't wait to use. The idea of holding my iPad in one hand made me act like a kid in a candy store. My only concern was the lack of protection for the iPad's screen when not in use. My concern was put to rest when I received the Grabbit and noted a plastic cover for the iPad's screen. WHOAAH!

    The instructions explained in detail how to connect the leather strap to the Grabbit. The instructions did not mention the plastic cover or the movie strap. Examine the Grabbit's box to get a visual understanding of how the cover snaps on and where the movie handle snaps on. The cover and the movie handle connect securely to the Grabbit.

    I have a couple of jigsaw applications on my iPad and the Grabbit allows me to comfortably hold the iPad in my left hand while I use my right hand to move the jigsaw pieces to their correct location. Since the Grabbit's handle rotates 360°, I am able to hold the iPad in a horizontal or vertical position. The Grabbitt is an excellent case that allows you to hold the iPad in any position when you're using any application. The Grabbit has replaced my Targus case that I used on my iPad 2 and iPad 3.

    The Grabbit case is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to comfortably hold your iPad in one hand.

    Review by Jay

    (Posted on 10/2/12)

  55. Interesting Case

    I find this case useful for demos and presentations on the iPad. The iPad snaps firmly into place and the leather strap makes holding it easier and less awkward than trying to hold an iPad in the air with one hand.

    The stand is also nice, especially if you have several users around a desk and want to view something together.

    I like that the Apple smart cover still fits with the Grabbit backing in place - that's the combination I will more likely use than the front Grabbit cover.

    The leather strap is high quality, but a bit hard to put into place during initial setup.

    Review by Gisele

    (Posted on 10/1/12)

  56. Great for Demos/Presentations

    I like this case for presentations/demos. The iPad snaps securely into place, and it is a great way to show an audience your screen without awkwardly trying to hold it in one hand hoping it won't fall.

    The stand is practical too, especially when you have a few people around a table and you want to demo something on the iPad.

    The Apple smart cover still fits the iPad,and although the Grabbit comes with a plastic shell cover, I am more likely to use the smart cover/Grabbit back cover combination.

    The leather strap is high quality, but a bit difficult to fit into place upon initial assembly

    Review by Gisele

    (Posted on 10/1/12)

  57. Most Innovative iPad Case

    I really liked the grabbit case. I have never seen such an innovative case for the iPad before. It allows me to hold my iPad securely with only one hand, and have the ability to rotate the iPad 360 degrees to any angle with just a quick spin. Here are the product features I liked the best:

    Great for carrying the iPad around while walking.
    Compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.
    Includes a stand that easily attaches to the case, and also allows you to hang the iPad on a wall.
    The case fits the iPad perfectly and can easily be removed.
    Also comes with a hard cover shell, which is great protection for tossing the iPad into a bag for travelling.
    Very good for presentations and giving demostrations to the other people.
    When using the included stand, it's also great for standing the iPad in the kitchen and following receipes.

    The only downside I can think of, is that due to the case strap, the iPad won't lie flat on its back, so you have to place it screen side face down. But this isn't much of a problem if you're using it with a Smart Cover, or the included hard shell.

    Review by Brian

    (Posted on 10/1/12)

  58. Excellent alternate to holding your ipad device

    The unit is well built and fits my ipad2 perfectly. I can still use the rear camera and the grabbit has notches so that I can keep it attached to my ipad2 and still charge the ipad.

    The leather hand strap is nice, but I think a Velcro strap might be a better suit as I have much larger hands than my children and the grabbit doesn’t fit their hands even on the smallest settings
    Overall it is a very nice addition to my ipad2.

    Review by Jeremiah

    (Posted on 9/27/12)

  59. GREAT for teachers and lecturers

    The Grabbit case is most effective as it comes to mobility and interaction with people and is great for those who move around (e.g. teachers, lecturers, etc.) a lot when holding the iPad. It is well constructed with a firm rotating mechanism, yet not too firm to make it difficult to easily
    use. The adjustable leather strap is nice and fit my hand very well making the case natural to hold. Its not a case to replace one if an external keyboard is needed, e.g. an office environment requiring much typing, but is a great option to have if you plan to be moving around while using the iPad.

    This item was very useful in a home environment and/or teaching environment. It was easy to use and set up for traversing around the house and doing general iPad viewing. The device was also tried in a classroom where it was most effective. Teachers are often moving around the classroom and helping kids with their projects. This device was easy to transport with one hand without fear of dropping. You can show kids with your left hand (assuming your right handed) while pointing to your IPAD and/or work they have going on with the other hand.

    This case is also very helpful when lecturing. I had the opportunity to speak and was able to have my speech in hand as I moved around the stage. It
    did not require me to be in one set location and gave me freedom of movement. For example, the IPAD was connected to a monitor via Apple TV
    and I was able to move over by the monitor and use my pointer while I talked. Without using the Grabbit, I would not be able to have freedom of
    movement around the stage to interact with the audience while controlling graphics and my presentation on screen at the same time.

    Review by David K

    (Posted on 9/26/12)

  60. Well Designed Case

    The new Grabbit Case lets you get a firm grip on your iPad.

    I would recommend this case to anyone that uses the iPad while on the move.

    Review by Mike

    (Posted on 9/26/12)

  61. Very functional. Great protection.

    Packaging: Impressive outside packing with everything really secure inside. Looked nice. Felt nice.

    Using: Love how secure the iPad feels in the case. I am comfortable just holding it from the hand strap without fear it is going to tumble out. This was great when doing a presentation utilizing the case. Very helpful when using a control app from the iPad that uses both portrait and landscape for different functions. I do have issues sometime pulling the front piece of plastic off the face of the iPad. At some points it feels as if it is stuck and might snap off. Besides that I like the protection that it offers.

    Review by Jeff

    (Posted on 9/25/12)

  62. Easy to hold on to...

    I recently ordered the New Trent Grabbit with the intention of using it for presentations that I would show from my iPad through a projector using the Apple Digital AV Adapter. The idea was a good one, but I should have hooked up the iPad to the projector beforehand. The adapter does not screw in to the iPad or the cable, so I was not able to hold the iPad for the presentation. (This was my error, of course.) I am able to use it for presenting, just not presenting and projecting.

    The Grabbit works just like it is advertised. The iPad securely fits into the devise and you do not have to worry about it falling out. The leather strap for your hand is adjustable enough for most adult hand sizes. The 360° swivel allows you to hold the iPad in whatever orientation that you need. I prefer to read in the horizontal orientation, but some of my apps require the vertical orientation. This flexibility makes the iPad easy to carry around at work and use the on screen keyboard. Grabbit comes with a small plastic stand that fits into the hole inside the swivel. The stand can only be used in the horizontal position. You can use a detached keyboard while the iPad is propped up with the stand.

    I have one suggestion to improve the Grabbit, but it may not be feasible. I have a clam key board case (New Trent Air Bender) for my iPad. The iPad is secured into a removable back that detaches from the keyboard. I the Grabbit case were compatible with a keyboard/ cover. The cover that actually comes with the Grabbit is not easy to put over the screen, and you have to find somewhere to put the cover down, or hold it, while you work with the iPad.

    I give the Grabbit 4 stars. It does what it says it will do, but it just hold the iPad.

    Review by Angela

    (Posted on 9/25/12)

  63. I love my new Grabbit case!

    I love my new Grabbit case! The leather strap is very comfortable. Very easy to assemble and works great with my Apple iPad Smart Cover. Now I don't have to worry about dropping my iPad.

    One suggestion: The corners on the front where the iPad snaps in are very sharp. I took a nail file and lightly filed them down a bit. Now they are smooth and don't scratch me.

    Review by Pamela

    (Posted on 7/27/12)

  64. Excellent for the note-taking student

    Before I got the Grabbit, I didn't use a case for my iPad 2 and found it kinda awkward to hold it in class and take notes...let alone throwing it in my bag going from class to class and having no protection for it. This fixed all that. The comfort of holding my iPad with a leather strap feels so natural and takes no getting used to. It securely locks in place onto the back of your iPad 2 with no adhesive and stays on securely. They really did a wonderful job on this product. Buy it!

    Review by Joseph

    (Posted on 7/2/12)