Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B

Compatible: iPad Air and iPad Air 2 only

Quick Overview

  • MODEL - NT30B

  • COMPATIBLE - with iPad Air and iPad Air 2 ONLY, NOT for iPad 4,3,2,1, iPad Pro or iPad mini

  • FEATURES - Multi-viewing angles, auto sleep/wake, detachable stand, and 360 degree rotation

  • CONNECTION - Bluetooth connection: Range of 33 ft or 10 meters

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Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B
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Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B Airbender 3.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case NT30B



Airbender 3.0 : NT30B

It Comes With a Full Circle

Adjust your viewing angle and distance to your heart's desire with the Airbender 3.0's fully detachable and rotatable arm. View your iPad Air in landscape or portrait mode by simply twisting the Airbender 3.0's ultra-sturdy hinged arm.



The iPad Air's New Best Friend

Introducing our classic Airbender 3.0, the all-in-one Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad. A hard,thermoplastic shell wraps snugly around your iPad Air for the ultimate protection, and a snappy bluetooth keyboard helps convert your iPad into the fully functional tablet PC you've always wanted.

An Ultra low-Profile Keyboard

We know keyboard design. Flat-edge keys and added width come together to create an ultra low-profile keyboard experience. On top of that, our reliable our reliable Bluetooth technology allows for easy pairing and consistent connectivity from up to 10 feet away.




- Hard clamshell case design : Polycarbonate.
- Low profile keyboard : 7/16 inch.
- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity : 10 meter / 30 feet.
- Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions : stand is fully detachable from the case.
- Three piece design : protective back, arm / stand, keyboard base.
- Built-in Li Ion battery (non-removable)


Package Content:

- Airbender 2.0/3.0 wireless keyboard
- micro-USB charge cable
- User Manual  


Airbender 3.0
Li Ion Polymer Battery
Standard Micro-USB Input 
9.6 x 6.8 x 0.8 (inches)
WEIGHT (unit | package)
1lb | 1lb 14oz
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Great product Review by Christina
Great product, affordable and durable. Highly recommended (Posted on 9/16/16)
Great Product Review by Kathy
It is for my son and he is new to the ipad for high school. It has worked out great. (Posted on 9/12/16)
Great Review by Christina
I was very happy with this product. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Mine broke, but that was my own fault. (I accidentally shoved the charger in wrong). I bought another one though, so that shows how much I liked it. (Posted on 8/25/16)
Does exactly what it is advertised to do Review by Michael
The device came promptly. It was easy to attach and operate. I am very pleased. Using it to type this review. (Posted on 8/9/16)
The BEST Review by Jim
Ok, I have had my Airbender 3.0 case now for just over 4 month so I feel I can write with confidence just how damn good this case is...a few years back I bought another brand that had its wireless keyboard and flimsy ass case that was worthless. The keyboard on that other unnamed brand would never hold a charge for a few days and that was if I was lucky! The case of that other brand broke apart and I hung on to it for way too long since I spent over $79 dollars for it!

Then came the Airbender 3.0...I found it on Amazon Prime and it was less than half of what I paid for the other case that I was never happy with. This Airbender 3.0 is amazing...the keyboard has finally taken its first charge since I took it out of the box over 4 months ago...yep, that is right from the moment I took it out of the box this keyboard has held its factory charge for that amount of time...I do not use it that often, but enough that I would have thought it would need a charge by now. NOPE,I turn it on and there it was! I am thoroughly happy-ecstatic about this case and recommend it to anyone looking for a good keyboard. I did have one problem out of the box and that was my 0 key shot off when I opened the case for the first time...I wrote a note to the support team, they asked me to send a pic, they sent out a new key and I popped it on and no issues since. The product, the durability, and the support is TOP NOTCH. Thank you New Trent
(Posted on 8/4/16)
Excellent Keyboard Case Review by Terry
Without question, the case is very solidly built. I also like the fact that it is black because that it doesn't show dirt. There are very clear directions, but even if there weren't any directions at all, it would be easy to figure out how to get it working --very simple.

The case is made specifically for iPad Air and iPad Air 2, but it also can be used with iPhones and other tablets as well. The touch of the keys feels very responsive, and allows typing to be very comfortable, fluid and easy. All in all, a great keyboard Case. (Posted on 8/3/16)
The perfect keyboard and case for my iPad Review by Gabriel
I have used a few different cases with my iPad and none of held up over about 3 months. This case and keyboard appear to be just what I needed for my personal and business use. (Posted on 6/18/16)
Very sturdy, heavy duty keyboard/case Review by Dustin Ranem
I would say I'm overall mostly happy with this product. The keyboard quality is not the best I've seen, but it is definitely not as cheap as many out there. The case is extremely sturdy and heavy duty, which I appreciate having 3 kids roaming about the house :-) The one suggestion I have is allowing more possible positions of the angle of the screen, instead of just the one. (Posted on 4/16/15)
Great for those wanting to be more productive Review by James
The iPad is a fantastic device for those looking to go lighter. And with the new iPad Air, one can go even lighter still. But sometimes the touchscreen keyboard shows its limitations, especially for those long typing sessions. For those sessions, a keyboard case such as the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth keyboard case (hereafter Airbender) can save your frustration when typing that next novel without adding too much size and weight to the overall package.

As someone that already had the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, I was looking forward to trying out the Airbender. Apple's wireless keyboard is great, but it doesn't connect to the iPad and is much wider than the Airbender. A keyboard that doubled as a case also seemed appealing. And when the iPad Air is attached to the Airbender, it doesn't look that much different than a laptop. But who cares about looks, how well does the Airbender work?

Physical Features

There are several components to the Airbender. First is an all-black back cover that holds the iPad Air. The iPad snaps into place and feels secure in the cover.

The back of the keyboard slides out, allowing you to angle the iPad. The correct way to use the Airbender is to have the bottom of the iPad rest in a special groove at the back of the keyboard so that the weight is correct. I found that the best angle was when I pulled out the base all the way.

Slide the arm back and then set the iPad in the groove. You can rotate the iPad if needed, and can even operate it in portrait mode if that's your thing. I found the best way of using the iPad in the Airbender was in landscape mode with the home button on the right. This way I could still have access to the volume buttons.

The keyboard has a home key, brightness, and play control buttons. Near the top right are display lights for charging and Bluetooth pairing, as well as a Connect button you use for setup and an on/off switch. On the right side of the keyboard is a standard mini-USB connector used for charging with an included USB cable.


Setting up the Airbender is a breeze. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPad, turn on the Airbender, and press the Connect button. You'll see a "Bluetooth Keyboard" appear in Settings, type in the required number, and you're done.

I used the Airbender for common tasks and found the keyboard nice to have, but iOS is a limiting factor. Not all applications have keyboard shortcuts, and you will have to move your hand from the keyboard often to tap Ok or other on-screen buttons.

For such a narrow keyboard, typing on it was pretty good. I had no trouble with touch typing, and loved the quick access to the home key in the upper-left corner. I used that often when multi-tasking.

I like that I can fold the iPad quickly so it hides the keyboard, allowing me to use it more like a normal iPad. The Airbender essentially doubles the iPad's weight, so you'll notice the weight very easy when trying to hold the iPad like you normally would use it. The Airbender is best used on a table like you would normally use a laptop. I would have no qualms about leaving the laptop at home and taking my iPad Air along with the Airbender when I travel.

Battery life on the Airbender is excellent. There have been several days where I forgot to turn off the device, and it's still going.

Overall, I like the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth keyboard case. For iPad Air users looking for a Bluetooth keyboard case that lets them leave the laptop at home, this is a great candidate. (Posted on 7/11/14)
Perfect combination of protective case and keyboard for iPad Air Review by Ryan
I received the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case earlier this week for my white 64GB Sprint LTE iPad Air. Immediately after unboxing and unwrapping it, I observed that it is built very tough and sturdy without adding bulk. I generally don’t use cases on any of my devices since most of them add too much bulk and I end up feeling like the device is almost too big to use, but that is certainly not the case with the Airbender. I actually enjoyed using the iPad more because I was much less worried about the back getting scratched when it put it on any surface or any damage from dropping it. I really liked the capability to easily detach the iPad from the keyboard in cases where I didn’t need a keyboard, but still wanted to keep the protective case attached.
The keyboard is well laid out with keys easy to type on. I especially enjoyed the home button key and the capability to just press that and then type in my password on the keyboard which seemed faster than typing it on the iPad. The only thing I couldn’t figure out how to do was to use the keyboard to swipe between screens easily. Not sure if that’s a built in function or if it could be added, but I would definitely like to see that.
Another thing I couldn’t figure out was how to open the case and, while keeping the iPad attached, fold the iPad back like a book and have it fold flat. I’m sure many customers would like that function, but I’m fine with just having it detached much of the time and only attaching it when I need the keyboard or need to transport the entire package somewhere.
When the case is closed, I really like how it looks so incredibly sturdy and the metal buckle on it makes it look somewhat like a safe or a military type of product one would see the government using or something used on a TV show. (Posted on 6/30/14)
great case/keyboard for ipad air Review by Katelyn
The following review is for the New Trent Airbender 2.0 - New iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Air Keyboard Case (item NT30B)

The Pros:
-This keyboard and case seems to be very durable.
-I really like the keyboard, it's high quality and is easy to use. It also paired very easy to my iPad Air. I have another keyboard that didn't pair with as much ease as this one.
-I like that the iPad part can be removed, and used on its own, or used with the stand which also is removed from the case.
-You can swivel the ipad when it's attached to the keyboard
-It has coloured LED light for different things, which is nice.
-This keyboard is rechargeable, which is a big plus for me as I hate buying batteries.

The cons:
-It's heavy
-There is no place to store a stylus (which i use regularly)
- A optional light behind the keyboard would be nice. (Posted on 6/10/14)
Excellent case! Review by Al
The Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case is a great iPad Air keyboard case. The case arrived in perfect condition. It is well packaged with a protective plastic sleeve outside and protective foam inside padding the keyboard. The case comes in a clean, fitted white box. Each feature of the case itself is well thought out and designed for comfort and ease of use.

I like to change iPad cases often to fit where I’m taking it. This bluetooth keyboard case is my new favorite for traveling and working outside of the office or house. My iPad easily snaps in and out of the case. A flexible plastic latch keeps the case clasped closed. The iPad is nicely secure inside and I feel safe putting it inside a bag with a few other loose items.

The Airbender 2.0 case comes with a foot in back of the keyboard that can be extended, locked in place, or removed completely. The foot is a few inches wide and sits easily on my lap and other slightly uneven surfaces. The viewing angle of the iPad screen can be adjusted by moving the back foot outward and resting the front of the screen on the slight indent across the back of the keyboard. The screen angle can be adjusted to be as upright as you’d like it. The iPad screen itself can be also rotated 360 degrees. This is a great feature to have. All of the screen adjustments add to the overall versatility of the case.

The Airbender 2.0 case and keyboard are easily separated and function equally well this way. They are easily separated by removing the back extension from the case completely. A simple removable clasp holds the iPad case to the top of the extender bar, so if you just want to have the iPad in a case without any stand or keyboard, it is easily done. The bluetooth keyboard still works great when separated from the iPad case and stand.

The bluetooth keyboard is responsive and sized well. It charges quickly and seems to have a decently long battery life. I have not drained the battery yet after a few days of moderate use. The keyboard keys are a black color and have a matte feel to them. I enjoy the textured keys much better than any other keyboard I’ve tried with glossy plastic keys. The keyboard isn't too loud when tying and I enjoy using it.

The Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is an excellent value. It’s responsive, looks good, feels secure, and has a number of highly adjustable features. I’ll recommend it to any of my friends. The only disadvantage to the case that I can think of is it’s weight. It is a bit heavy, but that is mainly due to the keyboard. It’s not too heavy to put in a large purse and I will be using it a lot when I travel and work outside of home. I give the case an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. (Posted on 6/10/14)
Excellent keyboard case for iPad Air! Review by Chatchai
This case provides great value for your money. The case is sturdy, lightweight, and provides acceptable protection. The iPad fits well with clear access to all ports. The keyboard pairs easily with bluetooth with dedicated buttons to connect and power the device on and off (no guessing here). While the keyboard is small, it has good feedback and many shortcut buttons. There are dedicated buttons for brightness, cut, paste, media controls, etc. New Trent includes innovative features to make it simple to detach the iPad from the case and use it as a case only (with screen side exposed). The unique connection on the rear of the cover portion unclips with a pinch motion, similar to a camera lens cap. The hinge also allows the iPad to rotate and angle with enough firmness to function as a mini laptop. It transforms an iPad essentially into a mini laptop! It can fully close and has a small latch to prevent it from accidentally opening. The hinge is firm, so the iPad will remain in any angle.

+Protective case that can be detached
+Clear access to all ports
+Can remove iPad from keyboard with ease
+Rotate and angle in many positions
+Good keyboard feedback
+Dedicated shortcut keys

-QA concerns. The rubber pads were were not firmly mounted onto the case. I had to press them back down, but the adhesive doesnt appear strong enough. I believe they will fall off over time
-Locking latch is made of rubber and is not the easiest to use. Concerns it will tear with usage

Sidenotes: I have not used this case/keyboard long enough to determine battery life, however I was happy to find the a micro usb cable included! (Posted on 6/9/14)
Airbender 2.0 Makes the iPad Air a Productivity Powerhouse Review by Rob
When the original iPad came out it was regarded as revolutionary but it was really intended to be used to digest content - watch movies, do light internet browsing, listen to music, view e-mails, look at photos, etc. It was not a device that many in the business world rushed to, altough many could see the potential. A lot has changed since then and the iPad can now serve as a laptop replacement for many folks. For that to work well you really need an external keyboard and that’s where the NewTrent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air case comes in.

Matching the weight of the iPad Air at just a single pound, the NewTrent Airbender 2.0 keyboard case is the missing piece to make your new iPad Air a real business powerhouse. With great new apps that allow notetaking and word processing a real keyboard is not a luxury, it's a necessity. There are a lot of choices when it comes to keyboard cases for the iPad. Although not as immediately recognizable as some of the bigger names like Logitech or Zagg, NewTrent offers some unique features and a great value, it should not be overlooked. Like the other examples NewTrent's keyboard case combines a good sized, fully functional keyboard into a clamshell type case that protects your iPad Air. This setup keeps the keyboard with you at all times and offers a lot more protection than Apple's own Smart Cover.

The keyboard itself is very responsive and easy to use. The keys are familiar to anyone who has used a laptop or other 'low profile' full sized keyboard - they're the typical scissor style. The keys have a nice reflex and don’t feel overly 'mushy' or sticky.

The keyboard is battery powered which is great because it won't affect your iPad's battery life at all. Charging is fairly quick (about 2 hours or so) and the Airbender 2.0 can go for up to a month without another charge, depending on usage.

Connection to your iPad is wireless and handled though Bluetooth. The pairing process is pretty painless as well. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad and then switch on the keyboard. There’s a convenient pairing button on the keyboard. Once pressed, on your iPad go into settings, access the Bluetooth menu and the keyboard should have been automatically detected. Once paired I didn't note any issue on subsequent uses, the keyboard pairs immediately, so long as Bluetooth is still enabled on the iPad.

The NewTrent Airbender 2.0 offers two big advantages over the competition. First is the ability to rotate the iPad Air from landscape to portrait without having to remove the iPad. This is actually a lot more useful than you'd first think. Previous keyboard cases that I've used required you to remove the iPad from the case in order to use it in portrait mode. For that reason I switched to a keyboard that attached magnetically (that is the iPad didn't physically attach to the keyboard). With that device the iPad sat in a channel and could easily be positioned in either orientation. But it wasn't perfect, in portrait mode the iPad was unsteady and it wasn't uncommon for it to fall over. NewTrent has fixed that with the Airbender 2.0. A rotating mechanism - a clever design that looks like a camera lens cap, allows you to position the iPad exactly how you want and it's steady in any orientation. It's really a nice design. The second big advantage is price. This keyboard case can be had for half (or even less than half) of some of the competitors - it's really a fantastic value.

As far as opportunities - the only constructive criticism I'd offer NewTrent would be to consider offering a keyboard that has some type of built in lighting. This keyboard is totally useable, even in darkness and with it's familiar 'QWERTY' layout it's not hard to touch type. But I do travel a lot and sometimes sit in dimmed presentations so having built in lighting would pretty much make it perfect.

As far as applications, you should consider this keyboard if you're looking for a way to protect your expensive iPad investment; if you hate or have trouble typing on the virtual on-screen keyboard; if you're a student and do any kind of note-taking; or if you're a professional and you have any desire to have an alternative to your computer or laptop. I would also recommend it if you’re like typing in portrait orientation. This keyboard facilitates that better than most competitors. (Posted on 6/8/14)
Liked it more than I expected. Review by IdahoGail
Most of the time I use GoodNotes to let me record my thoughts and take notes on my iPad Air, so I wasn't sure how useful a keyboard case would be for me. I am surprised to find out just how useful it has been in the week since it arrived. I received this case for almost no cost as part of the New Trent Pilot User program so that I could give an honest review of the product. Here are my candid comments:

The good: I can answer emails, write or respond to texts (MightyText android app is wonderful!), create documents, and enter data and passwords in forms much more easily than without this case. I didn't realize just how often I did this, and I HATE the stock iPad virtual keyboard. This case works well, the Bluetooth syncs perfectly, and I have no complaints. I thought I would miss having a delete key as well as a backspace key, but I haven't missed it yet.
I have found one app (the browser Puffin) that won't let me enter text using the keyboard - it just doesn't recognize it. But my other browsers (stock, Safari, iCabMobile, Dolphin, Google search, and Roboform) and all my other apps work fine with it. Email and messaging apps have no problem interacting with it, nor do the document creating apps I use (OfficeSuite, Adobe Reader, TopNotes, HopTo, Quip, etc.)
I have had no problem removing my iPad from the case when I needed to, which is something users of other keyboard cases have complained about. No issue with that for me.
Once I figured out where the slider is that unlocks the hinge base so that you can adjust the angle, I have had no issues with that. Does it adjust from 0 degrees to 180? No, but why would I want it to? It gives me the ability to adjust to the angles I need, so no complaints with that.
I use several apps that require portrait orientation, so being able to switch the screen to that position is really handy.
I really like that I can get the iPad free from the case and just use it on its own when I need. Much as I like the keyboard, I don't need it all the time, and the iPad is lighter without it.
The keyboard itself functions very well - the keys are responsive, it feels like a "real" keyboard, and it is big enough that I can touch type on it with no problems. I really like that it has the home key on the keyboard so I can go back to my homescreen from the keyboard. In a couple browsers the tab key does not work - it does not take me to the next field to enter like it should. I have to touch the screen to go to the next field. I assume this is an Apple app thing and not the keyboard itself.

Issues: Not really an issue as much as user error, but from time to time, I discover that I have closed the case with the iPad reversed 180 degrees, so the case won't latch and the magnetic screen sleep function doesn't work. Easily remedied. The case has so many possible positions that it is possible to get confused, so you have to pay attention when you are putting it away.
Some days I think New Trent should make the case so it can latch even if it's reversed, but probably making the sleep function work properly in the reversed position would require more magnets that would increase the cost.
I am not sure if the little rubber latch strap will last as long as the rest of the unit - it seems less durable, but time will tell and I'm not sure it would hurt anything if it were gone. So far it has not been a problem.

Conclusions: This is an unexpectedly useful keyboard case that does everything I need and gives me more functionality than I expected. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. (Posted on 6/8/14)
Great Keyboard! Review by samuel
When I received my New Trent Airbender 2.0 case for my Ipad Air the first thing I noticed was the product packaging. I have ordered a lot of accessories online and it seems that Ipad accessory packaging has become a mere afterthought. The packaging on this keyboard/case combo was substantial. It really gave the impression that this was a quality item and not a cheap, imported two dollar accessory. Inside packaging was the keyboard/case, charging cable, and instructions. I found that the instructions, while minimal, were sufficient. This is a pretty straightforward device. One thing that I wish the keyboard came with is the actual charger. I can use my Ipad charger with this cable just fine, but sometimes I need to charge them both at the same time.
The quality of the build of the keyboard was equally impressive as the box it came in. The keys don’t feel cheap. They are responsive, and have depth to the push. This being such a slim keyboard was a surprise. They are also an “island” keyboard layout, which has separation between the keys. This is very handy when typing on a smaller keyboard by touch. It would have been great if the keys lit up, but this would have impacted another one of my favorite things about the keyboard. The battery lasts forever. I have been emailing, writing, posting on social media, and doing a bit of Excel on this keyboard and have only charged it once. That’s about a week and half of solid use and on the charge it came with, plus the recharge I did. I have had other keyboards that couldn’t make it through the day.
One thing I would like to mention on this keyboard/case is that the case is minimal but just as well thought out. The Ipad snaps into it well and definitely is not going anywhere. The stand that slides out of the keyboard is REAL aluminum. I trust my $700 Ipad to rest on it. It has all of your standard cut outs and does not impede any function. It also allows you to detach the stand from the case really easy, so that you can use your Ipad, like the thin, lightweight piece of equipment it is designed to be. It detaches using what looks like the same mechanism I have had on several camera lens caps. Pinch the center and it pops right off, it’s EASY. This means you can ditch the keyboard, literally in a pinch.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really like this case. I do social media for a living and find myself writing more than I should on my Ipad. This makes it easy. I did have one minor complaint on the hinge of the stand. When the combo is in “laptop” mode, depending on the angle you bend the hinge; it doesn’t keep the Ipad steady. It’s kind of balancing on the assembly and could rotate backwards. A minor gripe when everything else is great. If the battery stays the way it is for a decent duration, and the keys on the keyboard keep their bounce, I will be keeping this for a long time.
(Posted on 6/6/14)
bluetooth case that come with build-in rechargeable battery Review by Kenneth
I like this bluetooth case that comes with build-in rechargeable battery (comes with microUSB cable), much better than some other bluetooth keyboards that use 2 AA/AAA alkaline batteries.
I also like the keyboard (keystrokes) feedback, it's like those high quality keyboard for your desktop. I can type much faster on this keyboard then the Ipad Air onscreen keyboard, plus you can see the whole screen without the onscreen keyboard taking up half the screen. You can also use this bluetooth keyboard on windows tablets (tested on Lenovo Thinkpad8). Just for the fun of it, i tried to use it on my Samsung Note3 android phone, i'm suprised that it works!
This case is very stable thanks to the adjustable stand, no tilting. And when you close the case (with the Ipad Air), the case has a tab to make it closes tightly. (Posted on 6/5/14)
4.9 stars Review by Madeline
I was excited to receive the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for the iPad Air in the mail. I appreciate the thick box that the case came in. Even before putting my iPad Air into the case, I charged the keyboard. After the keyboard was fully charged, I locked my iPad into the case.

From the locked position, opening the case for use is something that could be better. As I set the case on my desk, I have my left hand on the keyboard base, to prevent the whole thing from tipping over, and my right hand on the cover as I open the case. Because of the "hinge" by the circular lock piece, the cover tends to wobble quite a bit during this process. I know the iPad is secure, but it still unnerves me.

I've tried using the keyboard case in different positions and although it's more secure when the iPad sits in the channel, I prefer using it when it's open like a laptop (see photos). I just find that when the iPad sits in the channel, the screen is too close to me. It would be great if you can do something to secure this position and at different viewing angles - maybe have the hinge lock/unlock and have notches similar to the arm stand for different viewing angles of the iPad.

The best application for me using this keyboard is taking notes in a class or minutes at a meeting. Having the keyboard also comes in handy when I need to type up a report, memo, email or review (like I'm doing right now). I would have to say that most jobs could benefit from having this keyboard case. I personally don't own a keyboard case for any iPad I've had through the years (since the 1st generation). At work though, I have access to 3rd generation iPads in the Kensington Folio keyboard cases and those are super bulky and although the keyboard detaches (which could lead to the possibility of losing it), using the iPad during those times when a keyboard is not required is just cumbersome. I now wish I had known about your line of keyboard cases - would have been a better product at a lower price!

I love this keyboard case and its balance of protection and functionality. Now that I have one for my iPad Air, I’m going to use it more. I'm okay with the bulkiness - price one has to pay for having the keyboard and at the same time, providing ample protection for the iPad. I love how I can move the cover to hide the keyboard and still be able to use the iPad when I don't need the keyboard. Battery life of the keyboard has been fantastic. I've actually left it ON since I first used the case and it's still going strong after a week. It seems like it has a power-save mode when the case is closed, same as how the iPad locks when the case is closed. Overall, I give this a 4.9 rating.
(Posted on 6/4/14)
Airbender 2.0 is the best yet! Review by Nathan
The Airbender 2.0 is the best case / keyboard I've purchased for my iPad. I have bought many bluetooth keyboards, cases, covers, for my iPad. I've needed a combination of each to meet my needs, and finally, the Airbender can do all of it. The bluetooth never disconnects from the iPad, the charge lasts for days on end, and the rugged durability makes me feel confident that my investment is protected. I love the fact that I can separate the iPad from the case itself (it's detachable) and use it as an iPad stand. Now I can move my iPad away from me, or to different angles, all while I'm still connected via bluetooth.

This will be a great investment for the professional out there looking for the right keyboard and cover for the iPad! (Posted on 6/3/14)
very nice case! Review by Eric

I received the keyboard case and started using it on my iPad Air. Most of the usage with the keyboard is for work, when I need to create/edit documents. I unlatch the keyboard when I'm watching any media. The keyboard has great tactile response and the keys are evenly spaced out. (Posted on 6/2/14)
Just what I was looking for Review by JC
This keyboard and case is a sure keeper. I have tried other ones but this
one is more durable, stable and is constructed of high quality material.
Typically if an iPad falls to a hard surface, it is the edges that get
damaged the most. This case has extra reinforcements at the edges which
give me a sense of greater confidence and security. The keyboard is as
sturdy as the Apple bt keyboard and you get a feel of good quality keys
when typing. Having tried other 'inexpensive' keyboards, I felt the
difference immediately. The design allows great flexibility - use it
similar to using a laptop on your lap or as a handwriting note taking iPad
with a sturdy support.

My career involves meeting customers, taking quick notes and providing
presentations. I take notes many times using a handwriting app. There are
times, when I have to work on complicated spreadsheets and then quickly
present analysis. Using this keyboard and case, there have been instances
today that have allowed me to work pretty fast and impress clients with my

I love that it is so light and barely adds any weight to my iPad. I am
traveling for three months and this keyboard will be my best accessory!

Overall, I think this product is fantastic and is now my current case for
my iPad. With the few days I've been using the device, I can firmly say
that it is very useful and comfortable to use. A perfect product for anyone
in the market for a slim-profile iPad case!

If I had one suggestion to give, it would be to not allow the silver
colored hinge to extend to almost its end. When stretched almost to the
end, the iPad feels quite unstable and shaky. (Posted on 6/1/14)
Want a simple, stylish and yet easy to use bluetooth keyboard case? This is it! Review by Zaib
This keyboard case will make you feel as if the iPad Air was meant to be together with it. The shortcuts on the top line are just as simple as your regular mac keyboard which let you control brightness, volume and even lock screen. The iPad Air even slides out if you wish to your use it as a case only without the keyboard...makes you feel like a convertible sports car. Pairing couldn't be easier and there is no flaw or glitches in connectivity. Most keyboard cases don't allow you to use the iPad in portrait mode, well, guess what, the new Trent Airbender has a full 360 degree swivel function. What more can you ask for?
Go for it! (Posted on 6/1/14)
Great Keyboard Case Review by BR
After using my iPad Air for two weeks, I decided that the touch screen keyboard was only adequate for short notes. It was time to get a Bluetooth keyboard/case. I have been using the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for three days. So far, I really like it. It will be very useful for anyone that needs to type more than a few words on an iPad.

-ability to rotate screen between portrait and landscape positions
-ability to adjust tilt angle to lots of positions
-ease of keyboard use. it works just like a large keyboard and I can type easily and quickly.
-Bluetooth is easy to connect.
-The case back fits the iPad Air very well. It is easy to attach, and all the openings are well aligned.
- The case back can be used without the keyboard attached.
- An excellent value.

- The Airbender 2.0 weighs about the same as the iPad Air.

I rate the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case a 5 on a scale of 1- 5 (1=bad & 5= excellent). (Posted on 6/1/14)
AMAZING CASE Review by Dane
**5 STARS**

The Airbender 2.0 has been, by far, the best keyboard/case I have used or tried (I have tried many different ones that friends have had). First evaluating the protection that the case provides. It is made from a very resilient plastic that provides a snug fit for the iPad Air. I had no trouble installing the iPad into the case and was impressed at how firm the fit was. All of the cutouts for the mics, camera, speakers, etc. were precise and centered making for a professional appearance. When connected to the hinge and keyboard, it looks amazing. The fact that you can remove the screen from the keyboard and have it free standing with the hinge or remove it from the hinge altogether was a huge plus for this case. Removal from the hinge is extremely easy as it only takes a pinch of two fingers to do so. While connected to the hinge the iPad is able to swivel to allow for landscape or portrait viewing modes. Again, another plus for this case. Pairing the keyboard to the iPad via Bluetooth is very easy. Once connected (it took about 2 seconds) I was using the keyboard without any problems. There are a few features that I loved about the keyboard. First, having a button to act as the iPads home button was amazing. I was easily able to switch between apps seamlessly and holding it down brings up the Siri voice search. Second, being able to adjust the screens brightness and volume levels without having to even touch the screen. Third, the responsiveness of the keys was flawless. The keyboard does have rubber feet on the bottom to provide grip when on a solid surface. Another thing that was welcomed were the indicator lights on the keyboard. There is a light for when the CAPS lock is on, when the Bluetooth is pairing with the iPad and a light to indicate when a charge is needed. The battery life of the keyboard is the best that I have come across. It does charge via USB and does include a cable. I do like that it has a rubber/silicone latch to keep the case closed when not in use.

I have received compliments on the appearance of the case and how sturdy and well built the case is. I take a lot of notes with my iPad and being able to quickly detach the iPad from the hinge and keyboard makes it extremely easy to write on the tablet. Being able to type without having to use the onscreen keyboard has also increased my productivity by means of improved accuracy and increased speed of typing. I can't see a situation in which this would not be an ideal case for any user. The flexibility that it allows is unparalleled. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Best Keyboard I have Ever Used Review by Michael
This is my second New Trent Airbender iPad case/keyboard combo. It is a
very sturdy, elegant and functional Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad
Air. It is designed for people who want to use their iPad Air in some very
rough and physically demanding environments. It is also a stylish case that
will not be out of place in your hip neighborhood coffee shop.

One of the first things you notice about this case is that it’s pretty
heavy, although not as heavy as the original version of Airbender. The case
has been obviously redesigned, and it has lost some of its bulk. The new
case doesn’t come with the several layers of protection for the iPad, which
made it fairly hard to put your iPad in and out.

The case is indeed very sturdy and it covers your iPad Air almost
completely, except for the screen, which is now completely exposed. It
imbues one with a confidence that the case will protect your iPad Air from
most falls and bumps, although I have not been brave enough to venture an
actual physical test. The case detaches from the keyboard, and it allows
you to use the iPad by itself. All ports are exposed and are easily
accessible with cords.

The keyboard paired up with my iPad Air very easily and without any
hitches. It also maintained connection for the duration of use. The
keyboard is charged through a micro USB slot on the side. (An Apple
compatible charging port might have been a more appropriate choice, but
knowing how reluctant Apple is to let the third-party vendors use its
ports, this was likely not going to happen.) The keyboard is very
responsive, and I for the most part like the key action. However, this
sized keyboard is cramped, and it will really vary from one individual to
the next how comfortable you find typing on a keyboard of this size. I am
fine with composing emails and typing documents that are up to 500 words in
length (such as this one), but I would not consider writing the next great
American novel on it.

The arm that attaches the case to the keyboard allows for your iPad to
rotate through an arbitrary angle. The design of the arm and its attachment
mechanism has also been tweaked from the previous model, and it’s now much
easier to adjust it and keep the iPad fixed in its place. Both the
landscape and the portrait modes are fully supported. The arm is
detachable, and it allows you to position the keyboard at some distance
from the iPad while typing – very convenient for the times when you don’t
want to stare too closely at the small screen. When attached the are is
very securely fixed and it allows you for the “true” laptop use anywhere
where you feel like taking your iPad Air.

The case/keyboard combo is very well made. It is also competitively priced,
and if you are looking for a rugged device/accessory of this kind then you
will not go wrong with this New Trent model. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Nice Case Review by KH
This bluetooth keyboard/case is very easy to use! Right out of the box, I could use the keyboard, but the blue light isn't on when the bluetooth is connected (which I can deal with). Connecting to my iPad air was easy enough and the keys are easy to press. There is even a key to go to your homescreen! The stand is maneuverable so the screen can be seen at various angles, which is nice. I will use my iPad with my daughter sometimes and the stand holding the iPad can stay at random angles so I don't have to try and hold the screen so she can see it. In addition, I can change from a landscape direction to a portrait position while still in the case. That makes using this case/stand even easier!!

I would recommend this to case/stand to others as the angle viewing and being able to switch between portrait and landscape are VERY nice features to have! (Posted on 5/29/14)
good protection, from tablet to portable workstation Review by Mike
Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. The out of box experience is great! Fit is perfect, very good quality product. The box included a USB cable that can charge the included keyboard.

It was very simple to pair the keyboard to my iPad. Since it is bluetooth, I was also able to pair it to my Macbook (not sure why I'll need to do that but the option is there). Keyboard itself feels sturdy, and it has an indent for the iPad to rest on. There is also a rubber clip to keep the case closed and to prevent the iPad from swinging out of the case..

If I need to travel light, I can detach the keyboard and carry only the backing. It'll work as a stand on its own. (Posted on 5/28/14)
Great Case, Great Price Review by Rangerxenos
I have been using the new Trent Airbender 2.0 case/keyboard combo with my iPad air for a couple of weeks, and am quite happy with it so far. This is the first keyboard I’ve used with my iPad, and after only an hour I realized that I should have bought one shortly after I got the iPad itself. The convenience of having an actual keyboard rather than having to use the tiny touchscreen keyboard is huge for me.


It was very easy to set up and get working. Little instruction booklet was all that was needed for me to figure out the Bluetooth setup. Worked like a charm.

I like the fact that I can remove the keyboard from the plastic case that the iPad air sits in. The keyboard adds a lot of weight, and if I don’t need the keyboard I don’t have to pop the iPad out of the shell it’s in each time.

The hinge that doubles as a stand is really an ingenious design, and allows for different configurations/angles.
Love how I can easily rotate the screen from portrait to landscape mode.

Bluetooth connectivity is great, and goes quite a while before needing recharging.

The keyboard itself has a nice feel to it when typing – I’m a touch typist going way back, and I like typing on it.

The groove that the iPad rests in can also be used to rest your stylus in if the case and keyboard are not connected. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I found it convenient.


A backlit keyboard would be a nice addition/change.

A delete key on the keyboard would be very welcome – it’s a key I use constantly, and sometimes the arrow keys just don’t cut it when you’re trying to make a correction.

I think the rubber tab used to keep the case closed seems really flimsy compared to the quality and sturdiness of the rest of the case/keyboard.

It would be nice if there was a way to lock the iPad at an angle in the stand when it’s not resting on the table. Sometimes when looking to view photos I want a specific angle depending on lighting conditions.

Overall, this is a great keyboard case for the price. Quality is top notch.
(Posted on 5/28/14)
Real Value Purchase Review by Don
Airbender 2.0 is the Bluetooth keyboard missing link I was looking for to complete my iPad Air. Having a quick response, good feel, long battery life keyboard to type my many emails has increased my use of the iPad. I find it easy to switch between the touchscreen and the keyboard. The case is rugged enough and I find myself carrying it as opposed to keeping it in a briefcase. The screen articulation is great and the quick release to remove the iPad is handy. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 5/22/14)
Great design of Ipad AIr keyboard case Review by Jay
The following is my review of Air Bender 2.0

Delivery was quick from the vendor.

The Airbender 2.0 I received came with a very nice polish box box with clean design in the front and very informative product explanation in the back.
It shows the company pay attention to what user thinks and anticipated their needs.
Content Inside:

Airbender 2.0
Micro USB charging Cable
User's guide

Let's start with the User's Guide.
It is a very simplified user's guide with two pages. It shows all the major part breakdown in a very nice illustrative pictures and how each stands can be used. Somehow I feel the welcome should be on the first page and not the 2nd page. Follow by Charging instruction. Not the other way around.
However, it none less provide adequate information on how user should use the product and charge the item. It may be difficult for non-tech users in the beginning, but if they read the whole thing it should become clear.

Charging cable: it's your stand micro usb cable. Nothing more, it would be great if one day Newtrent can figure out a way to build the cable inside the keyboard it will make it a even more convenience product offering.

Now Airbender 2.0 itself.

The name Airbender bring back the memory of the movie in my mind, in a way, you would think the keyboard will spit fire or blow ice storm out of it. But not, it is a very capable bluetooth cable offering.

I split my review into two components : the case and the keyboard.

The case is made of two parts: the protective backcover, and the stand.
The backcover clips easily to the back of my ipad air. It provide adequate protection to the back of the ipad when use by itself. It has a nice see thru circle cutout in the back for those like to show off their apple loyalty. It is a medium duty plastic cover and should standup well to normal daily usage. I recommeend putting on a screen protector to the front of Ipad. The quick release make taking off the stand and putting it back on a breeze.

The Stand: the stand is made of heavy duty metal, it has substantial feel to it,yet not too heavy. It can bend to multiiple angles, and it's the true genius of NewTrent. I have not see any other maker on the market that provide these many different viewing angle or stand to the Ipad.
In one end it has a good stand that can sit on your desktop or in my case , my pillow. One the other end , it has a rotating button that can be clip on to the Protective backcover, and can be turn around or rotated for different viewing angle. it is the best design I see so far.

The Keyboard has the traditional island style key. It has just enough pressing dissonance to make a true typist happy. I am comparing this to the Logitech first generation Ipad keyboard cover. It provide very good typing experiencing. As a matter of fact I am typing this review on it. It feels very good taking notes or writing various reports. The battery life seems very good. I being using it daily nonstop for last several day. And I still do not need to charge it. One recommendation to NewTrent is to build the bettery charge status into the bluetooth stack. So it will show the battery status on the ipad's bluetooth status icon, like the Jam Speaker do. The keyboard has a latch that you can adjust the Stand in or out, or to multiple position. It is very easy to pair with Apple Ipad, and it recover from sleep mode very quickly too, if you leave it alone for awhile. It wake up much faster than the Logitech keyboard. It has
multiple function key just like the Logitech which is very handy. It also have a great feature missing from the Logitech keyboard. A CAP lock light. It's a small thing, but it's the small things that differentiates a great product from the rest of it. I don't know how many times I start typing and realized all my letters are in caps when they should be in lower case. This is a great feature to have!!!

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product It's everything I am looking for. The only down side is the extra thickness that comes with the case. but is a price I am willing to pay for a top quality keyboard and extra protection. (Posted on 5/22/14)
A must have for any iPad Air owner!! Review by Jay
I think this
an amazing product that serves it's purpose with ease. The only draw back
I give to this product is the weight/bulk of the case. Being the iPad Air
is marketed for it's thin size and light weight this item seems to take
away from that. The ability to adjust the actual iPad to any angle and
rotate it from landscape to vertical is amazing! I also like that I can
have the keyboard completely separate allowing me the freedom to switch
between touchscreen and keyboard input when doing things like inventory and
ordering. I think this is a perfect product for someone who does any type
of data entry with the iPad. I will be using this product for a long time
to come as it provides the rugged protection I need for my device in the
workplace yet also gives me the freedom to choose when I need a desktop
setup versus a tablet. My hat is off to New Trent as I believe they have
mastered the design for this product and other than the weight I can see no
flaws what so ever! AMAZING!!!! (Posted on 5/21/14)
Nice overall case with a lot of options Review by Doug
The keyboard on this case is very nice. The keys have a really nice feel to them. It is small because it is the width of the iPad, but it is still very functional. I really like the extra function buttons (home, brightness adjustment, volume adjustment, copy, paste, and media conrols. I find myself using the volume controls a lot - much better than finding the right side of the iPad with the controls and hitting the wrong one by mistake! I am typing this review on the keyboard and it is working really well. I havee also used the keyyboard forr several hours and have not neeededd to charge it once yet.

The case overall is very sturdy. It has a nice solid, slightly heavy feel to it. I assume the weight is due to the battery. The case closes tightly and has a nice latch to keep it closed. Another positive with the case is that it is very configurable. There are a lot of different orientations that you can place the iPad in (portrait, landscape, folded over on top of the keyboard). There is a groove at the top of the keyboard for resting the iPad in so it doesn't move when you touch it. Unfortunately, I have found it slightly awkward to get the iPad in the groove because it requires sliding a latch on the back of the keyboard and pulling the stand part of the case sligtly out of the keyboard.

My favorite way to use the case is on a table. I pull the iPad and stand completely out of the keyboard and place it several inches behind the keyboard. It makes it very easy to sit down and knock out some emails withough having to use the on-screen keyboard. It is very handy to be able to remove the iPad but keep the stand attached, without needing the keyboard. I have used it several times this way as well.

The case also has the ability to detach the iPad from the keyboard and stand entirely. It is very quick and easy to remove it by using a camera lens cap type of connector. The iPad itself sits in a thin plastic case that wraps around the sides and back of the iPad. it's not incredibly protective and I'm not sure how it would handle a drop, but it's much better than no case and does offer scratch protection for the back of the iPad.

This case works well as a case for a family iPad. It can be used with the keyboard for doing text-intensive work, then with just the stand for watching videos or playing games. It's also quick to pop off of both to hand it to the kids to use, while still offering some protection. The keyboard feels and works great and the case is solid and very adjustable, with just a few small quirks. (Posted on 5/21/14)
review of the airbender 2.0 wireless keyboard case for iPad Air Review by frosty
The airbender 2.0 wireless keyboard case fits my iPad Air 16GB white perfectly. I find the home key on the top left of the keyboard being the most useful one coming with the keyboard. It saves me the trouble of having to reach for the home key on the iPad. The case is robust and strong. It protects my iPad from daily use. It is most suitable for people who travel a lot by providing better protection than a typical apple smart case for iPad. Although the case is not ideal for using the iPad while lying in bed, since you need to detach it from the keyboard each time.

One thing that can be improved on is that the case comes only in one color: black. I think a white case would fit my white iPad Air much better. Also, the case has a smooth surface on the outside. I think a matte surface would make the case look and feel much more sturdy. (Posted on 5/21/14)
Great case and great value. Review by Cucumberfruit
When I got my case i didn't know what to expect because other keyboard cases seem to not work out so well but this case was another story. I like being able to use it in so many different ways which allows me to more easily multi task. It is a sturdy case and I feel like my iPad will definitely continue to be protected from not only scratches but also other minor accidents. Overall this is one of the best cases I have ever had. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Contender For Top Dog In Its Niche Review by Jeffrey
Feels quite solid in hand, no noticeable flex in the keyboard casing. the keyboard keys have the right amount of travel, and feel "clicky", which is a good thing. New Trent included a small rubber tab to the front edge of the keyboard to keep the device closed. The size of the keyboard feels perfect, and with the iPad attached, if feels almost like a true netbook. The keyboard is surprisingly light, making it easy to throw in a backpack/large purse and go. The adjustable arm holding the iPad is all metal, and the hinge is quite stiff, providing additional sturdiness. The arm can be completely removed from the device and used as a kickstand, allowing you to place the iPad further back, or just to prop up the tablet for hands-free operation. The clip, attaching iPad to hinge, feels as if it will last a while. I do wish that they would have added teeth on both sides of the hinge and arm, however. The arm is flat on one side, with no grooves to grip the interior of the device. When pressing the device's screen, a small amount of wiggle appears. Not a deal breaker, just a minor annoyance. The rear iPad case is solid plastic, and simply snaps on to the back of the tablet. feels hefty enough for everyday use. When not using the keyboard, you can detach the iPad and keep the case on. I personally wish they would have added a layer of powder coating to make the case just a bit less slippery.

Battery life seems excellent on the keyboard. I charged it, kept it on continuously, and used it on and off for approximately 10 hours with no sign of quitting. Pairing the device was extremely simple, and only took a few seconds. The on/off switch moves easily, and the device has lights above the keyboard for Caps Lock, Charging, and Bluetooth.

New Trent has hit a high-note with this product. The build quality and relatively light weight makes it an everyday accessory. If in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard/case for your iPad, you can't go wrong here. (Posted on 5/20/14)
A number of improvements over the original Airbender Review by Bradley
Today I have been using the Airbender 2.0 for the iPad Air. Minor niggles that I had with the original Airbender air have been addressed. The device is much easier to open up now and it's also easier to extend the arm at the back, which now has a locking switch. Like the previous version, the screen can be rotated form use in landscape or portrait mode but now the screen 'locks' into position at 45 degree intervals. The screen can be angled to best suit you and the hinge to do this is made of metal and feels sturdy. The best feature of this new version though is the ability to detach the two parts so that the iPad can be used as a regular tablet without the keyboard. This is achieved by pressing 2 buttons together, much like you would do to remove a lens cap from a camera. Very simple.

The only downside to the new Airbender is that it has lost the 'rubberised' feel of the original Airbender Air, which now gives it a more rugged feel rather than the slicker, premium feel of the original. This is largely a matter of personal taste though and the new design makes your iPad feel better protected.

The keyboard feels pretty good, much better than trying to type with the on-screen keyboard. Pairing the bluetooth keyboard of the Airbender 2.0 with your iPad is simplicity itself.

Overall, top marks :-)
(Posted on 5/20/14)
Excellent keyboard case for the Ipad Air Review by Rocky
I was looking for a keyboard case for my new Ipad Air when I stumbled on this keyboard case by New Trent. I've had previous experience with New Trent because I use their Arcadia stylus, which is absolutely the best stylus I've used, so I went ahead and ordered this case and keyboard hoping for the same level of quality.

I was thoroughly impressed when I received this case. It feels very well made and works flawlessly. I use this keyboard, paired with my New Trent stylus, for taking notes in class and writing study guides. It has basically removed the need for my laptop which I was trying to accomplish from the beginning. If they keep making good products like this, I will continue to support them. Definitely Recommended. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Great Product Review by Minal
Received the NewTrent iPad Air keyboard case airbnder 2.0 from IdealPoint. Shipping was very quick and outsde packaging was basic but ok. What was surprising was the actual product package. I remember my iPad Air package and this newtrent box felt like that - very good quality, not cheap packaging that you usually get. The case was in a plastic cover that opens like apple product wraps. This case already feels like it's made for an apple product.

I chose not to read instructions to see how easy it was to fgure out the product. The back plastic hard case was easy to slid the ipad into. It fit snuggly and has all the right cutouts. I especially liked the cutout on the back showig apple logo, see through but protected by a plastic film in case the case is lying on a table with liquid on it. It was very easy to pair with the ipad once bluetooth was turned on and the keyboard was turned on - just asked for a 4 digit code to type and off we went.

At first I struggled with the balance of ipad. There is a slot on the keyboard where one would think the ipad would rest, but my ipad was hanging above it. That's when I had to read the instructions and see some pictures on the instructions card that showed how the stand can come off by sliding out. Sliding the stand out of the keyboard back allowed the ipad to slant and rest nicely in the groove of the keyboard. It felt much more stable also. I think I like it better this way and won't try to detach the stand from the keyboard. I even tried keeping it attached vertically and while it is a deeper angle vertically than horizontally, it is still very good angle.

The best part is the keyboard itself. A full functional QWERTY keyboard for ipad is something I had not even considered, but using it to type this review makes me sure I would not have typed up this review on my ipad at all if I didn't have this keyboard. The keys are very solid and tactile. Too bad iOS doesn't have too many keyboard shortcuts.

The only thing negative I came across was the small rubber pads on the keyboard. When I closed ipad completely on top of the keyboard like a clossed laptop and opened it back up, a couple of those rubber pads had come off and were stuck to my ipad.

This is my first experience with a bluetooth keyboard for an ipad and I really like this newtrent airbender 2.0 keyboard case. If it had a touchpad attached, I could see myself wondering if I would even need my macbook for what I use it daily for.
(Posted on 5/19/14)
An Excellent Keyboard Case Review by Matt
Rating: 4.7 / 5

This is the second keyboard case I have owned from New Trent. I passed the last one down to my mom and have been blown away by both. The first thing you will notice is New Trent’s clean and neat Apple-like packaging. After unpacking you will lay hands on a very sturdy, versatile keyboard case.

The case links to the iPad quickly, as advertised. Just open up your settings and pair it in the bluetooth menu. A couple key strokes on the keyboard and you’re all paired up. The keyboard a nifty top row of iPad shortcuts (lock, brightness, volume, etc) which comes in handy. Everything else works like a charm, this case is a necessity in the business field or just feel more comfortable bypassing the on-screen keyboard.

-Quick and easy setup
-Very responsive
-iPad hotkeys on top, great layout

-No iPad wake/sleep magnet
-Carrying around a keyboard charger cable

OVERALL: New Trent offers a top notch keyboard case that is hard to beat. The flawless setup and great design make it one of the best. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Good value! Review by Gordon
Upon opening the Airbender 2.0, I snapped my iPad Air snuggly into the case and was able to connect it via Bluetooth almost immediately. The case does not block the speaker, outlet, buttons, or the camera and can be detached easily by squeezing the release buttons simultaneously together. Once detached, it would have been nice to have a flap/cover option to protect the iPad screen without the keyboard. The case is plastic so I’m not sure how it would fare if accidentally dropped. The arm which holds the iPad can be disconnected from the keyboard. This is a nice feature to have to provide some flexibility whether using the keyboard for typing (and providing some distance) or the iPad for viewing a movie.

The keys on the keyboard are decently spaced although someone with pudgy fingers would probably have some problems with it. It would be a nice feature to have a “click” when the keys are depressed. I found the responsiveness was generally good. Being a fairly speedy typist, on more than one occasion, I had to go back and re-type words because letters were missing. Perhaps this takes some adjusting? When composing an email using Yahoo and typing a name in the “To:” field, even though a name pops up from the address book, there is no way to select that name except to tap on the screen. It would have been nice to either tab down or use the down-arrow button to select that name. There are keys for cut+paste, volume, and brightness which make it feel like true PC/laptop keyboard without the weight.

The Airbender 2.0 came pre-charged and it seems to have an automatic shut-off feature to preserve the battery life. It would have been convenient to have a retractable charger cable that was built into the keyboard but this would probably add some weight.

I would say that the Airbender is ideal for anyone who does a lot of word processing such as a student or writer and does not want to carry a laptop. This would be less useful for a person who uses spreadsheets since there is no numeric keypad but, in general, there aren’t any good Excel packages for the iPad (including the current offering of Excel for the iPad). I think most people use iPads for reading and surfing the web; however, for replying to lengthy emails or writing notes, the Airbender 2.0 would be highly recommended – especially for the price. (Posted on 5/18/14)
Awesome Product Review by Jonathan
I received the New Trent Airbender 2.0 very quickly after I had placed the
order. The shipping was excellent. Upon opening the box, I noticed that the
Airbender 2.0 has a very sleek design and its color complements well with
my Ipad air. The style is a similar to a book; one side has a shell which
the device can snap into and the other is a detachable Bluetooth keyboard.
The keyboard was very simple to connect and very responsive to my
keystrokes. One very useful feature is the ability to snap off from the key
board, similar to the windows YOGA laptop, allowing for more mobility of
the keyboard and Ipad. Also once removed you can rotate the device 90
degrees in order to place the Ipad in the portrait position. The Bluetooth
keyboard comes with a USB charger which eliminates the need to purchase
additional batteries.


Very durable

Can disconnect Bluetooth Key Board form Ipad

Rechargeable battery

Low reasonable price


Makes Ipad somewhat bulky

Keyboard is hard to use for someone with large hands

Overall: 5/5

This is a great product with lots of useful features and only a few minor
cons. (Posted on 5/17/14)
Good Stuff Review by Tom

The New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case (NT30B) is a very nice system that adds to the productivity of the Ipad Air.

The keyboard has a very nice feel, it is compact but very useable. The keys are spaced nicely and are raised to give a tactile space between keys. The short key are very useful and include: copy, paste, volume controls, brightness, and home key. The addition of the arrow key is very nice, no more sliding back and forth on the screen until it hit the right place for the courser. This keyboard and made taking notes during meeting much faster and more accurate. One concern I have with the keyboard is the space between the key and it's cutout is relatively, large and seems like it would be easy to get dirt or crumbs into.

The upper case portion of the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case (NT30B) fits very nicely to the ipad air. There is no extra movement and no worry of the ipad falling out of the case. I would like to see the section of the unit become more rubberized. The case does offer some protection for the ipad, but it feels like it would break easily. The rubberzation would also be useful for when you just want to use the case without the keyboard. The hinge is made of metal and feels very strong, this is a nice change from the cheap plastic hinges on most thing today.

As an overall system I am very pleased. It was easy to link with the ipad, and I have had no dropout issues. There is a slight lag when you first start to type on the keyboard but this seems pretty normal as the unit needs to "wake up". After the initial lag, typing is very smooth. I would definitely recommend the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case (NT30B) to anyone with an ipad. The battery life has also been better than expected.

In the future there are a few things I would like to see added, or possibly put on a high-end version of the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case (NT30B). First I would like to see a stylus and stylus holder added to the case. It would also be nice to be able to charge the ipad for a battery in the keyboard. I would like to see a sd slot added to the keyboard as well, and the same connection used for charging could also be used to connect the sd card. (Posted on 5/17/14)
Close to perfect, great for most! Review by Patrick
I have had an iPad since the iPad 1, skipping every other generation along the way. With the iPad 3, I tried several different cases, including one with an integrated keyboard. It was an overweight, mushy, difficult beast, and had the terrible inefficiency of only having one shift key.

When I got my Air, I quickly grabbed a dirt-cheap case, just to protect my multi-hundred dollar investment.When NewTrent approached me about reviewing this one, I really had to think about it - because I have pretty high standards for cases. Above and beyond all, a case must protect... and protect from the six year-old in our house. So, I was skeptical to begin with. Luckily, I didn't have anything to worry about.

The New Trent Airbender 2.0 New iPad Air Case Cover excels in several areas. It does its primary job: protection. The cover, when closed, fully encompasses the iPad, protecting it from falls and scratches. The back cover is a perfect fit, and protects all the way up to the face. Ports and microphones are easily accessible. It's not spillproof or spill resistant though, because the buttons are exposed.

Opening the case is a minor inconvenience. They opted for a rubberized tab, which I'm certain will give out over time. However, even without the tab locking it in place, the two halves mate well.

The bracket and stand combo that connect the keyboard and back cover are a bizarre combination of slider, twist, fold and tilt that just has to be seen to be appreciated. Just about any position you can think of is supported by the combination. The sturdy metal bracket can be completely removed from the keyboard base with a locking slider, and can live on its own. The stand does drastically change the center of gravity for the iPad, so you do have to be careful leaving it in places where high potential energy might result in high kinetic energy.

The keyboard itself is more than adequate. All the keys are in the right places, and the travel is good. Spacing is a challenge, because the width of the iPad, now more than ever, just isn't accommodating of a full pitch keyboard. Also, if you're used to wrist support, there's no luck here.

Another minor quibble with the design: in order to use the detent above the keyboard for the iPad, you either have to rotate it to a portrait orientation, or first slide the metal bracket out to use it in landscape orientation. It would be nice if there was a more easily-found "default" laptop-style setup. Its flexibility is its downfall here.

So, I'm finding myself docking the case the one star above, because of the minor items I've listed. It really does come down to application. If you need full-body protection that doesn't add much weight, and gives you full-travel keyboard keys, this is a great choice. (Posted on 5/16/14)
Turn your iPad into a laptop in a snap Review by Shai
Overall, I will rate the product as a 4 out of 5. Mostly due to weight and keyboard feel on the fingers.
As a bluetooth keyboard, the product does a good job. It takes a little while to get used to the smaller size keyboard, but after a while, the typing flows out faster and with less errors.
The overall feel of the keyboard itself could be slightly improved. I like the keys that have a little bent for the finger and that provide a little softer touch. But that may be a personal preference.
Connection to the iPad via bluetooth was a snap, and connection stayed on for as as long as it was in use. All in all, Bluetooth was excellent.
Typing on hard surface was just as easy as typing on the lap. Balancing the product was easy.
Battery life was very good, both standby and usage. This can hold more than a day's work without recharge.

As a case for the iPad Air, it was very easy to fit the iPad in, it felt very secure in it. In fact, getting the iPad out, wasn't as easy.

I really liked the easy snap on/off technique to separate the iPad from the keyboard itself. So you can continue to have the tablet experience whenever you want.

This would be a great product for note taking or blogging. As we all know, typing long documents on the iPad keyboard is not a great experience. This product brings it closer to the laptop level, only need to adjust to the size factor.
(Posted on 5/16/14)
Sturdy Case & Nice Bluetooth for iPad Air Review by Arun
The case is very sturdy and fits the iPad perfectly. The buttons on the iPad are clearly visible and accessible. The swivel mechanism works well without any issues and the locking mechanism is pretty nifty.

The Bluetooth keyboard connects seamlessly the iPad at the click of the button and functions effectively. Cool Key board Features
• Control iPad brightness
• Control iPad sound
• Bring up iPad keyboard using keyboard hot key

The lid closes properly and also turns off the iPad off when closed and wakes it up when opened. It behaves like a smart cover for the iPad.

The metal stand gets locked at the 1st slot and the last one, otherwise it has a free movement to slide back and forth on the other slots. This enables the iPad to be positioned at any desired angle. It has a complete 360 degree rotation to provide a Landscape as well as Portrait mode.

Overall all the components are very durable. The look is OK and not as attractive or stylish as the iPad Air itself, but rightfully serves the purpose it was built for.

This product will be of very good use for kids using iPad in schools as it will provide with safety to the iPad as well as the Bluetooth keyboard will be very useful for the kids to type. It is just right for any kind of applications like word, mails etc.

There is a small con though and it may just be a matter of getting used to the case. The iPad sits on the notch provided on the Bluetooth keyboard, but this is not a proper anchor. The iPad rests properly inside the notch when placed on a flat surface, but if you were to move from one place to another, you have to handle the iPad and the keyboard carefully using both hands.

Overall Rating : 5

(Posted on 5/15/14)
Nice design and sturdy Review by Bruce
It was nice having the keyboard on this case and the protection. It is slightly heavier than expected but that's with any case. I like how it hugs my ipad and I have no doubt that it will survive a fall. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Good case for the money Review by Andrew
When I upgraded my iPad 3 to the new iPad Air my Zagg case/keyboard would not fit. So I ordered the Airbender 2.0
It looked like a useful case that would allow me the option to rotate the iPad from the standard landscape position of my old keyboard to the portrait position when I needed it to.
The iPad clicked straight in to the top of the case and the bluetooth keyboard connected without any issue.
Charged the keyboard and then tried to use it. I did not review the instructions and that was a mistake. I could not make the iPad fit in to the slot on the keyboard to hold it in place in landscape mode and in portrait mode it was too upright. After a quick review of the instructions I found the switch on the keyboard back that releases the bracket that holds the iPad in place. (see picture) Now I could adjust the support for the screen to suit my needs.
The keyboard has a decent feel to it and the bottom of the keyboard has rubber feet to keep it in place.
The quality of the workmanship is good and very good value for the price.
Based on value and overall quality I gave it a 5
(Posted on 5/14/14)
Great case, good keyboard , excellent design and a quality product Review by rakesh
I got the product delivered this morning and could not wait to test it out.
I tested this unit against my latest IPAD Air.

So here we go.

First things first, the packaging is great. The product is slim.

Great help if you dislike the built in virtual keyboard on the iPad.
Keys are tactile and spacious.I like the added keys available for 'special' features like cut, copy, volume control etc.
The keyboard had the great responsiveness and ease of use.
The setup of BT was a cakewalk.
I used it to draft some emails, type a few memorandums in MS Word and do some spreadsheet editing as part of daily work and it all went smooth.
Battery life looked decent...will revisit my comments on this once i have used it for a while.
It charges by micro USB and cable is included. As this charges via a USB port on your laptop/desktop, a retractable cable attached to the keyboard itself would have been cool.

There are three LED lights on top right of the keyboard -
(1) BT connection - blue LED that flashes during pairing, and then turns off,
(2) internal battery charging indicator, and
(3) caps lock (amber)

While, the battery indicator was apparently not working for this unit, and remained off regardless of the charge level, this
however was minor defect.

This product also doubles up as a protective case.
I like the exterior material that reduces those annoying fingerprints.
This product supports the iPAd very nicely and it quite stable.
The locking clip is a very smart feature and makes it feel more secure.
However you will struggle to open the case single handed.
The pivot mechanism is good and works as expected. The setup and rotational range offers ergonomic conveniences.

The product can be dismantled to separate pieces as per your choice and convenience. The arm that holds the cover case and keyboard pieces looks sturdy and functional with no wobbly or loose movements between the two.
The multiple lock positions is well thought design.
However, the mechanism looks bulky (which does give it sturdiness) and lacks smoothness,
It is difficult to use it single handed.

The rubber feet sole on the keyboard stand stop it from sliding all over the place when adjusting it.
It sits nicely on your lap since it has the nobs to keep the screen from falling back, but also on a desk it sits nicely and does not take up much space. I would believe that it will fit perfectly on a plane or train food tray. I travel a lot and would like to test it out soon.

The product is surprisingly very lightweight and thin which makes it perfect for using on the go to get work done.
Great case, good keyboard and excellent design.

This is a quality product and I would recommend this to all owners of iPAD Air. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Quality at its finest! Review by Kinged
The Airbender 2.0 is a pleasant surprise that combines quality and functionality. It is the perfect product for the business professional/traveler as the sturdy case protects the iPad and allows for ease of word processing when needing a viable substitute for the laptop.

Removing the Airbender from the packaging, you will immediately notice the sturdiness of the case (albeit slightly heavier). Placing my iPad Air into the case was easy as it clicked into place and was ready for use. As a two-piece case with the top encasing the iPad and the bottom containing the keyboard, the ability to detach the two parts is brilliant as it provides flexibility to actively mimic a desktop with the "monitor" separate from the Bluetooth keyboard. On its own, the top case is supported by a quality metal stand that allows it to stand and not tip over when pressing the iPad screen. Further convenience comes from the ability to entirely remove the stand for those times you just want to hold the iPad in your hands. However, there are a few gripes such as the need to pull out the metal stand as the default viewing angle is 90 degrees and the case's material being prone to oil/sweat imprints if your hands are not dry.

The Bluetooth connectivity to sync the keyboard to the iPad was also no hassle as the iPad immediately located the keyboard and was ready for use. When using the keyboard, there are several buttons that make its use very easy. At the top left is a "Home" shortcut key followed by buttons for adjusting brightness, volume, play/pause and several others. There are several more buttons at the bottom of the keyboard which include buttons for Macs which I can only assume makes this Bluetooth keyboard flexible and multipurpose to use with many devices. Furthermore, the buttons are very tactile and responsive making the use of the keyboard very convenient. It essentially makes the iPad a mini word processing unit for those times when tapping on the screen to write emails just doesn't cut it.

You can't go wrong with the Airbender, its a product that has been carefully thought out with the user in mind and at a very affordable price to provide great added value to the iPad Air. If needing a case that can both serve and protect, this is the one you want to get! (Posted on 5/13/14)
This is an amazing product, I like it a lot. I would like to rate it as 5 (excellent). Review by Shun
I used the New Trent iPad Air Case with Keyboard with my iPad Air.

The pros:
1. The case fits the iPad very well. I just need to open the case, and (slightly) press the iPad in.
2. There is an opening on the case, which allows me easily and conveniently to pop out the iPad from the case.
3. The hinge is tight enough, no need to worry about the iPad to flip over.
4. The case is easy to use, no need to read the manual for instructions.
5. The keyboard is easy to connect. First, I slide the button to "on" position; then, press the "connect" button, the Bluetooth light start to flash. And I see the keyboard appeared in the Bluetooth devices in iPad. Follow the instructions to input key code. It's connected!
6. The typing with the keyboard is smooth and comfortable.
7. The top row of quick access keys, especially the media play keys, and volume control keys, are very convenient, especially when using the iPad to play video.
8. The design of the case and keyboard is good. It turns my iPad into a "laptop", at least it looks like a laptop. This is the best feature I liked about this product. It makes me type much faster. This is especially useful when you are doing IM chat or posting into social networks.

The cons:
1. There is no LED light indicating the keyboard being on or off.
After several minutes of the keyboard being connected to the iPad, all the LED lights were off. It took me some time to figure out that the keyboard was still on.
2. The keyboard and the case (plus the iPad) might be a bit heavier.

I think field workers, who travels frequently that use iPad as convenience but also requires lots of typing will benefits a lot from this product. The case will protect the iPad, and the keyboard will boost the productivity.

I enjoy the keyboard feature more, and it allows me to "remote" control the media playing experience with the iPad, which makes weekend or night video watching much better.

Overall, I like this product, and would like to rate it as 5 (excellent). (Posted on 5/13/14)
Looks Nice and Protects Well Review by Irfan
The packaging was great and the box resembles the iPad air box. The finishing of the product was nice and had a premium feel to it. The only thing that felt light in quality was the keyboard. The options on the keyboard were very good. I loved the home button and cut/copy/paste buttons were very useful in MS Word. Its a good keyboard except the feel of it. I only charged it once and its still running. The fact that the case can be separated from keyboard comes handy as most of the time I feel the need to switch between typing and reading modes. Its a bit of hassle to get the required tilt when the keyboard is attached but its manageable. An iPad with this case is a handy replacement of laptop in meetings. Overall, I will recommend this to anyone who wants a good keyboard case for iPad Air. 5 star product for sure. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Great all around keyboard/case combination Review by Ronald
When the package arrived at my doorstep, the mail man threw the package
hard on the ground. Fortunately, the product box is thick and sturdy.
Inside the box had the case/keyboard itself, a short micro USB cable, and
a one page folded user guide.

The case itself is 1 lb 6.4 ounces. While it adds a little bit of weight
to iPad Air, which Apple strives to decrease the weight, the functionality
of the keyboard will make up for it. The product has an industrial and
rugged look kind of like Otterbox cases or laptops designed for extreme
environments. However, this case is made of plastic. The product is held
in place closed with a small rubber piece.

Connecting the keyboard to the iPad was very simple. I just had to enable
bluetooth on the iPad. Then I turned on the keyboard with the switch at
the top right of the keyboard and pressed the 'connect' button. A blue LED
started flashing rapidly on the keyboard. When selecting the keyboard to
pair with, I just had to type a random number followed by the 'Enter' key.
After that, the blue LED stopped blinking and the keyboard was now

While the keyboard is not a full sized desktop computer keyboard, it is
more than adequate to type documents. You may need to keep your hands and
fingers a bit closer together while typing, but was not a problem. I was
able to type numbers, letters, and most symbols just like a normal
keyboard. They keyboard does have some built in special function keys that
act as shortcuts for your iPad. For example, there are keys to
increase/decrease volume or to go back to the home screen. The keys
themselves are solid and feel just like the chiclet keys on laptops

The keyboard has a feature where there is a metal bracket that slides out
of the side which helps allow you to view your ipad at a certain angle. In
addition, you can easily rotate the ipad to stand vertically or
horizontally. You can rotate it in either horizontal direction. The thing
I noticed is that the rubber piece that holds the case closed only works in
one of the horizontal directions.

I think the product is excellent for those who need the productivity and
convenience of a keyboard in a single case. If you work with documents or
email a lot, this keyboard will save you lots of time typing. While this
case does make your iPad into the style of a net book, people will notice
most likely it isn't, based on the design on the cover of the case. The
case does add a little bit of bulk and weight to the amazingly thin iPad
Air, but is acceptable if you depend on the need for a keybaord. What also
makes up for it is the fact that you can separate the keyboard from the
case if you need to shed the keyboard at times. (Posted on 5/13/14)
Great Review by C
I was very satisfied with the product. When I first opened it up, the product seemed to be well built. I could tell that I was not made with cheap materials. Putting the case on my iPad Air was also a breeze. It snapped in very easily and I am confident that it is secure. It is also important to me that I did not lose the functioning of the buttons/ ports on my device. While the case IS heavy, it carries well and is comfortable under in one hand. This is important because no matter what i am doing, I need to have one hand free. The keyboard also worked seamlessly with the iPad. The pairing was very quick and I did not see any connection problems thought use so far. The Metal hinge piece feels very sturdy. I haven't found anything I really don't like about it. I also really like being able to detach the keyboard and use the shell case alone. The case seems very durable and would likely function very well in a commercial setting. Lastly its great for travel as it has a real keyboard but a profile much slimmer than a full laptop.
(Posted on 5/12/14)
GREAT Case Review by Tai
Pros: Very versatile. I like the fact hat the stand can be horizontal or vertical. I like the plastic clip that secures the unit in the locked position. The keyboard is a good size and feels very smooth operating. I like that when the ipad is separated, it still has a kickstand option.
Cons: Not sure how long the plastic locking strap will last. (Posted on 5/12/14)
Overall good quality wireless keyboard case! Review by Heather
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 for the iPad Air is a good choice if you want a wireless keyboard case for your iPad Air.

Pros for the New Trent Airbender 2.0:
- easy to install/uninstall
- easy to setup bluetooth
- size of the keyboard
- very responsive keyboard functions
- easy access to home button, settings, lock/unlock iPad
- iPad easily releases from the keyboard
- stand rotates from portrait to landscape
- stand adjusts for different viewing angles
- case provides light protection

Cons for the New Trent Airbender 2.0:
- no built in screen protector
- weight – this case is much heavier than the other cases I have used
- not comfortable for sitting on your lap – this case is top heavy which causes the case to fall backwards

Overall good quality wireless keyboard case!
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 for the iPad Air deserves a 4-star review! (Posted on 5/12/14)
Great keyboard case Review by Kurt
I have owned two of the Airbender cases. The first with my iPad 2 and now this new one with my iPad Air. I returned to this case because the manufacturer turns out consistent high quality products for the price. I have tried several of the other keyboard cases that are in the $100-125 range and found that the response on the Airbender is as good as the top of the other cases at far less money.
There are a few things I really like about this case. The first is that they have added a small fastener that holds the case closed during transport. The earlier case I had would open slightly when loose in my bag. The second thing I like about this case is the layout of the keyboard. There are some subtle differences such as an independent lock key. There are also a complete row of function keys across the top that do most of the more common things for you such as brightness, volume, play/pause, cut, paste, copy (not easy to do when you don’t have a Control-C option available. The battery on the keyboard appears to be very long lasting. I followed the instructions and charged it for 6 hours prior to first use. I have not recharged it since and I have used it quite a bit for the last few days, writing reports and such. No indication yet of needing another charge. Someone earlier posted that they got about a month’s use between charges. I am leaning towards agreeing with the performance I have seen.
The case is a hard plastic. Comfortable to the hand, very strong and durable but as one person already said, it is a bit too smooth for firm gripping. A few additions of rubber bumpers or trim would give a “stickier” means to hold it. With that said, I want to make sure that this is not seen as a major deficiency. The case itself has been changed to a more “3-D” case with raised portions that serve as feet for the base piece. This allows you to have more than enough places to hold onto the case while carrying it around. The rubber would be a nice addition though and make it even better.
The swivel on the back of the top of the case is durable and the arm that it attaches to is metal. It feels very strong and reliable. The ability to attach and remove the iPad from the arm is essentially the same as the earlier Airbender cases. You press the two slides towards the center and your iPad (protected by the top case which remains on the iPad), comes free. The top case has cut-outs for the power button, the volume and mute and the charging port. The speakers are covered but the area of the case that covers them is perforated with holes to allow the sound to come through. I have not noticed much of a decrease in volume as a result of the covering. Reattaching the iPad to the base is very simple and is just a reverse of the removal process. Once attached to the base the iPad can be displayed either portrait or landscape.

Pros to the case:
Durable and compact. Sturdy enough that I am sure your iPad can survive a short drop. When closed it activates the closed-off feature. Connecting the keyboard to the iPad through Bluetooth is seamless. There is a small button and a light to indicate when ready to connect. The keys have strong springs under them but not so strong as to tire you out typing. They are responsive and typing accurately is easy. The overall design of the case is very handsome.

Cons to the case:
The small attachment used to hold the case closed is attached to the keyboard side of the case. While it is small and does not get in the way all the time, it is visually a deterrent as it sticks up right by the space bar. When fastened to the top of the case it slides/snaps into a small opening and attaches firmly. Unfortunately the opening it attaches to is only on one edge of the top case. Since the case will swivel 360 degrees, I like to put my home button on the left when in landscape view. This makes my charging cable for the iPad reach better and it goes off to the left. When I go to close the case, I have to rotate the iPad 180 degrees so that I can fasten it shut. Placing a fastener port on both sides of the case would give the end user more flexibility in how they position their screen without having to swivel to close it. The other negative for me was that the connector on the arm that attaches the iPad to the base has the same problem that I had with the first case. It is very “loose” where it swivels and if you wanted to ever have your iPad held on the arm but up off the keyboard it cannot be done. The case is designed so the edge of the iPad fits within a groove in the keyboard. For that purpose it works great but tightening up the swivel would give it a stronger feel and permit other options for the end user.

Overall this is definitely the best keyboard case I have seen available for the money. I anticipate using it for many years (at least until the next iPad comes out with a different shape).
(Posted on 5/9/14)
One of the better iPad Air cases I've seen Review by Dennis
After recently purchasing the Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 4, I was a little bit disappointed. While the case seemed to work well, the design left much to be desired. When offered a chance to test the Airbender 2.0 case for the iPad air, I jumped at it. And this time I was not disappointed. My main complaints about the first model has been resolved in this new case.

My first big complaint with the 1.0 case was, of course, the lack of any sort of good fastening mechanism when the clamshell was closed. Sure, it had a sudo-latch, but I can’t really count on that. The 2.0, on the other hand, includes a rubber fastener, which does a great job of holding the case closed. I do think that this could have been accomplished a little bit better, perhaps with a sliding latch, rather than a rubber one that sticks out in front of the case when opened.

Second, the hinge on the Airbender 2.0 is much tighter than the other case, which makes it easier to get the iPad positioned where I need it, without having to worry about the iPad falling because the hinge was loose.

Third, unlike its predecessor, the slide-out hinge on the 2.0 actually has a latch to prevent it from sliding out at odd times. In order to slide this one out, the latch must be slid to the side.

Finally, I absolutely love the look of the new Airbender 2.0 iPad Air case. While the other case looks good, the 2.0 case looks amazing and very high-tech, and the addition of the removable top section was brilliant.

The keys on the bluetooth keyboard are perfectly sized, and the resistance is nice. Typing is quite comfortable and easy.

My only real complaint about the Airbender 2.0, other than the aforementioned rubber latch, is the lack of weight in the front of the case that leads to the case trying to tilt backwards if you don’t get the iPad positioned just right. This, however, is mostly likely by design, as nobody wants to lug around more weight than necessary.

All things considered, the Airbender 2.0 case for the iPad Air makes the perfect addition to my mobile office. As a freelance writer, I often find myself needing to jot ideas and work on articles while away from my desk. And anyone who has ever used a mobile device will probably agree that using the on-screen keyboard for any length of time is annoying. With the Airbender 2.0, my iPad Air is almost a netbook.

Overall, I absolutely love this case, and give it a rating of 5. (Posted on 5/9/14)
A must for travelers Review by Patrick
I travel a lot for my job. I like to take my Macbook Pro but recently have been looking for an excuse to move to iPad only for notes, etc. and I have found my reason in the Airbender 2.0. Now my 64GB iPad Air and I can travel the open roads (or skies, in my case) and get right to work. Since airlines are now letting you keep your tablet operational during taxi and takeoff (but not your laptops), I can be even more efficient.

I got my Airbender 2.0 in the mail and snapped the iPad into place. It’s important to read the instructions. Putting it in the case is a snap - really - but you won’t know all the benefits of the case unless you read the small insert that comes with it. Pairing the case was a breeze, click the case’s built in keyboard on, turn on bluetooth, click connect, and enter the number displayed. Even when you put the iPad to sleep, any touch of the key will reconnect you and you’ll be up and running in no time.

I could turn the iPad around no problem but couldn’t figure out how to get the thing to stand up - that’s where the instructions are helpful. I didn’t know with a quick move the switch on the case, the top (holding the iPad) detached, allowing me to move my keyboard closer to me and the iPad a few inches away - helpful when I don’t have my glasses. This is a huge improvement over the Airbender 1.0, which didn’t detach from the keyboard. This mode works well for watching movies too, as it becomes a built in, and sturdy, stand.

I love my MBP, but it no longer travels with me - everything I need - keyboard, stand, and more are all wrapped up in the great Airbender 2.0 for iPad Air. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Amazing case for an amazing price Review by Cory
If you occasionally use a keyboard or want to use a keyboard for your iPad then this is the case that you definitely want to get. This case is solid construction that holds true with New Trent quality standards for business it has great functionality with shortcut keys quick connection to Bluetooth to the iPad the rotating bezel makes this case even better, you can go horizontal or vertical with the iPad and still type, the rotating bezel also has a quick release so that you can take just the iPad if you don't need the keyboard, the stand that connects the ipad and keyboard slides out and can be used as just a stand for the iPad. Just an all-around absolutely wonderful case with a price point that cannot be beat. If you handle bills online or do a lot of communications by email or just do a lot of typing and searching with your iPad then this is the case for you. You won't find one with better quality, better construction, and better features for a better price. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Excellent product Review by Theresa
It's been over a month and I can't complain at all. I have the NT30B and it works great performs better than I hoped. Would highly recommend New Trent to others. (Posted on 5/8/14)
Best Value Case on the Market Review by Shane
This keyboard case is one of few that is reasonably priced, and it has a lot to offer.

The keyboard itself is bluetooth and detachable, which provides a lot of utility. The keys are a good size--I type with ease and I have really big hands. The function keys along the top are very useful as well. You can control volume, brightness, lock the screen and return to the home screen all by using the keyboard, among many other things.

The iPad's case is slim and sexy. There is a hole in the back with plastic over it that shows the apple logo, and this is where the spring-loaded metal connector goes into the case. This piece bends 180 degrees and can be used to connect the iPad to the keyboard or to stand the iPad up on its own. It is also detachable from the iPad case so that you can just carry the iPad around.

All in all, it looks very cool and sleek and functions just as I hoped it would. There is no lag and once you're used to the parts, you quickly become a pro at using this case. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a keyboard case! (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great professional case for iPad Air Review by Carlos
I'm becoming a huge fan of the Newtrend cases. First of all, the Newtrend product comes in this really cool box (see attached picture).

I am one of those guys that really enjoy trying new things. But normally, I am not the first to buy the latest gadgets. I like to make sure I am getting the right product. So, I do a lot of research before I purchase anything. That's how I came across Newtrend. I first bought a Newtrend case for my iPad 2. I did not know if I was going to like it, but it has been a great decision. When I decided to upgrade my iPad to the iPad Air, it gave me another reason to try more of the Newtrend cases (in reality I really needed more space for my movies - upgraded to 64 gb from 16 gb). I am a consultant so I spend a lot of time in airplanes. I need to have the right case for each of my trips (similarly, I have a backpack or travel case for each trip - short or long). When I travel internationally, I like to carry a strong case (I have and highly recommend the Newtrend Airbender Pro which is a fabulous case - strong, rugged, and very safe). For shorter trips, I was in need of a "dress up" (this is for my power meetings) looking case which I now have with the Newtrend Airbender 2.0.

The Airbender 2.0 is a great looking case. It was very easy to set up. First, I removed it out of the great looking box, then I immediately charged the wireless keyboard. As soon as the light indicator turned "green", I placed the iPad Air into the case. In the first try, I did not push the iPad totally in so it came out. Then I firmly pressed the iPad Air in the case and I heard the snap sound so I knew I had it done correctly. Turned on the iPad and the wireless keyboard. Set the keyboard on the pairing mode (which is very easy - the "blue" light indicator started to blink). The iPad Air recognized very easily the keyboard and immediately started using it. As a matter of fact, I am writing this review using the Newtrend Airbender 2.0 wireless keyboard.

The wireless keyboard is well organized. I like that there is a lock button, but unlike other keyboards, on this keyboard, you have to press the "Fn" + "lock" keys. Why is this important? Because the lock key is located by the backspace key. You could easily lock the device without this feature. Trust me, I have done this quite a bit on other keyboards.

The Airbender 2.0 case offers similar benefits of the Airbender Pro which allows the user to use the iPad in the portrait or landscape stand. The device can rotated 360 degrees. This is a pretty cool feature. The iPad and the keyboard can be easily separate from each other. I like this option. I separated them. I tested the connection as far as 6 ft away just for the fun and I never lost the connection, but honestly I will never use it that far away for anything. You can't type and read it being too far. :o) The arm is strong enough to hold the iPad high enough for me to see it while seating with my legs up in my desk. Nice...

The day is almost over and today is Friday, so let me watch a movie while a wait for my wife and kids get home. I will use the case arm as "a TV stand" and enjoy a Netflix movie.

I would like say the Newtrend cases are awesome and you could not go wrong with any of them, but my new Newtrend Airbender 2.0 is pretty great! Trust me you won't be disappointed. If you have any questions, shoot me an email (well, the politically correct (PC) police many not like the idea) so just send me an email with questions.

1. Great looking case
2. Easy set up and use
3. Small form - fits the iPad Air perfectly and not too bulky
4. Keys on the keyboard are well spaced. You can type away.
5. Keyboard battery seems to last. I used it pretty heavily on my first day and it is still "ticking"

1. No delete bottom ... have to use the backspace key instead. No big deal
2. can't think of anything else (Posted on 5/7/14)
Good quality for price Review by Justin
I found the case to be most useful when needing a case that’s durable and able to be used with or without the keyboard.
The biggest selling points are the Bluetooth keyboard and the ability to use it with or without the keyboard. The case is a bit on the heavy side so sometimes it’s nice to just take the iPad without the keyboard.

The rotating clip on the back works great, easy to pop in and out for separating it from the keyboard. The adjustable slider works great and the locking tab does a great job holding it in place. The stand is durable, won’t break easy. The keyboard has convenient shortcuts for adjusting settings on the iPad or moving around different screens.

I think any occupation that wants a heavy duty case that’s adjustable would really enjoy this case. Other cases sometimes feel flimsy or low quality, this one is neither.

I would give the product a 5 star rating because it delivers what it promises and is a high quality product. It is heavier than I would like for my daily use and it’s a little cumbersome trying to adjust things every time I want to use the keyboard and have the screen propped up.
(Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Keyboard Case for work! Review by Meredith
I bought this product for my iPad Air. This keyboard case is very sturdy
and there is an easy installation process. You just need to snap iPad into
case backing and you need to charge the keyboard for six hours when you
first get it started but after that doesn't take very long to charge. The
keyboard is very similar to a regular Mac keyboard and there is even a
button on it that will bring you back to the home screen of your iPad so
you don't have to touch the iPad for that. Typing is easy as well, but the
backspace button is a little bit small so it was hard to get when I was
typing sometimes but overall I like the structure. You can pull out the top
of the case and attached stand to bring the screen back a little bit if
it's too close to the keyboard, so you can move it wherever you like. You
can also remove the iPad from the back stand so it just looks like a case
for the iPad, which is convenient if you want to remove it from the
keyboard case for a little. (like two products in one). To remove the case
from the stand all you need to do is squeeze the buttons in the back and it
pops right out and squeeze them in and it pops right back in so very easy
to use. The setup is just Bluetooth so you set up directly and link it with
your iPad. Very pleased with this product better than other iPad keyboards
I've used in the past and would definitely recommend this to a friend. 5/5
for me. Was really easy to use for work as well. (Posted on 5/5/14)
Versatile! Review by David
I am using my Airbender 2.0 Keyboard to write this review. I wanted a keyboard case for my new iPad Air that would provide a good amount of protection and have a detachable keyboard. The Airbender 2.0 is right on the money and just right for the money, too. This keyboard and case are much better than some of the other brands that sell for $100 or more. Keyboard is ample size and layout, even for a guy with big hands like mine. iPad case detaches from keyboard in two different ways. I can take it off at the swivel so my kids can hold it in their lap and play games, or I can detach it at the hinge/brace and use it to prop the iPad up and watch movies. The versatility of this case is amazing.

The Bad: None

The Not So Good: None

The Just Okay: When opening the case the iPad will sometimes swing over at the swivel instead of opening all the way. No big deal, you just have to get used to it.

The Good: Protects the back, edges, and corners of the iPad without compromising access to the controls/ports.

The Very Good: Best tablet keyboard that I have used. Dedicated function keys, good size, and holds charge well.

The Great: Very versatile case! Great for everyone in our family. Dad can use it for note taking apps, Mom can read books or play Candy Crush, and the kids can do just about anything.
(Posted on 5/4/14)
So much better than the rest Review by Glenn
Simply put - for this price, you can't do better than this keyboard case. It's solid, it protects your iPad - yes. It does it without turning it into an armored car or weighing as much as one - yes. New Trent has built in as comfortable and as large a keyboard as could fit into it - a really big yes. And the Bluetooth pairing works every time, even when you leave it idle or turn it on after being unconnected for a while. With some other keyboard cases I've had Bluetooth connections break before the end of a sentence. And all the keys WORK. Yeah, well that's what they supposed to do, you're saying? You haven't tried many keyboard cases. And when you don't need the keyboard, it and the sturdy metal case hinge detach from tablet and its outer cover and you've a nearly naked and unencumbered iPad for its other myriad uses. The uncoupling feature also makes the hinge serve as a stand for the iPad - landscape or portrait - and you can put some working distance between it and the keyboard. A very versatile accessory for the iPad Air. I own and have tried quite a few covers/cases for my Air and while all have their strengths and uses, doing everything I want to do with my tablet meant often changing from one to another. I haven't needed to change out my Airbender 2.0 once since loading in my Air - it does it all for me. I'm very pleased with this product. (Posted on 5/3/14)
An excellent case that I wouldn't be without. Review by Rolf
This case is perfect! It fits well, the keyboard works perfectly, nice touch to the keys and the whole process from installing the ipad to
pairing the keyboard was seamless. I found the stand feature to be great, initially I wasn't sure if the stand and keyboard would be that useful as I had never used a keyboard cover before, I love it now and wouldn't be without it. The case itself is very good with decent protection. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this if you are in the market for a keyboard/case/cover! (Posted on 5/2/14)
Great! Review by gregory
This case is newly re-designed version of the Air Bender. Having used (and enjoyed) the older one I was excited to use the 2.0 version. I can honestly say that Newtrent has taken a good thing and made it better. It’s obvious that they listened to the reviews and improved some of the more challenging features of the previous model.
The upper shell is now much easier to remove from the ipad air. It also has more of a etched or grainy surface instead of a soft touch finish. I personally think this looks and functions much better. I have found soft touch finishes to be finger print magnets. The bracket/hinge assembly has been re-designed also and is much sturdier. It also rotates but has locking positions and is more like a laptop hinge.
The keyboard is similar to the 1.0 model with some slight refinements. It also has the welcome addition of a caps lock LED. Pairing is simple and straight forward. The layout is well though out and makes good use of the limited space. Let’s face it, a larger layout would be great, but unless someone designs a foldout keyboard, the size is limited by the size of the ipad. I really like the touch of the keyboard. It is responsive and is similar to Apple’s Bluetooth keyboards.
As far as build quality, the 2.0 unit really steps it up a notch. The hinge and rotation mechanism are metal and have an etched feeling to them. Definitely more of an industrial design compared to the previous version. I like the fact that I can remove the ipad and shell from the keyboard and use it as a simple shell case. I think this makes a great feature when travelling light. For those who worry about scratches, Newtrent thoughtfully adds a clear plastic cover over the hole when detached from the hinge/keyboard.
Newtrent’s packaging is good and looks premium. It comes with a nice long USB to micro USB charge cord and a small manual.
Not much to say here. I am not a huge fan of the little rubber clip that holds the unit closed. I can’t imagine that with the new hinge it is even really needed. I am sure it could easily be clipped off if found too annoying. Other than that issue, there is really nothing to complain about.
Conclusion and other comments:
Usage wise, I have not had the unit long enough to really comment on battery life. I can say as a long time user of Newtrent external battery packs, they KNOW batteries. I would be VERY surprised if life was anything short of exceptional. I travel frequently and have had several comments and questions about the previous version. I imagine with the new one it will be the same.
I have seen comments regarding the weight of the unit. In my opinion, the rugged build quality and features do not allow for a lightweight case. It’s a simple tradeoff. More features equal more weight. I don’t find the weight to be an issue.
Finally the price point on this unit is fantastic. There is nothing of this quality anywhere close to this price.
(Posted on 5/2/14)
Best iPad Case Ever Review by Wookieman
Air Bender caseNewTrent Air Bender V2 Review:

I recently purchased the New Trent 360º AirBender V2 case for my new Apple iPad Air tablet. I upgraded from a iPad 1st Gen, which was heavy with its protective case and separate Blue Tooth keyboard. I'm a photographer/writer and work location quite a bit and I also make presentations to clients. I like to travel light and yet I prefer a real keyboard to the virtual tablet keyboard. I also need a protective case that would allow me to work in landscape and portrait mode, while protecting my iPad from knocks and bumps while traveling and setting up on locations for photo shoots.

The AirBender case was chosen after looking at a over a hundred cases online and in stores; this review is being typed on the AirBender key board. I'm very pleased with my decision for a number of reasons; starting with the;

1: The case is light in weight and brings the weight of my iPad Air to 2 pounds. This is good because when I travel the iPad goes into a shoulder bag with a spare cables, wall charger, extension cord, Blue Tooth headset/charger, a Square credit card reader and a New Trent IMP70T 7000 mAH Battery for iPads, iPhones and Smartphones

2: I like that the case will wake my iPad when I open it and turns it off when I close it, which saves on my battery power.

3: The detachable key board has a positive feel when I type and connects quickly and easily to my tablet and in a pinch to my iMac desktop. Battery life of the keyboard is exceptional, I have yet to lose power after hours of typing.

4: The metal hinge is a plus and feels like it will last quite awhile with constant use. It is easy to separate the tablet from the key board, when I just want to read or watch a video. I also find that when I want to use the camera in my tablet, the the quick release is great since I can quickly remove the tablet without having to open up the case or extend the hinge/stand.

5: The metal hinge/stand is sturdy and allows for multiple viewing angles in portrait and landscape mode attached or detached to the keyboard.

6: The case is well made feels sold and it allows me to use my Square credit card reader with ease and I can access all the tablet's ports, buttons and switches.

Now this as close to a perfect case that I could find and I'm very happy with it but have a few ideas that I think would make it perfect:

1: The plastic latch matches the case and works well but it is going to wear out long before the case with constant use and there is no way for user replacement. And it really is not needed as it still leaves a slight gap between the upper case and the key board.

2: What would make the case perfect is a loop/holder for a stylus like the NewTrent Clickable I use with several of my Apps, that way it would always be with the case.

3: The hinge/stand is great except that has a tendency to tip backwards when using it detached from the keyboard with the tablet in portrait mode. Also it will collapse when in landscape mode if the angle is extended. I think a little extension on the edge of the case that would engage the slots in the bottom of the hinge would help when in landscape mode and detached from the keyboard.

4: A lazy susan on the bottom of the keyboard so the whole case can be rotated 360º for viewing by others. I have a case for another iPad, which I love because of that feature and I'm actually working on adaptation for this case to give me that capability.

With everything being considered I would give the case a 5 stars out of 5 stars.
Wookieman (Posted on 5/2/14)
Great product, great value Review by Terry
I have owned several keyboard cases, mostly from New Trent. This one so far is my favorite! What I like most is the flexibility of this product. Unlike some other products, I can detach the keyboard, but keep the shell on the iPad. This not only adds protection, but lets me quickly take the iPad with me on those occasions when I do not want the keyboard. A quick pinch of the back panel and I am off and running. Another feature that is new to me is the ability to detach the keyboard, but keep the stand attached to the iPad. This is great when I want to relax and prop my feet up, stick the keyboard in my lap, and set the iPad on the desk. Yes - this is lazy, bad posture, non-ergo - I get it - but it sure is comfortable! The added "snap" in the front is also a plus in keeping the keyboard closed when carrying it around. One other think I think most people forget is this keyboard will pair with most any bluetooth device - not just an iPad. I find myself occasionally pulling it off the iPad and pairing it to my AppleTV when I want to play around on YouTube. It allows me to type in the search box and navigate around using a keyboard rather than that little remote. One last thing - the battery life on this unit is incredible. Given how light this thing is, the battery cant be very big - yet it lasts forever on a single charge. All in all, given the features and the price point of this unit, I find it a very good value. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great new Bluetooth keyboard from New Trent Review by Joseph
I recently tested out the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth
Keyboard Case (NT30B) on my Apple iPad Air. My initial impression on
unpacking it was that the overall design and feel of the Airbender 2.0 was
similar to the Airbender. The Airbender 2.0 has a lot of new improvements
that has made a good product into a great product.

The Airbender 2.0 is a lightweight keyboard that has three separate
components: the keyboard, the plastic iPad holder, and the aluminum
bracket. Unlike the older version of the product, the design of the
Airbender 2.0 allows the user to separate these pieces. I am able to take
my iPad off of the keyboard, without removing it from the plastic case.
This simple change made a huge difference for me. Now, if I want to take my
iPad outside to read, I don’t have to take the keyboard (which adds
thickness to the setup). Additionally, the bracket is adjustable, to allow
the user to change the angle that the iPad sits, relative to the keyboard.
You can remove the bracket entirely and set the iPad farther away, if

As far as the basic functionality of the keyboard (Bluetooth pairing,
charging the device and the number of functions available on the keyboard),
similar to the original Airbender, New Trent has done a great job of
designing and putting together the product. I do wish the keyboard were
more sensitive to keystrokes. I’ve found that sometimes I need to hit a key
a couple times before it registers the stroke. Like any keyboard, you’ll
develop a sense of how it works best over time.

The battery life on the keyboard is excellent, but I’ve come to expect
excellence from New Trent’s batteries, since I own a couple of their
battery products and have come to depend upon their reliability and long

In my experience with the Airbender 2.0 keyboard, the added flexibility of
being able to remove the iPad from the keyboard elevates this to being a
product that most people would get benefit from. You have the ability to
type on a keyboard for emailing, writing up documents, blogging, etc., but
can go to a slim down version with just the iPad for more mobile uses. I highly recommended this product. (Posted on 5/1/14)
***Stylish and Versatile iPad Air Keyboard and Protective Case*** Review by Twofrenz
***** 5 PLUS for SURE *****

This is the most Versatile case I have run across ! I love that I can turn the iPad Air and use the keyboard as a type of stand and watch You Tube or Netflix !
The 360 degree rotation of the iPad Air makes it a dream to get just the right angle for whatever your current project is.
The angle of the screen accommodates any situation from using it on the job, at the kitchen table, or lying in bed watching you favorite flick.
I commend the inventor of the rugged style and quality that we have all come to trust New Trent to deliver !

The packaging is clean, neat, and attractive with a very easy leaflet to explain the quick assembly and installation of your iPad Air Keyboard and Protective case.
I found it took only a minute to put together and the Bluetooth pairing was as fast as lightening.

The quality and look are amazing for both male and female users.
As always New Trent made it versatile to both the Boardroom, construction site, students, and home use !!!
The detachable keyboard gives you the versatility of using your iPad Air as a tablet or a convenient computer.

The keyboard has a wonderful pleasant feel to it. The keyboard has a sturdy feel and is light to the touch, which I find pleasant
to use.I also like that the edge of the protective case does not protrude high past the keyboard, so you do not have that biting into your
hand as you are typing.

The tray that you can let your iPad Air rest in can also be used as a pen tray so you are not always hunting your pen down.
You can easily power up the keyboard with the included USB cord that is comes with your purchase (I had just assumed one was
not coming with it). The keyboard takes little to no power and the charge lasts and lasts!

I have not tested the protectiveness and dropped my iPad Air, I'll leave that to chance and my clumsiness to happen on it's own !
An added feature are the nice little rubber feet that help to hold the case in place as you are typing and protect your desk or other surfaces.
There are also little rubber feet to keep the keyboard from scratching your iPad Air screen.

I have already recommended this WONDERFUL Product to my close friends and relatives and could not wait to let others know
that New Trent has made another Quality Product that is easy and Pleasant to use ! ! !

***** It gets a 5 Plus rating from me ! ! ***** (Posted on 4/30/14)
I love this keyboard. A great product for a wonderful price Review by David

I am typing this review on my new Airbender 2.0 blue tooth keyboard case. I ordered it and it came in just a few days. I've been using it for 5 days now.

It was packaged well, and I opened it, found the directions, and charging cord. It plugs into the side of the keyboard, and my first complaint is that you cannot see the charging light unless it is open, as the light is on the top of the keyboard, not the side. I plugged it in for 6 hours as directed and then installed my iPad Air. It snapped securely into place and I don't fear that it will fall out. You can take it back out, but it is made so secure that you have to work at it, for which I am glad knowing that my iPad won't accidentally fall out. There are the proper hole placements for the speakers, jack, charge port, volume controls, lock button, and camera lens.

The case itself is sturdy and I believe it will give excellent protection should I accidentally drop it. It is a black matt finish case that has the look and feel of metal, even though I know it isn't It also has a neat design on it that looks like a metal bulkhead you might see on a sci-fi movie.

I turned on the power, went to my iPad bluetooth setting, hit the connect button on the keypad and paired it to my iPad. It paired easily and quickly.

The keyboard is nice, and the keys are spaced well enough that typing is very natural. All they keys are where you are used to them being on a regular keyboard, plus it has a row of function keys across the top to control brightness, music play, volume; and copy, cut, and paste keys. You don't have to push a function key to use them. The symbols on these keys are very easy to figure out and recognize, which is an improvement from previous models. There is a slight click feel as you push down the keys which makes it feel more like a regular keyboard and you can more easily feel your key strokes.

When closed, the iPad sits securely on the keyboard, but is held off it by 6 rubber spacers on the corners of the keyboard to keep it from scratching the iPad screen. The iPad is held by a rubber clasp when it is closed. It is also easy to open the clasp. The case is designed so that the iPad can either be used as a tablet, where it lays back side down on the keyboard; or as a laptop. There is an arm on the back of the unit that you can pull in or out depending on what angle you want your iPad to sit. There is a track groove for the bottom of the iPad to rest upon as you type and it doesn't accidentally slip out because of the tension of the arm. It is also designed so that you can rotate the iPad either to landscape or portrait orientation, though I'm finding as I use it, I rarely type with it in portrait. It also has 4 rubber protrusions on the bottom to keep it from sliding on a desk or table.

What is really great about this product is that you can dis-attach the iPad portion of the case by squeezing together two buttons. The open circle on the back is useful to hold the iPad when it is in this format. One suggestion I would make to New Trent is to include the clip so that in this format you could still attach the Apple cover.

The arm can be totally removed from the keyboard allowing you to set the iPad further away from you on a table. This keyboard and case was very well thought out.

I also tested the blue tooth connectivity by leaving the keyboard on all night. It worked great the next morning without any delay. I also turned it off an on numerous times and it connected immediately, which is good because I've experienced and read about other keyboards having a connectivity issue.

My only other concern or dislike about the unit is its overall weight. I don't know the exact weight, but it seems to add more than the weight of the original iPad Air and seems a bit too heavy. I don't think that this should dissuade someone from giving it a try, however, because the extra weight also means extra protection for your iPad.

This keyboard would be very useful for someone who travels a lot and does't want to haul around a heavy laptop with its gear. It is simple to open and to begin immediately to type. You don't even need to extend the arm in the back to do so because it opens like a lap top and stays in whatever angle you put it at. I find it helpful to extend the arm if I'm sitting in a recliner with me feet up as it helps to hold it on my lap. Very nice!

It is also good, even if you don't travel much, which I don't. I like it because I have everything I need in this one case and it goes with me pretty much wherever I go, even on the motorcycle. Students could also find it very valuable as they can use it to take notes during class. I use it to teach at my church. I have all of my books on my iPad Air, and have access to any notes I need. I have also put it on a podium and spoken from it publicly with no problems.

The price is also very reasonable and is half the cost of one brand name I considered in a local store. What you get for the price is really good, and I would highly recommend this keyboard, rating it at 5 stars.
(Posted on 4/30/14)
Airbender 2.0 Review by Vickie
Although I am pretty loyal to the Otterbox brand of products for their durability of cases for fragile technological equipment such as phones and tablets, I became interested in the New Trent NT30B because of its keyboard capabilities. I have been quite pleased with the purchase and performance of this case. The New Trent company obviously had its user in mind as it designed the case and its features. The case is a hard case that closes up and has a little flap that secures the two sides of the case together. The case is very lightweight and portable. The iPad fits into the top of the case securely and the case becomes a portable computer complete with full functioning keyboard. There is an adjustable plastic piece at the hinge that allows you to angle the "monitor" (i.e. iPad) however suits you best and there is a groove at the top of the keyboard that the iPad fits into to sit like a laptop computer. The top is also flexible and can be twisted and turned and the iPad can rest on top of the keyboard if the keyboard is not needed at that particular time. There are many features that make this case user-friendly and enjoyable. There are, however, a couple of features I would be interested in seeing added to the case if future models are developed. The screen on the iPad is of concern to me. It is the most fragile part of the equipment. Since the iPad sits into the back of the case (albeit very securely), the screen is not protected. The screen gets dirty easily with fingerprints and is highly susceptible to getting scratched or possibly even cracking if the case is dropped while the case is open. It would be nice if there was some sort of rubberized protective sleeve that went around the iPad with a screen cover and then the iPad fit into the keyboard case. I really like the functionality of the keyboard. I have a lot of difficulty typing the iPad screen...I often think that I hit a key (a letter or the space bar) but the letter doesn't register. The New Trent keyboard case puts an end to those problems and makes typing on the iPad much more enjoyable. Furthermore, I like the "stand" (like an easel) feature of the case. It would be nice if there were a groove at the bottom of the keyboard similar to the one at the top..basically, you would be able to fit the iPad into the bottom groove and it would create a triangle with the keyboard being the solid foundation. This would be a nice feature for doing touchscreen activities or even a good angle if referring to the iPad while cooking (for a recipe). The final suggestion I would make is a little spot on the case somewhere to store the cord that for charging the keyboard. A case is intended to protect but should also be very mobile, so it would be good to transport all components of the case neatly within. All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase. (Posted on 4/29/14)
New Trent airbender 2.0 great case Review by Tommy
the New Trent Airbender 2.0 New iPad Air Case Cover with Detachable 360° Spin & Wireless Bluetooth Smart Keyboard for Apple iPad air. It feel very durability, the design looks great right out of the box. It feels very durability and very high quality make.

-Very easy to setup – take me less than a minute to put in my IPad and pair the keyboard.
-Good Price
-Keyboard separated from iPad screen.
- Work just like a laptop in front of you...
-quick and easy to disconnect the keyboard from the case

The Bluetooth keyboard functions perfectly and battery life is excellent. The fit is good and quality of construction of the product is good. I like the ability to rotate the iPad and "snap" it in either in Portrait or Landscape mode. This case does it all, protect your iPad air, can easily convert it into a portable laptop for much easier typing with it keyboard, or just a standalone back cover for normal use. This case make my life a lot easier, I can type up all my e-mail, notes in a breeze with the Bluetooth keyboard. New Trent is an excellent company. They always have great accessory and gadget for your phones and tablet.

-At first keyboard need to get a little use to, the key is a bit smaller than normal keyboard.
(Posted on 4/29/14)
Great laptop alternative Review by Katie
The first thing you notice when using the case is that it's pretty heavy, far heavier than the first Airbender case was. This is clearly because of the added weight of the removable stand and removable snap-on case, but is a pretty big downside.

The chiclet keys are as comfortable for typing as the older model, but they're slightly further apart and for some reason this seems to have reduced my typing accuracy and speed somewhat, but not much. Still good, I just need to get used to it.

Being able to take the shell case off easily without removing the iPad itself is great. While taking the iPad out of the case is easy with the Airbender 2.0, the button removal of the hard shell case is pretty convenient. I love being able to stand the iPad in the case to read at work, in my kitchen, and on the train, but when I ride my stationary bike or read in bed it's much easier to hold without the extra weight of the stand and keyboard. I really do like this feature, and have been using this case instead of the original Airbender because of it. That alone makes the case worth the extra weight.

While the heavy hinge makes this one harder to open than the original Airbender, that also means that you can open it like a laptop without having to slide out the arm to use it in landscape mode, as you would a netbook. Right now I am typing this at my desk with the screen at a comfortable viewing angle without the stand extended. On the train this is a little less practical as the jostling tends to knock the ipad down, so when I'm on the train I still swing out the arm for stability.

The keyboard of this model seems to consistently stay connected to the iPad, and this makes it much more convenient than the previous model or my iHome bluetooth keyboard. No daily trips to the settings menu to resync. Having the keyboard be separable from the stand is also pretty nifty, especially if you're using the iPad propped up next to your computer screen. I also like being able to use the bluetooth keyboard with my PS3 and other devices without it being attached to anything.

The brightness, volume and cut & paste buttons are still the best thing about having a keyboard case, as is being able to use command prompts and shift for symbols and caps to type normally. It really does make my iPad feel like a netbook or ultrabook, and I no longer see the need to buy a small computer for doing work on the road.

The case has all the cutouts in the proper places, it's easy to charge both the keyboard and iPad with it closed, and the snap closure keeps dirt and junk from getting in your keyboard while it's in a bag or purse. The rubber moldings all around the outside of the case keep the glass from rubbing on the keyboard, and with the case snap closed it feels quite secure.

All in all a nifty case, for those who can take the extra weight. Not something you'd want to use if you're just reading or playing games, but great for those of us who take a lot of work home and don't want to carry a full laptop.
(Posted on 4/29/14)
Great product! Review by Heather
I received my New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case (NT30B) the day before my daughters and I left for vacation, which was perfect timing. I charged it up that night and put it together in the morning before we left. We drove from Wisconsin to Florida, stayed for a week and then drove back. I turned the keyboard on when I used it to type, but would had it turned off the rest of the time. It holds the charge very well and I used it probably about 30 minutes a day on average - didn't need to recharge all week.
The case itself is very durable. A little heavy, but not obnoxiously so.
The only thing it doesn’t have that I would have liked, is some sort of hinge for the arm that holds the actual iPad so it can be tilted up or down/forward or backwards.
Bottom line is the keypad works great, the case is durable, and it functions as I would have expected it to function!
(Posted on 4/28/14)
Amazing product with best price. Review by Puneet
I bought this product for my husband's ipad Air and it came in 2 days. Very nicely packaged. It fits perfectly and holds the ipad pretty strong. The keyboard works great and the latch joining the case and the keyboard is very nice too. The case made his ipad like a mini laptop. He loves the fact that he doesnt have to use the ipad keyboard anymore.

One thing i would mention is that the latch doesn't seem to lock itself as when we tried to extend the latch outside to use the keyboard, the latch should lock itself to the position i set, but it doesn't. Not sure if its a defect or a feature but thats the only thing i didnt like.

Apart from the latch, everything is great. The case looks pretty sturdy and holds on to the ipad very strongly. Would definitely recommend it. (Posted on 4/28/14)
Awesome case!! Review by Jenell
I love the New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard case!! It provides the convenience of having a Bluetooth keyboard without adding bulk. I was so impressed with the sturdiness of the case, and the stability of the arm supporting the iPad Air even when fully extended. This is especially important when working while traveling. To extend the arm, just slide the latch and ease out the arm. The 360° rotation is wonderful – very easy to rotate the iPad and change the view from horizontal to vertical. In addition, the case “locks” in place as you rotate providing additional stability. Other exceptional features include a convenient toggle to turn on Bluetooth, a keyboard with properly spaced keys, a secure latch, and the ability to separate part of the case from the keyboard. This last feature is extremely easy to do – just squeeze inside the rotation circle and the case separates from the arm. Reattaching is just as easy and very secure. This feature is fantastic when reading. This case is ideal for those in real estate, sales, or any profession that needs to use their tablet as a computer outside the office. As a travel agent, this case is perfect since I often have to work outside my office. I have tried keyboard cases by other companies, and they do not even come close to this case in ease of use and features. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Better than the last version Review by Johnson
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 is a nice upgrade from my current Airbender. It has value pricing for what you get. The new case design shows that they aren't just rehashing the old product. There is a completely new dark shell design with extra details carved in. It definitely looks more high-tech and modern - like the new Robocop compared to the original. I like the subtle recesses in the back so that the entire case is not as easily scratched by whatever surface it is on. Again I am not one to read instructions, and I managed to start using it right away so it's relatively user-friendly. The iPad Air snaps in easily and it seems well protected. Their are holes open for all the camera, speakers, ports, volume, etc. The overall function is the same as the original one. There are multiple extra positions the iPad can be used in - laptop, portrait function, and the BEST part, the free form where you can detach the iPad entirely. This is useful for small group presentations or when working next to someone who also would like to look at the screen. On top of that, since you can break the case down, you can always just use the case as a separate case if you're moving around the office frequently and want to leave the keyboard at your desk. The keyboard is pretty much the same as my original Airbender. The only downside is that there is the extra charging cable that you need to carry around to charge the keyboard, but that is the downside to any keyboard case. Overall I enjoy any company that listens to what people want and changes their products in innovative ways. 5/5. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Even Better Review by Lance
About a month ago, I purchased a New Trent Wireless Bluetooth case. I absolutely loved it. I raved about it so much to my kids, that one of them asked me if they could try it on their Ipad Air. Bad move on my part to say yes. I never got it back. She loves it too. So when I went online to purchase another for myself, I saw that there is an updated version, the Airbender 2.0. It must be even better, right?

Well, it is! It has all the cool features the original has, but with some extra fun stuff thrown in. The 2.0 can now function as a separate case as well, because the Ipad holder now detaches easily from the keyboard. You now do not have to push your Ipad in and out of the cradle when you don't want to use the keyboard.

I find though, that I love keeping my Ipad in the cradle with the keyboard attached, even when I'm not typing. It provides a way better stand than the almost useless one that Apple sells. It is absolutely perfect when sitting on the coach and setting it on your lap. You can adjust the viewing angle to whatever you like. And that is also another improvement, that they added. The arm extension now has a locking mechanism to release it, and can be removed to provide an awesome stand for the Ipad. I really love leaving it in though, as I now answer even the longest emails on my Ipad with the keyboard. I hated typing long paragraphs on the hard screen. This is the perfect answer.

Battery life is long, I rarely recharge it. It is solidly built, and feels great in the hand. I really can't believe they packed so much into this case for the price. I would have expected to pay twice for what this product delivers.

So if you've even for a moment considered a keyboard for your Ipad, go out and and get this one. I never really thought I'd use it much when I first bought the original Airbender, but wow, was I wrong. This just makes everything about the Ipad better.

So obviously I rate this 5 stars. Thanks New Trent, I love your products! ( I just hope my son doesn't ask to try my Keyboard! ).
(Posted on 4/26/14)
High Quality, Durable iPad Air Keyboard Folio Review by Becky
This keyboard folio for the iPad Air is made of high quality materials that offer a high level of protection and functionality. The keyboard pairs easily and quickly with the iPad and never drops the connection. The keyboard is laid out well and the keys are spaced comfortably, making typing a breeze. Also, the iPad can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for the iPad to be utilized in both landscape and portrait orientations. This is useful, as it allows for full functionality while attached to the case. The stand has the capability to be removed from the physical keyboard, creating the potential for the iPad to be used at even more viewing angles and positions. All cut outs are flush with the iPad, so all buttons and ports are accessible. The auto wake/sleep function is also supported and fully functional with this case. As a student, I find this case extremely useful for taking notes in class and typing papers. The only thing I dislike about this folio is that it adds some weight and bulk to the iPad Air. Overall, this case is ideal for anyone looking for a functional, yet protective iPad Air keyboard folio. (Posted on 4/24/14)
Fantastic product, why pay twice as much for a similar product made by 'another' company. Review by Nicholas
It's an excellent product. It was bought as a gift for me.
It's well thought out, well designed and well constructed. 5 out of 5 on all. The keys are comfortable to use and the keyboard worked instantly.
Some have said the case is bulky, but to be honest it's not. It's true the AIRBENDER 2 is a solid bit of kit, but having owned an iPad 1 I have found the air a bit too thin and have been worried about dropping it. However the addition of the case gives me good grip and will protect the iPad if I do drop it.
Unlike many products, this one actually works as the instructions describe - I didn't have to search online help forums or develop an intimate knowledge of wireless technology. So switched the wireless button on, typed in the code and away I went!
I don't usually review products, I'm a dr so I've got better things to do. But I've been so impressed with it and the price! I felt I had to do something to break the Logitech and Belkin stranglehold on the UK market.
What are you going to do? Pay twice as much for the Logitech? Don't bother just by this.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Great iPad Air keyboard! Review by Sanford
This is the 3rd keyboard iPad case that I have owned from New Trent. I
originally chose the non-detachable case (NT510K) because it was slightly
smaller and lighter. The keyboard in this case is almost identical to the
keyboard of the NT510K and is very responsive and spaced well enough to
avoid hitting incorrect keys like I did with my first generation keyboard.
The iPad fits into the top part of the shell easily and remains firmly in
place. It features a detachable shell that allows an Apple iPad cover to
magnetically snap to it if you want to travel without the keyboard or stand
which is a nice bonus. That feature is lacking in the NT510K. The case
pairs easily with the iPad and is charged with a micro USB, holding about
5-7 days power with moderate use. You can keep the entire unit together
and rotate the iPad in either orientation in multiple viewing angles OR
slide the base from the keyboard and have the iPad in a stand with the
keyboard operating on a lap or further apart than the case along would
allow via the bluetooth connection. The function keys for volume,
brightness, music and home screen are very handy as well. There are also
the perfunctory arrow keys in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
Obviously the case adds a bit of weight and bulk to the iPad but I believe
that the features justify this slight inconvenience.

Considering all that is packed into this case, it serves its purpose well
and is one of the best on the market. 5 stars all around. (Posted on 4/24/14)
AB2.0 helps me on the go Review by Tim
Sleek, formfitting, and solid performance are the best words to describe
the NewTrent Airbender 2.0 wireless keyboard case designed for the iPad
Air. The enclosure of this case is ridge and sleek with well groomed curves
to contribute to the aesthetic of the iPad air. Sporting the trademark
NewTrent swivel hinge, this is the most superior keyboard case on the

First, this case has an adjustable hinge that allows for laptop typing,
desktop typing, and distance typing. The bluetooth connectivity worked well
even from distances where my iPad screen became uncomfortable to view. The
case is essentially a hybrid because it molds together the portability of a
keyboard case, the versatility of a free-standing wireless monitor, and the
convince of a detachable hinge to use the iPad without the keyboard in
natural form. Despite the fact that this iteration of the NewTrent line is
without a waterproof casing, the lack of a screen protector creates a slim,
streamlined look and feel. Moreover, the ease of use is greatly improved
without the impediment of the plastic screen overlay.
This is the only choice for a mobile business professional. In my practice,
I walk up and down stairs daily, take meetings in various locations, and am
seldom fortunate enough to reside near a charger. This keyboard case is not
only superior in style and portability, but also extremely responsive as a
keyboard. The bluetooth charge has lasted over a week of sustained use
without recharging. I also really like that my samsung galaxy charger is
compatible with the NewTrent mini port.

While this case is not a "rugged" case made for drops or spills, it will
withstand the occasional "oops." Due to the relative solid weight, roughly
1.5 lbs? I admit to dropping my briefcase down hard and cringing upon the
heavy "thud" the NewTrent elicited. However, the solid reinforced case left
my iPad unscathed and in complete working order. The cameras both front and
rear facing are uninhibited as are the volume controls. This feature is not
to be taken for granted because there have been more than enough
embarrassing moments in conference calls on during meetings where the iPad
has serendipitously alerted the entire room of my latest ESPN update "da nah nah, da nah nah." Great UConn wins, but I lose face! This Airbender 2.0 has really created a great balance between ease of portability, access, functionality, and durability.

My productivity has increased greatly because of the Airbender 2.0. It has replaced my laptop as my go to computing device. Fantastic work NewTrent! 5 out of 5 stars.
(Posted on 4/24/14)
Sturdy but light case and best keyboard on a case Review by Javier
great sturdy but light case... a true workhorse. keyboard is spaced out and keys feel just like a laptop keyboard, responsive and accurate...probably best keyboard i have tried for a iPad case. My only wish would be backlit keys...overall great product (Posted on 4/23/14)
Excellent Combo Case Review by Chris
Overall the case works very well with my Apple iPad air. I like the newer design much better than the first version. I absolutely love the fact that I can detach the iPad from the keyboard. This way, I can now leave the keyboard part at my desk when I go to meetings and just take my iPad. The other side is great too, that I still get to connect the iPad back to the keyboard when I get back to my desk. Absolute brilliant design. I was looking just for this detach feature on other cases and couldn't seem to find a better one than this that also had all of the full features that the New Trent design offers.

- Professional appearance
- Solid feel when the case is closed
- The case fits like a glove, all holes and spaces line up perfectly with the iPad's buttons, etc.
- The battery life is very long
- The design is ingenious, really enjoy the detaching of the case from the keyboard without needing to take the iPad out of the case
- All of the typical keyboard shortcuts (At the top of the keyboard, play/pause/lock/brightness, etc.)
- Stays connected for long periods and actually shows up in my Bluetooth menu as New Trent Keyboard
- Very easy to pair via Bluetooth and took only a few seconds to connect

- The keys still feel cheap and remind me of the first generation keys
- The latch feature could was redesigned to flex. The first generation the latch was solid and this was is a rubber type of material. I think over time this will break/wear out.
- I recommend a metal flip latch or something similar to keep from breaking/opening.
- The case doesn't completely seat in the tray when in landscape mode when typing on the keyboard. It's slightly crooked. I tried to realign but it appears it was manufactured with a slight skew.
- Heavy when closed and put together. The feel gives a sense that the case is well made, however it's almost too heavy.

As you can see, the Pros definitely outweighs the Cons. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a keyboard and case combo. I would rate the product as an overall 5 out 5. Good job on this one! I like it a lot. (Posted on 4/22/14)
Great Bluetooth case Review by Bharpur
Easy setup of Ipad Air into Case, just snap into place. Keyboard pairs
easily with Ipad Air and it is very responsive. What I really find unique
about the case is I can separate the keyboard, put the Ipad Air into
portrait mode and use it like that. This is great for writing. The case has
a lot of functionality. The keys feel very nice to type with - very

The case is fairly light. I found typing on it convenient and my hands are
neither really large nor really small. I've used this to get some quick
work done on planes, at restaurants and at marketing events.

I found the top row of shortcut keys to be very useful as well. The battery
life is actually surprisingly good. I am able to get some solid work done
before a recharge is needed. (Posted on 4/21/14)
Amazing update! Review by Steven
This update to the Airbender proves how much New Trent listens to and cares about their customers. All of the bad attributes of the last version have been fixed in this one, leaving a perfect product. The design of the previous version was simple and flat, while this one has edges and cuts, making it look like a robot in disguise.

- The stand is much more secure, making it so it doesn’t slip and fall.
- The gaps between the keys are a little bigger, making it easier to type even though the keys are slightly smaller.
- The locking mechanism is easy to use.
- The case can be disconnected from the stand (as well as the keyboard), allowing it to be used as a case by itself. This could provide consolation to those who do not like taking an iPad out of a case.
- The entire case feels secure when using it and the way the stand works in conjunction with the case allows for plenty of viewing angles.
- The simplification of the printing on the keys is a nice touch.

- Having three logos on the case is a bit of an advertising overkill. Perhaps one logo, on the back of the case, would be fine.

I can honestly recommend this keyboard case to anyone. I have had a few of these in the past, and this one has blown my expectations away. (Posted on 4/20/14)
The complete package! Review by Jon
NT30B keyboard case
Wow! Now this hardy and handy keyboard case by Trent is a bloggers delight! Writers and students alike would appreciate the natural feel of the keys.
Upon removing the keyboard case from its box I was taken by the solid feel. very little plastic here. I discovered that the case had a partial charge so I went to work with the install. No need for directions here. My Ipad Air had no difficulty slinding into its slot. Next step was an immediate pairing of the keyboad with with my Ipad Air. All well and good but what really blew my mind was the easy way the Ipad Air could rotate into vertical or horizontal positions. No special button to push. While in operation a passerby quiped that I had a versitle and "cute" notebook.
I was able to time the full charge of the Trent keyboard case at twelve hours of heavy use.
Compared to other such keepboard- case combinations I rate this one by Trent as number one in value, operation and most importantly it would protect my new Ipad Air!
Rating- 5 (Posted on 4/20/14)
Excellent Product! Review by Ryan
​Case works amazing​ and does exactly what you expect a Bluetooth keyboard to do. I especially like the fact that you can rotate the iPad while it is in the case. Makes things so much easier. I don't know what else to say about this case because it is just that good. From what I have seen so far it hold a charge for quite some time. I constantly use my iPad on a daily basis and have only had to charge it once - The only negative thing I would say is that it adds some bulk to the iPad - Maybe if it were a bit thinner and weighed a little less that would affect the outcome and feeling - The pricing was great and compared to other competitors it does the job like its supposed to. I have a ZAGG Keyboard and I prefer this over that one any time.
(Posted on 4/20/14)
Airbender 2.0 rocks! Review by Yuh-Chyi
I have tried this Airbender 2.0 keyboard case for my iPad Air which snaps in snuggly. I found it very versatile and easy to use.
The keyboard Bluetooth connection pairs fast. I also connected it to my HTC Desire phone and it worked like a charm.
I like the rotating lock on the back which allows you to turn the iPad Air in vertical and horizontal positions.
The multi-adjustable arm and stand let you move the iPad Air in an arbitrary angle, it is quite flexible for viewing.
The case can be detached from the keyboard, and it allows you to use the iPad Air by itself.
Overall, it is a very sturdy, sleek and functional Bluetooth keyboard case which deserves a 5 out 5 stars. (Posted on 4/19/14)
The most versatile keyboard case for the ipad Review by David
I love this case due to its versatility. I have seen some cases out there that can do some of the things this case can do but not all. First this is a keyboard case. I love the fact that it has the home button on the keyboard so I don't have to reach and press the home button on the ipad itself. It also has other functional keys on the keyboard for convenience. The keys on the keyboard has good feel and is easy to type on even though it is smaller than a laptop keyboard.
You can also take the metal arm out and use it as a stand. You can position the iPad vertically or horizontally. This makes it very nice to enjoy a video while just situated on the stand.
Lastly, the case portion is removable by just press a latch on the back making it very nice to carry the ipad around without the full keyboard attached to it. It gives it some protection even without the keyboard. It doesn't give it the type of protection that the fully armored cases do but it does give you some.
I have to say that this case is more useful some cases that are more than double or triple the cost of this case. You can go wrong with this case. (Posted on 4/19/14)
What a Great Case for the iPad Air! Review by CCS
I've been using this case for a few weeks now. It's a very nice hard shell case and, while it does add a small amount of weight to the iPad Air, the added protection and functionality is well worth it. The case can be used in a variety of positions and, unlike many iPad cases, doesn't fall over when it's propped up in landscape (or portrait) orientations. I'm especially like that the bluetooth keyboard is removable. I had been considering buying a keyboard to use with my iPhone and Apple TV. This works quite nicely. I had no trouble pairing the device and it seems to have a very long battery life. This case allows the iPad to effectively function as a small netbook given the correct apps and cloud storage. I would definitely recommend this case for anyone looking for a great case with the very useful added functionality of a keyboard. (Posted on 4/19/14)
Great durable keyboard case! Review by Tami
Currently I am using the Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard case for my iPad Air. Taking the unit out of the packaging I noticed that the construction is quite sturdy but light weight. Sliding my iPad Air into the holding section was easy and it felt very snug and secure. I didn’t think that I would like this case so much, but I love it!! It has turned my iPad Air into a little laptop when I need it, but I can also remove it easily from the keyboard and use it as a tablet to read books or surf the web. This keyboard case would be good for anyone to use with there iPad when they want a smaller compact computer like unit. Great to use on planes, for conferences, note taking in college or for everyday use.

-Very responsive keyboard that has all the keys placed perfect for accurate typing and is very easy to use
-Strong sturdy design, holds iPad firmly
-iPad seems very stable on stand in Landscape or Portrait mode
-Disconnects from keyboard quickly for tablet use (No screen protection when disconnected from keyboard tho)
-Very useful shortcut keys (Cut- copy- paste buttons, brightness buttons, as well as other lock and multimedia buttons)
-Easy to access all ports of the iPad
-Bluetooth connects quickly and easily

-It would be nice to have a wall charger included for the keyboard for those on the go
-Case is a fingerprint magnet
-(not a Con really, just a problem with my keyboard) Green LED light for battery does not come on, so I am unsure of the battery life (CAPS lock yellow LED light is not very bright, but the Red LED and Blue work great)

I am having problems with the letters “n” & “m” on my keyboard working. They work for awhile and then stop and then work again.

I rate this a 5 Excellent. I would recommend this case to friends, family, and colleagues who are looking for a quality keyboard case for their iPad Air. (Posted on 4/18/14)
Brilliant design Review by David
This is my first Newtrent product and I have to say it has been beautifully designed. The different viewing angles it allows and orientation has been much appreciated. I had other Bluetooth keyboard case covers, but the BT pairing have always been a problem, the Airbender 2.0 pairing works fine. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Nice keyboard, but don't like the look Review by Michael
I've owned several Bluetooth Keyboards, including ones made by Logitech,
Microsoft, Anker, New Trent, and others. Each keyboard had its own pros and
cons. I also own a Surface 2 with Type Cover 2, and from a keyboard/tablet
functionality, no keyboard has yet bested the Type Cover 2. With that said,
I tested the Airbender 2 to see how well it would perform for my iPad Air.
After all, the Type Cover 2 is not available for non-Surface devices.

What are important to me for keyboards are: 1) typing accuracy, 2) weight
and size, 3) battery life, 4) compatibility with other devices, such as
with the other electronics I own: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google
Nexus 7, 5) functionality, 6) look and feel.

I previously used the original Airbender, and as such I'll also provide a
comparison of the new one vs the old one.

1) Typing accuracy: like the previous Airbender keyboard, this one types
exceptionally well. It also paired very easily and quickly with the iPad
Air. After I switched the On/Off switch to the ON position, I hit the
WIFI-symbol button, indicating to the keyboard that I'd like to sync it
with the Air. On the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and you'll see "New
Trent Keyboard" available for pairing. The iPad will ask you to type in a
certain code on the keyboard, followed by Enter key, and the pairing is
made. That was easy.

- Keys are spaced comfortably apart
- Gives a nice, audible feedback
- Gives tactile feedback
- Responds quickly on the screen - there was no lag
- Has battery/Bluetooth indicators
- Brightness, Volume, Media Playback (Play/Pause/RWD/FF), and Volume keys
are convenient
- Has dedicated Lock button (invoked by pressing Fn-Lock)
- Home/Task Switching (Square symbol) key works just like the Home
button: single push = Home. Double-push = Task switching. Hold the button =
- Shuts itself off when not in use for an extended period to save battery

2) Weight and size: It's a bit lighter than the older version, and seems
built solid.

3) Battery life was excellent: I used it daily on a road trip, and after
a week, it still had plenty of charge left.

4) Compatibility with other devices: this keyboard is designed for the
iPad Air. However, when I buy a keyboard, I want to have one that works
with other devices too so that I won't have to buy another. I am happy to
report that it worked very well with Apple TV 2nd gen and iPod Touch. It
also worked with Google Nexus 7 and the Surface 2, though the special
function keys did not work the same way (of course not!) on those devices.
It did not pair with the Amazon Fire TV, but I believe this is Amazon's
fault - they lock down the box. I hope they'll open up Bluetooth keyboard
functionality so that I won't have to tediously type words with the remote.
Overall, the keyboard worked very well on all paired devices in regards to
the non-special keys.

5) Functionality: the new Airbender addressed my biggest gripe with the
older model: the tablet case can be detached from the keyboard, and the
hinge is much better and sturdier than the old one. For that reason, I got
rid of the Airbender 1.0 a while ago. With that said, I noticed that New
Trent is now selling an "Airbender 1.0 (Upgraded )" with the same hinge as
this Airbender 2.0.

Further, the hinge that holds the case is very sturdy, allowing one to set
the iPad at various angles, accommodating users of different heights and
with different use scenarios.

In the older model, there was a nub right below the spacebar that some of
my colleagues found annoying. The new one removed that nub. However, it was
replaced by a plastic piece that's designed to hold the case/keyboard shut.
To me, that piece is the most annoying part of the new case - it sorely
sticks out, and every time I typed, I was reminded that it was there.

The back of the case that holds the New Trent logo, it looks like a camera
lens cap. Squeezing it allowed the case to be dismounted from the hinge.
The case can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for any portrait/horizontal

Because this keyboard is a case/keyboard combination, it makes it nice that
the keyboard can be taken with you anywhere you go, while knowing that the
iPad was protected. I was not very happy though, to see the iPad display
being flush with the case. Dropping the tablet might result in a cracked
screen. As such, I much prefer the older version of the Airbender since its
bezel stood out enough to protect the display.

As with the previous model, the case can be flipped on its back, resting on
the keyboard, for using the tablet as a tablet (instead of as a

6) Look and feel: Comparing the new model to the old one, I missed the
simplicity and professionalism of the old one. The new model looks more
industrial/rugged, and the New Trent logo/lens cap just looked very odd to
me (I'm a photographer, and as such, that lens cap look is always something
that sticks out for me.) This is not a case I'd take to work, unless I'm
heading to my photo studio.

The case, as previously stated, is built solidly, however.

The packaging was very simple, and the instruction guide was written

Overall, I do not believe that this keyboard/case is for me because of the
way it looks ("lens cap" and industrial look), and that plastic piece (to
hold the case/keyboard together) sticking out. I much prefer the simplistic
look of the UPGRADED Airbender 1.0, and its metallic, silver logo. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Great sturdy case with functinoal keyboard Review by Matt
Really impressed with this case. The removable hard shell is great for when you need to step away from the keyboard as is the stand/shell combo by itself. I have big hands, and this keyboard feels big enough. It doesn't feel "cramped" like other keyboards I've used. Overall, I am a lot more productive having the keyboard and would recommend this to anyone who does a lot of typing on their iPad. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Sleek and Stylish Review by andrew
Having used and reviewed the Airbender Air previously I was very eager to use the Airbender 2.0. My original review detailed a number of features which I felt were lacking in the Airbender Air design and were necessary for the "roadwarrior". To my surprise these are present in the 2.0.

Initial impressions:

1. More rugged design and build
2. Ability to detach the iPad from from the keyboard.
3. Detached keyboard serves as iPad stand (iMac style)
4. On-board notification lights for CAPS lock, charging and bluetooth

I was able to slip my iPad into the case easily. Removing it was also a snap. The case feels very sturdy and that it will hold up under constant usage. The case is a bit on the heavy side compared to other bluetooth clamshell cases but the strength of the product build is a satisfactory tradeoff.

The keyboard paired up easily with my iPad and is responsive to the touch. Gives slightly audible "click" when pressed which is great "touch feedback" confirming keystrokes. One great feature now included in the keyboard are notification lights for CAPS, CHARGE, and BT Connect. These were lacking in the Airbender Air. Kudos to the manufacturer for including the CAPS lock light. I was always unsure of whether CAPS was on/off in the previous version which led to frequent retyping and unnecessary glancing at the screen. The keys are a bit on the small side and the keyboard feels a bit cramped. However, this is kind of expected given the compact design. Another OK tradeoff.

The arm allows for easy screen rotation. It is smooth and fluid in comparison with the Airbender Air. Another great feature are the notches in the arm slide which, while not "locking" the arm in place, provide added sturdiness. When in portrait mode, the screen feels less stable than when in landscape. I'm not sure if this is much of an issue as I hardly ever use it in the portrait position. The keyboard has a well positioned slot with adequate depth for holding the screen in all positions.

Another "cool" feature that has been included is the ability to detach the iPad from the arm. I had previously carried with me, while traveling for business, both the Airbender Air and Apple iPad Smart Case and found myself detaching the iPad from the clamshell case and swapping it with the Smart Case for general browsing, watching videos, etc. Being able to detach the iPad from the case is brilliant and I'm now able to leave my 2nd case at home! The arm also detaches from the keyboard allowing you to have an iMac style scenario. Very convenient for client presentations.

The keyboard has a long battery life and outlasts the battery life of the iPad. It comes with a USB charging cable and the charging slot is located on the side of the keyboard.

The case is very stylish, well thought out and ruggedly built. It is my new keyboard of choice so much so that I've given away all of my other BT keyboards. I would highly recommend it for "road warriors" and sales people doing client presentations.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and attest that my review is fair and honest. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Great Keyboard Review by Nick
Very usefull as an ipad air keyboard and case when traveling. Have had no
issues syncing the keyboard with the ipad and it works great. The main
improvement this has over the airbender air is that it can detach from the
keyboard making it functional when you just want to use the tablet as a
touch screen without having to take it out of the case. The feature to
either leave the connector on as a stand or completely remove it makes it
even more versatile which is why i am giving this 5 stars.

only draw backs are it does not fit as snug into the keyboard when in
landscape mode, also the latch for closing is improved from airbender air
but could still be a little better. (Posted on 4/17/14)
Impressively light and well designed bluetooth keyboard/case combo Review by Lil
** Note: I was provided this product for a nominal cost in exchange for an unbiased and fair review **

I had an iPad Mini for use in my graduate program, and extensively used the Airbender Mini both in school and at work seven days a week. While the Airbender Mini is a solid, sturdy product there were definitely some concerns that were raised by both myself and other users. Upon opening the box for the Airbender for iPad Air, I can immediately tell that New Trent took into consideration much of the user feedback. As a customer that likes to be loyal, nothing makes me happier than a company that demonstrates concern for great user experience.

- The overall weight is better: the new Air and the old Mini case are about the same weight (~1 lb). The Airbender case doesn’t feel as dense, and is very complementary to the iPad Air's lightness and size.

- The latch to keep the case closed is *much* easier to use. Previously it took two hands to push the rubber knob into the matching slot and most of the time I didn't even bother closing the keyboard as I'd be running off to another meeting. The Air’s closure can be used with one hand and opens/closes perfectly 10 out of 10 times.

- The outer material isn't rubber like the Mini case, but rather a smooth polycarbonate that doesn't pick up lint and dog/cat hair from my office/laptop bag/couch. Smooth materials are much easier to keep clean and maintain a more professional appearance. I love my pets, but white dog hair on a black iPad case doesn't scream "take me seriously" in meetings with clients.

- The Air case is smoother to open and close; the Mini case had to be pushed open but it was good for staying in place on long flights and when in my lap. The Air case also has a lock to prevent the two halves from coming apart accidentally when opening the case, and there’s better control over how far out the top case is pulled away from the keyboard section. I also really like that the arm connecting the keyboard to the iPad can disconnect, so you can easily carry around the iPad as a tablet with a smooth back, and then reconnect to the keyboard for additional functionality.

I charged the keyboard using the included micro USB cable (how nice is that to not have to find a cable laying around the house), and was happy to see a red feedback light next to “CHRG”. The manual recommends charging for six hours initially. Once charged (indicated by a green light next to “CHRG”), I slid the keyboard into the ON position and hit the CONNECT button – the iPad recognized the keyboard instantly and after typing in a confirmation code it was paired and ready for use. The keys are quite frankly some of the best that I’ve used in a portable system: responsive and with enough height that it doesn’t feel like typing on paper. Keys are spread out far enough that my hands didn’t cramp up, and basic symbols (question mark, comma, period, quotation marks, and numbers) are in the standard keyboard layout. Some keyboards try to redo key layouts to save space and it never seems to work. The top row includes basic keys that help transition the iPad from touch only to being using with a keyboard: volume up, volume down, mute, play/pause, and my favorite the home button. Not sure who’s hands are used for the New Trent’s website display picture as they’re the size of a doll’s compared to an standard iPad, but I feel comfortable using the keyboard and have normal hands.

The iPad can be positioned horizontally or vertically, great for working with word processing and spreadsheets as well as watching movies or reading news. When positioned vertically (portrait mode) the iPad is leaning farther back and facing more towards the ceiling, as there aren’t multiple divots to rest the bottom in. The angle really isn’t an issue for me, but this is one drawback compared to other cases on the market. Another issue is that unlike the Airbender Mini case, which had rubber covers over the ports, the Airbender for the iPad Air has plastic cutouts that leave the iPad backing open to the elements. Personally I don’t mind as I’m not taking the device out into rain/snow/dust storms and not worried about lint getting between the case and iPad, however it could be an issue for another user in a harsher environment. The protection is sufficient for a desk jockey, traveling professional, or student, but it may not be the best choice for someone in a wet lab, on a construction site, or with small children that have sticky fingers. Overall the Airbender 2.0 is a solid buy and great asset for my personal and professional life.

Who I am: traveling business professional (project manager) that works 10-13 hours a day and is continuously taking notes or revising documents/presentations and require near-perfect data entry accuracy (can not use a keyboard or Bluetooth data entry accessory that may potentially disconnect and prevent a lag in typing)

Needs: a reliable keyboard can withstand long typing sessions on a desk or a lap; must be light enough to throw in a purse or laptop bag yet durable enough to withstand global trips and all-day typing sessions; good battery life that allows me to charge up at the hotel and not have to hunt around for a power port in the office/train/plane; QWERTY keyboard layout that can be used without having to "hunt n' peck" or look at the keyboard while typing (Posted on 4/17/14)
New Trent Airbender 2.0 - New iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Review by Efrain
The iPad snapped easily into the case, even with an Armor Skin protective cover. The battery life on the keyboard is awesome!! Can't wait for my next trip and type on the airplane. Very Happy with purchase.
(Posted on 4/15/14)
Great value for the price Review by Courtney
I was a bit skeptical at first about getting a case that attached to a keyboard but my worries were soon out to rest. The stand arm is very sturdy and allows me to rotate my ipad however I need. The keyboard also charges quickly and holds a long charge which is great since I use it for traveling to conferences. For the price you can't beat this quality. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Very nice case Review by Danny
This case very sturdy, and fits the ipad perfectly. This case is made out of what seems to be heavy duty plastic and does not feel like cheap plastic. They keyboard is very responsive and half great battery life. (Posted on 4/14/14)
IMPRESSIVE from EVERY angle! Review by Victoria
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 surpassed my expectations right out of the box. Pleasantly welcomed by the impressive packaging, I was immediately moved with how attractive, well built, light, and slim line the unit is. It really has a substantial feel, especially the new metal adjustable stand with the New Trent logo swivel bracket, which looks quite striking. I've owned several Bluetooth keyboards over the years and this is definitely the best built, even out of units with a much higher price point. The Bluetooth keyboard has a really nice feel, very responsive, the keys are comfortable and quiet, and it paired with all my devices almost instantly.

The swivel attachment unit is amazing. Easy to attach, detach, and swivel to all angles... more angles than I ever thought possible : ) I really enjoy folding it over and sandwiching it as if where just my tablet. Unlike many units, this keyboard folds nicely inside so the back is flat, no accidental typing, its very comfortable to the hand, and no issues if you want to set it on a table, desk and so forth. It really is an exceptional design. What I love most about the New Trent Airbender 2.0 is that its built using three unique pieces that may be used individually or together. I really like the fact that I can use the Bluetooth keyboard separately when desired, and the metal bracket works well as a stand for other tablets and cell phones as well. It works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As a matter of fact the Airbender 2.0 just saved me when my home internet went down and I had to create and send work documents from my phone.

Thank you New Trent you're a life saver!
(Posted on 4/14/14)
One of the best Review by Scott
The case easily surpassed my expectations for the price. I purchased it for my wife's Air and she loves the way it works. The screen can easily be adjusted for the right viewing angle and removing the IPad from the case could not be easier. When you account for being able to rotate to portrait mode, there is not a better case for the money. (Posted on 4/13/14)
cool design but needs more improvement Review by kako
1. The overall look is not as good as 1.0, airbender 2.0 added too many
curves. I would prefer slim design, of course, other people may like curves;

2. the bumper close to the space key is removed in 2.0 which is good, as
the bumper will bother the typing in 1.0. However, designer put a rubber
locker outside of the blank key, I am feeling it is kind of silly, magnet
lock would be better.

3. The typing is just ok, a little bit hard, not as good as my laptop;

4. Designer put a transprant plastic on the back in the middle of hole,
this is good, which can protect the ipad;

5. The rack holding the ipad is made of metal which is really hard and
cool, I like it. Here is the most important thing, if the designer can put
a "click lock" between the ipad case and the metal rack, it will be
fatanstic, as I have been used to rotating the screen (for laptop, here is
ipad) just aligning the axis. For airbener 2.0, each time when I was trying
to adjust the angle of the ipad with one hand touching the upper of the
ipad, the bottom lifts up. If it can be fixed, people can rotate the ipad
just like the laptop, and freely use it in the bed. And anytime when people
want to rotate from landscape to portrait, release the "click clock", do
free rotation.

6. The middle round click on the back has a gear which is not existing in
the 1.0. This design is pretty cool and handy.

7. other opinion, I know some Bluetooth keyboard provides illumination
light, which is pretty cool. and I would think silver material would be
cooler, of course, it doesn't need to be metal, just give people a silver
metal feeling like the macpro.
haven't test the battery. I think it should be OK. (Posted on 4/12/14)
An overall good value Review by Don
Results: The case mated with the iPad Air quite nicely and the bluetooth sync was quick and easy. This is the first time I've used a keyboard case with an iPad since the original iPad. I really like what New Trent has done with this case. It's sturdy and when mated to the iPad Air does add a significant amount of weight. The keyboard is a bit small, but that's to be expected on any iPad keyboard. It synced effortlessly with my iPad and I used it quite extensively over the weekend to type documents on my iPad. It seems to mate with the iPad quite well. I really like the ability to swivel the screen from landscape to portrait mode.

When/where most useful?: This is most useful when a keyboard is needed, but you don't want to carry a full laptop.

What field would benefit most?: I go to a lot of town hall presentations and take notes. Usually I take my MacBook Pro, but I could definitely see taking only my iPad Air and this keyboard case. Students, reporters, and anyone who takes a lot of notes electronically would benefit from this product.

Rating: 4 I would have given the product a 5, but although the product felt sturdy, it's mostly plastic and I worry about how it would hold up over the long term.
(Posted on 4/11/14)
Strong and Sturdy keyboard!! Review by Oliver
I like the adjusting arm as you can change the angle to meet your viewing angle. After fiddling I worked out that you can move the arm further out of the keyboard and even adjust the orientation of the iPad!! Just brilliant! And the added extra that you can release the iPad like a camera to pass it to colleagues or whoever your without handing the whole keyboard with is another perk.

Bluetooth connected like a dream and doesn't drop out like a cheaper one I purchased. Managed to connect it up in a matter of seconds.

The only thing I'm not personally fond of is the design it looks a little old school/retro which doesn't quite fit with the modern design of the iPad. Having set that the solid build and durable feel of the keyboard does weigh out the design. It's not all about the looks, practicality wins!

I loved that the keys across the top are specific to the iPad and control the iPad volume locking etc. This means that whilst typing you can use other features without lifting your hands off the keyboard.

All in all I would recommend this keyboard as an alternative to the more expensive Logitech which I have tried but didn't like the ridged viewing angle that you can't change. For me this keyboard is brilliant for on trains and for when a laptop is to large to take with you. Its not too heavy with the iPad in it, yet it allows a proper keyboard which i much prefer to type on than the on-screen one.
I can imagine this keyboard would be useful to anyone who needs to do large volumes of typing on the move, without lugging a large laptop around with you.

Usability = 5
Ease of setup = 5
Keys = 5
Weight = 4
Design = 4
Overall = 4.5 (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great for iPad Air! Review by Keegan
Speaking as a user of the Airbender case for iPad 2-4, I can say that
NewTrent has only taken what I thought to be a good case and took it up a
level. This case is made of a durable, hard plastic and the iPad snaps in
snuggly. I also love the new design of the keyboard. Although the other
case I have used has a good keyboard, I had some trouble because the shift
key was smaller than normal. I would accidentally hit the wrong key. The
new case for iPad Air has a larger shift key that is more natural for me as
a typer. I also like the ability of this case so that my iPad can detach
from the keyboard, making it easy to take with me without having the
keyboard tag along when just walking around my workplace. Altogether, this
product gets a 5/5 stars! (Posted on 4/11/14)
Excellent aesthetics, design, and cool-factor Review by Erik
Overall very pleased with the aesthetics, durability, and design of this product. The easy to detach spring clip is the most useful design feature. The keyboard feels just like a full size with the right extra keys available for tablet usage. The battery life is excellent on the keyboard. The retracting mechanism takes a little practice to be proficient in order to get a good viewing angle when typing. I love that you can slide it all the way out to stand up the iPad in a variety of viewing angles and positions. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Excellent Case for iPad Air Review by Ian
The iPad snapped easily into the case, even with an Armor Skin protective cover. Retention is good, I never felt that the iPad was going to come loose.

Pairing was easy and it stayed paired to the iPad. I have two devices with Bluetooth keyboards and had no problem with connectivity or interference.

Battery life is good. It has been on (asleep and in in use) for almost a week, and I only charged it because we were going on a 6 hour flight. With a decent battery come a bit of weight, though. This does make for a heavy keyboard. But, if you are going to be typing a lot, the weight and ease of typing should cancel each other out.

The keyboard is a decent size and allows use of all of the standard keys. The Home button immediately takes you back to the home screen. My wife, who uses the iPad Air, is a pretty good typist. She had no problem adjusting to the size of the keyboard. I am a hunt and peck kind of guy, so I didn't have much problem, either.

All of the ports accept Apple specified plugs and accessories. There was no problem with sound or using the camera.

The best feature, by far, is the ability to keep the iPad in the top of the case and remove it from the keyboard. This is a nice feature that gives a bit of protection. Although, I had a problem getting the iPad case unhooked from the keyboard. The clips were very stiff and it took a bit of work to make it happen.

I recommend this to college students and moms on the go. This case makes a good replacement for convertible tablets.
(Posted on 4/10/14)
Flexible, Easy to Use, Well Worth the Price Review by Taha
I've had two NewTrent cases (this one and the Airbender Air) and while I can say that the Airbender Air certainly looks nicer and is more stable, this case is a lot more flexible. The main difference between the two (in flexibility) is that this case uses a large one arm rail to support the iPad, whereas the other one uses a a double rail base and a thin arm. The problem with the double rails (although it does add stability) is that it can't support the iPad without being pulled out, which adds a considerable amount of size to the back of the case. This case, however, is perfectly capable of holding the iPad Air on its one arm without being pulled out at all. You can even have the iPad face up on the rail if you're trying to work while standing. You can move it around to a multitude of different positions (including funny but useless positions like tilted diagonally) and the thick arm can hold its weight. The other advantage of this arm is that you can completely detach the iPad and the shell and have a protective case on your iPad without the keyboard. This is not the case with the Airbender Air.
Both the NewTrent cases are incredibly functional and priced. They both have very helpful keyboard shortcuts, and very easy to set up, and you won't miss out on much by picking one over the other.
However the one you should choose would be based on whether you prefer lightness, aesthetic style, and stability, over flexibility, slight increase in usefulness, and the ability to do some cool but more or less useless things.
Pretty much your classic iOS vs Android debate. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Very nice for the price Review by Joe
It's been 3 days since I received it and so far so good. The keys are not as quiet as I had hoped but quiet enough and still gentle on the fingers. Shell seems sturdy hence a bit on the heavier side but nothing to complain about. Very sleek design. Detachable keyboard is a plus. Device is easy to use and has that intuitive design. It makes me rather glad about my purchase. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Great Keyboard Case! Review by Kevin
The Airbender 2.0 case for the iPad Air is a very well made and well-designed keyboard case. However with that said, this case is not for everyone. While the case is multifunctional, featuring a separable back, it's not very satisfying to hold (without the keyboard attachment). The case feels smooth and durable but its fit is a little too loose, not lose enough that I have trouble keeping it on or feel concerned it may fall off, but loose enough that if it drops a couple feet, the case will detach. While using it to type (as I am doing right now), I find that adjusting the iPad to keep it centered is something that I find myself often doing.

Enough criticizing though, The Airbender has plenty to offer. As you may have read, not only can the case hold your iPad in a landscape position while you are typing but it can as well hold it in portrait, which I really like as not many other cases have this feature. As for the keyboard, it's very sleek and stylish. The keys are responsive, and I never had a problem typing. There are many keys, Seventy-eight in fact (including multiple shortcut keys) and while that's a pro, you must realize that it sacrifices the size of the keys. Personally I'd prefer the keys to be slightly bigger but that’s just a matter of opinion; like I said before, you shouldn’t have a problem typing because of the size. Also, what’s great about the keyboard is that when you close it against your iPad screen you don't have to worry about scratches, as there are rubber pads that prevent the screen come into direct contact with the keys. There are rubber pads on the back of the keyboard part of the case as well, giving it stability and securing it from sliding around.

I can tell that this was a very well thought out product with many things going right for it. There are a few little concerns I've had using it that I believe can be fixed but it gets the job done and in style. The ascetically pleasing Airbender 2.0 is a case that not only protects your iPad for dust, dirt, scratches, and minor falls but also is a very useful case for typing. This is why I'd rate this case a 4/5. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Purchased for my Mobile Business Review by Joseph
So far so good! I completely love this case/keyboard. It's easy to use, feels durable and very sturdy, it also does more than what I was originally looking for in a case/keyboard. The stand detaches from the keyboard to allow a better view for all people who are looking at it. You can easily flip the screen to show whoever is sitting across from you what you want them to look at. It doesn't fall over when acting as a tablet on a stand. It does not block access to any additional peripherals you may being using with your iPad (For me that would be a credit card processor for the 3.5mm jack port). The indicator lights for Cap lock is a real time saver, and rotating the screen to whatever position you desire is a major plus.

On another note, the keyboard/case adds a bit of weight (which you feel when just holding the box it comes in). Personally, I love this - being in a rush to be somewhere, I sometimes use the weight of something as an indicator that I have it and to me this is a plus! (Posted on 4/8/14)
Great product Review by Francine
This product is wonderful. It is so easy to take the iPad out of the case when needed. The wireless keyboard is so convenient and easy to use. It was so easy to set up the Bluetooth. Keyboard has a good battery life. I really love the 360 degree rotation so you can view either landscape or portrait. The metal stand is convenient but is very easy to slide all the way out. (Posted on 4/8/14)
A Great Choice for Securing my iPad Air Review by Janet
My last case started "releasing" my Air in under a month's time. I was not a happy camper - I felt completely vulnerable with an expensive piece of equipment. Heading back for more research, I came across New Trent's Airbender 2.0. It looked pretty good, and the reviews were good, so I took a gamble.

I'm really glad I did.

Pros: Holds the Air securely. The bluetooth keyboard synced up quickly and starts up every time without delay or lag. The release button is easy to use (when you don't need an attached keyboard). The hinge is fantastic! Flip the iPad over to show your screen to someone across from you, rotate it landscape, whatever position you need. You can also release the iPad with the hinge still attached for watching videos or while reading. The keyboard battery is rechargeable - just plug it into a USB port and it's set!

Cons: At 2 pounds total, it shouldn't seem that bad, but it feels heavy. It's taken some adjustment on my part. The keyboard is a little small; someone with large fingers would probably be unhappy trying to touch type on it (but it does have the little "locator" nubs for those who can use it). There's no magnetic auto sleep/on, so I have to remember to put it to sleep (or just ignore it - it's off in a minute of inactivity anyway).

Overall - I'm very happy with this purchase! (Posted on 4/8/14)
Great bit a gear Review by Christopher
Absolutely love this keyboard case. Everything about it is made to last and it works a real treat when out and about. I would highly recommend. (Posted on 4/4/14)
great durable keyboard easy to use Review by Andrew
I'm very impressed with this case! It is very easy to use and connects via Bluetooth! The keyboard works very well and I'm very impressed with how quick I can type on it. It protects the iPad very we'll and is durable. Great product would recommend to anyone. (Posted on 4/3/14)
The Airbender 2.0 keyboard case by New Trent is one of the best keyboard cases I have used! Review by Debbie
The Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case Made for iPad Air by New Trent undoubtedly is to become your next favorite keyboard combo case. Its innovative and protective design, coupled with ease of use and versatility offer some amazing features. Lets take a look at the what's whats of this product.


When receiving the Airbender 2.0, you automatically may think this thing is going to be super heavy. The box, alone, is made of heavy duty cardboard and gives you the feeling that the insides are going to be well-protected. Once you get past the initial opening, the Airbender 2.0 is wrapped nicely in plastic as well as a foam insert to protect the inside of the case and the keyboard itself. This is handy for avoid scratching the keys before installing your iPad Air.


A bit awkward at first with some poorly placed arrows and diagrams that make you wonder a little bit, but once you get past those few quirks, everything makes sense. One thing that would be handy would be some updated graphics to show the correct information for iOS 7.x, since the iPad Air never had iOS 6 or below as pictured in the pairing screens. The information is the same, nonetheless.


The keyboard on the Airbender 2.0 offers the normal, basic features with any other wireless keyboard. Sturdy, yet, responsive keys allow even the most avid typist to enter text easily and accurately. The keyboard layout also offers an inverted-T for the arrows and includes some second function controls for additional editing tools. One thing that I really enjoy is the ability to have separate cut, copy, and paste controls. However, the missing control for launching a search on the home screen does create a small miss as you have to engage spotlight searching manually.


The case is sure to keep your iPad Air from harm. The back shell can be turned so that it can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, with one special feature. The heavy-duty metal hinged arm can be removed from the back of the keyboard, and it forms a stand that can be used separately.

The back shell gives full access to all buttons and ports, and speaker grills for both of the iPad Air's stereo speakers.

When the case is open and closed, it utilizes the smart technology by unlocking the iPad Air when open, and putting it to sleep when closed.

Another positive is that when put together, it can be used on a desk or on a lap.

The one thing that I would change is the rubber snap closure. It is fine for keeping the case from opening at the wrong time, but it would be nice if it could be pushed in, so that it doesn't stick out.
All in all, I think the Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case Made for iPad Air is great and I recommend it!
This keyboard case definitely rates five stars in my book! (Posted on 4/2/14)
Rugged great case Review by Andrew
I'm very impressed with this case! It is very easy to use and connects via Bluetooth! The keyboard works very well and I'm very impressed with how quick I can type on it. It protects the iPad very we'll and is durable. Great product would recommend to anyone. (Posted on 4/1/14)
Very east to detach and attach Review by javalatte
The case is very study keeping my iPad Air well protected and can easily transform my iPad into a laptop for much easier typing. Keyboard is very sensitive and layout is very good. One cool thing I like about this case is that the top piece (back cover for iPad Air) can be very easily detached from the keyboard when keyboard is not needed, especially for playing games, or taking pics/videos. (Posted on 3/29/14)
New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Keyboard Case Review by Bob
The instructions clearly outline the pairing process and the Bluetooth keyboard paired with my iPad seamlessly. The keyboard is responsive and does not lag behind. The keys feel nice to use, very much like a standard keyboard. The keys are not difficult to depress like other keyboards that I have used in the past. The size is of course slightly smaller than a standard keyboard, but it is actually very close to my laptop keyboard. I really like the keyboard and iPad combo when I am in meetings. It allows me to leave my laptop behind and just carry my iPad with me. The iPad sits in a little groove that is designed to keep the iPad still. The keyboard has an on off switch to save the battery when not in use. The battery life is great. I charged it up when I first got it and I have used it for over a week now and the battery is still holding strong. The keyboard comes with a charging cable but not a power brick. This is not a huge deal, because I can use the one that came with my iPad but I think that it would have been nice to include one.
The case fits nicely to the iPad Air. I was a little concerned that the case would not stay on the iPad and it would pop out, but this is not the case at all. The iPad stays in nicely and is actually a little difficult to remove from the case so I feel comfortable that it will not fall out. The access ports all line up perfectly. It is nice and thin considering that there is a case and a keyboard. The case seems to provide a nice level of protection for a case that is designed to be smaller and lightweight. There is a nice locking clip to keep the case closed when not in use and there are little rubber stoppers that prevent the keypad from scratching the iPad glass. There are also little rubber stoppers on the bottom of the keyboard. This keeps it from sliding around when it is placed on a smooth surface.
I really like the fact that the iPad can be detached from the keyboard while leaving the protective case on the iPad. The keyboard was not removable from the previous version - I am really glad that they decided to make this improvement. This is a big deal for me because I personally do not always want the keyboard to be attached – particularly when I just want to browse the web or play a game. The keyboard can actually be separated from the iPad in two different ways. The first way to detach the iPad is to unclip the iPad from the middle of the case which basically makes the case more tablet like and very portable. The second method is to detach the metal stand from the keyboard and the iPad will stand up in both portrait and landscape. I should also mention that the hinge is made out of metal – it is really sturdy and I have no doubts that it will hold up over time.
(Posted on 3/29/14)
Nice Modern Design Review by John Thomas
NewTrent has got a good pulse on modern design when it comes to iPad Air protectors(for lack of a better term). This NT30B has got a rugged, 'made for the field', ToughBook, vibe. I like the sliding stand that props up the iPad section, it took a little time to get used to sliding it out, but very cool. And I like the fact that it can sit in a groove on the keyboard itself and blend it in with the keyboard. But what I really love is, you can separate the two and be a foot away, typing. Granted there are still times when you need to access the touch screen. Which brings me to the same suggestion I made when I reviewed the NT510K. It would be nice to have a stylus holder. I personally try to avoid touching my iPads' screen whenever possible and use a stylus. Before I began using NewTrent products I had been using a iPad cover(w[o keyboard) that had a small piece of elastic on the side where you would place your stylus. I didn't have to go searching for my stylus in my pocket or worry 'did I leave it in the car?','Did I leave it at home?' when I went to a meeting or a presentation. It was the only redeeming factor that case had. Just a small piece of elastic placed on the side of the keyboard in some way, would be great. It may not sound like that big of a deal…but trust me.
The CAPS LED light is a welcomed added feature that was not on the NT510K. And although the charging LED is supposed to 'blink' when the charge is low, I have yet to witness it. I'm sure it works, but, I don't take any chances on it running out of juice on me, so I keep it plugged in most of the time. BTW, it would also be nice if the USB cable came with a wall wart. I'm using my iPads wall wart and switching back and forth therefore I can't charge them at the same time if I needed to.
I like consistency, and the constant here is the keyboard itself. I can't complain at all, like the NT510K, the keyboard is super smooth and not clanky or noisy. The keys are responsive and soft to the touch. The functions(fn) all work flawlessly, I can't say anything bad about it. Nice product. (Posted on 3/29/14)
Great item high quality easy to use Review by Andrew
Excellent item ! Highly recommend fast shipping ! Product works very well and very easy to use. Pairs right away with iPad. This case is do easy to use and I also like how much it protects the device ! Very satisfied (Posted on 3/29/14)
Liked this much more than I thought I would! Review by John

Setup was a snap very easy to follow the directions, I really like the way the iPad is removable from the keyboard and the sliding back that helps with stability. Also very much like the way I can hold the iPad with 1 hand on the base and hold at whatever angle I want...I have found myself using it with the keyboard off in this manner as much as I have used it with the keyboard on.

My only real complaint is that the surfaces are slippery which really makes me feel, especially when it is closed, like it would be easy to drop. When it is open it also slides on my lap a bit makes it a little awkward on the train. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Versatile, fantastic keyboard Review by Chris
I've tried a few keyboard cases, before deciding on the Airbender.... You can't get any better. The battery seems to last forever, it's simple to use, rugged, and it'll give you the versatility of having a laptop that ver simply becomes a tablet. It's perfect, as I use it with the keyboard at work, but prefer to unclip the ipad to use as a standard tablet at home. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Make your iPad Air into a mini Laptop :) Review by Michael
I got the Airbender 2.0 Keyboard case for my iPad Air. It is a very nifty addition to my iPad. It turns my iPad Air into a laptop of sorts. The iPad Air fits snugly into the case, then that case attaches to the pose-able arm that holds the iPad up and behind the keyboard in several positions. It even swivels to allow the iPad to hold the iPad horizontally or vertically. The whole thing folds into itself like a clamshell to protect the screen, then it can open up and spin around and lay flat with the screen up.

One negative thing about the Airbender 2.0 is the weight. To me its a negative, to someone else it may be a positive because its heavier than I would like. It weighs more than the iPad itself.

The keyboard part of the Airbender 2.0 works flawlessly. It’s easy to connect via bluetooth. The keyboard’s size takes a little getting used to. It is quite a bit smaller than a normal sized keyboard for your computer (it has to be to fit the width of the iPad). It is one of the better portable keyboards like this that I have used.

All in all, I like the Airbender 2.0, it is very useful when I need to do a lot of typing on my iPad Air. And when I want to just sit back and watch a movie I can adjust the screen for the best viewing. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Best iPad Air case/keyboard combo available Review by Brandon
i tested this model with a white AT&T LTE iPad Air 128gb model that is brand spanking new. I also typed this entire review on the keyboard in question.

I have owned the previous model Airbender keyboard for over six months and loved it's portability, protection, and features so i jumped at the opportunity to review the newest model for the iPad Air. The previous model had some issues that were caused by apple changing some shortcuts in ios7 (which have since been mostly rectified by apple via software updates) but this model, being so new, suffers none of those problems out of the box. If you were familiar wth the prior model, you would be largely impressed by all of the changes, minus one tiny thing- there no longer is a shortcut to the Spotlight, or "search" bar, which is a huge issue for me as i used it constantly.

Build quality has largely stayed the same, which is great as the previous iteration was a well built product only suffering a few instances of creaky or thin feeling plastics. One area of temendous improvement is the "monitor arm" that holds it all together is now made of metal lending a more solid adjustment feel without adding any noticeable weight. I would like to see a future model employ some sort of locking angle adjustment to keep the "monitor" from flopping forward. The keyboard feels good, if a little springy. I am able to type almost as fast as on a desktop which is saying something as i have large hands. They've somehow managed to keep all of the keys and make it easier to use while making it smaller which is no small feat.

New to the iPad Air model is the latch that holds it shut- i like this feature a lot, however i never had an issue with the prior model opening on its own. One small issue- the latch only works on one side of the ipad, so if your ipad is spun aroud and you close it, you have to reopen it and spin it around to the latch side. Not a dealbeaker but it can be annoying if you're in a hurry. Other changes are now the rear window that displays the apple and snaps into the "arm" is now covered with a transparent material to keep stuff out and prevent scrapes- nice touch and the display arm adjustment latch is now located on the backside as opposed toabove the keyboard- it seems like an odd choice until you realize how much esier it is to use as opposed to the former location.

All in all, i find this to be a very worthy successor to the prior model and an practically necessary upgrade for all iPad Air owners if they need a keyboard, stand, and/or a lightweight case at any price. it just so happens that yu get all three for an amazing price, tripling the value in my eyes. I have retired my laptop for daily tasks and only drag it out now if i absolutely cannot use the iPad Air/airbender II combo for the task.

on a scale of 1-5, id give it a solid 4.75 with only tiny nitpicky room for improvement.

value: 5

features: 4

portability: 5 (Posted on 3/28/14)
Well Built Versatile Case Review by Kevin
I'm having a great experience with the case. I love the lightweight feel of the case portion. The build is very rigid. I do have to say I don't like the fact that the arm has to be extended every time to use the keyboard and have the iPad stand up. This prevents multiple angles from working that are especially useful for media consumption or working on the lap or a bed. I do understand that the weight and width of the iPad played into that design and in that sense I see why it was built that way. They keyboard is honestly much better than my expectations while not comparable to a desktop keyboard I was able to type comfortably and efficiently with lengthy emails. I really like the convenience of the media keys when playing music or watching videos. The cut/copy/paste functions are great as well. Since I have gotten the keyboard I have yet to charge it and it hasn't given up yet. I do believe it has been affecting my iPad battery more than usual but that's not unexpected. Overall I've had a great experience with the keyboard the build is fantastic I just wish it was a little more lap friendly even if it had to be heavier. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Works as advertised Review by Juan

Mar 22 09:25

Airbender keyboard review

This is currently on my ipad air first all the case fits perfect love the fact that it's actual buttons and not flat hard to push buttons the keyboard has been very responsive every button work's like it should although I only had it 2 days everything works so far I'm constantly responding to about 20-30 emails a day and have a full function keyboard make it so easy I only have 1 suggestion no cons as of yet 1 suggestion is the corner of the case would be so much better if it had rubber just in case it drops I have a 6yr old who constantly uses it overall I give this a 5 rating because it very convenient very responsive and easy to use

(Posted on 3/27/14)
Sturdy and Reliable Review by Tareq
I have had this product for about a month now and I have not needed to charge the keyboard after I charged it the first time. I am quite pleased at its durability and design. The metal hinge isn't some cheap material and the case itself is made of a hard plastic. I did my research on all of the keyboard cases being sold for the iPad Air, and I ended up purchasing this item because of its versatility. Once I received it and started using it, I realized the keyboard worked really well. There was no lagging and all the keys I pressed were entered in the text box I opened up. The only thing I would suggest to make it even better is to find a way to let the iPad freely hang with the support of the metal hinge and be able to position it at any angle instead of having to sit it on the keyboard. It might be a hard task to complete, but I'm sure NewTrent will find a way. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Perfect in Every Way Shape and form Review by Sean
This product is a one stop shop. Not only does it perform to protect the iPad, but it also packs it with productivity power, by providing us a responsive keyboard with well spaced keys. There are several unique features of this case. 1) you can detach the iPad from the keyboard case and use it stand alone without the keypad. The back of the iPad is always protected. 2) when attached to the keyboard case, you can rotate the iPad to either a landscape or portrait mode, whichever you would like to utilize it in. I do have a Belkin QODE keyboard case, and i experienced freezing issues with my iPad. Throughout my use with this case, my iPad didn't freeze once! Overall, i am very impressed. This is a well built product, allowing you to be maximally productive.

The keyboard was quite responsive. there was minimal if no lag time when typing, and i had no connectivity issues. I really liked the fact that there were LED indicators that showed when the bluetooth were connected, when the keyboard unit was charging, and when the caps lock was on. Definitely a BIG plus!

I would rate this product 10/10. This case not only protects the iPad, it gives you also a keyboard. It makes the iPad more portable and enables it to be more productive. Definite must have for students, it kills 4 birds with 1 stone! It shows that this company has spent time and money to develop this product and i feel that my iPad is safe in it. (Posted on 3/25/14)
One of the best cases for iPad Air Review by Jeff
I have used several Bluetooth keyboard cases and other cases for my iPad 2 and finally bought a New Trent IMP39B Airbender Bluetooth keyboard case. I have used it for a couple of years and really like it.
Now I have a new iPad Air and wanted to get a Bluetooth Keyboard case for it. I looked at the Kensington and Logitech cases and read the reviews and decided not to get any of them. Instead, I wanted to get the New Trent Airbender 2.0 case based on my experience with the original New Trent Airbender case on my iPad 2.
I travel occasionally so I wanted something that would protect my iPad and be durable. Plus, having a wireless keyboard makes the iPad Air so much better to use. The Airbender 2.0 is fairly lightweight and not bulky. In addition, it is stylish and elegant so that it presents a professional image at meetings and around other people.
When I received this case, I put my iPad Air into the back portion of the case, which is plastic. It snapped in very securely. It doesn’t fall out of the case. Some other brands of cases have the problem of the iPad falling out of the case. The case is thin, but provides ample protection. Once the iPad is in the case, none of the back of the iPad is not exposed.
One nice feature is that the top shell with the iPad can be detached by simply pushing the circular lock piece with your thumb and forefinger. It unlocks easily and when reattached is securely is locked into place. When you detach it, you can put a finger into the center portion of the cutout on the back. It has a clear plastic cover for protection. But, the case is easy to just hold on the sides. The cutout is just one additional level of security and stability.
There is a metal hinge that connects the top shell to the bottom keyboard case portion. The prior version had no hinge. This is a major enhancement. Plus, it is made out of metal and seems to be very durable. I holds the iPad in an ideal position and you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or falling. It also works in both portrait and landscape mode, which is great for the ultimate in flexibility. Many cases have that feature, but many do not.
When you turn on the keyboard, it connects quickly to the iPad Air. The labeling on the keyboard is great. It is small, but laid out well. If it was bigger, the case would have to be bigger and defeating the purpose of having a small protective case. But, I have not had any problems with the keyboard. It is very responsive and the keys have a great feel to them. Plus, they are spaced apart enough to make using the keyboard as easy as using a full size keyboard.
There are 4 rubber bumpers on the back and 2 on the front on the keyboard part of the case. The iPad rests against the bumpers and is protected. The keyboard itself does not rest against the iPad. I doubt that the keyboard would harm the iPad Air screen, but this is an added measure of protection which I like. My original Airbender for the iPad 2 did not have the bumpers.
The occupations that would benefit the most from this case are people who travel, like sales people and consultants. It would also be best for people around construction sites, like architects or contractors or people in the trades. It would be good for real estate agents who have to go to different properties. Although, I am a corporate finance professional, I find it useful for my travels as well as being in meetings. This is a case for anyone that has an iPad, even if you just use it in your house. It is one of the best cases that I have discovered and I recommend this for anyone who wants a great case for their iPad Air.
On a 5 point scale with 5 being excellent and 1 being bad, the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a 5.

(Posted on 3/25/14)
Excellent Bluetooth Keyboard Review by Dave Mac
Until recently, I never thought that I would need or want an iPad case like this, however, The New Trent Airbender 2.0 is going to help me increase productivity at work. While at work, I have increasingly been using my iPad for things such as task management, and software that cannot be used on my work computer. This keyboard case will help me with that endeavor. However, I don't always want to use this case and intend to only use it while at my desk at work, or if working on a project that requires a lot of typing at home.

I originally considered another version from New Trent that didn't have a releaseable arm. The arm probably adds weight to this case, but it gives the flexibility to not use it at all and only use this as a blueooth keyboard. I like that option, but I also like the ability to have work "laptop style" which would not be possible if I only purchased a bluetooth keyboard. In fact, I am using the case right now with my iPad and case perched on the arm of my lounger.

Please see the video here: for a complete description and useabilitly. Here are some things I didn't touch on:

-Cut copy paste buttons, brightness buttons, as well as other lock and multimedia buttons.
-Typing is easy. Slighty smaller than a traditional keyboard but still faster than typing on the iPad. Similar (slightly smaller) than Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.
-The iPad releases relatively easily by individually pressing on the corners, then you can easily pull the iPad out via the cutout for the charging cable.

-Closure strap is rubber and I am not sure about it's durability over time.
-Freestanding mode swivel: If tighter, the iPad could be “free standing” and moved to any angle without being supported.... UPDATE: I was directed to an "Airbender Tips and Tricks" tips section on New Trent support website, and was also told that I was using the swivel wrong! The iPad stand should be flipped and the weight is then supported by the arm. "To reach this position, open up the keyboard like usual but flip the iPad so the screen faces away. Then, slide the arm stand completely out of the keyboard. Now the only step left is to rotate the stand so the screen is facing the user. Voila!"

To be clear, you CAN simply open the case and leave the screen in its "default" position, but it will be farther away. You can extend the arm and customize the angle as well. If using the case full time, this allows for quick access without having to make adjustments, but for extended sessions you can adjust it to be closer to your fingers at many different angles.

I have been using this now at my desk for over a week. I didn't know that when a bluetooth keyboard is connected to the iPad, the onscreen keyboard is not shown, allowing for more screen space.

My final conclusion is that this is a good product that I will use almost every day, but not as a full time case, which is why this is a great product for this reason and others. If you want a lighter, slimmer option and you plan on using the case exclusively and full time, perhaps look at a different product, including one of New Trent’s other options.

(Posted on 3/24/14)
Strong/thin case; Great keyboard Review by Jeff
Mounting the iPad was straight forward and mounted to the cradle with a satisfying and secure snap. The ability to rotate for either landscape or portrait is a great feature. The keyboard has a good tactile feel. The ability to separate the iPad from the keyboard while still having the protection of protective case is a plus. The stand offers ample flexibility to adjust the angle of the screen to allow for optimal screen viewing. The bluetooth pairing was quick and successful on the first attempt.

(I would consider these more of feature enhancements rather than defects)
As a "lefty" it would be nice if the locking mechanism was universal. My first instinct was to locate the home button on the left rather than the right. I found myself having to rotate screen 180 degrees to lock the case.

If they could build in a retractable usb cord for charging, so it would be one less cable to keep track of on the road. (Posted on 3/24/14)
Another great keyboard case! Review by karen
We are using the Airbender 2.0 keyboard case for iPad Air in our assistive technology department, where we provide technology solutions for people who struggle with reading, writing, visual, physical and/or cognitive challenges.

We also have the Airbender 1.0 for older iPads, so some of our favorite features are the same:
- good protection for iPad while transporting and using (previous cases that are not physically connected resulted in iPad crashes!)
-can safely use in portrait or landscape modes
-responsive keyboard - recognized quickly by ipad even when onscreen is on- quicker than previous keyboards
-comfortable keyboard for medium-large size hand
-good visibility of caps lock light since larger hands might accidentally activate more frequently
-good contrast of key labels for average user
-useful shortcut keys, including onscreen keyboard key, keyboard language option
- good battery life (so far;)- clear light indicators to know if charged or not
- all ports and buttons are readily accessible
-ease of assembly/opening for average user
- competitive pricing
-stylish appearance

The 2.0 also has the added benefits:
quick and easy disconnect from the keyboard (without the arm)- especially helpful when using camera features
ability to release the keyboard with the arm to use as a stand-helpful for folks who might want to only use touch features sometimes, but also for those who want/need to position the screen at eye level to increase visual access and/or decrease neck strain - also allows for independent positioning of the keyboard for folks who might have special movement requirements
ability to open and use with the screen angled vertically without pulling out the arm

Some differences that we found to be less desirable:
- keys are louder, seems picky.. but not when you are working in an otherwise quiet room with others - this could also be distracting for some of the students with sound sensitivity or attentional difficulties - the space bar seems to be the loudest.. maybe it is just our keyboard?
also subtle, most icons/text (except shift) are smaller, again not a big deal for the young folks among us, but for those of us over 40 and those with visual difficulties... bigger is better!
when angled and positioned in the groove- it is less stable and moves for users who tend to press firmly on the screen
the locking clip is rubber vs. plastic - not sure if this is going to be a durability issue down the road

To open and angle the keyboard is now a slightly more complicated process since you have to unlock the arm while pulling out the arm, while it is not difficult to do for most, it could be troublesome for some folks.

Our biggest wish would be for it to be lighter. I think this was even more apparent when using it with the featherweight Air!

None of these issues are deal breakers for us - just comments and suggestions to help improve an excellent product!

(Posted on 3/23/14)
Best iPad air case Review by Frances

New Trent Airbender 2.0

This is a very handy case indeed. I am typing up this review on it using my Apple iPad Air.I have it currently sitting in portrait mode using the notes app. The rotating lock on the back just lets you turn the iPad in a rotation which is a great feature in itself. There is a little shelf area above the keys on the keyboard and it sits snuggly in there.
The keyboard is very easy to detach. Its a slide and pull system and i had no problems removing it. The bluetooth keyboard is nice to type with. Would like to see a delete button but backspace is fine. It connects via bluetooth with no issues at all. The play pause etc are great for playing my songs from iCloud.
The case is well made and quite sturdy. Your ipad definitely feels protected. Also there is a little rubber clip that clips over when the case is closed. You can also pull the iPad to sit on top of the keys if you quickly need to use the touchscreen only
This would be great for a student who needed to take notes, essays etc. Also a busy professional as its a lot handier than waiting for a pc/laptop to boot up.
I would definitely recommend this product. All in all a great iPad air (Posted on 3/21/14)
Sleek, Elegant, Functional Review by Craig
I love this case. It turns my ipad into basically a tiny laptop. It makes sending those quick emails before I get on the plane a breeze. I like the fact that with a quick squeeze the ipad pops off of the arm so I can just carry it when needed. There's also the option to leave it connected to the arm and remove the keyboard section. Using the arm I can prop up the screen to practically any angle and it makes watching movies that much easier. I plan on buying another if this one wears out. (Posted on 3/20/14)
Great Case and Keyboard Review by O_B_E
I love this case because I can detach the iPad and use it like a tablet should be and then I can attach the case to the keyboard and use the iPad how it can be. The size of the keyboard is great and is easily adaptable unless you have gigantic hands. The rest of the population will be just fine.
The battery lasts around a week and the rest of the case will last the life of your iPad. It is solid and I'm happy with my purchase everyday. (Posted on 3/16/14)
Really stands out from the rest! LOVE IT! Review by Sun
Based on first impression, it looks and feels sturdy. Build is well constructed. Design makes the case more aesthetically appealing. Stand easily pulled out. Opening the case will take some adjustment. Not very heavy. Keyboard keys feel nice. Enter key is too far towards the right end. Ergonomically does not feel natural pressing the enter key. This will take some time of use to get accustomed to the location.

In summary, functional AND stylish!
Overall rating 4.8.

Use: Primarily for school. It truly stands out from the folio type keyboard cases that most people use. Have received many compliments. (Posted on 3/14/14)
Wonderuful iPad Air protection and keyboard! Review by Jinita
This review is for the New Trent Airbender 2.0. I will also compare it to the New Trent Airbender Air.
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air is stylish, functional and offers great iPad protection. Setup is simple, just snap iPad securely into place, follow the easy instructions to complete the bluetooth connection and enjoy!
The case is a slick, hard plastic with a sturdy metal hinge which is also the stand. The iPad can rotate 360 degrees for portrait and landscape viewing and the detachable top shell is a great option to enjoy the iPad without the keyboard. Care must be taken when adjusting the viewing angle or removing and reattaching the top shell to prevent the iPad swiveling around. But it is not difficult and is worth the effort to be able to remove the keyboard
I find myself using the iPad more than my computer these days and really like the normal layout of the keyboard and am able to type as quickly on the New Trent Airbender 2.0 as I do on my Apple bluetooth keyboard. The chiclet keys are responsive and and the top row contains frequently used function keys. New Trent has created an amazing keyboard and case for the iPad Air.
The main difference between the New Trent Airbender 2.0 and New Trent Airbender Air is the hinge style. The 2.0 model is a single arm that can be removed from the keyboard and also acts as a sturdy stand. The Airbender Air model has a double arm that slides out a little easier than the 2.0 model but does not disconnect from the keyboard. The Airbender Air has a rubberized cover that is easier to grip and I think it offers a classier look compared to the hard plastic shell on the 2.0. As many reviewers have noted, removing the iPad from the Airbender Air can be a little challenging. I find it much easier to remove the iPad from the 2.0. And lastly, the 2.0 model is a little over half a pound heaver than the Airbender Air.
I would rate the New Trent 2.0 five stars as it is a delightful unit offering nice protection for my iPad and a wonderful wireless keyboard.
(Posted on 3/13/14)
Wonderuful iPad Air protection and keyboard! Review by Jinita
This review is for the New Trent Airbender 2.0. I will also compare it to the New Trent Airbender Air.
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air is stylish, functional and offers great iPad protection. Setup is simple, just snap iPad securely into place, follow the easy instructions to complete the bluetooth connection and enjoy!
The case is a slick, hard plastic with a sturdy metal hinge which is also the stand. The iPad can rotate 360 degrees for portrait and landscape viewing and the detachable top shell is a great option to enjoy the iPad without the keyboard. Care must be taken when adjusting the viewing angle or removing and reattaching the top shell to prevent the iPad swiveling around. But it is not difficult and is worth the effort to be able to remove the keyboard
I find myself using the iPad more than my computer these days and really like the normal layout of the keyboard and am able to type as quickly on the New Trent Airbender 2.0 as I do on my Apple bluetooth keyboard. The chiclet keys are responsive and and the top row contains frequently used function keys. New Trent has created an amazing keyboard and case for the iPad Air.
The main difference between the New Trent Airbender 2.0 and New Trent Airbender Air is the hinge style. The 2.0 model is a single arm that can be removed from the keyboard and also acts as a sturdy stand. The Airbender Air model has a double arm that slides out a little easier than the 2.0 model but does not disconnect from the keyboard. The Airbender Air has a rubberized cover that is easier to grip and I think it offers a classier look compared to the hard plastic shell on the 2.0. As many reviewers have noted, removing the iPad from the Airbender Air can be a little challenging. I find it much easier to remove the iPad from the 2.0. And lastly, the 2.0 model is a little over half a pound heaver than the Airbender Air.
I would rate the New Trent 2.0 five stars as it is a delightful unit offering nice protection for my iPad and a wonderful wireless keyboard.
(Posted on 3/13/14)
Turn your ipad air into a mini laptop Review by SimpleLife
This is a great case for someone who wants to turn their ipad into a mini laptop.

-The case itself fits perfectly on the ipad.
-protects the ipad
-keyboard is easy to type on
-can detach the keyboard (I recommend buying a sleeve or bag if you will carry the tablet without the keyboard. Amazon sells their own brand for $10)

-it takes a little effort to detach the keyboard. This seems necessary to hold the ipad safely in place.
-it's thick. This makes it safer.

If you want to turn your ipad into a mini notebook, this is a great case! (Posted on 3/13/14)
Great product Review by Jarrett
This is an excellent accessory for an iPad Air. It is very intuitive as it was easy to use right out of the box. The included instruction booklet had all the necessary info if one is technically challenged. The Bluetooth paring happens seamlessly, without the connection problems or slow pairing I've experienced with other Bluetooth products (ie: speakers). After the initial pairing, simply turn the keyboard on and press the connect button and you're ready to go.

The iPad Air fits securely into the device and all connections to and buttons on the iPad are still easily accessible. It feels well made and protects your iPad from damage when closed. Although it adds a fair amount of bulk and weight to your iPad, I really don't see a product of this nature being much lighter or sleeker than this one is. I haven't used it enough to verify it's durability over time but my first impression is that it will last a long time as long as it is not mistreated.

If you have use for a dedicated keyboard for your iPad Air then you will love this product. The keypad keys are soft, quiet and very responsive. Also, functions such as volume and brightness adjustment have dedicated keys. There is also a dedicated Home Button. It is a treat to use sitting and a desk or table, and rubber tabs on the bottom of the keyboard keep it from slipping, and there is no difficulty with getting a good viewing angle. It is also useful that one can easily rotate the iPad to either orientation. I have found it is not ideal if you're planning to use it on your lap while sitting on a sofa or chair as the weight of the iPad Air gives it the tendency to tip backward. However, the fact that the iPad can be quickly removed from the keyboard and still be in a protective shell is a great feature and is a solution to this issue.

I find that the bulk and weight of the product will not make it a replacement for an iPad case for everybody. A person will need to regularly have need for keyboard functionality in order to want it attached all the time. Although I often snap the iPad off the keyboard for portability and like that it is still protected by the plastic shell, there is no screen protection.

I travel quite often and often stay in hotels for a week or more at a time. I usually have a tablet and laptop with me, but this is the type of product that will allow me to travel lighter and leave the laptop at home.

Pros: Bluetooth connects quickly and easily
Looks great and strongly built
Keyboard keys are soft and quiet and the dedicated keys specific to iPad (volume, brightness) are very useful
iPad quickly detaches for portability
Great for travel and eliminates my need for a laptop on the go

Cons: Case is a bit of a fingerprint magnet
No screen protection when disconnected from keyboard
May be too bulky and heavy for those using keyboard casually
(Posted on 3/13/14)
Awesome case Review by Steven
I have owned both the Zagg and logitech keyboard folios but was unhappy with both of them for various reasons. Then I stumbled on New Trent's Airbender 2.0 and thought I would give it a try since the price point was reasonable and it seemed more functional than other cases. I am glad I did. I love the flexibility of this case/keyboard. Also survived a drop by my kids with a chip on the corner but still holds the iPad in without a problem. The only thing I miss with this one is a magnetic closure but it isn't a deal breaker with this one given the other functions such as the ability to keep the case on but detach the iPad from the keyboard/stand or use the stand by itself (especially great for traveling). (Posted on 3/12/14)
Secure & Functional Review by Amy
I love my new iPad case for the secure fit and the functionality of the keyboard. The keyboard can be removed which is an added benefit if you just want to lighten the load. The case is not heavy when the keyboard is connected but it does add a little weight to your iPad when connected. I love it and can't imagine using anything else! (Posted on 3/11/14)
Cutting edge design for the perfect ipad air experience Review by Metaal
I have been searching the internet for some time for a great affordable keyboard for my Ipad air, and when I came across this model I read and watched every review I could which came highly recommended to buy, and I'm glad to report this is an essential purchase for anyone with an ipad air! It creates your ipad into a small laptop/mac experience, easily portable and also it's very easy to slide the stand off the back of the keyboard turning your ipad into a monitor for better viewing angles and viewing video, plus just a button press takes the pad off the stand for the original ipad experience with all the protection. I work in the technology trade mobile phones iPads etc and I will highly recommend new trent to all my customers and colleagues. Buy It!

Pro' s:
- strong sturdy design, holds ipad firmly
- Long battery life
- instant response rate from keyboard to screen
- Multi functional laptop/monitor/tv/ipad design
- Weight - premium feel to keep device sturdy during vigorous typing
- Low cost - compares better than all cases I've tried uptown date that are upto £100

None to date
(Posted on 3/10/14)
Meet all my needs !! Review by Akki M
Amazed, that this product is designed quite thoughtfully .. Product has 3 basic parts, keyboard, iPad Case and Metal Base. Except Metal base, rest is all plastic and quite light weight. It seems durable enough to protect from amy damage.

Pros -
-- Possibly all combinations/formations you may think off; are possible.
-- iPad can be detached from keyboard and can be use in standalone or can be used with metal base. With metal base, it can stand in portrait or landscape. Keyboard can still be kept separately for heavy duty use.
-- Keyboard connectivity is super easy
-- Keyboard has many quick buttons, like Home, Cut, Copy, Paste, Music Controls, Lock, and full blown keyboard.
-- User Guide is one page but very thoughtfully written to capture all details user need for setup and understanding.

Cons -
-- Not a con really, as we knew keyboard is not backlit but with such cool features that is the only thing you would possibly miss
-- Metal base is the only part with some weight felt, rest of the parts are designed very light. Metal base can be made lighter, helping get close feel to 'Air' even with case on.

All in all, very happy and would surely recommend. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Many great improvements with this new version for the iPad Air Review by Christopher
I have been using New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case for a few weeks now. Prior to that I was using the New Trent Airbender for iPad Air. I have to say I like many of the changes made in this new version with a couple exceptions.

1) The removal of the locking tab in the first version (mine actually cracked and I had to super glue it) was a great move. The new locking mechanism with flexible rubber seems like it will last much longer and i do not need to worry about accidentally cracking it like I did with the first generation of this product.

2) I like that the hinge is stiff, meaning I can use the device in its case in a much more flexible manner than in the first version. In the first version I would either have to open it all the way and slide it out so that the case could hold my ipad up or i could just use it folded. Now, it is possible to use it like a laptop without having to slide out the top part and lock it into place. The hinge is firm enough I can type on the keyboard while using the ipad at various viewing angles.

3) I actually liked the smooth matted surface of the first generation than what it is now in version 2.0. I thought it looked classier previously but overall I still like the appearance and the material feels well built and made to last. This is more a preference than an issue with the design.

4) Like in the first generation, the keyboard works really well. It was easy to pair it to my ipad and i haven't had any issues over the past week when using it. All the keys works well and it feels good on my finger tips. The keys have enough give but not too much and it doesn't feel like I am using a portable keyboard (which is a problem I have had in the past with other bluetooth keyboards for other ipad's I have used). I have used it in multiple business meetings and even had a few people wondering what type of laptop I was using for taking notes.

Overall I would suggest this item to anyone looking for a well built external keyboard for their iPad Air as it doesn't add too much bulk, is sleek, works well, and has made typing for work and personal use on the iPad much easier
(Posted on 3/7/14)
Very useful case Review by kevin
At first I used it without looking at the instructions. When I tried to use it like a
laptop, I found the angle of the screen way too sharp... Then I found
out the base can be extended! This made the viewing angle perfect. Both
Verticle and horizontal viewing is very comfortable. They keyboard is
responsive and the pressure for the keys is quite nice. Overall a very
good product. 5 stars!

Pairing the keyboard was pretty straight forward.
Also, makes for a good protective case. (Posted on 3/6/14)
Great, but could be better Review by Superay
The Airbender 2.0 (model: NT30B) by NewTrent is a 3-piece “Clamshell” Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with Apple’s most current iPad: the iPad Air. The clamshell design of this case essentially turns your iPad into a laptop so prepare for some added weight.

Inside the box you’ll find an instruction manual, a micro-USB charging cord and the clamshell keyboard case. Give the unit a good full charge before using it for the first time.

The Airbender 2.0 consists of 3 components: the top casing, a metal hinge (arm/stand), and the keyboard. It is made of polycarbonate. The top casing is where you attach your iPad Air. This piece can be used independently from the rest of the unit, providing reliable protection for your iPad Air as a protective case. All ports and buttons are fully accessible without removing the case. You should bear in mind that this piece can only offer moderate protection, as the screen itself remains unprotected. I would have liked it better if the casing offered full protection for the iPad: the front screen, rubber covers/nubs to protect the earphone jack and charging port from dust and debris, and some sort of protection for the rear camera lens. One thing I appreciated was the Apple logo is visible in the casing, and because NewTrent was smart enough to integrate a clear piece of plastic into this opening, you don’t have to worry about having part of your iPad exposed.

The metal hinge attaches to the top casing by way of a camera lens cap-style plastic clamp and inserted into the keyboard opening with the other end. The keyboard has a locking mechanism that once inserted, prevents the hinge from accidentally detaching itself from the unit. Once inserted, the hinge slides in and out of the keyboard allowing for multiple viewing angles. The design could be improved if the locking mechanism applied to the entire hinge, since the locking mechanism only locks onto the first and last “groove” of the metal hinge; this can add stability because the unit sometimes feels flimsy when it is not locked onto the first or last groove –and 99% of the time, you’ll find yourself extending the hinge when you use the keyboard. I was impressed with the ability of this unit to allow just the metal hinge and top casing alone to be used as a stand for the iPad Air -both landscape and portrait modes…perfect for multimedia viewing and FaceTime operation!

Pairing the keyboard to the iPad Air was easy and straight-forward. It has great keyboard layout and feel. A row of iPad-specific keys along the top of the keyboard allows you to adjust brightness, volume, cut, copy, paste and media controls. You can view your iPad in landscape and portrait mode when using the keyboard. The unit supports the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake feature.

Battery life has been solid as I’ve been using the keyboard off and on for a week now without having to recharge it.

If an Airbender 3.0 is in the making, here are my recommendations:

1. Add some sort of rubber to the outside of the unit to allow for a better grip when transporting the unit.
2. Include a battery level indicator for the keyboard.
3. More protection against spills, dust and shock resistant.
4. A white case to complement a silver iPad (more colour selection)!

Overall, NewTrent’s Airbender 2.0 is an above average keyboard case. It finds a good balance between functionality and attractiveness. While there is room for improvement, it certainly is a high quality product that I would definitely recommend to others. (Posted on 3/4/14)
Great keyboard case Review by Evan
I have liked my airbender 2 keyboard a lot. The typing experience is pleasant and the ability to see the entire iPad screen without a keyboard covering half of it is great. (Posted on 3/4/14)
this is great Review by william
case is sturdy and fits great. its nice to have metal components gives it a real feel of strength and sturdiness. Keyboard sync is effortless and keyboard itself is easy to use and surprisingly not cramped for a small keyboard. It is a bit heavy but it makes you know your holding something and not a flimsy plastic case for your iPad Air. (Posted on 3/3/14)
Great addition to iPad Air Review by Ben

Slim profile
Easy to connect to iPad
Responsive keys
iOS specific controls: home button, brightness, cut, copy, paste, music controls, virtual keyboard button, lock screen button, fn button which combines with the arrow keys for page up, page down, home, and end functions
Ability to remove keyboard from iPad case
Infinite adjustability with swivel for iPad case attached to keyboard

No locking mechanism to keep case from opening
Keys are not backlit

I used the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case with an Apple iPad Air 64gb. The keyboard case paired very easily each time I used the case with the iPad after the initial setup, which was also a breeze.

I found the Airbender 2.0 to be most useful when I had more than a few sentences to write out and when I had a stable platform to place the Airbender 2.0 on. I imagine the Airbender 2.0 is very stable for use on someone's lap, but I do not personally prefer it with any device. The Airbender 2.0 case would be a great tool to take notes for a lecture or a meeting and I have used the Airbender 2.0 with my iPad to take notes in my weekly seminar meetings for intern teaching.

I think the Airbender 2.0 would be great for anyone who wants or needs the ability to type notes, documents, etc. on the go and still have the flexibility that an iPad gives you over a traditional laptop. In my experience as a physical education intern teacher I have used the Airbender 2.0 to take notes in between classes while at my field experience site and also in my required on campus seminars. Other occupations that would benefit most from this product would be outside sales professionals who are constantly traveling, or anyone who wants the flexibility to have a tablet and still retain the functionality of a full keyboard to type out longer text in documents, emails, notes, invoices, etc.

I would recommend this case to friends, family, and colleagues who are looking for a quality keyboard case for their iPad Air. (Posted on 3/2/14)
Great Product Review by Lannie
Currently I am using the Airbender 2.0 for IPAD AIR. Taking the unit out of the packaging you notice that it has an interesting space age look to it, which has been commented on several times by others to me. The NT30B (Model number for the Airbender 2.0) construction is quite sturdy but light weight. Sliding my IPAD AIR into the holding section was easy and it feels very snug and secure. Opening the Airbender 2.0 the first few times can be a little awkward with the iPad section flipping open while you work to move the holder back into place to use with the keyboard. This awkwardness only lasts for the first few times of use while you get used to how it opens and sets up. There is a release to allow the IPAD section to move away from the keyboard aligning it for use with the keyboard and also allowing you to use it separately from the keyboard as well as a free standing unit. You can also rotate the IPAD for use in portrait mode, a very cool feature. On the back of the IPAD section there is a release allowing you to remove the holding bracket leaving you with the IPAD in a nice hard case shell without the keyboard. Reattaching the IPAD to the bracket can take some work but can be accomplished with some alignment and persistence. The keyboard is bluetooth and connecting it to the IPAD was extremely easy. The keyboard is responsive and easy to use with a click feeling similar to a Macbook Pro keyboard. Overall this is a very good unit and considering the price a very good buy. I would recommend this unit and give it a 4 out of 5 stars. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Outstanding product Review by Paul
I love my Airbender case! I was initially looking for a keyboard that I could use with my new IPad Air. I also wanted a protective case to protect my expensive purchase. I was so excited to find both in one product. I was especially happy to find the keyboard so user friendly for my large hands. I am a school teacher and utilize the keyboard a lot. I have no difficulty typing without making keying errors. The case provides wonderful protection from my students who often bump my iPad while we are working. The protection, ease of putting it on and ease of keyboard installation rate this product a 10 in my book. (Posted on 2/26/14)
Great Product, Great Price Review by Dale
The keyboard folio for my iPad Air is a great product. Solid design features include multiple configurations (landscape and portrait) as well as the ability to easily detach from the keyboard. Typing on the keyboard is no problem. Keys are responsive and spaced well enough to allow for quick and easy typing. I've purchased different keyboard folios for previous iPads by Belkin, Zagg and Logitech. This is by far my favorite one. (Posted on 2/26/14)
5 Thumbs Up! Review by The Brad
This product is clearly a 5 out of 5. Very well made with a lot of thought
and design on this case. In fact, after seeing this case I would really
like to see some of the same features rolled into the mini case as well.
The keyboard is very comfortable and I love the integrated functions and
shortcuts. The fact that the ipad can be removed from the keyboard and
still act like a stand for the ipad is very nice. Bluetooth pairing could
not be easier. The case provides excellent protection although it does not
feature a screen protector like other models. Easy enough to make sure you
have an invisible screen guard ( I use the one from Zagg and it works
great). New Trent is obviously a great company and seems to put a
tremendous amount of thought and engineering in the products and I am a fan
for life. Thanks again for a great product!
(Posted on 2/25/14)
Who needs a laptop? Review by Dave
I've used the NT38B with an iPad 2. Although it is an older device, I was pleased to find that it was fully compatible and fit perfectly. At first I was concerned about the provided angles when opened, but once I discovered that the bottom part would slide out I was quite impressed. You can find quite a range of angles, depending on your needs. It was very easy to pair the bluetooth keyboard to the iPad. The keyboard takes a little time to get used to, as it is more compact than a typical laptop keyboard. The keyboard has a very natural feel to it, and has many function and media keys. I plan to use this as a laptop replacement the next time I travel! (Posted on 2/22/14)
Really like it so far Review by Jim
I like the extra protection it provides. Easy to use and the keyboard works very well. With kids in the house I need to protect my gear. (Posted on 2/20/14)
A Great all in one Case Review by Dustin
I have had time to play around with the case and see how it feels in my hands and test out all the different keyboard positions and how much real functionality it had for me (an average college student). I was very impressed with what i received from the beginning the feel of the case was sturdy to give it the right amount of protection i would expect to cover it from lets say dropping it off a table having my iPad Air safe. The Keyboard is exactly what you would expect from any other keyboard you can buy, the battery is long lasting, the keys are very responsive and having some iPad shortcut keys right on the top of the keyboard. Since i have put many hours already on it, typing essays and research papers, i found it to be perfect to do some typing on the go. The case itself is very stylish and in my opinion looks a lot better than many of the other case/keyboard combos that were out there (and kinda makes the iPad look like a mini computer which i liked for some reason) and if i ever just want to play my iPad like a regular one the keyboard is very easy to detach a you would still have a hard plastic case that can protect the device, which is a major plus in my book the only problem i found with it is that it can get fingerprints on the keyboard back of the case but it is not that noticeable but it might be to some people. To wrap things up if you are looking for a stylish, protective case that has a keyboard and you don't mind fingerprints to much then this is the perfect case for you. (Posted on 2/19/14)
I had gotten case this as gift Review by Carmen
I had received this case as a gift I thought it was a great case for someone working indoor or at an office but i had exchanged it for the pro since I'm usually very busy and active I felt a little bit safer with the pro. But I think it's a nice lightweight keyboard case for someone really looking for a multi function case that turns there iPad into a computer in no time at all. And it's at a great price range because you can use it in so many different ways. It's truly worth every penny (Posted on 2/19/14)
Clamshell Protection, Keyboard, And Portrait and Landscape! Review by Sam
For my new iPad Air, I needed a protective case and I wanted a keyboard to go with. I looked all over the net, evaluating Zaggs, Logitech, even Clamshell. Ultimately, only the Airbender combined the keyboard, protective case, and the ability to position the iPad in either portrait or landscape position. It also folds down nicely to tablet status. Ironically, it is priced less than most competitive products!
(Posted on 2/19/14)
This is the only case that you need for your iPad Air. Period. Review by iFixRobots
Alright guys,

This will be a brief summary of my time spent with the New Trent Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad Air.
At first glance, I liked the packaging a lot. Not very flashy. Very subtle and straight to the point, on the box, we had a brief summary of some of the highlights and features that this product has. When I first opened the box I liked that everything was very well presented and there was no need for me to get a knife or such to tool to do anything to get the device out of its box.
Inside we got a Micro USB Cable, used for charging, an instructions guide, which included pretty much everything you needed to get started and get full use of the device, and of course, the keyboard itself.

At first glance, when I grabbed the keyboard in my hand, I noticed that it was pretty lightweight, which made me think for a second if the device was made out of cheap plastic, but after spending some time with it, I can guarantee you that is not. Extremely solid, and durable are two words that come to mind about this case.
It took close to 6 hours for me to get the device fully charged, but of course that can vary by user. According to the New Trent website you should get around 3 months of use out of device before you need to charger it again. So far that seems to be holding on pretty well considering I’m on week two and the device still shows a fully charger. I found no hiccups while getting the device to pair, if you follow the instructions included in the manual it should be a cinch.
Getting the device inside of the iPad was extremely simple, just make sure you started with the side that has the volume rocker. Getting the device out of the case was also pretty simple. Just create an open by gently prying one of the sides of the case and go from there. Simple enough, right?

As far as versatility, this case does it all, it has a rotation base, a protective cover and the keyboard, two of which can be used on its own, you can use the keyboard detached from the case with your iPad, or you can use the rotating base with the protective case if you want to watch a movie or just don’t prefer to use the keyboard at the moment.
I can tell you, when I first saw the keyboard I was not expecting it to have so many uses. Like, at all. But frankly they make sense. They’re giving you the options and flexibility to use the device however you want it.
I work in an office environment and I can tell you right now, this can work for pretty much anyone, from students to business people. As long as you need to get something done, or just relax, you’ll have an advantage by using the device.
I’m going to give this device a solid 5/5. I really enjoy and I can’t wait to see what else this company can come up with.
I attached some photos and I’ll be uploading a video shortly on Youtube and I’ll provide a link when that is ready.
(Posted on 2/19/14)
Lovin' this charger! Review by Serena
The New Trent dual high-speed USB port car charger is an excellent product to have in case of emergencies. I usually always carry a car charger with me, but once I purchased my new IPhone 5, I hadn't had the chance to purchase the charger. I work 12 hour shifts, so it is late when I get off of work. Once I received my New Trent charger, I felt a sense of relief knowing that I had some way of getting a hold of someone if my phone was low on battery in case of an emergency. This charger is different from the ones I have had in the past. The old ones seem like they took forever to charge, but not with the New Trent charger. I also love the fact that it has two ports, so my passenger can charge their phone with high speed as well. It really came in handy last night, when my neighbor and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to a casino up in the mountains, which is about 45 minutes away from our home. After using my phone all day long, I was down to about 27%. I charged my phone on the way up there, and by the time we were there, it was already at 100%. That is with my neighbor charging her phone on the second port as well! I would rate this product at a 5, and would recommend it to anybody who has any type of phone and drives an automobile! (Posted on 2/17/14)
Best Case Ever Review by Cmcmahan
I just received the new Trent Airbender 2.0. For my new iPad air. I have used a variety cases for my other iPads and this is definitely the best case I have used. This is the second Trent Airbender I have owned. It fits the iPad perfectly and the keyboard is great. Trent has upgraded the keyboard from their past model. There is no lag time when switching from the keyboard on the iPad to the one on the case. The touch is much smoother than the previous model. I love that the stand is metal now. There is less risk if stripping the thread which could happen with the previous case.

If I could change nor thing, I would move the lid release to the side or on the keyboard as it was on the previous model. Having it in the back is difficult to use. (Posted on 2/13/14)
Long winded review ....but this case deserves it! Review by Elise
Turns your ipad air into a laptop!

Let me preface this review by saying I have used several case keyboards (for my kindle fire and for my previous Ipad 4) and this is, hands down, the best keyboard case I have ever seen or used.

First of all, and I realize this doesn't have any bearing on the product itself, but the packaging it arrives in is very nice. It's a well-made, heavy duty box, with crystal clear images and writing. Bonus for me (It's just something I like when applicable).

I immediately popped my ipad air into the plastic cradle, and it snapped in securely. Throughout my initial several hours of play, I was repeatedly pushing on my ipad screen, twisting and turning the 360 degree hinge, and moving it every possible direction. It was well seated in the cradle, and I have absolutely no fear of it falling out. I have now been using this case for my ipad air for several days, I have no complaints. I love it.

Initial test:
I synced my bluetooth to the keyboard ... very simple and easy to do. The instructions included were concise and very helpful. First you turn the switch to the "on" position, then push the "connect" button. Go into your settings on your ipad, find the bluetooth option, and click the option to find devices. Immediately, my ipad recognized the keyboard, and I input the code and voila! It was synced.

The keyboard itself is impressive. Considering the small size, there is relatively a lot of room for your fingers. The keys have a "real" keyboard feel to them and give a nice auditory soft click when pushing them. The backspace, space, enter, and apostrophe, and shift keys (the function keys I use the most) are positioned functionally. It only took a couple tries on the keyboard to get a feel for them. There are brightness/dim keys, volume keys, play, pause, and fast forward keys. I love that the brightness and sound options are available without having to move my hands off the keyboard. The only issue is I have no yet figured out how the directional keys work... I know they require the function key, but I can't scroll up/down around webpages. I realize it may only work on certain things, though, so if I figure it out, I will update this review. I also really like that it includes a "home" button so you can control almost all aspects of your ipad from the keyboard. There is also a "lock" key, so you lock, unlock, and submit password all using the keyboard.

I contacted NewTrent and they informed me that the function keys will work, but it depends on whether the app is frisbee for use with function keys, or directional keys. Thanks for the clarification! I'm anxiously waiting for the day when Order and Chaos let me use the directional arrow on my beloved New Trent Keyboard....

Battery life seems to be impressive. I charged it all night the evening I received it, and days later, it is running excellently. I will edit this review later after I've owned for a longer span of time to determine battery life.
The case:
This case offers a 360 degree rotation of your ipad, but also functions as a regular hard back case if removed from your keyboard (I LOVE this feature). It puts your ipad to sleep, and has a range of roughly 30 feet when removed from the keyboard.
There is a trough in front of the top row of keys, which allows you to "bank" your ipad's base there, either horizontally or vertically. A metal leg extends in the back of the case (you squeeze the lock button on the back and pull out the leg as you need to) which allows you to lean the ipad screen further back without it flipping the keyboard (the keyboard itself is much lighter than the ipad). And speaking of weight, this case adds very little. It is surprisingly lightweight and also slim, although I feel it would do an awesome job of protecting my ipad should it slip from my clutzy fingers.

Overall impression:
I have never been this pleased with a case. I've written this entire review using it, and I've never had a delay with the bluetooth or an issue with double-typing letters. And I also love that it makes my ipad look like a netbook. Hehehe. (It's the little things in life, right?!)
I am a teacher, and this has been indispensable for meetings, using it as a secondary work screen if my students are using my computer, and for doing all my late night emails or notes that would originally be done through my phone.

The quality of the workmanship seems to be fantastic, from what I've experienced so far.

Any negatives:
The only thing I think I would change is somehow making the cradle of the ipad lock into place, so it's not so "wiggly" when it's not seated on the trough. However, this is not an issue that concerns me enough to dock points.

I think this would be THE case for anyone who writes, types, or takes notes frequently. Goodness knows how much I would have loved this back when I was in college!

The quality, size, weight, functionality, and well-thought out design make this probably THE best keyboard I've seen. I give New Trent's Airbender 2.0 Ipad Air Keyboard Case a solid 5/5. (Posted on 2/12/14)
Airbender 2.0 Well done New Trent! Review by Gary
I have had the NT30B Bluetooth keyboard for a coule of weeks now and quite frankly, I don't know how I got along without it the past 4 years. It is a well thought out product: Most importantly, my iPad Air is securely held in place in the protective case. The back of my iPad is completely covered. Removing the device is straight forward and easy. The keys are well spaced and have a good feel. The "extra" buttons (screen brightness, virtual keyboard, cut, copy, paste, audio controls and speaker level) come in handy with at least one of them used daily. Set-up was very straight forward and the keyboard connects to my iPad instantly upon opening. The arrow keys make navigating a text document (like this one) a snap. The iPad is held securely in place for both landscape & portrait orientation. A simple pinch releases the iPad from the keyboard half of the case.

A couple of things that I'd like to see improved in the next version: the ios search field is only intermittently accessible. While the case has rubber feet on the bottom which hold the set-up securely in place when typing, the exterior is a shiny, hard plastic. I haven't dropped it yet but I need to be very careful transporting it. A "rubberized" finish would be great. I'm not sure if this is an ios limitation, but the auto-correct feature doesn't work with the keyboard. Come to think of it, that may be a blessing. I'd love to see a "delete" key added.

Keep up the good work, New Trent. Your external batteries and keyboards are the best. It was a pleasure writing this review on my NT30B Keyboard!

I have had the NT30B Bluetooth keyboard for a couple of weeks now and quite
frankly, I don't know how I got along without it the past 4 years. It is a
well thought out product: Most importantly, my iPad Air is securely held in
place in the protective case. The back of my iPad is completely covered.
Removing the device is straight forward and easy. The keys are well
spaced and have a good feel. The "extra" buttons (screen brightness,
virtual keyboard, cut, copy, paste, audio controls and speaker level) come
in handy with at least one of them used daily. Set-up was very straight
forward and the keyboard connects to my iPad instantly upon opening. The
arrow keys make navigating a text document (like this one) a snap. The
iPad is held securely in place for both landscape & portrait orientation.
A simple pinch releases the iPad from the keyboard half of the case.

A couple of things that I'd like to see improved in the next version: the
ios search field is only intermittently accessible. While the case has
rubber feet on the bottom which hold the set-up securely in place when
typing, the exterior is a shiny, hard plastic. I haven't dropped it yet
but I need to be very careful transporting it. A "rubberized" finish would
be great. I'm not sure if this is an ios limitation, but the auto-correct
feature doesn't work with the keyboard. Come to think of it, that may be a
blessing. I'd love to see a "delete" key added.

Keep up the good work, New Trent. Your external batteries and keyboards
are the best. It was a pleasure writing this review on my NT30B Keyboard!

(Posted on 2/9/14)
An excellent product that does more than you would think Review by kevin
Received it as a gift from my wife to go with my new iPad Air. The keyboard blew me out of the water. it's virtually full stroke, with as good a feel as my regular desktop keyboard and better than either of my laptops. The ability to use it as a keyboard, but to also separate the case and the stand makes it an absolute must for using the iPad, as I have been doing more and more, in lieu of my laptop. Even the added weight to the iPad with the case still keeps it well below carting the full laptop around. I can't say enough about the Airbender 2.0 (Posted on 2/8/14)
Love love love Review by Jeannine
This is a must have if you need a case for your ipad. The case is lightweight and it is super versatile. You can have your ipad as landscape or portrait. The keyboard is great also. Only thing missing is a backlit case. Battery life is also excellent. I charge it every other day after using It daily. I would recommend this case to everyone and the price is extremely fair. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Overall this is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards I have ever owned Review by John
The New Trent 2.0 iPad Air wireless Bluetooth keyboard case is an excellent keyboard with lots of features. Great design that provides both protection and functionality for your iPad Air. All of the ports and controls are easily accessible when the iPad is fit into the case.
The top part that holds your iPad Air rotates 360 degrees and you can put the iPad into a portrait or a landscape view. There is a slot in the keyboard that the iPad can rest in for a laptop look. The top of the case allows you to move the iPad in just about any angle you want, it is very flexible for viewing. The part that holds the iPad also comes out completely with the push of a small button on the top/side. The keyboard Bluetooth connection pairs very fast and easy. I also connected it to my iPhone 5 just to see if it would work and it worked and paired just as fast. It has all the functions that an apple keyboard has like volume, play, pause, fast forward, rewind/back and light dim buttons for the iPad. Inside the box are the Bluetooth keyboard and a micro USB x USB for charging, it does not come with a wall adapter so get one if you don’t have one but if you have an Apple device
you already have one. The buttons are all very easy to push and stick out well. I have no problems typing on this keyboard.

Overall this is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards I have ever owned, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, well made and durable wireless Bluetooth keyboard. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Great case, rugged, masculine look and feel! Review by Bill
This is the Swiss Army knife of cases!! Rugged masculine design with the fit and finish of a Ferrari. Versatility beyond belief. Easily adaptable to use with or without the built in keyboard. Feedback from the keys is perfect. Don't waste your time looking at other cases, this is THE one. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Great flexibility, easy to type, would definitely recommend! Review by Gabrielle
This keyboard has been fantastic, and has already far exceeded my high expectations! In fact, I'm typing this review on it right now. I chose this keyboard because of it's incredible flexibility, allowing both orientations and even allowing me to detach it if I don't need to type. Now that I have this keyboard, I hardly ever use my laptop, and when I do I find myself trying to swipe the screen. Typing is very easy and natural (no typos yet in this review!), and it makes school fun! (Posted on 2/1/14)
Tough and strong Review by Patiwet
At the time I got this product, it was the only one available on the market because the ipad air just released.
After spending substantial periods of time using the case (with my new ipad air) in everyday life, I will give this product 4 out of 5 stars for the following reasons.First of all, the case has several advantageous features. When fully
encased, and all the ports covered, it can easily withstand a downpour or even
a drop into very shallow water. It comes apart so that the ipad air is
separated from the keyboard, but it is designed in such a way that the ipad air
is still fully protected. One reason for this is the design of the case. Note
in the following image that the ipad air is placed in the case, and then the
lid fastens shut over it. The lid includes a protective plastic screen. All of this protective coverage does have one downside. It is
very, very difficult to remove the ipad air from the case should you wish to do
so. The case snaps together in eight places and those places hold firmly. I had
to use a small screwdriver to press on the catch releases to get them open. So this is the only bad impression I have on the product.Using the built-in stand to position the tilt is also easy. Instructions are included in the manual, but the basic concept is to raise the stand and pull it out so that the tilt options are available. The same technique is used to separate the ipad from the keyboard. The keyboard is very nice and easy to use. Keys are black
with white markings. Frequently uses keys such as ‘, ‘’, [ ] and ( ) are
included on other, normal keys and accessed with the aid of a function key. It
also has page up/down and home/end buttons. I had no trouble using the touch
typing technique, but I will include the caveat that I have small hands. Still,
I believe most users will find the keyboard to be perfectly adequate for fast

The Bluetooth pairing was simple and quick, and instructions
for pairing are included in the manual. The Bluetooth capabilities work seamlessly, and Bluetooth will shut down automatically when not in use. Also, it is not necessary to repeat the pairing process once it has been put into effect. Although I found it very difficult to open the case to remove the ipad air, I would assume people using the case on a regular basis won't be bothered by this because the need to remove the ipad air won’t be present.

In conclusion, I do recommend it for my friend. However, I think the price
is quite high, as compared to the competitors, at US$69.95. I particularly like
the option to remove the keyboard portion of the case from the ipad portion so
that it is easy to hold the ipad for reading. (Posted on 1/30/14)
Great Keyboard/Case for the Money! Review by OregonBuckeye
I have been fortunate enough to have acquired this keyboard/case. I also happen to own the Airbender Pro (AB Pro).

There are only two real differences between the two cases. One is that the AB Pro clamshell case has a rubber back with a cover which encapsulates the iPad in its protected case. The second thing is that the on/Off switch is different. Personally, I like the On/Off switch better on the Airbender 2.0 keyboard.

The other nice thing about BOTH keyboard is New Trent's innovative use of the aluminum arm. Its base slides into the bottom of the back of the keyboard. When you open the case, you can reach back an slide the button and slide the arm out from the bottom of your keyboard. You can pull it all the way out or partially, your choice. The iPad can then be turned to portrait or landscape mode and the nice feature on the AB2 is that the deep recessed groove in which your iPad sits in. Once there, it isn't going to go anywhere or slide out.

1) The arm. A GREAT innovative, fully functional piece by New Trent.
2) The On/off switch. I LIKE being able to slide it over and that is how one knows that your keyboard is on.
3) The case, once closed protects your iPad. It closes firmly and tightly.

1) In both instances, if New Trent could come up wtih a light that stays on to let the user know that the keyboard is on, that would be GREAT! Also, if the keyboard goes into an energy-conserving mode, why not have the BT light slowly dim and flash to let you know? If that could be incorporated, it would make for a case in which there is very little, if any, competition.
2) Henry Ford, while introducing his Model-T automobile, said to the crowd " you can get this car in any color you want..... so long as it is black!" Let's get some more vibrant, florescent colors on these cases! People like to show off their case/keyboard. Make it bright pink or yellow or orange! (Posted on 1/30/14)
Great case for the new iPad air Review by Juan
The Airbender 2.0 is a great case that offers protection and productivity. It does not add very much to the weight of the iPad and it keeps it stylish. The Bluetooth keyboard is not as roomy as I'm used to but I got used to it fairly quickly. For the price I am very well pleased for my purchase. I would recommend this. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Excellent product, well made and full featured ! Review by figaro331
I’ve received Airbender 2.0(model NT30B) for iPad Air and I’ve used for several days with my iPad Air.
I do like it a lot by many reasons :

1. I’ve charged it as soon I’ve received to full and left it on for almost a week and I’ve used it very day moderately and it still have a charge;
2. The case for iPad fits perfectly, snugged and no loose parts;
3. The ability to separate case from the keyboard with simple squeeze and locking mechanism are just awesome(very functional and easy to use);
4. 360 degrees rotation of iPad Air in this connected to keyboard case allows to use it in different occasions;
5. The metal stand connecting keyboard and iPad feels very durable and stable(3 screws did make a difference);
6. Bluetooth keyboard once connected ,if don’t turn it off, keeps connection very well on a relatively big distance(I’ve tried on 15 meters);
7. Different media keys, like volume and brightness, copy and cut are so useful;
8. Fn key and locale language keys are very useful as well;
9. Keyboard itself does work great with other iDevices, I’ve tried with iPhone 5S with almost every app (which is using keyboard);
10. In my opinion Airbender 2.0 is better executed device(more features and construction wise) for iPad Air than Ultrathin Keyboard folio for iPad Air from Logitech(which I’ve used before) and is $30.00 cheaper.

I think Airbender 2.0 would very useful for students to facilitate home work execution as well as for professionals working in many different fields. I.e I work in medical field and I do use Siri for my dictations- Airbender 2.0 was very helpful to review and quickly edit my dictations. Also I’ve used it for iMessaging a lot. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Excellent product, well made and full featured ! Review by figaro331
I’ve received Airbender 2.0(model NT30B) for iPad Air and I’ve used for several days with my iPad Air.
I do like it a lot by many reasons :

1. I’ve charged it as soon I’ve received to full and left it on for almost a week and I’ve used it very day moderately and it still have a charge;
2. The case for iPad fits perfectly, snugged and no loose parts;
3. The ability to separate case from the keyboard with simple squeeze and locking mechanism are just awesome(very functional and easy to use);
4. 360 degrees rotation of iPad Air in this connected to keyboard case allows to use it in different occasions;
5. The metal stand connecting keyboard and iPad feels very durable and stable(3 screws did make a difference);
6. Bluetooth keyboard once connected ,if don’t turn it off, keeps connection very well on a relatively big distance(I’ve tried on 15 meters);
7. Different media keys, like volume and brightness, copy and cut are so useful;
8. Fn key and locale language keys are very useful as well;
9. Keyboard itself does work great with other iDevices, I’ve tried with iPhone 5S with almost every app (which is using keyboard);
10. In my opinion Airbender 2.0 is better executed device(more features and construction wise) for iPad Air than Ultrathin Keyboard folio for iPad Air from Logitech(which I’ve used before) and is $30.00 cheaper.

I think Airbender 2.0 would very useful for students to facilitate home work execution as well as for professionals working in many different fields. I.e I work in medical field and I do use Siri for my dictations- Airbender 2.0 was very helpful to review and quickly edit my dictations. Also I’ve used it for iMessaging a lot. (Posted on 1/29/14)
Great sturdy and versatile case! Review by Anson
I have had the case for about a week now. I am a college student and use it to take notes in class. On taking it out of the box, this case is very well built and sturdy. The hinge is a bit stiff, but I appreciate that because I know that it will last after using for a long time. When putting your iPad into the case, it snaps hard in there, giving you a reassuring feeling that it's not going to pop out.

-Very well built and feels like it's built to last
-Linking the keyboard to my iPad was super easy and fast. I've only needed to do it once, and now when I turn it on, quickly connects
-The buttons at the top of the keyboard are great shortcuts for changing the brightness, sound, play and pause, etc
-The iPad can rotate at 360 which is something not all cases do, but very nice
-When not using the keyboard, it's very easy to disconnect it from the iPad

-Because the hinge is so stiff, it's a bit tricky pulling it out to get the desired viewing angle. Even after using it for a week, that has gotten dramatically easier
-Case is a bit thick, but is to be expected having a keyboard (not really a con since you know it before purchasing, but something noting when holding it)
-Keys can be a bit loud when typing (compared to my MacBook Pro

Overall this is a great case that makes note taking and using the iPad on the go very easy! I like that I don't have to lug my laptop around when I only need the few things for school such as note taking or looking on the web. (Posted on 1/28/14)
Outstanding Product Review by Cesare
I use this case/keyboard for my iPad Air for taking notes in class. The product is lightweight and super easy to use. No complaints. Will be definitely looking into other products by New Trent for my other Apple products!!!! (Posted on 1/28/14)
I like it, but it could use a couple "tweaks". Review by Daylene
I received this for Christmas. I really like the chiclet style keyboard and the "kickstand" type arm that adjusts out for more stability. I find myself just flipping the iPad over instead of removing it when the keyboard isn't necessary. Although it does add bulk to the device, I upgraded from an original iPad, so I don't find the Air with keypad any bulkier than my original iPad in case.

Keyboard makes typing fairly smooth - especially for a small surface
Rotates to portrait or landscape with keyboard use
iPad can flip over so that keyboard is tucked in back when not needed

I can't seem to find any sort of "warning" when the keyboard charge is getting low. Could be me, though.
The release button/clasp releases a little too easily when I want to separate the iPad from the keyboard. I almost dropped my Air as it practically fell off in my hand.
Aesthetically, it's not the most attractive case.

All in all, I really like this and haven't taken it off since I received it. Even when not using the keyboard, I find the adjustable arm & notch to hold the screen angle great for watching movies or streaming. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 1/28/14)
Great performance and easy to use Review by Raj
Typing on the iPad's on-screen keyboard is nice but lets face it, its not the fastest or most accurate way to type. At least not for myself. Using this keyboard case from New Trent eliminates the awkward-ness and brings more of a laptop type of feel to your iPad Air.

1. Product Design

The keyboard has a compact form factor compared to traditional keyboards. I am able to achieve an average typing speed but definitely a considerable upgrade from the on screen keyboard.

The rotation feature is nice because it gives you full control over the orientation of the iPad. I almost always use the landscape view but having the portrait orientation as an option is nice.

Another nice addition is the ability to detach the iPad from the keyboard case altogether. I usually always keep it connected to the keyboard but the options are nice. Detachment is easy as you just pinch the circle on the pack together and it comes right off. Love it. The case that the iPad sits in has a lay-on the table design with a bit of a lip to prevent the screen from being directly touched by surfaces when placed face down

The shortcut keys are very useful and since I have an iMac I can relate to the shortcut keys at the top of the keyboard since they are very similar to the standard ones Mac provides with all of their computers.

One problem I encountered with the case was that it does not have a latch to keep it closed. Although I did not have a problem with it opening on it's own, I worry that over time the hinge might not be as durable but this remains to be seen. The keyboard case does have the magnetic auto off feature built in so when I throw it in a backpack or my travel bag I can hear the "click" sound of the iPad closing and opening every now and then.

Another issue I had was the build quality. It is sufficient but I must note that it does have a bit of a cheap plasticky feel to it. Not the worst, but definitely something that could be improved upon in future releases of this case. This being said, it still looks fantastic and I have had a few friends comment on its futuristic look.

I had a little bit of issue with some of the keys not registering a response at first but with continued use they have adjusted and now work just fine.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity:

Connecting to bluetooth is very easy. Just turn the switch to on, hit connect and its ready for pairing. Go to your iPad's bluetooth settings and select the New Trent Keyboard. Done. Easy & painless.

3. Packaging:

The packaging is neat and clean. It comes with instructions and also a micro usb cable for charging the keyboard. New Trent also provides a 3 month warranty extension for registering the product on their website within 10 days of purchase. Give's me peace of mind that they stand behind their products.

4. Duration of Use/Charging:

For the first time you use the keyboard you must charge it for 6 hours, as stated in their instruction manual. After this initial charge, it takes 2 hours to reach full capacity. To me, this is a very rapid charge time. A green blinking indicator shows when the battery is low. When it is charging it turns red and then stays solid green when its fully charged.

I cannot give you an exact time as to how long the keyboard will last because I do not continuously type until the battery is depleted but typing occasionally I have used this for a weeks time without having to recharge it. Battery life is great.

Overall, I would have to say that this keyboard has been a pleasure to use. There is still potential for improvement but I would still recommend this to others for purchase. 4/5. (Posted on 1/26/14)
Incredible High Quality Keyboard Review by Grimm147
Stars: 4.5 out of 5

Review: I will be typing this review using the keyboard on the iPad Air (5th Generation)
This incredible keyboard has been with me for about a week now, going to work, class and my apartment, serving different functions in each location. I have found the quality materials have kept my iPad safe through drops and normal everyday wear and tear. This near perfect product is the the best companion for anyone with an iPad Air looking to expand functionality beyond the touch screen keyboard.

Quick reconnect to iPad after (very easy) initial set up
Dedicated function buttons allow for easy iPad use (home screen, lock screen, etc)
Solid build allows for the iPad to be protected when all closed up
Swivels easy from portrait to landscape to use with the keyboard
Quick disconnects from the keyboard if needed, but still protects the back from scratches/dings/drops
Great battery life

For those who are bothered by fingerprints, expect a few
Keyboard can be rather loud while typing, however that was only an issue in the classroom setting
No place for a stylus -- Although this isn't a big issue, if I'm going to be using a keyboard, I'd like a place to put a stylus to easily press the things that the keyboard can't achieve
Difficult to unlock the slider in the back that allows the iPad to be moved away from the keyboard

The iPad Air is a great step forward for apple, but changed how all of the additional products fit (change in size, weight) New Trent has responded with a great product that only enhances the iPad that adds durability, ease of typing and an accessory that has become almost a necessity for the working adult. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Excellent Case- Best buy for the money! Review by Jeremy
This case is very versatile. I love that you can have the iPad Air in both portrait and landscape positions. The case is durable and will offer superior protection to your investment. Keyboard is a perfect size and connects to the iPad without a hitch. The detachable metal "arm" is very clever as it can be used without the keyboard as a stand. It would be nice if there was an option for a backlit keyboard. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and will certainly be buying more products from NewTrent in the future! (Posted on 1/22/14)
Excellent Case- Best buy for the money! Review by Jeremy
This case is very versatile. I love that you can have the iPad Air in both portrait and landscape positions. The case is durable and will offer superior protection to your investment. Keyboard is a perfect size and connects to the iPad without a hitch. The detachable metal "arm" is very clever as it can be used without the keyboard as a stand. It would be nice if there was an option for a backlit keyboard. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and will certainly be buying more products from NewTrent in the future! (Posted on 1/22/14)
Excellent Case- Best buy for the money! Review by Jeremy
This case is very versatile. I love that you can have the iPad Air in both portrait and landscape positions. The case is durable and will offer superior protection to your investment. Keyboard is a perfect size and connects to the iPad without a hitch. The detachable metal "arm" is very clever as it can be used without the keyboard as a stand. It would be nice if there was an option for a backlit keyboard. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and will certainly be buying more products from NewTrent in the future! (Posted on 1/22/14)
The most versatile case and keyboard Review by Fernando
This is the most versatile case I have every used for an iPad Air. This will only fit the iPad Air do not purchase if you have the mini or any of the older versions of the iPad.
The case is built out of 3 parts that can be detached as needed. There is the keyboard base, the metal hinge/stand, and a hard cover for the iPad.
Because of the ability to separate everything you can configure the case to be like a netbook/laptop, like an iMac with the keyboard detached, don’t use the keyboard at all and you can have a small tv. And if you detach the metal hinge then you're back to a tablet with a solid case. I have used the keyboard cases before but they would not detach so if I wanted to just play a game or do anything without the keyboard I would have to take the whole iPad out of the case to remove the keyboard. This case thankfully fixes that, there are 2 grips on the back of the case that when pinched release the iPad + case from the keyboard and stand.
Typing on this keyboard feel very natural, the keys and separation is only about a quarter of an inch smaller than my desktop keyboard. The only keys that are significantly smaller are the keys on the side for example the \ and arrow keys but those are not used as much. The battery on the keyboard is amazing, I have charged the keyboard once and used it for 2 weeks not turning off the keyboard and it still has charge. The status lights are at the perfect settings bright enough to see but not so bright that if you are using the keyboard at night it will blind you.
The case has a very solid feel and nothing wiggles or feels cheap.
All ports are accessible and on the keyboard there are extra shortcut keys to do everything from setting the screen brightness to changing music tracks.
It came in very handy when I was writing an essay for class, it feels comfortable to use both on a desk and a lap. You would just need to adjust the angle the screen is at. You can use the keyboard without pulling out the metal hinge but you will need to keep the keyboard down with your hands, if not its best to pull out the metal hinge and it stands by itself.
Truly a beautiful, sturdy and versatile case. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Great Keyboard case for my new Ipad Review by Adam
This protective case at first glance seemed scared me as to whether or not my IPad would be secure. However I was proven wrong. After inserting the IPad into the case, I held the whole unit upside down by the keyboard section of the case. After determining, that it would hold, it was on to the real test of usability and durability - that was allowing my five-year-old, four-year-old, and two-year-old use the iPad for a few days. I must say, the unit has withstood their use over the past few days. With the screen facing the keyboard, the cases latches closely easily.

Concerning the keyboard portion of the case, my only gripe is the sliding lock mechanism. I personally find it difficult to slide it so that I can extend the IPad. It would also be nice to have it lock the arm before the arm is fully extended. This may work, and be more of a function that the slide mechanism seems hard for me to adjust. Further, I understand having the arm available to be completely detached, but I personally don't like that design as I worry that it may slide out on its own over time, thus jeopardizing the Ipad. Secondly, having the iPad with that metal arm free seems a bit dangerous, but again I have 3 small children so my definition may be more conservative.

The keys are responsive and good size considering this is an ipad. For casual typing, I would be happier with the onscreen keyboard, but I made myself use the keyboard. The real challenge that I see here is that voice dictation is pretty functional at this time, although you can't really do that in a meeting. The more i used the keyboard, the more comfortable it felt. As with any new product, there is a learning curve for the consumer. But after working on it for a couple of days, I feel pretty adequate typing with the keyboard. I think this product would greatly help me during conference rooms so I wouldn't have to cary my laptop around.

I am not sure if some of the functions keys are necessary though. To me, if you are buying a keyboard for an Ipad, then you are probably familiar with the cut/copy/paste functionality of a keyboard. The audio controls are pretty standard on keyboards though, so a nice touch there.

Separating the case with Ipad from the Keyboard portion was easy to do. Again, my only concern is how easy would it be to break.. I generally keep the keyboard attached, but my wife separated the case from the keyboard. It may be fully tested, but in my opinion it will have to stand the test of time.

Overall I am pleased with the functionality of the product. I would give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. It loses a star due to the sliding mechanism. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Solid protection, great daily driver Review by Seth
I've been using the Airbender 2.0 as my daily driver now for a few weeks and so far, I can't imagine a better all-around keyboard case, especially if you're looking functionality AND protection. What initially interested me in this company was my experience with their battery chargers for the iPhone and iPads that I have found indispensable (if you haven't yet, check out their iCarrier line). Coupled with their solid customer support, I felt comfortable trying out this product knowing they would stand behind it no matter what.

Starting with looks, the combination matte black and steel gray metal are a great match. I've found it surprisingly finger-print resistant and so far I haven't had any problems with scratching. I like that they have moved on from a monochromatic plastic look of the previous cases. The hinge looks and feels rugged while the New Trent branding is subtle and directly molded into the plastic of the case so it won't wear oddly. The very next thing you'll notice from picking it up is how light it is. It's far lighter than you would expect from the sturdy build. They clearly put some thought into complementing the lightness of the iPad Air and it shows.

Getting my iPad into was a snap, literally - it just clicked right into place and I found getting it out to be about as easy as I would expect. The bluetooth connection to the keyboard went flawlessly, didn't even need the instruction booklet to figure it out. It even came with a substantial charge, so I was off and running. I love the chiclet keyboard - it's just the perfect amount of height to be tactile and responsive, without bulk. I also appreciated the row of iPad specific keys on the top row. Ive found with a little learning curve, I'm as fast on this as any other straight keyboard, and it really responds just like my low-profile iMac keyboard. It's a strong compliment that I would compare it favorably to that keyboard.

The real attraction of this case though is the flexibility and positioning it allows. I'm able to use it just like a laptop with the screen in either portrait or landscape mode and that's when you get the envious side-looks from fellow passengers on the train. You can even slide the hinge out all the way and detach it from the base to use stand-alone like a monitor. Word of advice - check out their Airbender tips video on their website. It showed me how you can actually flip the hinge over to support the iPad like this. Just sliding the hinge out and keeping the iPad doesn't work as well, but flipping it over gives you what you are looking for.

I found the setup was light enough to use even with the keyboard flipped around and reading like a book. The iPad spins in the hinge thanks to a disc that allows the portrait to landscape rotation. A very well-thought out gesture is that you can detach the iPad from the hinge and keyboard to use with just the snap-on case. When you do so, the space where the disc attached is open so you can see the Apple logo, BUT, and here is the genius, they had the foresight to embed a very tough, scratch-resistant clear plastic in that hole so you can see the logo, but NOT scratch the iPad. I wish the guys that made other cases with similar cut-outs would take a page from New Trent's book here.

Finally, the day-to-day protection factor is a big plus. This case completely protects the iPad when closed, and covers all the corners when open. This is definitely a great road-warrior case, but also light enough to be practical. Really the only negative I can think of is a universal consideration with keyboard cases - it's going to add some thickness to the iPad, but in the end the tradeoffs are well worth the difference.

All-in-all, if you're looking to add a keyboard to your iPad, give this case a try - it's a solid performer and has more than a few tricks up it's sleeve. I'd give this a solid 5. (Posted on 1/20/14)
great multi-use case Review by Trent
Keyboard works well. case is sturdy and well built. I like the option of using the Ipad in landscape and portrait position. It is also possible to detach the keyboard and use it as a shell case . (Posted on 1/18/14)
Best iPad Case of many tried Review by Michael
I always love the feature of the Logitech 'stand' case (at least I call it that) - where you essentially just stood the ipad up on the keyboard. But i was a looking for a bit more durability. I used a few versions of ZAGG, but once I got my air, I knew this was the case for me

It is still lightweight and i get the ability to use at many angles PLUS landscape OR portrait. that was where Zagg and other fell short.

Love this case. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Awesome case and keyboard for iPad Air Review by kainoak
The Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard is a great product with many great features.

Very easy product to use and figure out.
Rotating 360 degree spin allows the ipad to have great rang of movement for different circumstances.
Wireless bluetooth keyboard is very easy to use and responds well to all commands. Small and portable. The keyboard syncs automatically when iPad is in use.
Allowing the iPad Air to be disconnected from the arm is a great feature when want to charge either product or only use the iPad for certain purposes. (Posted on 1/17/14)
This is a go-everywhere and do-all case. LOVE IT! Review by Keith B.
I got this case on sale with a promo code (now expired) and, now that I have it, I would have happily paid full price. The build quality far exceeds my expectations (based on the 4 other cases I've purchased for my iPad Air, ranging from $40-$80 each) and the choice of polycarbonate over ABS keeps the weight down while making the case a bit more rigid.

The good:
- Materials. Metal hinge and stand, which can be removed from both the keyboard base (for an iMac-like experience) and the top half of the case (to allow you to use the iPad as you would without the case, without having to remove it from the case). The rest of the case is tough and light polycarbonate.

- Excellent build precision. Polycarbonate, and plastic in general, are difficult materials to work with if precision is of any importance, and New Trend nailed it.

- Just the right amount of bulk. I love my iPad Air, but I actually think it's TOO thin; I tried the Smart Cover and, honestly, felt the whole package could have been 1mm or so thicker, for not having a keyboard. I tried a couple of full-cover keyboard cases, in both plastic and leather portfolio varieties, and they were all either too bulky or too flimsy. The Airbender 2.0 is dead-on; the top half of the case brings the iPad Air to about the thickness of earlier iPad models, which I thought were ideal, without adding any real noticeable weight, and the keyboard is just thick enough to be comfortable to type on; any thinner and it'd be awkward.

- Just the right amount of weight in just the right places. The Airbender 2.0 could, perhaps, be a little lighter, but then it would be more prone to tipping when in portrait orientation. The top portion of the case doesn't add and noticeable amount of weight and the keyboard is one of the lightest I've found. The weight all comes from the hinge/base, which is where it should be, and it weight just enough to provide stability.

- Versatility. Repeating this, because it's really important for some people: The stand can be removed from the keyboard and set up iMac-style. It can also be removed from the top portion of the case, so you don't have to fight with getting the iPad out of the case when you don't want the extra keyboard bulk. No need to keep a "slim" case, a "keyboard" case, and a "tough" case; the Airbender 2.0 handles it all!

- Toughness. I've (ACCIDENTALLY!!) dropped the entire case, with iPad, no less than 3 times, onto linoleum, carpet, and tile, and no part sustained any damage. I've also dropped the keyboard onto tile; no damage. I'm sure it's not indestructible, but it's pretty tough, so far.

The bad:
- I wish the upper portion of the hinge was a firm enough to hold the iPad in any position; on the other hand, if it was, someone would complain that it was too tight. My workaround is to pull the stand completely out of the keyboard, flip it around, and use it like an iMac. I can get any reasonable and useful angle that way.

The ugly:
- Sadly, it wasn't free. Really, that's the worst thing I can say about this case. I love it! (Posted on 1/17/14)
Flexible, durable, useful Review by ewall
I just received my Airbender 2.0 for the iPad Air, and it was a snap to get it working right away. I'm quite impressed: it's a versatile little case which provides solid protection, flexibility in how you position & angle the screen, and options to detach the keyboard and use only the iPad or the iPad and the stand together however you like. The keyboard connected with Bluetooth immediately and works perfectly.

- super flexible to position and use as you like
- durable case, strong hinge
- keyboard works well, including useful keys like home, cut & paste, volume up & down

Some minor disadvantages:
- keyboard doesn't have F1-F10 keys, which some people may want

If I were designing a product update, I'd have a couple suggestions towards making it a bit more durable, including lining the inside of the case with some shock-absorbing material like silicone (in case of drops) and adding a little bevel around the iPad's screen (so that if it were to fall face-down the glass would not touch).

On the whole, "versatile" is definitely the best word I can use to describe this keyboard case -- it'll come in handy in meetings, at home and on the road. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Very enjoyable Review by reed
I have thoroughly enjoyed this case. I was pleased with the tight fit. I love the detachable stand. And I love that it looks and feels like a laptop Overall the Airbender 2.0 is incredibly versatile. It was definitely a good purchase. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Excellent case.... Review by Eddie
This an excellent case from New Trent. I had been looking for a keyboard/case combo for days. Didn't see any that I liked until I case across the Airbender 2.0. The great thing about this product is the ability of having a notebook feel and yet at the same time you can flip and rotate it to use as an iPad. The item arrives in great packaging. The packaging is also easy to open and frustration free of course. I usually skip the manual and go straight to the good stuff. I did read the manual thought to make sure everything was put on right. It is very simple to attach your iPad to the case. Just make sure to listen to those snaps. Once you snap it in place you are pretty much ready to go. Make sure you charge the keyboard for a few hours to maximize the batteries efficiency. Pairing the keyboard with my iPad was super easy too. Nothing complicated at all. Every time I turn the keyboard one and my iPad on everything just works. The battery life is great on the keyboard. The case offers excellent protection. That is one of the main reasons I purchased this case. Other keyboard combos don't offer your iPad protection. This one offers protection from all sides. Using the Airbender is easy. You have many options for setup. You can pull the iPad out a bit and have it just tilt a bit or you can pull the entire iPad out and have it separate from the keyboard. That is my favorite set up. It reminds me of having my own mini iMac using the iPad and Airbender keyboard. Overall this is probably the best keyboard/case/clamshell combo. It offers a keyboard, protection and clamshell for that notebook feel. (Posted on 1/16/14)
Great Product Review by Alp
The most obvious advantage of the item is that it lets you use the iPad both vertical and lateral orientation. The second best thing is the iPad can be removed with a simple click to the round part at the back of the iPad as seen on the picture, so you don't have to try to get it out of the casing whenever you will not need the keyboard. Moreover, being able to take the arm -which is grey on the picture, made of some kind of metal and works as the hinge- completely out of the keyboard lets us use it as if we are using a desktop computer. You can leave the iPad on the table and get the keyboard on your lap while working. The only lacking thing is the inter pages or intra-browser navigation function; however this has nothing to do with the manufacturer as Apple iOS does not let that function to be used by any Bluetooth device. 5/5 overall. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Pretty good case Review by Christa
I really like this case a lot. The only qualms I have about it are if you wanted to just open the case and type, the viewing angle is horrible and the swivel hinge isn't strong enough to hold it up in any sort of position. I was expecting to be able to just open it and get going. I have to open it and then extend the metal piece (which isn't very easy) in order to type comfortably because the iPad is too heavy for the keyboard.

I originally bought this because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a case. For the price it is a pretty good case and it is probably the most versatile case I have found (and I have looked long and hard). (Posted on 1/15/14)
Most Versatile Case I've Tried! Review by Marcus
I think this case is excellent. I kept trying out different cases and returning them because it always seemed like it was missing something. Either it was too heavy, felt awkward, the keyboard wasn't very good, or it just looked bad.

I think New Trent Airbender 2.0 has really done an excellent job it trying to maximize everything about having an iPad Air.

Here' are my pros and cons:

-It really transforms your iPad into a laptop, keyboard is excellent!
-the iPad can detach from the unit (metal arm and keyboard) completely and still stay in the protective shell.
-The keyboard detaches! If you don't always want to have the keyboard in hand you don't have to.
- Multiple ways to use the keyboard and view the iPad. You can have it in landscape or portrait. You can flip the iPad and use it as a tablet while protecting the keyboard. The keyboard detaches completely and the iPad can standalone using the metal arm and type with keyboard.
-The keyboard is quick and responsive
-They managed to keep the unit light, which is great! I've tried other cases and having a keyboard can it much heavier.
-The smart close technology works, I've seen some reviews that says the iPad dose not turnoff when you close the case, it does.
-Looks Great!

-It's easy to flip open, but there is a latch you must tug on the back to extend the metal arm, so it can stand up. Not a big deal, but it can stick and be tricky.
-To close the unit it you just push the arm in, but I wonder if eventually the grooves could get worn down, and not stay.
-Removing the iPad(in the case) is easy, you pinch the circle on the back, but I wish they added grooves on the circle. The edges are smooth and hard to grip, having edges would make it much easier. I've almost had the iPad slip and drop, trying to grip the back, because I can't tell if I've squeezed it enough.
-The circle it connects to seems a bit loose and swivels too easy. Trying to use it as a tablet when everything is attached is hard, it dose not stay secure.

My cons are VERY minimal and I think something they could easily address, but in no way should they deter you from buying this. It's a great case, and the best I've seen so far. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Very useful extension of iPad Air Review by Elizabeth
I found this keyboard case to be extremely useful. The keys are large enough for a man to type comfortably and the keyboard is a regular keyboard so you can pretty much use the iPad Air as a regular laptop when it's in th case. Because the case is so thin and light weight it is a near perfect enhancement to the tablet.
The only reason that I don't rate this as a 5 is because there is no real protection for the screen except when the clamshell is closed. I realize that this lack of protection had to do with the design to keep it thin and light weight just like the iPad Air.
For those who really want that extra protection, I understand that New Trent has just introduced a newer model with much greater protection, however that model is a heavier and bulkier so you lose some of the effect of the thinness of the iPad Air.
If the extra level of protection isn't an issue then the NT30B Airbender 2.0 is definitely a perfect choice. (Posted on 1/10/14)
Great Case, Great Functionality, No Brainer Purchase Review by Glen
This case provides superior protection while maintaining the thin and artistic character of your iPad. The case can be used in multiple configurations (flat, degree angle of your choice, portrait, landscape, etc.). When detached from the keyboard half of the clamshell, you can hold your iPad while still maintaining protection. There is a slight lip extending past the front of the iPad that also protects the glass from flat falls. The keyboard easily pairs and is responsive. Love this. Rating: 5 (Posted on 1/10/14)
Rugged Keyboard Case Review by Beamen321
This case is a improvement over the original Airbender keyboard case. Rugged and durable case without being overly heavy or bulky. Seamless bluetooth connection and overall quality product. The only drawback is that the way this case enables using the iPad as a laptop takes some getting used to. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Great Versatility but Could thrive with Improved Functionality Review by C. Cavallier
First of all, the product out of the box is solid. I really liked the design and quality at first look. I immediately snapped my iPad Air in and tested the removable iPad plastic case. This was a treat! You do this by pinching he locking releases on the back of the cover. This allows it to separate from the metal arm attachment. I then went about setting up the different typing options of the case. I noticed that while I liked the locking arm and snap in place rotation of the case, it was a bit tedious and cumbersome to get into typing position. I also noticed that if you are typing with this product on your lap, it just is not stable. It wobbles backward due the weight of the case and iPad. Detaching the case support arm from the keyboard and setting it up on a table as a stand works amazing. This functionality gives you several different viewing angle options. The bluetooth keyboard was flawless after quick pairing. I love the iOS quick keys and used the app select button the most. Really, I would only not recommend this case to someone who is going to do a lot of typing on their lap. For everyone else, it is a great case for the quality and value of the price. I ordered the Airbender Air NT510K as well after reading reviews and seeing that my biggest complaint of the typing stability was fixed. I will review that product as well.

To Summarize:

Versatility of the case
Battery life has not disappointed
Quality of the case build including the metal attachment arm
iPad protection
Fully functioning keyboard with quick keys

Instability while typing on your lap
Retractable attachment arm just not smoothly transitioned to and from typing set up

Hope this helps and enjoy! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Replacing my PC when pairing this keyboard case with iPad Review by Huy
This product review is for the New Trent Airbender 2.0 case for iPad Air

I have the original Airbender case, and when I received my new iPad Air, this was the case I want to try out.
The iPads were originally for consuming of media such as web browsing and light email correspondent. That trend is changing at my household as my PC is hardly ever turned on and the majority of my work is actually on the iPad now; creating documents/emails/reports. One typical example would be me writing this review on the iPad Air with the Airbender keyboard case… Well… here is my take on this latest keyboard case from New Trent.

Installation is easy and intuitive. Bluetooth pairing of the keyboard to the iPad Air and you can start using it right away (my keyboard came already charged).
There are numerous keyboard cases on the market so I will just point out the features I like most from this case. The case can be separated from the keyboard and stands on its own (it is a little hard for me to pull and separate the iPad from the keyboard). Once separated, this setup is almost like the iMac configuration except of the smaller iPad screen size but you can carry this anywhere. It is also so easy to transition between landscape and portrait mode while detach or attach to the keyboard case. I think the magic is in the solidly built aluminum stand. I love the layout of this keyboard. Most commonly used buttons to get to home screen (upper left), lock screen (upper right) and arrow keys (lower right) are in easy to reach locations. I had several dislikes from the original Airbender case but the new version addressed it all. Love typing on this case now.

I am pretty happy using my iPad with this new keyboard case for both work and home. Primary usages are note taking and email correspondent in addition to web browsing and running various IOS apps. (Posted on 1/7/14)
oops they did it again Review by Dylan
5out of 5 on rating. No doubt.
I used on my iPad air, connect with Bluetooth easy.
Just looking at it, like the look. Look rugged and I just want to take this everywhere I go. Case fits very well, when closes it completely conceals iPad.

What I like about the most about is the metal arm that connect case and keyboard.
Unlike others, metal gives extra supports both attached and detached but it's bit heavy. My friend has Belkin she hate the leather case they provide. It gives a lot better suuport than any other keyboard case out there.
It rotates very easy, also atttach and detach are easy as well.
Suggestion, the rotation hinge seems to be very loose after I attached iPad, maybe needs more support. I noticed after detached the metal arm out, hinge doesn't give whole lot of support at all.

Keys on keyboard responds well and fast I don't even notice that it actually connected to bluetooth, it feels like a part of my iPad.
All function keys forr iPad located top of keyboard are very nice touch, so I don't have to keep touching screen.
Suggestion, backlit light for keypads in a future maybe. I just noticed key sticks a little while multitasking my iPad, like playing music and typing at the same tiime

Case, I like the fact it completely detach from both keypad and hinge. It adds a bare minium of extra volume on my iPad air, easy to install and uninstall.
Suggestion, a couple more locks on the side of iPad? 4 corners just doesn't seem enough I'm afraid it might pop out of case someday...

Honestly it feels like I have a brand new laptop....
Also I just finished 12 pages of reports for work last night, 12 PAGES. Feels very comfortable while I'm typing.
I like the way it looks, easy to carry around, and the most importantly easy to use.
Awesome. Oh, forget to mention I'm writing this feedback with Airbender... how cool is that. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Magistral! Review by Pablo
The Airbender 2.0 comes, as many other products, to complement the gadgets that make our life easier. Most complements are just that -complements. They add some functionality, others add protection and continent, and then there is the Airbender 2.0. It adds functionality, protection, continent and personality. It is not yet clear for me how an object can have such personality, but the Airbender 2.0, as a head-turner, conversation-starter, (entrepreneur-starter also, but I shall get to it later) is an object of desire.
Most people around me know that I will get any new technological contraption that pops up, so it has been created a certain aura of "what is the best _______ I can get for my new ____ " and so on... To the point: I am a professor at a Medical and Dentristy School in Mexico and I have had an Airbender Mini (for the iPad Mini) and now this Airbender 2.0 for the iPad Air. Just unpacked, by just walking in on a monday morning class, three medical students, jaw-dropped (it is not easy to impress one of these!) watched as I set up my workstation: I got an immediate offer for the entire set INCLUDING the iPad Mini, which is a little difficult to come by here. Well, I sold the entire set that morning and had to upgrade to the iPad Air and the Airbender 2.0. Since then three more friends have fell under the spell of the Airbender 2.0, which I have ordered for them.
Currently I own an iPad Air and its perfect complement is the Airbender 2.0, which is specifically designed for that iPad. The keyboard/case consist of three pieces, one being the keyboard per se, the other two conform the proper iPad case and articulated arm, which keeps the keyboard and the iPad toghether.
The case fits snuggly, with no sharp edges, and has acces to every feature, speaker, microphone, charger, audio plug and charge port. The central eye is even covered with transparent plastic so no particle can access the back of the iPad and cause scratch damage.
The arm is completely detachable from the round hub, which in turn rotates 360 degrees so you can place your iPad in any position, vertical or horizontal.
The lower part of the articulated arm -which is now upgraded to aluminum- fits into the keyboard slot, and it is secured by a sliding lock to prevent accidental separation of both the keyboard and the case.
As you can see, the Airbender 2.0 is the most versatile, sturdy and elegant keyboard/case you can get. It is made of polycarbonate and will keep your dear investment harmless and readily accesible. I shall rate this product with a highest 5 star, for its excellent performance. Look no further; if you cannot settle but for the best, this is you. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Best Deal on an iPad Air Case Review by Ernest
I decided to order the New Trent Airbender 2.0 case for the new iPad Air I bought for myself as a Christmas present, mainly due to the good reviews of their previous products. I was a little worried due to the low price. I wondered how they could make a good quality product for well under $100. But my concerns were alleviated as soon as I opened the package. The case is actually quite sturdy, and the metal arm allows you to use your iPad in several different positions while keeping it stable. It is also quite easy to snap the iPad into the top cover and remove it, which is important to me since sometimes I use my iPad "naked", without any case. One suggestion I would have for future versions is to make it so that the metal arm cannot be removed completely from the bottom (Keyboard) side of the case. One time I pulled it out all of the way accidentally and almost dropped my iPad. But now that I'm used to the case, I know how far I can safely pull it out. The battery life is excellent, it connects quickly to my iPad, and I am able to type fairly fast even though it's smaller than a normal laptop keyboard. This case would be a good value at $100, but for under $60 it is a steal. (Posted on 12/22/13)
Turns iPad into Laptop! Review by April
I absolutely love this keyboard/case. It allows me to use my iPad like a laptop. I do a lot of writing, and now that I have this case, I've been doing all my writing on the iPad, instead of my computer. This case is stable enough to use on my lap, riding in the car or on the couch. Of course, it also works well on a table or desk. I love that the iPad can be easily detached from the keyboard, leaving just the back protective case, for times you just want a tablet.

This is easy to use, but it did take a few minutes to figure out that the stand first needs to be extended from the back of the case in order to get the iPad screen to line up at the correct angle for viewing or typing. This makes the setup very stable. I'm typing this review using the Airbender keyboard on my lap right now. I can type as fast on this keyboard as I can on my full sized keyboard. And I have arrow keys! Plus, I love the special function keys, such as a Home button, volume controls and mute, brightness controls, music controls, copy/paste, etc.

I am really pleased with this purchase. I had debated on whether to upgrade my iPad (I had an old first generation!) or get a laptop to help with my writing. I compromised by getting the iPad plus this keyboard case (along with the Storyist app), and it was the perfect solution! (Posted on 12/20/13)
excellent Review by Haymant
pretty awesome product (Posted on 12/19/13)
Good Keyboard Case for the Price Review by Kevin
This case will no doubt protect your iPad and provide a great keyboard for lengthy typing sessions. There are a lot of options built in to this keyboard case (completely separate the iPad from the keyboard, protect the iPad when it's removed and used only as a tablet, etc.), but it was just a little too clunky for my liking. Definitely took a lot of concentration to separate the iPad "stand" from the case, and it definitely has a little bit of a plasticky feel to it. I would have preferred more metal, a slightly slimmer profile, even if that meant a slightly higher price tag.

But for $55, it's a great keyboard case. Just keep in mind, if you order it, that it is not going to compete with the keyboard cases that are in the $100 range. (Posted on 12/19/13)
Solid protection in a versatile case Review by Zipster Boston
The Airbender is a compact, solid case that keeps my iPad Air very secure and protected. It is impressive that it manages to keep the overall iPad reasonably small-- a big plus since the iPad Air is so small.
I love the variability of positions for iPad angles and the Bluetooth connectivity is impressive! It NEVER loses connectivity or has to be reset. The feel of the keyboard is great! It is very easy to type on. Not at all flimsy. I also like the modern, industrial design. It looks and feels expensive and well made.

Another plus is the iPad charging cable can be easily attached when the unit closed.

On the down side, I find it a little difficult to remove the iPad from the clamshell. With time, I am getting used to removing it efficiently.

For new owners -- be careful to put the iPad in the clamshell in the correct orientation or you will not be able to pair the Bluetooth, not to mention access iPad switches. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Great keyboard case Review by Chris
Review of the Air Bender keyboard and case for the Ipad Air.

When I opened the box for the Air Bender, I first noticed its sturdy feel. Although I dont plan on testing my theory, I get the feeling that this hard case would offer good protection to my Ipad should I accidentally drop it. (Which is certainly a possibility with me.)

I am a guy, and as such I believe that instructions are for when you cant figure it out on your own. Fortunately, it was very easy to get my Ipad synced and put into the Air Bender case. 

Once inside the case, I was very impressed with the versatility and options for the screen positions. In either upright or landscape position, there is a very tight feel, and the screen stays where you put it. I had a concern that it might gradually sink or slide. This was not at all the case. 

The keyboard is great. When you are synced, you basically have a full laptop type keyboard. This has enabled me to ditch my laptop most of the time at work. The bluetooth connection is as fast as being wired in. Its nice to be able to change brightness or volume from the keyboard. Also play or pause video or music. I have big hands and found the keys to be ample size. I did not have any problem typing.
The keys were responsive and felt solid.

Charging connectivity is easy. A side note.... My New Trent dual port charger, which I previously purchased, works great and allows me to keep both the Air Bender and my Ipad going at the same time.

What I like best about the Air Bender is that it offers me the ability to make my Ipad Air much more versatile.  If I need to do more typing, there is no question this makes it much easier. It is simple to put my Ipad into, and take out of this case. When I want my Ipad by itself, its a very quick transition out.

One of the reasons I bought the IPad Air was because of its new slimmer, lightweight design. The Airbender case/keyboard does a very good job of keeping that feel. Not much weight added given that you now have a full keyboard.

If I were to change anything about the Air Bender, it would be to offer a version with a bit of a textured finish on the outside. When I am not using the keyboard, my other case is textured  and I just feel like there is less chance of it sliding out of my hand. That is just my personal preference. 

I would recommend this product to anyone who has the need to do any significant typing on their Ipad Air.

I rate this product 5 out of 5.
(Posted on 12/18/13)
Great Keyboard Case for iPad Air Review by BG
This is a Great case! I like that the parts that will get the most wear and tear are metal and fit tightly together to allow for a lot of resistance that does not allow for any slippage during use. This also allows for many different positions/uses of the case and keyboard depending on the situation.

Allowing for the iPad portion to be removed and still used while the rest of the unit is charging is nice but the battery life lasts long enough I have not had to do that yet, but it is nice to know that is an option if needed.

If I had to make any suggestion - I have always wanted to see this type of case have some sort of pocket to hold my ear buds when I am not using them, keeping them with the iPad when I do want them but not dragging them around separately.

Overall for the money there is no keyboard case better than the New Trent NT30B - 5 Stars (Posted on 12/17/13)
It makes my iPad the only thing I need at school! Review by BB
The Airbender 2.0 is pretty much everything I wish other keyboards/cases I've had for the iPad would have been! My favorite feature is that the half holding the iPad detaches from the keyboard so you can use it like an e-reader/handheld, or with the keyboard, without having to take it in and out of a case each time. As a college student, this is really perfect! I am able to take great typed, recorded and written notes with the help of this device. I also like that the arm holding the iPad can be completely removed from the keyboard base and used as a stand to place the iPad in a vertical or horizontal orientation anywhere that is comfortable for you and still use the keyboard. It is really light and has helped me finally eliminate the need to take anything to campus with me other than my iPad in the Airbender 2.0. I have had numerous classmates ask where I got it and everyone thinks it's really awesome! (Posted on 12/14/13)
Great Product Review by Amanda
I am very happy with the New Trent Airbender Bluetooth keyboard case. The case is really slender and lightweight, but it also appears to be really durable and will protect your Ipad. It was easy to snap in my Ipad Air and connect the Ipad to the Bluetooth keyboard. It took me a little while to figure out how to adjust the case so the Ipad rested in the correct position. The instructions weren't great but I eventually figured out that there is a button you need to hold on down on the back of the case in order to adjust the Ipad position. Be careful not to pull it out too far, otherwise the top part of the case comes out completely and it's a little difficult to get it back in since you need to make sure its aligned properly. Once I figured that out I was very happy because there is a lot of adjustability and you can display your Ipad vertically or horizontally, which a lot of other cases can't do. The keyboard itself is really easy to use. It takes a little while to get used to the size if you haven't used the smaller keyboards meant for the Ipad, but overall its really easy to use. I like that NewTrent moved the lock key so the backspace key can be in the correct location (a problem on a lot of other keyboard models). The keyboard seems to hold a charge for a long time. When I was done using it I found it a little awkward getting my Ipad out of the case, but I guess this is a good thing as you know the Ipad is pretty secure and isn't going to fall out easily. Overall it's a really great product and the price point is really good for the quality of product. (Posted on 12/12/13)
What a great product!! Review by Jorge
Exactly as advertised...Very good! Review by josh
I received this case a week ago from today, and i really do like it! Been using the Airbender 2.0 since i got it last tuesday night. That night i wrote a 7 pg essay with this lil beast! And after a week, still great! The keyboard itself is very responsiveness, the spacing and placement of the keys is great! I really cant see how the keyboard could get better! I dont exactly use the correct form for typing (i.e. fingers over *asdf*&*jkl;*), but i dont exactly hunt and peck either, i can type pretty fast. And there just really isn't any difference when i switch over to the Airbender 2.0 keyboard, its a tad smaller, but that doesn't effect me, i get used to it after the first couple words i type!
As far as the structure of the case, very nice! Your iPad air snaps into the case, and u actually have to put some effort into snapping it in! Its certainly snug! The polycarbonate is VERY light, but yes it can crack, but it certainly protects the ipad and keyboard as far as scratches, dings, and small falls. I havn't dropped my ipad (in the case) from very high, but it did get knocked off about a 3ft table, and i lunged for it, wasn't able to catch it, but fumbled in my hands before continuing the next 2ft to impact. (if that made sense). I also bike to and from school with it in my backpack (approx. 21 miles round trip), and i recently got a new mountain bike, so i dont exactly stay on the streets, or on trails for that matter. With all that the case has kept my ipad in perfect shape! No crack from the fall off the table, so shock, or whatever could happen, from the long bouncy bike rides.
Oh yeah, and i hav't needed to charge it since i first got it and let it fully charge before use. (which was a week ago)

Theres only two little things that grab my attention, i am pretty nit picky, but even with that said i still give 5 stars. One concern is when folding it so the ipad faces out, to just use the touch, I don't like how the arm is pressed against the keys. I don't know what can be done about that, but just fyi, i guess that's kinda bound to happen when having a case with such maneuverability as it does. I just put a finger in between the keyboard and the back of the ipad when im using it like that. Then there is the stability of the arm extension, when fully extended, it can kinda pivot side to side. There is only one little latch that holds the extension, so when its pulled all the way out its not very snug. But again, if there were two latches, one on each side, you would need two hands to release the latches, but then you wouldn't have a hand to pull the extension out (I hope that made sense too -.-). STILL, with that pivot, its sturdy, once its placed on a table, or wherever, then it cant pivot so its not exactly a problem!

I would highly recommend this case.

This is the first review I've ever written on a product. And, just to add, I am also one of those that spend hours on end, HOURS, looking at anything of everything before buying something, causing myself to turn assignments in late because I'm not going to get beat buy the dumb sales games, I like value, and not wasting money.
Hope this helps. :) (Posted on 12/11/13)
Great keyboard for the money Review by Jeremy
The case was very
easy to charge and sync with my iPad Air. Literally took less then a
minute to be up and running after charging the keyboard. One of the
things I have enjoyed so far with the new iPad has been the weight
reduction so I was worried the case and keyboard would add too much
weight. While the case definitely adds weight to the overall package I
was pleasantly surprised that overall it still did not feel too heavy to
carry around from meeting to meeting. The case opens and closes
easily(but not too easy that it just pops open when you don't want it
to). I did notice that sometimes when I closed the cover I could see my
iPad was still on and you could see some light from the crack as the
case itself doesn't lock closed - which for me was nice because you
could quickly get it open and using it. I liked that you could easily
take the ipad either out of the case itself or detach it from the
keyboard. As I like to take a lot of my notes in meetings with a stylus
it was nice to still have this as an option with a case that had a
keyboard as I was worried I would have to change to all keyboard for
ease in meetings. As for the keyboard itself that was also a pleasant
surprise. I don't have small hands so keyboard attachments for
electronics in general usually leave me feeling very cramped. This
keyboard doesn't somehow defy the lawas of physics, but after using it
for about 5 minutes it didn't feel cramped. I was amazed at how well I
was able to type with it after a little use and not have to constantly
make corrections. I wouldn't want to write a term paper with it(or any
keyboard for a tablet that isn't a standard size one), but I was
comfortable replying to numerous e-mails and not just quick one or two
line replies. If there was a nice easy way to have my stylus connect to
the case it would have had it all. overall it was easy to connect, the
keyboard was comfortable to use, the added weight didn't feel like too
much, and while my iPad felt secure in the case it also was easy to get
it out of the case for any reason. (Posted on 12/10/13)
I LOVE my Airbenders! Review by Eric
I love the Airbender keyboards! I have one for my iPad 3, and now I just got this one for my iPad Air. This keyboard is really a great way to make your iPad into a laptop when you need it. I find myself using it more than I thought I would , especially when I need to do some heavy emailing when I'm away from home.

Bonus: The Airbender is not only a great keyboard, but it's a great case too. I'm able to throw it in my carry-on and know that it will be safe as I rattle my way to the back of the plane.

All in all, I love this Airbender as much as I loved the original except that this one has some metal in it which means that it isn't as sleek or attractive as the original. Other than that, they function the same for me and that's what matters most.

Highly recommended! (Posted on 12/9/13)
Great after market case Review by John
Love this case. Not only is it pretty light but it actually comes with a keyboard that is actually functional for a compact size. The ability to disconnect the keyboard from the iPad is a great feature that provides more flexibility during travel. The only downside about the case that I find is the flip portion of the case as it made opening the case a little more involved at first, but I found that I was able to adapt to it easy enough so it doesn't affect the rating at all (Posted on 12/7/13)
Flawless and fully functional bluetooth keyboard Review by Chris
Major Pros:
1) Installation: Just as with New Trent devices past, fast and easy! Switch on the keyboard, pull up Bluetooth settings in iPad, push the "Connect" button on the keyboard, pair the device, type away!
2) Weight: Hard to see how this could be much lighter. It really adds very little bulk to the overall device. Zero complaints.
3) Durability: As with other models, this design also seems intuitive and well crafted. The materials are of high quality. The hinge and swivel design continue to be better than any other I've seen and allow the iPad to be oriented vertically or horizontally, and placed in a variety of angles, all without any need to remove or reseat the iPad. In particular, the keyboard feels like it was made to tight tolerances with just enough key depression responsiveness.

Unlike past New Trent keyboard devices, the material around this keyboard is not the soft, smooth, almost rubberized / non-slip feel. I found this to be a bit disappointing, though far from a deal-breaker. The hinge continues to be made of a durable metal that offers little flex or give as it supports the upright orientation of the iPad; given that this is the aspect of the case would otherwise be most likely to break, this is the right design choice.
4) Battery life: Over 30 hours and counting on a single charge. The keyboard appears to power itself down during periods of inactivity leading to prolonged battery life as well.
5) LED read-out: Three LED lights indicating CAPS, Charging, and Bluetooth pairing easily show you exactly what's going on; nice touch. They're not as bright as other devices, but totally sufficient even so.
6) Function keys: Super handy, enabling brightness, volume, playback, cut/copy/paste, etc.
7) Price: Completely reasonable.

Minor Cons:
1) Exterior plastic: This is a very minor grip. I wish the entire case were made out of the softer, rubberized plastic. The hard polycarbonate in use throughout is great and allows the case to be very thin, but it doesn't feel super lush or luxe. This is a minor nit, but I wanted to point it out. And given how thin the case is, it is even more negligible in impact.

1) As before, if you have a lot of typing to do, this case is a must and I've yet to see a better option on the market.
2) By definition, adds a small bit of additional bulk and weight to your otherwise very thin iPad Air. It's quite good for a case, but it's worth recognizing this up front so you're not surprised.

4.5 Stars - This is a no-brainer. Fantastic case that does everything you'd want or need a case to do, all in style. Once again, New Trent has designed a winner! (Posted on 12/7/13)
A case for the Airbender 2.o Review by Hunt
I recently purchased New Trent NT30B. It is an excellent product. In my research, this is the only clamshell keyboard cover that will allow rotation of the screen. I can use the keyboard with the Ipad in a landscape or portrait mode. After easily loading my Ipad Air, I do not have any reason to remove it. If I want to just use the touch screen, I can flip the Ipad back and lay it flat against the keyboard. I am rating this product a 4 out of 5. I am deducting a point for the lens cap release button. It is cumbersome to use to release the Ipad but, as I mentioned, I do not have a need to remove the Ipad. For me, this is not an issue, others may want the ease of this functionality. I am pleased with this product and based on my experience with the NT30B, I would have no problem trying other New Trent products. (Posted on 12/3/13)
A Well Built Versatile iPad Air Protective Case and Bluetooth Keyboard with Many Built-in Convenient Function Keys Review by Max
In the package you have a Bluetooth Keyboard, a metal stand with a rotating circular piece, protective case (cover). They are all assembled together. But you can take these three pieces apart to suite your needs. There is a concise but well written user guide in the box (by the way, the box is a well constructed sturdy cut board simply projects quality) and a micro-UBS cable for keyboard charging contained in a small box. With the clear instruction and illustration of the user guide, you should be able to put your iPad Air into the protective cover and take it out fairly easily. If you like to see it in action, please go to New Trent web site to watch the video on their support page. You can also search YouTube (search term "New Trent Airbender iPad") to find many useful reviews. Even though they are for the original model, the general tips are still applicable to this 2.0 version.
This Airbender 2.0 is really a well thought out, versatile case. It has a protective cover (case) you can use separately, a Bluetooth keyboard you can use as is for your iPad Air or take it apart from the metal stand and the protective cover and pair it with any other Bluetooth equipped device (i.e. iPad 2, 3, 4, or iPhone).

Pairing the keyboard to iPad Air is a breeze. Slide the On/Off switch on the keyboard to On. Go to iPad Settings, Bluetooth, enable Bluetooth if your device does not have it enabled. Press Connect button on your keyboard. "New Trent Keyboard" should be listed under "Devices". Select it by touching "New Trent Keyboard" on screen. It will prompt you to enter a code on your keyboard and press enter you should have your device and the keyboard paired.

The keyboard is compact but it does not feel cramped. The keyboard has reasonable responsiveness. The plastic keys do not have any feel of flimsiness. The top row is the keys for frequently used functions: Home, Brightness Up/Down, On Screen Keyboard, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Volume Up/Down and Lock. These functions are a reflection of well thought out design.

It is easy to put iPad Air in the protective cover. Just make sure you hear two clicks as you push iPad into the cover. All the buttons, ports are accessible when the iPad is in the cover. Initially I was struggling to separate the protective cover from the circular lock piece. It requires a strong pinch with your thumb and forefinger to unlock and separate. It will be much easier if you lay the case flat. Put the lock back in place is no easy feat either. Again, it is an easier maneuver to lay the keyboard flat and put the cover flat on top of the keyboard and then push down the circular lock piece to hook up with the cover. This is one of two places this device could be significantly improved - have a deep pocket for fingers to hold and pinch. Taking iPad Air out of the cover is a bit tricky as well. This is second place can be improved. After a few practice runs it gets a bit easier.

The keyboard has two rubber bumps at the edge. They prevent iPad Air screen from touching keyboard. At the bottom side of the keyboard there are four rubber bumps as well to avoid the keyboard from sliding on a smooth surface. These are again reflection of well thought design.

By sliding the lock mechanism on the edge of the keyboard away from you, you can slide the metal stand in and out or totally off the keyboard. Sliding the stand bottom in and out of keyboard and moving the stand arm up and down, you can always find an angle to make the iPad face you in a position you feel comfortable. One trick to keep your iPad steady is to keep the bottom of your iPad resting inside the cutout place on the keyboard. In the situation you have taken the stand completely out of the keyboard, you should keep the bottom of your iPad on the table surface. If you don't keep the bottom of your iPad on surface you will have difficulty to hold your iPad at an angle you prefer since the circular lock piece and the hinge of the stand are not designed to do so. Some reviewers have complained about this but I think it is matter of right way of using it. You can also rotate you iPad from landscape (horizontal) position to Portrait (vertical)

Another minor thing is the keyboard case does add some heft. It is about two pounds. Some of it is from the metal stand. A metal stand should last much longer. So I would take the trade-off a little weight over a light plastic one that may not last long.
Airbender 2.0 is indeed a well designed well built sturdy versatile Bluetooth keyboard with only minor flaws. I would give it a 5 star rating.
(Posted on 12/3/13)
Great New iPad Air Keyboard Case Review by NYCSurvivor
This new keyboard case for the iPad Air is amazing. It is a hard case that provides great protection for the front and back of the iPad. It is easy to install but is a good tight fit. The best thing about this case is all of the different placements that you can put the iPad in - anything from completely horizontal to completely vertical and everything in-between. You can also separate the iPad completely from the keyboard and place it at any angle you choose and from any distance you choose.

The bluetooth setup is extremely simple and it maintains the link consistently. The keypad is straightforward and easy to use and while smaller than a regular sized keyboard, it is not so small that someone with large hands (like me) has difficulty using it. It has an on/off switch that allows you to keep the battery from draining too quickly.

The case is minimal in size and weight, only adding slightly to the thickness of the iPad. (Posted on 11/27/13)
Great Keyboard for the iPad Air Review by Mandy
I've had the Airbender for a couple weeks now and I really like it. It turns the iPad into a netbook with the portability of the iPad. With iWork now free with new Apple devices, having a keyboard is even more useful.

The keyboard is easy to set up and use. I wish the charge light was on the side of the keyboard to you could monitor the charge while the keyboard is closed, but that's not a deal breaker.

Since I don't always want to cart around the the keyboard, I like the ease of removing the cover from the iPad to put into another case.

The Airbender is a great way to get even more use out of your iPad. (Posted on 11/25/13)
Got My Moneys Worth Review by Kim
When I received the keyboard I noticed how well it was packaged. The keyboard looked visually appealing; solid and sturdy. I snapped in my iPad Air; plugged in the keyboard although it came with about half charge, turned on the Bluetooth on the iPad and walaa…connected. Following the onscreen instructions was simple and I had no problem getting connected. The compact size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. I was skeptical when I ordered it about the size and if it would be hard to use but I was pleasantly surprised. I can type normally on it like I do on my regular keyboard and not feel scrunched when typing. I like some of the shortcuts that are on the keyboard, especially the volume button and the key for locking my iPad. I also like that you can “swivel” the iPad to view in either landscape or portrait while it is in the case without any problems. The keyboard charges quickly and the battery charge lasts a long time. I like that you can disconnect the iPad holder from the keyboard and stand it on the desk and put the keyboard in your lap.

There are two small things that New Trent should try to improve on. First, the case does not “snap” shut, although the case will not just flop open. The second thing I noticed is that the iPad itself is heavier than the case so when the iPad is snapped into place it has a tendency to fall backwards if you have it open at too much of an angle.

Overall, I really like the keyboard case. Congratulations New Trent, another great product! Competitively priced; I give this Airbender 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth iPad Air Keyboard Case 5 stars
(Posted on 11/22/13)
Best Bluetooth Keyboard Review by RCP721
I recently acquired the New Trent Airbender Bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad Air. I previously had the Arcadia Arclight Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad 2, and was overall pretty happy with the product. The Airbender is everything I enjoyed about the previous case, and improves in many areas.
The keyboard continues to be easy to use even in big hands. Definitely easier than finger poking the touchscreen for emails, or even product reviews like this one. One complaint I had with my old keyboard was a lack of cut, copy paste functions. Well now I have them and they work well for my purposes. Also included are function keys for brightness, volume, music/video play options, and home screen or locking the screen. They all work well and make navigating easier.
The case itself is the biggest improvement over my previous keyboard. The iPad easily snaps into the top case opposite to the keyboard when closed. This can be detached from the keyboard to allow you to keep the smaller profile of the iPad intact when the keyboard is not needed. This is an amazing feature since previous keyboard didn't allow this and it meant having to remove on the occasion in order to make the iPad easier to use.
A swivel arm slides out of the keyboard to allow the rotation of the screen in portrait or landscape. You can easily adjust the pitch of the screen to suit your viewing needs. If needed the swivel arm can be completely removed from the keyboard.
Easy bluetooth connection, and great battery life make this a great keyboard. I have had for about 10 days now and have yet to plug in for my first charge. The only complaint I have so far is pretty minor, but worth pointing out. The case protecting the iPad doesn't allow for you to utilize the lightning adapter for old 30 pin products. I happen to have one of these and use it for charging while traveling. I've had to remove the iPad from the case to charge. The only positive about this is the iPad easily pops out of the snap in case. I don't feel like I am about to break something every time I remove it.
All in all if you need a bluetooth keyboard, this is the model to get. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Nice Keyboard, Great Improvement Over Original Review by Mark
This is a great keyboard. I also own the original Airbender that I used with my iPad 2. It was very good and I've been very happy with it, but I have to admit, this is a nice improvement.

The overall look is much improved. It is very clean and professional looking. It is also somewhat ruggedized though I haven't tested the overall durability. It is much lighter than the original keyboard and some of the competing keyboards that I checked out. The weight is heavier than you might expect if you haven't used a keyboard before, but it is a nice complement to the iPad Air. The overall design makes it very stable when using it on your lap. The case is designed to allow you to rotate the iPad from landscape to portrait. This is very convenient and also allows you to choose which direction you like the iPad's buttons to be on.

The keyboard itself is surprisingly easy to type on. They keys are normal size and have normal spacing. I can type on this keyboard as easily as I can my desktop keyboard. The keys have good feedback. There are also dedicated iOS keys for home and lock. Additionally there are the extra keys necessary to work with OSX and Windows.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth. It is very simple to pair it with the iPad. While designed for iPad, it also works with iPhones and computers.

The keyboard charges via micro-usb. It does not take long to charge and the battery lasts a very long time.

The new Airbender 2.0 also has a nice new design that allows the iPad stand to be removed from the keyboard and stand alone. This allows you to set it up similar to a separate keyboard and monitor like you would have with your computer. This feature actually works very well on a solid surface.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the improvements in this keyboard. The design is nice, the keyboard is very easy to type on, and it is very easy to use. (Posted on 11/21/13)
My favorite keyboard case. Review by NDanger
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard/Case for iPad Air came packaged in a very nice and secure box. The instructions for Bluetooth setup were also very straightforward, concise, and easy to follow. My new iPad Air snapped right into the clam-shell like a perfectly fitting glove and I had the Bluetooth configured and working in a matter for minutes.

The overall case adds exactly 1 lb of weight, which I think is quite amazing that a case/keyboard can add so little weight. I decided to break down each component as I thought most of the weight was due to the nice metal hinge system (which was plastic on the Airbender 1.0 that I previously owned…I think this is a nice upgrade). When detached from the keyboard and hinge it only adds 3.25 oz and still offers great protection. When used with the stand it adds 6.5 ounces. When used with the entire
system it add just 1 lb. So basically the protective back case weighs 3.25 oz, the metal hinge weighs 3.25 oz (which surprised me at how light it was, and the keyboard weighs 9.5 oz.

One thing I have liked about Airbender keyboards is the size and spacing of the keys. New Trent does a great job of utilizing the available space for the keys as the keys go all the way to the left, right, and bottom edge to give you the most room for your hands. Other keyboards I have used with my iPad's over the years suffer from a major flaw in my opinion…poor keyboard
layout! The Airbender is the best when it comes to typing for longer periods of time…and that’s the whole point isn't it?!

Here are some improvements they've made concerning the keyboard since the 1.0. I’m very pleased to see that they fixed a few of my minor grips.

1. The space bar is now easier to hit! On the 1.0 version the space bar was slightly recessed in relation to the edge of the case and occasionally I would not get the space registered.
2. They re-positioned the arrow keys; however they are slightly smaller. The bottom line here is they are improved and in a more natural location and more a more natural relation to each other.
3. The right shift key! THANK YOU!! This one ties back to the arrow keys…I don’t know how many times I hit the up arrow instead of the right shift key. I haven’t had the problem since getting the Airbender 2.0!
4. They've label the “backspace” key correctly. On the 1.0 version is said “delete”. As we all know delete and backspace are not
the same thing!
5. They've labeled the function keys in blue. On the 1.0 version everything was labeled in white. Much more intuitive now!

I also like that I can change the angle of the iPad in relation to the keyboard by simply adjusting the metal hinging system. This is ideal as I use my iPad in several different settings. I like to use it on the couch while watching TV, lying in bed at night, setting at my desk in the kitchen, on an airplane for business travel. Each scenario calls for a slightly different viewing angle and this is easily accomplished with their unique hinging system. I also like that I can easily release the iPad from the hinge/keyboard with a simply squeeze, yet I’m never concerned it’s going to release when I don’t want it to. It feels very secure.

- Great protection
- Easy to “connect” to iPad
- Lightweight for a Bluetooth keyboard
- Great keyboard with a very natural layout.
- Price – other keyboard can cost twice as much and make your hands feel “cramped”.
- Metal hinging system, with multiple adjustments (including 360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape viewing.
- Great battery life. Still running on the my first full charge (it’s been 5 days).

- Weight – I know, I know…I put this on my “Pro’s” list too. However, I just bought a iPad “air” so anything that adds weight I want it to be lighter. A few ounces here or there would be nice.
- Would like it to work with the magnetic locking system of the iPad (this would probably add a little weight, but would be worth it. If I close the case, I want my iPad to shut off.

Overall this is a 5 star product and would highly recommend to my friends and family. (Posted on 11/21/13)
The New Trent Airbender 2.0 iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard case is a well made, highly versatile case. Review by Glenn
After using the New Trent bluetooth keyboard case with my new iPad Air for several days I can say that it is a highly versatile, well made product that I expect will hold up well under heavy use.

The case itself is a sturdy hard clamshell design. The iPad Air pops firmly into the "lid" with the sides and corners covered and protected while leaving all ports and the screen unobstructed. The case lid and iPad are easily detached from the keyboard "base" so that the iPad can be used by itself without the keyboard.

The keyboard is charged on the side via a micro USB port (cable included). The keyboard quickly synched with the iPad with the Bluetooth setting enabled on the iPad after a 4 digit code is entered. Thus far I have not experienced any Bluetooth disconnects between the keyboard and iPad. The keyboard will probably be large enough for small to medium sized hands and the keys have a firm response.

The case lid is attached to the keyboard base with a detachable metal arm. The adjustable arm and swivel mechanism in the lid allow you to view the iPad both vertically and horizontally from a number of different angles. The lid, iPad, and arm can be detached completely from the keyboard which allows you to place the iPad further away while typing if that is your preference. The iPad and lid can also be detached completely from the keyboard and adjustable arm should you wish to use the iPad by itself.

The New Trent keyboard case comes with a brief instruction sheet. While it covers the basics on setting up and adjusting the keyboard, I actually found the brief video and tips on the New Trent website to be more useful in getting me up to speed quickly on the many ways you can adjust this highly versatile keyboard case.

I have used other keyboard cases with an iPad 2. I have found the New Trent Airbender 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard case to be quite an improvement over these earlier keyboard cases. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Great, NewTrent Quality Review by Russell
I've been purchasing many NewTrent products, and they've all been great-quality devices, and this keyboard is no different.
Here's what I like about it:
The keyboard is easy to pair, and the keys are spaced out nicely so you won't mistype often. The hinge is solid metal, and it isn't flimsy at all. The keyboard also charges really fast, and the battery lasts long for a day's use. On the case part of the keyboard that detaches from the actual keyboard, there's a little window so you can see the Apple Logo when the keyboard is detached, so that's neat. Also, the packaging itself is really sturdy. My package came damaged (as stamped by the USPS), and the actual envelope was torn up, but inside, the box was unscathed! One of the key points on the iPad Air (and the reason I got it), is that it's so thin, and the Airbender 2.0 retains that thinness, barely adding any thickness to the device.

The only thing I don't like about this keyboard is the LED/ Power Switch setup. The LEDs are decently visible, but the "CAPS" LED is fairly slow to light.

For what it's worth, and its excellence in every aspect (thinness, functionality, ease of use/setup, and design) this keyboard is well worth it, and is very great Bluetooth keyboard. (Posted on 11/20/13)
The Keyboard for the iPad Typist on the go Review by Hassan
It would only be appropriate to work our way in to this from the outside; Upon receiving my package, the first thing I noticed was how nicely packaged everything was and everything was flawless when I opened it. The case was very visually appealing, from the smooth black finish to the metal stand that connects the case to the keyboard, and to make things even better it had a pretty sleek profile which is important since that was a major draw of the iPad Air itself.

Now onto functionality. Physically setting up the bluetooth keyboard was very simple, you just slide your iPad into the case and you're good to go. Connecting the keyboard's bluetooth to the iPad's bluetooth was very easy as well, you just press connect on the keyboard, click on the keyboard in the iPad's bluetooth settings, and punch in the code that it gives you on the keyboard. From that point on, it is just smooth sailing. The battery draw really is not very significant, which is nice if you do a lot of work on your iPad. A nice feature of this keyboard is that the keys are actually spaced out similar to those on the Macbook, this makes for a smooth transition between devices if you use both like I do. Another nice thing about this keyboard is that the keys feel very natural and provide good feedback, on top of also providing a very accurate response. There are also some very helpful shortcut keys such as a home button, brightness and volume buttons, cut, copy, & paste buttons, as well as a key for locking the iPad and for bringing up the iPad's on screen keyboard. A keyboard is very important aspect to functionally using the iPad for anything other than play, and I have found that this keyboard is a great companion to the iPad Air due to its sleek form, elegant design, and comfort of use. I have typed out several papers for my classes on it and have not felt disadvantaged about working on my iPad instead of an actual computer. All in all, I would say that the New Trent Airbender 2.0 is a must have for anybody who wishes to derive any sort of work related benefit from their iPad Air. (Posted on 11/19/13)
I love this case. Review by C
I have the New Trent keyboard case for the iPad 2 and have been happy with it and decided to get this keyboard case for the new iPad air. This case has more angles and is less rounded that the previous one. There are nice rubber grips on the bottom that prevent the case from slipping while on the table. There is now a metallic back piece. The way the metal is molded made it look a little cheap but the increased functionality is awesome. The New Trent logo looks nice both on the round part of the back of the case and on the black plastic. The plastic keys on the keyboard have a nice matte feel. The keys are a little close together but that is what you get if you want a keyboard the size of the iPad. The top piece (holding the iPad) has the capability of being pulled out easily. I like the release mechanism on the back. This allows you to remove the iPad portion of the clam shell and use it as a stand. It also allows you to move the iPad piece back in order to put it at the angle at which you like to have it when you type. All you do is pull it out a little bit and tilt the iPad. You can also release the ipad portion from the keyboard portion pretty easily (from the circle on the back of the case). This is nice if you want to just use the iPad alone (without a stand) but keep it in the protective case and also have the capability of connecting it to the keyboard piece quickly.

I really like the stability of this product. I feel as though the iPad is secure and will not go anywhere. There is enough tension where I don’t feel like the part holding the iPad moves around too quickly. You have to provide some pressure in order to get it to move. It also allows you to move it around very easily for other viewing positions. Ultimately, this is another great keyboard from New Trent. I like to be able to carry everything I need in one piece and this allows for that. It also has the versatility of movement and viewing options that I have not seen with another case.
(Posted on 11/18/13)
Fantastic keyboard for the iPad Air! Review by cadams22
First impression: The design looks great right out of the box. It is sleek and yet has a rugged look that I really like. It feels like a quality product.

Pros: I am an original Airbender owner and I really liked it. However, Airbender 2.0 blows it away and addresses every complaint I had with the original.
- It is easy to setup
- Easy to type on even being very compact (I wouldn't hesitate to use this as a laptop replacement)
- Space bar is easy to push (complaint from the original)
- Very responsive
- New metal stand is AWESOME! Holds the iPad just right with no fear of tipping. Works great in portrait or landscape mode.
- All the keys are easy to reach and in good positions (the up arrow on the original was in a goofy spot)

- No magnetic autolock feature when you close it (however, I'd much rather have the easy to use space bar)

At first I thought the lock key was broken and then I realized it was blue and that I needed to use the Fn key. That is another great upgrade from the last Airbender as I remember accidentally locking the screen numerous times when I would try to backspace.

Overall, this is a great keyboard. The best I've used yet by far. New Trent really thought of everything when making this new edition keyboard. I would highly recommend this product and give it 5 out 5 stars. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Airbender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Air Review by KL
This is a very high quality keyboard case. The case is very sturdy, allows for many ways to position the iPad Air and the keyboard is great. The keyboard is easy to use, and the keys feel solid and responsive to the touch. I did not have to press any key again for it to register. The Bluetooth pairing worked fine. Overall, this is a very good keyboard case for the iPad Air. I would like to see it come in bright, fun colors but that is just personal taste. I recommend this product. This is my second item purchased from New Trent, The first was an external battery power pack (model IMP120D), and that too is an excellent product. Thank you. (Posted on 11/12/13)

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